Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 13:46:32 -0400 |-------| |-------| -- -- |-------| |-| |\ |----| |-------| | ------| | o | || || || | | | \ | |--| | o | | | | | --| || || || | A | | | | |__ | | --| | | | |\ \ || || || | |-| | | | | | | |\ \ | ------| | | \ \ |\--/| || | | | | | / | |--| | | \ \ |-------| |-| \ -| |----| |-------| |--| |--| |/ |----| |-| \ -| N O + R E M O R S E A N D |-------| |-------| -- -- |-------| |-| |\ |----| |-------| | ------| | o | || || || | | | \ | |--| | o | | | | | --| || || || | A | | | | |__ | | --| | | | |\ \ || || || | |-| | | | | | | |\ \ | ------| | | \ \ |\--/| || | | | | | / | |--| | | \ \ |-------| |-| \ -| |----| |-------| |--| |--| |/ |----| |-| \ -| N O + R E G R E T UNOFFICIAL CRUSADER SERIES FAQ FILE NEW FOR REVISION 3.2: PLAYSTATION AND SATURN PASSWORDS BOOKS GUIDE FOR PLAYSTATION SATURN AND PC | VERSION 3.2 COPYRIGHT 1998 BY NATE SCHWARTZMAN Table of Contents ----------------- 0 The Beginning 0.1 Legal Info and Disclaimers 0.2 Feedback 0.3 Misc. 0.4 Crusader books ================================= =Part One - Crusader: No Remorse= ================================= 1 Basic Training 1.1 What is Crusader: No Remorse? 1.1.1 The story 1.1.2 System requirements 1.1.3 How do I play? 1.1.4 Are there any editors? 1.2 Version History 2 Cheats and Secrets 2.1 Cheat codes 2.2 The bad guys 2.3 Weapons and gadgets 2.4 General hints 2.5 Mission descriptions 2.6 Mission secrets 2.6.1 Mission One 2.6.2 Mission Two 2.6.3 Mission Three 2.6.4 Mission Four 2.6.5 Mission Six 2.6.6 Mission Seven 2.6.7 Mission Eight 2.6.8 Mission Fifteen 2.7 Playstation codes 2.8 Sega Saturn codes 4 Troubleshooting 4.1 Command line parameters ================================ =Part Two - Crusader: No Regret= ================================ 1 Basic Training 1.1 What is Crusader: No Regret? 1.2 How is it different from Crusader: No Remorse? 1.3 The story 1.4 System requirements 1.5 The demo 2 Cheats and secrets 2.1 Cheat codes 2.2 The bad guys 2.3 Weapons and gadgets 2.4 General hints 2.5 Mission descriptions 2.6 Mission secrets 2.6.1 Mission One 2.6.2 Mission Three 2.6.3 Mission Four 2.6.4 Mission Five 2.6.5 Mission Six 2.6.6 Mission Seven 2.6.7 Mission Eight 2.6.8 Mission Nine 2.6.9 Mission Ten 3 Troubleshooting 3.1 Command line parameters 0 The Beginning --------------- 0.1 Legal Info and Disclaimers ------------------------------ - Crusader: No Remorse and Crusader: No Regret are trademarks of Origin Systems, Inc. - This file is neither endorsed nor authorized by Origin - The ASCII Crusader: No Remorse and Crusader: No Regret logos are copyright 1998 by Nate Schwartzman This file is intended to inform the public about the games Crusader: No Remorse and Crusader: No Regret. In no way should this influence you to kill yourself, kill others, kill animals, kill your neighbours, kill your parents, kill your siblings, or kill in any other fashion. The author claims NO responsibility for ANY illegal activity regarding this file, or as a result of someone reading this file. You may distribute this file, as long as the copies are complete, unaltered, and are in electronic form only. If you wish to include this file on a CD-ROM or other commercial product, you must first contact me and ask permission. This document is copyright 1998 by Nate Schwartzman. 0.2 Feedback ------------ Send all feedback to: 0.3 Misc. --------- Here are some things you may not know about the Crusader games: - It is possible for an explosion to be powerful enough to knock off the Silencer's helmet.(He falls on his face though) He has white skin and blond hair. - It is also possible for an explosion to be powerful enough to blow a small chunk of floor through the air!(It won't actually create a hole in the floor though) - The Silencer can get "battle scars" like the ones on the box, but I have no idea how this happens. I have only seen it happen once. - In the intro movie of No Remorse, the names of the Silencer's fellow soldiers are Anton Zurovek and Marcus Vittek. Try looking up Tony Zurovec and Mark Vittek in the credits. - Both games have levels with time limits. If you haven't exited the level before time runs out, you see a movie and then the credits. In No Remorse, it is mission seven. In No Regret it is mission six. - In No Regret, you can exit mission six without blowing up the Ore Seperator. If you do this, you will recieve a slightly different briefing before mission seven. Web Sites - Origin's web page: Fan Pages: 0.4 Crusader books ------------------ Origin's Official Guide to Crusader: No Remorse Prima Publishing ISBN: 0-929373-26-X Price: $19.95 U.S. 192 pages Origin's Official Guide to Crusader: No Regret Prima Publishing ISBN: 7615-0925-9 Price: $19.99 U.S. 192 pages Both of the official guides have lots of nice color pictures of game screenshots, up close pictures of all the enemies and civilians, etc. They have great maps for every level, plus bunches of background info. ================================= =Part One - Crusader: No Remorse= ================================= ----------------------------- -Section One: Basic Training- ----------------------------- 1.1 What is Crusader: No Remorse? --------------------------------- Crusader:No Remorse is an excellant third-person action game from Origin. In case you don't know what that means, you move your character around the level, watching from above as he battles the enemies. It features detailed SVGA graphics, and the clearest and most realistic sound I've ever heard in a computer game. The wide variety of weapons, enemies, gadgets, and levels allows for detailed strategy. In your fights with the bad guys, you can duck, jump, roll, sidestep, and run. 1.1.1 The story --------------- It is the year 2195. The entire world is controlled by the World Economic Consortium, a global network of corporations. It rules with an iron hand, and all citizens must work for it and abide by its strict laws. But there is a growing segment of the population that yearns for freedom, to return to the good days of democracy. They are known as the Resistance. In the last several years, the Resistance has seriously stepped up its assaults on the WEC, engaging in guerrila-style covert attacks. You are its newest recruit, a defector from the highest ranks of the WEC's soldiers: A Silencer, one of the deadliest soldiers alive on the globe. They killed your buddies, opening your eyes to the rampant corruption and immorality prevelant in the WEC. There will be no pity... no mercy... and NO REMORSE. 1.1.2 System requirements ------------------------- Crusader: No Remorse has these "official" system requirements: 486/DX2-66 Mhz 8 megabytes of RAM 2-speed CD-ROM drive A local-bus video card(it can be VLB or PCI) that supports Super VGA 640x480 30 megabytes hard drive space Crusader supports a Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse Crusader supports Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, and 100% compatible sound cards for sound and music Only version 1.21 supports joysticks and Gravis Gamepads For Gravis Ultrasound compatibility, you will need the file CRUSNDP.EXE In addition to the above requirements, I recommend having a 4-speed CD-ROM drive and 55 megabytes of free hard drive space. Crusader is not compatible with Windows 95. 