SHAO LIN FAQ VERSION 1.0 Last updated 01/24/00 Author: Rook ( >CONTENTS< 1. Introduction 2. Version History 3. Controls 4. Move List 5. Secrets(?) ====================================================== ====================================================== 1. INTRODUCTION: >Shao Lin is a nice game. It doesnt look as great as Tekken, nor does it have specials of Street Fighter, but it does add a few new elements in fighting games. Like fighting against "8" (including yourself) in a free-for-all, or the rpg elements of the story mode. One thing which was really missing is a move list in the pause menu (which is now a staple in all fighting games). This faq is for those who have the game and want to quick check the moves before fighting. ====================================================== ====================================================== 2. VERSION HISTORY >0.7 - Just started the faq, most of the moves. 0121 >1.0 - Finished the movelist, added the secret characters, and the secret mode. 0124 ====================================================== ====================================================== 3. CONTROLS >BUTTONS: R1 - R1 Button (Jump) R2 - R2 Button (Low Attacks) L1 - L1 Button (Change Target) L2 - L2 Button (Charge/Change Stance) P - X Button (Punch) K - O Button (Kick) G - [] Button (Guard) T - Triangle Button (Multiple Attacks) >DIRECTION: U - Up D - Down L - Left R - Right >SYMBOLS: + - Press button with , - Immediately after ; - or ====================================================== ====================================================== 4. MOVELIST >All the moves were copied from the game, I havent used all of them yet, so I cant guarantee that all of it works. Ill correct them as soon as I finish the whole game. >Finished the game, but Hung Gar is still incomplete (see below). ********* *Shaolin* ********* Won Fei Hung Stance = L2(Charge) Long Fist Side Punch = P Double Kick = K Rolling Spin Kick = L+K Iron Broom Sweep = R2+K Sidestep = Directional+G Sidestep Palm = Sidestep+P Punching Lunge Palm Combo = P,P,P Iron Broom Combo = L+K , L+R2+K , L+K Wu Shu Flip = L,R+K , L,R+K , R+K Elbow Open Punch Combo = P, D+P , p,p,p,p Continuous Spin Kick Combo = K,K,K, R2+K Double Kick Combo = U+K , L+P Rolling Throw Attack = P+G(Forward) Throw = P+G(Right) ; P+G(Left) Spining Crescent Kick = T+L ; T+U ; T+D No-Shadow Kick = (Qi Stance) R,L, R+K ************** *Jeet Kune Do* ************** Boxing Shuffle = L2 Fist of Fury = P 1 Inch Punch = L+P Wing Arm Strike = R, R+P Dragon Side Kick = R+K Front Kick = U+K Sidestep = Directional+G Side Strike = P+Sidestep 1-2 Uppercut = P,P,P 1-2 Side Kick = P,P, R+K Dragon Tail Combo = P,P, L+R2+K Triple Dragon = D+K, K,K Double Low Blow = (Qi Stance) R2+P, R2+P Dragon Smash = P, L+K , R+P Feint Kick Combo = P,P, R2+K, K Dragons Edge = R+P, P,P,K Savante Kick = R2+K, R2+K, K Knee Kick Foot Stomp = P+G(Forward) Side Elbow = P+G(Right) Face Kick Shoulder Lock = P+G(Left) Counter Death Lock = R+P+G Back Reverse Foot Kick = T+L Heel Spin Kick = T+D Reverse Foot Kick = T+U Muay Thai Kick Combo = (Qi Stance) L+K, K,K,K,K **************** *T'ai Chi Chuan* **************** Low Single Whip Stance = (Charge) L2 Rising Heaven = U+P Rising Heel Kick = R, R+K Sidestep = Directional+G Sidestep Shoulder = Sidestep+P Palm Shoulder Push Combo = P,P,P, R+P Chi Push Combo = R2+P, P,P,P Side Axe Kick Combo = P,P, R+K, K Snapping Whip Combo = D+K, K Rising to Heaven Combo = D+P, U+P, P Rising Heel Combo = D+P, U+P, R+K Relentless Punch Roll = P+G(Forward) Throw = P+G(Right) ; P+G(Left) Reverse Whip Kick = T+L ; T+U ; T+D Grand Ultimate Combo = R+P+G, P+G, P+G ************************ *Eight Extremities Fist* ************************ Low Inward Stance = L2 Punch = P Rushing Charge Punch = R+P Twisting Shoulder Strike = L+P Low Reverse Punch = D+P Sidestep = Directional+G Sidestep Open Gate = P(R) ; P(L) Rapid Punch Combo = R+P, P,P Pressing Charge Combo = R+P, P, R+P, P Raking Press Combo = U+P, P,P Raking Reverse Body Combo = U+P, U+P, P Double Forward Kick Combo = L, L+K, K Stomping Punch Combo = D+P, P,P Raking Body Press Combo = D+P, D+P, P Overhand Lifting Combo = L+P, P,P Overhand Reverse Combo = L+P, P, L+P Kicking Rake Combo = L+K, P,P,P Kicking Open Gate Combo = L+K, P, L+P, P Open Arm Break = P+G(Front, right, and Left) Dan Tien Strike = R+P+G ; L+P+G ; D+P+G Single Palm Strike = T+L ; T+D ; T+U Wrist Strike Combo = R2+K, P,P,P, R+P Wrist