FABLE II WALKTHROUGH Daniel Schepler This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. All registered trademarks used in this document are the property of their respective owners. TABLE OF CONTENTS A. Introduction A01. Version History B. Walkthrough B01. Childhood B02. The Birth of a Hero B03. The Journey Begins B04. A Bridge Too Far B05. Till Death Do Us Part B06. The Archaeologist, Part 1 B07. The Ritual B08. The Hero of Strength B09. Donating to the Light B10. The Summoners B11. The Hero of Will B12. Cold Comfort Farmer B13. The Bargain B14. Road to Westcliff B15. The Crucible B16. Defender of the Light B17. The Spire B18. Hobbe Squatters B19. The Blind Date B20. The Archaeologist, Part 2 B21. The Hit B22. The Cullis Gate B23. Stranded B24. T.O.B.Y. B25. Archon's Knot B26. Brightwood Tower B27. Treasure Island of Doom! B28. Rescuing Charlie B29. Evil in Wraithmarsh B30. Something Rotten B31. Love Hurts B32. The Cemetery Mansion B33. The Hero of Skill B34. Bloodstone Assault B35. A Perfect World B36. The Rescue B37. Castle Fairfax B38. The Gargoyles B39. The Archaeologist, Part 3 B40. Final Region Statistics C. Credits and Acknowledgements ===== A. Introduction ===== As you could probably tell from the title, this is a walkthrough for Fable II by Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios. The goal of this walkthrough is to give a complete integrated play through the game, including finding all silver keys and gargoyles, along with as many chests and buried/sunken treasures as possible. The walkthrough is geared mostly towards the good path of the game; however, at various times I will point out differences that arise taking the evil path. (This game also adds a "Purity/Corruption" axis to the alignment. But overall, the plot/quest choices you make only affect the good/evil axis, and it will take choices in setting rents and shop prices, what you eat and drink, how you deal with prostitutes, etc. to shift the purity/corruption axis.) I won't be giving information on the Achievements available in the game, since as far as I can tell they give no practical benefits. Many of them happen automatically as you progress through the game, and others are artificial combinations which you will probably have to go out of your way to accomplish. Most of the Achievements have clear descriptions of what's needed. The walkthrough currently does not contain any information on any of the expansion packs, including Knothole Glade or See the Future. I may expand it in the future if I decide to buy those downloads. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the walkthrough (including treasures you've found that I missed), I would be happy to hear them. You can email me (Daniel Schepler) at dschepler@gmail.com. ===== A01. Version History ===== Version 0.1, 30 May 2009 - Initial release ===== B. Walkthrough ===== Start the game, and choose a gender for your character. (It doesn't make much difference, except in your appearance and in which clothes are considered cross-dressing.) ===== B01. Childhood ===== After the opening movie, look at the castle, then follow your sister Rose and watch the scene with Murgo the Trader. Walk over to Derek and agree to find the warrants for him. Now go to Barnum and pose for him, earning your first gold. Head down the alley, and stand up for Rose. Just a bit past the dog, pick up the first warrant (Arson). Just before the stairs, to your left, is a second warrant (Sneakiness). Continue up the stairs, and agree to help Balthazar with his warehouse. Go upstairs, and shoot five beetles. [Evil: Instead, smash barrels and boxes downstairs until the quest is finished.] Once you're done, collect your reward. Follow the trail to Pete and Betty, and agree to get the bottle. Just past them, to the left, is your third warrant (Burglary), and across the street by the dog is the fourth (Guntoting). Go back and through the intersection, and take the bottle (being careful not to bump into Magpie). Return to Betty and give the bottle to her. [Evil: Give it to Pete instead.] You'll get another gold and the last warrant (Assault). Go back to Derek; walk past Arfur when he accosts you, and give the warrants to Derek. [Evil: Give the warrants to Arfur instead.] Follow the trail, and listen to Monty and Belinda's conversation. Go to Monty and agree to deliver his letter. Knock on the door of Belinda's house, then head upstairs and give the letter to Belinda. [Evil: Give it to Deirdre instead.] Now you can buy the music box from Murgo. Go back to your place and use it. Afterwards, follow Rose and go to sleep. When Rose tells you to wake up, stand up and follow her, and agree to go to the castle. Follow Jeeves into Lucien's study, and stand on the platform when Lucien asks you too. At this point, there's nothing you can do about what's coming next. ===== B02. The Birth of a Hero ===== After the cutscene with Theresa, go to the chest by your caravan, and collect what's there: a RUSTY LONGSWORD, a LIGHT SPLINTERED CROSSBOW, a PLACEBO HEALTH POTION, a DOG ELIXIR, a COLLAR OF HOLDING, and a SPADE. Use the collar, and you'll be able to rename your dog if you want. Now go to the gates and follow Theresa out. Take the BOWER LAKE TOMB SEAL from her. Before you enter the tomb, it's time to do some exploring first. First of all, go to the east, to the branch near the exit. There your dog will find TREASURE HUNTING, BOOK 1 and 40 GOLD for you to dig up. Use the book (if you face your dog, you can use it from the context menu; otherwise, you can also use it from your inventory). Now go to the north from here along the east wall, and behind a tree get your first SILVER KEY (1/51). (Even though the tips on the load screen say there are 50 silver keys, there are actually 51, and the stats for one of the areas will eventually show you get 7 out of 6 keys there.) Continue to the small pond; near it, along the east wall, dig for TREASURE HUNTING, BOOK 2. Use it and your dog will already be a 3-star treasure hunter! On the west side of the pond, you find a treasure chest with an AMETHYST. Enter the pond and swim to the ripples in the water at the northeast corner, then dive for 250 GOLD. Go back south to the main east-west path; along the way, near the stone archway, open the 1-key chest near the stone arch for 100 GOLD. Near the path, dig up 300 GOLD, and in another nearby dig spot, find a CONDOM and THE SECRET OF CASTLE FAIRFAX, PART II. Go west along the path to the underpass; near the junction on the path leading to the gypsy camp, dig for a RUBBER BALL. Go back to the strip of land beside the lake, and behind the pillars open a chest with an ECONOMY VALUE NECKLACE. Continue along the main path over the bridge; in the grassy area to the left, behind a rock, is another 1-key chest with DOG TRICKS! THE BUNNY HOP. Use it to teach your dog a new trick. Take the southward-leading path to the west, and you'll encounter your first demon door. He wants you to perform appropriate expressions for each of his lines; unfortunately, at this point you don't have even the first required expression. So leave it alone for now, and instead go back to the main path and approach the west exit. To the north, next to the exit, there's a path that leads to some rocks. Go back past the stone fence and take the path you find there. At the branch take the upper (left) path, and in the trees you'll find a cave entrance. Inside the cave, open the chest for a MOOD RING, then exit and return to the main path. Go to the northward-leading path you can see on the map. To the right, in the middle of some flowers, dig up 75 GOLD. Across the path, dive in the small pond and get 25 GOLD. Continue north, and to your left behind some ruined stonework find a chest with an ASSASSIN COAT. You can wear it if you like, but be aware that it shifts your alignment towards evil. Go back down and north along the lake shore, and open the chest there to get a RUSTY FLINTLOCK PISTOL. Be sure to equip it. It's now time to explore the lake itself. On the west shore to your north, nearly due west of the small path you can see on the map on the east end of the lake, there's a dive spot with RUSTY CUTLASS. In the northeast corner of the lake, dive for a POTION OF LIFE. You should by all means use this potion, which will give you more hit points. Climb out onto the short path, and next to the pillar get a CLOUDLESS SKY DYE. Now that you're out of the water, don't forget to equip the rusty cutlass you just got. Go back down to the lake and climb out on the island in the middle. Around the back of the tomb, pick up another SILVER KEY (2/51). We're now finally ready to enter the tomb. Go to the door and use the seal. In here, you'll have to comfort your dog periodically, which you can do from the context menu after you stop a short time, or from the expression menu under "Dog". Go forward and dive into the hole. Continue through the arch and jump down. Fight off the beetles, then collect your experience orbs. Dig up 200 GOLD and to the left, behind a boulder, find a SILVER KEY (3/51) and dig for a MOOD RING. Continue down the hall, past more beetles, and in the room past it open the gate to the left. Open the chest in that passage for 100 GOLD, then go back and shoot the yellow flit switch to open the other gate. -- ON FLIT SWITCHES: The color of a flit switch matches the color associated to the Hero discipline you need to use to activate it: so if it's yellow shoot it, and if it's blue hit it with your sword. In a couple cases, it will be red and require a spell to hit it. -- To your left past the gate, dig for an AMETHYST and open the chest with a RUSTY MACE. Near the chest dig up another AMETHYST, then return to the main path. When you reach the lake, go to the left and examine the bones there to read BRENDAN'S DIARY; to the right is ERIK'S LETTER. Continue on, where you'll find bones near the top of the curving path with DRAKE'S SUICIDE NOTE. Once you have all three pieces, a dive spot appears in the lake below. Jump down from the top platform and then dive into the lake, and the dive spot will be just to your right with a BEWITCHING AUGMENT. Now climb back up and continue past the lake. After the room with the circular path, shoot another yellow flit switch, then hit it with your sword when it moves and turns blue, then shoot it again. Go through the gate, and take the path branching to the left at the bookcase lying on its side. At the end, open the chest to the left (after smashing some barrels if necessary to get to it) for an AMETHYST, and the chest on the lower level for a CHILDREN'S HEALTH POTION. Near the second chest, dig for 250 GOLD. Some of the bookcases around here contain random low level treasure. -- ON RANDOM LOW LEVEL TREASURE: Many of the containers in the game, especially those in houses and businesses, will contain random treasure. This is usually low-level treasure, with a few exceptions towards the end of the game, and if you leave a map and come back to it the containers will have new treasure. I will refer to these treasures by the abbreviation RLLT. Note that in this particular instance, I get THE HERO OF OAKVALE, THE TATTERED SPIRE, and THE END IS ALMOST NIGH the first time on every playthrough. -- Head back to the main passage and into the Chamber of Fate. After Theresa's tour, step into the light and use the experience you've gathered. At this point we'll just get the Shock spell to activate the cullis gate, and save the rest to get to Dextrous Styles level 2 as soon as possible. (Of course, that means you can still get strength or will-based abilities, as long as you don't dip into the general XP pool to do so.) Past the light, open the chest to collect any rewards from playing the online flash game, then go to the cullis gate and cast shock. -- ON COMBAT STRATEGY: Overall, my strategy for combat is to shoot at enemies until they close in, then pull a melee weapon and start using that (not concentrating too much on any one enemy, so that I keep moving and it's harder for enemies to hit me). I also tend to prefer the faster weapons over the slower and more powerful ones, because they make maneuvering easier. Once enough enemies have closed in, I start using area of effect spells against them. Note that while you're charging up higher-level spells, you're a sitting duck. However, casting a low-level Time Control spell first will pretty much get around that problem, especially if you use some of that time to position yourself with no enemies right next to you. I'll refer to this strategy as Time Control/Shock, for example. Any more specific tips I have on certain bosses or types of enemies will follow when you first encounter them. -- For now, go through the cullis gate to the top of the hill in the Bower Lake Area, and try out your shock spell on the beetles there if you like. ===== B03. The Journey Begins ===== Now go down the spiral stairs and make your way to the west exit. You'll find you can't exit yet, so go to Thag's camp in the northwest. Fight off the thugs until Thag appears; he shouldn't be much of a problem to take down. After the fight, heal your dog; the dog elixir never gets depleted, so there's no point in being stingy with it. Enter Thag's cabin and open the chest there to get THAG'S CAGE KEY, RANCID BEEF JERKY, and 300 GOLD, then pick up the GRUBBY JOURNAL from on top of Thag's bed and the money bag with 1 GOLD next to the door. Go back and unlock the cage door, then fight off the slaver. [Evil: Instead you can give the key to the slaver, or kill him by turning off the safety before unlocking the door.] Behind the cabin, you can find a path to a cave with a chest containing a CHILDREN'S HEALTH POTION. At this point, you may as well return to your caravan and start renting it out, after sleeping if you need to heal, because you'll soon get a much better place to sleep. Once that's set up, go back to the west exit and head to Bowerstone. Once there, go through the arch and then immediately through the arch to the right. Open the chest for A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO BUSINESS and 200 GOLD. Head up the stairs and along the parapet. A chest a bit down will give you an ATTENUATED WILL POTION, and another farther along will give you a WATERED DOWN XP POTION. Go back down and onto the path leading down to the left of the bridge. Just before passing under the bridge, dig up MURGO'S BIG BOOK OF TRADING and an AMETHYST, and near the water's edge dig for an EMERALD. Swim across the river, and under the docks on the other side (closest to the water gates) dive to find THE TENEBROUS. Under the bridge, a dive