=============================================================================== Dragon Age: Origins Origin Stories Guide by Stuart Gannon aka doctorofwho copyright (c) 2009 Stuart Gannon =============================================================================== Table of Contents: Note: To quickly find the section you need, hit Ctrl+F and type in whatever is in the square brackets I. Introduction [DAO-Intro] 1. Version History [DAO-Ver] 2. About this Guide [DAO-About] II. Guide [DAO-Gui] 1. Dalish Elf [DAO-DElf] 2. Dwarf Commoner [DAO-DCom] 3. City Elf [DAO-CElf] 4. Magi [DAO-Mag] 5. Human Noble [DAO-HNoble] 6. Dwarf Noble [DAO-DNoble] III. Contact Me [DAO-Con] IV. Legal [DAO-Legal] V. Credit [DAO-Cred] =============================================================================== I. Introduction [DAO-Intro] 1. Version History [DAO-Ver] Version 1.0 - Completed Guide Version 1.1 - Added Alternative way of getting by guards in City Elf Origin Story, also added an update to the "About this Guide" part below. Version 1.2 - Added something I missed in the Dwarf Noble Origin thanks to an e-mail I got. Also added an authorized website list in the legal section with gamefaqs, neoseeker and supercheats on it. Version 1.3 - Added differences between Male and Female City Elf origin stories. Version 1.4 - Added stuff about losing equipment at top of dwarf noble origin section, also added something to the Contact Me section. Version 1.5 - Added somethings to the Dwarf Noble section and a small note about the Rod of Fire to the Magi Origin section. 2. About this Guide [DAO-About] This is a guide for each Origin story, it will start with the Dalish Elfs and end with the Dwarf Nobles. I hope it helps anyone who gets stuck with any of the Origin Stories. This is also my first guide, I was originally going to make it a full blown walkthrough but decided against it due to time constraints so I chose to make it a origin story guide instead. I'm sure some people might just want a guide for the origin stories only and that is what this guide does. If I have missed anything important or you would like to give me feedback on this guide then please contact me (see Contact me section) Update: I have just found out that certain things in the Origin Stories can change depending on if your male or female, such as in the City Elf Origin Story. When I get time I'll update on any minor or major differences although people are welcome to e-mail me with any of the differences and I'll verify them and then add them to the guide with credit given of course. WARNING: This guide will contain spoilers, if you do not wish to see spoilers then don't read it. =============================================================================== II. Guide [DAO-Gui] 1. Dalish Elf [DAO-DElf] After the opening, you will be with your friend and have options as to what to do with these humans we find. Choose whatever you wish, the only real difference is if anyone dies or not. Again it really depends on if you are trying to be bad or good or morally grey. After the conversation, head up the linear path killing any enemies you see, the enemies are pretty easy obviously as this is just the beginning of the game. Eventually you will reach the ruins so head inside. Head down to face some spiders and then head through the door, head down the left path and through the door at the end of the path to face somemore enemies. After you take care of the enemies, open the door on the right side of the room. There is a trap in front of you, I'm not sure if you can avoid it but if you have a rogue, you will detect it and can deactivate it. Also watch out for your AI companion, they sometimes run ahead and activate traps before you can deactivate it. You will get a rogue as a companion later though so don't worry too much about traps for now. Continue through the door to be attacked by more spiders, once they are dead you can go up and take the left path, following it til you get to a statue. Choose whatever option you wish, I chose 1 and then continue to the door on your right watching out for the big trap in the middle of the floor. You'll then have to face a monster which is easy enough to kill and then check the mirror. Again choose whatever options you want, eventually your friend touchs the mirror, duncan saves you and you end up back at the Dalish camp. You'll meet Fenarel here and he will ask how you feel and tell you how duncan brought you back and other stuff. He eventually brings the keeper to you and more talking ensues. After some talking it is decided for you and Merrill to search for Tamlen. You can ask the keeper about the Darkspawn, about the Grey Wardens and about equipment before you finish talking to her. After the conversation head to Fenarel who is just above near where you and the keeper are. During the conversation, you can either let him come or not but I would recommend taking him along even just for the sake of it. Open the map and look for the Bowmaker's Aravel, here you can find Ilen. Here you can ask Ilen to give you a bow which is good if you're a rogue and you plan on using bows.You can also ask to see his wares but unless your using the glitch to get lots of money then you probably won't have enough for much. You can always sell anything you know you won't need or anything you looted in the ruins and see if you have enough money for whatever you want after that. Finally head to where the arrow is on the map to find Merrill, choose "Let's head out now" to contiue to near where the ruins were. Head along the path again and you will see some darkspawn. Merrill asks if they were darkspawn and you can answer however you like. In any case head back