Unoffical FAQ. RUNABOUT: ARE YOU BORN TO DRIVE? FAQ V1.0 Written by: Vincent Liu( --------------------------------------------------------- This Document may be freely copied, distributed or used in any way provided proper credit is given to it's author. --------------------------------------------------------- RUNABOUT ======== GAME: RUNABOUT SYSTEM: SONY PLAYSTATION RELEASE DATE: 1997 PRODUCED BY: YANOMAN GAMES & CLIMAX Again I make no claims as to knowing everything. If you think something is wrong or have information to add let me know. Table of CONTENTS -Tradmarks -Copyright and Disclaimer Notice -Story Line -The Game -Controller Settings -Missions (Courses) -Gas Station -Vechiles -Time Trial -Setting -Test Run -IMPORTANT!!! (READ) Trademarks ---------- PlayStation and the game itself Runabout are trademarks, and so is acknowledged. Any other trademarks not mentioned here are still acknowledged. Copyright and Disclaimer Notice ------------------------------- This were I give out the "SHOUTS" to all the amazing guys and gals at Climax & Yanoman Games for bring out this cool game. Story Line ---------- Can't give you much one since the whole game is in Japanese. Maybe later on I'll try to get a translation of it and I'll write it then. All I give you now is that you have a mission to retrieve items that this guys wants. The Game -------- This game so far is only avaible in Japan as far as I know. There is no American version out in the market to this date. This game can be compared to Twisted Metal. You can drive around and smash anything in sight. You start off with 4 vehicles and 2 missions to start off with. More vechiles and an additional track will come later once the first two mission are completed. All the course have to completed before the given time in order to sucessfully complete the mission. The only way you can not complete the mission is 1) you did not finish the mission on time or 2) there was too much damage on your vechile to go any further. Controller Settings ------------------- These settings can be changed in the OPTION SCREEN The defaults are: LEFT & RIGHT - Move left and right START - Pause/Quit L & R - Gear Up & Down (MANUAL ONLY) X - Gas SQUARE - Brake CIRCLE - Reverse TRIANGLE - Toggle View Missions (Courses) ------------------ MISSION 1 (DOWNTOWN) Your mission is retrieve all the items in Chinatown first and make it to the end before the time runs out. This course is tough at first, but once you find the shortest paths to each item the rest is easy. MISSION 2 (SEA SIDE) Your mission is to retrieve ONE ITEM from a LIMO. The LIMO can be seen travelling the other direction around the GAS STATION. Hit the LIMO and you will retrieve the item. Once you get the item press the pedal to metal and dash for the finish line. MISSION 3 (METRO CITY) Mission 3 is only selectable once you have completed MISSIONS 1 & 2. This mission is tough since there are many possibilities to reach the end. You will reach a point were there will be three possible items you can retrieve. Get one and the others will disappear. Once you get the item, again dash for the finish line. GAS STATION ----------- This were you fill up for gas. Park you vechile in the yellow box and gas is already being pumped. You will see your fule gauge filling up, once its full leave. I found this useless since most vechiles can finish each mission with a full tank of gas. VECHILES -------- Now to the good part. You start off with 4 cars RAM, 320, MIN and VES. Once you beat each mission 2 additional cars will be selectable. Each vechile will have either AT/MT transmisson or just AT or MT transmisson ONLY! RAM - The good old American Pick-up. Great power. 320 - From the looks of it, it looks like a BMW. Fast and good pickup. MIN - The Classic British Car. VES - MOPED. Fun to play with. When you beat MISSION 1 (DOWNTOWN) you will be able to choose SIR - A sports car NSR - A.K.A. NSX When you beat MISSION 2 (SEASIDE) you will be able to choose GTR - A sports car BUS - BUS When you beat MISSION 3 (METRO CITY) you will be able to choose DAM - A contruction dump truck LIM - LIMO There are also 12 HIDDEN vechiles that are available. Get these 10 hidden cars and the other 2???? : GTS - Beat easy mode with total amount over $1,000,000 ELS - Beat medium mode with total amount over $2,500,000 360 - Beat hard mode with total amount over $2,500,000 FD7 - Beat easy mode within 4 mins GT1 - Beat medium mode within 4 mins TAC - Beat hard mode within 4 mins TRD = Trash truck. On the freeway section of the Seaside course, break the speed limit by at least 60-75MPH 19A = Indy car. Complete Downtown with no accumulated money(no damage) PLC = Police cruiser. Complete Seaside with no accumulated money(no damage) TNK = Tank. Complete Metro city with no accumulated money(no damage) TIME TRIAL ---------- This is an other option to play each mission without the TIME LIMIT. So just drive around, find some secrets, short cuts and have fun. SETTING ------- This is where you can do some real work. You are give the following options: Steering, Front Suspension, Read Suspension, Grip Balance, Acceleration & Brake You can custom fit any car to your style of liking! COoL! You can then TEST RUN your car. TEST RUN -------- This is another course given to test drive your car. There is no time limit and all you have to do is test the car out. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ----------------------- REMEMBER TO SAVE THE GAME TO YOUR MEMORY CARD AFTER GETTING THE NEW CARS. IF YOU DON'T THEY YOU CAN SAY BYE-BYE TO ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!</p>