PPPPPPPPPPPP 444 444 PPP PPP 444 444 PPP PPP 444 444 PPP PPP 44444444444 PPPPPPPPP 44444444444 PPP 444 PPP 444 PPP 444 PPP 444 PPP 444 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 BOSS FAQ Composed by Jeddi_kun at http://www.gamefaqs.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you would like to use this guide on another website, please send an e-mail to Jeddikun@aol.com to request permission. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my First FAQ on GameFAQs. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it is helpful. Thank you for reading. Contact me at Jeddikun@aol.com for extra help, questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this guide. Please label the e-mail "Persona 4 BOSS FAQ" so that I can get to it faster. Note that this Boss FAQ has spoilers. Just a warning before reading. My invention is the YKT combo- Yosuke, Kanji, Teddie. All three of these characters are great. (Every character is great-- They're just designed differently) That's not the best part, though. Each of them gets their individual Ma-kaja spell. You know our favorite skill, Heat Riser? The effect of it can take place on the whole party before the first enemy even gets a hit. Personas/level > Equipment. Yoshitsune is arguably the best persona in the game. The main reason for this is Hassou Tobi/Heat Riser/awesome resistances/possible arms Master, Apt Pupil, Enduring Soul, etc./Fusion Forecast Debilitate/Awesomeness, but... Feel free to play the game wihtout him. Just saying that if you attaempt the Margaret boss fight and final boss fights, he's the best persona in any situation. Debilitate is also, arguably, the best support skill in the game. If you don't know, it's the combination of all three de-buffs in just one turn on an enemy. Hassou Tobi is the best physical akill in the game hands down. -dyne spells > Ragnarok, Niflheim, Thunder Reign, Panta Rhei. Those four attacks cost quadruble -dyne spells for only about 20% more damage output. They're a complete waste. Kohryu and Ishtar are the best healers in the game. Which one you use depends on personal preference. Ishtar is all-out healing and Kohryu is pretty much a mix of lightning skills and healing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Version History ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 02/02/09-- Version 0.70- Working on the tables. Added more to the Notes.This and the last update are huge. When I get all the tables + the Margaret fight written, the guide is pretty much finished. I may update in the future, but that's my goal. 01/21/09--Version 0.60- Added the reaper fight, a terminology section, and fixed most of the typoes on the page. I'm planning on adding hp/sp/elemental affinity tables soon. Margaret may take longer; I want to get more of a feel for her. 01/20/09--Version 0.50- All bosses and strategies covered. Looking to add more information in the near future as well as English titles. Going to add The Reaper and Margaret as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- How to find sections/Table of Contents ----------------------------------------------------------------------- There are three types of bosses; Storyline, Mini, and Bonus. To find a section, press ctrl+f and type in what kind of boss it is using all caps: ---------------- |STORYLINE BOSS| | | |MINI BOSS | | | |BONUS BOSS | ---------------- After that, put a decimal (.) and then a number according to their order in the game. Just copy and paste the codes from this list: Yosuke's Shadow: STORYLINE BOSS.1 Chie's Shadow: STORYLINE BOSS.2 Avenger Knight: MINI BOSS.1 Yukiko's Shadow: STORYLINE BOSS.3 Contrarian King: BONUS BOSS.1 Daring Gigas: MINI BOSS.2 Shadow Kanji: STORYLINE BOSS.4 Intolerant Officer: BONUS BOSS.2 Amorous Snake: MINI BOSS.3 Rise's Shadow: STORYLINE BOSS.5 Teddie's Shadow: STORYLINE BOSS.6 Momentary Child: BONUS BOSS.3 Killing Hand: MINI BOSS.4 Mitsuo's Shadow: STORYLINE BOSS.7 Escapist Soldier: BONUS BOSS.4 Dominating Machine: MINI BOSS.5 Naoto's Shadow: STORYLINE BOSS.8 Extreme Vessel: BONUS BOSS.5 World Balance: MINI BOSS. 6 Kuni-no-Sagiri: STORYLINE BOSS.9 Lost Okina: BONUS BOSS.6 Chaos Fuzz: MINI BOSS.7 Giant of Envy: MINI BOSS.7 Adachi: STORYLINE BOSS.10 Amenosagiri: STORYLINE BOSS.11 Neo Minotaur: MINI BOSS.8 Sleeping Table: MINI BOSS.9 Izanami: STORYLINE BOSS.12 Izanami-no-Okami: STORYLINE BOSS.13 The Reaper: BONUS BOSS.7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Terminology ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In this guide, I have a special way of saying certain things. For complete understanding, I'm adding a section so you can understand what I mean. Difficulty- How hard the boss is; 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest. I base this part off of what others say, and my own experiences. Recommended level- A range of what levels you should be for the boss. Personas- Personas, or personas that fit a description in this section. Ma-Dyne/-Dyne- Whenever I say this, the dash means either zio, agi, bufu, or Garula. Basically, if I say a boss can use all -Dyne spells or something of that sort, the dash represents one of the four main elements. Round(s)- I try not to use this much, but it is used. It means the four turns that your party gets. Of course, Agility determines this. However, in most Boss Battles, your characters will have their first four turns, and then the enemy has theirs. Spam: To constantly cast/over-use a spell or skill. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Reading the Tables ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 3Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/Name: The Boss' name. 2/Affinities: The boss' elemental afinities. Rs-Resist (Halved damage) Null-Nullify (No Damage) Abs-Absorb (Healed by element) Rpl-Repel (Attack is reflected back at caster) Wk- Weak (Extra Damage + Down) * Almost all Bosses Nullify Light/Darkness attacks 3/Where to find: Where the boss is located, how to get to the boss, etc. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.1 _______________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Yosuke's Shadow ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | Wk | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: Automatic. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- *Since only Electric and Physical attacks were available in this battle, I'm not sure how other elements would affect him. It shouldn't be a problem though, seeing as you can only use Physical and Electric attacks. Difficulty- 2/10 Recommended Level- Where ever you're at. Personas- Izanagi This is the first "boss fight" of the game. It's pretty simple. Spam Izanagi's zio on him, and when he guards, you guard. If he uses Power CHarge, use zio first and take your extra turn using Guard. If your health ever gets below half, make sure to use a medicine. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.2 _______________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Chie's Shadow ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Rs | | | | Wk | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: Yukiko's Castle 2nd Floor. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 3/10 Recommended level- Where ever you're at. Personas- Izanagi Easy fight, just be careful. Have Yosuke cast Garu on her, and she'll be knocked down. She'll put up a Green Wall soon after, so just use your physical attacks. Whenever the game say that she gazes at Yosuke, have him guard for that turn. If you don't, she'll use a strong attack called Bottomless Envy that leaves Dizzy, and gives her another turn. Her Mazio can also knock Yosuke down, so be careful with that. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.1 _______________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Avenger Knight ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Rs | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 7/10 Recommended Level- 8-12 Personas- Izanagi, Pixie, Slime with Resist Physical This is a pretty hard fight. His attacks can knock out your characters in one shot, so make sure you have Izanagi cast Tarunda. Use elemental attacks on him, as he is stong against Physical attacks. Keep everyone's hp high, and revive anyone who dies. *If you're on Expert Mode, it's almost a definite that his attacks will OHKO unless you're Level 10+ or have a Slime with Resist Physical. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.3 _______________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Yukiko's Shadow ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | Abs | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: Yukiko's Castle 8th Floor. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 8/10 Recommended level- 14-16 Personas- If you're at a high enough level, use Jack Frost. Valkyrie if she knows Mabufu. Fire-resistant personas when the prince goes down. This is probably the hardest fight you've done yet. She has a stong area attack that takes away over half of your character's hp, and she also summons a minion to aid her in battle. Have Chie cast Mabufu every round, and this will hit the Charming Prince's weakness as well as damage the real boss. Keep pressure on the minion until he falls down, and then focus on Shadow Yukiko. Yukiko's Shadow will cast White Wall on the Charming Prince, taking away his weakness. When she does this, just attack him with physical attacks. When Shadow Yukiko is alone, use strong physical attacks on her. Make sure you equip a persona that isn't weak to fire or even better, resists it. When her health drops down to about half, she'll start using a fire-element area attack called Burn To Ashes. It will do quite a lot of damage to your party, and hit Chie's weakness. Hopefully, you have a persona with Media. Just make sure to heal your party when hp gets below half, and have Yosuke and Chie do the attacking. _______________________________________________________________________ BONUS BOSS.1 _______________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Name: Contrarian King ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | Abs | | | Null | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: Yukiko's Castle 8th Floor ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 8/10 Recommended level- 16-22 Recommended personas- Personas that resist physical attacks. This is probably the hardest extra Boss in the game. [dungeon wise] His rampage attack can easily wipe out your party if you're underleveled. Most extra Bosses are easy enough once you beat that dungeon for the first time, this is not the case. I suggest leveling up to around 20 before fighting him, simply because of his Rampage attack. Use physical attacks to damage the boss. He cannot be affected by fire or wind, and the sp for other spells is better used for healing. He'll begin the battle with Red Wall. He usually only uses single-target physical attacks, so heal that character when necessary. When he starts using Rampage is the hard part. It will take away almost all of your party's hp, and you won't be able to heal that much with your current healing spells. After Rampage, use the MC and Yukiko to cast Media, and have Yosuke and Chie attack. He rarely uses Matarunda, but if he does, prepare to use rakunda on him. Tarunda is nice as well, if you have the time. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.2 _______________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Daring Gigas ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 6/10 Recommended Level- 18-22 Personas- Anything that can resist Physical attacks. This boss hits hard, but it's not a hard fight. He is a lot like the avenger knight, but a bit easier. He'll waste three turns buffing up, and then he'll start attacking. He doesn't have any special attacks, just the single-hit, regular attack. It will probably take away over half of a character's hp. When he uses Power Charge, make your characters guard. Pretty much, just heal whoever gets attacked, and then have everyone use their strongest attacks on him. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.4 _______________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Shadow Kanji ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 9/10 Recommended level- 22-25. Personas- Any personas with strong attacks and area attacks. One that has resist physical. A persona with Support Skills. [Preferably Tarunda] This is probably the hardest fight yet. Not only does he have strong area attacks, but he also has two minions, that are tough to take down themselves. His main attack that will wipe you out is rampage. It's a physical area attack, that can hit up to three times. If it hits three times, it's most likely game over for you. First of all, start by killing Nice Guy. If possible, use physical area attacks to bring him down. Tough Guy absorbs them, but you really shouldn't be focusing on him now. The reason you should kill Nice Guy first is because he casts buffs; Specifically Heat Riser. Heat Riser is a combination of Tarukaja, Rakukaja, and Sukukaja. To leave this on him would be death. So, have Yosuke use Dekaja if Nice Guy casts Heat Riser on him. Once you have the Nice Guy down, focus your attacks on the tough guy and Shadow Kanji. Tough guy absorbs physical, so use magic attacks on him. If you want to risk it, try using area magic attacks. They'll damage Kanji and Tough Guy. Tough Guy's attack arsenal consists of two single-target physical attacks and Rampage. His rampage isn't nearly as strong as Shadow Kanji's, but it's still something to watch out for. The main reason you should get rid of him first, is the fact that he can use Dekaja, and will almost always use it whenever your party has buffs. You'll want to buff up your party for this fight, but you don't want it to be immediately taken away... This is why he's the second Target. Now comes the real fight. Kanji has an attack that's cast fear on your party, although he occasionally uses it. He also has Fanatical Spark, that deals medium lightning Damage. These two attacks leave no reason to be alarmed, however. His main deadly attack is rampage. He typically uses Power Charge before Rampage, which makes is even more menacing. Because of this, have your party guard when he uses Power Charge. Otherwise, there's a high chance of death, especially if it hits three times. His other attacks consist of Fatal End, Tetrakarn, and Spirit Drain. He rarely uses Tetrakarn, however. He'll use Fatal End quite a lot. It's just a strong single-target physical attack. If it critical hits, he'll get an extra turn. Spirit Drain takes away some sp from a character. It's bad, but not deadly. Just make sure you keep everyone's hp above 80% throughout the battle, and guard whenever he uses Power Charge. If you're still having trouble, use strong single-target attacks on the Nice and Tough Guy, instead of ara attacks. This'll take them down quicker, even though Kanji will have full hp when you get him alone. _______________________________________________________________________ BONUS BOSS.2 _______________________________________________________________________ Intolerant Officer ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 4/10 Recommended Level- 25-28 Recommended personas- Personas with zio or Zionga. This boss is easy. He has strong single-target attacks that can take out 75% of your character's hp at a time, but he's also weak to electricity. Bring Kanji in, even if you don't plan on using him for the rest of the game. Doing this, you can easily perform two all-out attacks a round. He can also poison your characters, so heal as necessary. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.3 _______________________________________________________________________ Amorous Snake ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 4/10 Recommended level- 28-30 Personas- Anything with Agilao. Hua Po is good. This is an easy fight. Exploit his weakness, and just keep using all out attacks. He uses Stagnant Air at the beginning of the battle, and will then use Virus Wave sometime after. Heal the poison and keep going. He can also use Mind Slice which also causes confusion, so be ready for that. Just make sure everyone's hp is kept above 50% and the battle will soon be over. Galactic Punt works in this battle. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.5 _______________________________________________________________________ Rise's Shadow ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 2/10 Recommended Level 30-35. Personas- Anything that can deal high damage. This isn't the "real" boss of this dungeon. The battle will end once you take away a little more than half of her hp, once she starts using Supreme Insight, just guard. Nothing you can really do, then. For any difficulties in this fight, just make sure you keep everyone's hp high, and just unleash your strongest attacks on her, just so you don't waste time. (Your hp & sp will be restored at the end of battle, preparing you for the real boss fight.) Her attack arsenal is just low-level magic spells, that barely cause any damage. She can also use mind slice, which takes away a bit more damage than her magic attacks. Still, nothing much to worry about. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.6 _______________________________________________________________________ Shadow Teddie ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Abs | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 9/10 Recommended Level- 31-35 Personas- Anything that's immune to ice. Ganga and Unicorn are good; Ganga because of Mediarama. Not only is this a long fight, but it can get pretty troublesome if you don't figure out his pattern. His favorite thing to do is use Mind Charge, and then cast Mabufula. He'll also cast Marakunda, and then use Heat Wave. If you try using buffs, there's a chance that he might use Dekaja, so don't waste your time. Chances are, you'll have Yukiko in your party as a healer. If you do, make sure you guard every time he uses Mind Charge. Not only does this prevent extra damage, but it also prevents him from getting another turn. If he get's that extra turn, it usually means him using Mind Charge. This means endless Mabufulas. Another thing to watch out for is Foolish Whisper. This attack attempts to silence all your characters. Bring a few mouthwashes along to the battle. His Special Attack, Nihil Hand, is actually your ally. It takes two turns to charge up. When he starts charging, go all out on him, using your strongest attacks. On the second turn he's charging, make everyone guard. This will prevent any damage whatsoever. Also make sure that everyone's health is as high as possible every round. This can be achieved by having Yukiko cast Media every round. _______________________________________________________________________ BONUS BOSS.3 _______________________________________________________________________ Momentary Child ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 5/10 Recommended level- 34-36 Personas- Ganga because of Bufula and Mediarama. This isn't a hard fight. He uses Herculean Strike, and it's pretty strong. It will take over half of your party's hp away, so heal with Media or Mediarama. All you really have to do in this fight is cast Bufula repetitively, and use Mediarama when hp is low. The boss is weak to ice, so hopefully you're using Teddie. Either way, have the MC and Teddie use ice skills while the other party members heal and use physical attacks. If your hp is so low that you need extra healing, I suggest having Teddie cast Mediarama instead of Bufula one turn _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.4 _______________________________________________________________________ Killing Hand ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 4/10 Recommended level- 35-40 Personas- Personas with Magaru/Magarula/Garula. Thsi is an easy fight. It can be dragged on for a long time, though. The killing Hand will summon an Almighty Hand to aid it in battle. The almighty hand is weak against wind, so use wind attacks. If you have Magarula, use that instead of Garula, sicne it deals extra damage to the boss. Hit him with it two times and he'll become dizzy. Try to focus your efforts on the Almighty Hand, and completely focus your attacks on the killing hand when he's alone. He might summon another one before the end of the battle, so keep up. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.7 _______________________________________________________________________ Mitsuo's Shadow ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 7/10 Recommended level- 38-45 Personas- Anything with good agility. Black Frost is also helpful for dealing high damage with Agidyne. This is an interesting, and tricky fight. It's also pretty fun if you know how to handle it. Once the battle starts, you'll be fighting an 8-bit "hero" version of Mitsuo. This isn't the actual fight. It's an "outer shell" of him. It has 1400 hp, and once you defeat it, you'll be fighting the real thing. Once you defeat the outer shell, Mitsuo's Shadow will be knocked Down, allowing you to go for an all-out attack. Before we get any farther, let's learn what to do with the "Guided Hero" Mistuo. His only skill is "command." From this, a little game menu opens up, and he decides what attack to use from there. In your first time fighting this form, he'll only use attack and bomb. Attack is just... A normal attack. Not too stong damage. it'll probably take away about 50% of one character's hp. Bomb takes away about 50% too, but also causes exhaustion. It's a good idea to have Teddie around with energy shower for this! If the Guided Hero version of Mistuo pops up a second time, he'll have a new attack in his arsenal called Gigadyne. It deals heavy electric damage to the party. It'll probably take away half of the party's health. Now, for the real boss fight. Mitsuo's Shadow gets two turns per each turn. He likes to cast Megidolaon, and it's definitely annoying. He also uses a lot of status spells of the party, taking advantage of the double turn. This part isn't too hard, as long as you keep everyone's hp as high as possible, and heal status effects. _______________________________________________________________________ BONUS BOSS.4 _______________________________________________________________________ Escapist Soldier ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 6/10 Recommended level- 40-45 Personas- Anything with high attack power and Mediarama This is an easy fight. He has stong attacks, but they can only target one charcter at a time. Try to keep everyone's health at max, because of his strong attacks. He has the Evil Smile and Ghastly Wail combo, so make sure you get rid of dear on whoever has it. It's an easy fight, if you aren't winning, then just grind some more. The Gaia sword you get from defeating this battle is very useful for a long while in the game. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.5 _______________________________________________________________________ Dominating Machine ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty-6/10 Recommended level- 46-50 Personas- A Null Physical persona is extremely helpful in this fight. This boss spends his whole time using Power Charge and then Herculean Strike. His pattern can easily kill you if you don't heal when it's needed... And even then, it's possible for him to defeat you in one hit. Simply make sure that you keep your health full and attack when it is. When his health gets to 25%, he'll stand by for three truns, then use self-destruct. I suggest you try to defeat him in two rounds, and if you don't, then have everyone guard to take less damage from him. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.8 _______________________________________________________________________ Naoto's Shadow ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 8/10 Recommended level- 48-55 Personas- Anything with Dekaja, or -dyne spells and high magic power. Ganga is a good idea for Dekaja + Mediarama, but not a must, seeing as skills can be passed down. Genbu, or anything with Masukukaja is helpful, seeing as Shadow Naoto likes to use Ma-dyne spells. This is a challenging fight; not hard. Shadow Naoto seems to be a boss that can actually think. She is very strategic, so give her a taste of her own medicine. First things fist, be prepared with Dekaja. She uses Heat Riser quite often, and leaving that on would be suicide. She usually only uses it when getting One More chance, and it occurs quite often, since she likes to exploit your character's weaknesses. If you don't want to waste your MCs turn with Dekaja, then have Yosuke use it, assuming he's in your party. Shadow Naoto Also uses Debilitate, although rarely. If you have Yukiko in your party, expect her to spam Mabufudyne, as well as other dyne spells. The worst thing about this is that she has Element zero, an attack that nullifies all elemental resistances. So for this battle, don't worry about being immune to any elements. Her other favorite attacks are Mute Ray, Gargarian Eyes, and Brave Blade. She'll use these attacks randomly, and they don't happen in a set pattern. Mute Ray takes away about half of your character's hp and causes silence, while Brave Blade will do about the same damage, yet without the silence. Gargarian Eyes is an attack that will take away almost all of your hp, and cause Enervation. Pretty much, you just need to be careful during this fight. Bring some status removing items as well, for the status effects. Macca leaves are also a huge help, if you don't have many characters with Mediarama. If you take this battle seriously, it will be a very fun battle. _______________________________________________________________________ BONUS BOSS.5 _______________________________________________________________________ Extreme Vessel ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 6/10 Recommended level- 48-55 Personas- Personas with Garula and Garudyne are nice. This boss is weak against wind, so just blast him with your strongest wind spells and use Yosuke if he's a high enough level. If he uses Power Charge, he will use God's Hand shortly after. It will instantly kill a character, so make sure to revive. When he uses Power Charge, switch to a null physical persona if you have one. When he uses Mind Charge, guard because he will use a hard-hitting Ma-Dyne spell of some sort. If you odn't want to guard, use Makarakarn on the MC and have everyone else guard. This will deal massive damage to the boss. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.6 _______________________________________________________________________ World Balance ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 5/10 Recommended level- 54-60 Personas- Personas with Makarakarn and a lot of elemental resistances. This is a straightforward fight. He'll use Mind Charge followed up by a single-target -dyne spell. His spells usually hit for 600+ damage a pop, so it means instant death. If you have personas with Makarakarn, use Makarakarn on the MC. If you don't, then go to one that can reflect attacks, and isn't weak to any. You really shouldn't even have trouble with this, as long as you've been leveling your party members' social links. He should go down quickly, just make sure you use Diarahan on anyone who's been hit. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.9 _______________________________________________________________________ Kunino-Sagiri ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 8/10 Recommended level- 60-65 Personas- Personas that reflect ANY element are HIGHLY recommended, and make this battle much, much easier. This is a long, interesting fight. It's made much, much easier if you have a persona that can reflect an element, though. Why? Because this battle has an interesting pattern. Once you take away about 25% of his health, he'll use an attack called "Quad Converge." This skill makes it so that he is strong against all elements, but takes 3x damage from a single one. You'll know which element it is, because it's the elememt that he uses on your party. Once you confirm the element, start spamming it as much as you can. This process lasts through most of the battle. Kunino-Sagiri has one very interesting attack. It lets him bring one of your characters to his side, enabling control over them. He'll use it when his health gets to 50%, and again at 25%. The first time, he'll take control of only one of your characters. When he does this, the character will randomly use one of their skills against your party. The second time he uses it, he'll take control of all of your party, excluding the MC. Note that he may not use control the first time, if you do a lot of damage in a small amount of time. Best thing to do then is guard and heal. Your characters most likely won't hurt you too much, but it's best to be careful. At 25% of his health, he'll use a new attack, Unerring Justice. It's pretty strong, and it will take away the majority of everyone's hp. Using Marakukaja can make a huge difference when it comes to this new attack. When he uses this, just heal everyone up to max hp and start attacking. This portion of the battle can be much more forgiving, since he will rarely use elemental attacks, preventing him from getting an extra turn by exploiting your character's weankessed. ______________________________________________________________________ BONUS BOSS.7 ______________________________________________________________________ Lost Okina ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 4/10 Recommended Level- 60-65 Recommended personas- Personas with strong magic spells that aren't ice element. This is a really easy fight. He is immune for physical attacks and ice attacks, but it shouldn't be a problem. He should go down pretty quickly, too. Just make sure that you keep your attacks focused and heal every round. He likes to use status effects, so make sure you get those taken care of as well. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.7 _______________________________________________________________________ Chaos Fuzz ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 3/10 Recommended level- 65-70 Personas- Personas with area spells AND single-target spells are nice. This is an easy fight. The first one will summon another, and the second one will also do so. The key to this battle is to kill them all at the same time. Usually, he'll only summon three. If more than three are on the field, than it's just bad luck. Use area attacks throughout the battle, and don't kill anyone in the process. Get everyone's hp low [to the point there's only a tenth of hp left] and use Ma-dyne or an almighty spell. These guys don't hit hard. There physical attacks take away about a third of your character's hp, and they're only single target. They like to focus there attacks on one character at a time, but that still shouldn't be a problem. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.8 _______________________________________________________________________ Giant of Envy ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 6/10 Recommended level- 68-74 Personas- Personas with strong Physical and Almighty attacks. This fight isn't too hard, but he isn't exactly a pushover. He resists all types of attacks except for Physical and Almighty, and uses Megidolaon almost every turn. Not only are physical attacks the only element he doesn't resist, but he also has High Counter, making your Physical attack more ineffective. Still, blast him away with you physical attacks. Megidolaon is better, disregarding the fact that it takes so much sp. His only other attack is Tentarafoo, and he uses it quite a lot. Just use Amrita or Yukiko's Salvation if it becomes a problem. His Megidolaon will take away around half of your characters hp, so use Mediarahan/Salvation when need be. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.10 _______________________________________________________________________ Adachi ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 4/10 Recommended level- 70-80 Personas- Any persona that nullifies physical attacks makes this boss seem like a joke. A persona with a lot of elemental resistances is also nice. Thsi fight is pretty easy. He has high defense, so it might last a while, but other than that, it's not hard at all. He'll usually cast Vorpal Blade and -dyne and Ma-dyne spells. He occasionally uses Evil Smile, followed up with Gastly Wail. Because of this, make sure you're ready with items or Amrita. Just attack his with physical attacks, and heal when your hp gets down about halfway. It's as easy as that. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.11 _______________________________________________________________________ Ameno-Sagiri ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 9/10 Recommended Level- 70-80 Personas- Anything is fine, really. If possible, bring along a persona with Spell Master that also has -dyne spells. Make sure that you also have a persona with Mediarahan if one of your party members doesn't. If you have a Trumpeter with Debilitate, then by all means use him. This fight has great music, great scenery, and just overall greatness.It's a very tedious fight, however. At times, it'll seem like you aren't even doing anything to Ameno-Sagiri. You are, though. Since this is a very strategic and tedious fight, you'll want to get it over with as soon as possible. If you have Yosuke in your party, have him use Masukukaja as much as possible, and renew it when it wears off. When it isn't worn-off, use Brave Blade. If you're using Chie, use God's Hand, pretty much all the time. Other than Yosuke's Brave blade, it's one of the strongest attacks in your allies' arsenal. Hopefully you're using Yukiko. Her main job will be to cast Mediarahan every round. If none of your characters' hp is low, simply have her use Agidyne. It's very important to have her use Mediarahan if your characters hp aren't at their maximum. Since Amenosagiri gets double turn, he can easily wipe out your characters if their hp is below 80% if he uses Nebula Oculus twice. If you're playing on expert, you'll want to use Marakukaja, seeing as one swipe of Nebula Oculus can bring your hp down to 20-40%. Naoto isn't very useful in this fight, unless you have her wasting items and supporting. Her sp isn't useful for anything but Megidola(on), so just get rid of it in the beginning of the battle. Kanji isn't exactly useful, either. Just have him spam attacks if you're going to use him. Teddie can be a good replacement for Yukiko in this fight, but Yukiko is the better option for healing. At the beginning of the fight, he doesn't really have a specific attack pattern. he'll probably throw Nebula Oculus as you once every 2-3 turns, and Agneyastra very rarely. He'll also use Ma-dyne spells on your party, as well as status skills. The reason this fight is so menacing is because he rarely uses single-target skills, so your party members can't protect you from death. If he happens to use Agneyastra or Nebula Oculus, then a Ma-Dyne spell that your character is weak to, and uses Nebula Oculus or Agneyastra again, your party might get wiped out-- This is why Masukukaja and Marakukaja are important. When it's health gets lower to about 75%, he will start using Gargarian Eyes and God's Judgement. Gargarian Eyes takes away most hp and causes enervation, while God's Judgement deals damage equal to half of a single character's max hp. When down to 40-50% of hp, he'll start using Quake and Fog of Confusion. If he brings up fog of confusion, your attacks won't connect. All you should do is wait, and guard/buff up. While he has the Fog of Confusion up, he'll use buff spells on himself. He'll release the fog of confusion 2-3 turns after he uses it, and after he's done buffing. Often times when he releases it, he'll follow up with Mind Charge. By all means, make sure you guard, or Nebula Oculus of the next turn will wipe your party out. If you have Yosuke in your party, make sure he uses Dekaja on Ameno-sagiri, even if it sacrifices him guarding. Once the Mind Charged Nebula Oculus is over with, just repeat the tactics. He might use Mind Charge and Nebula Oculus again, and definitely Fog of Confusion, but just repeat the tactics. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.9 _______________________________________________________________________ Neo Minotaur ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 5/10 Recommended level- 70+ Personas- Null Physical is a lifesaver in this battle. Bring along a persona with null physical and just hit auto Battle. This is an easy fight, depending on how you approach it. If you aren't immune to physical attacks, expect him to kill you in atleast three turns. His rampage attack can cause some serious damage, and it's an instant kill if hits three times. However, Rampage is his only attack. If you have a persona with Null Physical, by all means use him. It'll make you completely invulnerable. He can use regular hyscial attacks, but... They're still physical-based. Use Mediarahan whenever anyone takes damage. Note that he has very low defense, so he should go down before he gets to use rampage too much. _______________________________________________________________________ MINI BOSS.10 _______________________________________________________________________ Sleeping Table ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 5/10 Recommended Level- 70+ Personas- Personas that are immune to fire and light. Bring Yoshitsune if you have him. Not a hard fight. The Sleeping Table usually just uses Megidolaon, and takes away abotu half of the party's hp with each use. Other than Megidolaon, expect him to cast Mahamaon and use the Evil Smile + Gastly Wail combo throughout the battle. Make sure you heal Fear if you get hit by it, or else it's instant game-over. Last, he uses Maragidyne. It won't do much damage, just as much as Megidolaon. Still, make sure to keep your party healed throughout the battle. Use Mediarahan when anyones hp gets below 75%. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.12 _______________________________________________________________________ Izanami ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 6/10 Recommended Level- 75+ Personas- Bring along Trumpeter or Norn. Trumpeter is the most useful persona in this battle though, because of the Debilitate/Heat Riser combo. Welcome to the first form of the true final boss. This is quite the epic fight, with quite the epic music there to keep you going. This fight, overall, is pretty straightforward. Izanami is strong, and will often knock-off more than half of the whole party's hp with her attacks. The fight is pretty easy, despite the amount of damage she deals. As long as you keep up with Mediarahan every round, you should be fine. When her hp gets around half, she'll start using Mind Charge then Megidolaon very often. Make sure you guard, as it can wipe your entire party out. Overall, it's a straightforward fight that's pretty easy as long as you have someone cast Mediarahan every round. _______________________________________________________________________ STORYLINE BOSS.13 _______________________________________________________________________ Izanami-no-Okami ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 9/10 Recommended level 75+ Personas- Trumpeter for Heat Riser/Debilitate Combo. Any strong personas with no weaknesses is good, as well. This is the real Final Boss, and she's not holding anything back. She has a wide variety of new attacks, and the package even includes double turns. Her new moves are impressive, and this fight will be long enough so that you get to see all of them. First of all, let's review her new attacks. This isn't exactly a special attack of hers, but she will rarely use Agneyastra, and it can wipe out a character if it gets three hits. Her special attacks are Kuro Ikazuchi, Fury of Yasogami, End of the World, Devil's Judgement, and Summons to Yomi. Her first four special attacks are just special names for your zio, agi, and bufu spells, accordingly. Devil's Judgement is simply the dark version of God's Judgement. Summons to Yomi will kill ANY characters in your party that have a status ailment effecting them. She will usually use Foolish Whisper before using Summons to Yomi. If she using Stagnant Air or Mind Charge, guard, because she will use Foolish Whisper then Summons to Yomi to wipe out most, if not your entire party. Izanami's true form also has access to all -dyne and Ma-dyne spells. Not only that, but she can use Debilitate, and all status skills. She also has Gargarian Eyes, and will use it rarely. To start off the battle, use Trumpeter or Norn with Debilitate. It makes this fight much less challenging. Note that she absorbs zio skills, so don't use any. If you don't have Debilitate, it's not a big deal. The fight may just be a bit more challenging. If you're using debilitate, make sure to renew it every time it wears off. Again, whenever she uses Mind Charge or Power Charge, make sure to guard, as her attacks may instantly wipe out your party. If you're using Yukiko or Teddie, make them your main healer. This is because you always want your characters to have max hp, as Izanami can be very unpredictable with her double-turn. There isn't really much to this fight except keeping your hp at its maximum the whole time, and casting debilitate. If possible, you'll want you use status boosters on your own party. If playing on Expert Mode, you'll want to guard a lot. Just make sure you're careful and watch your hp, as well as guarding when needed. Don't forget that this is the real final boss. Unleash everything you have on her... This includes your Somas, Magatamas, sp recovering items, and all that good stuff. Your items won't carry over to New Game +, so feel free to waste them. (But not to the point where you don't have any in the end!) When her hp gets to 0, she'll finish your party members off one by one. It's not game over, however. You'll go through a few scenes, enabling you to use Izanagi-no-Okami. Use the new skill Myriad Truths to finish her off. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best ending of the game. _______________________________________________________________________ BONUS BOSS.8 _______________________________________________________________________ The Reaper ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | Null | Null | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to find: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty- 7/10 Recommended level- 70+ Personas- Personas like Helel that block Hama and Mudo skills help tremendously. This isn't a hard fight, but it can last for quite a long time, due to high hp AND defense. The best way to get past this is to use Rakunda on his and Matarukaja on your party. If you don't mind spending the time doing it, I suggest cast Masukukaja as well. He spends most of his time using all sorts of break skills and Mahamaon/Mamudoon skills. Once he breaks everyone's resistances, he'll use a lot of Ma-dyne attacks. It's pretty annoying, especially if you're weak to the element. The reaper also knows a whole bunch of other attacks. He'll use single-target and multi-target physical attacks that do quite a lot of damage, but not nearly as much as his spells. The main things to watch out for are his Medidolaon and Instant-kill attacks. If you have Homunculus, expect to have them all gone by the end of the battle. Just heal when anyone takes damage, revive when anyone gets killed, and unleash all your strongest attacks on the reaper. It's a long fight, but by no means hard as long as you can heal when necessary. _______________________________________________________________________ BONUS BOSS.9 _______________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Thanks and Credit ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks and Credit to Atlus for creating such a wonderful game. Without the game, this guide wouldn't even exist in the first place. Special Thanks to anyone reading this guide. The reason this guide was created was to help people, and you're fulfilling that wish by reading this. This is my first guide, so it means a lot to me. Special thanks to GameFAQS for accepting my first guide.</p>