Version 1.0 10/13/08 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Time Hollow Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer ( My Real Name? Michael Gray Video Game Humor: Copyright 2008 Table of Contents: 001. General information 002. Characters 003. Walkthrough 003a. Prologue: A New Day 003b. Chapter One: The Day that Vanished 003c. Chapter Two: The Day that Changed 003d. Chapter Three: The Day of Memories 003e. Chapter Four: The Day Far Away 003f. Chapter Five: The Day of Resolution 003g. Chapter Six: The Final Day 003h. Epilogue: A New Day Dawns 004. Random Extra Stuff 005. Credits 001-General Information --------------------------------------------------------- This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo DS game known as "Time Hollow". It's made by Konami, and it follows the adventures of Ethan Kairos as he makes time holes and changes things in the past. And, of course, he messes up a few times, and a crazy bad guy shows up, and Ethan helps his uncle start a cafe. You know, pretty typical stuff. If you want to put this guide on your own website or something like that, or if you just wanna talk about this game, email me at . Make sure the subject is either "Time Hollow FAQ" or just leave it blank, so I don't accidentally delete it. 002-Characters --------------------------------------------------------- Ethan Kairos: Our hero! He's an average seventeen year old. Well, okay, maybe he's got a minor obsession with clocks, and, yeah, his hair sticks out to the side, and, sure, you know, maybe it's kind of weird that he doesn't try something with any of the three girls who are interested in him, and...actually, you know what? Forget what I said about him being an average seventeen year old. Ethan's kind of an odd banana. Timothy Kairos: Ethan's dad. He's not very talkative, I guess. Pamela Kairos: Ethan's mom. She's a rather bland sort of person. Uncle Derek: Ethan's uncle, who often has trouble with money (due to his failed attempt at running a coffee house, and his job as a freelance writer). He gets angry easily. Vin Threet: Ethan's buddy. He used to be on the basketball team, but got hurt in a ladder-related accident. Ethan visits his house a lot, but never goes inside. Ben Fourier: Ethan's buddy who wears glasses. He has a big crush on Olivia, and Ethan thinks he's kind of a dweeb. You should probably keep pliers away from this guy... Morris Fivet: Ethan's buddy, who studies pretty much all the time. He also loves dogs, and is one of the few people who knows about parallel worlds. Ashley Threet: Vin's sister. She's "spunky". According to the manual, she's one of the two girls vying for Ethan's affection. The other one is Emily, Ashley's friend. Emily Niner: Ashley's friend, the one with glasses. She TOTALLY has a crush on Ethan, but Ethan doesn't do ANYTHING about it. Come on, Ethan, take a break from your time travelling adventures once in a while and ask Emily out on a date! You KNOW she'd say yes. Olivia Eights: A girl who works at the local cafe. Ben has a crush on her. Aaron Seven: Olivia's boyfriend. Ooo, tough luck there, Ben... Kori Twelves: The mysterious girl of mystery. Of course, she's also hot. Eva Sixon: Owner of Chronos, the local cafe. She bought it from Uncle Derek. Jacob Eleven: A little boy. He's usually seen walking his dog. Lucky: Jacob's dog. Gets hit by a falling refrigerator at one time. Jacob should probably thinking about changing the dog's name to Unlucky. Shiloh: Ben's old dog. Irving Onegin: Owner of Aeon, a local antique store. Jack Twombley: Ethan's homeroom teacher. Used to teach Uncle Derek. He likes to give Ethan quizzes. Sarah Tenneson: Local librarian. 003-Walkthrough --------------------------------------------------------- 003a-Prologue: A New Day --------------------------------------------------------- The game starts off in Ethan's room. Ethan's hand is scratched up because he tried to give a bath to his cat Sox. Sheesh, Ethan, don't you know that you're not supposed to give cats baths? The game then teaches you how to look at stuff. Tap your stylus against the bottom screen, and an icon will appear if you can do something with it. Tap on the icon to perform the icon action. Mostly, all you can do is look at stuff and talk to people. You can use the left/right buttons to shift the camera left and right, too. Look at all the stuff in your room (the bed, the TV, the window, Sox, the two cabinets, the trashcan, the floor and the desk). You learn about Ethan's obsession with watches. That's right, obsession. When you've got a whole cabinet full of watch catalogues, you're obsessed. End of story. You also learn about Ethan's buddies, and that it's Ethan's birthday tomorrow! Naturally, he wants a watch. Once you've finished looking around, you can press B (or tap the icon in the upper/right corner) to learn about leaving. Basically, if you're somewhere, press B to leave. Simple enough, right? Once you examine everything and learn how to leave, Ethan's mom Pamela shouts that dinner is ready. Leave to go downstairs and have dinner. You then get to see the slightly intense them song, complete with animation that shows stuff that happens later on in the game. After that, there's a shot of someone examining the Kairos house from the outside, and the game cuts to inside the house. Ethan doesn't like the food, which is weak. The game teaches you how to talk to people, by tapping on them twice. Same as examining objects. Talk to Ethan's parents. Timothy wants the soy sauce, so pan right to see the soy sauce, then click on it. Talk to Ethan's mom to get some salt. Timothy freaks out about the cut on Ethan's hand, but calms down when he learns that it was made by Sox, not a crazed attacker. Sox used to be Uncle Derek's cat. Timothy makes a snide remark about how they haven't seen Uncle Derek in a while--that must mean he doesn't need any money. I guess Pamela's bland cooking puts Timothy in a bad mood. Dinner ends and Timothy leaves. The game teaches you how to walk around, which is just like examining objects or talking to people. Just tap somewhere, and if the walking icon shows up, tap there again to walk there. And, as always, press B to leave wherever it is you are. Head upstairs to Ethan's room. Outside, Sox is freaking out over the creepy prowler outside, but all Ethan notices is the fact that his window is open. Shut the window, and Pamela calls you down for tea. What? Tea? But you just had dinner! Ah, well, leave the room with B. Ethan then spies on the conversation between his parents and Uncle Derek, who came by to ask for money. Derek and Timothy yell at each other for a bit. Derek makes some threats and leaves. Ethan's parents then start talking about Ethan's birthday tomorrow. He's turning seventeen! Ethan's just about ready to whip out the old watch catalogue to beg for a birthday gift. Because, you know, in the magic land where Ethan lives, you can order watches from catalogues and have them delivered overnight. Ethan's parents don't pay attention, but instead, they talk about something else--something mysterious. Ethan then gets pissed off and yells at his mom for NOT USING ENOUGH SPICES!! Boy, everyone in this family overreacts to everything, don't they? Uncle Derek practically threatens to kill his brother over a few bucks, Timothy freaks out over cuts on Ethan's hand, and Ethan flips about the lack of spices on his food. Ethan marches upstairs, and you learn about the system menu. Press X (or tap on the lower-left corner) to activate it. You can use this to save/load your game, check out the various people in the game, check out the items you have (none right now) and see flashbacks (more on that later). For now, click on the Sox to get him off the bed. Then click on the bed and Ethan goes to sleep. Ethan thinks for a bit, then it's CUTSCENE TIME. In the cutscene, Child Ethan is having a nightmare about his parents who are...trapped in a burning building. Time stops momentarily, and Timothy starts asking questions dramatically. Then we hear Child Ethan yelling and whining about his parents leaving, as Timothy picks up Pamela and the two walk through some sort of wormhole thingy. Ethan wakes up screaming, until he sees Sox. Then he gets up and, wait...huh? Check out the wormhole thing in the middle of the room. Ethan, naturally, is curious about it and--no wait, I'm just joking. He doesn't worry about the wormhole. Instead, check out the bed and floor. Wait, his blankets are different, and his carpet is gone. OH NO!! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?? Ethan then notices that there's a pen attached to Sox's collar. It's the Hollow Pen. I don't know why it's called the Hollow Pen...there must be nothing inside it. Anyway, once you get the pen, NOW Ethan starts to worry about the gaping wormhole in his room. For reasons I don't understand, Ethan decides to whip out the Hollow Pen and touch the wormhole, which is technically a timehole. Ethan then gets some flashbacks, and Uncle Derek comes upstairs to check on him. Derek tells Ethan to shower and have breakfast. Ethan mentions his parents, and Derek says that Ethan's parents disappeared twelve years ago. What? But they were just there last night! Derek leaves, and the game tells you about flashbacks. Flashbacks are "fragments of past memories that Ethan never had". Erm...right. So now Ethan can remember things that didn't happen to him? Check out flashbacks in the system menu. You can use your stylus or the left/right buttons (plus A) to examine flashbacks. The first one is of a dumpster somewhere. The second one is of Uncle Derek. The Uncle Derek flashback becomes confirmed--that is, Ethan remembers the title/time/place/details of the flashback. Usually, it'll take more effort/research to confirm a flashback, but since the game has just started, you get an easy one to start off with. The flashback jumps to the confirmed flashbacks screen. Press R/L to switch between confirmed and unconfirmed flashbacks. Examine the newly-confirmed flashback to learn that Ethan lives with his Uncle Derek now, and examine the last flashback to see a burning building. That's it for flashbacks now. Go downstairs with B and Ethan chats with Uncle Derek, who's drinking some coffee. Derek takes off, and so