First off let me tell you that there are many new bronze(low priority), silver(not needed but received from guild)and gold (needed to beat game) quests availible in the expanded version of Fable 1) The Sick Child First off when you go to Bowerstone, a little girl will want to talk to you, so talk to her and she will tell you to follow her. She takes you to one of the Hobo Huts behind the tavern where you'll find a woman saying, "The sky is beautiful today isnt it?" Talk to her and she will tell you that her son, Aldy, got sick from eating a mushroom in the picnic area, and she'll tell you to go talk to the witch in Bowerstone Quay. After you talk to the witch you'll need to find 4 mushrooms Mushroom 1: Talk to the "stoner" traders in look out point and they'll tell you about "the mushroom of truth" that they lost in the guild. Go fish it out of the river between Will Island and the demon door. Mushroom 2: This can be recived from a woman in the picnic area. WARNING:the woman's voice is highly annoying. Muting your TV is the best way to cure her voice. She will want you to do something funny about 4 or 5 times so test out the new expressions. She will laugh no matter what you do and she will give you the mushroom. Mushroom 3: A man is located in the Guild Woods, who participated in a "shroomer party" a few nights ago and met a beautiful woman who lives in Oakvail. He will give you a letter to give to her. When you go to the woman in Oakvail (near the well next to memorial garden) you can either pass the letter off as your own or say it was from the man in the Guild Woods, either way she will instantly fall in love with who ever you said wrote it, then she will give you a letter back, take this to the guy in the woods to get another mushroom. Mushroom 4: Located in Barrow Fields. There are 3 ways to get this one. You can buy it for 1000 gold, or you can steal it and pay the guards 750 gold, or you can get it free during the Trader Massacre quest. 2) The Book Collection In this quest, you can either get a bright wizard hat or a dark one...make a desion before you leave the guild! if you are an evil mage and already got the books from the guild, you are most definatly screwed. To get Bright Wizard hat, grab all of the books from the guild, the library, dorms, and Maze's quarters. Then go to Bowerstone and talk to the teacher in the school and donate the books for your hat (6 books should be the amount you have from the guild.) To get Dark Wizard hat, do not get the guild books yet! First grab all of the books from Bowerstone (in all of the houses and barrels, should be a total of 6 books,) and donate them to the teacher to receive your reward. Now there is the matter of getting the rest of books (25 in total to recive a silver key and complete the quest.) 1. A Love Story - Heroes Guild and Witchwood Cavern. 2. Creatures of Albion I - Heroes Guild and Witchwood Cavern. 3. Creatures of Albion II - Heroes Guild. 4. Creatures of Albion III - Heroes Guild. 5. Eyes of a Killer - Bowerstone.S and the Assassin Attacks quest. 6. Jack of Blades - Heroes Guild. 7. Making Friends - Heroes Guild, Orchard Farm, Oakvale (house and trader). 8. The Arena - Heroes Guild. 9. The Balverine Slayer - Knothole Glade. 10. The Dragons - Heroes Guild and Hook Coast. 11. The Guild of Zeroes - Bowerstone.S and barrel in Witchwood Cullis Gate. 12. The Northern Wastes - Heroes Guild. 13. The Oakvale Raid - Oakvale. 14. The Old Kingdom - Heroes Guild. 15. The Other Land - Heroes Guild. 16. The Pale Balverine - Heroes Guild 17. The Repentant Alchemist - Bowerstone.S. 18. The Sock Method - Bowerstone.S,Oakvale (house and trader),Witchwood Cavern, Hook Coast and trader in Bowerstone.N. 19. The Tailor's Tragedy - Bowerstone.N. 20. The Tale of Maxley - Heroes Guild. 21. The Tale of Twinblade - Heroes Guild. 22. The Trials of Aarkan - Oakvale. 23. The Ugly Guide - Oakvale and trader in Knothole Glade. 24. Windbreaker Rule Book - Bowerstone.S, Oakvale (house and trader) 25. You Are Not a Bad Person - Bowerstone.S and traders in Oakvale, Darkwood Camp and Bowerstone.N. 3) Fishing Competition First go to Fisher Creek and save the fisher guy, then leave the area and come in again. He will tell you he is holding a fishing competition. Prizes are as follows: 1st place- Fisherman Hat(catch a fish over 50g and have it weighed) 2nd place- Silver Key 3rd place- Rod of Champions(I saw really no difference between this rod and the regular one.) It is easier to just catch a 50g fish and get it weighed because then you get all 3 prizes. 