___ |_________(_)______ _________ ___ / __ /| |_ __ \_ /__ __ `__ \ __ `/_ / _ ___ | / / / / _ / / / / / /_/ /_ / /_/ |_/_/ /_//_/ /_/ /_/ /_/\__,_/ /_/ _________ _____ __ ____/_____________________________(_)_____________ _ _ / __ ___/ __ \_ ___/_ ___/_ /__ __ \_ __ `/ / /___ _ / / /_/ /(__ )_(__ )_ / _ / / / /_/ / \____/ /_/ \____//____/ /____/ /_/ /_/ /_/_\__, / /____/ __________________ __________ ___________ __ ____/__(_)_ /_____ __ ___ ____/________ /__ /__ _ / __ /_ __/_ / / / __ /_ _ __ \_ /__ //_/ / /___ _ / / /_ _ /_/ / _ __/ / /_/ / / _ ,< \____/ /_/ \__/ _\__, / /_/ \____//_/ /_/|_| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Neighbor FAQ and Guide Version 1.2 Written by: popdacracka (Speed) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction ------------ This is my first FAQ I have ever submitted on GameFAQs. Well, I submitted a FAQ before but it was turned down because of my neglect on reading image guidelines. Alas, I have read the help files and am ready to submit. I hope you all find this useful and will also find it convenient for you all. In between writing this guide I also decided to not only include the standard neighbors but also any special visitors that may come to your town as well. (And yeah, maybe even some of the standard people as well. Who knows!? Psst, I am going to include them..) Basically, any person or thing or animal or object (what?) that can come to your town will be included in this FAQ. However, if I just HAPPEN to miss some entity, be sure to IM, mail, or send a grenade in my direction to snap me back to reality and get it included in this FAQ pronto. And sure, if you see any grammatical and/or spelling errors feel free to let me know too. I can't have ALL my English teachers thinking they didn't teach me anything. :( And of course I am going to list their purposes, the items they may give out, etc. Oh yeah..I went there.. Read on people! Read on.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table of Contents ----------------- 0. Version History 1. Standard Neighbors 1.1. Anteaters 1.2. Bears 1.3. Birds 1.4. Bulls 1.5. Cats 1.6. Chickens 1.7. Cows 1.8. Crocodiles 1.9. Dogs 1.10. Ducks 1.11. Eagles 1.12. Elephants 1.13. Frogs 1.14. Goats 1.15. Gorillas 1.16. Hippopotamuses 1.17. Horses 1.18. Koala Bears 1.19. Kangaroos 1.20. Lions 1.21. Monkeys 1.22. Mice 1.23. Octopi 1.24. Ostriches 1.25. Penguins 1.26. Pigs 1.27. Rabbits 1.28. Rhinoceroses 1.29. Sheep 1.30. Squirrels 1.31. Tigers 1.32. Wolves 2. Employees of the Town 2.1. The Able Sisters 2.2. Blathers 2.3. Celeste 2.4. Brewster 2.5. Booker 2.6. Copper 2.7. Kapp'N 2.8. Pelly 2.9. Phyllis 2.10. Rover 2.11. Tom Nook 2.12. Tortimer 3. City Folk 3.1. Dr. Shrunk 3.2. Harriet 3.3. Katrina 3.4. Kicks 3.5. Labelle 3.6. Lloid 3.7. Lyle 3.8. Redd 4. Special Visitors 4.1. Blanca 4.2. Chip 4.3. Franklin 4.4. Frillard 4.5. Gracie 4.6. Gulliver 4.7. Jack 4.8. Jingle 4.9. Joan 4.10. K.K. Slider 4.11. Katie and Kaitlin 4.12. Nat 4.13. Pascal 4.14. Pave' 4.15. Pete 4.16. Phineas 4.17. Mr. Resetti and Don Resetti 4.18. Saharah 4.19. Serena 4.20. Snowman 4.21. Wendell 4.22. Wisp 4.23. Zipper T. Bunny 5. Frequently Asked Questions 6. Contact Info 7. Copyright Info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0. Version History ------------------ 12/01/08 - Version 1.0 ---------------------- Start of the guide. Only things missing are items from some of the series and a list of what rewards might be obtained. Everything else is complete. All of the neighbors and people possible in-game are listed here. 12/04/08 - Version 1.1 ---------------------- Fixed many spelling and grammatical errors I saw I had. I also got to update the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the guide as someone messaged me on AIM. Whoo! I told her I'd let her know and now she has the distinct honor of being the first person. I gave permission to GamesRadar, Cheatplanet, and Neoseeker to host this guide. Added every item possible to get from the special neighbors accept Wendell. *12/05/08* I gave Super Cheats permission. Nothing too major. But had to let it be known for my legal reasons. *12/07/08* Got another question/answer for the FAQ section. *12/08/08* Got another question/answer for the FAQ section. *12/13/08* Got another question/answer for the FAQ section. *12/15/08* Just made a note that GameFAQs will always have the most updated FAQs/Guides. *12/19/08* Got another question/answer for the FAQ section. *12/27/08* Got another question/answer for the FAQ section. 