Bushido Blade Faq v0.5 by Andy Chien(ranmas@netcom.com) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Need: A nice Bushido Blade ASCII log would be nice 8) Information on how to get 2nd ending, extra characters, weapons, etc. Whatever you think will be good for the Faq. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credits: RAYSURX.......................Weapons and Character Names Translations Weekly Famitsu 3/28/97...........................Majority of the Moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Title Screen: from default and press down Story Mode VS Mode Chanbara Mode Practice Mode On View Mode Link Mode Movie Option Character Selecting Screen: Hotarubi Tatsumi Mikado Kokuren Utsusemi Kanuki +Speedy <--------------------------------------------------> Strength+ Weapon Selecting Screen: from default weapon and press right. Katana Rapier Naginata Hammer Nodachi Long Saber Broad Sword Sword ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Abriviations: u Up d Down f Forward b Back T Triangle Button S Square Button X X Button O O Button Rx R1 or R2 Lx L1 or L2 a, b Do a then do b a,, b Do a, slight pause then do b a+b Do a and b at the same time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Common Moves: L1 Run R1 Raise Stance R2 Lower Stance T High Attack O Mid Attack X Low Attack S Block (has Parry effect if timed correctly) Start Pause b, f+X Pounce R1 (close to platform) Climb R2 (after block or being hit) Roll Back f+R2 Crounch Dash Forward or pick up Sub-Weapon f+R2, R1 Jump Forward T, O or X (after jump) Jump Attack f+R2, O Throw Sub-Weapon f+R2, R2 Throw Dirts, Water, or Snow at your opponent. (only works while on sand, grass, snow, etc areas) While Running: T Verticle Slash O Horizontal Slash X Turn Around Slash While on your knee: Select Concede Defeat f+R2 Throw Dirts, Water, or Snow at your opponent f+O Throw Sub-Weapon R2 Lay Down After Layed Down: b+O Get Up Strike T or O or X Slash S Block Common but with Exceptions: f+R2, T Crounch Forward High Strike f+R2, X Back Flip or Low to High Swing f+R2, R1, X Rising Attack ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Moves: The moves in this game is mainly weapon dependent. Each weapon listed below is divided into 3 categories: normal moves, multi-hits attacks, and special moves that are characters specific, in that order. Special moves can be done in any stance! (The moves with * after has exceptions or special effects on certain character(s). They will be added later.) ============================================================================== Weapon Name High Stance Mid Stance Low Stance ============================================================================== Katana 1.5 kg b+T b+T b+X 92.0 cm b+O b+O u+X u+O * u+O d+X d+O * d+O f, f+X f, f+O f, f+T b, f+T f, f+X f, f+O b, f+O b, f+O f, f+X b, f+T b, f+O ------------------------------------------------------ T, O O,O,, f+O X, O b, f+O, T ------------------------------------------------------ f+R2, X (All) f+R2, R1, X (Hotarubi, Kokuren, Utsusemi) f+R2, T (Mikado, Kokuren, Utsusemi) f+R2, X, T (Kokuren, Utsusemi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rapier 0.9 kg b+T b+O b+O 75.0 cm b+X u+T b+X u+O d+T u+O d+O f, f+T d+O f, f+T f, f+O f, f+T * f, f+O b, f+T * f, f+O b, f+T b, f+O f, f+X b, f+O b, f+T * ------------------------------------------------------ T, O T, X,, T,, O,, O T, T ------------------------------------------------------ f+R2, X (Hotarubi, Tatsumi, Mikado, Kokuren) f+R2, R1, X (Hotarubi, Tatsumi, Mkiako, Kokuren) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Naginata 2.2 kg f+X f+X f+X 181.0 cm b+T b+O b+O u+O u+O b+X d+O d+O u+O f, f+O f+O d+O b, f+T f, f+O b, f+T b, f+O b, f+T f, f+T * ------------------------------------------------------ T, T,, T T, O b, f+T, O, X X, O ------------------------------------------------------ None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hammer 4.5 kg b+T b+O b+X 83.5 cm u+O u+O u+O d+O d+O d+O f, f+T f, f+T b, f+O * f, f+O f, f+O f, f+X * b, f+T b, f+T b, f+O b, f+O ------------------------------------------------------ T, T,, T,, T O, T X, T ------------------------------------------------------ f+R2, T (Kanuki) f+R2, X (Utsusemi, Kanuki) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nodachi 1.9 kg b+T f+X b+X 119.0 cm f+X b+O f+X u+O u+O u+O d+O d+O d+O b, f+T f, f+O f, f+O b, f+O b, f+T f, f+X b, f+O b, f+T b, f+O ------------------------------------------------------ T, T,, f+T O, O,, f+T X, T X, T ------------------------------------------------------ f+R2, T (Mikado, Utsusemi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Long Sword 1.4 kg b+T b+O b+O 79.0 cm u+T u+O b+X d+T d+O u+O b, f+T b, f+T d+O b, f+O f+O f, f+O b, f+T ------------------------------------------------------ O, O T, X X, T,, T ------------------------------------------------------ f+R2, R1, X (Hotarubi, Tatsumi, Mikado) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saber 1.2 kg b+T b+O b+O 72.0 cm u+O u+O b+X d+O d+O f+X f, f+T f, f+O u+O f, f+X b, f+O d+O b, f+T f, f+X b, f+O b, f+T b, f+O ------------------------------------------------------ T, O X, T,, O T, T O, O,, T ------------------------------------------------------ f+R2, X (Hotarubi, Tatsumi, Mikado, Kokuren) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Broad Sword 4.1 kg b+T b+O O * 85.0 cm u+O u+O b+O d+O d+O b+X f, f+T f, f+T u+O f, f+O f, f+O d+O f, f+X f, f+X f, f+O b, f+T b, f+O b, f+T b, f+O b, f+O ------------------------------------------------------ O, O O, O T, T X, X ------------------------------------------------------ f+R2, T (Kokuren, Kanuki) f+R2, X (Kokuren, Kanuki) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Character Specific Moves: These moves are character AND weapon specific moves. ============================================================================== Character Weapon Stance Command ============================================================================== Hotarubi Long Sword Mid b, f+O f, f+X f+T ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tatsumi Hammer High f, f+T Low b, f+O All f+R2, T ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mikado Naginata Mid b, f+O b, f+T, X,, R1, X Nodachi Low X, X ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kokuren Rapier Mid b, f+O Low f, f+T, O, X,, O, O O, O,, O Katana High f, f+T, T,, O ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Utsusemi Nodachi Low b, f+T (x4) Katana High b, f+T f, f+T ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kanuki Broad Sword High f, f+X Mid O, O,, T Hammer Low O, O,, O,, O ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- email: ranmas@netcom.com +==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+===+=+==+ ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/ra/ranmas/ +==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+= ____ ____ _ | Mai/Mature's Eternal Luver !!! 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