Blue Dragon Plus Version 0.2 (Last Updated 7/22/2009) By: Mooboy29 Email: Mooboy2002 (at) yahoo (dot) com This document is Copyright (c)2009, Todd Best, All Rights Reserved Currently, the only sites with permission to host this file are: If you find this document hosted on any other site, please let the author know. (This should be spoiler free, if I have missed anything, PLEASE contact me) =================== Table of Contents =================== use ctrl + F to quickly find the section you are looking for. 1) Version History.................[A00] 2) Introduction....................[B00] 3) Controls and Menus..............[C00] 4) General Advice..................[D00] 5) Walkthrough.....................[E00] Mission 1: Cube Surface........[E01] Mission 2: Cube Entrance.......[E02] Mission 3: Inside the Cube.....[E03] Mission 4: Neo Jibral Castle...[E04] 6) Characters......................[F00] 7) Quests (not yet added)..........[G00] 8) Items (Incomplete)..............[H00] Healing Items..................[H01] Attack Items...................[H02] Support Items..................[H03] Enhanced Items (not yet added) Accessories (not yet added) Circuit Panels (not yet added) Parts (not yet added) Valubles (not yet added) 9) Monster-Book (not yet added) 10) Contacting Me..................[Z00] ======================= Version History [A00] ======================= V0.1: July 21, 2009: First installment, controls, basic items, first few missions. I figure if no one else is writing a guide, I'll give it a shot. V0.2: July 22, 2009: Added more Missions, Characters and Abilities. ==================== Introduction [B00] ==================== General Disclaimers: This is my first faq posted to GameFAQs, I hope you like it. No ASCII art, not even going to try. I have not played the original Blue Dragon game, so I wont be giving any spoilers for that game, except what is printed on the box and the instruction manual. If I can make any improvements, please let me know via email. Game Introduction: Blue Dragon Plus picks up a year after the original ended, Nene has been defeated, the world has split in two, and a mysterious cube with a Balaur (a three-headed dragon shadow) has appeared. Blue Dragon Plus is a real-time strategy role playing game. All characters (Allies and Enemies) move and attack at the same time. Time continues to move as you choose units, destinations, and skills to be used. ========================= Controls and Menus[C00] ========================= Game play is mostly split into two modes, movement/preparation and battle. Blue Dragon Plus mostly uses the DS stylus for point and click selection and movement during battles. Button Uses (buttons are only used during battle, main menu uses the stylus): Start:.....Open Save menu Select:....Toggle Top Screen Display (Map, Win/Lose Conditions, etc) X:.........Select All Units Y:.........Select Single Unit A:.........Confirm B:.........Cancel L/R:.......Rotate Camera, Select Target D-Pad......Move Camera Move Mode Menus: When not in battle, you can change party members, update skills, buy items etc. Save: Save game to one of the two save game slots. Menu: Opens main menu with eight options Party: View or change party members Equip: Equip accessories on active party members Skills: Select which skills a character can use during battle. A character can only use 10 skills during each battle, including items and magic. Shadow: Available later in the game, equip characters with extra shadows Quest: Available later in the game, a list of all available quests Items: Categorized list of all items owned, including accessories Status: Display stats of all characters Monster-Book: Displays information on all known enemies Info: Move focus on the map to see where enemies and allies are Move: Move to an adjacent map location (this completes your turn) Skill: Use any map skills your party has (this completes your turn) Scan: Spend a turn looking for items at your location (this completes your turn) Fight: Begin a random battle at current location. This is a good way to level up and increase stats, as well as open any missed treasure chests. Wait: End your turn without completing an action. ====================== General Advice [D00] ====================== -The game uses only two save slots. If at all posible, rotate slots each time you save your game. It IS possible to create a saved game that loses immediately on loading, so beware! -'Capacity Up!?' Capacity up refers to the number of shadows the unit can control. Some characters may start gaining capacity before additional shadows are available. -'Toripo?' look at his character info to learn how to acquire him. -'How do I change abilities or use other items besides basic medicine?' From the map screen, choose Menu -> Skills -> Click the character you wish to change. The top slot here refers to the left-most slot on the battle screen. -If a Bomber Group makes it to the top of the Cube, its Game Over. Try your best to defeat them before they get past your groups. If you are really desperate, Zola's teleport to shop skill can be used to get