Captain Tsubasa J PSX Mini-FAQ Keys: Triangle:Jump\Surround Tackle\Special Dribble Square:Pass\Shoulder Tackle X:Shoot\Slide Tackle Circle:Turbo(Hold down) Q:How do I do the special moves? A:For a standard special,press R1 and L1 at the same time. For other specials,press R1 and quickly input your command. Q:What special commands? A:To check your team's players' specials,go to the players' menu before a match and hold R1 when highlighting a player.There,it will show how to input the command. Q:How do I do a Surround Tackle? A:When the CPU team gets the ball,let it dribble into your side.When you see a 'chance' above your player's name,press triangle. Q:How do I do a Special Tackle? A:Sorry,I'm still trying to find out. Does anyone know? Q:How do I do a Special Dribble? A:When you are in possession of the ball and the CPU player is in front of you(near),press triangle. Q:How do I save a special with my goalkeeper? A:Same as the standard special,when the CPU player kicks his special,quickly press R1 and L1. Best Teams:Japan and the team you compete against at the very last in Story Mode. Best Players: Japan:MF 10,FW 9,MF 11,MF 20 Germany:FW 9,MF 10 Ok,I'll stop here.If anyone wants to help me or contribute by giving other hints,I will credit him/she. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>