__ |..| _ _ _ _____ _ | | | || | | | | _| | | | | | || | | | | | | | | |__ | || | | | | |_ | | | | | | | | | ||| | | |_____| |____| |_| |____| |_| ________ | .. | _____ _____ _____ _ _____ _____ | | | _ | | _ | | ___| | | | _ | | _ | TM | |__| | | |_| | | | | | |___ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | _ | | | | | ___| | | | | |_| | | | | | |__| |__| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_____| |_| |_____| |_| |_| Walkthrough v.2 by Jupe2010@hotmail.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ BEWARE this FAQ was written by someone who thinks the new Zelda style looks great! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Contents: - Why this game is great - Controls - Menu translations [referral] - Types of ghost - Catching ghosts - General gameplay tips - At home with the Professor - The map - The walkthrough - Sidequests - After finishing the game - The fallible Nintendo - Don't even THINK about it... - Please do... - Credits - Version history --------------------------- - Why this game is great - --------------------------- Playing this game gave me a real sense of next-gen gaming that a console like PS2 totally failed to convey. Amazing graphics, smooth rendering, loading times shorter than it takes to blink. This game is gorgeous. You may not like the cartoony style but you have to admit it is exremely well done. the character animations, the many incidental and secondary animations. The shadows, the transparency of the ghosts. Everything is just beautiful. The controls take a little getting used to, but before long you will be an expert. Some puzzles make you scratch your head a little but none are unfairly hard. Is it too short? Yes, a little. Is there any replay value? Once you get to A rank, no, not much. Is it too easy? Well, if it was you wouldn't be reading this FAQ,I presume. Should I get this game? Yes, most defenitely. Are you being paid by Nintendo to promote this game? I wish... ------------ - Controls - ------------ * Direction stick Moves Luigi. If you have stated so in the option screen (or pause screen) it also moves the flashlight and vacuum in the same direction as Luigi walks. * Directional pad Nothing. Not used. * START button Pauses the game. Allows you to quit (up/down) or switch between control styles (left/right). * Yellow stick Moves the direction of your flashlight or vacuum independantly from Luigi. This is especially needed when sucking up ghosts. * B button While held down, this switches off the flashlight. This is handy to stun ghosts. Have the flashlight off, walk up close and release. This switches on the flashlight a lot faster than it would if you were vacuuming. On menu screens or on the Gameboy Horror, use this buton to go back. * A button Call "Maaaaaario!". Check walls. Jostle objects. Open doors. Your all-purpose action button. * Y buton Map screen. On the map screen use up/down to switch floors, left/right to rotate to an extend. Yellow direction pad to move around. A button to zoom. B button to go back. * X button First person viewmode. Handy for checking hidden areas and warping in mirrors. * L button Set the vacuum to blow. Only useful after geting any of the emblems that will turn your vacuum into a flame thrower, water or ice spray. * R button Set the vacuum to suck. Hold down to keep sucking. * Z button Satus screen. Check how many gems, items and portraits you have found. --------------------- - Menu translations - --------------------- For an excellent menu translation FAQ I refer to Xombe's FAQ also available on GameFAQs.com ------------------ - Types of ghost - ------------------ * Regular Ghost These come in many shapes and sizes. All you need to do to catch them is to flash a torch in their face and suck them up. * Masked Ghost To get a masked ghost, first suck off its mask, THEN flash him and vacuum him up. * Money Ghost Okay, I named this one myself. Sometimes, but not very often, when you open a box or cupboard, a white ghost will pop out and scare you. It will then disappear forever. If you manage to flash it and suck it up, it will leave behind a lot of gold and money and in some cases even gems! This can be hard because they scare Luigi and you only have a split second to react before they are gone. and when they are gone, they are gone forever. * Portrait Ghost These are semi-boss ghosts. When defeated they will become a portrait in your gallery. * Boss Ghost There are four bosses in this game. Each one transports you to a seperate "arena" when you battle them. After each battle the Professor will print portraits of the ghosts you've caught and will count all the treasure you've found so far. ------------------- - Catching ghosts - ------------------- The first time you play the game, the process seems a little awkward, but you'll soon get used to it. First shine a flashlight into the eyes of the ghost (the closer you are, the better), then when their heart is exposed, start your vacuum. When they are caught in the vacuum stream, use your yellow pad to aim at them directly to steal their hitpoints. They will try to shake you off, so hold on! When their hitpoints are down to 0, you will suck them up. Sometimes it takes special ways to expose their hearts. For example, the ghosts with the masks on cannot be blinded, so suck off their masks firs, THEN shine the torch in their eyes. Others have hearts surrounded by fire, ice or water. To get rid of that, use elements. For a ghost with a fire heart, spray him with water first (just a short squirt will be enough), until his heart is exposed, after which he will act as a normal ghost. When their heart is ice, blast them with fire. If it's water, blast them with ice. Portrait ghosts work entirely different, and usually require a puzzle to be solved before their hearts are exposed (see walkthrough). A handy tip for catching ghosts is this; Once they are in the vacuum stream, back away from