CCC A L L DDDD U U TTTTT Y Y C C A A L L OO FFF D D U U T Y Y C A A L L O O F D D U U T Y Y C AAAAA L L O O FF D D U U T Y C A A L L O O F D D U U T Y C C A A L L OO F D D U U T Y CCC A A LLLLL LLLLL DDDD UUU T Y BBBBB L A CCC K K OOOO PPPP SSS B B L A A C C K K O O P P S S B B L A A C K K O O P P S BBBBB L AAAAA C KK O O PPPP SSS B B L A A C K K O O P S B B L A A C C K K O O P S S BBBBB LLLLL A A CCC K K OOOO P SSS ***************************************** * Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops * * Type: Walkthrough/FAQ * * For: Xbox 360, PS3, PC * * Author: Brad Russell "TheGum" * * Email: * * Twitter: TheGum25 * ***************************************** Version 1.0 - Got the single player complete. Will try to finish up the intels if I can. (11/12/10) ***************** Table Of Contents ***************** Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. Section: Code: 1. A Brief Foreword 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) 4. The Guide ( FAQ4444 ) Mission 01: Bay of Pigs ( BOP01 ) Mission 02: Vorkuta ( BOP02 ) Mission 03: Baikonur ( BOP03 ) Mission 04: Khe Sanh ( BOP04 ) Mission 05: Hue City ( BOP05 ) Mission 06: Hong Kong ( BOP06 ) Mission 07: Arctic Circle ( BOP07 ) Mission 08: 'Nam ( BOP08 ) Mission 09: Laos ( BOP09 ) Mission 10: Big Eye 6 ( BOP10 ) Mission 11: Yamantau ( BOP11 ) Mission 12: Laos Part 2 ( BOP12 ) Mission 13: Rebirth Island ( BOP13 ) Mission 14: The Rusalka ( BOP14 ) 5. Author Info / Copyright ***************************************************************************** * 1. A Brief Foreword * ***************************************************************************** The change of scenery and mix of things to shoot compliments the schizo of a story. The story was nice, a little far into left but does keep itself in check before going over the deep end. It's just good they didn't set it in Vietnam and make that the gimmick. Also, has deep ties to World at War, so feel free to revisit that game before or after - probably after if you're reading this. We're getting close to a change of gameplay or something really epic in the story. But of course the answer is to release more games that are very similar to the CoD style verbatim. TheGum. ***************************************************************************** * 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) * ***************************************************************************** XBox 360 -------- A - jump B - crouch; hold for prone X - use, reload Y - switch guns RB - throw lethal RT - fire weapon LB - throw tactical LT - aim RS - look; click for melee LS - move; click to sprint D-PAD - inventory and special items BACK - multiplayer score START - pause game ***************************************************************************** * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) * ***************************************************************************** #1. Reloading on the run is a nice option when you want to speed up a fight. #2. Finish off an enemy if you can, as they tend to either fire while wounded or drop a frag as they die. #3. Two ways to aim. Either look down the sights to aim or use the assist-aim. The assist aim brings your crosshair to the nearest enemy, and all you have to do is fire and you should at least graze him. But using the sights before you see enemies can allow you to better pick your targets. Either way works, and of course the correct answer is to use both. #4. Advance. Some parts require you to move up for your allies to move and/or to stop the flow of baddies. So the common practice is to stop, cover, shoot, kill a few, and move up when you have an opening. #5. Stick to a side of the battlefield, it's pretty much the tactic used in every fight. ***************************************************************************** * 4. The FAQ ( FAQ4444 ) * ***************************************************************************** Call of Duty: Black Ops Not Visible = hard to read. Get the right settings after, and you're asked about graphic content. If you played the last game, Modern Warfare 2, you could be looking at anything ranging from being tortured to killing innocent people to real war footage, so just say yes and continue. Just go with regular. And if you picked being tortured, you win! Your prize? More torture! *NOTE: Turn on subtitles from the pause menu. You can pause cutscenes.* =========== Bay of Pigs ( BOP01 ) =========== You have one target, so aim and shoot him. Now do your best not to hit your other two friends not named Woods, as they look alot like your enemies. Just go out into the streets and just follow, no real need to help shoot. Turning down the next street it picks up and you need to find cover and probably use your grenade function on cars, just careful with your allies around. The challenge is when enemies are around and your allies are like right next to them. When you move up toward the food cart two more cars will zoom by, so stay to the left on the sidewalk. Then just run up and into the alley on the left as a ton of cops show up and block your path - don't try to fight. Get in the car. Reverse, hold gas and kinda steer but not really, and scene. * *NOTE: As I can tell, using your slight auto-aim that happens when you hold aim and it kinda focuses on an enemy, that is the best thing to use for aiming.