Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 20:39:56 -0700 ================================================================================= M E T A L G E A R - S O L I D S N A K E ================================================================================= Compiled by Phiber Optik This walkthrough was written for the full Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid. However it will get you through the Japanese playable demo to. Version 0.09a --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction / Story 2. Controls / Basic Techniques 3. Characters 4. Hints & Tips 5. Walkthrough; I. - Underground Storage Room II. - The Hind III. - first house (floor 1) IV. - The Holding Area (floor B1) V. - Storage Area (floor B2) VI. - Underground Storage Room VII. - The Snowy Gap VIII. - Nuclear Storage Facility IIX. - Thank you Dr. Octacon 6. Acknowledgements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction / Story Intro: Before I start this FAQ / Walkthrough lemme let you in on a couple of things; a) I don't know any Japanese so the story is basically compiled from magazines and web sites. Sorry if it's not all there but I'm gonna get you through the game then work on getting the story straight. b) This is my first time writing something like this. My format is pretty much based on others that I've seen so if I'm writing it out of "style" please let me know! c) This is just a BASIC WALKTHROUGH, It's based on my experience with the game. So if I've found a secret, I probably don't even know it. Basically the path this walkthrough will lead you is just a log of my adventure. Story: The story begins in Alaska towards the early part of the 21st century. The American nuclear weapon storehouse off the coast of the Fox islands is occupied by the active special troops, The Fox Hounds. Liquid Snake, the head honcho of the Fox Hounds, and former comrade of Solid Snake threatens the United States that if they don't cancel the launch the nukes in their mainland killing millions of innocent people within 24 hours it's going to be a nuclear winter for the United States. Once again, Solid Snake, a former ex-Fox Hound leader, is back to save the US from the Fox Hounds. Snake has to sneak in the heavily secured weapon storehouse and stop the threat with in 24 hours. Snake must also seek two other hostages which no one knows if they are even still alive. Can Solid Snake stop and defeat his former group and his former comrade, Liquid Snake? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Controls / Basic Techniques L1/L2: (Item Select) While holding down L2, use the D-Pad to cycle through your inventory and selected item. When you let go of L2, the selected item will be equipped. If you press the L1 button when you are equipping items, they can be quickly deselected. R1/R2: (Weapon Select) Weapons work much the same way. While holding down R2, use the D-Pad to cycle through your weapons. When you let go of R2, the selected weapon will be equipped. If you press the R1 button when you are equipping weapons, they can be quickly deselected. D-Pad: This enables you to move Solid Snake. It can change your field of view in first person mode, and you can use it in battle to change your direction. The pad is also used during item selection. Left Stick: (Snake's movement, viewpoint change) You can only use this if the Analog Mode is switch is on. This has the same functions as the D-Pad with no additional functions. Start, Select, and Analog Buttons: START pauses the game, SELECT changes the game to Radio Mode (to talk with your contacts), and the Analog Button switches control to the stick. X BUTTON: (Action) This button enables Snake to punch, Tapping this button rapidly produces combos. At first, this button can be easy to confuse with the first weapon button CIRCLE BUTTON: (Crawl) Under normal conditions, the circle button will cause you to crouch. If you hold the button down, You can use the D-Pad to crawl around on the ground. SQUARE BUTTON: (Weapon, Throw, or Strangle) This will discharge your weapon when a weapon is equipped. If you have no weapon, you will throw, or strangle an enemy if you catch him by surprise. TRIANGLE BUTTON: (First-Person Mode Switch) This button keeps you in first-person mode as long as you hold it down. L1 makes you look left, R1 makes you look right. In this mode, you can analyze items. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Characters Solid Snake - The Hero of the game, an ex Foxhound leader, Expert in scuba diving, parachuting and free climbing. Solid Snake has an IQ of 180 and is fluent in six languages. "A man who changes impossible to possible." After leaving Foxhound, he worked as a mercenary in covert operations for politicians. But now he's back this time to stop the Foxhound gang from launching nukes. Can Solid Snake defeat his former friends, before they launch the nukes? Liquid Snake - The head leader of the Foxhounds. Former comrade of Solid Snake. His name and age is unknown Ninja - The Ninja appears to be constantly watching Solid Snake. Rumors say that the Ninja is a cyborg. Don't know if he is a friend or foe. He can deflect bullets off his sword easily. Meryl Silverburgh - Raised by military men, Merrill grew up very much as a tomboy. Older sister of Roy Campbell, commanding officer of the Foxhound. Merrill longed to join the group. The day her dream of joining the crack squad was finally realized, a terrorist incident occurred, throwing her immediately into the action. Dr. Naomi - She supports SOLID SNAKE via wireless communication. Sniper Wolf - An incredible sniper. She is trained by one of the Nepalese GURKHAS who boast to be the best snipers in the world. She joined the Foxhound as a Sniper. Vulcan Raven - He is of the mixed blood between an Alaskan Indian and an Eskimo. He has a strong body and can take the cold. He has a raven shaped birthmark on his forehead. Psycho Mantis - Former KGB spy, has super-natural power. After the collapse of the Soviet Union he lost his job and went to the United States. He is employed by the FBI for some time but later joins the FOXHOUND troops. Revolver Ocelot - Former SPETSNAZ. After the collapse of the Soviet Union he worked for Omon and later for the Russia Tax Police Shock Battalion but was hired to work in the USA and joins the FOXHOUND troop. Gun mania. He is extremely fond of Westerns and Italian Westerns. Mie Ling - She is in charge of the communication data processing in this operation. Specializing in the image and data processing operations of spy satellites. She also developed the new communication equipment and radar used by Snake in this mission. Roy Campbell- Ex-Commander of FOX HOUND. Though already retired from the armed forces, he has been called out because there was no other commander who could get in touch with Solid Snake, the only man who can interdict the terrorist act of this time. Nastasha Romeneko - Military analyst. In her thirties, loves smoking. Specializing in hi-tech weapons and nuclear weapons. Lives in Los Angeles. Her support to Snake is provided via vidcom. Octacon - An engineer of Arms Tech company. He _______ as one of the _______ in the _______ terrorist act of this time. Decoy Octopus - Information and details are unknown. Master Miller - Master of survival Training. A third generation AJA ( American Japanese Ancestry ) . He served in the SAS, Green beret,Marine Corps and FOX HOUND as a master of survival training. In those days he was familiar among soldiers as a hard-hearted instructor and was called " Master Miller " with respect. After retiring from the armed forces, he lives in the nature of Alaska. The chief of DARPA - The chief of DARPA ( Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ) . An advocate of the nuclear retaliation theory. He was taken hostage at Alaskan base during the terrorist act. The reason why he came to the nuclear weapon disposal facility was unknown. Kenneth Baker - The President of ArmsTech Company. Which is the leading company of the military industry. Rotend middle age man. He was taken hostage at Alaskan base during the terrorist act. It is unknown why the president of ArmsTect who is a civilian, was in the nuclear weapon disposal facility. Jim Houseman - Minister of the Department of Defense. Jim Houseman. Controls the whole operation from AWACS. He was in active service when the US enjoyed strong leadership over the world. Big Boss - Ex-FOX HOUND commander. Taught as a mercenary around the world in the 70's. Respected by the people as the mythological " Great Soldier " In the 90's, he was appointed as a member of hi-tec unconventional warfare force, FOX HOUND. By the ample funds and connections from his mercenary days, he built an independent militarized nation, " OUTER HEAVEN " but it was destroyed by Solid Snake. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Hints & Tips - Play the previous Metal Gear games. You'll appreciate the demo more and feel superior to those who have not played them. - Play through the first VR Training - Training Mode , The others help but evasion is priority number one in this game. There are only 10 stages in each category but PLEASE beat the first one! The VR Training modes I've found are; Training Mode, Time Attack Mode and Gun Shooting Mode. I really don't feel like beating the Gun Shooting Mode! - Rather than running out and start shooting the guards, try to sneak up behind the guard and snap his neck or if you get caught, use him as a human shield against gunfire. Anyone that's played the first two Metal Gears knows that you need to preserve anything and everything! - Stay hidden, don't expect to kill all the guards you run across and live. - Lean up against corners to peek around so you can see approaching guards because it's always nice to know what lies ahead. - Try to stay far behind a guard. Sometimes they'll spin around while making their rounds and spot you closing in for the kill. Watch and study their motions before attempting to subdue them or pass by them. - Guards can hear. Don't run through puddles, tap on walls, break necks, or set off explosives within earshot. (For the lesser noises, i.e. not weapons, being off screen is good enough most of the time!) - Pay attention to your radar. You can tell