AN FAQ/WALKTHROUGH FOR... +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ | F-ZERO GX | +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ by me frog Created on 08/29/03 Last updated on 9/14/03 Version 1.0 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH For Nintendo Gamecube Rated T (TEEN) +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | TABLE OF CONTENTS | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ (01) INTRODUCTION/HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE (02) CONTROLS/TERRAIN (03) CHARACTERS/MACHINES (04) GRAND PRIX WALKTHROUGH (05) STORY MODE WALKTHROUGH (06) CHARACTER PROFILES (07) MACHINE PARTS (08) CUSTOMIZE (09) USER'S CUSTOM VEHICLES (10) STAFF GHOSTS (11) SCRIPT GUIDE (12) SONG LYRICS (13) FAQ (14) VERSION HISTORY (15) CONTACT (16) CREDITS/LEGAL +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (01) INTRODUCTION/HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ Hello everyone! I am me frog. I have so far written six guides that have been posted on GameFAQs and this is now number seven! F-Zero has been around for a while and finally, we get an F-Zero game for the Gamecube. This guide will cover all of the cups, machines, characters, and more. You'll see different things in the guide, so this is why you should read the next paragraph: To see what they mean! If you want to find a specific character/track quickly, just use your computers FIND option and type in the name of the character/track. You'll be taken straight to it, and it'll save you lots of time scrolling down. When I describe a track, this is how I'll lay it out. It is very simple. TRACK NAME DIFFICULTY: GAME DIFFICULTY: NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: RECOMMENDED BALANCE: The track name just tells you the name of the track. The difficulty is on a scale of one to five stars. * Very Easy ** Easy *** Moderate **** Hard ***** Very hard The game difficulty tells you the difficulty the game gives the track. Their difficulty goes to six stars. * Very Easy ** Easy *** Moderate **** Hard ***** Very Hard ****** AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The number of speed boosts tells you how many yellow boosts there are in the track. The recommended balance tells you what you should set your balance to at the beginning of the track. +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (02) CONTROLS/TERRAIN | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ This first part lists the controls on the race track. ACCELERATE: A BUTTON You'll be holding this button down the whole time. It will accelerate your vehicle. If you let go, your vehicle will slowly come to a stop. A good thing to do is at the beginning of a race, hold down A. That way, when you start, you'll leap forward and won't fall behind the other racers. INCREASE/DECREASE SPEED: CONTROL STICK This is very important. If you want your speed to increase, hold up. Your flight will decrease and you'll speed up. Push it all the way forward for max speed. If you want to slow down, press down on the control stick. Your flight will increase and you'll slow down. Push it all the way down and you'll slow down A LOT. Press it left and right to turn. The more you tilt left/right, the sharper you'll turn. BOOST: Y BUTTON This is VERY important. You use this to boost your vehicle forward. Although there are boost pads scattered about the track, you can use these whenever you like. However, you can't use them as many _times_ as you like. In the upper- right hand corner of the screen, you'll notice an energy meter. Boosting decreases that meter. When it empties, you'll have to retire. You can replenish your energy in the pit areas by just gliding over them. SPIN ATTACK: Z/X BUTTON You can use this to hit your opponents with your vehicle. It'll send them back and you'll be able to get ahead of them. But don't do this freely! Doing it causes you to lose speed. Lots of it. So unless you're sure you're going to hit your opponent, don't use the attack. POWER/DRIFT SLIDES: R/L SHOULDER BUTTONS Use this to slide to the left (L) or right (R) sharply. This is used to take sharp turns through those tight curves. If you hold down both L and R, you can drift. Holding L and R while holding left lets you drift left, while holding L and R while also holding right lets you drift right. AIR BRAKE: B BUTTON When you want to stop, press B. Your vehicle will come to a halt. Do this if you get really close to an edge and you know you won't be able to turn, or if you want to pause to avoid crashing into something. CHANGE CAMERA ANGLE: CONTROL PAD UP/DOWN Pressing up will zoom in on your vehicle, while pressing down will zoom out. Personally, I think zooming out is the best, since you can see more of the track and what the other racers are doing, but zooming in just lets you admire your vehicle. This next part will list the five types of terrain there are. PIT AREA: The pit areas are glowing multi-colored areas on the track. When you glide over them, your boost energy meter will slowly replenish. At the beginning tracks, the pit areas are very large, but they get smaller and smaller as you advance into the cups. SPEED BOOST PLATE: These are yellow plates with a lightning bolt above them. When you run over these, you'll get a nice speed boost that won't deplete your energy meter. Use these on the first lap, when you can not use your personal boost. SLIP ZONE: This zone looks like blocks of ice. Your vehicle will lose traction on them (but it's hovering!), making it hard to control. It is best to just keep going forward on them, or else you might crash into something. JUMP PLATE: These are glowing, green plates with arrows pointing up on them. Running over them will cause you to jump into the air. They are usually used to cross gaps, and if you don't have enough speed when you go over them, you'll fall short, causing you to retire. DIRT ZONE: When you run over this zone, your speed will decrease. They are brown parts of the track that really do look like dirt. They are short parts of the track and can usually not be avoiding. Just use a boost the moment you get past them to regain your speed. +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (03) CHARACTERS/MACHINES | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ This chapter will describe the machines and their pilots. ************** CAPTAIN FALCON ************** SEX: MALE AGE: 37 MACHINE: BLUE FALCON WEIGHT: 2777 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: C GRIP: B Captain Falcon is a well-balanced racer. 2777 lbs., however, is pretty heavy. For courses like Long Pipe, Intersection, and Big Blue Oredeal he is really good. Problem is his boost. It's okay, but you'll be wishing it went a little faster. Also without setting his balence all the way to max speed, he is REALLY slow. I mean, he can only reach something aroudn 950 KPH! Falcon is available at the beginning and I suggest you choose him then, but when you unlock other racers and start doing customs, go with someone else for a change. *********** DR. STEWART *********** SEX: MALE AGE: 42 MACHINE: GOLDEN FOX WEIGHT: 3130 lbs. BODY: D BOOST: A GRIP: D Lets face it. Dr. Stewart isn't the best. I mean, his car weighs a TON and his Body and Grip need to be worked on. **** PICO **** SEX: MALE AGE: 124 (Maybe!) MACHINE: WILD GOOSE WEIGHT: 3571 lbs. BODY: A BOOST: B GRIP: C ************* SAMURAI GOROH ************* SEX: MALE AGE: 45 MACHINE: FIRE STINGRAY WEIGHT: 4320 lbs. BODY: A BOOST: D GRIP: B *********** JODY SUMMER *********** SEX: FEMALE AGE: 25 MACHINE: WHITE CAT WEIGHT: 2535 lbs. BODY: C BOOST: C GRIP: A ************** MIGHTY GAZELLE ************** SEX: MALE AGE: 37 MACHINE: RED GAZELLE WEIGHT: 2932 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: A GRIP: C **** BABA **** SEX: MALE AGE: 19 MACHINE: IRON TIGER WEIGHT: 3924 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: D GRIP: A ******** BEASTMAN ******** SEX: MALE AGE: 30 MACHINE: HYPER SPEEDER WEIGHT: 3218 lbs. BODY: C BOOST: C GRIP: A ********* DR. CLASH ********* SEX: MALE AGE: 55 MACHINE: CRAZY BEAR WEIGHT: 4894 lbs. BODY: A BOOST: B GRIP: E ******* OCTOMAN ******* SEX: MALE AGE: UNKNOWN MACHINE: DEEP CLAW WEIGHT: 2182 BODY: B BOOST: B GRIP: C ******* BIO REX ******* SEX: UNKNOWN AGE: 9 MACHINE: BIG FANG WEIGHT: 3350 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: D GRIP: A ***** BILLY ***** SEX: MALE AGE: 7 MACHINE: MAD WOLF WEIGHT: 3285 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: B GRIP: C *********** SUPER ARROW *********** SEX: MALE AGE: 35 MACHINE: KING METEOR WEIGHT: 1896 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: B GRIP: B *************** GOMAR AND SHIOH *************** SEX: MALE AGE: UNKNOWN MACHINE: TWIN NORITTA WEIGHT: 1719 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: A GRIP: C *********** JOHN TANAKA *********** SEX: MALE AGE: 31 MACHINE: WONDER WASP WEIGHT: 1984 BODY: D BOOST: A GRIP: D ********** MRS. ARROW ********** SEX: FEMALE AGE: 27 MACHINE: QUEEN METEOR WEIGHT: 2513 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: B GRIP:B ********** JACK LEVIN ********** SEX: MALE AGE: 19 MACHINE: ASTRO ROBIN WEIGHT: 2314 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: D GRIP: A ********* KATE ALEN ********* SEX: FEMALE AGE: 30 MACHINE: SUPER PIRHANA WEIGHT: 2226 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: C GRIP: B ************* JAMES McCLOUD ************* SEX: MALE AGE: 32 MACHINE: LITTLE WYVERN WEIGHT: 3064 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: B GRIP: B **** ZODA **** SEX: MALE AGE: UNKNOWN MACHINE: DEATH ANCHOR WEIGHT: 3571 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: A GRIP: C ************* MICHAEL CHAIN ************* SEX: MALE AGE: 39 MACHINE: WILD BOAR WEIGHT: 4652 lbs. BODY: A BOOST: C GRIP: C ************** SILVER NEELSEN ************** SEX: MALE AGE: 98 MACHINE: 3373 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: A GRIP: E ************ ROGER BUSTER ************ SEX: MALE AGE: 41 MACHINE: MIGHTY HURRICANE WEIGHT: 3924 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: B GRIP: B **** DRAQ **** SEX: MALE AGE: 137 MACHINE: MIGHTY TYPHOON WEIGHT: 2094 lbs. BODY: C BOOST: A GRIP: D **** LEON **** SEX: MALE AGE: 16 MACHINE: SPACE ANGLER WEIGHT: 2006 lbs. BODY: C BOOST: C GRIP: A ******* MR. EAD ******* SEX: UNKNOWN AGE: UNKNOWN MACHINE: GREAT STAR WEIGHT: 4122 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: A GRIP: D ************** ANTONIO GUSTER ************** SEX: MALE AGE: 36 MACHINE: GREEN PANTHER WEIGHT: 4541 BODY: A BOOST: B GRIP: D ************ BLOOD FALCON ************ SEX: MALE AGE: 37 MACHINE: BLOOD HAWK WEIGHT: 2579 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: A GRIP: E ************ BLACK SHADOW ************ SEX: MALE AGE: UNKNOWN MACHINE: BLACK BULL WEIGHT: 5158 lbs. BODY: A BOOST: E GRIP: A ********* THE SKULL ********* SEX: MALE AGE: 241 MACHINE: SONIC PHANTOM WEIGHT: 2226 lbs. BODY: C BOOST: A GRIP: D ********* DEATHBORN ********* SEX: MALE AGE: UNKNOWN MACHINE: DARK SCHNEIDER MACHINE WEIGHT: 2,080 lbs. BODY: A BOOST: B GRIP: D AX RACERS... ********* DON GENIE ********* SEX: MALE AGE: 65 MACHINE: FAT SHARK MACHINE WEIGHT: 2,490 lbs. BODY: A BOOST: A GRIP: E ******** DIGI BOY ******** SEX: MALE AGE:8 MACHINE: COSMIC DOLPHIN MACHINE WEIGHT: 900 lbs. BODY: E BOOST: A GRIP: C *********** DAI SAN GEN *********** SEX: MALE AGE: 64 MACHINE: PINK SPIDER MACHINE WEIGHT: 1100 lbs. BODY: C BOOST: C GRIP: A ***** SPADE ***** SEX: MALE AGE: UNKNOWN MACHINE: MAGIC SEAGUL MACHINE WEIGHT: 1330 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: A GRIP: E ******** DAIGOROH ******** SEX: MALE AGE: 10 MACHINE: SILVER RAT MACHINE WEIGHT: 880 lbs. BODY: D BOOST: A GRIP: D ************** PRINCIA RAMODE ************** SEX: FEMALE AGE: 16 MACHINE: SPARK MOON MACHINE WEIGHT: 1620 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: C GRIP: B ********** LILY FLYER ********** SEX: FEMALE AGE: 14 MACHINE: BUNNY FLASH MACHINE WEIGHT: 1414 lbs. BODY: D BOOST: B GRIP: A ** PJ ** SEX: MALE AGE: 35 MACHINE: GROOVY TAXI MACHINE WEIGHT: 1280 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: D GRIP: B *** QQQ *** SEX: MALE (??) AGE: UNKNOWN MACHINE: ROLLING TURTLE MACHINE WEIGHT: 999 lbs. BODY: A BOOST: D GRIP: B ******* PHOENIX ******* SEX: MALE AGE: 26 MACHINE: RAINBOW PHOENIX MACHINE WEIGHT: 1080 lbs. BODY: B BOOST: B GRIP: C That wraps up the character section. +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (04) GRAND PRIX WALKTHROUGH | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ This first part of the guide will tell you the rules of the cups. PLACEMENT There are 30 racers in a race, including you. You are awarded points depending on what place you finish in the race. At the end of the cup, the racer with the highest point total will be declared the winner. PLACE: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 POINTS: 100 93 87 81 76 71 66 62 58 54 50 47 44 41 38 35 33 31 29 27 PLACE: 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 POINTS: 25 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 In the case of a tie between two racers, the racer who finished first place the most will be declared the winner. If there is still a tie, whichever racer had the highest point total at the end of the fourth race is declared the winner. MACHINES Machines are pretty much extra lives. In novice mode, you get five machines. In standard, you get four machines, and three machines will be available in expert. There are many different ways to lose a machine. If you fall off a track during a race, you'll lose a machine and have to start the race over. Losing all your energy by boosting or getting hit will force you to give up a machine, and changing the settings or retrying will take away a machine. You can, however, gain machines by retiring five other racers in one race. If you are forced to retire and do not have any spare machines, you'll be eliminated from the cup. BOOSTING AND ADDITIONAL RULES Boosting is not allowed during the first lap of the race because of the small distance between each racer at the beginning. When you begin lap two, you'll see the words, "BOOSTER OK" which means boost is now allowed. Boosting, however, uses energy and you must replenish that energy at pit areas. Some other rules are that no pilot should go in the reverse direction. If you do so, you'll be given a REVERSE warning, and you should change direction as soon as possible. That wraps up the rules. This part of the guide will tell you in detail how to beat each track of a cup. So far I have covered _2_ of the four cups and _10_ of the twenty tracks. The first cup you'll do is the RUBY CUP. +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ | RUBY CUP | +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ MUTE CITY: TWIST ROAD DIFFICULTY: * GAME DIFFICULTY: * NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 4 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed When you begin you'll instantly have to make a sharp turn to the right. It goes straight for a little after that but then you'll have to make another turn with a boost pad on it. Go on the straightaway, boosting on your second and third laps. You'll reach the pit area here so run over it if needed and boost repeatedly. Go through the turn and you'll hit a loop. After that is a corkscrew with two speed boosts on it. Use your boost now as you approach the start. CASINO PALACE: SPLIT OVAL DIFFICULTY: * GAME DIFFICULTY: * NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 15 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed Another easy track. The first part is mainly one boost after another, so hit all of them as you pass. After the ninth boost you'll reach a junction. The right path has four speed boosts, so take that on your first lap. The left has the pit area, so take the left on your second and third laps. When the two paths merge again you'll go through a corkscrew. After that is a nice, long straightaway, so use a couple of boosts as you approach the start. SAND OCEAN: SURFACE SLID DIFFICULTY: *** GAME DIFFICULTY: ** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 2 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Default For a beginner, this is hard. Before you start your race, shift your vehicles balance close to acceleration because you'll have a hard time otherwise. There is a boost pad right in front of you when you start. You'll encounter another just before a drop off. If you miss the lower part of the track, you'll be forced to retire. The track is narrow here, so keep going straight. You'll reach the pit area next, but it is very short. Do a sharp turn to the right after the pit, because there is a turn. The second part of the track is just composed of a lot of complicated turns, so drift when needed. The final part is just a straightaway, so use a couple of boosts here to get past the other racers. LIGHTING: LOOP CROSS DIFFICULTY: ** GAME DIFFICULTY: *** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 4 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed When you start, you'll be going straight. Right after the first boost, you'll enter a HUGE series of loops and corkscrews. There are two junctions here. For the first junction, the left path has some boosts and the right has a pit area. The second junction has a pit area at the left and boosts at the right. After the loops, you'll be going straight for a while. There will be a turn, and then you'll be going straight again for quite a long time. The path is very narrow though, so be careful. You'll do a half loop at the end and then go straight for ANOTHER long while before you hit the start. AEROPOLIS: MULTIPLEX DIFFICULTY: ** GAME DIFFICULTY: **** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 14 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to max speed This is a fun, fun course. There is a good shortcut right at the start but you can only do it on your second and third laps. Boost right before the jump plate and you'll leap across the gap, cutting off lots of time. The next part has a couple of 90 degree turns, so drift when needed. You'll connect with a booster after that and fly off to a lower part of the track. There is your first pit area here. Some more 90 degree turns after this and you'll then reach a large loop that you'll go on the outside of. It consists of a lot of dirt zones, so weave in and out of them. The next part has some slip zones, and then another pit area. Boost as you go through the pit area and you'll reach the beginning again. RUBY CUP COMPLETE! GREAT JOB! +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ | SAPPHIRE CUP | +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ BIG BLUE: DRIFT HIGHWAY DIFFICULTY: ** GAME DIFFICULTY: ** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 5 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Default You'll have to turn right at the start. Go straight for a while and then you'll hit a speed boost. Hold down L as you turn or you'll slam into the wall. You'll then have to go through a straightaway, a turn, and another straightaway. Hit the second speed boost to be boosted to the bottom level. Now you'll have to make a sharp S turn so be quick. After that is a straightaway. Finally, there is the pit area, with three speed boosts. After that is the start. PORT TOWN: AERO DIVE DIFFICULTY: *** GAME DIFFICULTY: ** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 10 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to max speed You'll start off by hopping down a number of steps. Stay in the middle, otherwise you might hop right off the edge. Next you'll climb a hill, with three speeds boosts. You'll soar through the air at the end so even out your machine or else you'll crash. Next is another long set of steps and then there is a couple speed boosts. The final straight path has two boosts and the pit area is on the left. GREEN PLANT: MOBIUS RING DIFFICULTY: * GAME DIFFICULTY: *** RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed Easy track. There is a booster right in front of you at the start after that, it is just an oval track. About a quarter through you'll spot the first pit area in the very center of the track. Go along a little more and you'll encounter a second pit area, also in the center of the track. Right after that are mines, so stay in the center to avoid hitting them. After that, you'll spot the start/finish. PORT TOWN: LONG PIPE DIFFICULTY: **** GAME DIFFICULTY: *** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 15 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed This course takes place entirely inside a pipe. The first part of the pipe is completely empty, except for some speed boosts. Just go through it as normal. The second part has three fans. You'll have to zip past their blades. If you get hit, you'll lose ALL speed and it'll easily lose you at least five seconds. The third part is very bumpy, and you can lose speed while going through it. The fourth part has TONS of poles sticking out of the pipe, so weave in and out or you'll hit them and lose speed. When you exit the pipe you'll spot the pit area on the right side. Right after that is the start/finish line. MUTE CITY: SERIAL GAPS DIFFICULTY: **** GAME DIFFICULTY: **** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 5 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Default The first part is made up of only twists and turns. At the end is a speed boost and a very short pit area. You'll fall into a cave next, complete with mines. Avoid them as you glide through. There is a pit area in this also. You'll drop off the ledge at the end and then drop off another ledge. The next part is composed of 90 degree angle turns. Just use the jump pads near you to pass them, but don't go too far or you'll fly off. At the end of that part is another boost pad and a drop off after that. It is vital that you land on the upper floor here, because it is a shortcut and the bottom floor has dirt. Once the two paths merge again, cruse along to a pit area on a hill. There is a straightaway after that and you can use the energy you got from the pit to boost to the start/finish. SAPPHIRE CUP COMPLETE! GOOD JOB! +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ | EMERALD CUP | +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ FIRE FIELD: CYLINDER KNOT DIFFICULTY: ** GAME DIFFICULTY: ** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 10 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed This is a very easy track for the emerald cup. For most of the track, just hold up and your machine will do the rest. There are a couple of speed boosts here and there, so hit them. About halfway through, you'll encounter a short, bouncy part of the track. After that it is just holding up again. At the end, you'll spot poles sticking out of the track. Weave in and out of them as you speed through. After that, you'll hop off the knot and reach the pit area. Past that is the start/finish. GREEN PLANT: INTERSECTION DIFFICULTY: ** GAME DIFFICULTY: *** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 10 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed Very simple track. The first part of the track is mostly straight-aways, with a couple of turns and three speed boosts. After the third speed boost you'll enter a pipe. This pipe is very long, and has nothing in it at ALL. Go through for a LONG time and then you'll finally reach a pit area with a couple of speed boosts. Go past that and then after a bit you'll spot two more pit areas. After that you'll exit