The greatest Dragonball Z Legends for Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation A faq by Henry LaPierre I would like to start this by saying that this game really doesn't need a faq, just an explanation of the instruction booklet. The reason for this comment is because the game is very simplistic in its playmechanics, but it is extremely fun! I think it's the best Dragonball game Bandai has released so far(with the possible exception of the first Super Nintendo Dragonball Z RPG, the one that covered up to the Freeza fight). I'm writing a faq because I love talking about Dragonball :) Overview The game is not in any way like any of the previous Dragonball games. It is similiar in gamestyle to the Saturn game, Guardian heroes, but not exactly(that's the closest game I could think of). It is a semi-3D action/fighter, not really a strict, one on one fighting game. My girlfriend describes it as a gang fight. Unlike Guardian heroes you do not choose different paths to follow, you are on a set course. Your course of battles takes you through most of the famous battles in the Dragonball Z storyline. You control up to three different characters at a time, battling up to three opponents. This makes for as many as six characters on screen at a time(with more waiting in the wings as replacements, to be called in whenever you want). It is very fast paced and can get pretty hectic and confusing at times, until you get the hang of what you're doing. The Saturn version (In my opinion) has tighter control, but the Playstation version(except for an annoying bar that runs the length of the left hand side on the character select screen and some load screens. They didn't center all the screens properly) looks prettier (it has transparent effects on some meteo attacks, and the graphics aren't as blocky). The Saturn and Playstation have similiar, but not the same meteo attacks for all of the characters. The object of the game is to battle your opponents until the power meter on the bottom of the screen sways all the way in your favor. The meter works in a tug of war fashion, starting even on both sides (blue for player 1, red for player 2). If you hit your opponent it will fill a bit in your favor, if your opponent then hits you, it will go back down to the center and you'll be even again. No life is lost during these battles. The only point in which a character loses life is if the power meter fills all the way to either side, then that teams leader wil perform a meteo attack on a member of the opposing team. Different characters cause different amounts of damage to their victims. It can take up to six meteo attacks to kill off a character(depending on who is doing the meteo). Characters can be knocked through mountains, trees, and other obstacles. The game takes place in the air or hovering inches above the ground (causing dust swirls at the characters feet). The screen stays focused on the character you are using(in one player mode). If a character comes in contact with an obstacle while moving(not being knocked across screen), they will go around it, trees however, can be knocked down with fireballs. Game modes There are 2 play modes when you first play the game, another opens up after you beat Story mode(any difficulty level). The modes are Story and versus. The screen looks like this: Mode Select Z campaign (story mode) VS battle (versus mode) SP battle (sort of ranking mode, opens after beating the Z campaign) Option Z campaign: This is story mode, in it you will fight through 8 stages. 1.Vegeta's arrival. You start out fighting Nappa, once he is defeated you battle Vegeta. Controlable characters:Gokou, Gohan(young), Piccolo and Kulilin 2.The Ginew squad. You start out fighting Gurudo. When he is defeated, Recoom shows up. After him, you fight Baata and Jiisu at the same time. Lastly you battle Ginew himself. Controlable characters:Gokou, Gohan(young), Kulilin and Vegeta 3.Battle on Nameck. In this stage you only have Freeza to deal with. Controlable characters:Gokou, Gohan(young), Piccolo, Kulilin and Vegeta 4.Assault of the artificial humans. You start this stage in a brawl with Artificial humans #19 and #20. After them you fight #'s 16, 17, and 18.