to the top quickly. -Speaking of Bomber Groups, main storyline missions can wait, defeat the Bomber's early before they become a problem. -Whenever possible, you should move all available characters to the party that will be doing battle that turn (You can move non-leaders every turn if you want). Just make sure you aren't leaving a group vulnerable to a roaming Bomber group. -If a character is KO'ed during battle, they will only receive half of the experience other characters get. Try to revive any downed characters before the battle ends. =================== Walkthrough [E00] =================== Please note, some of these battles can be completed in a slightly different order, depending on which party's turn it is. To best avoid spoilers, watch the cutscenes and/or dialouge for the mission in the game before reading the mission walkthrough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 1: Cube Surface [E01] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For your first battle you must fight six Mecha Robos. Just select your four units and have them attack one at a time. Use Zola to go grab the two treasure chests (Medicine in each of them), and Shu use his Water sword ability for huge damage. Once the robos are defeated you must fight a Sentinel Robo. First lure it to the space between the pipes and use Maru or Zola to activate the controls next to it. It will send a shock to the sentinel and lower its defenses. Use Shu's Flare Sword ability twice to finish it off. After the battle you will receive a radar and a bunch of Medicine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 2: Cube Entrance [E02] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You must fight and defeat Szabo's four associates. At around 50% health they will call for reinforcements, unless you can bring them from 50% to dead in one hit (Shu's sword skill helps). Each set of reinforcements are three weaker robos that are easily killed. Try to kill all reinforcements before finishing off the last associate. Also, kill the Fat Rat before it can steal any more treasure chests. Here is a list of each servant, its weakness, and which direction their reinforcements come from. +---------------+--------------+---------+-----------------+ |Name |Start Location|Weakness |Summon Direction | +---------------+--------------+---------+-----------------+ |Silent Ku |North East |Fire |East | |Turbulent Mai |South West |Ground |South | |Raging Kesu |South East |Air |West | |Heat-Wave Sai |North West |Water |North | +---------------+--------------+---------+-----------------+ Once the last associate is defeated, there will be a short cutscene where they kidnap Szabo and become a single large Robo entity. Shu, Zola, and Maru must defeat Szabo to advance. He is strong against all of their elemental attacks so have them surround him and use their regular attacks. Any reinforcements you did not kill earlier will still be on the map. You can ignore them if you want. Remember, Medicine is your friend, you can't revive fallen members yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 3: Inside the Cube [E03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nene is back, and an evil Szabo has returned his Soul to him. You must fight through a bunch of Robos and eventually defeat Nene. There are two Healing Stations on the map that will help your party. Stand near them while attacking or between fights to quickly replenish your health. The robos will try to destroy them, so do your best to protect them. If your Healing Stations get destroyed don't forget you still have Medicine. Going up causes you to face fewer enemies and you are almost guaranteed to keep the Heal Station alive. Going down you will face a few more robos, and the Health Station has a higher chance of being destroyed. If you can keep that Health Station functioning it is in a much better position to face Szabo and Nene. Once you defeat the smaller robos you must fight Szabo again. Just use your regular attacks, he is still immune to all elemental attacks. Once Szabo's health goes down he will retreat, opening access to fight Nene. Nene stands at the top of the stairs so only one character can fight him at a time, while he attacks from range. Put Maru in front with Shu right behind (he will be able to attack with Flare and Water Sword abilities). Once Nene drops to about 50% health, there will be a cutscene. Once Nene's health is down, he'll be attacked by tentacles from the floor, and your party will be attacked by a noxious energy beam from the pipe. As you try to move you will take damage. Once all your characters are dead, Shu will teleport you back Neo Jibral, leaving Nene for later. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 4: Neo Jibral Castle [E04] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a long dialogue, King Jibral, Kluke, Jiro, and Fushira join your party, and they all have unique shadows. The sentinel that you fought in Mission 1 has returned and is attacking Neo Jibral Castle directly, and he has brought friends. You now have seven characters under your control, so this fight is pretty easy. Keep King Jibral and Shu in front, as they can take the most damage. Keep Kluke and Jiro in the middle, Jiro is able to heal himself and all allies next to him. Kluke can cast magic past allies directly in front of her. Have Zola run and grab all the treasure chests (before fighting the Sentinel!), using wind claw to fight off any ghosts she attracts. Move your characters forward as a group, letting Jiro heal you as you take damage. Once you get to the Sentinel, have Jibral, Shu and Fushira attack the Medic Robos while Kluke casts Fire. Each time a Medic dies it will call for reinforcements. If you deal enough damage to the Sentinel, you should be able to kill it before the reinforcements get to you. Have Jiro keep healing, but he probably wont be able to heal everyone each time. Use Medicine on any characters out of range of his heals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 5: Upper Level [E05] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After landing back on the cube, you are welcomed by a bunch of critters attacking you. These guys are pretty weak and easy to defeat if you stay together. Don't forget about Jiro and his healing spells. Run Zola over to the far treasure chest for a Tri Fire and have her run back before she is killed. Keep everyone else together at the starting location and let everyone else come to you. +---------+ | Enemies | +-----------------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness|Notes | +----------------+---+--------+-----------------------+ |Fat Rat | 5 |None |Steals Treasure Chests | |Green Grunt | 4 |Ground |None | |Snow Wolf Ghost | 6 |Fire |None | |Fire Wolf Ghost | 6 |Water |None | +----------------+---+--------+-----------------------+ Reinforcements: None Treasure: Phoenix Talon, Tri Fire After this battle the Route Map will become available. Take some time to look over all your options on this screen. Don't forget to equip the accessories you've been getting from the chests. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 6: Branch Point [E06] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here you will be faced by a host of different enemies. They will not come towards you until you start attack them, so use this time to use your helpful skills (Beef Up, Counter Punch, etc.) and recharge. When you attack the Skeletons, they will bring reinforcements to both exits. +---------+ | Enemies | +-----------------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness|Notes | +----------------+---+--------+-----------------------+ |Green Grunt | 7 |Ground |None | |Snow Wolf Ghost | 6 |Fire |None | |Fire Wolf Ghost | 6 |Water |None | |Purple Skeleton | 1 |Wind |Summons Reinforcements | |Green Skeleton | 5 |Ground |Summons Reinforcements | +----------------+---+--------+-----------------------+ Reinforcements: (Green Skeleton x1, Purple Skeleton x2) after defeating first green skeleton (Green Skeleton x2) after defeating second gree skeleton (Purple Skeleton x2) after defeating first Purple Skeleton Treasure: Tri Water, Mega Medicine, Phoenix Talon After this mission your group will split into two parties. Jibral and Shu will be Party 1, Zola and Maru will be Party 2. The other characters may move freely between parties. Whenever possible you should have all available members be in the active party, you can switch parties every turn. To start put everyone in Party 1 with Jibral and Shu. Zola will start first on the Route Map, move her up to the shop to buy supplies. Jibral will be moving to the left (Royal Tomb), while Zola moves right (Laboratory). Here you will be able to start doing quests in slightly a different order. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 7: Royal Tomb [E07] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Party: Jibral Unlocked by completing Branch Point (Mission 6) At the start of the mission, wait for the ghosts to come to you and use Shu and Kluke to destroy them (Remember ghosts are immune to physical attacks and weak to Fire). Like Shu says at the beginning of the battle, all Murals cannot fight back when attacked from behind, so work your way around the map to the Destroy Mural's backside. You will have to fight through some of the lesser Murals, once they are destroyed move quickly past them as the Destroy Mural will regenerate them. You only have to kill the Destroy Mural to get to the next part of the mission, but be sure you attack it from behind. All murals are weak to Water attacks. +---------+ | Enemies | +---------------------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness|Notes | +----------------+---+--------+---------------------------+ |Midnight Ghost | 8 |Fire |Immune to Physical attacks | |Purple Skeleton | 2 |Wind |None | |Blue Mural | 3 |Water |Regenerates, weak backside | |Red Mural | 3 |Water |Regenerates, weak backside | |Destroy Mural | 1 |Water |Boss, attack its backside! | +----------------+---+--------+---------------------------+ Enemies: Ghost x8, Purple Skeleton x2, Blue Mural x3, Red Mural x3, Destroy Mural Treasure: Mega