Wi-Fi Multiplayer</p>

Conflict: Search the map for a good sniping spot and use it. If you don't want to snipe, watch your back. It's kinda obvious, but it's a good idea since theres 7 other people on the map who want to shoot you down in cold blood. If you dont have any good custom weapon sets, use the Close Quarters loadout. Team Conflict: When you start the match, see whos the highest level on your team, unless that person is you. Follow them. Even if your the highest level,follow someone else so if you meet a group you wont be out-numbered. Golden Gun: Hunt down the Golden Gun. Take note Im only level 13 (as of this post)and this is what I usualy do, and it works about 60%-80% of the time so if you want to win, try this before anythis else.</p>