|| / | / / || / | / / ___ __ __ ___ ___ ___ / || / /||/ / // ) ) // ) ) / / //___) ) // ) / ||/ / | / // / / // / / / / // // / / | / | / ((___( ( // / / / / ((____ ((___/ / || / | / / || / | / / ___ ___ ___ ___ __ ___ || / /||/ / //___) ) // ) ) // ) ) // ) ) // ) ) (( ) ) ||/ / | / // // / / //___/ / // / / // / / \ \ | / | / ((____ ((___( ( // ((___/ / // / / // ) ) // ) ) // / / ___ __//__ //___ ___ __ ___ ___ // ) ) // / ___ // ) ) / / //___) ) // / / // // // / / / / // ((___/ / // // ((___( ( / / ((____ ============================== 1. Introduction...(IT1) ============================== A. Table of Contents 1. Introduction.............(IT1) 2. Controls.................(CT2) 3. Gameplay.................(GP3) 4. Guide....................(GD4) Clusterfuck..............(CTF) When the Water Broke.....(WTW) Russian’s Last Dance.....(RLD) Fear of Flying...........(FOF) Shut The Fuck Up.........(STF) Shoot That Motherfucker..(STM) Spiders don’t have wings.(SDW) Dust to Dust.............(DTD) How’s Your Father........(HYF) 5. Closing/Contact..........(CC5) ==================== Introduction ==================== Hello, and welcome to my guide for Wanted: Weapons of Fate, my seventh FAQ. The purpose of this guide is to provide strategies for how to complete the main game, as well as tips for general combat and strategies. The guide is organized in to five sections: your in the introduction, the controls section lists the game’s controls, gameplay provides tips for general combat and how stuff works, and the main guide is the way through the game. The introduction and the closing section have contact information as well as some other information about the guide. If you have any questions, you can contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com ============================== 2. Controls...(CT2) ============================== PS3/360...............Function L.Stick...............Move R.Stick...............Aim/Look X/A...................Cover Square/X..............Reload Triangle/Y............Acrobatic Moves Circle/B..............Close Combat L1/L.Bumper...........Swap Weapons L2/R.Trigger..........Precise Aiming R1/R.Bumper...........Curved Shot R2/R.Trigger..........Shoot Start.................Pause Select/Back...........Objectives ============================== 3. Gameplay...(GP3) ============================== The purpose of this section is twofold. It works as both a tutorial for the main game, explaining your various abilities. It also explains the best way to use said abilities in combat. If you’ve never played the game before, come here first. A. Cover The first (and most important) thing you need to learn is the cover system. Getting behind cover is easy: simply press X/A to duck behind the nearest piece of cover. Pretty much anything can be used for cover in the game: any wall, rock, piece of furniture, food cart, etc. However, not all pieces of cover are created equal. Certain pieces of cover are more effective than others: a wooden table will get shot up in an instant, while a pile of sandbags or a wall will be impenetrable. You can “peek” from cover by moving to the edge of a piece of cover and holding the direction you want to look in. Peeking allows you to see around cover, as gives you access to certain commands. When peaking, you can perform acrobatic moves (see below) or move from one piece over cover to another by pressing the cover button and the direction you want to move at the same time. You can also aim from behind cover and blind fire as well. B. Flanking Enemies will use cover as well, so much of the game is attempting to get those enemies out in the open and shoot them. However, you can also flank enemies using the cover system. Flanking involves pinning down another enemy with blind fire, then moving around to wind up behind him before he notices you. It’s useful, but it’s often easier and faster to use one of your many other combat abilities. C. Curved Bullets Gained a few missions in to the game, curved bullets allow you to...well, curve a bullet. By pressing the curved bullet button, you’ll automatically target an enemy and an outline will appear around their body. A red outline means you’ll miss, and a white one means you’ll hit. You can aim a curved shot just like any other with the R.Stick. You can reduce the arc size to barely curve it at all, or a huge arc that sweeps over a wide distance. Curved shots are most useful when attacking an enemy hiding behind cover, as they allow you to hit them while they’re hiding. Curved shots consume one tank of adrenaline. Eventually you’ll get a second set of guns that give you a new ability, Shrapnel storm. It works just like a regular curved shot, but it deals more damage and explodes on impact. It has a chance to take out more than one enemy at a time if it’s well placed, but it also consumes two tanks of adrenaline. D. Adrenaline Adrenaline is sort of like your special meter in the game. You gain one tank of adrenaline each time you kill an enemy, no matter what the method. Adrenaline is used for your special moves in the game, like curving bullets. It’s easy to keep up, and a lot of the time using an adrenaline ability will kill an enemy or two and gain you back the adrenaline you used in the first place. E. Acrobatic Moves Earned a few missions in to the main game, acrobatic moves are similar to moving between two pieces