Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Vegito Guide Author: TS Aneila ================================================================= Table of Contents: 01: Updates 02: Introduction to Vegito 03: Techniques & Management 04: B3 Goku info 05: B3 Goku strategy 06: B3 Goku match-ups 07: B3 Goku combo section 08: B3 Vegeta info 09: B3 Vegeta strategy 10: B3 vegeta match-ups 11: B3 Vegeta combo section 12: Conclusion 13: Special Thanks to 14: Contact & Legal info ================================================================= 01: Updates- 1/26/09: Fixed some typos, learned fast cancel recently, gonna update with infinites for the advance section. ================================================================= 02: Introduction- Infinite World has given our good friend Vegito a helping hand this time around, now that Ultimates no longer require Hyper Mode, he becomes a very practical character. He is very powerful in this game, boasting great damage and fatigue Deathmoves, high baseline ki and good starters to land his damage. Advantages- Vegito hits hard…very hard, both his deathmoves deal anywhere depending on your form from 800 to 1,300 and cause high amounts of fatigue. Armed with 6 baseline ki, 7 if in SSJ and multi-cancels that axe kick, and you got yourself a very strong individual. His Aura dash and normal dash E are triple shot ki bursts and when fatigued he stays in SSJ. Disadvantages- Always a 25% chance you lose the mini-game ultimate and depending on whether you’re Goku or Vegeta dictates just how hard you are going to have to fight to win the match. However, as a whole Vegito only lacks nullifiers for his starters to match top tiers. Oh and once you become Vegito you pretty much will have only a long combo into Final Kamehameha then a Spirit Canon afterwards and the match will be over. =/ ================================================================= 03: Techniques & Management- Canceling: A technique that has been around since Budokai 1, the basic concept behind it is using a string that has a chargeable move during it, that can keep the opponent in the hit-stun long enough to cancel with the guard button and then quickly start a new string. It has many advantages, first is it helps you do lots of damage, while building you ki meter and makes your strings safe. Moves that aren’t canceled are very bad and can usually be punished by opponents who guarded or if you whiff. They also can be used for mix-up to keep your opponent guessing which string you will use next, he’ll have to constantly figure out what you’ll do next and when to squeeze in an attack to hit you. Whether you’ll tick a throw, side-step behind him, or keep the pressure on him is all what makes canceling great. Usually the aggressive player that’s always on the offensive can have control over most the match. Ki Management: A very important thing to focus on during a match. You need ki for everything almost, deathmoves, ultimates, aura guard, transformations, and probably the most important, teleport-counter. You should always make sure you have at least 3 bars to TC out of combos, aswell as make sure you have the ki advantage over your opponent. Players on the offense gain ki at quite a fast rate, while guarding opponents slowly gain a fraction of what you get. This goes back to being the aggressive player, it helps you stay ahead in the ki department. There will of course be times when you will be low on ki and your opponent will have the advantage. Sometime you can try and get away (usually it’s not that effective) to charge it. A solid method of getting back in the lead is using anti-TC moves. Examples of this are Goku’s >P+K kick and Cell’s neutral P. You wanna use a poke to try and bait them behind you, as they appear you can hit them with an anti-TC move. It must either be a fast P most the time, or a nullifier to catch them. Fatigue Management: The fatigue meter has been taken from Burst Limit and put into Infinite World, whether for better or worse. Unlike Burst Limit, you cannot lower using transformations, so you must be careful and pay attention to it; it only lowers automatically over time but at a very slow rate. Fatigue raises while you are blocking or dodging, taking any sort of damage in general. Being fatigue will drop most characters into their base form state (assuming they can transform). While it seems bad, it can be a good thing allowing use of transformation guard crushes again to get in damage. Only thing to watch out for is juggle fatigue deathmove