* Follow Woods down the zipline, and then melee the guy inside the house. Just follow Woods until you hit the stairs, then kill the four tangos, them Commies! Move up and at the next slope just peek around the corner and snipe what you can. Moving up, careful of the right side by the wall as enemies may be hiding. Up the steps, stay at the first window, to the very left and look through it as your team enters the room and you pick off the enemies at the hall. Now go up through the left corridor of rooms as Woods moves up the hallway. You can flank some enemies to the right in the hall, then a few in the next room. At the intersection, Woods will run up and into a room on the left, so just follow rather than fight all the enemies down this hallway. Clear your way up and take point at the door. You bust through in slo-mo so take out the three enemies. You do it again at the next door, but only shoot one round at the head of the dude. On the balcony you got a few enemies. *NOTE: Run, crouch, change weapons, it's all there.* Now you begin a slow chop through the upper level. Best to follow Woods until you hit the big square, then go left and around. Woods should already be down on the steps when you come around, so follow him down and out into the open. Pick up the RPG but don't lose your gun or swap it out. Save the RPG for the trucks that pull up. Until then, pop the dudes up high on the towers and anything you can shoot on the ground. Just listen for the chatter on the radio until you hear or see the backup arrive, then move down slowly and follow Woods into the field. Rappel down and just run to the plane at the other side of the airfield. Mow down what you see moving. Try to hit the barrels and parked gas trucks. After an engine is hit, be ready to run to the AA gun nearby. Then just fire in the general direction of the stuff ahead of you. ======= Vorkuta ( BOP02 ) ======= When you have rock, use rock. Up the tunnel you may run into a guard, so knife him and follow your friend all the way to the lift. PICK UP THE HANDGUN! You're basically doomed to fail if you don't. Wait on the side of the door for it to open, then run to the right with Raznov to behind the coal cart. Stay right behind it as you move and just watch the flanks. It's best to just free aim than look down the sights, but either way. *INTEL: At the mid-way point up the tower, at a comms console.* Just keep protecting your sides until you reach the end. After the tower blows up, rush up and head to the top. Nail all three targets, and they go like this: Left - close Middle - farther Right - little farther than middle Then head back down where you are armed with a shotgun. Blow the lock outside and either help or let you team do most of the work. Pick up the AK's and you will see a helicopter show up. So stick to walls and move up through the right-side path as most of the enemies should be looking down the left path, so flank them, but watch for enemies to your right. Move up and stick to the right side of the buildings until you have cleared some tangos and can see the doorway that is marked. Run for it, and then up the steps, grab the hook, and tag the chopper. * Enter the building and start the tedious clearing of narrow corridors. Very simple, peek around corners, stay behind cover, and run between cover. In most cases the game is just waiting for you to cross invisible checkpoints which let it know to advance your allies, so the quicker you move the more likely you are to speed up the enemy retreat. This first hall has two sliding things with two enemies behind them, and lots more at the sides. Clear what you can and move up to either flush out or get a sight on the guys behind the barrier. Doing so will bring up a few more guys at the back, so clear and advance. Up the stairs, just shoot a volley that way and then do a quick dash up to some cover in the hall, and by doing this you should see the alarm lights go off. Then you can just run around the corner and the door will start to fall. Slide under and when in control run into the room across from the door and press the button. You can just chill here for a while as your team moves up and clears most of the tangos. *INTEL: In the corner room, on a desk.* Go up and hit the enemies dead ahead, then get the ones to your right and if any rappel down. Cross over and into the next area where you must protect Rez from the dudes that blow through the door. These guys that move slow and in dark clothes are hard to kill, so headshots are even more important to hit. Then Rez will come back, but just peek around the corner and look up to the left to hit two guys on a roof, maybe another just outside the window, and then two more just around the corner heading back to the area you came from. Now you must protect Rez as he opens a big door. It starts easy with just weak enemies from the floor, but then the corner blows open and the heavy enemies will come out along with normal ones. You have some allies, but they won't keep everything at bay, you have to prioritize the enemies from the corner. When the door opens, run in and grab the machine gun. Careful of allies and there will probably be a ton of commies in the corner, so cut through it and watch your nine (that means your left). Stop at the window and mow down what you can see, but try to conserve ammo if you can; not counting every bullet, but don't hold the trigger. Hit up about three trucks, then go right and hop down onto the field of play. Bridge, catwalks, enemies