Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force 3 for PlayStation Portable(PSP) Card Converter FAQ Version 1.2 February 7,2009 Written By CaIsonic =============================================================================== Contents =============================================================================== 1. Introduction 2. Version History 3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 4. Obtainable Cards 5. Credits 6. Contact Information 7. Copyright Information =============================================================================== 1. Introduction =============================================================================== This is my first ever FAQ, lets hope you enjoy this Card Converter FAQ I have made for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3. In this FAQ, the cards attainable from the Card Converter will be listed. After several people on the boards asking on how to attain certain cards in the game I decided to make this FAQ on how to obtain certain cards from the Card Converter.Also, the other games in this series have Card Converter FAQs. In future versions for this FAQ I will add more cards and any other relevant information. =============================================================================== 2. Version History =============================================================================== Version 1.0, 27th January 2009 Submitted FAQ Version 1.1, 29th January 2009 Minor card updates, also added NeoSeeker and SuperCheats to permitted sites section. Version 1.2, 7th February 2009 Added a lot more cards that were submitted after last update. =============================================================================== 3. Frequently Asked Questions =============================================================================== This section is for general questions about the Card Converter. Q: What is the Card Converter? A: It is a machine which will allow you to trade cards from your trunk into the machine in order to obtain a better or rarer card. The card you get is always random. It is mainly used to get hard-to-find cards, or empty your trunk. Q: How many cards do I get from the Card Converter? A: No matter how many cards you put in, you will always recieve 1 card Q: How many cards do I have to put into the Card Converter to use it? A: Anywhere between 10-99. Q: Where can I find the Card Converter? A: You can find it inside the Lab at the south-east corner of the map. When inside the lab, go down the sets of stairs and follow the right path. At the end there will be two 'Researchers' (the guys in black suits). Inbetween the two researchers, you can find the Card Converter. Q:How do I use the Card Converter? A:Either press Triangle when near the machine or press X then select 'Card Exchange' to open up the screen. Once you are at the screen, press X. Once you have done this, you will see two tabs. The left tab is your trunk where all your spare cards are, the right tab is the cards you are putting into the Card Converter. The numbers on each tab tell you how much cards are in each.To exchange cards inbetween tabs, simply press X.When you have done this, press O. When the message: 'Converting Cards...' appears on the screen, press either X or O to skip the animation. Q: How did you get this list of cards? A: I kept exchanging cards and eventually pilled a list. Unless you have tried it you will have no idea how long it takes. Credit for cards listed by exchanging 95 Cards goes to hawkiss69. =============================================================================== 4. Obtainable Cards =============================================================================== *** I WILL MAINLY UPDATE THIS SECTION WITH MORE CARDS, I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO DO ALL THE CARDS POSSIBLE AT ONCE, THERE IS SIMPLY TOO MANY *** Okay now to the main section, the listing of the cards you can obtain from the Card Converter. Note: The quantity and rarity of the cards you put in has no effect on the outcome on the cards you recieve. I have personally tested this so if you don't believe me and waste all your rare cards in the hope of getting something good,then it's your loss.. Here is an example: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10: <- Number of cards you put into Card Converter Fog Control Krokodilus <- Cards you can obtain (cards are always random). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10: Fog Control Krokodilus Cocoon of Evolution Uraby Wolf Armorded Lizard Thousand Dragon Great Moth Hercules Beetle Larvae Moth Basic Insect The Rival's Name Man-Eating Plant Killer Needle Limit Reverse ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11: Dark Gray Ally of Justice - Garadholg Burst Impact Barox Dragon Zombie Crawling Dragon Spirit of the Winds Morphtronic Datatron ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12: Ansatsu Toad Master Spiked Snail Ally of Justice - Rudra Mystery Hand The Melting Red Shadow Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13: Hard Armor Lucky Trinket Firegrass Genin M-Warrior #1 Dark King of the Abyss Armaill Spirit of the Harp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14: Dryad