them, if you can into a corner. Keep your directional pad so Luigi will try to stay in that corner; this will make it difficult for the ghosts to swing you from side toÃ…@side. Then wriggle the yellow pad up and down a little to quickly suck up their hitpoints. Using this technique, you can easily suck up normal ghosts in one try, and even, with the extra-power vacuum (see walkthrough), portrait ghosts in one try, leaving huge pearls for you to pick up. ------------------------- - General gameplay tips - ------------------------- * CHECK EVERY OBJECT all the time. The great thing about this game is that almost every object is searchable. Lamps, portraits, cupboards, everything! They often hold money or gold and sometimes even gems, which all counts up to a final score. * When searching objects, do so with your vacuum. That's right. You can walk up to an object and press A to search it but if you take a little distance and just aim your vacuum a the object for a short while until it starts shaking, it gets the same effect. In many ways this is a better method because if money falls out, it will almost immediately be sucked up. If a ghost pops out you won't be shocked so much and be of a safer distance. Also some objects will swing open, causing harm to Luigi (e,g, the fridge in the kichen). Keep this safe distance. Of course, to search some items like lamps and ceiling fans, you NEED to use the vacuum. * Always water every plant you come across! Even the ones in bedrooms! Everywhere! Also the little ones on the small balcony of the beginning of the game. Plants only give up their treasures after watering them, not by "searching" them. And some plants hold many many goodies!!! * When checking objects ALWAYS be on your toes for MoneyGhosts. * Always avoid those annoying purple mushrooms! It is cute to hear Luigi call Mario in a high pitched voice, but it takes time and you are vulnerable when small. * Use any mirror in the game to warp to the entrance hall. Just go into first person viewmode, look at a mirror and press A. Handy in a few cases, like quickly travelling from the attic to the basement. * Before tackling the ghosts of a room or the Boo, get rid of all tablecloths or bedspreads. You don't want your vacuum stuck on one of these when a ghost is after you. ------------------------------ - At home with the Professor - ------------------------------ This section often causes some questions. The Prof's home is merely a base, as it were, where Luigi returns after quiting the game or catching one of the bosses. While in the gallery section you can check the map and see a few "undiscovered" rooms. These are sadly not secret rooms. These are just the other rooms in the Prof's home. While following the training section, pull up the map and you will see why. _____ | 4 | TheProfessor's Shack | _ | -------------------- ________| | | | 1. The Prof's house entrance | 2 | |_| | 2. Machine room ___|________|_____| 3. Training room / 1 | 3 | 4. The Portrait room |_____|_______| 1. The Prof's house entrance. This is where you star every game. The Prof will ask you what to do and you can choose some things. [a] Go back to the mansion, [b] Train using the vacuum or [c] go to the gallery. 2. Machine room This is the long room where Luigi returns after defeating a Boss. Here the Prof stamps these ghosts into portraits which go in your portrait gallery. 3. Training room In this room Luigi can learn the basics of vacuum-powered ghost sucking. 4. The Portrait room Here Luigi can walk around and check all he portraits he has collected. Look at them using first person viewmode. Walk into the room at the back and press A to check the jewelled wall at the back. If you have finished the game at least once this wall will hold the final portrait and a count of how many portraits you found in total. Press B to look away. To leave his area, speak to the Prof and select the third option. ----------- - The map - ----------- PleaseÃ…@note all the names are my own. My kanji skills aren't good enough to translate all room names from the game. When using the walkthrough I will refer to this map with notations like [1F/2], which means 1st floor, room 2, on these maps. If you get lost, look to what room the walkthrough refers, and then check it on this map. _____ 1___| 2 | Basement |____|__ __| -------- | | 1. Well | | 2. Shrine | | 3. Toxic room ______|_|_____ 4. Power Generator | 3 | | 4 | 5. Ice room |______| |_____| 7 6. Storage room | | |______/ 7. Staircase [up] | 5 | | 6 | |______|_|_____| _____________________________________ | | 2 | 1F | 1 |______________________________| -- | | 3 | | 5 | 6 | 1. Graveyard | |___| |____________|__________| 2. Backyard | | 4 | | 7 3. Bathroom |______|___|___________ ____|________/ 4. Toilet | | | | | 11 | 5. Piano room | 8 | 9 | 10 | |___________| 6. Gym |______|________|______| | | 7. Staircase [up] | 12 | 13 | | 14 | 8. Dog house |_________|____________| |___________| 9. Pool room | 15 | | 21 10. Cinema |______|__________________________|_____/ 11. Store room | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 12. Kitchen |______|______| |________|____| 13. Dining room |__________| 14. Ballroom 15. Laundry room 16. Butler's room 19. Crystal Ball room 17. Treasure room 20. Mirror room 18. Entrance hall 21. Staircase [down] ______________________________ 2F | 1 | | 2 | 3 | -- |___| |____________|__________| 1. Bathroom | 4 | | 18 2. Granny's room __|___|_____________ __|________/ 3. Dining Room |5 | 6 | 7 | | 8 | 9 | 4. Toilet ___|__|______|__________| |______|____| 5. Balcony | | | | | | 6. Dressing room | 10 | 11 | 12 | | 13 | 7. Ante room |______|______|__________| |___________| 8. Star room | | | 19 9. Observatory |_____________|__________|______________/ 10. Master bedroom | 14 | 15 | | 16 | 17 | 11. Study |______|______| |________|____| 12. Reception room | | 13. Treasure room 17. Daughter's room 14. Baby room 18. Staircase [down] 15. Twin's room 19. Staircase [up] 16. Guest room ______________________________ 3F | | -- | 1 | 1. Balcony | | 2. Vase room ______|_________________ __ _________| 3. Toy room | | | | | | 4. Atelier | 2 | | 3 | | 4 | 5. Armoury |__________| |__________| |_________| 8 6. Attic | | | | |___________/ 7. Rug room | | | | | | 8. Staircase [down] | 5 | | 6 | | 7 | |__________|__|__________|__|_________| _____________________________ | |___| |_____| |___| | ROOF | | ---- | | | | | | |_____________________________| ------------------- - The walkthrough - ------------------- This walkthrough is written chronologically, meaning: the adventure is pretty linear, so this walkthrough is too. This walkthrough does NOT detail EVERY gem or diamond or treasure to be found, as that would mean listing almost EVERY object in the house. Just check out all cupboards, boxes, lamps, plants, etc. And check the SIDEQUESTS section for some tips on getting some of the bigger diamonds. *** Level 0 When you first start the game, you will have no vacuum yet. In the entrance hall, walk around a bit, try a few of the doors until a yellow spectre appears and drops a key. Pick up the key and follow the yellow ghost up the stairs and through the door to the north, Enjoy the cutscene that introduces the Professor. You will leave the mansion and go to the Professor's shack where he will teach you how to use the vacuum. Go through his teaching simulation. Then he will take you to the portrait gallery. Look around a bit and go back to the Prof. Talk to him and choose the third option to leave the gallery, Back with the Prof, select the first option to go back.... TO THE MANSION! *** Level 1 Back in the entrance hall, you will see Kinopio standing there, Don't step directly under the chandelier or it will fall down! Talk to him, and from now on he can help you save your game. Now the lights are on. Go up the staircase and through the door to the north, back to the room where you found the Prof. [2F/12] In this room, after sucking up the treasure, suck the candles on the north wall until the room is dark. The portraits will come alive and ghosts will attack you. After you suck up all the ghosts, a chest will appear with the key to the next room. [2F/7] Suck up all the ghosts in this room until the magic locks disappear off the doors. Continue to the next room. [2F/6] Suck up all the ghosts in this room. Don't forget one of them is hiding in a closet. After the light comes on, a key appears on the shelf above the clothes rack. Use your vacuum to get at it. Continue through the door to the left. [2F/5] Speak to Kinopio and save your game. Go into first person mode and look around. Do you see that broken window? We'll get to that later. Return to entrancehall's upper level and go through the door for which you just got the key and proceed to the study. [2F/11] Ah, the game's first "puzzle" and Portrait Ghost, the father of the house. He is sitting in his chair by the fire but every time you even try to look at him he dissapears. Turn your back to him and avoid the books that fly at you. And easy way to get rid of the books is to just suck them up with your vacuum as they come at you. As soon as the ghost starts yawning, shine your torch at him and his heart is exposed, so start your vacuum! After you defeat him, the key to the master bedroom appears. If you want, and you can read Japanese, you can read the books on the shelves on the north wall. Go to the master bedroom. [2F/10] Ah, here we find Mrs. Ghost in front of the mirror. Again, she disappears when you even look at her. Remember the broken window we saw from the balcony? Well, you can open the right curtain using your vacuum and a draft will enter the room. This annoys Mrs. Ghost so she will close he curtain. The best thing to do is to open the curtain and then shine your torch on her. She'll moan and at that point her heart will be exposed. Vacuum up Mrs. Ghost and get the key to the Baby room. Don't forget there is money hidden in her ceiling fan. Just vacuum it until it starts spinning around and after a while money will fall out. This goes for most ceiling fans and lamps in the house. When leaving this room, you will notice noise coming from the Baby room. You might want to go to the entrance hall first to save your game. Go to the Baby room. [2F/14] To wake the baby up, suck the rocking horse until it rocks and the baby appears on it. Now all you have to do is suck up the ball, aim at the baby and let go. This will throw the ball at the baby, which will take you to the first BOSS AREA. If those flying teddies annoy you, get rid of them first by sucking them up as they fly at you. *** BOSS 1 - Baby (100) Baby has three attacks, all of which are easy to avoid. Attack 1 - He throws giant rocking horses at you. These are easy to avoid if you walk on the far endÃ…@of the bed toward the direction they are coming from. E.g., if the rocking horse comes from the right, walk to the left, etc. If he throws two rocking horses, stay in the middle. Attack 2 - He will throw a few balls into the bed that bounce around. Avoid. Attack 3 - He bounces aound the bed. Just stay away, he's quite slow so it's easy. To defeat baby, wait for attack #2 to finish. One solitary ball will remain in the bed. Suck it up with your vacuum, aim at the baby and let go. He is now vulnerable, so start your vacuum. Repeat this process until he is gone. Back in his room is a chest with the level 2 key. Pick up the key and you will go to the Prof's first end-of-level roundup. *** Level 2 Back in the entrance hall, walk into he magically sealed door to the north and see it disappear. Go through and into the hallway beyond. If you check your map, you will see there is only one place you can go on this floor, the bathroom to the north, so go there. [1F/3] Clear the two ghosts until he light comes on. A key will appear on the shelf to the left. Use your vacuum to