Mario Power Tennis FAQ Copyright 2004 Brian Gaffey Author: Brian Gaffey (gamecube master) E-mail: Most Recent Update: November 15th, 2004 Version: 1.2 Table of Contents: 1. Disclaimer 2. Courts 3. Characters 4. Controls 5. Tournaments 6. Hidden Tournaments 7. What Are Star Characters? 8. Items 9. Hidden Characters 10. Hidden courts 11. Other Hidden items 12. Power Shots 13. Minigames 14. Hidden Minigames/Special Games 15. Special Thanks Disclaimer This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is stictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you find any mistakes please email them to me so they can be corrected. Sites that can host my guide: Courts Here are the nonhidden courts and thier stats, also if the court has a gimmick it will be listed: Peach Dome: Grass-Speed:Fast Bounce:Weak Clay-Speed:Slow Bounce:Weak Hard-Speed:Normal Bounce:Strong Luigi's Mansion-Speed Fast Bounce: Normal Gimmick:Ghosts appear on your side of the court. To rid your side of the ghosts you must hit the lightblub on your oppent's side. The Ghosts throw bananas. Delfino Plaza-Speed:Normal Bounce:Weak Gimmick: Pirana Plants spew Sludge on the area that the ball hits.To rid yourself of sludge you must standon the Fludd circles. Wario's Factory: Speed:Fast Bounce:Strongest Gimmick: When the ball hits an arrow and then hits one of the conveyor belts the conveyor belt will move in that direction. Gooper Blooper-Speed:Fastest Bounce:Normal Gimmick: When a ball hit some of the squares that square will move revealing ocean DK jungle-Speed:Slow Bounce:Normal Gimmick:Klaptraps walk along the net,when hit they move to that side of the feild and attach to one of the players on that side. Characters: Mario type: All-around Luigi type: All-around Peach type: Technical Daisy type: Technical Shy Guy type: Technical Bowser type: Power DK type: Power Wario type: Power Yoshi type: Speed Diddy Kong type: Speed Koopa type: Speed Waluigi type: Defensive Boo type: Tricky Bowser Jr. type: Tricky Controls: L: Cancel charge shots, press A or B while holding to jump at the ball R: Hit Power Shots, press A or B while holding to activate a power shot Z: Change Camera Control stick: Move A: Hit the ball, causes topspin during the serve B: Hit the ball making it curve, causes a slice during the serve X: Perform a power shot Y: Perform a power shot Tournaments: This is the bulk of the guide. So far there is only the special cups Fire and thunder right now. The opponets wont be listed because they most likly will be in a different order depending on who you picked. Fire Cup: Singles First Match Luigi's Mansion: A one set match you are the server first. Everytime the ball hits your side of the field one new ghost will appear. To rid the ghosts on your side of the field hit the ball so it lands on the Lightblub marking. Once you beat this level you can play it without the gimmicks,with iteams,and ring mode. Second Match Gooper Bloober A one set match. You are the server first as always. Everytime the ball hits one of the squares with an arrow on it. The square will move in that direction. Once you beat this level you can play it without the gimmicks,with iteams, and ring mode. Finals This is it. The big time. The finals in the Fire cup. I had to play DK who you play most likly will be different. DK jungle A three set match to win the fire cup. Whenever you hit one ofthe Klaptraps on the net or your oppent does it will go to your oppents side or your side. The Klaptraps then bite you slowing you down. There is no limit to the amount of Klaptraps that can attach to you. To rid yourself of them hit the lightning pad on your opponts side of the field which can be hard since they only stay on that pad unless they have to hit the ball. Once you win two out of the three sets your the champion and you have won the Fire cup. Also you can now play DK jungle without the gimmicks, with iteams, and Ring mode. You are now half way through the special tournament. Thunder Cup First Match Delfinio Plaza This is a very important match and you shall be rewarded greatly for your win. This is a one set match. When ever the ball hits one of the Sludge Circles a piranha plant will spew Sludge all over it. This can make or break your match. You want to hit your oppents circles and keep hitting the ball in them so that your oppent will run through the sludge slowing them down till they get hit with Fludd's water. To use Fludd you have to walk over a Fludd circle wich ativates one of the Fludds to clean you and the field.Once you beat this level you unlock A NEW COURT! Bowser's court. You also unlock the usual things: Non gimmick mode, iteams, and ring mode. Second Match Most likly You'll play Bowser since this is his court which you unlock by beating the first match. The trick to this level is the court moves left and right. This really hurt me because I would always return to the out section. Well always hit to the oppisite side then the side you are on and you'll return sucessualy. Now Bowser always stayed in the middle to balance the court. To