the pipe. Now go straight for a bit and you'll spot the pipe you were just in, but now you'll have to go around it. Hit the speed boost on your right, then on your left, then right, etc. Just follow the track a bit more after that and you'll reach a big pit area. The start/finish is after. CASINO PLACE: DOUBLE BRANCHES DIFFICULTY: **** GAME DIFFICULTY: *** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 30+ RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to acceleration There are more than 30 speed boosts here, but the real number was hard for me to keep track of. This place has many, many junctions, some with pit areas, some with speed boosts, some with jump pads. Take the left junction on the first lap because it has more boosts, and take the right junction on the second and third laps because it has a pit area. Go along the track for a long while, following the turns, until the paths merge again. Go straight for another long while and you'll encounter more junctions. Here, it doesn't matter which path you take. You will find a pit area at the point where they merge. Go along the straightaway after that, hitting the 5+ boosts on it, and you'll reach yet another junction. The paths twist and turn here so don't pause to think about which one to take. Follow the path when it merges and turn left when you hit the next junction. Boost right before the jump pad to take a nice little shortcut that will save a good amount of time. After that is yet another junction. Again, doesn't matter what you take. When you reach the end, you'll spot a pit area. Glide over it, boosting, and you'll finally reach the start/finish line. LIGHTNING: HALF PIPE DIFFICULTY: *** GAME DIFFICULTY: **** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 14 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to max speed The first part is made up of a HUGE half pipe, with big walls and lots of room to move around, so you won't be crashing into anyone. There is a nice collection of speed boosts here also. After that the pipe will even out into a flat area. Follow it along and you'll soon enter yet another pipe. Go along that one and it'll soon turn into a corkscrew. There are some bottomless pits here, so be careful. After that the track alternates between half pipes and corkscrews. Finally, you'll enter a final half pipe, with laser beams that don't seem to do anything. After that is the pit area, and then the start/finish line. BIG BLUE: ORDEAL DIFFICULTY: ***** GAME DIFFICULTY: ***** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 4 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to acceleration Five stars. Yep. This is a HARD track and can knock you from first in the cup to about tenth in the cup. All speed boosts are missing during the first half of the track, making it hard to get ahead of your opponents. Go straight when you start and you'll drop down a ledge. Turn right at the 90 degree turn and you'll spot a hill to your left. DON'T GO UP UNLESS YOU HAVE A PERSONAL BOOST. If you do, boost just before the end to take a nifty shortcut. Otherwise, continue on the regular track. Go straight after that and you'll then have to make A LOT of sharp turns. Keep your speed going because you'll drop off a ledge next and if you fall short, you'll land in the water and retire. Go straight some more to reach a long, big pit area which you probably need right now. After that you'll have to make some more sharp turns and then you'll hop off a ledge. Next, you'll do some more sharp turns and hop off another ledge. Aim your machine to the left to successfully land on the next part of the track. It is composed of four 90 degree angle turns. You'll hop off another ledge after that and then run into your first speed boost. After that is a junction. Go left on your first lap, where it has an ice zone, but it has a speed boost on it. Going right takes you to a huge pit area, so go right on your second and third laps. You'll enter a tunnel after that. Zoom up a bit so you can see all of the tunnel. There are some VERY sharp turns here so I hope you've practiced drifting. The last part of the tunnel is very narrow, so stay straight the whole time. Zoom back out when you exit the tunnel. You'll have to make a couple more sharp turns here and then go through a corkscrew. After that is just a very narrow path, but it is totally straight. Use your boosts here and at the end, you'll spot the start/finish. Whew that was tough! EMERALD CUP COMPLETE! GOOD JOB! +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ | DIAMOND CUP | +====--------------------------------------------------------------------====+ COSMO TERMINAL: TRIDENT DIFFICULTY: *** GAME DIFFICULTY: *** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 13 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to max speed The track is made up of three way junctions, and only three way junctions. There are no rails to guard you, so always stay centered. There are tons of pit areas on this track, so boosting isn't a problem. You don't want to take the middle path on the first junction, because it holds only one boost. You should take it on your second and third laps, due to the large pit area. After that, it doesn't really matter. About halfway through you'll fall off a ledge and you'll have to land on one of three paths. From there it continues splitting in three. After a long while, you'll reach the start/finish. SAND OCEAN: LETERAL SHIFT DIFFIUCLTY: *** GAME DIFFICULTY: **** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 8 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed. This track has a bunch of junctions, but there is a problem. One path in each junction is a dead end and you'll fly off the edge! It is simple to avoid this though. Whenever you see blinking arrows, go in the direction the arrows are pointing at to avoid retirement. Right after the fourth boost is a long pit area, and there is yet another pit area shortly after. One thing you want to be careful about on this course is that, like Trident, there are no guard rails to stop you from falling. Stay as centered as possible and never slam into a machine; you might miss and fall. Near the end you'll reach another pit stop, and right after that is a long, narrow straight-away. Use the energy you just got from the pit to boost yourself to the start/finish. FIRE FIELD: UNDULATION DIFFICULTY: *** GAME DIFFICULTY: **** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 4 RECCMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed This is a fun, fun, fun track. It is one path, with almost no turns, but there are hills that cause your to fly up in the air, a drop off, a couple of jump pads, and bumpy sections of the track. You'll begin by going straight for a LONG time, but be careful! There are, like the last two tracks, no guard rails to save you. You'll eventually hit a pit area and then a jump pad. After the pad, the track gets very bumpy. After that, you'll be going straight for another long while. You'll hit two pit areas and reach two speed boosts. After the boosts is the drop off I spoke of. After that, it's some more straight track with no rails. You'll come to a jump pad and then you'll be at another bumpy section of the track. After that, keep going straight to reach the start/finish. AEROPOLIS: DRAGON SLOPE DIFFICULTY: ***** GAME DIFFICULTY: ***** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 17 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Default You'll start off right in front of a speed boost. There is a pit area placed in a sharp turn right after that. Go straight a bit and you'll hit another pit area with a sharp turn. Go straight some more to reach a boost in front of a sharp turn. After that is a cave. There is a speed boost in the very middle. HIT THIS. When you do, you'll fly off a ledge. Aim for the second or third floor because they are shortcuts. Hit the boosts there and then you'll be shot off another ledge, where there are three floors after. The higher the floor you land on, the bigger the shortcut. After that is another ledge and another three floors. Right after that you'll reach a section of the track the is covered completely in ice. One the two edges are dirt, so stick to the ice. Right after that is a pit area. Continue through the track, taking the turns, and you'll come to a very narrow straightaway. Go through that, staying in the center. Eventually, the track will widen, and you'll just need to make your way through that to reach the start/finish. PHANTOM ROAD: SLIM-LINE SLITS DIFFICULTY: ***** (HARD) GAME DIFFICULTY: ****** NUMBER OF SPEED BOOSTS: 3 RECCOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to acceleration. First, take a look at the course. I mean it, it just __TOTALLY__ shows off what the Gamecube can do. It is incredibly detailed! You have to see it to know what I mean. Secondly, this course is VERY different from the last nineteen courses. It takes place in a sort of computer generated world, with the floor made out of multicolored pixels and the background being black with green squares floating around. All of this comes at a big price. There are only three speed boosts, and a track this big needs at least ten. Also, the paths are incredibly thin, and it can bash you around a lot. I mean A LOT. You can break down just by going through one of those paths (this is why I recommend halfway to acceleration). Yet another thing, the pit areas have a bottomless pit RIGHT where they end. I mean RIGHT. So you are going to have to pull away from the pit to avoid retirement. There are a couple different junctions in this course too, and an ice zone at one part. Okay now a strategy. You'll start off in a wide, straight part of the track and proceed down it for quite a while. A little after the first speed boost, you'll come to a junction. It doesn't matter which path you take, but try as hard as you can to stay in the center of the paths, since they are both so thin. The path will eventually widen again but right after they do you'll come to yet another junction. Again, take either one and stay centered. After the paths merge you'll be on another wide section of the track. Avoid the glowing blue on the right side, since it is an ice zone. Right after the ice, you'll spot a thin pit area on the left side. Remember that bottomless pit right at the end. Better charging up a tiny bit of energy than falling. The next path is quite thin again. After that is yet another short pit area with a bottomless pit right after it. Your next path is, again, quite thin. When it widens you'll spot two pit areas, one on each side. They both have bottomless pits after them. Enter the left pit, because it is longer. Another thin path after that, and then two more pit areas which *gasp!* don't have bottomless pits after them!