Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Wii Game Walkthrough (Nov. 2008) 1. Opening cinematic of Ollie Randall (OR) and Nancy Drew (ND) riding in a pick up truck. They hear a wolf howling and then the bunkhouse explodes. 2. Crossfade to phone cinematic with OR, ND and Chantal Moique (CM) on speakerphone. ND advises that she can fill in for the cook and maid position to have a cover for investigating. 3. Fade to ND in her room where she takes the INV_Master_Key. She also sees a guest register showing where each guest is staying. 4. ND reads the employee instructions near the key and learns how to contact the Avalanche Patrol about any avalanches. 5. Wanting to check out the bombed bunkhouse for clues, ND exits out front door checking the Outdoor Thermometer to make sure that the temperature isn't too cold to go out in. When she goes through the coat room, her coat and boots will automatically be placed on her. 6. As ND makes her way to the bunkhouse, she is stopped by an imposing snow fort and its protector, Freddie Randall (FR). FR challenges ND to a Snowfight and only allows her past if she wins. 7. ND investigates the blown up bunkhouse, being sure not to trespass over the Crime Scene tape. She sees a Melted clockface glinting in sunlight and surmises the criminal probably used it to time the explosion, which means that OR isn't necessarily clear of the charges. 8. ND returns to the lodge and goes to the front desk where she gets an empty INV_Laundry_Bag to start her housekeeping tasks. 9. ND calls Sheriff Mahihkan (SM) about her find near the bunkhouse. SM confirms that the bomb was timed and that it 'used plastic explosives, C4. 10. ND calls CM to get more information about the accidents. CM details that the cook and Faringdale family got food poisoning, that the Southwaites were overcome by gas fumes in the sauna, that the maid got her tires slashed and that Carl Jenkins fell on iced over stairs. 11. ND calls the Southwaites and discovers that Yanni Volkstaia had saved them. 12. ND finds love letters to Elsa from someone named L. that get progressively aggressive. 13. ND calls Elsa Sibblehoth and discovers that it was her boyfriend who had slashed the tires and not the wolf. 14. ND goes to the Kalakala (bird) room where Yanni Volkstaia (YV) is staying. She does the Housekeeping task by making the bed and taking out used towels. 15. ND finds an article from Winter Sports about how a prestigious cross country skiing event might take place in the Banff or Icicle Creek area soon. 16. ND goes to the Olallie (berry) room where Guadalupe Comillo (GC) is staying and does some Housekeeping by making the bed and taking out used towels. 17. ND finds an article from Biathlon Biennial featuring the Olympic champion cross-country skier from Fredonia, Yanni Volkstaia. It relates how he's a ruthless competitor and that he's known to take extraordinary steps to cut down his competition including buying out all the rooms in the hotel nearest events. 18. ND reads another article about how the sights on a rifle can easily be adjusted by using a bullet. 19. ND notices that GC does not have a clock in her room and that the clocks in the room are similar to those found at the crime scene of the blown up bunker. 20. ND goes to the Pish Pish (lynx) room where Bill Kessler (BK) is staying and performs the Housekeeping task. There she finds some textbooks among which is a book on geology. 21. ND goes to the Eena (beaver) room where Lou Talbot (LT) is staying and performs the Housekeeping task. There she finds a copy of the Call of the Wild. 22. ND descends to the Lobby and examines the Trapper Dan exhibit detailing the colorful history of the lodge and its original owner, Trapper Dan. ND notices that the exhibit displays some old snowshoes locked with a combination lock. 23. ND notices that 2 old photographs appear to be missing. 24. ND notices that an old bone which Trapper Dan believed came from a race of giants he called Rexes is also missing. 25. ND talks to GC who tells ND that the clock in her room is missing and that she doesn't need a new one but just doesn't want to get charged for it. 26. ND talks to Lou Talbot and Bill Kessler who are playing a game called the fox and geese. They argue about the wolf, what should be done about it and whether or not it has anything to do with the recent incidents. They also insist that ND should shovel of the ice pond as they really want to go skating. 