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SAVE AS FORMAT : .txt, Encoding: ANSI ___________________________________________________________________________ .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | W E L C O M E ! : I N T R O + S O M E N O T E S | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' To the very much-awaited, anticipated English version of Crimson Gem Saga, there was the Asian version before but since it wasn't properly localized you know typos and such; fans or players wasn't too pleased with it and when ATLUS company decided to localize and release it all of us jumped with joy!! Ahhh! :) Heh, putting that aside I hope you enjoy what I have to offer for this amazing yet gratifying RPG game for the Sony PSP! Expect these stuff from the guide: • Complete main walkthrough strategy guide • Complete Side Quests (if available/posible) • Miscellaneous Tidbits & Info • Clean, crisp and professional looking FAQ .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | D I S C L A I M E R & P E R M I S S I O N + W E B S I T E S: | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' For more information read the LEGALITY section of this guide. 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The dates are in DD/MM/YYYY format, Asian style, w00000t!! -------------------------- IMPORTANT MESSAGE ----------------------------- On 11th of June 2009, I've officially completed CRIMSON GEM SAGA, all I can say is: :O! While the ending was nothing out of this world it did left behind some kind of subtle message that a sequel might happen in the very near future, I HOPE! W00t! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION 0.75 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- • (17/06/2009) Updated the MISCELLANEOUS section and written the guide up to Chapter II. I will try to work on the ITEMS INDEX section on the next update and of course write a little bit more of the walkthrough • (13/06/2009) Written the walkthrough up to "MIRAGE VILLAGE." Updated both the "QUESTS" and "MISCELLANEOUS" section. • (10/06/2009) CHUNKY UPDATE! Fixed a couple of things like typos, written the guide till the first boss fight (JEFFREY), added ITEM INDEX section, added another new section called LEGALITY, also updated the EXTRAS AND SUPPLEMENTARY READING + some other insignificant misc fixes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION 0.25 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- • (10/06/2009) Updated the whole BASICS section of this guide, written the guide up to "JOINING THE EXCELSIOR FORCE" and currently working on the MISCELLANEOUS section. Quite a progress if I say so myself. :) • (08/06/2009) UPDATE: Added quite a bit of content but I didn't keep track of 'em, heh, I'm such a lousy FAQ-writer. :\ I need some help with the "Magic, Spells, Techniques" section if anyone is willing to contribute let me know, ok? I've also written only A BIT of the walkthrough. • (07/06/2009) Written quite a bit on the BASICS section. I'm halfway through the game and most likely will finish the game first before writing the walkthrough section. • (04/06/2009) Started writing the guide! Not much added and truth be told I'm only about halfway in the Asian version but I've stopped playing that and am gonna pay full attention to the ATLUS one. Expect a lot from this guide since this is one of my MOST FAVORITE RPG TO DATE for the PSP. ___________________________________________________________________________ T H E S E A R C H F U N C T I O N: If you're using Notepad (Windows) then you can make your life easier by using "Ctrl + F" to quickly find what you're looking for. You can either use the code at the end or use the title itself, both ways will bring you to your desired section, 100% guaranteed. ################# TABLE OF CONTENTS ################# O BASICS ----------------------------------------------------------- (00^) • Crimson Gem Saga ------------------------------------------------ (GS%) • Personae -------------------------------------------------------- (PE%) • Battle Mechanics ------------------------------------------------ (BM%) • Stats/Buffs/Debuffs --------------------------------------------- (SB%) • Tips & Hints ---------------------------------------------------- (TH%) O WALKTHROUGH ------------------------------------------------------ (01^) • PROLOGUE: AN INNOCENT BEGINNING --------------------------------- (PR#) • Graduating From Green Hill Academy ----------------------------- (01#) • Joining The Excelsior Force ------------------------------------ (02#) • Killian's First Mission ---------------------------------------- (03#) • CHAPTER I: THE WICKED STONE ------------------------------------- (C1#) • Saved! --------------------------------------------------------- (04#) • Into The Spire ------------------------------------------------- (05#) • Mirage Village ------------------------------------------------- (06#) • Back Into The Spire -------------------------------------------- (07#) • Deception & Betrayal ------------------------------------------- (08#) • Chapter II: RISKY BUSINESS -------------------------------------- (C2#) • The Stone In The Monastery ------------------------------------- (09#) • Chapter III: ---------------------------------------------------- (C3#) • • Chapter IV: ----------------------------------------------------- (C4#) • • OPTIONAL • Ziggurat Opposite's: Inverse Babel • Silvernian Hidden Dungeon O QUESTS ----------------------------------------------------------- (02^) STORYLINE • Green Hill Graduation ------------------------------------------- (GHx) • Join The Excelsior Force ---------------------------------------- (EFx) • Spinel's Friend ------------------------------------------------- (SFx) • Reclaim The Wicked Stone ---------------------------------------- (RWx) • Message From Aneris --------------------------------------------- (MFx) • Monastery's Wicked Stone ---------------------------------------- (MWx) OPTIONAL • Galorin Hunting ------------------------------------------------- (HUx) O MISCELLANEOUS ---------------------------------------------------- (03^) • Magic, Spells, Techniques --------------------------------------- (MS-) • Battle Cry/Quotes ----------------------------------------------- (BC-) • Items Index ----------------------------------------------------- (IX-) • Bonus Content --------------------------------------------------- (CG-) • Problems & Issues ----------------------------------------------- (PI-) • Extras And Supplementary Reading -------------------------------- (RX-) O GOODBYE --------------------------------------------------------- (04^) • Questions & Answers --------------------------------------------- (QA+) • Recognitions (Credits) ------------------------------------------ (RC+) • E-Mail Policy --------------------------------------------------- (EM+) • Legality -------------------------------------------------------- (LG+) • Famous Last Words ----------------------------------------------- (LW+) ___________________________________________________________________________ B A S I C S (00^) ###################### CRIMSON GEM SAGA (GS%) ###################### Crimson Gem Saga is the second installment in the Astonishia Story series, the first game titled "Astonishia Story" was released for the PSP in 2005 but received lukewarm response from the public. This, however doesn't stop the people at Sonnori (now IronNos) to proceed with a sequel anyway and contrary to popular believes, or at least I believe Crimson Gem is some- what related to the first game as two characters made a comeback; one is only mentioned in name while the other still lives--Dryden the evil Black Mage (still evil here) and the already deceased Lezail. Do some kind of research on the net or go to my "Extras And Supplementary Reading" section for more info. ___________________________________________________________________________ ############# PERSONA (PE%) ############# Crimson Gem Saga sports an interesting but unfortunately rather flat cast of characters, Spinel being the only one I really like... Not becuase of her body but her personality and voice (who's the actress? Why your voice so hawt?). In order of appearance, "w00t!" /\ /\ / //_/ I L L I A N / __ \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \/ \/ CLASS : Chevalier HP GROWTH RATE : Very High MP GROWTH RATE : Average WEAPON TYPE : Sword A young man who seems to be quite sensitive or touchy when it comes to his pride, often get pissed when someone or something belittled him but you know that's only because he's always second in life, hahaha. Killian fares pretty well on the battlefield having a high amount of HP but average amount of MP, one of the strongest of six characters in the game. BEST SKILLS • Blade Of Fury • First Aid • Cross Slash • Restoration • Hero's Aura (all allies up 5% in Defense value) __ / _\ \ \ P I N E L _\ \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \__/ CLASS : Thiefmage HP GROWTH RATE : Average MP GROWTH RATE : High WEAPON TYPE : Dagger Treasure hunting Elf whose personality speaks louder than her actions, as Killian had said "she never thinks before she act or talk" which often gets the group into trouble, but with everyone together nothing is really impossible, right? Spinel is fast and is often the one to score Critical Hits, she has some of the best Skills Techniques I've seen like "Shadow Strike" and "Deadly Attraction" the latter inflicts confusion not often but when it does hit it lasts for a long time and is really helpful in battle. BEST SKILLS • Deadly Attraction (Confusion) • Toxic Needle (Poison) • Gale Force • Illusion Assault /\ /\ / /_/ / E N S O N / __ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \/ /_/ CLASS : Mage HP GROWTH RATE : Very Low MP GROWTH RATE : Very High WEAPON TYPE : Staff Henson is sarcastic I am not sure whether he's wise or not, but he seems to be the sort that don't like to work with others but due to unforseen circumstances he is forced to co-operate, anyway. A magician at heart which means that his physical attributes will never be on par with his magic, always use this guy for his spells not for his attack. Henson dies rather easily so put him in the back row of the party formation. BEST SKILLS • Wizard Aura (MP Regeneration) • All of his high end/higher-tier spells • Inspire • Battle Cry ___ / _ \ / /_\/ E L T S / /_\\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \____/ CLASS : Cleric HP GROWTH RATE : High MP GROWTH RATE : Average WEAPON TYPE : Hammer An old man who is also searching for the Wicked Stone, he stumbled upon the party at Dead Man's Spire and offer to join the group after Killian gave him a wallop in the head, an ex-Minister who bears a grudge against the Order Of Light. Gelts is a Cleric despite his tank-like physic and huge hammer he doesn't really deliver much hurt to the enemy but do not ever brush him off, with the proper equipment and training he can deal just as much as Killian does in battle. BEST SKILLS • Gelts Crush • Doom Hammer __ / / A H D U K / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ / /___ \____/ CLASS : Monk HP GROWTH RATE : High MP GROWTH RATE : Low WEAPON TYPE : Gloves A mysterious man who was assigned to keep a watchful eye on the party as they gather the other Wicked Stones, truth be told he himself is being watched, since he's so shady it's very hard to trust him the only thing you can trust about Lahduk is his unrelenting brute force as it spells the enemies' demise. A powerhouse