Mercenaries Hints and tips (from the Mercenaries team) * When you see a helicopter starting to take off, try to snipe the pilot. If done early enough or at a lower altitude the Helicopter will land with minimum damage. Now you have a free chopper to rain havoc down on your enemies. * When driving into a heavily armed area, try planting a C4 charge on top of a Jeep. Equip the detonator then enter the Jeep. Now drive full speed in to the enemy base. Aim for some vehicles or troops then jump out while moving. Just before the Jeep impacts, detonate the C4 charge and enjoy the destruction. * Use the free air strikes, supply drops, and vehicles provided in some of the missions. They don't cost anything and will make your job that much easier. * Practice sniping drivers and pilots. It takes skill but worth the practice in later missions. * If you're short on money, check your Intel email to capture a card. Try to capture him alive to receive the full bounty. If you kill him you'll only receive half. * If you're still short on money, look for a $ on the map. This indicates the location of a challenge. If completed you will receive some money. These challenges can be done over and over again. Just beat your previous score (hint, hint) and you'll receive some more money. * If you are ever in a tight situation, don't forget to check the Mafia website for any Air strike, vehicle or supply drop that would be helpful. In the life of a Mercenary, there is no such word as "overkill". * Walk slowly towards the back of a guard or soldier. When you're quiet enough, you'll be able to take him down with out alerting soldiers nearby. Note: this is much easier playing as Jennifer Mui. * Be careful around alarm towers. If the enemy activates the alarm, it will alert the rest of the solders in the base. Quickly destroy it before you are surrounded. * During Ace missions, use the enemies' vehicles against them. If you're lucky you might even be disguised as one of them and safely pass through heavily armed roadblocks. * Like shopping for those oh-so-destructive toys? Always try to keep the Mafia Faction level high so you don't have to pay such a huge mark-up. On the other hand, REMEMBER: It's your money, so spend it how you like! * Once you find a Scout helicopter, try to take good care of it. It makes contracts easier and is tons of fun to fly! * Sniping from out of the line of sight allows you to preserve your faction rating. Same goes with air strikes. Use terrain, buildings, flora, and vehicles to your advantage. * Taking a bunch of contracts from one faction at a time increases your likelihood of making another one hostile. Spread out your services among the factions, and it'll be easier to keep everyone happy. * Blueprints and National Treasures are important for unlocking some useful shop items that are otherwise unavailable for purchase. Having access to these items early on will make your job much easier. If you see one, pick it up! * Aside from offering more money, fulfilling some bonus objectives will unlock unique shop items for purchase. These items can't be unlocked once you've beaten the mission, so get them while the timing is right. * Number cards out in the world often hide out with cool weapons or vehicles. If you can take out the card without destroying the surroundings, you can usually score something cool. * A shotgun is great for dealing with those “up close and personal” contracts. * Low on health? Jump into the nearest vehicle to shield yourself from dying and either drive away for a breather, or run down your enemies for maximum destruction! * Throw a grenade at a pesky group of enemies to cause them to dive for cover; you’ll get a quick breather as they attempt to recover, which you can use to run away or go in guns blazing! * Enemies will commandeer any vehicle you leave sitting around. Use up all your vehicle's weapons before exiting... unless you like pain. * Be mindful of your surroundings as you enter them. For example, there's a canyon on the south part of the south map that you can drive into... but you can only get OUT using a helicopter (or a medivac). This guide was provided to CheatPlanet by LucasArts and is intended for personal use only. It is not to be redistributed or republished in any format. All rights reserved.</p>