1.1.3 How do I play? -------------------- Gameplay is fairly straightforward: Walk through the level, watching out for enemies, security cameras, wall guns, etc., and when you see any of those things, you must find a way to either kill it or avoid it. In between missions, you are at the rebel base. You can go to the bar to talk with your fellow soldiers and buy weapons. Your quarters houses healing machines, and a footlocker outside the bar holds weapons. Receive your orders and check on your video-mail, and you're ready for the next level! The controls are as follows: Keyboard Controls ----------------- Arrow keys: Walk around Spacebar: Draw weapon/fire weapon Ctrl+forward arrow or J: Jump Ctrl+backward arrow: Toggle crouching Ctrl+left and right arrows: Roll left/right(automatic crouch) Alt+left and right arrows: Sidestep left/right(automatically draw weapon) Shift+forward arrow: Run(automatically draw weapon) Q or W: Cycle through weapons S: Search for usable/takeable objects Enter: Use/pick up selected object O or I: Cycle thpough/‚€‚€€ <'ÁÅ) òkÞ «õsþ,ã©.n›cŠ®ðuD-¿$Š­œÉ œN?ҙ nWí ùށW=$W9Ϫ æ&¿ ™i ïÝ;xÆÓÆÕ €] \å46 ûr& /…)a !£ªNoŠ’éĜ«iK> ’óß É /xM ??¢Ž}†Ý îd*«{; eóŐÝù ÛùQïV¦u<0Š½I¾B×Q”Ð à GÃU£“6æ´4¬'2ϲø å¯DÊ È;|€^‡Ô+ `5ÙÒ °[5 æ“Dâ‘D©š Ä8‘áƸ´£^&3»¸• WáçHð Ў ¨½‘Lf#ɹ, [Çt=Ò8 ¾}a9 ¨öú÷R6p8ë˜î}È F¬¼×/ñÕò[ÕË ŸFŽ 1M Q yµŒm ÿ r¬Ã“œ¬4¾:l®Ú"ó 'Gš·R ’´ðc+ü ?o«¨ArIŽúû{#ÆÕ ŒGR¥e54J 1\;–Â:^TþÙ=7%Õ¤;†FõÙ¯v*X5©*Ÿ¯øq\WV Æ •dÿl§rU}ç Â8| Ñ'·å‘ Z¢+}ô®= #9ˆ¸4 gÊzÙÜ å3¬¢¿µOT€:ó XÕÓ!ôÿ©Á•]úĪ¹üÙ2à ÆMt × Dù' OzÑ4ê ÃÝäŸa6´ útî IÌ ×w†È2y‰Óx £$8®c¡ c5ëø W ¦Jš dUÿ¿3hn§©^î wê™0~ˆ&‰Fðý)"‘c÷T[ÍÕ>z£~ú´Ã´Ž£ƒë:x®ü,ªÝ0Ñx MfŠ G5W A4ºâ«} %ë As­y eõ£ ßA &¤m¹H"Hþç TkåL Ç KÎÈc4é£) X ®îÎÎÏE˜Xˆ @@Eø„à)Ó}Uj‡¶÷èÜä Ú_-Xr¬«Ê¹Õ ȱŽì$mÛ\2¬ÞÚJs­M²z“Õ<Üý¤`Kn¸· ã©4íÅ$9]™Nå( Çz$GÁѺM§»l5ž \³»QV ³ìV§ ÜDã,ᛠÀ'÷V+«ã —U_µŒi\aYÇ}=V.—‰«úª{@ ™ÃVAg  |F ÿ–Mr®ôHΕ 99ªt;3 í Ȉq½ ãzV |Pùý2wësŒ§V‰1ªØ;L6§ ª·´‡¸…UðkX?y–¦u,:ÏÈ],R¤îóï#PÝíïG6­ãb¶Žº 1G\]ÌlÎnd‡ÇW-9 Fi€ix ´áZŠÏŽ ¦ú ד&° é ËÝ´ < ½Gý"~®Ù ¡¹:°ƒh,Ñï >å’ðՒ” 0 ¹]Í*9!4戋z¾×Óðwe·>·•ú<ñ vVj$éBê¸\zŠß—³çÊ#ø·¢ ‰| w Ñ þht: Roll left/right Shift+right button: Run Double-click: Fire/holster weapon 1.1.4 Are there any editors? ---------------------------- None that I know of, although there is a program, MOD2AMF.EXE, included with Crusader that lets you convert .MOD files into .AMF files that are compatible with Crusader. Read the README.TXT file for info on how to use it. 1.2 Version History ------------------- New features in version 1.21: - Three levels of frame skipping - Can hear sound clip from bartender - Patches a few level bugs - Joystick/Gravis Gamepad support - Elevator/Teleporter hangs fixed Patches are available at Electronic Arts' web page. The adress of the page is The file names are CRU121P.EXE, for version 1.21, and CRUSNDP.EXE, for a sound patch. The sound patch includes improved Sound Blaster 16 and AWE 32 sound, and native support for Ensoniq and the GUS. It requires a half-meg GUS card. Here is Origin's readme for the sound patch: >Dear Crusader Customer, > >Thank you for purchasing Crusader: No Remorse. Due to heavy demand Origin has >created a sound patch for Crusader. The following is a list of updates you >will find: > >Sound Blaster 16 & AWE improved sound. > >Gravis UltraSound native support. Requires half meg on GUS card. > >Ensoniq SoundScape native support. > >All that is required to install the patch is the place the new ASYLUM.DLL >file into the Crusader directory and execute the INSTALL.EXE program from >the Crusader directory. Now when you change the soundcard there will be two >new selections, namely the Gravis UltraSound & the Ensoniq SoundScape. > >Enjoy, > >Origin Systems, Inc. --------------------------------- -Section Two: Cheats and Secrets- --------------------------------- ============================================================== =WARNING: THIS SECTION CONTAINS NUMEROUS CHEATS AND SPOILERS.= = IF YOU WANT TO DISCOVER EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF, DO = = NOT READ ANYTHING IN THIS SECTION! = ============================================================== 2.1 Cheat codes --------------- JASSICA16: Enable codes ~: Switch codes on/off F10: Weapons, health, energy Ctrl+F10: God Mode H: Hack mover(hold Shift and move things with mouse) F: Display framework Ctrl+C: Display current location Ctrl+Q: CD transfer display toggle Ctrl+V: Misc. info F7: Display grid Alt+F7: Grid 2 Ctrl+F7: Grid 3 Cheat command-line parameters: -warp # Warp to level(1-15) -skill # Set skill level(1-4) -egg 250 Start in Easter Egg room Drop a gun with CTRL+D and pick it up. The current clip will be refilled. 2.2 The bad guys ---------------- Key --- Missions: The mission numbers that these enemies appear in Hit Points: How many hit points these enemeies can have(minimum and maximum) Weapons: Which weapons they will carry, and what shields they have Deadliness: My view of how deadly they are Fighting: Tips for killing them NOTE: EVERYTHING HERE IS FOR LOOSE CANNON DIFFICULTY ONLY! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guard Missions: 1-6 Hit Points: 20-35 Weapons: BA-40 or BA-41, no armor Deadliness: Very Low Description: A guy wearing a white helmet and black vest with the WEC logo on it, black boots, and grey pants and shirt. Fighting: In the beginning, ambush them to avoid injury. After you have a shotgun and more clips, you can pretty much fight them without fear of death or serious injury. Soldier Missions: 3-8 Hit Points: 110-130 Weapons: RP-32 or PA-31, Armor Deadlines: Medium Low Descriptions: A blue and white uniform, black boots. Fighting: Not dangerous, but they are vicious and tenacious. Actually pretty dangerous unless you have some heavier weapons than the pistol. Special Forces Missions: 5-12 Hit Points: 140-160 Weapons: RP-32 or PA-31, Ionic Shield Deadliness: Medium Descriptions: Completely concealed in a jet-black uniform with the WEC logo on the chest. Fighting: As long as your shield is still functioning, you won't have much to worry about from these guys. If it isn't, you'll need to dispatch them quickly. Elite Forces Missions: 8-15 Hit Points: 180-200 Weapons: PA-31 or AR-7, Ionic Shield Deadliness: Dangerous(Deadly with AR-7) Description: The uniform is still jet-black, but is more stream-lined, and the WEC logo is more distinctive. Fighting: These guys are typically hidden in some sniper position or something, and armed heavily. Show no mercy: Waste them immediately with a rocket or spider bomb. Elite Forces II Missions: 7-15 Hit Points: 100-125 Weapons: GL-303 or AR-7, Ionic Shield Deadliness: Deadly Fighting: They are only situated in sniper's nests, and never move. If you can run by and hit them later with a spider bomb, do so. Enforcer Missions: 12-15 Hit Points: 180-240 Weapons: UV-9 or GL-303, Plasma Shield