27. ND drops off the laundry bag in the chute next to the bathroom on the 2nd floor before exiting the lodge. 28. ND reads the employee instructions on the computer on how to properly shovel off the ice pond and to be careful of thin ice created by the thermally charged waters of Icicle Creek. 29. ND removes the snow from the ice pond, snowshovel and puts cones on thin patches of ice, without falling through the thin ice. HINT: The bottom-most row never has thin ice; all tiles that surround a '0' tile are safe to shovel; you can access tiles diagonally to ones that have been cleared; you don't have to clear off all tiles, just make sure that all the orange cones are properly placed). 30. ND notices some wolf tracks near the pond and follows them. 31. As she follows the tracks, ND sees a strange monument of solid stone The Needle. 32. ND notices that there is a swatch of black fabric stuck to the stone, as if there may be a secret door into the monument. 33. ND also notices that a well worn path has been made from the Lodge to this monument. 34. ND continues to follow the tracks past an area called Chicken Ridge, she hears an explosion, then the call of a wolf, and then sees an avalanche barreling towards her. 35. ND finds herself stuck under several feet of snow and hears something walking above her. She calls out and they start to dig. Soon, a tunnel is created. 36. As soon as ND starts to exit, a snarling wolf appears, hears or sees something, and then retreats. 37. ND exits tunnel, finds that the wolf tracks she had been following have been erased and that they now double back to lodge. She follows them. 38. ND examines the crater left by explosion and finds that it unearthed a large stone with a fossilized reptile head and some other rocks. 39. ND notices that there are ski tracks leading up to the crater and then retreats. 40. ND returns to the lodge and reports the avalanche to the Avalanche Patrol. They ask ND to tell OR that the Explosives Training has been postponed.(OR is on the Avalanche Patrol). 41. ND talks to OR who says that the wolf is evil b/c he tried to shoot it several times and missed. ND tells OR about the Explosives Training being postponed. OR tells ND to talk to BK about having a fishing competition. He also asks her to take his snowmobile out to check to see if an area called Skookum Ridge has been hit by an avalanche. 42. ND notices that the temperature gauge is now at ORANGE, meaning it is much colder. 43. ND takes the snowmobile to Skookum Ridge and finds that he hasn't been hit by an avalanche. 44. ND returns to Lodge and reports to Ollie that there hasn't been an avalanche at the ridge. 45. ND talks to BK about wanting to have a fishing competition. If LT is available, BK relates that he's already gone skating and that he'd like ND to see if she can catch a 2-foot Northern Pike because he wants some fishing competition. 46. ND exits Lodge and goes to Icicle Lake where a lone ice-fishing shack stands in the middle of the lake. ND finds that the fishing equipment has been trashed. 47. ND finds a scrap of paper. It is a torn copy from 'Birds of the Southwest' and has the number 202-555-7237 scribbled on it. 48. ND returns to the lodge and finds a creepy looking note on the door . She takes it and finds that it is a note written by Freddie asking Nancy to play more snowfights with her and that if she does, she'll show Nancy the secret of how she can stay outside for so long. 49. ND tells BK that the fishing gear has been trashed. BK gets upset but says that Ollie can lend her some equipment. 50. ND goes to the basement and gets the tacklebox from Ollie. He's upset too that the equipment has been trashed and blames it on 'enviro-terrorists'. He gives ND his tacklebox 51. ND calls the number on the scrap of paper she found in the Ice Shack and finds that it is an organization in support of environmental activism. 52. ND talks to GC about the phone number, ice shack trash and book scrap. GC denies having anything to do with any of these issues. 53. As ND is leaving GC, she hears something fall and picks it up. It's a bullet. Remembering the magazine article about changing sights of a rifle with a bullet and how OR said he couldn't shoot the wolf, ND confronts GC about her role in the recent sabotage. GC admits that she is a member of the enviro-action group and that she is there to protect the wolf. She also knows that ND is up to something and asks that ND keep any information she finds about the wolf confidential and just share with her or else its head will end up on Ollie's mantel. 