Frogger II : Swampy's Revenge FAQ/Walkthrough. Version 1.0 For : Sega Dreamcast By : James Wardle (Lagunathemoron) Started - 3rd October 2001 ********************************************************** Introduction ********************************************************** I got this game for christmas and found it a very challenging game. Gamefaqs has'nt got a FAQ/Guide for this at time going to press (It has one for the Gameboy version any) so I decided to write one. Basically, This game is a platform game where you cross roads of ants, lillys and even fire. At the same time you must find 5 frogs. This walkthrough will be telling you how to get all the baby frog's, coins and how to finish time trails, get the secret frogs and arcade levels. ********************************************************** Table of contents ********************************************************** I) Disclaimer II) Controlls III) Characters IV) Enemies and Obsticals. V) Power-Ups VI) FAQ VII) Story Walkthrough VIII) Arcade Walkthrough IX) Coin FAQ X) Time Attack FAQ XI) Multi-Player XII) Review XIII) Codes/Cheats/ Secrets XIV) Credits XV) Version history ********************************************************** I) Disclaimer ********************************************************** Disclaimer : Ai! Lets get the boring bit over -_-. I wrote this F.A.Q / Walkthrough and I don't want anyone to rip off my hard work. If you want to have this on you're website, then please E mail me asking so, and if I give you premission, keep it updated often, I don't want people E mailing me with a question in the newer version of the walkthrough, and the F.A.Q/Walktrhough has to REMAIN THE SAME! That means no name swapping, changing in writing. If you do, make sure you have a good lawyer. I have listed some DO'S and Don'ts here. ============ DO'S! ============ Print this F.A.Q / Walkthrough, and use it for help. E mail me if you have a question or tips which are NOT listed in here. Direct friends to here for help. ============ DON'TS ============ Try and make any profit off this Take credit for of this E mail me with a question which has been answered someone here. Put this on a website WITHOUT premission ----------------------------------- If you E mail me with a question, please list the game you are talking about. (I write F.A.Q's for quite a few games you know) Also, please be spefitic with the questions / tips. Don't E mail me and say "How do you get past the thing near the thing" This FAQ/ Walkthrough is copywrite (C) James Wardle / Lagunathemoron 2001 ********************************************************** II)Controlls ********************************************************** I have only played the Dreamcast version, so if anyone can E mail me and tell me the controlls for the other formats, you will be given credit, Like Dennis Bell. Dreamcast Controlls D Pad - Move A - Action - select B - Croak (Lets you know where the nearest frog is) X - Toung Y - Start - pause DOS/WINDOWS/PC/MAC CONTROLS KEYBOARD CONTROLS Arrow Keys - Hop up, down, left or right. ENTER Key- Hit once to Super-Hop. Hit twice to Double-Jump twice as far and twice as high! Right SHIFT Key - Press to activate Frogger's Bug-Seeking Tongue. Right CTRL Key - Press to activate Frogger's Power-Croak. ESC Key - Hit once to Pause the Game. Hit it again to re-activate. JOYSTICK CONTROLS Directional Buttons - Hop up, down, left or right. Button A -- Hit once to Super-Hop. Hit twice to Double-Jump twice as far and twice as high! Button B - Press to activate Frogger's Bug-Seeking Tongue. Button C - Press to activate Frogger's Power-Croak. ESC Key- Hit once to Pause the Game. Hit it again to re-activate. Multiplayer Mode Player1 Above default Player 2 Up Q Down A Left S Right D Super-hop Tab Player 3 Up 8 Down 1 Left O Right p Super-hop 7 Player 4 (Number Pad Controls) Up 5 Down 2 Left 1 Right 3 Super-hop Enter Special Thanks to Dennis Bell for submitting the PC list. ********************************************************** III) Characters ********************************************************** Here is a short list of the main cast in Frogger II, The hero's of the game and of course, the Villian. --------------------------- Frogger Frogger, the daddy of the series is in his first of the Next generation console games. With a Gameboy Advance game and Playstation 2 game coming along, He is a busy man, I mean frog. Frogger, the green hero has his trusty tounge to aid him in his difficult task of rescuing the frogs and restore peace to the park pond. It is finally time to face his rival, Swampy. --------------------------- Lillie Lillie is Frogger's girlfriend. She is pink witha flower thing