Deadliness: Very Deadly Description: Black and green uniform, black helmet, boots, and kneepads. WEC logo on chest. Fighting: Unless you have a Graviton shield, avoid direct combat with Enforcers. Attack from behind or above at every oppurtunity. Civilians Missions: All Hit Points: 5-30 Weapons: None Deadliness: None Descriptions: Hardhat workers, scientists, secretaries, and assistants Fighting: Most civilians will surrender on sight, however, a few will have the guts to sound a red alert and call for reinforcements. Kill any civilian near an alarm panel. If you have absoloutely no morals, you can kill civilians for their money. Senators Missions: Most Hit Points: 25 Weapons: BA-40 Deadliness: Laughable Description: A white male in a business suit. Fighting: Kill all Senators, whether or not they are armed, for two reasons: They take part in the global oppression of the populace, and because they are loaded: You can rake in 50-100 credits from one Senator, and possibly a Medikit. Automated Enemies ----------------- CS-35 Courier Hit Points: 35-50 Weapons: None Deadliness: None Description: Black boxes on treads. MS-40 Roaming Susan Missions: All Hit Points: 35-45 Weapons: BA-40 or BA-41, only takes 1/3 damage(except from explosions) Deadliness: Low Descriptions: Hard to describe... just a little gizmo that drives around and shoots stuff. Fighting: Not very deadly, but definitely annoying. A few BA-40 bullets will kill them. MS-110 Android Missions: 6-15 Hit Points: 200 Weapons: RP-31, PA-31, only takes 1/3 damage(except from explosions) Deadliness: Medium Descriptions: Just a human-looking robot. Fighting: They shoot very fast, and vaporize your shields quickly. Destroy with a GL-303 rocket. APP-4400 Thermatron Missions: 3-15 Hit Points: 250 Weapons: RP-31, SG-A1, only takes 1/3 damage(except from explosions) Deadliness: Medium Description: A silver gun pod with legs. Fighting: Shoots fairly quickly. Destroy them quickly with a GL-303 rocket. APP-4210 Vetron Missions: 7-15 Hit Points: 425-625(!) Weapons: GL-303, PA-31, only takes 1/3 damage(except from explosions) Deadliness: Very Deadly Description: A jet-black metallic beast with twin rocket launchers. Very cool looking. Fighting: Screw annoying. These jokers are downright lethal. The best tactic is to use a GL-303, AR-7, or UV-9... and even then you'll need 2 to 3 blasts. APP-5200 Solartron Missions: 10-15 Hit Points: 450-600 Weapons: UV-9, GL-303, only takes 1/3 damage(except from explosions). Deadliness: Very Deadly Description: Like a Vetron, but has a flat top and is painted a bright yellow. Fighting: Deadliest enemy in the game. Best strategy is not to engage them in open combat. Retreat to a safe spot and ambush them. 2.3 Weapons and gadgets ----------------------- Weapons ------- BA-40 Patriot Damage: 20 # of shots/clip: 20 Cost: 525(you start with it, though) Description: It doesn't do much damage, but it is very accurate. BA-41 Peacemaker Damage: 20 per shot, 2 shots/burst # of shots/clip: 20 Cost: 750 Description: A variation of the BA-40 that fires two bullets at a time. SG-A1 Conformer Damage: 17 per shot, 5 shots/burst # of shots/clip: 12 Cost: 1,400 Description: Slow firing, but it packs a wallop. Duck to reload faster. AC-88 Reaper Damage: 17 per shot, 8 shots/burst # of shots/clip: 12 Cost: 2,750 Description: One of the best guns. Does lots of damage very quickly. RP-22 Conciliator Damage: 20 per shot, 2 shots/burst # of shots/clip: 60 Cost: 1,600 Description: Not the best weapon, but I use it more than any other until I start fighting Enforcers. RP-32 Pacifist Damage: 20 per shot, 3 shots/burst # of shots/clip: 60 Cost: 2,200 Description: A rapid-fire version of the RP-22. In my view not worth the extra credits, but every weapon has its place. EM-4 Vortex Damage: 5 Power drain: 135 per shot Cost: 2,250 Description: Fast-firing, good against Special Forces and for ambushes. PA-21 Arbitrator Damage: 45 Power drain: 25 per shot Cost: 1,500 Description: Shoots laser beams quickly. PA-31 Adjudicator Damage: 45 Power drain: 35 per shot Cost: 2,600 Description: A rifle version of the PA-21. Shoots even faster. GL-303 Grenade launcher Damage: 200 # of shots/clip: 10 Cost: 4,000 Description: Acts more like a rocket launcher than a grenade launcher. Still, it's very cool. Kills most enemies in one rocket. AR-7 "Rico" Rocket launcher Damage: 45-80 per shot, 3 shots/burst # of shots/clip: 8 Cost: 4,500 Description: Fires three rockets at a time. PL-1 Unifier Damage: 35 Power drain: 80 per shot Cost: 2,800 Description: Evaporates the bad guys. Doesn't leave a trace of them ever even existing. If you want to turn a level into a ghost town, use this. UV-9 Pulsar Damage: 110 Power drain: 210 per shot Cost: 5,000 Description: Literally flays the skin, flesh, and organs off your enemies, leaving only a skeleton. Gadgets ------- Spider bomb Damage: 150 Blast radius: 10 feet Cost: 250 Descriptions: Way cool. Great for when you can't come out of hiding or don't feel like having a firefight. Detpac Damage: 150 Blast radius: 10 feet Cost: 250 Description: Not as useful as spider bombs or landmines, but you can control when they go off. Land mine Damage: 100 Blast radius: 10 feet Cost: 200 Description: Place these anywhere an enemy will come from and you don't have to go later. Just make sure you don't have to go that way again! EMP Inhibitor Energy use: 2,000 Cost: 3,000 Description: Plays havoc with mechs, making them go crazy. Medikit Cost: 250 Description: Heals you a little bit. Very useful, try to always stay fully stocked with them. Batteries --------- Energy cell Energy: Charges any battery to 1/3 capacity Cost: 300 Description: Not very helpful for chemical batteries, but very useful with fission and fusion batteries. Chemical battery Energy units: 2,500 Description: Sucks, upgrade to fission ASAP. Fission battery Energy units: 5,000 Description: The first decent battery available. You'll need at least a fission battery if you plan on using the advanced shields and laser weapons frequently. Fusion battery Energy units: 10,000 Description: The best battery. With this you can walk around with a Graviton shield and UV-9 for quite awhile without running out of energy- and you get the maximum boost from energy cells with this. 2.4 General Hints ----------------- If you spot a robot in a booth, you can destroy the robot with some rockets before it leaves the box. You can "use" shootable switches instead of shooting them- save ammo! If you're too close to a Vetron when it dies, the explosion will hurt or kill you. Shields only protect against bullets and lasers- nothing else. Grating that looks darker than the rest is probably damaged and will not support you(or the enemies, heh heh). In a pinch, you can shoot down doors. One GL-303 rocket or two detpacs will blow down a standard blast door. Destroying a door will set off an alarm. Sometimes Weasel has a "sale" and all items are free! On the No Remorse difficulty, anything goes as far as what weapons the enemies can have. 2.5 Mission Descriptions ------------------------ Level 1: Destroy the thermal coupler. Level 2: Rescue the prisoners. Level 3: Download plans for the Thermatron. Level 4: Destroy the SORC computer. Level 5: Download the plans for the Cypher chip. Level 6: Kidnap Senator Everett Snell. Level 7: Nuke the nerve gas. Level 8: Rescue Prof. Willmar. Level 9: Spy on a WEC meeting. Level 10: Destroy Dr. Hoffman's prototype weapons. Level 11: Download plans for the Vigilance Platform. Level 12: Upload new target coordinates... for a nuclear bomb. Level 13: Rescue Col. Ely. Level 14: Locate shuttle to Vigilance Platform. Level 15: Assault on the Vigilance Platform. 