of cover. The trick with them is that you’ll enter a bullet time sequence, slowing down time and allowing you to fire at enemies as you move between cover. They’re incredibly useful for taking out tough enemies, but they cost two adrenaline tanks to use. However, it’s pretty easy to kill two enemies whenever you use one and make back the adrenaline you spent. F. Bullet Time During certain points in the game, you will enter bullet time sequences. These are timed sequences in which you have to not only defend yourself from enemy attacks, but take them down as well. During a bullet time sequence, you will have a few seconds at each “point” along the main path. At each point you will need to kill an enemy and possibly shoot down a bullet. Your movement is automatically controlled during these, and you only control your aiming and firing. To take down a bullet being fired at you, look for the small red marks around it. Simply shoot in the middle of them to take out the bullet in mid flight and save your skin. ============================== 4. Guide...(GD4) ============================== The guide is split up by in to the nine different missions you’ll go through during the game. The table of contents section lists the keys for how to jump to each specific mission of you’re only looking for a certain one. ==================== A. Clusterfuck...(CTF) ==================== Head out of your room and crab the ammo on the nearby counter. Head up the stairs to see a scene, after which you will find yourself on a roof top. Take out the single enemy, then experiment for a minute with aiming and using cover so you know what you’re doing. Then head forward along the roof top and take out the next enemy before descending down some stairs and taking cover near the SWAT team leader with the shield. A few enemies will come out of the room behind him, try to headshot them to practice your aim a bit. After they’re dead, head in to the building to see another scene. After the scene, move in to the hall and take cover. Eliminate the two enemies and move forward down the hall in to a room. Take out the SWAT member before he can get to cover, then rush the second one that comes through the window and the other enemy that will run down the hall. Continue forward in to another long hallway and take cover. Some enemies will come from the other end. Take them out with either gunshots or rushing them, then exit the hallway at the far end and make your way up the fire escape. On the roof, head in the door to the right to come out near two enemies. Knife them both and continue to follow the SWAT leader with the shield. You’ll see another scene when you enter the building. Afterwards, move down the hall and take out the enemy. Continue through the halls of the building, eliminating the enemies. You should be fairly comfortable with your gun now and have the ability to take down these SWAT enemies without any difficulty. Eventually you’ll come to a set of stairs that lead up. Upon entering the door at the top of the stairs you’ll enter your first bullet time sequence. During it, you’ll need to shoot both the enemies themselves and their bullets, marked by a red indicator. There are seven enemies in all, but there shouldn’t be that many bullets to deal with for this one. You’ll land across the street on another building. After the two enemies on the far end of the path take cover, rush forward and kill them with knife moves and move up the platform. Continue to follow the SWAT leader past another enemy and you’ll see a scene. ========== SWAT Leader ========== Right after the scene ends, move forward to scare the leader off. This will cause two enemies to come out of the door to the left side, so move back a bit and take cover. After killing them, move forward and go down the ramp to your right. Kill the enemy as he jumps down to the lower level, then take cover behind a nearby pillar. The SWAT leader will have barricaded himself at the far end of the area. To take him down, approach the pillar on the left side right in front of him. From behind cover, blind fire your weapon at him a few times to get him to raise his shield. Then quickly move two pillars to the right and pop out. His back should be fully exposed. Empty your gun in to his back to damage him. Rinse and repeat after this. Enemies will drop down in to the area if you take too long, but you should be able to end the fight in less than 30 seconds. ==================== B. When the Water Broke...(WTW) ==================== When the mission starts, enter the courtyard to your left to find a single enemy. Take him down and get the feel of your twin pistols. Head right into a long hall with another enemy. Sneak around the right side to end up behind him and slit his throat. Continue through the building to wind up in a courtyard with large circular building in the center. There are three enemies here: you should be able to take out one before the others notice, then get in the center and either used curved shots or knife attacks to kill the rest. Move down the Alley in front of you, killing the two enemies as you go. Head right inside the building and move down the hall. When the enemy comes in the room, shoot the fuel tank to kill him then head in to the next room. Take cover near the blown out way against the street, then use curved shots to take out the two enemies firing at you