PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- The Unofficial Interstate '76 Mission Faq Please read this FIRST !!! This "Mission Faq" is only a GUIDE. For many people it will give too much information and for some, it will not give enough. Try to finish the missions by yourself if you can. They run out very fast and then you'll have to wait six more months for an add-on. : ) The "Mission Objectives" are quoted directly out of the game itself, and the Weapons, Armor & Chassis loadouts are the settings that I used to beat the missions. I hope that this helps some of you through the "rough parts." Mission One WEAPONS 1. Top: 30 Cal Mg 2. Top: Firerite Rkt 1. Rear: 30 Cal Mg 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 60 / 60 60 / 60 60 / 60 60 / 60 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Follow Taurus to Seagraves. 2. Blow up firework's shack. 3. Follow Taurus to the Wagon Wheel Diner and defend it. You begin your adventure heading North on I-385. Taurus instructs you to "stay close and to try to match his speed". Do it !!! Taurus will bitch at you if you lag behind or bump him, so try to stay about two to four car lengths behind him. (Hint: If you fall too far behind Taurus, the mission will end prematurely.) Taurus will inform you halfway up the road that he "knows a shortcut." Follow him as he turns right (North) down a winding dirt road that will lead you to Seagraves. When you arrive at Seagraves, continue East down the main street and you'll find the "Deacon's Fireworks Stand" on your left. BLOW IT UP!!! Now, head back up the road to where you left Taurus waiting. Follow Taurus to the Wagon Wheel Diner. You'll be heading North toward Wellman. When you get over the crest, pick out the closest Creeper and start blasting. When you kill the first target, you'll hear the CB message "Jodie, this is Buffy. They got Mr. French! Let's get out of here!" The other two Creepers will run away. Most likely, they will flee back over the highway, the same way you came in. Chase them down, and kill them. --- Mission Complete --- MISSION TWO WEAPONS 1. Top: 30 Cal Mg 2. Top: 30 Cal Mg 1. Rear: Firerite Rkt 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 90 / 50 75 / 40 75 / 40 70 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Start up and follow Taurus. 2. Race Taurus forward to the road. 3. Kill Leadsled gang before they blow up the school in Leveland. Head North on I-385 and wait for Taurus's instructions. He will tell you to "Turn left one mile at the shack." Follow him and do as he instructs. Turn west onto the dirt road and follow it until you reach the water tower. Stop next to Taurus and he will challenge you to a race. Go ahead and race him, but concentrate on the oncoming jump. Do as Taurus instructs and "hit the jump straight" (... and fast !!! ) If you make the jump, then the rest is a piece of cake. Finish the race, and don't worry about winning. (Hint: It's better to lose the race and keep your car from sustaining any chassis damage.) When you catch up to Taurus you'll be back on I-385 and ready to save the children. Head North toward Brownfield (Outlaw Territory) and you'll run into four bandits heading toward Leveland. Kill anyone who gets in your way or challenges you, but don't go off on a wild goose chase! STAY ON COURSE for Leveland!!! (Hint: Since your forward armor is boosted up, don't be too afraid to go toe to toe with anyone.) Stay out in front if ya can and if anyone is left to follow you then drop an oil slick and send them crashing into the ditches. They should be easy kills. (Hint: LINK the 30 Cal mg's together for shredding action.) I usually only have to kill two of them and the others run away. --- Mission Complete --- MISSION THREE WEAPONS 1. Top: 30 Cal Mg 2. Top: 30 Cal Mg 1. Rear: Firerite Rkt 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 90 / 50 75 / 40 75 / 40 70 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Destroy the "Bar-D." 2. Kill Creepers on the way to the Bar-D. 3. Kill Creepers defending the Bar-D. Head South down Highway - 114. The road is very curvy so watch your speed. Your "chassis" can really be damaged by wreck less driving. (Hint: If you are following my "loadout" then your auto is set up for moderate damage and heavy gunfire, so adjust your driving to fit that setup or change the armor/chassis configuration.) On your way to the Bar-D you will be ambushed by two Creepers, but you should have little problem icing them. If you are encountering problems, then try slowing it down and keep your trigger finger squeezed. Your front armor can take a beating, so use it to your advantage. After you waste the two Creepers, proceed South to the Bar-D. You'll find it on your left, just past the bridge, but before you blow it up, waste the four creepers who are guarding it. Take your time and use your LINKED 30 Cal Mg's