does Ethan. The game skips to after school, where Ethan overhears two students talking about finding a clock near the garbage. Betcha this has something to do with the garbage dump in Ethan's flashback... Then Ashley and Emily show up. Ashley and Emily are two girls who like Ethan. Emily introduces herself, and gives Ethan a clock for a present. Ah, just what Ethan always wanted! Vin shows up, and Ashley and Emily go away. Geez, Vin, way to ruin the romantic moment! Ethan asks his friends about his parents. Talk to all three of them, and they all agree that Ethan's parents went missing twelve years ago, just like Uncle Derek said. Then it's map screen time! Use the control pad to move around the map, and tap on a place to go there. You can also use R/L to switch between places you can go. You can go to school, the library, Chronos (a local cafe), the park, the train station, Vin's house, or Ethan's house. Ethan doesn't want to do anything at the library, Vin's house, school or the park. At the train station, you can talk to Morris and Ben, who confirm that, yes, Ethan is acting weird. At Chronos, you can meet Emily, who is clearly crushing on Ethan. Probably because their names both start with the letter E. Ethan doesn't want to talk to her, for some reason. That's not exactly what I would do if a girl was crushing on me, but we should probably cut Ethan some slack because his parents suddenly disappeared. His mind is probably somewhere else at the moment. You can't go inside Chronos, but you can walk to the front side of the building (near the bicycle) to see...absolutely nothing. Fun! Well, since there's really nothing else to do (and because Ethan tells you to), go home. Tap on the door to go inside. Head upstairs, and Ethan puts the clock on his dresser. What an old might be an antique! Ethan then remembers his dad said something weird yesterday about Ethan's birthday. Well...looks like he was right, something weird DID happen. Ethan notices paper on Sox's collar. How did he miss that earlier? The paper says, "The Hollow Pen has been handed down through many generations of the Kairos family. The Pen will glow when certain conditions have been fulfilled. Then you can open a Hole in time. You'll learn the rest at the school's garbage dump. Be there 7 hours before on May 5." Odd...very odd. Go downstairs and talk with Uncle Ethan, who says you can leave the house this late at night. This late being about 5:40, according to the face of the clock on Ethan's desk. Head to school. Walk towards the gates, and Ethan somehow goes through them to the school courtyard. Ethan says the school dump is to the right, so walk to the area on the right to reach the school dumpster. Ethan remembers this place from a flashback, then does the math. It's 10:00 now (okay, so I was wrong about it being 5:40), and the note said seven hours before, which is about 3:00. Head to the flashback screen and look at the dumpster flashback. Ethan fills in all the information he just figured out. So, now that the flashback is confirmed, Ethan's good to go! He can now OPEN A HOLE IN TIME!!! Woooooooo! Start a digging session, and you learn how to dig. Draw a circle (not too big!) and the Time Hole is created. Ethan's in his current time--the Hole leads to a previous time, the one that is mentioned in the confirmed flashback. Click on the upper/right corner to close a hole. Each time you make a hole, the meter at the top of the screen decreases, so try not to make too many unnecessary holes, 'cause if the meter is empty, you can't make any more time holes. See the flashback picture at the top of the screen? There's a red thing in the dumpster, along with a letter. Open a hole surrounding it (you can use left/right to pan along your holes) and look at it. Examine the red thing, and it's CUTSCENE TIME!! Ethan draws a perfect circle with the pen, then pans across the dumpster until he sees the red thing. END CUTSCENE! Wow, that wasn't very long at all, was it? Ethan reaches is and grabs the red thing, which is a box. He also grabs the letter, which says, "Beyond the Hole is a Moment from the past. The Holes you open must be closed, or time won't start up again. The holder of the Pen must have the Time to use it. Once you've gotten the hang of the Pen, come and rescue us. PS. This box is for you, in memory of the first Hole you ever opened. -- Dad." Dun dun dun! The mystery thickens! Inside the box is the watch Ethan wanted. Then Ethan remembers to close the hole (tap the green circle in the upper/right corner). Then it's FLASHBACK TIME! Basically, whenever someone opens a Time Hole and changes reality, Ethan gets flashbacks that reflect the new reality. For example, now that Ethan has retrieved the clock from the dumpster, the two boys don't find the clock there (and Ethan has a flashback of the boys NOT finding anything in the dumpster). Ethan remembers some things, then goes home and chats with Sox. He then gets dramatic about how he'll use the Hollow Pen to save his parents, and the prologue ends. 003b-Chapter One: The Day that Vanished --------------------------------------------------------- The game cuts to school the next day, where Ethan talks with his homeroom teacher, Jack Twombly. Twombly gives you a poetry quiz. "Gather ye rosebuds while you may, Old Time is still a-flying And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying." Hmph, depressing poem. But since it deals with time and changing things, it's relevant to the game. Ashley and Emily show up to talk about the birthday present. They're happy he likes it. Emily picked it out! Vin shows up and, like a doofus, spoils the moment by insulting Ashley and Emily for wasting their money, and telling Ashley to find her lost cell phone, which is pink and has a dog hanging off of it. Emily is embarrassed, and then it's flashback time AGAIN. What the--? Reality has changed? Suddenly, Ben runs up to Ethan. Ben talks about how Ashley has gone missing. Oh, but Ethan was just talking to her! Ashley was acting as Emily's wing man! Alas, that was one reality ago! In this new reality, Ashley has been missing for two days! Better check out the flashbacks for this new reality. They are: 1) Morris in school. 2) Emily and Ashley fighting outside Chronos 3) Ashley opening her locker (she is wearing a skirt that is embarrassingly short) while some guy looks on. 4) A dog who is tied up to a ladder. 5) The dumpster without a clock or letter in it (Ethan confirms this) 6) The two boys NOT finding a letter in the dumpster (Ethan confirms this) 7) The fire Ethan dreamed about. Now it's time to explore school. You can go to the dumpster to see the two boys not finding a letter there, but where you're supposed to go is inside the front doors. Just past the front doors are the lockers. It's the place in the flashback of Ashley opening her locker. And, hey, isn't the guy walking here now the same guy who was walking there in the flashback? Talk to him! Ask Male Student (creative name) everything you can--if he knows Ashley, when he last saw Ashley, what Ashley was looking for. Apparently, Ashley lost something near her locker before she disappeared. I wonder what. Go down the hall, and talk to Mr. Twombly again. He talks about a teacher meeting going on to prevent students from disappearing like Ashley did. You can also check out the note on the bulletin board to learn that Kori has whatever dropped out of the envelope. Um...good for you, Kori. The only other place you can go in this school is the classroom. Go inside through the door. Talk to the purple-haired girl (who walks off) in order to get Morris to stop studying. Morris tells you that the purple-haired girl is Kori, and he goes to the Drama Club to look for Ashley. You can now verify the flashback of Morris and Kori in class together. Head back to the school courtyard, where you can interrogate two female students about Ashley. Talk to them all you can, and they tell you the rumor that Emily knows what happened to Ashley. A sad Ben shows up to report no progress at all, and then Ethan leaves to start his own search. You need to find Emily, so go to the train station and talk with her. She's surprised Ethan knows her name (because in this reality, he didn't meet Emily when she and Ashley gave Ethan a birthday present...because Ashley went missing, so no one gave Ethan a birthday present). Interrogate Emily. She says Ashley lost the money for Ethan's present, so Emily flipped out, yelled at her, and pushed her (like we see in the flashback). Ask Emily for all the details about the fight so Ethan can verify his flashback about the fight. Ethan, who is apparently a little slow on the draw, wonders if he still got a birthday present from Ashley. Dude, weren't you paying attention? SHE'S BEEN MISSING FOR TWO DAYS! She couldn't have given you a birthday present yesterday! Either way, make Ethan happy by going to his house, then to his room and looking at the dresser, which doesn't have a present on it. Ethan then realizes there's something else different about this reality—KORI! She didn't exist in the other reality! This must mean she's important somehow! I think? Head to school and check out the notice on the bulletin board with Kori's contact info. Ethan calls her, and she shows up shortly afterwards. Ethan and Kori talk. Apparently, some girl dropped an envelope two days ago. Ethan figures that it's Ashley, and the envelope contained the missing money for Ethan's birthday present. Kori is suspicious that Ethan only wants money, and doesn't really know Ashley at all. Time to prove that Ethan knows Ashley. Head over to Vin's house and talk to Vin. Then go back to Vin's house and talk to him again. This time, Vin gives Ethan a picture of Vin, Ethan and Ashley. Go to school and show Kori the picture. She agrees you know Ashley, so she gives you the money. Kori then gets mysterious and says, "The incident never happened. That is, it wouldn't have happened if I'd never showed up here." Okay, because the game doesn't really explain what's going on, I'll try to explain things. Basically, the idea is that reality changed at the start of the chapter. Former Reality: 1) Kori is not a member of Ethan's class. 2) Ashley loses, then presumably finds, the money for Ethan's birthday present. 