where and what the guards are doing by it. It turns red when they notice something strange, (In other words, foot prints and sounds) it will disappear when they yawn or sneeze (Their eyes close) and most important of all, you can see if guards are coming, looking your way or if their back is turned. - When crawling out from under something (Vehicle or ventilation duct) wait for the guard to pass by first. (There's always a guard, trust me) Your radar will disappear when you switch to the crawling viewpoint, so you can't see the guards approaching. - When you use the chaffs, remember that the guards can hear them. (The best advice is to not use them at all, sneaking is just as easy and doesn't alert the guards) - The cardboard box isn't the uber item it was in the first one. Guards will notice a suspicious box sitting there and tip it over, exposing you, in a crouching position. (Although I have heard some interesting things about the box and security cameras... - When snapping a guard's neck, you have to be quick enough to run up while his back is turned (Or his attention is diverted) and tap that square button, a lot. If he's facing you, you could wait in case he yawns or sneezes, than, run up and throw him (Square button again) as he gets up, position yourself behind him and tap the square button until you feel that shudder on your Dual Shock pad. - When using the Socom, fire controlled precise shots. It only takes three to kill and you don't want to run out of ammo. - Using an enemy as a shield involves the same method as breaking his neck. Press Square from behind him but don't tap it. You can than move freely with a shield. (After three or so shots,he's gone and you'll need to get a new shield) He'll struggle every few seconds and try to break free, when he does tap the square button once to subdue him for a bit. (You'll feel him struggle with your Dual shock, BTW) Don't try to break his neck after he begins to struggle. (One tap is enough to subdue him) If you try to snap him, you'll just drop him to the ground, giving him a chance to turn the tables on you. - Elevators wont work while an alert is active, you'll have to wait it out. - Items, weapons and enemy awareness will change depending on your actions. Staying inconspicuous will result in fewer guards. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Walkthrough I. - Underground Storage Room: The game starts when Snake comes out of the water and takes off some of his gear. Catch the call that you get from Roy Campbell. Crouch and head under the steel box. Stay to the left and run towards the wall right in front of you. Keep you back to the wall and catch the pattern of the soldier walking around near you. When he heads towards the top of this room run along the left wall and stand near the boxes. When the same guard heads down the middle aisle run to the far top right hand corner of the room. You'll get a call around now from Roy Campbell again but wait until your hidden between the forklift and the top wall to answer it. While you're back there grab the ration in the corner. Stay here until the elevator comes back down and when the coast is clear head straight for it. Remember that if you're spotted the elevator isn't going anywhere until the alert is off so be careful. II. - The Hind After the cut scene, run to the left of the elevator and grab the ration that's over there. Now move up to where the spotlights are moving across the helicopter pad. Make your way to the ramp on the left. Stand here until you can run between the spotlights and grab the chaff grenades. Run back to the left and you should see a security camera. Sneak past it and grab the stun grenades towards the left wall. Now make your way back to the crates that you started this area. Make your way to the right up the snow covered bank and get to the third box up. Grab the ration to the right of it and hide here. Don't worry if you can't carry anymore rations. This is a good thing! Be alert because this guard looks between the second and third boxes so be on the right of it. When this guard continues down, make your way to the left. You should see a truck. Hop in the back of it and grab your Socom behind the crate. Hide here until the guard makes his rounds. When he's off somewhere else run towards the camera you see on the right of your radar. A soldier will be making his rounds near here so evade him to your best abilities. When you can, run under the camera and up the first flight of stairs. Stay here because sometimes there's a guard at the top and you don't want to be spotted. Since he walks the entire length of this platform, wait until he's to the far left. Run to the second indentation and duck to crawl through this shaft. Catch the call you get here by Roy Campbell. III. - Tank Storage Room: The lower vent duct: (With the underwater section) Crawl forward. Take the right passage and answer the radio call from Master Miller. Once you're finished, continue forward into the underwater section. Keep moving forward and you will have enough oxygen. Follow the passage until you reach the grates. Continue on to the last grate and wait for