infinites; Adult Gohan, Goku and Bardock are the main people that can do this, if you get fatigued while in their juggle…it’s pretty much game haha. ================================================================= 04: B3 Goku info You’ll notice that I classify both Goku and Vegeta as B3 (Budokai 3). This is because when equipped with the Vegito potara their moves change back to their old B3 versions. Neither him nor Vegeta can transform SSJ or above during a match or use a secondary deathmove. Goku is stuck with 3 baseline ki and only his Kamehameha Wave, luckily the ultimate only takes 3 ki bars to use. B3 Goku is nowhere near as good as his IW self, not just because he lacks Dragon Fist and SSJ+, but because he is slower and doesn’t have his shoulder lunge starter. You must rely on a slower version of his >PKK- and KKKK- starters too. Overall as a character by himself, he lacks great rushdown, being slower and more limited on starters means he is moreso gonna focus on a more balanced approach to pull off the ultimate. Fortunately both his starters lead into axe kick cancels, and easily combo into the ultimate. Also for whatever reason, most of the stuns Goku/Vegito gets aswell as new cancels don’t properly chain, the person can block during them, so basically they share the exact same moveset for now. Should also add this goes the same for his juggles he had from B3 and infinite…yea they are too slow in this game. ================================================================= 05: B3 Goku strategy Setting up for the ultimate- Because it obviously isn’t going to be easy to pull it off while playing as B3 Goku, some helpful advice to work towards it. You’ll wanna make sure to get the opponent to TC against you before you cancel into the potara, very un-safe and un-wise to combo into it when they have 3 ki bars. Goku doesn’t have much for anti-TC but his neutral P poke will suffice. When you get the ki advantage on them put some pressure on them while they block then dashing P or K to guard crush, follow with a heavy smash and quick cancel into the ultimate. Alternatively if you are having issues breaking their guard or they are good at being defensive, remember that fatigue builds while dodging and blocking, on fatigue you can quickly charge some ki and go for the ultimate. Overall your real trouble will be pulling it off and getting the ki advantage against characters with high baseline ki such as Syn, Jan, Kid Buu etc~ If the fusion failed- If you are stuck as B3 Goku for the rest of the match, depending on who you are fighting (mid tiers and above) you may have some trouble. Characters that can transform, get more ki and all in all can do more damage have an advantage over you. As base Goku your damage will be rather low, hitting 1,000 damage at his best. You will be working your butt off pretty much, there isn’t much else to say about it, but if you’re fighting high tier characters that know what they’re doing you will be in tears. ================================================================= 06: B3 Goku match-ups Just a generalization for his matchups and how he would fair. Should note this is based on personal experience and assuming that each character is used properly. Since B3 Goku w/ Vegito is a Upper Tier character himself, going to be working on there first and then up. Mainly just a summary for some, while decent dettail on what will give him major issues. Kid Trunks- Okay, Kid Trunks is a lil' bit better than you until you pull off the Potara. His baseline advantage as SSJ and Real Time Ultimate along with slightly faster starters and size puts him ahead. His Ultimate is the main thing to watch out for. Get the Potara off and you have the major advantage over him in damage and baseline. Super Buu- Sorta tricky, his PK- starter is most likely gonna put priority over yours. He has baseline ki of 5 and an auto tracking guard breaking DM. Play carefully against him and Potara away. Bardock- Here is where things start getting tough for B3 Goku. His >PPKK starter is dang near identical to your >PKK. One problem, it is much better. He gets one more hit outta it than yours does, not only that the last K nullifies and is chargeable for a guard so watch out. Up close you would have the advantage with KKKK however, Bardock's KP can match you and it also nullifies and pushes you back on block. Top it off, watch out for his Heat Phalanx infinite. Even if you get the Potara off, all you have is ki over him. He can match your starters and then some plus