win easily hit to ball to one side then hit it to the other. Bowser will use his Fire special shot often so save yours to return it without catching fire.This is a three set match. One Match left till you beat the lightning cup and you unlock the usual thigs non gimmick, item, and ring mode. Final Match I had to play the speedy fellow Yoshi in this match at Wario's Factory. Those who have played the Wario Ware Inc. games this in in that factory with a giant picture of Wario. I guess he is that full of himself. Anyways this court is made enterly out of Conveyor belts. Each time the ball hits one of the arrows thats the direction in wich your opponets belts move and vice versa. Yoshi did the same thing Boswer did in the pervious level so the same stratagy works. This is a 5 set match meaning you need to win 3 of them. This wins you the Lightning Cup, you unlock the usual and WIGGLER!!!!!! Thats right Wiggler the worm. It is a Defensive type and one of my favorites. Then cue the credits. The credits like always are boring but they include bloopers of the opening sequence. DOUBLES TOURNAMENT FIRE CUP First Match Luigi's Mansion: A one set match you are the server first. Everytime the ball hits your side of the field one new ghost will appear. To rid the ghosts on your side of the field hit the ball so it lands on the Lightblub marking. Since this is a doubles tournament so up to four specialmoves can be used in a row. My team was Wiggler an Luigi so the characters are for that team. I played Peach and Daisy they were pushovers. There weak points are the corners of the court. Hit the ball there and you'll do fine. Second Match Gooper Bloober A one set match. You are the server first as always. Everytime the ball hits one of the squares with an arrow on it. The square will move in that direction. You dont want to do this to your opponet because if it lands in an ocean square its out. So hit it in the middle to avoid this. Make your opponet hit it into the special squares so that your opponet has the harder time hitting the ball to you. Final Match DK jungle A three set match to win the fire cup. I had to play DK and Diddy it was simple after a stratagy. Time your serve so it hits a Klaptrap on the way to the reciver. Always aim for the Klaptraps to slow your opponets down and then aim for the corners. They'll fall in two sets no need for the third set if you keep up this stratagy. Thunder Cup DOUBLES First Match Peach and Daisy verses Wiggler and Luigi Delfinio Plaza This match has the same stakes as it does in the Singles competiton. Peach's and Daisy's weaknesses remain only this time you can use sludge. Aim for the corners with the Sludge Circles so that they trip and slow down giving you an even easier shot at the Stakes availible here. After beating them in a 3 set match you unlock A NEW COURT! THE SUPER MARIO BROS. CALSSIC COURT! Second Match Wiggler and Luigi Vs. DK and Diddy Super Mario Bros. Classic Court A 3 set match against the kongs. The gimmick in this court are the classic enemies bumping into you causing you to fall flat on your face. You must use the POW blocks to flip over the eneies (Crabs take two POWS to flip) then run over them to rid yourslef of them or else they would just flip over and resume thier activities. DK and Diddy will use Power Shots at any chance they get so be sure to have one ready to counter. Since Diddy is a speed character so corner shots wont work well. They best way is to avoid the POW until its absolutly needed because it helps the opponet as well. The best way to defeat them is to cheap shot them. By cheap shot I mean hit them with the ball and use Power Shots at close range to defeat them. Also hit the ball near the enemies so that the Kongs will trip on them. Just like that you are 1 game away from being the champion. Championship Match Wiggler and Luigi VS. Waluigi and Wario Delfinio Plaza Wario and Waluigi will use every trick in the book to win . From Cheap Shots to really cheap Defensive Moves. By that I mean Ball that are out of th court and bounced on the edge they use a defensive shot and return it. Those really annoyed me. Be sure to get all 3 Sludge Circles filled with Sludge as soon as possible. The phrase "Do onto others as you want down to you." is quite true here. If they wanna play cheap shots then you should play cheap shots too. Cheap shot them, corner shot them, and sludge shot them as much as you can. This is a 5 set match meaning you need to win 3 of those sets. After winning you unnlock PETEY!!! Petey is a power player is pretty good. Mushroom Cup Singles 1st Match 1 set Wiggler vs. Daisy This is a really easy level to start out on. Daisy has one major flaw and thats the fact that she always uses Defensive power shots to get Corner shots. So hit the ball to one corner and then hit the ball to the other. You'll win easy. 2nd Match 1 set Wiggler vs Koopa Koopa although a turtle is speed character because he speeds around the court in shell. Now koopa plays the middle much like Bowser and DK so hit the ball to a corner and then