on top of my head. She looks weak, But she follow's Frogger and joins him in his quest. She will stop at nothing to help Frogger take down Swampy. Lillie is very same as Frogger is every aspect, so she has the same moves. ---------------------------- Swampy Fed up of being jumped on the head since the very first game, Swampy has had enough with Frogger. Swampy trie's everything from trying to run him other to the most insane. Then, Swampy has a plan, To kidnap all of the frog's and Toad's in Frogger's pond, with the exception of Lilly and Frogger. You won't get away with this Swampy! Not with Frogger and Lilly on the good side. ------------------------------ Tad Tad, Short for Tadpole is more of a Toad then a "Tadpole" or a frog. Tad is blue and is one of the captives from Frogger's Pond. What is Tad's purpose in the game? You will soon find out. One thing for sure, he is brave and strong, Just like Frogger. ------------------------------- Treeby Treeby is the dumb boy of the bunch, He is not very bright and always says "Duh!?". Treeby is fatter then the other three frog's, he has no purpose in the story, But is fun to play as him in both Multi-Player and Arcade. ------------------------------- Wart The first unlockable playable character. Wart is the bugger of the bunch, he is brown with a lot of scars and a few wart's. He has Frogger's style of build really, but have a different colour and patches. To Unlock Wart you have to complete "Blockade" Level on Arcade mode, Then get all 25 coins on a level which you havn't already. ------------------------------- Tank Tank is the second unlockable character. Tank is very mysterious, at first looks like a Mummy but as you use him he looks a de-formed robot. Despite his name, Tank has no hidden weapons. BUMMER! To unlock Tank, Basically do the same methord for Wart, but after getting Wart, get 25 coins on a level you havn't already. ------------------------------- Roobie After Tank, what was you expecting? A Prince Frog? A Posh Frog? The third hidden character is a KANGAROO! Blimey! Well, A Kangaroo can hop, and it does have all the other frog's abilities. Roobie is also fun to play, I am sure I will be using him/her on the next few missions. To get Him/Her, Use the same methord for Wart and Tank but complete a level with 25 coins. ------------------------------- FINAL HIDDEN CHARACTER SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! If you don't want the Last Hidden Character spoiled for you, Skip ahead! SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT The Final character is whom I have been expecting sooner or later. The final character is indeed Swampy. Swampy get's around on the bag which he carries, and his roles on the levels are the same (Rescue frogs!). To unlock him, Use the same methord for Wart, Tank, Roobie, but complete yet another level with 25 coins. Simple. END OF SPOILER END OF SPOILER END OF SPOILER ********************************************************** IV) Enemies and Obsticals ********************************************************** Frogger II is littered with bad guys who will stop Frogger, Lilly and the other character's in their tracks, One prod and it's all other. I have composed a list of enemies, their tatic's and how you can avoid them. --------- Crocodile on Mine Cart. On the Training Level, at the end, you will see a mine track with a rather "thin" crocodile riding on the mine cart. These are very slow and only the impossible will get themselves killed off by this. ---------- Traditional Leaves These are the traditional Frogger obsticals. These start off on the very first level, You basially have to jump from leaf to leaf without falling off. In later level's, these maybe replaced by rocks, Turtles, Logs, mine carts etc. ----------- Lawn Mower The first tricky challenge. On the second level, You will encounter a couple of these lawn mower's. They move about twice as fast as Frogger and go up and down, left to right in a pattern. The only two ways to avoid them is to out run them or hide in one of the many alcolves. ----------- Dodge Me, Dodge This Another Tradition is based on the Cars and Lorrys from the very first game, You need to get accross the path, which has Lawnmowers, Bee's, Rocks, Beasts etc running accross at their own speed, you need to time your moves and dash past them... fast. ------------ Kangaroo The 'Roo' just hops up and down, left and left. All you have to do is walk past this slow hopper. ------------- Mini Bug These are as annoying as a plague. They move fast, catch up with you and are often found on long trails. -------------- Dodge Me, Dodge This 2 Dodge Me, Dodge This 2 is basically the same as Dodge