spot leads to the Gargoyle's Trove; there's not much to do here yet, so leave and head farther to the south. In a niche in the wall on your right, dive for a BARELY BLUE DYE, and in another niche a bit farther along, dive for 200 GOLD. On the other side, under the stairs leading up to another dock, dive to enter a building with a SILVER KEY (4/51) and a chest with a CHILDREN'S HEALTH POTION. Exit the building and go across the bridge. Go down the stairs to the left and find a chest behind the boxes with a CIVIL RING. Go back and upstairs. Enter the first building to the right from the bridge (the furniture store) and go down the stairs in the back and around the boxes to the cellar. (Note that if it's night time, you will need to sleep until morning, or else buy the shop first. But I don't recommend spending money on buildings this early in the game. The inn across from the bridge has beds where you can sleep -- for free.) Turn around to see the yellow flit switch; shoot it and grab the SILVER KEY (5/51). Go back upstairs and outside, then up the path to the north. Near one of the houses (The Ogre's Palace), dig up an EPIPHANIC BLUEBERRY PIE. Go back to the town square and this time down the west path. In the yard outside the Bit of Skirt shop to the right, dig for a DIVER'S DYE; in another yard near the blue banners, dig for a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION; and in the garden near the Fairfax Road exit, open a 5-key chest to get a POTION OF LIFE and dig up a MOOD RING. Enter the cellar between the two houses adjoining the raised walkway, and you'll find a chest with a RESURRECTION PHIAL. Go down the alley to the left of the inn and enter the cellar, which has a chest with a PERCOLATED JAVA POTION. Head to the south and dig for 300 GOLD along the path branching off to the left. Farther along, past the cellar (which has nothing you can get legally), dig up UNDERSTANDING THE ALBION PSYCHE and PURE CHOCOLATE in the grassy area at the end. Go back to the south-leading path, and between the houses across from the path you just came from, dig up a BALVERINE STRENGTH POTION. Now head back to the clock tower in the town square. While you're waiting, go ahead and work for the blacksmith for a while. I would suggest that once you get to the higher gold multipliers, you wait for the spot to make one trip to the other side and catch the green area on the way back. Even though the green area will be smaller, you'll be more likely to hit it, especially if the green area is near where the spot starts. Once Theresa arrives, wrap up the blacksmith job and meet her. In this scene, thumbs down is actually the "yes" answer to the question she asks... Follow her and look at the Spire. Examine the cards in your inventory, then work some more at smithing until you have about 30000 gold. Now go to the west and buy the Miracle Mansion (the left house by the raised walkway) and move in. It may be expensive, but the regeneration bonus you'll get is well worth it -- it will reduce your dependence on healing potions and reduce your need to reserve houses for sleeping in. In the alley behind that house, open the chest for a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION. Then go upstairs and climb the ladder into the attic, where behind the large box you find a chest with an ATTENUATED WILL POTION. There's various furniture with RLLT in the house. Be sure to sleep here to get the regeneration bonus, then use any spare money to upgrade your weapons at the shop and then buy as many stalls as you can afford (starting with the less expensive stalls along the bridge and lowering the prices first by charming their owners). -- ON PRICES: Lowering prices will increase your purity over time and make people in the same area like you more, while raising prices will have the opposite effect. So assuming you're playing the good path, lowering the prices by 20% or 25% in one property in each area will get you to maximum purity in not too much time, and make everybody like you. -- (There are more chests in and behind houses, but I'll save collecting the rest until later when you're making enough money to be able to buy the houses you need to enter.) Go north to Bowerstone Old Town. [Evil: if you gave the warrants to Arfur instead of Derek, the town will be in much worse shape, and many of the following dig spots may not exist. Also, the only properties for sale will be the general store and the tattoo stand.] After the scene, go past the cellar to the left (which has nothing in it) and dig up a BEGGAR'S RING in the garden. Go down the west branch of the path and between two houses to the left, dig for an ERUDITE APPLE PIE. Across the street, dig up a MOOD RING. At the end of the street, turn left and dig for ROSE'S DIARY. (This is where your lean-to shelter during childhood was.) Go back to the main street, and dig in the narrow yard behind the wooden fence to get a PERCOLATED JAVA POTION. Continue down the street, and just across from the weapons stall dig up a WATERED DOWN XP POTION. Turn to the right and go back up the back alley. Inside the cellar near the north end you'll find a SILVER KEY (6/51) and a chest with a WATERED DOWN XP POTION. Head back to the south and enter the warehouse where you fought beetles [or smashed barrels] as a child. In the back left corner, underneath the stairs, grab another SILVER KEY (7/51). Go back out and down the stairs, then past the gate. On the balcony of the house across from the gate (The Invisible Hand), you can see something shining, so enter the house (either wait for the door to open, or just buy the house if you can afford it) and go upstairs to grab the SILVER KEY (8/51). Then head down the road to the Bowerstone Cemetery. To the right at the intersection, you find a demon door asking for meat. Unfortunately, if you try to give any meat in your inventory to the door, you'll just end up eating it yourself and making yourself fat. So instead, kick chickens in the direction of the door until you manage to get one to land on it. Enter the door and follow the path until you reach a chest with a BALVERINE STRENGTH POTION, a PRACTISED SKILL POTION, and an INFUSED WILL POTION. At this point, you should have enough experience to get Dextrous Styles 2, so get that and whatever other abilities you want, then go back outside. Go straight at the intersection, and dig up a HIGHWAYMAN HAT and a HIGHWAYMAN MASK. Continue over the bridge, and open the mausoleum to your left to find a chest with an ECONOMY VALUE NECKLACE. Continue straight forward, and in the flower garden unearth a PERCOLATED JAVA POTION. Go back to the intersection and turn left. Go under the bridge, and take the first path to the right. In the abandoned camp, just past the wooden arch, enter the hut on the far side and get a SILVER KEY (9/51). Behind the outdoor bar, dig up 200 GOLD, then head back to the main path. Take the next path to the right, through the iron gates. When you reach the statue pointing and laughing, reproduce its expression, which will open the door at the end. Inside the cave, follow the path to the mausoleum, and open the chest for DEAD HANDY and DOG TRICKS! PLAY DEAD. Use the first on yourself and the second on your dog. Back outside, go back to the main path and south to the statue. Here, use a vulgar thrust expression. The 1-key chest to your left contains a MOOD RING. In the crypt just before the stairs, shoot the yellow flit switch. It will move behind one of the grave stones; shoot it again. Go up the stairs, and onto the left-hand path. Here you'll hear a gargoyle insulting you. -- ON GARGOYLES: There are 50 gargoyles scattered all over the game. Once you get Dextrous Styles 2, they'll start making themselves heard. The best way I've found to locate where the voice is coming from is to turn until it's coming from either the right or the left, then turn 90 degrees in the appropriate direction. Sometimes, you may need to move to a different vantage point before you can see it. Using the first-person view is also very helpful here. At night, the gargoyles' eyes will glow, making them especially visible. -- Here, the gargoyle is on a roof above and to the right of the large crypt at the end of the path. Shoot it (1/50) and you'll get a GARGOYLE MAP and the quest "The Gargoyles". Shoot the yellow flit switch to the right. Go back and up the next flight of stairs, where the crypt to the right has a 10-key chest, which we'll come back to momentarily. Shoot the flit switch again, which is above you to the left of the crypt entrance. The next gargoyle (2/50) is on the high tower just behind this crypt; you may want to move a bit to the left from the gate to get a clear shot at it. Continue up the next stairs, and shoot the flit switch yet again (now it's in the crypt on the left path in front of you). At the end of the middle path, find another SILVER KEY (10/51). Go back down to the 10-key chest to get 1000 GOLD, then up to the area at the end of the path. The gargoyle you hear (3/50) is on a roof to the left of the entrance (facing it from the courtyard). The flit switch has moved behind the tree to the left. Shoot it one final time, and it turns blue, so hit it with your sword and it will open the mausoleum in front of you. Open the chest and claim your reward of a NOBLE LADY'S HAT, a PRECIOUS NECKLACE, and a PORCELAIN DOLL. Now that you can shoot gargoyles, let's go back to the previous areas and find the gargoyles there. In Bowerstone Old Town, go forward to the wall and look up at scaffolding next to the warehouse to get one (4/50). Along the east path, enter The Felling Residence and go up the stairs; the gargoyle here (5/50) is just above the first landing of the stairs. In Bowerstone Market, go upstairs in the furniture shop and to the front of the upper floor. Another gargoyle (6/50) is to the left of the entrance of the front room with all the stoves and dressers. Go outside and across the bridge, and go down the path that runs to the river. The gargoyle (7/50) is above you on the wall to the right, just past the bridge. Go back up; if you look into the coach house, you can just see another gargoyle, but unfortunately a coach is blocking the entrance, and there's no good angle for shooting the gargoyle from outside. Instead, go up the stairs to the parapet, and at the south end you'll find another gargoyle (8/50). In Bower Lake, go to the southernmost end of the river draining into the lake. Look down and you'll see a gargoyle (9/50) on the cliff face below you. Along the southeast shore of the lake, just below the entrance to the gypsy camp, there's another gargoyle (10/50) on the left. Now head to the east, to the arch with the silver key chest below it. There's a gargoyle on each side of this arch: on the south side, just above the arch (11/50), and on the north side, on top of the tower to your right (12/50). Now enter the Guild Cave and make your way through it again; the gargoyle here (13/50) is just past the top of the path leading up from the lake with the bones by it. Move as far back towards the stalagmites as possible and look up, and you should just be able to shoot it. Go back to Bowerstone Market and enter the Gargoyle's Trove. After you go through the door, the first door on your right will open. Go in and upstairs to claim DOG TRICKS! THE GROWL. Continue forward and step on the pressure plate, then exit and take the west exit to Fairfax Gardens. In the raised grassy area to your right after passing under the arch, dig for a SCARLET SLIME DYE. Across the path, in the area with the fountain, dig up a CIVIL RING. Closer to the castle, in the area to the left, dig under the tree to find 200 GOLD. Head to the path underneath the stairs, where you find a SILVER KEY (11/51). Continue through the tunnel, and to the right dig up a MOOD RING. Here you find a demon door which refuses to open for your amusement. Pester him a while, though, and he'll start talking about some of the other demon doors. Climb the stairs outside and you'll hear a gargoyle (14/50), which you can just see in front of a high window in the castle's front if you crane your neck up. You will need to back up some distance, about to the second pair of statues back, before you can shoot it. Before you leave for Oakfield, pay a visit to the Bowerstone book store (directly across the town square from the weapon shop) and buy "Dog Tricks! Tail Chase" and "The Dogs of War, Book 2" for your dog. While you're here, you might as well also buy a couple more stalls with the money you've made since last time. Now head to Bowerstone Old Town and out the gate. Along the way out, dig for 150 GOLD and in another spot for a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION, then open the 5-key chest to get 500 GOLD. In Rookridge, go forward and take the short path to the right leading to a 5-key chest, which has a RUBY, then dig nearby to get a RUSTY NECKLACE. Continue along the path until you reach the ruined wagon. Continue on past Martin. [Evil: Join in the looting, or kill Martin.] Once you reach the cliff face, shoot at the bandits until they're down, then continue to the bridge to the left leading to a statue. Get a SILVER KEY (12/51) from behind the statue, then go back and along the path on top of the cliff. Across from the barricade, follow the path to a chest with a CIVIL RING. Return to the main path, and continue along it to reach a chest with THE DOGS OF WAR, BOOK 1. Enhance your dog to a 3-star fighter, then go farther and ambush the camp ahead. Behind the camp, open the chest which has DOG TRICKS! HIDE SNOUT, and dig up 200 GOLD. Go farther back to the demon door, which wants to see your dog do tricks. You need to perform five of them, which is luckily exactly the number you have available. Perform the appropriate expressions to get your dog to do his tricks, and go inside. Follow the path until you reach the chest, and claim a POTION OF LIFE. Back outside, go north to the bridge. After the scene with the bandits taunting you, dive off the bridge. Before you climb out on the nearest beach, go past it to the other beach. Follow the path to the door at the end, and enter the Gemstone Grotto. Inside, follow the path around until a short fork to the left leads to a SILVER KEY (13/51). Continue on to a chest with 200 GOLD, then jump down and exit the cave. Go back to the beach closer to the broken bridge, where you can dig up a CRUSHED WHEAT WILL POTION on the right side. Look up on the wall to the right to see the gargoyle (15/50), then enter the Hobbe Cave. Just inside, the water to the right has a dive spot with an