(if you change characters on this section of the level, Artificial human #16 will leave the battle). Controlable characters:SS Gokou, Gohan(young), Piccolo, Kulilin, SS Trunks and SS Vegeta 5.Cell's challenge. You battle Cell and two Cell JRs all at once. Controlable characters:SS Gokou, SS Gohan(young), Piccolo, Kulilin, SS Trunks(Saiyajin battle armor) and SS Vegeta 6.Majin Buu's creation. You start out fighting Dabura(devil), then after you hit him with 2 meteo attacks, Vegeta becomes possessed and joins Dabura's side as Majin Vegeta. After defeating Dabura, Vegeta returns to your team, but still as Majin Vegeta. You then advance to fight Majin Buu. Controlable characters:SS Gokou, SS Gohan(teenage), Goten, Young Trunks and SS Vegeta(1st part of the 1st battle, then again against Majin Buu) 7.Battle of the Buus. You start fighting Majin Buu, then after him, Super Buu joins the fray. Controlable characters:SS3 Gokou, Goten, Young Trunks and Piccolo(for the first fight against Majin Buu. When Super Buu arrives, SS3 Gokou leaves and Gohan(teenage) replaces him, Goten and Young Trunks fuse creating Gotenks. 8.Final battle of the Z fighters. Super Buu is your first opponent, after defeating him he turns into Kid Buu for the final battle. Controlable characters:Gogeta(in the first battle against Super Buu) After defeating Super Buu, Gogeta de-fuses and you control SS3 Gokou and SS Vegeta against Kid Buu. If SS3Gokou gets hit with a meteo attack he will lose his power and revert back to plain old Gokou. If you lose either of your two characters while fighting Kid Buu, then Majin Buu will join in on your team. During this mode you can switch characters at any time(as long as you have reserve characters left) with a press of the Z button(Saturn) or the Select button(Playstation). This calls up the Story mode character select screen. While this screen is up, the computer will take control of all the fighters on your team. While making the decisions of who you'll choose and who you'll relieve, different characters from the series will appear on screen and make comments about the game and how it's going. When you beat the Z campaign(Story mode), a new mode, called SP battle (ranking battle mode) will open up. As you encounter the characters in the Story mode, they become playable characters in the Versus battle mode. On the Saturn version, after completing the last battle, you are able to choose any battle out of the eight to fight again, by going to your save files and pushing left or right on the directional pad when over a file. Versus battle: This is versus mode. You can choose any characters that you've fought in the story mode. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 characters for your team(hit the A button over the last block when done choosing your team on Saturn, the O button on Playstation). You cannot choose the same characters as your opponent. The screen does not scroll as it does in the Z Campaign(story) mode. There are 3 different versus modes to choose from, 1 player verse 2 player: You verse a friend 1 player verse computer: You verse a computer controlled team Computer verse computer: Choose characters and watch them fight When 2 players are fighting, the scroll character and opponent buttons for player 2 are reversed, to correspond with the character's facial portraits. SP battle: This is ranking mode. In this mode you are given certain characters to use in battle with other characters controlled by the computer. You cannot choose your, or your opponents team. You also cannot substitue, or withdraw a character on your team from the battle(this can become a pain, as the computer controlled member of your team may not be doing what you want it to). There are a total of 30 battles to fight in this mode. On the Saturn version, after completing this mode, you are able to re-fight any of the battles by going into your save files for this mode and pushing left or right on the directional pad while over a file. The SP battles are: (note, you control the player one side characters) 1.Piccolo VS Gohan(young) 2.Nappa VS Vegeta 3.Vegeta and Nappa VS Freeza 4.Freeza and Ginew VS Vegeta, Gokou and Nappa 5.Jiisu and Baata VS Ginew, Recoom and Gurudo 6.Gokou and Jiisu VS Gohan(young), Vegeta and Kulilin 7.SS Trunks VS Freeza 8.Piccolo VS Super Saitajin Vegeta 9.Artificial Humans #19 and #20 VS #17 and #18 10.Artificial Human #16 VS Cell and a Cell JR. 11.Artificial Human #17 VS #18 and Kulilin 12.Piccolo VS SS Gohan(young) 13.Artificial Humans #17 and #18 VS SS Trunks 14.Goten VS SS Gohan(teenage) 15.Young Trunks VS Majin Vegeta 16.Piccolo VS SS Gohan(teen) 17.SS Gokou and Majin Vegeta VS Goten, SS Gohan(teen), Young Trunks 18.Dabura(devil) VS Kulilin and Piccolo 19.Artificial Human #18 VS Gotan and Young Trunks 20.Majin Buu VS Piccolo and Majin Vegeta 21.Piccolo VS Gohan(teenage) 22.Gohan(teenage) and Gotenks VS Gogeta 23.SS Gohan(young) and Goten VS SS Trunks and Young Trunks 24.Gokou VS Vegeta 25.Gurudo and 2 Cell JRs VS SS Gohan(young) and Gotenks 26.SS Gokou and Goten VS SS Vegeta and Young Trunks 27.SS Gokou and SS Gohan(young) VS SS Vegeta and SS Trunks(battle armor) 28.Cell, Freeza and Vegeta VS