Me, Dodge This, but they us usually a lot more enemies and holes you must jump over or avoid. --------------- Spikes On the third level, Spikes will come out of wall's every few seconds. you will have to time yourself, and becareful not to step in to more danger. --------------- Cannon Balls These are very annoying on some levels. Cannons Balls usually aim down huge strips, Jumping over them is hard, either dash past if possible or choose a different path. One of the early levels has Platforms going one way, and cannons balls going another, I don't know if it is just me, but it does seem like an optical illusion. ---------------- Boulders Like the Crash Bandicoot games, Triggering something sends a boulder chasing after you, you have to move fast and plan your route, without getting killed or falling to your death. ---------------- Crumbling Tiles These are somewhat easy. When tiles srart to crumble, quickly run accross to safety. ---------------- Monkey With Rocks At the start of the level called Pyramid, A Monkey will be throwing rocks down a long, steep hill. Get a pattern ready, Say the middle column gets a rock down it, go up two steps and switch to another column for 2 steps and repeat. ---------------- Buffolo Like the Monkey with the Rocks, The buffolo's will run up and down on a column of three. You basically need to plan your route, becareful as the Buffolo's are very fast. ----------------- Grindstone On the level, Grindstone, Giant stones will start rolling accross the level, Notice those blocks sticking out of the ground? stand on them and you will be safe. ----------------- Spikes 2 These spikes are on the gorund. Again, time your move. ------------------ Torch These are really avoidable. If you jump ON them, you will die, but on some levels you don't need to make any use of them at all. ------------------ Rat Rat's are not actually a threat, They follow a trail they made themself, so its easy to plan a safe route. In later levels these will be replaced with things like hands. ------------------ Spider Spider's are rare, They just slowly go up and down a web on the mine cart obsticals. Easy, just don't get in their way. ------------------- Fire Ball These are like Cannon Balls. They go in a stright line,and are one of my least favourite obsticals. You need to double jump 1 second after their in site, or you can avoid them by going up and down the path. -------------------- Fire Rocks These are like bouncing balls. They jump from platform to platform. The only way to avoid is to avoid and get a "Quick Hop" power up. -------------------- Mimic On one of the middle levels, You will encounter Mimics. They copy your every move and tend to be on the square behind you, all you can do is out run them. -------------------- Normal Platform Perils This is your normal everyday Platform stuff, Jump from platform to platform, no worries. --------------------- Propella Mechanics These Propella monsters honer in the air making their way in the opposit direction. They tend to get in the way, and if you jump and/or jump under them, you will die. --------------------- Laser Pads Lazer Pads are in a few High Tech levels. When a lightning bolt stikes in a pattern between them. You will have to time... carefully. --------------------- Moving Tiles Another traditional Platform element. Blocks / Tiles come out from sides of the wall for a short period of time, You must move fast and get accross or up / Down etc. --------------------- Bat Cave On the later levels are dark caves which houses bat's. Every few seconds, Bat's will shoot out of the bat cave at full speed ready to attack you! --------------------- Statues The statues stay still, unlike most enemies and they keep blocking your way with axes. Time your moves fast, as they can be anything from one to four statues. ---------------------- ********************************************************** V) Power-Ups ********************************************************** Frogger 2 has it's variety of Power Ups for your characters to use. Here they are... ------- Extra Life This is more comman then the others. You will find them just about anyway. Whenever you see a butterfly, Use your tounge to catch it! ------- Quick Hop Quick Hop basically makes your character hop a lot faster. -------- Auto Hop Auto Hop is hard to use in my opinion. Your character will hop automatically, plus making you go fast. -------- Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy is the best power-up in the game, and can only be gooten as a cheat when you have got every coin in the game. Your toung will eat just about any obstical, Such as Lawnlower's, bee's, ants, TV's