____ _ ____ ____ __ / __ \_____(_) _____ _____ / __ \____ __________ _/ / /__ / / / / / / ___/ / | / / _ \/ ___/ / /_/ / __ `/ ___/ __ `/ / / _ \/ / / /_/ / / / /| |/ / __/ / / ____/ /_/ / / / /_/ / / / __/ / /_____/_/ /_/ |___/\___/_/ /_/ \__,_/_/ \__,_/_/_/\___/_/ __ _ / / (_)___ ___ _____ / / / / __ \/ _ \/ ___/ / /___/ / / / / __(__ ) /_____/_/_/ /_/\___/____/ ===================================== Driver Parallel Lines FAQ/Walkthrough ===================================== ================================== Platform: PlayStation 2 genre: Action/Driving Started: 17th March 2006 Finished: ? Author: superkong1052 Contact: lil_woody51@hotmail.co.uk Version: 0.60 ================================== ======================================= Sites authorized to host my Guide ======================================= These following sites have MY permision to host my guide: - www.GameFAQS.com - www.Gamespot.com - www.neoseeker.com - www.supercheats.com - www.absolutcheats.com - www.PsxExtreme.com =================================================== Table of Contents =================================================== 1. Introduction 2. Controls 3. Characters 4. General Hints and Tips 5. Side Missions/Odd Jobs 6. Main Missions: - 6a. 1978 Era - 6b. 2006 Era 7. Secret Vehicles/Normal Vehicles 8. Unlockables 9. Cheats/Codes 10. Weapons 11. Soundtrack 12. Golden Stars 13. Locations/Points of Interests 14. Credits 15. Contact Information 16. version History 17. Legal Information ===================================================================== 1. Introduction ===================================================================== This is my second ever FAQ/Walkthrough. I have written this FAQ to help and guide you through the missions, secrets, weapons and much more. If i have made any spelling mistakes, errors or you have a suggestion please don't hesitate to contact me. My contact information is located at the bottom of this FAQ (Contact Information) or at the top of the FAQ. Thanks. ===================================================================== 2. Controls ===================================================================== These are the basic controls for this game (refer to the game guide for more information). Driving ======= [] = Brake/Reverse X = Accelerate /\ = Exit vehicle O = Handbrake L1 = Draw weapon/Auto lock L2 = Look left/Control slo-mo (thrill cam mode) R1 = Draw/Fire weapon R2 = Look right/ Reposition thrill cam R2 + L2 = Look behind L3 = Horn R3 = Action button Start = Pause game Select = Change camera/Retry On foot ======= Left analog = Movement Right analog stick = camera X = Reload weapon /\ = Enter Vehicle O = Holster weapon L1 = Draw weapon/ auto lock L2 = Crouch R1 = Draw/ fire weapon R2 = Toggle free-aim mode ===================================================================== 3. Characters ===================================================================== (Characters adapted from the game manual) Ray === Tk's hero - his idol. It was Ray who first taught TK to drive, back home on the farm. It was Ray - good looking, good natured Ray - who always had the girls after him. Ray's five years older than TK: he came to New York as soon as he could afford the gas to get here and set up a repair shop in Queens as cover for a car-ringing outfit. Slink ===== Smooth and superfly, he lives to party, be the centre of attention, tell all the stories, and make everyone laugh. Slink's always been good at providing his clients with whatever they want - hot ladies, good booze, great sounds - but he's also developed an ability to find other things too: guns, explosives and cars. The Mexican =========== Big in every sense. he loves life, partying, girls, drink, guns, bikes, cars and adrenaline highs. He wants to be the centre of attention - right in the thick of the action. Tired of the small- time, he sees New York as the place to be to strike it big and take his chance to surf the tidal wave of drug money. Bishop ====== Hard, proffesional, greedy and cunning - a loner who has trouble trusting anyone but himself. After three tours in Nam, he's come home with new attitudes about his mind and body. Bishop is a guy who nurtures a carefully-controlled ambition, together with a passion for killing and destruction. Candy ===== He's the best planner in the business. He's obsessed with details. He'll work night and day figuring out the stats, the timings, the people, the weights and the distances. He thinks of everything. With Candy you get the best... but you also get the worst - apart from the body-odour, Candy just never stops moaning. Corrigan ======== The leader of the gang; a totally commanding presence who knows he's destined for great things. Relaxed, up beat, super-confident and charming - people just can't help opening up to Corrigan. He's got a great smile and you trust him from the word go, but behind the smile is an amoral, ruthless man. ===================================================================== 4. General Hints and Tips ===================================================================== Coming soon! ===================================================================== 5. Side Missions/Odd Jobs ===================================================================== Coming soon! ===================================================================== 6. Main Missions ===================================================================== Im am writing this FAQ as i progress through the game so there will be more missions and stuff added once i have completed them. ===================================================================== 6a. 1978 Era - Mission 1 - Nickel and Dime (Introduction) ===================================================================== Objectives ========== - Loose the cops - Drive the man to the Liquor store - Visit Ray in Hunt's Point When you gain control of the car, you will have to loose the cops and drive the man in your car to the liquor store, which is north of where you start. This shouldn't be too hard as it is the first mission. The best way to loose the heat is by driving across the central park, but watch out for the trees and the water fountain in the middle. Once you have lost the heat and cops, drive to the liquor store. You will then be told to visit Hunt's point were you'll be introduced to Ray. Once you have arrived at his garage drive in and watch the cut- scene. Mission Complete. Rewards ======= - £100 ====================================================================== Mission 2 - Wheelman ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Collect the wrecked ride. - Get it back at Ray's. - Fix it up. - Take it for a spin. Grab a car and drive to the objective vehicle. Once inside the car drive it to Ray's autos without wrecking it, but watch out you get some heat, so avoid the cops! When you are inside the garage follow the instructions and choose whatever accessories and body colour you want, i chose the bullet proof tires and black base paint. Next store the vehicle and exit the garage. Then watch the cut scene, until you gain control of the car. For the next part of the mission you have to impress Slinky by hitting 60mph at the speed trap, then 70mph and the last one is at least 100mph. Once you have done that its mission complete. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 3 - Gunman ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Basically this mission involves learning how to shoot and drive while shooting at another car. This mission is very simple. Follow Slink's instructions and you should have no problems what so ever! Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 4 - Pay Ray ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Earn £1500 for Ray. - Get the cash back to La Guardia. For this mission you need to earn enough money by doing odd jobs e.g. circuit races, Loan Shark, street races etc. When you have got £1500 go to the yellow marker indicated on the map and watch the cut scene. However, you may think you loose all your money but you don't. Slinky has got another job for you waiting. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 5 - Hot Wheels ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Steal the gang car. - Get some heat. - Lose the cops. - Deliver the gang car back to me. First of all drive straight ahead a few meters and turn left. Once inside the gang car try and get some heat from the cops. Next lose the cops and take the gang car back to the yellow marker, get out and run away, a cut scene occurs and you see the gang car surrounded by cops. Mission complete. Rewards ======= - 44H weapon available. ##################################################################### Note: For the next few of missions you can choose which one you want# to do in any order. I will start with the closest Mission called # Bread Run. # ##################################################################### ====================================================================== Mission 6 - Bread Run ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Meet Slink at the Funky Rabbit. - Collect the cash from the clubs. - Get it back to Slink. In this mission you have a time limit of 9 minutes in which you have to collect cash from each of the 4 clubs (refer to the map). The easiest way to do this is by getting the furthest one away first and then getting the closer ones. Try to avoid as many collisions as possible because it will slow you down. The 4 clubs are down alleyways. However, your not the only one who wants the cash, you will be chased by gangsters which attack you down each alleyway (from both sides). The best way to avoid their gun fire is by swerving in and out of traffic. Once you have got the cash quickly head back to Slink, but still watch out for gangsters. Watch the cut scene and its mission complete. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 7 - Repoman ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Get the tow truck from Phoenix autos. - Steal the cars. - Bring back them back to Phoenix autos. - Don't wreck them! This next mission is located in the Queens area. In this mission you have 12 minutes to steal 3 cars. First off, leave the garage and turn left then take the 4th right. Once you steal the first car a gangster car will pursue you, try and shoot the car while in the tow truck. The way i did this was by slowing suddenly so they swerve in front, which then gave me the chance to shoot at the guy inside the car. Repeat this until you have collected all 3 cars. Once you have taken back each car, get out the tow truck and walk over to the booth to watch a short cut scene. Mission Complete. Rewards ======= - You can visit Phoenix autos (its like Ray's garage) ====================================================================== Mission 8 - Last Chance ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Meet the Mexican at the start line. - Race the biker to the finish line. - No guns allowed. To trigger this mission you need a bike. Once you have acquired a bike drive back to the yellow marker. You basically have to win the race with any means necessary but you can't use a gun. Avoid collisions but drive fast! However, you need to watch out for gangsters who will try and ram you off the road. When you come to a pile of mud on the right hand side of the road you need to jump over it to avoid a smash up with 2 gangster cars. More gangster cars will appear as you continue the race, your best bet is to drive on either the left hand side of the road so you avoid 2 gangster cars who will swerve and block the road, this happens twice more so be vigilante. Finally beat the other racer, to were New Jersey is located on the map and its mission complete. Rewards ======= - Safe House available. - Service 9 Weapon available at your safe house. ====================================================================== Mission 9 - Turning the Screw ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Scare the guard for information - Don't kill him. - Don't wreck his car. First of all you need to drive or walk to the yellow marker. The garage door will open up and a red sports car will appear. Get in the car and scare the guy shitless. The best way to do this is by turning left and going down the road about a block or two away. You will see a dumpster jump on your right. When you jump, it really scares the hell out of him. Just take the jump, handbrake turn, go back, and keep jumping the dumpster. You should be able to get all the info in three or four jumps. Remember to slow or stop when he gives up information. No need to risk car damage driving fast during his confessions. Once you've scared him the first time he will give you some answers, but you want more so repeat this method again and again until he gives you the answers you need. Finally drive back to his apartment and its mission complete. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 10 - Paddy Wagon ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Capture the prison transport van. - Don't wreck it. Before you start this hard mission i would advise you to go and get the service 9 weapon from your safe house as it will help a lot. In this mission you need to get a fast but durable vehicle, i used a Brooklyn. The best way to do this mission is by first taking out the first police car then from a distance start shooting at the prison van, try swerving to avoid bullet fire as well. Once you have shot the van enough it will swerve and stop, so quickly get out your gun and start shooting as you enter the van. Once you have done that a cut scene occurs. Mission complete. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 11 - Rosalita Racer ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Arrive in a customized car or bike. - Race to Rosalita. - Bring her back. - Don't wreck her. For this mission you need to reach Rosalita before the other 3 cars do. I found that if you shoot at them they will slow down to make it easier. Refer to the map to find the shortest route possible. Once you have reached Rosalita you need to get out of your car and into her. On the way back to the finish line you need to watch out for cops and the other racers who have now got weapon for some odd reason. This shouldn't be too hard, just drive carefully and avoid collisions. When you reach the finish line its mission complete. Rewards ======= - Uncustomized Rosalita available at the garage (needs repairing). ====================================================================== Mission 12 - Air Mail ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Meet Slink. - Get Slink's packages before the cops. - get the goods back to Slink. For this mission you get a motorcross bike. Follow the Chopper and collect each package as the Chopper drops them. But, don't stay too close to the Chopper otherwise you will miss the package. While following the Chopper you need to make a few jumps, the first one is over a fence and second one is over water to a bridge. Once you reach the warehouse the Chopper will drop the last one on the roof, so you need to get up there yourself. watch out for cops here, so get your gun ready. Use the stairs on the right hand side of the warehouse. However, the stairs are broken so you need to make a short jump across with your bike. Then make a tight left turn and go over the plank of wood (go over it slowly as it tilts forward). Next turn right and go up the stairs. Head straight and go around the air vents to the other side of the roof, build up speed and jump across to the other roof top. Turn right and go through the remaining package within the time limit. Once you have got the last package you have got to get back to Slink. Jump off the building and head round to the entrance of the warehouse. Stay to the left hand side as you leave the building as a police car will swerve in. Avoid the cops and reach Slink. Watch the cut scene and you've done. And after all that you don't even get a reward! Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 13 - Circuit Breaker ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Enter the races at Hunt's point and La Guardia. - Make sure the marked car wins. Before you attempt this mission i would advise you to get a car which is quick but durable. I completed the first race by waiting at the crossroads which is just ahead of the start line and letting the cars smash into me. Once you finish that race you have to do another straight after but you have 9 minutes to get your car or another ready for the race. I changed my car in the car park. Once your ready head over to the yellow marker to start the race. The best way to do this race is by driving the wrong way around the track, if that doesn't work try destroying at least 2 cars on the first lap, and then destroy the rest by waiting and ramming into them. Rewards ======= - Cerrano Racer available at the garage. ====================================================================== Mission 14 - Jail Break ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Collect the prison transport van. - Get into Riker's Island prison. - Find Candy inside the prison. - Get Candy to the hideout. First of all get into the prison van which is parked next to Ray's garage. Once inside the truck take it to Riker's (refer to the map). Next drive across the bridge and turn left into were the yellow marker is. Then get into the Doser which is parked in the sand pit to the left. Get in and drive as fast as you can around the obstacle course of dirt paths while your being shot at. Continue until you reach the wall your meant to destroy. Build up speed and drive through it into the prison complex. At this point you should get your gun ready for action. You'll notice an entrance to the right as you walk into were the cells are, there are 2 guards down there so be careful. As you walk down the hallway the guard will open fire so be ready to shoot at him. If you need health there are a few packages at the foot of each cell and in a cell on the left hand side of the hallway. Continue down the walkway and shoot out the guy behind the table, duck behind the long table as a further 3 guards appear. Kill them all and grab there L15's (AK-47's). Slowly head across the room but watch out for another guard to your left and to your right. Continue round killing all the guards which appear until you reach a door. 3 more guards will burst out from behind the door. Once their dead carefully go through the door and there's another 3 men in the kitchen, duck behind the sink's for extra cover. Upon killing the guards walk through the open in the far left hand corner of the room to trigger a cut scene. The next part of the mission involves you and Candy escaping of the island. Drive as fast as you can while swerving to avoid fire from the watchtowers. Once out of the island you've got to avoid the cops and drop Candy off. When you get back a long cut scene occurs. A long mission complete! Rewards ======= - L15 Weapon available at your Safehouse. ====================================================================== Mission 15 - Gift Wrapped ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Find a way into the secure car park. - Steal the bodyguard's car. - Get a bomb fitted. - Return to the car before he returns. - Don't wreck it. - Escape off the rooftop. This mission involves you stealing the car which is on top of a multi story car park. Start this mission off by smashing through the wire fence which is a few meters too the left in behind you (depends which way your car is when you trigger the mission). Behind the gate should be a ramp and a lot of different coloured shipping containers. From here speed up the ramp to clear the slight gap, keep on clearing the small gaps until you reach a ramp with a golden star in front of it. For this jump you need to line yourself up with the ramp and accelerate hard to clear