================================================================================================== FRONT MISSION 3 - NETWORK FAQ Version 1.20 ================================================================================================== Contents :- . [Forum 0] Introduction . [Forum 1] What's New . [Forum 2] What's The Network About - [Link 0] Summary - [Link 1] Network Options . [Forum 3] Network Mail Addresses - [Link 0] Something About Mail Addresses - [Link 1] Known Mail Addresses . [Forum 4] Network Passwords - [Link 0] JAPAN - [Link 1] USN - [Link 2] AUSTRALIA - [Link 3] DA HAN ZHONG . [Forum 5] Credits ================================================================================================== FORUM 0 : [INTRODUCTION] ================================================================================================== Welcome to my third personal FAQ for GameFAQs. This FAQ will provide, as far as possible, all the network related passwords and mail addresses that I can gather. It will be great of course, for people to inform me of passwords or anything related to the FM3 network. Credits will be given needless to say. People asking for the Shift-JIS decoder can find it at this site : [http://www.njstar.com], note that this program is a shareware. Most importantly, do not email me to ask on how to pass certain parts of the game. Only email me if the info I have provided in this FAQ is not accurate or if you have valuable information to share with me. ________________________________________________________________ [DO NOT REPRODUCE THIS FAQ WITHOUT PROPER CONSENT FROM THE AUTHOR] ENJOY....... Bandit (kuroumi@icqmail.com) [http://members.xoom.com/Animestop] ================================================================================================== FORUM 1 : [WHAT'S NEW] ================================================================================================== . September 10th, 1999 * First version of this FAQ . September 13th, 1999 * Added some Australian related network passwords * Updated the network options area * Added an extra "Something about mail addresses" section . September 14th, 1999 * Added some Japanese text to the forum listings. (I'll have to thank Amuro for that) * Added a new link in the network forum (DA HAN ZHONG) ================================================================================================== FORUM 2 : [WHAT'S THE NETWORK ABOUT] ================================================================================================== LINK 0 (SUMMARY) ------------------ . The FM3 network undoubtably plays an important role if you want to fully understand the game or get some stuff to help you in the game. My Japanese knowledge is of course not enough to understand it fully, maybe some of you out there can. The network is broken into a few parts, one part is the mail which I do not think needs to be explained and another is the forum. The forum section provides you not only information on the various countries' status in the 22nd century, it also provides options for you to download stuff from the network forums. One example (which I think it's very useful) is simulation maps and simulation units types. Now that I have mentioned Simulation, it is actually a training option for you to gain experience and money, but unfortunately not the wanzer parts. One gentle reminder : IT IS GREATLY ADVISED TO CHECK THE NETWORK EVERY TIME YOU PROGRESS FURTHER INTO THE GAME, ESPECIALLY THE MAIL PART OF THE NETWORK. That's it for the summary, I hope you caught what I was trying to say...... LINK 1 (NETWORK OPTIONS) -------------------------- . Select Forum [Goes to the mail forum navigation screen] (Press Triangle) - Select Address List [Selects a linked address] - Delete Address [Deletes a linked address] - Link Address [Allows you to add shortcuts to a forum location] . Check Mail [Goes to the main mail screen] - MailBox [See what's new in your mailbox] - Send Mail [Sends mail to known users] - Exit [Exits to the previous menu] . Shop [Goes to the main shop menu] - Parts/Weapon/Item [Buy parts, weapons and items here] - Improvement [Increase HP and abilities of parts here] . Desktop [Goes to the main desktop functions screen] . Data List [Goes to a screen where you can view saved data from forums] - Text Data [View text data] - Graphic Data [View graphical data] . Configuration [Goes into the confirguration menu] - Change Graphics [Changes the wallpaper] - Change Brightness [Changes the contrast of the screen] - Set Scroll [Set on for the background to scoll and vice versa] - Set Starting Demo [Allows you to switch on or off the starting demo] . Exit [Exits to the previous menu] . Simulator [Goes into the simulator menu] - Select Type [Select which level you wish to attempt] - Select Stage [Select a stage scenerio/map] . Exit [Exit from network] ================================================================================================== FORUM 3 : [NETWORK MAIL ADDRESSES] ================================================================================================== LINK 0 (SOMETHING ABOUT MAIL ADDRESSES) ----------------------------------------- . Notice in the mail addresses in FM3 there are 4 numbers at the end of the address. Here's what those numbers mean . Numbers Starting With : Belongs To : - 03 - USN - 07 - Japan - 08 - Da Han Zhong - 52 and others - Countries like Philipines and Singapore.... . Numbers Ending With : Belongs To : - 00 - Commoners - 10 - People related to the government - 30 - Enterprises - 99 - Army related people LINK 1 (KNOWN MAIL ADDRESSES) ------------------------------- . ?