Medal of Honor FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0 Invisible Assassin GS01 General Strategies PR00 Prologue PR01 First In PR02 Breaking Bagram DO00 Day 1 DO01 Running with Wolves... DO02 Dorothy's a Bitch DO03 Belly of the Beast DO04 Gunfighters DO05 Friends From Afar DO06 Compromised DT00 Day 2 DT01 Neptune's Net DT02 Rescue the Rescuers LE01 Legal ---------------------------------------- GS01 General Strategies ---------------------------------------- -You are usually given the best guns at the start of every mission. If you need more ammo, simply press Use on your teammates. They have an unlimited supply. -Take cover often and pick off enemies one by one. There are no respawn points. -Always take out the RPG guys ASAP. -Use the slide often. Sprint and then crouch. It will get you from cover to cover very quickly. -Melee is one-hit kill. There will be times when you come up on an enemy around the corner. Use melee instead of your bullets. -Always follow your teammates. They always know where to go and will always clear out enemies effectively if you somehow run ahead. You often have to wait for them to clear an obstacle before you're allowed to as well. -If you can't find where to go, look for the HUD icon. You may have to reload the checkpoint to get it to appear sometimes. -Your night vision is always handy, even if you can see just fine. -During the sniping portions, the alternate view modes are a godsend. ---------------------------- PR00 Prologue ---------------------------- PR01 First in -------------- Once you get out of the truck move through the doorway. Go down the street and take out the enemies that pop up. When the Voodoo notifies you of enemies at 12 o'clock make sure to get the RPG guy. Wait for Voodoo to open the door and then follow him through the building. When you're outside clear the courtyard. Half the enemies will be on the second-floor balconies. You will have to kick in the door to proceed. Kill the enemy inside and then melee the fuse box. Use night vision and follow Voodoo through the building. The enemies we blind so that they will be easy to take out. Use your shotgun to make it even easier. Had to the second-floor and and break open the next door. Clear the enemies and the room and head out to the balcony. Kill the enemy in the room on the left and then wait for Voodoo to open the door. Go up the stairs and kill the enemies on the rooftops. Once that's done follow your squad until they get pinned down by machine gun. Crouch and move up with Voodoo until you're behind the machine gun. Kill all the enemies ahead and walk onto the roof. You will go through a scripted sequence where Voodoo takes out the machine gunner. Follow Voodoo outside and take out a couple of enemies waiting for you. Follow due to the rooftops and when he climbs up you will get a prompt for a buddy boost. Once you're up follow your squad. In the courtyard there'll be many enemies. Pick them off and move up cover to cover. When your squad opens the gate follow them up to the main door of the house. Kill the enemy who opens the door and then follow your squad inside. When they form up on a door a scripted sequence will happen. Follow them through the red door behind you and through the streets. Once you go over the ramp you'll see enemies running across the rooftops. Start taking them off and you'll encounter a large area with an even larger gunfight. You can choose to the left or right but it's pretty much the same area just pick off all the enemies. Once clear fall your squad to the next area. When the missile blows open the gate run through and stay left behind cover. Move up along the left to avoid the machine gun and pick off any enemies you see. When you get far up the you'll see a door on your left. Go through it with Mother and pick off any enemies. At the end of the cave swap your shotgun for the Dragonuv. Clear the rooftops and then head left and use the Dragonuv to pick off any enemies in the other building and courtyard. Follow Mother down and then head into the hangar. Wait for your team to open the door and go down the pathway taking out any enemies in your way. You get the choice to kick in one of two doors, I suggest the one on the left as you get a better vantage point from there. Follow your squad to the next door and kick it down. It will be slow mo now so make sure you get the guy holding the hostage. Your team will do the rest. Get in the truck with them. PR02 Breaking Bagram --------------------- You will be riding in a truck with a light machine gun so pick off any enemies you come across. Shoot out the windshield so at least you can see. When the other pickup trucks come to get you shoot out the gunners and the driver. When you're up in the big machine gun just start blasting everything that shoots back at you. Blow up the big red tanks to make it easier. When you're out of the truck clear the entities in the destroyed buildings and move up. There'll be a lot of hiding spots and cover spots so move up slowly. Once enemies are clear follow your squad up the stairs and in through the door. Now you'll have to mark the gate for an airstrike. Just hold the fire button and enjoy. Then mark the vehicle. After that, drop down and take out the other enemies and then head upstairs. Under the next courtyard and take out the dozen or so. Watch out for the RPG on the roof. Go up onto the roof where the RPG was and snipe the two mortar crews on the other side of the fence. Once they are done your team will open the fence. Go through and had left through the airplane wreckage. Kill the enemies along the path until you reach the hangar. Follow your team inside and clear the enemies on the