the jump. You are now on the top floor of the multi story car park. The car you need to steal is on your left. From here get in the car, you now have 6 minutes to reach Phoenix autos were they will fit the car with a bomb (you'll find out later what the bomb is for). Once your in the car head down the car park to the entrance, once there slow drive through the barrier as to avoid the coppers attention. Turn left and refer to the map to find the quickest route the phoenix autos. When you arrive at the garage get out of the car and head over to the yellow marker at the booth. The guy will explain things, now get back in the car and drive it into the garage in front of you. Upon having the bomb fitted you now need to get the car back to the car park. Take the same route back but watch your damage meter and avoid the cops! when you reach the car park drive in the same way, through the right hand side barrier and up to were the car was parked. leave the car in the yellow marker, and you now have to escape of the roof. There should be a car to your right, take that and drive forward over the ramp to complete the mission. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 16 - Kidnap ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Blow up the Bill board - More objectives are told to you by Candy. This is located just outside your safehouse. You have to blow up the first billboard which is shown on your map. You have to get there before the convoy does. Once there wait in the yellow marker and get ready to press the R3 button and blow the billboard up so it blocks the convoys path. Once you have done that you've got to chase the convoy, when close enough press the R3 button to blow the car up. Now you have to drive fast enough to beat the convoy to the bridge. Once your at the bridge get out of your car and press R3 in the yellow now head forward to trigger the bomb. The bridge will collapse. Next you've got to once again get to the gas station located on the map. Get out of your car and plant the bombs (R3) and then trigger the bomb (R3). The car will stop and do a u-turn, but you should drive staright ahead and take the second right. Head down the alleyway the killing point. Get out of your car quickly and hide in the alleyway to get good cover and to shoot the guys who flee from the car. Once the car arrives people on the roof tops will start shooting the guys who flee from the vehicle, don't shoot at them but focus on the bad guys near the car. Upon killing them get into the limo and make your way to Hunt's Point. however, you have a lot of heat on your back so avoid the cops at all costs. If you do get spotted just drive as fast as you can, to try and shake them. Once you get to the yellow marker a cut scene occurs and its mission complete. - The next mission is the last one in this era! Rewards ======= - Grenade Launcher available at your Safehouse. ====================================================================== Mission 17 - Ransom ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Collect the ransom packages. - Meet the Mexican. - Get to Hunt's Point warehouse. This mission starts very quickly, you have 5 minutes to get to the collection point. First of all run down the stairs and get into any car, preferably a quick one. Once inside the car drive as fast as you possibly can to the collection point but watch out for the cops on the way. When you arrive there, drive through the barrier and up to were the bike is located. The bike is on the last floor (floor 3) get on the bike and a cut scene occurs. you now have to escape off the rooftops. Use the ramps available. When you gain control of the bike, accelerate forward and go over the ramp. As you go over a few more ramps the helicopter tries to shoot at you so dodge the bullets. I got off the rooftops by dropping down and landing in the alleyway to the right (it may of been luck) but it worked but watch out for a car which tries to stop so keep to the left and continue to were the Mexican and the truck is. Get out of the car and hop into the back of the truck. This next part of the mission involves you shooting at the gangster cars who will try and stop the truck. Use the gun supplied and try and aim for the guys inside the cars and when they lean out of the windows. Keep on shooting the cars which try and stop you until the truck stops in a warehouse entrance. A cut scene will occur. Mission complete. We are now in the 2006 era. Its time for revenge!! Rewards ======= - Upon completing the mission you are now in the 2006 era. ====================================================================== 6b. 2006 Era - Mission 18 - The Mexican ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Chase the train - Kill the Mexican In this mission you have to follow the train, and you have 4 minutes to catch the train before he makes his getaway. Jump in the first vehicle you find and take the road that runs adjacent to the train tracks. If you spot anyone on a motorbike, try and steal it as it will help you steal it. Halfway through Queens, the train tracks descend to ground level, meaning that you can follow along the side the train tracks. catch up to the train and overtake it when you see it and a short cut scene will show the Mexican fleeing into an amusement park called Blast Off. Go in after him and prepare for some action and stealth. First off crouch by pressing the L2 button and kill the gangster behind the ticket gates. Move through the ticket gates and kill the gangster who appears from your left. Slowly move in that direction and Another gangster will pop out from the corner. Take him out, and then collect the health pack next to the ice box. Also pick up his machine gun and switch to it. Turn right and carefully move forwards and take out the gangsters who pop out. Move towards the orange circus tent and move around it, keeping close to its left hand side. Flick the right analogue stick to peer round the tent and kill 4 gangsters who appear near the bumpers cars. Look to your right and a man will begin firing at you from a food kiosk, eliminate him, then walk over to it and collect the health pack next to it. Make your way between the bumper cars and the magic tea rides and you'll see another health pack behind some crates. Another gangster will charge at you, kill him and then take out the guy in the food kiosk to your right. Head around the corner and a cut scene will show the Mexican hiding on the upper level of a ride. The first gangster will come from your right with a bike - take him out and then another guy will attack you from the left. Still hiding behind the crate pick off the remaining guards and attempt to kill the Mexican. There is a health pack to your right if you need it. Once you have completed this mission 2 cut scenes will play. Prepare for the next mission. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 19 - Tailgate ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Stay close to the Hitman. - Take him out. - Meet Maria in Harlem This mission starts straight after the last mission. So be prepared. The car your are in is quite stable and has average speed. First off catch up with the Hitman’s car and start shooting at him, with the help of Ray who will continually fire at the car. However, you'll get some attention from the cops who will try and stop you, so try and avoid them by weaving through traffic etc. Once you have killed the Hitman head over to the yellow marker and meet Maria Cortez at the shooting range. A cut scene will show Maria practicing on the firing range. Once you have watched the cut scene its mission complete. Rewards ======= - F 70 available at your Safehouse ====================================================================== Mission 20 - Ram Raider ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Destroy Slink's Porn Shops This mission is split into 2 parts. When you start the mission, gangsters will ambush you. When you gain control of the car do a quick u-turn and drive straight through the convoy of cars blocking your way, then speed away as fast as possible. If you're quick enough, you will be left with just one car chasing you. Stop driving and wait for it to pull in front of you, then fire at the car until it blows up. A message should appear telling you that you have succesfully shook off the chasing gangsters. Now get back to the mission's starting point and a cut scene will show the next objective. Ray has got a brand new sports car which is coated in armour (bullet proof windows) for you to use. Jump in the car and drive to the west towards the yellow marker on your map. You have a minute and a half to get there but it shouldn't be a problem as the car is very fast. When you see the shop, drive through the far left window and staright ahead, brake before you hit the rear wall. You should have now destroyed the video units on the left hand wall. Now reverse back and go for the centre video units, and then smash through the window on the right hand side to knock down the video units. Ignore Slink's armed guys. When the first shop is destroyed you have a minute to get to the next porn shop. If your car has taken a few bullets or so you may need to change it. Use the same tactics as the shop before, but be careful not be shut in. Once you have dismantled that shop you only have 45 seconds to reach the last porn shop. Repeat the same tactics, but once you have destroyed the shop two cars full of gangsters will show up. accelerate away and start weaving in and out of traffic, or you could just stop and spray a few bullets at them. Upon losing their tail you complete the mission. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 21 - Guardian Angel ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Protect the truck. - Guard it all the way to Hunt's Point. - Don't allow any pursuers to enter the compound. Maria wants a shipment accompanied from the docks to her warehouse located in Hunt's Point. However, there is a convoy of gangsters waiting to ambush you as you start the mission. First of all do a quick u-turn and break through the 2 blockades of vehicles, then turn right out of the docks and onto the main road. If you ram the convoy hard enough it will kill both drivers and take out the guys behind them. If this doesn't work, get out of there and speed away as fast as you can. The two gang cars will follow you incessantly, so try to iscolate each one. Get behind it and open fire to blow it to pieces. Then do exactly the same with the other car. Once you have done that it's mission complete. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 22 - Rush Hour ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Catch the real courier. - Stop him delivering the drugs. This mission involves you finding the real courier, the other 3 cars are decoys. When the mission starts you have 9 minutes to find the real car with the drugs inside. Two of the cars will drive around the Queens area, while the other two cars will head for Manhatten. Make sure you take out the cars in Queens first. Doing this is quite simple. Just tail them and fire until the driver is dead, make sure the driver is dead as they have guns and become quite annoying. Next head to Manhatten. You'll need to drive against traffic across the bridge, as it is near impossible to drive on the right side of the road. Weave between the cars and don't worry about the police. The two cars in Manhatten move on a loop, so stay central and take out the one closest to you first. If you have been driving carefully but with speed you should have a good few minutes to chase down the last car. Repeat the tactics you have done previously, when the drivers dead get in the car and Ray will congratulate you on the job. Mission complete. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 23 - Gauntlet ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Protect Maria. - Make sure she gets to the drop point. For this mission you need to protect Maria Cortez at all costs. She's been running some errands for Candy in a bad part of the city and it's your job to keep her safe. Follow closely behind her car until she says "we've hit an ambush up ahead". Quickly pull in front of her car and pull your gun out, concentrate on the gangsters who exit the cars and try to get to Maria's car then just fire at the gangsters near the passenger doors of the cars. Once you have killed the gangsters, you may need some health, there is some to right hand side of the road. Now get back in your car and continue to follow her car. Once again another ambush is just ahead, again get in front of her car and use the same tactics you used previously. Once they have been taken out follow Maria to the third roadblock. Once more repeat the process again, if you need health there is some on the right side of the road again. When you arrive at the final roadblock the gangsters will shoot Maria's driver dead, so its your turn to have a go at driving her You now have to get back to Maria's safehouse. Quickly do a u-turn and accelerate away because a cop car will come and investigate. The best way to escape is by driving along the train tracks as the cops can not see you behind the buildings. This route is quite slow but is very effective and does the job in hand