etc. ********************************************************** VI) F.A.Q ********************************************************** Q) How do I unlock the four hidden characters? A) To unlock the four kidden characters, You need to unlock ALL the Arcade levels, Including Blockage. To unlock the arcade stages, you need to collect 25 coins on each level. After you have unlocked Blockage, get 25 coins on a level which you havn't already. Q) Can I use this F.A.Q A) Of course, Just don't make any profit ;). Q) Is it possible to play as Treeby and the four hidden characters in story mode? A) No. You can play as them in Story Levels though, By going to the Arcade screen on the main menu. ********************************************************** VII) Story Walkthrough. ********************************************************** Welcome to the Core of the walkthrough. The story FAQ will give away some spoilers, story line wise. I will display everything in chapters for easy access. ^^^^^^^^^ CHAPTER 1 : Intro Swampy is walking along a path and see's sign's for Frogger's new game. Swampy get's upset as his past comes back to haunt him, a terrible past which see's Frogger keep jumping on Swampy's back a few times for his journy. Swampy gets mad and tries running Frogger over with trucks and boulders. Frogger and his girlfriend, Lillie Frog escape death twice. Now it's time for Swampy's revenge. _____________________ Level 1 : Training This is a easy level. Green Frog : From the start of the level, go up and left. You should see the green frog sat on a rock. Just jump up there to grab him. Don't go thinking it will be this easy now. Yellow Frog : After getting the green frog, go left a bit. Catch the butterfly for an extra life and go up to the edge of the water. Double jump and you will land on the yellow frog. Blue Frog : After getting the Yellow Frog, Go up for a turn, then go and jump up the hill. Go in the small alcove, Double jump on to the ledge and get the blue frog. Pink Frog : After getting the Blue frog, Go up and go to the water ledge. Use the Croak move to get the Pink Frog's location. go right. Red Frog : Go left and land on the wooden swtich to activate two sets of moving lilly pads. Jump from one to another, becareful not to fall. Cross the path whilst avoiding the mine cart with the crocodile on it. Now jump on the ledge for the final frog. ____________________________________ After getting all the frog's back, Lillie and Frogger take it easy and enjoy each others company in the heart of Frogger's pond in someone's back garden. Swampy then comes along and kidnaps every frog, except for Frogger and Lillie. Frogger and Lillie are too "busy" to relise this and are in shock when they do notice. Meanwhile, Swampys bag has a hole in it... Letting frogs out... _____________________________________ Level 2 : Garden Green Frog : Go across the path with Lawnmowers and Swarm of Bee's. After the path, you will spot the green frog on a wooden platform. Yellow Frog : Get across the pond with the Crocodiles and Barrels. Now o left. The Yellow Frog is just below the podium. Blue Frog : Up up and left. You will be in a maze like thing with Lawnmowers chasing you. Out run them by going up, right and down. The Blue Frog is in the alcove. Pink Frog : Now go down and right. Go upthe long path, whilst moving in to the alcove to avoid death from the Lawn Mower. Go left and down. Keep going in alcoves whilst avoiding the lawn mowers. Go up. Red Frog : Go right and go up the stairs. Avoid the Lawnmowers. Double Jump on to Podium. (Instead of Jumping on to the podium, You can go the long way round) ______________________________________ ^^^^^^ Chapter 2 : Seperate Ways Swampy arrives at a bridge. He gets out a map to look for somewhere. Frogger and Lillie appear and block both sides of the bridge. Swampy gets annoyed and throws some frogs in one direction, and some in the other. Swampy then laughs and escapes by swimming in the river. Frogger and Lillie now have to go and rescue the frogs. ________________ Level 3 : Boulder Canyon Green Frog : From the start, dodge the Kangaroo and go up the path. Climb the stairs and avoid the bugs. Go across the bridge and avoid the gaps and the animals. Once you got by the bridge, you will get the green frog. Yellow Frog : Go by the animal path, it shouldn't be too hard. Go up the stairs. Go up the long path and avoid the spikes and the cannon balls. Turn either left or right, avoid spikes and go up top get it. Blue Frog : Get across the Barrel and Alligator water pond. The massive door will begin to open, revealing a flight of stairs. Go down the stairs and turn right and get the Blue Frog. Pink Frog : Go down whilst avoiding the