Medicine, Phoenix Talon, Tri-Wind Once the Destroy Mural is destroyed you will move to the next area. Shu must make it to the device without dying. Avoid the poison stations and kill the Murals instead to receive a special prize (Very Important!). If your characters do get poisoned, use Jiro's Cure ability to remove it. If you complete this mission without finding the Soul Engine, I highly suggest you redo it. The exact location is the square between the three Murals. +---------+ | Enemies | +------------------------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness |Notes | +----------------+---+-----------+---------------------------+ |Evil Mural | 1 |Water |Weak backside, Blue | |Tragedy Mural | 1 |Water |Weak backside, Red | |Poison Mural | 1 |Water, Wind|Weak backside, Green | |Chaos Mural | 1 |Water |Weak backside, Purple | +----------------+---+-----------+---------------------------+ Treasure: Activation Unit (Missable), Soul Engine (Missable) After the battle, you will probably be attacked by a roaming Sentinel as soon as you return to the Route Map. A note on Bomber and Sentinel groups, you usually only need to kill the main, big Robo to clear the mission and remove the group from the Route Map. Before you start the next mission, do some shopping with Zola's party. Earings are great investments early on, extra range on your attacks will help defeat enemies before they can attack you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 8: Laboratory [E08] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Party: Zola Unlocked by completing Branch Point (Mission 6) Pretty easy fight, let them come to you and pick them off as they come. Use Kluke to do large amounts of damage, and Maro's Ground ability on the Grunts and Kelolon. +---------+ | Enemies | +--------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness|Notes | +----------------+---+--------+--------------+ |Marine Robo | 5 |Flare | | |Green Grunt | 4 |Ground | | |Magic Jellyfish | 6 |Flare | | |Kelolon | 6 |Ground | | +----------------+---+--------+--------------+ Reinforcements: None Treasure: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 9: Ancient Tomb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Party: Jibral Unlocked by completing Royal Tomb (Mission 7) Himiko is captured by Robos, and you must save her. There are only 5 guards, so make quick work of them. The energy walls cannot be destroyed at this time. +---------+ | Enemies | +--------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness|Notes | +----------------+---+--------+--------------+ |Aegis Robo | 2 |Ground | | |Guard Robo | 3 |Water | | +----------------+---+--------+--------------+ Treasure: Phoenix Talon x2 After the Robo's are defeated, Nene shows up. You must defeat Nene, which only takes one or two hits before he gives up. After a long cutscene, you must defeat another set of foes. Nene will become a guest. You won't be able to control him, but he will fight on your side until Himiko is saved. Another cutscene and you must defeat any remaining enemies. Also, this map contains the first Crypt of the game. These are like treasure chests, but they hold an enemy that must be defeated first. Make sure you have all five available characters present if you are going to attempt to open it. You can fight it without attracting most of the other Robos. Use Jiro's Shine spell to do extra damage. It will drop the Ancient Earing. +---------+ | Enemies | +----------------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness |Notes | +----------------+---+------------+------------------+ |Flaying Fish | 3 |Shadow |Kamakazee attacks | |Purple Skeleton | 4 |Wind, Light | | |Aegis Robo | 3 |Ground | | |Guard Robo | 1 |Water | | |Blue Skeleton | 1 |Light |Found in Casket | +----------------+---+------------+------------------+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 10: Monster Keep [E10] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Party: Zola Unlocked by completing Laboratory (Mission 8) In this mission you must defeat all enemies and save as many Poo Snakes as possible. Mira and Tora will be joining you before you start fighting. Every minute or so a Poo will be flushed (don't laugh) down the drain. As each Poo leaves, the Robo that was guarding it will start to come after you. Below is the order that the Poo Snakes will be flushed. To free a Poo Snake, defeat the Robo that is guarding it before it is flushed. +---------------------+ | * 5 4 | | 6 3 | | | | 7 2 1 | +---------------------+ *Is the last Poo Snake, and will not be flushed. +---------+ | Enemies | +----------------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness |Notes | +----------------+---+------------+------------------+ |Flaying Fish | 3 |Shadow | | |Aegis Robo | 2 |Ground | | |Guard Robo | 3 |Water | | |Battle Robo | 2 |Wind | | |Magic Jellyfish | 4 |Fire, Ground| | |Big House Rat | 3 |Ground |Steals Treasure | +----------------+---+------------+------------------+ Treasure: Golden Poo, Petrify Amulet, Cure-All After the battle, the Poo Snake will join your party, and gain