2.6 Mission Secrets ------------------- These chapters are not just secrets in the game, but also useful information about certain spots. Also, these are not even close to all the secrets in the game, so keep looking! 2.6.1 Mission One ----------------- Getting the shotgun: Hop onto the first teleporter that you come to(after the bridge over the toxic goo). Now flip the wall switch to deactivate the force field. In the next room is a Bouncing Betty, and in the lower left corner is a table with an SG-A1 and clip. Getting the GL-303: After speaking with the informant, head into the hallway on your left. Walk down the hallway and into the room with the teleporter. After teleporting, you will have to: kill the guards, destroy the power generators, and then destroy the turret. After that, flip the switch twice to reveal a footlocker. "Out of order": The machine gun on the wall is NOT out of order(you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it). Infinite enemies: In the room after the wall safe, there is a room with a teleporter after it. Just outside the door to this room is a mounted switch. Anytime you use this switch, the door closes and a Guard warps into them. Flip the switch again to open the door, then kill him and search the body. Repeat until you have lots of stuff. 2.6.2 Mission Two ----------------- E-shaped secret room: After Major Vargas leaves through the teleporter, go back to the prisoner's cells. Go to the lower-left cell and step into the lower-left corner. You should be teleported to a hidden, E-shaped room. If you use the computer, you'll get a nasty surprise! 2.6.3 Mission Three ------------------- Rocket launcher: In one of the rooms is a lift placed in the middle of a vat of green slime. Before getting onto the lift, walk around on the edge of the vat. Walk to the left side and jump off onto the conveyer belt. There is a rocket launcher in a footlocker. Thermatron Production: There are two areas in this level where infinite Thermatrons can come out, but you can shut down production. The first area is a door that opens and lets out the Thermatrons. Run through the door before it closes and shoot the generators. Also, go through the conveyer belt for another secret. The second area is the one after the bridge that goes across the green slime. You have to go around behind the conveyor belt, get on the belt, and destroy the large generators. 2.6.4 Mission Four ------------------ The green slime room: One area of this level is a network of bridges crisscrossing an enormous vat of green slime. If you can jump down to the pipe spewing fire and twist the valve on it, you will will lower the slime and be able to enter a secret area. 2.6.5 Mission Six ----------------- Teleporters: If there is a keypad near a teleporter, you will need to enter a special access code before using the teleporter. The code can be found in the nearest computer. WEC logo: One room has a WEC logo as a sort of `welcome mat' into the next room. Jump over the logo to avoid a puzzle. Hidden Rooms: At the end of one hallway are some snack machines. Behind the machines is a hidden switch. Flip it to open a hidden room. Go into the hidden room and use the switch twice. Now use the hidden switch in the lower left-hand corner. Use the first switch again. In the new room, use the switch and then the hidden switch in the lower-right hand corner. 2.6.6 Mission Seven ------------------- Mine field: Nearby the electrified mine field(which is also guarded by a machine gun, can we say "overkill??":) there is a tank. Blow it up to reveal a switch. Flip the switch and go back to the first room. A door has been opened. The new room contains androids and a switch to de-electrify the mine field. Hidden door: One of the elevator lifts opens a door when it goes up. You can jump back down to find a puzzle room with a footlocker and as your reward. Fake wall: After the lift mentioned above there are some stairs. The section wall about halfway down the stairs is fake, you can jump through it to some footlockers and healing and energy machines. Force Bridge: One part of the level requires you to extend a force bridge over a large pool of green slime. Run across the bridge. Use the mounted switch to turn off the bridge, then run back across while it turns off. Stop running on the last peice of the bridge that is still on and let it turn off underneath you. Take a few steps forward and you will teleport. 2.6.7 Mission Eight ------------------- The lifts: This a maddeningly frustrating puzzle. There are two lifts, and two pressure plates. You can make the right most lift go up and then put a detpac underneath it. Lower it down, and then run to the lift from the pad. Shield: After Willmar's untimely death, don't forget to grab the Graviton shield. 2.6.9 Mission Fifteen --------------------- The traitor: Don't try to fight with the traitor. Just run past her, grab the key, and open the escape pod. You should have three energy cubes and a fusion battery to survive. Android area: In the first room, ignore all the enemies and just dash for the door. You will have much more energy and ammo to use later. 2.7 Playstation Codes --------------------- Codes Enter the password LOSR to enable codes. No start a new game or load a saved game. Press Square+R1 for 100% health and energy, and Circle+R1 for all weapons. Passwords Mama's Boy Level 2: FWQP Level 3: PLRQ Level 4: SZNF Level 5: TD5S Level 6: J1BT Level 7: K2CV Level 8: N3DW Level 9: M4FX Level 10: X5GZ Level 11: C6HO Level 12: D7J1 Level 13: F8K2 Level 14: FGL3 Level 15: JFM4 Realtime level: LRTN Weekend Warrior Level 2: GWQP Level 3: QLRQ Level 4: TZNF Level 5: VD5S Level 6: K1BT Level 7: L2CV Level 8: P3DW Level 9: N4FX Level 10: Z5GZ Level 11: D6HO Level 12: F7J1 Level 13: G8K2 Level 14: GGL3 Level 15: KFM4 Realtime level: MRTN Loose Cannon Level 2: HWQP Level 3: RLRQ Level 4: VZNF Level 5: WD5S Level 6: L1BT Level 7: M2CV Level 8: Q3DW Level 9: P4FX Level 10: O5GZ Level 11: F6HO Level 12: G7J1 Level 13: H8K2 Level 14: HGL3 Level 15: LFM4 Realtime level: NRTN No Remorse Level 2: JWQP Level 3: SLRQ Level 4: WZNF Level 5: XD5S Level 6: M1BT Level 7: N2CV Level 8: R3DW Level 9: Q4FX Level 10: 15GZ Level 11: G6HO Level 12: H7J1 Level 13: J8K2 Level 14: JGL3 Level 15: MFM4 Realtime level: PRTN Pictures: Enter the password XXXX Gameshark codes (codes were all found by Infinite