SS Gohan(young), SS Gokou and Piccolo 29.Majin Buu, Super Buu and Kid Buu VS Gogeta, Gohan(teen) and Gotenks 30.Gokou, SS Gokou and SS3 Gokou VS Vegeta, SS Vegeta and Majin Vegeta Super Saiyajin Trunks(in Saiyajin battle armor) appears in battle 27, and the Story mode, he is not a selectable character, and does not become selectable after finishing either mode. Perhaps there are others that may be accessable with a code? A lot of other characters appear while the character select screen is up in Z campaign mode, so you never know ;) Why do all the Dragonball games(except the RPGs) exclude Yamucha? :( I think the battle against Nappa should have included Yamucha, Tenshinhan and Chao-Z. Options: These are the options you are given: Sound select.....Stereo/Monoaural Difficulty.......Normal/Super/Master(?) Controller configure... For Saturn (A=Accept, B=Cancel) Towards opponent Away from opponent Block Attack Fireball Power up Bring up character select screen (story mode only) Scroll through player characters Scroll through opposing team (target) For Playstation (O=accept, X=Cancel) Towards opponent Away from opponent Attack Fireball Power up Block Scroll through player characters (top to bottom) Scroll through player characters (bottom to top) Scroll through opposing team (target) (top to bottom) Scroll through opposing team (target) (bottom to top) Bring up character select screen (story mode only) To change a setting on the controller, go to the setting you would like to move and press the A(Saturn),O(Playstation) button, now scroll to the setting you would like assigned to that button (represented by a yellow line) and press A(Saturn), O(Playstation) again, the 2 choices will swap places. The Playstation has one extra option than the Saturn, it is located under the Controller configure on the Options Menu Memory.........Save/Load (Saturn version loads automatically) Controls Powering up: This is very important as every attack you perform will consume some power from your characters energy meter. This is how you power up. Hold the power up button, your character will glow and become surrounded by energy, the longer you hold it, the more your energy meter fills. You are very vulnerable while doing this so be careful. Flying: The controls in this game are very simple. To advance towards your opponent, simply hold up on the directional pad, to retreat, hold down. If you press the power up button while flying towards or away from your opponent, your character will fly faster, leaving a trail of energy. This burns up your energy level very fast, so use it sparingly. To revert back to normal speed, press the power up button again. While the flying fast energy boost is being used you can double tap left or right on the control pad to fly in a circular pattern from your opponent, thereby changing the angle of attack (and rotating the screen). You can also fly at angles this way by double tapping diagonally on your control pad. To get a quick burst of speed in a certain direction, double tap and hold the control pad that way and press the power up button, your character will get a short burst of speed. Other than this, you will only move towards or away from your opponent. Blocking: Holding the block button will block everything, no power at all is gained on the power meter for the opposing team if you block moves. The games biggest problem(in my opinion) lies in the blocking system that the game uses. Yes everything can be blocked, but you can only block attacks by your targeted opponent, which is just fine in a one on one fight. But when you have more than one character on each team, the computer will gang up on(or your opponent can send his whole squad after) one of your characters. You cannot block anything an opponent who is not your primary taget does. This gets extremely frustrating when your after one character, but he's always near another member of his team, now you can't advance on them because the one that your not targeting will hit you easily. You are then forced to use energy flying away quickly. This flaw also comes into play when attacking, you will only hit your targeted opponent, even fireballs that are in a direct line with a non-targeted opponent will not hit(but they can hit your characters in the back :). Fireballs(energy attacks): Press the fireball button to shoot an energy burst. Hold the button for a bit and let go, when you do, your character will launch a barrage of energy bursts very fast. The longer you hold the button, the more the character will fire(and the more energy it will consume) As soon as the button is pressed, the character locks his aim at the spot that his targeted opponent is in. When the button