front the construction site across the street. Move in to the street and take cover, then take out the down enemies at the end of the road before they approach you. At the end of the street there will be another courtyard with three enemies in it. Take out the one on the balcony across from you first to stop him from throwing grenades, then the two foes on ground level after that. Watch the scene and enter the next area. Now inside a building, move forward to a room where two enemies will drop down. Take down one before he goes behind cover, then flank the other one using the cover in room. Exit out the door and shoot the enemy that climbs up directly in front of you before he goes for cover. (Really, what was he thinking?) Take cover on the main balcony area down the stairs to be assaulted by a large wave of foes from the other end. Use curved shots to make life easier, then move in and finish off the stragglers with melee moves. Head along the bridge to the right and move down the right side to flank the enemy, then take him out with a knife to the throat. Move up the stairs to see a scene. You will now have to protect the woman across the street. This really jut consists of shooting anyone who gets near, but who are we to complain? Eliminate the enemies that pour out of the doors across the street. They’ll come from both the top and bottom, so be careful and don’t stay out of cover for too long. Once she’s safely at the end, move through the house and take down the couple of enemies you’ll come across. Upon exiting you’ll find a turret gun: you’ll need to defend her again. The gun works just like a pistol, only with a bit more kick. It’s easy to get blown to hell it you’re out of cover too much, so line up shots before you pop out to avoid premature death. Don’t forget to use the well placed fuel containers around the area either. The final section of the level gives you control of a sniper rifle. Like the turret gun, it’s easy to get eaten alive if you stay out of cover for too long to pinpoint where your attackers are before popping out. Look for enemies in the following places: -On the ground -On the castle wall to the right -On each floor of the scaffolding across from you, especially the top -Next to the scaffolding on the left -On the castle tower to the left and down After completing this, the mission is over. ==================== C. Russian’s Last Dance...(RLD) ==================== You’ll start off in a large courtyard here, filled to the brim with enemies. From your starting point, take some of them out with headshots from a distance before moving left around the perimeter of the room, shooting more as you go. Enemies will come in to the area during this section, giving you plenty of adrenaline to use curved bullets to take out enemies on the castle walls after taking down everyone, (curved shots make short work of the shielded enemy as well), head back towards your original starting point to a see a new door open and couple of foes spill out. Kill them and move in to the new room. Inside the loom, you’ll do a bullet time sequence before getting down to the real action. You’ll end the sequence behind cover with two enemies in front of you, take them out and move to where they were. Turn around to see two more enemies, take them down as well. Move to the next area and take down the two enemies before they find cover, then use a curved bullet to take down the shielded enemy. Move to the end of the room and turn left: take out the enemy on the balcony, then the one on the floor. Move to the next area to see a scene. ========== The Russian ========== The Russian is rather easy, at least in the sense that he doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve like that stupid SWAT guy. From the door way, shoot the guy directly in front of you across the floor a ways. Then take cover behind the book case to your right. Push it forward like the prompt says. After you’ve pushed it a ways, a few enemies will rappel from the ceiling. Take them out with curved shots, then move to the left side of the area and take cover behind another bookcase. Push it forward like the last one. At the end of the area, you should be able to see the Russian hiding behind cover. Wait for him to pop out, or used curved shots to end it even faster. Mission completed. ==================== D. Fear of Flying...(FOF) ==================== This mission has a nice easy layout, so don’t worry about getting lost. When the mission starts, you’ll need to make your way along the cargo hold of the plane. Enemies will constantly assault you from the front, but there’s no need to worry about your backside. To make thins easier for yourself, try taking a hostage. Doing so will allow you to advance pretty much unharmed and makes the whole section easier. It’s also a great time to try out your new bullet time ability. At the end, take the elevator to go up. For this next section, you’ll be on the main level of the plane. In order to advance, you’ll need to push the food carts along the aisles to make space to get through the rows of seats. The enemies here are easily approachable, so it’s a good idea to make heavy use of melee attacks. Guns are made even more difficult by the fact that if gunfire hits the doors of the plane, they’ll tear open and create more turbulence and make aiming even more hard. You’ll also have to watch that you’re not sucked out of the plane, but that should be a given. At the end of the floor, take the elevator up once again. Take the enemy right in front of you hostage and continue along the aisle. Kill the couple of enemies here, then kill your shield to avoid accidentally being pulled out of any doors along the way due to the added slowness. Continue moving along this area as you did the last one, moving the food carts and avoiding the blown open doors. Towards the end you’ll have to fight two powerful enemies with a shotgun and a machinegun respectively. Use an acrobatic move to take both out at once. After that you’ll see a scene, then you’ll have to perform an extended bullet time sequence to end the mission. ==================== E. Shut the Fuck Up...