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History Campaign Soviet Campaign [2.01] The Shrike and the Thorn [2.02] Circus of Treachery [2.03] Taking Back Ice-Harbour [2.04] March of the Red Army [2.05] The Science of War [2.06] No Traitors Tomorrow [2.07] To Tame a Living God [2.08] The Stone-Faced Witnesses [2.09] Blight on the Big Apple Allied Campaign [3.01] Ride of the Red Menace [3.02] The Shark and the Lure [3.03] The Famous Liberation [3.04] Enemy of Our Enemy [3.05] The Unfathomable Fortress [3.06] A Monument to Madness [3.07] Forever Sets the Sun [3.08] The Great Bear Trap [3.09] The Moon Shall Never Have Them Empire of the Rising Sun Campaign [4.01] The Death of Father Frost [4.02] To Conquer Shattered Spirits [4.03] Behold the Mighty Saint of Swords [4.04] Graveyard of a Foolish Fleet [4.05] Assault on the Black Tortoise [4.06] Rage of the Black Tortoise [4.07] Barbarians at the Bay [4.08] Crumble, Kremlin, Crumble [4.09] The Last Red Blossom Trembled The Soviet Union Soviet Buildings [5.01] Airfield [5.02] Barracks [5.03] Battle Bunker [5.04] Battle Lab [5.05] Construction Yard [5.06] Crusher Crane [5.07] Naval Yard [5.08] Ore Refinery [5.09] Outpost [5.10] Reactor [5.11] Super Reactor [5.12] War Factory Soviet Support Structures [6.01] Flak Cannon [6.02] Fortress Wall [6.03] Iron Curtain [6.04] Sentry Gun [6.05] Tesla Coil [6.06] Vacuum Imploder Soviet Infantry [7.01] Combat Engineer [7.02] Conscript [7.03] Flak Trooper [7.04] Natasha [7.05] Tesla Trooper [7.06] War Bear Soviet Vehicles [8.01] Apocalypse Tank [8.02] Bullfrog [8.03] Hammer Tank [8.04] MCV [8.05] Ore Collector [8.06] Sickle [8.07] Sputnik [8.08] Terror Drone [8.09] V4 Rocket Launcher Soviet Naval Units [9.01] Akula Sub [9.02] Dreadnaught [9.03] Stingray Soviet Air Force [10.01] Kirov Airship [10.02] MiG Fighter [10.03] Twinblade The Allied Nations Allied Buildings [11.01] Airbase [11.02] Armour Facility [11.03] Boot Camp [11.04] Command Hub [11.05] Construction Yard [11.06] Defence Bureau [11.07] Ore Refinery [11.08] Power Plant [11.09] Seaport Allied Support Structures [12.01] Chronosphere [12.02] Fortress Wall [12.03] Multigunner Turret [12.04] Proton Collider [12.05] Spectrum Tower Allied Infantry [13.01] Attack Dog [13.02] Engineer [13.03] Javelin Soldier [13.04] Peacekeeper [13.05] Spy [13.06] Tanya Allied Vehicles [14.01] Athena Cannon [14.02] Guardian Tank [14.03] MCV [14.04] Mirage Tank [14.05] Multigunner IFV [14.06] Prospector [14.07] Riptide ACV Allied Naval Units [15.01] Aircraft Carrier [15.02] Assault Destroyer [15.03] Dolphin [15.04] Hydrofoil Allied Air Force [16.01] Apollo Fighter [16.02] Century Bomber [16.03] Cyrocopter [16.04] Vindicator Bomber The Empire of the Rising Sun Empire Buildings [17.01] Construction Yard [17.02] Docks [17.03] Instant Dojo [17.04] Instant Generator [17.05] Mecha Bay [17.06] Nanotech Mainframe [17.07] Ore Refinery Empire Support Structures [18.01] Defender VX [18.02] Fortress Wall [18.03] Nanoswarm Hive [18.04] Psionic Decimator [18.05] Wave Force Tower Empire Infantry [19.01] Burst Drone [19.02] Engineer [19.03] Imperial Warrior [19.04] Rocket Angel [19.05] Shinobi [19.06] Tankbuster [19.07] Yuriko Omega Empire Vehicles [20.01] King Oni [20.02] MCV [20.03] Mecha Tengu [20.04] Nanocore [20.05] Ore Collector [20.06] Striker VX [20.07] Sudden Transport [20.08] Tsunami Tank [20.09] Wave Force Artillery Empire Naval Units [21.01] Naginata Cruiser [21.02] Sea-Wing [21.03] Shogun Battleship [21.04] Yari Mini-Sub Neutral Buildings [22.01] Airport [22.02] Dry Dock [22.03] Garage [22.04] Hospital [22.05] Radar Tower [22.06] Oil Derrick [22.07] Veteran Academy Support Powers Soviet Powers [23.01] Cash Bounty [23.02] Desolator Airstrike [23.03] Grinder Treads [23.04] Iron Curtain [23.05] Magnetic Singularity [23.06] Magnetic Satellite [23.07] Mass Production [23.08] Orbital Drop [23.09] Terror Drone Surprise [23.10] Toxic Corrosion [23.11] Vacuum Imploder Allied Powers [24.01] Advanced Aeronautics [24.02] Chrono Rift [24.03] Chrono Swap [24.04] Chronosphere [24.05] Cyroshot [24.06] Free Trade [24.07] High Technology [24.08] Paradrop [24.09] Proton Collider [24.10] Surgical Strike [24.11] Surveillance Sweep [24.12] Time Bomb Empire Powers [25.01] Advanced Rocket Pods [25.02] Balloon Bomb [25.03] Emperor's Rage [25.04] Final Squadron [25.05] Fortified Fleet [25.06] Honourable Discharge [25.07] Nanoswarm Hive [25.08] Point-Defense Drones [25.09] Psionic Decimator [25.10] Robotic Assembly [25.11] Sleeper Ambush Commanders [26.01] Allied - Giles Price [26.02] Allied - Lissette Hanley [26.03] Allied - Warren Fuller [26.04] Empire - Kenji Tenzai [26.05] Empire - Naomi Shirada [26.06] Empire - Shinzo Nagama [26.07] Soviet - Nikolai Moskvin [26.08] Soviet - Oleg Vodnik [26.09] Soviet - Zhana Agonskaya Other Things [27.01] Crates [27.02] Ranks [A] Contact Information [B] Webmaster Information [C] Credits [D] Sites FAQ is on [E] Copyright ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.01] Introduction This is my 42nd guide and the third for the Command and Conquer series. This is for Red Alert 3, which is the newest installment in the Red Alert series that has been alive for a long period of time, overtaking the previous installment of Red Alert 2, one of the best RTS games that has been released this decade, in my opinion anyway. Anyway, this features the Soviets and the Allies, and a new empire, the Empire of the Rising Sun. Lets Go! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.02] Version History Version 0.0 [21/12/08] Start of this guide and start of the basic template. Version 0.1 [11/1/08] Finished Harvest Moon so started this. 2 missions done. Version 0.2 [12/1/08] 4 more missions complete. Version 0.3 [13/1/08] Soviet Campaign Done. Version 0.4 [14/1/08] Allied Campaign Complete. 2 Japanese Missions Complete. Version 0.5 [15/1/08] Completed ALL Missions. Units, Protocols and Neutral Buildings to go before this guide is finished as well. Version 0.6 [16/1/08] Completed a bit here and there. Version 0.7 [17/1/08] Completed the Soviet's Base, ToC complete. Version 0.8 [18/1/08] Allies are complete. Missing the Empire, Neutral Buildings, Support Powers and Commanders. Version 0.9 [19/1/08] Completed this Guide, and it is completed, unless something comes up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.01] The Shrike and the Thorn Location - Leningrad Co-Commander - Oleg Enemy Commander - Kenji Primary Objectives 1 - Secure the Fortress 2 - Train 5 Flak Troopers 3 - Natasha must Survive 4 - Destroy the Shogun Battleships Secondary Objectives 1 - Save the Hermitage --==Walkthrough==-- As always, this is again the tutorial mission for the Soviet forces. Generally speaking, all campaign missions are tutorials. Any, use Natasha, who is your commando unit, and use her to kill all the infantry. Target the gate, and notice the air strike is called in. All non-infantry targets are going to be hit with an air strike, which cannot be stopped by anti-air. Move inside, near the fortress, and take out all infantry. Wait for the Tankbusters to surface on the ground before you decide to knock them out with Natasha. Wipe them all out, then the cutscene. Immediately train a small army of Flak Troopers. The game says 5, I suggest around 10, since they will be extremely useful against enemy vehicles as well as the choppers. Your flak troopers will need to take down all the enemy choppers, since Natasha cannot take them down, only the Tsunami Tanks. When you are able to, train a few conscripts, not for comedic relief, but to take down the enemy tank busters. Conscripts are better against infantry, but do not place them against Tanks, they don't stand a chance, without molotovs. When you have the objective to save the Hermitage, pop Natasha into the Bullfrog and cannon her to the other island. Wipe out all the infantry, which should be a breeze, save the building, then cannon her back to the starting island. That is the easy part. The hard part is taking out the Battleships. You need Natasha to air strike all the battleships, while you can use the Magnetic Satellite protocol to beam up some of the Battleships. Take the rest of them out to finish this relatively easy mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.02] Circus of Treachery Location - Krasna-45 Co-Commander - Moskvin Enemy Commander - Shinzo Primary Objectives 1 - Get Natasha to the K-45 Launch Facility 2 - Eliminate the Imperial Ambush Division Secondary Objectives 1 - Assist the Tesla Troopers 2 - Rescue the Tesla Troopers --==Walkthrough==-- You need to protect Natasha this mission, but it is controlled by Moskvin, so you need to do the scouting and the ambushing this mission. You have some Sickles, so move ahead and take down the infantry ahead, which should be no problem. That would rescue the bears for you. Use your new bears to head down and take down the Tankbusters, since they will do a fair amount of damage to your Sickles and that will free up some of the Tesla Troopers. They will be useful. Move and follow the path, and you will see some enemy tanks. This is where the Magnetic Satellite will be extremely handy, since it will take care of them for you. Tesla Troopers will take care of the leftovers. Keep pushing and take down the Mecha Tengus with your troops before you move on, and keep taking the bonus crates as you head along to heal up your troops. Head towards the circus area, and you meet some resistance, infantry and helis. Luckily, the helis fly away, which saves you a lot of trouble. Make sure that you have saved all possible Tesla Troopers, and start your siege on the facility. Use your magnetic satellite to take out the armour in the area, which will be a problem, and using all your forces, take them all out. After that, wait for your Satellite and your new Orbital Dump, and soon, you will face an enemy base. The problem here is Yuriko. She is the enemy commando and she is more than capable of wiping out all your troops. When you see her, target all your troops at her, and hopefully, one of the bears will bite her. Dodge the nasty balloon bombs, and using your Satellite and Orbital Dump, target the base and destroy it. Target the Dojo first to ensure no further reinforcements from the enemy. That should end this mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.03] Taking Back Ice-Harbour Location - Vladivostok Co-Commander - Zhana Enemy Commander - Prince Tatsu Primary Objectives 1 - Clear the Island of Enemy Forces 2 - Construct a Barracks and Naval Yard 3 - Destroy the Imperial Scout Base 4 - Destroy the Imperial Naval Base 5 - Destroy the Imperial Military Admin Secondary Objectives 1 - Set Up Base Defences 2 - Destroy the Generators --==Walkthrough==-- First of all, you have your Bullfrog transports, and cannon all your troops to the middle of the island to take out the enemy. It should be that hard, given the forces of bears, flak troopers and conscripts, but some Mengus, in their sky mode, will drop in. When they do, see if you can hit them with the Bullfrog before they transform. You will get some Stingrays, which are Tesla boats, which are quite fun to play around with. You still need your infantry, since there isn't much for you to with on this level, so make sure as many survive as possible. Tesla Boats are much better on water however, so keep that in mind. Take out all the enemy troops, and your MCV arrives. Unpack, and start building your Refineries, which are your source of income, and get ready to build to the ore mines. Then pump up some defences, which are going to be needed, and build the barracks and the naval yard as requested, and start building a lot of Stingrays, because you will definitely need them. Now, load up your bullfrogs, get more if you need them, and load up on your infantry. Engineers would be best to launch into the generator area, and take down, or destroy, or capture (best) the generators to power down the base. With your Stingrays, take down the defences, and rescue the Dreadnaughts, which are extremely useful in this battle. Now, build up your defences near Zhana's base. Put a lot of Stingrays and base defences near her base and have the Magnetic Satellite ready to rock and roll. You will definitely need it later. Now, destroy the Scout Base for good. Now, with your stingrays and your Dreadnaughts, take down the naval base. Hit the yards and the construction yard, but before you completely destroy the base, move all your dreadnaughts back towards Zhana's base, where all your Stingrays and Magnetic Satellite is ready to go. Take down the naval base, and the Empire will send a ambush force towards Zhana's base. You have so many units there, overwhelming force will easy smash through the mere ambush force. At the naval base, take down the defences guarding the barracks and the engineers and release them from their oppressors. Finish off the naval base, and you get your final orders. Now, move all your Stingrays towards the Admin building. There is so much strength there alone that it would crush anything, but when you start dishing out the damage to the Admin building, a King Oni comes in. With so many stingrays, it is overpowered, so defeat it, and kill the Admin building with overwhelming force. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.04] March of the Red Army Location - Geneva Co-Commander - Oleg Enemy Commander - Lissette Primary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Allied Supply Port 2 - Destroy the Allied Army Base 3 - Destroy the Allied Command HQ 4 - General Krukov's HQ Must Survive Secondary Objectives 1 - Capture the Six Swiss Banks --==Walkthrough==-- It seems that the US has decided to help out and enter the war on the side of the Allies. Ackerman is a staunch Anti-Communist, so you will be facing the Allies for a fair amount of time. The idea is to attack Genava before the US reinforcements arrive. You start on the water, while Oleg is on the ground. You want to build up your base on the water, and defend the outside entrance to your base with the new Tesla coils. That will stop the pesky dolphins. You build up your Stingrays in the water, while you can build a Barracks and War Factory where Oleg's base is, since you can share the area. Lissette will start to send her forces in via the Chronosphere, so that is what your Tesla Coils and Stingrays are for, defence. After that is done, she will send in some quite powerful forces, so some Subs arrive to reinforce your position, and after that you can produce them. Produce them whilst your Stingray attacks and little island with the Hospital. Send the Engineers over and capture them. With a small army of Subs and even more Stingrays, move towards the naval base that Lissette has set up, and destroy them. Use their massive secondary ability when possible, since it will go through ANYTHING. Except Concrete. Take down this base. Meanwhile, build up a small ground force, and take down the Supply Port. Move your Stingrays to land if you need some extra firepower. Capture all the banks for the credits, and build a large force of Hammer Tanks. Use overwhelming force to take down the Spectrum towers. Take down all the enemy base structures and last units, and what will expand the battlefield. Krukov has taken his bittersweet time to arrive, and you get to build V4 rocket launchers, so build them and make them join up with your Hammer Tank force, and reinforce with Stingrays. Use your Subs to take out the new naval base, using the nice Ultra Torps to clear the base. That would make it easier on you while you move your V4s into place. Krukov continues to capture all buildings, you move your V4s into place. Use them to take down the Spectrum Towers since it is better than sending in all your tanks and having reduced to bits of scrap metal. Take down the Towers and the send in your ground force. Nothing too hard about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.05] The Science of War Location - Mykonos Co-Commander - Zhana Enemy Commanders - Giles, Warren Primary Objectives 1 - Expand to the Islands 2 - Capture the Allied Science Facility 3 - Destroy the Allied Naval Base 4 - Hold the Science Facility Secondary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Tech Inhibitor --==Walkthrough==-- Off to the islands, and it appears that the Allies have developed some new superweapon technology, so you decide to go ahead and steal it. This is a fun mission, because you finally get an air force. Build up your base, and this is where you get the Airfield. Build a massive force of Twinblades. Meanwhile, on the sea, build some Subs, and a fair amount of Stingrays, because they will be your ground support. Your workhorse will be the Twinblades. Dreadnaughts, about 4, will be needed as well. Slowly, scout the area with Twinblades. First is the Tech Inhibitor island. Using your Twinblades, scout the area, and then move in your Stingrays and your Dreadnaughts. The main aim is to use your Dreadnaughts to pound all the Anti-Ground and Anti-Air defences, and your Stingrays, along with your Twinblades, wreck total havoc on the ground. Since Twinblades are aircraft and fast, you can use them as a defence force as well. Now, the next thing is to take down Warren's base. Use your Dreadnaughts to bombard the crap out of the island, get a Sputnik ready to deploy, and then use the Twinblades to clear out the island. That will get rid of the enemy base, and build an expansion base there. Build as many airfields as you can. Get your Twinblades, Stingrays and Engineers ready, Head to the Science Facility and capture the Science Facility. Once you capture the Science Facility, Giles will enter the fray and start to send ground and air forces at your Science Facility. You can build Migs, so build the Migs and send them towards your Science Facility. Using all your Migs, take down enemy aircraft, whilst you send in your Twinblades to take down enemy ground forces. Stingrays are there as a backup if the enemy sneaks through the Twinblade onslaught. Build more troops if you need to if you need them to hold the enemy back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.06] No Traitors Tomorrow Location - Von Esling Co-Commander - Oleg Enemy Commanders - Giles, Krukov Primary Objectives 1 - Destroy both Allied Forward Bases 2 - Eliminate Krukov 3 - Destroy the Allied Strategic Base Secondary Objective 1 - Build an Expansion Base --==Walkthrough==-- Another airbase, and don't bother with a strong air force this time, Giles is ready for you. First of all, you need to build a lot of AA defences on the northern beachhead of your island, since the enemy will send in Vindicators from that direction. Build a Crusher as well, you will really need it. Dasha sends in bonus credits. 