get to it. This is the key to the ballroom, so go there. [1F/14] Get rid of the ghosts by sucking off their masks and then blinding them and vacuuming them up. After this the two floor panels will start rotating and a ghostly couple appears. Look away from them until they do a twirl - this is when a heart is exposed, so start sucking. After that you'll get the key to the storeroom behind the ballroom. [1F/11] First get rid of the ghosts. Now this bit is sneaky. Look in the mirror and you will see a buton on he opposite wall (you will see this buton better is you look around he room in 1st person viewmode). Walk to the wall opposite the mirror and press A - Luigi will press the button and the room will extend. In the next section of the room, suck the poster off the wall and press the button to release the Boos. A lot of people seem to get stuck on the next bit. Now you have to cach a few Boos before you can continue. See the SIDEQUESTS section below on how to catch Boos. Go back to the first section of the game, on the 2nd floor and catch a few Boos. After catching 5 Boos the door to the toilet on 1F will open. If you want to catch more Boos now or later depends you. To finish the game you need to catch 40, over time (see walkthrough). Go to that toilet on 1F. [1F/4] Speak to Kinopio and open the toiletbowl to get the key to the crystal ball room. Go there. [1F/19] Look at the crystal ball and speak to Madame Mieru. Behind her chair is a wedge of cheese. If you click on it in 1st person viewmode a yellow mouse will appear which, when sucked up, will give you many coins and often a gem too. Go through the door to the right, [1F/20] In this room invisible ghosts appear, You can only tell where they are by their reflection in the mirror or the dustclouds they make when they appear. Suck up all the ghosts and a red chest will appear. This holds the FIRE EMBLEM. With this emblem, walk up to the torch in the room, jostle it and a fire sprite will appear. Suck it up to get fire power! Now, by pressing L1 you can use your vacuum as a flame thrower. There are several of these torches dotted around the mansion. Suck up a fire sprite and light the candles in the room to open the door again. Go back to the crystal ball room. [1F/19] Back in the Crystal ball room, light the candles in the four corners of the roomÃ…@and a key will appear on one of the pillars. Get it using your vacuum. This is the key to the laundry room. [1F/15] Defeat all the ghosts for a chest with gold and money, Then open the washing machine to find Mario's hat. This is the first of the 5 MARIO ITEMS we need to find for Madame Mieru. Now go to the invisible ghost that is stalking the northern part of the hallway on the 1st floor. You can see it is holding a candlestick. Light his candles using your flame thrower and an insane butler ghost will appear. Follow him to the laundry room. He will go to the butler's room so follow him there. [F1/16] Wait until the butler settles down in his chair, then flash and suck him. You will get the key to the piano room. There is usually a blue gem hidden in the bucket in the corner. Now if you want treasure, although this is not neccesary to finish the game, you might want to visit the secret treasure room to the right of this room. Stand near the right wall and go into first person viewmode. Look around until you see a mousehole. Click on it and a mist will appear. Leave first person viewmode and walk into the mist to get sucked into the next room. [F1/17] There are some treasue chests here and some ghosts with icy hearts. Give them a short burst of the flame thrower to melt their hearts and then vacuum them up as usual. Just treasure and a Boo here, nothing important. Go to the piano room. [F1/5] Activate all instruments individually by walking up to them and pressing A. Don't forget the drums are three seperate instruments. Now walk up to the piano and a girl appears. She will play a famous Mario tune and you have to guess what game it's from. Unless you know Mario games well and speak Japanese, it's guess work, I'm afraid. If you guess wrong, leave the room and start over. If you guess right, sheet paper will attack you. Suck up the paper, use your flashlight on the girl when she grabs her head and suck her up. You will get the key to the dining room. [F1/13] First suck up the bananaskins. Then light the candles on the table using your flame thrower. Suck some of the jelly from the table. Two butlers will appear, try to suck them up. Now suck up the rest of the jelly. The big fat ghost will get angry and spit fire at you. Avoid his fireballs until he slumps down on the table, exhausted. Now use your flashlight to expose his heart and start vacuuming. When he is defeated you get a chest full of goodies and a big diamond! Go through the door to the left. [F1/12] In the kitchen, pots will rattle and fly at you. Just suck them up with your vacuum. There is likely to be a MoneyGhost in the left oven. Open the fridge, but be careful! The door can slam in your face and hurt you! A frozen ghost pops out. Blast him with fire until his heart has thawed then get him as per usual. After him a chest will appear with the WATER EMBLEM. Now you can suck up water sprites and spray water. Get a water sprite from he running tap and extinguish the burning door. After the fire is out, go through it into the backyard with the doghouse. [F1/8] Walk upto the sign and knock on it by pressing A. A butler will appear. Defeat the butler who will drop a big bone for the dog. If the dog manages to grab you, shake him off. After the big bone is dropped, the dog will try to eat it, at which point you can attack it and suck it up. At this point you might want to water the plant for the first time! Walk to the doghouse, go into 1st person viewmode, click on the opening to create a mist. Walk into that mist to get into the graveyard, although you might want to go back and save