De-Synchro Winged Cleaver Happy Lover Kagemusha of the Blue Flame Tour of Doom Mabarrel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15: Haniwa Beautiful Headhuntress Candle of Fate Root Water Solitude Trap Master Guardian of the Labyrinth Wood Clown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16: Illusionist Faceless Mage Gladiator Beast Darius Archfiend Mirror Psi-Station Ray & Temperature Megirus Light Mystical Sheep #2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17: One-Eyed Shield Dragon Fireyarou Laser Cannon Armor Elf's Light Dragoness the Wicked Knight Masaki the Legendary Swordsman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18: Seiyaryu Machine Conversion Factory Yamadron Umi Gladiator's Return Mooyan Curry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19: Soul Devouring Bamboo Sword Mystic Lamp Pendulum Machine Ryu-Kishin Powered Froggy Forcefield Pursuit Chaser ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20: Water Girl Cyber Soldier Kaiser Dragon Giganto Cyber Commander Bat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21: Recycling Batteries Tripwire Beast Magical Ghost Sentinel of the Seas Destroyer Golem ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22: Judge Man Boo Koo Air Eater Fungi of the Mask D. Human Rainbow Marine Mermaid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23: Kamakiriman Fog Palace Mechaleon Niwatori The Statue of Easter Island Corroding Shark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24: Yormungarde Griggle Bone Mouse Power Injector Wretched Ghost of the Attic Lucky Chance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25: Electric Lizard Storm Caller Binding Chain Shining Friendship Berserker Crash Elemental Hero Storm Neos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26: Armored Rat Flame Viper Whiptail Crow Royal Guard Amazon of the Seas Remote Revenge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27: Commencement Dance Breath of Light Skull Guardian Eradicating Erasol Emperor Setem Parry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28: Synchro Deflector Parasite Paracide Manga Ryu-Ran Dokurorider Javelin Beetle Panther Warrior ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29: Battle Ox 7 Completed Fiend Roar Deity Raven Raimei Negate Attack Remove Trap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30: Tailor of the Fickle Energy-Absorbing Monolith Gryphon Wing Gravekeeper's Servant Darkness Approaches ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31: The Reliable Guardian Mirage Tube Harpie's Brother World Suppression Gaia Power Gust ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32: The Wicked Worm Beast Timeater Turbo Warrior Servant of Catabolism Fairy King Truesdale The Illusory Gentleman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33: 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Gradius Chosen One Mask of Weakness Skull Mariner Black Rose Dragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34: Science Soldier The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Fairy Guardian Spring of Rebirth Spirit of the Breeze Headless Knight Crimson Sentry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35: Clear World Spirit Message "I" Spirit Message "A" Skull Lair Dramatic Rescue The Beginning of the End Dragonic Attack Life Absorbing Machine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 36: Susa Soldier Array of Revealing Light Judgment of Thunder Agido Great Long Nose Super Robolady ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 37: After the Struggle Fires of Doomsday Master Kyonshee Prime Material Dragon Wandering Mummy Magic Reflector ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 38: Pitch-Dark Dragon Curse of Aging Gravekeeper's Cannonholder Unleash Your Power! Drillago Fish Depth Charge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 39: Dimension Jar Twin-Barrel Dragon Beast King Barbaros Amazoness Tiger Vampire Orchis Thunder of Ruler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40: Arsenal Summoner Different Dimension Dragon Jar Robber Magical Plant Mandragola Armor Exe Thousand Needles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41: Shadowknight Archfiend Staunch Defender Really Eternal Rest Battle-Scarred Six Samurai United Goblin of Greed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 42: Ojama Yellow Sacred Crane Spell Vanishing Ojama Black Ojama Green ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 43: Inferno Hammer Ultra Evolution Pill The Agent of Creation - Venus The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury Warrior of Zera ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 44: Aswan Apparition Kozaky Beckoning Light Atomic Firefly Talisman of Trap Sealing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45: Special Hurricane Cross Porter The Third Sacophagus Des Counterblow Sword of the Soul-Eater ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 46: Ritual Weapon Element Dragon Mystic Swordsman LV2 Necroface Teleport Rare Metal Dragon Two-Man Cell Battle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 47: Big Core Neclace of Command Greed Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Eagle