(STF) ==================== Take cover behind the office cubicle in front of you and eliminate the enemies in the top floor firing at you before concentrating on the ones on your floor. Run up the stairs and take out the shot gunner with a stab attack, then head down the long hallway. Ready your gun for the enemies that will come from the right and should be able to take almost all of them down before they reach cover. Head down the stairs at the end of the hall and take cover. After a few enemies appear use an acrobatic move to kill them, them take out the one on the railing above you. Move in to the last room to find one more shot gunner. Kill him and then take the elevator up. ========== Brummel ========== Aw, Brummel doesn’t want to come out and play. He’ll hide behind cover for most of the match. However, cover isn’t much of a problem when we can bend the laws of physics to our will now is it? The first thing you’ll want to do it take cover behind the desk near your starting point. When the enemies come through the window, take them out and move up to where they were. (You can’t move any further or Brummel will automatically shoot you.) To kill Brummel, you’re going to need to use curved shots to flush him out. Once he’s been hit with one, he’ll stagger out in to the open and make himself a nice, big target for us. Shoot him as many times as you can before he moves back behind cover. Really, that’s all there is to it. Enemies will appear on the upper balcony in order to provide you with more adrenaline, but they shouldn’t be much of a problem. The mission ain’t over yet though. The building will now catch on fire, and you need to escape. Dash out of the elevator and head to the left. Ignore the enemy jumping over the fire and turn into the cubicles at the end of the way here. Upon coming out the other side, a shot gunner will try to climb over a cubicle. Shoot hum before he makes it over, then target the other enemy and make your way right into the computer room. Kill the two enemies and continue on forward, taking cover behind a window frame. Acrobatic vault forward and take out the three enemies, then move up the stairs to the right. Head down this final hallway, but prepare for a few knife wielding enemies to come from pretty much nowhere. You have to tap the physical attack button to kill them and avoid dying yourself. There are also a few enemies in this final hallway, but they shouldn’t be any match for some curved bullets. Reaching the end of this hallway completes the mission. ==================== F. Shoot that Motherfucker...(STM) ==================== All you need to do for the first portion of this mission is survive while taking out the enemies coming in the area. They’ll come in from the door across the way (the starting point from your previous mission here). Stay behind cover on your side of the courtyard and take out as many enemies as you can. Don’t venture too far out or get creative with your kills: the enemies spawn infinitely and a false step could open you up to a hail of gunfire. After surviving long enough, you’ll see a scene and head inside the building. Inside the building, follow the enemy to the far end of the area where he’ll magically vanish. This will cue enemies to pour in from the end you just came from, paramount among them a sniper. You’re going to have to get behind cover on the right side of the area and work your way towards the other end to take him out. He’ll most likely shoot you when you move between cover, so only move when your health is fully regenerated. When you get close enough, cap that sucker and you’ll move on to the next area. After the scene, you’ll be treated to a bullet time sequence before being dropped inside a circular room. Like before in the courtyard, stay on this side of the room. Moving too much leaves you open for enemy gunfire, and there are a lot of enemies. After killing everyone, head through the door on the opposite side. You’ll now take control of a turret gun, and you need to hold out according to the timer on the top of the screen. Like before, line your shots up before you pop out to shoot to avoid unnecessary damage. You can also make use of the mountains of explosives in the courtyard below you to use as you please. Don’t waste them; they come in very handy. After the turret, the mission is over ==================== G. Spiders Don’t Have Wings...