Energy 801457D0 0078 Infinite Magazines: RP-32 301457C8 000A Infinite Rounds: RP-32 310457C9 000A Infinite Detpacs 80145762 000A Infinite Spider Bombs 8014576E 000A Infinite Landmines 8014576A 000A Infinite Medi Kits 80145772 000A Infinite Batteries & Energy Cells 80145776 000A Infinite Blast Pacs 8014577A 000A 2.8 Sega Saturn codes --------------------- Codes Enter the password LOSR. Now either start a new game or load a saved game. Now press A+B+C for 100% health and energy, and X+Y+Z for all weapons. Passwords Mama's Boy Level 2: FWQP Level 3: PLRQ Level 4: SZNF Level 5: TD5S Level 6: J1BT Level 7: K2CV Level 8: N3DW Level 9: M4FX Level 10: X5GZ Level 11: C6HO Level 12: D7J1 Level 13: F8K2 Level 14: FGL3 Level 15: JFM4 Realtime level: LRTN Weekend Warrior Level 2: GWQP Level 3: QLRQ Level 4: TZNF Level 5: VD5S Level 6: K1BT Level 7: L2CV Level 8: P3DW Level 9: N4FX Level 10: Z5GZ Level 11: D6HO Level 12: F7J1 Level 13: G8K2 Level 14: GGL3 Level 15: KFM4 Realtime level: MRTN Loose Cannon Level 2: HWQP Level 3: RLRQ Level 4: VZNF Level 5: WD5S Level 6: L1BT Level 7: M2CV Level 8: Q3DW Level 9: P4FX Level 10: O5GZ Level 11: F6HO Level 12: G7J1 Level 13: H8K2 Level 14: HGL3 Level 15: LFM4 Realtime level: NRTN No Remorse Level 2: JWQP Level 3: SLRQ Level 4: WZNF Level 5: XD5S Level 6: M1BT Level 7: N2CV Level 8: R3DW Level 9: Q4FX Level 10: 15GZ Level 11: G6HO Level 12: H7J1 Level 13: J8K2 Level 14: JGL3 Level 15: MFM4 Realtime level: PRTN Pictures: XXXX -------------------------------- -Section Four: Troubleshooting- -------------------------------- 4.1 Troubleshooting ------------------- Q. I'm at the Rebel Base, and when I try to warp to the next level, it doesn't take me there, and the game hangs. A. I don't know what causes this, but it is fixed in version 1.21. Hope you have another saved game! ------------ Q. Every time I try to play, Crusader quits to DOS with an Out of Memory error. What should I do? A. You must have at least 6.7 megabytes of RAM free. The best solution is to make a boot disk or use DOS's MEMMAKER command. ------------ Q. The videos are too slow. A. Go to the Options menu and change "Video Large/Small" to Small. ------------ Q. Crusader runs too slow. A. Go to the Options menu and change these settings: Change Frame Skipping to On Change Limit Blasts to On Change Animations to Off Change Digital Filtering to Off Also, you can try re-installing Crusader: No Remorse with the "Full Install" option. Be sure to back up any saved games first! ------------ Q. Crusader sometimes locks up. A. You may have TSR(Terminate-and-Stay-Resident) programs loaded in memory which are incompatible with Crusader. See Crusader's Install Guide for more information. ------------ Q. Why does Crusader crash when I play it in Windows, OS/2, or Desqview? A. Crusader requires memory which is often eaten up by these multi-tasking environments. It is intended to be played directly from DOS, and is not (as far as I know) compatible at all with Windows 95. ------------ Q. How come my mouse won't work with Crusader? A. Your mouse driver may be out of date. Make sure it is at least Microsoft Mouse Driver 8.2, Logitech 6.3, or 100% compatible. ------------ Q. I get a DOS error when installing Crusader. A. This is due to having a disk cache loaded. You must disable it while installing Crusader. ------------ Q. Crusader fails to load and generates an error code. A. Refer to the error message that you are getting: 1. YOU MUST HAVE THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF HARD DRIVE SPACE SPECIFIED FOR FOR THE INSTALL OPTION YOU SELECTION. You don't have enough hard drive space to save your game. Free up more by selecting "Minimum Install" or deleting unneccesary files. 2. NOT ENOUGH MEMORY TO RUN CRUSADER. You need more RAM free. 3. VESA DRIVER NOT FOUND. Your video driver is not VESA-compliant. You must install a VESA driver. The Crusader CD comes with UNIVBE, a universal VESA driver. To use it, go to the Crusader directory and type UNIVBE. 4. DOS INTERRUPT ERROR. You have at least one TSR loaded in your AUTOEXEC.BAT which is incompatible with Crusader. See the boot disks chapter of Crusader's Install Guide for more info. 5. FATAL ERROR 286.1020. You have the NOEMS parameter in your CONFIG. SYS file. Replace "NOEMS" with "RAM" in your SMARTDRIVE line. See the question below if you are getting the "CDR-101" error. ----------- Q. When I try to load Crusader, I get the error "CDR-101: NOT READY READING DRIVE". What should I do? A. Your Crusader CD is not in the drive, or is not being read properly. Check the CD for dust, dirt, or scratches. If you need a new CD, call Origin product support. You ejected the CD when Crusader needed to read it. You may also need to switch to the D: drive, type "dir" and the go back to the C: drive and run Crusader. Your CD-ROM driver may be outdated. Replace it with a newer one. ----------- Q. I can't get my keyboard to work with Crusader. A. Your keys might be re-mapped by software or by BIOS. Contact your computer or keyboard manufacturer for more info. ----------- Q. The game hangs at a black screen every time I run it. A. Edit your CONFIG.SYS file to have FILES=40 and BUFFERS=40. ----------- Q. The sound in the intro skips. A. You may be running with a disk cache or your system may not meet the minimum requirements of the game. Disable the disk cache, and make sure you meet the system requirements. The most likely problem is that your video speed is too slow. ------------ Q. I am not getting any sound when I play the game. A. You may have selected incorrect settings for your sound card during the installation process, so make sure that they are correct(run INSTALL.EXE in your Crusader directory). Also, check your speaker connections and volume. ------------ Q. My machine hangs during the install program's Sound Test. A. You may have A) an IRQ conflict, B) the wrong sound card selected or C) an incorrect sound card setting. ------------ Q. The mouse pointer is stuck in the upper left hand corner of the screen. A. Your mouse driver may not be a Microsoft compatible mouse driver. Find one that is compatible. ------------ Q. When I try to load Crusader: No Remorse, I get an error message reading, "CRUSADER requires at least 6.8 megs of RAM." A. The game is detecting that you have less than 6.8 megs of XMS memory available. You must use the "-x 43" command-line parameter. ------------ Q. When I try to install/play Crusader: No Remorse on my system, an error message tells me I do not have enough disk space. I have more than what is required- what can I do? A. If you are running a disk compression utility such as Microsoft's DoubleSpace or DriveSpace, you may need to free up more space to install the game. In general, it is recommended that you not use disk compression utilities with Crusader. ------------ Q. I am trying to install the game to C:\GAMES\CRUSADER and I get an error message that says the game is unable to create the directory. What can I do? A. You need to make the "GAMES" directory