up high further down the path, and of course all the chop on the ground. Cut through it all, but stick to the right for cover. When you see the end around the vehicles, run up and it should trigger the tear gas. * Get on and accelerate. Unlike the car from before, this time you are in full control. You can fire (probably your aim button) and just follow Rez to the left - use the markers if you somehow lose him. When you clear a truck, get close and you'll get on. With the turret just shoot what's moving, but don't waste time on the chopper. When you get the chance to jump, take it. ======== Baikonur ( BOP03 ) ======== Again, follow Woods. At the end of the "pipe" stand next to him so he hands you the binoculars. Follow him up to the pipe and crouch, then slink around, hop over the spot he does, and then melee your target up ahead. Follow all the way to the tall building. Your two buddies will lead the guards away, then get ready to enter hot. Just go through the door to close it and avoid the guys behind you, but you must quickly work to clear this tiny room. Using the spot between wall and electronic thing is a good hiding spot. *INTEL: Third floor, on the right side.* For the next two stairs, just barely peek over them and hit the enemies, or get them when they move to you. Climb the ladder and push over the guy ahead of your, then turn and take out either enemy at your side. Post up on the corner with crossbow in hand. Two vehicles, then your guys will move up. These bolts are pretty limited in radius, but they will get trucks. One more up ahead, then start aiming for single targets, and you can hold your breath as you aim. Then you'll switch out bolts for a hook, and aim it at the window and fire. Get ready and just aim at the guys on the right. * You're on the clock. Now hop over and stay with Woods as he goes right on the narrow path. Then start peppering the enemies to the left and climb up the ladder - not like a drunk, go straight up. Then use the vent thing and pick off commies until all is quiet. Move up and clear the open area, then cross over and go right. Stay atop the ramp and pick off enemies, then move up but by ready to pick off more as they move to the vent in the corner. Kinda move fast and clear the flat surface ahead. Turning the corner, pop the guys up higher and then toss frags and/or special grenades to the left. Clear a path and head to the wall and blast it when you can. Go in then come back out and wait for the box in front of the hole you blew to open. Pick up the homing rocket, fire, aim it, and let it rain. Now you have to escape. Crawl under the debris and make your way down the service tunnel. Follow Woods down and clear out the corner spot. Chop your way down the next few tunnels, with a room in between. Frags help, but peeking out a corner is always the way to go. After the tunnels you hit a comms room, so head right and hopefully you can pick off guys that move up. Crawl your way to the other side and look down the next tunnel. Clear a path down and through to the room on the right, a smaller comms room with some tangos. Clear it, then clear your way into the room at the corner, but this room is tricky as enemies can move all around you. Carefully move up the next tunnel, an enemy will follow a scientist on the left, and you'll see smoke up ahead. Toss a frag, move up, thee enemies will be in the smoke, hopefully you got them, and then move up to end mission. ======== Khe Sanh ( BOP04 ) ======== Drag him up and then follow Woods, again. You got Charlie on your left, so clear a few out and move with Woods. Up ahead you will circle and "island" and for most of this trench fight just know that usually anything on the left is bad, the guys on the right are allies. Not trying to understate the difficulty here, but see guys in white, shoot them. Look up and for a few in the trenches. Hold the crouch button to go prone under the tank and crawl. Keep following and head to the big defensive position. Grab the detonator on the sandbag and wait for him to tell you to pull it, and do so. Don't rush to the next one, there is plenty of Charlie in your way, so clear your path to the detonator, grab it, and hide up a bit among your bunkers to pull it. You can follow Woods to the far-side bunker and pick up the RPG, but don't spend it. Mow down some enemies and wait for the tanks to roll up, then switch and start blasting them. You can let them get up close, but you only have a few shots. There are more lying around, but just make each shot count. Mow down a bit more and follow Woods when he retreats to the other side of your fortification, but careful not to just drop down the hole. You'll live, but still. The China Lake grenade launcher is a pretty nice gun to swap out your RPG with. Up ahead, reload and get ready, but stand far behind Woods. When he goes down give him some time and then follow. You could go to the right, but it's almost a dead end. You need to work your way left. You can spend all night here fighting Charlie, probably rack up 10,000 kills and they would still be running up on ya. So doesn't matter if you stop to use the turrets, just make your way down. I say just shoot with your gun, but it's on you. If you need something, there is an M16 to the right in the first bunker. What you'll do is head down to the first stop, clear anything coming up on your left and then clear the right bunker. Then run down to the left