3) Ashley and Emily buy Ethan a present. New Reality: 1) Kori is a member of Ethan's class. 2) Ashley loses the money for Ethan's birthday present. Kori finds it. 3) Ashley and Emily fight about the lost money. 4) Ashley disappears for some reason. 5) Ethan doesn't get a present. Why does Ashley go missing after losing the money? one knows for sure. It's kind of a loose plot hole. In any case, you now have the envelope of money. Now you can go to the past and give Ashley the money so she doesn't lose it, and therefore doesn't go missing. You can do this in two ways. Head to Ashley's locker, confirm the flashback of her at the locker, then open a Time Hole and stuff the envelope in the locker by examining the locker, then selecting "item", "envelope", then tapping the locker. You can also change reality by going to Chronos, where Ashley and Emily fought. Confirm the memory about the fight, then slip the envelope in Ashley's hand (by tapping on her hand, choosing "item", "envelope", and tapping her hand again). This way, Ashley has the money, so there's no fight. Both ways, reality changes so Ashley gets the money. Ethan has flashbacks of Emily and Ashley not fighting, and them giving Ethan a birthday present. If you stop the fight at Chronos, the present is a card. If you give Ashley the money at school, Ethan gets cookies. Cutscene time! Ethan sees Vin outside. Ashley yells at Vin, and pulls him away. She tells Ethan that she'll give him a better present next year. End cutscene. Well, looks like everything is back to normal! Good job, Master of Time! End Chapter! 003c-Chapter Two: The Day that Changed --------------------------------------------------------- The game cuts to school the next day, where Ben, Morris and Vin are off to Chronos! Finally, we go inside the cool cafe, and see the waitress that Ben has a crush on. Olivia, eh? I guess she's kind of nice. Talk with Morris, Vin and Ben for a while. Then check out the guy reading the newspaper in the background. Olivia talks about how she almost got in a bicycle accident. Good thing her brakes worked! The man who was reading the newspaper gets up and leaves. Then, it's CUTSCENE TIME, followed by FLASHBACK TIME! Reality has changed so Olivia DOES get in a bicycle accident! Er, that's not good. Not good at all, actually. Talk to Ethan's buddies, who say nothing. Try to go inside, and Ethan's friends confirm what happened in the cutscene/flashback--Olivia is dead. Talk to the guys again, and Ethan decides to head to the intersection, in case he can use the Hollow Pen to save Olivia. Kori shows up, and points out that the flashback is of Olivia already dead. Ethan needs to help Olivia sometime before then. Thanks for the help, Kori! You're the--wait, how do YOU know what Ethan is having flashbacks of? Kori leaves before Ethan can ask too many questions. Humph. Well, now the plan is to stop Olivia from getting in a bike accident. Check your flashbacks, and the only promising-looking one is the flashback of Emily and Ashley outside of Chronos, near Olivia's bike. That means you'll have to see Emily and Ashley. They're by the library. Talk to them about their discussion outside Chronos yesterday. Ethan kind of comes off as a creepy stalker, because he makes it seem like he was watching Ashley and Emily. Emily remembers that they talked until 7:10 or so, because the store closed before they finished talking, and the store closes at 7:00. All right! That's all the info we need to verify the flashback! So head over to Chronos and go to the bike area. If you haven't already, verify the flashback to get the Hollow Pen working. Then open a Time Hole near the bike, and examine the bike. Oh no! Somebody cut the brake wire! No wonder she got in an accident! Ethan decides to prevent the accident by stealing Olivia's bike key instead. You can also open a time hole on Emily's face and steal her glasses if you want. And you can try to examine various body parts belonging to Ashley and Emily to get some humorous messages like "Woah!", "This is kinda dicey", and "Yeah, I shouldn't look at that." So once Ethan takes the bike key, reality shifts and he gets flashbacks of how Olivia had to walk home. Ethan winds up in Chronos, where Olivia talks about seeing a dog get killed in an accident. Oh, great. Ethan saved Olivia, but ended up killing a dog instead! Looks like we'll have to change reality again, this time to save the dog. Head to the intersection where a boy named Jacob Eleven is hanging out. His dog was the one who got killed. The dog's name was Lucky, even though the dog was in no way lucky at all in the accident last night. Jacob tells you a few details, such as the fact that Lucky was killed by a falling refrigerator. Head down the road to the right, and Ethan remembers a bit from a flashback. Not enough, however. He'll need help from someone in the flashback. Go back, and Ethan sees Sox. Sox has...a green ball of light (a chron). This refills your Hollow Pen meter. As you wander around the game, keep an eye out for Sox. If you see him, tap on him and he gives you a chron. Use that to refill your Hollow Pen if needed. You don't want it getting too low. At the end of each chapter, the Hollow Pen shrinks to where it is at the end of the chapter. That is, if you have two empty spots at the end of the chapter, the next chapter starts with the pen two slots smaller, and you can never regain those slots again! NEVER! Unless you restart the game or something like that. So, you know, just make sure to keep an eye out for Sox. Whenever you go somewhere, move left/right to see if Sox is there, and if he is, tap on him. Simple enough. Don't worry, because I'll warn you at every "last chance to get some Chrons before the Hollow Pen shrinks" opportunity. Head over to Chronos and talk to Olivia, because she's a person in the flashback down the street from the car accident. Talk to her about what happened, and she says that Sara Tenneson at the library was there last night. Go to the library. Emily and Ashley are outside, and Emily uses her "psychic powers" to tell where you need to open the next Time Hole. She'll do this for pretty much the rest of the game. It's the game's way of helping out gamers who are stuck. Of course, if you're reading this, you already have access to a walkthrough, so you don't really have a need for Emily's help. Oh well. Go in the library and talk to Sara. She tells you all the details of the flashback. You know what you have to do now, right? Go to the place where the flashback occurs (which is the intersection, then walking right), confirm the flashback in the flashback menu, then it's Time Hollow, er, Time. Open a hole near the refrigerator on the truck, and examine the ropes. Kori shows up, and there's a two-second animation of Kori giggling. Kori says that she can see the flashbacks when time changes just like Ethan can. The Hollow Pen is invisible to her, however. Kori confirms that you only see flashbacks when someone changes the past. Ethan asks if someone else has a Hollow Pen, but Kori evades the question and says she won't interfere with his current Time Hole. Then she walks off. Mysterious girl, that Kori. Ethan then tightens the ropes to the fridge, so it won't fall off. Then you get some flashbacks of nothing happening to the dog or Olivia. Yay! The scene cuts to Chronos, where Ben is moping because Olivia has a new boyfriend, Aaron. She called him to take her home from work, because she can't ride her bike, what with the key missing and brakes cut. Ethan figures it's not worth it to change the past so Olivia doesn't find a boyfriend. Sorry, Ben. Ethan goes home instead, and remembers that he forgot to look for information on his parents. Ethan wonders if someone else has a Hollow Pen, and if so, why would that person change the past so Ashley goes missing and Olivia gets killed? Could this person be behind the disappearance of Ethan's parents? And hey, what's up with Kori? A mysterious conversation occurs, where someone thinks that Ethan could be a threat. The person decides to wait and see, and if Ethan is a threat, he'll be...eliminated. ...Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the person who said that is whoever it is who keeps changing the past so bad things happen. Not sure why the person talks about giving Ethan the Hollow Pen, though...because Ethan's dad was the one who did that. Oh well, that's the end of the chapter! 003d-Chapter Three: The Day of Memories --------------------------------------------------------- The chapter starts with Ethan's plan to talk to Kori at school being ruined because there's no school that day. So instead, Ethan chats with Morris and gives him a brief overview of what's happened with the Hollow Pen. Morris is reminded of parallel worlds, because they used to have a book called "The Mystery of Parallel Worlds" in their secret hideout. Ethan never read it. Morris leaves to take a phone call, while Ethan decides he doesn't feel like finding the parallel worlds book. Morris comes back, and Ethan gets a phone call from Vin. Vin says to get to Chronos right away! Ben murdered someone! WOAH! Didn't see THAT coming! Better head to Chronos, quick! There's blood on the ground, and on Ben's hands. Vin is forcibly restraining Ben. They're too busy fighting to talk, so talk to Jacob instead, because Jacob is apparently the little boy who sees a lot of death. Ben calms down once Ethan looks at Jacob, so now you can talk to everyone. Ben says it's not his fault. Morris thinks that a sharp blade killed whoever it is who died. Talk to Vin a few times, and he says that when he showed up, Aaron was lying on the ground, and an ambulance took him away. Talk to Jacob, who has been hanging around this whole time even though he doesn't know anyone there. Everyone introduces themselves. Now you can interrogate Jacob, who says that Ben got really pissed off when he saw Lucky. With all the screaming and yelling, Lucky ran away. Now ask Ben about what happened. Ben hit Lucky, and it looked like he was going to hit Jacob. That's when Aaron showed up and they fought. Hmmm...let me get this straight here. Ben sees a boy taking his dog for a walk, freaks out and starts hitting the dog? Then, when Aaron tries to stop him, Ben kills