on them. Target one of them and stick on him until he is dead (or runs away). After you finish them off, it's a simple hop, skip and jump to the Bar-D. Just rip a few rounds into the building and that's all she wrote. --- Mission Complete --- MISSION FOUR WEAPONS 1. Top: 30 Cal Mg 2. Top: 30 Cal Mg 1. Rear: Firerite Rkt 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 90 / 50 75 / 40 75 / 40 70 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Race Patriot and his buddies for four laps. 2. Kill Patriot and his buddies. This mission can be a pain the first couple times you do it, but once ya know the secret, it's easy. The easiest way to win the race is to get a very early lead. He way to grab the early lead is to use your "Nitrous Oxide" IMMEDIATELY! You will jam ahead of the rest quickly and you must be ready to slow back down and go left around the track. Slow down and use your Oil Slick as soon as you are comfortable. Remember that competent driving is what will get you to the finish line first. Don't waste your time fighting with Patriot and his thugs. There will be plenty of time for that after the race. Once you have beaten Patriot, he and his buddies will curse your name and come after you. Take whomever challenges ya first and stay on him. Using the linked 30 Cal mg's will do the trick. (Note: This is my favorite part of the mission. Patriot beat my ass the first six times I raced him. But once I learned the "secret" and the "layout" of the track, I beat him every time. Remember, to take the early lead and then calm down and drive SAFELY while laying down an oil slick behind you gets them every time) When you beat them, it's over. --- Mission Complete --- MISSION FIVE WEAPONS 1. Top: 50 Cal mg 2. Top: 50 Cal mg 1. Rear: Firerite Rkt 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 90 / 50 75 / 40 75 / 40 70 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Find Taurus. Try I-87 South. 2. Kill any creepers and get Taurus. 3. Meet Skeeter at Fishers Field and hurry. 4. Kill anybody who follows you. < IGNORE THIS ONE > This is the first challenging mission you'll face. It involves both dueling and racing, (in that order). (Note: You should now have two 50 Cal mg's onboard. LINK them together before the action begins. Don't rely on a turret weapon yet.) You need to hone your aiming skills and this is a great mission to do it on. Stay on course as you head East on I-380. You'll quickly lock up a Creeper heading your way. He's alone so take him head on and waste him with both barrels. Control your speed and you can target him easily. When you've killed him, continue East until you see the gas station and the Creeper. Again, he's alone so lock him up and take him out. (Note: This Creeper is fast, but he likes to use his Oil Slick, so drive slowly behind him and avoid the slick or drive "straight" through it and waste him.) After you put him to sleep, head South on I-87 (The intersection next to the gas station), until you see a dirt road to your left. Turn off onto the dirt road and you'll come upon Taurus, but before you can help him you will be ambushed by a Creeper. He is alone and stupid. Waste him and return to Taurus's wrecked vehicle and enjoy the flick. After saving Taurus's butt, you'll be heading South on I-87. Now is the time to RACE, not fight. You must get to Skeeter's Van in two minutes. It's not that hard as long as you brought Nitrous with ya. Speed up and use your oil slick on the clowns who are shooting at your rear. Don't stop and fight. Stay on the road and keep going. Take a right on Oil Well Road. Follow it up and around as it twists and turns. There are several turrets and Creepers that will shoot at you, but ignore them. Stay on the road and try to keep your speed at about 70 - 100 mph whenever the terrain permits it. Concentrate on driving and use your oil slick when anyone follows you. You will finally come to a downward slope. Speed up as you head down it and run through the "yellow warning barricades" and use your Nitrous Oxide to insure you have enough speed to cross the gorge. Now you FLY. When you land, use your "Z" key to brake and follow the road to Skeeter. --- MISSION COMPLETE --- MISSION SIX WEAPONS 1. Top: 50 Cal Mg 2. Top: 50 Cal Mg 1. Rear: Firerite Rkt 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 90 / 50 75 / 40 75 / 40 70 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Get gas. 2. Protect the gas station. 