bunker and mow down a few enemies. Watch Woods knock down the barrel, then go to where he is in the middle, find the second barral to the right, and kick it over to set the trench on fire and stop the endless flow. Head down either the trench or above it and clear the place of Charlie. Stop at the corner heading into the woods for Woods to catch up (lol). Some flak to the left but not much, you can just being your ascent up the hillside. Not much for cover, and your team will gladly walk past enemies and leave you to kill them, sooooo good luck with that. But do try to get up fast. Get to the top, take cover behind the barriers, and the scene should roll. Just aim and fire. * Follow up to the jeep and get in. Shoot what enemies you can, but some are allies. Drive around until the tanks show up. Get on the TOW missile and aim it close to the tanks and fire, then guide it the rest of the way. You do this a few times and that's that. And I've always wanted to use this Futurama line, "Your mistletoe is no match for my TOW missile!" ======== Hue City ( BOP05 ) ======== *NOTE: The Dragon's Breath shotgun does burn and it is surprisingly good at distance.* 3 guys in the hall, and up ahead you get an assist from a chopper. More in the burning room, but watch for the civilian that runs out first. Guys drop in to help in the burning hall, then blast your way to the other side. Through the door you can save a civilian, and up ahead you can shoot tangos through the windows, but not sure if you can save the people, but you can try, wouldn't hurt. Clear through, a few guys at the top of some stairs, and then fight it out with the guys down below. You can swap out to your rifle for distance. Approach the safe room, hit the guy through the door, and the next up in the hole in the ceiling. Through the door your guys should take out the two tangos, but there are more further up that can get you through the windows, so blast your way out and to the left where you can duck for cover on the balcony. From here you need to watch for the guys across the room, down below, and the ones up here, such as through the two doors nearby. Once clear, go down and through the next door you meet an old pal. *INTEL: Shortly after picking up Reznov, this intel is in a tiny room through the doorway on the right.* Follow the group all the way to the charred building where you can pick up a radio. Get it, aim for the left building, and set a target on it. Switch to your rifle and clear the guys across the road, then hop down and get next to the tank. Use your equipment (d-pad on consoles) and get your radio to tag the building at the end of the street. Stick to the right side building as the tank turns the corner and just wait for the enemy tank to arrive. Give it a little bit of time to rumble down the road, then tag it with the radio. Stay behind cover as air support clears it, then make your way to the enemy building on the left, clearing out the higher areas of course. Blast the dudes in this building and through the window, just watch for enemies hugging the walls nearby. From this building, look out to the northeast and tag the building that is hard to see, and it should have a marker on it too. Head up and when the gate is opened just dash to the other side where Woods will be opening a blocked door, so help out by mashing the button. Swap to your fire shotgun and move up. Three guys up top and more down the path. Hop over and take the right room for what I couldn't really make out, but I guess you fell. Move up, blast two Charlie, then three more. Go inside the room and plant the charge on the ceiling, then come out and detonate. At the LZ you are told to defend the position. Get on the turret on the sandbag and hit the guys to the east, shouldn't be too hard. Once they fall back, you need to fall back too. The second wave will be from the east and south (both sides) and a tank will come from the east. So fall back to the very corner in a charred building and just pop enemies you see to the south. You'll get air support, so tag the tank and get ready to make a dash for the dock behind you. Run and run some more to end the mission. ========= Hong Kong ( BOP06 ) ========= Hard to aim, but just try to get targets into the middle of your reticle. Clear this room, hop on the desk to your right, and climb up. Three more guys at the corner, including a guy with a shotgun. Then clear the next hall. At the stairs watch your right and get the guy through the window. On the roof, kill the two guys or don't, and watch for Clarke to jump. You need to get a running start and then jump; use the dash button that is. If you make it, go through the hole to grab what you want. I say get the sniper and the shotgun, but if you have any other preference feel free. The hallway is a series of alcoves and rooms. For the first one, run up to your right and hit the guy to the left through a barred door. Do this over and over, just be careful at the end of the second half of the hallway as two guys should run at you after they toss a flashbang. Past the room with the blarring TV, three guys will be on the balcony garden area. Through the doorway ahead hit the guy through the barred door. Now get out your sniper rifle if you brought it and use it to clear the opposite building. Now begins what should be a tedious clearing of a bunch of tangos all over the place. Hop down and clear the guys up ahead in the metal shack