___________________________ ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ Icewind Dale (PC) FAQ/Walkthrough ___________________________ ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ September 21, 2000 Version 1.5 Written by: Dan Simpson Email: manymoose@hotmail.com Email Policy: ØØØØØØØØØØØØØ Got an Icewind Dale Question? Email me! For a speedier response, make sure to put "Icewind Dale Questions" as the subject. Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will find the most up to date version of this FAQ at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ http://www.gamewinners.com/ http://www.cheatcc.com/ I have now added a Walkthrough section to the FAQ! You can look for it after the Frequently Asked Questions. It isn't complete at the moment, but will soon get there. There is a NEW (July 30) patch out for Icewind Dale, which you can find here: Patch: ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/patches/IWDPatch106.exe Readme: ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/misc/patch106.txt There are also some "bonus" portraits available: ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/misc/iwd_ports.zip ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/misc/t_port.zip Portraits need to be placed in the \portraits folder in the game directory. This folder needs to be created by you. I quote directly from other people who have sent in information. When I want to comment on their strategies, I use the "Ed. Note", or Editor's Note. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________ What's New in 1.5: ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ After about a month of doing nothing, got back to work on the Walkthrough. Now the walkthrough goes all the way through the Severed Hand. Added new information from Scott Werner and Adonis. Also slightly enlarged the Fighting "General Strategy". For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end of the FAQ. Note: In the FAQ I use the abbreviation IWD to stand in for the full title of Icewind Dale, and BG to abbreviate Baldur's Gate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- x... My Party x... Creating a Balanced Party x... General Strategies Frequently Asked Questions x... Gameplay Specific Questions x... General Gaming Questions x... Monster Questions x... Technical Questions x... Other Questions Walkthrough 1... Easthaven 1.1... The Lost Caravan 2... Kuldahar Pass 3... Kuldahar 4... Vale of Shadows 4.1... Kresselac's Tomb 4.2... Post Vale Kuldahar 5... Temple of the Forgotten God 6... Dragon's Eye 7... Severed Hand 8... Dorn's Deep * * 9... Wyrm's Tooth * Not Finished Yet * 10... Lower Dorn's Deep * * 11... Easthaven (again) * * Appendices x... Guide to Naming Characters x... Cheats x... Bugs x... Strange Things Final Words... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Party: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The party I first beat the game with: Human Fighter Elf Fighter Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger (has access to both Druid and Cleric spells this way, and also gets the "dual wield" which is just an extra attack when a shield is not equipped) Human Bard (useful to identify things, and can cast magic!) Halfling Fighter/Thief (don't bother ever giving points to the Pickpocket skill, it's useless in IWD) Human Conjurer I actually started the game with a Human Thief instead of the Halfling, but switched over later. (You can bring in new characters at any time) Then I just stayed in the area I was at, and leveled my new character up a bit. What monsters was I fighting? Cold Wights! One of my favorite monsters in all of Dragon's Eye. Easy to beat, and decent Exp (1500) as well. Pickpocket is useful especially for the bard who has nothing to do but pickpocket. I pick a few NPC's pockets and got some nice item especially from the archdruid himself (I got 2 rings of free movement; I will never be held by spells or item like wise). (from Mike Gan) The party I played through IWD with the second time: Dwarf Fighter (with proficiencies in Axes and Crossbows) Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger (is actually IMPORTED from my first party, though not from the end of the game, at level 8/8 with a lot of cool items) Halfling Fighter/Thief Elf Fighter/Mage (I'd found a cool weapon my first go through of the game that could only be used by Fighter/Mages so...) And they were all EVIL (except the Cleric/Ranger)! I was really surprised by how many items in IWD couldn't be used by GOOD characters, so I had to have some EVIL characters. And for more roleplaying fun, I said all the "jerk" responses in the dialogs. After this maybe I'll go through with a party of Gnomes... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creating a Balanced Party ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the most important decisions that you have to make comes before you ever start the game. What will your party look like? Naturally I would recommend the party I used to beat the game (see My Party above) as it worked well, but I know that that party isn't for everyone. So here we now have a section on creating that balanced party that you can use to smite your enemies! Decision 1: How many characters to have in the party? ------------------------------------------------------ You can have anywhere from 1 to 6 characters in your party. Naturally going through the game with just one character would be extraordinarily difficult. The minimum number of characters that I think would keep the game playable is 4. 3 could probably be done, but you're pushing it. Four characters allows you to cover all the bases (one fighter, mage, cleric, and thief type characters), with the obvious advantage that they will get more experience per battle, as there are less people to share the experience with. (Whenever you defeat a creature, each character gets the exp that that creature was worth divided by how many characters you have in your party. So if you just beat a 2000 exp monster, and had 4 people, then each person gets 500 exp, but if you have 6 people then they only get 333 experience) That being said, if you are a newcomer to AD&D games, such as Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate, then I would recommend that you go with the full 6 member party. Even if you are pretty good at Baldur's Gate, you may still want to go with the full 6 member party. But if you enjoy a challenge, try 4 (or 3). And if you're suicidal, try just one character. Decision 2: What classes should be in my party? ------------------------------------------------ You need to balance your party in IWD. All melee parties will do pretty poorly in IWD, as they get slaughtered by nasty enemies. Magic heavy parties do poorly as well as you don't have enough standing between you and certain death. As such, careful balance is in order. Let's take a look at the party I used to beat the game: Human Fighter Elf Fighter Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger Human Bard Halfling Fighter/Thief Human Conjurer At level 1 this party has 4 melee fighter types, two thief types (the Bard can only Pick Pockets, but this frees the Fighter/Thief from having to use any skill points on Pickpockets), two mage types (the bard gets spells on level 2), and one Cleric type. The only weakness at the beginning is that the Conjurer only gets 6 HP to start out with. What you need: A thief A cleric And enough Hp's to not get killed in every battle Everything past that is extremely helpful, but not specifically NEEDED. Naturally you get the HP's from Fighters. A thief and a Cleric alone will get killed easily, so add a few Fighters to the mix, and/or multi-class the thief and cleric. Adding in Magic is a really good idea as it supplements your melee power. Therefore my recommended party looks very much like the party I first used, with the six party members. If I were to play with only three characters, this is how I would do it: Cleric/Ranger (I love these) Fighter/Thief Fighter/Mage ERSKINE makes this recommendation about which type of Mage to play: If you make your wizard a specialty Conjurer then you can use all the spells currently in the game! Conjurers in Icewind Dale (IWD) have an opposition school of Divination, but all wizards can learn/cast "lesser divinations" of up to and including 3rd level (maybe 4th, but I don't think so)-- there are no divinations in IWD above second level, so a conjurer can cast all spells in the game and gains the bonus spells for being a specialist-- I do not think IWD uses any of the disadvantages of being a specialist like in AD&D. Alignment Note: There are various items in the game that can only be used by Good or Evil characters, so try to have a mix of alignments. Maybe 2 Good, 2 Neutral and 2 Evil. Also your reputation is based on the Alignment of the character in the first slot, Lawful Good being the best, Chaotic Evil being the worst. The "All-Fighter" Party: ------------------------ This is a "powergamer" type of party, that takes advantage of the Human's Dual Classing. Create a party of six (or how ever many people you want) fighters. While creating each of them, keep in mind what you would like them to dual class over to later. So, when you are creating your Fighter who will dual to Cleric, you need to get not only good Fighter stats, but also good Wisdom. The same would go for your Fighter who will be Thief, needing good Dexterity, Fighter who will be Mage needs good Intelligence, etc. Now when they reach level two, instantly dual class them over to their new class. What this accomplishes is creating better versions of Clerics/Thieves/Mages/etc., at a low cost of experience. (2000 exp for the Fighter level 2) Fighter (stays a fighter) Fighter (stays a fighter) Ranger dualled to Cleric at level 2 Fighter dualled to Thief at level 2 Fighter dualled to Mage at level 2 +1 more character if desired (I'd take a Bard) ERSKINE's party making strategies: ---------------------------------- My thoughts on party composition -- at least two Fighters--- great hit points, great THAC0's, wear almost any armor, 5 levels of weapon specialization, and they usually have the best strength with which to carry your heavy items without being encumbered one Mage --- make it a conjurer (use all the spells, memorize 1 extra spell per spell level) they can use almost all of the wands, and their spells rock at high levels one Druid--- I think their spells are better (like Creeping Doom, Fire seeds, Static Charge), the loss of turning undead is not that much of a problem-- I hate chasing down skeletons and wights that ran away, and they can even use some good armor and shields later in the game (Umber Hulk plate and Rhino Beetle Shields) (Ed. Note: You're almost at the END of the game before you get THOSE items! Though they are quite good) a multi-classed thief--- true thieves in IWD are a little bit lacking, make your thief a thief/mage or a fighter/thief for better effect (you can still reach lvl 14/12 with a thief/mage or 14/11 with a thief/fighter) Your 6th character can be what ever you like--- if you love mages add another one, or try out a Paladin or even a cleric I would avoid Rangers-- they are great in AD&D but they have some limitations in IWD: there are not a lot of animals to charm, only 2 levels of weapon specialization, more xp's to level up and if you want to hide in shadows then you are limited in your choice of armor. Two weapons can be useful, and so can the racial enemy, but I don't think that makes up for their deficiencies. Also, their druid spells are rather weak when you finally get them. Ed. Note: Which is why I like Cleric/Rangers. Complements the Ranger abilities perfectly. Paladins are a better choice--they can lay on hands, better saving throws, cast protection from evil, are immune to disease, and can cure disease, and can cast cleric spells (although the spells are only a minor help late in the game). I haven't played with bards yet so I can only speculate, but there are some cool items that only they can use, and they can cast spells and sing for your party so they could be very helpful--- also I think that there are some places in the game where bards can do things that other classes can't (Talking to the Sea-Elf in Easthaven, the bard can sing to her for extra xp's). When chosing a race for your class stick mostly to elves, half-elves and humans. However, Dwarven fighters can have a 19 constitution and their hit points can really get up there, also dwarves are very resistant to poison, and have some resistance to magic. Elves and Half-Elves have a resistance to sleep and charm related spells (90% for elves and 30% for Half-Elves--if they followed AD&D rules on this) Personally, I have never had much use for gnomes and halflings (big noses and hairy feet, respectively) My 1st party -- Human Male Fighter Half Elven Female Ranger Human Male Fighter Elven Female Mage/Thief Dwarven Female Cleric (just for fun) Elven Male Conjurer this party got the job done, but this is where I learned of some problems with the classes- My new party -- Human Male Fighter Human Male Paladin Dwarven Male Fighter Elven Female Mage/Thief Elven Male Druid Human Female Conjurer Ed. Note: With the Druid above, I'd start with a Fighter, then at level 2 dual over to a Druid. This way, once your Druid hits level 3, then they can wear normal armors and weapons. Souma's Party Making Strategies: -------------------------------- My first time through I played with 6 characters (Human Paladin, Dwarven Fighter/Thief, Human Cleric, Human Ranger, Elven Fighter/Mage and Half-Elf Bard) and had a pretty rough old time as I got to grips with the way the game works. All in all, it wasn't too tough. My second time 4 (Human Fighter, Elf Thief, Half-Elf Druid and Half-Elf Mage) and I had great fun using all those abilities that a fighter heavy party lets rust as they pound through a dungeon (it's a lot different when only 1 party member can use the big missile weapons like longbows and crossbows!). For my third time through, I'm testing what I suspect to be the "ultimate" party. I'll cover them one at a time (there are only 3). I've taken a Halfling Fighter/Thief as my front character. This gives me all the thiefly skills you need from the get go (you do not want to be hit by traps with a small party!) and a sturdy fighter. I also look forward to casting Haste spells on her without fear of her becoming exhausted (due to the halfling/gnome only helmet, Helm of the Trusted Defender). As her max Str is only 17 though, I will be using up Giant Strength Potions as I find them to make her into a killing machine (especially when she backstabs!). Once you reach Kuldahar you can equip her with Plate Armor, a +2 Ring of Protection (from Oswald), the Helm of the Trusted Defender and a shield (magical if you get one) for a total of about -7 AC. That's just awesome and the monsters will have no idea of how to hurt you for a long time (short of a lucky 20 on the hit roll). I've specialized her in Bows and Large Swords and recommend specializing in Axe (so as to take advantage of the Battleaxe +2 Defender and Throwing Axe +2) or Small Swords (to get another weapon you can backstab with) after that. For my second character I've picked a Human Ranger with the intention of dual classing to cleric once I reach level 9 (thus allowing me to reach level 14 and have access to all cleric/druid spells in the game). I picked specialization in Missile Weapons and Mace and have been running around with Slings and Morning Stars. As I levelled I also specialized in Hammers so as to be able to use Conlan's Hammer to the best of her ability. I picked Skeletal Undead as her racial enemy and have been going through them like holes in swiss cheese. With the extra attack that Rangers get with any single-handed weapon and no shield, my Ranger really lays on the hurt in close combat and has been known to kill as much as both the other characters put together. If I can remember it, I'll also be looking forward to using the Charm Animal special ability on as many Winter Wolves as I can (sneak up on them, use the skill and maybe they won't even get to ice breath me). When I dual to Cleric, I will be able to use both Druid and Cleric spells making her an awesome powerhouse of enhancement, healing and attack spells. I've found that I really haven't needed a cleric so far (right up to the end of the Dragon's Eye)... For my third character I've picked a Human Fighter with the intention of dual classing to Mage (Conjurer if I can) once I reach level 9 (thus allowing my to reach level 14 and have access to the highest mage level in the game). I started off with specialisation in crossbow and large swords and then increased that to mastery in both. I find that a mage is not really necessary early in the game, and you should be able to go mage some time around about the Elven Hand. Big hit points, massive strength, lots of attacks, great armor, all the mage spells in the game. That's pretty awesome. Note that with my characters I maximised their Strength, Constitution and Dexterity first and then gave the Fighter/Thief max Charisma, the Ranger>Cleric max Wisdom and the Fighter>Mage max Intelligence. It's very munchkin behaviour, but IWD is a very munchkin game I think. The benefits of this 3 character group should be made clear. Firstly, your characters level up a lot faster, a couple of extra levels at every point in the game makes a substantial difference. Secondly, the fewer characters you have, the easier it is to focus your attacks and reducing the number of monsters that can get to you in hand to hand. Thirdly, you have half the number of characters to spread the best equipment over so each character tends to be better equipped. Fourthly, you can sell off half the magical stuff you'd normally have to keep, allowing you to buy stuff from the stores earlier. Finally, because you have no magic users in the first half of the game, you don't have to rest much (you can't either. Quaff healing potions or get healed by a cleric or rest for weeks to get those hit points back. Lucky you've got heaps of money eh?) The main drawback of this party is in the early game when you have no lore skill to speak of (10-20 lore on the 18 Wisdom ranger is just not enough!) so you spend a fair chunk of money paying other people to identifying things (or use up about 3 +4 Int potions in one go to get 25 Int for 50-60 lore and you still won't identify everything). The fact that you don't have any spells to speak off until you reach the elven hand is actually not as big a deal as I thought it would be (although if you missed pickpocketing for those two rings of free action you would be in deep trouble with clerics that like casting hold person). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Strategies ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fighting Battles: ----------------- Let them come to you. When you first see an enemy, your first instinct may be to run over to it and slaughter it. Well don't. Let it come to you, and attack it there. This way if there are 50 more of these creatures, they won't see you and won't attack. You can then pick off each creature one at a time. This is especially useful in dungeons where the enemies may be more difficult. So when you first see an enemy (let's say that it's a Umber Hulk), turn off the AI (it's the left button in the bottom right corner of the screen), and let him come up to you. You should also have your archers/mages hit the enemy with everything they can, but don't move any closer to the enemy! The last thing that you want is to fight TWO Umber Hulks at the same time! Secondly, KEEP YOUR PARTY TOGETHER! This is extremely important in IWD, much more so than in Baldur's Gate. Think of it like the army. Those who broke formation and ran out to meet the enemy were the first to die. So keep your people together in a "turtle" formation. E - Enemy X - Fighter-type A - Ranged-type (Mage & Archer) E X E X A E X A E X The idea is to treat your party as a whole, rather than separate people. Also realize that some monsters (like Yxunomei) require that you hit them with Magic Weapons only. You should never use Magic Arrows on a normal creature; you should save the special arrows for enemies that need them, such as Imbued Wights, Iron Golems, etc. Area spells can take out a lot of enemies without them even knowing that you are there. Suppose for a moment, that you are walking along, and a Giant comes to attack you. You immediately stop, wait for him to come to you and kill him. Well, where there is one Giant there are probably more, so you launch a fireball in the direction that the Giant came from, and immediately hear the screams of dying Giants. Leo Wang has this to add: Take a character with the Hide in Shadows ability or a way to cast Invisibility and scout out the area before doing any area-effect spells. Example of where random fireballing can result in a bad situation: Mother Egenia in the Troll Caves. The only place where scouting with an invisible character won't work is Lower Dorn's Deep (the area immediately after the Wyrm Tooth area, not the other areas of Lower Dorn's Deep), as Tarnished Sentries can see invisible characters apparently. Composite Long Bows can hit monsters outside of your "fog of war" area sometimes. A good place for an example of this in action: The Orc caves in the beginning--let your characters kill the two orcs in the beginning by themselves without moving from the entrance (i.e. everyone's got a ranged attack, so they don't need to move); if the first two characters have Composite Long Bows, they will automatically pick off the third orc in the black area without the orc fighting back. Useful spells and tough Enemies ------------------------------- When fighting 2 or more difficult enemies use the Dire Charm spell (or Domination, or Charm Animal, etc.) to quickly turn the odds in your favor. If you have 2 magic users who can cast charm in the first round of a fight, not only does the enemy lose two characters, you gain them temporarily (so the odds change from 10 enemies vs. 6 of you to 8 enemies and 8 of you). Once they are charmed, pull back your big bruisers from the front lines and replace them by the newly acquired members while continually pelting the remaining enemies with ranged weapons. If any charmed characters survive the encounter, simply force-attack them to get rid of them. Also, the spell Entangle is pretty useful to stop any melee intensive enemy from hitting your party. Once entangled, they can't move and you can get rid of them easily and safely with ranged weapons. The spell Web is also good since a webbed creature can't even attack with a ranged weapon, but the spell can last for several rounds and could eventually web some of your own party members from round to round if they get in the affected area. You can, of course, use Free Action (either by Item or by Spell) to keep your party from being affected by these webs. Monsters summoning and the Elemental Summons, are great spells. Although the early summoned monsters do not do a lot of damage, their primary purpose resides in the cannon fodder that they become. While they keep the enemy busy, you can pick them off one by one with ranged weapons or spells (saving all your potions, and more potent spells for later more powerful enemies). Even the powerful Elementals best usage is to soak up the damage from enemies. Fireballs and those other major area effect spells should be used only to weaken the enemy or for luring them to you and thus, do not memorize a lot of these (memorize others, such as Fire Arrow instead). These major area effect spells, when not cast at the right place, can literally damage your whole party so unless you know exactly where to cast them, don't use them. Keep them instead for when an area is completely filled with a group of weaker enemies to get rid of them quickly and with minimal damage (happens when you quickloads or loads a lot of times in the same map). Jeremy Treanor has this to add: I have a suggestion that wasn't mentioned in your general strategies. It involves using a druid (or cleric? not sure if they get it) and having them cast protection from fire on all the members of your party. This spell lasts long enough that your mage who should know fireball becomes a portable explosive. Basically, have your other characters surrounding the mage as best they can when a group starts to surround you and launch a fireball at your feet. This is especially useful in the aquarium and the areas where you encounter snow and ice trolls. Memorize a lot of Dispel Magic spells. Dispel Magic negates any magic affecting your party (fear, horror, paralysis, entangle, slow, etc...) while it can also be used to dispel the enemy magics that they use (haste, minor globe of invulnerability, protection from normal missiles, etc...). Dispel Magic is an Area Effect Spell, so don't forget that casting dispel magic will negate both magics affecting your party and the enemy so knowing when to cast what spell when is crucial in an important battle. Usually, though, it is preferable to dispel everyone's magics than having one or more of your party members being paralysed, charmed, running in fear, etc... Save a Lot: ----------- There are 3 times when you should definately save the game. When you win a battle, before you go to sleep, and everywhere else. You never know when you will go to a new area, have your best warrior charmed, and have half your party killed. So save often. Also don't just save over the same slot over and over, use at least 10 slots. This also means you should probably avoid the Quick Save. Well... not avoid, just don't use it exclusively. What I would do is to create an "Archive Save" whenever you enter a new major area. So when you start the Vale of Shadows create a "Vale of Shadows Beginning Save" so if you screw up, you can start over from the start of the Vale. That said, I have heard reports where game performance drags when someone saves in TOO MANY DIFFERENT slots. I'm not sure how many it takes to drag down performance, but I think you'll be safe between 10-15 saves. Scribing Scrolls: ----------------- Since at 18 INT you have only an 85% chance to successfully scribe a spell from a scroll into your spellbook, I would recommend using Potions to temporarily increase your INT to raise your success rate. The Potion of Genius works great, but any potion that raises your INT is good. So, what I usually did was this: I would wait until I had about 4 spells that needed to be scribed, then I would use a potion and learn them all at once. Unless, of course, I got a really really useful spell then I would learn it as soon as I got it. Alternatively you could just SAVE before you scribe any spell. If you fail to learn it, then you can just reload and try again. I don't like this method as much, but it's just as effective. Proficiency Tip: ---------------- Don't have all your characters specialize in the same weapons. That is not only boring, but counterproductive as well. If everyone in your party is specialized in Long Swords, and you find a really cool axe, you are out of luck! There is quite the penalty for using weapons that you aren't familiar with. So I would recommend something like this: Character 1: Long Swords and Great Swords Character 2: Axes and Crossbows Character 3: Halberds and Great Swords and so forth... Souma's Pickpocketing Advice ---------------------------- In Easthaven, the priest Everard has 2 Healing Potions you can pick pocket from him. In Kuldahar, you can pick pocket a number of valuable items. The archdruid Arundel has a Ring of Free Action that you can pick pocket. The mage Orrick has a Ring of Free Action and a Necklace of Metaspell Influence (gives an extra level 2 mage spell!) that can be pickpocketed. Oswald Fiddlebender has a Necklace of Missiles (three or less charges of a 6d6 damage fireball usable by anyone), a Ring of Protection +2, 2 Oils of Fiery Burning and a Firebreath Potion. On a side note, if you kill Oswald Fiddlebender (-4 Reputation and important townsfolk become hostile) you get Boots of Grounding (50% electricity resistance), a Golden Girdle (+3 AC vs slashing), an Oil of Fiery Burning, a Fire Resistance Potion and some loose change. Not too shabby. There may be some places later in the game where you can get things by pick pocketing, but I can't recall them at this time. In any case, the best of the items you can pick pocket is the Ring of Free Action, a brilliant item that I've never found any other way. It allows all sorts of cheeky tactics with Web spells and grants your main fighters immunity from irritating hold person spells (it negates boots of speed however, so it's not smart to combine the two). There are Free Action potions and Free Action spells, but they don't give the 24 hrs a day protection of the ring. In short, it is well worth the cost of investing up to 40% in pick pockets (or taking a bard) so that you can grab these nice items... (Ed. Note: I just took a Bard. Bards rule.) =============================================================================== Frequently Asked Questions =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gameplay Specific Questions: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Easthaven --------- Q: What do I do with the Caravan Contract? Neither Pomab nor Hrothgar seem to care about it. A: Give it to the Fishmonger (he lives between Hrothgar's house and the Tavern) for some experience. Q: What's with that weird Aqua-Elf in the SW corner of Easthaven? A: That "Aqua Elf" is part of a mini-subquest. There's a man a bit further north of her, standing by the lake just mumbling to himself. Talk to him to learn about her, then talk to her about it, and she gives you a broken sword to give to him Kuldahar Pass ------------- Q: How do I get to Kuldahar? A: Head east, cross the bridge, and leave the area to the east. Kuldahar -------- Q: There's this one locked door here that I can't open. How do I open it? A: I have no idea. As soon as I find out, though, I'll put it in. I have heard a rumor that pins this door as some sort of Easter Egg/Expansion Pack door. Meaning that maybe they will release an expansion pack (similar to the Tales of the Sword Coast for BG), and it will be accessed via the Kuldahar Secret Door of Doom! Q: Where do I find Mirek's Family Heirloom? A: In the Vale of Shadows, on the Yeti Chieftan. It's a necklace. You can find the Yeti Chieftan just south of the Giant Statue in the center of the Vale. Return it to Mirek for some experience (Mirek is the frightened townsperson who first ran from the Yeti, I found him near the Potter's). Vale of Shadows --------------- Q: I'm in the final crypt in the Vale of Shadows. I have the gate key and the sanctum key but neither seems to open the gate that is in the middle of the crypt (the one with the blue pools of skeleton goo.) How do I get this gate open? A: Go through the doors to the left, and search the coffin there to get the Priest's Key. Take that key, and open the doors to the right. Search this coffin to pick up Myrkul's Holy Symbol. Now with the Holy Symbol, you can now open the big double doors. Q: I am at this big GEAR DOOR, and I can't figure out how to open it. Is there a switch that I need to find? A: Yes there is! Just to the south of the door is a triangle with three pillars, check the pillar on the lower right (that is, the one farthest from the door), and on the left side of the pillar is the switch. Switch it to open. Q: OK, I found the switch on the Column, but it says that it is locked? Now what? A: The "key" for the switch is the Black Wolf Talisman, which can be found on a skeleton which can be found by heading almost directly south from the column. This leads to an "L" shaped room, there is a door in the southern end of this room that leads to the room with the skeleton in it. Getting into this room requires the use of the Plain Key, which is found through the Northeast passage in a simliar L shaped room. Q: I went through the Crypt in the vale, and found this skeletal knight (Kresselack) who asked me to find and eliminate a Priestess. Where is she? A: You can only do this once you have agreed to kill her. You must go out of the crypt, and back into the vale. Now, on this screen you want to head into the cave in the bottom-middle of the area (just south of the Statue in the center of the area). This is a Yeti cave, rather than a crypt. Go inside, and she'll be there. After killing the frostmaiden priestess go back to the tavern and talk to the barkeeper. He will say that he wants to throw away her items, and if you say the right things he will pass them on to you. I got an ice mantle which is very nice item with +30 to ice/fire resistance. Plus some other stuff as well. (from Mike Gan) Q: So, how do I open Kresselack's coffin? I can't KNOCK it, BASH it, or PICK it! A: Just kill the Priestess and then talk to Kresselack again. Then it will be automatically opened for you. Dragon's Eye ------------ Q: I'm in Dragon's Eye, and there are these weird Peaceful Monks here, and they don't let me go in all these doors. What's their deal? A: If you wander around there enough you'll start picking up clues about them. Go check out their carpet, or the books in their library to learn that they are up to no good. Make sure you're ready for a fight though, these Monks are nasty, and they like to summon more monsters as well. Q: OK, I cleared the Monks area out, so where's the Heartstone Gem? A: It's on a later level in Dragon's Eye. Head to the next level via the passage in the SE of the area. When you find the BOSS, you'll find the Gem. Q: I cannot seem to damage this BOSS (Yxunomei) at all! How do I kill her? A: With magical weapons. I'm not entirely clear on what it requires to kill her since Erevain's Broadsword didn't hurt her, and Conlan's Hammer does. (Both are +2 weapons) To get Conlan's Hammer, once Sheemish has been rescued, go back to Kuldahar, visit the Smithy and talk to Sheemish to get the key to the chest that contains the Hammer. Adonis has some insight on this: [Yxunomei] has to be hit by +3 weapons or better. The +2 arrows hit her because they are launched by +1 bows, total +3. Conlan's hammer hits her because it is capable of hitting anything that requires a magic weapon to hit regardless of it's plus factor. This is why Erevain's broadsword can't hit her; it's only plus 2. Q: I fought the Big Evil Snake Goddess (Yxunomei), but was unable to kill her so I went back to the previous level to rest up. But when I returned, she wasn't where she should be! Where'd she go? A: She can be found in the very NW corner of this area. However, this doesn't happen if you have the latest patch installed. http://www.interplay.com/icewind/ Q: I returned to Kuldahar after Dragon's Eye, but now Arundel is dead. What do I do now? A: What you have seen is the false Arundel on the main floor disappear. Go upstairs to find the real Arundel to get to the next area. Shattered Hand (aka Severed Hand) -------------- Q: Where is the Severed Hand? I can't find it on my map. A: You have to scroll the map down to find the Severed Hand. This can be done either by clicking and dragging the mouse, or by using the arrow buttons in the top right corner. Q: This Elf in the Arboretum has asked for animals, or seeds, where can I get these? A: You don't find these in the Hand, but don't worry, you will bump into these things eventually. You will find the Pure Water in Wyrm's Tooth (near the frozen aquarium) in the frost giant's cave. The animals and seeds can both be found in Lower Dorn's Deep from Nym. Q: In the Shattered Hand, I need to find Larrel... where is he? A: As you go up the tower, it eventually splits into five smaller towers, or fingers. You want to go in the far right tower, up that until you get the option of going to a passage to the left. Go across the skybridge, and over to another tower. Go up the stairs here, up the next stairs and you'll be in the Astrolabe, with Larrel. Q: In the library in the Shattered Hand, are any of these books important? A: As far as I know, only the book on the Mythal has any significance, which you give to Orrick back in Kuldahar. Q: OK... Larrel seems to want me to fix the Astrolabe, how do I do that? A: By giving his companion machinery pieces. The first is found in the War Room, the second on Kaylessa (she'll let you fight for it when you "free" her subordinates on the levels above her), the third is found in the southern tower, in a chest guarded by some Shadow Clerics, the fourth is found several levels below: to get there you have to take the Lift down (the Lift can be found one level below the level where the five towers split off) and then go down the stairs, search the area to find it. Give all four pieces to the Mage there, then when the machine is finished, talk to Larrel and he'll be a bit more forthcoming. Dorn's Deep ----------- Q: In the Dorn's Deep cavern (with all the pretty mushrooms), where do I go? A: Your eventual goal is the main Dwarven Complex, which is in the lower right of the area. Go to the center of the area to the giant statues, and go right from those. Since that leads to the next areas in the game, you'll probably want to explore the other areas first. Q: Also in Dorn's Deep Cavern, I can see another building in the very top right of the map, but I can't find a way to get there. So, how DO you get up that way? A: Go all the way back to the beginning. Now there is a small path that leads all the way to the right, along the side of the wall. It's kinda hard to see at first, but it's there. Along the way there is a cave with some Orog's (but nothing else, really). Go into the building in the Top Right, and talk to Bandoth. You won't ever really get anything of interest out of him, EXCEPT that you can BARTER with him for some really cool spells! (and potions too, but you can get those anywhere) Be careful while talking to him, as he might attack you. (and if you beat him you get neither experience nor any items!) Q: Can I do anything with the bottle of Razorvine Extract? Or were the developers just having fun? A: You can find the Bottle on a corpse in the Ettin's Lair (the big cave in the bottom part of the area), and it calls itself then "Razorvine Extract -- Property of Mourns-for-Trees." If you never played Torment, that won't really make sense to you. The container of Razor-vine extract is part of a mini-quest. If you talk to Bandoth (in the tower in the NE of Upper Dorn's he will ask you to find his apprentice and return the extract. (from ERSKINE) However, you MUST talk to Bandoth before retrieving the Razorvine Extract else this quest is really buggy. (Once he attacked me, and another time he simply didn't bring up the quest) (partially from Scott Werner) Q: In Dorn's Deep, I met an Umber Hulk named Saablik Tan who asked me to retrieve a badge for him. Where do I find it? A: Go right, and south to find an Orog who will talk to you. Kill him and take the badge. Return it to Saablik for experience. Also, you're going to need to gather 6 of these badges. Q: In Dorn's Deep, I found a secret door in a Dwarven Round Table Room, which lead to a big circular trap thing. I've wandered around it with my Thief, but can't disarm the traps. What do I do?? A: This is a puzzle! If you look at the three statues it will show you what you are supposed to do. Anyway, here's the solution. The idea here is to disarm the three rings of the trap. So, moving around the edges, careful not to step on any of the RUNED squares, move to the top right and step on the tile that looks like an ANVIL & HAMMER. You have now unlocked the outer ring. Now move around to the bottom, careful not to touch any of the inner ring tiles, and step on the tile with the TWO CROSSED SWORDS. Finally move around to the upper left and step on the tile with the two INTERLOCKING CIRCLES to disarm the entire trap. Now go back to the conference room, and the Dwarf Statue just to the right of the secret passage will have his Hammer down, click on the hammer, and then go back through the secret passage. There will now be a set of stairs here. Q: I killed the Lich, but he keeps coming back. How do I finally get rid of him? A: You have to get rid of his life force. In the Hall of Heroes, in one of the left crypts you will find Terrikan's Phylactery, this is the essence of the Lich, and is needed to destroy him. Now take this item to Jamoth's crypt, which is the second one from the entrance on the right side. The phylactery will vanish, and so too will the Lich. Q: I found Evayne's Diary (Larrel's Daughter) is there anything that I should do with it? A: Yes, take it to Larrel, and get yourself some Experience! Sure it means going all the way back to the Shattered Hand, but what else were you going to do with it? He doesn't actually TAKE the journal, so just leave it there when you're done. Q: And then how do I get through those big double doors in the Hall of Heroes? A: Go back to the spirit you talked to about Terrikan, and you'll get some experience. (He's moved to the bottom of the stairs) Now check the caldron on the statue to open a small compartment. Check inside for the key to the doors. Q: Is there anywhere to REST in Dorn's Deep? Seems like it won't let me sleep anywhere! A: After the Dwarven Conference Room, you won't be able to rest until you hit the glacier. Which means that you have to do the entire Lich thing restless. You can, actually, rest in the Forge Room (where the Ghost is). There is a chance of monsters here, though. Wyrm's Tooth ------------ Q: I'm now in the Glacier area, where now? A: Go south and you'll find a broken bridge. That is your overall goal for this area, to repair that bridge. Head into that large building (Aquarium, I suppose) and talk to the Ice Salamanders there. They won't attack, and think that you were sent by the BOSS. Whatever. Head down the stairs that are located just to the left of the entrance to find the revolted slaves. Q: In the Aquarium, I keep getting damaged! Who is attacking me? A: In the frozen aquarium you are getting damaged by walking too close to the frost salamanders, if you try to walk around them as much as possible then you will cut down the damage, but occasionally you can't avoid passing close to them. (from ERSKINE) Q: I met a woman named Vera in the western part of this area, who is she, and what's she doing here? A: Vera was instrumental in the slave revolt, and is now hiding out from the Salamanders. Talk to her if you want, then drop down the stairs and tell Garth about her (he's one of the slaves at the far right) for some experience. Q: How do I get the slaves out? Do I have to fight all those Salamanders? A: No, you don't have to fight them, as long as they still think that you are working for the BOSS. Before doing this, be sure to get the Book on Suspension (to fix the bridge with) from Soth (see the next question for more information). Anyway, talk to Gareth, and he'll reveal that they have found a new way out, but that they need a key. Then go back to Kerish (the Salamander leader, located at the far right in the Aquarium) and ask for the key. He'll give it to you if you say that you'll keep the slaves from escaping. Give the key to Gareth and all the slaves will be free, and you get some experience for your trouble. If you go back upstairs after freeing the slaves, you will be attacked. Oh, and if you go back to Vera and talk to her after the slaves are freed, you get more experience. If you want, you can follow the slaves out. It leads to a new area. To get back to the main map, go up and right, to go back to Wyrm's Tooth go down and left, and to go to the next chapter, go down and right (but we still have things to do in this chapter). Q: So, how do I fix that bridge? A: Once you're on the lower level of the Aquarium (it's really a temple, but since it has fish in it, I call it an Aquarium), talk to Soth at the far left. Ask him about the books, and ask for a book on bridges. I suppose that you can only do this after you've SEEN the broken bridge. He'll give you a book on suspension and the like, and you also get some experience. Walk back to the bridge, and when you get near it, it will automatically get repaired, and you get some experience. Q: What do I need to accomplish in this cave? A: Just head west until you run into some Frost Giants. One of them is the BOSS of this area, Joril. Kill him and take his pendant, which is the second part of the six part key. That's all you need to do in this cave, although there are a lot of other cool things in here... such as a lot more Frost Giants! (and their treasures!) There are also some slaves to be freed, and some dragons to be slain (ok, they are only small wyrms, but still, also search where the Wyrms were for a couple of treasures). When you're done with this, leave the cave, and go back to the earlier area (it's reached from the top right of this map), and then take the lower right passage to reach the next chapter. Scott Werner has another method of getting Joril's Badge: I actually managed to talk Joril out of his pendant. My paladin (18 charisma) convinced him that the BOSS was disappointed in him and insinuated if he didn't hand over the pendant to us that he'd be killed (if not by us, then by someone more powerful later on). I received experience for talking him out of the pendant, experience for retrieving the pendant, and experience for later killing him. Q: What do I do with the Barrel of Pure Water that I found when I defeated the follower of Auril? A: Take it to the Arboretum in the Shattered Hand, and give it to its Elven Caretaker, Valestis, of course! You get experience for this. Lower Dorn's Deep (fire Salamander area) ----------------- Q: How do I get into the Watchtower in the SE (lower right) of this area? A: Go across the bridge into the top right of this area, and there will be a gnomish girl named FENGLA, who will give you the key to the watchtower. Now go inside, and kill all the archers here (they all have about 40 Arrows of Piercing so ... beware). When you clear out all the archers, Fengla reappears, thanks you, and you get some experience, as well as the satisfaction in knowing that you have helped some gnomes out. Whee. Q: So what do I do here? A: Go into the door at the very top of the map (it's sorta in the middle, and has a Blue Thing above it) here to get into the Boarded Up City. I would assume that this was a Deep Gnome city before it was taken over by this Umber Hulk horde. We want to go north into the weird Green Building. Once inside, head right and up to find Malavon. Be careful with this one, it's one of the more difficult battles in the game. Once Malavon is gone take the third Emblem (of six). ERSKINE had this to add: In the deep gnome area with the green dome--- on the left side, about 2/3 of the way north there is a building that you can enter and find a corpse-- if you search the corpse it appears to be just a normal long sword he was carring-- but it is actually "PALE JUSTICE" a sort of "Holy Avenger"-- it just dosen't appear to be magical but it is actually extermely powerful, and you can sell it for a whole 15-30 gp (I guess the merchants are really as dumb as we think). Ed. Note: You don't actually ENTER the building as you would, say to go into a shop. You merely go THROUGH the building, like a tunnel. Also one of the designers (JE Sawyer) has pointed out that since the Pale Justice looks and acts like a normal sword to anyone but a Paladin, that is why it sells so poorly. Q: What's with those weird drawings of EYES on the ground? A: They're traps. Q: In the Boarded Up City, is there anything to do besides going into the large green obvious building? A: There are a couple of barrels with some treasure (I got spells) in about the center of the area, just south of the green building. Beyond that, just some Umber Hulks to go through, and a big green building to go into. Q: What do I do with these Seeds that I found in Malavon's room? A: Take them to the Arboretum in the Severed Hand, of course! Q: What is with this garden-type room? There seems to be a never ending stream of monsters here! A: You have to take out the "screamers" (the stationary mushrooms) in order to stop new monsters from coming in. Q: OK, I've taken out Malavon, now where? A: To take out Ilmadia, of course! From the Boarded City (the area which has Malavon's massive green laboratory), go south through the RIGHT passage to get to the garden. From the garden take the South East (lower right) passage to get to the Mines (you can help the Gnomes here if you want by killing the Salamanders here), then continue all the way to the right to get to the Fire Giant chamber (there are two passages on the right, we want the far right one). Get past the guard, and head south to the lake of lava, then go east to find Ilmadia, an evil Elven wench. (In case you were wondering, she's the elf maid who visited the library in the Severed Hand) Never underestimate women who control Fire Giants should be your motto, so you should make some preparations before talking to her (such as summoning a few Water Elementals, or whatever). Beat her and get the 4th part of the key. Q: Where is Marketh? A: From the Garden, take the passage in the top left. There are some of the absolute COOLEST items in his mansion, but beware Thieves! (The easiest way to get to the garden from the main Salamander cave is to go into the building in the top right -- where FENGLA was) Go upstairs, find Marketh (he's the Thief that insists on talking to you), kill him or agree to spare him, and take his Badge, the 5th part of the key. Q: What do I do with the Drow Ginafae? A: She's being held in Marketh's palace against her will, and should she try to leave, she will be killed. First thing's first, you have to take out Marketh (don't kill him), then talk to her with a Potion of Null Effect (which you should have gotten from Malavon) in your possession to try to help her out. Q: What on earth do I do with a Sack of Potatoes? A: Give it to some Gnomes, of course! From the main cavern of Lower Dorn's Deep (where you came in), take the Lift in the top middle of the screen down to a holding area. A gnome will talk to you, ask if there is anything that you can do to help, then give him the Spuds, it's good for some experience. Plus then you can free the Gnomes, and find their hidden city, which has some interesting shops in it. (such as Nym) Q: Nym sells Squirrels and Birds. Let me guess: these are for the Arboretum in the Severed Hand? A: Yes, they sure are. You get experience for both. Q: Where is the last badge? A: In the temple. From the garden it is the path that leads up and right. Q: I'm getting killed in this temple, what do I do? A: All you need to do to win in here is to take out the Idol. It is located just north of Perdiem. Take it out, and all the undead will die, and the priests will be freed of some form of mind control. Oh, and you get the 6th and final badge from Perdiem. Q: How do I get up these stairs located just north of the Idol? A: You need all 6 of the badge-keys. Just under the stairs are 6 "containers", click on them to place each badge in them, and the stairs will "unlock" allowing you to go up them. I'd rest up (you can do so in the garden) before going up the stairs. Once up there, I'd cast all the preparatory spells you can, then move up and you'll find Poquelin. The 6 badges are: Brother Perdiem's Badge Joril's Badge Krilag's Badge Maiden Ilmadia's Badge Malavon's Badge Marketh's Badge The one that people miss the most is Joril's Badge. To get it, leave Lower Dorn's Deep, and go back to the main Wyrm's Tooth area. Take the southwest passage to get back to the frozen aquarium area. Now to the very southwest of this map is a bridge that leads to a cave. You need to cross this bridge and go into the cave. Joril is in there. (If you can't cross the bridge, then you have to go into the Aquarium, see above for more information) Easthaven Again --------------- Q: Is there anywhere that I can rest up here? A: Yes, the tavern. It's just north of where you appear. Q: So what do I do here? A: First head down to the lake in the bottom left corner of the screen and talk to the townsperson there. He'll tell you to rescue the people from some camp. And he'll give you a nifty new sword. Now go to the east end of the village, and head south across the bridge to find the Camp. Talk to the Priest of Tempus (Everard) there to learn how to get into the tower. Q: The battle with the False Pomab's is impossible! Whenever I beat one of his sentry's they just get back up, and there always seem to be more Pomab's! How do I win? A: Ignore the Sentries as best you can, and concentrate on getting rid of all the False Pomab's. Once they are all gone, the real Pomab will reveal himself. Kill him, and all the Sentries will die with him. The battle with the false Pomab's can be tough--You have to find the real Pomab---Attacking the mirror images (I wish my mirror-image spell worked like that) dosen't do anything, but when you attack the right one one of the other images disappear instead. So find the right one to attack and just wail on his scrawny ass. (from ERSKINE) Q: Where do I go on the level above Pomab, the Crystal won't let me go anywhere! A: Go into the mirror to the left. Q: Any final advice on winning this battle? A: Take out the Golems first, then take out the BOSS. This battle didn't seem as tough as some of the earlier ones (Malavon comes to mind). Misc ---- Q: What do I do with all of these keys? Do I need to keep them for something? What about these other Items I've got? (Myrkul's Holy Symbol, etc.) A: I kept keys only while I was still in the area in which I got the keys, then when I got back to Kuldahar, I sold the keys in the item shop (not the armory). They aren't worth much, but if you discover later that you really DID need them, you can always buy them back. As for the other items, I would suspect that they are useless past the area that you got them in, but as I haven't gotten through the game yet, I can't say for sure. If you want to get rid of them, but want to make sure that they are still around (you can't sell them, by the way), just drop them in a treasure chest somewhere. Q: I gave Valestis (The Elf caretaker in Severed Hand's Arboretum) Seeds, Pure Water, Squirrels, and Birds, but he still says that the Arboretum isn't restored! What else does he need? A: I have no idea. He only asked for three things, seeds, water, and animals. Maybe he wants a way to restore that statue, or maybe... who knows! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Gaming Questions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Got any advice on winning [insert tough battle here]? A: Yeah, save and retry. Usually what I'll do first is to save it, then rush the area hacking at everything. When that fails, and it usually does, I begin my planning. Were there magic users? Clerics? What monsters need to be taken out first? Can I clear the area with an Area Effect Spell (Fireball, Icestorm, etc.)? Next I'll try to draw off monsters one by one. It's a lot easier to beat a horde of monsters one at a time, rather than all at once. So I'll move until I spot one monster, make sure it sees me, then slowly lead it back to the waiting party. Make sure the monster follows you, as they have a tendency to just wander back if they lose sight of you. If you can't draw monsters off one by one (i.e. all monsters see you at the same time), you have to start thinking more Tactically. Hit the mages first to prevent them from spellcasting (nothing worse than getting hit by Confusion, or Hold Person, much less a Lightning Bolt) then rush the archers to get them to switch to melee weapons. Try to keep the party together for support, and to prevent flanking. And of course, have your own mages and clerics casting their devastating magics. I usually would have my Conjurer bring up a host of goblins to deal with archers, leaving the tougher enemies for my main party. Finally, if there is a "BOSS", try to deal with it first, as they tend to have the most devastating attacks. Q: I recently played through an area, got some really cool treasures, but then I had to reload to an earlier save, now the when I get the treasures, they are all different! What gives? A: To enhance replay value, most of the better treasures are "randomized." So one time you might get the "Armor of Goodness", the next time you might get "Potion of Not so Goodness." Usually the treasures have the same value, but don't count on it. If you're curious about what Random Items are possible, check out the Walkthrough below. Q: Is Charisma/Reputation important in IWD? A: Not really, no. I think you still get the Charisma Discount at the shops, but it doesn't affect conversations. Reputation exists, but only for the sake of Paladins and Rangers. If your Rep. drops low enough, then the Paladin/Ranger is "fallen" and loses their special abilities. Q: I just stole something right in front of someone's face! Don't they care? A: Ransacking people's homes seems to have fewer consequences in IWD, than it did in BG. No guard ever seems to be called. There are, however, some situations in which an NPC will tell you to leave a door/chest/whatever alone, and they will attack if you ignore that warning. Q: How do I dual-class? Is it worth it? Can I dual more than once? A: Dual classing is reserved only for Human characters, and may not be performed by Bard or Paladins (and you can't dual TO a Bard or a Paladin, either). In order to successfully dual to another class, you must have at least a 15 score in your current classes prime attribute (for a Fighter, that would be STR) and at least a 17 score in the prime attribute of whichever class you want to dual to (so a Mage would be Int of 17). Also, you must be at least level 2 before dual classing. Once you are "dual classed" you are essentially a level 1 of your new class. You are NOT a multi class! So if you were a Fighter, who dualled to Thief, you are now a level 1 Thief, until your Thief level SURPASSES your Fighter level, at which point, your old abilities come back. As to whether it is worth it, is sort of up to personal preference. The advantages are that you end out with a far more powerful character, the disadvantages are that you are very weak while just starting your new class. "Powergamers" will often dual class several of their party members at the same time; such as a Fighter dualling to a Thief, and a Thief dualling to a Mage, while the Mage duals to a Fighter. Finally, no, you can't dual one character more than once. Q: Can my Ranger Dual Wield two swords? A: In a way yes, but not really. If a Ranger is using a one handed weapon, any one handed weapon, without a shield, he will get an extra attack. That's it. No special animations, no cool effects, nothing. Just an extra attack. Q: What was your favorite armor in the game? A: I liked the Mithril Field Plate +2. Sure there is a better armor out there, but, the best feature of the Mithril Plate is that it ISN'T considered magical! Therefore you can wear a Cloak of Protection +2 at the same time to get the best armor class in the game! (Technically there is a better cloak, but it's more rare) Q: Is there any Elven Chainmail in the game? A: Yes. There is a whole bunch found in the Severed Hand area. If you don't know, then Elven Chainmail can be worn by your Fighter/Mages, Bards, or Fighter/Thieves and they can still cast spells (where applicable) or use thieving skills. Naturally this is a very good item to have! It should be noted that getting ANY Elven Chain is random. So one person might get three sets, while another won't get any. If you don't get one, simply reload the area and try again. Q: I've heard that there is this really cool armor called the Glory of Suffering. How do I get this? A: Yes it is an interesting armor, a Plate Mail +6 (although it drains 25 HP from your max) making it a full 2 AC better than the next best Armor. However, it appears as though the subplot needed to get this armor, as well as several other interesting items, was removed from the game. I can't say why this is, and can only speculate that it may reappear in an expansion to IWD. (although at this point, no expansion is planned for IWD that I'm aware of) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Questions: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: How do I kill trolls? They just keep getting back up! A: Annoying, aren't they? Anyway, to kill a troll, first you have to beat it normally so that it falls down to the ground. It isn't dead yet. Now, your party will still be attacking the troll, but they can't kill it, so pull them back. Now you have to hit the troll with either Fire or Acid. This is easiest to do magically (Burning Hands, Melf's Acid Arrow, Fireball), just be sure not to hit your own party at the same time (Burning Hands and Fireball especially). There are also items such as Burning Oil, and Arrows such as Flame Arrows which also work nicely. Also note that some Trolls seem to get back up even after you've knocked them down AND hit them with Acid/Fire! Then you have to knock them down AGAIN, and then acid/fire them again as well. And even more rare is the case where you manage to kill Trolls without fire or acid, either by repeatedly knocking them down or mere luck. Q: I can't seem to make any headway on these Cryshal Sentries, how do I kill them? A: You can't kill them. You must kill whoever is controlling them to get rid of them. At best you can knock them down, but they will get back up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technical Questions: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Can I get IWD to run at any higher resolutions than 640x480? A: No. This option will be available in the upcoming BioWare game, Baldur's Gate II, but not in IWD. Q: Can I play IWD in a Window, rather than in Full Screen Mode? A: Yes, just press ALT-ENTER at anytime while playing. Black Isle says that this will be a drag on performance of the game, but it actually seemed FASTER when I did it. There's also an OPTION for this in the "Graphics" options. Q: How can I get rid of this silly "Register Now!" thing without registering? A: You can either register, or if that thought horrifies you, then after three times of ignoring it, it will bring up a little console, type 123 in it, and it will go away forever. (thanks to lauren for that) Q: Can I set HOTKEYS to certain spells, or whatever? A: Sure, just run the IWD Configuration Program located in the Start Menu. (Usually, Start > Programs > Black Isle > Icewind Dale > ) You can also monkey about with some other game options here, such as the Search Nodes (used in pathfinding), Cache size, or AI Speed. What is AI Speed? It literally speeds up the entire game. Monsters, your characters, everything will run faster. I hear that there are weird bugs that happen if you increase this, however. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Questions: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Is Icewind Dale worth getting? Is it better than Diablo II? Or is it just "Baldur's Gate Lite"? A: I was surprised by just how much I've liked Icewind Dale. I was somewhat expecting a "BG Lite" type of game, but Icewind Dale is anything but a lightweight. I've only played the first Diablo, and so I can't really comment on whether IWD is a better game. So, yes, Icewind Dale is worth getting. Q: Any cheats for IWD? A: Yes, check out the CHEATS section further down in the FAQ. Also there is a Character Editor from the good people at TeamBG: http://www.teambg.com/ If you want the in-game cheats added to the game, simply download the latest patch located at http://www.interplay.com/icewind/ Q: I have the Official Strategy Guide, and it SAYS that there are cheats, but when I try them, they just plain don't work. What gives? A: The in-game cheats were taken out of the Release version of IWD at the last minute. In order to get these cheats to work, you must first download and install the latest patch (right now, it's 1.06). You can find any and all patches at: http://www.interplay.com/icewind/ Q: What is the Experience Cap in IWD? And is there a way to remove it? A: Yes, it's about 1.8 million exp points. This is usually done to keep the end of the game balanced, otherwise you might win too easily. However, most people only get to about 1 million exp points by the end of the game, so there isn't much purpose to removing the cap. And of course there is a way to remove it. Just check out TeamBG: http://www.teambg.com/ Q: What's with all the little x's? A: You mean in the version number and contents? At the time, I didn't know if I was even going to release this FAQ, and so the version number (x.1) reflected that. I also thought that I might want to later turn this into a full Walkthrough/Guide, which when completed would naturally be version 1.0, therefore a FAQ-only would have to have a "lesser" version number. Currently the Walkthrough portion isn't finished, but when it is the version number will be 2.0. The contents (x... My Party for example) were done out of whimsy. Q: I have another question .... A: Got other questions? Email me! manymoose@hotmail.com For a speedier response, make sure to put "Icewind Dale Questions" as the subject. =============================================================================== Walkthrough =============================================================================== This walkthrough was written during my third time going through the game. The party I used this time was as follows: Human Male Paladin (to take advantage of the Pale Justice sword) Human Male Fighter dualled to Conjurer at level 3 Human Female Bard (to identify items and cast Magic Missile) Half-Elf Female Cleric/Ranger Human Female Fighter (using Halberds!) Halfling Male Fighter/Thief This party has just about everything you could possibly want. It comes with two Healers (Cleric/Ranger and Paladin) two Mages (Conjurer and Bard) and five melee-ready warriors. Two concerns with this party are the Conjurer getting himself killed in battle, and the amount of multiclassing makes levelling up slower. To address the first concern, I will start out with a fighter, and dual him to Conjurer later. Dualling at level 2 is quicker, but level 3 gives another proficiency point. Location Note: Throughout the walkthrough I use various locations listed in the (x 900 y 400) format. This means that what I am talking about is 900 pixels from the left and 400 from the top. To find your location press the X button on your keyboard. This displays the x,y at the mouse cursor. You can change the location key to anything you want by opening the Icewind Dale Configuration Program in the start menu. Experience Note: To get the amount of experience gained in a quest to display (the default option will say only that you gained experience, not how much was gained), you need to download the 1.06 patch, and follow the instructions in the readme. Also the experiences that I get may not exactly correspond to those you may get. Traps Note: I don't make a specific mention in this walkthrough where each and every trap is. Although this would be very useful, I just don't have the time to research it. However, it is safe to assume that every dungeon is heavily trapped, and requires a thief with Detect Traps ACTIVE (thieves don't automatically detect traps, you must turn that skill on) to find the traps. Items Note: Throughout the walkthrough I list which items you can get at each and every treasure chest, sack, desk, etc. These items come complete with a brief description. These descriptions are just a brief summary of that items abilities. If you want the full description, check out my Item List. (also at GameFAQs) Patch Note: This walkthrough was written using the latest (V1.06) version of the game. There have been three patches released since IWD shipped, so make sure that you have the latest patch. http://www.interplay.com/icewind/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Easthaven (AR 1000) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only a few things to do in Easthaven before we set off on an adventure. Somewhere along the lines here, you need to drop by Pomab's Emporium (x 3400 y 550) and equip your party with adventuring equipment. You can also buy potions and scrolls in the Temple of Tempus (x 550 y 550). Then there are the following quests to do, after which go talk to Hrothgar. (more on him after the QUESTS) QUEST: Clear the Tavern's Storeroom. (Tavern AR 1006, Storeroom AR 1015) You start the game in the Tavern, and naturally after enduring Hrothgar's little speech, you get control of your characters. The first quest to be done is right here in the Tavern. Talk to the barkeeper, and try to get a drink. She'll tell you that her storeroom was overrun by big bugs, and asks for your help to clear it out. Go down the stairs (x 920 y 300) to find the bugs. These guys aren't so tough, take them out, go back upstairs, talk to her again, and get your reward (5gp, 1200 experience). QUEST: Give the fisherman some Wine. (Pomab's AR 1007, Fisherman's AR 1009) Buy a bottle of Wine from Pomab's (3gp) and take it to the first building you see south of you, on the lake (x 1980 y 1220). Inside you find a drunk fisherman who has no more liquor. Talk to him to get him to ask you for a bottle of Wine, then talk to him again to give it to him. For your trouble you get 1200 exp and 6 gp. Alternatively... It is possible to get the Fisherman in Easthaven to give up drinking. It requires that the character doing the talking have both 16 INT and 15 CHA. (from Souma) QUEST: Solve the Mystery of Jhonen's Aqua Elf Talk to Jhonen (x 1450 y 1030) to find out that he's been plagued by a woman singing a song. Offer to help him. Head to the very southwest corner of the map and talk to the Aqua Elf (x 140 y 2633). Agree to take the sword up to Jhonen. (If you talk to her with a Bard, you greet her with a song for some experience, and can memorize her song for an extra 1200 exp) Go back to Jhonen and tell him nice things about the Elf to get 1200 exp. Return to the Elf and tell her that you have succeeded, and she gives you further experience and a Pearl. Jhonen's sword becomes more important later when we return to Easthaven. QUEST: Clear the Wolf out of Apsel's House (Apsel's House AR 1010) Just south and west of Jhonen is Apsel (x 770 y 1818), a scrimshander. His house has been taken over by a wolf, and he wants your help to clear it out. Agree to help him, and enter his house (x 1120 y 1717), you will have to break the door down, or pick it. Kill the wolf, go back out and get your reward: 1200 exp, Apsel's Dagger, 25gp. QUEST: Kill the Goblins and Retrieve Damien's Fish At the bridge (x 2700 y 1830) in the south east part of town, Damien will talk to you and complain of goblins. Go south, then east. Goblins will shoot arrows at you from the bottom of the ravine there. Once you get around the ravine, kill the goblins, and search the leader for Damien's Fish. Return the fish to Damien for a reward, 1200 exp. MISC: Search the houses for treasure This isn't really important, since the treasures aren't that great. One house has a winter wolf pelt, but that's about it. MISC: Talk to Erevain (Inn AR 1008) Inside the Inn (x 3215 y 1320), in the first room on the left (x 557 y 230) you will find Erevain, an Elf. He's not really important, but you do bump into him later, though he won't be nearly so alive. If you don't mind the reputation loss (-4), then kill him and take his Broad Sword, a +2 weapon. Very useful this early in the game. (Although everyone in town will attack you if you do this) PLOT: Talk to Hrothgar about the Adventure (Hrothgar's House AR 1004) Once all the above foolishness is out of the way, go into Hrothgar's House (x 2020 y 350), and talk to him. Join up with his expedition, and he'll ask you to look into the missing caravan first. Head out of town via the southeast bridge, then head east. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 The Missing Caravan (Exterior AR 1200, Interior AR 1201) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow this path. You will be attacked by wolves. Further down the path you will find the caravan. But what's this? An orc leaving the scene of the crime going into a cave? Follow him into the cave. Note: We're coming up on the first RANDOM TREASURES in the game. Normally when you open a chest, you will get the same items every time you open that chest. If the first time through the game you find a Hammer of Unholy Smiting, the next time you will find that. However, some items are random. One time you will find the Hammer, the next it could be the Armor of Unholy Protection. If ever you're unsatisfied with the random item you got, simply reload to a previous save (one that isn't in the same area), and try again. I list the random treasure as RANDOM followed by a list of possible items. Most will only give you ONE item from that list, some however will give you two (or more). Immediately inside the cave you will be attacked by some Orcs. The whole cave is crawling with Orcs, Orc Shamans, and Orc Bowmen. Head up to the fork (x 2480 y 960), then go left. This chamber is particularly Orc-infested. Head south into the smaller chamber, and get the treasure at (x 2170 y 1560): Spell - Protection from Petrification (Mage) 2 Gems Go all the way north from here until you get the option to get left or right (x 1170 y 640). To the right are some more Orcs, and to the left are more Orcs and treasure (x 460 y 650): Silver Necklace 22 gp RANDOM ITEM - Fire Dagger (+2 Thac0, 15% chance of 1d4 fire dmg) (any 1 of these) Girdle of Beatification (Bless) Ring of Protection +1 Ring of Lesser Resistence (+2 to save vs. magic) Quiet Boots (+7% Stealth, Rangers and Thieves only) Go back to the fork, and take the Southwest path. Keep going southwest until you get to (x 630 y 1150), at which point go south through some more Orcs to find the BOSS (Ogre). Be sure to check the Ogre's corpse for the Caravan Contract. Get the treasure at the east end of the room here: Spell - Horror (Mage) 21 gp Winter Wolf Pelt Once that's done, leave the cave and go back to Easthaven. QUEST: The Caravan Contract (Fishmonger's House AR 1005) Take this to the Fishmonger (x 2480 y 430), which is the house one left of the Tavern, and one right of Hrothgar's. Give the Contract to the Fishmonger (you have to talk to him about Scrimshaw first) to get some experience (1200 exp). Next, go talk to Hrothgar who has 2400 more experience for you. He also wants you to run a list of supplies to Pomab. Do so. Nothing complicated about this one. You get 1200 experience for giving the list to Pomab. Return to Hrothgar and tell him that you are ready to go. You won't be returning to Easthaven for awhile, but there's a much better town just ahead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Kuldahar Pass (AR 2000) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the avalanche, a hermit approaches with information. There are goblins all over this area. Although not a threat to any warrior, goblins can be quite deadly to low level mages. There are a number of things to do here, none of which are required. To get to Kuldahar, simply head right, cross the bridge, and leave the area. (x 3825 y 1225) QUEST: Clear out the Mill (Mill AR 2004, 2005, 2006) At the far east of the map, just north of the bridge to Kuldahar is a Mill (x 3260 y 400) that has recently been overrun by goblins. Ignore the goblin outside of it, he's harmless. Go inside the mill. Inside you will be confronted by an Orc named Uligar. Kill him and his cronies. Be sure to search Uligar for some interesting items: Spell - Blur (Mage) Gold Axe RANDOM ITEM - Applebane Dagger +1 (+1 Thac0) (any 1 of these) Stoutward (Small Shield +1) Wand of Trap Detection The Merry Shorthorn (casts Bless once per day, Bards) Glimglam's Cloak (+1 AC, +1 Saving Throws) Go down the stairs. There is a hoard of goblins here to clear out. Then there are three treasures to get (x 300 y 150), (x 375 y 125) and (x 525 y 225): 5 throwing axes 15 gp 3 Gems Once that's done, open the door under the stairs (x 840 y 140) to free a boy, Jermsy. Talk to the lad and he'll be freed. Offer to take him to the village, and you get 2400 experience. Next climb the stairs at the bottom of the area (x 250 y 415), kill the monsters, and leave the Mill satisfied in the knowledge that you made a difference. QUEST: Deal with the Ogre in the Silo (Silo AR 2003) Situated in the dead center of this area is a giant grain silo (x 1730 y 750). Within the silo you will find an Ogre with a headache. There are three ways to deal with this ogre: 1. Talk to him, insult him, and he'll attack you. Kill him. 2. If you have a Druid, or Fighter/Druid they will discover a fix for his headaches. (The Druid MUST be the one who talks to him, though) 3. Talk to him once, then in Kuldahar talk to Arundel about the ogre. Return with the answer. Any of these ways works fine, however you get 1200 experience for the non- violent solutions, and only 270 for killing him. QUEST: Clear out the Goblin Base (Base AR 2001, Cave AR 2002) At the north end of this area (x 1500 y 90) is a passage to the goblin base. Once there, you will be attacked by a lot of goblins. Once they've been dealt with, head north into the cave (x 1166 y 280), and kill the beetles there. You can find some minor treasures in the cave, such as Magic Arrows. Once these quests are done, head east out of the area and into Kuldahar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Kuldahar (AR 2100) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Kuldahar! This will be your base of operations for most of the game, so get used to it. There are a number of shops here with which to get new items for your party: Orrick's Tower (Spells and things) -- (x 350 y 800) Gerth's Equipment Shoppe (standard items) -- (x 1000 y 1800) Conlan's Smithy (weapons and armor) -- (x 1500 y 400) Temple of Ilmater (healing, scrolls) -- (x 2900 y 700) Evening Shade Inn (rest) -- (x 1150 y 550) Root Cellar Tavern (drinks) -- (x 2030 y 860) Oswald's Skyship (potions) -- (x 3100 y 450) PLOT: Arundel the Archdruid (AR 2112, 2116) The first and most important place to go is, of course, Arundel's house. You can find Arundel's House just south of the first bridge (x 1400 y 2150). Go inside and talk to Arundel to find out what you should be doing. He tells you to go to the Vale of Shadows, there to search for an EVIL force. You can also mention the Ogre from the previous area, if you talk to him again. Getting to the Vale of Shadows is easy. Simply leave the Kuldahar area, and click on the Vale of Shadows. Interestingly, you can leave Kuldahar from any direction, including where you came in from. QUEST: Convince a Townsman that Ilmater is Good Somewhere around Arundel's house (I found the guy on the bridge to the east of his house) (x y ) you will find a townsperson in orange. Talk to this man with a Cleric (not just in your party, have your Cleric do the talking) about Kuldahar, and ask about the Temple. He will bring up Ilmater, talk to him about it, and convince him to worship Ilmater for 1200 exp. (thanks to Nereid for this) Matt Richardson sent me this: I found out that a Paladin can do the same. Also, a Druid can convince the man to worship Nature. I did both in my game, and got two 1200 experience point bonuses, plus the man game me a gem when I championed Nature-worship. I just thought you might want to know! QUEST: Open the Locked Door See that mysterious door that won't open? Well you can't open it. Ever. I only mention it to prevent people from asking about it. QUEST: Beat back the Yeti Invasion At the east end of the city (x 3150 y 1640), Mirek will come running up to you yelling of Yeti. Then right behind him come a gaggle of Yeti. Dispatch the Yeti and talk to Mirek again. Seems that a precious family heirloom of his (a necklace) was stolen by a Yeti Chieftan in the Vale of Shadows. When you return it to him, he gives you 2400 exp, and a magic sling. QUEST: Untangle Eidan's Legacy (Tavern AR 2111, Inn AR 2114, 2115) There's a bit of a controversy over how Aldwin the Halfling came to possess the local Inn. Go into the tavern (x 2030 y 860) and talk to Amelia the barmaid about Aldwin and the Inn. She'll tell you that she thinks Eidan, a previous owner of the Inn, never meant to leave it to him. Go to the Inn (x 1150 y 550) and talk to Aldwin about this. You won't get anywhere. Go upstairs and search the third room's chest (x 300 y 275) to find Eidan's Legacy Ring. Go back downstairs and accuse Aldwin of things. He'll spill the whole sordid story. Now you have two options of what to do, accept cheap rates at the inn for not telling anyone, or getting Aldwin to confess to the town elders. Confession gets you 3225 experience. MISC: Lysan Also in the tavern is the other barmaid, Lysan. You can talk to her, though she won't have anything interesting to say. For now, anyway... Once you're done in here, leave Kuldahar and head over to the Vale of Shadows! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Vale of Shadows (AR 3000) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Vale of Shadows is the first major "area" of the game, and consists of numerous small caves and crypts, and one big Tomb. Naturally we need to hit each of the small caves before tackling the big Tomb. The Tomb is covered in the next sub-section as "Kresselac's Tomb." The first crypt can be found by going directly right (x 1830 y 240). Crypt 1: (AR 3401) ------------------ Traps are located all around this crypt, have a thief searching for them at all times. Once entered you will be beset upon by numerous of the lesser undead, skeletons and zombies. The skeleton on the wall in front of you (x 775 y 670) has some treasure: Spell - Luck (Mage) 2 Potions Studded Leather Armor Deeper in to the Crypt is another skeleton on a wall (x y ) with more treasure: Spell - Stinking Cloud (Mage) Short Bow Arrows That's it for the first Crypt, on to the next. Go back left from the first crypt, then head south. At (x 750 y 1300) take the right path, and then go up to find the next crypt (x 1200 y 420). Crypt 2: (AR 3101) ------------------ Again as before be wary of traps. (This is pretty constant, you always have to beware of traps) And again you are attacked by undead, this time there are also Ghouls and Ghasts added into the mix. Search the altar statue at (x 350 y 480) to find some treasure: Gate Key (necessary item!) Spells - Identify (Mage) Remove Fear (Mage) Healing Potion Going right, then up will reveal more undead, and a coffin full of fun fun treasures (x 766 y 155): Spells - Grease (Mage) Strength (Mage) Gold 2 Potions RANDOM ITEM - Huge Long Bow (mightier than the L. Bow, harder to use) (any 1 of these) Flawless Two Handed Sword Halberd of Sparks +1 (15% chance 1d10 electric dmg) Finest Long Sword (+2 Thac0) From the entrance, going left then up leads to still more undead, and a shelf (x 267 y 327) with more treasures: Leather Armor +1 Spell - Cure Light Wounds (Priest) That's it for that Crypt, so leave. Head south, and west until you reach the very bottom left corner of the map. Then go right along the bottom path. There will be a path that splits to the north (x 2575 y 1600), go up it. The path then goes left to an open area with a statue. Continue north to find the third crypt (x 2600 y 450). Crypt 3: (AR 3201) ------------------ Again you are rushed by undead. Just a little to the northwest (x 180 y 580) is a container with treasure: Spells - Find Traps (Priest) Chant (Priest) Go into the east room, to find a shelf (x 780 y 460) with some treasure: 2 Potions Head north, and in the eastern chamber is another coffin (x 850 y 315) full of treasure: (careful, it's trapped) Gold Gold Ring Bastard Sword Spells - Infravision (Mage) Protection from Evil (Mage) Potion of Infravision Chainmail +1 Once that is done, leave this crypt, and go back down to the Statue area. From here, go west, until you see the path that leads down and to the right. Follow that path to a cave (x 2020 y 1360) with a Yeti Chieftan guarding it. Kill that Chieftan and take his treasure: Mirek's Family Heirloom (give to Mirek for some experience!) Yeti Pelt RANDOM ITEM - Short Sword +1 (any 1 of these) War Hammer +1 Short Bow +1 Long Sword +1 Morning Star +1 Enter the cave. Cave: (AR 3001) --------------- We don't need to be here right now, but it's useful. First there are several treasures to pick up, and second clearing out the Yeti now makes life easier later. Remember this cave, you'll have to come back soon. There are four crates of treasure here, all located at about (x 360 y 415): Mace +1 Chainmail 6 Potions Gold Necklace Gold 4 Gems Spells - Glyph of Warding (Priest) Prayer (Priest) Leave the cave, and get back to the southernmost path (from the statue, head right, then south). Go right and into the fourth crypt (x 3380 y 1450). Crypt 4: (AR 3301) ------------------ When you enter here, a skeleton by the name of Therik will accost you. Demand entrance to the crypt and he will attack. He has some interesting items on him: RANDOM ITEM - Flawless Two Handed Axe (+2 Thac0) (any 2 of these) High Quality Bastard Sword (+1 Thac0) High Quality Battle Axe (+1 Thac0) Battle Axe Long Sword High Quality Long Sword (+1 Thac0) Bastard Sword High Quality Bastard Sword (+1 Thac0) Finest Halberd (+2 Thac0, +10% slashing resist) Potion of Action Transference (perm. +1 CHA, -1 DEX) Ring of the Warrior (+1 Thac0) Phase Dagger (15% chance enemy is phased) Go east across the bridge, through the skeletal mob, and north to the wall. On the wall are numerous cubbies where skeletons have been stuffed. One of these has treasure (x 1540 y 300): Helmet Long Sword Gold Continue east until you reach the stairs, and then go south down the stairs. Go west into the room with the circle of coffins. One of the coffins (x 1900 y 790) is open and has treasure: Spell - Color Spray (Mage) Dagger +1 Gold Potion of Strength Just north of the circle is a skeleton sticking out of the wall with treasure (x 1640 y 585): Gold Spell - Invisibility (Mage) Go south into the next room and search the coffin there as well (x 1800 y 1250): (careful, it's trapped!) Sanctum Key (necessary item!) Gold Broken Armor (no purpose, just sell it) Spell - Chill Touch (Mage) Potion of Insulation That done, leave the crypt, and head north through a shadow ambush to the big crypt, Kresselac's Tomb (x 3250 y 435). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.1 Kresselac's Tomb (AR 3501, 3502, 3503) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You NEED these items: Gate Key Sanctum Key If you do not have these items, you skipped them in the previous crypts (see the above section) and need to go back and get them. Level 1: -------- From where you start, go up the right passage, and open the door. This leads to a large room with a big glowing green pool. Clear out all the skeletons here. There are 4 side passages here, and one major passage to the north. The first passage to the left of where you came in (x 840 y 1360) has nothing down it but monsters and a small box by the coffin with minor treasures. Open the door just north of the first passage (x 900 y 1130), and enter this passage. Clear out the wights and zombies to access the open coffin at (x 440 y 1025). Careful this one is trapped. Open it to get the treasure: Priest's Key (Necessary Item!) 3 Potions Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (+1 Thac0) Now go to the passage just to the right from where you came in (x 1400 y 1515) enter the room, clear out the undead, and get the treasure (x 1600 y 1990): 4 Potions Long Sword +1 Now we have only one side passage left, the only locked door here (except the main doors), which we now have the Priest's Key to open. (x 1600 y 1385) Immediately inside is a treasure (x 1800 y 1375): Ring Potion of Strength Gold Spell - Armor (Mage) Short Bow +1 Continue to the right, clear out the Ghouls, to get to the coffin full of treasure (x 2020 y 1530): Myrkul's Holy Symbul (necessary item!) War Hammer Splint Mail Potion of Genius Spells - Larloch's Minor Drain (Mage) Burning Hands (Mage) That done, we now have the ability to open up those big double doors at the top of the main room. Once opened, an irritating Skeletal Mage named Mytos talks to you. If you ask Mytos to search the tomb, and try to convince him of this non-violent solution you still get attacked, but you get some extra experience (about 3225). Mytos' items: Warhammer +1 Random Gem From where we now stand, the passage continues to the north, and there are also two side passages, one to the left, and one to the right. Go up the main passage to the north. There's a really big shadow here (x 1850 y 285) called Myrkul's Sending. Beat him and get some treasure: Ring of Shadows (+15% stealth skill, rangers and thieves only) RANDOM ITEM - Massive Warhammer (1d4+3, -2 Thac0, req. 18 STR) (any 1 of these) Dazer (Club +1, 5% chance to stun) Static Dagger +1 (50% chance of 1d3 electrical dmg) Crooked Flail (+1, 50% chance of 1d4 piercing dmg) Reinforced Large Shield +1 (+10% resist to slashing) Mage Dagger +1 (+1 1st level spell) Go back down, and take the left passage (x 1500 y 620), follow it up, then down to the coffin (x 833 y 685). When you open the coffin, a trap is set off that releases bunches of new skeletons, but you still get treasure: Gold Spell - Haste (Mage) Scroll of Protection from Fire Short Bow +1 Go back, and go right through the last passage (x 1770 y 710). Soon you'll go south to (x 1910 y 1120) where you will find a secret door. Open the secret door to reveal a Mummy. Beat the Mummy, and get the treasure contained in his sarcaphogus: Mausoleum Key (Necessary Item!) Potion of Genius Spells - Knock (Mage) Resist Fear (Mage) Mage Robe of Cold Resistance RANDOM ITEM - Finest Light Crossbow (+4 Thac0) (any 1 of these) Giant Halberd (2d8 dmg, -1 Thac0, -2 AC, min 18 STR) Finest Heavy Crossbow (+2 dmg, +4 Thac0 Diseased Halberd +1 (10% chance target is diseased) There is also a small box of treasures just in front of the coffin: Gold Ring Gold Necklace Gold Spells - Aid (Priest) Blindness (Mage) Head right, up, right, and down to get to the doors at (x 2200 y 1330), open them to get to the next level. Level 2: -------- There's only one thing to do at the moment, and that is to open the only door in front of you. You are now in a long hallway leading west. Somewhere along the way, you will trigger a trap. You can't disarm this trap, so don't bother. However, if you hug the wall to the north, you can avoid the trap altogether. (It creates several skeletons to fight you, so it isn't that bad) Anyway, past this hallway is a large chamber filled to bursting with enemies. Skeletons, Skeletal Mages, Imbued Wights, etc. Search the Skeletal Mage for some treasure: Bracers AC 8 Random Gem There is further treasure in the open coffin located right there (x 660 y 840): Wand of Sleep 4 Potions Spells - Cure Moderate Wounds (Priest) Agannazar's Scorcher (Mage) RANDOM ITEM - Massive Warhammer (1d4+3, -2 Thac0, req. 18 STR) (any 1 of these) Dazer (Club +1, 5% chance to stun) Static Dagger +1 (50% chance of 1d3 electrical dmg) Crooked Flail (+1, 50% chance of 1d4 piercing dmg) Reinforced Large Shield +1 (+10% resist to slashing) Mage Dagger +1 (+1 1st level spell) There are four side passages here, two to the north, and another two to the south. We'll start with the northern passage (x 990 y 445), go up the passage to get some treasure: Gold Potion of Regeneration Wand of Armory Spell - Silence 15' Radius (Priest) Morning Star +1 Next we'll hit the passage located just to the right of this one (x 1300 y 700), open the door and go in. There are four containers on the north wall with some very minor treasures in them (mostly just gold). Open the door at (x 1920 y 520) and go through. Head left to get: Plain Key (needed) Spell - Slow Poison (Priest) The southwest passage has only a few monsters in it. So, go in the southeast passage (x 860 y 1333), open the door and go in. There are a number of treasures found in the walls here, but the real attraction is the door in the south (x 1000 y 1820), open it and go through. Go left to find the skeleton at (x 575 y 1725) and get its treasures: Spell - Hold Person (Priest) Black Wolf Charm (Needed for the Lever, +10 Max HP, +1 AC) Go back to the main chamber, and search the rightmost column for a lever (x 925 y 890), use the lever to open the left gear door. Go through the door to get to level 3. Level 3: -------- You are in a very large chamber filled to bursting with undead. Plus there are several new types of undead such as Spectral Knights for you to deal with. From here there is the main passage that continues to the left, and two side passages, one to the north and another to the south. Go up the north passage (x 2300 y 640) first. There's a Mummy up here with some shadows backing it up. There are three treasures to pick up here, one to the left (x 2112 y 400), one in the middle (x 2485 y 350), and one to the right (x 2725 y 530): Spells - Silence 15' (Priest) Cure Moderate Wounds (Priest) Ghoul Touch (Mage) Shocking Grasp (Mage) Gold Gems 5 Potions Helmet Ancient Armor (can sell) Leave this chamber, and go into the southern side passage (x 1600 y 1650). There are Imbued Wights (they cast Magic Missile) and Chosen Zombies here. And again there are three treasures, one to the left (x 1250 y 1667), one in the middle (x 1450 y 1860), and one to the right (x 1760 y 1915): Gold Composite Long Bow Spells - Chant (Priest) Shield (Mage) Cure Light Wounds (Priest) Magic Missile (Mage) Color Spray (Mage) Gems 3 Potion Leave this chamber, go back into the main room, and continue down the left passage. There are lots of enemies here, Spectral Knights, Skeletal Mages, etc. So, you might want to draw some enemies off, kill them, and work your way through them like that. Work your way left to the door, open it, and go through. Here you will find the Skeletal Knight, Kresselack. This is his tomb. Talk to him (you couldn't kill him if you tried), and agree to get rid of the Priestess of Auril for him. You MUST agree to this! Leave the Tomb completely, and get back to the Vale of Shadows. Remember the Cave that we cleared the Yeti out of? Well it's the cave under the giant statue in the middle of the area. Go into it to find Lysan (the barmaid), who is also the Priestess of Auril. Talk to her, and tell her that you are there to kill her. She'll summon more Yeti. Kill her and her Yeti friends: Morning Star +1 After she is dealt with, a Shadow will tell you that he is free. This isn't Kresselack, so return to Kresselack and give him the good news. You will get 13,000 experience for the deed, and he'll tell you that he ISN'T the evil that plagues Kuldahar. How useful. Search his nearby coffin (x 350 y 500) for some treasure: Healing Potion Gold Plate Mail Helmet Kresselack's Sword (Two Handed, +1 Thac0, +10% cold resist) RANDOM ITEM - Fine Long Sword +1 (+2 Thac0) (any 1 of these) Phasing Bastard Sword +1 (15% chance target is phased) Giant Two Handed Sword (+4 dmg, -1 AC & Thac0) Turodahel (Long Sword +2, +1 INT) Cradle of Mielikki (Scimitar +1) Flaming Short Sword +1 (50% chance of 1d3 fire dmg) Return to Kuldahar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.2 Post Vale Kuldahar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once back in Kuldahar, you will want to get rid of the keys that you gathered in the Vale: Sanctum Key Gate Key Plain Key Priest's Key Myrkul's Holy Symbol Mausoleum Key Most of these can be sold to Gerth's item shop, however Myrkul's Holy Symbol will have to be dropped off somewhere. If you haven't already given Mirek his family heirloom, do that now for 2400 exp and a magic sling. Mirek can usually be found near the Potter's. PLOT: Talk to Arundel Inform Arundel of everything that has transpired for 10,350 experience. He tells you of a Heartstone Gem, which could be used to root out the source of the Evil, and that this can be found in the Temple of the Forgotten God. Agree to go there. QUEST: Get Lysan's Items from the Tavern Since Lysan was an evil priestess of Auril, one wonders what she was doing working as a barmaid in the tavern. Go to the tavern and talk to the barkeep there. Tell him that you had to kill Lysan, and that she was evil. He has her items, so ask for those nicely: Protection from Fire Spells - Cure Critical Wounds (Priest) Cure Serious Wounds (Priest) Mantle of the Coming Storm (+1 AC, +30% cold & fire resist, +1 save para) Once you're done here, leave and go to the Temple of the Forgotten God. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Temple of the Forgotten God (AR 3600, 3601, 3602, 3603) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you're at the temple, go north to find a fleeing Verbeeg (the least of all giants). It would seem as though the temple has been invaded by someone before you got a chance to. At any rate, go inside the temple. Level 1: -------- Once inside, you will quickly find an Acolyte who assumes that you were part of the invading host that already sacked the temple. Nothing you say can change his mind, and he will attack you. Up ahead is a big sitting statue, and two passages, one to the left and one to the right. Take the passage to the LEFT. (x 1030 y 1130) This passage leads south to a series of rooms on the left. There is a treasure chest at (x 480 y 1700): Potion of Stone Form RANDOM ITEM - Long Bow +1 Protector (+2 Thac0, +1 AC) (any 1 of these) Light Crossbow +1 (+3 Thac0, +1 dmg) Long Bow +2 Defender (+3 Thac0, +2 dmg, +2 AC) Short Bow +1 Medium Shield +1 Protection From Fire Scroll Spells - Ghost Armor (Mage) Hold Person (Mage) Flame Arrow (Mage) Web (Mage) The next room also has treasure (x 515 y 1410): RANDOM ITEM - Greater Ring of the Warrior (+1 Thac0, +1 AC) (any 1 of these) Boots of Many Paths (cast Blur once a day) Ring of Missile Deflection (+10% missile resist) Black Knight (Summons a Black Knight) Amulet of Protection +1 (+1 AC, +1 saving throws) Boots of Moander (immune to Entangle) Studded Necklace w/ Zios Gems (non-magical!) Badge of the Brave (can cast Emotion: Courage once/day) The last side room before the main room has some bookshelves with some potions on them. Go up into the library room here (x 510 y 970) and there are a couple of Acolytes here with a Verbeeg. Oh, and there are a lot of dead Verbeeg already. Interesting. There are 7 different bookshelves arrayed around the room here with: Spells - Skull Trap (Mage) Lots of History Books Go back to the sitting statue, and this time take the other passage (x 1580 y 1000). This passage goes south into a small room. Search the barrels in the corner (x 2390 y 1425) to find some treasure: Potion of Healing (cursed) Head north up the right passage to get to an Acolyte guarding some stairs. Down the stairs is the passage to the next level (x 825 y 450). Level 2: -------- From where we are, you have to go north and east into some nicer looking tunnels. Along this Grand Hallway are rooms on each side, one on the north and one on the south all down it. Each of these four rooms has a treasure chest in it (that could be trapped), the total treasures of all these chests are: Gold 2 Potions RANDOM ITEM - Spiked Long Sword +1 (25% chance of 2d6 piercing dmg) (any 1 of these) Short Sword of Lesser Phasing (10% phased, +1d2 cold dmg) Studded Leather +1 Shadowed (+15% Stealth, +5% magic res) Studded Leather +1 Reinforced Leather +1 (+35% crushing resist) RANDOM ITEM - Two Handed Sword of Resistence +1 (+5% magic resist) (any 1 of these) Two Handed Sword +1 Hammering (20% chance of stun) Charged Battle Axe +2 (50% chance 1d3 electric, 15% stun) Bastard Sword +1 Two Handed Fire Axe +1 (50% chance 1d3 fire dmg) Flaming Bastard Sword +1 (25% chance of 2d3 fire dmg) The Snow Maiden's Reaver (Bastard +2, 2% turned to ice) Once you get past those 4 rooms, you come to the well guarded end of the hall (x 2875 y 750). There are several Acolytes and Verbeeg here. Just past that you can find a body of an Acolyte, that was killed in a very bizarre manner. And past that you find a great big door (x 3400 y 600). Open it, and go through to the last level here. Level 3: -------- Walk forward until you get the Journal Updated message. Read it if you are curious about what happened here. The green body in the middle there has a Vial of Mysterious Liquid, be sure to take it. Once all that is done, go back to Arundel in Kuldahar. Kuldahar: --------- Talk to Arundel again, and tell him all that has gone on for 19,500 exp. He then tells you the next place that you need to go, the Dragon's Eye. Once you are ready to go, head on out to Dragon's Eye. The most Dragony Eyed place you'll ever find. Note: Before leaving Kuldahar, you may want to visit Orrick to see if you need any of his items. Why? As soon as you get to Dragon's Eye, Chapter Two starts, and Orrick's inventory changes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Dragon's Eye (AR 4000, 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kill the Ice Trolls (not indicative of how you kill real trolls), and go inside the Eye of the Dragon. Level 1: (Lizard's Level) -------- At the far left of the area, you are immediately attacked by two varieties of Lizardmen. This whole area is crawling with Lizardmen, and I won't mention further when you are going to be attacked, just assume that every new area has new monsters. Notice how some lizardmen have little bottles of firey oil? This could be useful when you bump into Trolls later. Drop to the south. Be careful not to get too close to the Bombadier Beetles as they shoot out an acid cloud (usually only one). Go over to the bridge at (x 1385 y 2000), cross the bridge to the right and clear out the spiders. To the south you will find the body of Erevain (the elf from earlier) at (x 1880 y 2300). Search him to find: Erevain's Broad Sword (+2, +2 save vs. wands, +10% acid resist) Gold Long Bow Arrows Erevain's Journal Chainmail Medium Shield Go back left and up to get back to the entrance. Go north into the little room with the two treasure chests (x 530 y 860) to get some treasure: Gold Dagger Gems 15 Antidotes Oil of Speed Spell - Protection from Normal Missiles (Mage) RANDOM ITEM - Arrows +1 (any 2 of these) Arrows Bullets +1 Bolts Hammer Darts Leave this little room, and go east (and slightly south) to the bridge at (x 1730 y 1110). Continue further south and east until there is a passage that splits off to the north (x 2375 y 1475). What we want to do here is go up this passage to defeat the hordes there. Definately save it before going up there in case your party isn't ready for it yet. Once up there you will be confronted by the King of the Lizardmen and his army. I'd take the Shaman out first as they tend to cast Hold Person on your party. Search the corpses for: Gold 2 Potions Protection from Acid Spinesheath (Dagger +1, +5 Thac0) Search the giant snake statue (x 3050 y 500) for some more treasures: 8 Gems Spells - Detect Evil (Mage) Fireball (Mage) Monster Summoning I (Mage) 2 Potions RANDOM ITEM - Boots of the Fox (walking speed +40%, +1 AC) (any 1 of these) Potion of Magical Resistance (Perm. +5% magic resist) Potion of Constitution (Perm. +1 CON) Ring of Resistance (+10% Missile & Fire resist) Ring of Intelligence (+1 INT, -1 CON) Shield Ring (constant Shield Spell on user) Go back south, and continue down the passage past the bridge (the only thing over there are some captive villagers, but with the King dead, they're freed) down through more lizardmen and captives to (x 3155 y 2466) near the very bottom. Go through the right to find the entrance to the next level. As you enter a child will come up to you and give you 30,000 experience for clearing out the monsters. Note: If you rest in between killing the Lizard King and getting to the captured villagers, they will all leave, and you won't get your experience for freeing them. And sometimes the villagers just die. Go to the next level (x 3450 y 2300). Level 2: (Lizard's Level Part 2) -------- As soon as you appear here you are attacked by more lizardmen. Checking out the map you are in the top, near right part of the map. The way to the next level is right then down, but first we want to go left to get some treasures, and kill some monsters. TROLL Note: There are trolls here. Anyone unfamiliar with trolls need only know this. To kill a troll first you must fight it as normal, until it falls down. It isn't dead yet. Now you hit it with a FIRE or ACID spell/arrow/weapon/potion so that it dies. The mage spells Melf's Acid Arrow works best, and later so does Fire Arrow. Also Burning Hands works well, though you need to keep your party out of the way. If a Troll is stunned/Held/Phased before getting knocked down, it will usually die without the need for acid/fire. Go left to (x 1190 y 810). Just to the south is a bridge, however, we want to go left up the steps to kill some spiders and some trolls. Go back to the bridge, but don't cross it yet. Go right, through the Lizardmen Shaman to their fire (x 1920 y 1234). Now there is a lower passage that leads left. Go down that all the way to find several frightened children. One of them (x 950 y 1330) is Sheemish the son of Conlan the blacksmith. Talk to him, and if you have cleared out the previous level, and most of this level you can get him freed. Sheemish Note: If you ever need a MAGICAL WEAPON (say, for a large snake goddess), go back to Kuldahar and talk to Sheemish in the blacksmith's shop. He'll give you a key to a chest that holds a Mighty Hammer. Go back to the bridge, and this time cross it. This passage leads left to some rubble (x 320 y 1370) and a passage that leads