ATTENUATED WILL POTION. Head up the path to a room with lots of bones, and dig to the left for a BALVERINE STRENGTH POTION. Go on until you meet the first hobbes, then dig behind the wooden gate and get a MYSTICAL JUICE. In the back left corner, dig up 150 GOLD. Continue up the ramp, where about halfway you can jump down a couple times to reach a chest with a PERCOLATED JAVA POTION and dig nearby for a piece of SUBLIME CELERY. Follow the glowing trail back to the ramp; at the top, look across from the exit at the top of the chamber, and you'll see a gargoyle (16/50). Go through the passage, past the room where hobbes ambush you (enough pop out that an initial Time Control/Shock will work well), until you reach the closed gate. Follow your dog around the nearby path, smashing open the wooden barrier, and past Herman. A little past that, you can dig up a SILVER KEY (14/51), then continue into the large chamber and battle the hobbes there. Take the stone bridge across, then circle to the left until you reach a branch to the right where you find a chest with 250 GOLD. Continue circling to the left until just before the chamber exit; jump down to the ledge on the left and collect 150 GOLD from the chest there. Jump down and circle around again, then exit the chamber and climb the ladder into Rookridge. You're on the other side of the river now, so if you want you can go to the right and off the bandits who were taunting you before. Go behind the building you just came out of, and grab a SILVER KEY (15/51). Go up the path to the east right next to the bridge, and take a right at the next fork to reach an abandoned inn. Inside, climb the stairs to collect a bit of RLLT and open a chest with a PERCOLATED JAVA POTION. Exit on the upper floor and take the walkway around to the stairs. Take the path across and go under the wooden railway; at the top of the stairs, behind the large crate, is a chest with a STANDARD HEALTH POTION and two DOG TREATS. At the end of the railway, past the wooden shack, get a SILVER KEY (16/51). Inside the shack you can get a bit of RLLT. Follow the rails in the other direction, and to your left open the 15-key chest and get 5000 GOLD. Continue along the rails, and follow the path from their end until you reach another set of rails. To the left, a chest past the Wellspring entrance has an EMERALD. Enter the Wellspring cave, where you find a chest to the left behind some wooden support beams with a CHILDREN'S HEALTH POTION. Continue up the tunnel to a large chamber. After fending off the bandits there, go down to the pool at the bottom. A dig spot just before the pool has an EMERALD, and another nearby, within the ring of stalagmites, has 150 GOLD. (You may need to stand in front of the opening and call your dog with the Praise expression before he can find his way in.) On the spit of land behind you, open the chest for a STANDARD HEALTH POTION, and dig right in front of the chest for a piece of LUSH CELERY. Below the ramp, dig up an INSTANT JAVA POTION. Exit the cave and follow the rails in the other direction. At the end of the right fork, look up at the wooden tower and shoot the gargoyle at the top (17/50). Now follow the left fork past the barricades to the circle of menhirs; at the back is a chest with 100 GOLD, a BANDIT BANDANA, a BANDIT SHIRT, and BANDIT TROUSERS. Make your way back to the main path and head north. In an area just to the right before the path forks, there's a chest behind one of the crates with 250 GOLD. Go up the right fork from here into Oakfield. Once in Oakfield, some people in various areas might start showing gift icons over their heads. Go ahead and get the gifts from them if you want -- just be aware that getting a gift by making somebody hate or fear you will give you an alignment shift towards evil. At the entrance, back up a bit and take the path immediately to the left. Just off the fork where you fight all the hobbes, follow your dog to a chest with 500 GOLD. Continue down the fork into the Echo Mine. You can't get very far here, so exit and continue north up the side path. Open the gate and take the path to the right past the farm house. Go through the gateway, and there will be a chest to the right with 250 GOLD. Take a job chopping wood for a while, then go back out the wooden arch. Here again, once the dot starts moving faster and the green area starts moving around, I would suggest waiting for the second pass. Although you'll get less money per chop that way, you'll be more likely to get to higher multipliers, which will more than make up for it. Go back out the wooden arch and into the field to the left; in the middle of a bunch of hay, get the SILVER KEY (17/51). Go back to the east-west path by the Rookridge entrance; just past the coach house (the one nearest the entrance), dig up 200 GOLD. Open the gate to the next farmhouse, then go to the left. Looking in the window, you can see something glowing in there, so do what you need to to get in and get the SILVER KEY (18/51). Next take the path to the left of the mill (past the vegetable stand) and jump into the water. Dive under the bridge to find a RUSTY TURRET PISTOL. Climb back out of the water and go north to the bridge. Jump the fence and go a little farther north, then turn around and look at the bridge to see the gargoyle (18/50). Cross the bridge and take the path to the north. Find the stone plinth just across from the Sandgoose and activate it. Continue north and go behind the first house on the left. Dig up a MOOD RING from inside the shed, and open the chest in the other shed for WEDDING BELLS, FRESHLY PICKED FLOWERS, and a CIVIL RING. Continue to the left from there, where the next gargoyle (19/50) should be clearly visible. Return to the path and enter the house (Porridge Cottage). Inside, go upstairs and get the SILVER KEY (19/51). In the next building to the north, strike a pose (and don't release until the game tells you to, even if the sculptor says "give it up"). Go back and take the path to the east just to the north of the inn. Jump over the fence to the left of the fork, and dig for a CONCENTRATED XP POTION. Return to the path and continue until you reach the demon door, which will ask to see a romantic moment. We'll save finding a spouse until later, in order to avoid complications which arise in a future quest if you're already married. Continue along the path until you reach a graveyard to your left, where a chest contains a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION. Take the path behind the graveyard to a 10-key chest with a SLASH & BURN AUGMENT. Continue along the path past the demon door; once you reach the lake, turn around and look up at the broken pillars on the left, and you'll see a gargoyle (20/50). Return to the Sandgoose and take the path south. Along the spur leading back towards the inn, dig for an IMPERMISSABLE CARMINE DYE. Farther to the south, you find the entrance to the Wellspring Cave. There's not much you can do in here, so go back out and continue east along the path. To the right, there's a hidden path (not on the map) which leads back to the main path; follow another grassy path from the second junction to find a chest with 300 GOLD. Go back to the first junction and follow the main path east from there. Soon, to the left, there's another hidden path which climbs up to a chest with three DOG TREATS. Just before you reach the pond, get the SILVER KEY (20/51). Take the path the rest of the way up to the Temple of Light. Outside, listen to the conversation, then enter the temple to find out you need to raise your renown. (To be more exact, you need to get it up to 500 or higher.) ===== B04. A Bridge Too Far ===== Head towards the inn and go inside to listen to Barnum's lament. Agree to help him, then go out the Rookridge exit. Follow the trail, fighting off the bandits along the way, until you see Dash on top of some stones; shoot him until he's down. Once that's done, return to the inn to finish the quest. Now that the way to Bowerstone is open again, some new quests will become available. ===== B05. Till Death Do Us Part ===== Travel to Rookridge and make your way to the statue across a wooden bridge (where you found a silver key before). Talk to the ghost and accept the quest to get a REJECTION NOTE, WEDDING BELLS, and THE ART OF SEDUCTION. Use the last to get a new expression, then continue to Bowerstone Market. Make a stop in the Gargoyle's Trove, where the first door on the left will open. Go in and up the stairs, and collect a POTION OF LIFE, then step on the plate in front of you. Back out in Bowerstone Market, follow the glowing trail to find Alex (who will always be the opposite gender from you). Use some friendly expressions to move her/his slider to the right towards the heart; once you start getting close to the wedding ring, ask her/him to follow you and travel to Oakfield using the menu. Lead Alex in front of the demon door, and get the slider the rest of the way to the right. Alex will make a confession to you that she/he just got cold feet and is feeling guilty; choose to destroy the rejection note and marry Alex. Then give her/him a wedding ring, and the demon door will open. [Evil: Give the note to Alex. Then you'll have to find another person to marry to open the demon door.] Lead Alex back to your Miracle Mansion in Bowerstone Market and set it as your marital home. Have sex if you want, then return to the newly opened demon door and go inside. Inside the house get some RLLT, including COME HITHER, DEAR from the stand next to the bed upstairs. Take the left path to the windmill, where the chest contains THE HAMMERTHYST. (I would decline to equip it as it has slow attack.) Rent out the house in here. ===== B06. The Archaeologist, Part 1 ===== Go to Fairfax Gardens; while you're here, activate the plinth in the fountain to the left. Then meet Belle above the diggings to the right. She'll give you a series of notes on where to dig up artifacts. For each, travel to the area indicated on the notes, follow your dog to the dig spot, and dig there, then return to Belle for the next note. The first few notes will lead you to: 1. "The oldest part of the city" is Bowerstone Old Town. 2. The "dark cathedral overlooking the ocean" sounds like the Temple of Shadows towards the north part of Rookridge. 3. "Where the dead dwell" would be Bowerstone Cemetery. That's it for now. ===== B07. The Ritual ===== Return to Oakfield. Remember to commission a statue for Fairfax Gardens. By now you should have enough renown to start the next quest; if not, pay the bard to sing for you a few times until you do. Take this opportunity to upgrade your equipment if you want, then head up to the Temple of Light. After the scene, make your way to the Wellspring, where Hannah will meet you. Go inside and to the central chamber. After Hannah opens the first door, go through it. Once you reach the end, look behind the platform and get the SILVER KEY (21/51). Go up and stand on the platform until the meter reaches 100%, then head back to the central chamber, fighting hollow men along the way. Inferno will do more damage to them than Shock, but it won't stun them, so it's your choice which one to use if you get surrounded. Lead Hannah through the second door. Stand on the pressure plate at the top of the stairs, then shoot (or zap/burn) the hollow men that appear. Once you're done, return to the central chamber again and watch the following scene. After the door fully opens, go through and fight more hollow men. The headless hollow man at the end shouldn't be much trouble, it just takes a few more shots. Continue past this room and stand on the plate again. ===== B08. The Hero of Strength ===== Follow Hannah to the temple. To the right just outside the exit is a chest with 250 GOLD. There's nothing you can do about what's coming, so just watch the following scenes. At this point, there are a few side quests that open up, so let's go through those. ===== B09. Donating to the Light ===== This one is easy enough. First, make sure you have at least 11000 gold; if not, do jobs until you do. Then go back up to the temple, and donate at least 1000 gold (interact with the urn to the right of the monks). Now wait until just after noon (start checking the time in the menu, once the spot of light from the skylight above nears the central disk) and donate at least 10000 gold. Your reward is THE RISING SUN. I would equip this (rather than The Hammerthyst) as it has normal attack speed. ===== B10. The Summoners ===== Go to Bowerstone Old Town and towards the cemetery exit, where you'll meet Max and Sam for the first time. (Anybody who doesn't get the reference, look up "Sam & Max" on Wikipedia.) Now enter the cemetery and kill 100 hollow men. They appear in groups of 20; if you ever have trouble finding more, the glowing trail will eventually adjust to lead you to another group. Once you have them down, follow the trail to the crypt with the Normanomicon, and take it off its pedestal. Return to Bowerstone Old Town and give the book to Sam, which will wrap up the quest. [Evil: You could do the Temple of Shadows and Sacrificing to the Shadow quests, which I won't cover in detail here.] ===== B11. The Hero of Will ===== Before you head back to the guild, go to the Bowerstone book store which should have "Treasure Hunting, Book 3" and "The Dogs of War, Book 3". Get both of them for your dog. Go around and use the money you've been making to buy as many stalls as you can, then start buying houses to rent out once you have all the stalls (the caravans in the gypsy camp are a good place to start there). Along the main path near where the path leading into the camp branches off, you can dig up TREASURE HUNTING, BOOK 4. You'll probably start running into other new treasures, but I'll save digging them up for the later reexploration stage. Head to the Chamber of Fate, then head towards Brightwood. Go down the path and take the curving fork to your left. At the end is a SILVER KEY (22/51) and a dig spot with 750 GOLD. Go back to the path you entered on and continue to the junction, activating the plinth there. Turn left and go through the gates. Continue through the next gates, and to the right dig for a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION. Go on past the small pond to the left, and fight the Spire guards until you reach the tower. Just inside, open the chest and find a STANDARD HEALTH POTION, a RESURRECTION PHIAL, and a DOG TREAT. Climb the stairs, fighting more guards, until you reach the fire. Before you return to the Guild, do some exploring in this area. Descend to the