your game first. [1F/1] Don't forget to knock on the drainpipe for a gem. Knock on some graves for health until three ghosts appear to throw bones at you. Suck up the three ghosts. Now walk up to the big headstone at the end for the second boss. *** BOSS 2 - Shadow (100) This one isn't too difficult either, once you figure out what to do. The purple shadow is the one to get, but it creates black copies of itself that attack you. Suck up a black shadow until it turns into a ball that sicks to your vacuum nozzle. Then find the purple shadow (easy if you follow the long black shadows it creates because it gives off light) then aim the black ball at him and let go. Be careful not to hold the black ball too long or it will explode and hurt you. It will be hit by the ball and be vulnerable, so start sucking. Be careful of the other black shadows as you are thrown about trying to get him. Repeat until finished. You will appear in the graveyard where a huge chest containing the level 3 key awaits you. *** Level 3 If you are following the SIDEQUESTs, you now might want to return to [F1/8] to water the plant a second time. Otherwise go the the magically locked door at the end of the corridor to the north that leads into the backyard which will now magically open. Go to the backyard. [1F/2] Here, don't forget to water the plants around the fountain for some goodies and a gem. Walk to the right until you come to a well. Go down this well. [Basement/1] Walk to the right and see a cutscene where Mario is stuck in a painting! Walk back and a ghost appears with the key to the gym. Climb out of the well. [1F/2] Continue right until you come across a birdhouse. Jostle the birdhouse and MARIO's LETTER falls out. Continue right until you come across a small shed. Knock on he side of it for the door to open (otherwise it will hit Luigi in the face) and speak to Kinopio. Continue right and enter the gym. [1F/6] In he middle of the room a weightlifter is unsuccessfully trying to lift weights. Stand near a punchbag and hit it by pressing A so it will swing and hit the ghost (beware of the backswing!!!). The ghost will start coming at you, waving his arms like a little girl, so swing another punchbag to hit him. After he is hit three times you can flash him and vacuum him. If he recovers, just swing a punchbag again. After he is defeated you get a chest full of goodies and a diamond. Before you leave, check a training bike on he right hand side for a moneyghost. Then go to the walking excercise machine at the left hand side of the room. Walk into it and Luigi will walk on top of it. Do this a while and a key will pop out. This is the key to the door just outside, effectively creating a shorcut for you. Now leave the gym and go upstairs. Once upstairs, you'll see another door on fire. Spray water on it and go through it. [2F/3] In this dining room crockery will fly at you and a few ghosts appear. Suck up the ghosts and a chest will appear on the table. Now walk to the right hand side of the room onto a tile that will flip Luigi onto the ceiling. Walk left and onto a tile that will drop him again, on the table, so you can get to the chest. This chest contains the FREEZE EMBLEM. Luigi can now suck up freeze sprites and have an ice spray. Grab a freeze sprite from the ice bucket on the table and leave the room. Make your way to the bahroom on the 2nd floor. [2F/1] Who says Nintendo has no sense of humour. Look through the shower curtain and see a lovely ghost having a bath. Open the curtain using your vacuum and see a whale of a ghost being shocked. Fantastic. Spray her with ice unil her hear is exposed and suck her up. You will get the key to the pool room on the 1st floor. Go there. [1F/9] Once in the pool room, wait for the guy to shoot the balls. Three balls will fly through the room. Suck one up, aim it at the pool player and then let go. Hit him three times like this, shine your torch and suck him up. Should he recover, you only have to hit him once more. Once defeated he will leave a chest wih goodies and a diamond. Don' forget the ceiling fan and the hidden MoneyGhost in this room. Go through the door to the right, into the cinema. [1F/10] Hit the projector to make it run. Ghosts will appear that again are invisible. Use the way their shadow falls on the screen as an indication of where they are, or, more handy, the dustclouds they make when they appear. After defeating them, a chest conaining MARIO's GLOVE appears. Return to the 2nd floor, but make sure you grab a fire sprite along the way. Go to the star room. [2F/8] Light all the candles on all the candlesticks and ghost will appear. Clear the room of ghosts and you will be able to go through the door to the right. [F2/9] Look into the Telescope to see the moon. Now the room is somewhat different. Walk out and try to suck up a shooting star. Aim it at the moon and let go. If successfull, the moon will blow up revealing a path. Follow the path to get MARIO's STAR. Leave this room through he starroom and go back into the hallway. Now go to Granny'sroom. [2F/2] Knock her balls of wool off the table. Suck up a ball, aim it at her and let go. There are only three balls and you have to hit her three times, so if you miss, leave the room and try again. Once she is hit three times, suck her up and get the key to the Twin's room. Leave this room and go to the toilet. [2F/4] Open the toilet bowl to release a ghost with a heart of fire. Spray him with water and suck him up to get a chest full of goodies. Leave and go to the twin's room. [2F/15] In the twin's room you have to make the two airplanes from the ceiling turn. The blue one is blown away by your vacuum and the red one is pulled towards the vacuum. If you climb the bed it is slightly easier. After a few rotations, two or three, the twins appear. Speak to them, select the first option, that you will play hide and seek with them. Leave the room and come back in