4) Chicken Kicking Competion Upon exploring Oakvale for the first time, you'll encounter a gentleman with some capital news. He needs you to head down to the East beach and take care of a ghost for him. The specter in question is the one from the Treasure of the Ghost Pirate quest. Finish dealing with that and return to the gentleman. He'll thank you and invite you to drop in on him and his chickens down on the beach. So begins one of the most bizarre side quests ever. Once down there, a quick chat with our friend from before will confirm what your eyes can't believe. For 50 gold you will have 5 attempts to punt poultry into a grid in the hope of winning a prize. The grid is made up of 9 squares, with each square worth a certain number of points. The far right and left squares are worth 100 points each, with mid right and left scoring you 50 and the near right and left giving 25 points. The center row of squares score 10 for the nearest and furthest and 25 for getting your feathered friend into the middle. The Prizes and the score required to attain them are: 1st Prize - Chicken Hat. This grand prize is yours with a score of 250. 2nd Prize - Silver Key. A prize worth crowing about. 150 required. 3rd Prize - Cock-A-Doodle-Do Expression. Continuing the feathery theme. 50 pts. So, now we know how many points we need, all we need to know now is how to get them. Well it both is and isn't as easy as it sounds. If you do the quest with a mid-way character, it's incredibly easy to run at the chicken from an angle and score a 50 with every kick. All you need to remember is not to cross the white line, or do you... Unlike the Fishing Competition this quest will require you to beat each tier to win the respective prizes. The best way to do this is to keep aiming for that 50 square and once you have the points you need, simply forfeit any remaining turns by crossing the line. Simple. This quest can get ugly however, if you come too soon, or worse, too late. A puny weakling will have trouble getting the lead-laden chicken past the first row of squares, but you can always improve your physique and come back. The worse case scenario is that you've been putting this off and are now a rippling mass of muscle with maxed strength. Your in trouble because as much fun as it is to see a chicken disappearing over the horizon, it'll soon dawn on you that keeping the poultry in the points is going to be your biggest problem. All I can suggest is taking absolutely no run-up and hope for the best. 250 points won't be that big a deal, 50 will be your test. 5) Murder With a Twist You can take this quest after you complete the Find the Bandit Seeress main quest. To receive it you will need to head to Oakvale and make your way to that area behind the house where you caught the husband cheating during the Birthday Gift quest. Once there you will be will meet three guards, one of which will set you the task of avenging the murder of his brother by killing the assassin responsible. He informs you that the assassin in question is hiding out in the Twinblade's Tent area, so accept the quest and head there. Upon arrival you'll see the assassin accompanied by two bandit friends. If you approach with your weapon drawn the assassin will have you put it away. Talking to the assassin reveals that he is in fact the guard's brother and the true reason the guard wants him killed is to inherit his share of a will. At this point you can go back to the guard but that doesn't lead to anything other than what your about to do. Draw your weapon. If you didn't approach with it drawn you'll get the line about him being jumpy, so draw it again. The assassin will figure out that you've been sent by the guard and now you have 4 choices. Good way-For maximum good points you should refuse the assassin's first offer of double what the guard is paying you and then refuse his second offer of 2500 as well. This will lead to a fight between you and the assassin which, including the points for killing his two bandit friends, will get you 44 good points in total. With that done return to the guard with the assassination contract and you'll receive your 1000 gold. Evil way-For maximum bad points you will still want to refuse the initial offer, but then accept the offer of 2500. Return to the guard and kill him and his two companions for 100+ bad points. Maxumum money way-For the most gold you will want to accept the assassin's second offer but then attack him. Once he's dead return to the guard and collect the 1000 reward. With the 2500 you took from the assassin you should net 3500 gold and still come out with 24 good points. Maxumum experience way-For the most experience you will want to accept the second assassin offer and then attack him. Kill him and his friends and then return to the guard. DO NOT SPEAK TO THE GUARD just walk up and whack him, if you speak to him you'll get the gold, but you won't be able to kill him afterwards, so just take him out and his friends too. Neither of the brothers' respective friends are worth much but the brothers themselves are. You'll also end up with 2500 gold and around 75+ bad points. 