the guard to pass. (Careful, he'll stop and check the wall before moving on.) The upper vent duct: (In this duct, you'll see an extra cut scene) There is no way to deviate from the vent here. You'll get a call from Master Miller at the beginning and a call from Roy Campbell at the ladder informing you to descend using the action button. As you pass over the first grate, it will switch to a cut scene of the guards talking below you. Follow the vent to its exit and answer the call from Master Miller if you want. If you need a ration just pass the exit in the air duct and grab it. When you get out it places you right outside of the camera's view. Don't move, answer your call if you wish from Roy. If you need them, there are some chaff grenades to your left. Sneak past the camera and onto the room on the right. Evade the camera and grab the thermal goggles. Exit this room and continue down and around to the lower floor. The lower floor: Use a chaff grenade or just sneak past the camera and get to the middle section of the stairs. Crouch here and observe the guards movements. When you're in the clear run down to call the elevator with the circle button. It takes only five seconds until it opens but if a guard is coming run back to the staircase and hide until you can get to it again. Don't worry if you didn't catch it before because now when you call it opens immediately. The Elevator: The panel is in the lower left hand corner of the elevator, run up to it to activate it. Highlight B1 and press circle, this will take you down to the prison. IV. - The Holding Area (B1): First off answer the call you get. In the full game it's from Mie Ling. Press the circle button a couple of times until you get to a menu that has two choices. Select the first to save your game, select the second to cancel. Now follow the corridor down and to the right to the ladder. Answer the call you get and climb the ladder. Once inside, crawl forward. Take the fork to the left if you want to pick up some Socom bullets. Continue through the vents until you come to the last grate. Also a call will come in about this time. Hit the circle button to make Snake bust open the grate and let himself down into the cell with The chief of DARPA. [End of demos.] After this long movie you seem to be stuck in the cell. You'll hear a little bit of noise outside of the cell but crouch and go under the bed to grab a ration. By this time someone will have unlocked your cell. When you exit there will be a cutscene. Be aware though that RIGHT after this scene troops are running in the room to nail you two. Snake will already have his gun pulled and so will the lady that let you out. The soldiers come in groups of three so they're not to hard to take care of. Another thing is most of the troops you blast will drop rations and ammo. Stay up on both of these because they keep coming! After you kill the first three a VERY SHORT cutscene breaks in. The lady you're with guns down three more troops and Snake runs back beside her. (If you've moved anywhere.) After this when the next three are moving in gun them down and run to the top of your screen. Just stay here to shoot everyone in the side before they can pivot to shoot you and grab everything they drop. Be sure to keep your health up to since the rations they drop won't be there in a bit. Also a few soldiers try and get sneaky by throwing three mines into the room. If you're at the top in the corner you won't get scratched. After these three are dead the alert is up and everything seems cool. Set back and watch the crazy cutscene that introduces Psycho Mantis. Now you have a new item, the level 1 access card. Ring the elevator and head to Tank Storage room (1). When the elevator opens stay against one of the walls to the guards don't see you. Head out the elevator and to the left. The camera angle now changes so you're heading to what is now your right. Equip your level 1 access card and head towards the wide door with a "1" on it. When it opens duck behind one of the crates. The door will slide shut behind you and the guard in the room still doesn't know what's up. For some reason he really likes to look at the ammunition so sneak up behind him and take him out by breaking his neck. Grab the Socom suppressor(silencer) and a ration. Head back to the elevator and go to the Storage Area (B2). V. - Storage Area (B2) When you walk out of the elevator equip your thermal goggles. This will allow you to see the trap doors in the floor. Look for a room with a "1" on it. It's the room right below the elevator. Equip your access 1 card and enter the room to grab the 2 crates of C-4. Equip your thermal goggles again and run to the lower left hand corner of the Storage Area room. Place C-4 in the bottom-left corner here. Walk away to a safe distance and detonate all of it. Go back to the elevator and take it to any floor you wish. Ride back to B2 and head into the same room you got the C-4 in. Look it' back. Oooooh! Now that you have some extra C-4 head through the hole you just made. In the corridor go down until the floor texture changes. On the right hand side where the concrete