is let go, the energy bursts will travel towards that spot, if the opponent has moved towards you they will still hit, as he is still in their path. If your opponent has changed his angle of attack, the bursts will pass by him and you'll be stuck firing for the length of time you held the button, leaving you wide open to an attack. Fireballs will only slightly sway the power meter in your favor, and thats with an awful lot of them. Use them primarily for slowing down your opponent. Character select button: This is available in Z Campaign mode only. It brings up the character select screen, where you can substitute or call out a player from your team. The computer takes control of all fighters on your team when this screen is up. To select a new character to join the battle you must have less than 3 characters in use at the time. If you have 3 in use, Highlight the character you wish to have leave the battle and press A (Saturn), O(Playstation). The word "Chain" under the chosen character will roll to read "Over." Then select the character you wish to join the battle(must have the word "Over" under him) by highlighting his portrait and pressing the A(Saturn), O(Playstation) button again, the word "Open" will roll to "Chain" and he will join the battle under your control. To get back to the battle press the Character select button again. Scroll player characters button: This button, when pressed scrolls through the characters on your team, allowing you to directly control different characters at different times. The larger portrait at the top is the character currently under your control. The Saturn has one button for this and it scrolls from top to bottom through the characters. The Playstation has two buttons for it, one scrolls top to bottom, and the other scrolls bottom to top. Scroll through opposing team(targeting) button: This button, when pressed scrolls through the characters on the opposing team(represented by large pictures on the top right hand side of the screen in one player modes, or small portraits at the end of your characters life and energy bars in two player modes). Whichever character you stop on will be the only character that your character will/can attack while under your control. It is also the only character that you can block the attacks of. As with the player character button, the Saturn has one button for this, it scrolls from top to bottom through your opponents. The Playstation has two, one scrolls top to bottom, the other, bottom to top. Attack button: The attack button has a few different functions, depending on the way the directional pad is pressed before hitting this button. Just the button(no motion)= a flurry of punches and kicks, this will deflect fireballs(starting move for 2nd and 3rd grab and attacks, also regular grab and attack on Playstation) Forward, Forward+Attack= grab and attack(combo starter)(on the Playstation, this must be done during normal flurry of hits attack) Forward+Attack(during any grab and attack)= knock opponent across the screen Back+Attack(during any grab and attack)= knock the opponent the opposite way across the screen Up+Attack= hit that knocks opponent into the air Down+Attack= hit that knocks opponent downward onto the ground Back, Forward+Attack= knocks opponent left or right across screen Half circle from right to left+Attack(during normal flurry of hits attack)= grab and attack pushing your opponent upwards with hits(the initial flurry of hits has to make contact) It does not matter which side of your opponent you are on. Half circle from left to right+Attack(during normal flurry of hits attack)= grab and attack pushing your opponent downward with hits(the initial flurry of hits has to make contact) It does not matter which side of your opponent you are on. All the attacks can be strung after the grab and attack(except the last 3) to create combos. The grab and attack can be hooked onto the other moves as well, making for very long combos(I've done a 23 hit with SS Trunks). To do this just keep the directional pad held(on the Playstation you must Tap and hold) in the direction of your knock away move. Your character will then chase the knocked opponent, stopping where they land(or as soon as you let go of the direction held). Then just follow up with another move, there you have it, instant combo. Be warned on the higher levels characters controlled by the computer are very good at breaking combos. Escapes You can escape your opponents attacks by doing the following as soon you see your opponent start his move(time it so that you perform your escape when you see your opponents move pause, before they start swinging towards you. You have a better chance for success