one level for each additional Poo Snake saved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 11: Incinerator ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Party: Shu Unlocked after completing Ancient Tomb (Mission 9) --VERY IMPORTANT-- To unlock Sahlia, you must move a character to the open vent grating that starts between your group and the two Robo Balls. This is your ONLY chance to get her. If you come back after this mission, she will no longer be there. Kill the four Robos (I wont list them in the enemies section) then head over to Nene. You don't have to fight him this time. After a cutscene, Himiko persuades you not to kill him and you are ambushed by Mecha Robos. Defeat all enemies, and keep Nene alive to win. The easiest way to do this is to surround Nene, and let the Robos come to you. Have Jiro heal your party (he doesn't seem to be able to heal Nene) as they take damage. +---------+ | Enemies | +----------------------------------------------------+ |Name |Qty|Weakness |Notes | +----------------+---+------------+------------------+ |Roball | 2 |Water | | |Hover Patroller | 8 |Ground | | |White Defender | 5 |Shadow | | |Flame Raptor | 1 |Water, Wind |Found in casket | +----------------+---+------------+------------------+ Treasure: Ablaze Amulet, Paralyze Amulet, Fire Aegis, Grand Ruby, Tri Fire (From Flame Raptor) After the battle, Ultimate Szabo comes and steals Nene away. Himiko falls down a trap door chasing after him. You must create a new party. For now just put the Poo Snake in, I find him the weakest available unit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 12: Frozen Hall [E12] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Party: Jibral Unlocked after completing Ancient Tomb (Mission 9) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================== Characters [F00] ================== Blue Dragon Plus has a whole host of characters you can control, in addition to createable robos later in the game. Each character has their own shadow in this game, giving each character their own special abilities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shu [F01] "A native of Talta Village. Able to use the Dragon Shadow after swallowing a light sphere. Went off on an epic adventure a year ago with Jiro, Zola, Kluke, and Marumaro which lead to defeating Nene and saving the world. His favorite line is 'I won't give up!'" Role: All-round Fighter Shadow: Dragon (Sword) Abilities: Rank 1: Flare Sword Rank 1: Water Sword Rank 13: Wind Sword Rank 16: Ground Sword Rank 20: Shine Sword ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zola [F02] "She met Nene while traveling the world as a mercenary. She swallowed Nene's sould which she later threw away while traveling with Shu and the gang. Only she knows the location of Nene's Soul. She uses a Killer Bat Shadow and leads King Jibral's Swordmasters as Captain. Role: Speedster Shadow: Killer Bat Shadow Abilities: Rank 1: Wind Claw Rank 1: Scout Rank 13: Utsusemi Rank 16: Snatch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marumaro [F03] "Marumaro is from the Devee Tribe and a native of Lago Village. He was tricked into swallowing Nene's Soul, which gave him contro of the Saber Tooth Tiger Shadow. Worships Zola and always calls her 'Lady Zola' out of respect and affection. Age is unknown." Role: Powerhouse Shadow: Saber Tooth Tiger Abilities: Rank 1: Counterattack Rank 1: Ground Blow Rank 13: Meditation Rank 16: Charge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fushira [F04] "Fushira is the blacksmith of Talta Village and Shu's grandfather. He has been Shu's guardian since the death of Shu's parents. Although he was a bit worried when Shu went off to fight Nene, he was secretly jealous of his adventure as well." Role: Powerhouse Shadow: Abilities: Rank 1: Beef Up Rank 1: Knock Back Rank 13: Strength Rank 16: HP Up Rank 20: Strength Up ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kluke [F05] "Raised in Talta Village. Childhood friend of Shu and Jiro. Lost her parents 2 years ago to Nene's campaign of wanton destruction. She swallowed a light sphere with Shu and Jiro, giving her the power to control her Phoenix Shadow. Dreams of becoming a doctor one day like her parents." Role: Mage Shadow: Phoenix Abilities: Rank 1: Flare Rank 1: Water Rank 13: Wind Rank 16: Ground Rank 20: Shadow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jiro [F06] "A native of Talta Village and a childhood friend of Shu and Kluke. An avid strategist who analyzes every situation unlike Shu, who usually rushes into situations without thinking. Uses the Minotaur Shadow." Role: Healer Shadow: Minotaur Abilites: Rank 1: Heal Rank 1: Cure Rank 13: Regenerate Rank 16: Shine Rank 20: Revive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King Jibral [F07] "Also known as King Jibral the Sixteenth. Stood Firm and fought against Nene's evil ploys. He let Shu fight Nene in his stead as he did not possess the power to control a Shadow. Created Neo Jibral Castle when the original castle was destroyed." Role: Power Defense Shadow: Unicorn