thing, and then take out the guys up high in a nearby building, guys in windows to the right, guys below this metal shack, guys on the sides, and there should be one guy on top of this shack too. But wait, there's more. Once you go down the steps, you are stuck in a doorway and must clear some snipers and others to get through. One option would be to slip through and hide to the left and hope they come to you, but as for the snipers there aren't a whole lot of options other than to out-duel them. Hop the pipes down and then blast the two goons up ahead after you hop down. Follow and you can wait for the conversation to end, then take the slide and be ready to do some blasting as the enemies pop up; if you need cover, just spray at them and slip to the left. If you look up you can see a bit of a scene play out. Next is a sorta speed-based bit. When he opens the little gate, just carefully hop your way down to the marker. Hop over and wait for the door to blast open to blast right back; should only need 3 good rounds. Move up and try to just tag the first two with two shots, reload now if you need, and up ahead there are two in the doorway and one up above. Head out, blast the guy in front, and then drop down. Two more enemies will pop up, and around the corner is a guy through a barred door. You can take a moment to rest, then pull out the sniper rifle and get ready to tag a few guys up ahead, including an RPG to the right. Move to the second safe area where you can load up, and now is the time to consider swapping out the rifle for the Drum Mag on the crate. Do so and defend the point for just a few waves of enemies, nothing major. Follow Clarke through and hop down, then do another sprint jump. After that, head left and clear the two guys below. Important, you need to be at full health when you make these drops or you will die. So just follow the hops down, kill the guys in your way, and you'll soon slide down a ramp. Hold the button to pick up the gun and trade fire when pinned down. Then move forward and you'll stand so you can get in the van. ============= Arctic Circle ( BOP07 ) ============= *NOTE: The guy Dimitri should ring a bell if you played World at War, because if you forgot, that was you. And I guess may as well remind you that Reznov was the main dude you followed in that game too.* Move up for the scene. After that, climb up and then descend down the hill, helping any of your comrades fend off the Nazis in white. Head straight down, and approaching the bunker be sure to clear the windows. Around the corner, heading toward the marker, some burning Nazis and then move forward to the next area. *NOTE: You may notice this Petrenko guy running around like a hero. Well, because that was you once, lol.* Kinda sad that they are trying to surrender, but oh well, take them out and move left to the hangar. Clear your path so you can move to the left, behind a truck, and then into the next hangar. Move through it and shoot the Nazis through the doorway. Through the hangar, post up a small barrier and then toss a frag or two through the opening to the next building. Cautiously enter as there could be a guy just inside the building and there will be more further in. At the steps, use the bottom of the desks to shoot the others, then blast your way into the back room. *INTEL: In the corner of this back room.* Now head back out and you are given mortar control. You send mortars by tossing your alternate grenade. So face the danger alley and run to the right side building. Clear any enemies nearby and through the doorway toss a mortar to the building ahead of you. Run in, clear it, and go up to toss a mortar at the bridge and/or other building connected to the bridge. Then get on the ground and either mortar or frag the Nazis in front of the hangar, approach and clear the ones inside, and get in. *INTEL: Inside this hangar.* Head through and you start a slow grind up to the final building. Stick to the left the whole way, and other than clearing out a building you can take it pretty easy on the left side. At the choke point, just clear the ground and advance to the doorway in the corner. Clear inside of it, clear the guys up on the second level, and make your way to the objective. * Just follow, not much more than that. I'll leave the spookiness to you. After seeing some gruesome stuff, make your break out to pick up a gun, to the left, and then take out the Russians and Brits. Clear the narrow hall and then chuck a frag or two further up so you can advance into the open area. Clear the ground and go right to plant the bomb. You're on the clock now. Turn and shoot the beam to make a path. Head up and through and there are Brits as you see daylight. Kill them, but from here on out we are just in running mode. Don't stop to fight, just keep bolting and hit what you can that is in your way. You will be running pretty much straight, and clear anything that is not in dark clothes. If the area just above the steps are clear, run up, tight turn right, and hit the rope to end the mission. ==== 'Nam ( BOP08 ) ==== When you can, shoot back. When you have to, mash the button. Swim up to the boat to get on and take a gun, then use it to shoot anyone on a boat. Once finished, swin to the opposite bank where your guys are fighting Charlie down the creek. Help them fight up and eventually the fight is over. *NOTE: I believe there is a blur effect on the sides of the screen when you are running low on breath, so just keep that in mind.