3. Kill all Creepers. (Special Note -- NIGHT MISSION) Stay on I-380 until you see the yellow detour sign on your right. Take a right turn on the dirt road following the sign and hold on tight as you take the first of three jumps. After the first jump, the road curves back and forth through the valley. Take it slow, until you come to the second jump. Once you see it, back up so you can get a good run at it. Use your nitrous here and go for it. One last jump awaits you after this one. It comes up very fast after you pass the four yellow arrow signs. If you make that one, then it's just a short romp to the interstate. When you reach I-82, turn West and head to the gas station and fill er' up. While you are gassing' up your tank, two Creepers are coming down the road for you. Jump in your car and waste em with those Twin 50 Cal Mg's. After you waste them, "Inferno" will pay you a visit and warn you about "Cloaker". You must now protect the gas station from four Creepers. Concentrate your firepower on the ones who go for the gas station and worry about the rest later. If you take them one at a time, and stay with them, you'll have this one licked in no time. --- MISSION COMPLETED --- MISSION SEVEN WEAPONS 1. Top: 50 Cal Mg 2. Top: 50 Cal Mg 1. Rear: Firerite Rkt 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 90 / 50 75 / 40 75 / 40 70 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Head West on I-380 and get up to Plains. 2. Get rid of pigs! They have been paid to bring you in! There are many ways to win this one. I am presenting the semi-difficult, semi-uncomplicated version. As you head up I-380, you'll get a warning as you pass through the "abandoned road block." To your right (North) there is a dirt road. Put down a nice oil slick here on the dirt road, next to the giant pit, so that if things get too hairy you can lead the cops back here and let them fall into the gigantic hole. Now proceed up I-380 until you lock a "cop." If you have never played this mission before then DON'T shoot yet. Instead go up and let the cop spot you, so you can get some decent video footage. Otherwise, DON'T wait for the video footage. Line up the closest cop and shoot him with your LINKED 50's Once you kill one cop, the Helicopter will come for you. KEEP MOVING and hit "S" to shut down your engine if he locks you. It will make his missiles miss you nine out of ten times. If you drive close enough to the mountains, the helicopter will usually crash. Either that or try throwing the car into reverse when the Helicopter comes near and shut down. Most of the time this makes him crash. Once the helicopter is dead, resume killing the rest of the cops. If it gets too hairy then lure some of them into the Oil Slick ya have set up at the abandoned road block. When ya kill all but one cop (The cop called "George Bush"), you will be free to proceed through the road block, but if George is still left and your in good enough shape, then track him down when he runs and waste him. You'll feel better for it. (Hint: The cops love to use BloxDropper on you, so drive a little conservative when you are engaging cop cars and avoid the cement blocks. --- MISSION COMPLETED --- MISSION EIGHT WEAPONS 1. Top: 25mm Cannon 2. Top: 25mm Cannon 1. Rear: Aim-Nein Msl 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 90 / 50 75 / 40 75 / 40 70 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Go to Plains and find the "Fletcher & Sons" warehouse. 2. Don't let anything happen to the warehouse! Defend it! Proceed West along I-380. You'll lock up a Creeper soon enough. Take him out. If you damage him enough, he will run. Follow him and finish the job. Watch out for his rear-mounted flamethrower. Soon another Creeper will join the party so KILL the first one fast. When you finish with the first and second Creeper, continue your journey West until you come to the town. The helicopter will automatically take off when you get close enough. You can't take it down so don't worry about it. Go through the first intersection in town and turn left at the second one. Follow the road down until you see a large white building with a green sign and green doors. You have found "Fletcher & Sons Warehouse," now, but you must protect it from four Creepers. (Hint: Don't fight them near the warehouse. Instead run out to greet them and fight them away from the building.) --- MISSION COMPLETED --- MISSION NINE WEAPONS 1. Top: 50 Cal Mg 2. Top: 50 Cal Mg 1. Rear: Empty 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 140 / 50 65 / 40 65 / 40 40 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Disable Calisto's car. But be careful not to kill him. You begin on a dirt road, and you'll see Calisto streak by you to your right. Follow him South and stay right behind him. Bring your Twin 50's to bear on his ass and he will slowly begin to take damage. Calisto will radio in for help, but not receive any. Now you have him where you want him. Keep shooting at his butt and don't worry about him shooting back at you because your forward armor is heavily bolstered. When Calisto's Damage meter is in the RED, then CEASE FIRE so that you don't accidently kill him. He will beg for his life and the mission is over. --- MISSION COMPLETED --- MISSION TEN WEAPONS 1. Top: 50 Cal Turret 2. Top: HE Mortar 1. Rear: Aim-Nein Msl 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 120 / 45 70 / 35 70 / 35 70 / 35 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Check what's up ahead... It seems the pigs are on to something... 