54. ND exits Lodge and goes to Icicle Lake. After beating FR in the snowball fight, FR gives ND a toasty pack and explains that she can use one at a time and only if she is cold. 55. ND continues to the the ice-fishing shack and engages in the ice fishing activity, completing it by catching a 2-foot Northern Pike. 56. As soon as ND exits the ice-fishing shack, she sees a large ice-ball heading toward her head and a figure of someone dressed in a black snowmobiling outfit in a throwing pose and gets ice ball KO'ed. 57. ND is roused out of her blackout by the sound of an explosion. She awakes on an ice floe and finds that her coat is gone and that the lake has been broken up into several small chunks. 58. ND hears the wolf howl on the bank of the lake and sees that it is standing near an old coat. The wolf runs away. 59. ND hops from one ice floe to another via the ice floe jump activity to get to where the coat is located. 60. ND picks up the coat and finds a secret message inside its pocket, INV_Lock_Combo_V. 61. ND follows the wolf tracks, crossing some cross-country tracks and getting to an area called Avalanche Ridge where the wolf tracks continue. 62. ND tries to cross Avalanche Ridge but finds that the snow is too deep and is prone to set off a second avalanche. She realizes that she needs snowshoes to continue following the wolf tracks. 63. ND returns to the lodge and finds that it is very late, so she makes dinner, than goes to sleep. 64. ND prepares breakfast for the guests 65. ND cleans guest rooms and finds a crumpled up angry letter in BK's room full of vitriol and spite. 66. As ND is about to leave BK's room, she overhears an angry exchange between Ollie and Guadalupe. OR accuses her of altering the sights on his rifle, GC leaves in a huff. 67. ND tries to 'borrow' Lou Talbot's snowshoes from his room, but he suddenly appears and asks for them. 68. ND finds a note on the lobby desk for her from GC asking her to call her. 69. ND calls CM and asks for the combination to the Trapper Dan exhibit. CM replies that she wants ND to concentrate on the guests more and that she wants ND to fill out a 'profile report' that CM's new consultant, Tino Balducci (TB) needs. ND receives a fax of the survey. She must determine a. which side of the bed the suspects get out of b. what is their hometown c. which planet they identify with d. whether they dislike paprika. 70. If ND missed a meal service or neglected to clean rooms, CM will reprimand ND and force her to complete the next meal service. 71. Realizing it will be a while before Guadalupe is available, ND sets the alarm clock forward at least an hour. 72. ND looks in the guest register to find out the hometown of each suspect (GC = Los Angeles, LT = Brea, YV = Eladsaet, BK = Toronto 73. ND recalls how the beds were arranged in each room to determine which side of the bed they get out of (GC = Left, LT = Both, BK = Right, YV = Right) 74. ND asks each character what planet they identify with (GC = Earth, LT = X, BK = Mars, YV = Pluto) 75. At the next meal service, ND puts paprika on each of the food items. After the service, OR tells ND not to put any on LT's plate as he doesn't like it. Paprika Answers: (GC = no, LT = yes, BK = no, YV = no) 76. ND calls TB and tells him she's done with the survey and that she'll fax it to him. TB reviews the survey, determines that it's correct and gives ND the combination lock: 7-6-6-9. 77. ND unlocks the exhibit and takes out the snowshoes. 78. ND wins a snowfight and FR throws her a Toasty Pack - that gives ND extra body warmth. 79. ND goes outside with TD's snowshoes on and crosses the Avalanche Ridge but uses a Toasty Pack to help her stave off the cold. 80. En route, ND finds another bombed out crater and a notebook. 81. ND looks at the notebook and finds it has notes about dinosaur bones, purchase prices for the bones, examination of land ownership, quick excavations using explosives, etc. The notebook also describes the Rex bone that is missing from the Trapper Dan Exhibit. 82. ND discovers that the tracks go to a well hidden hut, the Hermit House. There, wolf tracks enter a small entrance, too small for ND to enter, but she finds that the door is locked with a numerical lock (hermit lock). 