*insert applause here* After that is the start/finish. Two more laps and you're done! DIAMOND CUP COMPLETE! GOOD JOB! +====----------------------------------------------------------------------====+ | AX CUP SKELETON | +====----------------------------------------------------------------------====+ So far, this is a basic SKELETON of the AX grand prix section. Thanks to familyguy, I can tell you the basic stuff. AREOPOLIS: SCREW DRIVE NUMBER OF BOOSTS: 1 RECCOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed OUTER SPACE: METEOR STREAM NUMBER OF BOOSTS: 10 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to max speed PORT TOWN: CLYINDER WAVE NUMBER OF BOOSTS: ???? RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed LIGHTNING: THUNDER ROAD NUMBER OF BOOSTS: 9 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Halfway to max speed GREEN PLANT: SPIRAL NUMBER OF BOOSTS: 9 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: Default ****************** NOT IN GRAND PRIX ****************** MUTE CITY: SONIC OVAL NUMBER OF BOOSTS: 7 RECOMMENDED BALANCE: All the way to max speed Again, this is thanks to familyguy. +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (05) STORY MODE WALKTHROUGH | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ In story mode, you'll play as Captain Falcon, where you'll complete a number of missions. This guide will tell you how to beat all the missions. So far I have completed a total of _2_ missions. MISSION ONE: CAPTAIN FALCON TRAINS Craving another title, Falcon has trained tirelessly at his base... GET ALL THE CAPSULES ON THE TRACK AND FINISH WITHIN 80 SECONDS! There are twenty-five capsules here, and they are quite large, so it shouldn't be hard to miss them. Get all of the capsules on your right first (don't forget the one in the pit area!) and don't bother going back if you miss one. On your second lap, collect all of the capsules on your left. On the third lap, just collect any capsules you missed to complete the mission. HARD MODE GET ALL OF THE CAPSULES ON THE TRACK AND FINISH WITHIN 60 SECONDS This is different. There are thirty capsules here, and they are all in different places. You can't miss one in a lap because this time, you have three different places you want to be. Get all of the ones on the right first, and grab the two on the left at the end. Next, go for all of the ones on the right, grabbing TWO at the end. Finally, go for all of the ones in the middle AND the ones you missed. If you missed one on both sides, just give up because you won't be able to get them in time. You'll have to hit every speed boost you can and use your personal boost often because if you don't, you'll run out of time around the third lap. Good luck. MISSION TWO: GOROH: THE VENGEFUL SAMURAI Falcon chases a bounty into the wastes and lands in an ambush... BEAT SAMURAI GOROH TO THE GOAL! Before you start, bring you balance ALL THE WAY to max speed. Goroh is quite fast. You'll have to slam into him a couple of times with X and use you boosts only when needed to beat him. The track itself is not a threat, but the boulders falling are. They will begin to fall about a quarter into the track. Weave around them, because they can cause massive damage to the Blue Falcon. The best way to do this is to catch up to Goroh at the beginning, then slam him off the edge using X. Otherwise, he'll be quite tough to beat. Then, you can take the track slowly, avoiding the boulders, until you reach the goal. HARD MODE BEAT SAMURAI GOROH TO THE GOAL! Goroh seems a little bit faster, but the boulders come CRASHING down a TON! Do the same as you did last time, by catching up to Goroh at the beginning then knocking him off the cliff. You'll have to navigate the course REALLY slowly if you want to survive because of all the boulders. If you want, you can try to take it fast by quickly dodging boulders and that is sometimes easier, but never use boosts. You need all the energy you can get. MISSION THREE: HIGH STAKES IN MUTE CITY After dealing with Goroh, Falcon visits a club to try to relax... REACH THE GOAL FIRST! This is hard. Turn your machine toward max speed before you start. Even though this track is made up entirely of 90 degree turns, you NEED the speed. Badly. Do drifts on the first couple of turns and then you'll come to a jump pad. Hit it and turn left to bypass a turn. Make some more turns and you'll spot another ramp. Hit it and turn. Right after that is a third ramp that lets you bypass another turn. After that is the pit area, then the start/finish. You must complete three laps and finish first to win. MISSION FOUR: CHALLENGE OF THE BLOODY CHAIN A nasty crew stalls Falcon in his quest to stop Black Shadow... CRUSH MICHAEL CHIAN'S MACHINE AND HIT THE CHECKPOINT FIRST! First off, you'll want to put your balance all the way to max speed. Now wait until you hear the words "Booster OK" then do a boost. You should catch up to the first couple of machines. Use Z and you'll knock out at least one of them. Now do a couple more boosts(no more than two) and you'll catch up with some more machines. It is vital that you destory at least two more of these machines or else your energy won't last to the pit area. Do another boost and you should be near a ton of cars. Try to get as close to them as possible, then slam into them if you're on the side or spin attack if your in the middle. Once you got a bunch of those machines out, boost up to catch up to another couple of cars. You should destroy those. You should have at least one gold skull (means that ten machines are destroyed) by now. Continue to destory machines as you progress through the race. NEVER use your boost when your energy meter is flashing because the other machines like to hit you also. Do a ton of boosts once you reach the pit area. By now, at least 15 machines should be out, and you should be in the top ten. Now it gets tricky, because there aren't that many machines left which means you can't recover that much energy from machines anymore. You MUST get to 2nd place, and make sure the other machines are at least one second behind you. Then, you need to start boosting toward your rival. When you are right behind him, boost and spin just as you pass him. You should destroy him. If not, fall back a bit and slam into him right when he is even with your machine. If you miss that, I'm sorry to say that there is basically no hope left unless you have another boost left. Then just boost and spin. If that doesn't work, there IS no hope left. Good luck. MISSION FIVE: SAVE JODY! The Federation arrives to help out, only to fall prey to the villain... THE POWER PLANT IS GOING TO BLOW! ESCAPE WITHIN 50 SECONDS! DIFFICULTY: ** Here, you'll go on a straight path, with a bunch of closing doors and pillars in your way. Go all the way to max speed before you start. Right after he says GO, boost straight repeatedly and continue boosting through four vertical closing doors. After that is a horizontal closing door, so shift onto the left or right wall to go through. Next is another horizontal door, and after that is a vertical door that stops leaving barely any room for you to get past. Next is a door that closes diagonally, and then another diagonal closing door after that. Next is three pillars and then two vertical doors that close almost all the way. After that is a door that leaves spaces on the four corners, then two horizontal closing doors that close almost all the way. Next is three vertical doors that close almost all the way, and then three horizontal closing doors that close, you guessed it, almost all the way. Finally, there are a couple of boost pads which you should hit, and then a wood ramp which will help you escape. Good job. MISSION SIX: BLACK SHADOW'S TRAP After saving Jody, Falcon finally catches up to Black Shadow... THE BOMB IS SPEED SENSITIVE! KEEP YOUR SPEED OVER 700 KM/H! DIFFICULTY: *** Wow, this plot is SO original. Really I give it a 10/10. Who would've thought of it? First of all DO NOT USE YOUR BOOST UNTIL I SAY SO OR IF YOU _____ABOSOLUTELY_____ NEED TO! Anyway, the track is about 48000 meters long and there are a couple of other machines on it, which usually get out of your way. Cruise along the path, taking turns, and then you'll eventually come to a sharp left turn. This can be a little tricky, but you can do it by drifting. You'll go straight for a while after that. Cruise along the track, taking a few sharp turns, and then at about 18000 meters left, you'll spot a sharp upward turn to the right. At about 16000 meters left you'll reach a VERY NARROW part of the track, so try to stay centered as much as possible. Cruise along and you'll reach a dirt zone at about 11000 meters left. Boost through it and shortly after you'll hit another dirt zone, which you should boost through. Cruise along for a short while to reach another dirt zone. Right after that is a very sharp turn, so be careful. When you hit about 8000 meters left you'll come to a section full of thin strips of dirt and a couple of large machines. Weave in and out of the dirt and machines. At the last part, there will be a ton of sharp turns, so be careful and cautious. The final 1000 meters shouldn't be too difficult for you. MISSION SEVEN: THE F-ZERO GRAND PRIX His death averted, Falcon visits the F-ZERO competition grounds... BECOME THE GRAND PRIX CHAMPION! DIFFICULTY: ***** GIMMIE A H! GIMMIE AN A! GIMMIE A R! GIMMIE A D! WHAT'S THAT SPELL? HARD! Hahaha... I laugh at the expression on your face when you first face this track... no really I do... this is H-A-R-D. The AI is so intelligent, I'm still wondering whether they set it that high accidentally [just wait till you get to very hard :)] Okay first, set your balance all the way to max speed. You'll start in twenty-eighth place. When you begin, you'll first have to pass through an area with a bunch of mines to your left, and a lava pit to your right. The lava pits... glide over these things and your health will REALLY decrease rapidly. You can glide over them for shortcuts in the first lap, but avoid them on the second and third laps because you NEED that boosting energy. After that first area, you'll come to a tight area with a wall and a line of track on your right, and an ice zone with no wall next to it on your left. Try to stay to the right as much as possible. Next, you'll drop off a ledge. There are a bunch of lava zones here, so avoid them as you go. After that is a safe part of the track, which goes on for a while. Eventually you'll reach a very thin part of the track with no walls and a speed boost. Hit it and take the turn to the left. You'll spot another speed boost with a bunch of lava next to it and after that, the most loved pit area in the game. Glide over it. On your final lap, RIGHT as you start to glide over the pit area, boost and don't stop boosting until the end to pass about seven racers if you're behind or to get far away from everyone. The final part of the track is a corkscrew with mines scattered everywhere; stay centered to reach the start/finish. Good luck beating this. If you're lucky, you may be able to beat it on your one-hundredth try even! MISSION EIGHT: SECRETS OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT Falcon sets out to meet Deathborn, knowing he must not lose... WIN THE BATTLE WITH DEATHBORN! REACH THE GOAL FIRST TO WIN! DIFFICULTY: *** This guy is pretty simple. You just need to turn your balance halfway toward acceleration before you start or you will have a hard time on some turns. The track is made up of some straightaways and sharp turns that can't be done without an L or R press or a drift. There is one turn near the end that can drop your speed to below 500 KM/H if you mess up on it and it comes all of a sudden so watch out for it. The pit areas are short, but there are many of them. About halfway through the course, you'll come to some lava. Avoid that, but if you don't there is a pit area right after. Have patience if you can't win, this guy is very simple if you keep calm. MISSION NINE: FINALE: ENTER THE CREATORS With the Ultimate Championship's Belt in hand, Falcon can relax. But... CONQUER THE STAFF GHOST! MAKE IT TO THE GOAL FIRST AND WIN! DIFFICULTY: **** Worst. Racing. Opponent. Ever. Most. Frustrating. Track. Ever. Put them together, add some excellent graphics in, and you've got our final mission. This takes place on Phantom Road (Not slim line slits, but a different area.) You are racing a ghost who N-E-V-E-R boosts and is REALLY slow. I suggest you NEVER boost because you might fall off. So if the ghost is so easy, why is this four starts, you ask? Well, the track has N-O walls. NONE. Period. The track is wide and stays wide, but it has some very sharp and unexpected turns that you must handle. I suggest you bring your balance all the way down to