with a generous amount of HP but possessess little to no MP since most of his skill consume quite a chunk of Mana points you'll never really get to use much of his skill in battle. Once he joins your group he will rarely ever leave the party formation or at least he doesn't in my game. :) BEST SKILLS • Way Of The Dragon (KICKASS) • Inspire • Lion's Roar _ /_\ C E L O R A //_\\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ / _ \ \_/ \_/ CLASS : Crusader HP GROWTH RATE : High MP GROWTH RATE : Average WEAPON TYPE : Sword And Shield (?) An agent of the Order Of Light, Acelora place all of her trust and Faith in the Order only to be betrayed by the organization itself, feeling all lost and confused she decided to join Killian and party. Being a Crusader Acelora excels in the ATK/STR department, she however have only 2 offensive skills at her disposal "Smite" and "Final Judgment." making her less than desirable for many players to use, personally I like having her in my party just so I can spam "Final Judgment" on the enemies and since she joins the group in Chapter 4 (I have no qualms spoiling you) you should have an abundance amount of SP to dump on her. True, "Final Judgment" is expensive but if you have been training, especially at the tower called "Ziggurat," then you should have an "unlimited" supply of Mana (MP) restorative items. • Smite • Final Judgment ___________________________________________________________________________ ###################### BATTLE MECHANICS (BM%) ###################### Crimson Gem Saga utilizes a "speed-based system" fastest unit gets their turn first, during battle you can see the Turn Order at the top, it's a very basic and simple battling system so I won't go into intricate details about the system but I do suggest you give it a read anyway, you might not know what you'll discover. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO RANDOM ENCOUNTERS! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Much like Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, you can see your adversaries on the battlefield giving you the option to engage or ignore the enemy-- provided of course you're able to run pass them unnoticed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMBUSHING YOUR FOE/S --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ambushing your foe will allow you to have the first strike, this is really helpful as it also allows your party to deliver the hurt first, take note that the ememy can also do the same to you the moment they sensed you're nearby and start chasing your ass around, once this happen no matter how you try to avoid an enemy's ambush it'll still be an ambush, get what I'm saying? You see when an "!" mark appear above their head quickly engage them this way neither side will have an advantage in battle but when the ! disappear the enemy will start chasing you-this will consider an enemy's ambush and no matter how you "twist and turn" (even if you're facing face-to-face w/ the enemy who's pursuing you) it'll be an enemy's ambush, period. EDIT: Ok, apparently it's a 50/50 chance that when an enemy is pursuing you it may or may not result in an ambush, but it's safe to say that it's going to be an ambush most of the time anyway. Haha. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINISHER --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This one is a little bit tricky to pull off as it's all about pure luck, though Agility and some other stats do factor in, bottomline is it's all luck. Whenever you're in battle sometimes after attacking (just a normal phy. attack, no MP consuming moves/skill/magic whatsoever) you'll notice for a fraction of a second the X button appear at the bottom, now this, is an indication for you to press the X button if you successfully hit it on time then your character will do a follow-up, if you're lucky another X button will show up hit it again on time and the character will deliver what I call the "Finisher" move complete with a gorgeous potrait of the awesome character in question. Don't rely too much on this though, but when the opportunity shows up, do take advantage of it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE SKILL TREE SYSTEM --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many games were seen advocating this system and the most recent game I can think of using the same system is Summon Night: Twin Age for the Nintendo DS. Basically you earn "Skill Points" and allocate them into the Skill you want to unlock and learn, yeah, there are so-called "two levels" you've to unlock before you can finally use the skill in battle: the first level is called "Skill Unknown" and the second level is "Skill Learned!" Once you've allocated (or insert) the required points the skill will be revealed and you will need to allocate another set amount of points to finally learn the skill, how troublesome, you think? Not really though, it actually only reveal whether or not you want to learn the skill is up to you as once you've passed the first level you can go to the next skill in line and unlock the next one, if the next skill tickles your fancy then you can go ahead and learn it without having to learn the previous skill, make sense? I hope. Have fun farming for Skill Points, hahahaha. ;) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMBINATION TECHNIQUES --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reminds you of Chrono Trigger, yes? That's the only RPG I can think of that actually have the snazziest of combo techniques ever! Crimson isn't too far off with its own unique "Combo Tech System." There are a couple of requirements before you can co-op with the others to unleash devastating attacks. o Involved characters MUST learn the Skill in their own Skill Tree. o Must have sufficient MP. o Must be next to one another in the Turn Order. Let's take Killian and Spinel for example, they have a Combo Tech called "Wave Strike" in order for you to use this skill both Killian and Spinel must have already learned the move, have succifient MP for both to use in battle and last both must be next to each other in the Turn Order. --- KILLIAN --- SPINEL --- MONSTER --- MONSTER --- APPROVED! --- MONSTER --- SPINEL --- KILLIAN --- MONSTER --- ALSO APPROVED! --- MONSTER --- SPINEL --- MONSTER --- KILLIAN --- NOOOOOOOOOOOO! --- KILLIAN --- HENSON --- SPINEL --- MONSTER --- NOOOOOOOOOOOO!* You know what's the Turn Order, right? It's the one at the top of the battle screen with the Garolin and the party's icon. Once you've these 3 requirements fulfilled then you're set to go! *You still cannot execute the combo "Wave Strike" because of Henson or whoever happens to be in between them, hahaha. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNDERSTANDING F/I/W/L/H/D --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fire, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Holy and Darkness. If you view your equipment especially your weapon you'll see this along w/ three "SLOT O O O" If there's a YELLOW BORDER around any of the letter then it means that weapon has an affinity with that element, any enemy who are weak to that particular element will receive double the damage (I think?), and if an enemy is strong against that particular element then you'll neve r ever scratch it, not even a Critical Hit nor a Finisher can hurt the foe (w/o a doubt, confirmed). The only way around this is to use an item called "GEM" like FIRE GEM, ICE GEM this item will change the element of the weapon, using the NEUTRAL GEM will make your weapon a purely physical entity w/o any element, there's nothing wrong with this but you'll most likely have to rely on your ATK & STR stats to deliver the hurt. Using an ELEMENTAL CARD will increase the elemental level by 1 making it much more potent, as for the SLOT each time you use a CARD AND/OR GEM to upgrade your weapon, it will take up a slot so suffice to say you're only allowed to upgrade your weapon up to THREE times. That's about it. ___________________________________________________________________________ ######################### STATS/BUFFS/DEBUFFS (SB%) ######################### Here's a couple of status buffs and debuffs that will aid and cripple you respectively. I might be missing a couple of 'em if you think I really did missed something, send me an e-mail to notify me, ok? Thanks. :) As far as I know there are three buffs statuses available in the game and they are "ATTACK UP," "DEFENSE UP" and "CRITICAL UP" in battle if you have any of these buffs active it will be signified by the glowing icon(s) in the status window at the bottom It's in plain sight; you can't miss it. .------------------.-----------------------------------------------------. | BUFFS | DESCRIPTION | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | ATTACK UP | Increased attack; high physical damage output. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | DEFENSE UP | Increased defense; high physical defense. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | CRTICAL UP | Increased chances of doing critical hits. | '------------------'-----------------------------------------------------' .------------------.-----------------------------------------------------. | DEBUFFS | DESCRIPTION | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | PLAGUE | "Wavy" icon; only three turns to live. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | POISON | Skull icon; lose HP every turn. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | SILENCE | Cross icon; unable to use Skill. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | SLEEP | ZZZ icon; unable to act, skip a turn. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | CONFUSION | Circle icon; attack party members. | '------------------'-----------------------------------------------------' .------------------.-----------------------------------------------------. | STATS | DESCRIPTION | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | LEVEL | Accumulate enough EXP points to go up one level. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | HIT POINTS (HP) | When this figure hit 0, you're dead meat. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | MANA POINTS (MP) | When this figure hit 0, you're unable to use Skill. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | ATTACK (ATK/STR) | Determines your physical damage output. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | DEFENSE (DEF/VIT)| Determines your defensive prowess. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | INTEL. (INT) | Determines your magical damage output. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | WILL (WIL) | Determines the chances for a Cric Hit/Follow-Up. | |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| | AGILITY (AGI) | Determines your speed in the Turn Order. | '------------------'-----------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ ################## TIPS & HINTS (TH%) ################## These are not sure-win tips but I'm sure they'll come in handy, do have a read. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAVE OFTEN! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may never know what hit you next unless you're using this walkthrough all the way through, I strongly suggest that you save as often as you can. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL UP! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crimson Gem Saga isn't really a walk in the park if you barely survive a battle then it's time to backtrack and wallop some weaker enemies to rake in those EXP points, you'll also earn some Gelders and SP anyway, so it's like killing three birds with four stones, get the lame joke? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAVE YOUR GELDERS FOR EQUIPMENT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I noticed that equipment can be quite pricey in this game, so I advice you to save your Gelders instead of spending it on items, if you bother to train your party you'll realize that enemies DO DROP restorative items so battle often, this time you'll be killing four birds with four stones. Get the lame joke? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPGRADE YOUR SKILL(S) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items like BRONZE/PLATINUM MEDALLION (I'm sure there's more) can upgrade the rank of your skills, upgrading skills only makes it more stronger it doesn't reduce the amount of MP consume. A Rank 3 "Cross Slash" works just as good as a Rank 1 "Blade Of Fury" if you get what I'm trying to say. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- STOCK UP ON THE ITEM "TENT" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tents are useful as it restores your party to the pink of health anywhere in the game, it's rather costly but if you do have the money you should consider stocking up on at least 3-5 tents at all times but the more the merrier, yes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE HP/MP RESTORE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each time a character level up he or she will recover full health (HP/MP), awesome, huh? Not exactly a tip but it's nice to know, yes? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOU SNEAKY LITTLE... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every time you defeat an enemy you will notice that Killian will "blink" on screen (no he is not broken or anything) he is INVINCIBLE giving you the chance to sneak behind a NEARBY enemy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOCUS ON ONE... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enemy at all times, trust me it is much more easier and quicker to focus your attention on one enemy rather than trying to "spread the damage." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF THE GOING GET TOUGH... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throw your PSP across the room against the wall, better yet throw it out of the window. :) Nah... I'm just kidding (did I hear you say "duh!?"). Back to the topic now if the going get tough....... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Or use a SMOKE BOMB or have Spinel use "SMOKESCREEN." Don't be ashamed of running away as they say those who run away lives to fight another day. ___________________________________________________________________________ W A L K T H R O U G H (01^) I am a very specific person, so specific it can be unnverving sometimes, it's just that I once used a guide on GameFAQs the writer was so vague I got lost and confused that I ended up not using the guide and was bliss- fully able to go through the dungeon without a hitch all by my lonesome self. I don't want to be that kind of FAQ-writer. All I can say is I will try my best to walk you through hand-in-hand. If you spot any mistakes and/or errors along the way, do let me know as I am a bloooooooody perfectionist I really, really appreciate it even if you notify me about a typo. -------------------------- WALKTHROUGH BEGINS ----------------------------- ##################################### PROLOGUE: AN INNOCENT BEGINNING (PR#) ##################################### This is a rather short prologue just think of it as some sort of tutorial to get yourself accustomed to the workings of the game, battle system, the in-game menu and all that stuff. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- GRADUATING FROM GREEN HILL ACADEMY (01#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: SHERN VILLAGE; | |---------------------------------------------| | Is this Killian's hometown? If so, where is | | his house located? Am I missing something? | | Oh Killian I really wanna go to your house. | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • BOMB | | • TENT | | • LEATHER ARMOR | | • CAFFEINE | | • BISCUIT x5 | | • LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION (REQUIRED) | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | • THE PRINCIPAL WITH THE ANNOYING VOICE | | • HERBERT GON GIRLYTERRORIAN (WHAT?) | | | | Just kidding... There's none, really. | '---------------------------------------------' Killian will wake up in bed and realized that it's either his clock is not right or he overslept, you'll automatically run down to the first floor, after a bit of chit-chatting you're off to Green Hill Academy for your graduation. Before you do anything hit Triangle or START and save your progress since Crimson doesn't have any of those lame "save point" thingy (ha, old-sch) you can save ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. Press the R button for a very, very useful map... I am not exagerrating when I said "very, very." You should see a couple of icons on the map. • BED -> Inn • BAG -> Item Shop • BEER/MUG/WHATEVER -> Tavern • CROSSED-SWORD -> Weapon/Accessory Shop Unfortunately the map is not available on all occasions if you press R and if there's a beep sound then there's no map available for that location. Actually just don't bother pressing R in dungeons. There's a treasure chest onto your left you'll have to go one screen left and just go west a little bit until you see a bridge, this is where a treasure chest sit quietly nearby, it's hard to miss, inside you'll find a BOMB. Killian will be shocked that a bomb is found lying around near the students or in a town for that matter. Proceed northwest from your current location to Green Hill Academy and a scene will play out. Killian got in second place which is not that bad, more scenes will play out until finally you get to control Killian again. --------------------------- SIDE QUEST ALERT! ---------------------------- See the guy nearby, the one with the spiky hairdo? Approach him and he'll test your meetle by asking you to gather five (5) Galorin Horns which is dropped by the enemy Garolins. Feel free to take this up it's not a must but if you're a bloooooody perfectionist and must have and do everything a game has to offer then you're more than welcome to take this up. REWARD(S) • BRONZE MEDALLION x3 ------------------------- SIDE QUEST ALERT END! -------------------------- Our next destination is to the Excelsior Force's office located in Varden- hoff, but before we head out to our destination we should seriously loot the townspeople of their savoury goodies. I AM EEEVIL AND SO ARE YOU! Mwa- hahahahaha... ------------------ PILFER THIS TOWN/VILLAGE FOR ITEMS! ------------------- Exit the Academy and head for the fountain, ok now that you're here have Killian do "Merry Go Round" five times around the fountain and a chest will pop up, inside there's 50,000 Gelders............ HEHEHE! *Ahem* lame jokes aside head up the stairs nearby the fountain and enter the house, now this, is apparently a library if you talk to the butt ugly girl she will laugh in your face "oh-hohoho!" my ass, you butterface! Go up the stairs and take the TENT inside the chest. Next head for the Weapon Shop, talk to the girl Bianca if you want but our primary concern is the FREE LEATHER ARMOR in the second floor! Check the brown-colored shirt hanging on the wall to grab your LEATHER ARMOR double-check to see if it stinks, ok! Otherwise EQUIP IT. :) "Nice! I'm glad I checked here!" w000000t, GO KILLIAN! TAKE THAT HERBERT! Next stop is the INN/BAR where we first start the game check the drawer between the beds for 100 GELDERS! I'M RICH! YAAAY! Oh, and talk to the student standing near the window for a laugh, hahaha! Now get out of that place and visit the house where an NPC character can be seen working in the farm, if you talk to him and he mentions something about eggplants being in season then you're at the right place, go in, a chest is waiting to be picked up in the upper right corner of the screen, talk to Audrey and she will mistook you for Erik though that is not the point... Check the clock just a little down from the opened chest for a CAFFEINE and Audrey will almost caught you red-handed (you sneaky thief, you!). I guess that's about it... Feel free to leave Shern for Vardenhoff. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOINING THE EXCELSIOR FORCE (02#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wait, someone asked me how come I know what's the location of each place? Didn't you know? By pressing the START or Triangle button the Main Menu will notify you of your current location rigggght at the bottom. AREA: XXX XXX there you go another fun feature just so you won't be lost in-game and in my guide. .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: SHERN ENTRANCE; | |---------------------------------------------| | What, you just left the village? Hmph! :| | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • LIGHT MANA POTION x2 | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | • You're your own worst enemies! | '---------------------------------------------' A treasure chest can be found onto your right nearby a house, now when I said "right" just press right on your directional pad and you'll come upon an abandoned house (sort of), right next to it is a chest containing two very delicious LIGHT MANA POTIONS! Nothing else here just go down the stairs to the next area down, you know you're in the right place when the game gives you a friendly advice on battling the Galorins. :) .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: SHERN FOREST; | |---------------------------------------------| | You should really grab the 600 Gelders here | | and do some training! You won't regret it. | | | | EVER! | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • 600 GELDERS | | • BISCUIT x10 | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | • CAL GALORIN | | • HWAL GALORIN | '---------------------------------------------' If you accepted the sidequest at the Academy then you can farm for Galorin Horns here. Otherwise just hack away at those minions for EXP points, I train Killian up to level 8 it helps a bit. Also 600 Gelders can be yours head SOUTHEAST, now at the INTERSECTION where you have a choice of going RIGHT or DOWN choose DOWN, a treasure chest sits quietly right NEXT TO A LOG with an innocent butterfly fluttering around; inside 600 GELDERS. The INTERSECTION is T-shaped by the way. God, why the hell am I so specific? Go back to the INTERSECTION before and head RIGHT. In the next screen lies a chest with 10 BISCUITS, just follow the road until it splits, the road leading south looks slightly "faded" press R for the map and you will see that the road do splits RIGHT and DOWN (EAST AND SOUTH) take the road down with a chest containing BISCUITS x10 it's almost at the edge of the ledge thank the Heavens it didn't drop into the river or whatever. Go back up and take the EAST (RIGHT) path. The game will hint at you to use your Skill if the enemies are too much to bear, whatever it is, don't! it's just not worth it since your MP value at this point is really low and skills are way too expensive to execute, just rely on brute force and items to get through. Also did I tell you to level up before? If you engage each and every enemy you come across then Killian would be all cozy at level 11... or maybe I got carried away leveling up? .