if you do the escape for the same move your opponent is doing to you (Playstation this is necessary), but the Up or Down ones seem to work on all the knockback attacks(Saturn only). (note: Where it says to "hold" the Block button, on the Playstation version you must "Tap" the block button and the direction at the same time) Hold Block and press Up=best escape from Up+Attack(attack that would knock you into air) Hold Block and press Down=best escape from Down+Attack(Attack that knocks you downward) Hold Block and press Forward=best escape from Back, Forward+Attack (across screen attack) To escape from the grab and attack portion of a combo, double tap the control pad any direction except straight up or down while Holding the power up button. Saving After completing a battle in either Z Campaign(Story) or SP Battle (ranking) you are given standings, in Z Campaign you are given a rank, the lower the number the better. In SP battle you are judged in these catagories: Time to complete the current battle Total time in battle so far Number of characters killed in the current battle(your team) Total number of characters killed so far(your team) From this standings screen, press a button to get to the Save screen. On this screen you can choose from the following: Continue but do not save File 1 File 2 File 3 Press the accept button when you have highlighted your choice. It will now ask you if you want to do what you selected. Yes is the first choice, no is the second. Characters There are 35 characters to choose from in versus mode. Here is the order that the characters appear in versus mode, scrolling up from the large X(select this for no character) on Saturn, and scrolling down from the X on Playstation Saturn Playstation Gokou Gokou Super Saiyajin Gokou Gohan(young) Super Saiyajin 3rd Gokou Piccolo Gohan(young) Kulilin Super Saiyajin Gohan(young) Vegeta Super Saiyajin Gohan(teenage) Nappa Gohan(teenage) Gurudo Goten Recoom Piccolo Jiisu Kulilin Baata Young Trunks Ginew Super Saiyajin Trunks Super Saiyajin Gokou Gotenks Freeza Vegeta Super Saiyajin Trunks Super Saiyajin Vegeta Super Saiyajin Vegeta Majin Vegeta Artificial Human #19 Nappa Artificial Human #20 (DR.Gero) Ginew Artificial Human #17 Jiisu Artificial Human #18 Baata Artificial Human #16 Recoom Super Saiyajin Gohan(young) Gurudo Cell Freeza Cell Jr Artificial Human #16 Super Saiyajin Gohan(teenage) Artificial Human #17 Goten Artificial Human #18 Young Trunks Artificial Human #19 Majin Vegeta Artificial Human #20 (Dr.Gero) Dabura (Devil) Cell Majin Buu Cell Jr Super Saiyajin 3rd Gokou Dabura (Devil) Gohan(teenage) Majin Buu Gotenks Super Buu Super Buu Kid Buu Gogeta Gogeta Kid Buu Characters Meteo attacks Here is a description of what the characters do for meteo attacks when the power meter is filled in your favor. (S) = Saturn (P) = Playstation Gokou (S)(P)1.gathers earths ki to create a giant fireball to throw at opponent (S)(P)2.fires a large kamehameha at opponent Super Saiyajin Gokou (S)(P)1.fires a kamehameha then warps behind opponent and fires another (S)(P)2.fires a large kamehameha at opponent Super Saiyajin to the 3rd power Gokou (S)(P)1.flies at opponent grabbing their legs, spins them rapidly and throws them (S)(P)2.he fires an immense kamehameha at opponent Gohan(young) (S)(P)1.fires a masenkou at opponent Super Saiyajin Gohan(young) (P)(S)1.fires large kamehameha at opponent Super Saiyajin Gohan(teenage) (P)(S)1.flares with energy, then fires a kamehameha at opponent Gohan(teenage) (S)(P)1.does a barrage of very hard hitting punches and kicks Goten (S)(P)1.flares with energy in the sky, then dive bombs opponent Piccolo (S)(P)1.fires a masenkousenpa at opponent (S)2.fills the sky with fireballs, they hover then explode on opponent (P)3.fires a huge fireball at opponent Kulilin (S)1.creates 2 energy blades and throws them at opponent (P)2.throws large energy beam that curves upwards, breaking into a hailstorm of fireballs Young Trunks (P)(S)1.shoots a large energy blast at opponent Super Saiyajin Trunks (S)(P)1.gathers a lot of energy, then shoots a giant blast at opponent in the air (P)2.shoots enegy blast that envelopes opponent before exploding (S)3.runs at opponent with sword drawn, slashes them Gotenks (S)(P)1.he does the super ghost kamikaze attack (S)(P)2.he captures the opponent in the energy donut, then explodes it Vegeta (S)1.fires a large fireball upwards at opponent (P)2.does big bang attack (P)3.he does the final flash Super Saiyajin Vegeta (P)1.throws a big bang attack at opponent (P)(S)2.does the final flash (S)3.fires a large fireball upwards at opponent Majin Vegeta (P)1.he does the big bang attack (P)(S)2.he does the final flash (S)3.fires a