along until you get to the ruins again while fighting any darkspawn you see. Once back in the ruins, head back to the mirror chamber while fighting any darkspawn you see. If you forgot where the chamber is, open the menu and look at the map. Once you arrive there, talk to duncan and make whatever choices you wish to. After some talking he will destroy the mirror, then you can ask him somemore stuff. If you wish you can ask him to wait outside while you look around more or you can say let's leave now. If you ask him to wait outside, then go out and talk to him to leave but both choices will eventually take you back to the camp. Once back at camp and after some talking with Duncan and the keeper, you have to go speak to Paivel so follow the arrow on the map to him. After some talking, he asks you to help tell a story to the children, I usually pick option 2, "Certainly Hahren" and then as it goes, you can either pick a silly option or be serious or tell Hahren to take it from here. However if you do pick the silly option (such as option 3, the mummy and daddy option) then you don't get to pick anymore options til the end of the story where there is only one option. After that, you can talk to him about things and then go, head back to Duncan and the keeper now. No matter what you pick here, Duncan will recruit you and then you will leave to Ostagar with Duncan. Now you have completed the Dalish Elf story, next you will be at Ostagar so head down to that part of the guide. 2. Dwarf Commoner [DAO-DCom] After the intro, you will be with Beraht and your sister, he says something to you I chose 2, after somemore talking I chose 2 again. Beraht talks somemore and you get another choice, I chose 1, Apparently your sister found someone and he seemed interested. Another choice again, I chose 2. Now he says stuff about you having to pay her debts with service to the carta. I then chose 1, "What do you want me to do?" Sister now says she is sorry I had to see that. I chose 1, "Beraht expects too much from you." And after somemore talking about her giving a noble a baby We get another choice to select. I chose 1 to end the conversation but other choices may give you more information on her or what is going on so feel free to choose other options. Before you leave here, there is a chest nearby which you can pick up some stuff. You can also speak to your mother with some funny choices if you so wish to speak to her Now leave here and you will encounter someone named Leske, I chose option option 3 here. He said he was writing an epic poem, I thought I would give him some help so I chose 2. And Apparently I am not going to be court bard... so we're sticking to playing heavies for Beraht. Next here I chose 1. We're told to find this guy and see what goods he's holding back. I chose option 1 although option 4 was tempting. Next option I chose 4 and then I chose option 1. After somemore talking, it is now time to do the quest, "Beraht's Favor". Head up along the path to get to Orzammar Commons, now if you look at your quest log, it says Oskias was last seen in Tapsters Tavern and if you look at your map, you will see that it's the first small x nearby. Head to the Tavern now, once your in you should see a guy with an arrow and a green circle around it in front of you. That's him, go talk to him. Here I chose 2, the mutual friend option and then I chose 3. After what he says next I decided to just choose 3, I then chose 2. After somemore talking, I chose 4, the how long have you been cheating option, here I chose 3 to see what he says and then I chose 3. He says a bunch of stuff and again we get some choices to pick. Choose whatever you want, I went with 1. We now get into a fight which is as simple as hitting the attack button. Quest update and now you can search his body, take everything and then leave. As you come out, head to the right to the next little x that you can see on your map. I usually don't lie so when Beraht asked what happened, I went with the first option. Choose whatever options you want here and eventually you will get the quest, "Proving Loyalties". Leave now and head right from where you exit and then head left to the Proving grounds. Here I just chose the "I have a pass" option, now enter. Head up pass the guys on the left near the red chairs, and go up the left path. Head up and then left towards the arrow on the map, you'll find the guy on the floor drunk. Here I choose the fight in his name option and then choose the win by skill alone option. Now take the stuff from the armor chest, put on the armor, and choose what weapon you will use (I went with the axe and shield). If you're confused then the stuff you have to put on will have Everd's name on it such as "Everd's Helm", "Everd's Gloves", etc. Now head up and right to where the arrow is pointing on the map and talk to the guy, and choose option 1, "(nod)". In the next choice, choose any option and the battle will start. The battle is easy, you could just press the attack button and leave the controller til you win. Next up is another fight and again it is as easy as the first fight, now you have another fight against Lenka and again it's as easy as the previous two fights. Final bout time... but Everd walks out and spoils our fun. Here I choose option 1. Just before you're about to be taken away, Duncan speaks up for us however we end up locked up anyway. Some talking happens here and you can choose what option you wish to pick, now Jarvia comes in and talks to us. After all the talking is done, look to left to see some rubble, choose the option to give it to Leske. Once you're out, loot the body for a weapon and then open the chest to get your belongings. Equip