99999 Credits. Spend as much as you can, build another Crusher to build as much production structures, and spend as much as you possibly can. Build Natasha as well. You will need her. You should be able to spend at least 10000 Credits before Krukov arrives and decides to take all the credits for himself. Now, you will need some Dreadnaughts, and some Twinblades. Twinblades, or Migs if you want, are used to suicide scout into the airbases, while the Dreadnaughts bombard them when they can see. Hit the airfields if you can, since he won't rebuild. Continue to hit both of the airbases, but don't completely destroy them. You need to send Natasha into Krukov's base, and force fire on the defences next to his HQ building. Take them all out, power as well. The defences are the most important, make sure you destroy them. Keep Natasha there, out of range of enemy units, but near Krukov's HQ building. Build Twinblades, and continue to hit the enemy Airbases. Dreadnaughts should be able to take them down, and after you completely destroy both of the airbases, start to build Bullfrogs, you will need them. Now, your Premier reveals that you need to eliminate Krukov, since he was nearly assassinated by him. This is the reason I told you to attack his base with Natasha. Now, with her in range, simply target the HQ to take out the General, and the rest of his forces will join you. Now you get access to the Kirov Airships, which is nice to play with. Now, using your Dreadnaughts and the Bullfrogs as the escorts, attack the enemy Proton Collider and destroy it. AA from Bullfrogs is needed against the Cyrocopters. Move your Dreadnaughts, and all your forces, to attack the enemy base. Watch out for Tanya, so make sure Natasha is ready with her sniper rifle. With Natasha, since there is a land path, use her to move and deal as much damage as you can, whilst your Naval and Air force deal as much damage and wipes out the enemy base. Krukov's Kirovs and your own should be enough to make mince meaet of the enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.07] To Tame a Living God Location - Mount Fuji Co-Commander - Moskvin Enemy Commanders - Shinzo, Naomi, Kenji, Yoshiro Primary Objectives 1 - Create a Diversion 2 - Assassinate the Emperor 3 - Destroy Shinzo's Base 4 - Destroy Naomi's Base 5 - Destroy Kenji's Base 6 - Destroy the Emperor's Palace 7 - Kill the Emperor Secondary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Generators 2 - Rescue the Captured Conscript and Bear --==Walkthrough==-- We start off fighting the battle with a MASSIVE army dropping in on the Emperor's Palace. Out of all the possible troops, the only survivors number to a single Conscript, under your control, and a War Bear. That is the best the Soviet Union has to offer. Move along the path, and create a diversion when ordered to by blowing a nice barrel up. Follow the path to the Emperor and kill him. As you would expect, this is far too easy a mission, and you need to fight not one, not two, not three, but four armies. This is a painful mission. What you need when you start up a base is structures. Don't worry about Moskvin, the Subs that he builds will secure that area, and he has a fair amount of firepower on land. Meanwhile, you need to repair your new Apocalypse Tanks, and even without AA support, they are quite powerful. Although you may sport a massive army, you will need the following. You need a ground force of Apocalypse Tanks and Bullfrogs, which are needed in case the Choppers attack. Twinblades are also extremely useful against base defences. After that, you need to head to Moskvin's base and build some Dreadnaughts to take down some reactors. Now, you need to use your air power to take down their Wave-Force defences, which will crush even your Apoc tanks, which is a mean feat. That is what the Twinblades are for, to take them all down. Meanwhile, when the base defences are down, move in with your ground forces and pound the enemy base. Keep the bullfrogs at the rear, you don't want them destroyed. The problem with attacking the enemy's base is the fact that they will have access to Yuriko, which will demolish all your units with ease. If you see her, make sure you target her, else you will be losing units. Take down Shinzo's base first with your ground and air force, whilst Naomi can be dealt with using Moskvin's Subs and your dreadnaughts, using your Twinblades to attack targets outside the range of the dreadnaughts. That should take care of her, while you have time to repair your Apoc tanks, and reinforce their numbers. Next, it is an uphill battle, so you need the Twinblades to take down the defences, and pounding Kenji's base like no tomorrow with cannons and bullets. That would be the end of it, but guess what, you need to actually take down the Emperor himself. This won't be easy. This is the reason you need the dreadnaughts. Use Moskvin's sub army to take down the naval defences near the new Generators, and use your Dreadnaughts to take them all down. That will shut down the defences for the palace. Now, move your Apoc tanks towards the war heroes, the conscript and bear, and rescue the heroes of the Union. Now, move all your ground and air forces towards the palace, and given that the defences are down, you can easily crush and destroy the enemy base with ease. Now, if you think that was over, the Emperor comes out in a massive Mechanised Walker, not the Shogun Executioner per se, but more along the lines of a massive King Oni. Attack it with everything you have, and given the strength of your forces to destroy 4 bases, the King Oni should be no problem at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.08] The Stone-Faced Witnesses Location - Easter Island Co-Commander - Zhana Enemy Commanders - Bingham, Cherdenko Primary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Allied Emissary and his Escort 2 - Stop the Allied Counter-Offensive 3 - Destroy the Vacuum Imploder Before It Fires 4 - Destroy the Premier's Volcano Fortress Secondary Objectives NONE --==Walkthrough==-- This is a nice place we are going to demolish. Anyway, you will need to build up a nice force to play with, so a Naval Force with Dreadnaughts and some Twinblades, as well as Apoc Tanks with some Bullfrogs to escort your forces. But concentrate on the naval force, and leave the Apocs till last. You will also need some Subs as well. Now, you need to wait for the Emissary to arrive. What you need to do is to have a Magnetic Satellite ready to rock and roll. When you reveal it is all a trap, use the Magnetic Satellite to lift off all the Allied escorts while your own forces, preferably Twinblades, take out the Emissary himself. But that isn't all, after all, you shouldn't trust the Allies not be to safe than sorry. Governor Swann, I mean Bingham reveals himself and there happens to be an Allied base nearby. You need to move your Subs, Bullfrogs and the Dreadnaughts as well as the Twinblades to attack the enemy base. But do not completely destroy the base until you have built up more Dreadnaughts, Twinblades, Bullfrogs, and more importantly, Apocalypse Tanks and V4 Rockets. I generally don't like the V4, but you will need them. When you have built the force as I told you to, destroy the Allied Base. Like the enemy Commanders list tells you, you are going to be fighting Cherdenko, the Premier, and your boss. This is the reason you need the Dreadnaughts and all the forces. The Dreadnaughts, with the Subs and the Bullfrogs need to take out the Vacuum Imploder, else your base is going to be demolished. Now, you need to take down the base. The hard part is that you need to be fighting uphill, which is where your V4s come in. There are too many Mig fighters to use Twinblades effectively without suffering too many casualties, so use your V4s to break the ground defences, and push forwards with your Apoc tanks with Bullfrogs in rear. With access to the base through the front, V4s will be able to wreak havoc whilst you are fending the enemy off with Apocs. That should end this mission. You have defeated the Soviets and the Empire, now the Allies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.09] Blight on the Big Apple Location - New York Co-Commander - Moskvin Enemy Commander - President Ackerman Primary Objectives 1 - Eliminate Fort Bradley's Prospectors 2 - Destroy Fort Bradley 3 - Destroy the Statue of Liberty Secondary Objectives 1 - Eliminate Agent Tanya 2 - Capture the New York Stock Exchange --==Walkthrough==-- Ah, Fort Bradley, the scene of the first Allied mission in Red Alert 2. For some reason, the rest of the US is unable to fight and this is the last Allied stronghold. I would have thought the US would put up a bigger fight than that. Anyway, you start off with a small force, so use your Terror Drones to destroy the Guardian tanks. Use them also to take out all the lingering IFVs and the Prospectors, before we get the chance to take down Fort Bradley. Now, your Kirovs arrive. Use the Tesla Tanks to attack the AA structures, letting your Kirovs to take down the rest of the enemy base. That is the easy part of the mission, soon you will need to face the hard part. That Anti-Communist president will really be hard to beat. Now, you get to build a base, and do what the original Soviets failed to do in the Allies campaign in Red Alert 2, destroy the Statue of Liberty. You build a base, but set up a few Tesla coils to the water entrance to your base since it will be open to enemy invaders, and to the entrance north of your base. Keep a few anti-infantry units around the base, the Allies will use their Century Bombers not to bomb you, but to drop in some paratroops, Peacekeepers and Javelin Soldiers. Natasha and War Bears should be enough to keep them at bay. Now, you need the Superweapon as well as the best Orbital Drop that you can get. Meanwhile, on the island that used to contain Fort Bradley, drop in some troopers to wipe out the defences, and capture the Stock Exchange, which gives 100 credits every few seconds. Keep the troopers there to defend the position. Build a base at the refineries if you want to get some more money, but defend it well. Now, the biggest problem facing you is the Naval base, as well as the Proton Collider. What you should do is to attack and quickly destroy the Naval base, probably with Subs and Dreadnaughts, Twinblades, through you risk the AA boats shooting them down. But what is important is that you need to take down the Naval Base, and you will need the Dreadnaughts, or the Vacuum Imploder ready to go. What you need to do is to sneak to the left side of the island, to destroy all the power plants there. That is important for the mission. Very important that you take down all the power plants, because Ackerman won't rebuild them. Take down the power, and that makes the mission a lot easier. Now, there are a few options up to you. Mass a land force to take over the island. Or you can use your Dreadnaughts or Twinblades to knock it over. Or you can do the symbolic thing and get Natasha to call an air strike on it. It should be easy since there are no defences online, man-cannon her to the statue, and that should be it. Congratulations Premier, you are now in control on the world. Hurray! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.01] Ride of the Red Menace Location - Brighton Beach Co-Commander - Giles Enemy Commander - Krukov Primary Objectives 1 - Eliminate the Soviets in Brighton 2 - Hold Out Against the Invading Soviets 3 - Repel the Soviet Navy 4 - Eliminate the Remaining Soviets Secondary Objectives 1 - Garrison Four Civilian Structures 2 - Capture the Hospital 3 - Repair the Coastal Guns 4 - Train 5 Javelin Soldiers 5 - Train 5 Multigunner IFVs --==Walkthrough==-- You start this mission with Peacekeepers and Attack Dogs, which are the president's favourite, and they are on the heroic level, so they are pretty damn powerful. Keep moving through the city, since there are more Peacekeepers out there. Peacekeepers are pretty much the elite cops for the Allies. Clear out the city of the Russians, taking the civilian structures for some cover if need be. Now, start up your base and train some more peacekeepers. You will need a fair few of them, so put them near the beach. The Soviets will send in some more paratroopers, so use the Peacekeepers to keep the peace. Obviously, the paratroopers are ruining nap time. Anyway, their infantry doesn't work, so Kurkov sends in some better troops in the form of Stingrays. Now you get some explosives in the form of Javelin Troopers, and you can blow those boats to bits and pieces. Put them in the Civilian structures for protection, and capture the Hospital, though you need to clear the troops. With that, capture the Coastal Gun, Giles will take the rest, and start to defend the homeland. Now, you need to put some Javelins next to the coastal guns, with some Peacekeepers for the infantry and they should be able to deal with the threat but you can have some more Javelins in the buildings as a backup. Now, with that done, yous hould be able to take out the threat, but the Dreadnaughts and the Kirovs come in. The Century Bombers take out the enemy Dreadnaughts with easy, but the Kirovs are yours, so use your Javelins. Now, the Multigunner IFVs are available so build as many as possible, and then shove the Javelin troopers inside them in order to make the most of what you have. That should end the Soviets ambition to take down England. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.02] The Shark and the Lure Location - Cannes Co-Commander - Warren Enemy Commander - Moskvin Primary Objectives 1 - Get Spies into the Port Buildings 2 - Save the Allied Leaders 3 - Get Tanya into the Port Authority Building 4 - Sink the Soviet Dreadnaughts 5 - Wipe Out the Soviet Base Secondary Objective 1 - Neutralise the Defences Guarding the Vindicators --==Walkthrough==-- The first part is quite simple, use your Spies and Tanya to take out all the infantry, infiltrate the buildings and get the job done. This is quite easy if you follow the prompts. Knock out the power, that will lower the defences, rescue the airbase and you get 4 Vindicators. These are going to be handy since they can knock down the Tesla coils easily without taking any damage. Keep moving on, with the islands and such, taking out the war bears since they uncover your Spies, whilst Warren gets to work on the leaders. You can easily do this if you take down their power, or infiltrate them, or bomb them to hell. Now, with that part done, you need to do some actual work. You can easily to this with Tanya and your Vindicators, though you should get some armoured units to have a little fight with. Move Tanya to the Dreadnaughts to blow them up, which is simple, and then, attack the enemy's base from the water entrance, which is protected by Tesla Coils. Vindicators will be useful to take them out. Now, build an army of Guardian Tanks and IFVs and that will be needed to attack the front of the base, whilst Tanya will attack from the back. Whilst your armoured units are engaging the enemy units, Tanya will sneak behind and take down the enemy production structures, of course, the Con Yard and the War Factory. Vindicators doing their bombing runs will also be nice to take down and assist your armoured forces. That should finish the mission rather easily. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.03] The Famous Liberation Location - Heidelberg Co-Commander - Lissette Enemy Commander - Oleg Primary Objectives 1 - Escort the MCVs 2 - Destroy the Iron Curtain 3 - Destroy the four Super Reactors 4 - Destroy the Soviet Headquarters Secondary Objectives 1 - Assist Agent Tanya --==Walkthrough==-- Move in your units, the little units that you have, and take down the enemy Twinblades, and using the Hydrofoils, disable the Tesla Coils and take them down. That will actually start the mission. This mission will be done best if you have a large amount of Vindicators. Group them into teams of 4, but if you think you can handle it, groups of 2 will be even better. Now, place some defences around your base, so the enemy's attack will be taken away. Now, get the Vindicators ready to rock and roll. The reason for the Vindicators will be to take out the Super Reactors. They will explode and hit any units near it when it blows, so you want to take them down with air units. Four Vindicators will need to be used to take down AA guns that the enemy has, but they won't take too much damage, and most of the time, they will survive. Soon, Tanya will appear, but she is trapped in the South. Use all your Vindicators to bomb the structures into the ground, and that should be able to save her. Should she come under attack, shove her into a building to let it take some damage whilst you can easily bomb the Soviets into rubble. Now, build a nice Ground Force that will support your air strikes. Unlike wanton Carpet Bombing, this is direct hitting so use the Vindicators to take down all the enemy structures whilst you use the ground forces to take down the enemy AA guns. Soon, all four Superreactors will be nohing but burning rubble. That will disable the defences for the enemy base. Move all your ground forces in and take out the base below the hill. That should finish off the enemy base, so you are clear to take down the Iron Curtain, and then, the HQ. However, Oleg sends in the Apocalypse tanks and that would be some trouble for your ground force. So, use the Cryoshot ability, freeze the enemy, and use the Vindicators to bomb them. Once you take down the advance guard the enemy has, take down the enemy HQ and that should finish this mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.04] Enemy of Our Enemy Location - Gibraltar Co-Commander - Moskvin Enemy Commanders - Kenji, Naomi Primary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Hangars 2 - Recover the Assault Destroyers 3 - Destroy the Imperial Base Secondary Objectives 1 - Eliminate the King Oni 2 - Set Up an Expansion Base in the South West --==Walkthrough==-- It looks like the Soviet and Allies are together. Well, you start off controlling Tanya, the AI takes Natasha and off you go, destroying the Empire's base. There are fair amount of infantry present, but for two women who have Desert Eagles and Sniper Rifles. A deadly combination. Now, there is a King Oni unit somewhere, so take that out as well, but that should be too hard with a laser pointer and a nice air strike that can literally bomb anything. Anyway, move towards the Japanese airbase and level it, destroy the jets there and that will start a chain reaction that will take out most of the other jets. Demolish all of them, and the MCV comes in. Build up a base, and start training more Vindicators. The reason you should use the air force with the Allies a lot is that they have an extremely good air force, and the Empire has an extremely poor AA system. Other than the Jet Tengus and the Strikers VX units, there is no AA for them. Now, its time to rescue the Assault Destroyers. Note that this unit can move onto ground as well, so that makes them a powerful attack unit, but they are quite slow and take time to reload. Use them, as well as the new subs that you have rescued to crush the Japanese base to the south. However, Naomi joins the fray, entering from the South Eastern side of the map, trying to establish a foothold or base as you will call it. Using your Destroyers and the Vindicators, level that to the ground as well as any forces that are there, and remove her from the equation. You still need to level the enemy base that is still there, armed with a fair amount of firepower, enough to defeat the destroyer. Vindicators should be there to take down the enemy ground defences, whilst your Destroyers and the IFVs level the base with relative ease. You might need a bit more than 4 destroyers to level a base through, there are quite a few obstacles that you need to face, in particular, the Chopper VXs, which is why I told you to bring in some IFVs. You can expand to another base as specificed as the objectives says, but that isn't really necessary, just destroy the base with everything you have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.05] The Unfathomable Fortress Location - North Sea Co-Commander - Zhana Enemy Commander - Naomi Primary Objectives 1 - Protect the Salvage Ship 2 - Destroy the First Radar Ship 3 - Destroy the Second Radar Ship 4 - Capture Both Fortress Power Cores Secondary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Generators 2 - Capture the Generators --==Walkthrough==-- We start off protecting a Salvage Ship from Japanese forces, in the form of the Chopper VX, taken down with the Hydrofoil, and the Cruisers as well, best done if you disable the enemy Choppers quickly. Now, the secondary part of this mini mission is to take down the defences. Use your spies to infiltrate and take down the defences, which allows Natasha to destroy the generators, whilst on the second island, take down the defences to capture the generators and that will finish that part, provided both Natasha and Tanya destroy their Radar Ships. Now, we need to take down that massive fortress. It is massive. You need to do this, you can build the Aircraft Carriers, which are best used as a form of advanced defence, as well as your normal naval craft, but the battle will be won from the air. Why? You now have Century Bombers, massive, get lost carpet bombers which literally bomb anything. 4 Bombers can take out ANYTHING. So all you need are a fair amount of base defences, and a whole horde of Century Bombers, I had 16, and managed to carpet bomb the floating fortress into submission. Anyway, use your Century Bombers to bomb down all the enemy defences and production structures, leveling the island over time. You want to start with their navy, since that is the single biggest threat, and once you level that, you can level their base. Of course, Vindicators are good bombers, but since the enemy has clustered their base as such, you need carpet bombing to take down since bombs don't exactly fall at once, rather, several bombs drop in a line. Anyway, Carpet Bomb the enemy base, and that should easily pave the way for your units to move in to mop up the mess. There are defences there around the core, so bomb them into bits and pieces. Just don't destroy the core and it will be alright. Now, that hardest part of this mission is capturing the cores. You need to capture both around the same time, since there is a reset function or something like that in the cores or whatever. Just capture them by placing a engineer next to each of them, then send one in, move to next core, send the place engineer in. Oh, and the reason for getting you to carpet bomb the island into a bloody submission? Well, it is a lot easier than building a massive invasion force, only to lose 75% of the force, and struggle to get the engineers to capture the place. You're choice, bombing or invasion? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.06] A Monument to Madness Location - Black Hills, Mt Rushmore Complex Co-Commander - Warren Enemy Commander- President Ackerman Primary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Comm Tower 2 - Destroy the Rushmore Firebase 3 - Eliminate the President of the United States Secondary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Power Plant 2 - Capture the Jefferson Head Control Centre 3 - Capture the Lincoln Head Control Centre 4 - Capture the Washington Head Control Centre --==Walkthrough==-- Wait, if we are fighting the President, and even though the US Troops are part of the Allies, who the hell is fighting for the president. Given that the US Army is part of the Allied Nations, as seen with Warren here, then who is protecting the president? The National Guard? What? If the US broke off, when why is Warren here to fight his own President? Anyway, we start off this mission with an infiltration mission. Tanya needs to take down everybody, and then send in James Bond, I mean spies, to infiltrate and lower the defences so Tanya can blow them up, and then you can blow everything into smitheereens. That is the easy part, it really isn't hard, but the actual mission itself is. Now, you have a base, but you need to protect it. You need to build the required amount of refineries, and you want to tech up really fast. You want Century Bombers, but that is the last thing you need. You really need Cyrocopters and Spectrum Towers as defence. You need the Cyrocopters and Apollo Fighters, 8 of them, and you need them now. Ackerman will be in his limo, circling the map twice. Now, let him circle the map ONCE, but once he is past the bridge that is just northwest of your base, you need to use the Cyrocopters to freeze his Limo there, using your Apollos to take down the enemy. Keep the Apollos there, the enemy will send them to take down your Cyrocopters. This is necessary for a reason, it will prevent the president from escaping, and you make sure that he cannot send reinforcements. This also makes the mission a hell of a lot easier. Now that the president is taken care of, you need to take down the base. You don't need to worry about the control centres, I prefer the carpet bomb those to death anyway. Now, taking out the enemy base is going to be a complete pain since there are heads with lasers pointing at you, and a large amount of defences. However, if you can sneak either your Century or Vindicator Bombers on the left side, past the refineries, at the back are a large number of Power Plants. Blow them up. Backdoor the enemy base, steal their funds, blow up their refinery, and then, their airbase. That will stop them from having an effective counter to your air force that is still alive. Use Vindicators to target IFV turrets, since the Century Bombers are too slow, while you use the Century to bomb large targets. Now, don't bother with a ground force, it will be literally, hammered by the enemy forces. Use your air force and it will hammer the enemy into the ground after you take down their power. Alternatively, if you want to use a ground force, use Century Bombers to drop down Engineers to capture the control towers, and that will allow your Mirage Tanks, which are a mix of the old RA2 Mirage Tank and the Prism tank, and use them to demolish everything. They are so damn powerful in this game, since they can demolish EVERYTHING except air. Now, after you have eliminated the Rushmore complex, whether you do it through the air force or the ground pounding force, you need to do one more thing, kill the president. Now, since you have him all frozen in his limo by the Cyrocopter, you can kill him any way you want. The most ironic I would find is the wreckage of the enemy's Apollo fighter that you kill hits the president and destroys the limo. Or carpet bomb him. I also like that solution. Or Tanya, his own secret Commando killing the boss. Or a time bomb. However you like, just kill him and finish the mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.07] Forever Sets the Sun Location - Tokyo Co-Commander - Lissette Enemy Commanders - Shinzo, Prince Tatsu Primary Objectives 1 - Hold Out for Soviet Reinforcements 2 - Transport an MCV Across the Harbour 3 - Take Out the Imperial Military 4 - Sink Prince Tatsi's Fleet Secondary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Imperial Blockade. --==Walkthrough==-- This mission requires a fair amount of effort, or if you are like me, just mindless carpet bombing after carpet bombing. Anyway, you start off on an island, and you should build it up, but don't. Just build enough to hold off the enemy, whilst providing support to Lissette, who will need it. Soon, the Japanese superweapon fires, destroying the base, but the MCV somehow manages to survive. This is the point after the Soviets asshats decide not to arrive and save you, and then the superweapon fires, so you start from scratch. Use the Chronosphere to warp YOUR MCV to the part designated on the map, and not Lissette, who will guard the island. Now, there is the hard part. You need to build up a base, but you need to do it quickly and efficiently. Tech up to get the Spectrum Towers to place them at the front of your new base, to stop the enemy from sending in their troops, and some IFV turrets to take down their Chopper VX units. While this is going on, build up an Airbase and train 4 Century Bombers. You need them immediately before the enemy can launch another superweapon attack on your base. That is the first job, out of many, for the Century Bombers. Now, build a few more airbases, and some on Lissette's island as well, and place them full of Century Bombers. It is time to carpet bomb Tokyo. Now, group all your carpet bombers into groups of 4, and set them to first target the civilian structures guarding all the valuable structures the Empire has set up, their designated or elite buildings. Now, carpet bomb the civilian buildings, BUT make sure that after they hit their target, they head back to base, because if they have 1 bomb left, they will circle the area and that isn't a good idea if enemy AA decides to have a visit. Of course, there are three main structures, an elite Dojo, Mecha Bay and Docks. Since you are on the top, use your bombers to hit the Dojo first. You need your bombers to slowly work their way inside. With several group of bombers, you can chip your way in. Don't forget that you bombers can take a fair beating if need be. Soon, after blowing up some of the targets and reducing Tokyo into rubble, the Prince decides to bring in his fleet. To prepare for this nice event, have most of your Century Bombers ready in the air, hovering, fully armed, over a safe area, Chronosphere ready to be used. Now, the Prince will come along with his Cruisers and Battleships, so teleport the Battleships onto land, where they are instantly destroyed. Now for the rest of his fleet, carpet bomb the fleet. Even though you are fighting mobile units, the good thing is that the bombs drop BEFORE they reach the target, so even if the enemy is moving forwards, they are moving forwards to the first few bombs. The next problem are their air units. You need either Hydrofoils which work excellent under these conditions, or Apollo fighters to take them down, but make sure you protect them, lest they be wasted to a couple of AA units. Now, with that fleet gone, you are easily able to take down the rest of Tokyo and the Imperial Military. If you want to do is another method, instead of blatant carpet bombing, you can build up a force of Athena Cannons and Mirage Tanks, coupled in with some IFV units. Now, the Mirage Tanks are going to be the frontline units, killing everything in their path, while the Athena Cannons take down the base defence structures, such as their Wave-Force Artillery, their Towers and such. The Athena Cannons will be behind the Mirage Tanks, but out of range of the defences, hopefully. Take them down and move on. Let the Mirage Tanks handle whatever they can possible handle, because this will level them up, removing the need to head back to base for repairs. Vindicators will also be useful for tactical strikes. Shame for not using carpet bombing. All in all, the most important target after you get your new base is the Superweapon, then the rest of the mission. After all, you don't want your new base to be destroyed as well, do you? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.08] The Great Bear Trap Location - Havana Co-Commander - Giles Enemy Commander - Oleg Primary Objective 1 - Investigate Havana for Soviet Activity 2 - Locate a Soviet Base 3 - Destroy the Soviet Base 4 - Destroy the Kirov Launch Facilities 5 - Do Not Let a Kirov Leave Havana Secondary Objective 1 - Recruit a Force of 10 Soviets --==Walkthrough==-- Now, this is an interesting start. You need to start to bribe the enemy forces. Of interest are the Apocalypse Tanks and the Engineers. You should bribe them. Capture the buildings at the Soviet Base and then decide to sell them, destroying the rest with the Apoc tanks. Now that puts things into perspective. Now, Oleg reveals all the Kirovs, and I find it rather interesting that he has hidden them all under sporting grounds. Now that you have a new base, build up, and protect your base with Spectrum Towers and IFV Turrets. Now, build up some Century Bombers. Since the Kirovs are going away, Giles will be building a MASSIVE fleet of Hydrofoils, so build some defence at his base, or have some units that can take down Subs and Dreadnaughts, probably a few Carriers, at his base to prevent the enemy from destroying him. He will target all Kirovs once they head off land and above water. However, just to be sure, have 8 Apollo ready to rock and roll, as insurance. Now, there are several launch facilties. The ones that are closest to you, the one at the pool and soccer/football stadium are the easiest targets since they are not heavily armed, so Mirage Tanks can crush the defences, making way for the Bombers to bomb them. The little island that is south of your position is a good target as well, since there is little AA there. There is a Soviet Base south of your position, on the water, so bomb it and take control of the money there, and the real estate, for more Bombers to do their stuff. More Mirage Tanks will be needed as well, as you clear all the other launch sites, slowly but surely, with Mirages advancing and the Bombers taking them out with ground cover. Now, the facility inside the Soviet base is a little harder. You might want to bring along some Athena Cannons to attack, since there is no room for Carpet Bombing, given that the Soviets, unlike the Empire, actually have some decent AA to face. Now, attack the base, place a few time bombs inside the base, well next to the Superreactor, and wait for it to blow. If you can Chronosphere the Mirage Tanks next to the launch facility for a little backdoor surprise to the Soviets. Take out the final launch facilities, and you should win, as long as Giles is able to hold up to his end of the deal which is to stop all the Kirovs leaving the island. Too bad there isn't any nuclear missile to blow up the US this time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.09] The Moon Shall Never Have Them Location - Leningrad Co-Commander - Warren Enemy Commanders - Krukov, Cherdenko Primary Objectives 1 - Unpack MCV 1 at Chrono Drop Zone 1 2 - Unpack MCV 2 at Chrono Drop Zone 2 3 - Destroy all Seven Iron Curtains 4 - Destroy the Leningrad Fortress Secondary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Vacuum Imploder --==Walkthrough==-- The last of the Allied missions, and it isn't easy, with a time limit to play with, so you don't have time to do whatever you want. Now, you have a limited amount of time to get down 8 structures, so you really need the Century Bombers now. Clear up the area with Mirage Tanks and deploy your MCV. You really need to tech up fast to the Vacuum Imploder and the Chronosphere so you can teleport your forces next to the enemy Iron Curtains fast. But that makes it sound so simple, when it isn't. Now, one of the prime targets are the Airfields next to one of the Iron Curtains, which requires you to have either Mirage Tanks chrono next to them to destroy them, or Superweapon them. The reason is that they will spawn more and more Twinblades, which are a pain and quite deadly against your Mirage Tanks. The other reason for the Chronosphere is that Krukov will deploy the Vacuum Imploder, which requires you to get rid of it before it gets rid of you. Send in the Mirage Tanks, even if on a suicide mission, to get rid of the Vacuum Imploder and the Iron Curtain, since Krukov builds it there. All you need to do is to have some ground forces to take down the AA defences, and call in an air strike. Superweapons and Time Bombs are going to be handy. A Level 3 Time Bomb will do some serious damage, and then you can send in a few units to get rid of it. Rinse and repeat. Of course, there is going to be a lot of enemy units that want you dead, so make sure that you don't die. If you act fast, you will need to assist Warren take down the enemy Iron Curtains on his side. Weaken the defences, send in some units to mop up the rest. Once the Curtains are complete, you can use the Bombers to zoom over and give that HQ a nice whack, and demolish it. And with that, the Allied Campaign is over. A new president, lets just say a famous singer on the non-existant Berlin Wall. And Eva and Tanya want you. Man, aren't you famous. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.01] The Death of Father Frost Location - Vorkuta Co-Commander - Shinzo Enemy Commander - Oleg Primary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Reactors 2 - Destroy the Statues Around the Square 3 - Bring Down the Tesla Coils 4 - Destroy the Soviet Navy at the Harbour Secondary Objectives 1 - Destroy all the Barracks 2 - Capture the Hospital --==Walkthrough==-- Looks like another training mission for the Empire this time round. You get the Sudden Transport, which is like the vehicle version of the Spy. You disguise it as another vehicle, and sneak it into another base. Use it to kill the enemy guards in the west, and then destroy the Reactor. You get to use the Final Squadron power to destroy the next reactor. And that is the first part done. More units arrive as reinforcements, so plow forwards, using the civilian structures to cover your units to ensure they don't take damage because there isn't a way to get more units. Capture the Hospital when you can, that will make all your units regain their health, which would be more than useful. Just keep moving on, taking down the Reactors with your Tankbusters, falling back when you start to take some heavy damage, which would be a problem. Pull them out, and wait, move back in and take down the reactors, using your support powers when they are reacy and be reused. After taking down all the reactors, you are ready to go and sink the Soviet Navy. It is rather lax, having all those Dreadnaughts there, not even trying to escape. I mean, people in Russia drink Vodka like water, but not on this level. Clean up the Dreadnaughts whilst they are sleeping at their port and finish this intro mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.02] To Conquer Shattered Spirits Location - Stalingrad Co-Commander - Kenji Enemy Commander - Zhana Primary Objectives 1 - Establish a Base 2 - Destroy the Mother Russia Statue 3 - Defend the Transports Secondary Objectives 1 - Destroy All Soviet Monuments --==Walkthrough==-- Move your units through the river passage using what units you have to defend them to set up a base which we will need. Your Mecha Tengus are best against enemy infantry, so use them well. They can transform, Transformer style into a better Sky Tengu unit which is designed for air battles and air battles only. Deploy the MCV and set up a base. Get your Mecha Bay ready, making Tengus and Tsunami Tanks. You need a nice balance of them, and make sure that all units are protected from ground and air. Move a few of your units to all the statues and destroy them, making sure that there are no survivors. Move quickly and destroy them all, before moving in with Tsunami tanks and blowing up Zhana's base. Leave a single structure standing, and start building a base where her old base was, building a lot of Tsunami Tanks and Mecha Tengus because you will need them. Now, the whole point of the mission was to transport some cargo to another city, so when Zhana sends the entire Soviet army at you, you need to hold them off as long as you can. The Tsunami Tanks, en mass, will be able to inflict some pain on them. All you need to do is to provide enough cover so hold them off as long as you can, so the cargo can get through. The cargo is important indeed... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.03] Behold the Mighty Saint of Swords Location - Odessa Co-Commander - Kenji Enemy Commanders - Moskvin, Krukov Primary Objectives 1 - Escort the Transports 2 - Destroy the Artillery Bases 3 - Destroy the Soviet Bases Secondary Bases 1 - Destroy the Landmarks --==Walkthrough==-- All you need to do throughout the first part of the mission is to escort the transport ships. You need to make sure that the enemy, in the form of Subs and Stingrays don't destroy your transport column. With the Chopper VX units, this shouldn't be too hard if you make sure that the Chopper units move ahead of the column to take out the threats before they will be able to even touch your transports. When your transports are finished assembling their masterpiece, you will get to play with the Shogun Executioner. This is a massive mech that will demolish any ground or naval unit with extreme easy, demolishing the most powerful of units with a single stroke. However, the doesn't have any air support, they should install stuff like lasers into the eyes or something, that would be totally awesome. Now, use the massive Shogun Executioner to attack everything, but you want to target the Artillery Bases first, since they can do a fair amount of damage. When you head near a Tesla Coil, make sure it doesn't attack it. Why? Because the best way to heal this machine is using Tesla power. So the Soviets are actually helping you with so many Tesla Coils. Move through the city, taking down the Artillery Bases since that can wound the Executioner quite easily, while your ally takes down any enemy air threat because the Executioner doesn't fight air. This is such a simple mission, all you need to do is to march the Executioner through the city, let him do all the work with the massive tri-sword and the Tesla Shockwave attack that he has as a secondary ability. When entering the enemy base, unlike conventional forces who require you to demolish defences, this guy just walks all over them, which makes it a lot easier than destroying them. Destroy Moskvin's base, then move onto Krukov. If only I could step on his house. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.04] Graveyard of a Foolish Fleet Location - Pearl Harbour Co-Commander - Naomi Enemy Commanders - Warren Primary Objectives 1 - Defend Pearl Harbour 2 - Destroy the Allies' Assault Base Secondary Objectives 1 - Capture the Long Range Radar Towers 2 - Defend the Long Range Radar Towers --==Walkthrough==-- Wow, this is interesting, the Japanese control Pearl Harbour, and the US is launching a surprise attack. Anyway, we need to defend all the strategic targets here, and at least three must survive, or you fail the mission. The problem with the Allied assault is that you have very little time to build up defences. You can deploy your towers that you possess in the beginning, but that isn't going to be enough. You need to build some Tsunami Tanks and Mini Subs as many as you can, and use them to protect the two structures on the left side. You also need to build a fair amount of Jet Tengus. The enemy sends a fair amount of Riptide ACVs, Dolphins and Century Bombers at your structures, so let the Tengus take down the Century Bombers, the Tanks and the Subs to take down the ACVs and the Dolphins. After a while, the reinforcement of Naginata Cruisers will arrive, and you can build them, so build as many as you can, and use them to hold off the enemy. Remember, the best thing about the Empire is that their navy is so damn powerful. Hold the ground, and then wait for the Shogun Battleships to arrive. They will arrive, with more Cruisers and that should be more than enough to make sure that the surprise that Warren decided to send doesn't make it past the memorials. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.05] Assault on the Black Tortoise Location - Pacific Ocean Co-Commander - Naomi Enemy Commander - Giles Primary Objectives 1 - Stop the Allied MCVs 2 - Repair the Fortress Power Cores 3 - Protect the Fortress Power Cores 4 - Destroy the Allied Assault Fortress Secondary Objectives 1 - Escort the Engineers to the Power Core in 3 Minutes --==Walkthrough==-- Now, you start off this mission with the Rocket Angels, and you will use them to paralyse the MCVs while the rest of your forces get their lasers and zap the crap out of the defenseless MCVs, which will piss Giles off for attacking defenseless MCVs, and he will send in some troops to defend them, which you should destroy as well. Make sure none pass, and move on. Now, you need to move your Rocket Angels to attack the fortress, and move your engineers. Send the engineers straight away whilst your Angels will attack the enemy ACVs whilst you can make the Sea Wings into Sky Wings and attack infantry with it. Quickly capture the cores, and you start to build a base. You need more and more Rocket Angels, so level up and train some. Build up a nice navy, with Cruisers and Battleships, covered in the sky with Rocket Angels. One by one, just move your army towards Giles' bases and taken them down. Use the Rocket Angels top defend against air, the Battleships to bombard the bases and the Cruisers to take down close-ranged threats, since the Battleships aren't very good at all when they are in close range. That shouldn't be too hard, because even though there are three bases, they aren't very strong bases. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.06] Rage of the Black Tortoise Location - Santa Monica Co-Commander - Naomi Enemy Commander - Tanya!?! Priary Objectives 1 - Clear a Landing Zone 2 - Capture the Media Centres Secondary Objectives 1 - Capture the International Airport 2 - Destroy the Observatory Cannon 3 - Destroy the Amusements --==Walkthrough==-- Now, you have a floating fortress next to land, and you get the nice cannon on it. It will clear the landing zone for you, just take out the Athena Cannons and you will have some room to play with. Build up a base, but you don't really need a navy on this level, the enemy will be on land for the better part, and Naomi will cover the sea for you. First of all, get 3 Striker VX units, transform them into Choppers, and have them turn back into Striker units on the runway of the International Airport. Here, you need to move the Strikers to take down the Apollos that are hovering there whilst they are in Striker form. After the Apollos are down, get back into Chopper form, and send in an Engineer to capture it. Use a Sudden Transport if necessary. Now, get either the Balloon Bombs or the Final Squadron and use them twice to take out the Observatory, which you want out if you don't want your ground forces taking heavy damage. Next, train some Wave-Force Artillery units, and some Tsunami Tanks and some Striker VX units to cover your Artillery whilst they start to move towards the Amusements. Destroy them, and show the Emperor that the amusement at Santa Monica is nothing compared to Disneyland Tokyo. With the Bonus Objectives complete, you need to concentrate on the enemy. The Media Centre that is north of the International Airport is a rallying zone for enemy units trying to enter your base, so the best method is to build some defences to fend them off whilst you take down the enemy. Move towards the enemy base just north of your base, and destroy it. The real problem here aren't the bases, it is the Athena Cannon since it will destroy your Escorts, so train some Rocket Angels and they can take care of them, whilst your own Wave-Force Artillery provides some support. Move towards the main Allied base, and take it down, getting more units to reinforce your attack group. The main Allied base is quite hard to defeat so you might need to bring in some support powers, and get your ally to help since this isn't going to be an easy mission. After the main base is down, send in the Chopper VX units to scout the area for any Allied Survivors before you send in your engineers to capture the media centres. As a little side note, just North of your base is the EA LA centre. That is, that is the Los Angeles studio for Electronic Arts. It is there that this game was produced, so keep that in mind. Note that they have a pirate flag over them, or whatever it is. So in that case, you can either keep it there, or just blow it up, like I did. Not out of spite, but hey, I like demolishing all the buildings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.07] Barbarians at the Bay Location - Yokohama Co-Commander - Shinzo Enemy Commanders - Krukov, Lissette Primary Objectives 1 - Retake the Forward Bases 2 - Hold Out for Reinforcements 3 - Destroy the Allied Relay Stations Secondary Objectives 1 - Capture the Nanoswarm Hives 2 - Destroy the Soviet Forces --==Walkthrough==-- This missions starts off demonstrating the power of Yuriko. Move ahead and clear the path to the bases with Yuriko, slowly retreating backwards if she takes too much damage, and once you get to the base, use the Psionic Blast to take out all the infantry and hold them off. Take back the base, and start building up a fleet of Battleships, Cruisers and Rocket Angels. Now, this is the problem, the Soviets actually turn up, and General Krukov decides to bring in his best Dreadnaughts. Sink them with your Rocket Angels and the Battleships, and clear out the rest of the Dreadnaughts. Now, build up your support powers, using the Final Squadron to take out the power in the enemy base. Your Battleships are necessary here, you need the long range to take them out. On the west side of their island is a small Allied base, so take it out. In the two inlets, there are Soviet structures there, so take them out before they can churn out any units. Now, use the Rocket Angels to scout the enemy base. Use them as spotters for your Battleships, so they can take out the enemy. When the defences are clear, send in Yuriko and let her demolish all the enemy buildings. Don't forget, she can take down air units as well, she can take down anything, even buildings with relative ease. If you are trouble with the timer, use your Nanoswarm ability on the relay stations to freeze the timer, which will give you that much more time, which you really will need in this mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.08] Crumble, Kremlin, Crumble Location - Moscow Co-Commander - Kenji Enemy Commanders - Krukov, Cherdenko Primary Objectives 1 - Await the Shogun Executioner 2 - Destroy All Soviet Forces and the Kremlin 3 - The Shogun Executioner Must Survive 4 - Destroy the Time Machine Secondary Objectives 1 - Capture the Soviet VIP Bunkers --==Walkthrough==-- Deploy your defences, and get ready. Your enemies will arrive from the west entrance, via the road, so that is where you want to deploy your Wave Force Cannon. Set them up, and hold on for the Executioner. You need to have your Superweapons, the Psionic Dominator ready to go, as well as a fleet of Jet Tengus ready to rock and roll. When the Executioner arrives, you can capture the buildings on that little island next to the Executioner. The VIP bunkers are there, and when you capture them, you control the local Soviet buildings, which you can sell. Or you can just kill them, doesn't matter anyway. Move the Executioner along, destroying anything that is in his path. How hard can that be, just demolishing everything. Now, just demolish everything, and move towards the Kremlin, but make sure that everything is demolished. And ensure that your Tengus are covering for air support, the easiest way for the Executioner to die is to get killed off by Twinblades. Don't worry about the ground defences, the Executioner has get that under control... Move towards the Kremlin, and you will see the airbases there. Those really need to be destroyed, so fire your Superweapon on it, as well as all the offensive support powers that you have in the way of Final Squadron and the Balloon Bomb abilities. After the airfield is down, move the Executioner slowly towards the Kremlin, but don't take it down yet, take down EVERYTHING ELSE, except the Kremlin, and you need to move your Jet Tengus into place. Now, destroy the Kremlin, get the Tengus into place. As the Soviets try to escape with the Time Machine on a Twinblade, shoot it down, and end this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.09] The Last Red Blossom Trembled Location - Amsterdam Co-Commander - Shinzo Enemy Commanders - Bingham, Zelinsky Primary Objectives 1 - Destroy the Allied Advance Base 2 - Destroy the Allied Air Base 3 - Destroy the Final Allied Base 4 - Destroy the FutureTech HQ Secondary Objectives 1 - Neutralise the Proton Colliders --==Walkthrough==-- This is the final mission, so start off using Yuriko to take out the Advance Base, which is quite easy, and start building up a base. Use Yuriko to defend against the Vindicators and the Century Bombers the Allies will send at you, since she can take down all aircraft in a single shot. Now, you need to build up some Striker VX units, King Onis and Wave-Force Artillery on this map, and invest in the Final Squadron abilities. You really need those. Now, when the Proton Colliders come online, use the Final Squadron ability to hit the reactor that is targetable on the map next to the Collider, and that will disable it. Disable both of them. Meanwhile, let Shinzo build up a fleet that will aid you. To attack the Allied Air Base, you need King Onis to take most of the damage, Wave-Force Cannons to do the damage and some Striker VX units for AA. You might need to bring Yuriko, because the biggest problem here are the damn Athena Cannons that the enemy will be using. While you build up your force, get the Psionic Dominator, because that will be needed. Now, with you have about 6 King Onis, 6 Strikers and 4 Wave Force Artillery units, target the air base. Bring Yuriko if things get grim, and keep building those units to reinforce your assault group. You will, slowly, take down the defences, and that leaves the enemy air base. That isn't hard. When you have taken out the air base, Sea Wings, Tengus and VX units can all transform into their aerial forms. Now, when the Superweapon is ready, target the reactor farm. The reactor farm is directly north of your base, at the very top of the map. There are about 15 reactors there, so target them all and blow as many up as you can, because that will disable the defences of the Allies. If you can, blow them up before you hit the Air base to make your life a whole lot easier. Proceed forwards, with your Onis and your Artillery, and destroy everything that is in your path. Without power, the final Allied Base is quite easy to take out, but once you start moving to the FutureTech HQ, things take a little dive. Zelinsky arrives, using the Orbital Dump to destroy all of Amsterdam, as well as your base. Dammit. He has set up shop near the HQ with an Iron Cannon and some heavy firepower. With your Rocket Angels and your Support Powers, take down the enemy. Your King Oni is a prime target to take the damage should the enemy attack. Tengus take down infantry, Oni takes down building and Angels take down anything that moves. After destroy the enemy and the Iron Curtain, destroy the HQ, and finish the last of the campaign missions. If you have played them in order, you have now finished all the missions, all 27 of them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.01] Airfield As an overview, the Soviets have their building method there they need to be placed before they can be built. That is, their construction takes place on the battlefield, which is a major disadvantage. However, their power on the ground is excellent. Cost - 1000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 10 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Super Reactor The airfield is necessary to produce the most dangerous weapon, the Kirov Airship. They also produce Twinblades, and they will only have room for four MiG Fighters, since they will be needed to rearm when they run out of ammo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.02] Barracks Cost - 500 Credits Power Required - 25 Building Time - 10 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - None The Barracks is going to be an important structure early on in the game since it does produce infantry which are nice counters to spam, but later on, unless you can use Natasha well, it is worthless. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.03] Battle Bunker Cost - 500 Credits Power Required - 0 Building Time - 10 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - Combat Engineer A Battle Bunker is the secondary ability that your Engineer can produce, which will produce a bunker that can be used by up to 5 infantry units which can be the make or break early on with your Flak Troopers. Have them sit inside, pound the enemy, and when the bunker falls, they are on full health, ready to fight still. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.04] Battle Lab Cost - 3000 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 60 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Super Reactor This isn't a very useful building, and is expensive, but the thing is, it is needed for a lot of buildings and units. It is important that you build this to tech up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.05] Construction Yard Cost - 5000 Credits Power Supplied - 50 Building Time - 60 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - MCV Deployment This is the most important building for the Soviets, since it is the one that produces other buildings. It can redeploy into an MCV when you are in some trouble. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.06] Crusher Crane Cost - 1500 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - None This is the Crane, from Tiberium Wars, which allows you to build extra structures from the Crane. It can build almost everything, except itself of course. Also, it will repair vehicles with its drones when they are within the radius of repair and to top it off, it can remove your existing units and crush them into credits. No one wants a Hammer Tank when you can have the Apocalypse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.07] Naval Yard Cost - 1000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Yes (Only Water) Requires - Ore Refinery The Naval Yard plays an important role in this game, more than Red Alert 2 since a lot of the battles are going to be played on the water than the ground. This is needed for a lot of battles, so you want this early. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.08] Ore Refinery Cost - 2000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Reactor Well, build them next to the designated nodes. This is changed from the previous games. You need to head to an ore mine, which is indicated on the map and place them where the game suggests that you place them. A tutorial is there for this. You get a free Ore Collector as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.09] Outpost Cost - 1200 Credits Power Required - 0 Building Time - 5 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Sputnik This is an outpost that allows you to have a build radius around the area which it is deployed. Useful, but without defences, make sure you have some defences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.10] Reactor Cost - 800 Credits Power Supplied - 100 Building Time - 10 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Construction Yard The Power Plant, necessary for production. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.11] Super Reactor Cost - 2000 Credits Power Supplied - 500 Building Time - 30 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Ore Refinery This might be more bang for your buck, but there is a problem for this to go up. If it blows up, it will create a big explosing for the area around the reactor, which isn't nice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.12] War Factory Cost - 2000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - Ore Refinery The most important building for the Soviets, it is important because it makes all the tanks, for which without, the Soviets won't survive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.01] Flak Cannon Cost - 800 Credits Power Required - 25 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Reactor The AA gun for the Soviets, this is important against the Allies because they have a fairly big air force, and they are the traditional allies, aren't they? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.02] Fortress Wall Cost - 10 Credits per Segment Power Required - 0 Building Time - 5 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - None Walls are back, and back to prevent the Engineer rushes. Walls are important early on to protect your structures, and now, Ore Nodes because all that needs to be protected is the area around the node and refinery. Good against enemy spies as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.03] Iron Curtain Cost - 3000 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 30 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Super Reactor Again, the Iron Curtain is back, and it protects your armour, whilst killing enemy infantry. Of course, it will be listed below in the support powers section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.04] Sentry Gun Cost - 800 Credits Power Required - 25 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Reactor The Sentry Gun is back, and back in its anti-infantry role, even though it is used against all ground units, it is best against enemy infantry. Wait for the Tesla Coil for the heavy firepower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.05] Tesla Coil Cost - 1500 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 30 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Super Reactor This is an important piece of concrete since it is the building that literally demolishes all the units on ground and sea. Use it wisely, but make sure that it has enough power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.06] Vacuum Imploder Cost - 5000 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 30 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Battle Lab The Superweapon, and the first C&C game without the infamous Nuke, since Einstein was removed, permanently. Again, it is listed below as a support power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.01] Combat Engineer Cost - 500 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Purpose - Battle Bunker Purpose - Captures Building Requires - Barracks Movement on Water - Yes The Combat Engineer is different from the other Engineers, since he does on water as well, as well as being armed with a pistol. Of course, he can take over buildings, but that is obvious. His secondary ability is useful, since it produces a 5 man bunker for the price of 500 credits, which is nice at the start where you can place your troops. Even though he has a pistol, he isn't armed with a Rocket Launcher or an assault rifle, so be careful and protect him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.02] Conscript Cost - 100 Credits Building Time - 4 Seconds Secondary Ability - Molotov Cocktails / Assault Rifle Purpose - Anti-Infantry Requires - Barracks Movement on Water - No The Conscript is back, and again, he is the cheap trained peasant who traded a pitchfork for a gun. They are essentially, cannon fodder for the Soviet Troops. His secondary ability is the molotov cocktail, which is effective against enemy vehicles and buildings, and can clear garrisoned structures with his molotovs. Used in large numbers to be remotely effective. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.03] Flak Trooper Cost - 300 Credits Building Time - 5 Seconds Secondary Ability - Magnetic Mine / Flak Cannon Purpose - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air Requires - Barracks Movement on Water - No Another old RA2 unit. The Flak Troopers, dug out from the gulags, are armed with a massive, f off gun and they are actually decent against enemy vehicles and air units. Their secondary ability is the magnetic mine. If an enemy vehicle were to run over the mine, they would be taking a heap of damage as a result. It is a mine. Lucky this isn't BF2, else it would be anything that dies. Imagine the horror of a player who sends 100 Apocalypse Tanks, only to have them destroyed while moving over terrain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.04] Natasha Cost - 2000 Credits Building Time - 30 Seconds Secondary Ability - Pilot Snipe Purpose - Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Requires - Battle Lab Movement on Water - Yes The Commando unit for the Soviets, she is armed with a sniper rifle as well as a laser guider. The sniper rifle allows her to take down infantry from a decent range, and the laser finder allows her to acquire targets for an air strike that will automatically demolish the target. She can also swim and target on water. Her sniper rifle will kill all infantry in a single shot, but she is infantry though, and so are enemy commandos. Her secondary ability is the Pilot Snipe, where she can target any naval or ground vehicle and take out the crew of the vehicle, until it is recaptured by any infantry, bar animals, and it will be under the control of the owner of the infantry. It is like the Jarmen Kell ability from Generals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.05] Tesla Trooper Cost - 750 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - EM Disruptors / Tesla Coilguns Purpose - Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle Requires - Super Reactor Movement on Water - No The Tesla Trooper is back, and with his power with Tesla is back, though he can't seem to charge the Coils anymore. Anyway, his electric guns will kill most infantry in a single shot, except the heavy infantry. He is also quite powerful against enemy vehicles, basically making him a stronger Flak Trooper, except he can't target air units at all. His secondary ability, besides forcing units to pay their electric bill, will disable himself, as well as all enemy vehicles that are nearby, since they are EM disruptors, which target electronics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.06] War Bear Cost - 225 Credits Building Time - 2 Seconds Secondary Ability - Amplified Roar Purpose - Anti-Infantry Requires - Barracks Movement on Water - Yes The best scout there is, a massive bear. He is the natural enemy of infantry since all infantry suffer the one hit kill from him. The best thing is that he can kill enemy spies in a single shot, which is quite handy against the Allies. He also loves Engineers as well. The secondary ability is a roar ability. After using this, nearby infantry will be too stunned to move, which allows the bear to kill them off quite quickly without having the enemy fight back. Best early on, when there are actually infantry to fight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.01] Apocalypse Tank Cost - 2000 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Magnetic Grapple / Main Guns Purpose - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Requires - Battle Lab Movement on Water - No The Apocalypse Tank is back, but this time, a little nerfed compared with their RA2 counterparts, where they had some AA rockets to fire. Now, without their AA fire, they are more vulnerable to enemy bomber strikes. Several air units will be total phobias for any Apoc rusher. The secondary ability is quite interesting. The grapple will launch a harpoon which grabs the targeted vehicle, which will push the target into the grinders at the base of the Apoc Tank. With buildings, the Apoc tank will drag itself to the building and slowly grind the building into dust. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.02] Bullfrog Cost - 900 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Eject Passengers Purpose - Anti-Air, Transport Requires - Naval Yard, War Factory Movement on Water - Yes Bullfrog is here for you! Anyway, this is the AA vehicle for the Soviets, and it is quite powerful. It is similar to the Flak Truck, it can transport units and take down air units. However, it can travel on water as well. The Ejection technique for the Bullfrog is the Man Cannon. Basically, it allows you to target an area, and you will fire all the passengers from the truck to the target area, via the man-cannon, and they will launch their chutes. Reminder that when infantry are in parachutes, they will still be able to be hit by AA fire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.03] Hammer Tank Cost - 1000 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Leech Beam / Main Guns Purpose - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Requires - Super Reactor Movement on Water - No The Hammer Tank is one massive tank, and the strongest of the basic tanks available to all factions. It is quite powerful on the ground, but cannot take down infantry at all, and requires a bit of research before you can build it. The secondary ability is quite useful as well. It basically leeches the health and weapons from a target. When the target is destroyed while the Hammer Tank is leeching it, the Hammer Tank gets an extra weapon to play with, sort of like the GLA vehicles, salvaging parts off vehicles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.04] MCV Cost - 5000 Credits Building Time - 60 Seconds Secondary Ability - Unpack Purpose - Support Requires - Naval Yard, War Factory Movement on Water - Yes The MCV is the Mobile Construction Vehicle, it whilst it is expensive, it does give you something to fall back on if you lose your original one. The secondary ability is to unpack into the MCV building, which isn't really an important one at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.05] Ore Collector Cost - 1400 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Reactive Armour / Cargo Bay Purpose - Resource Gatherer Requires - Ore Refinery, Naval Yard, War Factory Movement on Water - Yes The Ore Collector, as you can guess, will collect ore. Nothing special. The secondary ability is giving them the ability to have powerful armour. It will increase their defence by 400%, which means they will only take a quarter of the damage that they will normally take. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.06] Sickle Cost - 900 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Flea Jump Purpose - Anti-Infantry Requires - War Factory Movement on Water - No The Sickle is the basic vehicle for the Soviets, and it is basically armed with a machine gun, making it very effective against enemy infantry and sometimes, light vehicles, if used in packs. The secondary ability will allow for the Sickle to jump into the air, and land on a target location, and will damage all units that happen to be, unfortunately, at the current location at that time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.07] Sputnik Cost - 1200 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Unpack Purpose - Base Expansion Requires - Naval Yard, War Factory Movement on Water - Yes It is basically a base expander, which allows you to build in another location which is a place of your choice. The secondary ability is to unpack into another location into an Outpost. It isn't anything special though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.08] Terror Drone Cost - 600 Credits Building Time - 5 Seconds Secondary Ability - Electro-Statis Ray / Dismantler Claws Purpose - Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle Requires - War Factory Movement on Water - No The Terror Drone is back, and better than ever. Again, it can dismantle infantry with ease, and infect vehicles, destroying the vehicle and surviving unless it is removed via the repair drones or repair vehicles. Best for use against enemy Harvesters, since they are normally far away from the action or repairs, and they are expensive to replace. Their secondary ability is a nice ability that will prevent a vehicle from moving as long as the ray is firing on them. Not very effective, but it can give some time for a V4 to take down the enemy vehicle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.09] V4 Rocket Launcher Cost - 1200 Credits Building Time - 15 Seconds Secondary Ability - Multi-Warheads / Precision Warheads Purpose - Anti-Structure Requires - Battle Lab Movement on Water - No The V4 is the next edition of the V3, and the Artillery Weapon to boot. The problem with it is, it isn't very good against moving units, but great against enemy bases since they don't tend to move ... much. Unlike RA2, their rockets don't get taken down. Their secondary ability are multi-warheads. The precision warheads are the single shot warheads, with deadly accurate co-ordinates when they are launched. The Multi Warheads are ones that target an area, that is, they hit an area, not a specific square acre of land. Though the warheads that are used in the Multi-Warheads are a tad weaker. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [9.01] Akula Sub Cost - 1800 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Ultratorpedoes Purpose - Anti-Ship Requires - Super Reactor Movement on Water - Water Only The Sub is one of the most powerful naval units in the game that isn't an artillery unit. They are powerful with their torpedoes, and can give the Empire of the Rising Sun naval units a run for their money. Their Ultratorpedoes are the most powerful things ever. They will fire from a straight line from the Sub, and they fire in a straight line, passing through anything they encounter, whilst dealing MASSIVE amounts of damage on those targets, but they will hit friendly units, so be careful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [9.02] Dreadnaught Cost - 2000 Credits Building Time - 30 Seconds Secondary Ability - Sacrifice Launchers / Safe Mode Purpose - Anti-Structure Requires - Battle Lab Movement on Water - Water Only The Dreadnaught is the naval artillery weapon, since it is best against stationary targets. It will dish out the damage, and the rockets, just like that of the V4's, cannot be shot down at all. Of course, they can take down enemy units, but they need to be stationary, and they need a fair bit of range, since they do have a minimum range as well. Also, they have a Sacrifice Launcher mode, in which they fire their same rockets, but faster, but they will damage the missile launcher and that would slowly drain the health of the Dreadnaught, but increase rate of fire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [9.03] Stingray Cost - 1000 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Tesla Surge Purpose - Anti-Ship, Anti-Infantry Requires - Naval Yard Movement on Water - Yes The Stingray is a naval ship that is good against enemy ships and infantry. It can travel on land, but they will be much slower, and without their secondary ability, but they are good against infantry, and vehicles and structures if used en masse. The secondary ability is the Tesla Surge. It requires you to be in the water for this to work. What it does is damage all nearby units, even more if they are infantry or weak naval units. Remember, you need water for this to work, electricity doesn't flow on rock very well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.01] Kirov Airship Cost - 2500 Credits Building Time - 25 Seconds Secondary Ability - Gastroburners / Propellers Purpose - Anti-Structure Requires - Battle Lab Movement on Water - Flying The Kirov is back, and is meaner than ever. It does what it does, travel slowly but dropping bombs that are extremely powerful against anything that isn't on the ground. However, given they are slow, they are only going to be effective against structures, vehicles can move away quite quickly. Don't worry, they have infinite bombs, which is why it is slow as hell. The secondary ability is the Gastroburner, which damages the airship but allows it to travel a lot faster, which is quite handy since it is so god damn slow. Make sure that you turn it off when it is at the base, since by then, it will go pass the enemy defences with speed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.02] MiG Fighter Cost - 1000 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Return to Base Purpose - Anti-Air Requires - Airfield Movement on Water - Flying The Soviet air fighter, but it doesn't match up with the Apollo Fighter. It is stocked with bullets, and can stay still in the air, but when it runs out of ammo, it will need to return to base to rearm and repair. It is basically an interceptor, best and only good against air units. Their secondary ability will allow it to return to base instantly, and they will travel, from their current location, in a straight line back to base. Though it doesn't take into account anything that might be in the way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.03] Twinblade Cost - 1200 Credits Building Time - 15 Seconds Secondary Ability - Evacuate Passengers Purpose - Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicles, Transport Requires - Airfield Movement on Water - Flying This Twinblade is a powerful helicopter, since it can machine gun the infantry as well as using their rockets to take down their enemy's vehicles. That makes them quite dangerous on the battlefield, but are air units, making them quite vulnerable to MiGs, Apollos and Tengus. Their secondary ability is to drop off their passengers. That is done because they can attack ANY unit on their cargo hold, which will stop them operating their weapons, but can transport them to any location, like the Orca Carryall. You use their secondary ability to drop them off, such as taking a nice Apoc tank into the back of someone's base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.01] Airbase The Allies have their building like that of previous games. You build the structure and then you pop them up out of no where, which is great for the ambushes or sudden defence. They also have a strange system of clearances, but that is dealt with in the Con Yard section. Cost - 1000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 15 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Power Plant The Airbase is the most important building for the Allies, given that they need the air power to win any battle. Without air power, the Allies are quite useless. They have 4 pads for rearming and repairing, and you might need to count the squares, since it does take some space. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.02] Armour Facility Cost - 2000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - Ore Refinery Ther place where Allied firepower is born, the Armour Facility produces the dangerous weapons of the Mirage Tank and Athena Cannon, as well as the quick weapons such as the IFV and Guardian Tanks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.03] Boot Camp Cost - 500 Credits Power Required - 25 Building Time - 10 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - Power Plant The birthplace of the Allied Infantry, they are highly trained infantry units here, but they all meet the same fate when facing off with a vehicle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.04] Command Hub Cost - 1400 Credits Power Required - 0 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Prospector The Command Hub is the building that allows you to build in another area. This is deployed using the Prospector, and is the Construction Yard of sorts in another area, but not able to build. Note that they need to be upgraded with clearances later on for their units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.05] Construction Yard Cost - 5000 Credits Power Supplied - 50 Building Time - 60 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - MCV Deployment This is the most important building for the Allies, since it is the one that produces other buildings. It can redeploy into an MCV when you are in some trouble. The Allies have the worst tech system. They have the Clearance system, which needs you to purchase clearance passes to access stronger and meaner units, and one is needed for EVERY base, it isn't a universal system. You need it if you want to win, but they are extremely expensive, but needed. The Heightened Clearance costs 1500 credits to purchase and 15 seconds to enable, whilst the best, Maximum Clearance costs 3000 credits to purchase and takes 60 seconds to enable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.06] Defence Bureau Cost - 1500 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 10 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Ore Refinery, Airbase This building doesn't actually do much, it only allows you to access the high end technology, such as the Proton Collider. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.07] Ore Refinery Cost - 2000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Power Plant Well, build them next to the designated nodes. This is changed from the previous games. You need to head to an ore mine, which is indicated on the map and place them where the game suggests that you place them. A tutorial is there for this. You get a free Ore Collector as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.08] Power Plant Cost - 800 Credits Power Supplied - 100 Building Time - 10 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - None The basic power plant, it is larger than the Soviet one, yet does exactly the same thing. Their power system, while worse than the Soviets, are a lot better than the Empire's. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.09] Seaport Cost - 1000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Water Only Requires - Ore Refinery This is the home to the Allied Fleet, which may be weak, but has some fun units to play with. Large building though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.01] Chronosphere Cost - 3000 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 30 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Airbase The Chronosphere is back, used to teleport units between two locations within a heartbeat, whilst taking out enemy infantry with relative ease. More on this later in the section designated for it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.02] Fortress Wall Cost - 10 Credits per Segment Power Required - 0 Building Time - 5 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - None Walls are back, and back to prevent the Engineer rushes. Walls are important early on to protect your structures, and now, Ore Nodes because all that needs to be protected is the area around the node and refinery. Good against enemy spies as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.03] Multigunner Turret Cost - 800 Credits Power Required - 25 Building Time - 20 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Power Plant The versatility of the IFV is in this little Turret. Alone, it can handle and take down enemy aircraft, infantry and vehicles with ease, taking down naval units if need be. However, you can add infantry inside to change its firing pattern. A Peacekeeper will take down enemy infantry with some explosive rounds. The Javelin Soldier will improve the hitting power of the rockets, dealing out more damage from its rockets. The Spy will turn it into a sniper rifle, taking out units from a range. Engineers turns the Turret into a repair bay, repairing all allied vehicles and Tanya will lend her nice pistols to take down infantry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.04] Proton Collider Cost - 5000 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 30 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Defence Bureau The superweapon for the Allies, it isn't exactly the nice Ion Cannon that we all hoped for, or a weather control device, but none the less, it is since superweapon, and it can totaly make sure an enemy will keep their mind off attacking you for a while. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.05] Spectrum Tower Cost - 1200 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 30 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Defence Bureau, Power Plant the Spectrum is the most powerful defence structure in the game. Why, on its own, it can hold up an enemy force, but with other towers, it is powerful. That is because other powers can powerful up, or pass their power to the Tower targeting the enemy. So if there is 1 Tower targeting the enemy, all nearby towers will power up, charge their beams, fire it at the main tower, which concentrates the power to deal out a hell of a lot of damage. Several of these can eliminate even an Apocalypse Tank with a single shot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.01] Attack Dog Cost - 200 Credits Building Time - 2 Seconds Secondary Ability - Amplified Bark Purpose - Anti-Infantry Requires - Boot Camp Movement on Water - Yes The scout for the Allies, it is the best against infantry since he has a nice one bite, one kill policy. This German Sheppard, endorsed by President Ackerman to guard the borders of the US, is a trained hunter. The secondary ability is to stun all nearby infantry, as they tremble in fear from the dog who is about to bite and kill them, and whilst they are stunned, you can kill them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.02] Engineer Cost - 500 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - First-Aid Tent / Pack Up Purpose - Capture Buildings, Healing Requires - Boot Camp Movement on Water - Yes The Engineer is back to capture buildings, as you would expect, and he has the best line ever "I have the knowledge" from the RA2 game, for all those veteran players. The secondary ability is a nice one for infantry users. It will basically create a tent on the battlefield, and has a small radius, where all infantry units in that small radius will be healed back to full health over time. A nice touch, better if you have a whole army of Javelin Soldiers and don't want them to die. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.03] Javelin Soldier Cost - 400 Credits Building Time - 5 Seconds Secondary Ability - Laser Guided Mode / Self Guided Mode Purpose - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air Requires - Boot Camp Movement on Water - No The Javelin Soldier is the guy with the rocket launcher, and he is probably the best mechanised soldier in the entire game, better than the Flak Trooper and better than the Tankbuster. His normal missiles pack a punch, but... The secondary ability of laser guided missiles is far more powerful. With this, the soldier will take aim with a laser guider, which requires him for a few seconds to target his laser. But after that, once laser sight is active, he will fire rockets continiously, without rest, until the enemy is dead or laser guidance is lost. This makes a small group of soldiers take down an army of tanks with ease. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.04] Peacekeeper Cost - 200 Credits Building Time - 5 Seconds Secondary Ability - Riot Shield / Shotgun Purpose - Anti-Infantry Requires - Boot Camp Movement on Water - No The Peacekeeper is a trained cop. Even though he has a shotgun, he has a range of a normal soldier, so he is quite dangerous. He is a powerful unit and one of the better infantry units. His riot shield is quite interesting. It will increase his defence by 400%, which means only a quarter of all damage dealt will actually hit him. This is nice for getting up close and personal. Also, when he has his riot shield active, he can enter an enemy garrisoned building and clear it. Its like a mobile SWAT team. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.05] Spy Cost - 1000 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Bribe Purpose - Infiltrator Requires - Boot Camp, Heightened Clearance Movement on Water - Yes The Spy is basically the same unit as in RA2, the classic British, James Bomb spy, without the firepower, but with double dosage of the charm. He basically targets an enemy infantry unit to turn into them, allowing him to sneak past all but Bears and Dogs. He will eneter enemy buildings, and depending on the building, reset queues and all production, shut down the power or steal their money. The secondary ability is to bribe enemy units. It will, for the price of 1000 Credits, bribe nearby units for fight on your side, which can be real nice when you are in the middle of an enemy column. What is better than to have the enemy fight themselves? But the spy will be seen as a spy when he bribes the enemy, open to enemy fire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.06] Tanya Cost - 2000 Credits Building Time - 30 Seconds Secondary Ability - Timebelt Purpose - Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure, Anti-Ship Requires - Boot Camp, Max Clearance Movement on Water - Yes The Commando for the Allies, again, Tanya. With her pistols, she can take down enemy infantry, and she can demolish all ships, vehicles and buildings with her nice C4 blocks. Though I don't know how you demolish vehicles with C4, you generally don't get close to them. The Secondary Ability of the Timebelt allows her to go back in time. When it is activated, she will move back to her position several seconds ago, and this will be rewinded back as well as the health of her, which is a nice touch to get out of a firefight as well as regaining some health after finishing one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.01] Athena Cannon Cost - 1400 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Aegis Shield Purpose - Anti-Structure Requires - Max Clearance, Armour Facility Movement on Water - No The Artillery unit for the allies, this unit calls down a beam from a nearby satellite, dishing massive damage. This is extremely dangerous against enemy units that are stationary or buildings, even groups of enemy units, but it is not as powerful against single units, since they can move out of range of the laser attack. The secondary ability is the Aegis Shield, it is a shield that will reflect the enemy fire, rendering all units inside the Shield safe, but it is a nice stationary shield, as well as disabling the Cannon itself. It is a nice tank to play with though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.02] Guardian Tank Cost - 950 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Target Painter / Main Cannon Purpose - Anti-Vehicle Requires - Heightened Clearance, Armour Facility Movement on Water - No The Guardian Tank is a nice tank to play with as well. It does a fair amount of firepower, as well as running over enemy infantry if need be. The work horse of the Allied Army. The Target Painter ability is to paint the enemy, so to speak. This will not allow the tank to fire, but it will increase the damage that the target painted will take from other units, so when used in packs of Tanks, a painter will be extremely useful so other Tanks can target them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.03] MCV Cost - 5000 Credits Building Time - 60 Seconds Secondary Ability - Unpack Purpose - Support Requires - Armour Facility, Seaport Movement on Water - Yes The MCV is the Mobile Construction Vehicle, it whilst it is expensive, it does give you something to fall back on if you lose your original one. The secondary ability is to unpack into the MCV building, which isn't really an important one at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.04] Mirage Tank Cost - 1600 Credits Building Time - 15 Seconds Secondary Ability - Gap Generator / Camouflage Mode Purpose - Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Requires - Max Clearance, Armour Facility Movement on Water - No The most powerful weapon in the Armour Facility, it is a mix of the old Mirage Tank and Prism Tank of RA2. It is using the Camouflage ability as well as Spectrum technology to make it powerful. Whilst it is a tree when it stays still, it can destroy enemy tanks with ease, since it is a portable Spectrum Tower. The Gap Generator basically allows it to be targeted when it is stationary instead of the tree it normally is, but it will hide all your friendly units within the radius of the generator, which is great for the ambushes. You think that you only have a single Mirage Tank, when you have 8 others, ready to fire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.05] Multigunner IFV Cost - 900 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Evacuate Passenger Purpose - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air, Anti-Infantry, Transport Requires - Armour Facility Movement on Water - No The IFV is back. It is a fast transport, whilst it can target ground and air units with some firepower. But with infantry inside, it will change that missile launcher. Peacekeepers give it a nice machine gun, Javelin Soldiers improve the damage of the Rockets, Attack Dogs have a barking loudspeaker, stunning infantry, Spies give it a sniper rifle, Engineers give it a repair turret and Tanya gives it quick anti-infantry fire. The Secondary Ability is to evacuate the passenger inside, which is handy if you need to switch infantry, or to get them out before it explodes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.06] Prospector Cost - 1000 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Unpack / Cargo Bay Purpose - Resource Gatherer, Command Post Requires - Ore Refinery, Armour Facility, Seaport Movement on Water - Yes The Prospector, as you can guess, will collect ore. Nothing special. The Prospector however, will unpack into a command post if need be, since it is the Command Post and Ore Harvester in one. Cheaper than the Soviet version as well, since they are inefficient. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.07] Riptide ACV Cost - 750 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Evacuate Passengers Purpose - Anti-Infantry, Transport Requires - Armour Facility, Seaport Movement on Water - Yes This is the Hovercraft, with the ability to carry 5 infantry units as well as using the nice machine gun that they are given to take out enemy infantry should they post a threat, and en masse, sometimes light vehicles. The Secondary Ability is to remove the passengers from the ACV, which it can, as I said, carry 5 of. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.01] Aircraft Carrier Cost - 2000 Credits Building Time - 30 Seconds Secondary Ability - Blackout Missile Purpose - Anti-Structure Requires - Seaport, Maximum Clearance Movement on Water - Water Only The Aircraft Carrier is back, but is significantly weaker than it was in RA2, since they are weaker and their aircraft that they use are a lot weaker as well, compared to the Hornets used in RA2. Yes, they were apparently called Hornets. The Blackout Missile is a nice powerful missile, that will take down and disable all vehicles and structures in a large area. This is one of the best support abilities since it can make an entire base defenceless against a massive or sneak attack. Nothing says I love you more than a Blackout Missile and a Chronosphere load of 9 Mirage Tanks to blow up your base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.02] Assault Destroyer Cost - 1800 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Black Hole Armour / Main Guns Purpose - Anti-Ship, Anti-Vehicle Requires - Seaport, Heightened Clearance Movement on Water - Water and Ground This is a nice support unit. It does a lot of damage to naval and ground units with their powerful cannons, and they can go on ground, taking out units that are out of range of your Aircraft Carriers. However, their main guns are quite slow, so you need some more support. Their secondary ability is the Black Hole Armour, which is quite interesting. In this mode, they cannot fire, but they will draw all enemy fire, onto itself whilst in this mode, for a small radius. In that radius, this armour will redirect all enemy fire to itself, saving the other units. Make sure that you repaiur the Destroyer after this if they are in a firefight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.03] Dolphin Cost - 750 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - High Jump Purpose - Anti-Ship Requires - Seaport Movement on Water - Water Only A nice vehicle to play with, the Dolphin is back, with their sonic blasts. They will do some nice damage to naval units when used in groups, and given their price, that isn't unreasonable. They are however, quite weak, so you don't want to win with the alone. Their secondary ability is quite interesting, it allows them to jump to another location, which is useful to avoid the range of the nearest Tesla Coil, or to make some ambush spots against the enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.04] Hydrofoil Cost - 900 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Weapon Jammer / Anti-Air Mode Purpose - Anti-Air Requires - Seaport Movement on Water - Water Only The Caribbean are a nice place for fast boats, and this is not exception. The Hydrofoil is a quick boat that does a hell of a lot of damage to any air unit that wants to go past, making them the best AA unit on the sea. Their secondary ability, of the weapon jammer, will prevent all aircraft, ground and naval units firing when it is targeted, which allows your units to target them without suffering the fear of being targeted for a hell of a lot of damage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [16.01] Apollo Fighter Cost - 1000 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Return to Base Purpose - Anti-Air Requires - Airbase Movement on Water - Flying The Apollo Fighter is the best Air to Air weapon in the game, they are vastly superior to the Sky Tengu and the MiG Fighters. This makes them, or a group of them, impossible to pass if you are an air unit. If you are playing the Allies, I would avoid using air units when these guys are around. The Secondary Ability forces them to return to be for repairs and rearming. This will make them take a most direct route from their position to their base, taking nothing into account, such as enemy bases or fighters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [16.02] Century Bomber Cost - 2000 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Paradrop Purpose - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Requires - Max Clearance, Airbase Movement on Water - Flying The Carpet Bomber, it carries a fair amount of bombs and carpet bombs the target, which makes it extremely effective against a large group of enemy units. Target the middle unit and it will drop bombs before, at, and after the unit's position. However, it needs to manually be ordered to return to base unless its bombs run out, and needs to head back to base for bombs. The Secondary Ability is to load up the plane with passengers, which are infantry, and when you are over the target locaiton, you can drop them using this ability, and they will paradrop onto the location, which is handy to drop a few engineers into the back, unprotected area of the base. It can hold up to 5 infantry units, and parachutes are free of charge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [16.03] Cyrocopter Cost - 1600 Credits Building Time - 15 Seconds Secondary Ability - S.H.R.I.N.K. Beam Purpose - Support Requires - Airbase, Heightened Clearance Movement on Water - Flying The Cyrocopter is an interesting unit, since it doesn't bear any weapons at all. Its main weapon is the freeze ray, which basically freezes the enemy unit, and over time, it will become frozen solid. When it is completely frozen, whatever the target is, it will be destroyed by a single shot. This is best used with the Surgical Strike. The secondary ability is the Shrink Beam, which literally shrinks the enemy unit into a tiny object. They will move faster, and the controller will have them in a high pitched voice, which is extremely funny, but they will dish out less damage and be a lot easier to destroy. They can also be crushed in this state. It is fun to crush Apoc Tanks, isn't it? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [16.04] Vindicator Bomber Cost - 1200 Credits Building Time - 15 Seconds Secondary Ability - Return to Base Purpose - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Requires - Airbase Movement on Water - Flying The smaller bomber, this is used for surgical strikes. Whereas the Century Bomber is more of a carpet bomber, this is a lot better against a vehicle since the bombs lead in, and are a lot faster, though weaker, than the Century Bomber. They are also cheaper and accessed earlier. They can carry a maximum of three bombs. The secondary ability is the Return to Base ability, which forces them to head back to base, regardless of whatever they are doing, flying a direct path back to base, without regard of what they are going past. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.01] Construction Yard The building pattern for the empires is different. When they are producing a building, they produce a vehicle core. This will then be able to be deployed in any location you wish, without the need for expansion outposts. All the cores take 4 seconds to build, but the deployment time varies. Also, tech upgrades are done on the structures themselves, improving the building in order to access new units. Cost - 5000 Credits Power Supplied - 50 Building Time - 60 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - MCV Deployment This is the most important building for the Empire, since it is the one that produces other buildings. It can redeploy into an MCV when you are in some trouble. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.02] Docks Cost - 1000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 18 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Ore Refinery The Docks are the production structure for the best the Empire has, their naval power. Their Docks Upgrade costs 750, allowing them to have Tsunami Tanks, Naginata Cruisers and Sea Wings. Their Docks Breakthrough will cost 1000 credits, and takes 60 seconds, compared to the 30 for the upgrade, to be complete, giving access to their Shogun Battleships, as long as the Nanotech Mainframe is built. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.03] Instant Dojo Cost - 750 Credits Power Required - 25 Building Time - 8 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - None The instant Dojo is the barracks for the Empire's forces. They will be upgraded with the Dojo Upgrade for 500 credits and 30 seconds, and that will allow you to train Shinobi. The Dojo Breakthrough costs 750 and takes 60 seconds, allowing you to train Rocket Angels and Yuriko Omega. You need the Nanotech Mainframe for the last upgrade. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.04] Instant Generator Cost - 1000 Credits Power Supplied - 100 Building Time - 10 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - None The worst of all the power plants, it is the most expensive and produces the least amount of power to boot. Pretty pathetic, given the Japanese are supposed to be efficient. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.05] Mecha Bay Cost - 2000 Credits Power Required - 50 Building Time - 15 Seconds Built on Water - Mp Requires - Ore Refinery The Mecha Bay is the home to all the Empire's weaponary on the ground, so they also have upgrades. The Mecha Bay Upgrade, costing a total of 750 credits and taking 30 seconds, will allow the construction of Tsunami Tanks and Striker VX units. The Mecha Bay Breakthrough, costs 1000 credits and take 60 seconds, as well as the Nanotech Mainframe, and you can build the King Oni units and the Wave-Force Artillery. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.06] Nanotech Mainframe Cost - 3000 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 15 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Ore Refinery This doesn't actually build anything at all, but it is necessary to access all the high end weaponry that the Empire will need to win at the end of the game, where weak units just don't cut the mustard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.07] Ore Refinery Cost - 2500 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 25 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Instant Generator Well, build them next to the designated nodes. This is changed from the previous games. You need to head to an ore mine, which is indicated on the map and place them where the game suggests that you place them. A tutorial is there for this. You get a free Ore Collector as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.01] Defender VX Cost - 800 Credits Power Required - 25 Building Time - 30 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Ore Refinery The Defender VX is the platform for both Anti-Ground and Sea, or Anti-Air. The first form will be to attack ground and naval units, but you can chance this to attack air, but you need to change its firing pattern, but you need to wait 15 seconds until you can change it again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.02] Fortress Wall Cost - 10 Credits per Segment Power Required - 0 Building Time - 5 Seconds Built on Water - No Requires - None Walls are back, and back to prevent the Engineer rushes. Walls are important early on to protect your structures, and now, Ore Nodes because all that needs to be protected is the area around the node and refinery. Good against enemy spies as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.03] Nanoswarm Hive Cost - 3000 Credits Power Required - 25 Building Time - 75 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Nanotech Mainframe The Nanoswarm Hive creates a nice area which nothing gets in or out of the area. This is a mini-superweapon, like the Iron Curtain and the Chronosphere. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.04] Psionic Decimator Cost - 5000 Credits Power Required - 70 Building Time - 25 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Nanotech Mainframe The superweapon for the Empire, that is on par with the damage dealt by the Vacuum Imploder and the Proton Collider. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.05] Wave Force Tower Cost - 1400 Credits Power Required - 75 Building Time - 40 Seconds Built on Water - Yes Requires - Nanotech Mainframe The best anti-ground defence that the Empire has to offer, it is based on the Wave-Force Artillery unit. It will charge up and fire, and it does a hell of a lot of damage. There is a secondary ability where you can reduce the aiming time of the tower, but deal less damage to the target. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.01] Burst Drone Cost - 300 Credits Building Time - 5 Seconds Secondary Ability - Self-Destruct Purpose - Scout, Leecher Requires - Instant Dojo Movement on Water - Flying It is a flying drone, and this is basically the scout unit for the Empire. It can see through spies, but it cannot actually attack enemy units. It will, however, if attached to an enemy vehicle, it will slow them down, and that will allow you to attack them as they struggle to move anywhere in a hurry. The secondary ability is the self-destruct, where it will damage all units in a small area, but at the cost of the unit itself. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.02] Engineer Cost - 500 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Sprint Purpose - Capture Buildings Requires - Instant Dojo Movement on Water - Yes The best impersonation of a Japanese nerd, no offense meant, but they are do damn nerdy, its funny. Anyway, they can capture buildings, as all engineers do, and look like a geek at the same time. Their secondary ability is to sprint for a short distance. That will allow them to run faster than they already are, and will move further, but that is at the cost of not moving after the sprint, as they catch their breath. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.03] Imperial Warrior Cost - 150 Credits Building Time - 5 Seconds Secondary Ability - Banzai Charge Purpose - Anti-Infantry Requires - Onstant Dojo Movement on Water - No The Imperial Warrior is the basic infantry for the Empire, and they are quite interesting. They do have their normal guns, and act like any other basic infantry, but their secondary ability... Is the Banzai Charge. Here, they take out some Lightsaber-esque Katanas and they charge at enemy units, moving faster for a period of 10 seconds, and whilst in this move, they melee attack with their beam sword, which is deadly against infantry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.04] Rocket Angel Cost - 900 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Paralysis Whip / Combat Mode Purpose - Anti-Vehicles, Anti-Structure, Anti-Air, Anti-Ship Requires - Dojo Breakthrough Movement on Water - Flying The Rocket Angel is the Rocketeer of the sky, and they are quite dangerous, for chicks as well. Anyway, they are flying infantry, and they are heavily armoured. They have rockets to fire, which are good against buildings and vehicles, ships as well. They can also hit enemy air units as well. Their secondary ability is the Paralysis Whip, which will disable any enemy vehicle of your choice, allowing the rest of your units to take down that enemy vehicle with ease, since you have at least a group of these nice angels. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.05] Shinobi Cost - 1000 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Smoke Bomb Purpose - Anti-Infantry Requires - Dojo Upgrade Movement on Water - Yes The Shinobi is the infiltrator unit, which means that if they sneak into buildings, they can shut it down, close production, shut down power or steal some money. They also have some nice Anti-Infantry weapons to play with, their little shurikens, ninja style. The Smoke Bomb is a nice weapon, which allows them to become invisible for a period of 10 seconds, which is nice when you are want to get pass the defences, and don't want to be caught by the enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.06] Tankbuster Cost - 300 Credits Building Time - 5 Seconds Secondary Ability - Spider Burrow / Leave Burrow Purpose - Anti-Vehicle Requires - Instant Dojo Movement on Water - No The Tankbuster is the worst of all mechanised infantry, since they lack the ability to hit air units. The Empire has weak AA units. Anyway, they are powerful against vehicles, and I guess that is what they are for. Their secondary ability is interesting. It allows them to burrow into the ground, so they cannot be targeted, and they remain in that position, given that they cannot move, until they are ordered to leave the burrow, which forces them to pop up, which is seriously a nice backdoor ability, just burrow, wait for the enemy to move past, then attack from behind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.07] Yuriko Omega Cost - 2000 Credits Building Time - 30 Seconds Secondary Ability - Psychokinetic Burst Purpose - Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air, Anti-Ship, Anti-Structure Requires - Dojo Breakthrough Movement on Water - Yes Whatever misgivings you may have with their Empire's infantry, Yuriko surely makes up for it. She can target infantry, ground vehicles and naval vessels by simply tossing them up into the air and making them take damage. She can simply concentrate on the buildings, and they will take damage, and she will be able to crash aircraft instantly, without the need to take damage. She is powerful, but she can only focus on a single target at a time. Her secondary ability is only good against infantry. When there is a group of infantry nearby, she can use this ability where she will have a burst of energy and kill all nearby infantry. Not so useful since infantry aren't used much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.01] King Oni Cost - 2000 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Bull Rush Purpose - Anti-Vehicle Requires - Mecha Bay Breakthrough Movement on Water - No The mech unit is back, and as badass as ever. It is a massive unit, and fires massive lasers, which are punishing to enemy ground units. The mech can also walk over enemy units, and crush them with extreme ease. It also packs a lot of health, making it a fearsome unit ot face on the battlefield. The secondary ability is a bull rush ability. It will find a target, one that you should pick, and it will rush towards it, moving extremely fast and it will damage anything that is on the way from its current position to the target, damaging the target, as well as anything in the path of this massive mech. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.02] MCV Cost - 5000 Credits Building Time - 60 Seconds Secondary Ability - Unpack Purpose - Support Requires - Mecha Bay, Docks Movement on Water - Yes The MCV is the Mobile Construction Vehicle, it whilst it is expensive, it does give you something to fall back on if you lose your original one. The secondary ability is to unpack into the MCV building, which isn't really an important one at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.03] Mecha Tengu Cost - 800 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Jet Mode / Mecha Mode Purpose - Anti-Infantry / Anti-Air Requires - Mecha Bay Movement on Water - No / Flying The Mecha Tengu is a mech unit that is based on the ground, and they are pretty fast as well as pretty mean against enemy infantry, so they make good early counters against enemy infantry. Their secondary ability is to transform into the Jet Tengu, which is an Anti-Air, air based unit. They are similar to the Apollo and MiG fighter, but are severely weaker, so if you want to take them down, you need to use them en masse. They are decent units, early on, but it isn't very powerful when you are facing Century Bombers and Kirov Airships. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.04] Nanocore Cost - Varying Credits Building Time - 4 Seconds Secondary Ability - Unfurl Purpose - Building Requires - Construction Yard, Various Movement on Water - Yes Basically, these are the units that are built from the Construction Yard that will unpack into buildings. The good thing is that you can place them wherever you want, which means you don't need to worry about base expansion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.05] Ore Collector Cost - 1400 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Security System / Cargo Bay Purpose - Resource Gatherer, Anti-Infantry Requires - Ore Refinery, Docks, Mecha Bay Movement on Water - Yes The Ore Collector, as you can guess, will collect ore. Nothing special. The secondary ability is the security system, which deploys a nice minigun that can actually do some damage against enemy infantry, but not to be used as an actual attacker, rather as a last resort. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.06] Striker VX Cost - 1200 Credits Building Time - 15 Seconds Secondary Ability - Chopper Mode / Striker Mode Purpose - Anti-Air / Anti-Vehicle Requires - Mecha Bay Upgrade Movement on Water - No / Flying The Striker VX starts off as a ground vehicle that is built to fight enemy air units, since it is an AA unit. That doesn't make it do much on the battlefield, but the Striker is more than a AA vehicle. The Secondary Ability for the Striker is to transform into a Chopper VX unit, which is a flying unit, as you can guess, and what it does is that it will attack any ground unit, and structures with relative ease. And should those air superiority fighters come along, back to the Striker you go. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.07] Sudden Transport Cost - 500 Credits Building Time - 5 Seconds Secondary Ability - Evacutate Passengers Purpose - Transport Requires - Mecha Bay Movement on Water - Yes The Sudden Transport is like a spy. It disguises the vehicle into any other enemy vehicle, and it can carry up to five infantry units. When it disguises itself as another vehicle, that can pretty much secure your units across the battlefield where your enemy controls the area, since they would think it was one of their units. The secondary ability is to kick your units out, done so they can cause some havoc. If you can manage to sneak Yuriko into the Transport and then sneak the transport to the back of someone's base, well, they are screwed to say the least. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.08] Tsunami Tank Cost - 1000 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Nanodeflectors Purpose - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Ship Requires - Mecha Bay Upgrade, Docks Upgrade Movement on Water - Yes The expense is based on the fact that it can go on water, but other than that, it is quite weak, given the cost. It is both a nice attacker on the water and the land, and if you are in a bit of trouble, just run into the water, the other tanks just can't follow. Given that is can attack ships, this is quite a nice vehicle. The secondary ability is the deflectors, which will prevent the vehicle from firing any shots at the enemy, but it will reduce the amount of damage that it will take, making it a nice move whilst you try to retreat back to base for some repairs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.09] Wave Force Artillery Cost - 1800 Credits Building Time - 15 Seconds Secondary Ability - Premature Discharge Purpose - Anti-Structure Requires - Mecha Bay Breakthrough Movement on Water - No The artillery unit for the Empire on the ground, the Wave Force Artillery is a powerful attacking unit, think of it as a Mirage Tank Artillery unit given the power type, and has a very long range, but like the other artillery units, it does take some time before it can fire, but the good thing is that unlike the V4 and the Athena Cannon, it will keep its focus on the enemy, not their position. The secondary ability is the discharge, which will reduce the aiming time of the artillery unit, but it will have a much weaker shot, so it is more or less designed to remove the weakened retreating units from the battle, rather than having them come back to life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.01] Naginata Cruiser Cost - 1800 Credits Building Time - 20 Seconds Secondary Ability - Torpedo Type-S Purpose - Anti-Ship Requires - Docks Upgrade Movement on Water - Water Only The Naginata Cruiser is basically a naval unit that is built to attack other naval units, or if you think of it this way, an escort to the best naval vessel in the game. However, it is rather pathetic for the price tag. The secondary ability is having the Cruiser firing 5 torpedos in a random directly, which randomly hit anything in sight, and that includes your own units, so you really want this to be a last resort, or if you are in the middle of an enemy water base, a last resort move, especially if you are in a group. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.02] Sea-Wing Cost - 1100 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Sky Mode / Sea Mode Purpose - Anti-Air / Anti-Infantry Requires - Docks Upgrade Movement on Water - Water Only / Flying The Sea Wing is designed as a submarine which is focused on taking down air units, which is quite a problem for the Empire. They are rather fast and they are damn sneaky, so that is rather nice. The secondary ability is to head into Sky mode, which turns them into the Sky Wing. Although their attack in this mode is rather pathetic, considering that they are using only an anti-infantry gun, they are rather fast and they are damn good scouts for your Battleships. That would be the great strength of the Sea Wing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.03] Shogun Battleship Cost - 2200 Credits Building Time - 22 Seconds Secondary Ability - Ramming Speed Purpose - Anti-Structure Requires - Docks Breakthrough Movement on Water - Water Only This is the best of the naval artillery units. It has a faster reload rate and is far more dangerous, since unlike the dreadnaught, where you can avoid the missiles, and the aircraft carrier, where you can sort of avoid the aircraft, the Battleships fire lasers, which you cannot stop. Though the worst aspect is the minimum range. The Battleship has the Ramming Speed ability, where it will increase the speed and ram the target as it approaches, causing damage, best when you need to take down some close ranged attack and where your escorts can't get there in time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.04] Yari Mini-Sub Cost - 800 Credits Building Time - 10 Seconds Secondary Ability - Last Voyage Purpose - Anti-Ship Requires - Docks Movement on Water - Water Only The Mini-Sub is the nastiest piece of work. It is a normal sub, waiting until it has the right timing for an attack that will be sure to kill the enemy. It makes a good scout, and packs a punch for its cost. The secondary ability is the suicide option. It will ram into the target until it reaches it, and explodes, which does a hell of a lot of damage, which makes them good against packs of naval vessels. Use them wisely, and micromange them and you can be rather good with them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.01] Airport The next few buildings are Tech buildings. These are buildings that, when captured by an Engineer, will provide some sort of benefit to your forces. The effects are universal, and should your ally capture them, the effect of the tech building will pass onto you. The Airport, though it is a large building, will provide the benefit of having all your air units repair over time, regardless of their current location. This is useful for those using the Air Superiority fighters, such as Apollos since they only need to return back to base to armed and reload on some ammo. The airport is just a normal commerical airport, it is rather big and you can't miss it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.02] Dry Dock The Dry Dock is only available on maps with some decent amount of water on it. The Dry Dock will slowly heal your naval units over time. This is best for players that use their Naval Artillery pieces, since they are more likely to take damage from other naval units or aerial attacks. The Dry Dock is a dock building and is found near the coastline of any map, if it is on the map at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.03] Garage The garage is one of the most common tech buildings, since this will allow for your ground forces to heal over time. This is best for the Soviets since they rely more on their control of the ground more than any other faction. Just look for a workshop with a wrench on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.04] Hospital The Hospital is one of the more useless of the tech buildings, since it will slowly heal infantry over time. The reason being that infantry isn't used much online or in the skirmish mode, people tend to use tanks. Anyway, this heals infantry, and in principle, it is a good tech building since infantry are extremely hard to heal. Only the Allies have the ability to heal infantry with their engineers, but other than that, it isn't that easy to heal. The Hospital looks like a massive Hospital, something that you can easily go and look for in real life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.05] Radar Tower The Radar Tower, or the Long Range Observation Posts as they call it in the campaign are the second most, or maybe most common tech building in the game, since all they do is remove the fog of war, and give you some view of the area next to the radar tower. This is quite useful, if you manage to capture one near the enemy since you can observe their movements. In fact, if you manage to capture all of them that are on the map, it would give you a lot of time to prepare your forces when the enemy attack forces are visible. You might need to protect them, since the enemy is more than likely than not to destroy them should they belong to you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.06] Oil Derrick The most common of the tech buildings, the Oil Derricks are now not only found on the land, like in RA2, but they are also found on the water, which should make them called Oil Rigs, but thats just semantics. Anyway, these buildings provide an income of 15 credits over a period of a few seconds, as well as a nice capturing bonus for the person who captures it first. This is useful, since the harvesting method has changed in this game, and since it is only 250 credits per load that your harvesters bring in, the 15 every few seconds is more than helpful. Capture them, but they are among the first targets to be picked for destruction by the enemy, and they are very easy to destroy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.07] Veteran Academy The rarest of the tech buildings, they are only on a few maps, and that is for a very good reason as well. The Academy will do what the Spy did in RA2, it will allow for ALL your forces, as well as the forces for all your Allies to have increased rank. That is, all units produced will automatically be at the rank of Veteran, which is the first word in the name of this tech building. This is a large building, and this is one you really want to protect, since it does give your forces a significant advantage on the battlefield, and the more expensive the unit, the better for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.01] Cash Bounty This is one of the stolen abilities from Generals. The Cash Bounty basically targets an area where it will effect all enemy units in the area. This will put a bounty on their heads, and for every unit that you kill with a bounty on their head, you get a certain amount of money for it, and that seems to be proportional to the cost of the enemy unit destroyed. This is best used on an enemy force that is retreating, where you can destroy with ease, or maybe the enemy defence force of weak units, where you can easily mop them up. Nice since it is for a quick cash boost. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.02] Desolator Airstrike The Airstrike is best against enemy infantry and lightly armoured vehicles, the Desolator strike basically sprays an area with some bio-hazard waste, which will kill infantry and severely hinder enemy vehicles. This will take some time to wear off, even if the enemy units decide to move away from that area. Basically, it is used in the early part of the game, and done in order to prevent enemy infantry from going anywhere you don't want to go. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.03] Grinder Treads This isn't one of the best upgrades, this is because all it does is allow for your vehicles to run over enemy infantry for a health boost. Do not ask me how this works, probably the blood shines the treads or the bones sharpen them, I have no idea. Quite pointless, if you ask me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.04] Iron Curtain The Iron Curtain is back, and the same as before. If it is used on infantry, it will kill the infantry, and if it is used on any vehicle or building, it will make that unit or structure so powerful that no damage will be taken by said vehicle or building, which is quite useful if you need to protect a certain structure from destruction, or as a cover for your army of Apoc tanks to roll through the enemy base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.05] Magnetic Singularity A funny power, this will prevent all enemy armoured vehicles from moving at all for a certain period of time. The reason this is a nice ability is that whilst you are doing this, you can target them and make sure that they die. This makes it useful for stopping an impending attack on your base, but it is also good to stop the weakened enemy from fleeing back to their base for any sort of repairs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.06] Magnetic Satellite The best the Soviets have to offer, a Magnetic Satellite. This will drag up all armoured units, including planes, ships and vehicles. This will pull them all up into the sky, and the enemy loses their unit forever. The best thing about it is that you can move the unit around. What you can do is click one of the arrows, and then control it like you would with a normal unit. Given that this is part of a group, the higher the level, the stronger the pull, the larger the field, and the longer the thing will last. Don't worry, those units will come back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.07] Mass Production Well, this basically means that you produce all your units on a factory line, or mass production. So, all your armoured units become a fair bit cheaper, not a lot, but a nice difference, and that will be the end of it. Nice if you play with a lot of armoured units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.08] Orbital Drop Remember the units from the Magnetic Satellite. Well the Orbital Drop is the ability to drop junk from space to do damage, the bigger the level in the series, the more junk and the more damage it will do. Sure, there is the occasional rocket and satellite, but all the units from the Magnetic Satellite will be brought back to Earth to dish out even more damage. Hey, the enemy does get their units back, eventually, and not in a fashion in which they can use the unit ever again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.09] Terror Drone Surprise Well, when your armour units go to their doom, this upgrade, since it is a permanent effect, will have all your armour units sprouting up Terror Drones when they die. Given that the Soviets are reliant on their armour, a little extra bonus won't go too far from the mark. If you don't want the drones, you can always crush them for some money, so it is win win. Except for the crews of your armoured vehicles, it probably more of a lose lose for them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.10] Toxic Corrosion This is more of use own unit as suicide. This is where you infect a friendly or owned unit and have them leak acid everywhere. This will pretty much destroy them, but the acid is the good part. The acid will be lethal to all infantry, and this ability is best used on the cheaper units. Though this is rather weak against vehicles, you might as well give the enemy a fear of lepers from now on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.11] Vacuum Imploder The Superweapon for the Soviets, this is like a gasping black hole. All units will eventually be sucked into it, and they will take massive amounts of damage. To be quite honest, there are no differences this time. Where there used to be differences between Superweapons, there are no more, they are more or less equal now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.01] Advanced Aeronautics This is one upgrade that you must have when you play the Allies. This will increase the maximum amount of ammunition for your Apollo fighters and for your Century Bombers and Vindicator Bombers, it will increase the amount of bombs that they can carry. They will also increase the maximum health that your aircraft will have as well as decreasing the reloading times for all your fighters and bombers. This is one that all Allies' players must have when playing them, since the air force is their greatest strength. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.02] Chrono Rift This is an ability that mirrors the Nanoswirm Hive ability. It will stop all units in a target area completely, and they cannot take any orders, but the good thing is that they cannot be targeted. This is good as a defensive ability since it will stop your units from being attacked and give some time before the reinforcements arrive, which is rather handy. A nice ability to play with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.03] Chrono Swap This is an interesting ability. It will swap the positions of two armoured vehicles, and this makes it interesting to play with, to say the least. This is because you can use it as a retreating and reinforcing power at the same time. You can swap a dying Mirage Tank with a fresh one, much to the distain of your enemy. This is also good as a swap for a slow unit to a new one. Given that there are some units that are slow, you can put them into the front for the extra miles whilst a fast unit can catch up. Imagine all the ways that you can use this ability. Such as transfering a strong unit into the middle of an enemy column, and some enemy units into a nice trap, in front of your Spectrum Towers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.04] Chronosphere The Chronosphere is back. This is where you transfer units from one area to another area. You get target practice in the Campaign, but this is one of my personal favourites. Putting ships onto land will destroy them, putting tanks into water will sink them, infantry will be killed. The best is teleporting your own units. This is best to transfer a group of Mirage Tanks into the enemy base. Why? Why not, send about 9 Mirage Tanks into an enemy base, destroy all their production structures before they can fight back, and take down a defender. The best is when the enemy has a Superweapon. I managed to beat a Brutal enemy by doing the following. Get 9 Mirage Tanks and Chronosphere-ing them to the location of the Superweapon, since it is revealed on Fog of War. Promptly, the nine of them destroyed the Superweapon, took down the Con Yard, War Factory, Airfield and Barracks before they even fought back. By then, it was too late. This is even better than the Proton Collider, might I dare say. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.05] Cyroshot The Cyroshot is based on the Cyrocopter, and is rather fun to play with. It basically freezes an area, and anything that happens to be there, units and structures, will be frozen, and unable to move. Since they are unable to move, you can move in and crush the enemy units and buildings with extremely ease. They don't fight back, they don't even try to run away. The trick is to get the enemy onto the Cyroshot. The higher the level of the ability, the larger the field of target practice will be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.06] Free Trade Free Trade basically increases the amount your Prospectors will bring in, and although this is accessed late, this is good for the end game stalemates that you will face. More money means more units, and that surely must be a good thing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.07] High Technology This basically will enhance the abilities of your Attack Dogs, the Destroyers, Carriers and Cyrocopters. This isn't a very useful upgrade at all, and it is your choice if you want to use it or not. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.08] Paradrop The Paradrop is the dropping of Peacekeepers, Attack Dogs and Javelin Troopers from a Century Bomber. This is only done as a reinforcement power, and isn't anything that is breath-taking. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.09] Proton Collider The Superweapon for the Allies, this is the same as the Vacuum Imploder and the Psionic Decimator. They are all the same, to be quite honest, but remember, Superweapons don't win matches by themselves. They never do. This isn't the Carrier = Instant Win. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.10] Surgical Strike This is just a small bombing of a target area. This calls in an Artemis Bomber and there they will call in a small attack. This is just used as a small bombing, taking out structures that are extremely weak, or used to take out buildings that are frozen solid by the Cyrocopters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.11] Surveillance Sweep This is a quick sweep of the battlefield, with an aircraft flying overhead from the first area to the next, revealing everything in that area as well as anything that is between the first area and second area in the form of a direct path. This is the best ability to use for targeting with your abilities. If you were to plant a time bomb on the enemy base, you need to be able to see their base, and a quick sweep will give you the look of their base as well as a lot more information, such as their units being produced, and the location of their units, and more importantly, power plants. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.12] Time Bomb The Time Bomb is a bomb, that has a timer on it, of 5, 10 or 20 seconds, depending on the level of the time bomb, the higer the level, the longer it will take to explode. This causes massive damage, and on Level 3, it is a threat to be feared. There really isn't anything to prevent this from killing your units, attacking the bomb will make it go off, so you just move your units away, sell those structures, or have engineers ready, and hope for the best. There is a way to stop them though, and that is to freeze the Bomb, if you play with the Allies. Freeze the bomb, and then you can attack the frozen bomb safely, without it exploding all over the place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.01] Advanced Rocket Pods This is an upgrade to all your rocket forces, such as the Rocket Angels, and all AA units, since they happen to use Rockets. These rockets are fired more quickly and deal a bit more damage than their normal rockets, which make them more dangerous. A nice upgrade since the Empire has a bit of trouble fighting enemy air units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.02] Balloon Bomb The Balloon Bombs are basically bombs that drop out of the sky to target the enemy buildings. The more bombs that are dropped, the higher the level needs to be. It is best if you manage to shoot down the bombs, but they still will do some more damage. This is one of the funniest abilities that you can see, what is more scary that a bunch of balloons falling out of the sky? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.03] Emperor's Rage This is an area ability, and a fun one as well. This basically makes all your units a lot stronger, but less mobile. So, given that, you should use this when all your forces are in a massive battle, and a battle where a win or loss can effect the direction of the game. It is then that you should use this to get the upper hand. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.04] Final Squadron The best ability that the Empire has to offer, the Final Squadron involves a lot of Burst Drones crashing into buildings, dealing massive damage. The Burst Drones will first fire lasers everywhere, which is strange since they aren't armed normally, and then, they crash into the building. And they are impossible to shoot down as well, which makes things a bit harder for you to deal with if you are on the receiving end. The higher the level, the more burst drones come down to their death. Don't worry, they are only drones, they aren't actual fighter planes with actual humans inside. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.05] Fortified Fleet The Fortified Fleet ability is the one that you want for your forces. This will improve the firepower, the maximum health and maximum speed for all your naval units, which is important. Why? Because the Empire bases all their power from their navy, which is far superior to all the other races. This will make them far superior on the water, but pretty much useless on land still. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.06] Honourable Discharge This is one where your units will self-destruct when they have taken enough damage, in sorts, a suicide attack. This is useful when you have an attack force that has taken far too much damage, and this should be used in order to make sure that your units don't get killed on the way back, not fighting, this time, they go down fighting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.07] Nanoswarm Hive This is the secondary Empire Superweapon, one before the Psionic Decimator. This is also an ability that mirrors the Chrono Rift ability. It will stop all units in a target area completely, and they cannot take any orders, but the good thing is that they cannot be targeted. This is good as a defensive ability since it will stop your units from being attacked and give some time before the reinforcements arrive, which is rather handy. A nice ability to play with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.08] Point-Defense Drones This drones are drones that surround all your naval and armoured units in a certain area, and what this does is protect all your units from damage, which is rather handy to say the least. This will last longer the higher the level of this ability. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.09] Psionic Decimator The Superweapon for the Empire, this is the same as all the other Superweapons like I said. Unlike the previous game, this game is all balanced already, so there is a sort of fairness here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.10] Robotic Assembly As you can guess, this is where all your Cores for your buildings are going to be deployed a lot faster than usual. This is a good ability since all the buildings take a fair time to deploy. Remember, not only do you need to have the core move to the position it needs to be set up, it needs to be deployed, which takes a fair amount of time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.11] Sleeper Ambush The final support power, this is where a group of Tankbusters burrow in at a position of your choice. They will slowly spin around and they will ab able to attack the enemy. Best used if you have an enemy armoured column and they pass a certain point, but other than that, in a safe area since they take some time to pop up, which is the downside of this ability. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.01] Allied - Giles Price There are 9 commanders in this game, so I've give a brief overview and how to beat them. Giles is a RAF commander, and as such, he will use a lot of aerial units to crush his enemies. This makes him hard to face without sufficient air cover since he will use his bombers to target down land targets and his Apollo fighters to take down other air units. Using Cyrocopters, he will shrink your units, and freeze them, sending in a small ground force to attack you. You shouldn't fight him in the air, and you are going to face him on the ground. Have a large ground force, supported by a lot of ground based AA cover since it will be impossible to use your own fighters to take him down. Watch out for Paradrops from Century Bombers since that is a tactic that he will use as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.02] Allied - Lissette Hanley Lissette is an unpredictable commander, and as such, there isn't much you can learn from her. What we all do know is that apparently, she is an expert in intelligence, so you can expect her to be using a lot of scouts, spies, and in the end, she will use Tanya. Her attack force will be based on extremely fast units, and a lot of support units, such as the IFV and a lot of Cyrocopters. Given that large mix of units that she will use, you need a large ground and air force to take her down. You don't know where she is coming from, and that makes it a lot harder. Note that she will never attack you full on, unless with overwhelming force. She will attack with hit and run squads, and that makes it rather annoying if you are trying to expand. Find her base, and attack from the rear, and hope that she doesn't attack your base and destroy it first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.03] Allied - Warren Fuller Warren is an American, and he is willing to use all three forces to attack you. He will use the Navy, unlike the other two Allied Commanders, and he will use a large ground force, supported by an air force, so you don't want to underestimate him. If you want to fight him, you need to be able to counter attacks from all three domains. You need to fight him on the land, sea and air, making him one of the harder Commanders that you will face. If you want to try, you can attack with overwhelming force from the sea, land or air, and that should eliminate his ability to counter. It is up to you how you want to face him, it isn't easy though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.04] Empire - Kenji Tenzai Kenji is one of the Empire's Commanders and the problem with him is that he loves the transformer units. Obviously, we all know what he wasted his childhood on. Anyway, from him, you will see a lot of Mecha Tengus, Striker VX and Sea Wings. That makes it a hard fight. King Onis seem to be involved as well. The good thing about Kenji is that he doesn't seem to have a plan for a large ground force. Using a large ground force as well as having some AA support against the enemy Chopper VXs and Sky Wings, will ensure that you will be able to crush his base. If you need to go on land, build a naval force that has a sizable element of AA, since you don't want Choppers taking out your entire fleet. When you build a ground force, you need to be able to counter some of his King Oni units that he is bound to build. You need to avoid being crushed by them. The second method to beat him is to use a large air force. Bring in a lot of Air Superiority fighters, Apollos or MiGs, and use them to take down the Jet Tengus and Choppers, whilst your bombers go do their work. Don't worry, the Empire has weak AA. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.05] Empire - Naomi Shirada Naomi is focused on one thing and one thing only, the navy. As such, she will only concentrate on building the biggest navy that you will fight. She concentrates on Cruisers and Battleships, and if you are on the water, I suggest that you keep a fair distance, else you are dead. To take down her navy, you are probably going to need an air force, since a navy would not be a good idea, and a ground force will just be Shogun Battleshiped into the next century. The air force will need the fast bomber / hit and run units. This is to take out the big threats such as the Battleships and the Cruisers, and then using the slower bombers to take out the rest. There are other ways, but this is going to be the most effective. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.06] Empire - Shinzo Nagama Shinzo is the final commander for the Empire, and as a traditionalist, he will be using infantry, Yuriko if need be, and the traditional tanks approach. He will be using his Tsunami Tanks and his Artillery units a lot more, and less transforming units than his rival Kenji. However, what he does isn't exactly predictable. He will try to win at all costs, and if that means some unconventional tactics, he will use them. Just have a balanced ground, naval and air force, Using the ground force, attack the base, using Naval Support to bombard the base and air cover to support the ground force. This will be an effective counter to Shinzo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.07] Soviet - Nikolai Moskvin Moskvin is a rusher, so you really want to fend him off early on since he will use light vehicles or infantry to get his way. But sometimes, he won't rush, and that means it is going to try to steamroll you. What steamrolling is that he builds up a massive force and tries to overwhelm you with it. It will use large numbers to get his way, so you are going to need to be able to counter this. Area of effect units such as Century Bombers, Athena Cannons and the like are going to be effective since they target a large area, compared to the other units which target single units. So you need to defend early against rushes, and defend late against steamrolling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.08] Soviet - Oleg Vodnik Oleg is a tank man through and through. He will use his ground force in an attempt to take you out. And this makes it a lot easier, or harder, to take him out. Considering he only uses vehicles, there are going to be effective counters, such as aircraft, other tanks and infantry. In the beginning, it will be Hammer Tanks supported by Bullfrogs, in the end, it will be Apocs supported by Bullfrogs and V4s, so you really do need to find some ways to take him out. Artillery units, in the form of the Wave-Force Artillery and Mirage Tanks are decent counters to his tanks, the former because of the rank, the latter because it can hide and do hit and runs. Athena Cannons are also decent choices, especially if he uses a large group of units. Naval support is important against Oleg, since he doesn't have much of a navy to play with, he likes his tanks, so a navy is important if you want him out strategically. Other than that, there isn't much you can do but to build a stronger and better ground force. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.09] Soviet - Zhana Agonskaya Finally, Zhana. The female Commander loves using air units and infantry, so you need effective AA to say the least. She will attack early on with her Twinblade aircraft so you need to be able to counter them quite early on with your light vehicles and mechanised infantry. Infantry are always easy to take down, but it is her air power that makes it a lot harder. You need complete dominance over the skies, you need to be able to use Air Superiority fighters, and have ground based AA to take down her MiGs, whilst your fighters take down her Twinblades. If you let her, she will send groups of 10 Twinblades, which is enough to take down your base. The best tactic is to wait till she has those Twinblades and have Air Superiority fighters ready. When the Twinblades attack, get your ground force to move towards her base, whilst your fighters take down the Twinblades. Have your Ground AA take down her MiGs, and if you have bombers, now is the time to do some sorties over her base whilst she is rebuilding. She is one of the harder generals to face. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [27.01] Crates There are three sorts of random crates that will appear on the battlefield. These will help the person who has their units appear on the crates first, and they provide some nice bonuses. The Cross will heal your units. The Chevron will promote your units. The Dollar Sign will give you 1000 Credits. These will disappear if you don't collect them over a certain period of time, and given that all three are of benefit to your units, it is in your best interests to collect them, and make sure that your enemy doesn't get them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [27.02] Ranks There are three ranks for all the troops, and this time round, it is quite easy to figure out what level they are on. The ranking system is based on the damage dealt by the unit. To obtain a new rank, they need to destroy units and buildings equal to their value. So if you want to get Level 1, you need to destroy items the value of the unit. Level 2, you need to destroy items double the value of the unit, and for Level 3, it is triple the value. There are three ranks, and they each give a benefit. They will give a boost to firepower, defence, hit points and speed, that makes the unit one that you will keep on the battlefield. This is a game where units aren't meant to be sent and forgotten, it isn't send and forget, unlike Starcraft. Anyway, theses are the ranks. Note that the Chevrons might not be to your liking, due to keyboard restrictions. ^ = Level 1 (Increased Firepower, Increased Defence, Increased Speed, Increased Max Hitpoints) ^ ^ = Level 2 (Increased Firepower, Increased Defence, Increased Speed, Increased Max Hitpoints) * = Level 3 (Increased Firepower, Increased Defence, Increased Speed, Increased Max Hitpoints, Self Healing) Level 1 = Veteran Level 2 = Elite Level 3 = Heroic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [A] Contact Information Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use. ****************************************************************************** Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then E-Mail me. 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I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your game not MINE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [B] Webmaster Information ONLY GAMEFAQS WILL HOST THIS FAQ UNTIL OTHERWISE STATED BELOW GAMESFAQ WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE LATEST VERSIONS YOU CANNOT HOST THIS DOCUMENT WITHOUT ASKING. SIMPLE AS THAT. YOU CANNOT MAKE A PROFIT FROM THIS DOCUMENT LIKE SELLING IT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [C] Credits This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either Board Names from the Boards or your e-mail so if your name is Bob Rob and another Bob Rob posted the message, the First Bob Rob will not be credited so in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not be credited for your work. 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