===================================================================== / / / Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption Consortium Unit FAQ / / / ===================================================================== Version History Version 1.00 - Finished all units. Version 1.01 - More sites hosting the guide, additional info. --------------------------------------------------------------------- / 1. Table of Contents (TBLCO)/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- To jump to a specific unit, press ctrl-f and type the code next to the boss' name. Be sure to include the parenthesis. 1. Table of Contents------------------------------------------(TBLCO) 2. Introduction-----------------------------------------------(INTRO) 3. Space Units------------------------------------------------(SPAUN) I.Space Unit Format---------------------------------------(SFORM) II.StarViper----------------------------------------------(STVIP) III.Skipray Blastboat-------------------------------------(SKIPY) IV.Crusader Gunship---------------------------------------(CRUSR) V.Interceptor IV------------------------------------------(INTIV) VI.Vengeance----------------------------------------------(VENGA) VII.Keldabe-----------------------------------------------(KELDB) VIII.Aggressor--------------------------------------------(AGRES) 4. Space Heros------------------------------------------------(SPAHE) I.Bossk (Hound's Tooth)-----------------------------------(BOSHT) II.IG-88 (IG-2000)----------------------------------------(IG200) III.Tyber Zann (Merciless)--------------------------------(TZMER) 5. Ground Units-----------------------------------------------(GROUT) I.Ground Unit Format--------------------------------------(GFORM) II.Grenadier----------------------------------------------(GREND) III.Mercenary Assault Squad-------------------------------(MERAS) IV.Nightsister--------------------------------------------(NIGHS) V.Vornskr-------------------------------------------------(VOSKR) VI.Ewok Handler-------------------------------------------(EWOKH) VII.Destroyer Droid Mk II---------------------------------(DDMK2) VIII.F9-TZ Cloaking Transport-----------------------------(F9TZT) IX.Missile Attack Launcher--------------------------------(MIALA) X.MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon--------------------------------(MZ8PC) XI.Canderous Assault Tank---------------------------------(CANAT) XII.Consortium Mobile Defense Unit------------------------(CMMDU) 6. Ground Heros-----------------------------------------------(GROHE) I.Tyber Zann----------------------------------------------(TYBZA) II.Urai Fenn----------------------------------------------(URAIF) III.Silri-------------------------------------------------(CSILR) IV.IG-88--------------------------------------------------(CIG88) V.Bossk---------------------------------------------------(CBOSS) VI.Defiler------------------------------------------------(DEFLR) 7. Frequently Asked Questions---------------------------------(FAQS!) 8. Credits----------------------------------------------------(CREDS) 9. Contact Information----------------------------------------(CINFO) 10. Copyright Information-------------------------------------(COPYI) --------------------------------------------------------------------- / Introduction (INTRO)/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! I'm PenguinOwl222, and this is my Consortium Unit FAQ for Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption. This is my second guide, my first being the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Boss FAQ. This guide is for those wanting a FAQ on all Consortium units, different strategies, ect. I was very surprised to see that not only was there a lack of a Consortium Unit guide for this game, but there wasn't a single FAQ for the entire game. That is what inspired me to write this guide. The Zann Consortium is generally considered to be the strongest playable faction in the game. I agree with this, as they have some very powerful units at their disposal, not to mention 2 different capital ships, double that of the Rebels or Empire. So, let's get into the units! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / Space Units (SPAUN)/ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Format (SFORM)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This is the format I'll use to describe all the space units, including space Heros. Name: Self-Explanitory Class: Is this unit a fighter, corvette, frigate, or Capital Ship? Supply: How much supply this unit takes up. Cost: How many credits you have to dish out for it in skirmish mode. Hard Points:What hard points this unit has (if any). Abilities: What abilities the unit has, and what they do. Strong: What it's strong against. Weak: What it's weak against. Description: A description of the unit. Strategy: How to use this unit effectively. Opinion: On a scale of 1-10, and why I think so. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / StarViper (STVIP)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: StarViper Class: Fighter Supply: 1 Cost: 650 Credits Hard Points:No Hard Points Abilities: Deploy Buzz Droids-Deploys Buzz Droids that attack enemy fighters and corvettes. Not very consistent, though, as sometimes they just hover in place, not doing anything. Strong: TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber, X-Wing, Y-Wing Weak: Corvette class ships Description: A powerful and versatile fighter. It has extremely high maneuverability, an impressive array of firepower and carries a payload of Buzz Droids that when deployed wreak havoc on enemy ships. Strategy: They can hold their own in a fighter only battle, in fact, they are better than X-Wings or TIE Interceptors, mostly because of their Buzz Droids. However, in large scale battles, they will be taken down in the blink of an eye by the enemy's corvette class ships. Good in the beginning, but not very useful later on. Opinion: I'll give it a 6, because they are superior fighters, but practically useless later on. The Buzz Droids seem to work only half the time, and are taken down fairly easy by enemy corvettes. Besides, in late game, I don't use any fighters at all. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Skipray Blastboat (SKIPY)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Skipray Blastboat Class: Fighter Supply: 1 Cost: 750 Credits Hard Points:No Hard Points Abilities: Sensor Jamming- Hides units from enemy radar. I can't tell a difference whether it's on or off, I just don't bother with it. Strong: Capital Ships, Frigates, Space Stations Weak: Corvettes and Fighters Description: A heavy unit once favored by the empire, it was eventually phased out and replaced. However, Tyber Zann redesigned the ship as a bomber by converting its cargo hold and adding sensor jamming equipment. Strategy: These guys are your bombers, only use these guys against Capital Ships, Frigates, and Space Stations. In a large battle, have your other units charge in first to distract the firepower from your bombers, then let them wreak havoc on the enemy. They can take down an individual hard point in the blink of an eye, I recommend taking out hangars and shield generators first, so they stop spawning extra units, and so that your other units can help in destroying the Space Station/Ship. Also, if you are playing Galactic Conquest, make sure you have one in orbit before you attack an enemy planet, so that you have access to bombing runs during the assault. Opinion: 9, these guys will be in your fleet for a long time, and for good reason. With the ability to destroy hard points with ease, and not to mention bombing runs, these are going to be a major thorn in your enemy's side. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Crusader Gunship (CRUSR)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Crusader Gunship Class: Corvette Supply: 2 Cost: 1900 Credits Hard Points:No Hard Points Abilities: Point Defense Laser System- Causes the Crusader to fire a laser at any torpedo or missile. This ability is great for defending not only the Crusader, but also other frigates, Capital Ships, and Space Stations. Keep in mind, however, that it also affects your own torpedos and missiles, so don't have it on when your Skiprays go on the offensive. Strong: Fighters of any sort Weak: Frigates, Capital Ships Description: Named for the crusaders of Mandalorian past, this gunship is well armed with highly accurate point defense laser cannons designed to destroy incoming enemy missiles and efficiently eliminate fighters. Strategy: This is the only corvette-class ship in the entire Consortium, so there will be many of these in your fleet. These units should be used to decimate enemy fighters, especially bombers. If your enemy is sending wave after wave of bombers at you, the best solution is to have these guys with their Point Defense Laser Systems ability on. The big laser takes care of the torpedos, while the regular laser destroys the bombers in seconds. Opinion: 8, there is no better anti-fighter unit in the Consortium. However, their use is limited against non-fighters. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Interceptor IV (INTIV)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Interceptor IV Class: Frigate Supply: 3 Cost: 2400 Credits Hard Points:Turbo Laser Battery x2 Concussion Missile Launcher x1 Abilities: Full Salvo- The Interceptor IV continuously fires concussion missiles at a target. Basically, as soon as you encounter an enemy, use Full Salvo to thin out the enemy's force. Strong: Corvettes of any kind Weak: Bombers, Capital Ships Description: Refitted with better engines, shielding and most notably, increased firepower over its predecessors. The Interceptor IV has become the workhorse of the Consortium fleet. Strategy: It's better to keep these guys behind your main fleet and pepper the opposition with concussion missiles from Full Salvo. They aren't very good against Space Stations, mostly because they don't have enough hard points. Just use these guys to keep the battlefield free of enemy frigates so that your bombers can do most of the work. Opinion: 4, I find these units useless. The only good part about it is Full Salvo, but it only lasts a few seconds, and has a long cool down time. It doesn't destroy fighters very well, it can't hold it's own against enemy frigates, and Capital Ships just tear these guys apart. The worst part of this unit is its armor. With only three hard points that are incredibly vulnerable, bombers can destroy them in the blink of an eye. Just leave these guys home, if you want a frigate, go with the Vengeance instead. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Vengeance (VENGA)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Vengeance Class: Frigate Supply: 3 Cost: 3300 Credits Hard Points:Mass Driver x2 Turbo Laser Battery x2 Engines x1 Abilities: Cloak- Makes unit invisible to the enemy. I love to use this ability to sneak them right on top of the enemy Space Station, and spring a surprise attack on them. Also useful to protect a weakened Vengeance frigate, and fly it away to safety. Strong: Fighters, Corvettes, Lighter Frigates, Space Stations Weak: Bombers, Heavy Frigates, Capital Ships Description: A unique frigate class unit with mass driver cannons that bypass shields and do direct damage to the hull of their target. The ship contains no shields, but is equipped with a cloaking generator allowing it to disappear from enemy radar and visual range. Strategy: These guys can take down almost any enemy with ease. The secret is the mass drivers it has, it can tear apart not only fighters, but can deal direct damage to hard points or the hull. However, you want to deal as much damage as you can, then cloak and get out of there, because they don't have any shields, and are vulnerable to many attacks as such. Opinion: 9, this is my favorite frigate in the entire game. The mass drivers can destroy fighters quickly, a feature that most other frigates lack. Those same mass drivers can eliminate the most dangerous hard points on enemy ships incredibly quickly. The only glaring weakness of the Vengeance is its lack of shields. However, it usually doen't even come into effect, because the enemy is destroyed before they can even attack it. Make sure you bring lots of these guys to the battle with you. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Keldabe (KELDB)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Keldabe Class: Capital Ship Supply: 4 Cost: 5300 Credits Hard Points:Mass Driver x2 Turbo Laser Battery x4 Ion Cannon Battery x2 Special Weapon x1 Engines x2 (!) Abilities: Leech Shield Power- The Keldabe drains the shields of an enemy unit, and uses it to temporarily power up attacks. The damage increase isn't that noticable, but the shield draining is. Along with its two ion cannons, shields on enemy units won't last long. Strong: Everything Weak: Bombers Description: A formidable new Capital Ship. It is fitted with a weapon that leeches shields from its target, and uses the stolen energy to power its own weapon systems. Strategy: There's really nothing to say here, simply send one of these into a battle, and watch all of the enemy units get destroyed. Make sure you take out enemy bombers, as they might destroy a hard point, but other than that, have fun with them! Opinion: 10, these are the best units in the entire game when it comes to space. One time, I took out a level 4 Space Station and a sizeable enemy fleet with nothing but a Keldabe and IG-88. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Aggressor (AGRES)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Aggressor Class: Capital Ship Supply: 4 Cost: 4800 Credits Hard Points:Special Weapon x2 Turbo Laser Batery x2 Shield Generator x1 Engines x1 Abilities: Self Destruct- The Aggressor blows up, causing massive damage to surrounding enemies. The only reason this ability should ever be used in Skirmish mode, and every had point but the engines and/or shield generator has been destroyed. In Galactic Conquest, you should try to save these ships, not have them blow up for damage that would probably be inflicted anyway. Strong: Frigates, Capital Ships, Space Stations Weak: Fighters, Bombers Description: A Consortium Capital Ship of unique design, the Aggresor-class Destroyer is built around a pair of cannons that fire two shots in succession inflicting massive damage on a target. Strategy: These guys were built to destroy the biggest and baddest of the enemy fleet. Its basic attack is to shoot one blue ion cannon shot, followed by one red normal shot. The ion cannon will eliminate the shields of nearly anything in the game (it does massive shield damage to Space Stations), while one red shot will be he end of a individual hard point. Just make sure to have either Bossk, IG-88, or a Crusader around to eliminate bombers, or they will destroy the special weapons, and if they are destroyed, the Aggressor losses everything that makes it useful. Also, don't bother with more than one of these, your supply would better go to another Keldabe rather than another Aggressor. Opinion: 8, these guys can destroy a hard point in one shot. However, it has such a specialized role that more than one is a waste. It does have a useless ability, but it doesn't need it. It is always a benefit to include one in your attack force. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / Space Heros (SPAHE)/ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Bossk (Hound's Tooth) (BOSHT)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Hound's Tooth Class: Fighter Hero Supply: 1 Cost: 1200 Credits Hard Points:No Hard Points Abilities: Sensor Jamming- Hides units from enemy radar. I never really noticed a difference when this ability is on or off, so I usually don't bother. Strong: Fighters, Bombers Weak: Corvettes, Frigates, Capital Ships Description: A tenacious and greedy Trandoshan bounty hunter who values credits over everything else. Bossk pilots the ship Hound's Tooth. Strategy: Treat Bossk like a corvette. Use him against fighters, but anything larger than that will give Bossk difficulties. Opinion: 7, He is the worst space hero for the Consortium. Basically like a corvette, except with an ability that doesn't really do anything. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / IG-88 (IG-2000) (IG200)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: IG-2000 Class: Fighter Hero Supply: 1 Cost: 1700 Credits Hard Points:No Hard Points Abilities: Corrupt Systems- Causes enemy units to go haywire. Basically, enemy shields will be drained, abilities will be deactivated, and the ships will have horrible accuracy. Overall, a very nice ability. Strong: Fighters, Bombers, Frigates Weak: Corvettes, Capital Ships, Space Stations Description: An assassin droid who's one of the galaxy's most feared and proficient bounty hunters. IG-88 pilots the ship IG-2000. Strategy: IG-88 can take down fighters and bombers just as well as any other corvette. What makes him stand out above other corvettes, however, is his ability to take on frigates. He can take out hard points quickly, and even take down the entire ship. IG-88 does better against Imperial Frigates, however, due to their ability, which causes their shields to be drained. Opinion: 9, IG-88 is a fantastic hero. His ability can wreak havoc among the enemy, he can take out those pesky bombers, and can even take on frigates. He is the perfect hero to bring with you to space battles. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Tyber Zann (Merciless) (TZMER)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Merciless Class: Capital Ship Hero Supply: 4 Cost: 5800 Credits Hard Points:Special Weapon x2 Turbo Laser Battery x2 Shield Generator x1 Engines x1 Abilities: Blast- The Merciless unleashes two very powerful blasts. Cloak- The Merciless becomes invisible. An excellent ability for a Capital Ship. Strong: Frigates, Capital Ships, Space Stations Weak: Fighters, Bombers Description: Self proclaimed leader of the Underworld organization, the Zann Consortium. Tyber Zann is cold, methodical and ruthless to the core. Tyber commands his personal flagship, the Merciless. Strategy: Use him the exact same way you would a normal Aggressor. One thing to note, however, is his ability to cloak. There is nothing quite like springing a surprise attack with an invisibe Capital Ship. Opinion: 8, for the exact same reasons as the Aggressor. If you bring Tyber Zann with you on an assault, then you don't need another Aggressor. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / Ground Units (GROUT)/ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Ground Unit Format (GFORM)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This is the format I'll use to describe all the ground units, including ground Heros. Name: Self-Explanitory Cost: How many credits you have to dish out for it in skirmish mode. Abilities: What abilities the unit has, and what they do. Strong: What it's strong against. Weak: What it's weak against. Description: A description of the unit. Strategy: How to use this unit effectively. Opinion: On a scale of 1-10, and why I think so. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Grenadier (GREND)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Grenadier Cost: 450 Credits Abilities: Proximity Mines- The Grenadiers lay mines on the ground that causes damage ot any enemy that passes over them. Place these at choke points, and other than that, they don't really do much. Stimpack- Increases movement speed and damage of the Grenadier, but also damages them. I don't use this ability at all, because the movement and damage bonuses are so insignificant that it is pointless to use. Strong: Infantry Weak: Anti-Infantry Tanks, Pretty much everything that isn't infantry Description: The Grenadier Squad is a backup infantry unit. Its members carry grenade launchers loaded with standard concussion grenade ammunition. They rarely need to get within blaster range to do tremendous damage. Strategy: Use them to capture reinforcement points and build pads. They can handle infantry squads, but other than that, these guys will fall to low level vehicles. Opinion: 3, these guys are pretty much useless. The Mercenary Assault Squad should be your choice for infantry if you need it. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Mercenary Assault Squad (MERAS)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Mercenary Assault Squad Cost: 600 Credits Abilities: Stimpack- Increases movement speed and damage of the Grenadier, but also damages them. I don't use this ability at all, because the movement and damage bonuses are so insignificant that it is pointless to use. Strong: Infantry, Tanks without shields Weak: Tanks with shields, Artillery Description: The Basic Infantry units of Tyber Zann's ground forces. They carry modified Disruptor Rifles that can be instantly switched between disruptor and standard blaster ammunition. Strategy: These guys are slightly better than Grenadiers, because they can hold their own against nonshielded tanks, such as the AT-ST. However, they can still be taken down fairly easy by pretty much anything else, like the T2-B Tank. Opinion: 5, they are better than Grenadiers, but not by much. I don't use infantry, I go with heavy tanks, and if I need to capture a reinforcement point, I simply use a hero. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Nightsister (NIGHS)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Nightsister Cost: 2000 Credits Abilities: Drain Life- Drains health from nearby infantry, and heals the Nightsister. Kills infantry in a flash, but doesn't heal much. Strong: Infantry, Light Tanks Weak: Heavy Tanks, Artillery Description: The Nightsisters of Dathomir are Force sensitive female warriors who have been seduced by the dark side of the Force. During battle, Nightsisters use Rancors as weapons, riding on top and controlling them via the Force. Strategy: Don't try to chase down anything with a Nightsister, because they are really slow. However, they make up for that with sheer power. A light tank will go down in one blow from a Nightsister, and buildings in two or three. Basically, treat the Nightsister as if she ws a heavy, melee tank. In Galactic Conquest, you must have control of the planet Dathomir in order to produce Nightsisters. Opinion: 7, Nightsisters have excellent power that can destroy heavy targets with ease. However, it is annoyingly slow, making it impossible to chase down fleeing units. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Vornskr (VOSKR)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Vornskr Cost: 650 Credits Abilities: Prowl- The Vorskr will run around the map, looking for enemy units. Detect Stealth- Stealth units will be visible if the Vorskr is around. Strong: Force Sensitive Units Weak: Everything else Description: Dangerous predators that have been trained to hunt and attack infantry. They can also sense the Force and are extremely useful for tracking Jedi and Sith enemies. Strategy: The best way to use Vornskrs is to not use them. Seriously, they are horrible. Just don't do it. In Galactic Conquest, you must have control of the planet Myrkr in order to produce Vornskrs. Opinion: 1, these guys are horrible. the only good thing they can do is fight Jedi, and even then there are better units for that. Your supply is better used elsewhere. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Ewok Handler (EWOKH)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Ewok Handler Cost: 1250 Credits Abilities: None Strong: Buildings Weak: Infantry, Tanks of all sorts Description: Fat, disgusting and smelly, Ewok Handlers travel the galaxy in search of new and interesting creatures to force into service. Their most lucrative endeavour is to capture Ewoks, strap bombs to their chests and stuff them in a big bag until needed in battle. Strategy: Hmm, reusable suicide bombers! However, they are only good against buildings, so don't have them g oagainst infantry or tanks. They are incredibly fragile, so only send them in to blow up buildings when you have already cleared out all of the enemy forces. In Galactic Conquest, you need to have corrupted Endor using Slavery in order to have the option to build Ewok Handlers. Opinion: 2, these guys are only good against buildings, and they don't fight back, so it is perfectly fine to leave these guys behind and spend an extra two seconds destroying them with your other units. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Destroyer Droid Mk II (DDMK2)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Destroyer Droid Mk II Cost: 1200 Credits Abilities: Swap Weapons- Causes the Destroyer Droid to fire ion cannons, rather than laser cannons. Strong: Infantry, Light Tanks Weak: Vehicles that can pierce shields Description: This durasteel armored combat droid still maintains its frightening insectoid design from the Clone Wars Era. The droid is vulnerable while moving, but will uncoil and deploy shields when stationary. It has been modified to accomodate Ion Cannon mounts that are devastating to enemy shields. Strategy: Make sure you have shields up when you begin attacking, or the droid won't be alive for very long. A good way to approach a battle is to stop just before the fight, then move slowly into battle, so the shields are never down. Don't use the ability, the regular lasers are capable of taking down shields incredibly quickly. Opinion: 8, they can destroy targets very quickly. It is incredibly vulnerable without its shields up, so be careful when entering battle zones. Other than that, they are fast, powerful, and tough, so they are an all around great unit. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / F9-TZ Cloaking Transport (F9TZT)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: F9-TZ Cloaking Transport Cost: 1400 Credits Abilities: Cloak- The F9-TZ Cloaking Transport becomes invisible. Great ability for a transport. Strong: Nothing, it can't attack. Weak: Everything, once again, it can't attack Description: The F9-TZ Cloaking Transport houses squads of infantry units and has the ability to cloak making it invisible to enemy radar and sight. The transport uses repulsor technology allowing it to travel over water. Strategy: Pile your infantry units into the transport, cloak, move behind the enemy base, and spring a surprise attack from the rear. I'm not a huge fan of trnsports, but it is really nifty how these can cloak, meaning you can hide your infantry movements from the enemy. Opinion: 5, I don't really like transports, walking is just fine with me. I also don't use infantry that often, making these guys useless. If you use infantry, however, then these guys can really help, as their cloaking ability is invaluable to surprise attacks. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Missile Attack Launcher (MIALA)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Missile Attack Launcher Cost: 1400 Credits Abilities: Deploy- The M.A.L. stops moving, but can now fire long distance rocket volleys. Use this, it's how you attack. Weapon Swap- Switches from missiles to a carbonite rocket, which slows enemy units. Strong: Infantry, Light Tanks Weak: Heavy Tanks Description: The M.A.L. employs the use of concussion missiles for ranged bombardment and anti-vehicle defense. The unit has three rocket pods that pivot around the vehicle when deployed. When in motion it can target ground based vehicles without having to stop. Strategy: This is your artillery, use it as such. Use deploy if you plan on attacking, it makes a huge difference. If you are fighting enemy units, have one of your M.A.L.s swap weapons, that way the enemy can't escape, and you don't lose to much power. Opinion: 8, these are better than the Imperial artillery, but not as good as the Rebel's. It has excellent range, and great power, making it a very good choice for you to bring to the battlefield. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon (MZ8PC)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon Cost: 1350 Credits Abilities: Self Destruct- The unit explodes, causing massive damage to surrounding enemy units. Strong: Light Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Buildings Weak: Anti-Vehicle Turrets, PLEX Soldiers Description: The MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon sacrifices speed and mobility for its firepower. It houses a heavy pulse cannon that can level a structure in a short amount of time. The can self destruct by overloading its power system, creating a tremendous explosion that causes a large amount of damage. Strategy: Simply have them attack the enemy, and watch them explode. It has great range, so make sure you use that to your advanage. It is slow, but if you find yourself in a situation in which you want to run away, then you can simply self-destruct, causing the enemy to lose nearly their entire force. Opinion: 8, these guys have great defenses and firepower, so it can take some punishment while dealing some out itself. A great unit to have when something needs to be destroyed fast. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Canderous Assault Tank (CANAT)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Canderous Assault Tank Cost: 1800 Credits Abilities: System Control- Causes enemy units to attack the Canderous Assault Tank. I never use this, I want my tanks alive. Strong: Everything Weak: Heavy Tanks Description: The best heavy repulsorlift tank Mercenary types can buy. Canderous Assault Tanks are heavily armored, and armed with mass driver cannons that bypass shields. The vehicle also houses special jamming equipment that can trick enemy targeting systems into targeting the tank instead of other friendly forces. Strategy: The Rebels have the MPTL-2a artillery, the Empire has AT-ATs, and the Consortium has Canderous Assault Tanks. Basically, this is your super unit. Make lots of these, and target enemy units that can cause the most damage to your forces, like T4-B tanks, and turrets. If your going against AT-ATs, make sure you attack them from behind. Opinion: 10, these are the best ground units for the Consortium. They can bypass shields, cause massive damage in no time at all, and are pretty tough to take down themselves. The perfect unit. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Consortium Mobile Defense Unit (CMMDU)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Mobile Defense Unit Cost: 1200 Credits Abilities: Deploy- Allows build options to be constructed on the MDU. Strong: Nothing Weak: Everything Description: Mobile Defense Units are land vehicles that provide build pad functionality on a mobile platform. They can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield and have three buils options. Build Options:Sensor Scrambler- Jams missiles and enemy radar in a small radius araound the MDU. Ysalamiri Cage- Negates Force-based abilities. Rocket Pod- Fires rocket volleys. Strategy: The only MDU structure worth building is the rocket pods. The Sensor Scrambler's range is too small, and the Ysalamiri Cage hardly ever has any uses. Even then, the rocket pods aren't great. The only real useful place to use them is in choke points, seeing as they can't move once deployed. Opinion: 2, I hate MDUs, they are not very powerful, and two build options are horrible. Besides, you only get two MDUs per company, and that isn't much. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / Ground Heros (GROHE)/ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Tyber Zann (TYBZA)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Tyber Zann Cost: 3500 Credits Abilities: Bribe- Bribes enemy units to fight for the Consortium. Fantastic ability. Cloak- Tyber becomes invisible to enemy units. Strong: Infantry Weak: Heavy Tanks Description: Self proclaimed leader of the Underworld organization, the Zann Consortium. Tyber Zann is cold, methodical and ruthless to the core. Strategy: He can kill entire squads of infantry in one shot, so use him agaisnt infantry. However, the rea lreason Tyber Zann is so strong is his bribe ability. By spending a meager amount of credits, the Consortium gains a new unit. Use these on the enemy's strongest units, such as MPTL-2a artillery. An entire enemy attack could be cut short if the right unit is bribed. If you couldn't tell, use bribe liberally. Opinion: 9, mostly for the best ability in the entire game, bribe. He can kill infantry, and bribe anything else, so he is a good choice for a hero during a ground assault. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Urai Fenn (URAIF)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Urai Fenn Cost: 2000 Credits Abilities: Sonic Stunner- Stuns infantry in the area around Urai. Cloak- Urai can become invisible to the enemy. Regen (Innate)- Urai constantly recovers health, at all times. Strong: Infantry, Light Tanks Weak: Heavy Tanks Description: Tyber Zann's second in command, Urai Fenn is a wise and ancient warrior who prefers the art of hand-to-hand combat. Strategy: Urai is a melee hero, so if you see enemy artillery, cloak him until he moves in close. If Urai is in a battle, use Sonic Stunner to put all of the enemy infantry out of commission. Also, since Urai regenerates health constantly, you can cloak him if his health is looking bad, giving him the chance to become as good as new. Opinion: 8, Urai is a tough hero to take down, mostly because of his high defense, his health regeneration, and cloak ability. It's really frustrating when you have almost killed Urai, and he cloaks and runs away, regenerating his health back to full. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Silri (CSILR)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Silri Cost: 3800 Credits Abilities: Drain Life- Drains life from nearby enemy infantry. Summon Rancor- Summons a Rancor to fight for the Consortium. Strong: Infantry Weak: Light Tanks, Heavy Tanks Description: Devious, cunning and dangerous, Silri is a Force wielding Nightsister in Tyber Zann's employ. Strategy: Silri isn't all that great by herself, the real reason she's good is her summon Rancor ability. Silri goes after infantry, which Rancors seem to have trouble with, while the Rancor goes after vehicles, which Silri seems to have problems with. If Silri gets low on health, use Drain Life on nearby infantry. It doesn't heal much, but it's something. Opinion: 7, I don't really like Silri, I only use her for buying Black Market technology and Corruption missions. When I do use her, though, I always her her summon Rancor ability, and mostly forget about Silri. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / IG-88 (CIG88)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: IG-88 Cost: 1800 Credits Abilities: Spread Infection- IG-88 shoots poison from his sniper rifle, causing the health of infantry to fall fast. Radioactive Contamination- IG-88 contaminates the ground, making it dangerous for infantry and vehicles to travel over. Strong: Infantry, Light Tanks, Buildings Weak: Heavy Tanks Description: An assassin droid who's one of the galaxy's most feared and proficient bounty hunters. Strategy: IG-88 uses poison to his advantage. He can wipe out a group of infantry with the Spread Infection ability, and can use Radioactive Contamination to make the battlefield deadly to the enemy. One way to use the Radioactive Contamination ability is to use it behind you when you are escaping. Most enemies won't follow, and those that do will suffer heavy damage. Also note that if IG-88 has low health, he gets healed at a Consortium Repair Station, not a Bacta Healing Station. Reece Goding points out that IG-88 is the Consortium's method on destroying the Death Star. The ability (Hack Death Star) destroys the planet, but also removes IG-88 from play permanently. Opinion: 8, IG-88 is a deadly hero in the right hands. His abilities are very powerful, use them frequently. He can also take down a building surprisingly fast, making him good during base raids. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Bossk (CBOSS)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Bossk Cost: 1250 Credits Abilities: Flamethrower- Causes huge damage infront of Bossk, has good range. Weapon Swap- Switches between a standard rifle and plasma grenades, which linger and cause damage to units who pass through the affected area. Strong: Infantry Weak: Heavy Tanks Description: A tenacious and greedy Trandoshan bounty hunter who values credits over everything else. Strategy: Usually, Bossk will take out enemies on his own with his flamethrower, but if the battle is drawn out, then it's good to throw one plasma grenade to cause lingering damage, and then switch to his regular rifle. It's better, though, to contain the enemy with Bossk, and stop smaller groups of units, rather than have him charge in guns blazing. Just stop them from moving about the map, and let your Canderous Assault Tanks do in the enemy. Opinion: 7, he's a bit more fragile than most heros, but can be devastating to smaller groups of enemies. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- / Defiler (DEFLR)/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Defiler Cost: 1100 Credits Abilities: Remote Explosive- The Defiler sets up a remote explosive, which can be remotely detonated. Causes good damage, use it against tanks for the best results. Strong: Infantry Weak: Heavy Vehicles Description: The Defiler is a minor hero that can be used to corrupt worlds and sabotage enemy structures on a planet. Defilersprefer long range combat and creating large explosions. Strategy: The Defiler is pretty much the same as a Rebel Infiltrator. They can take out one infantry soldier in one shot, so he can take down infantry squads quickly. If he goes up against tanks, however, he won't be of much use. He can use his Remot eExplosive ability, but other than that, he is worthless against them. Opinion: 6, I didn't like Rebel Infiltrators that much, so I don't like Defilers either. I prefer something that can take a beating, and also take out infantry in one big swoop. --------------------------------------------------------------------- / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS!)/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- As of now, there aren't any FAQs, so send them in, and I'll answer them as best I can. --------------------------------------------------------------------- / Credits (CREDS)/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd like to thank the following: Myself-I did all this work, you know! Pop-Tarts-I would never have been able to finish the guide without the help of sweet, sweet Pop-Tarts George Lucas-Anyone who invents Star Wars should be in this section Petroglyph-For making an amazing game Reece Goding- Contributed info on various subjects Anyone who sends in strategies or additional info will be thanked here. --------------------------------------------------------------------- / Contact Information (CINFO)/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- You can send me an e-mail to give a FAQ, strategy, to comment, or to fix a typo. Please send to: SWTFUBossFAQ(at)yahoo.com Some rules: -Put SWEAWFOC Unit FAQ somewhere in the Subject bar. -Put what you are contributing in the Subject Bar as well. -Make your e-mail readable. -I only understand English, so send e-mails in English. -Don't send hate mail. -Make your e-mail relate to the guide. 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