(SDW) ==================== Don’t take cover in the cable car just yet. Shoot out a window and aim for directly in front of the door way. Enemies will drop in from a helicopter, and if you’re ready and aiming you can take them out before they reach cover. You’ll have to be wary of knife enemies from now on, so be ready to hammer the knife button. Move out of the car and head forward, taking out enemies as you go. Watch out for grenades being thrown by an enemy at the far end of the platform and take him down ASAP. Continue around the perimeter of the building to find the door and head inside. Rush the two enemies, then head up the stairs and kill the one in the booth to reactivate the gondola. Move back down to the gondola, be beware the enemies that have shown up on the main platform again. Use the exploding barrel to take them out if you haven’t already, but don’t worry the enemies here aren’t anything special. After reaching your destination, head up the stairs and kill the enemy. Take cover nearby and use headshots to kill the enemies across the warehouse. After everyone is dead, look on the floor for flashing red dots. These are landmines, and stepping on one of them pretty much means instant death. You can shoot them at long range to avoid them and damage enemies at the same time, so do it whenever possible. Head around the warehouse, killing any enemies you meet along the way. Outside, head up the stairs and knife the enemy at the top, then take cover and kill the enemy on the stairs above you. Avoid the mine in the middle of the area and head up the stairs. Take out the enemies at the top before they have a chance to get behind cover, then hea inside the building. The building is cramped and claustrophobic, and you need to constantly be on the watch for landmines. However, this makes it a great place for knife attacks, so make use of the cover and close quarters to your advantage by moving quickly through the bottom floor and knifing enemies as much as possible. You’ll head up some stairs at the other end which come out in a sort of office building like area. Kill the enemy in front of you with a head shot before he notices you, then take cover and eliminate the other two. Avoid the landmines as you cross the room, and take cover when the second wave of enemies bursts through. Move around the right side of the room and head towards the back, taking out the shot gunner along the way. Knife any enemy that gets close, then stick to cover and take out the remaining enemies. Head in to the next room to see a scene, which leads in to... ========== Arana ========== Arana will attack you by rappelling off of the top of the building and shooting through the window at you. To damage her, you need to perform an acrobatic maneuver between the two pillars near the windows in order to give yourself enough time to hit her. Position yourself behind one of them and wait for either Arana or one of her goons to appear outside of the window. Shoot the goons to replenish your adrenaline, then wait for Arana. This fight isn’t that difficult and Arana goes down in 2-3 moves depending on how many shots you nail her with, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. The mission isn’t over yet though. Quickly make your way down the tunnel and take the enemy as a shield. Kill the other two enemies at the end of the tunnel, then kill your shield. Avoid the land mine on the ground and head into the room on the right. Perform an acrobatic maneuver and take out the enemies before they get behind cover, then continue on through the room. In the next room shoot the first enemy in the head before he sees you, then take cover behind the pillar to your left. Jump out with an acrobatic move to take down the other three enemies, then enter the tunnel beyond. In the tunnel, take out the first two enemies and they should land on mines an blow them up. If not, shoot the mines and rush the final two foes at the end of the tunnel. Enter the room to see a scene. After the scene, head forward down the vent and be prepared for knife enemies. At the end of the vent, take the enemy hostage and eliminate the other two on the opposite catwalk. Enter the vent again to see another scene, then head down to the tomb area to your right. Use your various combos to take out the enemies here, making sure to avoid the mines in the center of the area. Continue forward to find another tomb area. Take out the shot gun enemy on the center pedestal, then move to the right side and take out the three foes here with an acrobatic move. Kill the final enemy on the left side of the area and move forward to the final tomb, completing the mission. ==================== H. Dust to Dust...(DTD) ==================== Take out the enemies in the courtyard here, it shouldn’t be anything you can’t handle. New to this mission is the ability to change weapons by pressing L1/LB, which will switch between your standard pistol and the semiautomatic guns you obtained in the last mission. There will be five enemies in the courtyard where you start, three to the left and two in front of you. Take out the three to left then use an acrobatic maneuver to kill the two in front of you. Move to where they were and head down in to the sewers. Be prepared for both land mines and knife enemies. When you come out the other side, you’ll be greeted by new version of the knife enemy. These ones will dodge any bullets you fire at them, and the require you to hold a direction on the control stick while you mash B to kill them. After killing him, move up the stairs at the end of the path to get to another courtyard