first, using either Microsoft Windows File Manager, or the DOS "MD" command to create the directory. After you do this, Crusader should install correctly. ------------ Q. Whenever I exit Crusader: No Remorse and go into an application that includes sound, I get some popping or crackling. What can I do to solve this? A. If this problem occurs, you may need to reboot your system after exiting the game. It should work properly after that. ------------ Q. I have a Pentium 66 Mhz or higher system, and an NEC triple spin CD-ROM. At random times during the movies, my system will lock up. What can I do? A. This problem was encountered during our Hardware Lab testing of Crusader: No Remorse. It was isolated to NEC 3X Internal(Triple Spin) CD-ROM drives(Model #CDR-510) on Pentium 66 Mhz or faster systems. This model may generate bad data reads from which the Crusader: No Remorse movies cannot recover. This error does not affect normal gameplay -- only the movies. The only solution is to change the "flicpath" parameter in CRUSADER.CFG to something else, like "flicpath=flicsx". This causes the game to skip all movies and rendered cutscenes. ------------ Q. "Can't find 300k sound fragment. Halted file MEMORY/PROTMEM.C, line 1527" A. You do not have enough free EMS. Try running Memmaker. ------------ Q. "Fatal error 286.2250- load program failed- Bad .EXE file- C:\CRUSADER\ CRUSADER.EXE" A. You are running HIMEM.SYS from the DOS directory and EMM386.EXE from the Windows directory. EDit your system files so they both run from the same directory. ------------ Q. I get a black screen after I try to save the game. A. You are not running HIMEM.SYS. ------------ Q. Crusader crashes to DOS when I try to Quickload a saved game. A. You do not have enough FILES in your CONFIG.SYS. Edit your CONFIG.SYS so that FILES=40. ------------ Q. Whenever I try to install Crusader, the CD-ROM drive vibrates and the install program hangs. A. Press on the CD-ROM drive with your hands to prevent vibration, which causes it to be unable to read the CD. Installation should work now. ------------ Q. I have gone through this chapter and still nothing works. A. Contact Origin tech support with the error message written down. Also, for Windows 95 troubleshooting, see the Troubleshooting chapter of the section for Crusader: No Regret. On-line support is available at 4.1 Command line parameters --------------------------- -?: "You DO need help!" -demo: Loops the introductory demo. -asylum: "Enabling ENHANCED mode. (Not!)" -x 43: Lets you play Crusader with less free RAM than is normally required(6.8 megs). Note that this is not a miracle cure, the game may still crash. ================================ =Part Two - Crusader: No Regret= ================================ ----------------------------- -Section One: Basic Training- ----------------------------- 1.1 What is Crusader: No Regret? -------------------------------- Crusader: No Regret is a sequel to Crusader: No Remorse. It has 10 levels, and many new graphics, enemies, and weapons. The gameplay is essentially the same. 1.2 How is it different from Crusader: No Remorse? -------------------------------------------------- These are the most noticeable changes to No Regret: - Kick-ass intro movie - Improved video sequences, with optional 16-bit color depth, more of them, better acting - Rockets/explosions blow men to bits instead of setting them on fire - New movement options: Forward roll, kneeling sidestep - New items: Mine detonator, spider mine, disruptor, radiation shield, VIR imager, data pick - New guns: XP-5 "Broiler", BK-16 "Crystallizer", LNR-81 "Liquifier" - Missing guns: BA-40, BA-41, RP-22, PA-21 - New enemies: LMC guards(regular guards are missing), Elite Guard - New robots: Avatron, Cryotron, Cametron - Better guard/civilian "quotes"("Bubba don't like this!") - Altered health and energy recharge stations - Two cheat codes removed - Start with an RP-32 instead of a BA-40 - Radiation areas - Invisible infrared beams - CRUSND.EXE, for changing sound effects - Windows 95 "Gate" - All weapons have increased damage - Numerous little details - Option to tone down violence(set "violence=false" in CRUSADER.CFG) New movement options: --------------------- Forward roll: Ctrl+Up arrow Kneeling sidestep: While crouched, press Alt+arrow keys Ctrl+D: Use Datalink, even if it is not currently selected Ctrl+L: Drop selected weapon 1.3 The story ------------- After you destroyed the Vigilance Platform, you floated in space for two days before being picked by a WEC mining freighter headed for the moon. For decades, the WEC has had a mining colony, the Darkside Base, on the moon for the purpose of mining Di-Cor, a radioactive substance which has replaced all other forms of power supply on the Earth, making it the most valuable substance in existence. They use slave labor made up of political prisoners to mine the substance. For almost as long as the WEC has had the colony, the Resistance has had a small, secret base, carefully hidden from watchful eyes. With the arrival of the Silencer, the time is ready to strike. 1.4 System requirements ----------------------- Crusader: No Regret has these "official" system requirements: 486/DX2-75 Mhz 8 megabytes of RAM 2-speed CD-ROM drive, 4-speed recommended A local-bus video card(it can be VLB or PCI) that supports Super VGA 640x480 35 megabytes hard drive space, 65 megabytes recommended Crusader supports a Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse Crusader supports Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE 32, Gravis Ultrasound, Ensoniq Soundscape, and 100% compatible sound cards for sound and music Joystick or Gravis Gamepad optional Optional 16-bit color mode for movies Crusader: No Regret is incompatible with Windows 95 1.5 The demo ------------ The demo of Crusader: No Regret weighs in at approximately 17 megs. It is just the first level, and can be downloaded from several WWW sites, including these: --------------------------------- -Section Two: Cheats and Secrets- --------------------------------- ============================================================== =WARNING: THIS SECTION CONTAINS NUMEROUS CHEATS AND SPOILERS.= = IF YOU WANT TO DISCOVER EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF, DO = = NOT READ ANYTHING IN THIS SECTION! = ============================================================== 2.1 Cheat codes --------------- JASSICA16: Heh heh heh... LOOSECANNON16: Enable codes PIX: Take screenshots with Backspace key F10: Weapons, health, energy Ctrl+F10: God mode H: Hack mover(hold Shift and click on objects to move them) F: Display framework Alt+V: Misc. info F7: Display grid Alt+F7: Grid 2 Ctrl+F7: Grid 3 Christmas mode: On Christmas eve and Christmas day, Crusader will activate Christmas mode. Another way is to use the JASSICA16 cheat, and then quickload a saved game when the Christmas music starts. Also, drop a gun with ALT+L, pick it up, and the clip will be refilled! Cheat command-line parameters: These are the cheat command-line params: -skill # Skill level(1-4) -warp # Warp to level(1-10) -egg 250 Start in Easter Egg room Each level has its own Easter Egg room, and each of them has its own secrets. Discovering these secrets will let you control where you enter the level. Also, you can try using other "-egg #" params to enter a level at a certain teleporter, but you'll have to experiment. 