ends, place some C-4 and nuke it to reveal another passageway. In this cluttered corridor place a C-4 at the very right and nuke it. Now to the top you may want to notice a place that has no cracks but looks like it's been cemented over. Place a C-4 there also and nuke it. Don't enter this one yet unless you have as much ammo as you can carry for your gun and you have two rations. If not don't go in there just yet. Head to the right into another hallway avoiding a camera/gun at the bottom and another at the top. You can find two rations in here. When you think you're ready head into that hole at the top of the corridor. In a cutscene you'll find Kenneth Baker tied up with trip-wires all around him that are connected to C-4. You now have to fight Revolver Ocelot. Now this is a gun using fool. Watch out for his sure-shot aim and the skill he has to ricochet bullets off the wall to hit you. Watch his bullet count and your health in this fight. When he goes to reload, go stomp his ass whether it's your fists or your gun. Just don't try and trap him with C-4 somewhere because I'm telling you it doesn't work like that. However the super easy way to beat him is just to run in crazy patterns after him and wait for him to boast. This is the preferred time to pop him. Notice that when he's hit he has kind of a grace period of which he can't be hit. Don't waste your ammo if he's blinking. Once you get his life to zero you get a long ass cut scene. First Introducing the cyborg Ninja. Nice. Now you need to save. Hit select and go to your radio menu. Hit down on the D-pad. It should bring you to a menu which is of preset radio stations. Highlight the one with 140.96. Talk to Mia Ling and save your game. From now on I won't tell you when to save it. I'll let you think of that. Now that you have acquired the level 2 access card you can go crazy in B2. While you're here we'll learn a new trick. Watch out though because now there are guards in there with you. Beware that the room to the bottom right has traps in it, BUT it has the FA-MAS machine gun. Awe yea! Get all the weapons from here and head back to the elevator. Go to level 1. VI. - Underground Storage Room Now that you're back on level 1. If you haven't gotten them yet then grab the Socom bullets from behind the steps. Head up the stairs and use the level 2 key to open the door next to the stairway. There you will find the cardboard box and chaff grenade. Get out of there and go down and back around on the second floor to the room above where you got the thermal goggles. Use your level 2 card here to enter. Grab the mine detector and the ration if you need it. Go next to the computer and change frequency to 140.15. Here you'll talk to the female spy which turns out to be Meryl Silverburgh. You can also call 141.52 and talk to Nastasha Romeneko. When your running back around to go to the lower level of floor one Meryl Silverburgh and the female spy will ring you. They open the wide door next to the elevator on level 1. Run down to this and when you go in you'll get a call. Answer it if you want. Watch out in this room because there are invisible trip lasers that will trigger the door to shut and you'll be gassed to death. This part is very easy. Just equip your infrared goggles and you'll see the lasers moving up and down. When you get past them equip your level 2 access card and open the door. VII. - Snowy Gap When you start this part you best equip your mine detector. Note that they show up in your radar screen and not in your actual vision. Here you're introduced to Vulcan Raven and his big toy. The way to kill him is simple. Land a couple of well tossed grenades RIGHT ON TOP of the tank. Take your time trying to get them in the right place because with limited ammo everything has to count. If you run out or want to try and beat him with fewer grenades just die. You start out RIGHT there. By the way, it IS possible to beat him with two grenades. VIII.- Nuclear Storage Facility Now you're in the Nuclear storage facility. You also have acquired the level 3 access card. Head over to the left and up the steps to grab the ration. Go back down and head down the ramp to the garage door that's barely open. Crawl under it and head all the way to the left. Run up the steps and while avoiding the guard call the elevator. Go to (the offices) B1. When you exit the elevator equip your level 3 key and head to the room directly below you. In this room head to the center to avoid detection.when you get a chance go up the mini staircase and into the office on the right. Grab the Nikita and the extra rockets and go out of that room. Head back to the elevator and now go to B2. Have your level 3 card equipped and head down through the set of sliding doors. In this room snake will notice a small security measure. If it isn't obvious after watching the cutscene what it is you have to do, stand right at the second door. Now once you're in this section of offices know that you're being gassed. However it's quite alright because it doesn't affect you so much. Equip your Nikita and fire a missile straight down over the walkway and left at the end. (YOUR