2. Lure the cops away from the roadblock. See if they will follow you somewhere. (IGNORE #2) 3. Defend the van until it gets to the town of Tatum. Proceed west on I-380. You will encounter two cops coming straight for you when you breech the hilltop. Instead of tearing straight at them, weave back and forth and fight them away from the roadblock. They are tough, but since there is only two, you should be able to finish them off with your 50 Cal Turret. The easiest way to win this mission is to skip the Second Mission Objective. Instead of trying to lure the cops away from the roadblock, head straight toward them. But don't run into the roadblock itself. When you reach the intersection Vere over to the left side and ride the dirt cliff over the concrete road block. Then drop down on the highway behind the road block and stroll back up to the tanks and waste them easily with your Mortar (and 50 Cal Turret when you run out of Mortars). (Note: Just keep hitting your "T" or "E" key to target the cop cars that you can't see.) When you have killed them all, then the gate will open up and you have to turn back around and head West to continue to clear the way for Skeeter's Van. As soon as you clear the canyon walls, you encounter two more cops. Kill them before they kill Skeeter and your home free. When the two cops are toast, continue West on I-380 and wait for Skeeter at Tatum. (Note: This is a "notoriously difficult mission, but with my strategy (cheat), it's almost too easy. For your own satisfaction, try a different strategy later after you have completed the game. This mission can be beaten two other ways as well, but they are much harder) --- MISSION COMPLETE --- MISSION ELEVEN WEAPONS 1. Top: 50 Cal Turret 2. Top: Aim-Nein Msl 1. Rear: Empty 1. Dropper: Oil Slick DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 125 / 40 60 / 35 60 / 35 90 / 35 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Get across the Pecos River alive! 2. Rendevous with Taurus on 380 West. You begin this mission on a hilltop with Taurus and Skeeter. Follow them as they head down the hill, but then take a right (West) onto I-380 and follow it up and over the first bridge. As soon as you finish crossing the bridge, then take a right onto the dirt road and prepare to face the oncoming helicopters. Lock up the closest one and use your 50 cal. turret on it. During the battle the helicopter will most likely launch missiles at you, so use your "S" key to shut down the engine temporarily so that the enemy missiles will lose their lock on you. Keep this up for about a minute and they should be dead. Once this is completed then the rest of the mission is a RACE, not a fight. Head down the dirt road and stay on it as it takes a sharp right. Follow it down a hill where ya see the road fork in the opposite direction. Take the SHARP RIGHT and go back under the first bridge. There are plenty of turrets and Creepers who want to play with you, but DON'T STOP. Instead keep going up the dirt road and take the next right when the road splits. Soon you will see another road to the right parallel to the one you are currently driving on. Slide over to the farthest right and keep driving. Soon you will see a bridge towards your right. Drive under it and then watch your left hand side and be prepared to turn about 180 degrees when you get about 200 yards past the bridge. When you turn around, you will see a hill with a dark dirt road. Take this road up to the bridge and cross it. Then follow the dirt road as it winds along a path of turrets. Keep up your speed and when you come to I-380, turn left to meet Taurus. --- MISSION COMPLETE --- MISSION TWELVE WEAPONS 1. Top: 50 Cal Turret 2. Top: Aim-Nein Msl 1. Rear: Empty 1. Dropper: Land Mines DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 95 / 40 65 / 40 65 / 40 95 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Find and identify V and N Pneumatics. 2. Take out helicopter. 3. Kill Disco. 