your weapon and armor and then head out the nearby door. Head up and go past the intersection to another door, open this and then take out the thugs here. If you wish, loot the bodies and chest/barrels nearby, continue on now until you get to somemore thugs to take care of. Go through the nearby door, continue on and go through another door with more thugs to take out. Head through the nearby door to get to an intersection, you can't go through the left door, if you wish you can go through the right door. It has some thugs to take out and a chest that needs lockpicking to open, Leske can do that if you are unable to. Head past the intersection now and through the door, you'll find Beraht here and get to fight him and his thugs. They aren't hard, just attack/use skills and you'll win. After the battle and talking head up and through the left door, down the path and you'll be back in beraht's shop. Head out into the commons now and you'll be seen. I just chose the option saying that I had killed Beraht. Duncan asks you to join the Grey Wardens, you can talk to your sister if you wish before saying yes but after all is said and done, you will be recruited into the Grey Wardens. Now you have completed the Dwarf Commoner story, next you will be at Ostagar so head down to that part of the guide. 3. City Elf [DAO-CElf] Note: If you are a male city elf, read on but if you are a female city elf you may want to skip to the bottom quickly and check for the differences between the male and female city elf stories (be warned of spoilers in it) After the introduction, you will be talking with Shianni, as usual you can choose whatever answers you feel like (I usually go with the nice answers unless I'm trying to be evil :P ). Apperently you're getting married today, yay for you? Anyway after the talking with your cousin, you will get the quest, "A Day For Celebration". Now you can get the stuff from the footlocker nearby and talk to your Dad. After the talking is done, head out the nearby door and you will see the usual quest arrow on your mini map so turn left and head up until you get to it and then speak to Soris. After the speaking you and Soris can go back down the way you came and you will see some humans acting... well evil. Here I chose 3 because I could see myself saying the exact same thing. Next I again chose 3 and after some talking the human gets hit by someone. Here I chose the option which says "If you don't mention this, we won't" and then after somemore dialogue we get introduced to Valora and Nesiara, our betrothed. Again after the talking is done, follow the quest marker to talk to Duncan. After the conversation, head to Valendrian who is nearby (again follow the quest marker) and the wedding stuff starts. After getting knocked down, you wake to find that the woman in the wedding party have been taken to the palace. Head over towards Valendrian for some dialogue where Duncan will offer his weapons to us so we can go and save our women. Before continuing, equip one of the weapons you have now (I was a warrior so I equipped the Borrowed Longsword). Now head towards the Elf Servant in the upper left part of the map and you will be taken to the servants entrance. Watch out for some of the (weak) enemies around here and head left. Head up now watching out for the Mabari hounds, once you're at the very top, head right to reach the servants entrance. Head inside now and just up ahead you will see a sleeping guard, if you wish you can get whatever is in the barrel to the right but that will wake up the guard so it is up to you, I personally did it anyway. After you got through the door where the guard was, you will be in a room with the cook. The right door holds some stuff you can take and when you walk by the cook, he will come up to you. Here I chose 2, "We're new servants" and just as he realises that we were trying to trick him, an elf helps us by taking care of him, yay. He gives us some info about where our women are and then runs off before the storm hits as he put it. Now head left through the door and you will be stopped by some guys who wonder where we got a weapon. I laughed at the first choice straight away so I decided to do that one and attack them. Note: I got an e-mail with an alternative way to get around the guards here, see below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |In the City Elf Origin, there is an easier way to get by the three guards | |you meet after you have the encounter with the cook at Vaughn's castle. | | | |Unequip all weapons from yourself and Soris and walk into the dining area. | |You'll get a cutscene where the guards talk to you and Soris. They will | |assume that the two of you are servants and will send you off to go get them | |some drinks while they continue to play cards. | | | |If you head back into the kitchen and check the area, you will find a locked | |liquor cabinet that you can pick open (if you are a rogue) and obtain some | |Brandy and a check of another cabinet in an adjacent storeroom will net you | |some rat poison. If you are not a rogue, then you can check a nearby room | |in the dining area for some Brandy, but rogues will get a couple XP for | |picking the lock. You can get the rat poison without having to pick a lock. | | | |When you get back to the three guards, they will ask you if you got them | |their drinks. Say, "yes" until you get to the dialogue option where you can | |serve them the brandy. When prompted, pick the "serve brandy spiked with | |poison" dialogue option. | | | |After a brief cutscene, the guards will realize too late that you have | |pulled a fast one and they will keel over dead. | | | |When they die, you will get XP