acceleration before you race. Trust me you need to. You'll start off by going straight, and then you'll hit a turn that goes to the right. This isn't sharp, and only requires you to simply steer. You'll then hit wide turn, but this one is to the left. After that you'll reach a turn that dips to the right. Unless you didn't set your balance all the way down to acceleration on this one, you should have no problem. After that is our first turn that brings us really close to the edge. You MUST do a sharp R turn to complete this. After that you'll reach a turn that requires you only to steer. However, the turn will soon form into another sharp turn that REQUIRES you to do a sharp L turn. After that, there are no more sharp turns. You'll come to a couple of drop-offs. Some of them have turns right before, so if you mess up, you can drop right off the edge. The final part of the track has a very thin, wavy pit area, although I doubt you'll need it. After that is the start/finish. STORY MODE COMPLETE! GREAT JOB! Now you unlock Deathborn! And he costs twenty tickets! And he sucks! +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (06) CHARACTER PROFILES | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ This section will list all of the character profiles. NO. 1 Mighty Gazelle Four years ago, Mighty Gazelle was the pilot who took the worst damage in the huge accident that led to the temporary suspension of the F-ZERO grand prix races. He just barely escaped death and was resurrected as a cyborg primarily made up of mechanical body parts. Living only for F-ZERO, he ignores the complaints of those who oppose his race parcipitation- no protest would make him skip a race. Because he is a cyborg, he has been able to polish his racing skills without fear of death. Through analysis of his past races, he has fine- tuned all of his reflex-related components. NO. 2 Jody Summer Jody Summer is a combat-machine pilot affiliated with the Galactic Space Federation. Her ability is highly regarded, and she is recognized as a hero by both her peers and superiors. For these reasons she was chosen as the spokesperson for the Federation. She wasn't able to win the last Grand Prix championship, but was praised for her bravery and subsequently chosen to be Miss Galactic Space Federation. She still doesn't have a great deal of experience as an F-ZERO pilot, but she has an incredible ability to control speed-that skill alone makes her the target of a great many rivals. NO. 3 Dr. Stewart His real name is Robert Stewart. A long time ago, he was a charismatic surgeon with legendary surgical skills. However, the death of his father, professor Kevin Stewart, provided him with the opportunity to become a pilot. A regular racer with already over ten years of experience, his is still considered a top- class pilot. As a racer, he's known for his refined technical prowess and friendly demeanor. In the big accident four years ago, Dr. Stewart put his skills as a paramedic to use and treated many of the injured. Miraculously, due to his heroic efforts, no fatalities occurred. NO. 4 Baba This "wild child" was born and raised amid the natural beauty of Giant, a planet with expansive tracts of green land. He has preternatural animal instincts and a resilient, well-toned physique, both of which factored into his recruitment by the F-ZERO Pilot Selection Committee. He left his home and underwent a great deal of training in order to make his F-ZERO Grand Prix debut last year. He didn't win, unfortunately, and knowing he still had much to learn, he set out on a spiritual journey. As a result, his physical strength has increased twofold. However, he is also a bit overconfident now and is considered somewhat of a big mouth. NO. 5 Samurai Goroh In outward appearance, Goroh is a bounty hunter just like Falcon, but in actuality, he is the boss of an intergalactic group of bandits with a terrible reputation. This group of cutthroats is said to use to Red Canyon for a hideout. Exactly what Goroh has plundered and extorted over the years is unknown. As a bounty hunter, he travels from planet to planet evaluating the value of possible spoils. He actually dreams performing notorious deeds as a bounty hunter, but Falcon always seems to beat him to the punch in the newest and most profitable projects- Goroh is very bitter about this. He enters every Grand Prix without fail and is known as a rival of Falcon and will never stop trying to defeat him. NO. 6 Pico Pico was a member of a special unit of the Poripoto army and carried out a number of dangerous missions. He is very aggressive, yet cool-headed enough to do what needs to be done to the bitter end. Individuals who mess with him often don't live to do anything else. After retirement, Pico opened a small shop near the military base, but he still operates as a numerous assassin. The accident four years ago is said to have been caused by his dangerous driving and for this reason he is disliked by many of the F-ZERO fans. This doesn't stop him from running the circuit as recklessly as always. NO. 7 Captain Falcon Captain Falcon was the winner of the previous F-ZERO grand prix, an achievement that boosted his already high popularity even higher. Beyond racing, he is quite well known as an extremely capable bounty hunter- just how many criminals is brought in is unknown, but the number is said to be astronomic. Aside from the fact that he hails from Port Town, his past is a complete mystery. His mind and body are honed from the many battles he has survived, and there is no challenge he can't overcome. NO. 8 Octoman Octoman is a representative of Takora, a planet currently at odds with the Milky Way Space Federation. The confrontation between the Federation and Takora grows more long a drawn out by the day. The Takoraians are surrounded by enemies and area in a very unstable economic state. Due to this, Octoman wants to win the Grand Prix so that he can pay the education costs of his children. He plans to contribute the rest of his earnings to the government of Takora to give it hope for the future. NO. 9 Mr. EAD Mr. EAD is an android created by the mysterious development group EAD. His objective in the Grand Prix is to complete the final testing phase for his IQ and AI programming. After his run on the last F-ZERO Grand Prix, he endured many trials- combat training, spy activities, college exams, and many others. If all of his capabilities function as calculated, there should be nothing that can keep him from winning the Grand Prix. His victory will signify the birth of a flawless android. NO. 10 James McCloud McCloud is the leader of the flight squad Galaxy Dog. He had his combat plane converted into an F-ZERO machine in order to compete in the Grand Prix. During peacetime there is very little work available, so McCloud has entered his second race in an attempt to take home the big prize money. He is motivated to become the new champion by thoughts of his wife and young son, both of whom need his support. NO. 11 Billy One of Billy's ancestors was a trained rocket pilot and the first monkey in space. Whether by genetic predisposition or not, Billy's ability as a pilot is truly exceptional, and he's the first monkey to enter the F-ZERO Grand Prix. He was raised in a special lab where he was educated in human literacy and communication skills. The lab concurrently developed an F-ZERO racer suitable for a monkey and bestowed upon him the honor of piloting it in the Grand Prix. NO. 12 Kate Allen Kate is the megastar singer who was chosen to sing at the opening ceremonies of the past several F-ZERO Grand Prix races. Her fans are wild about here powerful dance moves and here soulful vocals. Completely allured by the extreme speed of the race, Kate chose to pursue F-ZERO racing rather than continue furthering her musical career. Taking full advantage of her sense of rhythm and athleticisim, she plans to run a rambunctious race. NO. 16 The Skull The Skull was once the greatest driver in the F-MAX Grand Prix, a competition that predates the coming of F-ZERO by some 200 years. Thanks to the inexplicable powers of science and black magic, he has returned to this world to compete once again. With his remarkable technique and decision-making powers, he now has a chance to extend his legacy into a new generation. NO. 18 Beastman Beastman became a beast hunter after a nasty encounter with a gigantic crocodile on the planet White. After surviving the ordeal, he decided that he wanted to protect people from such dangerous creatures. He is actually quite shy and in order to keep his bashful nature from being discovered, he adorned himself in the imposing outfit of a dinosaur. Before long, due to his heroic deeds and growing popularity, he became known as the Beastman. Having dealt with all the beasts on his own planet, he entered the F-ZERO X Grand Prix for promotional reasons. There, he met Bio Rex for the first time, and knowing the creature was competing, he made a vow to protect the other pilots and crowd from such a dangerous beast. NO. 20 Super Arrow Super Arrow is a superhero who defends peace on Earth. He entered the last F- ZERO race to chase his old enemy, Zoda. At the time, Super Arrow had never even driven before, so he had to hurriedly register for an F-ZERO license just so that he could enter the race. Even so, he managed to race competitively by ultilizing his superpowers. Zoda has entered the race again, and Super Arrow must do all he can to stop him and end his reign of terror. He is known for his relentiessly unforgiving attitude toward criminals, but when it comes to his wife, Mrs. Arrow, he's as docile as a puppy. NO. 21 Mrs. Arrow Mrs. Arrow strives to defend her husband, Super Arrow, in and out of the home. She entered the last F-ZERO race to assist her husband, who had no previous experience as a pilot. An F-ZERO circuit model before marriage, she was the first former circuit model to compete as a pilot. NO. 22 Gomar and Shioh On the planet Huckmine, the Furikake people have an odd custom- they pair up with a partner as soon as they're born and do everything together. The intelligent Gomar is very short and envies the stature of Shioh, while Shioh is a tall creature who admires Gomar greatly and depends entirely on his decision- making. This peculiar pair work together, deftly manipulating their F-ZERO machine built for two. However, these two partners- who have been together as long as they can remember- will both marry next year, thereby undergoing a partner change. This even has given rise to many rumors about this F-ZERO Grand Prix being their last together. NO. 24 Michael Chain Michael is the head of the racing clan known as the Bloody Chain, whose membership up until a few years ago exceeded ten thousand racers. He enters the F-ZERO to showcase his skills and to represent the entire crew, but his efforts are falling short and have begun to leave the organization. The Bloody Chain member numbers have now fallen well below ten thousand, and it's rumored that the crew could be totally dissolved in the next several years. NO. 25 Blood Falcon Although listed in the race literature as 37 years old, Blood Falcon is actually a clone created from Captain Falcon's DNA, which was stolen while he was hospitalized after the huge accident four years ago. With that in mind, Blood Falcon is technically only four years old. He is capable of everything Captain Falcon can do, but he has been strictly taught to obey all commands of his evil master, Black Shadow. NO. 26 John Tanaka John, the mechanic of the Galactic Space Federation, is in the same unit as Jody Summers. Secretly harboring feelings for her, he entered the race to protect here from danger. If by a stroke of luck, he wins the Grand Prix, he's even considering proposing. NO. 27 Draq Draq works