bottom of the tower, then to the left of the gates (as you face them) go down the stairs and dive in the pool there. The closer dive spot gives you a FUMBLING SKILL POTION, and the farther one takes you to a storeroom. Here there is a chest behind a crate with a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION. Go back out and through the archway to the right of the tower gate. At the bottom of the stairs, turn around and to the right, then go down some stairs, to the left, and under the stairs you just came down. There's a 15-key chest in this area with a DISCIPLINE AUGMENT, and in the blue flowers across the stairs a dig spot yields 500 GOLD. Go down more stairs and cross the bridge, and keep following the path on the other side until you reach a statue. Next to the statue, dig up a SAVOURY STEAK PIE. You can't open the gate here, so return to the dry fountain near the tower, and continue straight through. Take the path there down to the water's edge. Swim to your right towards the bridge, and nearby dive to get 200 GOLD. Land on the large island in the middle of the river, and enter the crypt to find a chest with a JET, an AMETHYST, and an ECONOMY VALUE NECKLACE. Back outside, go around the crypt to the right, and look up to see the gargoyle (21/50). Dig here for an AMETHYST. Make your way back to the stone plinth near the Bower Lake entrance. Take the west path and turn right at the signpost by the stairs. Go straight through, then around and up the tower; at the top, find a 5-key chest with a SLASH & BURN AUGMENT. Go back down, and take the northern path to the west. In the pond to the right, dive to find 40 GOLD. From the circle of menhirs, take the path to the right to reach a chest with a PRETTY NECKLACE. Head towards the bridge, but instead of crossing it go down the slope to the left into the river. At the very northwest end, dive for RANGER TROUSERS and DIVER'S DYE. In the other direction, swim to the southern bridge, then get out on the small path nearby. Open the chest here for a RANGER COAT and RED LETTER DYE. From here follow the right branch of the path, and near where it reenters the water dig up a JET. Go back to the bridge and across it. At the next branch, take the left fork roughly paralleling the river. When you reach the camp, dig near the row of gravestones to get 1000 GOLD, then look behind the wagon in the back to find a chest with an IRON CLOCKWORK RIFLE. You might want to try that one out; it allows you to plug an enemy with several shots in a row, but following that it takes a while to reload. Go to the east and turn right at the gate to get a SILVER KEY (23/51). Go back to the north and take the path across the pond. On one of the islands close to the east end, dig for a bottle of PORTENTOUS STOUT. The demon door here will try to get rid of you; stick around and he'll ask you for some cheese. If you don't happen to have any, make a quick trip to the produce stand in Bowerstone Market or Oakfield and return; then give him the cheese. He'll ask for hairstyles you don't yet have access to, so go on to the west end and turn left. Look to your right for a grassy path leading off, which will take you to the Forsaken Fortress. Immediately on your left, your dog will find a RUSTY NECKLACE for you to dig up. To the right of the pool, open the chest for a RESURRECTION PHIAL and dig in the circle of stones for 250 GOLD. Just past the pool, dig up 200 GOLD, then climb the stairs and go up the stairs to the right. At the end is a chest with an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION; on the way back, turn into a small niche at the left, where you'll see a gargoyle (22/50). Back at the bottom of the stairs, dig up a CIVIL RING, and go down the stairs to the left of the main path. The chest here has an ATTENUATED WILL POTION. Continue up the stairs on the main path, and to the right dig for 1500 GOLD and open the chest behind the segment of wall to get 500 GOLD. Climb yet more stairs, until you reach a niche behind the turn, where a chest gives you a RESURRECTION PHIAL. Go over the bridge, then down the stairs past it and under the arch, and you can dig up a RUBY. Go back to the main area of Brightwood, and turn to your right to go under the arches. Turn around and look above the arches to get the gargoyle (23/50). Go up the stairs on the left to pass above the arches. Near the end of this path, just before the broken bridge, dig for a BEGGAR'S RING, and get the SILVER KEY (24/51) at the top of the bridge. Go back the way you came, then look in the large area to the right of the path to find a chest with 300 GOLD. Continue to the south, then turn east before you reach the Westcliff Road exit. Dig for 300 GOLD, and go under the broken bridge to get back to the pond. Go straight through and turn left at the path near the bridge leading west. Look in the grassy area to the left for a dig spot with an INFUSED WILL POTION. Return to the path and continue west towards Giles's farm. At the well, turn right and knock on the door of the farmhouse to start your next side quest. ===== B12. Cold Comfort Farmer ===== Accept the quest and follow the trail to the bandit camp. Fight off bandits until Ripper appears, then shoot/hit/zap him until he submits. Choose to spare Ripper for Giles, and the quest will be done. You will be able to pick up a STEEL CUTLASS where Ripper gave up. [Evil: You could do Red Harvest instead, which you start by talking to Arfur under the bridge in Bowerstone Market.] Return to Giles's farm, and enter the cellar door behind the farmhouse. Get an RLLT from the dresser down here; you can't go any farther, so go back out. Inside the farmhouse you're free to search the wardrobe for another RLLT. Make a quick trip to Oakfield to commission a statue for Brightwood. At about this time, bartender jobs may start becoming available, which can give you significant amounts of money quickly when you get to the higher levels. (Once the pouring starts getting faster, you should get ready to stop pouring soon after the meter turns yellow.) Also at about this time, you'll start seeing travelling traders in various places outside the towns. Other than that, buy a few houses to rent out, upgrade your equipment, etc. Once you're ready, return to the Guild for the next main quest. ===== B13. The Bargain ===== Travel to Bowerstone and go into the inn and upstairs. Pfft, Jeeves only wants 1000 gold? Just give him what he wants, then follow the instructions of the note he gives you (or just follow the glowing trail). Once the troll appears, pull out your most powerful ranged weapon, no matter how slow it is. Keep your distance and dodge his attacks, then shoot as soon as you see parts of him glowing red. You may have to circle around behind him to get some of his nerves. Once the troll is down, dig where he was standing to find what you're looking for. Use the cullis gate at the top of the hill nearby to return to the Chamber of Fate, to discover your next destination. ===== B14. Road to Westcliff ===== Travel to Brightwood, the Westcliff Road exit and meet Hammer. Enter the Bandit Coast, and you'll get some translations in your inventory under Books & Documents which you can read. Press on, and under a wooden tower to your right, dig for 150 GOLD. Farther on, look behind the wagon to the left for a chest with a RESURRECTION PHIAL and two CHILDREN'S HEALTH POTIONS. Continue, and just before the path turns to the left jump down to the left to get a SILVER KEY (25/51). Jump down again and dig up a FUMBLING SKILL POTION. Go south and take the path along the top of the sea cliff. At the end, go through the door and open the chest for 400 GOLD. Look through the collapsed part of the wall to the left and shoot the gargoyle (24/50). Back outside, return to the main path and go north. To the right, open the 10-key chest and get 1000 GOLD. At the camp a little past the wooden tower, dig for a JET and open the chest for a STANDARD HEALTH POTION. Clear out the main camp, then enter and go in the area immediately to the right, where you can dig up an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION. The chest behind the small wooden shed has another OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION. Across the camp, behind the pillars to the right of the tower, find a chest with a LIGHT OAK CROSSBOW and dig up a SOLID GOLD NECKLACE. Head to the path to the left of the tower and dig for an ERUDITE APPLE PIE. Continue behind the tower and open the chest here to get a HIGHWAYMAN COAT. Now climb the tower stairs. The chest here gives you a PERCOLATED JAVA POTION, and to the right it should be easy to see the gargoyle (25/50) on a column. Go ahead into the next area. Open the chest right in front of you for a STEEL CUTLASS and two RESURRECTION PHIALS. Just past the stone arch, you'll start encountering balverines. The secret to fighting them is to roll right after you see one jumping into the air; that way, they'll miss you when they land. Otherwise, just stay mobile, and you should be able to handle them with barely a scratch. Continue past the area to the left until you see a stone arch on the left. Go through it and open the chest for a WIZARD HAT and a MOONLESS MIDNIGHT DYE, then turn around and look at the top of the stone arch to get the gargoyle (26/50). Go on and look behind the ruined log cabin for a chest with an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION. Farther up the path meet Lilith, who will join you. Up the stairs to the right, open the chest at the top of the tower for a CONCENTRATED WILL POTION. Look behind the chest and a little to the left for the gargoyle (27/50); now go to the other side of the pillar at the left and jump down to find another chest with a WILL USER ROBE and an AUTOGRAPH CARD. Climb back to the top of the tower, and this time go to the right of the chest and dive into the water below. Swim to the west, and just past the narrow channel leading off to the left, dive to get 200 GOLD. Continue past the channel and turn left to go under the bridge. At the end, behind the pillars and to the right, dive and get a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION. Turn around and climb out to the right; enter the cave and open the chest for a CURE-ALL HEALTH POTION. Exit and go back to the fork, this time turning to the northwest. Climb onto the grassy area to the right and get the SILVER KEY (26/51), then continue to the bend. To the left, dive for an AMETHYST, and at the end open a chest with a STANDARD HEALTH POTION. Note the cave in the corner for future reference, but the game won't let you enter for now, so make your way back up to the narrow channel you skipped before. Enter the cave at the end and go through to the ladder. At the top, you'll find yourself back in the southeast part of the area, so make your way back to the start of the path leading to the tower. Cross the bridge, and look in the dilapidated hut to the left for another SILVER KEY (27/51). Open the 20-key chest along the path for 10000 GOLD, then continue down the path. To the left you'll find another demon door, but you won't be able to enter even if you're corrupt enough for him. Continue past the low foggy area, over the bridge, and through the arch. Look high above the arch to the left and shoot the gargoyle (28/50). Open the chest behind the pillars to the right to get 500 GOLD, then go down the stairs into the Howling Halls. At the place where you see a balverine shadow going past, dig up an INSTANT JAVA POTION to the right, and continue down the stairs. Whoops, looks like you (er, I mean Hammer) fell for the oldest trick in the book. Fight off several waves of balverines, until Hammer asks you to find a way to make a bridge. The game will direct your attention to a pillar. Fight the white balverine while Hammer works on your escape route, then cross over the pillar. Look to the left just past the pillar, and open the chest to find 1000 GOLD. Look high up in the back right corner to see the gargoyle (29/50). Go through the tunnel and up the stairs, then open the chest to the right behind some stones for a CURE-ALL HEALTH POTION. Past this room, climb the spiral stairs; at the top of the stairs, get the SILVER KEY (28/51) in the alcove to the left. After that, go around and up more stairs to find the exit. ===== B15. The Crucible ===== Head up the path; ignore Ron and Biff by the entrance [evil: or turn your safety off and teach them a lesson]. Go in to the camp and through the gates to the left; once you start hearing the gargoyle, look up on the cliff wall to find it (30/50). Down on the beach, look to the right behind some crates to get a SILVER KEY (29/51). Head back up to the camp and past the Crucible entrance. Go up the path to the right; behind one of the wagons, open a chest with a PRACTISED SKILL POTION. At the top, talk to Barnum and give him 5000 gold (you should have collected much more than that in rent while you were making your way up here) to start the Westcliff Development quest. [Evil: Or refuse him if you like Westcliff the way it is, or you want to hang on to your gold -- or if you see Ozzie Mandrill when you look at Barnum...] Go back down to the main east-west path and turn right. Activate the stone plinth on the fork to the right. Past the shop building, open the 5-key chest to get a BEWITCHING AUGMENT and a DIAMOND. At the end, you can try the shooting range from which you can win prizes, including a legendary weapon. I stink at the shooting range, though, so I can't offer any tips on it. Upgrade your weapons at the weapons stall just outside the Crucible entrance; I would recommend the Master Katana and the Master Repeater Crossbow, along with the Master Flintlock Pistol as a backup for situations where you need each shot to be as powerful as possible. When you're ready, climb the stairs and enter. You'll need your renown to be at least 2500 to start, but that should be no problem by now. I'll avoid listing out what you face in each round to keep from spoiling the surprise. But it won't be anything you haven't faced before; just make good use of the traps that are in some of the levels, and you shouldn't have much trouble getting through. After you're back out, stick around a little while to hear some amusing banter. Now that that's over, it's time to go back and explore a couple places you couldn't before. First, travel back to the Brightwood Road entrance of Westcliff, and make your way back to the cave at the bend in the river to enter the Old Tin Mine. At the flooded room with the wooden tower, turn left; in the foggy room at the end, climb