Strike Combo ver.2 = R2+K, P,P,P,P ********** *Hung Gar* ********** NOTE: Hung Gar is totally different from the rest of the schools. Instead of having just one Qi Stance, you have four stances. The style also has the conventions of throws, multiple attacks, and sidesteps but it isnt listed on the movelist. Not only that, there seems to be some mix-ups about the attacks and the stances. I'll put up the corrections, after I go check them out. Dragon Stance = L2(+R2) Arhat Punch Combo = P Rising Black Dragon Claw = R+P Tilted Dragon Kick = K Tiger Stance = L2(+R) Arhat Punch Combo = P,P Jabbing Tiger Strike = P Butterfly Palm = R+P Crane Stance = L2(+L) Jabbing Tiger Strike Combo = P,P,P Spinning Crane Combo = R+K Relentless Crane Combo = P, R2+K Snake Stance = L2(+U) Crane Pecking Temple = R+P Snake Rising Strike = P Snake Coil and Lunge = R, R+P Snake Spin and Sweep = R+P, K Leopard Stance = L2(+R) Snake Rising Strike = P,P Leopard Swings Tail = P,P Leopard Lunge Strike = L+P Sidestep = Directional+G Overhand Swing Combo = R+P, P,P,P,P Lunging Long Fist Combo = L+P, P,P Bow Stance Combo = U+P, P Throw(?) = P+G ???? = T+U ; T+L ; T+D Fire Arrow Combo = R,L, R+P, P,P **************** *Drunken Boxing* **************** Scrubbing the Back = L2 Monkey Steals Peaches = P Drunkard Flirts = L+K Hanstand Kicks = K,K,K Low Sweep = R2+K, K,K,K,K Deceitful Drunk = L, L+K Sidestep = Directional+G Sidestep Back Press = Sidestep+P Leaning Kick Combo = K,K,K Somersault Strike Combo = R2+K, R2+K, K Drunken Stumble Combo = R+P, P,P,P Overhand Swing Combo = R, L+P, P Rinsing the Laundry = P+G(Forward) Sliding Scissor Throw = P+G(Left) ; P+G(Right) Drunk Evasion = R+P+G Drunkard Toast = T+L ; T+U ; T+D Mighty Drunkard Combo = L+P, P,P,K,P ====================================================== ====================================================== 5. Secrets >Characters unlocked = Forgot some of the characters, but e-mail me (see bottom of faq), if you want to add something. Abbot - Master of the Shaolin Shrine Alex - ???? Bao Shan Mei - Sub-boss for Jeet Kune Do Story Brat - village kid in story Cha Yen Tie Ren - Guard of the Black Lotus Temple in Hung Gar story Chef - village chef Crewman - sailor Dai Fang - Champion of the Martial Arts tournament Demon - Final Boss of the Jeet Kune Do story Disciple - ???? Doctor - village doctor (only in Changsha) Han Lao Tai - Final Boss in all story, except Jeet Kune Do, and Hung Gar Hermit - Hermit in Shaolin Shrine Inn Keeper - village inn-keeper Jia Qiao Tong Zi - Sub-boss in Eight Extremeties Fist story Jun - boy you start out with Jun - young (regular) Jun - young (chubby) Jun - young (thin) Jun - young (muscular) Jun - young (fat) Jun - elder Jun - old Jun - girl you start out with Jun - young (sexy) Jun - young (regular) Kan-Kan - Panda with pants and an eyepatch Lan-Lan - Kid Panda Luo Tai's Daughter - Han Lao Tai's daughter; Machine Panda - the gun-jack (Tekken 3) of pandas Master Chen - Master of Hung Gar school in story Master Huang - Master of Jeet Kune Do school in story Master Kuai - Master of Eight Extremities Fist school in story Master Liang - Master of T'ai Chi Chuan school in story Master Sun - Master of Drunken Boxing school in story Master Xiao - Master of Shaolin school in story Middle age person - villager Old Lao - Your father (or adoptive father) in story Old Person - old villager Old Woman - old female villager Panda Bear - regular panda Woman - female villager Wu - Guard of Black Lotus Temple in most, but Hung Gar and Shaolin story ; Student Xi Se Lan - Sub-boss of T'ai Chi Chuan story Xie Hu Wang - Sub-boss of Drunken Boxing story Yen Bao Kai - Sub-boss of Shaolin story Zi Chang - Sub-boss of Hung Gar story >Time Attack = Once you finish the game this mode appears in the first menu. You go through the first test in the Shaolin Shrine, but it is timed (of course). Plus you have the option to save your time (no names, just your time) after you finish. >If you have any codes or any tips please e-mail me (look at the top or bottom of the faq). ====================================================== ====================================================== Thanks to "Theodosis Kastritsos" , for pointing out the buttons and the characters. I dont get to use the "Versus" mode much because I wanted to finish the Story mode first, so I didnt get to see the characters I unlocked. >Copyright © 1999-2000 Rook. All Rights Reserved.< >Comments to<</p>