south. There are a lot of trolls and evil priests down this way, so some strategy is in order. One good strategy to try is to send out one person until only one monster sees you, then slowly draw that monster back to your party and slaughter it. Once you can't do that anymore, rush in and clear out the rest. Once this is cleared out, talk to the Priest of Ilmater at (x 1225 y 1950). She'll give you some experience (I got 36,000) and will also provide healing and a safe place to rest. Further to the right are more captive villagers, however these ones don't seem to realize that they are freed, and I have no idea what to do with them. Retrace your steps and get back to the entrance. This time we are going right to get to the next level. Take the northern right path (x 3000 y 350) all the way to the right, and then all the way to the south. There are a LOT of beetles to be processed, but it eventually leads to a dead body (x 3540 y 1285) with treasure: Gold Battle Axe +2 Defender (+2 AC, +10% missile resist) Long Sword +2 Confusion (25% chance target is confused) Go back to the crossroads, and this time take the southern path. There are more Bombadier Beetles and Trolls here (the beetle's acid cloud can in fact kill the trolls). Continue south to the big steps at (x 2650 y 1450), go down the steps, and take a right. Clear out the trolls and sword spiders here. There are three passages to take here, two to the right, and one to the lower left. The top right and lower left passages are connected, and only have some trolls on them. Take the bottom right passage around to the entrance to the next level (x 2950 y 2100). Level 3: (Presio's Level) -------- You will immediately be confronted by a large skeleton called an "Undead Lieutenant." Then he and his cold wights will attack. Blast Skeleton Note: There are large skeletons running around called Blast Skeletons. These have NO experience value when killed, and when dusted explode in a wave of cold that damages your party. Your best bet with them is to shoot an arrow at them from a distance (they don't have many HP either) and let them explode well away from you. Another idea to deal with them is to cast Hold Person on them, then whack them until they die giving you 500 exp. After that there are more monsters to take care of. This whole area has traps all over it, but mostly on the planks on the ground. Also I find the Cold Wights to be the easiest 2000 exp enemy in the game, making them ideal for levelling up. Just find a good spot, and rest over and over. Let the Cold Wights attack you for lots of good experience. The entire left side of this area has many instances of that Undead Lieutenant confronting you with a horde of wights. I'm not going to bother mentioning all of them. The object is to go down and right until you get to the bridge (x 2100 y 2150) cross that bridge to the right. Just to the right (x 3000 y 2420) is a room filled to bursting with monsters, mages, etc. This is the den of Presio the mage. Do the old draw-them-out trick to avoid having to fight them all at once to clear this out. Presio has some treasure: Gold Necromancer's Robe (AC 8, 3% magic resist, +3 save vs. death) Presio's Dagger (+2 Thac0, poisons target) Hammer Flail +2 (+3 Dmg, 15% chance target is stunned) In the north section of this room (x 3330 y 1935) there are three containers full of treasure: (careful, they're heavily trapped) Skulls 3 Potions Gold 3 Gems Silver Ring Presio's War Journal Spells - Haste (Mage) Skull Trap (Mage) Vampiric Touch (Mage) Confusion (Mage) Bottle of Wine RANDOM ITEM - Long Bow +2 Protector (+3 Thac0, +15% mis., +5% mag. res) (any 1 of these) Giant Killer Sling (+1, +4 vs. Giants) Tranquil Bolts (cast silence on target) Heavy Crossbow of Speed +4 (2 attacks per round) Heavy Crossbow of Defense +4 (+1 AC, 10% missile resist) Translocation Arrows Leave this room and head north. Careful, this area is heavily trapped. We want to get to the door at (x 3420 y 375) which leads to the next level. Level 4: (The Creepy Monks Level) -------- This is the level that I like to call the "creepy monk" level. You'll see what I mean. Wander over and you'll find Albion a "monk" who expresses some concern to see you. Paladin Note: If you have a Paladin in your party, he'll see right through these "monks" and the battle will begin immediately. There is only one thing to really do before starting the battle up. One is to talk to the librarian (past Albion through the small doors) about Magical Texts and buy some spells from him. If you need healing or to rest you can go visit with Sharra (x 1720 y 1325). However, if you go too many other places you'll provoke an immediate attack. This is what we want, but you have to be ready for it. Find a good defensible (one entrance) location, and cast defensive spells. Then send out one person to start the fight, and wait for them to come to you. What I would do is to go into the Library, force open the back door, and go from there. Albion Note: There are other ways to start this battle. If you wander around the area, you will find a Big Red Carpet, that when you walk on generates some text. Or if you go around to the other side of the libraries forbidden room (such that you are on the other side of the wall) you can actually check the bookcase inside (How to Serve Man, an ode to a Twilight Zone episode I believe). Either way, talk to Albion about these to get around 20,000 to 30,000 experience. And then he attacks you. (partially from Souma) Second Method: You need a character with high Intelligence and Charisma (used a maxed Int, Cha, Wis character again, so not sure how much) to do this one. After you talk to Albion you should be able to talk to Geelo (the Librarian) and tell him that Albion wants to talk to him (I'm not sure the exact conversation paths, but the option comes up if you have the right stats). When Geelo leaves the room, you should close the front door (just in case) and then unlock the door to the back room. You can then check out the "descriptive text" on one of the bookshelves. Go back out and talk to Albion and you should have a new conversation option as per the first method. Follow it through and you get xp for revealing the evil monks and the fight starts. (from Souma) You WILL need to search Albion for a Key. The librarian has some: Bracers AC 6 2 Invisibilty Potions Inside the forbidden library room (x 650 y 1050) are some items: Spells - Flame Arrow (Mage) Monster Summoning I (Mage) Book - Secret Societies 2 Potions At any time if you go free the Adventurers at (x 1620 y 550) they will run around killing all the monsters they can find. This is great if you are having a tough time with this, but not so good if you want the experience for yourself. Once all the monsters are dead they will guard you while you sleep. Marchon of Waterdeep Note: The four adventurers here have some interesting treasures, such as a Flaming Long Sword +2. You can't pickpocket to get these items, but you can kill them for no apparent loss of reputation. Go into the main cathedral (x 2280 y 750) to catch some snake people about to dine on human flesh. We can't stand for THAT, so kill them. Search the Snake Goddess Statue (x 2425 y 460) for some more treasure: Gold 4 Potions There is further treasure in the right side room here (x 2633 y 800): 2 Potions RANDOM MISSILE - Fire Arrows (any 1 of these) Hammer Arrows (+1d6 crushing) Bolt +1 Berserker Darts (10% chance of going berserk) Arrows +1 Bullet +2 RANDOM ITEM - Life Dagger +2 (15% chance heals user 1d6 HP, +5 max HP) (any 2 of these) Studded Leather +2 Shadowed (+20% stealth +15% slash res) Ol' Withery Dagger +2 (2% chance Finger of Death) Fire Dagger +2 (50% chance of 1d4 fire dmg) Mage Dagger +2 (+1 AC, +1 1st & 2nd level spells) Fast Flail +2 (+3 dmg, +1 attack per round) Corrosive Hammer +2 (+3 dmg, 30% chance of 1d4 acid dmg) Morningstar +2 Hammer (20% chance target is stunned) Mace of Weal & Woe (+3 dmg vs. lawful, 13% chance Curse) Selune's Promise Mace (+4 dmg vs. spectral undead) Peacekeeper Club +3 Go now into the right staging area. There are more snakey people here, as well as another Snake Goddess Statue. Search the cushions on the left side of the room (x 2850 y 1030): 2 Potions And the Statue (x 3333 y 840): Gold 2 Potions Blur Deck (casts Blur) To the south you will find the High Summoner with his Priests (x 3000 y 1775). Kill them, but they have no treasure. Continue south to (x 2500 y 2500), take a right to (x 3400 y 2450) to get to the final level. Level 5: (The Snake Goddess) -------- Yuan-ti Elite Note: Most Yuan-ti Elites on this level (they're the bigger browner snake people) carry Arrows +1. As soon as you appear on this level, an Odd Little Girl will spout out some rhetoric at you. Ignore what she says, and continue north. Again she'll bother you, but this time with troops. Kill them, and continue north again until you reach the first Door (x 650 y 1375). This leads to a little staircase. Careful, tis trapped. There is another door here, open it and go through. This is an oval shaped room with some more Yuan-ti in it. Go through the left door (x 350 y 750). Clear out the Yuan-ti here. This chamber has 3 treasure chests and a bookcase: (2 of the treasure chests are trapped) Gold Pearl Necklace 4 Potions 7 Gems Spells - Non Detection (Mage) RANDOM ITEM - Intercession (Long Sword +1, +2 AC) (any 1 of these) Spell Diver (Short Sword +2, 50% hits nullify magic) Bastard Sword of Action +1 (1 extra attack) Sloth (Short Sword +2, 10% target is slowed) Bastard Sword +2 Life Giver (5% to heal user 1-10 hp) The Sword of Days (Short Sword +3, 25% target is slowed) Flaming Long Sword +2 (1d3 fire dmg, 10% resist fire) Leave this room, the previous room also, and get back to the main chamber. There is a door to the southeast (x 1000 y 1700) that leads further along the snakey passage. There will be about 3 Yuan-ti Elites here, kill them. There are two doors, one to the right that leads further along the passage, and the souther door which we will take right now (x 1080 y 2170). In here are a LOT of Yuan-ti and Yuan-ti Elites. I beat this room by drawing out a couple Yuan-Ti, then hasting my party, and charging in. I targeted the Elites first as they did the most damage to my party, and worked my way around the room. One of the Elites (he was called the High Archer, but he doesn't look any different) has some good treasure on him: Messenger of Sseth (Fast Long Bow +1, Min 12 STR) Arrows +2 Search the cushions here (x 750 y 2300), (x 900 y 2450) and (x 1000 y 2625) for more treasure: Gold Arrows +1 Arrows +2 8 Potions Go back into the main passage, and open the next door (x 1420 y 2055). There is another set of Elites here, and another two doors, one leading further along the corridor, and the door we'll be taking into some new rooms (x 1950 y 2200). Not much here but enemies (to be killed) and some bookshelves (to be looted). The bookshelves are over to the right in the torture chamber: Spells - Ghost Armor (Mage) Dimension Door (Mage) Potion of Genius Return to the main passage, and prepare to go through the next set of doors (x 2040 y 1800). Unlike the previous few doors, there are no monsters on the other side of this one, just the two doors. We'll be going through the door to the left (x 1830 y 1500) first. Up this passage there are 6 Yuan-ti Priests and 3 Elites. Kill them. :) Then search the throne at the north wall here (x 1200 y 875) for some treasure: Studded Leather +2 Pearl Necklace Go back to the main passage, and prepare to go through the next set of doors to the north (x 2000 y 1300). There is only one Elite here. Again there is a side door and a main door, we'll be going through the east door (x 2230 y 1175) first. To the right of the second bookcase there is an invisible switch (x 3415 y 2000) that opens a secret door just south of the first bookshelf leading to another torture chamber. In here is the High Torturer and some Yuan-ti Champions. The High Torturer has as Cursed Ring, so don't take it. In there is a desk (x 3100 y 2475) with some treasure: 2 Potions Spells - Icelance (Mage) Mirror Image (Mage) Throwing Axe +2 Gold 1 Gem Once that's done, go through the main doors (x 2100 y 860). There are about 7 Elites in here, as well as some Priests and a lot of traps. Best bet is to draw half of them away, kill them, then hit the other half. Once that is over with, go through the NORTH DOOR (x 2250 y 615). Yes, it's another torture chamber. Go left, and clear out the Elites. There is a door to the left (x 1400 y 440). There are 2 treasure chests here, as well as a Nightstand with treasure: Gold 6 Potion Baleful Mail (AC 3, Immune to all forms of Charms) RANDOM ITEM - The Bitch Queen's Envoy Shld (+3 AC, not usable lawful) (any 1 of these) The Red Knight's Shield (+4 AC) Reinforced Large Shield +2 (+3 AC, +15% res fire/crush) Back to the main corridor. Now we only have one last set of doors before the BOSS (x 2800 y 720). Before opening this door, I'd cast every single spell you have that can benefit you here. Haste, for example. Open the door, go through, and walk forward until the Odd Little Girl appears and talks to you. She'll turn into Yxunomei the giant Snakey Queen. Yxunomei Note: She can only be hit by certain magical weapons and spells. +2 arrows can hit her, as can Conlan's Hammer (see the Sheemish note above), etc. Also, if you left this level after she's been summoned, she will reset to her default location, which is actually in the top left corner of the map. This doesn't happen if you have the latest patch installed. Kill Yxunomei for 46,000 experience, then search her corpse for the Heartstone Gem, which nets you another 13,000 exp. There are 7 treasure chests in here, half of which are trapped. Naturally they are filled with treasures: Gold 10 Gems 4 Potions Skulls Dead Man's Face Helmet (+1 AC, Immune to Horror & Cloak/Fear, -2 CHA) Translocation Arrows RANDOM ITEM - Hammer Arrows +2 (any 2 of these) Arrows +2 Fire Darts +2 Blinding Darts +2 Bolt +1 Bolt +2 Fire Arrows Ice Arrows Piercing Arrows +1 Confusion Arrows +3 Once that is done, and you have the Heartstone Gem, leave Dragon's Eye and head back to Kuldahar. Kuldahar Revisited: ------------------- When you get back to Kuldahar, you will find it has been overrun by weird monsters called Orogs. The Orogs are near the entrance to town, the Blacksmith, by Arundel's, and the Inn. Once they're cleared out, go visit Arundel. However, it turns out that this isn't Arundel, but rather is someone EVIL. They vanish. Go upstairs to find the real Arundel. He tells you where to go, then dies. He leaves a magic staff behind, only usable by Druids. We now need to go to the Severed Hand, which can be found by leaving Kuldahar and scrolling the map down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Severed Hand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consisting of the Areas: AR 5000, 5001, 5002, 5003, 5004, 5101, 5102, 5103, 5104, 5201, 5202, 5203, 5204, 5301, 5302, 5303, 5304, 5401, 5402, 5403, 5404 and 5502 The Severed Hand Tower (aka Shattered Hand, or Seldarine Tower) is a complicated dungeon. It starts out as one large tower, but later splits off into 5 mini-towers (each of these has a name in-game, but offhand I don't remember them). Machinery Piece Note: Throughout the Hand are 4 Pieces of Machinery that you will need to restore a machine in the Astrolabe at the top of one of the five towerlets. This is necessary to complete the Hand and unlock the secrets of the Heartstone Gem. Elven Chainmail Note: There are two chance to get Elven Chainmail in this tower. Elven Chain works like normal chainmail, except Figther/Mage's and Bards can cast spells in them. Plus they allow Thieves to use their thieving skills. Since these are placed randomly, you can either get one, none, or even both. Larrel Note: Do NOT attack Larrel when you find him! He is not your enemy! And if you manage to kill him, then your game is pretty much over (barring a previously saved game). Exterior: (AR 5000) --------- As you approach the Tower, Larrel (the Elven "Lich") comes out, blasts a squirrel (he thought that it was a dwarf), and goes back inside. This is an indication of the type of events that will enfold inside. Go into the tower (x 300 y 250). Level 1: (AR 5001) -------- You will immediately be attacked by Shadowed Orcs, a much tougher breed of Orc. They die just the same, though, giving between 700 and 800 exp (no items, however). Head north and you'll run into some Shadowed Goblins. Keep in mind that most of these Shadowed Orcs and Goblins will have an archer or two in the back, these should be dealt with first. Continue north and you'll pass from the inner circle to the outer circle (x 1450 y 700). To your immediate left are more Shadowed Orcs. This group also includes a Shaman worth 1100 exp. At (x 815 y 650) is a knocked over table with some treasure: Spells - Emotion: Hopelessness (Mage) To your right is the first staircase (x 1125 y 520). We don't want to go up it quite yet, so go south. There is a group of goblin archers here. In the middle of the columns here (x 625 y 940) is pot with some more treasure: Gold Potion of Healing Continue southwards into the next room. When you get into the middle of this room, enemies will appear all around you. Orcs mostly. Another group will attack from the room you came from, and another from the next room. Keep your group together and this won't be tough. There are also some Shadowed Ogres, but they aren't too difficult. Just southwest of the center at (x 450 y 1550) is a hole with some treasure inside: RANDOM ITEM - Two Handed Sword +2: Hammering (20% chance of stun) (any 1 of these) Battle Axe +2: Echoes of Dorn's Deep Two Handed Sword +2: Defender (+1 AC, 10% Slash Resist) Go south into the next room. There are more shadowed Goblins here. In the northeast of this room is a mess of chairs (x 800 y 1600) with some treasure: Gold In the opposite corner of the room (x 920 y 2050) is another thing of treasure: 1 Gem 2 Potions Go east into the next room to find the last battle on this level. Just some more Shadowed Orcs, Archers and Shamans. We are now immediately to the south from where we came in, and if you look carefully you can see a passage to the north that will take you right there. Clever. Anyway, search the thingie at (x 1250 y 1820) to find: Potion of Heroism 1 Gem Go up the stairs (x 1600 y 2050). Level 2: (AR 5002) -------- Immediately you will be attacked by Marksmen, both Goblin and Orc. There are also an upgraded Warrior class of Goblin. These are a little tougher than the Grunts from below, but not much. In the room immediately to your left, on a long table (x 925 y 1750) is some treasure: Spells - Emotion: Courage (Mage) 2 Potions Go into the next room to the northwest, then go north. At (x 500 y 1500) a goblin and some shadowed worgs will appear. At about the same spot you will find the Jester's Bag of Holding. It works like a regular bag of holding except you can only take things OUT of it... and what you get is usually crap. Still on the outer circle, go north into the next room (x 730 y 950). There is a fight here, as well as a Ramp that leads up to the next level. We aren't going up this yet, however, keep it in mind for we will be coming back this way. The next room to the east has nothing in it (except the first set of stairs that we passed by on the previous level, this is where it comes out), so skip it and keep going east to the next room (x 1560 y 615). Once you enter this room, you will suddenly find yourself in the middle of a large Shadowed force. It sure is easy to get ambushed when enemies simply appear out of thin air! Again just keep your group together, take out the archers and Shamans and there's nothing to worry about. In this room there are two treasures. The first is on a table to the right (x 1830 y 420): Gold 2 Potions Spells - Animate Dead (Mage) And the second is on a mess of chairs to the left (x 1530 y 400): RANDOM ITEM - Sanctified Morning Star +3 (2 more 1st level spells) (any 1 of these) Morning Star of Lesser Phasing (+2, 15% chance of phase) Now go back to the Ramp we skipped by (x 566 y 785). We want to go up this to the next level. This is a dead end, so once we are done here, head back down this ramp head into the center to find the Center Stairs (x 1400 y 1300) which lead to the next level. Level 3: (AR 5003) -------- Once we're up the ramp we will almost immediately be besieged upon by more Shadowed enemies. (x 1414 y 466) Go right, then down into the inner circle. There are some Shadowed Goblin Marksmen here, and across the little gulf (which you can't cross). Soon a lot more monsters appear, including Shadowed Ogres and Shaman, so don't separate your forces. Make sure to have archers take out the goblins across the way as well. One of the enemies leaves behind a treasure: RANDOM ITEM - Goktok's Chopper (Axe +2, +4 vs. dwarves, not by good) (any 1 of these) Puny's Poker (+3 Spear) Ring of Dwarven Bone (STR +1, not by good) Head southwest to (x 700 y 970) to find some junk with some treasure hidden inside: Misery's Herald (Flail +4, +5 vs. Elves, 10% chance of Horror) Now go back down the ramp, go to