NHL Faceoff 99 Hints and Tips - (c) AquaticTums Version: 0.1 Written: 7/30/99 Hints and Tips -When the goalie don't leave your crease. -If your goalie has the puck, and there are oppenets near your goalie smuther it. -All-Star if you can't score, try dumping the puck and the goalie will go for it sometimes when, he trys to pass try to intercept it then go for the goal. -All-Star if you still can't score, take strong slapshots even on break a ways. -Rookie Aim Top Corner with good players. -Don't have a line on for 10 minutes or even 5 the get tired quick. -Use slapshots instead of wristshots, slapers go in more and easier to do. Dream Team G D.Hasek 99 G P.Roy 97 G E.Belfour 95 D N.Lidstrom 96 D C.Progner 96 D R.Blake 94 D S.Niedermayer 92 D S.Ozolinish 92 D C.Chelios 91 F P.Kariya 99 F T.Selanne 99 F J.Jagr 99 F P.Forsberg 98 F J.Sakic 98 F J.Leclair 98 F E.Lindros 98 F P.Bure 97 F M.Modano 95 Thanks to gamefaqs.com for posting this FAQ. Have anything to say about this faq e-mail captainfalcon@netscape.net</p>