well enough. Once your back at the safehouse its mission complete. Rewards ======= - Aust PUP weapon availiable at your safehouse ====================================================================== Mission 24 - Shell Shock ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Steal the ammo truck. - Deliver the truck to Ray's autos at La Guardia. - Watch out for the cops. First of all drive into the airport and get into the marked car located inside an warehouse. Once inside the marked car the mission starts. It's an ambush and the gangsters will block the exits off with trucks. When you gain control of the car accelerate forward dodging the rocket that has just been fired. Then turn right and weave through the coloured shipping containers while firing at the guys on top of them. Next jump over the ramp to the left so you clear the fence. When you have cleared the fence and landed the gangsters will give chase and try and shoot you down. The best way to lose the tail is by doing a handbrake turn and then firing a few bullets into the drivers. Now head for the garage to the north. As you go under the bridge you'll see a blockade made up of gangsters and their cars. Continue and drive through any of the gaps and drive up to the garage. head into the yellow marker and its mission complete. Rewards ======= - RPG weapon availiable at your safehouse ====================================================================== Mission 25 - Riding Shotgun ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Get on the truck. - Protect the crate on the truck. - Ensure the bike gets to Candy's client. Maria is moving a stolen bike for one of Candy's client, and it just so happens to be a collectors's item. The plan is to put it inside a crate and load it onto a truck, but there is one small problem Candy's rivals want it for themselves, so it is your job to collect it. First of all get out of your own car and head inside the warehouse via the door on the right. Once inside head over to the yellow marker. A cut scene occurs. You are now on the back on the truck. You get an F70 with infinte ammo and a grenade launcher to. Cars will continue to come at you in pairs, concentrate on shooting the drivers and not the car itself. After a while a helicopter will arrive as you go over the bridge. It is quite hard to shoot down as it keeps on moving around. When you exit off the bridge the helicopter will give up and fly away. Once you have dispatched the gangsters, the truck driver will tell you that he's having engine trouble and pull off the road and into a back alley. If you need health there is a pack staright in front of you at the foot of the building. Once you have done that jump on the bike. You now have a damage meter incidently so avoid collisions and the cops. Drive north through Harlem and over to Bronx. There is no time limit so take your time. Once in Bronx, drive north west and use the bridge to cross over into New Jersey. The front gates to the Client's house will open automatically. There is a garage staright ahead of you, drive into the yellow marker and a message will say you have successfully delivered the bike. Mission complete. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 26 - Gate Crasher ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Pick up a cops tail. - Lure them into one of Bishop's smuggling operations. - Repeat for all three locations. For this mission you only have 11 minutes to lure the cops into each of the three smuggling operations. When the mission begins turn right onto the main road, then right, then left and then take the second left into the tunnel that runs from Manhatten to Jersey. On the way, pick up a cops tail by either driving against traffic or by running over a pedestrian or two. Once the cops are on your tail, don't drive too fast or you'll lose them. Drive into the yellow marker and you'll see an on screen message which informs you that the cops will deal with the smugglers, then get out of there. Drive straight ahead and through the fence to escape. Then head back the way you came, using the tunnel to return to Manhatten. Head eastwards as fast as possible and, when you're close to the yellow marker, make sure their is a cop car tailing you. If not get your gun out and kill a few pedestrians to attract the cops attention. Now drive up the ramp at the side of the road and turn right onto the roof of the parking lot, where the second smuggling operations is in full wack. There's a ramp to the right of the yellow marker so as soon as the police signal that they can take it from here jump off and you will land on the main road below. There is a new car to your left if you need it, but make it a quick change. There is only one more smuggling operation to go now, but your time limit is cut short because the smugglers are about to leave by boat. There is an alleyway up ahead on the right; turn into it, then take the first right and you're on the bridge to Brooklyn. It's essential that you drive on the left side of the road as its near impossible to drive on the right side of the road. Keep your speed up regardless on the amount of traffic. When you get off the bridge turn left, then right, then straight ahead into the alleyway ahead of you. Now turn right, then left, then right. The entrance to the docks is ahead of you on the left. Move quickly but be careful as to not miss the turning. Turn left ahead and the final yellow marker is in front of you. Pull in and wait for the cops to arrive, but there is also a bunch of gangster who don't look best pleased! Once the cops arrive to a u-turn and escape! Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 27 - Slink ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Catch Slink. - Kill him. This mission starts with you in one of his customised cars. Firstly, accelerate and turn left to get on the path as Slink is. Catch up to him, but avoid the traffic on both sides of the road. The shouldn't be too difficult as your car is actually quite fast. Once you've caught up with his car, draw your gun and fire some bullets into the back of his car. Watch out for his guys who will also respond and try and shoot your car in as well. Keep on swerving to avoid as many bullets as possible. Once you have blown his car up its mission complete. However, don't forget to take the car your in back to the nearest garage as it is very rare, its called the pimp wagon. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 28 - Candy ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Hunt down Candy. - Kill him. When you start the mission, a cut scene will show you entering Candy's house. He blames Maria for your succesful killings of Bishop, The Mexican and Slink and promises to kill her in return. As Candy leaves the house his men inject you with a drug. Once the cutscene is over jump into one of Candy's cars which have been left out there. Now do a quick u-turn and turn right once outside his drive, then take the next right, then the second left and continue down this long main road which is next to the river. Head down this road and make head way on Candy's car. The drugs that Candy's bodyguards injected you with will start to take effect so drive as fast as you can on the right side of the road to avoid head on collisions. The screen wil become very blurry as you get closer to his car. Once you've got Candy's car in sight open fire at the car, but watch out for his guards who will also try and shake you off by spraying a few bullets. However, they are not very accurate so swerve and dodge the traffic while shooting at his car. Once you've shot it enough times it will blow up leaving Candy trapped inside. Dead. Mission complete. Rewards ======= None ===================================================================== Mission 29 - Bishop ===================================================================== Objectives ========== - Kill Bishop. - Escape the Mansion. This mission is located just under the New Jersey lettering on the map. before you attempt this mission you should get the rocket launcher you accuired earlier to help you out. Once you have reached the mansion drive through the main gate and then go around to the rear of the mansion were Bishop is waiting. Before you enter the yellow marker hop onto the bike which is too your left of the gate. Head into the yellow marker and you'll find out that Bishops' got a new toy. It's a tank!! Drive right upto the tank so it can't fire rockets at you, then fire your rockets at the tank. You have to incidently hit the tank 3 times until it blows up in flames. Once you have blown the tank up you now have to escape the mansion. Go back through the gate you used to come in and drive around the right hand side of the mansion, and you will see that Bishop has been stupid enough to leave his garage door open. He's got a 4x4 and 2 motorbikes. The motorbike on the right is the best in the game and can reach a around 120mph in about a few seconds, so you should take that one. Go out of the main gate to complete the mission. Rewards ======= None ====================================================================== Mission 30 - Bear Cage ====================================================================== Objectives ========== - Collect the car. - Park it in Police HQ. - Plant the C4 in Corrigan's desk. - Get out of there. - Lose any pursuing cops. Corrigan thinks he's invulnerable and your mission is to prove that he isn't by sending his office up in smoke. You need to collect a police car containing Candy's body and some C4 expolosive, and then park it in Corrigan's space underneath the Police HQ. First of all turn around 180 degrees and drive up the ramp to your left. Jump into the police vehicle containg Candy's dead body. Head back down the ramp, then turn right and make your way south east to police HQ. Once there pull up in the marker outside and the doors to the underground car park will open up. Drive down the ramp and turn left, then down another ramp and the left again. Corrigan's parking space is indicated by a yellow marker. #################################################### Mission will be finished next version (quite long).# #################################################### ##################################### All missions completed next version!# ##################################### ====================================================================== 7. Secret Vehicles/Normal Vehicles ====================================================================== This is a list of all the cars from each Era and there type. ====================================================================== 1978 Era: ====================================================================== Commercial: =========== - Prison Van - Boldius - Courier - Dolve - School Bus - Delivery Van - Bus - Refuse Truck - Dolva Flatbed - Dozer - Swat Van - Sercurity Van Utility: ======== - land Roamer - Woody - Wrecker Muscle: ======= - Cerrano - Andec - Cerva - Brooklyn - Andec Punk - Brooklyn Punk - Cerva Punk - Cerrano Punk 4 Door Sedan: ============= - Wayfarer - Wayfarer Turbo - Chauffeur - Regina - Meat Wagon - Zartex - Pangea 2 Door Sedan: ============= - Rosalita - Fairview - Rhapsody - Grand Valley - Namorra Sports ====== - Bonsai - Raven - melizzano - San Marrino - San Marrino Spyder Motorbikes: ========== - Chopper - Yamashita 900 - Wingar - Mutsumi 1000R Race: ===== - Melizzano Racer - Raven Racer - San Marino Racer - San Marino Spyder Racer - Cerva Racer - Cerrano Racer - Brooklyn Racer - Andec Racer - Regina Racer - Bonsai Racer ====================================================================== 2006 Era: ====================================================================== Commercial: =========== - Refuse Truck - Negotiator - Firetruck - Paramedic - Saxon Utility: ======== - Montara - Boltus - Indiana - Pimp Wagon - Olympic - Wrecker - Olympic Punk Muscle: ======= - Hot Rod 4 Door Sedan: ============= - Schweizer - Torrex - Atlus - Atlus racer - Prestige - M700 - Colonna 2 Door Sedan: ============= - Kramer - Miyagi Sports ====== - Ram Raider - Terramo - BX-09 - Zenda - MX2000 - Motorbikes: =========== - Antilli VO3 - Antilli VO3 Special Race: ===== - MX20000 Racer - Atlus Racer - Colonna Racer - Kramer Racer - Torrex Racer - MX2000 Racer - BX-9 Racer - Schweizer Racer - Zenda Racer - Prestige Racer - Terramo Racer ################## More Coming soon!