83. ND examines the piece of paper she found in the jacket pocket the wolf left for her and realizes that it is a code of a 4-digit number. ND enters the 4-digit code into the combination lock and it opens. (JR: 6512 SR: 7914) (HINT: the numbers on the piece of paper are mirror images of each other). 84. ND enters the hermit house and finds a diary of the occupant, Julius McQuade, JM. It turns out that he is the owner of the now errant wolf, whose name is Isis and that he trained her to do different tricks. Isis can also identify objects with common scents by putting them together. The last entry of the diary describes how JM wasn't feeling well and left for the hospital. 85. ND hears the wolf snarling behind her and turns around to see the wolf growling at her viciously. Using the commands ND learned from the diary, ND commands the wolf and calms her down. 86. ND sees that on a wall is an indentation that looks just like it would fit the bone that's missing from the Trapper Dan exhibit. 87. ND finds a strange object (INV_Geophone_V) with a phone number inscribed on it. 88. ND finds some Toasty Packs and keeps them. 89. As ND leaves the cabin, she hears an explosion in the distance. 90. ND returns to the Lodge using some Toasty Packs to stay warm and discovers a note on the door addressed to her that asks to meet her in the sauna in the basement as the writer has some important information. 91. ND goes to the sauna and finds some photos inside - photos of a young boy in the lodge who looks like Bill Kessler. As soon as she clicks on them, the door behind her is closed and the steam is put on very high. ND must get out or else she'll die from the heat! 92. ND opens up a panel and adjusts the pipes so that cold water flows through the pipes to regulate the heat and save her body from wilting from excessive heat. 93. Suddenly, the sauna door opens and Bill Kessler is there asking what's going on. ND explains that she was trapped in there and what is he doing there? 94. Cut to conversation with BK where ND shows him the photos she found in the sauna and asks about the angry letter she found in his bedroom. BK confesses that his maternal grandparents owned the lodge and he'd visit as a boy until his grandmother loses it and that he's sore with Chantal Moique's father for buying it. He denies, though, having anything to do with the wolf or the spate of accidents. ND asks about Trapper Dan and if BK knows of any hidden passages or how to get into the needle. BK says that if you turn all the tiles on a pyramid in the lobby to pigs, a secret compartment opens that allows access to Trapper Dan's needle. 95. ND turns all the tiles on the pyramid in the lobby to pigs, a secret compartment opens up, but there's nothing in it. (HINT: When the tiles are all mixed up, just continue to turn each tile to desired animal until all tiles have been set correctly). 96. ND tells BK there was nothing in the compartment. BK remembers his grandma saying that if you turn the top of the pyramid, then make all of the tiles one type of animal, and then another type of animal, until you do that for all four animals, that a secret compartment will open after arranging all of the tiles with the fourth type of animal. 97. ND opens up the pyramid by first twisting the top to open up the puzzle. 98. ND turns all tiles to raccoons, wolves, pigs, than moose. Upon doing so, a secret compartment opens up revealing Trapper Dan's Journal. (HINT: First, when the tiles are all mixed up, keep on clicking the tiles to turn them into raccoons. When the tiles are all raccoons, turn the corner tiles, then the side titles to wolves and then the center tiles to wolves. When the tiles are all wolves, turn just the corner and side tiles to pigs. When they're all pig tiles, click on the 2nd tile in the 1st row, the bottom tile in the 3rd column, the 3rd tile in the 1st column and the 2nd tile in the 4th column). 99. ND reads the TD journal and finds that relevant parts are in code. ND discovers that he is using a railroad code which is ready by starting with the first letter and decoding it by reading down, up-right, down, up-right, and so forth. 100. ND reads Trapper Dan's journal which tells reader to find 4 keys hidden in the house: a pig key, a moose key, a raccoon key and a wolf key. 101. ND finds the moose key in a hidden compartment in Yanni's room by pushing in the eye of the stuffed Moose over his bed. In addition to the key which is a small disc with a Moose imprinted on it, is a radio. 