with Roger Buster, managing a portion of their cargo-shipping business. He is an absolutely gigantic fan of F-ZERO and has dreamed of entering the circuit himself since he was small. Roughly over one year ago, Draq and Roger cam across two F-ZERO machines tagged with an unknown recipient and no return address. Draq quickly convinced Roger to let them enter the machines in the last Grand Prix, telling him that they would surley be recognized and the rightful owners would come forward to claim them. No one claimed the machines, however, and the two partners have decided to try again. Draq hopes to win a Grand Prix himself before the owners come to claim the machines- then he could use the prize money to buy a craft of his own. NO. 28 Roger Buster Roger is a galactic deliveryman famous for his policy of "No consignment too dangerous!" He's set to enter the race again with Draq in machines of unknown ownership. While Draq is a huge F-ZERO fan, Roger himself isn't too interested in it. For Roger, finding the proper owner of the machine so that he can complete his deliveries is the overall goal of the competition. NO. 29 Dr. Clash Dr. Clash is an F-ZERO engineer unable to give up his dream of becoming an F- ZERO pilot. He created a special gadget to comensate for his limited athletic ability and, after spending years of research to customize his F-ZERO machine, finally got to race. NO. 30 Black Shadow Black Shadow is a cold-blooded king of evil feared by all. However, Captain Falcon has seen much success capturing his foot soldiers, and Black Shadow wants nothing more than to see the end of this meddling bounty hunter, preferably in front of millions of fans. REST OF CHARACTERS COMING SOON! +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (07) MACHINE PARTS | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ This will tell you all the available custom machine parts I have unlocked. It gives their name, weight, stat, and ticket cost BODY PARTS Valient Jaguar 1000 kg B rank 4 tickets Big Tyrant 1500 kg A rank 5 tickets Grand Base 1380 kg A rank 5 tickets Fire Wolf 840 kg B rank 3 tickets Rapid Barrel 580 kg C rank 5 tickets Sky Horse 640 kg C rank 4 tickets Aqua Goose 700 kg C rank 4 tickets Liberty Manta 380 kg D rank 7 tickets COCKPIT PARTS Aerial Bullet 240 kg E rank 3 tickets Bright Spear 330 kg C rank 4 tickets Super Lynx 460 kg B rank 5 tickets Moon Snail 260 kg D rank 4 tickets Scud Viper 320 kg C rank 7 tickets Energy Crest 500 kg B rank 5 tickets BOOSTER PARTS Titan -G4 540 kg B rank 5 tickets Boxer -2C 350 kg C rank 5 tickets Scorpion -R 400 kg C rank 4 tickets Bazooka -YS 250 kg D rank 3 tickets Tiger -RZ 250 kg D rank 4 tickets Triple -2 660 kg A rank 7 tickets More parts coming soon as I unlock them. +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (08) CUSTOMIZE | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ This chapter will tell you the different features of customization so you can customize a good machine. First, I'll describe creating the actual machine. There are three parts you can add: Body parts, Cockpit parts, and Booster parts. The body part is the actual machine. The cockpit is where you'll pilot the machine, and the booster is the boost of the machine. You should go to the shop and check out the best parts there. I mean, like parts with a good A or B ranking. You can find the list of parts in the machine parts chapter. To scroll from Body to Cockpit to Booster to Pilot, press R. Once you've customized your machine, save it. Now on to adding additional touches. If you want to add color, select your machine from the garage, and select change color. Now you can use three different meters to change the look of your machine. Like customizing, press R to shift from part to part. Press Y to save you colors. If you want to add an emblem to your machine, select your machine from the garage, and choose Attatch Emblem. If there is no emblem data, the game will create a save file. You'll want to select the first slot and then select the part. Next, select the actual emblem. You can now choose where you want to put the emblem. If part of the emblem isn't solid, that part won't show up when you paste the emblem. When you've pasted the emblem, move to the second slot and choose a different part and do the same thing. You'll be asked to save when you exit. Creating an emblem is different. Go to Emblem Editor and it'll create a file for you. You can do the following: Draw This lets you draw whatever you want. Erase This lets you erase all things you've done so far. Fill This fills the whole background Draw line This lets you draw a straight line Draw circle This allows you to draw a circle. You can make it any size you want. Draw rectangle This allows you to draw a rectangle. You can make it any size you want. Enlarge edit screen You can enlarge the screen by a little bit. Draw and fill a circle You can draw a circle any size you want and it'll automatically fill it for you. Draw and fill a rectangle You can draw a rectangle any size you want and it'll automatically fill it for you. Rotate emblem Pressing the control pad to the right allows you to rotate your emblem. Invert emblem This option allows you to... invert your emblem! Undo operation You can undo as many operations as you need Redo operation You can redo as many operations as you need Load Emblem This allows you to load an emblem you've already created Save emblem You can save the emblem you're working on End You can close the editor here If you want to change colors, use the C-Stick. That's it for customizing! +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (09) USER'S CUSTOM VEHICLES | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ I have recived about ten e-mails asking me this: What's the best custom vehicle that you can use? The answer: there is no "best" vehicle. Here, I have decided to post vehicles that other people created. All of them now are from user's of the GameFAQs message boards, but you can e-mail me with your own if you'd like! Feel free to send me as many as you have! NOTE: Some of the part combos you'll see may also be in ZoopSoul's FAQ (when it is posted.) This is not a violation of anything, since these are vehicles created by other people (who will be properly credited) Also note that some vehicles have more information than others, simply because they have given me more information. FROM: moysturfurmer HEAT HORSE-Z Parts: Sky horse Heat Snake Triple Z Weight: 1780 ADDITIONAL: its not to heavy, doesn't swerve, and has excellent top speed. FROM: phineasfool Red Spider -Z Parts: Body - Holy Spider Cockpit - Red Rex Booster - Triple -Z Stats Body - C Boost - A Grip - C Weight - 1550kg Top Speed (no boosting or anything) - 1120km ADDITIONAL: This car slides a little bit, but not too bad. I can take almost any turn in the game without using the triggers. The accel isn't great, but at top speed I can get past everyone by halfway through a race. FROM: nazgulnarsil FROST LYNX: Parts: Aqua Goose Super Lyn Titan G4 ADDITIONAL: None ACRO CREST Parts: Sky Horse Energy Crest Titan G4 ADDITIONAL: None SUPER BARREL Z Parts: Rapid Barrel Super Lynx Triple Z ADDITIONAL: None ARCH LYNX Parts: Silver Sword Super Lynx Titan G4 or Triple Z ADDITIONAL: None RED SPIDER Z Parts: Holy Spider Red Rex Triple Z ADDITIONAL: None GARNET MANTA Parts: Liberty Manta Garnet Phantom Triple Z ADDITIONAL: None FROM: Epyo the Great GARNET DRAGON Parts: Body:Garnet Phantom Cockpit:Speedy dragon Booster:Sunrise 140 ADDITIONAL: None FROM: Meganium7 SCUD WOLF Z Parts: Body: Fire Wolf Boost: Triple Z Cockpit: Scud Viper ADDITIONAL: None FROM: RabidSpam ACRO CREST G4 Parts: Sky horse Super Lynx Titan G4 ADDITIONAL: None FROM: Virus218105 FROST SPEAR-G4 Parts: Aqua Goose Bright Spear Titan G4 ADDITIONAL: None ACRO LYNX-G4 Parts: Sky Horse Super Lynx Titan G4 ADDITIONAL: None FROM: Jugem PHOTON PHANTOM-G4 Parts: Optical Wing Garnet Phantom Titan-G4 Body: D Boost: B Grip: A Weight: 1600 ADDITIONAL: Has a top speed of somewhere between 1120 and 1130, great handling, and pretty good acceleration as well. FROM: Tedmaster SPARK GAUNTLET Parts: Spark Bird Dread Hammer Euros -01 ADDITIONAL: None FROM: PokeMaster1004 BRIGHT MANTA-Z Parts: Liberty Manta Super Lynx Triple Z DAC (Body Boost Grip) ADDITIONAL: None FROM: Anti Uni SACRED LYNX-G4 Parts: Holy Spider Super Lynx Titan G4 C-B-B Medium Wieght ADDITIONAL: None FROM: Cool Whipp UNKNOWN TITLE Parts: Dread hammer Speed dragon Titan G-4 ADDITIONAL: its tight. FROM: SpeedDaemon HEAT GOOSE Parts: Aqua Goose Red Rex Sunrise something ADDITONAL: None FROM: rapidwingo WINDY MANTA-Z Parts: Liberty Manta Windy shark Triple Z 1260 kg Stats: D A E ADDITIONAL: It might seem slippery Because the E grip but it actually handles very well! FROM: MadDogV2 SUPER HORSE-Z Parts: Super Lynx Sky Horse Triple Z Body:C Boost:A Grip:B ADDITIONAL: like Frost Lynx-G4 but better cornering and body. looks great to boot JEWEL WYVERN-V2 Parts: Speedy Dragon Garnet Phantom Thunderbolt V2 Body:E Boost:A Grip:A ADDITIONAL: Extremely good the parts fit eachother perfectly in design and really fast, has a little oversteer that needs getting used to. It's very delicate though so it's not good for beginners, this is more of an expert car. FROM: phineasfool HEAT WING-Z Body - Optical Wing Cockpit - Heat Snake Booster - Triple -Z Stats - DAB Weight - 1560kg ADDITIONAL: This one gets a pretty good top speed (about 1125km) and actually corners fairly well. FROM: Scary Raebbit FLAME JAVELIN-V2 Parts: Body: Silver Sword 620 kg Cockpit: Heat Snake 480 kg Booster: Thunderbolt-V2 860 kg Body: C Boost: A Grip: B Weight: 1960 kg Heavy Load ADDITIONAL: Pretty good on the Diamond Cup. Not as good a turner as Super Goose- Z, but makes it up with speed. Nothing that L and R can help. FROM: nebneb PHOTON SNAIL 64 Parts: Body-Optical wing Cockpit-moon snail Booster-Titan-g4 Body-D Boost-B Grip-D ADDITIONAL: Max speed is about 1118-1120. The boosts are excellent in the second lap you can ravage. It has a perfectly balanced steering it does not skid only if you go above about 1600 it might just a little. It weighs 1220 kg. FROM: dragoa SUPER GLIDER -88 Parts: Cockpit-Super Lynx Booster- Raiden-88 Body-I have no idea but I know it's an AX part..... Stats Body-C Other 2-B ADDITIONAL: control-bad accel, decent cornering FROM: SkedarKiller COMBAT BARREL Parts: Rapid Barrel Combat Magnum Sunrise 140 Body:C Boost:E Grip:A 0-900 time (balance on 100% speed): ~2.2 seconds 0-900 time (balance on 100% acceleration): ~1.8 seconds ADDITIONAL: Terrific cornering, body and acceleration. It's main flaw is speed: Even on 100% speed in the balance setting, it only goes to 1,021 km/h (993 km/h for 100% acceleration). Ideal for highly technical courses like Drift Highway, Serial Gaps, etc., but terrible on speed tracks like Split Oval. FROM: Yours to Hate PLASMA GOOSE 4-X Parts: body: aqua goose - C cockpit: spark bird - B boosters: Punisher-4x - B heavy load: 1810 kg ADDITIONAL: None FROM: PatMan33 FROST-PHANTOM G4 Aqua Goose Garnet Phantom Titan G4 C B A ADDITIONAL: None NAME UNKNOWN Speedy Dragon Garnet Phantom Thunderbolt -V2 E A A ADDITIONAL: None Those are all the customs I have right now. If you have one, e-mail me with it and I'll post it! +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (10) STAFF GHOSTS | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Inspired by ZoopSoul's excellent FAQ, I have decided to make a staff ghost section of my own. This is how it'll look: NAME SUB-NAME STAFF GHOST TIME Staff Ghosts can be raced against in the time attack section. You get 25 tickets for beating them. Good luck! **** RUBY **** MUTE CITY TWIST ROAD 0:59:964 CASINO PALACE SPLIT OVAL 0:56:691 | SAND OCEAN SURFACE SLIDE 1:56:743 LIGHTNING LOOP CROSS 1:59:907 AEROPOLIS MULTIPLEX 2:15:297 BIG