to the top and open the chest, which has an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION. Go back and take the other path from the flooded room if you want to fight some more bandits. Now, if your corruption isn't high enough for the Westcliff demon door, it's time to get it up. To do that, go back to your properties and adjust all their prices/rents to 100% above market price, then sleep for 7 days at a time several times and/or eat some meat (if you don't mind getting fat) until the meter on the Logbook -> Personality screen is less than a quarter of the way from the left. Travel to the demon door in Westcliff and enter. From the chest at the end of the path, claim THE CALAVERA. Afterwards, don't forget to go back around and reset all your prices to normal or slightly below (at least if you're playing the good path). Pay a visit to the Gargoyle's Trove, where the second door on the right will open. You know the drill by now; the chest has three EMERALDS. There's one more side quest left to do before departing for the Spire. ===== B16. Defender of the Light ===== Travel to the Temple of Light and talk to the monk outside to get your assignment. Now head into the Wellspring Cave and take care of the cultists in the side chambers there. Then go to the final chamber and fight cultists and hollow men until Cornelius starts attacking you himself, then take him down (which actually isn't at all hard -- I took him down with a single salvo from the repeating crossbow). Climb the stairs to meet the head abbot and end the quest. [Evil: If you've done the Temple of Shadows quest, you can instead do the Oakfield Massacre quest.] Stop by the sculptor's to get a statue in Westcliff; then spend any extra money you have on houses, and maybe even a shop building or two. You may want to try some Bounty Hunt or Slave Rescue jobs. [Or for evil: Civilian Displacement or Assassin jobs. A tip on the Assassin jobs: it's best if you entice or frighten your target into following you into a cellar or to an isolated region before you do the deed. Otherwise, you'll have guards on your case.] Once you're ready to continue with the story, travel to the Westcliff camp, then go down to the docks and accept the next quest. ===== B17. The Spire ===== After a nice cruise, listen to Lucien's speech and the following introduction to your job. Off the circular walkway just ahead, take the right exit, where a chest contains an ENRICHED XP POTION. Don't bother drinking it right now, since the Spire prevents you from absorbing experience orbs. There's nothing in the room opposite, so continue along the glowing path to the circular chamber at the top of the stairs. Go up the stairs to the left, and past the doors to another circular walkway. In the room to the left, another chest gives you a CONCENTRATED WILL POTION. Neither of the other rooms has anything interesting, so continue on until you meet Bob again. Follow him and focus on Garth to get a covert message, then follow the corridor all the way to the Commandant's office. Here you'll have the choice to resist or cooperate with him; there's really not that much point to resisting, though, except perhaps for your own pride. At Week 38, report to the detention center, where you'll be left alone. Feed as many of the prisoners as you can by pulling the levers by their cages before time runs out [or, for evil, let them starve]. At Week 137, report to the Commandant. Take the sword when it's offered, then hit the Commandant a few times [or, for evil, hit Bob as you were asked to]. Later, you'll be ordered to report to the Commandant again. Go there, then follow the trail to find the missing guard. Search the body to get a STEEL CUTLASS, a STEEL CLOCKWORK PISTOL, and three CURE-ALL HEALTH POTIONS. Note that the pistol has an ammo capacity of 5, which you'll probably want to use to good effect. Fight the guards on the way back to the Commandant's office. At this point, you might have noticed that through all these years you kept any sleep bonuses you had when you arrived -- which should be the regeneration bonus! So pause before the final chamber until your health is back to full, instead of wasting your precious potions. Inside, wait until the Commandant shows up. This could be a tough fight, as he'll keep porting guards in to help him, and he'll also teleport around periodically. My strategy would be to use the Time Control/Shock trick to keep the guards off you, along with perhaps some Raise Dead spells, and otherwise shoot at the Commandant until he's down. Once that's over, Garth will finally be able to help you. You may as well rest up to recover your health again, then use one of the cullis gates down to the docks. Bull your way through the guards down there until you reach the ship. You'll be greeted by Theresa and your dog, and get all your equipment back. (How old is that dog by now, anyway?!) You probably want to change clothes, unless you're playing evil and enjoy scaring people, and you almost certainly want to change back to your best weapons. Now it's time to reexplore and see what's changed in 10 years. At the top of the hill in front of you, you can admire the Golden Oak [assuming you did the Defender of the Light quest]. To the north of the inn, near the sculptor's place, you'll find several new houses. Head towards the Temple of Light; near the junction where the path to the temple goes to the west, dig for 750 GOLD, and take the short southward path to dig up 1500 GOLD. Continue to the new and improved [or destroyed, if you didn't defend it] temple. You may want to hold off on buying it for now, even if you can afford it. Instead, talk to Tommy and agree to his quest. ===== B18. Hobbe Squatters ===== Go to the Echo Mine in the west, where the gate just inside will now be open for you. In the first room pick up CAVE DIARY PAGE 1, then look to the right just after you pass under the wooden bridge to get a SILVER KEY (30/51). Dig nearby for 500 GOLD, then near the end of the room get CAVE DIARY PAGE 2. To the right just inside the next room, dig up 1000 GOLD, and pick up CAVE DIARY PAGE 3 from one of the tables in the room. Continue to the top of the curving, climbing passage, then dig to the right to get 200 GOLD. Get CAVE DIARY PAGE 4 from the table in the back left of the room, then go on to kill the hobbe leader. Open the chest just past the bridge for a PERCOLATED JAVA POTION, and look to the left for CAVE DIARY PAGE 5. Make your way back to the entrance; the gate is locked again, so you have no choice but to take TOMMY'S CAVERN KEY, by force. Exit the cavern to finish the quest. Go on into Rookridge, but we'll stay away from the inn for now. Instead, go over the bridge to your right, and you'll find the Temple of Shadows is open. Go past the circular well in the center and behind the pillars to the left; the chest here gives you 200 GOLD. Then look on top of the walls in the rear right corner for a gargoyle (31/50). Go down the stairs and through the hall into the large chamber. Open the chest to the left of the large wheel to get SHADOW-WORSHIPPER ROBES and a SHADOW-WORSHIPPER MASK. Go through the hallway just to the right of this wheel; in the room at the end, dig up TREASURE HUNTING, BOOK 1, and open the chest behind a crate for 150 GOLD. Return to the main chamber and go straight across into the foggy room. Get the SILVER KEY (31/51) from the top of the stairs, then look above the entrance to this room for a gargoyle (32/50). You can feel free to explore the other areas to kill more undead, but you won't find any more treasure here. Go out and into Bowerstone Old Town. Near the bend in the path leading into the city, dig for an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION. Make a side trip into the cemetery; in the area at the end of the path past the abandoned camp, dig for a 'MUSTELA' JAVA POTION. Then go to the path with the bridge over the shallow pond; near the end, turn left, and dig up a PRECIOUS NECKLACE. Now go to the southernmost end of the path, and to the right of the mausoleum dig for a JET. Back in Bowerstone Old Town, you should hopefully have enough money by now to buy all the houses, so I'll go through and guide you to the treasure in them -- other than the RLLT that's in each. In The House of Might (near the Rookridge exit), there's a chest on the balcony upstairs with an ATTENUATED WILL POTION. Note that you have to be staying in the house, at least temporarily, or you'll be stealing from your tenants. You should have already gotten the silver key from the balcony of The Invisible Hand, if you've been following this walkthrough. In The Helping Hand, along the back alley, the chest upstairs has a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION. Inside the cellar near the Market exit, you can now open the chest for 200 GOLD, and you can dig nearby to get 500 GOLD. Outside, there's a dig spot across from the cellar door with a 'MUSTELA' JAVA POTION. Upstairs in The Dark Mask (northwest of the intersection), open the chest for 250 GOLD. The chest upstairs in The Bennett House (along the west path) has a PRETTY NECKLACE, and the cellar farther down has a dig spot with a PRACTISED SKILL POTION and another with a CIVIL RING. At the end of the path, dig up 1500 GOLD by the tree, then go on to Bowerstone Market. Open the chest behind The Ogre's Palace (second door to your right) for a PRETTY NECKLACE. Just outside the furniture shop, dig out 2000 GOLD; then head down the south past, and onto the left branch. Near the end, dig for an ETERNAL LOVE RING, then go into the courtyard at the south, where you can dig in a corner to get 1000 GOLD. Go back to the path leading to the left of the inn, and behind it, dig up a SILVER KEY (32/51). Down the west path, look behind A Bit of Skirt for a chest with a STANDARD HEALTH POTION. Plimpington Manor (on the right) has a chest upstairs with a SLEEPY BEAN JAVA POTION. Across from your house, dig for 1000 GOLD, and in the garden near the Fairfax exit, dig up another 1000 GOLD. Be sure to pay your family a visit if you haven't already encountered them. Go into Fairfax Gardens; you'll find that the excavation has progressed nicely. To the right of the main path leading to the castle, you can dig up a COLLAR OF REGALITY. In the tunnel under the stairs, dig for an ETERNAL LOVE RING. We'll come back momentarily to continue the Archaeologist quest. Go back to Bowerstone Market and buy Fiction Burns (the bookstore). Collect books from the bookcases around the shop; one near the top of the stairs should yield a BOOK OF WORSHIP, which you should learn. Downstairs, buy The Perv's Handbook and The Finger, along with any other expression books you'd like (Sock It to 'Em and Belching for Beginners are good ones to get if you want to entertain people). Also make sure your fame is high enough that you have the Blow Kiss expression, and that your goodness has been high enough that you have the Laugh expression. While you're over here, you might also want to visit the stylist along the west path, to get your hair back. If you're playing a male character, you might as well also get the mutton chops here. Cross the bridge, and you'll find the coach is finally out of the doorway of the coach house. So go inside and shoot the gargoyle (33/50), then open the chest and find 250 GOLD. Just outside the gates, dig and get 1000 GOLD. Before you leave for Bower Lake, buy as many of the other shops here as you can. In Bower Lake, go back to the demon door in the southwest, and perform the appropriate expressions. Just in case you have trouble figuring one out, the expressions you need, in order, are: Laugh; Fart; Point and Laugh; Middle Finger; Vulgar Thrust; Growl; Bloodlust Roar; Worship; Dance; Blow Kiss. (You might want to do Growl and Bloodlust Roar from the expression menu, since their icons are a bit hard to distinguish.) Go inside and past the shipwrecks, until you reach a chest with a LUCKY CHARM AUGMENT. Head up to Thag's camp, where there's a new chest with an EXPERT SKILL POTION. Head down from here towards the lake, and near the north end of the bank, dig and get 1000 GOLD. Enter the gypsy camp, and you'll find a new path has opened in the back. To the right, between two pillars, find a chest with a PURE EXPERIENCE EXTRACT. In the other direction, open the 10-key chest at the base of the tower to get a STORM SCAR AUGMENT; then climb the tower and grab the SILVER KEY (33/51) at the top, along with an ENRICHED XP POTION from the chest. Now go out and to the east wall; near where you found your first silver key, there's a new chest which gives you an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION. Head north from here, and you'll find that the pond that was here before has dried up. In the middle of the former pond, open the chest for a TROLL STRENGTH POTION. On to Brightwood, and head towards the tower. You'll encounter Spire soldiers; these are nastier versions of the Spire guards who cast Blades at you, which will interrupt you if you try to shoot them in aiming mode, and often if you try to use flourishes as well. But if you use a Time Control, you should be able to get them down with those methods before you get interrupted. Near the tower itself, a shard will show up. Just run away from its laser beams and its spinning blades, and then plug it between those phases, and you shouldn't have much trouble with it. In the northwest, you'll find Giles's farm has greatly expanded [unless you did Red Harvest earlier]. Take the path to the southwest of the farm to the windmill, where you'll find a chest with 2000 GOLD. Inside the large barn at the base of the path, climb the ladder and open the chest for THUNDER'S STRENGTH POTION. Then go through the mill to the northeast, and at the end of the wooden walkway open a chest to get 2000 GOLD. Now find Giles near the barn, and accept your next quest [which, of course, won't be available if you killed Giles]. ===== B19. The Blind Date ===== Go to Rupert and find out what he wants. Then travel to Bowerstone Market and examine all the men until the information for one of them says "gay" or "bisexual". Once you find one, show him the picture (push down on the D-pad). After somebody agrees to a date, travel back to the farm and find Rupert in the farmhouse. [If you're playing evil but didn't do Red Harvest -- or if you disagree with the game designers on which choice is "good" and which is "evil" -- you can instead find a willing girl for him.] Now go outside and buy the farm (and move in, at least temporarily). Read GILES'S LETTER, then go inside and claim GILES'S PORTCULLIS KEY along with some RLLT. Open the cellar door in the barn. [If you did Red Harvest, you can search for Giles's grave behind the house, and dig there to get the key.] Use the key to open the portcullis. Go through the hall to the portcullis; you can use a high-level Shock to get rid of a few hollow men before you step on the plate across from the portcullis to open it. Go through it; at the junction with two closed gates, use another Shock, then turn right. At the end of the twisting hall, step on the plate, then return to the junction and go straight through. At the gate, Shock again, then go back to the junction and turn left this time. Go to the end and step on the plate, then turn back to the right at the junction. Just through the opened gate, turn to the left and get the SILVER KEY (34/51); then, in the back, dig to get THE ENFORCER. I would stick with the master repeating crossbow, because of The Enforcer's low range and high reload time; but it will be an excellent weapon for fighting trolls. Go through the Bandit Coast; there's nothing new here, except for maybe some assassins. But in Westcliff, you'll find a new bridge and several new buildings; it looks like one of Barnum's business ventures finally paid off. Meet Barnum where you found him before to get 15000 gold. Buy as many of the buildings here as you can afford. Up the stairs behind the inn, there are several chests with two PRECIOUS NECKLACES, 2000 GOLD, and 2500 GOLD. Down by the water, jump off the board walk on the left side, then look under it for a chest with a TROLL STRENGTH POTION. You may want to try doing the Crucible again; if you can manage to get eight out of eight perfect rounds, you'll get THE CHOPPER. (But stick with your master katana, as The Chopper is worse than it and much slower, besides.) It's time to go back to searching for ancient artifacts... ===== B20. The Archaeologist, Part 2 ===== Travel to Fairfax Gardens and talk to Belle. The locations of the next few scrolls are: 4. "Life, fertility and rebirth" refers to the Golden Oak, so look in Oakfield. 