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PC FAQ Version ................... 1.00 : Game Version ............... 1.0.4 =============================================================================== =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------- : T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================== Introduction ...................................................... s01 Search Index ...................................................... s02 General Information ............................................... s03 Walkthrough ....................................................... s04 Story and Characters ...................................... x00 Air Defense Bunker ........................................ x01 Air Defense Trenches .................................... x02 Hangar Perimeter ........................................ x03 Interior Hangar ......................................... x04 MCC Landing Site ........................................ x05 Operation: Advantage ...................................... x06 Canyon .................................................. x07 Perimeter Defense Station ............................... x08 Aqueducts ............................................... x09 Aqueducts Annex ......................................... x10 Nexus Hub Tunnels ....................................... x11 Nexus Hub ............................................... x12 Strogg Medical Facilities ................................. x13 Construction Zone ....................................... x14 Dispersal Facilities .................................... x15 Recomposition Center .................................... x16 Putrification Center .................................... x17 Waste Processing Facility ............................... x18 Operation: Last Hope ...................................... x19 Data Storage Terminal ................................... x20 Data Storage Security ................................... x21 Data Storage Terminal (Revisited) ....................... x22 Tram Hub Station ........................................ x23 Tram Rail ............................................... x24 Data Processing Terminal ................................ x25 Data Processing Security ................................ x26 Data Processing Terminal (Revisited) .................... x27 Data Networking Terminal ................................ x28 Data Networking Security ................................ x29 Nexus Core ................................................ x30 The Nexus ............................................... x31 Version History ................................................... s05 Legal Stuff ....................................................... s06 Contact Info ...................................................... s07 Credits ........................................................... s08 ----[ N O T E ]-------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to jump directly to a specific section, simply hit CTRL+F and enter the appropriate three-character code. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------- : I N T R O D U C T I O N : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================[s01]==== Greetings, and welcome to my Quake 4 guide. If you found yourself here, perhaps you're stuck, in need of strategic advice, or merely curious about the game. In any case, I'm sure this document will prove useful. This FAQ includes all the information you would normally expect from such a guide, including a full walkthrough of the game, and detailed information about the weapons and enemies you will encounter. But what makes this FAQ different from others is in the way all this information is organized and presented. This is the second FAQ I've written using this format, and I certainly hope you will find it helpful and easy to follow. Give it a read a see for yourself! Quake 4 is a first-person shooter, released in 2005 and currently available for the PC and Xbox 360. The story directly follows the events of Quake 2, in which the human race wages an all-out war against aliens known as the Strogg. While Quake 4 didn't really revolutionize or advance the FPS genre in any way, its excellent graphics and non-stop, fast-paced action immediately pulled me in. It's a fun game that sticks closely to the standard FPS formula. So in short, I hope you'll find this guide both informative and interesting. If you'd like to see more FAQs like this one, be sure to check out my contribution page on GameFAQs at the following address: * http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/61433.html =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------- : S E A R C H I N D E X : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================[s02]==== Because most of the information is contained within the walkthrough itself, you won't find separate lists at the end of the document detailing every weapon, monster, etc. However, I still want to provide a means to find any kind of information quickly, and this is what the following tables are for. Simply look up the relevant code, hit CTRL+F on your keyboard, type in the code and hit enter (twice usually)! If all goes well, you'll be taken directly to whatever it is you're seeking. ----[ N O T E ]-------------------------------------------------------------- The information contained in the following tables could be considered spoilers. Use at your own risk! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----[ W E A P O N S ]---------------------------------------------------------- Blaster ........................ w01 : Hyperblaster ................... w06 Machinegun ..................... w02 : Rocket Launcher ................ w07 Shotgun ........................ w03 : Railgun ........................ w08 Grenade Launcher ............... w04 : Lightning Gun .................. w09 Nailgun ........................ w05 : Dark Matter Gun ................ w10 ----[ V E H I C L E S ]-------------------------------------------------------- Hovertank ...................... v01 : Walker ......................... v02 ----[ E N E M I E S ]---------------------------------------------------------- Strogg Marine .................. e01 : Teleport Dropper ............... e09 Grunt .......................... e02 : Tactical Transfer .............. e10 Berserker ...................... e03 : Light Tank ..................... e11 Gunner ......................... e04 : Slimy Transfer ................. e12 Gladiator ...................... e05 : Failed Transfer ................ e13 Sentry ......................... e06 : Iron Maiden .................... e14 Stream Protector ............... e07 : Heavy Hovertank ................ e15 Scientist ...................... e08 ----[ B O S S E S ]------------------------------------------------------------ Strogg Voss .................... b01 : The Makron ..................... b03 Network Guardian ............... b02 : The Nexus ...................... b04 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------- : G E N E R A L I N F O R M A T I O N : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================[s03]==== Here is some information you might find useful if you're new to the game or to first-person shooters in general. ----[ H E A L T H ]------------------------------------------------------------ You will lose a certain amount of health points whenever you get hit by enemy attacks or various environmental hazards. If you lose all your health, you will die and be forced to reload your latest savegame, or restart the current level. The maximum amount of health you can have at any time is 100. To restore health points, always be on the lookout for the following pickups: * Small Health Pack : restores 25 health * Large Health Pack : restores 50 health ----[ A R M O R ]-------------------------------------------------------------- Armor provides additional protection that will allow you to receive less damage from most attacks. The more armor you wear, the less damage you will take, up to a maximum of 100 points. Unfortunately, your armor will degrade rapidly as you sustain damage (you will usually lose armor points faster than health points, especially if you have lots of armor). Always try to keep your armor rating as high as possible, as without it you'll have trouble surviving against even the weakest of foes. To increase your armor rating, look for the following pickups, scattered around each of the game's levels: * Armor Shard : adds 5 armor points * Small Armor Vest : adds 50 armor points * Large Armor Vest : adds 100 armor points ----[ H E A D S H O T S ]------------------------------------------------------ It's important to note that in most cases, you can kill your foes faster if you aim for their head. Usually, scoring a headshot results in double the normal damage you would have inflicted otherwise. This obviously allows you to defeat your enemies faster, which is especially important against the tougher ones or when you're being attacked by several enemies at once. Practice headshots early, and abuse them often! ----[ S C R E E N S A N D P A N E L S ]------------------------------------ Quake 4 features an interesting GUI (graphical user interface) system which allows you to interact directly with several of the game's computer screens or panels. To interact with a GUI, simply approach it until your crosshair changes to a small hand cursor. Use this cursor to click on the various elements of the GUI and produce the desired effect. This usually mean clicking on one big obvious button. ----[ T H E M A R I N E S ]-------------------------------------------------- Because Quake 4 pits you in the middle of a war against the Strogg, you will often be fighting alongside other marines. These marines are quite capable, and are typically equipped with a Machinegun. Keep them alive as long as possible and they'll make your life a little easier. But Medics and Tech marines are especially helpful. Simply click on them and they'll fully heal you or repair your armor, respectively. As long as they're not engaged in combat, that is. ----[ D I F F I C U L T Y L E V E L S ]-------------------------------------- Upon starting a new game, you must select a difficulty level. This will affect the accuracy of your enemies, as well as the amount of damage they deal to you. Be sure to pick a difficulty level that reflects your own skills and experience with first-person shooters. The General skill level is especially brutal, as most of your enemies can destroy you with only a few shots. * Private (easy) : Try not to shoot yourself in the foot * Corporal (normal) : You can hit a moving target... usually * Lieutenant (hard) : Shoot first, ask questions later * General (very hard) : An unstoppable death machine =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------- : W A L K T H R O U G H : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================[s04]==== This is by far the longest section of this document, covering everything you need to know about Quake 4 from start to finish. Read up a bit about the background story and characters if you want, or jump directly to any other section of the walkthrough. While it is meant to be read in order, it is by no means required. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : S T O R Y A N D C H A R A C T E R S : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x00]---- ----[ T H E S T O R Y S O F A R ]---------------------------------------- In the mid-21st century, a barbaric alien race called the Strogg launched a massive invasion on Earth. While the invasion was originally believed to be an attempt to strip the planet of its natural resources, humans soon discovered the Strogg are only after one thing: the human remains of those they kill. Through a horrific process, the limbs and flesh of the fallen are fused with metal and machinery to create the monstrosities that are the alien Strogg. The Strogg battled the human race for years on Earth, but as resources became depleted, Earth mounted a counter-assault on the Strogg homeworld. The first assault force was launched from the fleet and encountered massive resistance - most of the drop-ships were destroyed by the Strogg homeworld's massive defense weapon known as "The Big Gun." One surviving Marine broke through and was able to destroy The Big Gun and ultimately defeat the Strogg leader, the Makron. However, the war did not end there. The Strogg provided to be extremely resilient and as the war continued to rage, the Strogg regrouped and constructed a new and more powerful Makron. You are Matthew Kane, a member of the elite Rhino Squad and part of the next massive invasion that spans across the entire Stroggos planet. Equipped with hi-tech weapons and vehicles, and teamed with a top Marine squadron, you soon realize this war is far from over. In fact, your worst nightmare is soon realized when you discover to defeat the Strogg, you must become one of them. (story taken from the manual) ----[ C H A R A C T E R S ]---------------------------------------------------- ----[ Matthew Kane ]--------------------------------------------------------- You play as Matthew Kane, the newest addition to the elite Rhino Squad. Kane has somewhat of a mysterious past and not much is known about him, except that he's a survivor. As one of his squadmates so eloquently put it, Kane is one "certified badass". Can one man change the course of the war? ----[ Rhino Squad ]---------------------------------------------------------- Besides Kane, Rhino Squad is made up of eight other marines, with whom you'll interact regularly throughout the game. Each of them even has a unique and (in some cases) interesting personality. * Lieutenant Scott Voss, Squad Leader * Sergeant Marian Bidwell, second-in-command * Lance Corporal Nikolai 'Sledge' Sledjonovitch, heavy weapons specialist * Corporal Alejandro Cortez, sniper * Corporal Dell Morris, communications officer * Corporal William Rhodes, demolitions expert * Johann Strauss, tech marine (and arrogant bastard) * Jeremiah Anderson, squad medic ----[ Other Squads ]--------------------------------------------------------- Of course, Rhino Squad can't save the world by itself. You'll always be able to count on the support of many other marine squads, such as Badger, Cobra, Eagle, Kodiak, Scorpion, Viper, Warthog and Wolf. However, the most noteworthy, and by far the biggest of all the squads has got to be Raven Squad. If you're observant enough, you might notice that every marine of this squad is named after the various Raven Software staff members. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : A I R D E F E N S E B U N K E R : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x01]---- ----[ N O T E ]-------------------------------------------------------------- This walkthrough was played on the normal (Corporal) difficulty level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game starts with a nice introduction sequence, featuring some sweet and gory models. You are riding on board the battleship U.S.S. Patton, who just arrived at planet Stroggos to help out with the ongoing war against the Strogg. As your dropship flies down to the surface with countless others, Lieutenant Voss will briefly uh, brief you and the rest of Rhino Squad. Following the events of Quake 2, a lone marine was able to kill the Strogg leader called the "Makron", and disable the planetary defense guns. Well he obviously missed a few guns, as your dropship gets shot out of the sky and crashes on the planet's surface. Luckily, you somehow survive the crash (as does all of Rhino Squad), and the game begins shortly after you regain consciousness. First, get a feel for moving around (default keys: W, A, S, D), jumping (press SPACE) and crouching (hold C). For whatever reason, you can't pick up the Machinegun off the dead marine at your feet (not like he'll need it), so practice firing your pathetic BLASTER around (click the left mouse button). ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 1 ]---- BLASTER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... n/a : Power ............... [|:::::::::] Max Ammo ..................... n/a : Speed ............... [|||||:::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A shot from this standard Marine-issue energy pistol can barely penetrate a sheet of paper, let alone an armored Strogg. You can fire quick, but weak shots by pressing the fire button. You can also charge up the Blaster by holding down the fire button for about one second and then release it. This charged shot is much more powerful, yet still pretty useless, considering the time it takes to fire. The Blaster is also fitted with a Flashlight (toggle it with the F key). And thanks to its internal nuclear battery, it will never run out of ammo. Still, I wouldn't recommend using it against anything but Strogg Marines, and then only when you really, really need to conserve ammo. I can pretty much guarantee you'll never use it again once you obtain a better weapon. On a more positive note, I do like the design of the Blaster. --------------------------------------------------------------------[w01]---- Now head towards the guy who's desperately trying to contact headquarters on the radio. Meet Sergeant Morris, Rhino Squad's communications officer. He'll tell you that you need to regroup with the rest of the squad as soon as possible, and thus give you the first mission objective of the game. ----[ Regroup With Rhino Squad ]----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- The survivors of Rhino Squad have made their way into the Strogg fortress ahead. Hurry up and join them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hurry up they say... but it's their fault they left you for dead in the first place. Run past Morris to meet a second member of Rhino Squad: Medic Anderson. After he introduces himself, Anderson will heal you back up to 100 health points. How nice. Now run towards the fortress entrance to meet up with Private Webb, of Badger Squad. Private is just another word for "expendable", isn't it? Follow him inside and run through some hallways to reach a larger room. This is where you'll sort of be ambushed by your very first STROGG MARINE. Try shooting him down with your peashooter, or let Webb do all the work for you. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ STROGG MARINE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [ varies ] : Toughness ........... [||::::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- These could be considered your Strogg equivalent, except you've never seen such incompetent marines before. These bottom-of-the-food chain type of stroggs barely constitute a threat by themselves, though they can certainly be an annoyance in bigger groups. They can wield different types of weapons, such as a Blaster, Machinegun or Shotgun, but their aim is generally terrible. ----[ Blaster Marine ]-------------------------[ Power ]--[|:::::::::]---- If your own Blaster is any indication, you'd know these don't pose much of a threat. The slow-moving projectiles they fire are easy to dodge and don't hurt much. Just don't get caught into their line of fire too often, as even low damage can quickly add up. These Marines are of a grey color. ----[ Machinegun Marine ]----------------------[ Power ]--[|:::::::::]---- While the Machinegun certainly is a step up from the Blaster, these particular stroggs barely know how to use it. Their fire is wildly inaccurate, and whatever bullets hit you will likely scratch your ego harder than your own flesh. They appear in an orange/red color. ----[ Shotgun Marine ]-------------------------[ Power ]--[||::::::::]---- A Shotgun will only cause real damage at close range, so always keep your distance with these Marines and you'll be fine. If one does manage to hit you from close enough you might bleed a little, so just keep strafing. These stroggs come in a brown/yellow color. It's also worth noting that if a Strogg Marine gets close enough, he'll start using you as a punching bag. They don't deal much damage in melee either, but there's no reason you should ever let that happen. Finally, these Marines wear little to no armor (possibly because of budget issues), so any weapon works well to take them down. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e01]---- Follow Webb around the room, shooting up more Strogg Marines along the way. You'll soon meet up with Private Dees and a couple more Strogg Marines. After the last of them have been eliminated, Webb will tell you to rejoin your squad while he and Dees stay behind to hold this room. Exit the room into another hallway, in which you'll find two SMALL HEALTH PACKS in a crate next to the blue flare. These will restore 25 health each, so you'll want to grab them if you've been hurt so far. Go through the yellow door, just in time to witness an unlucky marine getting dragged away by a Grunt. Too bad you can't help him. Make your way around this room, passing by a crashed drop pod, until you reach another unlocked yellow door. This might be a good time to mention that most doors in the game that display red lights will be locked, while the doors with green lights are unlocked. Makes sense, though it's a good thing the Strogg attach the same meaning to the green and red colors as most humans do. In any case, this is always an easy way to discern where you should be headed next. Speaking of which, proceed through that unlocked yellow door now and pick up the MACHINEGUN next to the dead marine (there's a hidden Machinegun on the marine as well). ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 2 ]---- MACHINEGUN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... 40 : Power ............... [||::::::::] Max Ammo ..................... 300 : Speed ............... [||||||||::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : SPECIAL : [ Zoom ] Hold down the Special key to look through the : : : Machinegun's scope. Though this mode features semi- : : : automatic fire, each shot is slightly more powerful. : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Machinegun is a weapon you will rely on quite a bit, especially in the first half of the game. Its excellent rate of fire more than makes up for the Machinegun's relative lack of power. This gets even better once you acquire the Extended Clip Mod, which allows you to fire up to 80 shots without having to reload. Twice the shooting fun! Needless to say, such a high rate of fire comes at the price of accuracy. You won't lose much accuracy up to medium range, though beyond that you're likely to miss more and more (unless you're shooting at a wall). It's best to use the Zoom function if you want to hit some far away enemy. The Machinegun is also equipped with a Flashlight (toggle it on/off with F). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : UPGRADE : [ Extended Clip Mod ] This mod increases the Clip Size : : : to 80. Obtained in "Operation: Last Hope". : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Clips (50) - Machinegun (40) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w02]---- At last, you can say goodbye to the Blaster. Not that it took all that long. But really, if I could throw it away, I would. Anyway, as soon as you advance in this room, a Strogg Marine will drop down from the ceiling. Pump his head full of lead with your shiny new Machinegun to drop him real quick like. Then be sure to pick up the two CLIPS just ahead, as you'll want to make the most of your Machinegun. Turn left and run through this room, and you'll find two Strogg Marines waiting at the other end. Find some cover behind the pillars so you can safely shoot them down. Go through the next door to find Private Kovitch struggling with a Grunt, then take care of the problem himself in an admirable fashion. Shotgun blasts to the face have solved countless problems before, possibly making this one of the most effective negotiation tactic ever. After wiping Grunt brain matter off his armor, Kovitch will say that you need to find Badger Squad just ahead. Before you follow him in the next room, loot this hallway to find a SMALL HEALTH PACK and a CLIP in a nearby crate, plus two more CLIPS next to the door. Go through the door into the next room, and through the long hallway with rows of pipe on the left. Just a few steps in, a GRUNT will smash through the pipes and try to take a few swipes at you. He won't hurt you if you just stay on the other side of the hallway. Start shooting him up with the Machinegun, after which he'll run to the end of the hallway so he can run back towards you. This should give you plenty of time to gun him down, though be warned he'll try to leap at you once he gets close enough. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ GRUNT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||||::::::] : Toughness ........... [||||::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This short but massive alien is covered in armor that kinda gives him the appearance of a football player. Consequently, you don't want to stay in his path when he comes charging towards you. While the Grunt is equipped with a shoulder-mounted chaingun, he will rarely use it. The damage it causes is weak anyway, and he's got a terrible aim. Instead, Grunts like to use some rather powerful melee attacks that you'll want to avoid by staying far away from them. In addition, they can leap at you from great distances. Dodge this attack by strafing if you can, as it's twice as powerful as their normal melee attacks. You might notice that Grunts sometime choose to absorb the green chemicals plugged into their arms. I'm not actually sure if this has any effect, except perhaps allow them to run a bit faster. While Grunts are certainly more resilient than Strogg Marines, you should still be able to kill them easily with most weapons save the Blaster. Obviously, the stronger the weapon, the faster they'll die. But that matters little if you can stay out of their melee range. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e02]---- With the Grunt dead, run to the end of the hallway and then back on the other side of the pipes until you come up to a door. You'll see a stroyent health station on the left wall there, but not being a Strogg yourself you can't do anything with it. Instead, go through the door on the right to witness a Strogg Marine get blasted in the face by Private Hillstrom. Looks like you found the rest of Badger Squad! Just follow the path to find Sergeant Miller. Since one of his men is badly wounded, he'll order you to run back, grab Medic Anderson, and bring him back here. Why should you take orders from this man? You already have your own orders. Oh well. ----[ Retrieve Medic ]--------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find Anderson, Rhino Squad's medic. Bring him back to the wounded marine near Sgt. Miller. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before you head back, loot the nearby crates to find two CLIPS and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS. Now time for a little backtracking. Retrace your steps into the pipe room and run to the other end. The pipes that were previously broken off by the Grunt will explode, setting off an alarm. You'll then be assaulted by a Grunt and two Strogg Marines, followed by three more Marines. You shouldn't have any problems if you stay at the other end of the hallway and pick them off from a distance. Zoom with the Machinegun if necessary. Keep running back, through the room with the large windows and into the room with all the pillars. You'll spot Corporal Pierce motioning you over, but then the door behind him opens and a BERSERKER impales him! Pierce got pierced... get it? Um. Just unload into the Berserker with your Machinegun, and aim for the head as much as you can. You might need to step back a bit to avoid his attacks. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ BERSERKER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||||||::::] : Toughness ........... [|||||:::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Berserkers are the masters of melee, possessing a wide variety of harmful close-range attacks. They have a blade on their right arm and a morning star on the left, both of which they can use in melee to inflict much pain on your person. If that wasn't enough, they can also leap towards you in a similar fashion to the Grunts to inflict extra damage. And to top it all off, Berserkers run very fast. But that's not all! At any moment, Berserkers can choose to hit the ground with their blade, creating a shockwave that's fairly hard to avoid. Try jumping or running backwards. Thankfully, this attack doesn't do much damage. They can also shoot out a beam of lightning from their blade, which causes about as much damage as their melee attacks. Like the shockwave, this attack doesn't have much range, but is very hard to avoid. Not only can Berserkers dish out pain in many varied and effective ways, but they can also withstand quite a bit of it. You'll always want to take them down as quickly as possible, especially when they attack alongside other stroggs. Not like they'll give you much of a choice anyway. You can't shoot at anything else when you got a seven feet wall standing in your way. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e03]---- Go through the door where the Berserker came from, and into a small room containing two MACHINEGUNS, a CLIP and a SMALL HEALTH PACK. Continue through the next door and you'll be back into the room with the crashed drop pod. Run forward to help Anderson deal with three Strogg Marines. Nice job so far, but you still need to bring him back. Which means even more backtracking for you. Re-backtracking? Back-backtracking? Whatever. ----[ Retrieve Medic ]----------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Escort Anderson ]-------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Protect Anderson and bring him back to the wounded marine near Sgt. Miller. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is your first escort objective of the game, meaning you must protect a specific character until a task is accomplished. If you let that character die, it's game over for you. Thankfully, Medic Anderson is a good shot, and you should have no problem escorting him back. Remember that you can click on him at any time (unless you're in battle) to have him heal you right up. Before going back, you can look behind the door the Strogg Marines came from to find a dead marine and a MACHINEGUN. So head back past the drop pod and through the door straight ahead. A Grunt will smash through a floor panel in this room, but with Anderson's help you'll have no problem gunning him down. If you want, jump down into the hole the Grunt came from, and you'll land on a small walkway below the floor. Follow this path (be sure to turn on your flashlight) and you should be able to find a CLIP and a SMALL ARMOR VEST near some fire. Sweet, some protection! Then click the interactive panel near the ladder to open up a hatch above, and climb it up. You'll be back in the drop pod room, so run back into the next room, and again through the next door. In the pillars room, just run forward and this time a Berserker will drop down from the ceiling! Again, with Anderson's help he won't be a problem. Run through the door, through the windowed room, and you'll be in the pipe room. A Berserker will try to ambush you from the broken pipes, and two Strogg Marines will attack from the end of the room. Stay cool, and find cover if necessary. You can then run to the end of the room, and you'll find a newly-unlocked door. Beyond it lies a MACHINEGUN and several dangerously explosive barrels. You should now run back into the other room, where Sergeant Miller patiently awaits your return. Anderson will take care of the injured guy, and Miller will finally let you go by unlocking the large door in this room. ----[ Escort Anderson ]---------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Grab anything you might have missed before leaving this room, and make sure you grab a heal from Anderson if you're hurt. Go through the large doors to see Cortez take care of three stroggs in a rather awesome way. What nonchalance. He'll introduce himself as Rhino Squad's sharpshooter and remind you that you still need to regroup with the rest of the squad. Look around this place to find a MACHINEGUN, three CLIPS and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS. You can then run through the red door that Cortez pointed at to find the exit panel for this level. That's what the panel says in Strogg alphabet... "Exit". Simply click it to finish the first level! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : A I R D E F E N S E T R E N C H E S : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x02]---- What, did you think Rhino Squad would be right behind that door? Nope, still have a little ways to go. Run into the next room, where Sergeant Bidwell will inform you over the radio that you need to find him as soon as possible. Again. Could they stop reminding you for like, five whole minutes? Follow the path to an elevator, and click the yellow panel to ride it up. Follow this path through a door and into a large room. A Grunt will run up some stairs to tackle you, but you should have little problem shooting him down. Look into the small computer room on the left side to find a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Run down the stairs and through a door. Follow this path until you reach another dead marine (seems to be a lot of those around here) near a red flare. Pick up his MACHINEGUN and CLIP if you dare, then walk through the door. You're now back into the room with the large windows from the first level, though on the upper ledge. If you look down, you can see a marine shooting down some Strogg with a Hyperblaster. Cool weapon. Follow this hallway which will lead you outside, where you'll find a SMALL HEALTH PACK and a LARGE HEALTH PACK sitting in a crate. You can also climb down the pipes on the right to find four ARMOR SHARDS. You can then run through the tunnel until you reach the trenches. Woo, lots of action out here. Thankfully, you're pretty safe where you're standing. That's what trenches are for. Run forward, past Sergeant Dischler, to find a SMALL HEALTH PACK and three CLIPS in a crate. Notice how all this ammo and health is just lying around when you don't really need it? Ah well. Turn right and follow the red and yellow cables into another short tunnel to meet Damato. Quickly follow him outside. You should first notice two Strogg Marines and a Berserker, which you should swiftly take down with Damato's help. Three more Strogg Marines will then come in, UNLESS Damato dies, in which case you'll have to face six more Marines. As you can see, it's best to protect Damato, especially from the Berserker (he's basically the only one who can kill him). By the way, this is the first time you'll encounter the Shotgun Marines. You'll find a CLIP by looking around in this area, and you can then run through the next tunnel. Bidwell is getting really impatient! You'll meet with Corporal Rhodes in the tunnel, who seems a little disappointed to see you alive. That'll teach him to bet against you. Regardless, you can grab the CLIP at his feet, then exit the tunnel to finally meet up with Sergeant Bidwell - Rhino Squad's second-in-command - as well as Sledge. ----[ Regroup With Rhino Squad ]------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Time to get some new orders, which you'll receive from Voss himself over the radio. Seems like the Strogg air defense cannon is keeping the fighters pinned down, so you need to take it out from the hangars. You're to go with Morris and rendezvous with Viper Squad there. Wait, Morris? Where the hell did he-- *turns around* Aaahh! No seriously, where did he come from? Why didn't he help you sooner if he was following you? Anyway. ----[ Destroy Strogg Aircraft Hangars ]---------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Marine ground units are being shredded by Strogg air support. Find a way to take out the Strogg hangars. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well then, get a CLIP and SMALL HEALTH PACK in the crate that was behind Bidwell. Follow the trenches until you come to a fork, where you should get attacked by a Berserker. Should be easy for you and Morris. Up to five Strogg Marines will also attack you from the right, so find some cover behind the crates and snipe them with your Machinegun. You can also explode the barrels near those Marines for fun and profit. Follow the trenches along the path that should be nearest to you (where the Berserker came from). You'll encounter two more Strogg Marines on the way and soon find the red exit door for this level. Now that was short. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : H A N G A R P E R I M E T E R : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x03]---- You're now inside a tunnel again, and Morris is still with you. So far so good. Proceed through the next door to get a glimpse at a new enemy: the Strogg GUNNER. These enemies can be pretty tough in confined spaces like this, so stay in cover near the door and take your shots from there. Be sure to run away if he throws a grenade your way! The Gunner also has two Strogg Marines supporting him from behind, though you should only take care of those afterward. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ GUNNER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [|||||:::::] : Toughness ........... [|||||:::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A tall, heavily armored Strogg with a massive gun grafted to his right arm. You can tell right away this guy isn't kidding around. His gun effectively doubles as a nailgun and a grenade launcher. Most of the time he'll be firing the nailgun, which doesn't hit as hard as you might think. The nail projectiles aren't too hard to dodge by strafing, though if you do get hit by a lot of them you'll find yourself hurting. Once in a while, the Gunner will launch a grenade towards you, provided you're far enough. The grenade will typically land close to you, giving you only a few seconds to move away before it explodes. If you do get caught in the grenade's explosion radius, you'll be taking a hefty amount of damage, especially if you're unarmored. Ouch. It's easy to tell when a Gunner is about to launch a grenade, because he'll pump his gun first. I should also note that if you get close enough, Gunners can punch the crap out of you. But why would they get close in the first place? Anyway, Gunners are pretty tough, thanks to all that armor I guess. Strong weapons are advised, though even the Machinegun will work if you're so inclined. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e04]---- With the nasty Gunner and his bodyguards down, run through the hallway until you meet two more Strogg Marines and a Berserker. With plenty of space between you and them, they should pose no problem. Now go through the door at the end of this hallway to meet up with Viper Squad. Corporal Mahler will resume the situation and kindly give you his SHOTGUN! Seems like you're to clear the way for the demolitions team. Makes sense. Too bad Morris will have to stay behind and re-establish communications (that's what he does best, after all). ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 3 ]---- SHOTGUN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... 8 : Power ............... [||||||::::] Max Ammo ..................... 50 : Speed ............... [|||:::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- While Shotguns are often king in first-person shooters, it's actually not all that great in Quake 4. At least, before you get to upgrade it. It has a slow rate of fire (as you would expect from a pump-action shotgun) and a horrible reload speed. On the plus side, it is fairly powerful, but only at close range. When you can get close enough to your foes, the Shotgun is certainly a solid choice, especially when aimed between the eyes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : UPGRADE : [ Extended Clip Mod ] Increases the Clip Size to 10. : : : Also adds clip-based reloading, which is much faster. : : : Obtained in "Operation: Last Hope". : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Shells (12) - Shotgun (10) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w03]---- So you now get to travel with three members of Viper Squad for a while, with one of them being a Medic and another a Tech marine. This has obvious advantages, because as long as they're alive you can use them to stay at full health and armor. As far as I know, none of these marines can be killed in the first portion of your little adventure together. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to protect them as you go along though, if only to practice your escorting skills. But before you go anywhere, pilfer the Vipers' reserves, which consist of a SMALL ARMOR VEST, two MACHINEGUNS, a CLIP and three boxes of SHELLS for your new Shotgun. So ready your Machinegun (you'll see why in a sec) and go through the doors to enter a cool looking area. A Gunner will appear far ahead of you, so try to snipe him with your Machinegun. You'll also face about six Strogg Marines in this area, though with three teammates helping you out they'll go down quick. Viper Squad is awesome. Walk around this area and up some steps to find a door. You'll also find a CLIP and SMALL HEALTH PACK where the Gunner was standing. Go through this door, then do like the others and take cover behind a crate. You'll fight off two Strogg Marines initially, then four more will come from the door at the other end of the room. Again, the Machinegun works best here. Speaking of which, you can pick one up form a nearby dead marine. Now equip your Shotgun! Go through the door, pick up the SHOTGUN in front of you, then run down the stairs ahead. You'll meet up with a Berserker halfway down, but with a Shotgun in hand he should go down quick. Your marine buddies should take care of two Strogg Marines below. Downstairs you'll find a MACHINEGUN, a CLIP and a LARGE HEALTH PACK. Go into the next room, where you can check a few repair bots working on the busted engine of a Strogg Flyer. Kinda neat. Enter the next room and turn right into the first hallway. Or you can keep going to find three ARMOR SHARDS near a locked door if you want, but with Li around, why would you need them? Anyways, follow this hallway to reach a large elevator, but you'll first have to go through a Grunt and two Strogg Marines. There's also a MACHINEGUN and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS near a large screen to the left. Once everyone is on the elevator, Mahler will activate it. Follow this new hallway to reach another large room where the Strogg store a few engines. This room is packed full of enemies, including a Gunner up above and about ten Strogg Marines total. Sounds like a lot, but you still have Viper help. This is a nice place to practice using the Shotgun. After looking around, Mahler will come to the conclusion that you need to find a way to break through that reinforced bulletproof glass. Hmm, maybe those engines could help. Note that as of this point, Li and Hayes can be killed pretty easily (they no longer appear immortal), so PROTECT THEM if you still want to use their services in the near-future. ----[ Circumvent Glass ]------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find a way to get to the other side of the glass. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After you receive your objective, the door to the far end of the room will unlock and a Berserker will come through. Kill it quickly before he decides to kill Li or Hayes. Heal up if you're hurt, then go through the door the Berserker came from. You'll find one Strogg Marine on your right here, and two more will come from the door ahead. You'll also get to see a Strogg Flyer get transfered to another part of the hangar. Cool stuff. Head through the other door to find a small storage room with a ladder. Climb it up, and exit back into the large room you just crossed. Now you need to extend the bridge to proceed, so click the button on the panel on your right. Cross the platform, and get ready to take down a Berserker and Strogg Marine. Walk into the next room, and you'll no doubt notice the orange panel right in front of you. Click the button to lower an engine in front of the window. You can then turn right and follow this path to a lift. Ride it down so you can rejoin Viper Squad. Ask the Medic and Tech to heal you if you're hurt. Look behind the engine and you'll see a small panel. Click it to fire the engine, and the glass will literally melt away. Success! ----[ Circumvent Glass ]--------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Morris will contact Mahler and inform him that the demolitions guy is ready. Alright, so walk in the room behind the melted glass to find two MACHINEGUNS, a CLIP, SHELLS and three ARMOR SHARDS. Walk into the next room to face a Berserker and two Strogg Marines on the platform above. Your teammates will then get into position, and wait for you to do something. Huh? Well, look for a green panel near the edge of the room and click it. This will start extending another bridge, but as it happens eight Strogg Marines will walk into the room. Piece of cake with your Machinegun. Once the bridge is fully extended, a Berserker and two more Marines will walk onto it. Now you can cross the bridge until you reach a door. Before you take it, drop onto a lower platform on either side. Someone apparently forgot some stuff down there, such as a LARGE ARMOR VEST, two CLIPS and SHELLS. Climb back up using the ladder, and enter the next room. You'll first face three Strogg Marines coming up from the left, and then a Gunner will walk through a door straight ahead. If you go down where the Marines were you can find more SHELLS and a SMALL HEALTH PACK tucked away in a corner. Go back up and through the door the Gunner came from to discover another elevator. This one will take you deeper into the hangar. Once everyone is on board, click the panel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : I N T E R I O R H A N G A R : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x04]---- You now have to wait through a rather long elevator ride, so check out the somewhat impressive Strogg hangar while you do. Follow the squad into the next room once you reach the top, and you'll receive new orders from Morris. ----[ Clear Area of Enemies ]-------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Prepare this floor for the demolition team by sweeping the area and clearing it of all hostiles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well your objective's clear enough, so start sweeping already. Walk around this room and through a door to reach a small hallway. As soon as you enter an alarm will go off, so it appears the stroggs know you're coming. Grab the two CLIPS in front of the locked door, and ready your Machinegun and flashlight. Once Mahler gives the go, charge into the next room to find... no one? A few seconds later, Strogg Marines start showing up, as well as four defense Turrets (two on each sides of the hallway). You should concentrate on destroying the turrets first (they can hurt you a bit if you let them, but they have low health), then start shooting down the Strogg. I suggest you simply stay at the far end of the hallway and take them out as they appear. You'll have to take out about a half-dozen Strogg Marines and the four turrets to complete the objective. This is obviously quite a bit easier if Li and Hayes are still alive at this point. You are then ordered to return to the elevator. ----[ Clear Area of Enemies ]---------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Meet Rhodes ]-----------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Return to the elevator and meet Rhodes, the Rhino Squad Engineer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So backtrack all the way to the elevator which, well, consists of traveling through one short hallway. Whew, that was hard. You might wanna have Hayes and Li patch you up before you return, though. ----[ Meet Rhodes ]-------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Protect Rhodes ]--------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Lead Rhodes to the hangars and protect him as he sets to the demolition charges. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morris will recall Viper Squad back to him, so you can no longer count on their support now. But two questions immediately cross my mind. First, Rhodes is the demolition team? As in, he forms a team by himself? He must be pretty damn good then. Second, did he haul up all those heavy-looking crates up there by himself? That'd be even more impressive. There's a lot of loot in those crates, such as two MACHINEGUNS, four CLIPS, two SHOTGUNS, two SHELLS, two LARGE HEALTH PACKS and one LARGE ARMOR VEST. If that doesn't get you back into shape, nothing will. So follow Rhodes back to the room where you cleared out all the Strogg, and he'll lead you to a door. Go through this door to find a very large room with many doors, but first things first. Pick up the two CLIPS and SMALL HEALTH PACK to your right if you need them (you shouldn't), then go through the unlocked door to the right. Take out the three Strogg Marines in this hangar (remember, if Rhodes die you die), and don't get too startled if the Strogg Flyer um, flies off. Once all the Marines are dead, Rhodes will go place his first demolition charge. Nothing else to do here but pickup a CLIP and SMALL HEALTH PACK if you need 'em, then head back in the large room. Run around this room to find and destroy two Gunners and about seven Strogg Marines. Your life is more expendable than Rhode's at this point (in a sense), so keep an eye on him at all times. Sometimes he has the bad habit of running off on his own. Then search around to find a door on the opposite side of the first hangar you went to. This would be left from where you first entered. This hangar is very similar to the other one, except it contains a Gunner in addition to three Strogg Marines. Clear 'em all out, and Rhodes will place the second and final charge. ----[ Protect Rhodes ]----------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Sweet, you no longer have to protect him! Being a Rhino Squad member, you know he can take care of himself (when he's not carrying several pounds of explosives on his back). Follow Rhodes back into the large room, then into another room. He'll unlock the door leading you into some sort of control room. Look through the window to witness the cool explosion. Ka-blam-o! Now that's a job well done. Morris now wants you to head back down and regroup, but Rhodes will stay up here. What else could he possibly need to do? No matter. ----[ Destroy Strogg Aircraft Hangars ]-----------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Regroup with Voss ]-----------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Return to the Air Defense Cannon and regroup with Lt. Voss and the members of Rhino Squad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, so all the doors are locked in this room, leaving you no choice to ride down the elevator. This also marks the end of this level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : M C C L A N D I N G S I T E : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x05]---- After a boring elevator ride, you'll meet up with Raven Squad. Looks like they've taken over the area and started cleaning up a little. You'll also meet with Tech Marine Strauss for the first time, probably the most arrogant member of Rhino Squad. Get him to fix your armor while you're there. You can pick up the MACHINEGUN, SHOTGUN and SHELLS nearby if you want, then exit this room through the door. Back outside, you'll see more members of Raven doing stuff (and a MACHINEGUN on a crate). Go around this familiar area to find more guys analyzing one of those Strogg Flyer engines. Apparently their technology is impressive. Funnily enough, you can steal those marines' MACHINEGUNS if you want, and help yourself to SMALL HEALTH PACKS in the crate. Exit this area, and you'll see Private Salmon getting yelled at by Strauss. He also has a MACHINEGUN. *cough* Meet Morris again in the next room, and follow him back to the trenches. Open the door to finally meet up with Voss and Sledge. ----[ Regroup with Voss ]-------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Capture the Air Defense Cannon ]----------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Fight your way to the cannon's controls and take it offline to clear the skies for the Mobile Command Center. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voss will start by awarding you a GRENADE LAUNCHER. I suppose he's been pleased with your work so far. And with the Strogg Flyers out of commission, you now have to disable that Air Defense Cannon, ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 5 ]---- GRENADE LAUNCHER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... 8 : Power ............... [|||||||:::] Max Ammo ..................... 50 : Speed ............... [||||::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- While the Grenade Launcher is among the most powerful weapons in the game, it's far from being the most useful. This mainly comes form the fact that it's a little hard to use. Grenades will travel along the arc in which you fired and bounce around once they hit obstacles, exploding after about 3 seconds (or coming into contact with an enemy). The explosions are quite powerful, and have a very large blast radius. Problems can arise when grenades don't bounce the way you wanted them to (such as bouncing back at your feet), or when you get caught in the blast radius. Which, by the way, can happen often in the small rooms and narrow corridors of the various Strogg facilities. Plus, you have many foes who just love running towards you, such as the Grunt and Berserker. For all these reasons, you'll find that the Grenade Launcher is rather limited in its usefulness, but that doesn't mean it's completely useless either. It's a wonderful tool for clearing up a room of enemies from above. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Grenades (10) - Grenade Launcher (10) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w04]---- Pick up the CLIPS and GRENADES from the nearby crates, then follow your squad around the trenches. Since your teammates are invincible for the time being, and Voss is armed with a powerful Hyperblaster, you'll probably find this part rather easy. Simply follow the trio, taking down Strogg Marines and Gunners along the way. Find cover when the going gets tough and you'll be fine. Soon enough you'll reach a locked door, and Voss will order you to find a way to open it. Well, you're the boss, Voss. You'll find many goodies around here, such as two CLIPS, a MACHINEGUN, a SMALL ARMOR VEST and two LARGE HEALTH PACKS. To continue, you need to climb on the stacked crates just right of the locked door. You can then jump on top of the door frame and on higher ground. Take a few steps and a Grunt will come out of a hole to assault you. Take him out with the Shotgun and drop down this hole, grabbing the SMALL HEALTH PACK nearby if you got hurt. You'll be in a small hallway with three doors, two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, one LARGE HEALTH PACK and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Why are they giving you all this stuff for? It's not like the single Grunt was such a menace. Now find the door with a green panel besides it, and unlock it by clicking said panel. You're now back with your squad, sans Morris who must stay behind. Once Voss and Sledge are inside, a Strogg Marine will drop down from the hole in the ceiling, followed by two more coming from a door. Go through this door to enter a large room with many doors from which Strogg Marines will come. Make your way through this room, killing about ten Marines along the way. With Voss and Sledge at your back this is a walk in the park. Enter the next room and kill the lone Strogg Marine ahead. Then focus your attention to the right side. Strogg Marines will start pouring out of four doors up and down there, as well as one Gunner. Stay to the far side of the room and safely take out the dozen or so Strogg with your Machinegun. Jump down into this room and exit through the only door you can access to find another hallway. Hey this is Quake. It's mostly made up of hallways and rooms. So follow this hallway and turn right to find the Air Defense Cannon controls. You'll first have to kill the two Strogg Marines and the Gunner protecting it, then run up to the controls to claim the cannon. Score another victory for the marines! Voss will then want you to use the cannon to blow some sh--tuff up yourself. Sweetness. ----[ Capture the Air Defense Cannon ]------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Fire Away ]-------------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Use the commandeered cannon to make your own path to the Hannibal's landing site. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Approach the seat until your cursor changes to "Enter", and click the left mouse button to use it. Now this couldn't be easier. Simply aim the cannon at the large structure in front of you, and fire once to blow open the doors. I like things that go boom. So uh, press the Jump key to exit. ----[ Fire Away ]---------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Locate the MCC Landing Zone ]-------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Go to the Mobile Command Center's landing zone and rendezvous with the Hannibal as it lands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So you must now run to the landing zone and help secure it for the MCC's arrival. Can't they have someone else do it? Why does it always have to be you? Alright, so run back through the hallway, and just as you get near the door you'll hear an elevator. A single Strogg Marine is riding it, so welcome him with your Shotgun in hand. Get on that elevator and ride it to the upper level. As you go through the door, you'll see Rhodes running in the room below as he's on his way to rejoin Voss. Turn left and go through that door, into a hallway containing a Berserker, Gunner and Strogg Marine. You'll certainly want to shoot down the Berserker first. Grab a SMALL HEALTH PACK near the door if you need it, and run to the other end of this hallway (the room on the left side contains nothing of interest). Unlock this door by using the green panel, and walk through it to find yourself back near the trenches. Grab any stuff you might have missed earlier, and run through the trenches until you reach a large platform marked "SMC". Can't really miss it. Climb it up onto the ground level and meet up with two Raven Squad members. Turn around now if you want, and witness the destruction of the Air Defense Cannon, thanks to Rhodes' handiwork. Now run into the Strogg building ahead, the one where you so elegantly blew open the front door. Just, you know, don't run into any fires. Turn right at the end to find a door, and go through it to find a small hallway. Private Law should be waiting for you there, so ready your Machinegun and go into the next room. You'll face off with four Strogg Marines in this large, mostly busted-up tunnel, which is almost an insult to your skills. Go through the large doors at the end of this tunnel to continue along, this time facing a Grunt and one Marine. Exit this tunnel by going through the large doors at the end. You're now back outside, but you'll notice some stroggs are shooting at the road ahead from some towers on the right. Law will promptly show you what NOT to do and get shot down by the Strogg. What you SHOULD do, is run behind the crates on the right side of the road for some cover. Now run besides the next crate up ahead and CROUCH behind it to stay in cover. Repeat this two more times, until you meet up with more Raven Squad members hiding behind a truck. Just as you get there, the awesome-looking Hannibal will arrive and destroy the Strogg towers and turrets. Did I mention this ship looks awesome? It acts as a Mobile Command Center, and this is where you need to be headed next. ----[ Locate the MCC Landing Zone ]---------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Board the Hannibal ]----------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Board the Hannibal via the main lift, then report to mission briefing for your next deployment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pick up the MACHINEGUN of Private Nicholson if you want - he's wounded anyway. Then start running towards the Hannibal as it makes its slow decent. Under it and towards the back is where you'll find the lift. Step on it to complete this level, and your first mission. ----[ Board the Hannibal ]------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : O P E R A T I O N : A D V A N T A G E : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x06]---- Sounds like a rather cheesy name to me, for a big operation. You'll immediately notice you have no HUD and you can't use any weapons aboard the Hannibal. Once you ride up the lift, you'll get told you can look around the ship for a while, but you need to go through decontamination first. I wonder if the Strogg blood splattered all over your armor has anything to do with it. ----[ Report to Briefing ]----------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Make your way through the Hannibal and find Rhino Squad's briefing room for your next mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look around the hangar bay to see some marines working on Walkers. Look for the door called "D.4 Decontamination", and naturally go through it. After you're done here, you're free to enter the ship. As you walk around you'll see plenty of marines just doing their jobs and gossiping like little school girls. Turn right here and go through another door. From this hallway you can turn right where it says "Drop Pod Command", or keep going straight. Both path will eventually take you to the same place, just through different section. I suggest explore both paths anyway, just to see the sights and listen to the different conversations. You'll know you're on the right path once you see "Sector D.4 Medical Bay". Look through the different windows to see what kind of research the world's most brilliant (no doubt) doctors are currently working on. Proceed into a hallway with three doors and enter the one marked "D.4 Briefing | Armory". Go through this noisy room and you'll see a "D.4 Rhino Briefing Room" sign. This is obviously where you want to be. Not only that, but also the fact that pretty much every other door on the ship are locked, except the ones you need to use. Strangely enough, Viper Squad members are guarding your briefing room. ----[ Report to Briefing ]------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- You will be briefed by General Harper and Lieutenant Voss. The General will actually take the time to explain why they named this operation "Advantage", because it's so crucial to the success of the mission. Thanks General. Voss will then tell you about the Strogg communication network called the Nexus, and the importance of disabling it. You will do so by bringing an EMP bomb inside the Hub which houses the Nexus. ----[ Gear Up ]---------------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find the armory and resupply. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now the fun part, in which you get new stuff. Talk to your fellow squad members if you want, or head directly to the Armory. If you can't find it, you need to look at the big green signs. Walk through the locker room (notice how the lockers retract neatly into the floor to form benches) and find the armory in the back. As you approach Sergeant Swekel, he'll give you the EXTENDED CLIP MOD for your Machinegun. Very nice! ----[ Gear Up ]-----------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Locate Ride to Death Convoy ]-------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Meet up with CPL Spencer and get a ride to Rhino Squad's convoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To get there, exit the locker room through the other door (the one you came in from is conveniently locked, as if the ship's computer is tracking your every movements). You see "D.4 Walker Hangar"? Well, enter it. Straight ahead you'll meet General Harper again, who kindly informs you that your transport is ready. What's he doing here anyway? Step on the lift in the hangar to exit the Hannibal and complete the game's hardest level! Ahem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : C A N Y O N : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x07]---- As you're riding down, select your Machinegun to confirm the new clip size. Sexy. Step off the lift, then do as Corporal Pitman says and "haul ass in that direction" to catch your ride. Run along the whole length of the Hannibal to find your truck waiting on the road. Now that I think about it, the Hannibal ship model is totally not up to scale. Anyway, enter the front truck. ----[ Locate Ride to Death Convoy ]---------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Enjoy the ride as you follow the road and proceed through a somewhat long tunnel. Once you get out, an explosion will make everyone panic and the convoy will start going twice as fast. I suppose they want to avoid getting bombarded by Strogg Flyers, which is a good enough reason. After some hi-speed tunnel action, the trucks will stop so you can help out squads on both sides of the road. Just use your Machinegun to snipe Strogg Marines until they're all dead. The trucks will then ride outside as some crazy stuff goes on all around you. Watch as a pair of Hovertanks take out a Strogg Flyer. After going into another tunnel the trucks will finally come to a stop and you'll get off automatically. ----[ Locate Bidwell ]--------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find Bidwell in the corridors ahead to receive your next mission objective. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So run to the end of this tunnel and through the small corridor on the left. You'll see a couple Wolf Squad members guarding a truck. Run past them, then past Sledge into another corridor. You'll find Cortez here, which you can talk to a few times to learn about one of Sledge's past exploit. Impressive. Enter the large tunnel ahead and run past Morris to find Bidwell. Happy to see you as always, he'll just order you to get on the front truck. Looks like you're in charge of protecting Death Convoy on its long trek towards the Nexus Hub. Grab the two MACHINEGUNS nearby, then click on the truck to man the only turret. Seems like they didn't think protecting the convoys was all that important. ----[ Locate Bidwell ]----------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Protect the Convoy ]----------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Use the mounted weaponry on the truck to protect the convoy from Strogg attack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I should note that the mounted machine gun on this truck cannot run out of ammo nor will it overheat. The truck is also equipped with a shield to protect it from attacks (thankfully), as indicated on the lower left corner of the screen. While the shield will deplete rapidly as the truck sustains damage, it will also regenerate whenever you're not under attack (think Halo/Halo 2). Off you go then. At first you'll only encounter Strogg Marines, which can do very little against the truck's shield. This is good target practice for your machine gun. There are also many explosive containers along the way which you can use to your advantage. You'll emerge outside after riding through a long Strogg-filled tunnel. A Flying Turret will soon drop from above on your right and start shooting you with its machine guns. These guns can cause serious damage over time, so you want to shoot it down quickly. While Flying Turrets are also equipped with a shield, they're very easy to destroy. Soon after, the convoy will be forced to stop because four mines are blocking the road ahead. Rhodes will be sent out by himself to disarm the mines, with only you to protect him (as always). You'll have to defend him from oncoming Grunts and Berserkers. They'll come at him from both sides of the road, so just keep looking in both directions. Thankfully, Rhodes is a pretty tough guy and can take quite a bit of punishment. He can still die though, so always focus on the stroggs closest to him first, especially Berserkers. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed and let a steady stream of hot lead flying. After disarming all four mines, Rhodes will run back and the convoy can resume its course. In the next area, a Flying Turret will drop on the left side, then right side. You'll ride through a long tunnel with nothing but a few Strogg Marines, so relax and listen to the radio chatter. The convoy will stop again once you exit the tunnel. This time your truck is sent out alone to take out the defenses ahead. This next part can actually be pretty tough. ----[ Clear Area of Turrets ]-------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Clear out the emplaced turrets surrounding the building ahead of you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll be facing a lot of Gun Turrets along the walls of the area, Rocket Turrets in the middle, and Flying Turrets dropping all over the place. First, you should take care of the two Gun Turrets on your left, as well as two Rocket Turrets on the right. A Flying Turret will also drop in front of you along the way. The truck will run into a dead end and be forced to turn around, giving you plenty of time to take care of all those turrets. Next you'll encounter two more Gun Turrets along the right wall and a Rocket Turret on the left. Destroy those as quickly as possible, though be warned a Flying Turret will also drop in front of you. As you keep going, you'll soon spot the last of the Rocket Turrets on the left, but as you try to destroy it three more Flying Turrets will drop behind you. You eventually stop near a red barrier, but it's apparently impossible to destroy it from here. You'll have to go inside the nearby building and disable it from there. When the truck starts moving again, Flying Turrets will immediately drop to your left and right. Take care of them, as well as the last two Gun Turrets in the right wall. You'll face one more Flying Turret ahead, and if you destroyed all the other turrets so far your objective will be complete. If not, you'll still head over to the building and the objectives will be completed anyway. ----[ Clear Area of Turrets ]---------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Protect the Convoy ]------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Locate Voss ]-----------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Locate Voss for your next mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, enough of this silly shooting gallery thing. Time for some on-foot action again. Once you get off the truck, simply run into the building ahead. There's nothing to be found in this hangar-type room, so just head through the door on the left side to find this level's exit panel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : P E R I M E T E R D E F E N S E S T A T I O N : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x08]---- You will enter a small room, already occupied by several marines. You'll find a CLIP, some SHELLS and a LARGE HEALTH PACK nearby, and you should also ask Tech Newquist to repair your armor if needed. You must then approach Corporal Schilder, who holds a gift to you from Voss: a Strogg NAILGUN. Awesome. ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 6 ]---- NAILGUN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... 50 : Power ............... [|||||:::::] Max Ammo ..................... 300 : Speed ............... [|||||||:::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fine piece of Strogg engineering shoots oversized nails at an alarming rate. Presumably, the Strogg realized the Nailgun's offensive capabilities after dozens of construction workers got nailed to a wall. Regardless, it's a great all-around weapon for use against most enemies in the game. As long as you can find ammo for it that is, which is pretty rare initially. As good as the Nailgun is, it only gets better once you acquire one or two upgrade mods. The first one will increase the rate of fire, as well as allow you to load up two clips at once. While this means double the clip size, it also means double the reload time, so be careful and reload often. The second upgrade will even take care of the Nailgun's biggest problem: accuracy. Simply hold down the Special key to look through the scope and lock-on to the nearest target. All the nails you fire will automatically seek your target! Perfect against quick enemies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : UPGRADE : [ Firepower Mod ] Increases Rate of Fire by 25%. Also : : : increases Clip Size to 100. Obtained in "Aqueducts". : : : [ Nail Seeker Mod ] Hold Special key to look through : : : scope and lock-on to target. Nails will seek target : : : automatically. Obtained in "Recomposition Center". : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Nails (40) - Nailgun (50) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w05]---- Get on the elevator where Schilder was standing and ride it down. Steal the MACHINEGUN from the dead marine if you want, then go into the next room. You'll meet with Sledge, who reminds you to meet up with Voss. As if you have anything better to do. Head through the next door to find a SHOTGUN and MACHINEGUN in this small hallway. Finally head through the unlocked door at the end to rejoin Voss. Strauss is working on taking over control of the facility, but first you need to find and rescue a team of engineers who are trapped down below. Hrm. At least you get a couple of marines to help you out. ----[ Locate Voss ]-------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Retrieve Engineer ]-----------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Enter the basement of this building and locate the convoy that is pinned down there. Locate the engineer that is attached to the squad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loot the control room to find Strauss' MACHINEGUN, a CLIP, SHELLS, NAILS and a LARGE HEALTH PACK. Exit the room and head through the left door to rejoin your new buddies (steal the SHOTGUN if you're heartless). After Strauss unlocks the door, rush in the next room and help Singer and Rodriguez take out about seven Strogg Marines. AS the Nailgun would be overkill against such puny opponents, just use your Machinegun. Go to the far end of this room (don't fall into the pit) and locate the "Call Lift" panel, written in Stroggese or whatever you call their crazy moon language. So call it up, and ride it down, if that makes sense. You'll find three SMALL HEALTH PACKS and one ARMOR SHARD in the room below, as well as a couple locked doors. Strauss will unlock the left door, so follow your squadmates through it. You need to open the large blast door in this room, and obviously you're the only one qualified enough to do so. So do so. The panel is somewhere around the room, obviously. Once the door opens, you'll have to gun down a Grunt and two Strogg Marines. There's another blast door in this room, so climb up the right side to find the required panel, as well as a LARGE HEALTH PACK and four ARMOR SHARDS. With the final blast door open, you'll be able to meet up with the engineer, Tech Marine Newberry. His truck will flatten a few Strogg Marines before he and Sergeant Shaw climb out, but you'll still have to defeat about ten of them to clear out the area. Won't be a problem with so many marines helping you out. You can find two SMALL HEALTH PACKS near the truck and two CLIPS near a door on the right side of this tunnel. When you're ready, approach Newberry to begin the second part of this mission. ----[ Retrieve Engineer ]-------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Escort Newberry ]-------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Guide Newberry back up the elevator and locate the locked door that he needs to open. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you should know by now, if you let Newberry die you'll fail the mission. Of course, you killed all the Strogg on your way down, so he can't actually die. Easiest escort mission ever? I think so. So head back through the two blast doors and backtrack to the elevator. Ride it up, exit the room and follow Newberry outside the control room. A new door will be unlocked on the left, so head through it. Go down this hallway, paying no mind to the Grunt. Head through the right door, and run past the jumpy marines. Follow the hallway into the next room, where Private First Class Pupino will show you where you need to head next. ----[ Shut Down the Defense Grid ]--------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find a way to the Perimeter Control Room and shut down the laser grid to allow the convoy to proceed to the Nexus Hub. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow this hallway into another room and meet up with three fine members of Warthog Squad. Power goes out briefly, but it looks like another false alarm. Or is it? Head into the next room and the lights turn red. Uh oh. Still, this is where you'll find the door Newberry needs to open, so let him to his thing. Meanwhile, grab the CLIP, SHELLS and LARGE HEALTH PACK on your right. ----[ Escort Newberry ]---------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- After the door opens, Jones will bravely scout whatever lies beyond. Which is to say, a Grunt. Seems Jones failed his Grunt 101 training, so quickly rush in and take it down with the Shotgun. If you're not quick enough, the Grunt will also kill Newberry. You don't want his death on your conscience do you? I mean, after you've "escorted" him all this way. So look in the back of the room to find a "Call Lift" panel and use it. Ride the lift to the upper level, while everyone else stays to protect the already cleared out lower level. Follow this path through two doors to reach the coveted control room. Drop down on the lower level to find two LARGE HEALTH PACKS and a panel. Click the button to make the real laser grid control panel appear in a rather elaborate way. You see a map and a blue button, so you automatically assume this will shut down the correct laser grid. Click it. ----[ Shut Down the Defense Grid ]----------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Well as it turns out, this disabled all of the laser grids. The marine behind the window will try to attract your attention, so approach him. Another Grunt 101 drop-out. How sad. Though this time the Grunt will come running at you, so face the door and get ready. Well, your job is done here, and your orders are to return to the convoy. ----[ Regroup with Rhino Squad ]----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find a way out of the building and regroup with Rhino Squad at the Nexus Hub. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit this room through the door the Grunt came from, and turn left into another door. You'll find SHELLS and a CLIP in this small room. Exit this room, turn left and you'll get to see some cool machinery in action. Don't stare at it too long though, and kill the three Strogg Marines with your Machinegun or Shotgun. Find the elevator in this room and ride it to the upper level, where you'll face two more Marines. Make your way around the room and you'll encounter a Gunner next. Now's a good time to try out the Nailgun! Go through the door the Gunner came from, and follow the hallway through another door. Now if you would kindly direct your attention to the level below, you will get an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at a fantastical specimen known as the Gladiator. No hands-on for you I'm afraid, though the unlucky marine below might disagree with this sentiment. Never fear, something tells me you might get to meet one soon enough. In the meantime, follow the path around this room, making sure to pick up the two boxes of NAILS behind some barrels. Go through the next unlocked door and follow the hallway to an elevator, finding SHELLS, a LARGE HEALTH PACK and one more dead marine on the way. Ride it down and face off with five Strogg Marines, in a room with plenty of cover for everyone. Exit the room into a hallway to witness another marine getting killed by a Grunt. You'll have to take care of this Grunt yourself, since someone around here obviously didn't think of others before they went and got themselves killed. Follow the hallway and leave it through the only unlocked door. Ready your Nailgun, run through this new hallway until you reach a larger room and-- HOLY CRAP A GLADIATOR. Since you don't have much room here, your best bet is probably to shoot it in the head with your Nailgun while strafing. Besides, you should have plenty of health and armor at this point. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ GLADIATOR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||||||::::] : Toughness ........... [|||||||:::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This massive Strogg is certainly more machine than man. Well at least in appearance. Gladiators are equipped with an imposing shoulder-mounted railgun, as well as a blaster and an energy shield (hence the name, I suppose). So as you can see, this guy is not only equipped to dish out the pain, but absorb it as well. The Gladiator's biggest threat obviously comes from its railgun. A direct hit from this puppy will likely rearrange some of your internal organs in ways you may not completely agree with, or at the very least punch a big hole in your armor. The good news is that the Gladiator is not terribly accurate with the Railgun, and shots can often be dodged simply by strafing. In addition, you can destroy the Railgun if you shoot it enough, denying the Gladiator his strongest weapon. When not busy firing his Railgun, or if you destroyed it already, the Gladiator will use his arm blaster. As expected, these blaster shots are fairly weak and easily avoided. Just don't soak up too many of those and you'll be fine. But the biggest problem when facing a Gladiator is the shield. When it's up, it can absorb and deflect pretty much everything you throw at it. You can still aim at any exposed body parts (including the head), but it's not always easy. The Nailgun and Hyperblaster both work well, or something even bigger if you can spare it. A Gladiator will lower his shield every time he fires his railgun, and sometimes for no apparent reason, making it an ideal time to strike. Note that you can fire your Lightning Gun at the shield to temporarily disrupt it, leaving the Gladiator completely defenseless for a while. Sort of. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e05]---- Before you proceed through the hallway the Gladiator came from, run into the other room on the right side to find a CLIP. Head back and run through the door at the end of this short hallway to find another Grunt happily munching on an ex-marine. Happily shoot it down. You'll notice that things aren't going so well around here anymore, as it looks like the marines have lost control of the building. Grab the two MACHINEGUNS around here if you need them, then start backtracking towards the exit (this area should be quite familiar). You'll see a lot more dead marines along the way, and hear some worrying radio chatter. Once you reach the elevator, ride it to the surface level. Finish this level by clicking the exit panel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : A Q U E D U C T S : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x09]---- Before you can even do anything, Tech Holtz from Raven Squad will come over to you and upgrade your Nailgun with the FIREPOWER MOD. This mod will give it a nice boost through an increased rate of fire and doubled clip size. Very nice indeed. While he's in such a generous mood, why don't you ask Holtz to repair your armor as well? You can then head downstairs and ask Medic Morte to fix you up. There, all better. Exit this building through the large orange door, and board the HOVERTANK just ahead. Time for some vehicular combat action! ----[ V E H I C L E ]-------------------------------------------------------- HOVERTANK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armor ............... [|||||:::::] : Shield .............. [||||||||||] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Marine Hovertank is powerful, yet surprisingly quick and agile. Its armor is relatively weak, but it uses a powerful shield to compensate. Both the armor and shield will regenerate over time, as long as you don't get hit for six seconds. The Hovertank can move forward, backward and strafe using the movement keys, while you aim the turret with your mouse. It's equipped with two weapons, which you can switch using the mousewheel. ----[ Main Cannon ]------------------------------------------------------- This cannon fires powerful shells that can destroy most of your enemies in a single hit. Its main drawback is the rather long reload time. The shells can be difficult to aim, especially against fast-moving or flying enemies. But you can hold down the Special key at any time to use the Zoom function for more precise aiming. ----[ Machine Gun ]------------------------------------------------------- The machine gun not only packs quite a punch, but it'll never run out of ammo either. Ideal for mowing down Strogg infantry and quick enemies. Because of its inherent inaccuracy, the machine gun shouldn't be used at extremely long range. --------------------------------------------------------------------[v01]---- As soon as you get out, you'll have to destroy three Strogg Flyers around the area. Or Hornets rather, since they sort of look like insects. Hornets can attack you with machine guns, rockets and even by dropping bombs, but none of those cause serious damage. One direct hit from your cannon should take care of them. Simply wait until they stop moving (usually to attack you) before you take your shot. Or you can use your machine gun if you're having trouble hitting them. After the first three Hornets are destroyed, one more will come from the now-disabled laser grid. Take it out and enter the tunnel behind. After emerging outside, you'll face up to six Flying Turrets on the road ahead. You should remember these from before, which you can easily blow up with your main cannon. Go through the next tunnel, running over some Strogg Marines in the process. Three Hornets are waiting for you in the next area, as well as one rather large Strogg known as a Heavy Hovertank. You'll see more of these on foot, though this one is a bigger, badder version. You can try to avoid the rockets by moving from side to side, or by destroying them with your machine gun. Once you're close enough, either finish him off with the machine gun or shoot him twice with the cannon. Go through the tunnel and into a rather large area where you'll encounter some Rolling Turrets. They're turrets that... roll. They can ram you if you get close, or shoot you with their machine gun from a distance. Just wait until they stop moving and shoot them once with the cannon, though the machine gun works equally well. You'll face two of those turrets and the two Hornets that dropped them, followed by four more. Finally, one more Rolling Turret and two Heavy Hovertanks will show up. Remember that if your tank gets badly damaged, you can just wait until it's fully regenerated before moving on. So head through the next tunnel and into another, longish area (starting to see a pattern here?). You'll be attacked by about four Rolling Turrets at first, while some Strogg Flyers try to pointlessly bombard you. Further ahead are four Gun Turrets (you can pretty much ignore them) and a bunch of Strogg Marines. I always find that running them over is more fun than gunning them down. You'll then see a small tunnel on the right side where the stroggs were. Head through it to complete this short and easy level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : A Q U E D U C T S A N N E X : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x10]---- Head outside to witness a cutscene featuring the awesome looking Harvester. I love this model. You'll of course have to defeat it yourself, which isn't as hard as it sounds. The Harvester has a variety of attacks, including a powerful nailgun and devastating homing rockets. It can also try to impale you or whip you with its tentacles at close range. Kinky. Your best option is to always keep moving, especially to avoid those rockets. When a rocket is close enough you can try to shoot it down with your machine gun or even the cannon, though beware of their very large explosion radius. An easy way to defeat the Harvester is to get as far away from it as possible (drive to the other end of this area), and use the Zoom function to shoot it down. About a dozen hits from your cannon should suffice (usually less) to destroy this spider-like robot. Oh, and try not to fall down the huge pit in the middle. With the Harvester defeated, you can now head through another tunnel (opposite from the one you arrived from). You'll be facing some Strogg infantry and Flying Turrets on the way, none of which pose much of a threat to you. Once back outside, you'll find four Hornets waiting for you... to destroy them. Go through another tunnel and another area, killing Strogg infantry, a Flying Turret and a Hornet. Go through a couple more tunnels, again filled with Strogg and Flying Turrets. Though honestly, I don't know why they're even trying. Do they not know you can just regenerate at any time? Soon enough, you'll emerge outside again and the Nexus Hub will be in plain view. At last! Oh but wait, two Harvesters stand between you and your goal. Two?! Yes, two. They won't be much harder than the first one you faced, if you just concentrate on one at a time. You'll certainly have to dodge more rockets, so keep that machine gun hot and ready. You can even run behind cover if your Hovertank gets too damaged. With those out of your way, you can then ride inside the building ahead and exit your Hovertank. ----[ Regroup with Rhino Squad ]------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Walk forward to meet up with your squadmates and proceed to the next level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : N E X U S H U B T U N N E L S : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x11]---- You're gonna ride this elevator a looooong way down with Morris and Strauss. Listen up and learn about latest happenings. As it turns out, you're the last hope for this mission to succeed. Figures. ----[ Destroy the Tetranode ]-------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Escort the EMP to directly under the Tetranode and destroy it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your mission sounds simple enough, at least. Once you're at the bottom, pilfer the crates to obtain plenty of ammo for all your guns, as well as health and armor. Take out your Machinegun and flashlight, and follow Morris, Strauss and Voss in the hallway. You'll be attacked by several Strogg Marines and a Grunt, all of which are no challenge for the might of Rhino Squad. Once you reach the control room, Strauss will find out that the temperature in the tunnels is too cold for the convoy to proceed. And of course he's the only one who can fix that. And of course, you're the only one who can protect him. ----[ Protect Strauss ]-------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Escort Strauss to the temperature controls. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wait until Strauss unlocks a door, and go through it. Don't mind the creepy men hooked up to creepy machines, and go through the next door. This large room is dark at first, but a few steps in a Gladiator will come down the center. Whoa, take out your Nailgun and make sure to direct his attention away from Strauss. After you kill it, two Strogg Marines will show up. Have Strauss repair your armor after all this. Go to the opposite end of the room and leave through the door. Follow this hallway through another door, in which you'll face Strogg Marines and a Grunt. Then go around this room to find the temperature controls, as well as SHELLS and a SMALL HEALTH PACK. Just don't let your guard down yet, because as Strauss starts messing with the controls, you will have to protect him from Strogg SENTRIES. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ SENTRY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||::::::::] : Toughness ........... [|||:::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strogg Sentries are pretty easy to recognize. They have machine guns instead of arms, they hover, and have a tank of bright green liquid at their base. Compared to most other stroggs you've faced to far, Sentries are rather simple foes to defeat. They have very low endurance, and their machine guns don't cause much damage at all. Still, even low damage will add up, especially when they attack you in groups (which they often will). Because Sentries have such low health, pretty much any weapon works well against them. I'd recommend the Machinegun, Shotgun or, if you have it, the Lightning Gun. The latter will destroy a Sentry in less than a second. Unlike other enemies, Sentries take extra damage if you aim for the tank at their base, rather than the head. Note that they also have this annoying tendency to circle strafe around you if they get close enough, so try to kill them from a distance. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e06]---- Kill the five Sentries before they can kill Strauss (or you). Use the nearby cover to your advantage, since their machine gun fire is hard to avoid. Use your Machinegun or Shotgun to get through this part. ----[ Protect Strauss ]---------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Return to Rhino Squad ]-------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Return to Rhino Squad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Return" is a nicer word than "backtrack", I suppose. Get Strauss to repair your armor one last time, then exit this room. You'll face a Strogg Marine and a Berserker in the hallway, against which the Shotgun or Nailgun would be a good idea. Head to the next room, where you'll face about six Strogg Marines and a Grunt. I like using the Shotgun here, and stay behind the pillars for over. Dunno about you, but my computer takes a pretty big framerate hit in that room. Run back through the room with the creepy men, and face one more Berserker. Finally exit this room to rejoin Voss and Morris, and help them take out any remaining Strogg Marines. ----[ Return to Rhino Squad ]---------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- You'll also find two CLIPS and two LARGE HEALTH PACKS in a nearby crate (how did that crate get there?). Follow your squadmates around the room, facing a Grunt and more Marines, then through another hallway and even more Marines. Exit this hallway into a large tunnel, in which two Berserkers will immediately attack. Be sure to stand back and let Voss and Morris help. Follow them into the tunnel until you encounter Strogg Marines, as well as a Gladiator. Kill as many Marines as you can before the Gladiator shows up, then take it down with your Nailgun while Rhino Squad handles the rest. You'll find a couple SMALL HEALTH PACKS just past the bridge on the left side of the tunnel. Now follow the tunnel until you reach a forcefield. You'll find two much-needed CLIPS and a SMALL ARMOR VEST close-by. Voss wants you to go ahead and disable the forcefield by yourself, because there's obviously no good reason the three of you should go. ----[ Deactivate the Forcefield ]---------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find the console that will deactivate the forcefield and allow the convoy to pull forward. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So go through the door next to that jerk Voss. Run through an empty hallway to reach another room, which contains two Sentries. Use the door frame as cover to take them down. Now before you move forward, you can jump down on the very large pipes on the right side. Follow these pipes to a small niche in which rest two SMALL HEALTH PACKS and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Head back, climb back up using the pipes and exit this room. Two more Sentries await you in the next room, as well as a console. Jump on the pipes on the left and walk up to it so you can deactivate the forcefield. ----[ Deactivate the Forcefield ]-----------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Return to the Convoy ]--------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Return to the convoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As soon as the forcefield is down, two Strogg Marines will walk into the room from the upper door. Shoot them down and run through the door they came from. A Berserker will come at you from the opposite end of the room, giving you plenty of time to kill him. Head through the other door to find a secret room containing NAILS, SHELLS and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS. Exit this room, jump down on the lower level and backtrack into the large tunnel to find the convoy. ----[ Return to the Convoy ]----------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Destroy the Tetranode ]---------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Well the EMP's in place, so it looks like everything's going according to plan. HAHA. Yeah no. Before the EMP can be detonated, a Harvester will walk into the room and destroy it. Talk about bad luck. Obviously, your puny guns cannot take down a Harvester, so just wait for it to pass through the tunnel. Things are looking pretty grim however... as Sergeant Bidwell didn't survive the encounter. Whoops. Anyways Strauss has a new plan, but you'll need to rejoin him first. Wait for Voss to kick down a floor panel and jump through it. Crawl through this small tunnel for a while and climb the ladder at the end. You'll see a Harvester and marines fighting above you, but there's nothing you can do to help. Crawl through this new tunnel to claim a new weapon for yourself, the HYPERBLASTER. I'm sure the marine it belonged to won't mind. ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 4 ]---- HYPERBLASTER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... 60 : Power ............... [||||::::::] Max Ammo ..................... 400 : Speed ............... [|||||||||:] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't let the "blaster" part fool you - the Hyperblaster is a great weapon. It can fire hot plasma projectiles at an insanely high rate, perfect for dealing with all but the toughest stroggs. Think of it as an upgrade to the Machinegun, minus the scope. The downside to having such a high rate of fire is that you can burn through ammo without even realizing it, so always keep an eye out for more batteries. Even though the Hyperblaster is an extremely accurate weapon, the shots can easily be dodged by a moving enemy. Always be sure to lead your enemies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : UPGRADE : [ Bounce Shot Mod ] Hyperblaster shots can bounce from : : : walls and other obstacles. Obtained in "Data Storage : : : Terminal (Revisited)". : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Batteries (60) - Hyperblaster (60) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w06]---- With your new toy in hand, crawl through the rest of the tunnel and drop down one level. Run forward and take care of the Sentry ahead. Climb up the pipes into another tunnel, taking you to a small room. Climb up the ladder here and quickly take care of the two Sentries above. You'll find four ARMOR SHARDS here near the health station. You should then follow the large blue pipes on the right side into another room. Pick up two BATTERIES here and a SMALL HEALTH PACK. There's also a SMALL HEALTH PACK and LARGE HEALTH PACK near the only door in this room. Go through the door to find yourself on that bridge you saw before in the tunnel. Take out the three Sentries here and cross the bridge into another hallway. You'll certainly notice the two Sentries here, as well as two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, three ARMOR SHARDS, SHELLS and two CLIPS. Go through the next door and enter a large room in which you'll immediately face a Berserker and two Strogg Marines. I suggest retreating into the hallway behind you to take them down. You'll also see a Gunner on a bridge above you in this room. Just take him out from either sides with the Nailgun or Hyperblaster. On the left side of this room is a crate with three SMALL HEALTH PACKS, BATTERIES, a SMALL ARMOR VEST and NAILS. Good good. Exit this room by going up on the bridge the Gunner was on, at which point a Strogg Marine and one Sentry will show up. At the end of this bridge is an elevator and a LARGE HEALTH PACK. Click the exit panel to complete this rather long level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : N E X U S H U B : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x12]---- Looks like you're getting close to your ultimate goal. Can Operation: Advantage truly succeed? Only you and Strauss remain to answer that. ----[ Destroy the Tetranode with Strauss ]------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Take the crawlspace to meet up with Strauss and destroy the Tetranode by hand. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, you'll find another elevator in this room, as well as a LARGE HEALTH PACK and a CLIP. Ride it down and you'll get your first look at the Tetranode. Exit the elevator and take a right to rejoin Strauss. It seems you can't destroy the Tetranode from here, unfortunately. Couldn't you just shoot the crap out of it? ----[ Activate the Power Plant ]----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Escort and protect Strauss to the Tetranode's power plant. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before you go anywhere else, ask Strauss to repair your armor. It's time for another escort mission, so be sure to always keep an eye on him. Go through the nearby door to enter a short hallway. You can go down a ladder on the left side here to the floor below. All you're gonna find there are four ARMOR SHARDS, though. Go through the next door and across a bridge, fighting the two Sentries that show up. This is a kinda neat looking place, because it appears to be so huge. Through the next door is a hallway in which you'll meet three Strogg Marines and two Grunts, for your killing pleasure. There's also two BATTERIES and a LARGE HEALTH PACK in a corner. Run past the bodies hooked up to machinery and into another hallway, in which you'll find lots of ammo including SHELLS, CLIPS and BATTERIES. Exit this hallway through the door to find the power plant, although two Sentries, Strogg Marines and a Gunner await within. Be sure you don't let the Gunner throw a grenade too close to Strauss. Find some SHELLS in a corner of the room, as well as a LARGE HEALTH PACK, SMALL ARMOR VEST, BATTERIES and two CLIPS near the control panel. After messing with the controls, Strauss will realize you have to find some other controls. Great. ----[ Activate the Power Plant ]------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Find the Emergency Shutoff Controls ]-----------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Escort and protect Strauss to the Emergency Shutoff Controls. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before you can even leave the room, a Gladiator will walk in. While Strauss stays safely behind cover, go ahead and take it out with the Nailgun or Hyperblaster. You must now backtrack all the way to the Tetranode. You'll encounter a couple Strogg Marines, a Berserker and a Sentry along the way. In other words, nothing you can't handle. Once in the Tetranode room, you'll notice the door at the opposite end has been unlocked. Run towards it, but do take care of the two Strogg Marines who come out of it. Through this door is a short hallway, leading to another, much longer hallway. Run through it, and fight it out with a Strogg Marine, a Grunt and a Gunner. You'll find a CLIP, SHELLS and a SMALL/LARGE HEALTH PACK on the right near a window. Then enter the large room ahead to face a Strogg Marine, Grunt and a Gladiator. Quickly take out the first two, then take care of the Gladiator with your Hyperblaster if you can. You'll find SHELLS and two LARGE HEALTH PACKS in a corner of the room, should you get badly hurt. Climb up the stairs, turn left and head through the door to find a LARGE HEALTH PACK and SMALL ARMOR VEST. Otherwise, head right and follow the hallway. You'll encounter a Grunt, followed by two Strogg Marines and another Grunt. I find that the Shotgun works pretty well in such close quarters. Run to the end of this hallway to find three CLIPS on the right side, then take a left and follow this path until you reach another hallway on the right (there's a LARGE HEALTH PACK and some SHELLS near the barrels here). Anyways, if you took the right path you'll soon reach a lift. Ride it up (man that's a fast lift) and enter a pretty cool-looking control room. Strauss can do his thing here and initiate the emergency shutoff. ----[ Find the Emergency Shutoff Controls ]-------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Shut Down the Coolant Pumps ]-------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find the coolant pumps used to keep the Tetranode from overheating and shut them down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You've got one final task to do, but it looks like Strauss isn't coming along this time. Hmm why not? Look on the right side of this room (well, right of the computers), to get... holy crap! Enough ammo and health to fully replenish yourself and your guns. Pretty awesome. Exit this room through the only door and follow the hallway. When you reach a fork, keep going straight to find some SMALL HEALTH PACKS, ARMOR SHARDS and even a LARGE ARMOR VEST. Head back and follow the other path until you reach the coolant pumps. I dunno about you, but there's something odd about this room. Save your game - um, just in case - and activate the panel in the middle of the room. ----[ Shut Down the Coolant Pumps ]---------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Okay, so it seems you've just made yourself some new enemies among the Strogg. As if you needed that. The two spider-like monsters you see now are called STREAM PROTECTORS. One must assume they can protect streams, but not rivers or oceans. I guess technically this could sort of be considered a boss fight, but they're not even bosses. Or hard. My advice? Get out your Grenade Launcher and throw grenades at the nearest one, while always strafing from side to side. As long as you don't stop moving or don't let them get close to you, you shouldn't get hurt. It'll take about ten grenades per Stream Protector. Alternatives include the Nailgun and Hyperblaster. If the Protectors are really giving you trouble, you can always duck behind the large pipes for cover. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ STREAM PROTECTOR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [|||||||:::] : Toughness ........... [||||||||||] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This spider-like cyborg certainly isn't kidding around, judging by the impressive arsenal it's packing. Quadruple homing rocket launcher? Check. Twin heavy blasters? Check. Normal blaster? Yup, why not. Flamethrower? Oh yeah. And if all this wasn't enough, it's got a few nasty melee attacks and a whole lot of armor. Fortunately, most of the Protector's attacks are easily dodged. Simply strafe to avoid any blaster and heavy blaster shots (don't get caught by the latter - they hurt). The rockets, while having small homing capabilities, can also be avoided in the same way. The flamethrower can kill you very quickly and will even leave small fires on the ground, but has a rather short range. The Stream Protector moves slowly and will rarely advance towards you. Coupled with the fact that it can't move when firing, you'll find it easy enough to stay out of range of the dreaded flamethrower. Attack with the Nailgun, Hyperblaster or Rocket Launcher and you shouldn't have too much trouble taking it down. The Lightning Gun is also an interesting option, as it will leave the Stream Protector shocked and unable to strike back. You'll waste quite a bit of ammo doing so however. It's up to you to decide if it's worth it at the time. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e07]---- Alright, so you managed to defeat the spiders, but this isn't over yet. It seems something else is coming for you, and it's BIG. It's noisy. It's the Makron! What a shocking plot twist! Yeah, anyway. You're still too weak to defeat the Makron just yet. I mean, the lone marine from Quake 2 had to go through the whole game before beating him at the end, and you're just, what, halfway through? Not even that. So yeah. No need to go into details now, but suffice to say his attacks are fairly hard to dodge. Let's hope you did well against the Stream Protectors and are still in decent shape. I suggest using your Hyperblaster or Nailgun (whichever has enough ammo) and shoot the Makron in the head for a little while. After you've inflicted enough damage, the Makron will shoot a huge and unavoidable lightning beam at you. Uh oh, is this the end of Matthew Kane? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : S T R O G G M E D I C A L F A C I L I T I E S : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x13]---- Okay. You're still alive, in your undies, and about to experience a whole new level of pain. You're also solidly tied down with no means of escape. So I suppose there's nothing else to do but relax and enjoy the ride. Well, not "enjoy" enjoy, but, more li-- OH MY GOD WHAT DID THEY JUST DO TO THE GUY IN FRONT? See, kinda like that. Honestly, I don't understand how a human being can survive that long with a large hole in his chest, let alone live through various mutilations and torture. Then again, I suppose that when only the strong survive, you automatically end up with stronger warriors. Ah, the miracles of modern science. Thankfully, before the Strogg manage to mess with your brain too much, Rhino Squad comes in and rescues you! Why are they here? How did they find you? Who knows. Perhaps all marines have some sort of beacon chip implanted for such eventualities. Regardless, you are now a Strogg Tactical Transfer, minus the activated Neurocyte chip in your brain. This means you gain several enhanced abilities without going crazy. Here are the benefits of being a Strogg: * Maximum Health is raised to 125 * Maximum Armor is raised to 125 * Run Speed is increased by about 40% * You can now understand Strogg language (and read some panels) * You can now use Stroyent Health Stations I'd say this is a pretty sweet deal, all for only a few minutes of suffering. Unfortunately you've lost all your weapons, but this won't be a problem for too long. Alright, time to get out of here. ----[ Follow Anderson ]-------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Follow the marine escort to safety. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're usually the one doing the escorting, so this is nice for a change. Move forward to exit this room, and pick up the BLASTER, SHOTGUN and GRENADE LAUNCHER. See? That didn't take long. You can also check out your new sexy look in the mirror ahead. Follow your squad around, until you come up to locked doors. Notice how Morris got promoted to Sergeant after Bidwell's death. Heh. Looks like the squad has to split up here, and they'll send the guy least likely to be a good escort along with you: Medic Anderson. You can tell this is gonna go really well. Follow Anderson in the other room, and stare in horror as your ride out of here gets shot down. Off to a good start. Take the SHELLS in the nearby crate as a consolation prize. ----[ Follow Anderson ]---------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Regroup with Rhino Squad ]----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Regroup with Voss and the rest of the Rhino Squad somewhere deeper in the medical laboratories facility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So much for Plan A. Follow Anderson outside this room and into a hallway. Stay on the right side and follow it to the end to find two CLIPS. Backtrack a little and take the left path instead, which leads to an unlocked door. Run through it to trigger a cutscene. Watch as Anderson's curiosity predictably gets him ambushed by a Strogg Scientist. Anderson! NOOOOOOO! Ahem. Are they gonna turn him into a Strogg Tactical Transfer too? Poor guy, he was so young. So ready your Shotgun and shoot down the three STROGG SCIENTISTS that will show up around the room. Just run close and shoot them twice. You might notice that your improved run speed is great for closing in with the Shotgun. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ SCIENTIST ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [|||:::::::] : Toughness ........... [||||::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fat and ugly, Strogg Scientists prefer to hover around rather than use the legs they don't have. They are equipped to perform delicate surgery, what with the rusty saws and needles. Scientists will mainly try to poison you, either at close range or from a distance. Poison damage will slowly drain your health and even ignores armor. Still, the damage is pretty weak and the effect will quickly wear off as long as you don't just stand in a poison cloud. Scientists aren't very tough, so most weapons are effective against them. I like to simply get close with the Shotgun. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e08]---- Along the left wall in this room you should notice a Strogg Health Station, which is actually named "Stroyent Health Station". What... is stroyent? Do you even want to know? What you do need to know is that each of these stations can restore about 80 health points before they run out of "stroyent". To leave this room, you need to go pick up Anderson's MACHINEGUN, and click the green panel nearby to unlock the doors. Go through either of the unlocked doors and follow the hallway into a larger room. Navigate this room to find a NAILGUN and some NAILS. As soon as you pick it up, two Strogg Marines and a Gunner will attack, so make good use of it. You can then find a SMALL HEALTH PACK behind the door on the left, and/or go through the other door ahead to continue. You'll be in a small room with no other exits but a conveyor belt. Get on it and let it ride you into the next room. Get off the conveyor belt here and take care of the three Strogg Marines with your Shotgun or Machinegun. You'll find a LARGE HEALTH PACK in a corner and a lift panel in the center of the room. Call the lift, and ready your Shotgun or Nailgun since a Gunner is riding down with it. Then step on the lift and ride it back up. Step outside and kill the two Strogg Marines. You'll immediately notice a dead marine here, who happened to be carrying a most excellent weapon: the ROCKET LAUNCHER. Pick it up! Oh, and the nearby CLIP and SMALL HEALTH PACK. Though be warned that a Berserker will run in... berserking. ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 7 ]---- ROCKET LAUNCHER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... 1 : Power ............... [|||||||||:] Max Ammo ..................... 40 : Speed ............... [||||||::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- When all else fails, you sometimes have to look into a more explosive solution. This is where the Rocket Launcher comes in. It can fire powerful rockets that are bound to make even your strongest foes beg for mercy. Just be careful where you point this thing at, and don't get caught in the blast radius. You could lose a limb, or worse. The upgrade mod not only allows you to load up to three rockets at once, but also gives them homing capabilities. Simply target an enemy and hold down the Special key. As long as you keep your crosshair over that enemy, any rockets you fire will automatically seek him out (even behind cover). Now you have no excuse to ever waste a rocket again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : UPGRADE : [ Rocket Homing Mod ] Increases the Clip Size to 3. : : : Rockets will seek target enemy as long as you hold down : : : the Special key. Found in "Waste Processing Facility". : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Rockets (6) - Rocket Launcher (10) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w07]---- Run into the next area to come across a Gladiator and two Strogg Marines. This is as good a place as any to try out your new weapon. Just be sure to only fire rockets at the Gladiator when his shield is down, otherwise you're just wasting them. Grab a LARGE HEALTH PACK or two here, then run inside through the large door. A Strogg Scientist will come at you from the left, so be careful. Go up the stairs on the right, though back off a little once the Berserker comes charging at you. Shotgun, Nailgun... whatever. Your choice. Once upstairs, you should face two more Strogg Marines and a Gunner further ahead. You might want to use the Nailgun on the Gunner or simply snipe him with the Machinegun. You'll notice a HEALTH STATION in this room, so use it if you're hurt. Head for the path leading out of this room, though a Berserker and two more Strogg Marines will try blocking it. But they won't, because that's how good you are. Keep following this path, and run past the door in the right wall. Go up to where the Gunner was to find a MACHINEGUN, ROCKETS and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Doing so will unfortunately summon a Gladiator, so you might want to jump over the railing to find some cover. Now go through the door you passed earlier into a short hallway. Before opening the other door, jump over the pipe on the right side here to find the SMALL ARMOR VEST forgotten on the ledge. Leave this hallway for another one. Face the two Strogg Marines and the Gunner here with your Nailgun or Machinegun. Rockets are overkill. Climb the stairs all the way up to meet with Voss, sort of, behind a broken door. He somehow managed to lose the rest of the squad, but he still needs you to find your way back to him. Climb back down and take the right path, in which you'll be attacked by a Berserker again. Run through that door to find an elevator and ride it down. You'll be in a small room full of all kinds of creepy body parts and a box of SHELLS. Exit the room to face two Strogg Marines and a Gunner. Seems like a popular combo around here. Climb the stairs in this room, but before you turn left at the top you'll want to crawl underneath the low wall on the right. Climb the ladder on the other side to gain access to a GRENADE LAUNCHER, SMALL ARMOR VEST and ROCKETS. Jump down and follow the path up to a SMALL HEALTH PACK and another conveyor belt. This time you'll want to wait until a capsule rides past you and follow it into the next room. Get on the platform there, which will rotate and lead you to another conveyor belt. Step off immediately and follow this conveyor belt into another room. Meet up with Lieutenant Voss at last. ----[ Regroup with Rhino Squad ]------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- So, first Anderson, and now Voss gets taken away. VOSS. I mean he has a scar, which automatically makes him better than everyone. Well except you. In any case, things aren't going too well for the Rhinos. Notice the voice that says the sample is to be taken for prototype testing and assembling? Huh. Never mind that, and take care of the Berserker that comes barging in. You've got a mission to do after all which is... um... well. Your boss just got abducted, so who knows. Head downstairs and into the next room. Command HQ will contact everyone with an order to evacuate. Does that include partly-stroggified marines? Seems so. ----[ Regroup ]---------------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Meet up with the rest of the marines at the Waste center of the Stroyent Dispersal Facility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, let's evacuate through filthy waste! Who came up with that brilliant plan? Run through this room and through either doors at the end. You can grab a SMALL ARMOR VEST, CLIP and LARGE HEALTH PACK in the small room beyond. Head back in the previous room, go around the machinery and through the next door. You'll reach an elevator offering you a nice outside view, which you must ride up. Run into the next room and face off against three Strogg Marines, a Scientist and a Gunner. Find some cover and you'll be fine. From the room's entrance, head right and go through the door you see there. Run down some stairs and you'll encounter two Gunners! Since you have a height advantage, I suggest using the Grenade Launcher. Down in this room you can grab a LARGE HEALTH PACK and LARGE ARMOR VEST. Very nice, but that's not all. You'll also find a ROCKET LAUNCHER in a small room just behind the door here. Alright, head back up to the large room from before. Run straight ahead and you should find another door on your right, so enter it. Run downstairs to interrupt two Scientists doing some important research about human anatomy. Or maybe they were just hungry. Use the HEALTH STATION here if you need, then leave the room through the only other door. You'll be in a semi-circular hallway, up above an area you might recognize. Go left first and into a room containing a SMALL ARMOR VEST and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS. Go back in the hallway and follow it to the other side, though watch your back for an incoming Berserker. Go through the door to find ROCKETS and a lift. Call it up, ride it back down... to freedom! But not yet. Grab a SMALL HEALTH PACK nearby, then go ahead and battle three Strogg Marines and a Berserker. You'll notice you're in another semi-circular hallway, though both ways lead to dead-ends. Hmm. You must instead crawl through the ventilation duct in the center, in which you'll find a HYPERBLASTER. If the Hyperblaster could talk, it would probably say "Miss me?" Now crawl around this tunnel full of creepy noises. Aargh. Did you just see a dog run by? Grab a LARGE HEALTH PACK on the way if you need it. When you reach an intersection, go straight to reach a dead-end. You can grab up two six ARMOR SHARDS and a SHOTGUN here. Turn around, then turn right at the intersection, grabbing a second HYPERBLASTER. Equip your Rocket Launcher now and crawl out of this tunnel. You'll be attacked by a new enemy in this room, the TELEPORT DROPPER. It may have a silly name, but this dog has the annoying tendency spawning Strogg friends to help out. In this case, it should teleport in some Berserkers and some Strogg Marines. You should ALWAYS kill the Teleport Dropper first, or else it can just keep summoning more Strogg. However, by shooting at it with your Rocket Launcher, you can often destroy the teleport pods before they hit the ground, saving you a whole lot of trouble. Four or five rockets should do it, then you can clear out any surviving stroggs. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ TELEPORT DROPPER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [::::::::::] : Toughness ........... [|||||||:::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlike your typical Strogg, Teleport Droppers will never try to attack you directly (unless you get close enough, in which case they may try to bite you). Instead, they will drop up to five teleport pods, which will usually summon a mix of Strogg Marines and Grunts. As such, you'll always want to kill the Teleport Dropper first. To easily rid yourself of one, simply use weapons who have a large blast radius, such as the Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher or Dark Matter Gun. Teleport pods caught in the explosions will often be destroyed before they can summon any Strogg, leaving you with a lot less enemies to deal with. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e09]---- Once the freaky dog and its little pals are all dead, a door will open on one side of the room. Proceed through this hallway to exit this somewhat disturbing and long level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : C O N S T R U C T I O N Z O N E : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x14]---- Ahh, fresh air. Look along the railing on your left to grab a SMALL and LARGE HEALTH PACK, SMALL ARMOR VEST, BATTERIES, GRENADES and a HYPERBLASTER. You can then run down the ramp to find a MACHINEGUN, LARGE HEALTH PACK and a WALKER. Yep, this level also features vehicular combat. Click the Walker to enter it. ----[ Locate the Dispersal Facility ]-----------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- The most direct path to the Waste facility is through the bowels of a nearby Strogg industrial processing complex, the Dispersal facility. Fight your way to the Dispersal entrance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----[ V E H I C L E ]-------------------------------------------------------- WALKER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armor ............... [||||||||||] : Shield .............. [||::::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Walker is the second vehicle you will have the chance of piloting in the game. Unlike the Hovertank, it is slow and clunky, meaning you might have a hard time avoiding incoming attacks. Kill your enemies quickly to avoid taking too much damage. The Walker also has a much weaker shield, though its armor is thicker to compensate. So your shield will go down often, but this is no reason to panic. Like the Hovertank, both the armor and shield will regenerate slowly over time. The Walker is equipped with two weapons: a rocket launcher and a machine gun. You can switch between those weapons with the mousewheel. ----[ Rocket Launcher ]--------------------------------------------------- The rocket launcher can load up to six rockets at a time and fire them in rapid succession. Each rocket is fairly powerful and will knock out most foes in two or three hits. Unfortunately, the rockets are so slow that it's sometimes hard to hit anything at all. It also takes several seconds to fully reload the Rocket Launcher, during which time I recommend you simply switch out to the machine gun. ----[ Machine Gun ]------------------------------------------------------- This is the exact same machine gun you previously used on the Hovertank. Decent damage over time, perfect for mowing down Strogg infantry and fast enemies that your rockets can't hit. --------------------------------------------------------------------[v02]---- So walk (get it? walk? sigh) forward and gun down the Gunner on your right. Worst sentence ever. Two Hornets will then drop two Rolling Turrets just ahead. I suggest you take care of the Turrets first, since they pose a more immediate threat, then the Hornets. The machine gun works better than rockets against all those. Enter the tunnel at the end of this area to face against some Strogg infantry and two Gladiators. It's fun to kill the latter at close range with your Rocket Launcher. Exit this tunnel and follow the road in the next area, where you'll face three Strogg Marines and two Flying Turrets. None of those are a significant threat to you and your machine gun. Further ahead you'll be attacked by a Hornet, followed by two Heavy Hovertanks as you cross the bridge. Again, I suggest simply using the machine gun against these foes, especially if you want to destroy the missiles they launch at you. Which you do. Amusingly enough, you can fall off the bridge here and get thrown way up in the air. It makes no sense, but it's funny. Anyway walk through the gate and kill the two Flying Turrets beyond. Go through the next tunnel, which is filled with more stupid Strogg infantry. They probably didn't notice you're like two times as tall as they are. In the next area, you'll be bombarded by some Strogg Flyers, and then encounter one Heavy Hovertank. Just keep walking and shooting... at two more Flying Turrets, and enter the next area. One Flying Turret and one Hornet here, which equal zero challenge. Enter the tunnel ahead, in which you'll encounter several Flying Turrets, some Gunners and one of the destroyed convoys. Back outside, two more Flying Turrets immediately attack, followed by two Hornets and Rolling Turrets. Hey, you might actually die here if you, like, leave your computer unattended for two minutes. Further ahead you'll encounter a mix of Strogg Marines, Heavy Hovertanks and one Flying Turret. If I'm never telling you to use the Rocket Launcher, it's because you don't have to, really. Leave this area, following a road through a short tunnel. The road abruptly ends on the other side, so jump down and keep going. Seems like the Strogg are finally making a serious attempt at stopping you, by sending out a Harvester. Your biggest worry here should be those homing missiles the Harvester will shoot at you. Two direct hits from those can leave you in very bad shape, if not outright destroy your Walker. Your options are to shoot down the missiles out of the sky with your machine gun, or duck under the very big pipes for cover. Note that those pipes will get destroyed if they take enough damage, so you can't hide there forever. You'll need to shoot about 50 rockets at the Harvester to destroy it. That can certainly take a while, but if you alternate between rockets and the machine gun (to destroy missiles) you should have an easy enough time. Run for cover only when needed. With the Harvester out of the way, you can walk to the area it was protecting, near the building. You'll have to get out of your Walker here, and do the rest on foot. Just run across the bridge to enter the building and find an exit panel. ----[ Locate the Dispersal Facility ]-------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D I S P E R S A L F A C I L I T Y : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x15]---- This level opens up with a cutscene that will introduce you to a new type of Strogg: the TACTICAL TRANSFER. It is no coincidence that you look exactly like them, as this is what you were turned into back at the Strogg Medical Facility. Anyways, you can think of them as an improved version of the Strogg Marines, who can wield a wider variety of deadlier weapons. Meaning you definitely shouldn't underestimate these foes. You are going to face five Tactical Transfers and one Gladiator here, which is no easy task. Always stay in cover and try using your more powerful weapons, though the Machinegun is also good for sniping. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ TACTICAL TRANSFER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [ varies ] : Toughness ........... [|||:::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tactical Transfers are basically Strogg Marines who don't suck. They carry more powerful weapons, use better tactics (such as seeking cover) and can be a real pain in the ass to deal with. Even though these guys are former human marines who have gone through a painful stroggification process, feel no remorse as you blow their brainwashed brains out. ----[ Shotgun ]--------------------------------[ Power ]--[|||||:::::]---- As you know by now, shotguns are only dangerous at close range. Kill these before they can get too close, or strafe around them to avoid damage if they do. ----[ Machinegun ]-----------------------------[ Power ]--[||||::::::]---- Machinegun TT's have decent accuracy and can inflict heavy damage over time. They're easy enough to dodge alone, but can be dangerous in groups. ----[ Hyperblaster ]---------------------------[ Power ]--[|||||:::::]---- Hyperblasters can probably inflict the most damage to you in the shortest amount of time... if you're not careful. Never stop moving and use cover if necessary to avoid as many shots as possible. ----[ Railgun ]--------------------------------[ Power ]--[|||||||:::]---- Can mess you up real good if it hits, but fairly easy to dodge. Because the Railgun needs to be reloaded after each shot, it has a very low rate of fire. Use this reload time to your advantage. Despite all this offensive power, Tactical Transfers aren't very well armored. They're easily defeated with most weapons, though my favorite has to be the Railgun, which can kill them in one hit. Tactical Transfers will also drop whatever weapon they were carrying when you kill them. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e10]---- After the battle, look around the area to find up to five SMALL HEALTH PACKS (right side), one LARGE HEALTH PACK and one LARGE ARMOR VEST (left side). Follow the left wall to the back of this area to find a door, beyond which lie two CLIPS and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Finally, be sure to pick up all the weapons the Tactical Transfers were carrying, including two MACHINEGUNS, two SHOTGUNS and one RAILGUN. Awesome! ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 8 ]---- RAILGUN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... 3 : Power ............... [||||||||::] Max Ammo ..................... 50 : Speed ............... [||::::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : SPECIAL : [ Zoom ] Hold the Special key to look through the : : : Railgun's scope, for a more precise aim. : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Railgun fires high-powered slugs with deadly precision. Or at least, as deadly as your precision can be. Because it has such a slow rate of fire and a small clip, any missed shot will penalize you more than with any other weapon. The Railgun is best used from a long range, along with the scope if necessary. It's especially good for killing Tactical Transfers and other weak enemies. Headshots will help against tougher enemies, though a faster weapon is usually preferable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : UPGRADE : [ Rail Penetration Mod ] Slugs can penetrate enemies, : : : potentially hitting more than one at a time. Obtained : : : in "Data Storage Security". : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Slugs (5) - Railgun (10) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w08]---- So enter the large passage leading out of this area, and click the "Close Seal" panel. Enter the next room to meet up with four Strogg Marines - the weak, easy kind. Look along the left side for a passage leading to a lift. I could tell you to ride it up, but I'm sure you did already. Was that a Harvester you just heard? Go through the door to find out. A-yep. You certainly can't kill it, and you're not in a Hovertank or Walker. What you want to do is take cover behind some of the crates here, and wait for it to stop firing its nailgun. When the coast is clear, quickly run to the next cover and wait again. You should get through with relative ease, though note that you must crouch to enter the last part of the tunnel. Go through the door to finally enter the Disposal Facility proper. You'll find ROCKETS, SHELLS, three CLIPS and a MACHINEGUN in the crate ahead, as well as a HEALTH STATION on the left, in case that Harvester wasn't too kind on you. Run through this hallways and battle about six Strogg Marines. Use those explosive barrels for fun. Go through the door to enter some large room, home to three elevators. Get the GRENADES and ROCKETS in the crate in a corner and defeat the one Grunt. Only one elevator works, the middle one leading down to Level 04, so call it up. A Gunner will be riding up along with it, so be sure you have something else than a Blaster in hand. Ride the elevator and step through the door, facing off with another Gunner ahead. Go down in the room and through the only unlocked door, from which two Strogg Marines will run out. Enter the next room, home to a Strogg Marine, a Grunt and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS near the center. The stroggs were off to a good start in this level, but it's like they're not even trying anymore. So run through the door named "Auxiliary Skywalk Access", though now you'll face three Strogg Marines and one Gladiator. See, that's slightly better. Hyperblaster or Rocket Launcher are decent options here. Run through this hallway full of mutilated bodies and disgusting human torsos hooked up to machines. Don't miss the LARGE HEALTH PACK near the door on the left side. Go through the door to enter a stairway, in which a Strogg Marine tries to scare you with his imposing shadow. Did he really think it would work? In the next hallway, you'll be attacked by a Grunt who comes at you in some sort of elaborate cutscene. Huh. Just wait for it, Shotgun at the ready. Exit this hallway into the next room, which consists of two large staircases going down. The problem is that this place is also swarming with Tactical Transfers. Well, you have the height advantage in this battle, so it actually isn't that bad. Slowly make your way down, always making sure you stay in cover. There are plenty of explosive barrels around you can try to use, or even kick downstairs. You have to defeat six Tactical Transfers on your way down (watch for a SMALL HEALTH PACK), but the most dangerous of them can be found at the bottom. Namely a Railgun and Hyperblaster Tactical Transfer, in addition to a Gunner. Chuck grenades at them, or try out the Railgun yourself if you want. Otherwise, the Hyperblaster is always a great choice against Tactical Transfers. You'll find a crate on the bottom level, which holds BATTERIES, a CLIP and four ARMOR SHARDS. Enter the next room to find a RAILGUN, a HEALTH STATION and SLUGS in a corner. Jump over the pipes and go through another door to discover a very large grinding machine. And assorted body parts. Eww. A Gunner will attack you from the other door, but you have plenty of room to move around. Go through some more doors to arrive in a large room full of moving machinery and very large pipes. The red goo in those pipes looks pretty disgusting, so naturally you want to follow them to see where they lead. These pipes even have some kind of organic pumps attached to them. How weird. Enter the next room to find something even more disturbing. Some kind of giant heart is pumping fluids through the two big pipes that run through here. What the hell, haven't the Strogg heard of mechanical pumps? Certainly they're more reliable and hygienic. Looks like the heart is given electrical shocks at regular intervals to keep it running. Hmm, since we have nothing better to do, let's see if we can somehow give the heart a... heart attack. Go behind it and you'll see a staircase on the left. Follow it up to reach a panel. Ah ha! It looks like this thing is called a "Bio-Chemical Fluidic Transfer Station". Bleh. Click the button called "Voltage Control" to give it a good long shock. Hmm, looks like that wasn't enough. Go back downstairs and run straight ahead to find another staircase. You'll find a SMALL HEALTH PACK and SMALL ARMOR VEST besides it. Climb the stairs and follow this path to reach another console, just like the one from before. Click the "Voltage Control" button again, and admire the results of your handiwork as this gross biological pump gets shut down. Don't mind the Repair Bots that show up, and instead jump down below the heart to a lower level. With the pool drained, you can now crawl through a very small tunnel and out of this place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : R E C O M P O S I T I O N C E N T E R : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x16]---- Having jumped below a giant bleeding heart, you might be asking yourself "Was this really such a good idea?" Well, let's find out. Turn on your flashlight and bravely navigate this room to find a door. Go through it and you'll see a Gunner literally hook up with a human. Where is he gonna go? What horrible fate awaits this man? Don't know, don't care, you're just here to kill yourself a Gunner. Soon enough you'll hear someone calling out for help. There are four holding cells in this room, and it just so happens that Tech Marine Sasaki is in one of them. To free him, locate the holding cells panel on one side of the room, click cell number 2, and click the middle button. Sasaki will tell you he's the last survivor of his squad (a very likely story), and will want you to get him out of here. He'll also give you the NAIL SEEKER MOD for your Nailgun, a very nice little mod that gives the nails a limited tracking ability. Just hold down the Special key to lock on to an enemy. ----[ Locate Exit ]-----------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Work with Sasaki to try and find and exit from the Recomposition Station. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being a Tech Marine, Sasaki can of course repair your armor, which you really should take advantage of. You should also open cell number 4 and claim the BATTERIES within. Before leaving this room, you might also want to use the HEALTH STATION near the entrance. So go up the stairs and follow the hallway until you find the only unlocked door. Go through it to enter a room containing lots of barrels and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS. It seems you're gonna have to use those barrels to build a platform and reach the upper level, but Sasaki needs you to activate the assembly line first. Raaargh. ----[ Locate Exit ]-------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Activate Barrel Process ]-----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Sasaki can get you both out of here if you activate the barrel processing assembly line. Make your way to the control room while Sasaki stays behind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fine then. Look for a door in the back of the room and go through it. Fight off four Strogg Marines, a Grunt, then three more Marines and a Gunner as you head down this room. It's a good idea to try out your new seeker nails if you want. Go up some stairs at the end to reach the upper level, on which you'll fight a Berserker and Strogg Marine. Grab SHELLS and a SMALL HEALTH PACK on your way to the next room. Well here's something new. Sergeant Jarlsberg of Viper Squad appear to be getting tortured with some kind of prototype Lightning Gun. Wait, gun you say? You just so happen to love guns! Look around to find GRENADES and two LIGHTNING COILS. Then look at the computer screens and click the "Halt Trial" button. Awesome, the LIGHTNING GUN is now yours! ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 9 ]---- LIGHTNING GUN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... n/a : Power ............... [|||:::::::] Max Ammo ..................... 400 : Speed ............... [||||||||||] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now this is a fun weapon. The lightning beam can fry anything it touches up to medium range, usually in a few seconds or less. Note that enemies with a large amount of health will require longer cooking times, which translate into a lot of wasted ammo. So it's generally best to use the Lightning Gun against weaker enemies, especially once you obtain the chain lightning mod. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : UPGRADE : [ Chain Lightning Mod ] Allows the lightning beam to : : : hit nearby enemies as well, damaging multiple targets. : : : Obtained in "Tram Hub Station". : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Lightning Coils (80) - Lightning Gun (100) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w09]---- Looks like Jarlsberg was already dead. Oh well. Leave him and run around the room through another door. Follow this hallway and use your Lightning Gun to fry two Strogg Marines. It's kind of a waste of ammo, but you gotta try it at least once! Further down the hallway are two Strogg Marines and a Grunt, two boxes of NAILS, a SMALL ARMOR VEST and a HEALTH STATION. There's also a SMALL HEALTH PACK further ahead if you need it. Go through the door near the health station to enter the control room you were looking for. Besides some BATTERIES and three ARMOR SHARDS, you'll find a panel named "Stroyent Filling Control". Click "Activate Barrel Process" to fulfill Sasaki's request. ----[ Activate Barrel Process ]-------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Activate Process ]------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find the barrel sterilization controls and reboot the system. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Damn this stupid Strogg technology. Never works on the first try. Luckily for you, there just so happens to be a door called "Sterilization" in this room. Go through it to find an outdoor area, made up of several platforms on different levels. Start by taking care of the Grunt and Strogg Marines, and run along the first platform until you find two CLIPS. Take cover behind the crates here, as you'll find two Tactical Transfer up on a ledge ahead. They can be hard to see, so I highly suggest you simply snipe them with the Railgun. Climb downstairs to the lower platform, and go around until you encounter two Strogg Marines, a Berserker and a Tactical Transfer. There's plenty of crates around you can use for cover. Look behind the green barrels on the right to find a LARGE HEALTH PACK and BATTERIES. You should also climb down the ladder from which one of the Marines came from to reach a lower platform holding two CLIPS and NAILS. Climb back up, and run through two doors into another area. You can find a LARGE HEALTH PACK left of the entrance. You will then have to take care of a Gladiator and up to four Machinegun Transfers. The Hyperblaster and Railgun would work well. Climb on the higher platform, on which you can find two LARGE HEALTH PACKS by searching carefully. Head back inside through the nearby door. Lots of green barrels around this room, plus GRENADES and a HEALTH STATION. Enter the next room, which happens to be the sterilization control room. Go towards the computer console to find NAILS, two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, a SMALL ARMOR VEST and a CLIP. Now click the "System Reset" button to perform what any tech support guy knows how to do best: a system reboot. ----[ Activate Process ]--------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- You thought this wouldn't work either, did you? Well surprisingly that did the trick. Now it's backtracking time. So exit this room and run back outside. A cutscene? What now? What's now is the dreaded LIGHT TANK, one of the toughest Strogg around. For now, simply concentrate on dodging his attacks, and shoot back with the Hyperblaster or, preferably, the Nailgun in seeker mode. Use of the Rocket Launcher isn't highly recommended, but still viable. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ LIGHT TANK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [|||||||||:] : Toughness ........... [||||||||::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first thing you might notice about this guy is that he isn't actually a tank. But he does have some powerful weaponry and plenty of armor. At a distance, he can fire blaster shots which are fairly weak and easy to avoid. Occasionally, he will charge up his gun and release a massive fireball that causes equally massive damage. Thankfully, this fireball travels slowly and is easily dodged as long as you see it coming. Most of the time however, the Light Tank likes to think he's actually a Berserker, possibly through some nasty Neurocyte chip mix-up business. So he'll come charging towards you and try to knock you down with a morning star. This attack hurts a fair bit, but that's not the one you should be worried about. At short range he can also fire his flamethrower, which will kill you in seconds if you're not careful. Try to circle around him when he does, so that you avoid most (or all) of the damage. As for weapon recommendations, I'd go with the usual Hyperblaster or Nailgun. The Rocket Launcher is good in some cases, though be sure to switch to another weapon if a Light Tank decides to charge you. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e11]---- So one less Strogg to worry about. A million more to go. You can now backtrack into the other outdoor area. Strangely enough, Sasaki worries about YOU dying, while he's the one back there without any weapon to defend himself. That's comedy. You'll notice this area has been reinforced with three Tactical Transfers, and perhaps two Strogg Marines (they don't seem to show up all the time, for some reason). Railgun, Nailgun, Hyperblaster... take your pick. Backtrack inside... past the barrel processing control room, and all the way back to Sasaki. You get to fight a Berserker and two Strogg Marines on your way there, and you can even find a LARGE ARMOR VEST through a newly unlocked door. Now matter how fast you run, there's no way you can run back in time to save Sasaki from a simple Grunt, however. You should have given him a Blaster or something. ----[ Use Barrel Controls ]---------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Sasaki is gone. Use the control system to build a path to the upper ledge and escape. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You might think this will be some kind of overly complicated puzzle, but nope. Approach the console, and first click the lower-right button. Click the up arrow, then click the upper-right button to load barrels on the platform. Finally, click the down arrow. You now need to jump on top of the computer console, then on top of the green barrels, and finally on top on the upper ledge (on your left). ----[ Use Barrel Controls ]-----------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Follow this ledge around and through a red door. Enter the dark room beyond and you'll see a hole on the right side. Approach it and a Grunt will jump out, which you can quickly kill with the Shotgun. Jump down the hole to complete this level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : P U T R I F I C A T I O N C E N T E R : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x17]---- Yes, this is really a "Putrification Center", as opposed to "Purification Center". I bet you can't wait to find out more about putrefaction and smelly things. You start out the level on a conveyor belt, which will drop you onto another one. Follow it into another room, and you'll drop down again. Be careful not to be knocked off the conveyor belt by one of the containers moving across the room. It's really easier than it sounds. Instead of leaving this room through the door ahead, jump off the right side on the floor below. You should find a SMALL ARMOR VEST here. Now turn around and cross over to the left side of this platform. Go through the door here, and up the stairs to find a LARGE HEALTH PACK and SLUGS. I like Slugs. Jump back on the conveyor belt and follow it into the next room. This time barrels are moving across the room at a much quicker pace, but if you time your movement properly you'll have no problem making it through. Go through the next room and into a larger one in which containers get transfered from one side to the other. Quickly run across as soon as the containers have passed to the other side. Ride the conveyor belt through two more rooms until you drop down one level. Follow this new belt into the next room, taking care to avoid the needles and bloody saws. Exit the conveyor belt on the left side between the two saws to find a couple dead marines and some loot. Loot includes: SMALL HEALTH PACK, SHOTGUN, NAILS, SLUGS and two ARMOR SHARDS. Head back on the conveyor belt which leads you out of this room. Jump down on the belt you'll see on the right, and then on your left. Enter the next room, which contains two flamethrowers along the conveyor belt for no apparent reason. Before running through those, you might notice a ladder leading down to the ledges below. Down there, you'll find two CLIPS, SHELLS and a LARGE HEALTH PACK in a crate, as well as a MACHINEGUN, a CLIP and a SMALL ARMOR VEST near a dead marine. Go back on the conveyor belt and carefully walk through the flamethrowers. Watch out for the two needles as you enter the next room, and follow the belts through another door. In this room, you'll want to jump on the platform on the right (as opposed to falling to your doom), then jump on the upper conveyor belt. Sigh. Did you think you were done? Almost. Simply follow the conveyor belts through a couple more room, until you finally reach solid ground and two Strogg Marines. Look on the left side of this room to find a semi-hidden crate containing two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, BATTERIES and GRENADES. In the next room, you'll encounter two more Strogg Marines, but also find two LARGE HEALTH PACKS, a HEALTH STATION and a SMALL ARMOR VEST behind it. Face a Tactical Transfer and a Gunner by going down the steps, both of which happen to be allergic to bullets, plasma, nails, explosives and lightning. You can find a SMALL HEALTH PACK on a crate up above, and then run up some stairs until you come up to where the Gunner and Transfer first appeared. Could those living, organic pipes be any more gross? Don't stare at them too much, because just ahead you'll be attacked by three Tactical Transfers. And if you're not careful, you may just end up very hurt. I suggest using the Rocket Launcher to eliminate them quickly, though if you wanna go with more conventional weapons, be sure to use the nearby crates as cover. Run to the end of the hallway to discover a crate containing two LARGE HEALTH PACKS, SLUGS, SHELLS and one ARMOR SHARD. Turn around and go through the left door to enter another hallway, in which a Grunt will assault you. It looks like you're heading towards the source of these squishy pipes, or intestines, or whatever. Shoot at them if you don't believe me! Enter the next hallway, home to a single Gunner. The Hyperblaster is perfect here. Go through the next door to meet... the biggest and fattest Strogg you have ever seen! Whoa. Fortunately, it can't move nor hit you from behind this glass. So this thing is the Stroyent Processing Creature, aka "Fatty". Those are Fatty's guts you've seen running through the whole facility. Kind of impressive, when you think about it. I think Fatty's job is to process the Stroyent that goes through him and extract some beneficial enzymes out of it. Stroyent is apparently some goo made mostly of um, processed humans and probably other disgusting stuff. You could say Stroyent is the Strogg equivalent of wieners. Anyway, you need to get rid of Fatty. ----[ Destroy the Stroyent Processing Creature ]------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find a way to destroy the creature that controls the flow of fluids through the Stroyent Dispersal Facility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So proceed right and through the door at the end of the hallway. Turn around in this room and head through the next door. You must now run in front of Fatty, with no windows to protect you. If find it's easy enough if you just keep running, never stop, and don't look back. He'll try to repeatedly hit you with those massive hooks of his, which will cause equally massive damage if they connect. If running doesn't work, you need to stop and hide behind the pillars (stay very close to them) as you make your way across. Be warned that the pillars can be destroyed if they get hit several times. So at the end of this hallway is a green panel. Activate it to spray Fatty with some green stuff he obviously doesn't like. Must be made of vegetables. He'll get so angry he'll smash a window near you, so you can simply run back through it. You'll see an unlocked door straight ahead, so run through it. I dunno what they're doing with the human bodies in this room, but it doesn't look pleasant. Grab a SMALL HEALTH PACK near the computers, then step on the lift and ride it up. Proceed through this room, in which you can catch another SMALL HEALTH PACK sitting on a crate. Run through the next hallway, once again full of mutilated bodies. You should now be back in Fatty's room, though on the upper level. This time, you need to run towards the middle, while still using the pillars for cover. From there, follow the short hallway and turn left when you can to find some more computer panels. If you look closely, you'll see that this says Fatty's abdomen is already at 93% capacity. Would you be able to kill him by overfeeding him? Well, why don't you find out by clicking the "Initiate Feeding" button. Haha! Eat that, Fatty! Literally. Oh my, that was gross. But you still managed to kill him, even though you had no idea why you should do so. It's one of those things you just know you gotta do, you know? ----[ Destroy the Stroyent Processing Creature ]--------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- So turn around, toggle your flashlight and follow the hallway right. You have to backtrack all the way down to the lower level, in Ex-Fatty's chamber. Jump through the broken window (it's a little tricky, but if you can't do it just run all the way around) and get close to Fatty. Can you imagine the stench right about now? I'd rather not. Carefully jump down the hole, caused by a sudden release of powerful gastric acids. Then jump down the next hole on top of the crates so you don't hurt yourself. You'll probably be attacked by up two four Strogg Marines from the holes in the walls here, as a FYI. Now you'll see two doors leading out of this room. Face them, and go through the left door first. You'll find a crate here, containing two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, LIGHTNING COILS and ROCKETS. Exit this room, make your way around the previous room (don't fall in the pit!) and proceed through the right door. You'll fight three more Strogg Marines in here, along with a Gunner. Loot the crate near the entrance to find a CLIP, SHELLS, BATTERIES and NAILS. There's also two boxes of ROCKETS, some GRENADES and a GRENADE LAUNCHER around the room. And if you look really hard in one of the corners behind some crates, you might even find a LARGE ARMOR VEST! Make your way around this room, which will take you around the pit. There's only one other door out of here anyway. Go through it, and you'll notice a large opening in the floor and ceiling. Jump down the opening to complete this level, but be sure to loot the nearby crate for a LARGE HEALTH PACK and some SLUGS before doing so. And if you thought this level was pretty gross, you ain't seen nothing yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : W A S T E P R O C E S S I N G F A C I L I T Y : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x18]---- This is just awesome. More waste! And not the pleasant human kind you're used to either. So take a deep breath, and venture ahead. You get to meet up with the first non-dead and non-stroggified human you've seen in quite a while: Private Lanier of Eagle Squad. He's also trying to rejoin the others, though the only tip he has for you is to avoid acid. You know, as opposed to bathing yourself in it, like you do every morning. Actually, if you look up, you will see this orange... thing that moves along the ceiling and sprays acid along the way. Just don't walk underneath, is all. Now then. Grab the LARGE HEALTH PACK nearby, and proceed through the small tunnel on your right. You'll find SHELLS near the dead-end on your way. In the next room, you'll see a barrel fall down on its own and someone... something crawl out of it. Aaaargh! A zombie! Well yes and no. These happen to be stroggified marines, just like you are, except the transfer failed horribly or was botched for some reason. The result? A SLIMY TRANSFER. Yummy. Because they are so easy to defeat, I recommend using either the Machinegun or Shotgun throughout the waste tunnels. I tend to prefer the Machinegun, simply because it has the flashlight. Of course, any other weapon will work equally well. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ SLIMY TRANSFER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [|||:::::::] : Toughness ........... [|:::::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you think getting turned into a Strogg sucks, think again. Getting turned into a Strogg AND have the transfer process fail halfway through is possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone, ever. The result is some disgusting zombie-like creature, devoid of any intelligence and doomed to a life of puking and eating Strogg waste (it's a vicious circle). Anyway, the Slimy Transfer's main attack consists of vomiting acid in your general direction, which is easily avoided if you simply step back far enough. The acid can burn right through your armor, and can add up to some significant damage if you stay in the puddles long enough. So don't. Because Slimy Transfers have so little heath, feel free to use any weapon you want to take them down. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e12]---- So look around this room to find a CLIP and three ARMOR SHARDS, then walk through the next tunnel. Within it, you'll be attacked by another Slimy Transfer as well as a FAILED TRANSFER, a (very) slightly less botched Transfer who can actually use a Shotgun. Like their Slimy counterpart, they're still pitifully easy to defeat. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ FAILED TRANSFER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||::::::::] : Toughness ........... [|:::::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Failed Transfers appear a little more human than their Slimy counterparts, and retained just enough intelligence to fire a shotgun. Well barely. The way they handle that shotgun, they're more of a threat to themselves than anyone else. Show them how a real marine gets it done. Annoyingly, Failed Transfers won't die immediately if you destroy the lower body. They can still crawl around and leap at you until you finish them off for good. You can avoid this situation entirely by shooting them in the head instead. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e13]---- Grab the GRENADES in this tunnel and exit into a large room. You'll get to destroy two more Slimy Transfers and about a half-dozen Failed Transfer torsos in this disgusting room. I wouldn't suggest leaving until you got them all, as they could attack you from behind later on. Stupid sneaky zombies. There's also a SMALL HEALTH PACK to be found around the large pillar. Leave through another tunnel, in which you'll face one Failed Transfer. In the next room, you'll notice two holes from which two Slimy Transfers will crawl out. Kill them, and wait for two more to appear, and kill them again. That'll show them. You can grab a SMALL HEALTH PACK hidden behind the crate on the right side. Follow this new tunnel and you'll soon be attacked by a Failed Transfer coming from the right. Look in the niche he came from to score some BATTERIES. Proceed forward and you'll spot another hole in the left wall. Again, wait for two Slimy Transfers to come out of it. Leave this tunnel for a smaller one, guarded by a single Failed Transfer. Climb up the stairs on the other side to discover two Slimy Transfers having lunch. Blow them away before they can puke their lunch back at you. Follow this hallway into another, much bigger hallway. You'll see some sort of machinery going back and forth across the room, in a vain attempt to scrape the floor. They probably put this system in place after the last ten janitors got eaten by zombies. Just avoid them so you don't get caught in crushers. You should first pilfer the crate on the left for SHELLS, GRENADES and a SMALL HEALTH PACK. You can then run to the other end of this room, where you'll find a passage on the left. Just before it, you'll also find BATTERIES near a marine corpse. So enter the hallway, grab the SMALL HEALTH PACK near the ladder and climb it up to the upper level. You'll see a LARGE HEALTH PACK and GRENADES just to your right. Proceed forward and equip a strong weapon, such as the Nailgun or Railgun. You will have to face no less than seven Tactical Transfers, three of which will come at you from the front, and four on the other side of the room. Two of them use Hyperblasters, and one has a Railgun, so be careful. Either use the crates for cover, or run back far enough that you can simply snipe them with the Railgun. Go through the door in the right wall to find a crate containing two LARGE HEALTH PACKS, ROCKETS and GRENADES. You'll also find a crate behind the door at the far end of this walkway, this one containing four ARMOR SHARDS, a SMALL HEALTH PACK and SLUGS. Locate the yellow panel near the first door, and click the "Toggle Bridge" button. Run across this newly extended bridge, though beware the lone Tactical Transfer that will show up. From the bridge, you can turn left and check behind the door there to find a SMALL HEALTH PACK. You should then head the other way, making sure you pick up the LIGHTNING COILS on the left. Run through the door at the end to enter another hallway, in which you'll find two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, SHELLS and BATTERIES. Head across the bridge and towards the next door, but it will break down under your fat ass (it's impossible to make it through the door). At first you'll be attacked by four Slimy Transfers, who for some reason appear to have more health than usual. I suggest using the Hyperblaster to destroy them. Turn around and you'll discover a crate holding two boxes of ROCKETS, two CLIPS and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS. A Slimy Transfer will also crawl out of a barrel. Next head through the first tunnel on the left. You'll find a SMALL ARMOR VEST and a Slimy Transfer around this dead-end, though watch out for the acid sprays coming from above. Head back, and another Slimy Transfer as well as a Failed Transfer will be waiting for you. Run to the end of this hallway to find SHELLS and a SMALL HEALTH PACK, then head through the second tunnel on the left side. Again, you'll be attacked by several Transfers, both of the Slimy and Failed kind. Straight ahead from the tunnel you can find a LARGE HEALTH PACK by crawling under the wall. You must then run to the end of this passage and enter the tunnel on the left, while watching out for the acid spray (there's a SMALL HEALTH PACK on the way). Follow it until you join up with Private Lanier, who must be feeling a whole lot better now that you're here. Before going up the stairs, look through the small tunnel on the right to find a CLIP, GRENADES and a LARGE ARMOR VEST. Now that you're well-protected, run upstairs and through the door. Back on the upper level, you'll be facing about seven more Tactical Transfers. I suggest you stay near the doorway, and snipe them safely from a distance. Run straight ahead into a small room, in which you can grab ROCKETS, a LARGE HEALTH PACK and BATTERIES. Cross to the other side of the room using the bridge, turn left here if you need a SMALL HEALTH PACK, otherwise turn right. You'll see another bridge, so go across and through the door ahead. Note that if you fall on the lower level at any time here, you can climb back up using the ladders. You can pick up GRENADES and use the HEALTH STATION in this room, then head through the next door. You'll face off against two Tactical Transfers and a Gunner along this bridge, followed by four more Tactical Transfers. You can do like Lanier and use the crates as cover or - my recommendation - snipe them from the doorway with your Railgun. Again, if you fall here, climb back up using the ladder. You'll find SHELLS near the entrance if you need some. So go across the bridge, through a door and another bridge. Through this next door, you'll encounter two more Tactical Transfers, and find some BATTERIES. Cross yet another bridge (last one, I promise!) and look behind the crates just ahead for a LARGE HEALTH PACK. Further ahead you'll also find a crate containing two boxes of NAILS. If you look to your right from here, you should see a SMALL ARMOR VEST, a CLIP and SHELLS on the lower level. Grab those if you want, them climb the ladder back up. Follow Lanier until you reach a door and go through it to meet up with two more marines: Tech Ruck and Medic Wong, the last of Cobra Squad. It seems you're the only one who can get through the security checkpoint ahead... lucky for them you showed up. And lucky for you, Ruck will kindly upgrade your Rocket Launcher with the ROCKET HOMING MOD. ----[ Deactivate Laser Scanner ]----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find a way to deactivate the laser scanner so the rest of the survivors can get through. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grab the BATTERIES and CLIP nearby if you need them, then run through the laser scanner. No worries, it won't cut you down or anything. Run through the door ahead to trigger a cutscene. Lieutenant Voss is alive! Erm, wait, what the hell did they do to him? He's been stroggified, that's what. Why couldn't they turn YOU into something as cool as that? Certainly would have made the game easier. Thus begins your first real boss battle. ----[ B O S S ]-------------------------------------------------------------- STROGG VOSS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [|||||||:::] : Toughness ........... [||||||::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new and improved Voss has many weapons at his disposal, including homing rockets, a lightning gun and the dreaded dark matter gun. He can also throw some powerful swipes and punches at you, should you venture too close. And as if his guns weren't big enough already, he can even summon Strogg Marines to help him out, similar to what the Teleport Dropper does. The homing rockets are fairly powerful and can be hard to avoid. Try moving out of the way at the last second, or even jumping over them. The lightning gun, on the other hand, has a rather short range and does pretty weak damage (as long as you don't stay directly in the beam). But the attack you really need to watch out for comes from the dark matter gun. Standing in the path of the large projectile is bad enough, but getting caught in the massive explosion it causes is even worse. This slow attack is easy enough to avoid however, and you'll be safe if you stay far enough from walls. For the duration of the battle, I recommend you always stay fairly close to Voss (though out of his melee range, obviously). At this range, you'll have an easier time shooting at his head (every other part of his body is heavily armored), and Voss will mostly try to use his lightning gun, which of course works to your advantage. So start shooting Voss in the face, preferably with your Hyperblaster or Lightning Gun. After you take down his shield, he will run to the nearest recharge station to regenerate it. He is invincible while doing so, during which you should instead concentrate on killing all the Strogg Marines he summons. You'll have to repeat this pattern two more times, which means destroying his shield and killing all the Strogg Marines that spawn while he runs to the next recharge station. While you don't necessarily have to kill all the Marines, I find it makes the fight easier when you only have Voss to worry about. After Voss has recharged his shield three times, switch to your Nailgun and finish him off. You'll need to take down the shield once again, but he'll be unable to regenerate it any further. Keep shooting and he'll go down quickly enough. You can also use the Rocket Launcher if you're far enough, though as I mentioned before I find it's safer to stay close. Note that if you start getting low on health (and you probably will), you can find several SMALL HEALTH PACKS and one LARGE HEALTH PACK scattered around the room, as well as some SLUGS. Fun fact: the name Raven Software used for this character (at least internally) appears to be "Boss Buddy". I wonder why. --------------------------------------------------------------------[b01]---- With the stroggified Voss out of the picture, go through the other door and into a control room. Pick up the ROCKETS and SLUGS, as well as a LARGE HEALTH PACK on top of some computers. Approach the red control panel and click "Control Grid" so that your teammates may rejoin you. ----[ Deactivate Laser Scanner ]------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Follow them through the boss room and up to another door, which will automatically unlock. Before you go any further, be sure to ask Ruck and Wong to fully heal you. Enter the next room and immediately shoot down the explosive barrel rolling down the stairs to your right. This will save you and your teammates much pain. Also quickly take care of the Tactical Transfer nearby (he should be around your left). This long hallway will eventually lead you to the exit, but you've got about a dozen Tactical Transfers and two Berserkers in the way. To get through this easily, hang back with your buddies (near or behind some cover) and use your Railgun to snipe all the stroggs you see in their ugly faces. When it's clear, move on and repeat the process. You can also find some NAILS as you go along. You'll soon reach the exit and be taken back to the Hannibal. Sweet, sweet - yet temporary - freedom! ----[ Regroup ]-----------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : O P E R A T I O N : L A S T H O P E : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x19]---- As this level begins, a couple of marines doctors will be doing some research on you to make sure that you're safe enough to yourself and to others. You'll then meet up with Sledge (who apparently got promoted to Sergeant), who will escort you to the briefing room. ----[ Report to Briefing ]----------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Make your way through the Hannibal and find Rhino Squad's briefing room for your next mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So much for resting. You should be already familiar with the Hannibal's layout, so just make your way out of the medical facilities and into the briefing room. You'll notice that the other marines on board are a lot less friendly this time around. You can't judge someone because he happens to look exactly like your most hated and feared enemy. Sheesh! Anyways, meet what's left of Rhino Squad in the briefing room. ----[ Report to Briefing ]------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- So it appears the original plan to destroy the Nexus sucked, and General Harper will explain that they've come up with a new one. And, like all the brilliant plans in the history of the world, its success will pretty much depend on one man: you. It seems you're gonna have to take down the Nexus from the core, which really makes sense when you think about it. The briefing is cut short(er) when the Strogg begin invading the Hannibal. ----[ Gear Up ]---------------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find the armory and resupply. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run into the Armory and meet up with Sergeant Swekel to get your gear back, as well as an EXTENDED CLIP MOD for your Shotgun! This mod makes the Shotgun a much more useful weapon, by cutting down the reload time significantly. ----[ Gear Up ]-----------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Report to Drop Pod Launch Bay ]-----------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Hightail it to the drop pod launch center and fire yourself towards the Storage tower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure I like the sound of "firing yourself" anywhere, but you still need to run towards the Drop Pod Launch Bay. Once you reach the right launch bay, you'll have to unlock the door by clicking the green panel first. Click "Enter" on the pod that suitably says "Bringing Death". ----[ Report to Drop Pod Launch Bay ]-------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D A T A S T O R A G E T E R M I N A L : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x20]---- Enjoy the ride, and miraculously survive crashing through the tower. Good thing those pods are built solid. Must be Made in America right? Ahem. So pick up some LIGHTNING COILS to your left, and please equip something else than the Blaster. There's also a HEALTH STATION nearby, but I don't know why you would need it right now. ----[ Regroup ]---------------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find LT. Hollenbeck. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll have the honor of being followed by Tech Marine Shockley for a while, for all your armor maintenance needs. Proceed forward (you can find a SMALL HEALTH PACK on the right side of the room) and go through the only unlocked door. You can take a shortcut if you run through the fire on the right side in this hallway, but it's not really worth it. Or healthy. So run into the next room, taking on one Grunt. Head through the door and take care of the Gunner straight ahead. You'll then face two Tactical Marines inside the next room, followed by two more. Remember Shockley if you get damaged. Proceed through the next door and you'll be back where the Gunner was before. Now look where the broken pipe is, from which flames are coming out. Since the railing is broken here, crawl under it and walk on the pipe to grab a LARGE ARMOR VEST. Keep walking on the pipes until you drop down into another room. This is where you'd be if you took the shortcut from before. Head through the door here and fight a lone Grunt in the next room. Walk up to the lift, call it down and ride it to the upper level. Run through this area and past the crashed Drop Pod. Walk on the steel girder and crouch to enter the room ahead. You'll find Lieutenant Hollenbeck to your left, as well as GRENADES, BATTERIES and two LARGE HEALTH PACK. ----[ Regroup ]-----------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Reactivate TSD's ]------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Get down to Distribution and reactivate the torso storage devices. Then return to the hangar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TSDs aren't to be confused with STDs. Both are kinda gross, though. Turn around (facing away from Hollenbeck) and run through the door ahead. You'll find a computer panel here and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Click "Assign Repair Bots" to have them put out the big fire in the room below. You can then jump down here directly and take a little damage to save time, or backtrack safely by using the lift. Whatever the case, run through the door that was behind the fire and grab the SMALL ARMOR VEST on the way. You'll get to witness a Grunt die in a fire here, so I suggest you promptly point and laugh. That felt good. Head into the next room, in which you'll see four Repair Bots working on a gun surrounded by some strange dark matter. Could it be the DARK MATTER GUN? Why, yes. Yes it is. Destroy the Repair Bots, and you'll be able to get your hands on this most glorious weapon. Note that as soon as you pick it up, about a dozen (probably more) Strogg Marines will walk into the room - a perfect opportunity to try out the DMG. Because using it on a single Strogg Marine is overkill, try to run around so that they get grouped up together, then fire. Aww yeah. ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[ Default Key: 0 ]---- DARK MATTER GUN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip Size .................... 1 : Power ............... [||||||||||] Max Ammo ..................... 25 : Speed ............... [|:::::::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I won't pretend to know what dark matter is, or how it can be contained within a weapon. What I do know is that the Dark Matter Gun (or DMG) is incredibly slow, yet incredibly powerful. The large dark matter projectile will heavily damage anything it passes through, as well as damage nearby enemies. The projectile will form a huge explosion upon hitting a wall or other obstacle, and any enemies caught within the blast radius will take further damage. Perfect for clearing groups of enemies. The DMG's biggest drawback is the reload time. It will take a full two seconds before you're ready to fire again, though considering the amount of devastation a single shot can cause, this isn't always such a big issue. Still, I wouldn't recommend using it against some of the toughest stroggs out there, such as Light Tanks and Heavy Hovertanks (unless you plan on taking out several weaker enemies at the same time). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- : AMMO : Dark Matter Cores (5) - Dark Matter Gun (10) : --------------------------------------------------------------------[w10]---- With all the Marines dead, the two doors at the opposite end of the room will be unlocked. Go through the one on the right to enter a room with a large elevator in the middle, and meet up with two members of Eagle Squad. Look around in this room to find two BATTERIES, two LIGHTNING COILS, two boxes of SHELLS and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Then call the elevator and ride it down with Rutger and Mills into the next level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D A T A S T O R A G E S E C U R I T Y : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x21]---- As you're riding down, Rutger will decide to upgrade your Railgun with the RAIL PENETRATION MOD. How nice, though I don't think this mod is very useful. Once you arrive at the bottom, take out your Machinegun and turn on the flashlight. Sure is dark down here. Make your way through the first room, until you spot a marine torso on the ground. Look on your left to discover two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, LIGHTNING COILS and SLUGS. You'll also find a SMALL ARMOR VEST in the room on the right, and three ARMOR SHARDS in the room further ahead, though with Rutger still with you, you don't need any of that. Proceed to the second door on the right to enter another room with a HEALTH STATION. Continue through the hallways, and eventually you'll spot a crate on your right containing two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, ROCKETS, BATTERIES and GRENADES. Hmm, so much ammo lying around, yet no enemies. Haha, right. Now run through a few more rooms, and you'll eventually reach the "TSD Transfer System" computer panel. But as you approach, one of those strange coffins hanging on the walls will open up, revealing an IRON MAIDEN - a strong enemy not to be confused with the metal band. Quickly take care of it with your Hyperblaster or Nailgun. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ IRON MAIDEN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||||||||::] : Toughness ........... [||||||::::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Up to this point, did you ever find yourself thinking "Hmm, I wonder where all the sexy Strogg women are at"? Well here they are, kind of. Iron Maidens can float around and teleport themselves in and out of existence (you can't hurt them while they're invisible). They will usually attack you by firing up to three rockets, which are powerful but easy to dodge by strafing. Iron Maidens can scream at you like a banshee if they get close enough, which won't cause much damage but has the annoying side-effect of distorting your vision for a while. They can also punch you in melee range, but I'm not sure if that's even worth mentioning at this point. Weapon recommendations? Hyperblaster, Nailgun, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, Dark Matter Gun... it's all good really. As long as you don't stop moving. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e14]---- I hate Iron Maidens, and I'm sure you'll learn to hate them too. Run back to the computer panel now, and click the "Reactivate" button. Something tells me you reactivated more than just the TSDs down there. ----[ Reactivate TSD's ]--------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Regroup ]---------------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find LT. Hollenbeck. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time to backtrack. Trackback. Kcartkcab. In the first room, you'll face a single Iron Maiden. A good occasion to get more practice in taking down those bitches. Head to the large door and click the panel besides it to open it. You'll face two Tactical Transfers in the next room. Then one Iron Maiden in the following room. Unlock another door, and face another Iron Maiden, who this time will try to attack you from behind. Grab anything you might have previously left in the crate here, and unlock the next door. Equip your Rocket Launcher, and walk through another door. You'll come face to face with a Teleport Dropper, though three rockets should be enough to kill it before it can even spawn anything. Kill the Iron Maiden further ahead and make use of the HEALTH STATION if you need to. The next room only has one Iron Maiden, so kill it then unlock the door. Next room contains two Tactical Transfers, and remember you can grab an armor vest in the room on the left, which you would only need if you let Rutger die. The next room (from which the Transfer came from) has one Iron Maiden ready to rock out. Unlock another door, and face... an empty coffin. HA! Finally backtrack to the elevator room, in which you'll face your ultimate challenge on this easy level: two Iron Maidens! Oh boy. Kill them easily with the Nailgun, and ride the elevator back up to exit this level. It doesn't matter if Rutger and Mills survived this far or not, as they'll choose to stay down here anyway. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D A T A S T O R A G E T E R M I N A L ( R E V I S I T E D ) : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x22]---- You'll immediately meet up with Hollenbeck, who has another mission for you. ----[ Regroup ]-----------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Open Hangar Doors ]-----------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Gain access to the hangar control room and open both sets of doors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds simple enough. Loot the crates in this room to find SHELLS and LIGHTNING COILS, as well as a SMALL ARMOR VEST. I think the goodies will be there even if you picked them up previously. So exit this room and you'll face two Berserkers where you found the DMG before. Funnily enough, Hollenbeck can be killed by those. Exit this room the opposite way, and run through the next room to find a lift and a Gunner. Call the lift and ride it to the upper level. Head through the door straight ahead, and get two SMALL HEALTH PACKS, BATTERIES and GRENADES in the crate. Go through the other door to reach a cool-looking tower. I would assume this blue thing is the Nexus data stream, traveling through the different towers. Who cares. Click the "Activate Bridge" panel (not like you have a choice, besides falling to your doom), and run through the door called "HANGAR3". You'll meet a Gunner up ahead, and hear a loud and very unsettling roar. Go through the door to find the hangar bay. Naturally, click the "Open Hangar" button to open the first door, as Falcon 1 is getting very impatient with you. Now walk along the right side and call the lift. Ride it to the lower level, where you'll find a door. Enter it and call another lift, which you'll then ride back up. It's almost like a very boring amusement park ride. Nothing in this room, so exit via the door. You'll now face two Light Tanks at once, which can be kind of a challenge. Always stay on the move and keep as much distance between you and them as you can. Hyperblaster, Nailgun, Rocket Launcher are good choices, or the Dark Matter Gun if you feel like wasting ammo (I wouldn't). You'll notice another elevator in the center of the room, so call it. While you wait, check behind the elevator to find a HEALTH STATION. Once it arrives, ride it back up a long ways to arrive in the hangar control room, which is full of computer screens. Click the "Open Door" button, and watch Falcon 1 land inside the tower through the monitor. ----[ Open Hangar Doors ]-------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Turn around and rid-- did you just see something big and nasty on the monitor? Must be your imagination. *cough* As I was saying, ride the lift down to embark on another exciting backtracking adventure. It seems something went horribly wrong in the hangar though, and Rhodes wants you to find him. ----[ Find Rhodes ]-----------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Locate Rhodes and continue on with your mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the room, step on the lift and go down. Go back in the hangar and get your first (second?) look at the huge Network Guardian, protector of all these here towers. Fortunately it didn't see you. Go to the other side of the hangar and ride the lift to the upper level. Head right to meet up with several members of Badger Squad. Tech Marine Hart will even give you a BOUNCE SHOT MOD for your Hyperblaster. As he said, this will make it a little more useful in close quarters by making your shots bounce around the walls. Grab the SHOTGUN and exit the hangar area to find Rhodes. Strauss will inform you both that you must find the security stations on top of each towers to gain access to the Core. Better start with the one on this tower. ----[ Find Rhodes ]-------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Locate Security Station ]-----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Locate the security station - There is one security station in each terminal that must be disabled to gain access to the core. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head back into the tower area with the blue beam, and run through the door marked "ROOF-SS". Take care of the Grunt here (Rhodes is a handy partner to have, with his Hyperblaster) and head into the next room. Head downstairs and you'll reach a large, sort of circular room. Look around the crate to find two LARGE HEALTH PACKS, two CLIPS, a SMALL ARMOR VEST, BATTERIES and GRENADES. Go behind the windows to find a "Call Lift" panel, which you'll immediately press out of habit. While the elevator arrives, about five Tactical Transfers will run into the room, which should prove no problem for you and Rhodes. A Grunt will also arrive on the elevator. Get on it and ride it up. As you're going up, look outside for a really nice view of the Nexus Core, and the two other towers in the distance. Here's hoping you're not afraid of heights. When you arrive, exit the room and go through the door in the short hallway. Use the HEALTH STATION in here if you need, then run through a few more doors until you reach another lift. In this hallway you'll also find three SMALL HEALTH PACKS, SLUGS, SHELLS, NAILS and a LARGE ARMOR VEST. Good stuff. Ride up the lift and leave it to find yourself on the tower's roof. A Strogg Flyer will come in and drop four Tactical Transfers for you and Rhodes to fight. Apparently it didn't occur to them that if you managed to make it this far, it might take a little more than that to stop you. Run to the very edge of the roof (don't look down!) to find the first security console. Click "Reactivate" and watch the pretty animation. One tower down, two more to go. Unfortunately, Rhodes must stay behind to guard this one. ----[ Locate Security Station ]-------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Return to Tram Station ]------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Take the elevator located in the central shaft back down to the tram station and make your way to the Data Processing Tower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure how you can "return" to the tram station, as you've never been there before. Regardless, turn around and you should see a LARGE HEALTH PACK below the stairs leading up to the roof. Now run back inside the tower and ride the lift down. Run through this hallway and a few more rooms to reach a new elevator, facing the tower's interior. Step on the elevator and activate it to exit this level. It's a loooong way down. ----[ Return to Tram Station ]--------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : T R A M H U B S T A T I O N : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x23]---- ----[ Locate Tram Car ]-------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find a tram in order to get to the Data Processing Tower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the elevator to get your hands on a whole lot of stuff, such as two LARGE HEALTH PACKS, SHELLS, GRENADES, SLUGS, LIGHTNING COILS and ROCKETS. Proceed in the next room, which contains two Strogg Marines, a Gunner, four CLIPS and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. You can tell things aren't going too well around here. Step into the next room to find a SMALL HEALTH PACK. After all the lights have turned on, head forward to face two Berserkers, followed by a Light Tank and two Strogg Marines. Backpedal as much as you need, and use your strong weapons. You'll find two unlocked doors at the end of this hallway; go through the left one first to find some DARK MATTER CORES and LIGHTNING COILS. Run through the other door to find SHELLS and two CLIPS. Run outside and assist Medic Duncanson and Tech Ashworth taking out the two Tactical Transfers ahead. ----[ Raise the bridge ]------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Help Scorpion Squad raise the bridge. From there you can proceed to the tram hub area. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grab the LARGE HEALTH PACK on the right, then wait for a Strogg Flyer to drop off four more Tactical Transfers. Find some cover, and snipe them all with your Railgun. After the fight, rejoin Ashworth near the locked door and he will give your Lightning Gun the very nice CHAIN LIGHTNING MOD. You can now hit multiple targets with it, which can come in handy. Speaking of which, follow your teammates through the door, and battle five Tactical Transfers and one Gunner in this hallway. You can try your new mod here, or just use the Grenade or Rocket Launcher. Scorpion Squad will want you to ride the lift here, but before doing so, you can find a LOT of stuff lying around if you care to do some exploration. First, get the Tech and Medic to fully patch you up. Head towards the door directly opposite of the lift and unlock it. Beyond it you'll find SHELLS, two CLIPS and ROCKETS. Head back inside, turn right in the hallway and head straight through the door. You'll find a HEALTH STATION here along with five ARMOR SHARDS. Exit this room, and unlock the door to your left. Head back outside, then through the other door on the left to find two CLIPS and a SMALL HEALTH PACK. Outside again, run past the landing area (where the Strogg Flyer came earlier) to find four ARMOR SHARDS and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS. If any of this stuff interests you, go for it. Otherwise, remember those in case you need some of that later. When you're ready, go back in the hallway and ride the lift up to the second level. You'll face two Berserkers in here, after which you can go through the door named "Bridge Control". Simply click the "Activate Bridge" panel inside. ----[ Raise the bridge ]--------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Go back down and rejoin Scorpion Squad. Head outside through the door straight ahead, and help secure the bridge. You'll face a Strogg Marine, a Gunner and Gladiator. The Railgun or Rocket Launcher are good options, or whatever else you prefer. Ask Duncanson and Ashworth to fix you up one last time, then cross the bridge and proceed through the door on the right side. There are SHELLS, four CLIPS and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS in this hallway, as well as a Strogg Marine. Grab what you need and head inside the tram hub. You'll find more SHELLS, CLIPS and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS here. Walk forward and take care of the three Tactical Transfers with your Railgun. You'll notice that the door is locked here, but look behind the nearby computer to claim five ARMOR SHARDS for yourself. Drop down into the area where you see several pipes. Turn around and crawl under the floor to find some DARK MATTER CORES. Now follow the blue pipe up to the ledge, and step on the steel girders to the right. Follow the girders to the center, then turn left and cross to the other side of the room. Jump back up on the platform and follow it up some steps. You'll find BATTERIES and two LIGHTNING COILS on the left. Follow the path leading back to the locked door you passed before, to find some crates containing CLIPS, SHELLS, GRENADES and BATTERIES. Turn around and head through the door that's on the right side of this room. You'll battle five Strogg Marines in this hallway, and find a crate in the corner holding SLUGS and BATTERIES. Follow this hallway to the next room, which contains GRENADES and ROCKETS. Go through the next door and ride the lift down to meet with Cortez. You must now find a way to rotate the tram before you can get out of here, because putting such controls on the tram itself would have been too obvious. ----[ Align Tram Car ]--------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Activate the hub station to rotate the tram on to the correct course. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Cortez to the "Hub Controls" door, taking note of the nearby SMALL HEALTH PACK. Inside, you'll have to kill four Strogg Marines and one Gunner. Look for the crate ahead and its SMALL HEALTH PACKS, SHELLS and CLIP. In the next room, you'll face much tougher foes, meaning five Tactical Transfers and one Light Tank. Head back and snipe if you want, while Cortez works his Shotgun magic. You'll also find two SLUGS around here, as well as a LARGE HEALTH PACK and a bunch of ARMOR SHARDS in a crate. Go through the next door, and take care of the two Tactical Transfers and Gladiator with your Rocket Launcher (or Railgun). Two Strogg Marines will show up above afterwards. Look on the left side and click the "Expand" panel. What a fancy looking bridge. Cross to the other side and proceed through the door. Sure got quiet all of a sudden hasn't it? Follow this passage up to the upper level, on which you'll find GRENADES, NAILS, BATTERIES, SHELLS and CLIPS. Enter the door named "Hub Monitoring" and look at the monitor. Don't think this marine will survive long with half his face missing... Well, continue forward to face one Strogg Marine, and find a HEALTH STATION on the left side. Enter the hub control room, and take a look at the smaller panel. Simply click the left arrow to rotate the tram car. Too bad the track is damaged too. Dammit. ----[ Repair Tram Rail ]------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Redirect repair bots to repair the broken tram rail. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit this room through the newly unlocked door. Grab some BATTERIES and LIGHTNING COILS, then climb down the ladder here. You need to run to the other side of the platform, on the lift identified as "Construction". Ride it down, and go through the doors ahead. You'll see a Teleport Dropper in the hallway, but it runs away. Follow the passage, and you'll discover some ARMOR SHARDS, two CLIPS and a SMALL HEALTH PACK. Crawl through the lower passage, and jump into another area, to face a Grunt. Did you ever notice how Grunts often like to make dramatic entrances? Walk forward, and watch out for the Gunner above. Use the Rocket Launcher for a quick kill. You can grab the two SMALL HEALTH PACKS behind a nearby barrel. Go around this room and back into the hallway to find a door. Through this door you'll immediately find some SHELLS and two more SMALL HEALTH PACKS. Just further ahead are BATTERIES and SLUGS near a crate. After you advance in the room, the lights will completely go out. Uh oh. Just wait right where you are and they'll soon come back on. As they do, two Berserkers will drop from the ceiling, and two Strogg Marines will attack. Shotgun, Hyperblaster... hmm. Nailgun? Sure. Whatever works. Before you leave this room, look in a corner to find four ARMOR SHARDS and a SMALL HEALTH PACK. Look near the center and you should spot a marine's feet hanging down from the ceiling. You can use the crates here to jump up onto the ceiling. This semi-secret area holds a SMALL ARMOR VEST and a LARGE HEALTH PACK. Ready your Rocket Launcher or Lightning Gun and leave this room through the only door you can open. Into this large construction area, you'll encounter a Teleport Dropper who likes to summon many Grunts. The quicker you kill it, the easier this'll be. There's nothing else to find in this area, so head through the other door with the annoying strobe light. Click the blue "Engage" panel here to start up the machinery in this room. Avoid any large moving objects, and run towards the back of this area to find a door. Unlock it with the nearby panel, and enter the familiar area beyond. Jump on the conveyor belt on your left, and wait on the lift until it rises up (only once a plate arrives). Jump off on the upper level, and go through the closest door (on your right). Run through this room to find a LARGE HEALTH PACK and LARGE ARMOR VEST in the next one. Backtrack a bit and proceed through the other door. This room is home to four Tactical Transfers, but there's plenty of cover for you to use. Head across the door marked "Repair Bot Controls" to find the control room. Click the "Assign Repair Bots" button and they'll know exactly what to do. ----[ Repair Tram Rail ]--------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Gotta return to the tram again, and hope nothing else goes wrong. Exit the control room, and locate the lift on the right side. Ride it down and proceed forward through the hallway. Soon enough you'll find yourself back outside, near the tram hub. Run forward, take the lift back up, and meet Cortez on the tram car. Finally! ----[ Locate Tram Car ]---------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : T R A M R A I L : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x24]---- This level is another rail shooter... quite literally. You'll be manning the now-familiar Machine Gun that you've used on every other vehicle so far. Like all other vehicles, the tram car's armor will regenerate slowly after it has taken damage. It's armor is pretty weak however, so stay alert. Enemies will always come from behind (you can't even look forward). ----[ Protect Tram Car ]------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Keep the strogg off your back so the tram can reach Data Processing in one piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off, two Strogg Flyers will pass overhead. While you can certainly shoot them down, they don't cause all that much damage if you don't. Your main threats will come from other tram cars, riding alongside you. They usually have a couple Tactical Transfers on them who will try to shoot down your tram car. The thing is you don't even need to shoot down the Tactical Transfers, but rather you should destroy the tram they're riding on. Tram cars don't have much armor, and can be destroyed in mere seconds. They'll usually attack in waves of two, with a tram coming from the left, then right. Just listen to Cortez call out which direction they're coming from. A Strogg Flyer might show up once in a while, between two waves. After destroying fifteen or so tram cars, you'll reach the end of the level (it seems to vary a bit, I'm not sure why). And that's about all you need to know to complete this ridiculously easy level. ----[ Protect Tram Car ]--------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D A T A P R O C E S S I N G T E R M I N A L : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x25]---- Here's where you get off, but it seems Cortez is needed elsewhere. Too bad. Step off the tram and let him go. ----[ Proceed to the Tower Rooftop ]------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Work your way up through the tower to the roof to activate the connection to the Core building. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's plenty of junk up for grabs here, so look around to find GRENADES, BATTERIES, a LARGE HEALTH PACK, SMALL HEALTH PACK, CLIP, NAILS, three LIGHTNING COILS, a LARGE ARMOR VEST, ROCKETS, and some SHELLS. While you're busy looting your heart out, Morris will give you another mission. ----[ Return Power to the Processing Tower ]----------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find a way to bring the Data Processing Tower back on-line. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit this room through the door. Nothing in here except an elevator in the middle, so call it. Ride it up inside the tower, and shoot down the repair bot for fun. You'll see a door on each side here, though you obviously want to go for the unlocked one. Click the "Activate Bridge" panel for that door, and cross the bridge to the other side. Follow the path left to find a crate containing two LARGE HEALTH PACKS, and check the opposite side to find NAILS and ROCKETS. Go through the door now, and kill the Gunner in the next room. You'll also find two teleporters on each sides of the room. Shoot them up and destroy them all. Better safe than sorry, I say. You'll also find a crate here, containing two LARGE HEALTH PACKS and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Head into the next room. Now this place kinda sucks. There are two teleporters in the back of the room who can spawn up to three Tactical Transfers each. You will also have one Gladiator to take care of at the same time. The sooner you destroy the teleporters, the less Tactical Transfers you'll have to deal with, though it's by no means necessary. There's more than enough cover around here that you can use to your advantage anyway. Once the room is cleared of all enemies, proceed through the next door. Walk forward and wait for the bridge to expand, allowing you to reach the control panel ahead. Click "Activate Power" to complete your first objective in this tower. ----[ Return Power to the Processing Tower ]------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Before you leave, look at the back of this platform to find a LARGE HEALTH PACK and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Run back into the sucky room from before, which will attain whole new levels of suck. You'll first be attacked by an Iron Maiden (miss her?). Following that, a Teleport Dropper and a second Iron Maiden will attack. Kill the Dropper as quickly as possible as you try to avoid the Maiden. After that, a Light Tank will show up, to see if you let your guard down. Keep moving and gun it down with your favored weapon. With the room cleared (again), backtrack into the previous room. If you didn't destroy the teleporters in here like I told you to, they can spawn up to two Tactical Marines each (for a total of eight, for the mathematically challenged). Return to the central tower to meet up with Sledge. ----[ Activate Elevator System ]----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Call down the elevator in the room ahead, it will allow you and Sledge to reach the top levels. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So activate the other bridge that will allow you to get across and through the next door. Grab two SMALL HEALTH PACKS left of the entrance, and proceed forward. Strauss will tell you about data pumps, and the fact you should expect heavy resistance ahead. No kidding. Follow the left path around this room, which will take you past a crate holding six ARMOR SHARDS. On the other side, you'll find two boxes of ROCKETS, three SLUGS, a crate holding SHELLS and a LARGE HEALTH PACK, as well as a HEALTH STATION. Grab everything you need before you click the large "Call Lift" button. ----[ Activate Elevator System ]------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Before the lift arrives, you will be attacked by three Stream Protectors, though thankfully not all at once. With Sledge's help, take out each one using your Hyperblaster, Nailgun, Rocket Launcher or really, whatever you think might work. Those are only my picks. If that wasn't enough, a teleporter will activate on one side of the room, which will spawn many Tactical Transfers. You might want to get over there and destroy it to stop them from coming, and you'll even find a LARGE HEALTH PACK for your trouble. After things have calmed down a little, rejoin Sledge on the elevator to finish this level. Note that killing the Tactical Transfers are very much optional, but I just hate leaving any stones unturned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D A T A P R O C E S S I N G S E C U R I T Y : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x26]---- The elevator will stop at floor 1986. I wonder if it has any significance. As you might expect, you'll have to take care of another problem before you can continue further. ----[ Realign the Data Nodes ]------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Some of the data nodes are out of alignment and may impede progress. You will need to realign these nodes to allow access to the roof. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look around you to find two LIGHTNING COILS and some NAILS. Proceed into the hallway ahead, and fight it out with two Tactical Transfers and a Gunner. This is easy with Sledge's help. Grab the SMALL ARMOR VEST in the corner and run into the next room. This time a Berserker will run towards you, as well as three Tactical Transfers. Grab the DARK MATTER CORES here and exit through the door. Follow this hallway around and back into the previous room, where an Iron Maiden awaits. Look to the right of her coffin to find a LARGE HEALTH PACK. Use the "Call Lift" button here, and ride it back down. Hmm, seems like Cougar Squad is running into some big trouble. But you have your own troubles to deal with, in the form of five Tactical Transfers and three Gunners. Keep your distances and seek cover when needed. Make your way around the room until you reach the locked door. Strauss can't do anything for you, so head left and up the stairs. Follow this path all the way to the end to find NAILS and two LIGHTNING COILS. Backtrack a little and you'll see a console on the right, along with a crate holding SHELLS, BATTERIES and a LARGE HEALTH PACK. Look at the panel, and simply click the left arrow or the right arrow twice. It doesn't matter which. Run back to Sledge and head into the next room. You'll be attacked by two Sentries coming up from the left. Yeah, long time no see. Run through the door on the right, and make your way around the fire to find a SMALL HEALTH PACK, four ARMOR SHARDS, SHELLS, CLIPS, NAILS and a MACHINEGUN. Go through the door, run up a few steps, then follow Sledge up to some computer panels. Click "Open Seal" to open up the area ahead, from which an Iron Maiden will attack. This is a simple connect-the-beams puzzle type thing, but you can't activate it from here. Run back down and head along the hallway on the right. You should soon discover a lift, which you'll want to ride up. Follow this bloody hallway until you reach another computer console, which allows you to rotate the eight reflectors below. You need to rotate them so that the beam can reach the door on the other side. Refer to the following. ----- ----- ----- | 1 | 2 | 3 | ----- ----- ----- | 4 | | 5 | ----- ----- ----- | 6 | 7 | 8 | ----- ----- ----- Look at the computer panel, and click the following buttons: 6 twice, 4 three times, 5 once, and finally 2 twice. There are many other solutions to this puzzle, this is only one. Experiment as much as you want if you're bored. Now run back to the lower level and rejoin Sledge. Run through the door you've just unlocked, and make your way through the empty room beyond. In the next room, you'll encounter a Sentry, three Tactical Transfers and one Berserker. Again, this could be hard only if Sledge wasn't with you. Follow the path around the room, watching out for two more Sentries who'll attack from the left and possibly one Tactical Transfer ahead. As you reach the end of this path, a Light Tank will come out of an elevator, which you'll of course want to shoot down from a distance. Get on that lift and ride it up. Kill the Gladiator ahead, then look around the room to find a SMALL ARMOR VEST and a HEALTH STATION. Follow the hallway and run through the door the Gladiator came from. You'll find yourself in a circular control room, in which two Iron Maidens dwell. Shoot 'em up with the Nailgun or Lightning Gun. Locate the only panel here and click the "Lower" button. A bridge will automatically appear so you can rejoin Sledge. ----[ Realign the Data Nodes ]--------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Proceed through the unlocked door ahead and make your way around this room to find two teleporters and two Iron Maidens. Destroy the teleporters before you kill both Maidens, or else they'll start spawning several Strogg Marines, in addition to the Light Tank that walks into the room. Kill the Light Tank with your Dark Matter Gun for a guaranteed good time. Enter the next room, and take a left first. Walk towards the back, then under the floor to find a LARGE HEALTH PACK and LARGE ARMOR VEST. Then go upstairs towards the door, though check out the crate first for three SMALL HEALTH PACKS and four ARMOR SHARDS. Go through the door and join Sledge on the lift. Activate the lift, which will take you near the top of the tower. Exit the lift and grab the HYPERBLASTER in the room beyond. Go through the door on the right to find a large room full of stuff, as well as Cougar Squad's remains. I'm sure they were all nice people. You'll find two MACHINEGUNS, SHELLS, ARMOR SHARDS, a SMALL ARMOR VEST, a HYPERBLASTER and some ROCKETS. Exit this room into another who should look familiar. Go through the other door and follow the hallway to another lift. Ride up the lift to finally reach the rooftop of this tower. You will face a Gladiator here, as well as two enemies who should look pretty familiar: HEAVY HOVERTANKS. They're actually a smaller version of the ones you encountered before, though they still remain pretty dangerous. Don't be afraid of using your most powerful weapons here, such as the Rocket Launcher or Lightning Gun. ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------------------------------ HEAVY HOVERTANK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||||||||||] : Toughness ........... [|||||||||:] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's heavy, it... hovers... and I'm totally running out of things to say at this point. The Heavy Hovertank is certainly one of the toughest enemies in the game, though fortunately you'll face very few of them. It has two main attacks: a heavy blaster, as well as the biggest rocket launcher you've ever seen on a Strogg before. The blaster shots, while fairly powerful, are easy to dodge most of the time. The rockets can be another matter. A direct-hit will cause a ton of damage and can send you flying across the area (which is bad if there are pits nearby). Rockets aren't so easy to dodge either, due to their homing capabilities. Your best options? Try to outrun the rockets and force them to hit an obstacle, or simply shoot them down before they get too close. The Nailgun or Rocket Launcher are decent options against a Heavy Hovertank, though if you want an easier time destroying those rockets before they hit you, I'd suggest using the Hyperblaster or Lightning Gun. --------------------------------------------------------------------[e15]---- Now all that's left to do here is to run up to the security console and activate the second tower. Sledge will of course need to stay behind to protect the console, which means you need to get back to the tram alone. ----[ Proceed to the Tower Rooftop ]--------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ Return to Tram Station ]------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Make your way back to the tram station and get to the Data Networking Tower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backtrack into the lift and ride it down. Simply run back through the next few room, past Cougar Squad and all that, until you reach the tower elevator. Activate it to complete this level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D A T A P R O C E S S I N G T E R M I N A L ( R E V I S I T E D ) : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x27]---- Holy crap, the Network Guardian! There's absolutely nothing you can do here, but man, what a ride. Once you hit the bottom, run forward to step on the central lift. Activate it to ride down to the lower level. Enter the tram station again, though you'll notice all the supplies are gone for some reason. Simply step on the tram car to automatically ride it to the third tower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D A T A N E T W O R K I N G T E R M I N A L : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x28]---- Get off the tram and listen to Strauss' instructions. You're getting so close, you can almost smell victory! Or maybe it's your own disgusting stench. ----[ Proceed to Tower Rooftop ]----------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Battle your way to the top of the Data Networking Tower and activate the final antenna that will connect this building to the Core building. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So look around the place and grab everything you need from the supplies the marines have brought over. I won't detail all of it, but suffice it to say there's plenty of health, armor and ammo for all your guns to be found. When you're set, exit this room and ride the lift a long way up. Go through the door at the top and help Raven Squad fend off a couple Strogg Marines. Afterwards, rejoin them on the other side of the room, at which point all the lights will turn off. Now what? Equip your Shotgun, and quickly destroy the two Blaster Turrets that show up. You'll also notice two teleporters rotating around pillars on the left and right side of the room. Destroy those as well, before they can spawn too many Grunts or Tactical Transfers. Note that while you don't necessarily have to protect anyone from Raven Squad as you go along, you surely realize that the longer they stay alive, the easier these next few sections will be for you. Tech Raffel is even equipped with a Hyperblaster, which is always an excellent support weapon. When you're ready, go into the next hallway and activate the bridge within. Cross over and enter the next room, in which you'll find a large central elevator, and a HEALTH STATION. Call the elevator, and quickly kill the Gunner riding down with it. As soon as the elevator arrives, four teleporters will also activate in each corner of this room! Each teleporter can spawn Tactical Transfers, so quickly run around the room and destroy each one, while Raven Squad takes care of itself. If you're quick enough, everyone should survive. I'd recommend using the Shotgun again, since you're gonna be running all over the place. Now get on the elevator, wait for everyone else, and ride it up. As soon as you arrive, you'll be facing a Light Tank and several Strogg Marines spawning from the single teleporter in this room. The Light Tank is obviously the biggest threat here, so concentrate on it first. Wipe out the remaining Marines and destroy the teleporter afterwards. As long as Raffel and Willits still live, you don't have to worry about your health anyway. So leave through the door to enter the next room. You'll now face a Gunner and two teleporters at the other end of the room who can spawn a couple Tactical Transfers each. Are you sick of teleporters yet? You can grab a LARGE ARMOR VEST here before you proceed into the next room. This room is a bit harder than the other ones so far. It contains a Berserker and two teleporters who can spawn up to six Tactical Transfers total. If this isn't chaotic enough for you, a Gladiator and a couple more Tactical Transfers will walk in from the other room. The nearest teleporter is just right of the entrance, so you should quickly destroy it. The other one is on the other side of the room though, and will probably have time to spawn a few Transfers before you can get to it. If Raven Squad is still with you at this point, this should be easy enough. Otherwise, use your strong weapons and even the DMG if you need to. You can pick up two SMALL HEALTH PACKS around here, and you can then proceed into the next room. Nothing much in this room, but you'll see two other doors. One leads you back in the previous room, so take the other one instead. You'll find another teleporter, except this time you get to use it yourself. Step into it to complete this level, and get yourself closer to the tower's rooftop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : D A T A N E T W O R K I N G S E C U R I T Y : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x29]---- The first thing you'll see as you re-materialize is the Network Guardian ahead. Great. He'll just fly away when he sees you though. To proceed, turn left as you exit the teleporter and jump up to the upper level. Pick up the MACHINEGUN near the broken door then head through the other door. The bridge is broken here, but you can still jump across if you're careful. You'll encounter a Gunner immediately on the other side, as well as a HEALTH STATION on the nearby wall. In the next room, a Berserker will first charge you, then the two teleporters on the right side will spawn up to three Strogg Marines and Tactical Transfers. Plenty of room here to maneuver as you avoid attacks and destroy the teleporters. Run into the next room, where the Network Guardian makes another appearance. This time he'll shoot his blaster and powerful rockets at you, so you need to quickly run across the room (head right) to reach the next door (and crouch under it to pass under). If you're fast enough, he won't even have time to shoot you at all. If he does, well, know that these rockets HURT. In this next room, you need to head left and walk across the large blue pipes. Once you reach the other side, jump across towards the destroyed platform in front of the door, and head through it. You'll only encounter two measly Tactical Transfers in here, and you can find a semi-hidden CLIP if you look hard enough. Run into the next room to face two Berserkers this time, with no teleporters or added surprises. Walk towards the windows in this control room, and you'll see the Network Guardian resort to intimidation. How sad. There's no other exit in this room, but look under the central platform where the floor is destroyed. You can crawl under it and follow the cables into a small hallway. Go through the unlocked door here and activate the lift beyond to go up several stories. Exit the lift to find a familiar room, which should tell you you're getting very close. Fist turn left and head into the room beyond that door. You'll find a teleporter here, as well as a crate holding four ARMOR SHARDS. I don't think anything ever comes out of that teleporter, but destroy it just to be safe. Go back in the previous room, and run through the other door straight ahead. You'll find a LARGE ARMOR VEST, some NAILS, ROCKETS and two LARGE HEALTH PACKS in this hallway, leading you into another lift. Gear up, and activate the lift to finally reach the roof level. Step outside and do battle with the Network Guardian at last! Not exactly a surprise, with all this build-up. ----[ B O S S ]-------------------------------------------------------------- NETWORK GUARDIAN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||||||||::] : Toughness ........... [||||||||||] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Strogg is huge, but don't let the appearance fool you. He's not that difficult. But he can be. But he's not. Except if you're unlucky. Still, the Guardian does possess strong offensive capabilities and a very tough body (but no shield). Note that there's ammo, health and even armor scattered all around the rooftop, so never stay in one place if you want to take advantage of it all. To begin this battle, the Network Guardian will land in the center of the roof area. As soon as he does, start shooting him up with any of your strong, but reasonably quick weapons, and never stop except to reload. The Machinegun, Hyperblaster, Nailgun, Rocket Launcher and Lightning Gun are all good options. The Dark Matter Gun can also cause some decent damage if you've got the ammo to spare, but I wouldn't recommend it. When he's on the ground, the Network Guardian will typically fire three salvos of semi-guided rockets. These rockets do mild damage, and even if you dodge them the splash damage might get you. Not all that hard to avoid as long as you keep strafing. His other attack will come from his other gun, a massive blaster. These large projectiles (look more like fireballs to me) cause slightly more damage than the rockets, but are easier to avoid. When he's tired of walking around, the Guardian will take flight using his jetpack. He always uses the same pattern from the air, in which he fires one salvo of guided rockets, followed by a huge (but slow) missile and a few shots from his blaster. Your goal here is to get as far away from the missile as possible, which will create a large explosion upon contact with the ground. This missile is powerful enough to kill you outright on a direct hit, or still cause much damage if you get caught in the explosion. Run far away to take few (or no) damage. While he's flying, the Guardian will sometimes try to hit you with the flames from his jetpack, which has the unpleasant side-effect of setting you on fire. This attack can be hard to avoid completely, though I find that if you change directions a lot as you run away, you'll sometimes confuse him. Thankfully, the flames don't cause much damage (but that depends how long you stay under them, of course). When he's badly hurt, the Guardian will also start firing his large missile up in the air, which then explodes into a dozen or so guided rockets. You need to keep moving if you want to avoid those rockets, though some of the splash damage is bound to get you. This is your cue to finish him off as quickly as possible, before he can fire too many of these warheads. NOTE: During the battle, Strogg Flyers will occasionally make bombing runs across the rooftop. They're easy to avoid if you can see them coming, but if you're unlucky you can get caught unaware and take a lot of damage. Always keep an eye on the sky! --------------------------------------------------------------------[b02]---- With the Network Guardian destroyed, run around the roof to grab any of the stuff you might have missed. Then run up to the last security console and activate it. ----[ Proceed to Tower Rooftop ]------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ----[ To The Core ]-----------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Strauss has fully deactivated Core Security. Make your way back down to the Core Teleporter to enter the Core. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yep, time to enter the Nexus Core at last. Backtrack down the lift to reach the teleporter. As you can see, one marine tried to use it but didn't make it through (well, half of him made it through actually). How reassuring. Grab some SMALL HEALTH PACKS from the crate to fully heal up, then run into the teleporter and into the Nexus! ----[ To The Core ]-------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : N E X U S C O R E : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x30]---- Welcome to the most heavily fortified Strogg facility around. Are you ready to face your hardest challenges yet? ----[ The Nexus ]-------------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- You must locate and destroy the Nexus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sure you are, so proceed into the next room. Follow the hallway down the stairs and towards a doorway, but the door will get locked as you approach. It's a trap! A Light Tank will come running towards you, as well as several Tactical Transfers. I suggest you use the Nailgun to kill the Light Tank and the closest Transfers, then switch to whatever other weapon you like to mop up the rest of them. Run back and go through the door where they all came from, to find some sort of security station. Click the "Disable Security" button here to restore things to normal and unlock a door ahead. Speaking of which, turn around and follow this hallway up to a HEALTH STATION, ROCKETS, three LIGHTNING COILS, two CLIPS, lots of NAILS and a SMALL ARMOR VEST. Head through the door on the left to face a Strogg Marine (meh) as well as two Tactical Transfers and one Light Tank coming up an elevator on the right (oh). The Nailgun is also good here, or the Rocket Launcher if the Tank's far enough. If you're quick, you can kill them all before the elevator even arrives at destination, saving you some trouble. Go downstairs and step on this large elevator, grabbing the two SMALL HEALTH PACKS if needed. Activate it for a slow ride down. At some point, Strogg Marines will start jumping through windows and attack you on the elevator. You'll get to defeat about nine of them before the elevator reaches the bottom. The Machinegun or Shotgun will do the job nicely. When you do reach the bottom, a Gladiator and two Iron Maidens will attack, along with a couple Tactical Transfers. Use your Dark Matter Gun if this is too much for you to deal with, or otherwise the Lightning Gun, Nailgun or Hyperblaster. You'll find GRENADES, BATTERIES, DARK MATTER CORES and two SMALL HEALTH PACKS nearby. Head downstairs to find even more stuff, such as BATTERIES, ROCKETS, SLUGS, CLIPS, SHELLS and ARMOR SHARDS. Exit this room through the nearby door and you'll immediately face a Teleport Dropper. Quickly "drop" him with the Nailgun or some other powerful weapon. You can also find a HEALTH STATION in this room, and you'll mysteriously receive a new mission objective from no one. ----[ Find Elevator ]---------------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- Find an elevator which goes deeper down into the core. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head through the next two doors to enter a large circular room. There also happens to be a teleporter in the center of this room, and it can't be destroyed. Noooo! It will spawn up to eight Tactical Transfers, so I suggest you run up close to it and simply kill them as they appear. The Hyperblaster will work fine, since you'll get plenty of ammo back for it. Run to the other side of the room to find a lift. Call it, and ride it to the upper level. Make your way around the room and dispatch the four Tactical Transfers who show up Run through the next hallway to find another room, which also contains a lift. Board it, and let it take you down deeper into the Core. ----[ Find Elevator ]-----------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- When you arrive at destination, you'll no doubt notice the Makron's ugly face on the monitor ahead (yes, it's just a monitor, thankfully). Before you can exit the lift however, you will be scanned, and it'll become clear to the Strogg that you're not one of them. Why have they been shooting at you all this time then? It's not like they had any doubts in the first place. The point is, you're trapped here until you disable the security. ----[ Scan Failed: Lock Down ]------------------------[ O B J E C T I V E ]---- The Makron has shutdown access to your position. You'll have to find a way into the security tower to shut down the alarm to gain further access to the Core. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the lift from the back, and quickly kill the two Tactical Transfers on the right side. You'll also notice a Gladiator on the other side, but from this position you have plenty of cover to take care of him. As soon as he dies, an Iron Maiden will rise up from the floor in front of the monitor. Kill her as well, then look down the hole from which she came from. Jump down on the pipes you can see below, and walk through this tunnel until you reach a ladder. Climb it up and loot the stuff you'll find ahead, such as a SMALL ARMOR VEST, a SMALL and LARGE HEALTH PACK, CLIPS, BATTERIES, SHELLS, ROCKETS and several LIGHTNING COILS. Turn around and run through this hallway (pass the door on the left for now) and into a room with orange tanks. You'll be facing many enemies around here, including a Gunner, an Iron Maiden and about five Tactical Transfers. The Nailgun or Lightning Gun work well, or any other gun you have plenty of ammo for, really. Head into the next room, in which you can use a HEALTH STATION and a lift. If not all five Tactical Transfers attacked you in the previous room, then there might be a few left in here. Anyway, ride the lift to the upper level. Follow this new path through a few doors to reach the security room. Kill the Tactical Transfer within, then click the "Disable Security" button. ----[ Scan Failed: Lock Down ]--------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Now head back down and backtrack all the way towards the room where the lock down occurred in the first place (with the elevator). On the way, you'll encounter a Gunner and a Strogg Marine. Kill them, and head through the door the Strogg Marine came from (which I told you to pass before). Go through the hallway to find yourself back at the beginning. Head through the door on the opposite side of the room (which is now unlocked as well). In this short hallway you can get three CLIPS, a LARGE HEALTH PACK, a LARGE ARMOR VEST and SHELLS. Grab everything you can (you'll need it) and enter the next room. Now this room sucks. You'll have to battle three of each of the most powerful Strogg around. You first have to kill three Light Tanks, followed by three Heavy Hovertanks, and finally three Stream Protectors. Thankfully, only two at a time can spawn (the third one will appear after you've killed one of the first two). You'll also find lots of stuff around the room, including BATTERIES, LIGHTNING COILS, NAILS, SLUGS, ROCKETS , SHELLS and five SMALL HEALTH PACKS. You'll obviously want to use some powerful weapons around here, always stay on the move, and use the pillars for protection. The Light Tanks aren't too hard... just don't let them come close to you. The Heavy Hovertanks are certainly the hardest of the bunch, against which I'd suggest using the Hyperblaster, Lightning Gun or Rocket Launcher (use the homing feature). The Nailgun is good too, since there's some ammo for it around the room. The Stream Protectors are the easiest of the bunch since they don't move around much. Just stay far away and kill them with whatever weapon you like best. Listen to your heart. Once everyone and everything has been destroyed, the door at the other end of the room will unlock. Head through it to find a LARGE HEALTH PACK and some NAILS. Head through the next door to discover an interesting looking area. Very... information superhighway...ish. Climb down the ladder on the right, and crawl through the opening. Run along the pipes here and jump down on the platform with two locked doors. Head to the other side of the platform, and jump over the railing onto the pipe going down. Follow these pipes all around the room until you find the SMALL ARMOR VEST. Now backtrack up to the platform. Locate the two pipes that lead upwards, near the front of the platform. Jump onto those and follow them to a small area with a ladder. Climb the ladder, turn left and look at the corner ahead. You'll see a single pipe running below another platform, near the wall. Jump on this pipe, and use another one to climb up to the platform above. And that's enough for this confusing room. Head through the unlocked door to enter a rather long hallway. You'll face eight Tactical Transfers in here, most of which are equipped with a Railgun. I suggest you take cover behind some crates, and snipe them with your own Railgun. Or you could just use the Rocket Launcher or DMG. Along this hallway, you'll find a SMALL ARMOR VEST, LIGHTNING COILS, GRENADES, BATTERIES, several ARMOR SHARDS, CLIPS, ROCKETS, SHELLS and DARK MATTER CORES. In other words, a little bit of everything. Enter the next room, in which you should encounter another Tactical Transfer, as well as some more SHELLS, ROCKETS, NAILS and SLUGS nearby. You should also climb down the nearby ladder, and follow this path all the way to the end to find a LARGE ARMOR VEST. Head back up to the upper level, and start making your way towards either door at the end of this room. About halfway through, you should be attacked by a Gladiator, a Light Tank and about four Tactical Transfers. You should start by taking care of the Light Tank, as he will likely charge towards you. Always try to stay in cover, since most of the Transfers and the Gladiator use a Railgun. Finally, head into the next room, in which you'll find some NAILS, LIGHTNING COILS, a SMALL ARMOR VEST and a HEALTH STATION. When you're all healed up and ready to roll, use the exit panel to complete this difficult level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : T H E N E X U S : ----------------------------------------------------------------------[x31]---- The Nexus at last! Run across the bridge ahead, on which you'll find plenty of ammo for all of your guns, as well as health and armor to prepare you for the big battle. Make sure all your guns are reloaded and your pants are up, then bravely step through the door. ----[ B O S S ]-------------------------------------------------------------- THE MAKRON ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [||||||||||] : Toughness ........... [ varies ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- You've seen the Makron before, but now you get to settle the score for what he did to you. Though what he did to you didn't turn out to be such a bad thing after all. I mean you would have never made it this far otherwise. The Makron battle consists of two phases, so let's start with the beginning. ----[ Phase One ]--------------------------[ Toughness ]--[||||::::::]---- To start the battle, the Makron will always summon up to three stroggs to aid him. These can be fairly powerful, such as Berserkers and Light Tanks. Simply equip your Dark Matter Gun and fire a shot directly towards him. This should destroy all of the teleport pods before they can spawn any enemies, and damage the Makron fairly heavily at the same time. Next, he will fire a twin dark matter beam, one of his most powerful attacks. Quickly run towards the left or right side of the room and behind one of the pillars. This should allow you to escape this attack unharmed. Running through (or jumping over) a beam isn't too bad, but getting hit by both at the same time could very well kill you. Avoid this at all costs. The Makron will then fire his dark matter gun, which despite its much bigger size works exactly like yours. This is easily avoided as long as you keep strafing. If you get caught in the blast, you can bet you will suddenly find yourself missing a few limbs. Next he'll use his blaster, which fires three shots at a time. These can be somewhat hard to avoid, so seek cover behind a nearby pillar if you can. If not, just keep moving and jumping, and you'll take a minimal amount of hits (if at all). His final attack is a stomp, which generates a shockwave along the ground. Time your jump carefully to avoid the shockwave, or else you'll take a good deal of damage and get knocked back across the room. Following that, the Makron will start mixing his different attacks, though he'll replace the twin dark matter beam with a single beam. Not only is it easier to avoid (just crouch if you need to), but it does fairly low damage. Hit him with everything you got (I like the Hyperblaster or Dark Matter Gun), and the Makron will soon go down. All four pillars in the room will open up, and some dark energy will regenerate him. The Makron's upper body will separate, allowing him to fly across the room! ----[ Phase Two ]--------------------------[ Toughness ]--[||||||||::]---- The Makron will again start by summoning some Strogg, so destroy the pods with a shot from your Dark Matter Gun. You should then notice that teleporters have appeared in the corners of the room. These lead up to the upper level, which contains not only some ammo, but two HEALTH STATIONS as well. I suggest you quickly teleport up there. In this form, he'll re-use the following attacks: Strogg summoning, dark matter beam (single only), dark matter gun and blaster shots. He can also use a new attack: dark matter grenades. Those can cause quite a bit of damage, but are easy to avoid as long as you stay on the upper level. While you're there, you also won't have to worry about the stroggs he summons. It's also worth noting that the Makron will sometimes try to regenerate himself, by sucking up energy from the TSDs rotating around each pillar. You can stop him from doing so by destroying the TSD. To destroy the Makron as quickly as possible, I suggest using the Rocket Launcher (don't forget to use the homing feature). --------------------------------------------------------------------[b03]---- So the Makron is history (again). Quickly heal up if you need to, and reload your weapons for the final battle. Watch the Nexus rise up from the center of the room. ----[ B O S S ]-------------------------------------------------------------- THE NEXUS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power ............... [::::::::::] : Toughness ........... [||||||||::] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Given the Strogg's tendency to mix technology with biological parts, it should be no surprise that their communications network is actually controlled by a giant brain. Again, the best place to fight this battle is from the upper level, so teleport up there if you aren't already. The Nexus is protected by a rather weak shield, which you need to take down first if you want to hurt it. To do so, fire at the blue rod sticking out at the top of the brain. One hit from the Rocket Launcher is enough to take out the shield, which is what I recommend using. Failing that, pretty much any other weapon will get the job done. You can then shoot up the brain until the shield comes back up. Note that you can still damage the brain while the shield is being regenerated (in other words, while it's red). Being only a giant brain, the Nexus has no attacks of its own. Instead, it will randomly teleport enemies across the room. As such, the difficulty of this battle can vary quite a bit, depending on which enemies spawn. For instance, Strogg Marines or Failed Transfers won't pose much of a problem, but you might be in trouble if the Nexus decides to spawn Heavy Hovertanks and Iron Maidens over and over. As a general rule, you'll want to kill the stroggs that pose the most threat to you (such as flying enemies and ones that appear on the upper level), and then concentrate on destroying the Nexus. --------------------------------------------------------------------[b04]---- ----[ The Nexus ]---------------------------------------[ C O M P L E T E ]---- Well you did it! Matthew Kane is officially a hero and managed to turn the tide of this war, at least for the time being. So enjoy the short ending cutscene. Quake 4 expansion anyone? I, for one, am hoping there will be. =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------- : V E R S I O N H I S T O R Y : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================[s05]==== ----[ 1 . 0 0 ]---------------------------------------[ February 26, 2006 ]---- Initial release. Spell checked (somewhat), revised and formatted. Walkthrough is 100% complete. There are no doubt many typos and grammatical errors left. =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------- : L E G A L S T U F F : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================[s06]==== You are NOT allowed to modify and publish this document without the written permission of the author. This document is for personal use only, and may not be sold or used for any commercial purpose. WEBMASTERS. You ARE allowed to put this document on your website, as long as it is 100% intact (and I am of course credited). 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