fatigue infinite you, so watch it. Z Vegeta- Actually not too bad, you sorta have an advantage up until he starts to transform. Keep him away from SSJ4, pull of your Potara and you're golden. Frieza- Stuff gets really hard by now. Frieza has 4 transformations to shuffle through and get ki advantage. Not only that his >PPPKK is way too quick for you to even try. Frieza's PP from him are pretty quick and have nice range so watch it. If he gets LSSJ his range and speed gets much better so make sure to have Vegito by then or it will be game. And remember sometimes Broly's Gigantic Slam is punishable, so pay attention. Goten- Roughly the same as Kid Trunks, just slightly better starters. Watch out for Goten's PPPK nullifier. Go Vegito and you should be set to win. Super Baby- He is quite a threat for B3 Goku. PPKK is fast rushdown and will keep you on the defensive, he also has 5 ki baseline. If you get the Potara off watch for Baby's >P+K shoulder tackle, the priority is great and he can use it to keep you back then mount his rushdown. Don't be afraid do launch a Spirit Cannon either to punish his whiffed tackle. ---------------------------------------- Now to step up into the higher tiers, this now marks the point where you HAVE to pull off the Potara to even stand a chance. Pretty much everyone is a bad match-up for B3 Goku here. Kid Buu- His starters have better range and are quicker, top it off he has Assault Rain pressure to spam to keep you away and charge his ki back. Topped with great fatigue building, damage and 6 baseline ki, he is going to be really tough. Adult Gohan- Watch for his PPPPP starter, last hit nullifiers and it's quick rushdown. He can also match your KKKK starter and his >PKK is better than yours. His SDS does insane damage and is really easy to catch you in a fatigue juggle. As Vegito you can only match his damage and get a slight ki advantage. GT Vegeta- What he lacks in damage he greatly makes up for in priority. On the bright side his cancels are all fast and take fast cancel to connect. However, his defensive P+K will keep you back, and his >P+K shoulder lunge is a perfect tool for closing in on you. Even still it's iffy, considering the learning curve of GT Vegeta you may have an easy time fighting him if you pulled the Potara off. B3 Vegeta w/ Potara- You are screwed, his rushdown and speed is way too great. He is much more likely to pull the Potara off before you and if he does you are pretty much done for. He is better than B3 Goku in every single way. Teen Gohan- While you may have a slight range advantage with your >PKK, Gohan's starters are much speedier. On both his KKKK and >KKKK they have late nullifiers, so watch out. Try to get that edge over him by turning into Vegito. If he manages SSJ ( which is likely) or SSJ2, watch out for a Super Kamehameha. The damage and fatigue puts him at such an advantage it'll be hard for you to make a comeback. Cell- He has pretty much the best defensive tool next to GT Vegeta. His P will keep you pressured back and on you toes. Backed with a transformation at the start and increased baseline he has that over you. Starter wise he can catch you without P as far as priority goes. A pretty bad match-up for you even as Vegito. Janemba- Now it starts getting ridiculously hard to even stand a chance. Jan can zone B3 Goku with his sword, has much much more speed and ranged starters. His 6 baseline ki along with his instant hellgate DM only furthers his zoning on you. He also has a non struggle Ultimate which guarantees full damage on you. Syn Shenron- 6 baseline, insane rushdown, stupid damage and fatigue building. I hate to be so downing like this, but drop the controller lol. Even as Vegito you just can't match him on anything other than damage... ---------------------------------------- Now we get into the Top Tiers, this is where in theory you have really nothing to utilize other than the Potara, you pretty much NEED to pull it off at the start and keep ahead in the damage race. Dabura- Maybe the easiest of them to deal with...not that he is even easy though. He is basically a better version of Jan in zoning. His spear poke cancels will keep you at bay and if you get around them and in his face...prepare to eat a sword swings and legs. His >P is very fast and is better than any starter you have in every way possible, up closer and he has his KKKK to rushdown you all day. Plus his transformation at the start and increased baseline, all you have as Vegito is damage and SLIGHT ki advantage. Pikkon- He