to see some boxes. I don't know if there are any hints, so randomly open a box. If one of the twins is in it open another one. If at any time you open an empty box, leave the room and come back in again to try over. If you find both twins, they will attack you. One is on a plane, dropping bombs, the other on a racecar. Suck away either vehicle until the kid is floaing around and then suck him up. Once both twins are defeated you get MARIO's SHOE. It's amazing how many people get stuck at this point.With the 5 Mario items, go back to Madame Meiru on the 1st floor. [F1/19] Speak to Madame Meiru ONCE FOR EVERY MARIO ITEM YOU HAVE, so that means, speak to her FIVE times. With each items she is able to channel some information. It all comes down to Bowser, who resurrected King Terasa, who is very VERY powerful. Mario warns Luigi in his letter to be afraid of King Terasa. His power his great but he is afraid of the vacuum. (handy!). After speaking to Madame Meiru (this will ake some time), she will be able to attack you. Flash her and suck her up and she will leave behind another key. Leave her room and go up the stairs to the 2F dining room. [2F/3] Grab an ice sprite and leave the room. Go up the stairs to the attic. [3F/7] In this room are some ghosts with water hearts, so use the ice spray on them before sucking them up. After you've cleared this room of ghosts you will get the key to the big balcony. Leave throught the door to the left and head out to the balcony. If you have not yet caught at least 20 Boos, a Boo will appear and kick you out. Charming. Go around the mansion and catch some more Boos. When you have atleast 20, you can go through onto the balcony. [3F/1] This is one huge balcony. There are some Boos here, so walk up to them and touch them. *** BOSS 3 - Boos (15) A first you will see one big Boo. Quickly grab an ice sprite, then go after the Boo. Suck at him with your vacuum until you have him in what feels like a tractor beam, or something. Then use this to push him into one of the unicorn statues and he will explode into 15 small Boos. Use the ice spray to freeze a small Boo, then suck it up. The more small Boos you suck up he smaller and faster the Big Boo will become, until eventually it is only a handful of small Boos. At this point it gets tricky to spray them with ice. Short bursts of the ice spray sometimes cause an ice projectile, with which you can get them from afar. When only one small Boo remains he won't transform into a Big Boo anymore. Just try to ice him and suck him up. After you have defeated all the small Boos, a chest appears with the level 4 key. Note that the 15 Boos that make up this Boss stage are counted in your overall Boos score. These are 15 of the 50 Boos you were looking for!!! *** Level 4 If you are following the SIDEQUESTs, you now might want to return to [F1/8] to water the plant one last time to get a huge gold diamond. Also, return to [3F/1] and water the plants there with the water spray. One of them holds a huge red diamond!!! [3F/1] Go to the door to the very left of the balcony. The magic seal with disappear but what now? Lightning strikes the house and all electricity is gone, filling every room with ghosts again!!! Make your way through the house, all the way back to one of the earlier rooms, the dressing room. [F2/6] Turn away from the mirror and you'll see a guy standing in front of it. Wait until heÃ…@motions and his heart appears, then quickly turn around and catch him. Once caught, a chest appears with a key in it. This is the key to the power generator room. Go there. [Basement/4] Walk to the red switch and press A. The power will come back on and a chest appears. Get the chest for a key to the basement storage room. Go there. [Basement/6] First you might want to vacuum up the piles of dirt so you have room tomove. Then rattle the two barrels to get the ghosts out and catch them. After that a chest appears with the key to the toy room. Go all the way to the 3rd story balcony again and proceed to the attic. [3F/6] Open the trunks to reveal he skeleton ghosts and defeat them for a chest full of treasure. Go north to the toy room. [3F/3] In this room, acivate the clocks by knocking on them. Don't forget the one on the table to the left. Once activated the toy soldiers will come to life. To defeat them try to get close to them and keep vacuuming until the key in their backs fall out, after which you can suck them. But be carefull! Their reach is quite long! Once defeated a door will open with an elevator to he roof. Go there. [ROOF] Around the campfire are some masked ghosts. Get them the usual way. Afer that two more ghosts appear with frozen hearts, so use your flame thrower on them and catch them. Then a ches appears on top of the left chimney. In it is the key to the armoury. Go down the elevator again to the toy room, then make your way to the armoury. [3F/5] First open the boxes for treasure and some ghosts. Now go to the suits of armour and push them. Be careful!The ones with the maces drop their arm which could hurt Luigi. About half of the suits of armour will make a ghost appear when jostled, so work your way through the suits and the ghosts until they are all gone and the light comes on. Open the chest that appears for the key to the toxic room in the basement. Go through the door to the north to get to the vase room. [3F/2] Suck up an ice sprie, then push the blue vase somewhere in the middle. A ghost will appear and asks you if you want to play wih/challenge him/her. Select he first option. It will disappear and pop out of a random vase. Quickly blast it with the ice spray! Do his 6 orso times and it will attack you, so start that vacuum! When you have defeated it, a chest will appear with gold and a diamond. Go back to he roof using the elevator in the toy room. [ROOF] Climb up the right chimney and drop down into it. [2F/13] Another hidden treasure room with a few ghosts