obsticals and step on the switch. Go back up whilst avoiding obsticals and go across the now revealed bridge. Go up the stairs and double jump on the podium to get the frog. Get ready to swing around. Red Frog : Quickly dash down, there is a boulder on your trail. Go down even more until you get to the place where the switch used to be. Keep following the path, if your slowing down, double jump. Now go right and quickly get across the crumbelling tiles. That wasn't too hard was it? ________________ Level 4 : The Gold Mine Green Frog :From the start, Go across the mine cart path by jumping from cart to cart. After getting off they will be some Rat's following a set of trails. Ignore them. Go up and you'll find out that your path is blacked. Go down and left. Go right and down and step on the switch. Go back to the blocked door. Grab the "Quick Hop" ability. The Green Frog is on the middle mine cart. Yellow Frog : Now for a fun mini-Game. You will be riding on a Mine Cart. AVoid the blocks and grab coins. After the Mine Cart ride stops, Jump off it and you should see some more rats following trails. Jump down when the path is clear and go right and up. The Yellow Frog can be found in the alcove to the right. Blue Frog : Get out of the alcove and go back up. Follow the path left, down and get on the platform. grab the extra life which can be found. Now go up and right, up and up again. Keep going up and you should be able to get the Blue Frog. Pink frog : Go down a square. Go right and go on the barrel's. Once you can, get on the crate ride. Avoid the spiders and just enjoy the ride. Once it has finished, Jump off and grab the pink frog. Easy! Red Frog : Now go right, rushing past the crumbelling tiles. Go down and cross the Mine Cart path. Then go right and then down. Get the coins and go left. When a mine cart (It is recommended you get a mine cart with 2 carts ;)) and jump on. Get the coins and jump off to get the Red Frog. ____________________ Level 5 : Pyramid Climb Green Frog : From the start, go up and left. Climb the stairs. When a rock comes towards you, get to another side. Once up at the top you will find it was a monkey throwing rocks at you. Go left to get the Green Frog. That wasn't too hard was it? Yellow Frog : Go left and Up. When you get to the crack in the floor, turn right and climb up the stairs whilst avoiding the bugs. Go down the stairs and get the Yellow Frog. Blue Frog : Go down even more stairs.There will be three columes going down, Buffolo's going up and down like maniacs on each one. Time perfectly to get across. The Buffolo's will go between Blue Squares. After completing that part, go up and the Blue Frog is found on the wooden bridge. Pink Frog : Go up and repeat the process with the Buffolo's again. once you've done that, get to the end of the path and another path will reveal. Go and jump on the spiral tree trunk. Once the ride has finished go up and follow the ant trail up (NOTE : On both Ant Trails, there is two for each one, a Blue and a Red trail. Plan your routes carefully). Follow another Ant Trail and go for the Pink Frog. Red Frog : Go across the pond. You will now be greeted with a new obstical. Blocks will start coming out of walls trying to push you in to holes. just charge foward to get the red frog. Easy. _________________ ^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 3 : Crocs Away Swampy comes to his base. There is two rockets behind a gate and two switches to open the gate. Swampy stands on one and pulls a frog out of his bag and puts the other switch with it. The gate then opens and Swampy walks in. ______________ Level 6 : Grindstone Green Frog : Welcoming a new obstical, the Polo shaped stones roll accross on side of the screen the the other. You see those blocks sticking out of the floor? just stand on them until the stone rolls over you, don't worry, you'll be safe. When the close is clear, go across the the next block and repeat your current route. Just before the stairs, is the Green Frog. Getting harder ;). Yellow Frog : go up the stairs and cross the Buffolo Path. When in to pillars with animals on it, simply run round them or double jump on to the long blocks. Do this twice. Go up. Blue Frog : Go across the moving platforms, This is harder then it sounds as there is a few cannons balls going left and right, which is tricky to avoid, as the platform goes one way, cannon ball goes other. Go up and get the Blue Frog. Pink Frog : When the spikes at the top go down to the pit, quickly dash up the steps. Go around the torches and up. Red Frog : Go across the stake path. This is hard, but they act as spikes. Go up and then right, up, avoid yet another path of