Aaron? Woah. Better change Ben's profile on the character screen so it no longer describes Ben as "kind of a wuss". "Needs anger management classes" would better describe him. Ask Vin what he thinks. Vin thinks it all adds up, because Ben hates Aaron. Then ask Morris what to do, and Vin takes Ben away. Morris and Ethan decide to go to the station and look for Lucky. Instead, they meet Kori. Ethan wants to ask her a few questions, but not with Morris there. Morris says they're looking for a dog. Kori leaves, and so do Morris and Ethan. The game switches to outside a store (an antique shop named Aeon). Morris wonders if this place is to blame for Ben being subject to fits of rage. See, this used to be their secret hideout, where they kept a dog named Shiloh. That was one of Ethan's flashbacks--the dog tied up to a tree is apparently Shiloh. Morris says there was a lightning strike during a typhoon some years ago. And that was during Ben's day to take care of Shiloh, but Ben forgot. So Shiloh died. Right, that makes sense. Ben feels guilty that he let his dog Shiloh die. So, naturally, he decided to hit Lucky. Yeah...makes total sense. Anyway, now it's time to search for Lucky. Where Lucky is changes randomly each game, so you're stuck searching without any help from me. Sorry! Make sure to move left and right at each location, and go to every location, and eventually, you'll find Lucky. Lucky is whining. Morris takes a shine to Lucky immediately. It's hard to believe that Lucky attacked Ben. Head back to Chronos to give Lucky to Jason. Vin has an update from the hospital: Aaron is dead. Ben went to the police station to turn himself in. Vin leaves to find Ben, and tells you to take Lucky inside the cafe (where Jacob is). Lucky barks. Somehow, this lets Ethan find a pair of pliers...a pair that's covered in blood. Why did Ben use them to kill Aaron? It's a weird choice for a murder weapon, to be sure. Jacob comes out. He says the pliers were lying on the ground near the bike, and Ben picked them up. Jacob then takes Lucky home. You can now verify the flashback of Ashley and Emily talking outside of Chronos. The information about the flashback is the same as in the last chapter. Ethan wants to use the Hollow Pen to see if, at the time of the Ashley/Emily talk, there were pliers anywhere. It turns out the pliers ARE there, near the base of the front row of bushes, a bit to the right of Emily's legs. Examine the pliers to take them. Hmmm...those are probably the pliers that were used to cut Olivia's brakes. Well, in any case, without pliers, Ben can't pick up pliers and kill Aaron. You then get a flashback of Aaron kicking Ben's ass. Great, without pliers, Ben ends up losing the fight and being sent to the hospital. Apparently, Aaron is a cop. Ethan asks Morris to explain everything in order. Morris says a dog walked by. The dog startled Ben, so Ben got in a fight with Jacob/Lucky. Aaron came out of the cafe and saw the fight, so he decided to pound on Ben. And now Ben is in the hospital with a head injury. Yay, plot explication! Head to the train station to go to the hospital. Kori shows up, and says that Ethan's revision process apparently didn't work so well. That's right, she has flashbacks, too. Morris asks what's happening, but Kori says it's none of his business. Kori tells Ethan that he should keep trying, but he should be careful that he doesn't run out of Time. Kori leaves, and Ethan gives Morris a general overview of his Time Hollow Pen Powers. Morris agrees to help, and asks what they can do to stop the fight. Tell Morris both of Ethan's ideas (twice). Neither of the ideas are any good, so Morris tells you to just take him to the places where flashbacks have occurred--places where you can make Time Holes. So now you have to go to where you've had flashbacks of: the street to the right of the intersection, in front of Chronos, and the dumpster near school. Morris shoots all of them down as worthless. Visiting all those places makes Morris go to Aeon, the store where the secret hideout used to be. Morris figures that you could somehow save Shiloh, which will make Ben not depressed about dogs, so Ben won't beat up Lucky, so there won't be a fight! Good plan! Morris and Ethan go inside to check out the store. The secret hideout was where the backroom is now. Ethan decides he needs to verify his flashback first, so he asks Morris a little about Shiloh. Morris doesn't know WHEN the typhoon hit (just the general date, ten years ago), so it's off to the library! Go see Sara the librarian and ask for a newspaper article about the typhoon/lightning storm. Ask for it by event, and she provides you with an exact date/time. Go to Aeon (you can't go in until you confirm the flashback of Shiloh). The shopkeeper doesn't want to let you in the back, but it turns out that he's not only a Kako High alumnus, but he had Jack Twombley as a teacher, just like Ethan and Morris. Well, hey, that means he HAS to let them in the back of the store now! Kako High men look out for each other. The shopkeeper mentions two girls who bought a clock from him the other day. Oh, that was Emily and Ashley buying Ethan's birthday present. This is a plot point that Ethan picks up on later (because if you check, the present on Ethan's desk is NOT a clock), but he doesn't notice it now because it's Time Hole TIME! Morris grabs Ethan's hand and asks for help. See, Morris just bombed a test. He wants Ethan to use his time powers to make it so Morris passes the test. Okay, we'll have to remember to do that after we help Ben. Open a Time Hole around the rope that's holding Shiloh. Tap on the rope, then click item. Select the pliers and use them on the rope. That should do it! Time changes, so there's a flashback of Shiloh getting free and the guys with Shiloh. Huh? Morris disappears? Why is that? The shopkeeper comes back and talks with Ethan. He and Ethan exchange contact info and Ethan leaves Aeon. Since the chapter is almost over, take the time now to explore the town, looking for Sox. Find Sox at the various spots in town over and over again until your Hollow Pen is all filled up. If you don't, your Hollow Pen becomes shorter in the next chapter. Once you have your Hollow Pen filled, go inside Chronos to meet with the gang. Everyone looks fine, and Ben is apparently looking after Shiloh now. Great! Everyone leaves, and Ethan sees Morris. Apparently, due to Shiloh's influence, Morris quit school to follow his dream of taking care of dogs. least he's happy! Kori then shows up. She asks if he did any better this time. Ethan says he thinks so. Kori tells Ethan that, due to the fact that time changed, no one remembers the previous reality (no one except Ethan and Kori, obviously). Ethan asks Kori who she is. She says she doesn't have a pen, but she knows people who Ethan's father. She met his dad a long time ago, but now she's like Ethan--she doesn't know if he's still alive. Kori asks who gave Ethan the pen, because it belongs to the Kairos family. The pen is the Kairos family inheritance, having been passed down for generations. Or at least, that's what the note that came with the pen said. And Ethan's dad signed that note. Ethan decides to take this lead and run with it. If it's really a Kairos family heirloom, maybe Uncle Derek knows something about it. Cool, so Shiloh is alive, Ben's not a murderer, and Morris is now a happy dog walker instead of a stressed student. Sounds like a good day of Time changing! End Chapter! 003e-Chapter Four: The Day Far Away --------------------------------------------------------- The chapter starts on Uncle Derek's day off, with Ethan coming to talk to him. Ask him about the Hollow Pen twice, and ask him about family heirlooms twice. Uncle Derek can't see the Hollow Pen, and he doesn't know about any heirlooms. Uncle Derek says that Ethan's parents disappeared chasing after an old accident. It's a traffic accident that happened around the time Derek was born. See, at the time, Irving Onegin was a baby. His mother died in that accident. He went to high school with Derek, but no one knows what happened to him after that. Wait a minute...Irving Onegin...that's the man who runs Aeon! And wait another minute! Irving said two girls bought a clock from him, but that was several realities ago! He should have no memory of that! Go upstairs to double-check that the clock is gone. Yep, it's gone all right. There's some sort of mystery here... Go downstairs again, and Derek gets upset that Ethan seems to have ignored him. Ethan apologizes for leaving in the middle of the conversation, then whips out Irving's business card. Derek suddenly gets up and leaves to see Irving. Huh. Wonder what they have to talk does Ethan. Maybe Uncle Derek knows something about the flashbacks? Maybe Irving has a Hollow Pen? Who knows? Derek comes back, gets something from his study, then leaves again. Hey, his study is open! All right! Time to sneak inside and see if Uncle Derek is hiding anything! In the study, you can look around. On the desk is Ashley's cell phone (pink with a dog attached). On the shelves on the right, Ethan finds a scrapbook that has a date alongside a missing newspaper article. Take the tiny key on the desk and then click on the cabinet. Ethan automatically uses the key on the cabinet. Inside is a yearbook for Kako High. Yep, Uncle Derek and Irving were in the same class, all right...wait a minute, WHAT THE HECK??? Is that...KORI? Kori was in the same class as Uncle Derek and Irving? But Kori hasn't aged a bit, while Uncle Derek aged about twenty years, and Irving seems to have aged about fifty. The mystery thickens! An emblem falls out of the yearbook. Some sort of flying hourglass design. Odd. Check out the drawers below the shelves on the right for a note from Dad. The note says that the Hollow Pen uses up time from the lifespan of whoever holds it. Basically, every time you use the Hollow Pen, you get a little older. That's why Dad and Irving look much older than they should look--they've both used the Hollow Pen excessively. Leave the study. FLASHBACK TIME! There's a flashback of a bus accident and...someone falling? Mysterious. Head over to the library. Huh, Sara's not there. There's some guy who doesn't know what he's doing instead. Head to