and lots of gold. Go crazy. Once all ghosts have been defeated, a chest with a key to the guest room appears. To leave this room suck the cloth off the mirror and use it to warp to the entrance hall. Although not neccesary for finishing the game, let's go to the guest room on the second floor. [2F/16] Grab a fire sprite and light the two candles on either side of the painting on the wall. A load of ghosts will appear. After this first wave another set of ghosts appear but these all have a fire heart, so make sure you quickly grab a water sprite and spray these ghosts wih water. When finished, grab a fresh water sprite and go through the door to the right to the up-side-down bedroom. [3F/17] Spray the little girl on the bed with water three times. She then wakes up and you can figh her. It is probably best to suck up her two dolls first, just to get them out of the way. Should she recover and go back to sleep, a single spray of water will wake her up again. After she is defeated, leave the room. A loud noise will startle Luigi. Go back into the room to find it the right side up again. Now you can open the chest and get treasure and a diamond. Go to the basement toxic room. [Basement/3] First get rid of the ghosts. Then suck up an ice sprite and spray the toxic pool until it freezes over. Then walk to the other side and turn the wheel by pressing A, to stop the water. Now go to the chest and get the key to the ice room. Go there. [Basement/5] Grab a fire sprite and light the two campfires in the corner with your flame thrower. This will wake up some ghost. Atack the ghost's icy shell with your flame thrower, avoiding its attacks, until the shell is gone. Should you get hit by his attack, wriggle around until the ice is gone. When the shellis gone, attack him. Once defeated you get the key to the atelier. Go way back up to the attic to the atelier. [3F/4] This is a lenghty battle. The painter will make his paintings come to live, one by one, creating three of each ghost to attack you for each painting. Go through all the ghosts and eventually the painter himself becomes vulnerable. Suck him up and when he is gone a key will appear from his painting of a chest (cool). This is the key to the shrine!! It is probably best to save your game at this point and make sure you are stocked up on health and have aleast 40 Boos (otherwise you will be sent back to the entrance Hall). [Basement/2] Once inside he shrine, walk up to the front to confront King Terasa. *** BOSS 4 - Bowser / King Terasa (500) You are transported to the roof where a humungous Bowser appears to scare the hell out of poor Luigi. This Boss battle can be annoying. First, Bowser will throw three spiked balls around. You need to grab one of these by starting your vacuum and slowly walking straight INTO one of the balls, as they are too heavy to slide towards you. Once one is stuck you have to time it's release carefully. Bowser will appear, bend down and start to open his mouth. Quickly walk backwards and release he ball so it hits Bowser in the face before he attacks. His head will explode and fall off. BEWARE: You can only try this one attack afer Bowser releases the spiked balls. You have no time to try it again because they will explode. You have to wait until he throws three new ones. Also, when you catch a ball but Bowser jumps into the air, quickly let go and run. You won't have enough time to use it and it might explode in your face!!! Once you have blown Bowser's head off, King Terasa will appear. Start vacuuming him quickly, but beware of Bowser's floating head that is now shooting ice at you! After a while King Terasa will crawl back into his Bowser shell and continue his attack. Repeat until dead. Be careful! After you have taken enough hitpoints off King Terasa his Bowser head will go back on BACKWARDS. He will stomp around the roof doing massive damage until he can turn his head around. The best place to be here is to hide on either side of the big chimneys as Bowser is too big to get there. Once you have sucked all he hitpoints off Terasa you WIN! Enjoy the end sequence and the credits. Make sure you check your rank on the last screen! -------------- - Sidequests - -------------- During the game there are many little things to do that not neccesarily have anything to do with the plot or are not neccesary to finish the game, But they are fun and often leave big rewards which all go to getting an A ranking. * Catching 50 Boos After releasing the Boos (see walkthrough) you will be able to check most rooms that have been cleared of ghosts (ie. ones where the light is on) for hidden Boos. A little light on top of your Gameboy Horror display at the bottom of the screen will flash yellow. Walk around a room until it flashed quicker and it will turn red when you are close to the hidden Boo. (If the light is blue it means there is no Boo in this room) Once you find a location try to rattle him out by either vacuuming the place or knocking on it by pressing A. One of three things will happen. 1 - A bomb will drop out and you will hear a Boo giggle: RUN! 2 - A ball with a Boo-face painted on it appears with a Boo giggling. Har-de-har 3 - A Boo appears. When a Boo appears he will have hitpoints, like any other ghost, except he is not stuck in your vacuum beam. The hitpoints range from 30 to 300. Start sucking! After you have sucked up a Boo, the Professor will page you and you can save your game. Sometimes, in the process of catching a Boo, the Boo will leave the room. You can easily follow it to the room he flew to and, if you were quick enough, he will still be there, so you can continue vacuuming him. If you are a little slow, he will have hidden himself in his new location. This means, even if you have cleared a certain room of its Boo before, this new Boo can take residence there. Also it means at one point there could be multiple Boos hidden in one room. Just use the light