catwalks. A truck will drive in so take out the gunner. Once all the enemies are clear, follow your team onto the second-floor and through the red door. When you're outside go through the area on your immediate right and flank the enemies in the main courtyard. Once they are done go into the next hangar and clear the enemies inside. When you're back outside take out your M14 and snipe the enemies on the tower around the corner. Go to the second floor on the building on your right and then pick off the enemies that appear. Fully team down and through the door. Kill the enemies inside and grenade the machine gunner. Follow your team through the red door and then to the second-floor. Kill all the enemies up here and kick open the door and get the enemies inside. Follow your team and then head up the stairs. Now you'll have to mark targets for air strikes. You get a few different kinds including a manually guided one so there's nothing too difficult. -------------------------- DO00 Day 1 -------------------------- DO01 Running with Wolves... --------------------------- For the first part of the mission just follow Dusty on your ATV. Turn off your lights when he asks you to. You don't really need the headlights anyways. When you're off the ATV follow Dusty up the hill. Across the river you will see a light where enemy comes out. Snipe them and then follow Dusty inside. Follow him through the buildings and when he asks you to choose a guard, fire at any one and he will take care of the other. When he stops at the double gate go into the hut on his left and snipe out the guard in the tower. Take out the next marked target and then kill all the enemies in the compound. Dusty will open the double gate for you so follow him out and meet up with your squad. Follow Dusty back to the ATVs. Follow him through the next section. You get to snipe at this next point with the big gun. Remember to hold your breath and use the alternate viewing mode to make it easier. Remember you can shoot through fences with this gun. Follow Dusty again. In this next area follow Dusty and do not engage any enemies unless he tells you to. This is really one big following section where you follow Dusty's through the village and take out any enemies he tells you to. Just do as he says and you will pass this next section easily. The only slightly tricky part is in the second stealth section when you're by yourself. You don't need to crouch or anything but just move on the enemies have their backs turned. Once Dusty opens the door you will have to go loud. Kill the enemies in this area and fight with Dusty out of the village. Once you're back out to the ATVs follow Dusty to the end of the mission. DO02 Dorothy's a Bitch ---------------------- follow your team up the mountain until you come across the enemies. Take out one and your team will take up the rest quietly. Get behind cover until the guys on the cliff move away then follow your team. When you come across a campfire with all the enemies around it just easier grenade to take out most of them. There's no stealth for the rest of the mission so there's no point trying to keep it now. Fall your team to the next area and then take it all the enemies here. There'll be about two dozen so take cover. When you're done blow up the gun and then follow your team up the cliff. Follow your team to the next area and then mark the trucks when they stop. Wait for all three of them to stop before you make the mark. When that's over plan up the mountain on your right and kill the enemies in the ruins. When they are through follow your team up the ramp. Go through the fiery ruins and up the mountain into the hut. Go past and into the cave. As you round the large rock there'll be an enemy on the ground. After you're through the caves follow Voodoo up the ledge and then start firing down at the camp. Follow your team to the next area. The game will briefly show you all the targets you need to take care of. Remember as many as you can and then start marking. After that whenever you see enemy fire just mark that area. Then follow Voodoo up the mountain and through the cave. Once you're out of the cave go immediately to the left and up the mountain. Go into the shelter along the path and grab the RPG then shoot at the crates on the other side of the mountain. DO03 Belly of the Beast ----------------------- Follow your team through the path and pick up all the enemies along the way. It's a long winding path with quite a few enemies but nothing too difficult or too tricky. When you're in the village pull out your shotgun. It will make things much easier here. Clear the enemies as you move through the village. When the village's clear follow your team out and to the anti-aircraft gun. Cover them with your machine gun and then pull back to the wall once it's marked. After the gun is destroyed fight your way to the next area. When you get through the scripted sequence you'll have to hold out for as long as possible. Hide in the hut when Patterson tells you to and pick up any enemies you you see as fast as you can. Eventually the mission will end. DO04 Gunfighters ---------------- Now you're in a helicopter. Your first targets will be some mortar positions. You will have to use your Hellfire missiles. On the PC version this means holding 4 for some reason instead of the right mouse button. After this you will come across a village with trucks heading to it. These machine gun's on the trucks as they cross the bridge and on any infantry you see. Target the RPG's around the village as a priority before taking any of the small arms gunners. When you see RPG is being fired from inside a building use your Hellfires to destroy it. The matter