102. ND turns on the radio and hears a slavic sounding voice call out. She also notices that the dial is set to 26.10 Mhz. 103. ND finds the raccoon key by turning the colored disks above the room's doorknobs to certain colors as indicated on the fire necklace in Trapper Dan's exhibit (i.e., Kwel Kwel = Red, Chinook = White, Eena = Red, Kalakala = Blue, PishPish = Blue, Ollalie = Green). This will make a picture of a racoon in the upstairs hallway 'light up'. 104. ND pushes the nose of the racoon opening a secret compartment containing the racoon key. 105. ND reads in the journal that to find the "pig key":[INVPig_Key], she must open up a hidden door in the Hermit House using the rex bone, the same one that is missing from the Trapper Dan Exhibit. ND realizes that whoever owns the Notebook she found outside that discussed the bone probably stole it. One way to discover who owns it is by giving it to Isis and then let her sniff objects from guests to see which ones she matches. 106. ND gets a washcloth from Lou Talbot's room. 107. ND gets a washcloth from Guadalupe's room. 108. ND gets a washcloth from Yanni's room. 109. ND gets a washcloth from Bill's room. 110. ND gets a handkerchief from Ollie's work area. 111. ND plays more snowfights against Freddie to win more Toasty Packs. 112. ND goes to the Hermit House and performs the wolf scent task by giving Isis the notebook and then dropping each of the items from the guests. Isis drops the notebook near Lou Talbot's washcloth indicating that he is the owner of the notebook. 113. ND finds a geiger counter that Isis had been chewing on. 114. ND returns to the lodge and finds a fax from Tino Balducci that Ollie taped to the door. It's an article about Lou Talbot and how he was arrested for trespassing and vandalism for illegally excavating on a ranch in Montana. 115. ND confronts LT about his plan to steal dinosaur bones from the ranch. LT admits that he's been collecting some bones, but that he's not the one blowing things up. ND asks for the Rex bone that he took. LT gives ND the key to his closet and says it's in there. 116. ND calls the number on the geophone that she found in the Hermit House ( 334-555-7625 ), and discovers that it was stolen from a geologist, Nikki Sabatini, a year ago. Geophones are used to map out the different minerals and ores that lie underneath the ground and are activated by explosions. Professor Sabatini advises ND that the Geogphone is tuned into the frequency 990Khz and that anyone who's using radio equipment tuned to that frequency is probably the person who stole the hydrophones. 117. ND goes up to the rooms and notices that there is a housekeeping sign on the door to GC's room that is now vacant. She enters the room and sees the closet door creak open. ND examines the closet and finds the jacket she lost on Icicle Lake all ripped up and a a note that says Leave Now. 118. ND goes to LT's room, opens up his closet and finds the rex bone to open up the secret passage in the Hermit House. 119. ND plays more snowfights against Freddie to win more Toasty Packs. 120. ND returns to the Hermit House and opens up the secret passage using the Rex bone. 121. ND solves a lock puzzle to open up the secret passage. (HINT: Start with a rabbit coin at the top of a column. Get an owl coin from another column and then a fish coin to complete the column. Repeat for the 2nd column. To finish the last column, start with a rabbit coin on top (you may need to take it from another column. Keep on taking from that column to finish the 3rd column. You may have to do several iterations, but this method will work). She finds that the the passage is lit with glowing lanterns that make the geiger counter click fast. 122. ND enters an area that contains a ladder which goes up to an area with a rope and a dumbwaiter, a small hole leading to Trapper Dan's 'vaults' and a representation or map of the passageways leading to the vaults. She notes that there is an area with a Moose Head, one with a Pig Head and one with a Raccoon head. Each of these areas is blocked by a door and each has a switch. 