BLUE DRIFT HIGHWAY 1:07:331 PORT TOWN AERO DIVE 2:25:689 GREEN PLANT MOBIUS RING 1:35:169 PORT TOWN LONG PIPE 2:26:802 MUTE CITY SERIAL GAPS 1:26:549 FIRE FIELD CYLINDER KNOT 2:40:909 GREEN PLANT INTERSECTION 2:24:897 CASINO PALACE DOUBLE BRANCHES 2:59:117 LIGHTNING HALF PIPE 2:50:296 BIG BLUE ORDEAL 2:50:808 COSMO TERMINAL TRIDENT 2:58:650 SAND OCEAN LATERAL SHIFT 2:09:849 FIRE FIELD UNDULATION 2:06:916 AEROPOLIS DRAGON SLOPES 2:59:076 PHANTOM ROAD SLIM-LINE SLITS 2:03:268 +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (10) SCRIPT GUIDE | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ This guide simply tells you all the dialogue said in story mode and then the misc. dialogue stated throughout the game. *********************************************************************** SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! *********************************************************************** This chapter may spoil major parts of the story for you! If you do not want anything spoiled, skip this section NOW! ********************************* PROLOGUE: BLACK SHADOW'S DISGRACE ********************************* _Black Shadow_ failed in his last bid to win the Grand Prix and has now incurred the wrath of an evil villain... (Black Shadow and another racer are piloting their machines down a track. The pilot racing against Black Shadow boosts several times before finally catching up. The pilot rams Black Shadow into a wall, destroy Shadow's machine. Black Shadow emerges, coughing.) BLACK SHADOW: Augh... huh? Wait, augh! (A mysterious figure appears and picks up Shadow by the neck.) Just give me one more chance! MYSTERIOUS MAN: One more chance is all you get! Win this F-Zero Grand Prix or... you know the price of failure BLACK SHADOW: Yes... yes... I can win it this time... I swear... (The figure gets in a machine and leaves the area.) ********************************** CHAPTER ONE: CAPTAIN FALCON TRAINS ********************************** Craving another title, _Falcon_ has trained tirelessly at his base... (We see a zoom of the city. People are watching a TV with Black Shadow pointing and laughing. Captain Falcon walks by and steps into an alleyway. He stops in front of a picture of a falcon, and the falcon scans him, letting him into a secret path. He approaches his machine, the Blue Falcon, climbs in, and triggers a simulation mode.) AFTER MISSION... (We see Falcon ending the simulation mode. He climbs out of the machine and examines an ad for the F-ZERO grand prix. He hears laughing on the TV, and turns to look. Black Shadow is there, staring and laughing. BLACK SHADOW: Hahahaha! This time, the prize will be MINE! **************************************** CHAPTER TWO: GOROH: THE VENGEFUL SAMURAI **************************************** _Falcon_ chases a bounty into the wastes and lands in an ambush... (We see a gang waiting on top of a hill. As Falcon approaches, they jump down screaming, and forces Falcon to stop.) GOROH: YOU stole the prize money from us last time! You'll pay for that. (Goroh examines the Blue Falcon) That's a fine looking she you're driving Falcon! You know the law here in Red Canyon? If you lose the race, you forfeit your machine! (Falcon starts up his machine, but a sword is put to his neck. The rest of the gang aims guns at Falcon.) GOROH: Hahaha! The mighty Falcon can't back down from a challenge now, can he? CAPTAIN FALCON: Let's do it... GOROH: All right then! The first one to that checkpoint over there is the winner! (Goroh and Falcon get ready to race.) GOROH (to himself): I can't lose my partner, Sting Ray. AFTER MISSION... (Goroh stutters and then shouts at Falcon) GOROH: FALCON! I'M GONNA GET YOU IN THE GRAND PRIX! (Goroh's machine explodes, sending pieces everywhere and throwing him forward) GOROH: AUGH! (Falcon speeds away...) *************************************** CHAPTER THREE: HIGH STAKES IN MUTE CITY *************************************** After dealing with _Goroh_, _Falcon_ visits a club to try to relax... (Falcon drives down Mute City and parks near a club. As he enters he spots a bunch of people talking and he sees an old man yelling in anger.) OLD MAN: What a scam! That's not two million space crags! Hah! What can I do with this ONE COIN! (The coin drops and rolls toward Falcon, who catches it. The old man runs toward Falcon, and realizes who he is.) OLD MAN: You're the famous Falcon! Please, I'm begging you, enter the bet race! CAPTAIN FALCON: Huh... wha? OLD MAN: Please! Consider it an old man's last request! CAPTAIN FALCON: Just calm down. ANNOUNCER: We will soonly be closing registrations for the next race! OLD MAN: The next race is going to start! (He grabs Falcon and drags him toward a door) CAPTAIN FALCON: Hey, where do you think you're taking me! (The race starts soon after.) AFTER MISSION... (The old man throws down a bad full of money.) OLD MAN: Heh heh! Here! This is your share! CAPTAIN FALCON: Thank you! (Captain Falcon notices a TV.) TV REPORTER: Once again, Black Shadow is causing havoc in the lightning area! All citizens are advised to evacuate immediately! Once again, all citizens are advised to evacuate immediately! (Captain Falcon throws down the bag and runs out of the room.) ******************************************* CHAPTER FOUR: CHALLENGE OF THE BLOODY CHAIN ******************************************* A nasty crew stalls _Falcon_ in his quest to stop _Black Shadow_... (Falcon is cruising down the road when he sees CAUTION flashing on his machine. A bunch of other machines catch up to him.) CAPTAIN FALCON: Gangs! (The gang member rams Falcon.) CAPTAIN FALCON: So you want to play! MICHAEL CHAIN: Haha! Guys! The party's just starting! AFTER MISSION... (Falcon drives away and escapes the gang) MICHEAL CHAIN: Oh no! After Falcon! Don't lose him! (The rest of the gang starts to drive away) No go after him! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? ************************ CHAPTER FIVE: SAVE JODY! ************************ The Federation arrived to help out, only to fall prey to the villian... (We see a destroyed power plant... Captain Falcon is cruising toward it, look around in horror... he spots a member of the federation.) CAPTAIN FALCON (running toward the person): Are you all right? MAN: Jody's still inside the building! CAPTAIN FALCON: Right there... (He runs inside the plant.) CAPTAIN FALCON: JODY! JODY:*cry, whimper* Falcon...? (Captain Falcon helps Jody into his machine and he turns to escape the plant.) AFTER MISSION... (Captain Falcon and Jody escape as the Plant blows up. The federation man covers his eyes at the explosion. Captain Falcon gives Jody to the man.) MAN: Jody! (Falcon sees Black Shadow across the plant.) CAPTAIN FALCON: Black Shadow... ******************************** CHAPTER SIX: BLACK SHADOW'S TRAP ******************************** After saving Jody, _Falcon_ finally catches up to _Black Shadow_... BLACK SHADOW: Falcon! You've come to die! I needn't have wasted time looking for you then! CAPTAIN FALCON: Lets settle this at the GP! Not like this! It's the cowards way! BLACK SHADOW: The coward's way! You make it sound so noble! I plan to eliminate anyone who stands between me and the prize. Simple as that! Hahaha! Falcon! Take this! (Black Shadow shoots a strange rope at Captain Falcon, which binds him.) CAPTAIN FALCON: Aughhh! What are you doing? BLACK SHADOW: Come out Blood Falcon! (Blood Falcon approaches and places some kind of device on the Blue Falcon.) BLACK SHADOW: Are you ready? BLOOD FALCON: Yeah! I'm ready! (Falcon hovers into his machine.) BLACK SHADOW: Farwell Captain Falcon! BLOOD FALCON: You are going on a little ride now! (Something like that I couldn't make it out well.) (Captain Falcon struggles for a moment, then finally breaks out of the ropes. He grabs his wheel and realizes what is on his machine...) AFTER MISSION... (Captain Falcon is speeding down the road when he hits a sign. He flies off the road.) CAPTAIN FALCON: Huh... augh! (He hits a crane and the bomb flies off and explodes in the water. Captain Falcon lands on the road and continues speeding down it.) *********************************** MISSON SEVEN: THE F-ZERO GRAND PRIX *********************************** His death averted, _Falcon_ visits the F-ZERO competition grounds... ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentelmen! The contestants! The high flying medico! Dr. Stewart. The hitman who flies at the speed of sound! Pico! The Japanese warrior! Samurai Goroh! The cyborg returns! Mighty Gazelle! The emperor of brutality, Black Shadow. And the bounty hunter, CAPTAINNNN FALCONNNN! (Black Shadow glances at Falcon, startled.) BLACK SHADOW: Well still alive it seems! Well I won't miss this chance to make mince meat of you! Hahaha! CAPTAIN FALCON: Black Shadow, I'll show you! You'll NEVER defeat me! (Captain Falcon climbs into his machine.) ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentelmen! Start your engines!!!!! AFTER MISSION... (Captain Falcon finishes the race and climbs out of his machine.) ANNOUNCER: Our champion! CAPTAINNNN FALCONNN! The F-Zero committee will now present the champions prize belt! (Black Shadow climbs out of his machine.) BLACK SHADOW: What the... eh! (The mysterious man we saw in the prologue appears) MYSTERIOUS MAN: Black Shadow, you failed again! Your good for nothing! (He sends a wave of energy at Black Shadow, coving him and making him dissapear.) CAPTAIN FALCON: Ju...just who are you! MYSTERIOUS MAN: I am Deathbond! The Grand Prix champion of the underworld. Why don't we race tomorrow! Hahahaha *********************************************** CHAPTER EIGHT: SECRETS OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT *********************************************** _Falcon_ sets out to meet _Deathborn_ knowing he must not lose... (Falcon is seen driving up to a huge gate. It opens, with blinding light, and Falcon shields his eyes. He drives in and sees Deathborn.) DEATHBORN: I've been waiting for you. Did you bring the Champion's Belt? (Falcon holds up the belt won at the Grand Prix.) DEATHBORN: Good... (The two belts rise and begin to glow green...) DEATHBORN: Falcon shall I tell you something before you die? Dark and lights, the two great forces which make up our universe. These TWO universal forces are condensed in each of our belts! Didn't you know, at the time when the two forces become one, it is possible to seize that power. Then I can turn this whole galaxy into a planet of ashes in an instant! How I've waited for this moment... the world will fall into total... darkness... CAPTAIN FALCON: Not if I can help it! I'll destroy you yet! Lets go! (The two climb into their machines and start their engines...) AFTER MISSION... (DEATHBORN is screaming and yelling) DEATHBORN: No! He got me! How can I lose! NOOOOOOOOOO! (He flies off the track and into the lava. The belt merges and attatches itself to Captain Falcon.) CAPTAIN FALCON: The evil forces will never get their hands on this belt! I'll make sure! **************************************** CHAPTER NINE: FINALE: ENTER THE CREATORS **************************************** With the Ultimate Championship's Belt in hand, _Falcon_ can relax. But... (Falcon is resting and putting away his stuff when all of a sudden, he hears a strange voice coming from the belt.) MYSTERIOUS VOICE: Falcon... Hahahaha. Falcon... hahahahaha... look, I'm over here Falcon... hahahaha CAPTAIN FALCON: Who are you? MYSTERIOUS VOICE: We are the Creator! CAPTAIN FALCON: What are you talking about CREATOR: We created the whole world. What a surprise. You'd beat Deathborn... our best creation! CAPTAIN FALCON: Your best creation...? So it was you who set up everything! But why CREATOR: To tell you the truth, there are no universal forces... CAPTAIN FALCON: WHAT? CREATOR: Now you become