* Follow Woods as you swim upstream. At the open water, stay underneath and swim to the boat and press melee as soon as you are prompted to. After the meeting, swim to place the charge, then hop up with Woods. Hop over the window and melee your guy on the right. Crouch and move up to the next guy and take him out. Drop down and place the charge nearby, then swim to the other side and get up. Follow to the stopping point and detonate when ready. Unload on the left side guys as you move up. At the heart of the village, break to the right, but be careful as there will be Charlie waiting, and some that come on boats in the river. Clear it all, follow the right side path, and finish up whoever is in the village. Then swing back around to the river where a huge boat has arrived. Pick up the rocket launcher and use it up on the big boat and anyone else you see, but get your Commando gun back. After your choppers arrive, wait for them to clear to hit the guys up on a roof to the right. Then clear a path up to a doorway. Stay inside as an MG nest will pop up, so just aim at the tippy top of it to kill the gunner. Clear it up, move up, kill the guy inside the building, and mop it all up as you approach the rat hole. * Enter and follow. Don't shoot the first guy you see, but do shoot the guy that jumps out next. Move up and kill three enemies at the next room and you'll get a new pal. Move the barrier and go through. He will handle the first enemy, but you have the next three that pop out up ahead, and just keep moving straight ahead until you hit the tunnel that moves left, and from here you can pretty much expect an enemy every 5 feet or so, and then you'll hit the end. Open it up, look around, open up the next path, and then just press forward. With rock in hand, dig. ==== Laos ( BOP09 ) ==== Move up to the boat and get in. You're the gunner, driver, and in charge of refreshments. Head out and you'll notice that even while aiming your boat will turn with you, so keep that in mind. Move up and the first buildings you see will be Charlie's so blast away. Your missiles reload when spent up, so no worries there. At the open lake, just use your machine gun on the rocket trucks and it should be easy enough to get all 3. Head for the gate and get ready for a long ride. And all you really need to do is pop towers, enemy buildings, and the odd truck on the side. Not much happing until after you cross under an indestructible bridge, then you'll have a truck on the right, towers in the distance, and two inbound boats. Take it all out before you rush in, and then you have two more towers up ahead. When you approach the open area, you have a massive, mean boat that appears, so you can try to use the buildings as cover, but just unload all you got into it and hope you kill it fast. * *INTEL: Just on the ground after you hop off the boat.* Move up to land and get out. Just up ahead you'll get a quick ambush, so be ready to kill three VC. Then it's just a slow grind up the stream. Charlie from all over up ahead, and when you start moving up the stream, not far you'll see a thick tree up ahead and your guys should yell sniper. He's at the very top of this tree, hard to see, but just shoot up there to get him. Move past the bend and enemy choppers will appear. Another sniper in a tree, and just clear everything down below among the ruins. Clear it out and hop down, then go up the slope and get the sniper to the right. At the top you got a few enemies, but some that may be farther to the right and harder to see, but your team should get them. You'll know it's safe when the music dies. Approach the wing and crouch, then slowly move up and be careful not to go too fast at the top. Once something explodes, you're all clear. *INTEL: After you cross over, it's right on the ground if you hop down a step.* Grab either this or the other China Lake and use it on the ants below. Soon two boats will appear on the right, so take them out. Once the choppers swoop in, it's game over. ========= Big Eye 6 ( BOP10 ) ========= Boost and lift off. Scroll around and send your team east, and they will get in the building shortly. * Enemies pour in from the right, middle window, and left door. Just don't hit your friend in the crosshairs. * Just north of the building there are two enemies, so scroll over them and press the move button when the reticle is red so your team will kill them. Then move them to the marker nearby. The next marker is just SE, but order your team to the trees and have them dig in (melee button for some) which I guess makes them go stealth. After the patrol passes, just order your team to the target building. * *INTEL: After the fight, grab this on the desk just below where you entered.