2.2 The bad guys ---------------- I have only included the new enemies in this chapter. For the rest, see chapter 2.3 in the Crusader: No Remorse section. EVERYTHING IN THIS CHAPTER IS FOR LOOSE CANNON DIFFICULTY ONLY! LMC Guard Missions: 1-3 Hit Points: 50-75 Weapons: RP-32, PA-21, GL-303 Deadliness: Low Description: Sort of looks like an Enforcer. Fighting: Only slightly more deadly than the guards of No Remorse. Elite Guard Missions: 10 Hit Points: 175-200 Weapons: UV-9, GL-303, LNR-81 Deadliness: Very Deadly Description: Wears a red and gold suit, sunglasses. Fighting: Two shotgun blasts at close range will drop one of these guys, but it's safer to use a UV-9. Also, the Senators are much more deadly now: They have BK-16s and EM-4s. As a bonus, though, they almost always have a Medikit and Energy Cube. Automated Enemies ----------------- APP-4450 Avatron Missions: 1-4 Hit Points: 200-300 Weapons: PA-31, AC-88 Deadliness: Medium Description: A hulking green beast. Fighting: Use a rocket launcher or UV-9, because they can drain your energy quickly. APP-5100 Cryotron Missions: 7-10 Hit Points: 250-300 Weapons: BK-16 Deadliness: High Description: A very strange looking, blue robot. Fighting: Stay out of this things way if you don't have plenty of energy, because it shoots fast. Also, be careful of the explosion when it dies. APP-7200 Cametron Missions: 4-10 Hit Points: 250-300 Weapons: AC-88, LNR-81 Deadliness: Low-Medium Description: They disguise themselves by morphing into a power generator, watch station, statue, or soda machine. When unmorphed, they are short and stocky, and a sort of gray-green color. Fighting: Pathetically easy to kill, because you get to see it morphing very slowly. Two GL-303 rockets will kill it on Loose Cannon. 2.3 Weapons and gadgets ----------------------- I have only included the new weapons and items in this chapter. For the others, see chapter 2.4 in the Crusader: No Remorse section. ALL DAMAGES LISTED ARE FOR LOOSE CANNON DIFFICULTY ONLY! Weapons ------- BK-16 "Crystallizer" Damage: 75-100 per shot # of shots/clip: 20 Desc.: Takes about two hits to freeze a Special Forces man, then one hit from anything will shatter them. LNR-81 "Liquifier" Damage: 125-150 per shot # of shots/clip: 20 Desc.: The enemy vaporizes into green mist, leaving only a puddle behind. XP-5 "Broiler" Damage: 100-125 per shot Power drain: 140 per shot Desc.: Causes the enemies to fall apart into bloody pieces. Takes three hits to kill an Elite Forces man on Loose Cannon. Gadgets ------- Spider mine Damage: 150 Blast Radius: 3 meters Description: Very cool. Throw it forward, and it seeks out enemies to blow up. Disruptor Description: Drop these on teleporters that are warping in enemies and enjoy the show. Mine detonator Description: Another very cool item. Get near a group of mines, use the detonator, and all of the mines will blow up. Pocket betty Damage: 150 per mine Description: Like a bouncing betty, but has only four "mines". Still, it makes big explosions. Also, press B again after launching the mines to have the betty itself blow up. Radiation shield Energy Use: 100 per second Description: Protects you from radiation, but it drains your energy. VIR imager Energy Use: 100 per second Description: Allows you to see infrared beams, but drains your energy. Data pick Description: A data pick is a one-shot item that unlocks any keypad or cardreader, in case you get stuck. 2.4 General hints ----------------- (For more hints, see chapter 2.5 in the Crusader: No Remorse section) Blow up everything you see, especially crates and barrels. Items are hidden in unusual places, and often you will find a new toy or an entire secret area. You can roll under the hover-mines. Using the VIR will reveal hidden mines. Thanks to for the info. Watch all of your datalink messages! They often contain useful information that will prove invaluable to beating your current mission. Watch out for the invisible mines! Throughout some levels, you will see these green things that sort of resemble scales. If you use one, and sacrifice an energy cube, it will often perform a useful function. However, the useful function can often be performed another way. The only way to find all of the secrets is to stay alert and destroy everything. Blowing up the green barrels releases radiation, which can hurt you and the enemies. Radiation destroys mechs VERY fast. The guard will shoot spider bombs if they see them. Thanks to for reminding me. 2.5 Mission Descriptions ------------------------ Level 1: Destroy the Plasma Turbine and escape Level 2: Shoot your way through the mines and meet Lt. Col. Shepherd Level 3: Put a Trojan horse into the tubeway Level 4: Access the terminal to find Torch's whereabouts Level 5: Rescue the prisoners Level 6: Blow up the Ore Seperator Level 7: Destroy the nerve gas(yes, again) Level 8: Destroy incoming troop transport Level 9: Stop self-destruct of Darkside Base Level 10: Destroy the Fusion Reactor 2.6 Mission secrets ------------------- 2.6.1 Mission One ----------------- Secret Room: After you meet Denning, walk up to the laser beams. If you look closely at the next room, you should see a shootable switch on the wall. Destroy the crate in front of it and shoot the switch. You'll need a keycard to enter the elevator. Crates: While exploring this level, you will find lots of large green crates. You can shoot these open, revealing either radioactive barrels, a footlocker, or a robot. Air ducts: Throughout the level there are pieces of white, intricate paneling in the walls. Blow them up to reveal shortcuts through the level. 2.6.2 Mission Three ------------------- Guns: To get a Reaper and a Crystallizer, you have to find the Energy Charge station in a room that looks like this: ---------------------- EEEEEE | E = Energy station EEEEEE | T = Table EEEEEE | C = Chair | | | | ------ C | CTTT | CTTT | TTT | | --------------------------| There is a hidden switch behind the energy machine. Flip it and step onto the revealed teleporter(bring a radiation shield). 2.6.3 Mission Four ------------------ Hidden way: For a shortcut and some neat goodies, clear out the first room of enemies. There is a section of floor made up of white panels. Blow them up with a detpac or spider bomb, and jump down. You'll have to blow up some boxes to reveal a yellow keycard slot. Get the card, return, and open the door. Kill the guards and get the goodies in the safe. Bathroom: In one of the bathrooms, there is a worker on the john who says, "I think I'm gonna fart!". Walk up next to him and press G to get some medikits and energy cubes. 