as if you'd been in a fight with them and | |you can loot their bodies for weapons. | | | |credit: James Thweatt | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head to the door on the left side now and open it, kill the guard behind the door, head up from here past the door on the left and then head through the next door. Some guards have killed so now we shall promtly kill them. Head up through the door now and kill the guard here and continue heading up to another room with more guards to kill. Head through the next door with the two statues with shields next to it, this room has yet another guard to kill along with an intersection. The left door needs a key while the right door can be lockpicked so if you have a character who can lockpick you can check it out. In any case head through the the only unlocked door, here you have some jars and a cupboard you can loot and then continue through the next door. Watch out for the guard here and the trap (A fireball came at me as I came in the door so I assume it was a trap) and then head up and left at the end of this hallway and then through the next door. This guy offers some deal with money that we can take, here I just chose the options that end with us fighting him and beating him of course. Now go and talk to Shianni who we have saved and it seems the other two girls are safe as well. Some talking happens and some guards come to see us, here I chose the nice option, option 2, "It was my doing" and just as it looks like we are going to end up in the dungeon, Duncan steps in to invoke the Right of Conscription. Now finally you can go and talk to whoever you wish to, once you're ready to end this origin story then talk to Duncan and tell him you are ready to go. And that ends the City Elf Origin story. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |As a female, there is a few differences you may want to be aware of. instead | |of the female fiancee that you get as male, you instead get a male fiance. | | | |When the women get kidnapped, you get kidnapped along with the rest of them. | |Once that happens then you will end up in the room near where you enter | |Vaughn's castle. | | | |Before you get to the end of the area, you will find out that your fiance is | |dead because of some guards. | | | |After that, you will take care of the Vaughn like you do in the male City | |Elf story. | | | |Small differences but handy to have noted here for anyone who gets | |confused about it. | | | |credit for noticing this and letting me know: Tyler Vaughan | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Magi [DAO-Mag] After the introduction, you get some dialogue about The Harrowing, this test that you have to go through (oh joy). Now head foward toward the vase (that you can loot) and continue down the hill towards the white light which will attack you so defeat it. Continue onwards through the linear path while defeating the wisps and soon enough a rat will talk to you (yes a rat). Say whatever you want to him and eventually the conversation will end and the mouse will follow you. Continue down the path (There is two quest arrows, ignore the sloth demon one for now) and you will soon reach the spirit of Valor who is up a hill. Talk to him, you can get somemore information from him and ask him for help, soon enough once the conversation finishs, you get to fight him and beat him of course. Now we have a staff and it's time to continue to the sloth demon, head down the hill towards the quest arrow while watching out for spirit wolfs until you get to the sloth demon. You can ask him for help, if you answer his riddles correctly then he teaches mouse to be a bear, if you fail he attacks you, you beat him and he will still teach mouse to be a bear. Now head all the way back, the way you came towards the quest marker and you will find the Rage Demon. Talk to him and you will fight him, easy win, just pound him with whatever spell you have. After all is said and done, you will wake back inside the magi tower. You will talk with Jowan and eventually be told to go see Irving. You can either head straight there or explore and see what loot you can find. In any case once you're ready, use the map and head to the second floor and find Irving. You will speak to Irving and Duncan, after some talking you will get your robe, staff and a ring. After the talking, use the map and follow the quest marker to get Duncan back to his room. Once you leave the room, you can talk to Jowan who needs to talk to you. He will take you someplace to chat and you find out that they want to make Jowan tranquil. You can either agree to help him or not, if you don't then it may have consequences on you later. I'll be assuming that you agree to help him Look on the map for Senior Enchanter Leorah and go speak to her, after some prying, you find out that there is infestation of spiders and you can offer to help her out. Head into the Storage Room now and head down the path while picking up anything you see or want to pick up of course. You will get to an intersection, here head left and continue on killing any spiders you see. The path is quite linear although there are alot of spiders throughout the place, eventually you will be back at the original intersection and can head back to Leorah. Now go talk to Owain in the central room, after some talking you get a request for rod of fire from Owain (Transquils are weird... really weird) and now you can go back to Leorah who will gladly sign it without question. Now go back to Owain and give him it, once you have the rod, go back to Jowan and give him it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |If you have previously told First Enchanter