4. Find a way out of the Komplex. Don't kill the Creeper who drives by you as you sleep. Instead, start your car, put it in gear and follow the Creeper (West) down I-380. He will travel through the town of Roswell. Don't follow him or tag too close to him, or the mission will be a failure all too soon. Let the Creeper go through Roswell unmolested, while you continue your drive along I-380. Stop at the intersection when you reach I-285. Sit and wait for the "Password". When you hear the transmission, take a right and follow I-285 North. Turn left at the next intersection and follow the road to the gate of the complex. They will ask you for the password and then will let you in. Drive inside and take a sharp right. And stay right as you head North into the compound area where the buildings are grouped. Go slow and watch for the helicopter. Use "E" to cycle through your targets until you have the helicopter highlighted and then get close enough until "Groove Champion" radio's in his find. Now blow up the helicopter FIRST, with your 50 cal. turret. Next, take care of the three turrets, then finish off Disco and his friends. When all the enemies are dead, then all you need to do is follow the road inside the complex North, until you come to a building that has a ramp in it. If you don't see the ramp, then shoot the door of the building. When it blows up, then the ramp will be revealed. Get some speed up before jumping. You'll land in a ditch safe and sound. --- MISSION COMPLETE --- MISSION THIRTEEN WEAPONS 1. Top: 50 Cal Turret 2. Top: Aim-Nein Msl 1. Rear: Empty 1. Dropper: Land Mines DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 95 / 40 65 / 40 65 / 40 95 / 40 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Defend Spanners Truck stop. 2. Find the Tanker. (Not Necessary to continue) 3. Wait for van. After you awaken from your narrow escape from the complex, you'll be heading down I-285 (South) towards Carlsbad. You will run up against one lone Creeper. Kill him quickly before his buddy shows up. Use your 50 cal turret on him, and his friend when he arrives. Next, continue down I-285 and you'll be ambushed by two more creepers. The first one will be on the hillside to your right. Take him out and then concentrate fire on the second vehicle on the left. Continue South on I-285. Once you reach the top of the hill, you'll see the truck stop below. Slowly drive down I-285, but then swing to the right BEFORE you come to the intersection. Travel up this road, and leave a trail of land mines down the right side of the lane which heads towards the truck stop. These mines are for the Kamikaze Coupes" that will attack the truck stop later in the game. Continue over to the truck stop and three Creepers will attack from the South. Drive out to meet them and waste them one at a time with your 50. cal turret. (Note: Don't fight too close to the truck stop, or stray shots will destroy it.) After, the three Creepers are dead, drive back to the "mined road" and wait for the Kamikaze Coupes" to make an appearance. Concentrate fire on the leader as they come down the road. They will be taking heavy landmine damage so by the time they are in weapon range you should be able to waste them easily with your turret. When they lay dead in their burning wreckage, then head back to the truck stop for one last kill. He will be coming from behind the truck stop. Waste him and it's "Miller Time". --- MISSION COMPLETE --- MISSION FOURTEEN WEAPONS 1. Top: 7.62 MM Mg 2. Top: 7.62 MM Mg 1. Rear: DrRadar Msl 1. Dropper: Land Mines DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 90 / 70 60 / 45 60 / 45 65 / 45 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Protect the van at the truck stop until Taurus can start it up! 2. Escort and defend the van to the county line. You will begin this mission parked at a truck stop. Quickly move onto the main road in front of you and head North, up toward the oncoming Creepers. There are two police vans and one police cruiser to deal with, and not much time to kill them off, but this is what you must accomplish in order to get to next mission. Leave some mines in the intersection and on the road towards the oncoming Creepers. Lock up the police cruiser and shred him with your Linked 7.62 mm mg. Then go after the vans. Once they are killed, head South "AHEAD" of Taurus (NOTE: Use your nitro if you need some extra speed.) Another two cops are on the way to wipe out Taurus. Ram them and bring the Twins to bear on them. Chew them up and get moving South. There are another two police cars to deal with. (NOTE: Be careful of the terrain, there are a few nasty hills that will send ya airborne if you take em too fast.) Once you have eliminated the second set of cops, then there are only two left. Continue on the road south and jump the next two cops. By now you are probably hurting some, but don't go easy on them or they will surely get to Taurus. Stay on them, and even if you can't kill them, as long as Taurus crosses the "county line" then the mission will be successful. --- MISSION COMPLETE --- MISSION FIFTEEN WEAPONS 1. Top: 7.62 Turret 2. Top: EZK Mortar 1. Rear: DrRadar Msl 1. Dropper: Fire-Dropper DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 160 / 45 68 / 25 68 / 25 65 / 25 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Find the path to Fort Davis! This mission begins on a dirt road heading East. Stay on the road and watch for the fork. When you see it, turn right. (NOTE: You will be attacked by Creepers and turrets. IGNORE THEM.) Follow