with enemies in it. Take out the two nearest you, then the one on the balcony. Move in to the pillars to left to flank the last two, then continue through the hallway ahead to end up in another courtyard. There are quite a few enemies here, but try to take out the shot gunner before he gets behind cover. Take out the enemies from your starting point, then move across the courtyard. Be careful of any stragglers that might have been hiding. Head through tunnel in the back corner to end up at a set of stairs that will take you down to the sewer level again. Watch for mines/knife guys and head through the small passage. In this area, shoot the enemy on left side of the balcony, then rush the other two on the stairs or use acrobatic moves to take them down. Head forward to an area with two pillars in front of some enemies. Dodge between them with an acrobatic move and take them out, then move forward. You’ll see a scene and be presented with a sniper enemy to deal with. Move forward, darting from cover to cover only when you’re at full health. Once you make it to the point where enemies start attack, move in to the building to your right and take out the single enemy. Go to where he was to flank all of the enemies that were just attacking you and you’ll scare the sniper off. Move in to the house where he was and take out the single knife enemy, then take cover near the doorway and remove the next two enemies. Head around the top floor to emerge at another alleyway the sniper is guarding. Proceed from cover to cover just like last time, only beware of the multiple enemies and knifers that are going to come after you while being targeted by the sniper. About a third of the way down the alley, head right in to another building. Kill the enemies outside from the doorway at the end, then dash to the house where the sniper is. Inside, advance up to the top floor and take out the enemies as you go. At the top you’ll kill the sniper and claim his weapon, initiating a sniping sequence. This sequence is incredibly easy, just aim through the scope and take out the mooks before they get to you. You will end up back on a street after sniping. Head forward and take cover from the new sniper and move around cover to the right side. Take out enemies as you go, and if you kept moving right/forward along cover you’ll be close enough to pop out and shoot the sniper when you’re next to the bridge. Head across the bridge and take cover behind the crate. Wait for the knifer to get close and then shoot the mine, which should kill all the enemies on the bridge. Head down the street, taking care to avoid the enemy on the right side balcony and the shot gunner that will run towards you. At the end of the street turn right to see some more enemies. Shrapnel storm the one behind the sandbags to the right to avoid his grenades, then take out the others with the exploding barrel on the left. Head up the set of stairs and shoot one of the two enemies before he gets behind cover. Take out the other one, then move forward and take cover behind the large wall near the entrance to the little courtyard. This is quite the shoot out, so you need to be careful about popping out from behind cover for too long and be especially wary of the sniper. Pop out and shoot the shot gun enemy with a shrapnel storm, then move around the right side of the wall. Whenever an enemy is vulnerable, pop out and shoot them before heading back. Once you’re all the way to the right side, dash out and take cover in the courtyard. Kill an enemies that get close, otherwise make a mad dash to the opposite side of the area to avoid the sniper. Once across, kill the enemy to your right with a knife attack, then move right up against the wall to avoid the sniper once more. Work your way around the wall to a door on the other side. Entering the door completes the mission. ==================== I. How’s your father...(HYF) ==================== Run forward down the stairs and take the first enemy hostage. Move ahead in to the small room and shoot the enemy across the way before he notices you. Turn right and kill the shot gunner before he can make it to cover, then kill your shield. Move in to the west passage and be prepared for mines and other enemies. Coming out the opposite side, you’ll enter a room with a shielded enemy in the center and two regular ones on the far side. Take out the shielded one with a shrapnel storm, then move around cover to get to the other two. Continue through the passage. Run forward and knife the first enemy that shows up, then make your way around the U-curve to surprise the shot gunner. Move from cover to cover down the long hall and take out the next two enemies with a well timed acrobatic move. At the end of the tunnel you’ll be in a large room with a few other enemies. Kill shot gunner with a shrapnel storm, which should take out a few of the others. After elimination most of them, a new enemy will show up: a Magnum gunner. These guys are incredibly powerful a resilient, they can kill you in two shots and can take a hell of a lot damage before going down themselves. The only reliable way to kill them is to use a shrapnel storm or close range attacks; I prefer the latter. In any case, defeat the enemies and move in to the next area. After the scene you’ll find yourself in a loooong hallway. Kill the two enemies in front of you that haven’t