5. "Home to wanderers and travellers" is the gypsy camp in Bower Lake. 6. Brightwood is a "dense forest", and it has Garth's tower in it. 7. The "winding path by the ocean" sounds like the Bandit Coast. 8. The "mountain etched with battle" would be the Crucible; travel to the Westcliff camp. 9. You can either search through all the caves by beaches -- or you can just go to the Gemstone Grotto, which is the one you want. To get there, travel to Rookridge, the Hobbe Cave (since the bridge will prevent you from diving into the river otherwise), then immediately turn around and exit. Swim across the river and go down the sandy path to find the entrance. Now you'll have to wait until later in the story again to proceed with this quest. ===== B21. The Hit ===== By now you've probably been attacked by assassins at least once; each time you defeat a group of assassins, you get a fragment of a sketch. Once you've defeated four groups, you'll be able to complete the sketch and get this quest. So if you haven't already gotten the quest, go around to different places until you do get the sketch. Travel to The Forsaken Fortress; make your way through, fighting bandits, until you've gotten to Darius Zing. Several times once you shoot him, he'll retreat deeper into the fortress, so follow him until he actually fights you and put him down. Next it's time to continue with the story. To prepare, go around and buy up all the properties you don't own yet, and at the Bowerstone Market general store (or any other general goods shop) buy a lute. ===== B22. The Cullis Gate ===== Travel to the Rookridge Inn, and finally meet up with Hammer. Wander around a little while until Theresa calls you to the Guild, then travel there. After the scene, go to Brightwood. To the south, meet Garth and Hammer, and follow them through another scene. Then follow Garth through the back way to the tower, fighting Spire guards and soldiers along the way. Just before you get to the top of the first flight of stairs in the tower, heal up if necessary, as a tough fight is coming up. Once you're at the top, Garth will start activating the gate, while a shard keeps porting in Spire soldiers. There are enough coming at you that Time Control/Shock with a bit of Raise Dead is probably your best bet. Once the gate is active, and you've cleared out the last of the soldiers, use the gate. ===== B23. Stranded ===== After the following scene, accept the CAGE KEY from your dog and unlock the door. Go across the bridge to the north; the cullis gate you arrived on is to the left. In the other direction, you'll find a demon door that wants an audience for his performance. Go back across the bridge and into the house to the right just before you reach the water. The gargoyle you're hearing (34/50) is on top of the slat wall to the left of the entrance. Once you're in the water, turn left and follow the path beyond the water to a chest with 1000 GOLD. Now, following the water to the other side, go under the stone bridge to find a chest containing a RUBY. Return to the path across the water, and turn right between the two wooden fences. Inside the house at the top of the hill, dig up a bottle of HOPTIMUS PRIME; outside, look up to the left of the forehouse, and shoot another gargoyle (35/50). A bit farther down the path, dig for a FILET MIGNON PIE, and enter the house to the left just before you reach more water. Upstairs, you'll find a SILVER KEY (35/51). Once you enter the water, you'll encounter your first banshee. It isn't a very difficult opponent; just cast a level 3 or so Shock spell on the shadows it summons, then shoot at it until it's down. Collect some RLLT from the houses around here if you like, then continue up the path. Go straight where the glowing trail leads off to the left, and turn right onto the path leading by the water's edge. At the end of the path, dig for a JET. Return to the glowing path, and cross through a covered bridge that should look very familiar if you played the previous game. Past a bend, take a short branch to the right of some pillars to find a chest with a 'MUSTELA' JAVA POTION. Turn around and look up at the pillars to find the gargoyle (36/50). Continue along the path until just after you see a skeleton altar to the left; to the right open a chest for a SOLID GOLD NECKLACE. Cross the bridge, and after a small distance take down the elder hollow man and its companions. Get the SILVER KEY (36/51) to the left, then continue through the foggy area. After that, go about halfway from the high point to the water's edge, then turn around and look up at the top of the tilted pillars for another gargoyle (37/50). Cross the small wooden bridge, then turn left in the water, and near the end dig for 1000 GOLD. Climb back out onto land, and continue on the path until it turns right into another section of water. Defeat another banshee, then go through the channel to the right between two fences, and get another SILVER KEY (37/51). Return to the path, and in the wooden house to the right take an EXPERT SKILL POTION from the chest. Past the house, dig in the rise to the right with the tree for 250 GOLD. Just over the bridge, you'll face another troll. To the left of the path leading up out of the pond, dig on a bare rise for a FILET MIGNON PIE. Past this rise, you'll see a silver key floating out of reach. If you go under the bridge, you'll reach a locked gate. Follow the glowing path over the bridge, straight through the area with three gates, and on into Bloodstone. Open the door directly to the right once you enter, and use the Pick Up Line expression on the statue inside. Then open the last tomb on the right, and search the coffin inside for a SILVER KEY (38/51). Keep going down the path to the singing demon door. Play the lute for it (from the Social expressions menu) and hold it until he's satisfied. Inside, go down the path into the cabin and claim a MASTER LONGSWORD from the chest upstairs. Return to Bloodstone, and just past the demon door dig up 100 GOLD. Past the gate, open the 15-key chest to get a GOLDEN TOUCH AUGMENT. Beside the stairs down, dig for a STEEL FLINTLOCK PISTOL, and open the chest to the left just above the bottom of the stairs for a HIGHWAYMAN HAT. Go down to the docks and dive into the water. Along the north edge of the harbor is a spit of land you can climb out on. Look to the west and you'll see a gargoyle (38/50). Under the wooden loading ramp, dive for an IMPERMISSABLE CARMINE DYE, and behind the middle ship in the harbor shown on the map, dive and get a FISHTANKAROUS DYE. Near the southwest corner of the harbor, by the large wooden tower, dive for a SILVER KEY (39/51). Climb back out onto one of the piers. Make your way back to the weapon shop; upstairs, around some of the boxes, find a chest with a STEEL TURRET RIFLE. Activate the stone plinth just outside the inn. If you go behind the potion shop and climb the stairs, then around some boxes, a chest here gives you a PRECIOUS NECKLACE. Go along the path to the east from the augment stand Blood from a Stone (along the path to the left of the weapons shop), and you can dig up an ATTENUATED WILL POTION. Head past the bard and under the loading ramp, and enter the first building to the left. Go upstairs and jump out the window to land on the platform of crates with a chest containing a 'MUSTELA' JAVA POTION. Go to the left of that building, and you may just be able to see a gargoyle on a roof behind the wall there (39/50). If not, it may be easier to see it from a place along the eastward path just to the north of the loading ramp. In front of the next building down dig up a JET, and inside enter the cellar to find a chest which gives you an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION. After you pass the large wooden tower, turn around and look about halfway up it for another gargoyle (40/50). Now continue until near the end of the pier, and cut away the weeds blocking the path leading off. Along this path you'll find a chest with 300 GOLD. Go up the path running past the building the loading ramp leads into; upstairs in the Frennick Mansion near where it rejoins the main path up to Reaver's mansion, open a chest to get an UNDILUTED WILL POTION. Go across and listen to Toby and Bev's conversation outside the T.O.B.Y. temple. Afterwards, dig just in front of the cellar door next to it to find a PERCOLATED JAVA POTION, then enter the cellar and dig up 250 GOLD. Just above, outside the hairdresser's (Curl Up And Die), dig for an ERUDITE APPLE PIE. Climb the stairs behind the shop, then get behind the wall of crates to find a chest with 1000 GOLD. To the east, in the yard behind the wagon, dig for a JET. Use the cellar door to the right of the furniture shop, then hit the blue flit switch to the right to open the door. Smash through barrels to get to the SILVER KEY (40/51). Outside, continue up the path to the area outside Reaver's mansion, where to the right of the flower bed in the center, you can dig up 500 GOLD. You should easily have enough money to buy all the properties in Bloodstone that are for sale. Time now for some more side quests. ===== B24. T.O.B.Y. ===== Enter the T.O.B.Y. building and go upstairs. Accept his first request, which will lead you up the stairs behind the tattooist's shop. First, notice that there's a chest behind the crates in the first room, but you'll have to smash a few boxes and barrels to get to it. As it turns out, though, the chest has 1000 GOLD. Instead, you'll have to steal from a dresser in the next room -- but it's for a good cause, right? Return to Toby and get your next assignment. Go to the building north of the hairdresser's with the buoys on the side, where what you need is in the dresser next to the bed upstairs. Again, give Toby what you got and follow the glowing trail to the building with the next item. This time the item is in a cupboard downstairs, near the dining table. Return to Toby; now he wants you to bring a prostitute to him for correction. Find one and ask her to follow you, then lead her to Toby. Leave when he asks you to, and walk forward. Whoops, looks like you fell for a scam. Go back and knock on the door until Toby answers it, then use scary expressions on him until he flees town [evil: or, just kill him for making a fool out of you]. The T.O.B.Y. building, as well as the buildings you just robbed from, are now available for sale. If you want, go around and hand out some gifts to repair your good standing after the stealing you were tricked into. Next let's open the Wraithmarsh demon door. Go around Bloodstone asking people to follow you, until you have at least 10 people trailing behind. You might want to get 1 or 2 extra in case one of them gets bored or something happens to them. Once you have a large enough following, use the menu to travel to Wraithmarsh, the Drowned Farm. Don't risk getting people killed by engaging the hollow men; instead, turn around and run to the demon door from here. Once you get there, any enemies will break off the chase, and a short performance scene will follow. Enter and go into the house. Downstairs, pick up VISITOR'S BOOK, TERRY COTTER'S DIARY, THE KNIGHTS ABERRANT, and some RLLT; upstairs, next to the bed, get TERRY COTTER'S FINAL DIARY. Head out the back door, and enter the cave, where behind all the terra cotta figures you'll find a chest with THE PERFORATOR. This is in my opinion the best ranged weapon in the game (and the game's rankings seem to agree). However, because of the fear augment, you probably want to keep it out of sight by switching to a different ranged weapon when you enter towns. Before you do any more fighting, it's a good idea to collect one more legendary weapon. Travel to Garth's tower in Brightwood, and fight your way in. By the cullis, go to the broken section of the stone railing to the left, and jump down into Archon's Knot. ===== B25. Archon's Knot ===== To the right, dive and get 200 GOLD. Climb up on the steps, then turn around and look across to shoot the gargoyle (41/50). Go down the hall, and just in front of the gate, dig for an ENVY GREEN DYE. Shoot the flit switch to the right, and go through the gate. Stop at the top of the stairs and shoot the yellow flit switch on the left. It will light candles across from you, which will show you the safe path to take across the floor. The path (and its continuation, marked with + signs, from where the candles leave you in suspense) is reproduced below: .**+. **.++ *...+ ****. ...