the road that you are on until you almost run off of it and turn right onto another road that crosses it. You will be heading South up a hill and when you crest the top of it, follow it until you see another split in the road. Go right again and follow the curvy road up and through the yellow barricades. You are now airborne and when you touch down, make sure to slam on the brake so that you don't miss the road you need to follow. When you have dusted off your jeans after touching down, head East on this new road and get ready for the second jump. (NOTE: I usually use my Nitrous Oxide for this jump, but when I do, I slam on the brake with the "Z" key to keep myself from sliding off the edge of the cliff.) When you get your car situated after the jump, follow this new road West, over the bridge. There will be many turrets taking pot shots at you, but ignore them and continue on your mission. The road will curve left towards the South and will cross another bridge. Watch your speed and stay on the road and you're home free. --- MISSION COMPLETE --- MISSION SIXTEEN WEAPONS 1. Top: 7.62 MM Turret 2. Top: EZK Mortar 1. Rear: DrRadar Msl 1. Dropper: Fire-Dropper DEFENSE Armor/Chassis 165 / 43 66 / 24 66 / 25 65 / 25 MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Cover the van's getaway! 2. Find a way into Fort Davis. This mission begins as you journey North on a paved road. As it banks to the left, you'll be facing West. When you get to next turn (which turns right), slow down and turn around. You will be chased by three Creepers. Use your fire-dropper on them as they try to follow you. Make sure you zig-zag back and forth across the road to leave a nice fire slick behind you. Then turn back around and let loose with your 50 cal turret. They should die like lame dogs. Continue onward, following the road as it twists and turns its way North. Your next enemy will be a helicopter. When you see it, slam on the brake and then put it in reverse and haul ass. Hopefully the helicopter will follow you. Shut down when he "locks" you and shoot him with your 7.62 turret. Easy Kill. Once the helicopter is vanquished, proceed up the road where two more Creepers are awaiting your arrival. Don't disappoint them. Join them and kill them. (NOTE: A combination of the 7.62 turret and the fire-dropper usually kill them real nicely. Make sure you save the EZK Mortar for later.) Continue Southeast and take out the last Creeper who is speeding towards you. Once he is dead, drive straight towards Fort Davis. Avoid using the road. Do not take the road to Fort Davis, or you will end up face to face with two tanks. When you reach the wall of Fort Davis, head South around the wall, making sure not to stray away from the side of the wall. (NOTE: Hug that wall by keeping the "right" side of your car against it as you round the corner. When you reach the corner where the big dirt pile is and the watertower is located, then you will see the tanks on the other side of the mound. Now is the time to use your EZK Mortar. This should kill them easily if you have positioned yourself correctly behind the dirt pile and the corner of the Fort. If you only weaken the tanks then, charge out and use your turret on whatever is left of them. Make sure to keep your front facing them since this is your strongest armor point. When the tanks are defeated, blow up the waterpower if it is still in one piece. This will create a ramp that you can use to jump into the fort. Simply back up enough and fly up the ramp to end the mission. --- MISSION COMPLETED --- MISSION SEVENTEEN WEAPONS DEPENDS ON VEHICLE CHOICE DEFENSE Armor/Chassis DEPENDS ON VEHICLE CHOICE MISSION OBJECTIVES 1. Kill Kill Kill IMPORTANT This is the LAST mission!!! So, please don't read anymore unless you have already tried multiple times to beat this mission without success. There are four vehicles available for this mission. The first is a "Souped Up Street Car", the second a "Mail Truck", the third is a "Tank" and lastly, the "Helicopter". I suggest you try them all, but when you are ready for an "easy" win, then pick the Mail Truck. (Note: If anyone has won this mission with the Helicopter, then I salute you.) "Dillweed" will spout some trash at you. Lock his ass up, and fire the "CHERUB MISSILES" at him. One Cherub from long distance usually eats him up in one gulp! With him out of the way, the three goony brothers will come after you. Use a combo of oil slick and land mines to pepper the road with. They will follow you and begin taking massive damage. Jam on the emergency brake, spin around and let them have a taste of your linked guns. They will die nicely if you concentrate on killing them one at a time. --- MISSION COMPLETED --- If this FAQ has helped you in anyway, drop me a line and let me know. Return to Main Index Page Last Updated on April 13th, 1997 by King Of Pain (</p>