Eye Lighten the Load ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 48: Metal Silver Armor Mind Haxorz Kangaroo Champ Assault on GHQ Element Valkyrie Hate Buster ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 49: Doriado's Blessing Commander Covington Grave Ohja Genex Undine Gemini Lancer Guardian Statue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50: Mad Lobster Bubble Shuffle Doitsu Rock Bombardment Jetroid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 51: Nanobreaker Chthonian Blast Reborn Zombie VW-Tiger Catapault Etoile Cyber Chthonian Polymer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 52: Attack Reflector Unit Boss Rush Elemental Hero Mudballman The League of Uniform Nomenclature Ancient Gear ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 53: D.D. Guide Sand Moth Chimera, the Master of Beasts Princess Pikaru Seccess Probability 0% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 54: No Entry!! Cyber Tutu Arcana Force XIV - Temperance Escape From the Dark Dimension Elemental Hero Woodsman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 55: Miracle Jurassic Egg Cyber Dark Horn Alien Warrior Tail Swipe Destiny Mirage Toy Magician ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 56: Armor Breaker Dark Lucius LV 6 Ancient Gear Tank Allure Queen LV5 Cyberdark Dragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 57: Terrafirma Gravity Man Beast of Ares Combo Fighter Senet Switch Queen's Bodyguard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 58: Damage Polarizer Kid Guard Eternal Dread The Six Samurai - Irou Light Laser Stray Asmodian ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 59: Shien's Footsoldier Gren, Tactician of Dark World Offering to the Snake Deity Ancient Rules Colossal Fighter Great Shogun Shien ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 60: Metal Shooter Cloak and Dagger Cry Havoc Neo-Parsath, the Sky Paladin Belial - Marquis of Darkness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 61: Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth Mosaic Manticore Transmigration Break The Wicked Avatar Crystal Beacon Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 62: Goe Goe tje Gallant Ninja Sky Scourge Norleras Sky Scourge Enrise Sky Scourge Invincil Volcanic Recharge Magna-Slash Dragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 63: X-Saber Galahad Grandmaster of the Six Samurai Great Shogun Shien Cocoon Veil Contact Phantom Skyblaster Psychic Trigger ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 64: Chrysalis Larva Chrysalis Chicky Chrysalis Dolphin Chrysalis Mole Chrysalis Pinny ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 65: Shield Spear Strike Slash Meteorain Phalanx Pike Phantom Cricket ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 66: Natural Disaster Summon Cloud Updraft Cloudian - Storm Dragon Diamond-Dude Cyclone Defensive Tactics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 67: Vehicroid Connection Zone Evil Hero Infernal Gainer Substitoad Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 68: End of the World Hand Destruction Anteatereatingant Herald of Purple Light Herald of Green Light ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 69: Ojamagic Axe Dragonute Level Limit - Area A Familiar-Possessed - Aussa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70: Twin Shield Defender Mispolymerisation Final Ritual of the Ancients Reshef the Dark Being Winged Kuriboh LV10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 71: Fox Fire Rare Metalmorph Batteryman Micro-Cell Harpies' Hunting Ground ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 72: Worm Illidan Unshaven Angler Armed Dragon LV3 Charcoal Inpachi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 73: Zero Gravity DNA Transplant Emes the Infinity Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 74: Cloudian - Acid Cloud Remove Brainwashing Battle Footballer Fairy of the Spring ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 75: XZ-Tank Cannon Cloning People Running About Spell Shield Type-8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 76: DUCKER Mobile Cannon Call of the Mummy Terraforming Dice Jar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 77: Cloudian - Turbulence Chimeratech Fortress Dragon Royal Keeper Cestus of Dagla ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 78: Makyura the Destructor Zombyra the Dark Bazoo the Soul Eater ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 79: Sebek's Blessing Birdface Gladiator Beast Spartacus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 80: Nobleman of Extermination Bubonic Vermin Toll Buster Blader ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 81: Hiro's Shadow Scout Jigen Bakudan Harpie's Feather Duster ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 82: Sinister Serpent Jinzo #7 Cyber Stein ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 83: Submarineroid Ancient Gear Castle Super Conductor Tyranno ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 84: By Order of the Emperor Infernal Flame Emperor Zombie Mammoth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 85: Pitch-Black Warewolf Space Gift Stronghold the Moving Fortress ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 86: Self-Destruct Button Legacy of Yata-Garasu Inferno Burst Stream of Destruction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 87: D-Formation D.D. Trainer Blizzed, Guard of the Ice Barrier ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 88: Abaki Chainsaw Insect Infinity Dark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 89: Ready For Intercepting Marauding Captain Yata-Garasu ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 90: Ancient Gear Knight Time Seal Nobleman of Crossout ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 91: Widespread Ruin Shield & Sword Fissure Bad Reaction to Simochi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 92: Right Leg of the Forbidden One Soldier of Mist Valley Kaiser Glider ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 93: Mobius the Frost Monarch Dandylion Zoma the Spirit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 94: Cyber Jar Flamvell Magical Spirit of the Six Samurai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 95: Mirror Force D.D Warrior Lady Swords of Revealing Light Mystical Space Typhoon Heavy Storm Guardian Sphinx Dark Magician Emergency Provisions Mage Power F.G.D Jowgen the Spiritualist Exchange of the Spirit Exodia Necross Dark Ruler Ha Des Magic Cylinder Magical Stone Excavation Des Koala Premature Burial Wave Motion Cannon Book of Moon Exodia the Forbidden One ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 96: X-Saber Axel Limiter Removal Marshmallon Megamorph Solemn Judgment Exiled Force Giant Trunade Metamorphosis Puppet King Limiter Removal Level Limit - Area B Reckless Greed Amazoness Swords Woman Macro Cosmos Sasuke Samurai Solemn Judgment Blue-Eyes White Dragon Red Dragon Archfiend Mad Archfiend Megamorph Call of the Haunted Alien Hypno Uria, Lord of Searing Flames Mutant Mindmaster Summoned Skull ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 97: The Tricky Deck Lockdown Confiscation Elemental Hero Wildheart ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 98: The Sky Lord Queen of Fate - Eternia Testament of the Arcane Lords ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 99: Toy Emperor Cenozoic Fossil Knight - Skullger White Veil Arcana Force XII - The Hanged Man Scab Scar Knight Morphtronic Celfon Cup of Ace ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================== 5. Credits =============================================================================== To you, the reader, for reading this FAQ (hope you found what you were looking for.) To GameFAQs, NeoSeeker and SuperCheats for hosting this FAQ. To Konami for making such a great Yu-Gi-Oh game series. To gokugohangoten (guy who wrote the Tag Force 1 Card Converter FAQ) for inspiring me to write this FAQ. To hawkiss69 for contributing the cards recieved by exchanging 95 cards information. To Charles Wynn, for contributing a MAJOR amount cards (around 35)for sections 95-96 To Elliot Rodger, for contributing Morphtronic Celfon info by exchanging 99 cards. To yagiza, for contributing a MAJOR amount of cards ranging from sections 10-95 To theColourPalette for contributing cards for sections 96,97 and 99 To the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 board, for all their help with the game in-general. =============================================================================== 6. Contact Information =============================================================================== E-Mail: Calsonic69@hotmail.com Feel free to email me for any questions, suggestions, corrections or whatever, just make sure it's relevant to this FAQ. Please email me if you find a card that is not on the list, I will put it on here and will give YOU credit for it. If you do try to contact me, please put the email title as Card Converter FAQ, or something along those lines. I should get back to you (or at least make a minor update) in 1-2 days, so please be patient. By the way, if I do not reply to your emails, it does not mean I have ignored or deleted it (unless it is completely unreasonable), but I do appreciate all the emails I recieve. Also I DO take note of all serious contributions and praises that are sent to me. Any chain letters, hate mails, spam or anything annoying will be deleted, so don't bother sending them. Note: If you would like this FAQ to be hosted on your website, please email me with a brief reason and I will contact you to confirm. =============================================================================== 7. Copyright Information =============================================================================== The following sites have permission to host this FAQ: www.gamefaqs.com www.neoseeker.com www.supercheats.com This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private usage. It may not be placed on any website (unless specifically stated above) or otherwise form of electronic or printed media. Use of this guide on any unauthorised website or as a part of public display is strictly prohibited, and a voilation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Copyright 2009 Frank Grazioli -End of FAQ-</p>