¬’r ‰pˆê [KOIKE@0730] . ‹Ë?¶ —Iˆê [KIRYU@0730] . ?…?é?M •ä?‚ [HODAKA@0700] . ƒVƒrƒ‹ [SIVIL@0310] . ƒX?[ƒUƒ“?EƒAƒŒƒ“ [SUSAN@0300] . ƒnƒbƒ^ [HATA@5299] . ƒE?[ [WU@3499] . ƒ†ƒG?Eƒ†ƒCƒWƒƒƒ“ [YUE@0899] . ƒ‰ƒ“ƒtƒHƒ“ [RANFON@0899] . ƒ^ƒ“?EƒŠƒVƒAƒ“ [RISIAN@0800] . ƒ‹ƒI•›’c’· [RUO@0899] . ƒ†ƒG?Eƒ†ƒCƒWƒƒƒ“ [YUE@0899] . ƒoƒŠƒ‰?[‘??ƒ [SOUSUI@5230] . ’·’J?ì Šó—¢Žq [HASE@0705] . ƒhƒNƒ^?[‚j [DOCTORK@0700] . ƒsƒgƒGƒt [PITOEF@1600] . ?· ’‰”V [MORI@0711] . ƒEƒFƒ“?EƒVƒƒƒ“ƒUƒC [WEN@0899] . ƒ}ƒl?[ƒ?ƒCƒJ?[ [MONEY@3499] . “ú–{ŒxŽ@ [JPOLICE@0710] . ƒXƒNƒEƒFƒA [SQUARE@0730] ================================================================================================== FORUM 4 : [NETWORK PASSWORDS] ================================================================================================== Note : There are 2 different stories in this third version of Front Mission I think. It seems that if you offer your help to Ryogo, you'll be playing "Emir's Story". Else if you choose not to offer your help, you'll be playing Kazuki's sister's story, or rather "Alisa's Story". So the passwords down this list belongs to the Emir version. Here's what I can offer so far : LINK ZERO : JAPAN ------------------- ADDRESS : PASSWORD : ================================================= ================ [ŒöˆÀ’²?¸’¡] . /PPS/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN [992] * JAPAN PUBLIC SECURITY (JAPAN SELECTION) [JA9AN] * JAPAN PUBLIC SECURITY (OCU SELECTION) [0CU] * JAPAN PUBLIC SECURITY (USN SELECTION) [U2N] * JAPAN PUBLIC SECURITY (DA HAN ZHONG SELECTION) [D8Z] [JBNN ‚Ì“Á‘{•”] . JBNNEDITING/CORPORATION/JAPAN [YAMS] [“ú–hŒR‘g?D?}] . JDFORCE/GOVERNEMENT/JAPAN [JDFSMAP] [ƒlƒbƒgƒ??[ƒNƒRƒ“ƒsƒ…?[ƒeƒBƒ“ƒOƒVƒXƒeƒ€] . NETCOMSYS/CORPORATION/JAPAN [TA3BW] [?‘“yŒð’Ê?È] . NTJ/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN (1ST OPTION) [SINTJ] . NTJ/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN (3RD OPTION) [WNTJ] [–¶“‡?d?HŽÐŠO”é] . OOCEINFO/CORPORATION/JAPAN (3RD OPTION) [EHOBA] LINK ONE : USN ---------------- ADDRESS : PASSWORD : ================================================= ================ [USN “ÁŽê•úŽË?üŒ¤‹†?Š] . SRLUSN/GOVERNMENT/USN [SURSLN] * RESEACHERS BACKGROUND DATABASE 1 [EMIR] * RESEACHERS BACKGROUND DATABASE 2 [KEN] * RESEACHERS BACKGROUND DATABASE 3 [WIL] [F.A.I ‚̃f?[ƒ^ƒx?[ƒX] . FAI/GOVERNMENT/USN (INTERNAL) [IAF001] {FOR M.I.D.A.S INFO} . FAI/GOVERNMENT/USN (INTERNAL) [IAF002] {FOR PERSEONEL INFO} [F.A.I ‚ÌŒÂ?lƒf?[ƒ^ƒx?[ƒX] . FAXIDATA/GOVERNMENT/USN * DATABASE CODE 1 [DENNIS] * DATABASE CODE 2 [LUKAV] * DATABASE CODE 3 [JOE] * DATABASE CODE 4 [CINDY] * DATABASE CODE 5 [GASTOR] [USN ŠCŒR“à•”?î•ñ] . /USNAVY/GOVERNMENT/USN [MARINE] LINK TWO : AUSTRALIA ---------------------- ADDRESS : PASSWORD : ================================================= ================ [CIU ‚Ì OCU ?‘“à?î•ñ] . CIU/GOVERNEMENT/AUSTRALIA (OCU REGIONAL GATE) [DJV] * EAST SOUTH ASIA [FTBTJB] * JAPAN [KBQBO] * CONGRESS [PDV] [CIU ‚̔閧?î•ñ] . CIU/GOVERNEMENT/AUSTRALIA (SECRET GATE) [UFSDFT] * M.I.D.A.S [TBEJN] * USN [OTV] * DA HAN ZHONG [AIE] [OCU —¤–hŒR?î•ñ•”] . GDFIA/GOVERNMENT/AUSTRALIA [G3F8A] * G.D.F.I.A FILE ACCESS SYSTEM (M.I.D.A.S) [M8D0S] * G.D.F.I.A FILE ACCESS SYSTEM (JDF) [J1D2F3] * G.D.F.I.A FILE ACCESS SYSTEM (DA HAN ZHONG) [DTHTZT] * G.D.F.I.A FILE ACCESS SYSTEM (CIU) [C4I5U6] * G.D.F.I.A FILE ACCESS SYSTEM (PERSON) * not known yet * [DCN “Á‘{•”] . DCNSIT/CORPORATION/AUSTRALIA [DCN09] LINK THREE : DA HAN ZHONG --------------------------- [‰Ø˜@’c] . HLTUAN/OTHER/DAHANZHONG [INKAREN] * MEMBER OF NOBLE LOTUS [HOANG] * MEMBER OF NOBLE LOTUS [RUO] * MEMBER OF NOBLE LOTUS [CHANG] * MEMBER OF NOBLE LOTUS [YUE] * CONQUEST MAP [SMAP] * SPONSOR [PATRON] ================================================================================================== FORUM 5 : [CREDITS] ================================================================================================== Thanks to these sites for their great info : . http://ns.to/frontmission_way . http://sapporo.cool.ne.jp/yumeyomi . http://www.people.or.jp/~honma/fm3/index.html and ...... GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ thanks for reading..... Copyright Bandit 1999</p>