* Your guys are in white, remember that. Just take cover where you are and dispatch anything not in white. Enemies are sneaky to hide to the right, and be careful of the ones further down, but from this spot you can get them. Plant the charge, stand back a bit, and detonate. Maybe approach the door to exit. * Just order your team up twice. ======== Yamantau ( BOP11 ) ======== Move up when told, and not long the door will open and you need to go prone, which is to hold the crouch button, and don't move. Follow to the rappel points and hook up. The key to this is to press the rappel button, let go, and after a second you need to brake. Do this to safely get down. At the next point you'll be rappeling into a window, and you need to target the guys further back, not the guy you're kicking in the face. Now move up and you'll have two tangos on the left, so pick one and Weaver gets the other. Switch to your crossbow and move up. You have two on the right, two inside the left building, and one patrolling on the left. Bolt each one and move up. Two in front for the comms building, and your pal takes out the one you don't. Then move right for a guy on top of the garage, a guy on the vehicle, and one more inside the garage. One more guy as you take the steps on the right of the garage. *INTEL: In the second closet at the comms room.* Shoot the hinges of the door and go through to the next door. You bust in hot, so mow down anything below. Cross over to the other side where two more enemies will be in a closet, then go down the steps to trigger the enemies to appear, but you can always come back up for the high ground. Long wave of enemies will pour in from the top and bottom, so just take them out as best you can. When clear, go disable the dish. Follow the path down and after the scene do a running leap over the gap and hold sprint as you follow Weaver. At the marker, just keep going. Shoot the chute when you can. * Move up and start shooting dudes before they notice you. Take cover at the big cement block in front of you and clear to the right side first, then middle, and if Weaver didn't already you can mop up the left side. Move up to finish off whoever is left, then run up to the marked door down the road. Toss a frag deep inside and move up slowly as you clear. Then make your way into the big hangar. After the bit is over, go out and to the right. Hug the fence as you move up and your guys should get the left side. Approach the opening and toss frags and peek around to take everything out, most important is the turret gunner. Clear the area and get on the turret. Now just mow down anything that moves and you'll be off. =========== Laos Part 2 ( BOP12 ) =========== Shoot the two VC in front of you. Move up and it's basically just a big clear for a long while. Nothing you haven't seen before. Just take your time, no big rush. At the second big room, guys will drop from a hole up to the right, so you could focus on them. And after that just run up on the guy and shoot. *INTEL: At the camp, to the far right on a table.* Coming out, don't target the patrolling dude - I shot him and he was frozen... so target someone else. Clear the area and get to the chopper! You don't have to worry about elevation, you just need to move, strafe, and fire. Not much to do until you hit the open spot with enemy boats and buildings. You want to clear those out, and then an enemy chopper appears. To down a chopper you want to always be strafing to the side, squeezing the machine gun fire on them, and you want to fire your rockets in volleys. One rocket at a time is bound to fail unless you have ungodly accuracy and know where the chopper will be. So get a bunch of rockets loaded up and fire them all to the spot where you think that helicopter will be in 2 seconds or so. Once down, move directly over the river and approach the enemy cave and blast it. At the village, target all the towers, trucks, anything marked, and what enemies you can see. Again, always stay strafing to the side. Move up the river some more until you are hit by two choppers. As is the standard practice when given two targets, focus on one. Burn down one and then the other. Same tactic of rockets in volleys and you'll be good. * Head up to the next marker and you'll land... eventually. Grab the big gun and whatever else you think may help. Move up and he will get things started. Just move up the path. I found it best to just look down the sights the whole way. When approaching the base, lob in a bunch of frags and try to move in to get Woods to move up. Clear it up and then go to the marker. He mentions a flame- thrower, but whatever you think is best - I prefer the big gun myself. Move up to the next area and it's just a slow war of attrition. You need to clear what you can to the left and then lob frags to cover your approach up the right side. The stream of enemies should stop eventually, then move to the stairs, but watch for the guys inside and any that may be following you. Then just go to the door to hit your target. ============== Rebirth Island ( BOP13 ) ============== Move up to the wall Rez is next to and wait for the door to be open-able. Then sneak behind the dude and melee. Now just follow his lead all the way to the next commie to kill. Then to the hiding spot, then to the ladder. Be ready to melee when going up. Up another ladder, hop on a pipe to hop up, and through the door. Follow the path down and when the hatch opens, pop both dudes. Hop down and start clearing a path. You want to go left and stick to that side as you move up. Just move up and through the lab area, watch the left doorway, and when you make your break for the exit just watch your back for trailing tangos. In the next area, again, follow the left wall and clear anything up, down, and all around. When you clear the thing in the middle, watch for enemies above. Other than that, just break for the door and through to the objective. * You got two RPG's on the roof, then hit both cars and mop it up. More around the next corner and then you hit a big area with a chopper, so take it out and then target vehicles. A key here is to not sweat all the infantry, just get what you can and take out big groups. When you round a curve and look down a long road, hit the guys on the ground, the incoming truck, and anything else, just make sure you take out the RPG on the ground. * *NOTE: Remember, you can hold your breath to steady your aim.