6) Investigating the Mayor Because of the multiple choices involved with this, and the alternate Mayor's Invitation quest, I will first walk you through completing the Investigation. Before you do this you should read further and decide which course of action will best suit your hero. The Investigation This quest is available once you gain access to Bowerstone North. When you first enter the area the first thing you will notice is a new character in the form of a Guard Captain. speak to him to learn of a deranged prisoner being held in a cell in the North West part of the town. When you speak to this prisoner, amongst his other ramblings, you will learn his name is Gethyn and he suspects Lady Grey of murdering her sister Amanda. He does have a plan however, that is for you to speak to the ghost of the dead girl and find some evidence which will bring the Mayor's crimes to light and save his neck. He suggests you travel to Barrow Fields and find a man, named Rhodri, who may be able to help us summon Amanda's spirit. When you meet Rhodri he will tell you that he did indeed know Amanda and that the two were in love. He will tell you that they used to meet in secret in the Grey House Cellar and he'd signal her by flashing his lantern three times in the stables. When you enter the Grey House area, the stables are on your right. As Rhodri says, flash the lantern the three times and afterwards you will see a cut scene of Amanda going to the cellar doors. Once you follow her down there and hear her story you will see a number of items around. One of these, the parchment on the floor, will trigger another cut scene and the arrival of Lady Grey. You will now have the choice to either expose her or agree to cover up the murder and marry her. Good way- For the truly noble hero, you will want to progress the Mayor's Invitation quest to the point that you have defeated Thunder. This will allow you to get the Silver Key and the mana augmentation from the area that is only accessible during that fight. After the battle you can then proceed to complete the Investigation. This course of action will mean you miss out on the 15,000 gold Lady Grey wedding dowry and Ronok the Axe from the Grey House Demon Door. Evil way- For the wicked among us, you can proceed straight to the investigation and when given the opportunity, choose to cover up the murder and marry Lady Grey. She will tell you that to claim her hand you must defeat her other suitor, thus placing you at the Thunder battle point of the Mayor's Invitation quest. From there proceed to complete that quest as normal. This course of action will net you all of the benefits of both quests and access to Ronok the Axe from behind the Grey House Demon Door. Collectors way- For good heroes that want to collect all the Legendary Weapons, you will first want to speak to Gethyn. With that done you should now proceed to complete the Mayor's Invitation quest. Once married to Lady Grey you can now continue with the investigation. At the point when Lady Grey enters the cellar you will not have the choice of exposing her but, you will also not be put in the position of having to cover for her either. You will now be able to satisfy the Grey House Demon Door safe in the knowledge you didn't know what your new wife was really like when you married her. (Just like every other man). This course of action will also net you all of the benefits of both quests Note: unless you really like walking and have no intention of finishing all of the available quests, you should not defeat Thunder and THEN agree to cover up the murder and marry Lady Grey, as doing so will de-activate your guild seal and all teleport pads. This course of action will probably wreck your game. 7) The Hidden Sword This quest will become available after The Prophets of the Fire Heart quest, only if you chose to destroy the Sword of Aeons following your battle with Jack of Blades. A conversation with Briar Rose and The Guildmaster will reveal the existence of a Legendary Weapon with power to match that of the Sword of Aeons. The Guildmaster will tell you that Maze was searching for this weapon and that his study might be a good place to search for clues. Searching the bookcase a number of times there will reveal that there is indeed a weapon, Avo's Tear, that one need only be judged worthy by a collection of past heroes to receive. Head to the empty grave, right near Maze's quarters to be judged. By virtue of the fact you destroyed the Sword of Aeons you will be awarded this devastating light weapon. Note: the weapon you will receive is called Avos Tear, it is about half as powerful as the Sword of Aeons.</p>