*. Follow this path and hit the flit switch again to open the next gate. Continue up the path until you reach a pressure plate on another obviously trapped floor. Go back down to the statue, and use any scary expression on it. This will release a flit switch which will go upstairs. Here, the candles are gone, but the path the flit switch takes over the floor will show you where to go. In case you miss it, the path is reproduced below (the + signs mark the points where the flit switch stops, and you need to hit it again): ..*+* ***.* +*..** ..*+. ..+.. Once you've hit the switch for the last time and the gate opens, the floor also deactivates, so go get the SILVER KEY (41/51). Go on up the stairs, and open the chest on the left of the bridge to get a CURSED WARRIOR AUGMENT. Go out the door, and look to the right for the chest with THE DAICHI. This is by far the best melee weapon in the game. As long as you're in Brightwood anyway, you might as well do the Brightwood Tower quest now. ===== B26. Brightwood Tower ===== Go back to Garth's tower and buy it, then read GARTH'S NOTE. (To get the enhancement bonuses from ownership, you'll need to sleep in the bed just past the bridge with the cullis gate, and NOT in the bed on the top floor. You should probably wait to move your family here until after this quest is done; then the Spire guards and soldiers, and the Shards, don't show up near the tower anymore.) Climb the tower and the ladder at the top. Look through the windows, and you should be able to see the gargoyle through one of the windows to the left of the bed. Shoot it through the window (42/50). The chest next to the bed contains GARTH'S JOURNAL. Sleep in the bed as the quest asks. You're transformed into a child again, but with your current weapons and will abilities intact. Here's a rough line art map of Nightmare Hollow: G A - start D | B - junction | +- H C - foggy cave A - B - E -+--+/ D - skeleton altar | | | E - foggy clearing C ,-' F F - statue | G - house -I- H - large tree on hill | I - foggy cave with 4 doors J J - bedroom From the start (A), get some RLLT from the dresser next to the bed, then go forward to the junction (B) and try to open the chest. Follow Chesty to the right, to the foggy cave (C). Interact with Chesty, fight the beetles, then go back through the junction, straight through to the skeleton altar (D). Again, interact with Chesty; after you take care of the hobbes, Chesty teleports away again. Turn left at the junction to reach Chesty in the foggy clearing (E). Fight the hollow men that Chesty spawns, then continue through, and past the gate to the right, until you see a statue to the right (F). Use the Chicken expression on it, then go across from it over the stone bridge into the house (G). The chest in here has an EMERALD. Continue along the main path to the large tree at the top of the hill (H). Here, Chesty spawns some hollow men along with a banshee. Go back to the gate, which is now open, and up the stairs into another foggy cave with four doors (I). Fight the balverines Chesty sends at you; then finally you can open Chesty and get 100000 GOLD and THE DIAMOND OF SORROW. Go on into the bedroom, where you can collect some RLLT and then sleep to get back to the waking world (and heal up). Now you can move your family here to get enhanced regeneration, health, and fame bonuses. Remember to sleep in the bed on the same level as the cullis gate to get those bonuses. One more thing to do in Brightwood: open the demon door. So travel to the Bloodstone hairdresser's shop and get dreadlocks there. Then, if you didn't do it before, travel to the Bowerstone hairdresser's and get mutton chops. Travel to Giles's farm and head down to the demon door, where he'll continue trying to put you off by requesting that you wear certain clothing. The exact clothing he wants varies; the locations you can get each possible piece are: Strumpet skirt: the tart skirt from Fiendish Fashions in Bloodstone. Farmer's hat: the yokel hat from the clothing stall in Oakfield. Posh shirt: the noble gent's shirt available in just about any clothing store. Corset: available from A Bit of Skirt in Bowerstone. Return to the demon door wearing the proper clothes, then pester him until he opens. Don't forget to change back into a reasonable set of clothes; then enter and find the chest inside a building to the right, which contains a MERCHANT'S CAP, a KNOTTED SHIRT, and HARLEQUIN TROUSERS. Now travel to Fairfax Gardens and visit the demon door there, which will automatically open if all the other demon doors have opened (which should be the case if you've been following the walkthrough). Inside, the chest at the end of the right branch contains 50000 GOLD, and the pedestal at the end of the main path holds MARCUS'S POEM. ===== B27. Treasure Island of Doom! ===== Travel to the Bloodstone inn and listen to Salty Jack's story. Give him a drink, and agree to investigate the cave. Enter the Sinkhole in the southwest. Go forward and dive into the hole, climbing out on the far side. Go on, up the wooden ramps until you reach a room where you fight lots of ghost pirates. A Time Control/Shock works wonders here. Go on to the room with all the bedrolls, and in a corner step on a pressure plate after clearing boxes and barrels off it. Continue to the room at the end, and search the nightstand by the bed to get CAPTAIN DREAD'S KEY. Use it to open the chest and get a LEVER. Collect other RLLT here, then make your way back to the platform above the ship. Place the lever and pull it, which will allow you to board the ship (the Marianne). Fight the ghost pirates (most probably, mostly with Time Control/Shock again) until Captain Dread appears, then fight him into submission and get CAPTAIN DREAD'S MAP. Climb the stairs (technically, the "ladder") and use the wheel. You need to find ten treasures here; each will give you 1500 gold, and is in a chest, a dig spot, or a dive spot. Enter the far section of the wrecked ship to the left to find the first chest (1/10). Enter the water and swim around the rocky outcropping on the far side to find a spot of land with another chest (2/10). Return to the beach and go up the path on the far side of the shipwreck. To the left, cut the thorn bushes and jump down onto the other section of the shipwreck to find a third chest (3/10). Jump onto the beach and take the path back up. At the end of the path, instead of diving, jump down to the left to find another chest (4/10). Now dive, and circle around the island until you find a bit of land behind a waterfall with another chest (5/10). Swim onto the island, and dig near the shovel by the tree for another treasure (6/10). Find a chest behind the tree (7/10), and go to the right to find a dive spot in a tiny inlet to the island, which has the next treasure (8/10). Go across the water to a path leading up, and look up to the left of the waterfall to locate the gargoyle (43/50). At the top of the path, jump down to the right of the tunnel entrance, and get the SILVER KEY (42/51). Dive and climb the path again; inside the tunnel, smash the wooden barrier to the left to find a chest (9/10). Jump down at the end of the tunnel to find the last chest (10/10). Board the Marianne and take the wheel again to return to Bloodstone. Go back in the Sinkhole, where you can now swim across where you first dove before. Climb out on the other side, and smash the boards to get the SILVER KEY (43/51). ===== B28. Rescuing Charlie ===== Travel to the gypsy camp in Bower Lake, and talk to the old woman on the top bridge to start the quest. Go to the dry lake bed in the northeast, and through the double doors at the far side. In the room with the pool in the middle, open the chest to the right, behind a pillar, to get a PRECIOUS NECKLACE. Go through the arch on the far side, and turn around and look above the arch to locate the gargoyle (44/50). In the next room, a chest immediately to the left of the entrance yields an ADEPT SKILL POTION. To the right, behind the last pillar, get a SILVER KEY (44/51). Talk to Charlie, and give the note to him. Fight the undead until Charles is done, then open the sarcophagus and read the LOOTER'S NOTE. Fight your way out; your path will be diverted into a side passage. Near the end, open the chest to get a TROLL STRENGTH POTION, then step on the plate and exit. You'll get a GOLD BURDEN AUGMENT as a reward. ===== B29. Evil in Wraithmarsh ===== Go to Bowerstone Market, and take a side trip to the Gargoyle's Trove to collect your next reward (through the second door on the left) for getting 40 gargoyles: 10000 GOLD. You might as well also take this opportunity to get "The Dogs of War Book 4." Go to the inn and upstairs to meet Mrs. Max and Sam and accept the quest. Travel to Wraithmarsh, the Drowned Farm, and go behind the first house to the descend the ladder into the Well. To the left of the passage, open a chest to get a CURE-ALL HEALTH POTION. Unleash a Shock on the hollow men surrounding Max and Sam. After the speech, open the chest for a LIVE FOREVER HEALTH POTION. Now travel to the Bloodstone waterfront and go onto the dock to confront the banshee. It's just like any other banshee, so just take it down. Travel back to Bowerstone and find Max and Sam already with their mother. Approach them and watch the scene to finish the quest. ===== B30. Something Rotten ===== Travel to the Rookridge inn, talk to the bartender, and agree to investigate the cause of the smell. Now make your way to the Wellspring. After you take care of the problem (I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise by telling you what it is), return to the inn. Once the quest is finished, go outside and buy the inn at a discount. ===== B31. Love Hurts ===== Travel to the mansion in the Bowerstone Cemetery and knock on the door. Accept the quest and travel to the hobbe cave in Rookridge. Follow your dog to the spot where LADY GREY'S LOWER BODY and the FIRST WITCHSPOTTERS NOTE are buried. Travel to the cemetery mansion again, where you can now go inside. Find the gravekeeper and give him the lower body. Go up the stairs behind him and look in the fireplace for a SILVER KEY (45/51). Travel to Wraithmarsh, the Bloodstone road. Before you go into the tomb, you'll be doing some exploration of an area which wasn't open the first time through. So, from here, take the middle path to the south. At the fork, first take the path to the right, over the stone bridge, to reach a 20-key chest with a DEVASTATION AUGMENT. Go down and take the other fork leading down, and jump down into the water. Go to the right and open the chest to get 400 GOLD. Turn around and head down the stretches of stagnant water until you reach a building with a sign outside. Across from it, dig up an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION, and open a chest with an UNDILUTED WILL POTION. To the right of the building, dig for a bottle of CLASSY CLARET. Inside, you can collect a piece of RLLT. Continue through the arch, and you'll reach a path you've been on before. Now make your way back to the place I noted before, where a path leads under a bridge to a gate. The gate is now open, so go through the double doors into Twinblade's tomb. Follow the corridor into the first room; go up the stairs, cut away the obstructions, and step on the plate to release a yellow flit switch. Shoot it, then hit it when it moves over by you, then shoot it again to open the door. Go through and bypass the section of floor with moving spikes, and stand on the plate at the end to release a flit switch. Go back to the spiked floor and look across to shoot the switch, which will open the portcullis by the plate you just stepped on. Go through into the flooded room with the large statue on a dais. Step on the plate in front of the statue to activate it, then use the Chicken expression which will open the gate on the left. Go through the doorway on the right instead, cut through the thorn bush, and step on the plate up the stairs, which will open a gate up the other path. Return to the statue room and take the left doorway, and go through the gate you just opened to step on another plate. Shoot the yellow flit switch this releases, and the next door will open. Jump down and go through that door. In the circular room you come to, shoot the yellow flit switch in the alcove on the left several times as it moves, until it opens the gate across from the alcove. Past the gate, time your travel through to avoid the columns of flame the gargoyles release, and stand on the plate at the end. Return to the circular room and go through the other gate on the right, which you just opened. Enter the room at the top of the stairs, then turn around and look above the archway to get the gargoyle you hear (45/50). Open the sarcophagus on the dais for a SILVER KEY (46/51), and get another SILVER KEY (47/51) to the right of the dais. Across from the last key, in an alcove to the left of the entrance, find a chest with an ETERNAL LOVE RING. In the back right corner, search the coffin to get LADY GREY'S UPPER BODY and the SECOND WITCHSPOTTERS NOTE. Smash through the cracked door to the right, and go through the double doors. Outside, grab the SILVER KEY (48/51) which was out of reach before. Return to the cemetery mansion and head towards Victor to give him the upper body. From here, make your way to Fairfax Gardens and through the gates to the left. Before you go inside the mausoleum, dig to the left to find three AUTOGRAPH CARDS. Now head inside and enter Lady Grey's tomb. Go forward until you have to jump down, but first look across and up the right wall to see the gargoyle (46/50). Now go ahead and jump down. Behind you, look for a chest with a LIVE FOREVER HEALTH POTION, then circle around to the opposite corner to find another chest with a CURE-ALL HEALTH POTION. Open the sarcophagus on the altar to get LADY GREY'S HEAD and the THIRD WITCHSPOTTERS NOTE. Go through the gate on the opposite side of the room; in the next room, look to the right under the stairs for a SILVER KEY (49/51). Climb the stairs to reach the exit. Outside, step on the plate to open the gates, then open the chest to the left and get 100 GOLD. Behind the mausoleum, dig for a RUSTY NECKLACE. Head back to the cemetery mansion, and go through the previously locked door to the right to reach Victor in the cellar. Look on the second table from the left, below the bulletin board, to get VICTOR'S DIARY and an ANNUAL WITCHSPOTTING NEWSLETTER. Give Victor the head. Once Lady Grey is reanimated, you need to leave quickly until you're through the door upstairs [evil: or you can stay and woo her to get an undead bride]. ===== B32. The Cemetery Mansion ===== Go