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This guide will help you find all the bike parts and find a lot of money. It will also show how to get into certain places. So lets begin. Bike Parts</b> 1.Gas Tank</b> - Near the gas pumps in front of the gas station. 2.Wheel</b> - You have to save dick the pawnshop owner so he can open the shop, there you have to buy the wheel for $5,000. 3.Bike Forks</b> - you have to get the shed key from the apartments, jump up the broken stairs that are located on the back of the apartments. Then get the key and unlock a shed that will have the Bike forks. And the shed isn't hard to find. 4.Engine</b> - Its in the alley way next to the movie theater. 5.Handlebars</b> - They'll be a survivor that using it as a weapon. So you have to get him a broad sword. You can find one on top of the diner or in the hunting store. To get money fast go to the casino and break the machines repeatedly, cause they come back when you go back to the safe house. Save up your money, because you'll need to buy the extra Zombrex because a survivor will need the one you have. And I had a problem finding a shotgun, but you can find one in the hunting shop. Hint: Get a pitchfork from a bar and attach it to the shot gun. Some might wonder how to make the paddle oar with the chainsaws on it. First you need a chain saw from the hardware store. The you can find a boat oar to the right off the building to the right of the sheriffs' office. Put them together to make the Paddlesaw.</p>