Abilities: Rank 1: Iron Wall Rank 1: Warrior's Stand Rank 13: Shield Rank 16: Parry Rank 20: Leap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marutora [F08] "Marutora is from the Devee Tribe and a native of the Lago Village. One of Marumaro's many younger brothers. Age is unknown." Role: Attack Support Shadow: Abilities: Rank 1: Quick Rank 1: Focus Rank 1: Magic Rank 1: Magical Mind Rank 20: Accessory Drop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marumira [F09] "Marumra is from the Devee Tribe and a native of the Lago Village. One of Marumaro's many younger sisters. Age is of course unknown." Role: Status Attacker Shadow: Abilities: Rank 1: Poison Rank 1: Sleep Rank 1: Paralyze Rank 1: Panic Rank 20: Movement Bind ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poo Snake [F10] "A monster evolved from a parasite found in Grunt Poo. He is the weakest of his race. Loves to poke with his spear but hates being poked at. Excels at running away." Role: Range Attacker Shadow: Poo Snake Shadow Abilities: Rank 1: Air Blade Rank 1: Physical Up Rank 10: Magical Up Rank 15: EXP Up Rank 20: SP Up ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sahlia "Natve of the Devour Village. Lost her parents to Nene's evil doings and was found trapped in the rubble of her village. Was saved by Shu and promises to never give up on life. Makes awesome cookies." Role: Status Attacker Shadow: Abilities: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Szabo "The former General of the Mecha Robos. He used to be a servant of Nene's but later befriended Shu and his friends. He now serves King Jibral and is fiercly loyal to both him and Zola." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============== Quests [G00] ============== ============= Items [H00] ============= (Note: Not all items are currently listed, I am adding them as I play through the game again) Items can be obtained by shopping, battle rewards, or scanning during map mode. Items with a buy value of "---" can only be found from battles, sell value of "---" cannot be sold. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [H01] Healing Items -Medicine- Target - 1 ally or self Range - Self Buy Rate - 10 Sell Rate - 5 Effect - Heals 100 HP -Mega Medicine- Target - 1 ally or self Range - Self Buy Rate - 50 Sell Rate - 25 Effect - Heals 300 HP -Physical Surge- Target - All allies or self Range - Circular LV 3 Buy Rate - 10 Sell Rate - 5 Effect - Cures Poison, Seal, and Petrify -Mental Surge- Target - All allies Range - Circular LV 3 Buy Rate - 10 Sell Rate - 5 Effect - Cures Sleep, Seal, and Panic -Cure-All- Target - All allies or self Range - Circular LV 3 Buy Rate - 100 Sell Rate - 50 Effect - Cures all status ailments -Phoenix Talon- Target - All KO'd allies Range - Circular LV 3 Buy Rate - 500 Sell Rate - 250 Effect - Revives KO status. Heals half HP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [H02] Attack Items -Emerald- Target - All enemies Range - Circular LV 5 Buy Rate - 100 Sell Rate - 75 Effect - Inflicts low Wind damage. -Amethyst- Target - All enemies Range - Circular LV 5 Buy Rate - 100 Sell Rate - 50 Effect - Inflicst low Earth damage. -Grand Ruby- Target - All enemies Range - Circular LV 6 Buy Rate - 150 Sell Rate - 75 Effect - Inflicts mid Fire damage. -Red Bomb- Target - All enemies Range - Straight Front LV 3 Buy Rate - 100 Sell Rate - 50 Effect - Low Fire elemental physical damage. -Green Bomb- Target - All enemies Range - Straight Front LV 3 Buy Rate - 100 Sell Rate - 50 Effect - Low Wind elemental physical damage. -Blue Bomb- Target - All enemies Range - Straight Front LV 3 Buy Rate - 100 Sell Rate - 50 Effect - Low Water elemental physical damage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [H03] Support Items -Mid Charge Pill- Target - 1 ally or self Range - Self Buy Rate - 200 Sell Rate - 100 Effect - Gives character Mid-charge. -Magic Medicine- Target - 1 ally or self Range - Self Buy Rate - 1000 Sell Rate - 500 Effect - Allows user to use a skill once without charging up. -Vitality Elixir- Target - 1 ally or self Range - Self Buy Rate - 100 Sell Rate - 50 Effect - Gradually heals HP. -Stealth Tonic- Target - 1 ally or self Range - self Buy Rate - 300 Sell Rate - 150 Effect - Temporarily makes you invisible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [H04] Enhanced Items -Will be added later ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [H05] Accessories -Will be added later ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [H06] Circuit Panels (used in constructing robos) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [H07] Parts (used in constructing robos) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [H08] Valubles (used in constructing robos) ==================== Monster-Book [I00] ==================== ===================== Contacting Me [Z00] ===================== If you have any questions or information to add, please email me at mooboy2002 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please put "Blue Dragon Plus" in the subject line or your message may be deleted.</p>