stakes, left then climb up to the top. ___________________ Chapter 4 : Big Bad Bugs Lillie Frog has followed Swampy to his hidden base. She also finds the two switches that Swampy found a bit of trouble with. She stands on both switches, one at a time but it is no use until Frogger get's here to stand on the switch. ____________________ Level 7 : The Ants Nest Green Frog : Cross the ant path and go left. Go around the turn, and jump over the big ants, or just go in the alcove. Once you have got to the top, get the Green Frog. Yellow Frog : Go up and jump on the food below. Hop from cake to leaf to cheese *werid looks*. go up, Double jump, Up. Blue Frog : Go up, Left and go across the Ant Path. Go left and jump on the platform. Pink Frog : From the Blue Frog, Go on the left turn and go up. Dodge the animals and the holes in the ground and then go up. Red Frog : Go left and go on the leaf ride. Dodge the massive flies and when you get up to the folk, either go left or right, Going stright up will result in to risking your life against a fly. Carry on the path and get off, getting the red frog. MORE COMING SOON! ********************************************************** VIII) Arcade Walkthrough. ********************************************************** COMING SOON! ********************************************************** IX) Coin FAQ ********************************************************** COMING SOON! ********************************************************** X) Time Attack FAQ ********************************************************** COMING SOON! ********************************************************** XI) Multi-Player ********************************************************** Frogger 2 has three types of Multi-player maddness to keep you and your family and friends occupied. Race : In my opinion, This is the best type of multiplayer on this game. Two to four players race on several types of levels. They are a few obsticals to keep you away from the end of the course, but not life-threatening. If one player get's a lot futher then the other player, the loosing player will "warp" near the leading player, to save camera strain. The levels are. 1) Valley Rally - Valley Rally is a desert type level. It has boulders going up and down ramps, a set of crumbelling tiles and a pond of obsticals for you to jump over. 2) Dock Dash - I love this Level. A similar one should of been included in the story game. It has a lot of jumping involved. I do like this level. Basic Tips : Never go speeding ahead of your opponants, as they die and may end up in front of you when ressurected. You can slow them down by jumping on each other. Snake : Many of you will reconise this as "Snake", the classic game now on most of the new mobile phone's out. Your characters will start leading a trail of blocks behind them, you must avoid hitting blocks or walls. You cannot stay still either, as the characters will automatically move. The levels are 1) Trail Blazer : This is the normal one, and my favourite. it has no obsticals but the other players. Pure Fun. 2) Cornered : Cornered is really annoying. it has several towers ready for you to be trapped and run in to. 3) Boxed In : There is a few box corners in the centre of the stage. All you need to do is avoid it. Basic Tips : Never trap yourself in to a place where you can't get out. Also, They maybe butterfly's in the levels which will slow the other character down. Road Race : This is the same as Arcade levels where you must get Frog's at the end of the road. The levels here have the same objective. The first player to get the most frogs wins. If you ahve 2 players, its the first to get 3 frogs. In 3 players, its first to get the most frogs and in 4 Player, the first to get 2 frogs. The Levels are 1) Way Back When : This is the basic Frogger stage. At the start there is a road, middle a patch of "purple" grass with a snake on it and at the end a patch of water with obsticals on. 2) Toad Road : Treat this as a giant road with a few spodges of water. Some cars go left, Some go right. Simple 3) Gridlock : Like Toad Road, this is a level based on a big road, But some cars go right, some go down. Basic Tips : You can slow them down by jumping on each other. Always take your time and try and put your rivals off guard. ********************************************************** XII) Review ********************************************************** That is right. No typo. This does have a 10. I'll say it again incase you think I am using the same typo again. 