2.6.4 Mission Five ------------------ Fusion battery: There is a room, just before the area with the first medical machine, where there is a keycard slot hidden behind crates. Blow up the crates, find the card, and use the slot. You'll have to kill some guards, but it's worth it. 2.6.5 Mission Six ----------------- Fusion battery: In the first room, there is a fusion battery hidden underneath the snack machine/Cametron. Easter Egg: When you get to the Ore Seperator, don't blow it up immediately. Instead, jump across the conveyor belts onto the other side of the platform. Walk south and use the keypad there. Then walk down the platform some more until you come to the health machine. Next to the machine there is a pad on the floor. Step on it and destroy the trap. Step on the pad again. Now use the teleporter. AR-7: Somewhere in this level is an elevator pad with a switch to operate it, but the switch blows up when you use it. To ride the pad, first place a detpac underneath it. Then, use the switch and jump on the pad. Blow up the barrels to reveal a teleporter. 2.6.8 Mission Seven ------------------- Disruptor: In the room containing the tram, one of the teleporters has a disruptor placed on it. You must remove the disruptor to beat the level. If you are playing on Mama's Boy, the disruptor will not be there. 2.6.7 Mission Eight ------------------- Solartron: To take control of a Solartron, first get past the part near the beginning with the grid on the floor. Kill the Enforcers and shoot the shootable switch hidden near the glass. When you hit it, a room opens up and there is a Solartron, computer station, and footlocker. Liquifier: To get a Liquifier gun, first clear the big room with the three Solartrons and generators. The generators in the middle of the room(surrounded by a fence) are above a secret. Blow up the floor underneath them and drop down. Once in the tube, blow up all of the panels in the walls. You'll have to kill some men, but you'll get plenty of stuff. 2.6.8 Mission Nine ------------------ Hidden passageway: Near the beginning of this level, there is a large black elevator pad. Go up the pad, step to the far left end of it and jump off. Walk down and open the footlocker to get the keycard. Now jump back down, use the card on the slot, and walk through the entrance- but don't use the computer station, or you'll be sorry! Elevator: Near the Central Computer Core, there is a walkway that if you step onto it, an Enforcer rides an elevator up. Kill him, then step onto the elevator. You will go down to a secret area. By the way, there is a keycard hidden behind the first android. Room o' secrets: After the above secret, you will eventually come to a room that has an Enforcer kneeling on some grating. Kill him, and blow up the grating with some detpacs. Drop down to get a bunch of goodies. Also in this room, blow up all of the boxes in the lower- righthand corner to reveal a system of ventilation ducts. 2.6.9 Mission Ten ----------------- Hidden Telepad: About mid-way through the level are some crates stacked up like a pyramid. The crates are located near a pillar surrounded by glass. Destroy all the crates and step on the pressure plate. This opens the way to a telepad inside the pillar. Blow away all the glass and step on the telepad to skip some of the level. Chairman Draygan: To kill Chairman Draygan, roll right and activate the desk switch. Roll left and forward to the enclosed space with a keypad. Operate the keypad, and roll up to the computer station. Kill Draygan with the Solartron. -------------------------------- -Section Three: Troubleshooting- -------------------------------- 3.1 Troubleshooting ------------------- Most questions that you have with Crusader: No Regret can be answered by the Crusader: No Remorse troubleshooting section, so if the answer you need isn't in this chapter, check that chapter. To get Gravis Ultrasound support, copy the file asylum.dll from the \goods\gravis directory on the CD, to your Crusader: No Regret directory. From README.TXT: Number 9 Imagine 128 video card This video card does not support the movie player's 16-bit video resolution and plays the movies as well as the game itself very poorly. This is caused by the low throughput of this particular card in the game's resolution. To make it run with Crusader: No Regret it is highly recommended that you switch to low color movies and small movie size. ------------ Q. Crusader: No Regret is too violent. A. Edit the CRUSADER.CFG file and change the line "violence=true" to read "violence=false".(wimp) ------------ Q. When I get into the game, the Crusader starts to rotate in circles. Why? A. The mouse driver you are using may not be 100% Microsoft mouse compatible. Update your mouse driver to a 100% Microsoft mouse driver version 9.00 or higher. You have a programmable keyboard which is interfering with the normal keyboard interface. Disable the "programmable" part of the keyboard or simply replace the keyboard with a normal 101-Enhanced keyboard. The Joystick or Gamepad was not calibrated correctly. While you are in the game use the ALT+C key combination to recalibrate the joystick or gamepad. Windows 95 Troubleshooting -------------------------- Q. When I click on my shortcut icon, it takes me to DOS, but I get an "INVALID DRIVE SPECIFICATION" prompt when I try to go to my CD drive to install the game. A. You don't have your CD-ROM driver installed for DOS. You will need to create a shortcut and load the correct driver. If your system came with Windows 95 factory-loaded, you may need to get the drivers from your manufacturer. ------------ Q. When I click on my shortcut icon, it takes me to DOS and I get an "ABORT, RETRY, FAIL" prompt when I try to run the game. A. Make sure your CD is in the drive first. Or, you may not have your CD-ROM driver installed for DOS. See the above question. ------------ Q. I have a supported/100% compatible sound card, but I'm not getting any sound or music. A. Your sound card driver is not loaded for DOS. You will need to load the driver for DOS, or get the driver from your manufacturer. ------------ Q. When I try to run the game, it quits with the message, "Insufficient files to run game..." A. You need to modify your CONFIG.SYS. Return to Windows 95 and follow these steps: 1. Right-click on the Crusader shortcut icon. 2. Highlight Properties and left-click. 3. Left-click the Program Tab at the top of the screen. 4. Left-click on the Advanced button at the bottom of the screen. 5. Go to the CONFIG.SYS box and find the line that reads: "FILES=##". 6. Change that line to read "FILES=40". 7. Find the line that reads: "BUFFERS=##". 8. Change that line to read "BUFFERS=40". 9. Left-click on the OK button. 10. Left-click on the next OK button. 11. Double left-click on the Crusader icon. Don't be alarmed when your system reboots. 3.2 Command-line parameters --------------------------- -?: "You DO need help!" -asylum: "Enabling ENHANCED mode. (Not!)" -demo: Loops the introductory demo -x 55: Lets you play with less than 6.8 megs of free RAM(it may still crash)</p>