# ################## ====================================================================== 8. Unlockables ====================================================================== - Bodysnatcher Mode = Reach 666 miles on the Odometer - Far Out = 900 Miles - Night Night = 700 Miles - Shortest Day = 800 Miles - Atlus Racer = Complete the game - Negotiator Vehicle = Complete the Game - Ram Raider = Complete the Game - Cerrano Racer = Complete mission "Circuit Breaker" - MX2000 Racer = Complete La Guardia racetrack on medium difficulty with a perfect lap (2006 era) - Andec Racer = Finish 1st in the 'Jersey Racetrack' race on Hard - Bonsai Racer = Finish 1st in the 'La Guardia' race on medium - Brooklyn Racer = Finish 1st in any Track-Race on Medium - BX-9 Racer = Finish 1st in Hunts Point race on medium 06 era - Cerva Racer = Finish 1st in the 'Hunts Point' race on medium - Colonna Racer = Finish 1st in Jersey race on medium 06 era - Kramer Racer = Finish 1st in Hunts Point race on hard 06 era - Melizzano Racer = Finish 1st in the 'La Guardia' race on Hard - Prestige Racer = Finish 1st in Jersey race on hard 06 era - San Marino Racer = Finish 1st in the 'Hunts Point' race on Hard - Zenda Racer = Finish 1st in La Guardia race on hard 06 era - Hot Rod = Finish 1st in Driver GP Long Island Race 06 era - Raven Racer = Finish 1st in Driver GP Long Island Race 78 era - San Marino Spyder = Finish 1st in Driver GP Manhattan Race 78 era - Torrex Racer = Finish 1st in Driver GP Manhattan Race 06 era - Aust PUP Weapon = Complete mission "Gauntlet" - Blaine Weapon = Complete mission "Home Wrecker" - F70 Weapon = Complete mission "Tailgate" - Gangster Weapon = Complete mission "Tailgate" - Grenade Launcher = Complete mission "Kidnap" - L15 Weapon = Complete mission "Jail Break" - RPG = Complete mission "Shell Shock" - Service 9 Weapon = Complete mission "Last Chance" - SF10 Weapon = Complete mission "Guardian Angel" - 2006 Era = Beat the Mission "Ransom" in 1978 - Then & Now (Era) Change Option = Complete the Game ====================================================================== 9. Cheats/Codes ====================================================================== These following cheat codes need to be typed in on the cheats menu. - CARSHOW = All Vehicles Unlocked - GUNRANGE = All Weapons - GUNBELT = Infinite Ammunition - ZOOMZOOM = Infinite Nitrous - IRONMAN = Invincibility - ROLLBAR = Indestructible Cars - KEYSTONE = Weaker Cops - TOOLEDUP = Zero Cost (All Upgrades are Free) ====================================================================== 10. Weapons ====================================================================== This is a list of all the weapons included in the game: 1978: ===== - Pistol - Revolver - Service 9 - L 15 - Grenade Launcher - 44H - Shotgun 2006: ===== - Pistol - Gangster - Aust PUP - SF 10 - F70 - Shotgun06 - RPG - Blaine ====================================================================== 11. Soundtrack ====================================================================== This section lists each song and their artist in the two different eras. 1978 Era Soundtrack =================== - "Bump and Boogie" by The Wrecking Crew - "Bump Meat" by Sir Mack Rice - "Bustin' Loose" by Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers - "Cracklin' Bread" by Dave Hamilton - "Cross the Track" by Maceo and The Macks - "Dizzy Dizzy" by Can - "Expansions" by Lonnie Liston Smith - "Express Yourself" by Charles Wright - "Free Your Mind" by The Politicians Feat. McKinley Jackson - "Gang Bang" by Oscar Brown Jr. - "Gettin' Uptown (To Get Down) by United 8 - "Ghost Rider" by Suicide - "I Got Some" by Billy (Sugar Billy) Garner - "I'll Bet You" by Funkadelic - "I'm Tired" by Savoy Brown - "Loose and Juicy" by The Pazant Brothers and The Beaufort Express - "Love The Life You Live" by Black heat - "Low Rider" by WAR - "Neighborhood Threat" by Iggy Pop - "One Way or Another" by Blondie - "Outa-Space" by Billy Preston - "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" by The Temptations - "Peaches" by The Stranglers - "People Say" by The Meters - "Pick Up The Pieces" by Average White Band - "Red Hot Mama" by Parliment - "Running Away" by Roy Ayers - "Shifting Gears" by Johnny 'Hammond' Smith - "Sleep Talk" by King Errisson - "Smash It Up Parts 1+2" by The Damned - "Street Lady" by Mizell - "Subway Joe" by Joe Bataan - "Suffragette City" by David Bowie - "The Vulture" by Labi Siffre - "Trouble Man" by Marvin Gaye 2006 Era Soundtrack =================== - "A Different Age" by The Dead 60's - "Adjusting Ourselves" by Warren Suicide - - - - - - - - - ####################### Finished next version!# ####################### ====================================================================== 12. Golden Stars ====================================================================== ##################################################### Note: Everything resets once you reach the 2006 era!# ##################################################### Once you have unlocked the Then and Now change option you can return and get the Golden Stars which you missed from either era. - Double Ammunition Capacity = Collect 30 Stars - Double Car Durability = Collect 40 Stars - Free Vehicle Upgrades = Collect 50 Stars - Health Increase = Collect 10 Stars - Hot Rod = Collect all 100 Stars - Nitrous Increase = Collect 20 Stars ####################### Locations coming soon!# ####################### ====================================================================== 13. Location/Points of Interest ====================================================================== Coming soon! ====================================================================== 14. Credits ====================================================================== Thanks very much to these: - GameFAQs - www.network-science.de/ascii/ - Atari - Reflections - Sony - PJC (spelling mistakes) - swpeterson (turning the screw alternative approach) ====================================================================== 15. Contact information ====================================================================== If you wish to contact me on anything to do with this guide or if you just have a question please do not hesitate to email me. My email address is: lil_woody51@hotmail.co.uk If you want to use my guide on your website, please send me an email, if you want permission. ====================================================================== 16. Version History ====================================================================== Version 0.20: ============= Completed 11 missions, did the layout of my FAQ. ascii, cheat codes, unlockables, character information (in progress) and basic controls. Version 0.40: ============= Completed 17 missions, completed character information, added new section (Weapons), started on vehicle list etc. Version 0.60: ============= Completed 29 missions, updated car list and weapons, checked a few spelling mistakes thanks to PJC, added more detail to some missions, updated Unlockables section, new section under construction (soundtrack). ====================================================================== 17. Legal Information ====================================================================== This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Thanks. ######################## #ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION!# ######################## Copyright 2006 Michael Underwood ================================</p>