10, 10, 10, 10, 10. Frogger 2, is one of the best game's I have played. Story : - 10 The story starts with Frogger and his Girlfriend enjoying a day in the sun with all their children. meanwhile, Swampy the Crocodile is getting fed up of Frogger, you see, Frogger has jumped on Swampy's back soo many times before, ever since the first Frogger game, and Swampy plans revenge, by kidnapping all the baby frogs. Unlike most villians (Bowser, Robotnik, Cortex etc),his first plan fails, then he finally gets the baby frog's and goes to his hideout. It is up to Frogger and Lilly (His girlfriend) to stop him. The story deserves a 10, after all, his plans fail, and there is a background drop to it, I mean, most villians kidnap people for no reason right? Graphics - 9 Cute, Colorful and splendid. The spirit graphics are made beautifuly, You can hardly see the polygons which made the game, they are cleverly hidden. There are many FMV's in this game, and the graphics on them are just well done. Because there is a ''Classic Mode'', Which lets you play the first Frogger game, and many others the graphics don't look hot on big screen, and tend to be a bit stretched. I forgot, the water texture in the waters are great, it looks like the developers slapped a rectangle of spanish sea water on to you're screen :D. Sound and Music - 10 Though not many gamers notice, the sound and music ranks in as one of the best. You can hear machines, enemies from a distance, the quiter the enemy (roach) the sneakier it is, the louder the enemy, you know it is big. As for the music on each level, it blends in well, from cheerful tunes for a Garden theme, to spookyish music for Haunted Houses. Gameplay and Challenge - 10 The game is VERY HARD! You'll get frustrated after a bit at times. You need to time just right, plan just right, or take Life or Death decisions. The controls are easy to figure out, why did they even put in a training level? There is a Classic Mode, where players can expirence old gaming, and some old challenges, which did'nt meet it to the arcade. Replaybility - 9 The story mode is hard enough as it is, once you complete that, you might want to move on to getting EVERY coin in each and every level, or beating the best time, which is HARD!. Then there is a multiplayer mode... Multiplayer - 10 Hohoho! what fun. A fair selection of characters to choose from, playing modes and levels. You can race each other in short levels. And you know that mobile phone game called ''SNAKE'', well, you can even play a multiplayer version of that, where you are to trap other frogs, or make them bump into you're wall. Overall - 10 A funny, cute, challenging master peice, which will last longer then you will expect. ********************************************************** XIII) Codes / Cheats / Secrets ********************************************************** Mini Frogs : To Unlock Mini Frogs, Which is basically the characters as really small frogs, Unlock all 4 secret characters and gain 25 coins on a level you havn't already. Unlock Wart : To Unlock Wart, Unlock Blockage for arcade mode. Then get 25 coins on a level you havn't already. Unlock Tank : Repeat the same methord for Wart, But get 25 coins on a different level which you havn't already. Unlock Roobie : Repeat the same methord for both Wart and Tank, Get 25 coins on a level which you havn't already. Unlock Swampy : Repeat the methord for Wart, Tank and Roobie, Get 25 coins on a level which you havn't already. Unlock Arcade Satages : To unlock several arcade stages, get 25 coins on any level. You will get a new bonus for every 25 coins you get. Unlock Scene Select : Successfully complete Story Mode for Scene select, you can now choose any scene in the game to watch at any time. Unlock Artwork : To view the artwork in the game, Unlock Mini Frogs and get 25 coins on a level which you havn't already. Unlock Feeding Frenzy : Easilly the best cheat in the game. You will have the ability to EAT any anime or obsticals (Except for ones which you need to get accross somewhere). To get it, get 25 on every level. This will be a must for Time Trail levels. ********************************************************** XIV) Credits ********************************************************** Lagunathemoron / James Wardle - the author who wrote this FAQ. CjayC - For hosting Gamefaqs and submitting this. Dennis Bell - For his contributings on the PC Controls. Dave A from CheatCC - For asking me for this FAQ and submitting it. ********************************************************** XV) Version History ********************************************************** 1.2 Updated main walkthrough, controls and Credits. Esited Typo in the Date thing at the top of the page. I have also edited the Power-Up section. 1.0 Everything you can think of to do with Frogger 2.</p>