the intersection, where Morris is trying to get Sara to become one of his customers. Sara says she might hire him to walk her dog, then she leaves. Oh, good, she left to go to the library. So, go to the library and NOW you can ask for information on newspaper article that was in the scrapbook in Uncle Derek's study. Ask for it by date. It's about a bus accident. The driver died and Mary Onegin died, but her son Irving Onegin didn't. Hmmm...that must be the flashback of the bus accident we saw. So...did Irving change the past concerning that accident somehow? And what's up with Uncle Derek meeting Irving? FLASHBACK TIME! These flashbacks are identical to the ones before! So...somebody must have opened a Time Hole somewhere, but things ended up exactly the same. You know, I'm with Ethan, I don't understand what the heck is going on, but apparently Uncle Derek and Irving Onegin are involved. Uncle Derek isn't home, and Aeon is closed, so you can't talk to either of them. Bummer! Well, guess there's nothing else to do besides go to the site of the accident. It's the new spot on your map, called Clockwork Hill. Confirm your flashback in order to open a Time Hole. Open a hole near the windows/door of the bus and try to talk to whoever's inside. Who's inside? Mary Onegin. Woah! She's beautiful! She has a Hollow Pen, too, which is why she's not frozen in time at the moment. Mary takes her son and leaves the bus, which is simple enough to do now that time has stopped for everyone but her. Ethan shuts the Time Hole when she's a safe distance away. Great! Now Mary should live, which means Ethan's parents won't investigate her death, so they shouldn't mysteriously disappear! FLASHBACK TIME! The flashbacks are...identical to the ones before. Well, crap. Looks like we didn't change time by saving Mary Onegin after all. Well, why the heck not? At Aeon, Irving sees the flashbacks and gets mad (presumably because his mother died). Uncle Derek asks about it, but Irving changes the subject. He asks if Derek told anyone about the accident. Derek says yes; he told his nephew. Oh, no! Uncle Derek! Keep Ethan out of this! Derek says he hasn't shown the letter to anyone. Then he asks Irving a few questions. Irving denies knowing Timothy Kairos, or what happened to Kori. Derek thinks Irving is lying, so he promises to come back later and keep bugging Irving about Kori/the bus accident/Timothy Kairos until Irving tells the truth. Uncle Derek leaves Aeon and sees Kori. Kori and Derek both have a "What the--? It's YOU!" moment. Irving then jumps out, grabs Kori, and throws her inside Aeon. Irving shuts and locks the door behind him. Derek demands to know what's going on. Irving says it's not big deal; this reality will change soon enough. Back to Ethan. He's kind of sweaty, and wondering why the changes he made didn't seem to take. He decides to go to the library and see if anything changed. So go to the library and talk to Sara. She gives you the newspaper article on the bus accident. It's the same as before. That's weird! Ethan got Mary off the bus and safely away--why wasn't that enough to save her? Something fishy is going on here... Head back to the bus accident scene. Let's try saving Mary again. Open a Time Hole near the bus and talk through the window to Mary. This time, Ethan doesn't chit-chat with Mary. He tells her to get out as fast as possible. Mary thanks Ethan and leaves. Shut the Time Hole and...oh, DARN IT! Same flashbacks again! WHAT THE HECK! Why is it that getting Mary off of the bus does NOT prevent her from dying in the bus accident?? Ethan's worn out from using the Hollow Pen too much. He wants to get home and rest. Meanwhile, at Aeon, Kori and Irving react to the flashbacks. Irving gets pissed at Kori and accuses her of meeting with Ethan. Kori lies and says she's done no such thing. Irving is convinced by this, fortunately. I'm starting to get the feeling that Irving is not such a nice guy. You can explore a bit, and see Olivia and Aaron talking about her bike at the street off the intersection. You can also see Morris walking dogs at the park. You can also see Vin and Ben at Chronos. Head to Ethan's house and talk to Uncle Derek. Derek says that Irving didn't give him any new leads on the disappearance of Ethan's parents. Ethan wonders what they REALLY talked about, and Derek gets mad that, once again, Ethan spaces out in the middle of a conversation. Derek leaves to go to bed in a huff. Ethan figures there's time to go to Aeon. Go there and it's still locked. Well, that's it for today, I guess. Head to Ethan's house. Mr. Twombley is there. Twombley says the teachers are rotating on a night watch due to suspicious characters. Mr. Twombley talks about how he used to teach Uncle Derek, and they exchanged letters based on time-proverbs. ...Right. Anyway, go inside Ethan's house and head to his bedroom. He feels like crap, even after he goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning. Head to school, where Ethan sees Kori. He tries to ask her about changing the past, but Kori interrupts and asks if Ethan is killing the woman in the bus accident. Ethan says he's trying to save her. Kori responds by asking if Ethan tried to save her, why are the pictures always the same? Ethan says he doesn't know. Kori asks if that's true. Ashley and Emily interrupt the conversation. Darn it! Emily is crying, but Ethan is too preoccupied with Kori to deal with Emily's drama right now. The game skips to the end of school. Kori says if Ethan is telling the truth, why doesn't he try to do things her way: pull someone through the hole from their time into the present. There is a problem with that, namely, the fact that people who time travel get left out of the flow of time, but that's better than not saving anyone at all. Ethan figures this means that somebody pulled Kori out of the flow of time at one point. Ethan asks her if she knows a man named Irving. Is he the one who pulled Kori through a Time Hole? The person who pulled her through a Time Hole wasn't Irving, it was... FLASHBACK TIME! Ethan winds up back in his house. Check out your flashbacks. Apparently, Ethan lives alone in his house now, somebody died, and Uncle Derek has been inside Chronos. Jeez, things are getting weird. If you go to Aeon, you meet Olivia, who doesn't know you. She's currently looking for a job. That's odd. Go to Chronos, where Ethan meets Kori. She's looking at the Chronos sign, which is the same as the emblem that fell out of Uncle Derek's yearbook. Kori tells you to save your uncle. She knows who changed the past, but she can't tell you. Just save your uncle, that's all she can say. Gee, thanks for the help, Kori. Ethan and Kori go inside Chronos together to talk to Eva. Once inside, look at Kori, Aaron, Eva, the table and a barstool. This lets you chat with Eva. Ask her both questions twice. Eva knows Derek Kairos--he's the cafe's former owner. Derek apparently did really badly on opening day and had to get involved with loan sharks. He managed to pay off his debts, but had to sell Chronos. Derek was killed two years after he sold Chronos. It had nothing to do with the cafe, but Eva was still worried that she'd hear from loan sharks someday, because she heard a rumor that Derek was killed for his debts. Kori asks why the cafe is named Chronos. After all, Chronos was the Greek god of time (not to be confused with Chronus, father of Zeus). Speaking of Greek fun, "kairos" is Greek for "the right time", as in "I wanted to make out with Emily, but she was too busy, so I decided to wait for the right time". Eva says the cafe is called Chronos because Derek named it Chronos. Sheesh, I could have guessed that. Ethan and Kori leave, and Kori tells Ethan to help his uncle. Ethan decides he needs more information before he can do anything. Where do we go when we need information? Wikipedia! Except Ethan doesn't have a computer, so he has to go to the library instead. Ask Sara about Uncle Derek's death by event. She gives you a newspaper article about it. Isn't it amazing how she finds the article in less than five seconds, when all the information Ethan gives her is "there was a murder sometime between twelve and three years ago"? The article says that Derek was killed while investigating the bus accident. Hmmm...could it be that Irving is involved with Uncle Derek's death? Answer: YES. He's a creepy old guy. How could he NOT be involved? The newspaper article mentions a memo found on the body. Ethan seems interested in the memo. You know what that means! We have to open a Time Hole and get that memo! Confirm the flashback of Uncle Ethan's death. Head to the train station (talk to Ben if you want--he's found a girl to crush on), then take the train to the site of the killing. Open a Time Hole here and examine the body bag. Ethan finds the memo, which is...the contact info Ethan gave to Irving back in Chapter Three! Irving, what are you playing at?! Taking the memo changes the past so Ethan never finds the memo. Um...because the memo isn't in the past, so the newspaper article didn't mention a memo. That means Ethan didn't go back to find the memo. Head back home and go to bed. Ethan figures that he'll have to do something about the flashback with Uncle Derek in Chronos. The game skips to the next day. Talk to Vin and Ben about how to make a cafe popular. Vin says free refills, Ben says pretty waitresses in maid uniforms (Ben has an active imagination). Talk to Vin and Ben until they're all out of ideas. Leave school (you can talk to Mr. Twombley on the way out, but he has no ideas on how to make a good cafe). Go to the library and talk to Ben. Ben's hot for Sara the Librarian. This makes Ethan decide to emphasize the PRETTY GIRLS part of the list of ideas on how to make a cafe do well. Go to Chronos and ask Aaron how to make a cafe do well. Like the rest of the horny male cast members of the game, he says that it's pretty girls. Apparently, Aaron is hot for Eva in this particular reality. Go to the park and talk to Morris. He mentions atmosphere, that is, a cool place for casual studying. Geez, even when he's a high school dropout, Morris is big on studying. Since the chapter is almost over, take the time now to explore the town, looking for Sox. Find Sox at the various