the center stairs and go up those stairs. We are now across the way from where we just were at about (x 1200 y 1300). Head Southwest across the bridge (being mindful to check for traps, of course). Head north to a pile of junk (x 630 y 1265) with some treasure: RANDOM ITEM - Shield of the Hand (+3 AC) (any 1 of these) Great Shield +3 (-2 THAC0, +15% slash/crush/pierce res.) Small Shield +1 Go south now. You will be attacked by Burning Skeletons (who launch fireballs at you) as well as Armored Skeletons. I'd take out the Burning Skeleton first, then go through the Armored Skeletons. Once you're south, then head east until you run into more enemies. With the Burning Skeletons and Armored Skeletons you will also find the new Bladed Skeleton, which are worth 1300 exp. This leads to a door (x 2420 y 1720), go through it. Through here are some more Bladed Skeletons. The only thing to do is go through the next door (x 2620 y 1450). In this room is another Burning Skeleton, more Bladed Skeletons and the powerful new Shattered Souls who shoot energy bolts at you. The Serrated Skeleton had: RANDOM ITEM - Bone Talisman (5 charges of Vampiric Touch) (any 1 of these) Bone Marrow Belt (+1 AC, -2 CHA, +50% slash, -15% crush) Bone Kris of Black Ichor (+2 dagger, 20% chance poison) Serrated Bone Blade (2hnd sword +3, 20% 1d10 cold dmg.) Go back south to the previous room. Now to the west is a weird bit of floor (x 2025 y 1400), which is actually an elevator (called a "Lift"). We're going to be going down this Lift to the previous level in order to retrieve the first piece of Machinery. Machinery Piece Interlude ------------------------------------------. | | | Remembering that we need Four pieces of Machinery (to repair | | the Astrolabe), the first is down this lift. | | | | The Lift leads down a level to a previously inaccessibl | | section of the level (located to the right of the previous | | areas). | | | | Once here you are again attacked by Armored Skeletons and | | Shattered Souls. At the earliest possible moment, head SE | | into the corner (x 2640 y 1870) to find some treasure: | | | | Short Sword of Action +2 (+1 Dexterity) SH_SSWD | | | | If you want another fight, head north to (x 2425 y 975) where | | you will find another big battle with Armored Skeletons and | | Shattered Souls. | | | | Go across the bridge north of the lift to the stairs that | | go downstairs (x 1860 y 1240). | | | | Immediately you are beset upon by Bladed Skeletons and the | | newer meaner Severed Souls. The Serrated Blade leaves | | behind: | | | | RANDOM ITEM - Shadowed Robe (AC 4, +15% Magic Res.). | | Shadowed Cloak (+15% Hide in Shadows) | | Shadowed Plate Mail (AC 0, +3 AC Missile) | | Shadowed Boots (+1 AC, +15% Stealth) | | | | To your right there are three chambers, a lower one, a middle | | one and a top one. The lowest one leads only to a big fight. | | If you feel like a fight, by all means. The middle one has a | | treasure in the top right corner (x 2640 y 1150): | | | | RANDOM ITEM - Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy (THAC0 +7) | | (any 1 of these) Light Crossbow of Speed (2 attacks/round) | | Light Crossbow of Defense (+1 AC) | | | | That leaves only the top room. This one actually has the | | smallest enemy force of the three, despite guarding the most | | important treasure (x 2500 y 860): | | | | Piece of Broken Machinery (1 of 4) | | | | Go back up the stairs, and back up the lift to return to | | level 3. | '------------------------------------------------------------------' Once you're back from the side-trip to get the Piece of Machinery, go to the stairs south of the center (x 1350 y 1600), be careful of traps, and up to the next level. Level 4: (AR 5004) -------- Level 4 is a little different from the previous levels. For starters, there are now people you can talk to and no battles. Secondly each set of stairs leading up goes to a completely different tower, which I call the Towerlets. Since the Severed Hand Tower is in the shape of a Hand, these Towerlets are its fingers. The basic strategy of this level, then, is to first explore this level, then go up each towerlet starting with the southernmost one and ending in the rightmost one. This covers everything in the most efficient manner. Let's get to it. We are at about (x 1100 y 1100), which is just left of center. Open the door south of you (x 860 y 1380) and go into the room. In a really cool effect the elves here (who are all long dead) fade in and out. Go left and talk to Telanis (x 380 y 1495) to learn a little about what happened to this tower. There are three groups of treasures in here, each having 2 potions. In the top right corner of this room (x 1300 y 1680), just left of that (x 920 y 1520) and at the very top of the room (x 680 y 1300): 6 Potions Leave the room. Going eastwards you can see a broken lift (x 1450 y 1450). Keep going east a little more skip the next door (x 1750 y 1600), as there is nothing in there. The path curves north. Go north to the next room (x 2040 y 950). Go inside. Search the table (x 2230 y 970) to find some treasure: Gold 2 Potions Spells - Cone of Cold (Mage) There is a little dead elf (technically, she's "shadowed") girl in here. (x 2360 y 895) Talk to her. You can't convince her that her mother is actually dead, however if you want a safe place to rest, she'll provide it. Leave the room. Follow the path to the west, where you will find the Shadowed Elf, Lethias (x 1280 y 810). Talk to him. Convince him that you aren't here to plunder the tower, and he will tell you some more about Larrel. If you do kill Lethias you only get 3000 exp. Go into the door just north and east of him (x 1450 y 720), and search the table (x 1300 y 380): Spells - Emotion: Hope (Mage) Berduskan Black Brew (Coffee, removes fatigue) 2 other Potions Continue west to the last door (x 880 y 950) and go inside. Here we find Lehland (x 550 y 860), who will sell you items. He also knows the names of the five Towerlets, however I still won't refer to them by their names. I'd buy all his Magic Arrows. (In fact, I did) Once that's done, leave the room. Go to the southernmost stairs (x 1450 y 2000) to enter the first towerlet. Towerlet 1 Level 1: (AR 5201) ------------------- This is the "Priest's Tower". You are in a large elven shrine, and in the middle of the shrine is a priestess named Denaini (x 640 y 680). Talk to her. Convince her that you mean no harm to the tower, then proceed to ask her questions about Larrel and the Tower. Eventually she'll ask that you kill the imprisoned priest's in the levels above you. Agree to do this (you ARE freeing their souls, after all). Also, when you find the Holy Water, this is where you bring it. Give it to Denaini. Go up the stairs (x 315 y 875). Towerlet 1 Level 2: (AR 5202) ------------------- There are lots of Shadowed Elven Priest's all over this level. Prepare for a large battle. They won't all attack you at first, they seem to wait for you to move closer to them. The Clerics are worth 1400 exp, while the Acolytes only 1100. None of them have any treasures. Search the chest (x 790 y 530) to find: 1 Gem Potion of Healing RANDOM ITEM - War Hammer +2 (+1 Electrical Dmg.) (any 1 of these) War Hammer of Sparks +2 (50% chance 1d3 electrical dmg) Sanctified War Hammer +2 (Additional Spells) At the left end of the room are some casks (x 315 y 590) with treasure: Gold Potion of Hill Giant Strength Go up the next stairs (x 315 y 900). Towerlet 1 Level 3: (AR 5203) ------------------- Not surprisingly, again you find yourself in a group of Shadowed Clerics. These ones appear to have been in a meeting of some sort. Take them out the same way you did the others. There is also a Shadowed Elven Priest here who is worth 1700 exp. When killed she has a treasure on her: RANDOM ITEM - Symbol of Shevarash (Infravision) SH4TRES (any 1 of these) Symbol of Corellon Lorethian (+2 THAC0) Symbol of Solonar Thelandira (+2 Missile THAC0) Symbol of Labelas Enoreth (+1 INT, mage only) Search the treasure chest on the podium (x 680 y 420) to find: Piece of Broken Machinery (2 of 4) Gold 1 Potion RANDOM ITEM - Elven Chainmail of the Hand +3 (AC 2, +20% cold res.) (any 1 of these) Ring of Strength (+1 STR, -1 DEX) Potion of Strength Transferance (perm. -1 STR, +1 DEX) In the southern part of the room is another chest (x 650 y 710): Spells - Minor Globe of Invulnerability (Mage) 1 Cursed Potion South of that chest is another chest (x 715 y 825): Potion of Heroism 1 Gem Go up the next stairs (x 910 y 775). Towerlet 1 Level 4: (AR 5204) ------------------- This level should look very different, as it has actual rooms, and you start in one of them. Open the door at (x 530 y 680) to get to the center. Once in the center you can see that there are 5 new rooms to explore. We'll start with the room immediately to your left (or, one clockwise from the room we entered from). (x 450 y 566) Open the door and enter. Not surprisingly we find some Acolytes and a Priest. Search their chest (x 260 y 500) for treasure: Spells - Remove Curse (Mage) Ring of Sanctuary (allows a Priest to cast Sanctuary 5x) Potion of Regeneration Next room (x 550 y 470), open the door and go in. No battle this time, just search the cabinet on the north wall (x 550 y 212) for treasure: 2 Potions Spells - Remove Paralysis (Priest) Next room (x 700 y 466), open the door and go in. No battle. Search the treasure chest up against the far wall (x 830 y 300): 1 Gem Potion of Absorbtion Spells - Protection from Fire (Priest) Next room (x 790 y 590), open the door and go in. Get the chest (x 1080 y 540) for more treasure: Spells - Flame Strike (Priest) Potion of Mind Focusing Last room (x 710 y 670), open the door and go in. As with the first room we opened, this one has some Clerics in it. Just south of the door, at the end of the bed is a chest (x 730 y 800): Spells - Cure Serious Wounds (Priest) Emotion: Courage (Mage) Barrel of Holy Water (give to Denaini) 2 Potions At the other end of the other bed is another chest (x 905 y 805): Spells - Flame Strike (Priest) Elixir of Health Symbol of Sehanine Moonbow (5 charges each/ Know Alignment and Find Traps) Go back down to Denaini's Level and talk to her. Tell her that you have killed the Priest's to get 24000 exp and: Edley's Sling (+2 dmg., +3 THAC0) Talk to her about her duties to find out about how the Shrine used to look. Then talk to her again and give her the Holy Water. You get 52500 exp and: Sune's Laurel of Favor (Helm any can wear, +1 AC, +1 CHA) Note: You won't get this item if you don't have the latest patch installed. It may say that you get an item, but nothing will show up. This is fixed in v1.06. Leave the Towerlet and return to Level 4. Go to the far left stairs (x 350 y 1160) and go up to the second Towerlet. Towerlet 2 Level 1: (AR 5101) ------------------- You will immediately notice Larrel muttering to himself (talking backwards, like Yoda). He blew up this tower, so we'll have to go back down. The next staircase (x 1050 y 700) is blocked, which brings us to the top right corner staircase (x 2050 y 500). Go up. Towerlet 3 Level 1: (AR 5301) ------------------- To your north is a door (x 640 y 760), open it and go in. But be ready for a big battle. Wander into the chamber and Shadowed Elves will appear around the room. I'd take out their magic user and archers first. Search the pile of junk in the top right (x 940 y 360) for some treasure: RANDOM ITEM - Long Bow of Marksmanship (+2 dmg., +3 Thac0, min 12 STR) (any 1 of these) Long Bow of Action +2 (+1 DEX, min STR 12) Composite Long Bow of the Hand +2 Go up the next stairs (x 800 y 1000). Towerlet 3 Level 2: (AR 5302) ------------------- This level looks a lot like the last one, except there's no door to open. Just go north into the impending battle. This is the imfamous WAR ROOM that I keep talking about. Again take out the mage first, then the cleric (to the right and left of you respectively). Once that's done, search the table just right of the Map table (x 920 y 480): Piece of Broken Machinery (3 of 4) And search the table south of that one (x 860 y 600): Spells - Stoneskin (Mage) Ice Lance (Mage) 1 Gem The last table to be searched is left of the Map table (x 385 y 540): Oil of Firey Burning Spells - Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (Mage) Cloudkill (Mage) Gold Of all the spells here, Stoneskin is the most useful for a mage as it prevents him from getting killed. Once that is done, head up the next stairs (x 825 y 975). Towerlet 3 Level 3: (AR 5303) ------------------- We have to go around these stairs in front of us to get to the good stuff on this level. Go left to (x 345 y 725) to find an Elven Officer. His room holds no treasure, so continue north to the next room (x 310 y 500). This room has a cabinet with treasure (x 515 y 460): Gold Potion of Freedom Spells - Protection from Lightning (Priest) Continue north then east where you will confront another Elven Officer. Kill him and go into the room (x 650 y 330). There are more Officers in here. Kill them then search the cabinet for more treasure (x 570 y 340): Berduskan Black Brew (Coffee) 1 Gem Potion of Agility Continue east to the next room (x 975 y 500), which has yet another officer. Search the chest in the room (x 850 y 500) for more treasure: Potion of Storm Giant Strength (STR 24) Arrows of the Hand (+2 arrows) RANDOM ITEM - Life's Gift (Long Sword +2, 15% chance to heal self) (any 1 of these) Long Sword of the Hand +3 Long Sword of Action +2 (+1 DEX) And now southwards to the last room (x 940 y 715). Search the cabinet here (x 880 y 620) for treasure: Spells - Remove Curse (Priest) Go up the stairs (x 465 y 850). Towerlet 3 Level 4: (AR 5304) ------------------- This is the Arboretum level. Talk to the caretaker here and he will ask for Seeds, Water or Animals. We don't have these things right now, nor will we for quite some time. When you do get any of these objects, simply return here and give them to this fellow for some experience. Go back down to Tower level four, and prepare to go up the last set of stairs (x 2600 y 1200). Towerlet 4 Level 1: (AR 5401) ------------------- Talk to the elf woman here (she moves around). She is Kaylessa the warrior trainer of the Tower. She, like Denaini, wants you to kill her former friends to set them free. Agree to do this. She has the final piece of broken machinery that we need to fix the astrolabe and will trade it for that price. While you're here you can also open up the two doors here (they're locked) and fight some Shadowed Orc Grunts and a Shadowed Ogre and get some gold (x 450 y 200). Once that's done, go up the stairs (x 400 y 780). Towerlet 4 Level 2: (AR 5402) ------------------- You are immediately attacked on this level. Three Elves meet you at the stairs, with archers hitting you from afar. No treasures on this level. The next stairs are blockaded, luckily there is a big ramp in the north of this room that leads up (x 500 y 220). Towerlet 4 Level 3: (AR 5403) ------------------- Another battle with archers on this level. Once they're cleaned out, search the northern table (x 640 y 250) for treasure: Spells - Beltyn's Burning Blood (Mage) Gold 1 Gem There is another table in the southeast (x 815 y 550): Arrows of the Hand Notice that there is a passage that leads out to the LEFT. This is eventually where we want to go. But first go up the stairs (x 400 y 650). The Roof: (AR 5404) --------- This is where the Elves of the tower raised their Hippogriffs, but that was a long time ago. Now there's nothing but spiders here (and a book about hippogriffs). Once one door is opened, they're all opened and the spiders will attack. They're Wraith Spiders, worth 1400 exp each. You can search the rooms, but there's only some gold and a book. Go back down to Kaylessa (I'd save it before you go to her level, in case you get bad treasure from her) and talk to her. Tell her that her soldier's are resting and you get 52500 exp. Oh, and she wants you to kill her as well. Do so: Piece of Broken Machinery (4 of 4) Boots of Speed RANDOM ITEM - Kaylessa's Ring (+15% Hide in Shadows) (any 1 of these) Kaylessa's Gloves (+1 DEX, +1 AC) Kaylessa's Chainmail (AC 2, +1 Dex, Elven Chain) Kaylessa's Bow (+3 Dmg., +3 To Hit, +1 DEX, min STR 15) Side Passage: (AR 5502) ------------- Go back up to the third level here, and take the side passage that I noted earlier. The objective here is to cross from right to left. In your way are a bunch or Shadowed Elves. Nothing you haven't face before. Take out the mage and cleric first. Then leave this area to the left. Final Towerlet Level 1: (AR 5104) ----------------------- We are now on the level just above where Larrel was sighted blasting the tower apart. So, although we're technically in Towerlet 2, I still call it "Final Towerlet". As soon as you get here, the northern door will open, and shadowed elves will attack. Take out the mage and clerics first ignoring the warriors. Gradually, several doors will open revealing a new foe (or foes) for you to fight. Searching the western room (x 460 y 540) reveals a chemistry set with some treasure (x 200 y 460): Spells - Greater Malison (Mage) Improved Invisibility (Mage) Potion of Genius The northwest room has a table in the corner (x 315 y 325): Diary of Evayne Gold Potion of Clarity RANDOM ITEM - Robe of the Hand (AC 9, -2 DEX, 40% res Fire, Cold, Elec) (any 1 of these) Dagger +2 Staff of the Hand +3 The northeast room had nothing but a mage. The eastern room has a big long table (x 960 y 450) with some treasure: Spells - Protection from Normal Missiles (Mage) 2 Potions Go back to the first room, and up the stairs (x 950 y 777). Final Towerlet Level 2: (AR 5102) ----------------------- I call this room, the Library. Talk to the librarian here. He has a lot of books for you to borrow, but the only one that has significance (that I know of anyway) is the book on Mythal Theory. When you get back to Kuldahar, give that to Orrick the Mage for some experience and an item. (more on that later) Go up the last set of stairs to the END OF THE SEVERED HAND. The Astrolabe: (AR 5103) -------------- You will find Larrel (the dude in black and red) in the center, but he has nothing much to say right now. Talk instead to the mage just north of him. Give him the pieces of the machine one by one (24000, 35000, 24000 & 35000 exp) to fix the Astrolabe. Once that is done, talk to Larrel about the Heartstone Gem. You can also talk to him about how the Tower came to be like this, and give him his daughter's (Evayne) journal from below. Talking about the Heartstone leads to a movie, which tells you that you need to go to Dorn's Deep. Larrel then offers to teleport you there (or to Kuldahar). I'd go to Kuldahar, if for no more reason than to deliver a book to Orrick. Kuldahar: --------- Go to Orrick's Tower (x 350 y 820), and give him the Book on Mythal Theory. For your trouble you get 24000 exp and: RANDOM ITEM - Girdle of Labelas (cast Haste once/day, Free Action) (any 1 of these) Mithran's Cloak (+3 AC, +2 Saving Throws) Elfbone Ring of Kiran-Hai (+2 Save Para/Pois/Death) Once you're resupplied and ready to go, on to Dorn's Deep! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Dorn's Deep ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================== Appendices =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guide to Naming Characters: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have heard that some people have trouble coming up with creative names for their characters. So here is a little guide to coming up with interesting names that seem to fit into the game (i.e. names that aren't "brad" or "mike" or something). Method 1: Take an exisiting last name, and make it a first name. Ex: Corbin, Martens, Miller. Obviously this doesn't work with all last names, and it also tends to skew mostly male. Method 2: You can also make interesting names by taking an existing name, such as Kate, and flipping some letters around to make a new name, Kaet. Method 3: Somewhat similar to method 2, this one merely involves adding useless vowels. Try adding an 'a' before an 'e' or an 'i' after an 'e'. Take the name Patrick for example. It will become Paetrick. Method 3-B: Swap hard consonants (such as the hard K) for softer consonants (such as the softer G). So starting with our Paetrick, we can turn him into a Paetrig. Also works by turning T's to D's, etc. Method 4: Another fun thing to try is to simply add a new "flourish" to an existing name. For example we start with "Nate" and add the "flourish" "ylia" to make the new name "Natylia". Method 5: Start with another word, say the number "Seven". Replace the vowels with new vowels to make "Sivan". Now if you want to make it feminine add an "y" (or something similar) to the end to make "Sivany". Or try this, start with the word "talent". Replace the first 't' with a "th" and then replace the 'e' with an 'a'. You now have "Thalant", which is a good name, but needs a little flourish of "yr" to finish it "Thalantyr". Here's a list of names that I have used in various RPG games. This list will be a little small for now, but as I get more of them, I'll add them. If you have any name that you want to send in, please feel free! (manymoose@hotmail.com) Female: Male: ØØØØØØØ ØØØØØ Kaet Salamoss Telen Sivany Syllas Jiany Poetayn Saenra Mytahl Kystra Ralasannvyr Lydra Ylv Tor Tyllaenii Ex'ald Moor Bealla Forthyss Aallax Morkallai Cyrra Lyth Cyr Daan Sho'erna Moerth Kintos the Dim (my current favorite) Mistriana Corvuus Karyana Khaar the Bloody Ceqeen'ah Rargh (great with Male Fighter 3 sounds) The following names are from Bane: Lyria Taaryn (Taryn) Kestyn Yulosa Maya Astyk Galian Bane The following names are from Souma: Alicia Bonecrusher (ranger/cleric) Wildfoot (a halfling fighter/thief) Simion (a Paladin, a bit of an ape :P) Adonis has some more names: Corwin (usually a ftr/cleric) Got the name from a Roger Zelazny series of books, the "Amber" series. Shalandra, my thief. Just made it up. Kyren Pathfinder, my ranger or ranger/cleric or/druid. Always an elf. Buffy Trueheart, a female paladin. Darius, a mage of any race. Tor Eriksen. Named after the first AD&D character of mine that ever had an 18/00 strength. Tor is a modification of Thor, obviously. Celune, my bard. Clarissa, my Cleric. I don't generally give my computer RPG characters last names. It just takes up more space in the chat windows, and they are always too long to export the character with the same name. The following names, and strategy, were sent to me by Preston Lloid: Female: Male: ØØØØØØØ ØØØØØ Jephinia Justice Edcam Sielfir Misha Kintyre Purl Sielfir Latista Dymnir Paxus Silatis Kyndria Valmund Bastius Mnotarior Shaloa Fighro Rhymnir Kaleef Syff Kintous Kelt Incurrigate Geila Mist Solas Imnikurr Tarrento Gymnica I also found that nearly all the months make fine female first names (e.g. October, November etc.). Furthermore I personally think that there's nothing wrong with giving your character a first name and some kind of call name instead of an actual surname (or family name). For instance, if you've made a female priest with the allignment "lawful good" you might call her "Misha the Divine", instead of Misha Kintyre. Or if you create an evil male mage, you could call him "Tarrento the Dreadful". Name Characters Based on What They Do (from Leo Wang): ------------------------------------- If someone wants to add a last name, I suggest that it should be something that makes the character stick out, or something that the character is fond of doing. For example, you could have Nyla "Firefingers" the female evoker, because she's fond of Burning Hands (and other Fire-based spells). (Got Nyla by putting N.Y. and L.A. together) Or, you could have Balthus "Cuisinart" because he's a fighter specializing in Great Swords (and has or will have 6 Proficiency points devoted to it). Or you could simply have the character go by a nickname. For example, a cleric might be called Amelior/Ameliore (short for ameliorate) because he/she's got nothing but healing spells and Aid memorized all the time. A battle cleric might be called Glory Preacherson or Orata (orator) because the rousing speeches (Prayer, Recitation) about glory that he/she gives is so moving that he/she's got to be the son/daughter of a (successful) preacher/orator. A Dwarf Thief might be called Granite Tunnelfast or Amiterre for a female (I hope I got the words right...it's supposed to be the french word for "friend" with the word for "earth") for...obvious reasons. :) There's only so many ways you can make a name sound exotic before it all starts to sounds the same though... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheats: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first step to getting these cheats to work, is to download the latest patch here: http://www.interplay.com/icewind/ Use a text editor to edit the "icewind.ini" file in the game directory. Add the line "Cheats=1" under the "[Game Options]" section. Start the game and press [Ctrl] + [Tab] to display the console window. Cheat Codes Press Ctrl + Tab to display the console window and then enter the following codes: CHEATERSDOPROSPER:ExploreArea() Show full map. CHEATERSDOPROSPER:Hans() Teleport party to pointer. CHEATERSDOPROSPER:SetCurrentXP([number]) Give selected characters indicated EXP. CHEATERSDOPROSPER:AddGold([number]) Add indicated gold to party total. CHEATERSDOPROSPER:Midas() Add 500 gold to party total. CHEATERSDOPROSPER:FirstAid() 5 healing potions, 5 antidotes, and 1 Scroll Of Stone To Flesh. CHEATERSDOPROSPER:CreateItem("xxxxxx") This creates any item that you know the Item Code for. Every item from Baldur's Gate is there (minus Drizzt's Defender), so you can get some Item Codes from my Baldur's Gate FAQ. (Tales of the Sword Coast items are NOT in IWD) Also I now have an Item Listing for all the items in Icewind Dale, which can be found at GameFAQs. (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) Note: If you are creating an item that can have multiples in one stack, use the CreateItem("xxxxxx", num) form. So to create 300 Summon Cow scrolls you would enter CHEATERSDOPROSPER:CreateItem("scrlzz", 300) Here's a few IWD unique codes: BELTSTR - Girdle of Stromnos (sets STR to 19) BOOTFOX - Boots of the Fox (increases speed, and +1 AC) CLOAKMI - Mithran's Cloak (+3 AC, Saving Throw +2) DBONE - Ring of Dwarven Bone (+1 STR, not usable by good char) GLORY - Plate Mail +6, Glory of Suffering (-25 HP to wear) HELMDEF - Helm of the Blessed Defender (+3 AC, Halflings/Gnomes only) HELMSUN - Sune's Laurel of Favor (Helm anyone can wear, +1 AC, +1 CHA) HOLDING - Jester's Bag of Holding (Creates random items once per day) KAYBOW - Kaylessa's Bow (+1 Dex, +3 Dmg, +3 to hit, min STR of 15 to use) KAYCHAI - Kaylessa's Elven Chainmail (AC 2, +1 Dex) KAYGLOV - Kaylessa's Gloves (+1 AC, +1 Dex) ORRSHLD - Orrick's Rhino Beetle Shield (+4 AC) SCRLZZ - Spell: Summon Cow (you heard me!) ULBOW5A - Long Bow +4: Hammer (+1 AC, +4 Dmg, +5 to Hit, 4 attacks/round) ULSWD4B - Long Sword +3: Enforcer (extra spells, only usable by F/M) ULSWD5B - Long Sword +3: Bhaal's Fire (extra 2d4 of fire dmg) UROBE1A - Robe of Enfusing (+2 AC, +5% magic resitance, +5 Lore) VOICEBN - A dead paladin (no point, but it's interesting to see things cut from the game) Here are the Astrolabe Pieces: PIECE1 PIECE2 PIECE3 PIECE4 The following codes can merely be entered (they don't need the CONSOLE like the above cheats) after you've entered this in the console: CHEATERSDOPROSPER:EnableCheatKeys() [Ctrl] + J - Move selected characters to pointer position. [Ctrl] + R - Heal or resurrect the selected character or portrait. [Ctrl] + Y - Kill selected monster or NPC with no EXP. [Ctrl] + 4 - Display trigger polygons; shows traps. [Ctrl] + 9 - Display character bounding boxes (most cheats above here, except CreateItem, came from Jake Sweet) _____________ Item Copying: ØØØØØØØØØØØØØ There is a really easy way to duplicate any item that you receive using a quirk in the game's design. 1. Save the game. 2. Export the Character with the item(s) that you wish to copy. (only works with characters that you have created yourself, such as the main character) 3. Give all of that character's items away, and then click the bottom button (Character Arbitration), then click the Modify Characters button (only works if there are no enemies around, and you aren't in the middle of casting a spell), and then click on the Character Name to delete the character. 4. Now immediately Import the character back, and you now have 2 of everything that person had. Similarly if you are doing this in a single player, you: 1. Export the Character. 2. Start a new game. 3. At the Character Creation Screen press "Import" and the select your character. It is really helpful that when you Export your Character to name him/her something specific, not just "Character1" or something. This is really useful for the ultra-rare items like the Girdle of Stromnos. This also works well if you want to start over, simply export your characters, start a new game, and import them there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Symbol of Correlon Lorethian" Necklace bug: This artifact is supposed to affect your THAC0 by +2 when worn, but instead it actually CHANGES your THAC0 by +2 EVERY time it is worn! So if you were to unequip/reequip this item over and over, your THAC0 would continuously decrease! Not only that, but when you simply LOAD your game up, it will decrease your THAC0 then as well. As far as I know, you can keep improving your THAC0 forever (I stopped at -130). WARNING: I wouldn't use this Bug as it horribly unbalances the game. What I would do with it is to equip it once, then throw it away. This way you get the effect of the item, but not the bug. Patch Note: This is fixed in the latest patch. Denaini's Holy Water: When you give Denaini the holy water, she is supposed to give you an item "as Thanks", but you get nothing. Patch Note: This is fixed in the latest patch. Orrick and the Book of Mythal: When you give Orrick the Book about Mythal that you found in the Shattered Hand, you should get an artifact, but you don't. Not only that, but when talking to him about it, you get a "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" as your only dialogue option! (even IF this is fixed in a patch, if you have already visited Orrick, then you will never get the right reply, you would have to start a new game) Patch Note: This is fixed in the latest patch. Character Arbitration Bug (This was done in Single Player mode) I recently started a new game with only 2 characters, just to play around with some different classes and such. Quickly getting bored with that I did a Quickload (via pressing L) to bring up my regular party. Now I wanted to Modify this party of 6, but discovered when I pressed the Character Arbitration button that it only showed the first two people in the party. If I clicked 'done' at this point nothing happened, but if I clicked 'modify' first, then 'done', it would drop my party from the full 6 to only 2. Then if I were to try to create a new character in one of the "blank" spots, it would actually restore the party member who should have been there already! Infinite Experience Loop in Aquarium (from ERSKINE) This is a bug I found and I don't know if it will work for you but-- If you talk to the boss salamander and he tells you to kill the leader of the slave revolt, go talk to the leader of the slaves in the basement (not Vera- you need to avoid talking to Vera before you talk to Gareth)-- he thinks that vera is dead and you can now go back to the Boss and tell him that she died in the escape--here's the bug-- He will then tell you to kill all of the slaves, tell him you will think about it and the conversation ends, BUT if you talk to him again you can tell him Vera died in the escape again and get more xp's (about 10k for each character) I was able to do this indefinately (I got my characters up about three levels each before I got tired of it)-- again I don't know if this will work for you, or if you even want to try it. Rhino Beetle Shell Bug (from ERSKINE) Another bug-- when I took rhino beetle shell to dirty lew (use a female to talk to him--better prices) and got him to make a shield for me I then took it to Nym (the dark-elf) an paid for him to enchant it and to buy his dagger (refuse his first offer of 30,000 gp and the next offer is 33,000gp for the enchantment and a dagger)- only he didn't give me his dagger! (the dialogue said "here's your dagger" but I didn't get one)-- if you refuse his second offer he offers "a better enchantment" for 28,000gp-- but this is the same as the first enchantment, but 2,000gp less. Ed. Note: One similar item to this is the Orrick's Shield. Supposedly Orrick was once able to enchant the Rhino Beetle Shield in the same fashion as Nym (but +4 instead of +3), however there is no way to get Orrick to enchant the shield. (It's the item code ORRSHLD if you're curious) Lizard King's Lizardmen weren't so loyal... While attacking the Lizard King with my third party (the Walkthrough party), I noticed that all the lizardmen were suddenly under my control. What I had done was that I told him that this Cave was going to belong to a Dead Lizard King, and he attacked. I don't know why all his followers suddenly joined my side, but as soon as they killed the King for me, they became enemies again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strange Things ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Shadowed Orcs in the Severed Hand say "Zug Zug" when they attack you, just as the Peon Orcs in Warcraft II do. The Razorvine Extract (property of Mourns-for-Trees) is a reference to the Black Isle game, Planescape: Torment. Erevain's Journal makes mention of Xan from Baldur's Gate (see the Stinger at the end of the FAQ for the exact quote). Normal Cold Wights that you encounter are worth 1400 exp. However, the random Cold Wights (those that you encounter if you rest and are attacked in the night) are worth more at 1500 exp. Why is that? On the fourth level of the Shattered Hand is an elven bladesinger named Lethias. He can occasionally be seen muttering "The needs of the many...", a line from Leonard Nimoy's Spock character in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. (Scott Werner) =============================================================================== Final Words... =============================================================================== This FAQ was written entirely using the GWD Text Editor: (shareware) http://www.gwdsoft.com/ _________________________ Special Thanks: (Credits) ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ Tony for a small update on the Priestess of Auril Lauren for mentioning how to get rid of the Register Now thing Scott Werner for pointing out that Trolls sometimes die without fire or acid Jim Valeri for a good question Mike Gan for information on the Ice Priestess' Items, etc. ERSKINE for lots of information all over the place Jake Sweet for the cheats Nereid for the Ilmater Townsperson in Kuldahar Souma for pickpocketing advice, and more Bane & Prestion Lloid for some names in the Guide to Naming Characters Jeremy Treanor for his fire protection strategy Matt Richardson for adding to the Ilmater subquest in Kuldahar Leo Wang for a great many things (a GREAT many) Adonis for some clarification on what kills Yxunomei and some Names Ken Baker (Founder of TeamBG) for making some of the best BG & IWD Utilities CJayC for posting this FAQ Anyone who emails me with nice things to say, you are appreciated! Black Isle for making such a great little game! _________________________ Shameless Self Promotion: ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ I have also written FAQs for: NES: Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom Final Fantasy -- Magic FAQ The Legend of Zelda SNES: Aerobiz Aerobiz Supersonic Utopia: Creation of a Nation Genesis: StarFlight PSX: Thousand Arms -- Walkthrough -- Forging/Dating FAQ PC: Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast -- FAQ/Walkthrough NPC List Creature List Colonization -- the Single Colony Strategy Guide -- the Cheat Guide Drakan: Order of the Flame Dungeon Hack Icewind Dale -- Items List Master of Magic (revision) Messiah Pharaoh (currently being edited by Red Phoenix) Planescape: Torment -- FAQ/Walkthrough Items Listing Rollercoaster Tycoon Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri The Sims Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar Ultima 7: The Black Gate Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle Ultima Underworld -- Keyboard Commands Ultima Underworld II -- Keyboard Commands -- Spell List All of my FAQs can be found at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/2203.html ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ ________________ Version History: ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ Version x.1 July 6, 2000 14k Version x.2 July 7, 2000 24k Added new Questions, added a Contents, added the Bugs list, added this here Version History, and slightly changed the format Version x.3 July 8, 2000 35k Had the version history saying that this was done in "june", so I fixed that Added new questions, and a new bug (one I found myself, no less!). Also began separating the Gameplay Specific questions into their separate areas to not only make things easier to find, but also to help people avoid spoilers. Added the Special Thanks thingie in the Final Words section. Fixed a spelling mistake. Spaced in all the questions, hopefully this makes things easier to read. You know, this was just going to be a 5-10k mini-FAQ at first, just answering the basic questions, but it keeps growing and growing... Version x.4 July 9, 2000 38k Added more questions taking me all the way through the game. Now I'm going to go through the game again with a different party, but with the items from my first party. Sure that's sorta cheating, but I've already won the game once without cheating! Version x.5 July 9, 2000 41k Added a couple of new questions, and updated the Troll killing question. Lots of little changes too, just things that looked like they could use an extra word or two. And in case you were wondering, version x.4 was only uploaded to one site, and it wasn't GameFAQs. After it was uploaded I found some new things to put in, so here we are. So, now that I've finished the game, and pretty much all the questions, what will I do next? A full Guide/Walkthrough? Who knows! Version x.6 July 10, 2000 45k Removed a bad question (well, the question was irrelevant, and the answer was bad). Added a new question about my favorite armor in the game (the Mithril Field Plate +2), as well as a question dealing with the Caravan Contract, and some other questions. Version x.7 July 11, 2000 49k Added some info from Mike Gan. Also went through the FAQ and corrected a number of spelling mistakes and/or typos. Added the section on Creating a Balanced Party... but it needs some more work, I think. Version x.8 July 11, 2000 53k Added lots of new information from ERSKINE, so THANKS! Version x.9 July 12, 2000 53k Just some small changes. Version x.9.1 July 13, 2000 54k Fixed two mistakes. Version x.9.2 July 16, 2000 60k Added new party making strategies, one from me, and another from ERSKINE. Reformatted the Contents slightly (you'll notice that I claim to have a Walkthrough forthcoming...heh). Some other small changes. Version x.9.3 July 23, 2000 63k Figured out what was locking the SWITCH for the GEAR DOOR (it's the Black Wolf Talisman), so added a question/answer for that. Created the CHEATS section thanks to Jake Sweet. So, how's the walkthrough coming along? Um... fine. I have been very busy with a new job, but I should still be able to get it finished. Version x.9.4 July 30, 2000 64k Added a new cheat code, the CreateItem code, along with a item codes for several of the more interesting IWD items. Version x.9.5 July 31, 2000 65k There's a new patch out as of yesterday, so I updated that. Also added several new Item Codes in the cheats section. Version 1.0 August 2, 2000 100k Added several new Frequently Asked Questions, one about where the Severed Hand is (people apparantly don't know to scroll the map down), and another about the Glory of Suffering Armor. Began adding the Walkthrough. Version 1.1 August 4, 2000 105k Continued on with the Walkthrough. Version 1.2 August 9, 2000 123k Updated one of the FAQs. Continued on with the Walkthrough. And some other small, yet important, edits. (updating some FAQs from pre-walkthrough days) Went through the bugs list to see which were fixed with the latest patch, some were, and some weren't. Version 1.3 August 13, 2000 146k Added a new subquest in Kuldahar (thanks to Nereid!). Added some new information from Souma, about Pickpocketing, etc. Added the Item Copying Cheat from my Baldur's Gate FAQ. Also while I was at it, I also copied over the Guide to Naming Characters. Created the section General Strategies, and put a few strategies in it. Filled in the walkthrough up to the Severed Hand. Version 1.4 August 21, 2000 162k Added new information from Souma, including new names, a new party making strategy, and some other information. Also added a tip from Jeremy Treanor about fire protection and fireballs. Added my own tip about Proficiencies in the General Strategies. Lots of small changes, additions and corrections from Leo Wang. (thanks) Version 1.5 September 21, 2000 194k After about a month of doing nothing, got back to work on the Walkthrough. Now the walkthrough goes all the way through the Severed Hand. Added new information from Scott Werner and Adonis. Also slightly enlarged the Fighting "General Strategy". ________ Stinger: ØØØØØØØØ Excerpt from Erevain's Journal: "It is an endeavor doomed to failure. Oh, there I go again. Corellon help me, I'm starting to sound like cousin Xan!" _______________________________________________________________________________ ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ This Document is Copyright 2000 by Dan Simpson Icewind Dale is Copyright 2000 by Black Isle/Interplay I am not affiliated with Black Isle, Interplay or anyone who had anything to do with the creation of this game. This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it. You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.</p>