Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Xbox 360) FAQ/Walkthrough Version= 1.0 Author: Shadow3003 (Kevin Martin) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Introduction II. Tips III. FAQ IV. Campaign Walkthrough Mission 0- Training Mission 1- Contact! V. Multiplayer Game Variants A. Team Elimination 1a. Sharpshooter 2a. Last Man Standing B. Team Territory 1b. Domination 2b. Hamburger Hill 3b. Siege C. Team Objective 1c. Capture the Flag 2c. Recovery 3c. Search and Rescue D. Solo Elimination 1d. Bounty Hunter 2d. Last Man Standing 3d. Seek and Destroy 4d. Sharpshooter 5d. Thief E. Solo Territory 1e. Hamburger Hill F. Solo Objective 1f. Escort 2f. Flag Carry G. Campaign 1g. Mission H. Co-op Elimination 1h. Firefight I. Co-op Territory 1i. Defend J. Co-op Objective 1j. Recon VI. Updates VII. Contact Information VIII. Copyright IX. Special Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is a tactical shooter found on multiple systems. This walkthrough is intended to help you proceed through the single player campaign mode. The campaign walkthrough is split into missions. The missions are further split into objectives, in which I try to get you through that particular objective alive. You will see how this all works out as you get into the campaign walkthrough. This walkthrough is written as I play through hard mode. The same strategies can be applied to normal mode, but you can actually stay out in the opened a little longer than in hard mode. The difference between the two modes is the aggressiveness and the number of enemies. If I have missed something in campaign mode, or you have a better strategy, please send them to me. I welcome anything that you have sent. I will be sure to update the FAQ with any new information I may receive. Credit will be given in Credit section of guide that will be created if anyone sends in anything. Scroll down to the Contact Information section to find out how you can send in information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. Tips -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some helpful tips that will get you through the campaign mode. -Possibly the most important thing in the game is to just take things slow. It isnÂ’t a marathon and no mission has a time limit. -Stay under cover! This is absolutely essential to your survival in campaign mode. Whenever engaging an enemy or enemies go into cover and take them out from there. -When ever you have the drone at your command use it! Send it places your looking to advance on to discover any hostile enemies. Once you have done that move it to a safe distance. -Your own teammates can be a real nuisance at times, but Morph (author of another FAQ for GRAW on the Xbox 360) has the right idea to use your teammates as bait. That doesnÂ’t mean go and send them in and let them die, but if you donÂ’t have a drone at your disposal sending in your own squad can help you determine if an area is hostile or not. If it is, call your troops back and advance slowly onto the next point. -Use a weapon that suits you best. Find a weapon you really like and stick with it. I do advise you to go with assault weapons whenever possible over sniper weapons. Even through really long distances, assault rifles provide a great accuracy especially the MC-R rifle. -In this game survival is all about taking out one enemy at a time from cover. -On hard mode donÂ’t stay out to long or you may find yourself dead. -Always, heal any wounded squad mates. Sure, they will go red for the rest of the mission until you get to a ghost truck, but letting them die means having less support until you get to there. -When using fixed guns fire in burst to ensure that you donÂ’t overheat it. -All be sure to have fun, I mean thatÂ’s what game is all about! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Why canÂ’t I go into cover in multiplayer? A: I honestly donÂ’t know why, IÂ’m guessing its not to ensure that you donÂ’t just sit behind on wall forever and never leave it. You can however peak and shot around corners by holding the LB button and moving the left analog stick left or right. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: I need health and fast! Where do I find it? A: You regain health by getting to a US Ghost truck and you by getting to an ammo box. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: I canÂ’t find the helicopter on multiplayer. Where the heck are they!?! A: This question is asked so often. Search for the Hamburger Hill game variant on multiplayer and a helicopter spawns for whoever controls the single territory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What weapons shoot through walls? A: The sniper a rifles and heavy caliber rifles can only shoot through walls. Also, take not that these weapons can not shoot through every single wall. When trying to shoot an enemy through a wall, if they appear in a red outline that means that you can kill them. On another note, the wall also weakens the built slightly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What are the cheat codes for this game? A: You can check out the cheat codes at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Have any more questions? Well then, contact me via Xbox Live or by e-mail. I will be sure to get back to you ASAP. Scroll down to Contact Information to find out contact information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. Campaign Walkthrough -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************* Mission 0- Training Description: Training Objectives-Complete training Just follow the onscreen instructions on the HUD. Get used to the controls, learn to take cover, jump over the short barricade, learn to switch between automatic and single shot, learn to shoot, and all that other great stuff. Next turn left around the corner and go straight to the ammo box. Once you have the smoke grenades select the grenades. The button depends on the control scheme you chose. In my case, the grenades are the Y button, but in most cases they are the B button. Just follow the onscreen instructions and select your smoke grenades with the D-pad. Get under the cover of the wall and toss 1 smoke grenade lightly in the middle of the street. Once you have done that wait for the smoke to fill and once it has, get out of cover and haul put across the street. Continue to move forward and into the parking house. Go to the top and examine the Ammo Box to get the Zeus MPAR rocket launcher. Its with this bad boy that we are going to destroy the M2A2 Bradley you saw before. Crouch down and move over to the move over to the wall. Once you have spotted the Bradley, zoom in with LT and then pop up and take a shot. After that one shot pop back down under cover. If you didnÂ’t destroy it on the first time repeat the same thing before until it is nothing more that a pile of flames. Once you have reduced the Bradley to dust, exit the parking house and go over to the US Ghost truck to meet your squad. You can switch between all of them if you like, but they are fine just the way they are. You will get the MC-R rifle back and three teammates. Now, move them around as you are instructed. During the fire fight, one of your teammates will fall down and be wounded. Either move over to him and use the action button to heal him yourself or have one of your own squad members do it by issuing the command. Once you he is back up move to the APC and you will have control over it. Move it forward and have it attack the armored vehicle that appears. Now its time to move onto the final part of the training course. Move you and your squad to the next objective point. Move your units up and have them take cover behind the sand bag. You move to the right and take cover behind the wall and the ammo box. Continue to fire out onto the enemies and once they are all gone just round up your squad and head on over to the extraction point. The real fun is about to beginÂ… ************************************************************************************* Mission 1- Contact! Description: While the U.S president is signing a security agreement with the Mexican President, you are sent to the suburbs of Mexico City. Your orders are to neutralize a paramilitary group involved in the theft of Guardrail IX, a multifunction US military black-ops communication asset. Objectives: 1. Reach RamirezÂ’s Position 2. Move to rally point 3. Extract with Ramirez ************************************************************************************* Objective 1: Reach RamirezÂ’s Position ************************************************************************************* Alright, from here its all about survival. You need to take cover and proceed with a slight caution. To start off head straight down the highway past the three cars, but once you come to the truck duck down behind the driver side. You will see two enemies and its time to have a little fun. Take aim and kill one of them and possibly the second one if your fast enough. If your not fast enough the enemy will duck for cover, so just wait until he pops up and shot him. From here run past down the street and past the graffiti building and dive down to the low wall on the right. There is an enemy guarding this position, but just pop of cover and take him down. He isnÂ’t very hard alone. Now, continue on to the industrial area. ************************************************************************************* Objective 2: Move to Rally Point ************************************************************************************* Advance up the incline and take cover against the wall. Zoom in on your rifle and shoot the enemy that appears. Now another two open fire and you, but just wait and take them out from cover. Once they are out of the way just head Northwest to the US Ghost truck and select your teammates and stick with the same weapon you have. ************************************************************************************* Objective 3: Extract with Ramirez ************************************************************************************* Alright, use your UAV drone to move over and find Ramirez. Once you have done that bring it back to you because your going to need it to help you detect enemies. Proceed west and head to the pile of wood. Move your drone further south to detect two enemy units. The enemies will not want to leave their cover, so fire a couple of shots to get them to pop and kill them. From here, head up the stairs and take up defensive positions on the highway wall. A convoy with enemy units will appear. Take them all out one by one and then have your units destroy the two armored vehicles. Once you have dealt with them go back down the stairs that you just came up and go underneath the bridge. Move through the wreckage of the convoy and take up position against the wall. Have the