* Now begins the hardest part of the game by far. Run to the right and hide behind the wall. What you are going to do is sweep from the left side of the field to the right, very cautiously as each hit will damage your suit, and if you take just a small amount of damage you will die. So feel free to sit back, cheese it, let your allies do most of the work, and the moment you feel an enemy looking at you, duck. When it's clear, move up to the stairs and go to the top to see if there are more enemies incoming. Move up a little as some enemies may pop up to the right, make sure they are clear and move up to the left. Post up at the house and then slide into the doorway. Down the alley, just let your team go out and do most of the work, again. If anything, just aim high, but don't run out just yet. If you do come out, run left and hide behind the building as more guys should come out from the corner left. Peek to clear and move up. Head through the building and try to quickly hit the guy incoming through the door and the guy outside and across the way a bit. Then use the window on the right to snipe dudes farthest away, then work your way down. Enter the other building, careful for an enemy, and move out. Clear the enemies outside and you'll have two choppers. Grab the missile launcher. To use it, focus on a chopper for a few seconds, maybe you will hear the click, and fire for the missile to seek it out. Repeat for the other one. Follow the path to leave the poison, and start clearing out the bottom of the slope. Guys all over, and clear out the shack to post up at the wall, but not go inside. Move left and up to the wall, and from here you can wait for two guys up on the right side roof. Stick to the left wall and move up to approach the entrance on the right. Use the windows to clear your way in. Toss a frag or two down the left hall and when you go down be ready for incoming. Enter the decom room when open, then four guys as you descend. * Feel free to swap your missile launcher for a shotgun and head down. You'll pass through some familiar-looking ground, and should be just one guy to chase down and kill. Then you'll see a group of guys running by, so let them go. Follow them and then start picking them off in the big room. Just four or so enemies to kill, then follow to the door and open. =========== The Rusalka ( BOP14 ) =========== You'll get control soon, so just hit targets with rockets, and usually it's just a little below the markers. Sweep to the back and then back around, hitting whatever you can. As you protect the team on the ship, you'll get to the end and no more markers. At this time back up and fly away as an enemy chopper will appear. It just takes good aiming/luck with the rockets because those are what will get it down, so happing aiming - aim ahead of where you think it will be, but not too far, and if you can get it when it's still then fire away. Crash land in the general direction of the helipad. * Nothing fancy here, just bring up the rear of your team and hit what you can. In the middle you will have a TOW missile to pick up, and use it on the two choppers above - aim almost directly at them. Then just grind your way to the end. Head down and get the three in the locker room. And three more down at the bottom. Make your way out and start hitting guys all over. Head up through the little shack thing and clear it. From here you can mount your assault on the guys coming out of the corner doorway. Lob some frags at them, and when going down just be careful not to hit friendlies to the right. * Swim down and hopefully you don't hit the invisible wall glitch; if you do just save and quit and reload. The Famas is a beast as the assist-aim, so keep it. Simple cover and clear, nothing fancy. Do it for a while and move up, then to the right side cover and clear the guys you can see above and then in the corner. Head through and be ready for one up the stairs. Two more at the top, then more around the corner through the doorway, and they may come at you, but you might be able to rush in to trigger the surge. Rush in or play it safe, go in to trigger the water. Swim up and hop out. Two guys in the hall, and two more at the end. Climb the ladder, watch for the one nearby guy to jump out at you, and there are more at the end. Toss a frag into the room and then peek and pop to clear it out. Move up to the left and wait for enemies to pop out through the right doorway, or toss a frag at them. Cautiously move up the stairs for two guys at the top. Probably running low on ammo, so feel free to grab the drum mag or whatever. More guys to clear up here, so just take it slowly, they are a bit tough, and then approach the console. Be ready to grab shortly, and then do the choke (which I guess is clicking both sticks at the same time for some consoles). Follow for end. * Stick around for the ends, nice credit music, and then the epic last level. No, this is a real last level, no jokes. ***************************************************************************** * 5. 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