Dragonball Z Infinite World Cell Character Guide Introduction: I'm sure everyone who followed the Anime or owns other DBZ games is familiar with Cell as a character. He is one of the main Villians throughout the DBZ story who tries to reach it's perfect form and taking revenge on Goku for destroying the Red Ribbon Army in Dragonball. Infinite World is the latest game published by Dimps and it's only available on the ps2. It's character section covers DBZ and DBGT with a never before seen character in any Dragonball Game, GT Vegeta. Let's get it on with the Cell Character Guide. _____________________________________________________________________ Version History v1.0 - 16.January 2009 - finished the Guide, fixed some failures and typos. v1.1 - 23.January 2009 - added 2 Basic Combos and Matchup Tab, Updated Legal Info aswell. v1.2 - 31.January 2009 - fixed all typos (hopefully) updated Legal Info. _____________________________________________________________________ General Terms used in this Guide: (Must Read for People who are not familiar with some terms) ++ [~00] -Death Moves = a move that is done by pressing either > or < + E -Nullify or Nullifiers = a Move that just overpowers others making it unstoppable once. -Starter = a Move with overall good variation potential to start combos or interupt pressure strings. -Strings = example PPPPP -Guard Cancel = by charging the last move of the string and pressing Guard while doing you recover quicker from that String and are able to chain another string after. ~example KKPK- = a guard cancel is implemented here at the last K. -Stun = a Stun leaves you enough time to combo another string together without canceling. ~example KPPP* = a stun is done at the last P. -Damage Scaleing = Hits will do less Damage at a certain point of damage given, however Death Moves are not included to Damage Scaleing. -Baseline = the Ki that regenerates automatically, the larger bars in the Ki bar Display. -TC = Teleport Counter, is done by forward/back + Guard when about to get hit. -Guard Breaker = a Move that Crushes your opponents guard making them immobile for a little while. -Air Reset = a Juggled character is brought back down to the ground. -RTU = Real Time Ultimates such as Piccolo Speacial Beam Canon. -Chip Damage = Damage on Block. -Rushdown = putting pressure on blocking opponents. Now Here Is the Term Legend for Combos that I thought suits Infinite World the best: Basics: /\ = Up on D-Pad \/ = Down on D-Pad < = Back on D-Pad > = Forward on D-Pad P = Punch ; default on Square K = Kick ; default on Triangle G = Guard ; default on X E = Energy ; default on Circle D = Auradash ; default on R1 P+K = Punch + Kick ; default on R2 HM/AB = Hyper Mode / Aura Burn ; default on L2 C = Charge Ki ; default on L1 T = Taunt ; Guard + Downx2 \/E = Transformation ^E//\E = Ultimate Advanced: ' = Fully Charged. * = Stun - = Cancel ; done by chargeing an attack and pressing G while chargeing. ~ = Sidestep Cancel ; same as Cancel just with a \/ or /\ + G while chargeing HS = P+K+D ; a crushing blow that leaves the opponent immobile for a short time D~ = auradash sidestep ; same as auradash just adding /\ or \/ to it ^ = Pop up = "Juggle" FF = Full Fatigue R = Reset ; can be done after a FF to make used strings available again R^ = juggle reset ; resets a juggled opponent back to the ground GB = Guard Breaker Well let's go to the actual Guide shall we? _____________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents: To find the section you're looking for quicker just press ctrl + F and write in the number [~00] General Terms [~01] Advantages of Cell [~02] Disadvantages of Cell [~03] Basic Techniques of Cell [~04] General Strategy with Cell [~05] Advanced Stategy with Cell [~06] Matchups [~07] Valuable Strings explanation [~08] Combo Section [~09] Contact Info [~10] Special Thanks [~11] Legal Info _____________________________________________________________________ Advantages of Cell ++ [~01] -Cell is a very fast character, he can regenerate very quickly from his moves, which means he is less likley to be punished after his attacks. -He has a good amount of Damage dealing within a short amount of time. -His neutral P is amazingly fast and has the best recovery time in the game, which makes this move the best anti-TC weapon he has. -Cell is a juggle master which let's him abuse opponents in fatigue very easy without them beeing able to escape. -He has alot of combo potential to punish people when they miss, alot of variation to it aswell. -He also posses 3 transformation, the first is already available from the start and gives him 4 baselines. At Super Perfect Cell state he does posses 5 baselines which is really nice. -Energy Field is not Teleport Counter able, it also destroys alot of other characters Death Moves. -Juggle Throw -P and PP* has some nice range, he can hit you out of your String with that from outside. Brolys P has quick startup speed but a slower recovery than Cells, he is beaten there, also watch Gigantic Press, guarding is useless. -Goten: He can throw you off with his >PKK- it's pretty