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: VARDENHOFF FIELD; | |---------------------------------------------| | THERE ARE FREAKIN' MOSQUITOES HERE, AHHHH!! | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | NONE... | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | • MOSQUITO (WHAT?) | | • HWAL GALORIN | '---------------------------------------------' Before you proceed access the MAIN MENU first and go to Skill and learn these two abilities (assuming you haven't learn anything else yet and have farmed enough SP). • CROSS SLASH • QUICK FIX ------------- 80 SP TOTAL If you bothered to do the sidequest at the Academy earlier then you will have three BRONZE MEDALLIONS with you, use one MEDALLION on both C. SLASH and Q. FIX. If you don't have 'em it's ok. These medallions only make your skill just slightly stronger anyway it's not a lot but significant enough. SAVE YOUR GAME! ---------------------- EXCELLENT TRAINING SPOT! -------------------------- There are no items here but there is an excellent training spot nearby, walk a little farther to your right and you will notice a small group of Galorins walking around, you can slaughter all of these for much needed EXP points, SP and Gelders, each time you defeat a set of enemy you will be invincible and since the Galorins are so close to one another you can ambush them left and right. Go to the next screen and come back to have them respawn, defeat, win, rinse and repeat. -------------------- EXCELLENT TRAINING SPOT END! ------------------------ Don't forget to save your progress you wouldn't want those training to go to waste do you? Alright, proceed to the next screen and there will be an INTERSECTION just ignore the lower path unless you want to beat up a Galorin, take the upper path NORTH and a cutscene will play out. Oh, the sarcasm between Killian and the Cavalry guy. Once the scene ended a Galorin will magically appear defeat it if you want or proceed EAST to Vardenhoff, you cannot go north from here. There's a boss fight coming up so check your HP and MP and save your game before proceeding AFTER THE SIGN. You will be introduced to Spinel and Jeffrey, a scene will play out watch and you eventually have to fight Jeffrey. '||''|. '||''|. || || || || ||'''|. O S S ||...|' A R T Y || ||.---------------------------. || .---------------------------. .||...|' | JEFFREY, WILLIAMS, WEBBER | .||. | KILLIAN ONLY | .--------'---------------------------'-------'---------------------------| | This is not a hard battle if you have Killian at a high enough level | | he should hit for quite a bit, if things get desperate then use "CROSS | | SLASH" to end things quickly. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: 580 G, 30 SP, JOKER CARD, BRONZE MEDALLION | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' That wasn't a difficult fight was it? A little chit-chat and Spinel is off on her way to who knows where BUT one thing is for certain! YOUR MONEY POUCH IS GONE, SNATCHED BY THE THIEF, no? Not really... Nah, your Gelders is still there... in thousands. Hmph! :) Continue crossing the bridge past the sign into Vardenhoff. .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: VARDENHOFF; | |---------------------------------------------| | What's up with that Windmill? Is there some | | kind of secret? A sidequest perhaps? | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • CAYENNE POWDER x3 | | • ACETYLSALICYCLIC ACID x3 | | • LIGER BALM | | • FISH CAKE x2 | | • HAMBURGER | | • MILK x2 | | • SPICY RICE CAKE x2 | | • RED BEAN BUN x5 | | • SMOKE BOMB x3 | | • 670 GELDERS | | • MILK x3 (YES, ANOTHER THREE PACKETS) | | • RED BEAN BUN x7 (YES, ANOTHER SEVEN) | | • CAFFEINE | | • 1850 GELDERS | | • SMALL BOMB x5 | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | NONE... | '---------------------------------------------' Here we are in the village of VARDENHOFF, let's start looting for items. From where you are you can see a blue-haired guy if you talk to him he will mention about the map function as well as tell you where the Excel. office can be located walk pass him and go south to a house where you can see a horse and a man, go into that house, the lady in there will mention to you that no matter how much she clean the place it never seems to be spick-and-span (you're in the right house). Go up to the 2nd floor there will be a chest containing THREE CAYENNE POWDER, also check the vase near the window for THREE ACETYLSALICYCLIC ACID :O? And don't press X near the table or you will become a worthless man. Leave the premises. Feel free to purchase new equipment for Killian I bought only a weapon for him: • Baselard --------------- 1200 GELDERS You should already have LEATHER ARMOR equipped, yes? (you saved 150 G). Go south pass the ITEM SHOP you should see two ladies standing outside a house talking rubbish (mind your own business, gossipers!), go inside that house and check the shelves for a LIGER BALM. On the second floor will be a guy chasing rats around the room, check the cupboard in the south (press down on the D-pad) with two barrels on top of it for TWO FISH CAKES. Now if you want: • Hamburger • Two packets of Milk • Two packets of Spicy Rice Cake STOP CHECKING THE CUPBOARD AFTER THE SPICY RICE CAKE or Robert will have you return all his snacks and you won't ever see them again! Leave the house quickly. :P Before you go anywhere else walk WEST a little bit OF THE HOUSE and you will see a chest containing FIVE RED BEAN BUNS and THREE SMOKE BOMB. Heh, nice indeed! Visit the TAVERN/BAR next and check the only lone crate (box) on the right inside you will find 670 GELDERS. Your next stop is the INN walk pass the girl reading a book and check the lone barrel, inside you will find another THREE PACKETS of MILK. Now go inside the INN and check the box under the window near the ENTRANCE for a pair of RIDING BOOTS, equip it on Killian, thank God we didn't purchase any boots back at the Weapon shop, did we? ;) Now check the cupboard in between the beds (wait for the girl to go away if she's blocking your way) for SEVEN RED BEAN BUNS. Don't leave just yet! This INN has a lot more to offer go to the second floor and check the cupboard nearby for a CAFFEINE, two chests are in plain sight: 1850 GELDERS and FIVE SMALL BOMBS. Finally, you can leave the INN and visit the force's office. Head south from where you are (just press down on the D-pad) and enter the Excelsior Force's office also feel free to talk to the barrel on the left. The lazy guard will direct you straight to Dead Man's Spire to meet with the Excelsior Force directly. Leave Vardenhoff. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- KILLIAN'S FIRST MISSION (03#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: VARDENHOFF FIELD; | |---------------------------------------------| | This is not really a dungeon and it's very | | hard to get lost. :) | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • 700 GELDERS | | • RED BEAN BUN x5 | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | • GALORIN | | • HWAL GALORIN | | • MOSQUITO | '---------------------------------------------' Go up the stone steps and follow the linear path upwards when you reach another set of stone steps go up and grab the chest containing: FIVE RED BEAN BUNS and 700 GELDERS. Leave this area and go to the left of the stone steps. Another linear path awaits you, at the end when you have finally reached your destination a scene will play out. ___________________________________________________________________________ ################################# CHAPTER I: THE WICKED STONE (C1#) ################################# This Chapter is where your real adventure begins, new faces will join your party making battles a little more fun and bearable and not forgetting the humor and all the good stuff. Don't forget to do a lot of battles, save a lot of money and spend those SP wisely. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAVED! (04#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: VARDENHOFF; | |---------------------------------------------| | Great! You now have a sexy Treasure Hunter | | in your party time to doll her up with some | | brand new equipment. | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • MASTER CANE (MANDATORY ITEM) | | • ANGEL FEATHER x2 (AT DEAD MAN'S SPIRE) | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | • STEPHANIE! SOON YOU'LL KNOW! | '---------------------------------------------' Spinel from before noticed and saved you, you are then brought back at the bridge where you guys first met. After a bit of conversation the game will hint at you that you are now able to do Combo Tech (or Combination Skills) but I like calling it "Combo Tech" (KOMBO TEK). Read my section on "Battle Mechanics" to learn how does "KOMBO TEK" works. Save your progress! Head into Vanderhoff and purchase some new equipment for Spinel: • Ballock • Leather Armor • Leather Boots --------------- 1050 GELDERS Once you are done head for the tavern a little east of the Weapon shop. In the upper-right hand corner of the screen you will see a set of stairs leading down take it down and you will complete the quest. After a bit of conversation you will receive the MASTER CANE from Steph. Head back out of Vardenhoff and into the Dead Man's Spire (the same way you did before). Don't forget to defeat all enemies along the way, trust me you need the extra EXP points, SP and Gelders. When you arrive at the destination Spinel will open the door to the Dead Man's Spire. Just in case go save your game first before proceeding inside you don't know what's inside the Spire... do you? :) Oh, does anyone have any ideas what are the two things that Killian asked Spinel about? One of them I'm sure is about the "Wicked Stone" but what about the other thing? Anyways before I forget go around the Spire to the RIGHT there will be a chest with TWO ANGEL FEATHERS. Now we are all set to go inside. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTO THE SPIRE (05#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: DEAD MAN'S SPIRE (1F); | |---------------------------------------------| | Beware of the Gelatinous Blob as they tend | | to come in a group of four; use Cross Slash | | when things get desperate... OR RUN! | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • 1200 GELDERS | | • ANGEL FEATHERS x2 | | • RIDING BOOTS | | • SAPPHIRE STAFF | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | • GELATINOUS BLOB | | • REDCLAW | | • ALPHA SNAIL | '---------------------------------------------' The door/rock will close behind you and you have no choice but to move on forward, follow the linear path to the next screen to trigger another cut- scene; seems like someone is in trouble and you just gotta help him or you will have sleepless nights (haha). '||''|. '||''|. || || || || ||'''|. O S S ||...|' A R T Y || ||.-------------------------. || .-------------------------. .||...|' | CAL GALORIN x2, G. BLOB | .||. | KILLIAN, SPINEL, HENSON | .--------'-------------------------'-------'-------------------------'---. | Apparently this is a boss fight. Just use Killian's "Cross Slash" and | | you will be done in no time. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: 580 G, 60 SP, PLATINUM MEDALLION | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' Well that takes care of that, a funny conversation will soon follow and our mage friend, Henson will join the party. Before proceeding anywhere else in the Spire access the menu and learn some new skills... KILLIAN • Heal • Wave Strike SPINEL • Deadly Attraction • Wave Strike And apparently it doesn't seem to matter where you put Henson, maybe it's just my game but I noticed that even if you had him in the back row of the formation enemy still attack him and it's more often than not, so it's up you where you really wanna put Henson. -_-; Alright from where you are go back (it's a dead end ahead, lol) and at the INTERSECTION you're given a choice of LEFT and RIGHT, take the RIGHT path and along the way another INTERSECTION BUT IGNORE the south path and keep heading right, in the next screen are two Galorins with a chest containing 1200 GELDERS. Backtrack to the INTERSECTION WE JUST IGNORED and this time head SOUTH into the next screen. Head along the linear path you will have to go through a couple of screens (they are all linear and no intersections whatsoever) before you trigger a scene. '||''|. '||''|. || || || || ||'''|. O S S ||...|' A R T Y || ||.---------------. || .-------------------------. .||...|' | UNDEAD KNIGHT | .||. | KILLIAN, SPINEL, HENSON | .--------'---------------'-------'-------------------------'-------------. | You are not meant to win this fight... | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: YOUR PARTY'S DEMIS, A-HAHAHAHAHA... *HIC* | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' Killian fails through and through to overcome Larmont just when things are beginning to get desperate a nasty old man who called you all fools saved you from the Undead Knight. Some conversation ensues and we're all set to go again. From where you are go LEFT all the way to the next screen. In this screen follow the path until you stumble upon an intersection LEFT and RIGHT, take the right path as the next screen holds a treasure chest containing these splendid items: • Riding Boots • Sapphire Staff Equip both of these on Henson. Backtrack and this time GO ALL THE WAY DOWN and all the way along the linear path until you reach the exit with the lights shining in you can't miss it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MIRAGE VILLAGE (06#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: MIRAGE VILLAGE; | |---------------------------------------------| | Those pumpkins are spooky! | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • SAINT HAMMER (MANDATORY) | | • 5000 GELDERS | | • FISH CAKE x3 | | • SPICY RICE CAKE x2 | | • SPICY SQUID x3 | | • MILK x10 | | • TENXT x3 (AFTER AN EVENT) | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | NONE... | '---------------------------------------------' You will be greeted by the residents of Mirage Village apparently they're extremely happy that they're getting visitors for the first time in a very long time (sounds fishy, hm?). ---------------------- EXCELLENT TRAINING SPOT! -------------------------- Dead Man's Spire is an ideal place to level up, earn Gelders and farm for SP since there's a town within the Spire itself you can always rest at the INN when you're low on HP and MP. Consider leveling up your party to at least level 25-30 (if you're crazy enough), trust me, you will need it. Or really just go and train until you can earn little to no EXP points. -------------------- EXCELLENT TRAINING SPOT END! ------------------------ As usual it's time to loot this mysterious village of all its items, walk west pass the INN and into the house, there is a lady named Lorraine. A chest is in plain sight: 5000 GELDERS, there's nothing else here so leave the house. Go south of the INN and cross the mini bridge into the next screen/part of town, in the lower-right corner is the WEAPON/ITEM shop go ahead and pur- chase upgrades for your party if you want. I bought these: • Claymore* • Blade Of Glory • Gambeson • Brigandine x2* • Riding Boots ---------------- 9540 GELDERS *You can either buy the Claymore weapon for Killian now for added ATK power or wait till the next part of the Dead Man's dungeon if you wish to save some Gelders, you can also get a free Brigandine for your party. Hm, your choice. You can always sell off any additional spoils that you may have in your inventory (that's what I did, win-win situation). The enemies also drop Claymore as a rare spoil. :) Sell off your old equipment if you want to earn extra G. Now head back outside from the weapon shop just go all the way west pass the Clock Tower into the house with a girl standing outside in a red dress. Inside you can see a chest; THREE FISH CAKES, TWO PACKETS OF SPICY RICE CAKE AND THREE SPICY SQUIDS. Leave the house and head north pass the TAVERN/BAR and into the mansion, this is the Mayor's resident go up to the 2nd floor and you can find a chest with TEN PACKETS OF MILK in it. Hmm, I doubt there is anything else in this village or am I still missing a couple of items? Anyway, when you are done with the ransacking business go ahead and visit the BAR to progress the story, a scene will play and Killian will head out to go for a walk. You see a girl running away follow her into the Clock Tower area in the middle of the village and talk to her, another one of those cutscenes and then you're required to find Aneris' torn message. ------------------- PIECING IT ALL BACK TOGETHER ------------------------- You MUST find the torn pieces in the correct order if you did not find the first you can never find the second, the third and the fourth. THE FIRST PIECE: From where you are, go NORTH a little bit PASS THE GIRL NAMED FLORA, talk to her if her name is FLORA then you're heading in the CORRECT direction. The first piece can be found nearby. THE SECOND PIECE: From the FIRST PIECE location GO NORTH AND CROSS THE MINI BRIDGE search around the area IN BETWEEN the INN and the house, the second piece can be seen nearby. THE THIRD PIECE: The THIRD PIECE can be found just a little south of the TAVERN/BAR right near the entrance with the girl in a red dress standing outside. THE FOURTH AND FINAL PIECE: Is located near the Mayor's house just go north pass the TAVERN/BAR and cross the mini bridge on the left and up all the way to the house, you can see the fourth missing piece there OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE NOT INSIDE. ----------------- PIECING IT ALL BACK TOGETHER END! ---------------------- An angry Killian can be seen making snide remarks about people who didn't use proper grammar. Touché. Don't forget to SAVE YOUR GAME and make sure you have at least 45 MP to use Cross Slash. A-haha. '||''|. '||''|. || || || || ||'''|. O S S ||...|' A R T Y || ||.-------------------------. || .--------------. .||...|' | ZOMBIE MAYOR, ZOMBIE x2 | .||. | KILLIAN ONLY | .--------'-------------------------'-------'--------------'--------------. | Just use Cross Slash for an easy win. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: 580 GELDER, 80 SP, BRONZE MEDALLION | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' Lol, what an annoyingly easy boss battle. :( The Mayor even in death was kind enough to allow you to buy equipment and items at the store (they've some new line-up by the way) and you can rest at the INN at the same price of ...One... ...fifty... *MOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAN* do whatever you want, yes! Just to let you know I've purchased these stuff from the store: • Emerald Staff • Iron Hammer • Brigandine • Riding Boots • Mana Amulet (for Killian) --------------------------- 11340 GELDERS There's a chest nearby the INN with THREE TENTS. The new exit is to the WEST end of town, the moment you leave this Village the old man who saved you from before shows up and demands a manly one-to- one fight, winner takes all... just the Wicked Stone. Nasty old man. '||''|. '||''|. || || || || ||'''|. O S S ||...|' A R T Y || ||.-------. || .--------------. .||...|' | GELTS | .||. | KILLIAN ONLY | .--------'-------'-------'--------------'--------------------------------. | This guy is a joke just whack him with your physical attack and he'll | | go down in no time. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: 800 GELDER, 100 SP, JOKER CARD, BRONZE MEDALLION | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' Gelts has no shame and squeezed himself into your party. If you purchased new equipment like I have stated earlier then you can outfit Gelts, if not you can head back into town and buy the necessary equipment (this nasty old man has some crappy equips). Feel free to do more training if you like. I did some. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- BACK INTO THE SPIRE (07#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: DEAD MAN'S SPIRE (1F - 8F); | |---------------------------------------------| | This is the most straightforward dungeon in | | the game, you can't get lost, Nep is on the | | 8F. | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • SMALL BOMB x5, MEDIUM MANA POTION x3 (5F) | | • CLAYMORE, BRIGANDINE (7F) | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | • ALPHA SNAIL | | • GUH MI | | • SPIKY SKUNK | '---------------------------------------------' Go up the spiral staircase all the way to the fourth floor to trigger a scene with the Witch, Nephelta. There are no items whatsoever along the way. After the conversation go through the opening on the left. (it's hard to see or maybe I'm blind or something? Cause once I actually thought the 4th floor is a dead end, haha). On the 5th floor towards the end is a chest with FIVE SMALL BOMBS + THREE MEDIUM MANA POTIONS. Go up and all the way to the 7th floor is another chest; CLAYMORE and BRIGANDINE (sell these off for some added G or equip 'em on Killian or whatsoever, your choice). Alright, before you proceed to the next floor use a TENT on your party and save your game. I've read in the forums that people are struggling trying to defeat Nephelta, don't worry she's easy as pie provided you have come prepared!... By "prepared" I meant having the latest equipment from Ghost Village and be at least level 23 and above, ok. Now head on up to 8th floor... '||''|. '||''|. || || || || ||'''|. O S S ||...|' A R T Y || ||.-----------------. || .--------------------------------. .||...|' | LARMONT MARKSAI | .||. | KILLIAN, SPINEL, GELTS, HENSON | .--------'-----------------'-------'--------------------------------'----. | Don't waste any of Killian or Spinel's MP have both of 'em attack the | | enemy Knight and have Gelts use Gelts Crush and Henson waste all of | | his magic on him. Use items when you're low on health and Marksai will | | go down in no time. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: 1000 GELDER, 150 SP, JOKER CARD, BRONZE MEDALLION, DARK GEM | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' Hopefully everyone in your party will level up just so they could benefit from the HP/MP full recovery feature. :) Larmont will reanimate and Nep will transform into a butt ugly beast. '||''|. '||''|. || || || || ||'''|. O S S ||...|' A R T Y || ||.-------------------------. || .-------------------------. .||...|' | NEPHELTA, S. SERVANT x2 | .||. | KIL, SPI, GELTS, HENSON | .--------'-------------------------'-------'-------------------------'---. | First things first remove those two Spiders as quickly as you can, Kil | | and Spinel should concentrate on Nephelta (use Cross Slash until you | | run out of MP) and have Spinel use her best move (Toxic Needle). Hen | | should use Fire-based magic on the Spiders and Gelts abuse Gelts Crush | | as much as possible. In my most honest of opinion DON'T WASTE PRECIOUS | | TURNS TRYING TO CURE THE POISON STATUS EFFECT just unleash everything | | on Nephelta. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: 2000 GELDER, 250 SP, JOKER CARD, SILVER MEDALLION, ICE GEM | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' The Spire collapsed and everyone will jump out of the window to save them- selves. Did I just saw a treasure chest underneath where those two are standing? Oh, yes indeed! Maybe it was there way before you first enter the Spire? Lol, I went back to that spot and inside you can find a MIGHT RING + FOUR TENTS. Go back to Vardenhoff to meet up with Stephanie at the TAVERN/BAR to pro- gress the story. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DECEPTION & BETRAYAL (08#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: VARDENHOFF; | |---------------------------------------------| | This is your last time in Vardenhoff, so go | | ahead and take a look around the place. If | | you haven't grab all of the time items in | | town then you better do so. | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | NONE... | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | NONE... | '---------------------------------------------' A scene will take place and you will be thrown into jail and a new chapter starts. Well that's about it. Ha ha ha. ___________________________________________________________________________ ################################ CHAPTER II: RISKY BUSINESS (C2#) ################################ A lot of back-tracking and quite a number of dungeons await you in this chapter, the plot thickens just by a bit. A new member will also join the roster making your merry little band a party of five. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE STONE IN THE MONASTERY (09#) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------. | LOCATION: HABSBURG; | |---------------------------------------------| | There are two excellent training spots out- | | side of Habsburg; one is at Ziggurat, the | | other is just in the outskirt of Habsburge | | along the way to the St. Geo Monastery. | |---------------------------------------------| | ITEMS & SUCH; | |---------------------------------------------| | • MILK x5 | | • TAKOYAKI x4 | | • MEDIUM BOMB x3 | | • TAKOYAKI x8 | | • HAMBURGER x10 | | • EMERGENCY POTION x3 | | • 7000 GELDERS | |---------------------------------------------| | ENEMY(IES) AVAILABLE; | |---------------------------------------------| | NONE... | '---------------------------------------------' You know how Henson is a mage and all? Well, wouldn't it be easier if he just blasted out of prison with his magic or something? Anyway brace your- self for quite a long scene before you finally have control of Killian once again. You are now in Habsburg and it's time to... ------------------ PILFER THIS TOWN/VILLAGE FOR ITEMS! ------------------- From where you are, go a little SOUTHWEST pass an NPC named FUMI and make a stop at the lamp-post, and go inside the nearby house. Inside is a man named Bruno who got fired in the first day of work and sounded like he wanted to murder himself if you are talking to the same guy then you are certainly in the correct house, ignore him and grab the chest for FIVE PACKETS OF MILK + FOUR TAKOYAKI. Leave. Now go SOUTHEAST pass an NPC named SUK JA and you should see another pair of NPC (father and son) outside the house, go inside and grab the chest partially hidden behind the bookshelves containing THREE MEDIUM BOMBS. Leave. Head for the TAVERN/BAR there are a couple of things you can do in here, for the sake of fun. • Order a drink to restore HP/MP • Talk to the singer on stage to hear something weird • Play the piano for 10 Gelders Nothing really beneficial here so leave. Now head for the central park there's a fountain in the center, very nice. Anyway there's a guy named Gerald with a cowboy hat that will give you 1 G for every single time you talk to him, just letting you know. From the park head NORTHEAST... There are two NPC named ROMEO and JULIET but they're of no concern here, head inside the house and check the oven or fireplace or whatever for EIGHT TAKOYAKIS. Head up on the 2nd floor to grab TEN HAMBURGERS in the chest. Leave. BEFORE you head anywhere else go WEST all the way from the house you just robbed :P and a chest will be in plain sight, inside you will find 50 GODDAMN EMERGENCY POTIONS but damn stupid Killian had to get excited and drop 47 FREAKIN' POTIONS so you are left with THREE. Oh developers why can't you just let us have 50 of those? You should noticed a mansion to the WEST of HABSBURG PARK, it's NORTHEAST from the town's EXIT. Hm, don't worry it's hard to miss since there will be a boy named TROY with two dogs and a couple of those pigeons, go inside the mansion and on the first floor is a chest with 7000 GELDERS. --------------- PILFER THIS TOWN/VILLAGE FOR ITEMS END! ------------------ In the same house on the 2nd floor is your Drill Instructor. --------------------------- SIDE QUEST ALERT! ---------------------------- Talk to him and accept his request to trigger another optional sidequest. You may talk to the Prince if you want and seriously what does "I'm trying on a new wig for my wig." supposed to mean? REWARD(S) • ------------------------- SIDE QUEST ALERT END! -------------------------- Also if you "talk" to the Silver Vase by the entrance of the second floor you will get a funny conversation between Spinel and Killian. Alright if you want to do some fighting before you leave town then head for the Mirror-Maker's house right nearby the exit and walk behind the counter to trigger a boss battle. '||''|. '||''|. || || || || ||'''|. O S S ||...|' A R T Y || ||.-----------------------. || .-------------------------. .||...|' | B. CPT x2, BROWNIE x2 | .||. | KIL, SPI, GELTS, HENSON | .--------'-----------------------'-------'-------------------------'-----. | Just use your best skills, like Cross Slash, etc... | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: 580 GELDER, 150 SP, JOKER CARD, NEUTRALITY GEM | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' The owner will reward you with 20,000 GELDERS, oh you're filthy rich! - TO BE CONTINUED - ___________________________________________________________________________ Q U E S T S (02^) ################ INFO AND TIDBITS ################ These are arranged in the order where we first did them. S T O R Y L I N E: You can't miss these as they are storyline quests. .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | GREEN HILL GRADUATION (GHx) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | I'm late for my own graduation! I have to get to the ceremony before | | anyone realizes that I'm late. The Academy's located at the northwest | | corner of Shern Village. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | JOIN THE EXCELSIOR FORCE (EFx) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | After graduating, the principal wrote me a recommendation letter to | | join the Excelsior Force. Thanks, Principal! | | | | I have to visit the Excelsior Force's office in Vardenhoff, east of | | Shern. The office is in the southeast of Vardenhoff. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | JOIN THE EXCELSIOR FORCE (COMPLETED) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | A really helpful guard at the office told me that I should meet the | | rest of the Excelsior Force by Dead Man's Spire and support them in | | order to earn brownie points. Dead Man's Spire is located just to the | | west of Vardenhoff, up the stone steps. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | SPINEL'S FRIEND (SFx) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Since my time with the Excelsior Force has been cut short, I'm teaming | | up with Spinel. I need to meet her friend in the basement of the Var- | | denhoff tavern. What's worst is that I'm never getting that money back | | from Spinel... | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | RECLAIM THE WICKED STONE (RWx) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | What? The job I got suckered into is finding the Wicked Stone!? I'm | | not supposed to touch the Wicked Stone! On top of that, my comrades | | just got slaughtered trying to get this thing! I bet this isn't going | | to be easy at all... Time to go back to Dead Man's Spire... | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | RECLAIM THE WICKED STONE (NEW INFORMATION) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | An evil woman named Nephelta's holding the Wicked Stone at the top of | | Dead Man's Spire. I've got to destroy her to free the souls of the | | villagers and get out of this cursed place. The exit's to the west of | | the village. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | RECLAIM THE WICKED STONE (NEW INFORMATION) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Yes! We destroyed Nephelta and retrieved the Wicked Stone... But some- | | thing doesn't seem quite right. Even though I can't shake this fee- | | ling, still, this accomplishment feels pretty good. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | MESSAGE FROM ANERIS (MFx) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | A girl named Aneris was trying to pass me a message, but an unknown | | force tore it into pieces. I think if I were to piece it back together,| | I could possible read the message. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | MESSAGE FROM ANERIS (COMPLETED) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | The message reads: "You will find Larmont's hammer at the base of a | | statue with wings." | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | MONASTERY'S WICKED STONE (MWx) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ugh! After getting tossed in jail by that jerk Herbert, I got sent on | | mission to find more Wicked Stones. To make matters worse, they | | assigned this annoying monk to work with us. St. Gergeous Monastery's | | on the west end of the desert, so... time to start walking... | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' O P T I O N A L: These are optional it is not mandatory to complete them in order to finish the game. .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | GALORIN HUNTING (HUx) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Sidequest: I already graduated, so why is Englehyde giving me more | | work to do? Oh well, I guess it couldn't hurt. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | REWARD: BRONZE MEDALLION x3 | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ M I S C E L L A N E O U S (03^) ############################### MAGIC, SPELLS, TECHNIQUES (MS-) ############################### I'm working on this... __ /__\ /_\ V E R Y O N E / AND I MEAN ALL SIX CHARACTERS //__¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \__/ Full-party combination requires all four on the battlefield to learn the skill in order to execute the combo. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FULL-PARTY COMBINATION --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | W. Of God | 100 | Holy damage to all enemies. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Wrath Of God; God's graceful foot stomp all enemies on screen. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | G. Of God | 120 | Invincibility for 8 turns, for all allies. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Grace Of God; God ain't so graceful when it lasts less than 2 turns. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' /\ /\ / //_/ I L L I A N / CHEVALIER / __ \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \/ \/ Killian has a couple of offensive magic spells and a fair amount of recovery spells at his disposal but due to the expensive cost of recovery magic you're better off using items. What I like about Killian is his Uni- que Skill: "Cross Slash" and "Blade Of Fury." the latter while costly al- most always decimate all foes on screen, use it when you really need it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAGIC --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Char | 010 | Light Fire damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Scorch | 020 | Medium Fire damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Immolate | 040 | Massive Fire damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Ice Shard | 007 | Light Ice damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | C. Crush | 014 | Medium Ice damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | I. Strike | 030 | Massive Ice damage to an enemy. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECOVERY --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Quick Fix | 010 | Light healing to one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Heal | 020 | Medium healing to one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Revitalize | 050 | Massive healing to one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | First Aid | 020 | Light healing to all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Res. | 040 | Medium healing to all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Stabilize | 040 | Revive one ally with 50% HP. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Cleanse | 015 | Cure poison from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Awaken | 015 | Cure sleep from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Clarity | 015 | Cure confusion from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Nostrum | 015 | Cure plague from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Vox Donare | 015 | Cure silence from one ally. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PASSIVE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | G. Aura | 000 | Increase Defense value by 5% (All Allies). | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Guardian Aura is a passive skill meaning it is active at all times, no | | activation of any sort required. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | J. Blade | 015 | Light physical attack to an enemy unit. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Justice Blade; Useful during the early part of the game. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | C. Slash | 045 | Medium physical attack to all enemies. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Cross Slash; Very useful, increase its rank for added potency. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | Holy Armor | 030 | Increase one ally's Defense. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Holy Armor; You're better with Henson and Lahduk's "Inspire" Skill. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | B. Of Fury | 090 | Massive physical attack to all enemies. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Blade Of Fury; Very useful but very expensive. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMBINATION TECHNIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | W. Strike | 030 | With Spinel, all enemies -15% of current HP. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Wave Strike; cheap and effective, even on bosses. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | A.'s Bless | 045 | With Gelts, all allies recover 70% of their HP. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Angel's Blessing; pretty decent healing combo tech... | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | Sanctuary | 090 | With Gelts/Acelora, full recovery + immunity. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Sanctuary; you're better off with "Angel's Blessing." | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' __ / _\ \ \ P I N E L / THIEFMAGE _\ \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \__/ /\ /\ / /_/ / E N S O N / MAGE / __ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \/ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAGIC --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Char | 010 | Light Fire damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Scorch | 020 | Medium Fire damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Immolate | 040 | Massive Fire damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Blaze | 022 | Light Fire damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Conflag. | 044 | Medium Fire damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Inferno | 088 | Massive Fire damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | F & B | 120 | Ultimate Fire attack, confusion to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Ice Shard | 007 | Light Ice damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | C. Crush | 014 | Medium Ice damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | I. Strike | 030 | Massive Ice damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Frostbite | 015 | Light Ice damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Arctic A. | 030 | Medium Ice damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | D. Freeze | 060 | Massive Ice damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Ice Age | 100 | Ultimate Ice attack, sleep to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Whirlwind | 014 | Light Wind damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Gale Force | 028 | Medium Wind damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | A. Vortex | 056 | Strong Wind damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Cyclone | 110 | Massive Wind damage to all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Spark | 008 | Light Lightning damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Electro. | 016 | Medium Lightning damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | L. Strike | 032 | Strong Fire damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | M's Might | 070 | Massive Lightning damage to an enemy. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Shout | 020 | Increase Attack for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Fortify | 020 | Increase Defense for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Focus | 020 | Increase Crit Chance for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Battle Cry | 040 | Increase Attack for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Inspire | 040 | Increase Defense for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Rally | 040 | Increase Crit Chance for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | S.screen | 035 | Guaranteed escape from normal battles. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Tempt Fate | 025 | Either full heal, full cure, or lose 50% HP. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DARKNESS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Annihilate | 150 | High % instant kill on all enemies. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Channel | 005 | Convert HP into MP. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMBINATION TECHNIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Purify | 050 | With Gelts, massive Holy damage to all enemies. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Good against Dark elemental enemies, plus it only cost 50 MP. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | L. Rage | 060 | With Lahduk, massive Li. damage to all enemies. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Lightning Rage; I love the animation for this combo tech! | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' ___ / _ \ / /_\/ E L T S / CLERIC / /_\\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \____/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECOVERY --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Quick Fix | 010 | Light healing to one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Heal | 020 | Medium healing to one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Revitalize | 050 | Massive healing to one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | First Aid | 020 | Light healing to all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Res. | 040 | Medium healing to all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Rej. | 090 | Massive healing to all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Stabilize | 040 | Revive one ally with 50% HP. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | H. Touch | 070 | Revive one ally with 100% HP. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Cleanse | 015 | Cure poison from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Awaken | 015 | Cure sleep from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Clarity | 015 | Cure confusion from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Nostrum | 015 | Cure plague from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Vox Donare | 015 | Cure silence from one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Panacea | 055 | Cure all status ailments from all allies. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Poison S. | 025 | Poison immunity for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Sleep S. | 025 | Sleep immunity for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Muddle S. | 025 | Confusion immunity for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Disease S. | 025 | Plague immunity for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Silence S. | 025 | Silence immunity for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Poison B. | 050 | Poison immunity for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Sleep B. | 050 | Sleep immunity for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Muddle B. | 050 | Confusion immunity for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Disease B. | 050 | Plague immunity for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Silence B. | 050 | Silence immunity for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Status S. | 040 | Status ailment immunity for one ally. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Status B. | 080 | Status ailment immunity for all allies. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | G. Crush | 025 | Medium damage to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Incant. | 035 | Reduce Crit Chance for all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | War B. | 055 | Increase Attack for all allies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | D. Hammer | 080 | Strong physical attack to all enemies. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMBINATION TECHNIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | A's Bless | 040 | With Kil, all allies recover 70% of their HP. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Angel's Blessing; pretty decent healing combo tech... | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | Purify | 050 | With Hen, massive Holy damage to all enemies. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Good against Dark elemental enemies, plus it only cost 50 MP. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | Sanctuary | 080 | With Killian/Acelora, full recovery + immunity. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Meh~... | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' __ / / A H D U K / MONK / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ / /___ \____/ _ /_\ C E L O R A / CRUSADER //_\\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ / _ \ \_/ \_/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DARKNESS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Venom | 025 | Poison an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Sleep | 025 | Put an enemy to sleep. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Bewilder | 025 | Confuse an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Infect | 025 | Give an enemy the plague. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Mute | 025 | Silence an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | T. Cloud | 050 | Poison all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Somnam. | 050 | Put all enemies to sleep. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Hysteria | 050 | Confuse all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Pestilence | 050 | Give all enemies the plague. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Tranq. | 050 | Silence all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | W.O.F | 080 | Give all enemies random status ailments. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | D.scythe | 020 | Low % instant kill on an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Reaping | 040 | Medium % instant kill on an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | D.strike | 080 | High % instant kill on an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Slaughter | 040 | Low % instant kill on all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Massacre | 080 | Medium % instant kill on all enemies. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Annihilate | 150 | High % instant kill on all enemies. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Smite | 040 | Medium physical attack to an enemy. | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | Final J | 110 | Massive physical attack to all enemies. | '------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMBINATION TECHNIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | NAME | MP COST | DESCRIPTION | |------------|---------|-------------------------------------------------| | L's. Night | 055 | With Spinel, reduce A, D and C for all enemies. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Ladies' Night; that's ATK, DEF and CRIT, what crappy animation :( | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | Ragnarok | 085 | With Lahduk, special Dark damage to an enemy. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Nothing really special... How disappointing. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------.---------.-------------------------------------------------. | Sanctuary | 080 | With Killian/Gelts, full recovery + immunity. | |------------'---------'-------------------------------------------------| | Meh~... | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ ####################### BATTLE CRY/QUOTES (BC-) ####################### ___________________________________________________________________________ ################# ITEMS INDEX (IX-) ################# ___________________________________________________________________________ #################### BONUS CONTENTS (CG-) #################### After completing the game for the first you'll be prompted to save a Clear Save Data, this data allows you to play the game from the start with...... NOTHING but all the skills that you've learned. -____________- bummer. But I can assure you that the BONUS CONTENTS are choke-full of gorgeous artwork :) so you might get a kick out of that. .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | MONSTER CARD | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | View various cards you have collected throughout the card, these are | | also accompanied by quirky comments! | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | CHARACTER PORTRAIT | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | View beautiful hand-drawn graphics of the many characters found in the | | game. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | GALLERY | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | View sketches, artwork and illustration by the people behind CGS. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | CREDITS | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | View the end credits all over again. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' "Monster Card" is cute as well as the "Gallery" section. That's about it. ___________________________________________________________________________ ####################### PROBLEMS & ISSUES (PI-) ####################### I guess it's just me being paraonid and "nitpicky," but did you noticed... .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | EVERYONE IS "SPEECHLESS" | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | If you enter Standby/Sleep Mode during any kind of battle and resume | | after that the party will be "voiceless/speechless/whatever" you can't | | hear their battle cry like Killian's "taste my blade or Spinel "loser" | | but if you use any of their skill you can still hear their usual cry. | | Weird? | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | SLIGHTLY MESSED UP VOICE-ACTING (SPOILERS) | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Towards the end of the game, actually it's the ending, Spinel voice- | | acting got just a little bit messed up. | | | | In the written dialogue it reads "I must go with him, with my father" | | the voice actress only said "with my father" leaving out the phrase "I | | must go with him." | | | | Then in the second part of the conversation the written dialogue reads | | "Killian I have to go if this power is unleashed, the whole world will | | be destroyed." the actress said something else: | | | | "Killian I have to go if his power is brought back the world will be | | destroyed." | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | ENCHANTED ARMOR... FAKE OR WHAT? | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | The description stated "those who wear this magical garment will no | | longer require mana to use their skills." Well I equipped Henson with | | it but it still consumes Mana, am I missing something? | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | BONUS CONTENT FREEZING ISSUE | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | The game will freeze if you move around too fast in the Bonus Content, | | try randomly entering/exiting any of the subcontent and the game will | | most likely freeze, or mabe iit's just my copy? Who knows? | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ ###################################### EXTRAS AND SUPPLEMENTARY READING (RX-) ###################################### These are just links to various sources on the internet regarding Crimson Gem Saga, some of them are excellent reviews and a few are backstory on the game, how it came to be and all that stuff. Do you have any links you want to share? Maybe you run a gaming fansite or blog (not necessarily Crimson related but it'd be nice if it is) then send me an e-mail at defunct32@hotmail.com .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | CRIMSON GEM SAGA'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | http://www.atlus.com/cgs | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Crimgon Gem Saga's official webpage. What else? :) | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | CRIMSON GEM SAGA'S WIKI | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimson_Gem_Saga | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Some nice information about the game. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | CRIMSON GEM SAGA'S VARIOUS REVIEWS ON THE WEB | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | GameSpot / 5.0 (www.gamespot.com) do a search. | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | IGN / 8.4 http://psp.ign.com/articles/987/987131p1.html | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | ASTONISHIA STORY'S SYPNOSIS ON WIKI | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astonishia_Story | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | A little back-story on the game that started it all. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | BLACK MURASAME63'S CRIMSON GEM SAGA FAQ | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/950794/56552 | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Black poured in a lot of effort in creating his guide, if mine isn't | | sufficient enough then you can refer to Black's Crimson Gem Saga guide | | which is just too awesome! I love it. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' .------------------------------------------------------------------------. | DEFUNCT32'S RECOGNITION PAGE | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/72955.html | |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | My recognition page at GameFAQs.com. Three active FAQs for now. | '------------------------------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ G O O D B Y E (04^) ######################### QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (QA+) ######################### Got a question? Send it in, my e-mail address can be found both at the top and at the bottom of this guide. Please do take the time to read through the FAQ if any information shared below is incorrect then please inform me thanks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERM... ARE YOU ASIAN, I MEAN PURE ASIAN BORN AND BREED? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I am Asian I went to school and graduated from a local institute. Do you like my English? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOU MENTION "FARM" IN THIS GUIDE, CAN WE ACTUALLY DO FARMING? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAHAHAHA, what I meant by "farm" was to actually collect something in huge quantity/amount... Like "farm for experience points" actually means go and do some training and earn a lot of EXP points. Get what I'm saying? Sorry, I don't mean to laugh at you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WTF! YOU LIKE THIS GAME BECAUSE OF ITS GRAPHICS, SHALLOW MUCH? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Different people, different strokes, right? But if you think I only played this game JUST for its graphics then there's must be something VEHENMENTLY WRONG. Well, for starters I love the battle system, the humor and farming for SP and all that stuff, I'm just lazy to go into intricate details so I took the shallow path to review things that's just how I am. :) Now go and play far, far away and stop bothering me, let me be shallow all by my oh- so-lonesome self. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WTF! WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WITH "w00t!"? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erm... W00t? ___________________________________________________________________________ ################## RECOGNITIONS (RC+) ################## For the amazing people who contributed in one way or another... GENERAL: • Sony for the PSP! Yeah... • GameFAQs.com staff for accepting and hosting this FAQ, thank you! • ATLUS, SonNori, SK Telecom & everyone involved for obvious reasons. • Gamespot.com/GameFAQs.com's forums for information & stuff. • YOU! For reading and contributing to my FAQ, thank you! 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