outside and buy the mansion to get the GRAVEKEEPER'S KEY and GRAVEKEEPER'S NOTE. Go around and along the path past the abandoned camp to the gate, which you can now open. Just inside and to the left of the path, dig up a KANGAROUGE DYE. Look on top of the wall to the left for a gargoyle (47/50) in the tower. (Finally -- you've probably been hearing this gargoyle since near the beginning of the game.) Go forward and enter the Shelley Crypt. Go down the path, past the locked gate, until you need to jump down. Turn to the left at the room with all the sarcophagi and open the chest to get THE STONE OF MYR'BREGOTHIL. Go back to the previous room, where a path will have opened behind the sarcophagi. Behind the first cracked door, find a SILVER KEY (50/51), then smash through the next one to continue. Just after you jump down again, once the hollow men stop spawning, dig up an INSTANT JAVA POTION, and open the chest for an ENRICHED XP POTION. When you reach the cavern with several large pillars in it, hit the blue flit switch and then shoot it when it moves and turns yellow. Repeat this several times and follow it to create a path through. Just before the exit, look on the cavern wall to the right for a gargoyle (48/50). The chest just past this room contains an ENRICHED XP POTION. After the hollow man speaks to you, approach him and give him the gem. [Evil: kill the hollow man, in which case you'll have to "dance with" swarms of hollow men.] Once you're done, climb the ladder at the end, then step on the plate in front of you to open the gate and exit the cavern. Before you return to the main story line, drop by the sculptor's place in Oakfield and commission a statue for Bloodstone, if you haven't already. ===== B33. The Hero of Skill ===== It's time to return to Reaver. Before you go through the archway, head up the stairs. At the very top, past the bedrooms, is a chest with 2500 GOLD. Go back down and through the arch. You'll need 20000 renown at this point to continue, which should be no problem. Pick up the seal once Reaver is done talking, and head towards the door below the covered bridge in Wraithmarsh. Use the seal to unlock the door and enter. Go down the stairs and to the left, then down more stairs. Smash the cracked doorway to the left and collect a CURE-ALL HEALTH POTION from the chest. In the next room, break through the wooden boards to reach a chest containing a LIVE FOREVER HEALTH POTION. Go on until you reach a portion of floor with spears going in and out. They alternate between even-numbered and odd-numbered squares, so at each square wait until the spears on the square ahead have just lowered before you step forward onto that square. At the end, step on the plate; then turn around and look above the arch on the far side of the tunnel to shoot the gargoyle (49/50). The chest here has 500 GOLD. Up the stairs, break the cracked door in the back left corner of the room to find a SILVER KEY (51/51). After you defeat the shadows and shadow balverines that come at you, go on through the doorway at the end of the room and jump down into the hole. In the room you reach, keep the seal -- you shouldn't force somebody else to pay for your mistakes. [Evil: Hand the seal to Elizabeth as soon as possible.] After that, climb the stairs, open the chest with 2000 GOLD, and exit the Shadow Court. Now, before you return to Reaver, it's probably a good idea to pay a visit to Alex to break the bad news. OK, so she/he doesn't seem to react to the change, but you'll probably get a gift or two while you're there. ===== B34. Bloodstone Assault ===== Return to Reaver's mansion. After the scene, go down into the escape tunnel. Behind the large barrels, open the chest to get an UNDILUTED WILL POTION. In the first large room, climb the ramps to the right to reach a chest with an ETERNAL LOVE RING. Then, up the ramps on the opposite side and at the end of the tunnel, find another chest with a CONCENTRATED WILL POTION. After a couple more rooms, at the end of a wooden bridge look behind a crate to get 1000 GOLD from yet another chest. Continue and after jumping through a hole, look out at Reaver's ship. Once you reach the beach, watch the next scene. In the next fight, a Time Control/Shock works well to keep the guards and soldiers out of your hair. When an area of the beach starts turning red, get out of that area before the shard unleashes a powerful fire spell which will knock you down and injure you. Garth will be working to expose its vulnerable point; when the glowing sphere appears on top of the shard, shoot at it to do damage. (You may also be able to hasten the process by casting a high-level targetted Shock spell at it.) Repeat until it's down. ===== B35. A Perfect World ===== After the next scene on Hero Hill in Bower Lake, you find yourself in another dream as a child. You can look in the containers here, but all you'll find is "strange letters and scrolls filled with arcane writing." So go outside and to the right; at the entrance to the field with the bugs, shoot the first bottle (1/20). Enter the field and fight the beetles, then to the right shoot another bottle behind the fence on the pier (2/20). Up by the house, shoo away the birds gathered around something, to find it's a bottle (3/20). Another bottle is on the well in the back left corner (4/20). Just outside the area, find another bottle on a sawhorse behind some rocks (5/20). Up the path, the next bottle is underneath the cart (6/20). On another cart near the exit is another bottle (7/20). Take the path to the left, and you'll see another bottle inside the shed (8/20), then one on the end of the pier leading into the river (9/20). Go around and take the other path by the river, where there's a bottle behind a fence opposite the pier (10/20). The next bottle is on top of the stone bridge (11/20). On the other side, you'll find the straying chickens; kick them in the direction of the coop until you manage to get them inside. (One of the chickens will be inside the barn.) There's a bottle on one of the corners of the coop fence (12/20), another on the yoke across from it (13/20), and yet another on a hay bale behind the coop (14/20). Inside the barn, shoot a bottle on the table (15/20), then climb the ladder and shoot the bottle on a branch outside the window (16/20). Beyond the coop, another bottle is on the chopping block to the right of the other entrance (17/20), then another on a corner of the stone fence just beyond (18/20). Look on the picnic table for a bottle (19/20), and on top of the other chicken coop for another (20/20). At some time during this, nightfall will come and Rose will go to bed. Once you're done, join her and go to sleep. Once you wake up, if you go back to sleep as Rose asks, the day will just reset. So go outside and through the gate. Follow the path until you reach the music box. Pick it up, and after the next scene, climb the stairs into the bright light. Hold the music box against Lucien until his shield goes down. Then shoot him -- or listen to him until Reaver shoots him. Make your choice out of the three cards, and the main story will be over. After the long, long credits, see the results of your choice. For Sacrifice, travel to Bowerstone Old Town and go see your statue. For Love, read A LETTER FROM ROSE and go visit your family. For Wealth, open the chest nearby to get 1000000 GOLD. At this point, there seems to be a glitch that will give you the Brightwood Tower quest again. So you may as well go through the dream world again and get another Diamond of Sorrow. Then remember to sleep again downstairs to get your regeneration bonus back. Travel to Reaver's mansion in Bloodstone and buy it. Inside, lots of the containers will now give you random high level treasure (RHLT). You can also get several PAGES FROM REAVER'S DIARY: 2/5 is in the container to the left of the entrance to the room (facing the entrance from inside). 3/5 is in a dresser in the same room; 1/5 is in the dresser on the first floor up. 4/5 is in a container upstairs from there in the first bedroom, and 5/5 is in a dresser in the next bedroom. Now, unless you chose Love, find someone new to marry and have a child with them. Then travel back and forth between your marital home and other places until The Rescue quest becomes available. ===== B36. The Rescue ===== Find your spouse and find out what your child has been up to. Travel to the hobbe cave in Rookridge. Make your way through the cave until you reach the room where your child is locked in a cage. Once you take care of the hobbes in the room, you'll get the HOBBE CAGE KEY, which you can use to open the cage. Then you need to escape the cave (and walk slowly enough that you don't leave your child behind). Once you get out into Rookridge, that finishes this quest. ===== B37. Castle Fairfax ===== Travel to Fairfax Gardens and buy the castle for 1000000 gold, then move your family here. Go inside and listen to the butler. In the throne room, enter the first door to the left to reach the dining room. The bookcases around the room will give you lots of books, and some dressers at the end of the passage to the right will yield more treasure. The second door to the left from the throne room leads into the library. Climb the stairs and look above the entrance to get the gargoyle here (50/50). In the back left corner of the throne room is a 50-key chest with 50000 GOLD. The passage above the first door to the right leads to Lucien's study, and the second door to the right leads to the bedchamber. Get some RHLT from the containers here, then sleep in the bed. You have bandit intruders to take care of. Once that's done, talk to the butler, then go through the secret door into Fairfax Tomb. If you chose Love, dig just in front of the gate for a PRECIOUS NECKLACE (any dig spots from now on will be with this assumption in mind). Then smash the boards to the left and go down the passage. Use your highest-level shock spell standing in front of each of the gates in the room you reach, then pull the two levers in front of the gate in the back. The first one you pull (no matter which one that is) opens the cell gates, and the second one opens the exit gate. Dig in the right back cell to get an ERUDITE APPLE PIE; open a chest in the right front cell to get a DIAMOND; and dig in the left back cell for 1000 GOLD. Go through the gate, then shoot at hobbes until they eventually stop coming. Just before you reach the bottom of the stairs, jump down to the right and open the chest on the platform for 750 GOLD. Dig in the bit of dirt behind the platform to find SUBLIME CELERY, and at the bottom of the stairs for a DIAMOND. Go on through the arch and dive into the hole; a bit forward from where you land, to the right, dive for an ECONOMY VALUE NECKLACE. Once you leave the water and climb the stairs, look for a chest in an alcove to the left with an EXPERT SKILL POTION, and another chest farther back to the left with 750 GOLD. Shoot the yellow flit switch just to the right of the entrance, then quickly shoot it again, then run to where it moves and hit it with your sword. Go through the door; in the next room, you'll need to unleash a spell targeted at the red flit switch (or with a large enough area of attack that it hits the switch); then, when it moves and turns yellow, you need to shoot it three times in succession. In the next room, open the chests around the edge for a 'MUSTELA' JAVA POTION, an EXPERT SKILL POTION, 2500 GOLD, and an OBSIDIAN JAVA POTION. Pick up the POTION OF TRANSMOGRIFICATION from the table in the center, and then use it if you want (although that might upset your spouse). That opens the gate leading to the exit into Bowerstone Cemetery. On the way back to Fairfax Gardens, stop by the Gargoyle's Trove. ===== B38. The Gargoyles ===== Through the third door on the right, open the chest to claim a GHOUL AUGMENT and step on the final plate. Go back down and cross the completed bridge to the chest, and claim your final treasure of... a ROTTEN APPLE!! Take a disappointed look around and notice the stone archway in the back wall is cracked. You know by now what that means to do. Go through and at the end, climb the stairs and open the chest to get THE RAMMER. ===== B39. The Archaeologist, Part 3 ===== Return to Fairfax Gardens and talk to Belle, who has more clues for you. If you don't have your dog anymore, then a glowing trail will lead you where you need to go once you're in the right area, and you can dig once you reach the glowing circle. 10. The former town of Oakvale has now become Wraithmarsh. 11. Twinblade's camp was the origin of Bloodstone. 12. "Ground sacred to Heroes" must be the Guild Cave. 13. The cave where one can see the ocean through its walls is Reaver's Rear Passage from Bloodstone. (Remember when you saw his escape ship through the small barred window?) Once you've retrieved these, Belle will open the door the excavations have uncovered. Go inside and fight off a couple shards, which shouldn't be much of a problem by now. Then open the chest at the bottom to get THE ARCHON'S DREAM. Go up the stairs and give the gem to Belle. [Evil: Instead, kill her so you can get past her to the exit, and keep the gem for yourself.] ===== B40. Final Region Statistics ===== Well, that's it for quests in the main game. You can continue by trying to make every furnishable house you own as luxurious as possible, and getting all your abilities maxed out. Here are the statistics shown from the regions menu that you should have after following the walkthrough. (Note that certain evil choices will make many of these numbers lower, such as the number of properties for sale in Bowerstone Old Town.) Region Bldgs Owned Chests Digs Dives Gargoyles Keys Bloodstone 20 25 11 4 4/4 5/5 Bower Lake 12 21 10 4 5/5 4/4 Brightwood 2 20 20 5 5/5 5/5 Bowerstone Cemetery 1 8 9 0 5/5 4/4 Bowerstone Market 32 21 16 3 4/4 3/3 Bowerstone Old Town 17 7 15 0 2/2 3/3 Rookridge 1 20 16 1 5/5 6/6 Westcliff 15 19 2 3 5/5 4/4 Wraithmarsh 0 18 9 0 6/6 7/6 Oakfield 13 9 10 1 3/3 6/6 Fairfax Gardens 1 14 13* 1 3/3 2/2 Guild Cave 0 4 6 1 1/1 1/1 Bandit Coast 0 8 7 0 2/2 1/1 * Probably only achievable if you choose Love in the Spire. ===== C. Credits and Acknowledgements ===== Of course, the largest part of the credit has to go to Lionhead Studios and all the people who created this wonderful game. Thanks also to Kraiz's guide on GameFAQs, for the lists of locations of gargoyles and silver keys in each area. I used it as a reference while writing this more detailed walkthrough, especially as a check to make sure I found each one as soon as possible.</p>