====================================================== TIME CRISIS- The PSX Version Facts on this FAQ: Title: Time Crisis System: Playstation Developer: Namco Type of FAQ: Arcade mode FAQ Difficulty: Easy-Moderate Length: Arcade mode,15-25 min. Written By: Zack Thiesen ====================================================== Table of Contents: 1. Intro. 2. Cast 3. The Guide 4. The End 5. Thank You and the Legal Stuff ====================================================== The Introduction Time Crisis for the Arcade has been out for a while and people started wondering if Namco would make a home version of it on the Playstation. They did, and they did a good conversion as well. Now that Time Crisis 2 has come out for Arcade, I'm wondering if they'll make a home version of that as well. Maybe in mid 1999 we'll see it. But for now, with Tekken 3, and this as well as other hit games, I think that Time Crisis will tie me over till then. ====================================================== The Cast Richard Miller- ex-sniper in the Gulf War, now Spec. Ops. Agent on the V.SS.E team. Rachel MacPherson- Daughter of the Sercian president, college Freshman currently studying biochemistry. Wild Dog- Controls organized crime families in Sercia, real name: unknown. Sherudo Garo- A clinically insane man. Ex- dictator of Sercia, recently overthrown in coup d' etat. Web Spinner- Ex-savate champion genetically enhanced by Sherudo's scientists to increase dexterity and reactions. Extremely Dangerous. Kantaris- Owner of the `Chateau du Luc' hotel which is actually a front for a weapons manufacturing plant. Real name unknown. Moz- Moz is Sherudo's chief assassin. Trained in the ninja arts of Yokohama. Known to use titanium tipped talons. Very dangerous, approach with caution. ---The Arcade Mode Walkthrough--- ====================================================== Level #1- The Stock House This is the easiest level in the entire game, probably because it's the first. First, hide for a second , looking through the boxes cracks to see when the soldiers pop out from behind their box. Then, when you see them, pop up and let'em have it with a single shot each. Then move on to the next area where a few guys will roll from behind the boxes on each side. Shoot them and then watch the sub explode. A guy will pop up from up there. Now shoot him and move on. At the next box, you'll see two shielded guards pop out and shoot them as well. Then a guy will pop up on the left in front of you. After you shoot him, shoot the guy behind the box in the front back. Move on to the electronic door and open it. If it's already open, then you did the previous part fast enough. Go through the door and shoot the guy in orange in the front of you on the left. Then shoot any other guys that pop up. There will be a guy in the back-middle with a rocket launcher. Take him out and move on. Now, just shoot the box that the loader is carrying and the thing will explode and off to the next section! ====================================================== Level #2- The Cargo Chain This is also fairly easy. Just duck the first few seconds so the crane won't hit you and watch out for the jumping guys. After this, turn around and shoot at the guys down there that pop up. Now , you jump to the small entrance on the right. In there, turn the corner to find an ambush of five guys so be ready to shoot. The next part, you shoot the guys that pop up behind the counters and the pillars. After this you move closer to the door and three guys will come by, so shoot them and move on. ====================================================== Level #3- The Courtyard In this level, you'll find yourself in a hallway and all of these guys come running. Shoot them. Now, run to your right and you'll find yourself at some sort of bar. Get through that area. Now, 3 guys will pop up at the next place that you stop. Get through there and then enter the hallway. Get through that area and 3 guys will run from a door on the right, 1 of them diving. Then head up and left where a stockade of soldiers and a helicopter shortly after await you. When the helicopter comes, two guys with pipes will be your targets. And believe me, once you play up to this point, you'll see why they're not hard targets. Then get through more of the same and watch out for the car speeding around the corner. Then you will proceed to an area with barrels and a guy with a gattling gun on a barrel on the left and a bomb thrower on the bottom along with soldiers. Then, go into an area with a large cannon that fires bullets at you in the background and a castle entrance opened on your left. Through the opening, come a series of armored guards and a soldier. Dodge the fire from the cannon and take out the gunner behind the cannon. Proceed to the next level. Boss #1 Area: Moz These guys are a cinch. Just shoot the silver ones that usually go in one shot. Then hit the orange guys which take a little more. When you see them jumpin' between pillars, hide. They'll slice and dice you to shreds. ====================================================== STAGE 2: Beginning. ====================================================== The Hallway Passage: The first area, in your very short tour of the 3 main halls and staircase, is guarded by 2 guards. Both are in blue uniform, meaning they're terrible shots. The second is an up-close and personal experience with yet another blue uniformed body-guard. The next soldiers are an orange one on the left and a blue one on the right. The orange suits mean that they're crackshots with a pistol. Then up the first staircase and to the second with a load of angry guys up there. Wait until the first bomb explodes at the bottom of the stairs, then get them. Then you'll enter an area with all of this glass and pictures. Just zoom through there, past the falling chandelier and the armored guards. Then you'll enter a dark area. Get through there and go into a large archway area outside. After that, head down that area and go through that door and there will be 3 guards with armor and a guard there with gray vests on and a red hat on. This means that they're pretty good with a pistol. Then head up the stairs, with two short stops, and go through that hallway. You will be shot at by a guy in the mirror and then go through the door at the end of the hall. After that there is a small door. Enter it. In there you will find Sherudo Gordo, a boss. ====================================================== BOSS #2 Beginning ----------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Sherudo Garo: This guy is also pretty easy but the guys on the sides with the white suits aren't. They're pretty hard with the knives and the explosives. Just pop Garo in with the gun and he'll eventually move into a smaller hall area. Strike him three to four more times there, and he's gone. Now you will go back to the archway again, except with the helicopter dropping off some soldiers. Get past there and the floor will collapse. Take out the cannon in the background and also on the left and the right. That is, take out the guys firing the cannons. The cannons themselves cannot be destroyed. Now, you'll turn around and fight a helicopter after you take out the gunner at the cannon and a guy that jumps up off the tower. After the helicopter is beaten, shoot the guys in the upcoming hallway and enter into the lab area. ====================================================== Lab Area To get through this part isn't hard. But when the boxes come, duck. After the first area like the lab, you will enter the final boss area, Wild Dog. ====================================================== Boss #3 Start- Final Boss- Wild Dog ====================================================== This guy is tough later but not now. Just shoot the guys that come out of the pods on the left and on the right later on. And also the guys that pop up behind the counters as well, and watch out for Moz again, but not as a boss. After this area, you'll take an elevator up to the hand-to-hand combat area with Wild Dog. The first place that you stop at is a fountain. You and Wild Dog Will spin around the fountain, blowing holes in each other, until he gives up and moves on. After this he'll move to an area like a courtyard. Watch out for the stone wheels that come after you. Shoot all of the green, bomb throwers, orange, and white guys that may pop up even on the roof of that area. Some armored troops will come out then as well. In the middle of that area is a large statue that Wild Dog hides behind and comes out every once in a while to shoot. At the final stand off, he'll come up close and kick you every so often. Try to see through the fire and shoot at him with accuracy and skill. This is actually a very easy boss for the final one. After you defeat him, watch him die as he blows himself up on accident. Congratulations! You've won the game..in arcade mode at least. I'll be back later with an awesome guide for special mode. ====================================================== The End Well, you've beaten the game. Now what ? Go buy Crash 3 or Metal Gear Solid and check out my other FAQs on those at http:www.gamefaqs.com. These are both real fun games. I'd like to thank my friend Dylan for helping me out with this FAQ and all of the others that I've written. ====================================================== Thank You and the Legal Stuff Thank you(duh) for reading this FAQ on a great game. Just in case you wanna know, put your requests for guides in at the requests section at gamefaqs.com. Copyright 1999 Zack Thiesen and Dylan DeGroot.</p>