wins, his PPPP nullfies like crazy, he has stupid rushdown against you. His DM's do insane fatigue and the amount of pressure and quick damage he can pull on you is astonishing. If you somehow magically pull off the Potara damage is really all you have. Try and whittle him down maybe to fatigue him for the Ultimate, it'll be hard though since you don't have anything to mount an offense with. Yamcha- Buffed up Pikkon in terms of rushdown and priority. His >E is dangerous so be careful. He can also WFF infinite you to get his damage up there. Compared to you he just has to work harder for damage ( assuming you are Vegito). Z Goku- Mirror MATCH! Cept it really isn't. If you got your Potara off you are still screwed. Goku has his lunging shoulder to watch out for, his >PKK is wayyy faster than yours. Top if off he has ki building, damaging fatigue infinite, and transformations to put him way above you. Easily your absolute worst match-up. GT Goku- Same as Goku, just smaller so better combo resistance, Ki Cannon DM that is anti-TC, faster dragon fist DM, and non stuggle Ultimate. Only thing that sets him below his Goku counter-part is less transformations. ================================================================= 07: B3 Goku combo section Legend: /\ = Up on D-Pad \/ = Down on D-Pad < = Back on D-Pad > = Forward on D-Pad P = Punch ; default on Square K = Kick ; default on Triangle G = Guard ; default on X E = Energy ; default on Circle D = Aura dash ; default on R1 P+K = Punch + Kick ; default on R2 HM/AB = Hyper Mode / Aura Burn ; default on L2 C = Charge Ki ; default on L1 T = Taunt ; Guard + Downx2 \/E = Transformation /\E = Ultimate ' = Fully Charged. * = Stun - = Cancel ~ = Sidestep cancel ; same as Cancel just with a \/ or /\ + G while charging HS = Heavy smash, Aura dash then P+K D~ = Aura dash sidestep ^ = Pop up = "Juggle" FF = Full Fatigue R = Reset ; can be done after a FF to make used strings available again R^ = juggle reset , resets the person from a juggle into a grounded state GC = Guard Crush ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goku Cancels: >PKK- KKKK- Goku Stuns: >KKP* K* Goku Juggles: KKP*, E (Kame. Wave). 10 hits, 702 damage. 15 % Fatigue Intermediate- (Goku): KKKK-, D~ HS, >KKP*, >PKK-, E (Kame. Wave). 21 hits, 1193 damage. 55% Fatigue. (Vegito base): KKKK-, >KKP*, >PKK-, VE HS, E (Final Kame.) 21 hits, 1847 damage. 97% Fatigue. Updates to come… ================================================================= 08: B3 Vegeta info Now for Vegeta, and let me just say unlike Goku he is far superior. Considering both are B3 versions even in Budokai 3 Vegeta was simply the better character. Obviously he too can’t go SSJ+, is stuck at 3 baseline ki and only has his Galick Gun deathmove. However; his rushdown and mix-up is vastly better. He has a far more varied and massive combo platform to work off of and even a nullifier in one of them. By himself, he is more than capable of pulling off the ultimate or fighting without the potara, he is just that good. Also to add, he has a juggle throw which is very nice along with fast cancel pressure and dashing K or P guard crush. Overall a much better character than B3 Goku and is much more likely to pull off the ultimate or a win in base form. His >KKK>K- starter is what you’ll be going with, it has great priority, keeps pressure on the opponent because the kicks are so fast and leads to an axe cancel. ================================================================= 09: B3 Vegeta strategy Setting up for the ultimate- Fairly the same set-up as Goku, don’t use the Ultimate unless you cancel into it and they have less than 3 ki, Vegeta has a faster P for baiting TC’s and anti-TC compared to Goku too. Armed with a great assortment of fast cancels and mix-up you should have a much easier time pulling the potara off, but… If the fusion failed- …you can still hold your own ground. His damage isn’t too bad and as a base character has a very nice advantage over most the IW for one reason…RUSHDOWN! Quite simply the speed of his cancels, priority and how much he can mix-up gives a Vegeta player quite the lead in a match against most the IW cast. Since a lot got toned down on their variety of cancels, Vegeta B3 shines because of that. Messing up the fusion and fighting in base form isn’t a bad thing because of this, only difference is you will not have insane fatigue damaging deathmoves and max ki, instead just an overall advantage of pressure compared to most characters ================================================================= 