send one flying down the middle. Keep this up and you'll win easy. Championship Match 3 sets Wiggler vs. Peach Let me guess you think I'm joking. Well I'm not. Now Peach is just the same as Daisy. They cant hit a thing unless its fired stright at them. So do corner shots. You'll win before you know it. Flower Cup Singles 1st Match Wiggler vs. Bowser Jr. 1 set This is a simple opening match. Bower Jr. is beter than Peach but not by much. He has trouble returning after he uses a power shot. He cartwheels and then misses. So get him to use one of his Power Shots and then return to the oppisite side and you'll win in no time. 2nd Match Wiggler vs. Wario 3 set Wario is your first real challange since he has almost no weaknesses. He almost never uses offensive power shots. Only defensive ones. So the best way to beat him is by uses an offensive Power shot when he doesnt have a defensive one to counter it with. Do this and you'll have a very good chance at winning. Final Match Wiggler vs. Waluigi 3 set This Match is extremely easy compared to Wario's match. Waluigi always plays close net so lob the ball (by hitting a+b) and you'll win in notime and then your only one tournament away from a "star character" and hidden tournament. Star Cup Singles Wiggler vs Shy Guy 1 set This match is a good start to the Star Cup. Its simple yet hard.Shy Guy's offensive Power Shot is one of the best out there. His defensive however is one of the weakest ones.So get him to use his defensive power shot often and this game will be done in 2 games flat. Wiggler vs Luigi 3 set Luigi much like Waluigi plays close net. The difference however is that Luigi will save his Power Shots for when you lob them. He will pull out his poltergiest vaccum and hit the ball. This leaves one huge weakness. He has to gethis racket back which takes about 2 seconds. So hit the ball far away after he uses th densive shot and it will take a matter of seconds to beat him. Wiggler vs. Bowser Jr. 5 set This is it. The finals of the Star Cup. And its against Bowser Jr. This match is so simple you'll laugh as you win this in less than 10 min.Bowser Jr. still cant return after his defensive power shot. So just do that and this match is a pece of cake. Enjoy that Cake becuse you just unlocked your FIRST STAR CHARACTER! Also you unlock the Tricky FLY GUY. Finnaly if you beat this with a Non hidden chracter you unlock the STAR TOURNAMENT! Its a tournament against all Star Characters! Doubles for the Normal Cup coming soon. 6. Hidden tournaments Star Cup Singles Rainbow cup This is a tournament filled to the brim with star characters. If you plan to win you better be a star character as well. Bowser Jr. Vs. Diddy Kong 1 set Diddy, is nothing without Dk so you can take him down in seconds. Just perform Corner shotsoften and pnly usepower shots when he cantsounter them and an easy win for you. Bowser Jr. Vs. Luigi 3 set Thismatch is almost as easy as Diddy's match but theres one difference. Luigi will save his power shots for defensive purposes since he plays close net and close netonly.So just lob the ball over him and you'll be at the finals YAY! Bowser Jr. Vs. Daisy 5 set Daisy staredis just as easy as a non star Daisy playing a non stared Bowser Jr. Her corners are weaker than ever so target them.Her main defensive is using her Power Shot which has an awsome curve since shes a thechnical shot. So watch out for thator you'll pay greatly. After you cream Daisy you unlock the Moon Cup. CONGRATS! More Coming soon. 7. What are Star Characters? What are Star Characters? You may ask this question and many have. A Star Character is a Character that has had its Power doubled, control and curve improved and has an upgraded Power Shot. This upgraded Power Shot isnt like Yoshi's upgraded shot. It has much for power, a lot harder to hit, and the whip-lash from the offensive shots lasts twice as long. Star Characters are very hard to play against unless you are also using a Star Character. If you need more info plese email me and I'll do the best I can to help you. 8. Items Red Koopa Shell- Homes in on your opponets, hits them and makes them trip. Green Koopa Shell- Three of these speed over to your opponets side and if they hit them they trip. Banana- A banana peel attaches to the ball it falls off when it hits the ground which means you can get your own banana stuck on your side. If you step on it you will fall and stumble. Mushroom- Makes you giant wich allows for faster running and stronger hitting. Star- Makes you inviceable to all items. Lightning- Shrinks all other players (including your partner if playing in doubles) which slows down your running and weakens your hitting. 