the champion of the two grand prix... We'll take out your soul from your body and turn it into our creation! (The Creator emerges from the belt and flies around. It transports Falcon to a glowing place, similar to Phantom Road.) CREATOR: Are you ready? CAPTAIN FALCON: Come off it! You think you can beat me? No way! AFTER MISSION... (The Creator's machine explodes and they dissapear. Falcon appears back at his training area and takes off his helmet. He places it down and walks through a door. We now see the staff credits.) Okay. That was the Worst. Ending. Ever. The announcer in the game says... 3...2...1...GO! YOU GOT BOOST POWER! YEAH! FINAL LAP! OFF COURSE! RETIRED! BROKEN DOWN! Original Machine! (He says all machine names) ALRIGHT! FIRST PLACE! SECOND PLACE! THIRD PLACE! FOURTH PLACE! FIFTH PLACE! Sixth place! Seventh place! Eigth place! Ninth place! Tenth place. Eleventh place. Twelvth place. Thirteenth place. Fourteenth place. Fifteenth place. Sixteenth place. Seventeenth place. Eighteenth place. Ninteenth place. Twentyth place... Twenty-first place... Twenty-second place... Twenty-third place... Twenty-fourth place..... Twenty-fifth place..... Twenty-sixth place..... Twenty-seventh place..... Twenty-eighth place.......... Twenty-ninth place.......... Thirtyith place............... The script is now complete. I might add a TV guide later on though. +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (11) SONG LYRICS | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ CAPTAIN FALCON In this world you've got to be strong You've got to fight to keep your spirit alive And you might feel like there's nothing left to go for and fight for But it's the fight that keeps us ready and on top Even I can feel feel the power When I think of you I see no fear, feel no pain Forever he will be my hero (Better believe he knows the way) And not just only for tonight And now that I'm not just a dreamer (And I know I got what he's got) And not just only for tonight I've got power I'm gonna fight to the end I'm gonna fight to the end Even I can feel the power When I think of you I see no fear, feel no pain Forever he will be my hero (Better believe he knows the way) And not just only for tonight And now that I'm not just a dreamer (And I know I got what he's got) And not just only for tonight Forever he will be my hero (Forever he will be my hero) And now that I'm not just a dreamer (And now that I'm not just a dreamer) Forever he will be my hero (Forever he will be my hero) And now that I'm not just a dreamer (And now that I'm not just a dreamer) Forever he will be my hero And now that I'm not just a dreamer Forever he will be my hero And now that I'm not just a dreamer Forever he will be my hero And now that I'm not just a dreamer JAMES McCLOUD He is the hero Leader of the team Tough, brave, and super It's the subtlety Shining Little Wyvern Makes the speed of light (??????) JACK LEVIN Look around, take it in, watch the moves now Buzzin 'round like a fly by a lightbulb Watchin' words, bouncin 'round to the beat of my drum Nothing said when you were under my thumb Take a ride in the night sky Looking good silhouette with my x-ray eyes Be alive, and let it slide, and watch the sun rise I know where it's at In the light of the sun There is part of me there In the middle of it all (I know where it's at) And in the light of the moon There is none of us there In the middle of it all (I know where it's at) SUPER ARROW Follow me I'll protect you I believe It's destiny If you are me Could you be so strong Can you see Can you see its me And if you think it is too Don't think it's up to me And it's a perfect world You now belong to me And I can take you higher Than you can believe And it's a perfect world You now belong to me And I can take you higher Than you can believe BILLY Billy, an ape of the universe Noone can reach the speed of light Billy, an ape on the universe Nothing can save you from the machine PHOENIX You never know if we are watching you through secret eyes and Find a place where you can hide underground Change your name and Change your face and Feel the heat around you It's the forces It's the order detective It's the forces, it's the order (Detective) I want you to feel the pressure (We keep the order) I know you can't run forever No-one moves without me saying (I'm gonna take you down) You know there's no use in fighting You never know if we are watching Through our secret eyes No place for hiding Change your name Change your face Feel the heat around you It's the force It's the order detective ********** STORY MODE ********** PROLOGUE Are you prepared to play the game? The dare's the only price of fame CHAPTER ONE I'm a hero, F-Zero! I'm a hero, F-Zero! I'm a hero, F-Zero! [laughing] If the haves would take the have-nots and the bads would come to their lot and there's no one even their to buy them And Falcon always comes out on top No matter what. You're meant to be goin' goin' flip-flop He's puts his job on this madness to stop To round up every bad guy and fry them I've found the race A boost to my morale He's ready for the chase And he's raced in the Falcon In the hour of need He never failed to take the lead. What's that Captain Falcon got up his sleave? I'm a hero in the F-Zero! I'm a hero in the F-Zero! I'm a hero in the F-Zero! CREDITS Captain Falcon will always be there Send angered voices of darkeness away Thank heavens he's on the right side Or else there'd be no where to hide Captain Falcon will always be found Hot on the trail tracking them down Give it up, "capitan" Three cheers for the falcon Call me tracking hero Fast attack, F-Zero Cracker Jack, F-Zero On the gates, F-Zero Stylin' face, F-Zero In the race, F-Zero In first place, F-Zero Call me tracking hero Fast Attack, F-Zero Cracker Jack, F-Zero On the gates, F-Zero +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (12) FAQ | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ Oh my gosh! A FAQ! It's those F-Zero questions answered! You ready for this! Can you handle all of the intense questions! Can you? Huh? These questions were asked by people who e-mailed me. Q: Do you have to beat hard mode in the mission section to unlock the next mission? A: No. When you complete normal mode, just go to the customize section, choose shop, and go to items. You'll find the next mission there. Q: How do I unlock the diamond cup? A: Place first in the Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire cups on standard mode or higher. Q: Are you gonna include the F-Zero AX tracks and characters in your FAQ? A: Maybe, if I unlock them. Q: Hey do you have any tips on beating the Ruby Cup? A: Everything is in the FAQ... Q: What character(s) do you use? A: I use Captain Falcon and Black Shadow. Q: How fast can you go in this game? A: I don't know the exact... I've gotten up to 2500 kilometers per hour but that was when I fell off a drop-off. Q: Can I be a co-author for this FAQ? A: No. I prefer all work here is my work. Thanks for offering. Q: Hi I was just wondering how far are you into your game? A: As of now (08/31/03), I just completed novice diamond cup, and am on the fifth story mode mission. Q: Who is the guy at the beginning of story mode? A: Actually, I have no idea... Q: How many cups are there? A: Five: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, and AX Q: Are you making these questions up? It seems so! A: No, I'm not. All of these questions have been asked through e-mail. Q: How many difficulties are there? A: Four. Novice, Standard, Expert, and Master (ugh!) Those are all the questions that I have now. E-mail me with some questions and I'll post them here. +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (13) VERSION HISTORY | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ 08/29/03 Finished three cups, got three missions done, and finished the character, controls, and intro. Although the FAQ is already about halfway done, there will be more to come very soon. 08/31/03 Unlocked the Diamond Cup today so added walkthrough for that. Also added four new chapters! In addition to that, added the recommended balance for each race, and added a new story mode mission. More to come soon... 09/06/03 New chapter added and got the AX racers! Also added TWO new chapterSwhich allows people to post their own custom vehicles and gives you the script of the game. Also added the game difficulty for each track. Finally, completed story mode! YAY! This FAQ is now very, very close to being complete. 09/14/03 AUGHH! STILL haven't unlocked AX tracks! Added a skeleton of the AX section thanks to Famliyguy and added two new chapters: Staff Ghosts and Song Lyrics. +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (14) CONTACT | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ My e-mail address is There are a few things that you can e-mail me about, and few things that you can't. First the things that are okay. Information on the game. No this does NOT mean full cup guides, or missions because if it isn't there I haven't gotten to them yet but I will. It means additional TIPS on beating a track or correcting information that I messed up. Secrets are _TOTALLY_ accepted. Asking permission to use this FAQ. You can see full details on this in the final chapter. Suggestions for the FAQ. Something like, "Why don't you add such and such in your FAQ. NOT "Why don't you totally re-do your FAQ because it sucks!" That is just plain rude and annoying. If you don't like my FAQ, tell me things to make it better! The things that you CAN'T e-mail me about are... Spam. This is the NUMBER 0NE thing that you must not send. I get at least twenty spam e-mails a day and I don't need yours it doesn't help. Please don't send any. Praise/Hate mail. Yes I appreciate it if you praise my FAQ. No I don't appreciate it if you send me an e-mail saying, "Your FAQ is the biggest piece of **** ever created! It sucks!" Those two things just fill up my inbox and it really annoys me. Spelling/Grammar mistakes. I used to get about ten e-mails a day saying, "You spelled these two words wrong." or something like, "You used inappropriate grammar in this chapter." Please people! I can find those on my own! And that wraps up the contact. Once again my e-mail is: +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | (15) CREDITS/LEGAL | +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ The credits so far go to... Nintendo and Sega for publishing this game. Amusement Visions for creating this great game. CJayC for posting this on his site. NJBob628 for recommending putting the recommended balance Flamemaster2007 and Squid Z for both helping me with the AX Character stats famliyguy; he gave me the skeleton of the AX section That is all I have now. If you want to be included in the credits, e-mail me with some good information! The legal info... Some of you people have no idea how annoying it is to see your FAQ on someone else's site. DON'T put this on your site or in your book or magazine. Don't take any PARTS of this guide without my permission. I will find out somehow by someone who e-mails me and I will get very mad at them. You can, however, print this guide out for your own use. The big sin: DON'T GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT FOR THIS FAQ! Ever, ever, ever! Plagiarism is the number one thing that pisses me off. If I find this FAQ on someone's site without my permission AND without my name on it, I'm not even going to send a nice little e-mail telling you to remove it. I'll get serious FAST! Using this guide as your own is against the law, and can result in severe punishments. Altering this section is also against U.S. law and can result in severe punishments. This FAQ is copyright 2003 me frog Thanks a bunch for reading this FAQ! I hope it helps you! REST OF FAQ COMING SOON!</p>