spots in town over and over again until your Hollow Pen is all filled up. If you don't, your Hollow Pen becomes shorter in the next chapter. Confirm the flashback of Uncle Derek and examine the list of ideas on your items menu. Ethan thinks the list should work. Go to Chronos and open a Time Hole near the bar. Uncle Derek is looking at flyers that say Chronos is a hotbed of corruption. THAT'S why Chronos failed as a cafe. I bet Irving made those posters. Put the idea memo on the counter left of Uncle Derek. Hey, it works! Uncle Derek uses those ideas, and Chronos is SO successful that he still owns it! (And he makes Olivia wear a maid outfit...hee hee...I can't believe he used that suggestion). Derek tells the semi-touching story of Ethan's father. Timothy always told Derek that he could never be successful running a cafe...but one day, he left a list of suggestions for making the business successful. Fueled with these suggestions and the knowledge that his brother really DID believe in him, Derek turned Chronos into a success. Of course, we know that Ethan was the one who wrote that letter, not because he believed in Derek, but because he didn't want to live alone. It's a good story nonetheless. Ethan goes home. On his bed is WOAH! SOX IS FAT AS HELL IN THIS REALITY! Oh, wait, it's a stuffed animal. Aw, it's a birthday present from Uncle Derek! Wow, in this reality, Uncle Derek is a really nice guy, giving gifts and telling touching stories! Irving calls and tells Ethan to show up at the scene of the bus accident tomorrow at 6 AM. If Ethan doesn't show...something unpleasant may happen to his life. Not that showing up is a guarantee nothing bad will happen... Either way, the day is over, so that means the chapter is over. 003f-Chapter Five: The Day of Resolution --------------------------------------------------------- Ethan wakes up early the next morning and leaves without telling Uncle Derek anything. Sure, Ethan, good plan. Meet up with the guy who's responsible for Uncle Derek's death two realities ago without telling anyone. I'm sure nothing bad will happen. Irving accuses Ethan of killing his mother over and over again. No matter how many times Irving tries to save his mother from the bus accident, she gets back on the bus and dies. Humph, like it's Ethan's fault that Irving's mom is suicidal. Ethan had the same problem when HE tried to save her. Irving then blames Ethan's father. He sent her a letter, asking her to see him. The accident occurred when she was on the way to see him. Irving says he HAD proof--Uncle Derek brought it when he came to see Irving in the last chapter. But since Uncle Derek isn't a reporter now...the letter is lost. Irving again accuses Ethan of killing his mother repeatedly. Then Irving whips out a knife and tries to kill Ethan. WOAH! Uncle Derek shows up. It turns out Derek followed Ethan, because Ethan was as white as a sheet when he left the house super-early with no explanation. A good thing he did that, too. Derek says he's calling the cops. Irving complains that the Kairos boys seem to exist just to torture him. Right...THEY'RE the ones who are torturers. Who's the one with the knife who tried to stab someone? Irving practically admits that he got rid of Ethan's parents, then he pulls out his Hollow Pen. Kori shows up and tells him to stop, but she's too late. Irving jumps in the Time Hole and shuts it behind him. Reality changes, naturally. FLASHBACK TIME. Ethan wakes up at home, and Kori calls him. She wants to talk. She's at the place where Aeon was. Go downstairs. Ethan mentions coffee to Uncle Derek, and Derek gets mad. Aw...that means he doesn't own Chronos in this reality! Not cool! Head to Aeon, which is gone. It's just an empty lot now. Talk to Kori. Kori FINALLY tells us her whole backstory. She was sixteen years old when somebody pulled her through a Time Hole. Ethan's father was the one who pulled her through. See, somebody had pushed her off a roof, and he saved her from dying. He had opened the Hole from three days in the future, and he promised he would find a way to change the past so she wouldn't get pushed off the roof and killed. But no such luck. Kori was forced to put up with a lot of reality changing, but none that changed her bring pushed off a roof. Then, twelve years ago, Ethan's dad went missing. Irving showed up then. Irving promised to help. But, basically, all Irving did was use Kori to spy on Ethan. Ethan sees how badly Kori is suffering and wishes he could help her... Ethan wonders what happened with Irving. Obviously, Irving didn't change the part of the past where Kori got pushed off a roof/pulled through a Hole. Kori asks if Ethan burned his hand. Ethan looks at the hand. UGH! NASTY! Ethan's got a burn! He remembers a flashback of the secret hideout catching fire. Ethan got the burn while escaping from the blaze. Kori says that the tree that was here (in the empty lot) was hit by lightning. There wasn't a fire... Say, where are the others? Were they in the hideout at the time of the fire? Ethan tells Kori that they should go to school and check, but Kori says she can't. Irving pulled strings to get her into Kako High before, which means she's most likely not a student in this reality. Kori leaves to see if anything else has changed, while Ethan goes to school. Vin, Ben and Morris are all missing. Then it's SHOCKER TIME as Irving shows up. Irving is going by the name of Jack Twombly. NO! Irving took over Mr. Twombly's life? Ethan runs out, and Irving--I mean, Jack--ignores him. Leave the school, and on the way, Ethan notices that Ben, Morris and Vin don't have lockers. In the school yard, Ashley and Emily are standing around instead of being good gym students. Talk to them. Ethan asks Ashley where Vin is, and she gets mad at the totally heartless reminder of her brother's death. Emily runs off. Ethan leaves school, deciding that he has to check out this accident where Vin, Ben and Morris died. Go to the library and request the article by event. Sara finds the article. Apparently, there was arson at the secret hideout ten years ago. You should know what to do by now. Confirm the flashback about the fire at the secret hideout. Then go to the empty lot and open a Time Hole. Examine the fire to put it out. FLASHBACK TIME. You see a lot of flashbacks that you've seen before. Irving shows up and congratulates Ethan on undoing the fire at the vacant lot. Ethan accuses Irving of starting it, but Irving insists that he's Jack Twombly, not Irving. Kori shows up, and Jack explains. If you send a million dollars into the past, you million dollars. Two million dollars for a while, but it turns back to one million dollars eventually. Apparently, if something goes into the past, it exists until it reaches the time it was sent into the past. As soon as it reaches, the thing magically disappears. So, Irving disappeared. He went through the Time Hole yesterday. That means he existed in the past all the way up until yesterday. So Jack is the grown-up version of baby Irving that the time-warped Irving saved. Gotcha. The bad news is that Jack is pretty much just as nuts as Irving is. I mean, taking over Mr. Twombly's life and impersonating him? Yeah. That's a pretty crazy course of action to take. Jack swears revenge against Ethan for killing his mother. Apparently, Irving didn't save Mary Onegin, even by going back in time. Jack says, "Now it's time for Revenge Part Deux--Revenge: The Return!" Jack laughs like the evil villain he is and leaves. Kori and Ethan decide to split up and see what has changed in this new reality (again). Head to Chronos to check in with the gang. Vin and Morris are worried about Ben. Ah, shoot, Ethan forgot to save Shiloh! Ben ended up killing Aaron again! We see Jack laughing evilly and being threatening. Then reality changes. FLASHBACK TIME! This flashback is of an empty classroom. Ethan is with Ben and Vin at the train station. Ben and Vin say that Morris was killed in a classroom. Examine the flashback of the empty classroom in order to talk to Ben and Vin about Morris' death. Ask them about each thing twice to get the details. Ethan decides he has to do something quick... But not quick enough. Jack, outside Chronos, changes time AGAIN. FLASHBACK TIME! Now Emily and Ashley don't meet outside Chronos. Ethan is transported to his room. He gets a phone call from Kori. You can stop and listen to Ethan's whole ringtone here. Yep, his ringtone is the game's theme song. Ben calls about going to see Vin. Vin's probably taking the brutal beating and death of Ashley and Emily pretty hard. They were BEATEN TO DEATH?? You can go to Vin's house, but Vin is pretty useless right now. So now you get to wander around a bit. You can watch Aaron talk to Jacob about the murderer in the park (yay for secondary characters interacting!) and see Eva depressed at Chronos. You need to go to the vacant lot and talk to the police. The detective says that they've gotten a clue about the serial killer. Once that happens, you can go to school and talk to the student by the lockers (Ethan doesn't talk to him unless he talks to the detective first. Weird). Ask him everything to get the details on Ashley and her envelope at the school (again). Confirm the flashback of Ashley at her locker, and open a Time Hole. Examine the locker door to have Ethan take the envelope and write a warning note on it. FLASHBACK TIME! Ashley and Emily get saved! YAY! Then, Jack immediately shows up and changes things so they get killed again. Not yay! Go to Vin to see what happened. Vin asks if Ethan killed Ashley and Morris. The police have evidence that Ethan lured Ashley and Emily to Chronos, and Vin is convinced that Ethan's a killer. The police are now on the watch for Ethan at the school, the train station, Chronos, the park, and Ethan's house. If you go there, the police shout at Ethan. Ethan runs away, and the police...don't chase him. Makes sense. I mean, if a murder suspect is running to avoid capture, it's okay to let him go, right? Go to the library, where Emily is worried that Ethan will kill her. Ethan gets Emily to talk a bit about Ashley. Ashley apparently lost her cell phone. Emily runs away. Go to the vacant lot and talk to the detective. He mentions the note on the envelope. So THAT'S