UAV drone scan the area ahead to discover four enemy units. Once you know where the units are move to a wall that gives you a clear shot of them. Take out the closest one and make sure to have your own teammates nearby. Once the first one days, another rushes out, but your teammates will take care of him in no time. Position your troops in the middle of the street and they will take care of the last three units. God, you have to love them when they donÂ’t do some stupid things. Be sure to completely scan the area ahead with the UAV drone. Also send out your own troops to make sure that absolutely everything is dead. If that is the case then move forward to the train yard. Alright, now its time to get out of this level, but first you going to have a fight. Scan the train yard from west to east and you will discover 6 enemies. The first one we are taking out is the one on the water tower. Get into an opening and face the water tower. Zoom in and take out the soldier on it. Now, its time to enter the train yard and its going to be one hell of a battle. Begin by killing the soldier on the easternmost part. Another soldier should appear, so take out that one as well. Halfway done already, but now try to kill the two other soldiers in the next part by shooting through the opening. It is also possible to kill them by laying down and shooting them at the feat. Just duck in and out of cover and take everything nice and slow. Eventually you will neutralize all the enemies. You should be able to attack them between the openings, but if you must proceed back and fourth between the train yard rows to neutralize all the enemies. Now its time to move on to the extraction point. Proceed forward and position your troops near the wall of the booth. The gates will open and its time for a battle. A Blackhawk will come and provide assistance. Use it to eliminate all enemy opposition that you can see. Once they are gone, move you and your squad forward into the building. As you move into the building, take caution as one more troop will run across the railing at the top. Take him out and go up the ramp ahead of you. Proceed outside of the building. Proceed forward and move your team to the northern part of the fence. Two enemies should begin to fire onto them. Use the UH-60 to take them out or have your own troops take them out as well. Proceed up the stairs and then send your team to the east, then follow after them. Continue to advance and send your squad ahead of you to make sure that its safe to advance. Eventually you will come to the extraction point and that ends the mission. Congratulations! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V. Multiplayer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ##################################################################################### Game Variants ##################################################################################### ************************************************************************************* A. Team Elimination (Players are on two teams and work to eliminate each other) ************************************************************************************* 1a. Sharpshooter- Each team attempts to eliminate each other and gets points for each kill. Infinite respawns, two teams. First team to 50 wins 2a. Last Man Standing- Team attempt to eliminate each other. No respawns, two teams. Team with most kills after time limit wins. ************************************************************************************* B. Team Territory (Two teams work to control zones on the map) ************************************************************************************* 1b. Domination- Two teams capture five zones and get points for each one they control. Team with most points after the time is up wins. Three respawns are given to each player. 2b. Hamburger Hill- Two teams attempt to control on territory and repel the other team from capturing it. Points go up as you control the territory and the team with the most points once time is up wins. Infinite respawns and a Helicopter is given to the team that controls the territory. 3b. Siege- One team attempts to capture the enemies base. Game ends when time runs out and win goes to whoever is controlling the base or once on team is completely eliminated. No respawns are available. ************************************************************************************* C. Team Objective (Two teams work together to capture different objects on the map) ************************************************************************************* 1c. Capture the Flag (CTF)- Teams attempt to capture the opponents flag and return it to their flag point. A point is given to each flag capture and the first team to get 10 captures win. Infinite respawns, two teams. 2c. Recovery- Teams must capture a single flag in the middle of the map and bring it back to their designated zone. First team to 10 points wins. Infinite respawns, two teams. 