noticed you yet, then begin advancing through the hall. Basically, this just comes down to having good aim and good sense about when to stay put. Curved shots will help make it go faster, but for the most part you need to rely on quickly popping out and killing an enemy before getting back behind cover. Rushing works well enough for some sections but, not all of them. At the end of the hall there will be a sniper to the right. Advance to the first point of cover in the side hall to be close enough to shoot him, but first take out the enemies on ground level. Turn the corner at the end of the hall to find more corridors to blast your way through. Kill the first couple of enemies, then take cover and eliminate the one on the wooden catwalk above you. Rush the final enemy and take him down, then head to the end of the hall and turn right. Kill the rappelling enemy before he lands, then use a shrapnel storm to take out the crowd of enemies a little ways down the hall. Advance to where they were and take cover from the new wave of enemies. Take a couple out, then dash in to the alcove on the left side of the path to flank the enemy with a shield. Rush the final Magnum gunner, then head up the stairs to complete this portion. In the main church, you’ll need to first take out the enemy on the scaffolding in front of you. Next, move the left and take cover behind a pillar before moving out to the section with all the pews. To advance here, wait for your enemies to pop out and use acrobatic moves to move across the tops of the pews and take them out. Once you reach the end, a whole bunch more will spawn. Take a few out from back behind cover, specifically the ones above you, then push the small cart at the end of the pews close enough so you can rush the magnum gunner on the left side of the area. Ditch the cart and kill the two enemies close to you, then take out the ones on the far catwalk with your pistol before they jump down to meet you. Turn the corner to find another section of pews. Navigate this one just like the last, using acrobatic moves to kill enemies before they take cover behind the pews. This is complicated by a sniper: don’t change tactics, just don’t be as reckless. Towards the end of the aisle, you’ll see two enemies come from behind a pew to the right. Jump out with an acrobatic move and kill them, then kill the sniper at the same time. Move around the pillar to your left and use an acrobatic move to eliminate the enemies in the small area in front of the organ. There is another sniper as well: get close by jumping the pews and take him out with a curved bullet. Advance to the organ to initiate a sniping sequence. The enemies have lots of cover to use, but keep your crosshairs in the center of the red carpet and they should rarely reach it before you kill them. Beating that will trigger a scene. Now in the Bell tower, eliminate the few enemies on the ground floor with a well placed shrapnel storm and be prepared for a knife enemy, then rush the magnum foe at on the other side of the area. Start heading up the stairs, but take cover if you’re getting shot. Enemies will rappel down the center of the tower and will appear on the stairs themselves. Figure out where your enemy is firing from, then take them out. On the next floor, aim towards the far corner and shoot the exploding barrel before taking cover. Shoot any of the weaker enemies that weren’t killed in the blast, then rush the magnum enemy. Continue up the stairs like before, shooting the rappelling enemies and rushing the ones dumb enough to be on the stairs. On the next floor, shoot the exploding barrel on the other side then rush the enemy in the far corner. Take cover, and as the other enemies come down the stairs kill them one by one. Continue up the rest of the tower in the same way: kill the rappelling enemies with shrapnel storms to take them out all at once, shoot any exploding barrels, and rush enemies who fight you on the stairs. At the top of the tower there will be a scene, after which a battle will ensue... ========== The Immortal ========== Fighting the immortal is a war of attrition. He moves incredibly fast from pillar to pillar, taking potshots at you as he goes. To damage him, you’ll need to use your pistol’s curved shots when he’s behind cover. Hitting him with one will flush him out from behind his cover, allowing you to hit him a few more times before he moves back to safety. After doing a few runs between the pillars, he’ll vanish and summon some enemies to attack you. The first one will always come down in to the middle area where you are if you let them: this can be useful if you need ammo, otherwise eliminate them before they get the chance to come down. After killing them, The Immortal will appear again. He’ll eventually start moving between all of the pillars and not just two of them, but your strategy remains the same. This battle can take a little while, so stay safe and don’t make stupid moves and you’ll be fine. Killing the immortal finishes the mission, as well as the game. ============================== 5. Closing...(CC5) ============================== This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will more than likely allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for reading it. This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. Copyright Woody Crobar, April 22 2009.</p>