why Ethan is a prime suspect! Head to school to meet Kori. She gives Ethan a pep talk, and he decides to carry on. They talk and make a plan: get Ashley's cell phone, so she can call Emily and tell her not to go to Chronos. The cell phone is in Uncle Derek's study. Head to home, and Kori fools to stupid policemen who chase imaginary people instead of murder suspects. This lets Ethan go inside. Ethan talks with Uncle Derek, who believes Ethan is innocent. Way to go, Uncle Derek! You're a lot more faithful than Ethan's "best" friend, Vin! Ethan asks about the cell phone. Derek, being an investigative reporter, knows that something is up. After brief questioning, Ethan admits he snuck into the study. Derek gives you the cell phone, and after a promise that he's not up to anything bad, lets you leave. Head back to the school with Kori and open a Time Hole by the lockers. Use the cell phone on Ashley open locker. Ethan writes a note on the envelope--only this time, he asks her to make some cookies with Emily, instead of telling her to avoid Chronos. FLASHBACK TIME! Looks like a job well done! Kori calls Ethan and asks if everything's okay. Ethan says he'll check. Kori then reminds Ethan that Jack/Irving is behind the vacant lot being closed off. So that means you'll probably have to change the past at the vacant lot. Head to the vacant lot, which is NOT closed off. Head back in it, and confirm the flashback of Shiloh at the secret hideout. Then open a Time Hole and free Shiloh like you did before. FLASHBACK TIME! Morris becomes a high school dropout again. Well, it's better than being dead, I guess. Kori calls Ethan and asks how things are. Ethan thinks they're okay. Ben and Vin joke about how Ethan's got a girlfriend. Ethan leaves Chronos and sees Morris. Jack shows up and threatens to do MORE evil stuff because Ethan hasn't suffered enough. Go back home and talk to Uncle Derek. Ask them about all three things twice. You don't learn much except that Uncle Derek knows Kori. We then see Jack. He has a letter. Ethan asks Derek if he can see the letter to Mary Onegin. Yep, Timothy Kairos' name is on the letter. Nope, Ethan doesn't know why. Jack opens a Time Hole and drops the letter in the mailbox. He says, "Later, Kairos." FLASHBACK TIME! Oh, man! Uncle Derek is killed again! Not cool! Head to the library. Kori is waiting for you inside. She's conveniently found an article on the death of Uncle Derek. Apparently, there was a gas explosion at the Eterna Grill. Jack must have lured Derek to the site of the explosion! Head to Eterna Grill (by the train station). Ethan and Kori try to figure out how to save Derek. No luck. Talk to Kori, and she suggests that you send her through the Hole. She can take Derek a safe distance away, and come back through the Hole. Awesome idea! Kori is already out of the flow of time, so it shouldn't affect her at all! Open a hole near the front door of the Eterna Grill. Look at Uncle Derek and Kori goes to save him. Ethan wonders what's up between Kori and his uncle while she does... Kori takes Derek RIDICULOUSLY FAR AWAY. Seriously, he'd be safe if she only took him HALF that distance. She then slips a note in his pocket and says, "Please don't die, Derek...Let's meet again someday." Hmmm...Derek and Kori, sitting in a tree... Kori comes back. Shut the hole and YAY! Derek is safe! We also get a different flashback of the explosion, one with...Ethan's parents?! So THAT'S the flashback that we've seen for ages! It's of Ethan's parents dying in the explosion. And since we already know where the explosion is, we can open a Time Hole to it immediately! Since the rest of the chapter is all a giant cutscene, you need to take the time now to explore the town, looking for Sox. Find Sox at the various spots in town over and over again until your Hollow Pen is all filled up. If you don't, your Hollow Pen becomes shorter in the next chapter. Once you've gotten your Hollow Pen filled up, confirm your flashback of the explosion (not the one from inside the building, the one of the outside of the building), and open a Time Hole at the Eterna Grill. Jack shows up and stabs Ethan in the leg. Kori gets down to protect Ethan from Jack. Jack hits Kori twice, and laughs at her for having feelings for Ethan. Before Jack steps on Kori, Uncle Derek comes and wrestles him down. Derek knew to show up at that time, because he read the letter Kori gave him twelve years ago. Hmmm, so Kori gave Derek a letter so the two could meet. Yep, they've got a thing going on... Kori helps Ethan open a Time Hole. Ethan makes a remark about Kori having feelings for Uncle Derek. Oooo, Ethan's jealous... Ethan tells Derek that he can pass out if he wants, just keep Jack held down. That doesn't make sense, because Derek CAN'T keep Jack held down while he's passed out, but that's what Ethan says anyway. Open a Time Hole near the door to the building. Talk to the door, and we get a repeat cutscene of Timothy and Pamela in the burning building. Timothy picks up Pamela and leaves through the Time Hole. Timothy asks if Ethan is Ethan. Kori says they can chat later. They have to close the Hole now. Closing the Hole changes reality. FLASHBACK TIME! Ethan's parents aren't dead. For plot convenience, all the characters are still hanging around Eterna Grill, even though they shouldn't be there now that reality has changed. Ethan doesn't have the pen anymore, though. Timothy says it's no problem, because he still has the pen. Then he looks and...where's the Hollow Pen??? Jack says Timothy can't see the Hollow Pen that's there, because he was pulled through a Time Hole. Then Jack says all he has to do is kill Ethan, and he'll be the only one who can use the Hollow Pen. Which means Kori will have no choice but to obey his every command! Jack escapes from Derek's grip and runs forward. He takes his knife and...kills Kori. Cutscene time! Kori says a few things before she dies. For some reason, she fades away instead of dropping dead. Ethan and Derek both yell, "Kori!" Kori drops a necklace, which doesn't make sense if all of her faded into nothingness, but just roll with it. Derek picks it up and dramatically says that he told Kori he planned to open a cafe. She said to name it Chronos, and he gave her the necklace in thanks. That's why Chronos has the same logo as Kori's necklace. Derek is crying now. Jack runs off. Timothy and Pamela insist on getting Ethan to a hospital, but Ethan wants to stop Jack first. Ethan insists, so they follow him to site of the bus accident. Jack whips out the Hollow Pen. He apparently plans to go back in time through a Time Hole like Irving did before him. Jack promises that the next Irving will stop Ethan. Ethan head-butts Jack, who drops the Hollow Pen. Jack falls over the railing, and Ethan, for some reasons, grabs his hand to stop him from dying. Timothy grabs Jack's other hand, but Jack's glove slips off. He falls down out of sight. Well, that looks like the end of Jack/Irving. Great! End Chapter! 003g-Chapter Six: The Final Day --------------------------------------------------------- Ethan wakes up in the hospital, where Pamela feeds him some strong tomato soup. Well, that's certainly a change... Some days later, all the Kairos family members are at the Kairos house. Ethan promises to help get Timothy and Pamela back to their own time, and to save Kori. For some reason, he decides to save Kori first. Talk to Timothy, and he says that Sox has been through a hole. Huh. That explains how he can find Chrons everywhere...or not. Start confirming your numerous flashbacks. When you see the one of the window, Ethan figures it must be of Kori when she was pushed off a roof. Ask Timothy about it to get all the details. Apparently, if Kori isn't saved...Derek commits suicide three days later. "So Uncle Derek had a thing for Kori, too?" Ethan wonders. Geez, almost everyone has a thing for Kori. Derek, Irving/Jack, Ethan... Ethan decides he wants to help Kori, too, because that's what her last words were about. Confirm the flashback of her death, then head to school. When you move past the lockers, you get the choice of going to room 3-B. Do so. Open a Time Hole and examine Kori to save her. Ethan pulls her through the hole. Kori is freaked out because her last memory is of falling to her death, and she has no idea who Ethan is. Ethan convinces her to come to his house, where everything is explained. Kori doesn't know who tried to kill her. All she knows is that she scraped the killer's hand very badly. Ethan remembers that Jack/Irving had a cut on his hand. That's it! Irving tried to kill Kori! He's killed pretty much everybody else in the town after all... Kori says that she and Irving were assigned to clean up a classroom together. He turned into a TOTAL STALKER, demanding that Kori date him because she looks like his mother. And he killed her for not dating him. Derek picks up on the "looks like his mother" bit. Didn't Mary Onegin die in the bus accident? The one that seems impossible to undo? Kori says no, she saw Mrs. Onegin. You then get asked questions. Mary must have died after the bus accident. Kori must have seen Mary because she was still alive (BTW, I like Ethan's response to the "Kori saw a ghost" answer--"That would open up a whole new can of worms. Let's not go there."). The past that needs to be corrected is luring Mary to the accident in the past. Good thing we know how Mary got in the accident--she received a letter from Timothy telling her to go there. Derek gives Ethan the letter, then leaves to go talk with Kori in his study. now all we have to do is figure out who sent the letter, why, and how to stop that from happening. We know that the letter was sent after Kori was almost killed. Well, the only flashback we have is of the school lockers. Head to school and Ethan figures that it's Uncle Derek's locker that serves as his link to Mary Onegin. I'm not sure why he thinks that, but let's just roll with it. Go back home and ask Timothy for details on Derek's suicide. Then ask Derek for his student number (which Kori supplies) so you know whose locker is Derek's. It's locker number 15. There's not much to do besides visit Ashley and Emily at Chronos (and see Olivia and Eva inside), so head to the school lockers. Ethan writes