LEFT) Note that if you have an analog controller doing this is MUCH easier than with the digital pad. After making the missile turn to your left guide it into the office with the table. From here on up there will be camera guns that will shoot you down so get through these rooms as quick as possible. Guide the missile up past another camera gun and past the other desk to the doorway that's on the left-hand side of the office. Now guide your missile to the right and through that doorway to nail the generator with all the wires in front of it. If you missed run back up to the room right before the walkway to get your breath back so Snake won't die. When you nail the generator head down the walkway and the first office on your right will have a ration in it. The second on the right is locked, it's for the elite level 4. The third will posses the gas mask but it also is guarded by a camera gun. I suggest running back up to get your breath back. From now on I'll leave it up to you to decide when to run back for air. So equip your gas-mask. You'll toggle back and forth as needed. Running back down the walkway head to your left and up to the first office. Use your keycard and grab the grenades and C-4. At the second office use your keycard and grab the extra Nikita missiles. The third office is for level 4 users. Up through the walkway go into the room that contains the generator that you nuked. Grab the Chaff grenades and ration. Head back down to the hall way and continue all the way to the right. This door has something sprayed on it that looks like "Hall's Lab, keep out". Use your keycard and enter this door. Walk through this strange door going to the right until you get to the room with the door at the top. When you walk through this door you should get a cut scene. Follow through this bloody hallway until you get the next cut scene with the ninja. Follow the Cyborg Ninja through the broken level 4 door. This cutscene introduces Octacon the computer geek. The Ninja has to be beaten with your bare hands and feet. This is a lot of fun let me tell ya. The prime choice to beat him id right where you started. Just run in awkward circular patterns and when he gets done doing his flip kicks and all that fancy stuff just nail him with one of Snakes combos. When he cloaks himself he's just as simple to find. Watch for him landing his jumps. When he lands kick his ass. Now that you have his energy super low he doesn't do as many of his pretty tricks. He stands to taunt you and when you run to hit him he disappeared and reappears behind you. So run up to him and punch once. Make a 180 and do a combo. You've finally got him when he turns into a blue ball of light and teleports. When he's tweaking out just chase him around and cap him with one of your guns. Don't try and punch or kick him or you'll get nailed by his energy field. IIX. - Thank you Dr. Octacon Finally you have the level 4 key you always wanted. You also have a new hookup. Go ahead and call the doc on 141.12 to get him into your radio's memory. Exit the Computer lab and run through the bloody hallway until you get back to the gas filled hallway. Go to the level 4 room you couldn't access earlier to grab the night vision goggles. Also pick up the extra rations that if you were around if you didn't need them before. When you start playing Psycho Mantis he takes control over Meryl. Just punch her a couple of times to knock her out. Mantic is very easy, however the trick to beating him is patience. He starts with a very simple pattern so watch it and take notes. And also note that the ONLY way to beat him is with your hand combat skills. In my opinion the best spot to crouch and wait for him to finish levitating everything is right above the desk. I beat him by always running back here and waiting him out and nailing him when he made the paintings and pictures fly off the wall. Remember patience is the key, I think it took my twenty minutes or so to beat him. Finally when you get his life to around twenty-five percent he switches things up a bit. He revives Meryl and makes her bust herself in the head. Learn his new pattern and then kick his ass. When your done he moves the bookshelf for you in the cutscene. Now you have your direction. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Acknowledgements First thanks to Konami. I saw this game for the first time at the E3 in Atlanta in 97'. It was a showstopper then and it always will be. Mad Skills Konami! All my friends that thought it was pointless to play the Japanese version of the game. WHO CARES ABOUT THE PLOT! When it gets out here I'll breeze through it, reading everything like a book. Nothing is wrong with that! Mad thanks to my girlfriend. She was back home to visit me from school in New York and understood my passion for this game but she only let me play it when she was working. Sounded good to me! Metal Gear is a registered trademark of Konami Japan and Hideo Kojima Also if you wanna rip this up and / or put your name on it, know that I own you. We'll both know that you didn't write any of this. So have fun! ]) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>