10: B3 Vegeta match-ups Obviously by now you have an idea of what the other characters have from the previous match-up section. This saves me time and because B3 Vegeta is so good I only need to cover the characters above him. Nice thing is Vegeta has such an easier time in dealing with people that are much better than him, unlike B3 Goku. Cell- Whew, someone this good is still around your level thankfully. His P is still quite the threat but now you have the tools and rushdown to keep up. You should be able to pull off that Potara and as Vegito you have a very nice advantage. Hard part is working around the P and his transformations since you yourself are stuck at base pre-Vegito. Teen Gohan- Pretty much the only reason he is better than you is his SK Ultimate, that and you aren't Vegito at the get-go. Your rushdown is great and you can keep the pressure on him easily. Don't let him sit there and block to gain ki though, gives him and easy transformation then SK which you cannot TC. As Vegito you hold basically an SK in your hand ( Spirit Cannon) so you are a bigger threat than him. Janemba- Just watch his zoning, in base form it'll be tough because of it and his ki advantage. Fortunately his zoning isn't THAT great because of you rushdown and mix-up options to close in. Remmember when close to throw out Vegeta's fast anti-TC P to try and bait him. You want to get his ki down at least to your level so you can push ahead safely with >KKK>K. Syn Shenron- He is like you on steroids. Slightly better rushdown because of the range >P hits and 6 ki. Kinda the same strategy used for Jan...just your starters will be less effective against him. ---------------------------------------- Well, now for the top guys...honestly you don't shine as much against them but you will definetly stand a better chance unlike B3 Goku. Dabura- Again, buffed up version of Jan. He will be harder to bait and that nasty spear will be alot of trouble. Be very careful when attempting a approach, get that Potara and out damage him. Pikkon- Still a big threat, B3 Vegeta really needs nullifiers in his moveset but you sadly you will be on the defensive most the match. I really don't know what else to say. Yamcha- Don't wanna be redundant and type the same stuff over, basically a buffed up Pikkon, you'll have lots of trouble. Z Goku- With all the tools to crush your defense and make you hurt. Be cautious and play VERY carefully against him. Try to dash back when he closes in too transformation guard break, try a ki blast everynow and then to knock his shoulder lunge starter back. Remmember though, Goku can cancel it at two spots and will probably cancel it more often on the first backdash if you are trying to rely on the ki blast strategy too much. GT Goku- Same as above, and since previously stated in B3 Goku's section you already know what he has. ================================================================= 11: B3 Vegeta combo section Legend: /\ = Up on D-Pad \/ = Down on D-Pad < = Back on D-Pad > = Forward on D-Pad P = Punch ; default on Square K = Kick ; default on Triangle G = Guard ; default on X E = Energy ; default on Circle D = Aura dash ; default on R1 P+K = Punch + Kick ; default on R2 HM/AB = Hyper Mode / Aura Burn ; default on L2 C = Charge Ki ; default on L1 T = Taunt ; Guard + Downx2 \/E = Transformation /\E = Ultimate ' = Fully Charged. * = Stun - = Cancel ~ = Sidestep cancel ; same as Cancel just with a \/ or /\ + G while charging HS = Heavy smash, Aura dash then P+K D~ = Aura dash sidestep ^ = Pop up = "Juggle" FF = Full Fatigue R = Reset ; can be done after a FF to make used strings available again R^ = juggle reset , resets the person from a juggle into a grounded state GC = Guard Crush ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vegeta Cancels: >PKK- KKK>K- >P>KPP- K>KP- Vegeta Stuns:

K* >K* >K>KP* >P>K* K>KP* >P>KP* Vegeta Juggles: PPPK^ P>KK'K- KKK>KK- (All 3 require fast cancel) P>KP*, K>K^, PPPP >E (G. Gun). 10 hits, 732 damage. 25% Fatigue. (Vegito base): K>KP*, >PPPK^ KKK>K-, >PKK-,

K*, KKE (G. Gun). 17 hits, 892 damage. 40% Fatigue (Vegito base): >KKK>K-, HS, >PKK-, K>KP*, KP>KKK >E (FK). 21 hits, 1879 damage. 99% Fatigue. Advanced- (Vegeta): >KKK>K~,

K*, KKPKK-, KKK>K-^, PPPP >E (G. Gun). 28 hits, 1305 damage. 60% Fatigue. (Vegeta, combo off of a throw): >KKK>K-^, KKE (G. Gun). 14 hits, 936 damage. 40% Fatigue. (Vegito SSJ): >KKK>K-, PKK-, KKE (FK) [FF]. 23 hits, 2052 damage, Full Fatigue. (Vegito base): >KKK>K-, K>KP*, PKK-,