9.Hidden Characters Wiggler-Defensive unlock by beating the Fire and Lightning Cups in Singles Petey-Power unlock by beating the Fire and Lightning cups in Doubles Fly-Guy-tricky unlock by beating all three normal cups in Singles Paratrooper- Technique unlock by beating all three normal cups in Doubles 10. Hidden Courts Bowser Court-Speed: Fast Bounce: strong Gimmick-This court is suspened over lava and tips left and right. Mario Bros. Classic-Speed: Slow Bounce:Strongest Gimmick- Classic Mario enemies (Carbs, Turtles, Bees) wander across the board tripping you. To get rid of them you most hit the POW Bolck with the ball the stun them and then run over them. Note Crabs have to be POW'ed twice before you can rid yourself of them. 11. Other Hidden Iteams Star cup- Beat all 3 of the tournaments in the normal cup. Max difficulty- Beat all 3 of the tournaments in the star cup. Event Mode- Press the Z button at the Start Screen Star versions of Characters- Beat all 3 of the tournaments in the normal cup with the character you want to star. Star Tournament Singles- Beat the Normal Cup with a NONHIDDEN character in Singles. Star Tournament Doubles- Beat the Normal Cup with a NONHIDDEN character in Doubles. 12.Power Shots Here is a list of the Power shots (offensive and defensive): Mario--- Offensive--- He takes out a hammer and bashes the ball Defensive--- Flies and steals the ball Luigi--- Offensive--- He takes out a hammer and smashes the ball Defensive--- uses the Poltergeist 3000 to blow his racket into the ball Peach--- Offensive--- Makes a huge heart appear and hits the ball with it. Defensive--- She blows a kiss at the ball returning it to her. Daisy---Offensive-- Transforms her racket into a giant daisy and hits the ball with it. Defensive- Turns her side of the court into a giant flowerbed of Daisies and rides on them to return the volley. Yoshi---Offensive--- Flutters into the air to smash the ball at his opponent. Defensive--- Turns himself into a Yoshi egg and hits the ball. Boo--Offensive--- Summons many little boos who cover Boos racket and all go flying at your opponet goving the Illision of many balls flying at them. Defensive---Summons a wall of Boos each with a racket who all hit the ball. Koopa Tropper--- Offensive---Goes into his shell and blows bubbles at the ball. Defensive- Sides into the ball sending it back. Shy Guy--- Offensive--- Summons lightning to send the ball flying back. Defensive--- He turns into a primal hunter with his racket becoming a spear and then he sends the spear flying at the ball. DK---Offensive--- Hops into barrel and launches himself into the ball. Defensive--- Turns his racket into a banana and shoots it at the ball. Diddy Kong---Offensive- Poses his body into the shape of a banana and then slices the ball Definsive- Puts on his jetpack and flies to the ball Bowser--- Offensive---He burns the ball with fire Definsive- goes into his spiked shell and spins into the ball Bowser Jr.---Offensive--- Makes two paintballs witch are identical to the real ball all three of the balls go flying over to your opponet. Defensive--- He hits the ball with his Paintbrush from Super Mario Sunshine. Wario---Offensive---Uses his Hammer hat from the intro to hit the ball. Defensive- Uses his arm strecher to hit the ball from far away. Waluigi---Offensive-Makes his body into a upside down L and spins which makes a tornato. Definsive-Floods the stadium and swims to the ball. Petey- Offensive-Swallows the racket coving it with sludge and smacks the ball. Definsive- Spews out Sludge with a baby Pirhana plant in it. The plant then hits the ball. Wiggler Offensive- Turns dark red,spins and nails the ball. Definsive-Becomes a butterfly and flys into the ball Paratrooper-Offensive- Soins around like a missle and send the ball flying droping feathers. Definsive-flys up into the air and then swoops down into the ball. Fly-Guy-Offensive-Flips upsidedown andforms a super tornato the spins the ball to your opponet. Defensive- Form a tornato that brings the ball to him 13. Minigames Artist on the court: Players 1-4 Paint the picture as fast as you can. Terror Tennis Players 1-4 Hit the Ghosts back into thier portaits Tic-Tac-Glow Players 1-4 Hit the balls into the sludge tomake a row of three to free the Shine Spirtes. Chain-Chomp Challange Players 1-4 Hit the Cain chomps with the Tennis balls. Dont hit them with any other items. Goober Bloober Volley Players 1 Hit the balls back to Gooper Bloober. Dont have them land in areas marked with Xs. 14. Hidden Minigames/Special Games Mecha-Bower Mayhem Players 1 Shoot Tennis Balls into Mecha-Bowser's Mouth. You each have a health bar first to emepty your opponets bar wins. Mech-Bowser will shot Fire, Bullet Bills, and bombs at you. Baloon Panic Players 1-4 hit the squares with vines to stop the Klaptraps from popping the baloons. Coin Collectors Players 1-4 Run around the Clasic Mario Bros. Court collecting coins. 15.Character Weaknesses I'm still compiling mycomplete Data for this. In other words Coming soon. 16. Special Thanks I would like to thank Nintendo for making a great game series and a great game. GameFAQs for hosting my first and hopefully not last FAQ. Camelot for making hilarious intros and great sport titles. Thanks to everyone who worked on this game. Thanks to all who pointed out my Fly Guy error. Thanks to jean-sebastien_roy for fixing my error with Boos Power Shots. And thank you for reading my FAQ.</p>