123. ND commands Isis to make her way in the vaults to the dumbwaiter so that she can ascend to the higher level. To do this, she commands Isis as follows: Forward, Right, Left, Right, Jump, GO. Isis moves through the vault passageways and watches her progress on the representation of the map. 124. As soon as Isis takes the dumbwaiter up to the higher level, ND goes up the metal ladder, gives Isis the rope who proceeds to pull it backwards making it taught. 125. ND exits the secret passageway and returns to the Lodge and discovers the boar head's mouth is open at the end of the hallway on the second floor. She examines the mouth and finds the pig key. 126. ND reads Trapper Dan's journal which says that the locks for the animal head keys are covered. But, by turning on a switch in the vaults, she can open the covers. However, the vaults are locked and can be opened only by playing the fox and geese game using the "pig key":[INVPig_Key] and capturing the pig in the different areas of the board (i.e., moose, pig, raccoon). 127. ND plays the fox and geese game with Bill Kessler using the pig key instead of a fox. She plays the geese and captures the pig in the area where there is a moose head. Doing so 'lights up' the eyes of the moose on the board. 128. ND plays the fox and geese game with Bill Kessler using the pig key instead of a fox. She plays the geese and captures the pig in the area where there is a pig head. Doing so 'lights up' the eyes of the pig on the board. 129. ND plays the fox and geese game with Bill Kessler using the pig key instead of a fox. She plays the geese and captures the pig in the area where there is a raccoon head. Doing so 'lights up' the eyes of the raccoon on the board. 130. ND reads the Trapper Dan Journal which gives her a clue that the Wolf key is probably radioactive. 131. ND uses her geiger counter to find the wolf key hidden in the basement. 132. ND talks to Yanni about his hidden radio. 133. ND returns to the subbasement and commands Isis to go into the vaults and flip the switch for the Moose keyhole (Forward, Left, Left, Paw, GO). 134. ND commands Isis to go into the vaults and flip the switch for the Pig keyhole (Forward, Forward, Forward, Jump, Paw, GO). 135. ND commands Isis to go into the vaults and flip the switch for the Raccoon keyhole (Forward, Right, Forward, Jump, Left, Paw, GO). 136. ND goes back up the metal ladder and goes down a passageway until she gets to the backdoor to the Needle. There is a needle lock requiring all 4 keys. ND places each key in their respective area. 137. ND enters the Needle where a black snowmobile suit is hanging up. 138. ND finds a backpack with the logo UCB on it filled with explosives. 139. ND finds a jar of expired mayonnaise. 140. Suddenly, ND hears someone approaching from another entrance and sees Yanni. Yanni explains that he was skiing near the Needle and saw that it was open and walked down a ramp and found ND here. ND explains that she believes the bomber is Lou Talbot. Yanni advises that she stay with the evidence and that he ski down to the lodge to get the authorities. 141. As YV leaves, he drops the timer that he wears around his arm. 142. ND hears Isis growling and comes into the Needle with the mitt from the black snowmobile outfit in her mouth. She sniffs the air and then drops the mitt next to the timer that Yanni just dropped indicating that the owner of the black snowmobile suit is Yanni! 143. ND picks up the timer and notes that it's tuned to frequency 990Khz and that it's being used to collect geophone data, noting high concentrations of uranium ore underground. 144. ND clicks on one of the buttons of the timer and sees a countdown timer for the next explosion - in the Needle! 145. As ND exits the Needle, she hears the sound of a snowmobile. The Needle blows up just as she exits out, sparing the lives of her and Isis. 146. ND hears another snowmobile come up and sees Ollie. Without explaining ND takes his snowmobile to go after Yanni. 147. ND chases Yanni, avoiding obstacles and keeping on his path. Eventually, Yanni makes a wrong turn, flies off a small cliff and konks himself out. 148. Fade to Closing dossier. 1. Special Path (Optional): In order to find the Easter Egg, ND must enter the bathroom after Icicle Lake Blows up. She'll sing about calling 1-555-Mystico (697-8426) in the shower. Go to the lobby phone and dial 1-555-697-8426. Ask Mystico about finding something special. Proceed to Icicle Lake and fish for an Easter Egg. After you catch the Easter Egg, go to Nancy's room and take a nap to find a surprise! The player can also enter in the room across from hers.</p>