large fireball upwards at opponent Nappa (S)1.plants a saiyaman in the ground, it comes out and explodes upon grabbing opponent (P)2.causes ground to explode under opponent Ginew (S)(P)1.performs body exchange on opponent and beats up their body (S)(P)2.fires a giant fireball at opponent Jiisu (S)(P)1.throws a crusher ball at opponent Baata (S)(P)1.runs in very fast circles around opponent firing energy blasts Recoom (S)1.does the Recoom eraser gun attack (P)2.charges at opponent, grabbing them and taking them high into the air, then slamming them on the ground Gurudo (S)(P)1.grabs opponent in a psychic hold, then throws a large peice of ground at them Freeza (S)(P)1.fires multiple energy waves at opponent (S)2.fires a barrage of finger lasers at opponent (P)3.kicks opponent away, then fires a homing death ball Artificial Human #16 (P)1.fires energy blast from arm after removing his hand (P)(S)2.fires clentched fist at opponent (S)3.fires energy blast into the ground, then the ground under opponent explodes Artificial Human #17 (S)(P)1.glows with energy then shoots fireballs in all directions Artificial Human #18 (S)(P)1.fires multiple energy blasts at opponent Artificial Human #19 (S)(P)1.jumps on opponent and drains their energy, then stands over them and fires energy blasts at them Artificial Human #20 (Doctor Gero) (P)(S)1.throws huge energy wave at opponent (P)(S)2.grabs opponent in the air, drains their energy, then slams them to the ground Cell (S)(P)1.creates huge energy ball around himself, knocking opponent back (S)(P)2.fires a kamehameha at opponent Cell Jr (S)1.two cell Jrs surround opponent, both fire giant energy blast at opponent in center (P)(S)2.fires an energy blast at opponent Dabura (Devil) (P)1.breathes fire on the opponent (S)2.throws an energy ball at opponent Majin Buu (P)(S)1.creates a huge blast around himself, knocking the opponent back (P)(S)2.throws a huge fireball at opponent, knocking them back Super Buu (S)(P)1.raises one hand and releases a fountain like spray of energy blasts (S)(P)2.Buu screams, creating a blast that knocks opponent down Kid Buu (S)(P)1.sinks one foot into the ground, it comes up under opponent and kicks them 3 times, then he fireballs them (S)(P)2.screams then launches a giant fireball Gogeta (S)(P)1.fires a barrage of energy bolts then peirces opponent with a giant bolt that draws them to him and then explodes (S)2.does a flying tackle to opponent, then fires a barrage of energy bolts at them Miscellaneous If you hold down button X, Y, or Z on the menu and file screens on the Saturn version, the menus will disappear and you will be able to view the pictures underneath unobstructed. The picture in the frame next to the Z Campaign(Story mode) is the stage that save file 1 is on. The Saturn version uses 5 units of internal memory, The Playstation version uses 1 memory block. This includes using all 3 files in both Z campaign mode and SP Battle mode. The games ending has an instrumental version of "We gotta power" playing, while portraits of Gokou, Gohan, Kulilin, Piccolo, Gotenks, Mr. Satan, a collage of Buu's, Trunks, Vegeta, Gogeta scroll by. Lastly a portrait of Gokou stops in the center of the screen over the words "The End." The endings are the same in both versions, except the last portrait of Gokou that stops in the center over the words "the end" is the picture from the system you're playing on's CD and instruction booklet cover. Playstation has Gokou saluting(as if about to warp), Saturn has him saluting also, but his other hand is extended, as if to throw a fireball. The instructions booklet for both versions are identical except for the picture of Gokou on the cover, the screen shots, and the buttons. All the text is the same. I feel the Saturn version is much easier to control, the moves are all supposed to be done the same way on both versions, but the Playstation doesn't always seem to cooperate :) If a character is attacking and hitting an opponent, his portrait will be open mouthed, as if he's yelling. If a character is being hit, his portrait will wince, as if in pain. After a meteo attack the characters on the Saturn version stay at or lose a bit of their energy level. Whereas on the Playstation version everyone's energy meter is filled after a meteo. Super Saiyajin Vegeta is the coolest character ever created ;) Now if only he'd go Level 3, so he could get rid of that awful haircut they gave him in GT :) This faq was written by Henry LaPierre My E-mail address is Thanks for reading, hope you liked it, and remember, no matter how the English Dragonball pronounces it... it's KameHameHa..........not KaMayaMaya :) *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>