3c. Search and Rescue- Teams escort three unarmed officers and receive points for controlling them. The team with the most points when time runs out wins. Infinite respawns, two teams. ************************************************************************************* D. Solo Elimination (Everyone is on their own trying to eliminate one another) ************************************************************************************* 1d. Bounty Hunter- Players attempt to eliminate each other and get consecutive kills to gain more points. Once you die, the number of points you receive for a kill reset back to one. Person with most points when time runs out wins. Infinite respawns, free for all. 2d. Last Man Standing- Players eliminate each other and the one with the most kills or is the last one standing wins. No respawns, free for all. 3d. Seek and Destroy- Players attempt to eliminate a target, but get changed into the target after the kill. Score points by eliminating players if youÂ’re the target or by killing the target. The player with the most points when time runs out wins. Infinite respawns, free for all. 4d. Sharpshooter- Players eliminate each other and first one to ten kills wins. Infinite respawns, free for all. 5d. Thief- Players eliminate each other and the one with the most points becomes the thief. Players score one point for each kill of another opponent, but score two points for killing the thief. The player with the most points once time runs out wins. Infinite respawns, free for all. ************************************************************************************* E. Solo Territory (Players attempts to control a territory and gain points) ************************************************************************************* 1e. Hamburger Hill- Players attempt to control the single territory on the map. Players gain points for controlling the territory and the one with the most point once time runs out wins. Infinite respawns and a helicopter is given to the person who controls the territory. Free for all ************************************************************************************* F. Solo Objective (Players attempt to capture different objectives on the map) ************************************************************************************* 1f. Escort- A player attempts to escort a single unarmed officer. Player gains for points for controlling him and the first person to 50 points wins. Infinite respawns, free for all 2f. Flag Carry- A player picks up the flag for points. Person with the most points when time runs out wins. Infinite respawns, free for all, flag drops where you die ************************************************************************************* G. Campaign (Players are on one team attempting to complete objectives and facing AI enemies) ************************************************************************************* 1g. Mission- Players work together to eliminate enemy opposition and complete objectives. No respawns. ************************************************************************************* H. Co-op Elimination (Players are on one team eliminating all AI enemies) ************************************************************************************* 1h. Firefight- Players work together and eliminate a large force of enemies. Three respawns to each player. ************************************************************************************* I. Co-op Territory (Players are on one team attempting to stop AI enemies for obtaining certain areas) ************************************************************************************* 1i. Defend- Players work together to stop AI enemies from capturing their base. Once time expires or all enemy opposition are taken care of the game is over. No respawns. ************************************************************************************* J. Co-op Objective (Players are on one team trying to recon different objectives) ************************************************************************************* 1j. Recon- Players work together and recon five different locations on the map. The team wins once all five zones have been scouted. No respawns available. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. Updates -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0- FAQ/Walkthrough is started, with eight different sections and two campaign missions completed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VII. Contact Information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions please send them to me. I would love to hear your feedback. You can contact me through two different sources. E-mail: Xbox Live: Shadow3003 Please note, that I donÂ’t check my email very often, so it would be better if you send a message to me via Xbox Live. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIII. Copyright -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ is under copyright protection. It may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for your own personal use. It may not be placed on any other website or disrupted to the public without the consent of the author. The use of the FAQ on any other website or is displayed publicly without written permission is a violation of copyright laws and you will be reported to the authorities. Only these websites have permission to host this FAQ. If you see any other websites displaying this FAQ report them to the authorities immediately! ( Copyright 2006 Kevin Martin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IX. Special Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would just like to take the time and thank all the people who contribute FAQs at If it wasnÂ’t for those guys, I wouldnÂ’t have been able to get a basic ground work for this FAQ. Thanks again guys and for all the websites for hosting the FAQ for others to use.</p>