what you do your partner helicopter will be disabled for the next area. In the next area she will mark the targets for you so use your guided Hellfires on them while using your machine guns and regular Hellfires against all other enemies. The last area is pretty much the same thing but you have to have faster reflexes. DO05 Friends From Afar ---------------------- This starts as a sniping mission. Use your thermal vision it will make everything so much easier. Find your teammates directly in front of you and then scan up. At about one o'clock you'll find a camp of three people. Snipe them out and then zoom out to spot another one of few meters to the right. Take him out as well. Almost directly left and up a little bit is another camp. Snipe at the guy on the right first and take other three guys by the fire. Northeast from these last guys is another camp. They got the guys at the mortar first and then the sniper on their left. Now enemies will come on your position. But for your trip wires to go off and start blasting at the enemies. Follow Dusty higher up the mountain and then pick off the remaining guys. Once that's done follow Dusty through the mountain path And onto the high ground where he plans to ambush the enemies. Once they're all gathered up toss down a grenade and then finish off the rest . Follow Dusty until you are at a new sniping position. Switch to thermals and snipe any enemies you see until the mission ends. DO06 Compromised ---------------- this mission is tense but really straightforward. What you'll be doing is shooting every enemy until you are told to fall back. When that happens run back to the next cover and start defending the position. Eventually you will fight through a village and onto a tailgun. Shoot any enemies you see and try to cover the rest of your team. -------------------------- DT00 Day 2 -------------------------- DT01 Neptune's Net ------------------ now for the first time in the game you are alone. Go along the path and then thrown through the hole on your left at the end of the path. Kill the guard farther up the path and then shoot the two by the edge of the cliff. Go along the ledge to the left of the cliff and then go up the hill on the left to avoid the patrol. Once they pass by run to where they came from and slide down the hill. Mother will take out the other enemies and then you can regroup with him. Incidentally, when you're up the hill you can actually run on the rocks above the patrol. Follow Mother up the hill and you'll come across a camp. Mother will run left but go right instead. Kill the guy up here and then the one to the right of the bridge. Next kill the one on the bridge. By now one guy will be coming up behind you. Get him and then get the tree by the campfire. Mother will have taken care of one guy the last guy is where the path split off between you and Mother. Kill him and then follow Mother under the bridge. Follow Mother to the next area and wait underneath the bridge. Follow Mother until you have to split up with him. Along the path and wait until the enemies finish crossing the bridge. Two guys will split off so kill the one of the bridge and Mother will take off the other. You have to do this again right after. And then again but this time with three guys. Kill the guy on the cliff above you and then kill one of the two on the ground. Mother will go up the mountain but you go through the cave directly in front instead. Once you're through cover is blown. Run for cover when Mother starts firing and pick off the bad guys. Go up the mountain where the initial group first came from and then killed the enemies that set off flares. There's a Dragonuv on the crates behind you that will make this easier but it only has 10 rounds to make the most of it. Once that's over, follow Mother into a hut where you find evidence of your team. Go into the back once the enemies appear and prone. After the scripted sequence you'll be dragged by Mother to safety while armed with a pistol. Shoot the enemies that appear on told the next scripted sequence ends the mission. DT02 Rescue the Rescuers ------------------------ As soon as the video is over use the machine gun to take out the RPG guys first and then the infantry. Once you get out of the plane fight your way up the mountain. You'll come across a few machine gun nests where you'll have to mark them for a bombing run. Get into position and then mark them. Do this a few times and you'll come across a cave. Fight your way through with Patterson as the enemy retreats. Then you get to the room where the enemy lights up flares. Stay behind the stone column and pick off enemies until you see them all start to retreat. Fight through the caves with Patterson and you'll meet the rest of Neptune. Pick up the Dragonuv outside in exchange for your shotgun and grab the ammo from the second Dragonuv then follow your team down the mountain. Clear the enemy in the next camp there are quite a few areas to this camp but a lot of cover. Once you're through with the four areas boost up to the next area and then follow your team. You'll come across machine gun nest with a few RPG guys. Take care of the RPG guys as they appear and move up slowly you can even start of the machine gun or for a few seconds of clear movements. Eventually when you move far enough, an airstrike called on the machine gun nest. Run through the cave behind the machine gun nest and break open the door at the end. Congrats! You just be the game. ------------------------- LE01 Legal ------------------------- This guide is Copyright (2010) to Invisible Assassin You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not like it to be passed off as somebody else's.</p>