out a memo to Mary Onegin. Confirm the flashback and open a Time Hole near the far- left side of the lockers. Uncle Derek's locker is around the middle. Examine the lockers and use the memo on them to give Derek the memo. You get a flashback of Uncle Derek receiving the memo...and ignoring it. WAY TO LET US DOWN, UNCLE DEREK. Head to Ethan's house and ask Uncle Derek what the heck happened. Derek doesn't remember getting the memo. Shoot. Head to Chronos, and hear the story of Vin ignoring a love letter because he doesn't recognize the girl's name. Jeez, what is up with the guys in this game and ignoring girls who are totally into them? Ethan ignores Emily and Ashley (and Kori, it could be argued), and Vin just THROWS a love letter away? Do you know how badly the girl will take that, Vin? DO YOU?? Either way, Ethan realizes that girls can be used to attract the attention of boys. Use this information to head back home and get Kori to write the memo to Mary Onegin. Derek may have ignored the memo written by Ethan, but he won't ignore a memo written by Kori, right? Go back to school. Open a Time Hole and stick the memo in Derek's locker. Close the Time Hole for FLASHBACK TIME to see the Mary Onegin gets the letter. But since now we have a flashback of Mary Onegin getting the letter, we should probably check that out. Head back home and ask Uncle Derek about the memo. Letter? Whatever it is. Uncle Derek remembers getting the memo three days after Kori disappeared. He then gave it to Ivring's mom without reading it. Hmmm...let's think about that for a second...after your girlfriend VANISHES FOR NO APPARENT REASON, you get a letter from her, and YOU DON'T READ IT. Yeah, I think I can see why Uncle Derek didn't make much money as an investigative reporter. Verify the flashback, and Ethan, for probably the first time in the game, actually uses his brain to come up with the clever conclusion of WHEN Mary got the letter (based on the fact that it's daytime in the flashback, and the flashback has a clock). Open a Time Hole and talk to Mary. Mary remembers Ethan from the time he saved her from the bus accident. I don't know how, because he DIDN'T save her from the bus accident, but I'm probably overanalyzing things. Mary knows that Timothy Kairos has a Hollow Pen, and rightly concludes that Ethan is Timothy's future son. Ethan then notes that Mary DOES kinda look like Kori. Factor in the fact that, when he first saw Mary, his reaction was, "Wow, she's beautiful!" and it's safe to conclude that Ethan thinks Kori is good-looking herself. That doesn't have anything to do with the plot of the game at all, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. Mary asks if Ethan was responsible for the memo. Ethan admits to sending the memo. Mary confirms that Irving was the one who tried to kill Kori...but that's not all. If he doesn't push her off the roof, he takes a leaf out of Ben's book and stabs her. If he doesn't stab her, he bashes her on the head with a rock. Okay, so Irving's a crazed murderer. We already figured that out, Mary. Mary tells Ethan to put things right and save Kori. Then, in a totally insane decision, Mary decides to kill her past self by telling her to get on the bus and see Timothy Kairos. Her reason is that she feels responsible for Kori's death. Which makes NO SENSE whatsoever in my book ("Oh no! My son killed Kori! I'd better kill the version of myself who lived sixteen years ago!"). Why she doesn't do something like TELL HER PAST SELF TO MOVE TO ANOTHER TOWN SO NOTHING EVER HAPPENS, I'll never know. Mary takes out her Hollow Pen and shuts the Time Hole. And now it's FLASHBACK TIME, with flashbacks of Mary dying in the bus accident. Well, at least we know why we couldn't save Mary from the bus accident...whenever the past changed to save her, it resulted in her growing up...and killing her younger self again. Confirm your only flashback (of Kori's death). Head home. Talk to everyone and learn that Uncle Derek is holed up in his study, because Kori's dead. Uncle Derek comes out, and it's planning time. Mary killed herself because Irving became obsessed with Kori. So we must prevent Mary's death by keeping Irving away from Kori. Because if Mary doesn't kill herself, Irving will leave the Kairos family alone! Which means Mom and Dad won't die! So that's our game plan: find a way to get Irving to stop obsessing over Kori. That should undo pretty much EVERYTHING. Great plan. Uncle Derek volunteers. He tells you to send him through the hole, and he'll keep Kori safe. Of course, that will doom this Derek to existing outside of time until his eventually disappearance, but at least the high-school version of Uncle Derek will grow up happy. Since the chapter is almost over, take the time now to explore the town, looking for Sox. Find Sox at the various spots in town over and over again until your Hollow Pen is all filled up. If you don't, your Hollow Pen becomes shorter in the next chapter. Since the next chapter is the last one, don't bother if you've got six or so spaces in your Hollow Pen, 'cause you won't run out. Head to school, specifically, to classroom 3-B. Open a Time Hole under Kori and tap on her. Use the ITEM Derek on Kori and... Ethan and Timothy put the frozen Derek through the Time Hole, and Pamela looks at how nice it looks. Then, oh HELLS NO! Jack/Irving shows up and pulls his crazed killer routine, stabbing Timothy in the chest. While Pamela and Timothy momentarily hold Jack/Irving back, CLOSE THAT HOLE, QUICK!!! CUTSCENE TIME. Jack/Irving disappears as everything gets undone. We then see the other side of the Hole where Irving pushes Kori off the roof. Uncle Derek appears through a Time Hole and holds her. This gives Kori time to see that Irving pushed her off. On the ground, a crowd gathers and Uncle Derek tells the high school version of himself to take care of Kori forever, and then he passes out. FLASHBACK TIME! Lots of flashbacks! Ethan's back at home, with his parents at their proper age. Aw...happy ending! End of chapter! 003h-Epilogue: A New Day Dawns --------------------------------------------------------- Two days later, Ethan gets a letter from Uncle Derek...the one who got sent through the hole. He confirms that he did a good job of watching over Kori-- Irving and his mother left town forever. Kori ended up marrying Derek and having a daughter with him. Derek thanks Ethan for the opportunity, and says he'll never forget that Ethan liked Kori, too. Odd words, I guess, but since that Uncle Derek has disappeared forever by now, it looks like we won't hear from him ever again. Ethan has a few things left to take care of, like verifying all his flashbacks to see how everything's okay. You can visit all the places in town and do things like see Jacob at the park, thank Sara for her help at the library, and see Aaron mutter to himself outside of Chronos. But the two places you NEED to go to are Vin's house and Chronos. At Vin's House, Ashley and Emily invite Ethan on a summer trip with the two of them, another girl, and Vin. Aw, why does Vin have to show up and spoil Ethan's fun? Either way, Ethan agrees to go. Cool, fun summer plans! At Chronos, go inside and chat with the guys. Uncle Derek, the one that married Kori and now runs Chronos, invites Ethan and his parents over for coffee. Ben talks about how the owner's wife is a looker. Apparently, he doesn't know he's talking about Ethan's AUNT. Ethan gives a big wink/grin to the camera when he learns that Derek married Kori and they lived happily ever after. To end the game, head back to school and go to the dumpster. Open a Time Hole and slip the clock and letter back where you found it. Ethan then heads home so he can open a Time Hole and send the Hollow Pen to his past self via Sox. Open a Time Hole near Derek's head (does he have a poster of a COOKIE on his wall?) and ITEM the Hollow Pen on Ethan. Well, that's the end of the game. Listen to the theme song and watch the pictures. Then, when that's over, you can see the ending animation where Ethan talks to Emily, Ashley, and the third girl that Ashley mentioned. The girl LOOKS like Kori, but we never get told if it's her or Ethan's new female cousin. Kind of lame, but that's how it goes. 004-Random Extra Stuff --------------------------------------------------------- So you've beaten the game, huh? Well, here are some extra things you can do that you may have missed! Alternate Ending: Restart the game from the prologue. This time, leave the house after Sox and talk to the person outside. It's IRVING! From there, you can follow the new, much shorter game path to reach a new, shorter ending. Second Alternate Ending: At the epilogue, just before you're going to open the last Hole of the game, decide not to open it. Instead, search town for Sox, who has apparently been everywhere. This slightly changes the ending, so a character named ??? (most people figure it's Sox) says two lines to Ethan. Emily's Glasses: You can steal Emily's glasses in Chapter Three, when you make a Time Hole to take the pliers on the ground. In Chapter Four, after you shift to the timeline where Uncle Derek is murdered, Emily falls and hurts herself on the way to get contacts. The game forces you to give Emily her glasses back through a Time Hole in front of Chronos after this. Vin's Basketball Team: You can help Vin make the basketball team. In Chapter Four, when Ethan is hunting for ideas on how to make a cafe popular, stop by Vin's house. Ashley tells you all about Vin's accident. Ben's Murder Choice: Ben kills Aaron with pliers in Chapter Three, right? Well, when you replay Chapter Two, you can change that. In Chapter Two, you can open a Time Hole in front of Chronos and give Ashley the envelope of money. When you open the Time Hole at this time, look for the pliers and remove them. This way, when Ben and Aaron fight, things are changed so that Ben slips and hits his head on a rock. Ethan is forced to move the rock. Then, Ben kills Aaron with a rock. Ethan is forced to avoid the fight completely by rescuing Shiloh at the secret hideout. 005-Credits ---------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2008. If you want to post this FAQ on your website, you should ask me first (instructions under general information).</p>