Irving about Jowans plans and | |agreed to his plan then you can get him to sign the form instead. | | | |credit: Mr Poyer Laury | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now head down to the first floor and then follow the map to the basement door, go through the door and through to the next door. Some talking and eventually the door will open. Foward to the next door where we need to use the Rod of Fire that we got, now we decide to go to the other door to the right of this one you're at. After the next little scene, then you will have to fight a sentinel. Now head on through the door and fight a couple more sentinels along with the way, at the end of the hallway is another door you can open and some sentinels inside that you can fight. Head through yet another door which has some sentinels and a robed sentinel to fight, and continue down the path to even more doors. Some enemies appear through here and then head left to another door. Fight the enemies here and head right down the hallway, following the linear path and fighting enemies. Eventually you find yourself in a room with a bookcase barring a door that you can click on. Once the bookcase has been moved, talk to the artefact behind you and after the scene, you can continue onwards. Go up the stairs here while watching out for sentinels, and go to the end to get the Phylactery. After the scene, head down the stairs and up to the door called "The second door" and go back the way we came, looks like the jig is up now. After more talking, Duncan comes in to save the day, and this ends the magi origin story. 5. Human Noble [DAO-HNoble] After the introduction, you speak with Howe and your Father, you also meet Duncan, the Grey Warden. Once the talking is done, head out the door ahead of you and head right until you're stopped by Ser Gilmore. I recommend here that whatever you do, help out so you can get the dog as a permanent companion. Now head right and up towards the kitchen, if you can't find your way then look on at your map, it's the quest marker at the top of the map. You will see Nan here (she's a very angry woman), head through the door now to see your Dog. Be nice to the dog and eventually you can give the Dog a name and fight some giant rats. Head out of the larder now and speak to cook, here I chose 2 and the dog gets Nan to give him something to eat. Now follow the quest marker to find Fergus (after speaking to your mum who sees you as well) who is speaking to his wife and child. After the talking, you can head across from this room to yours to sleep. After you wake up, turns out the place is under attack so fight the enemies you see here. After they are dead, your mother runs in and speaks to you, go across now to the room near you with the quest marker and get the stuff from the chest. Now leave this room and head right through the door, fighting more of Howes men. Continue through the next door and down the linear path, which has even more enemies to fight. After speaking to the man at the intersection, head right and continue towards the quest marker. Once you are in the room with the quest marker, you will have another fight on your hands. After speaking with Ser Gilmore, head towards the pantry where you fought the Giant Rats earlier. You will have to fight somemore of Howes men on the way there as well. Once there you will find your father wounded, and after some talking, Duncan comes in and tells us that our father is correct. In the end, Duncan recruits us for the Grey Wardens and thus ends the Human Noble Origin story. 6. Dwarf Noble [DAO-DNoble] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |At the end of the Dwarf Noble Origin story, you will be cast into the deep | |roads and lose any equipment you have but the gold you have remains. | | | |I recommend that before speaking to the king, sell all your items and | |equipment (except maybe some armor and a weapon at least) that you don't | |need. | | | |Also as of now (16/12/2009, UK style date incase you get confused), you will | |lose access to any promotional content such as the blood dragon armor. | |Bioware are working on a patch for this however and I will update this | |section when they have done so but it is worth noting here at the moment. | | | |credit: B B | | | |I was informed that you do keep the Blood Dragon armor but this may just be | |one of those things that may or may not happen to you. Still thought it was | |worth noting incase you wish to try your luck at it. | | | |credit: Orry Kinser | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the introduction, we have some talking where you can choose whatever you wish. We get told of some proving which sounds like fun, after the talking head to the exit (don't head to the quest marker, use the map to find the exit to the diamond quarter) Visit the first Merchant that is marked on the map, here you can look at his stuff, he doesn't have much, in the armor section, all he has is noble clothing. After that continue past it and you will be stopped by your brother, he's not that nice so I chose some of the... nastier options with him like "Keep barking orders, I'm sure I'll care someday." but anyway after the talking, head to the next merchant. At least this guy has some armor unlike the other guy who only had noble clothing in his armor section. Afterwards, head to the Orzammar Commons and you will be stopped by some guy asking if we're heading to the proving arena, I chose 2 here. In any case, you will be escorted to the Proving Arena. Speak to the Proving Master and choose 2 (well that is what I chose) to fight in the Proving. Some weak fights here and they shouldn't prove too difficult, after the fight you can speak to the proving master again to fight your next opponent. After beating your final opponent, speak to the proving master and you will get the proving helm. Speak to the Royal Escort now to leave, once back in the diamond quarter head along the path and back to the royal palace. In here head forwards towards the quest marker to speak to the King. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Before speaking to the king, you will see a guy named Lord Ronus Dace | |next to the right hand table. He will ask you for a favor, accept it | |and then speak to Lady Helmi on the left hand table. Listen to her | |and she will tell you exactly what Lord Dace was trying to do. | | | |Now here you have 3 choices, you can speak to the king and either | |support or dismiss Daces request or you can speak to Dace and | |after some talking you will challenge him to defend his | |houses honor in a dual against his son. | | | |Credit: Acidbird | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are now the new commander apperently and you have to go find Trian for the King. Follow the quest marker to find him in his room, and yes I chose some of the nastier answers when dealing with this idiot. Now according to Bhelen tells us that Trian is going to try and kill you, who would have guessed? After the talking, we have... even more talking, about reclaiming a shield. Now head into the nearby tunnel towards where the quest marker is on the map, and watch out as you will be fighting spiders in here. Continue through the tunnel which is pretty linear itself and you will eventually find the first guy you are to meet. Head down the left path (down on the map) and watch out for some of the enemies you will meet here, they are all pretty easy though. After killing the enemies here and reaching the dead end, head back and turn right at the end where you met Frandlin, to the only other path here that you can access (the left path is blocked as well). You will meet some darkspawn up this way, once you kill them then continue up the only way you can go til you meet the final scout and you will now have 4 party members. Head right from here now, following the linear path and of course fighting darkspawn. After the next scene where you see some darkspawn bodies at a door, head through it and over the bridge where you see some guys who are after the shield. They aren't too hard so kill them and then head up towards the quest marker through the door to Thiags Chamber. Check the sarcophagus, and press the signet ring against the indentation. Nothing happens apperently, switch to each party member and put one on each of the unusual floor tiles. After this switch back to your character and try the ring again so you can get your shield. Now head out of this room to fight somemore lovely darkspawn, now head all the way back to the crossroads to see Trian awaiting you. Here I just chose to attack him, they aren't too hard to kill so just attack them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |If you act nice to Trian before all this or at the very least don't even | |mention wanting to kill him to anyone, instead of fighting Trian, you will | |find him already dead. The scouts also betray you and say it was you who | |killed him/ordered them to attack. | | | |credit: Neil Bailey | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the dialogue, you end up in prison and Gorim comes to speak to you. At least Gorim is allowed to live I suppose... in any case, you are cast into the deep roads. Head forward and up into the nearby tunnel where you will fight a spider, continue on fighting somemore enemies and follow the linear tunnel. You will eventually get to an intersection, once here go right and follow the path until you get to the grey wardens thus ending the Dwarf Noble Origin story. =============================================================================== III. Contact Me [DAO-Con] If you have anything to add that I may have missed then e-mail me with the subject heading: "Dragon Age: Origins - Suggestion" Please also note that if you're giving me a suggestion and I use it, give me a name that you wish me to credit you by otherwise I'll use whatever the name is that it shows when I see the e-mail (and if no name is shown, I'll use the first bit of the e-mail before the @ sign). And if you wish to give me feedback on this guide (which I would appreciate since this is my first guide) then e-mail me with the subject heading: "Dragon Age: Origins - Feedback" Finally if you wish to use my guide for your own website, then please e-mail me with the subject heading: "Dragon Age: Origins - permission" e-mail: stucontribute@yahoo.co.uk reason for the subject headings is, I'd like to know that it is to do with this guide and it's not some random person e-mailing me (I tend to ignore e-mails like that) =============================================================================== IV. Legal [DAO-Legal] This document is copyrighted and may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal and private use only. It may not be placed on any website without my permission, do not copy or alter any information in this guide. These websites are authorized to host this guide: www.gamefaqs.com www.neoseeker.com www.supercheats.com The latest version will always be found on Gamefaqs. =============================================================================== V. Credit [DAO-Cred] Thanks to the following people: My girlfriend: For supporting me and helping me when she could with this guide Bioware: For creating this fantastic game And finally thanks to anyone who reads this guide, maybe I'll do another one for another game someday.</p>