fast and has a nullifier on the first K which makes a P in there useless. His size is a advantage, but he isn't save from Cells juggles or starters. His RTU is tracking, however it lacks chip damage and can be easily aura guarded. -Super Baby: nothing to fear from him, his PPKK- simply isn't good enough to match Cell. ##Advancing to lower High Tier## -Kid Buu: This little guy can be a pain with Assault Rain, because you can pressure it so well, you might not even be able to get in close and start a combo, other than that he has nothing going his way versus Cell. Just make sure you interupt Assault Rain and you're fine. -Gohan: Gohan is tricky with his late nullifiers on PPPPP* and >PKK-. Soaring Dragon Strike isn't a joke around either with it's damage, but overall not good enough. -GT Vegeta: his P+K and >P+K P+K- can throw off your game with Cell, just as his PPPP-. However GT Vegeta can only be threating when played by a Cancel machine. His Cancels are so hard to perform in real matches. No thread for Cell. -Vegito[B3 Vegeta]: Now it's getting interesting, B3 Vegeta has alot going for him, quick starters, good damage and a good rushown game. The same as Cell, they are about even. Should be an exciting Matchup, the damage scale goes through the roof if Vegeta manages to hit the Vegito Ultimate. Chances are 1/4. -Cell: Mirror Match, decided by players skill and/or strategies. -Gohan Cell Saga: To be honest, Gohan is a good Matchup for Cell, he's way too slow and his rushdown is not really exciting, if it wasn't for Super Kamehameha he wouldn't stand a chance, but he has it, so SK is a dangerous tool that can take away alot of life in no time. -Janemba: another Good Matchup from the higher than Cell Tiers, Janembas >PPP* is just a random thread, since it's range is rather limited, Janemba is slower, but has his awesome Hellgate DM that throws you off in alot of situations. However that's it for his Glory, Cell has the upper hand. -Syn Shenron: Slightly bad Matchup but I'd go with an even Match, what's only troublesome for Cell is that Shenrons Damage can be of the scale with 2x Dragon Thunder + Whirlwind Spin. >P and P will catch you off guard in some situations, but Cells P will do the same for Shenron. ##Finishing it with Top Tier starting from low to High## -Pikkon: He is a really bad Matchup for poor Cell, almost no way to get through. Pikkons PPPP- has just a little spot where you can attack, since the rest just gets nullified, you are outmatched here. -Dabura: Another bad Matchup, Dabura can stop you from getting inclose for eternity. There is hardly a way to approach him except for counter Energy blasts. PP can make your life a living Hell, without you ever be able to land a single P of yours. -Goku/GT Goku: They can stay out of your P range with PPPPP- ~Good Combo filler, also Juggles very well, is an Infinite. ->PKKK-^ ~Juggle filler, good to lure a TC -KKPK- ~Combo filler with a decent rushdown quality. -KKPPP- ~Combo filler. -KPPP* ~Combo filler. -K* ~Just another Combo Filler. _____________________________________________________________________ Combo Section ++ [~08] I will cover some of Cells combos in this section, going from basic to advanced over to expert combos. If you have trouble reading the annotations, please look up the terms [~00] Quick Note: If you cancel and connect HS quick enough you will connect it from behind, my Combos assume you do so, so the Damage might be different if you continue the Combo upfront. Basic Combos: Contains mostly stuns and no Cancels at all: - P*, KKPP*, >K*, >PPPP* (Kamehameha) 11 hits, 742dmg, 25% fatigue given. - P*, KPPP*, >K*, >PPPP*, K*, >PPPP*, K*, >PPPP*, K*, >PPPPP-, PKKK-, PPPP (KH) 29 hits, 1527dmg, 65% fatigue given. - P*, KKPK-, HS, >K*, >PPPPP-, PKKK-, P, PKKK (Energy Field) 26hits, 1859dmg, 95% fatigue given, requires atleast Cell in 2nd form. - P*, KKPK-, HS, >K*, >PPPPP-, PKKK-\/E, P, PKP, >PKKK, P, PKKK (EF) 31hits, 1822dmg, 95% fatigue given. Expert Combos: Require fast Cancels and perfect timeing: - P*, PPPPP-, PPPPP-, P, PPPP (Kamehameha) 36hits, 1331dmg, 60%fatigue given. - P*, KKPK-, PPPPP-, PKKK-\/E, PPPP (Energy Field) 36hits, 1848dmg, 95% fatigue given - P*, KKPK-, PPPPP-\/E, HS, PKKK-, P, PPPP (Energy Field) 31 hits, 1744dmg, 90%fatigue given. - KKPK-E, P, E, >PPPPP-, PKKK- PPPP (Energy Field) 37 hits, 1968dmg, 99% fatigue given. Quick Note: on \/E HS Combos press >> after twice to step behind the opponent. _____________________________________________________________________ Contact Info [~09] If you have any questions/comments/suggestions regarding this Guide? Feel free to e-mail me at Dizlord@web.de _____________________________________________________________________ Special Thanks [~10] Goes to Aneila, Evil Cap America, Azuro, Gogetassj4666,Sayanjin2, DrunkenPilot72, Zejitox, Nnamz. Everyone on the GFaqs and DBC Boards who support the community. _____________________________________________________________________ Legal Info [~11] This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 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