indicator to find them. For this reason it is usually handy to clear a set of rooms first, before going after the Boos. For example, the four rooms on the left hand side of the attic: the Boos there have a high number of hitpoints and will switch rooms often!!! It's far easier to clear these four rooms first and then go get the Boos. This is also true for the basement. Resetting the game will reset the Boos' locations and hitpoints. After getting the 50th Boo you will receive a large gold diamond. * Watering the flower Just before the 2nd boss (read the walkthrough), near the doghouse, you will see a small bud in the ground. This is aproximately beneath the small balcony of the 2nd floor. Next to it is a tap with a watersprite. By this time you will have the Water Emblem, so suck up a sprite and water the bud. It will sprout leaves. (It helps if you clear the area of ghosts first, so you can do this in peace, without being attacked). Now, return to this area after defeating the 2nd boss. Water the plant again and it will grow into a large flower. After defeating the 3rd boss (see walkthrough) and BEFORE beating the end boss, go back to this area andÃ…@water the plant again. It will pop open and reveal a mass of gold and a large gold diamond will fall out. * Beating the 100,000,000 Gold mark (ie. getting an A rank) You need a lot of gold and money to beat the 100,000,000 mark, so try to do all of this... - Suck every pot, vase, cupboard and chandelier. Any object in any room. A lot of them hold coins or paper money, sometimes even a gem. Even if you have been to a room before, sometimes certain items are restocked (though not often). - Be aware of MoneyGhosts (see Types of Ghost). - Catch ALL PortraitGhosts (see Types of Ghost). The ones that don't further the plot or leave behind a key will leave behind a chest full of gold and money and a big silver diamond! - Water all plants you come across! Some hold money, some hold gems. One even holds a big red diamond! - Catch the gold mouse! Sometimes a gold mouse will appear. If you suck it up i will leave behind a lot of gold and money and sometimes a diamond. - Follow the other side quests (see above) for the big gold diamonds. - Become a master vacuum user. When sucking up Portrait Ghosts they will drop pearls. The longer you can hold on to one of these ghosts the more and bigger pearls they drop. Ranging from small, to medium to LARGE pearls. Obviously, the large pearls are very expensive but for these you need to be able to suck up one of these ghosts in ONE effort! Good luck! ---------------------------- - After finishing the game - ---------------------------- Do you get any extras? Well, no, no really. Your saved game icon will now contain a little green box lising how many times you have finished the game. Also, when speaking to the Prof before going back to the mansion, you will see an extra option has appeared. The 2nd option is the new one and basically allows you to replay the mansion with a slightly more powereful vacuum. The first option just means replay he game as-is. Maaaaayyyybe if you finish the game an X number of times something happens, but to be honest, I doubt it. ------------------------- - The fallible Nintendo - ------------------------- Every FAQ should have a bugs section, I recon. But that is quite hard for this game. The only things I came across are very nitpicky, but here they are. * A VERY slight drop in framerate in room [Basement/6] when rushing through and stepping on the pad to warp Luigi to the ceiling. Seriousness: absolute zero * In the well, [Basement/1] you can vacuum or spray fire/water/ice through the wall into nullspace by walking up to the left or back wall and pressing L or R. Or is there a secret I am missing? Nah, probably not. Seriousness: A little below absolute zero * Occasional plane clipping of shadows and the torch's lightbeam. A little below a little below absolute zero * Picking up a green gem on the small balcony [2F/5], as it was being picked up, Kinopio started talking to me. I declined for him to save my game and continued going through the gem-pick-up routine, during which Kinopio started talking again. his endless loop was only broken afer I told Kinopio to save my game. Seriousness: on a scale of a billion? Probably a 2 and a half. If you have found any repeatable bugs, please let me know. -------------------------------- - Don't even THINK about it... - -------------------------------- * Don't email me with other gameplay questions. If it's not in this FAQ it is probably not in the game or I don't care. * Don't make up stupid lies about the game. I've played it and finished it, remember? Why try to convince ME that Mario is a playable character? Maybe someone on the message boards will believe you. * Don't copy any part of this FAQ or redistribute it in any way. The FAQ is only available AS-IS from GameFAQs.com ---------------- - Please do... - ---------------- * Please email me with any extra tips or information I have missed out on. * Please email any corrections, if I have printed false information. ----------- - Credits - ----------- Written by Jupe2010 jupe2010@hotmail.com With many thanks to the guys on the GameFAQs message boards who helped fill in a few blanks (you know who you are) ------------------- - Version history - ------------------- * Version 1 A saturday-morning attempt. Wrote the main bulk * Version 2 Added sections on control and the Professor's home, as well as tidying up, adding the ascii title and went through spellchecking (many errors due to agressive keyboard bashing rendering my SPACE bar and "T" key almost inoperable). Am I sad for taking all this time writing a FAQ like this? Well, yes, probably. I prefer to call it bored. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This FAQ is copyright (c) 2001 Jupe2010. No part of this FAQ maybe copied or redistributed witout prior permission of the author.</p>