1/29/09 - Version 1.2 ---------------------- Late happy new year everyone! Added more information about Brewster finally due to popular demand. *2/08/09* Fixed a spelling error spotted by Andrew in section 2.7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Standard Neighbors --------------------- These are all of the characters who can possibly move into your town. I also list their sayings along with their birthday. A little side note is that even if these neighbors aren't in your town, some can pop up in the city and you can still have a relationship with them. Crazy eh? Yeah, not really. Oh, and I should also point out that if you give a neighbor a present on their birthday they will stay in your town, or your friend's town, longer. Awesome! The format will be as follows: - Animal name "Saying" Birthday: *Date* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.1. Anteaters -------------- - Cyrano "ah-CHOO!" Birthday: March 9 - Antonio "honk!" Birthday: October 20 - Pango "snooooof!" Birthday: November 9 - Anabelle "snorty!" Birthday: February 16 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.2. Bears ---------- - Teddy "grooof!" Birthday: September 26 - Pinky "wah!" Birthday: September 9 - Curt "fuzball!" Birthday: July 1 - Chow "aiya!" Birthday: July 22 - Nate "yawwwn!" Birthday: August 16 - Groucho "grumble!" Birthday: October 23 - Tutu "twinkles!" Birthday: September 15 - Grizzly "grrr...!" Birthday: July 31 - Bluebear "peach!" Birthday: June 24 - Maple "honey!" Birthday: June 15 - Poncho "li'l bear!" Birthday: January 2 - Pudge "pudgy!" Birthday: June 11 - Kody "grah grah!" Birthday: September 28 - Stitches "stuffin'!" Birthday: February 10 - Vladimir "nyet!" Birthday: August 2 - Pekoe "bud!" Birthday: May 18 - Chester "rookie!" Birthday: August 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.3. Birds ---------- - Jay "heeeeeyy!" Birthday: July 17 - Robin "la-di-da!" Birthday: December 4 - Anchovy "chuurp!" Birthday: March 4 - Twiggy "cheepers!" Birthday: July 13 - Jitters "bzzert!" Birthday: February 2 - Midge "tweedledee!" Birthday: March 12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.4. Bulls ---------- - Angus "macmoo!" Birthday: April 30 - Rodeo "chaps!" Birthday: October 29 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.5. Cats --------- - Bob "pthhpth!" Birthday: January 1 - Mitzi "mew!" Birthday: September 25 - Rosie "silly!" Birthday: February 27 - Olivia "purrr!" Birthday: February 3 - Kiki "kitty cat!" Birthday: October 8 - Tangy "reeeeOWR!" Birthday: June 17 - Punchy "mrmpht!" Birthday: April 11 - Purrl "kitten!" Birthday: May 29 - Moe "myawn!" Birthday: January 12 - Kabuki "meooo-OH!" Birthday: November 29 - Kid Cat "psst!" Birthday: August 1 - Monique "pffffft!" Birthday: September 30 - Tabby "me-WOW!" Birthday: August 8 - Stinky "GAAHHH!" Birthday: August 17 - Kitty "mrowrr!" Birthday: February 15 - Tom "me-YOWZA" Birthday: December 10 - Merry "mweee!" Birthday: June 29 - Felicity "mimimi!" Birthday: March 30 - Lolly "bonbon!" Birthday: March 27 - Ankha "me meow!" Birthday: September 22 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.6. Chickens ------------- - Goose "buh-kay!" Birthday: October 4 - Benedict "uh-hoo!" Birthday: October 10 - Egbert "doodle-duh!" Birthday: October 14 - Becky "chicklet!" Birthday: December 9 - Knox "cluckling" Birthday: November 23 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.7. Cows --------- - Patty "how-now!" Birthday: May 10 - Tipper "pushy!" Birthday: August 25 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.8. Crocodiles --------------- - Alfonso "It'sa me!" Birthday: June 9 - Alli "graaagh!" Birthday: November 8 - Del "gronk!" Birthday: May 27 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.9. Dogs --------- - Goldie "woof!" Birthday: December 27 - Butch "ROOOOOWF!" Birthday: November 1 - Lucky "rrr-owch!" Birthday: November 4 - Biskit "dawg" Birthday: May 13 - Bones "yip yip!" Birthday: August 4 - Portia "ruffian!" Birthday: October 25 - Walker "wuh!" Birthday: June 10 - Daisy "bow-WOW!" Birthday: November 16 - Cookie "arfer!" Birthday: June 18 - Mac "woo woof!" Birthday: November 11 - Marcel "non!" Birthday: December 31 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.10. Ducks ----------- - Bill "quacko!" Birthday: February 1 - Joey "bleeeeeck!" Birthday: January 3 - Pate "quackle!" Birthday: February 23 - Maelle "duckling" Birthday: April 8 - Deena "woowoo!" Birthday: June 27 - Pompom "rah rah!" Birthday: February 11 - Mallary "quackpth!" Birthday: November 17 - Freckles "ducky!" Birthday: February 19 - Derwin "derrrr!" Birthday: May 25 - Drake "quacko!" Birthday: June 25 -Scoot "zip zoom!" Birthday: June 13 - Miranda "quackulous!" Birthday: April 23 - Gloria "quacker!" August 12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.11. Eagles ------------ - Apolla "pah!" Birthday: July 4 - Amelia "cuz!" Birthday: November 19 - Pierce "hawkeye!" Birthday: January 8 - Avery "skree-haw!" Birthday: February 22 - Sterling "skraaaaw!" Birthday: December 11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.12. Elephants --------------- - Opal "snoot!" Birthday: January 20 - Dizzy "woo-oo!" Birthday: July 14 - Big Top "villain!" Birthday October 3 - Eloise "tooooot!" Birthday: December 8 - Margie "tootie!" Birthday: January 28 - Axel "WHONK!" Birthday: March 23 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.13. Frogs ----------- - Lily "zzrrbbitt!" Birthday: February 4 - Ribbot "toady!" Birthday: February 13 - Frobert "fribbit!" Birthday: February 8 - Camofrog "ten-hut!" Birthday: June 5 - Drift "brah!" Birthday: October 9 - Wart Jr. "grr-ribbit!" Birthday: August 21 - Puddles "splish!" Birthday: January 13 - Jeremiah "nee-deep!" Birthday: July 8 - Cousteau "oui oui!" Birthday: December 17 - Prince "burrup!" Birthday: July 21 - Jambette "croak-kay!" Birthday: October 27 - Gigi "ribbette!" Birthday: August 11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.14. Goats ----------- - Chevre "la baa!" Birthday: March 6 - Nan "kid!" Birthday: August 24 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.15. Gorillas -------------- - Cesar "highness!" Birthday: September 6 - Peewee "li'l dude!" Birthday: September 11 - Boone "baboom!" Birthday: September 12 - Violet "faboom!" Birthday: September 1 - Al "hoo hoo ha!" Birthday: October 18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.16. Hippopotamuses -------------------- - Rocco "hippie!" Birthday: August 18 - Harry "beach bum!" Birthday: January 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.17. Horses ------------ - Buck "pardner!" Birthday: April 4 - Victoria "sugar cube!" Birthday: July 11 - Savannah "y'all!" Birthday: January 25 - Elmber "tenderfoot!" Birthday: October 5 - Roscoe "nay!" Birthday: June 16 - Winnie "hay-0K!" Birthday: January 31 - Ed "greenhorn!" Birthday: September 16 - Peaches "neighbor!" Birthday: November 28 - Clyde "clip clawp!" Birthday: May 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.18. Koala Bears ----------------- - Yuka "tsk tsk!" Birthday: July 20 - Alice "guvnor!" Birthday: August 19 - Melba "toasty!" Birthday: April 12 - Sydney "sunshine!" Birthday: June 21 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.19. Kangaroos --------------- - Kitt "child!" Birthday: October 11 - Mathilda "wee baby!" Birthday: November 12 - Astrid "my pet!" Birthday: September 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.20. Lions ----------- - Bud "maaan!" Birthday: August 8 - Elvis "unh-hunh!" Birthday: July 23 - Mott "cagey!" Birthday: July 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.21. Monkeys ------------- - Champ "choo CHOO!" Birthday: June 4 - Nana "po po!" Birthday: August 23 - Simon "zzzook!" Birthday: January 19 - Tammi "chimpy!" Birthday: April 1 - Monty "g'tang!" Birthday: December 7 - Elise "puh-lease!" Birthday: March 21 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.22. Mice ---------- - Dora "squeaky!" Birthday: February 18 - Limberg "squinky!" Birthday: October 17 - Bella "eeks!" Birthday: December 28 - Bree "cheeseball!" Birthday: July 7 - Samson "pipsqueak!" Birthday: July 5 - Rod "ace!" Birthda: August 14 - Rizzo "squee!" Birthday: January 17 - Broccolo "eat it!" Birthday: June 30 - Moose "shorty!" Birthday: September 13 - Bettina "eekers!" Birthday: June 12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.23. Octopi ------------ - Octavian "sucker!" Birthday: September 20 - Marina "blurp!" Birthday: June 26 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.24. Ostriches --------------- - Queenie "chicken!" Birthday: November 13 - Gladys "stretch! Birthday: January 15 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.25. Penguins -------------- - Aurora "b-b-baby!" Birthday: January 27 - Roald "b-b-buddy!" Birthday: January 5 - Cube "d-d-dude!" Birthday: January 29 - Hopper "slushie!" Birthday: April 6 - Friga "brrrmph!" Birthday: October 16 - Gwen "h-h-h-hon!" Birthday: January 23 - Puck "brrrrrrrrr!" Birthday: February 21 - Boomer "human!" Birthday: February 7 - Iggly "waddler!" Birthday: November 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.26. Pigs ---------- - Curly "nyoink!" Birthday: July 26 - Truffles "snoutie!" Birthday: July 28 - Rasher "swine!" Birthday: April 7 - Hugh "snortie!" Birthday: December 30 - Lucy "snoooink!" Birthday: June 2 - Spork "snork!" Birthday: September 3 - Peggy "shweetie!" Birthday: May 23 - Gala "snortie!" Birthday: March 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.27. Rabbits ------------- - Bunnie "tee-hee!" Birthday: May 9 - Dotty "wee one!" Birthday: March 14 - Coco "doyoing!" Birthday: March 1 - Snake "bunyip!" Birthday: November 3 - Gaston "mon chou!" Birthday: October 28 - Gabi "honeybun!" Birthday: December 16 - Pippy "li'l hare!" Birthday: June 14 - Tiffany "bunbun!" Birthday: January 9 - Genji "otaku" Birthday: January 21 - Ruby "li'l ears!" Birthday: December 25 - Francine "karat!" Birthday: January 22 - Chrissy "sparkles!" Birthday: August 28 - Carmen "nougat!" Birthday: January 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.28. Rhinoceroses ------------------ - Tank "kerPOW!" Birthday: May 6 - Rhonda "bigfoot!" Birthday: January 24 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.29. Sheep ----------- - Vesta "baaaffo!" Birthday: April 16 - Baabara "daahling!" Birthday: March 28 - Eunice "lambchop!" Birthday: April 3 - Willow "bo peep!" Birthday: November 26 - Wendy "lambkins!" Birthday: August 15 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.30. Squirrels --------------- - Peanut "slacker!" Birthday: June 8 - Blaire "nutlet!" Birthday: July 3 - Filbert "bucko!" Birthday: June 3 - Pecan "chipmunk!" Birthday: September 10 - Nibbles "niblet!" Birthday: July 19 - Agent S "sidekick!" Birthday: July 2 - Caroline "hulaaaa!" Birthday: July 15 - Sally "nutmeg!" Birthday: June 19 - Static "krzzt!" Birthday: July 9 - Mint "ahhhhhh!" Birthday: May 2 - Poppy "nutty!" Birthday: August 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.31. Tigers ------------ - Rolf "grrrolf!" Birthday: August 22 - Rowan "mango!" Birthday: August 26 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.32. Wolves ------------ - Chief "harrumph!" Birthday: December 19 - Lobo "ah-rooooo!" Birthday: November 5 - Wolfgang "snarrrl!" Birthday: November 25 - Whitney "snappy!" Birthday: September 17 - Freya "uff da!" Birthday: December 14 - Fang "cha-chomp!" Birthday: December 18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Employees of the Town ------------------------ These are your standard, every day, bland (unless you have a crush on one of them O_o) businessmen and women of your town. Some have bubbling personalities, others just need to be pushed into the lake. Here, you will find each and every employee possible in the town. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.1. The Able Sisters --------------------- These are lovable sisters that help people with designs. You can then place the designs and patterns on shirts, umbrellas, flags, and the walls and floor of your home. Nothing too special about them. Sorry Ables. :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.2. Blathers ------------- Blathers is the brother who Celeste who heads the museum. Of course you can still donate to his museum to be in display in various exhibits. Plus, it just makes you look THAT much cooler, and more of an Animal Crossing veteran than your friends, or fake animal friends. Yikes! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.3. Celeste ------------ Celeste is the sister of Blathers who runs the observatory. You can chart and find constellations when talking to her. (This is personally one of my favorite places. As an aspiring aerospace engineer/astronaut..it's fun to just cycle through the night sky and look at the stars and wonder, even in a virtual world. Way to go Animal Crossing for that sense of realism!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.4. Brewster ------------- Downstairs of the museum is that silent guy that loves serving you caffeine. He goes by the name of Brewster. He's a real cool, and by that I mean very, very chill, who runs the cafe' called the Roost. Someone should serve him some caffeine if you ask me.. Some do not know this, but after you chill with Brewster and drink his coffee on a regular basis (that's what she said) and keep at least one gyroid in possession at all times when talking with him, he will suddenly become a different person and store gyroids for you! That is a pretty neat and convenient bonus if you think about it. Gyroids are always on the market to be bought up by collectors and people just loving their melodic sounds. The storage does prove to be useful. There is no reward for giving every gyroid to Brewster, but that's beside the point. He's talking now! Be happy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.5. Booker ----------- Booker is the most nervous and timid security guard I've ever known. He works with Copper, the more confident one. However, he makes up for it by being a tremendous source of information. He lets you know of any special visitors that may currently be in your town or are coming in the future and will even let you take various items from the lost-and-found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.6. Copper ----------- Copper is the confident security guard that deals with everything involving friends. He helps you open the gates so that either friends can come to your town or you can leave to go to there's. Pretty useful fellow if you ask me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.7. Kapp'N ----------- He doesn't necessarily live in the town but he mind as well. He is the ONLY bus driver in the game, which has got to be a boring job, and is very, very loquacious. He seems to be the wisest person in the game, but we all know much better. Right? Right. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.8. Pelly ---------- Pelly runs the town hall during the daytime and is a lot more friendlier than Phyllis, the other annoying employee. Pelly runs not only the civic center but the post office as well. It's fun to see her walk around back and forth like that. Almost like a tennis match. Don't mess with her too much though! She's the nice one. :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.9. Phyllis ------------ Phyllis is the disgruntled employee who works the town hall at night. I guess if you had to work in the late hours of the night until the morning not doing anything, because we all know those animals sleep at night, I'd be just a wee bit angry too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.10. Rover ----------- Rover is the very first animal every person will meet when starting Animal Crossing for the first time. He rides with you on the bus into town before moving in. You can even call him up on the phone. But fear not! If you do not want to see Rover go bye bye he sometimes likes to enjoy a hot cup of java in the cafe'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.11. Tom Nook -------------- Tom. Tom. Tom. TOM! He is the true hustler of Animal Crossing. Everyone who has played any of the two previous Animal Crossing games knows that. He must have a heart though two let those two nephews of his scam us as well right? He slaps you with a mortgage as soon as you enter your town, but isn't he so kind to not only let you work in his shop for a few bells but allows you infinite amounts of time to pay it off? Awww, we underestimate your kindness Tom Nook. He runs a shop that sells general, basic items in the game. Continue to show that undying support however and his shop will continue to expand, allowing more items to be shopping and saved in your catalog. We may all love and/or hate Tom, but let's face it. We need him. Go Tom! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.12. Tortimer -------------- Ahh, good old Tortimer. The mayor of your town! Of everyone's town..actually. How much does this guy MAKE!? He's an old turtle that always shows his face, probably for more PR, during special events. If you speak to him during events you can get bits of information, maybe his life story, but most importantly free gifts! Tortimer sometimes will mail you the gifts instead. And they are mailed on Tortimer stationary, which is the ONLY time you will be able to see it. Special eh? Mayor-like quality. Here are some of the gifts he gives out during event days: New Year's Shirt - New Year's Day Cool globe - Nature Day Picnic basket - Labor Day Resetti model - Ground Hog Day Sailboat model - Explorer's Day Sparkle - Fireworks Show Town Hall model - Player's one-year anniversary for moving to town Wheat bundle - Autumn Moon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. City Folk ------------ The characters I'm listing are characters that you'll find in the city. They offer a variety of services to make sure to spend time there and enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.1. Dr. Shrunk --------------- This guy says some of the LAMEST jokes I have ever heard in my entire life. I sometimes want to leave in the middle of his show, while throwing various fruits and veggies at him of course, but it's not possible. However, the good side to watching his lame acts is that at the end of it you obtain a new emote you can express. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.2. Harriet ------------ Harriet runs the salon called Shampoodle. She can change your hairstyle and even give you a Mii makeover, which makes you look like a Mii of your choosing. It's expensive, as all celebrity hairstyles are (you are a celebrity, aren't you?) but it's worth it to look good! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.3. Katrina ------------ The supernatural character of the game, or Ms. Cleo. Paying a few bells is worth having your fortune read or advice on acquiring charms, which can help you on your bad luck you're inevitably having. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.4. Kicks ---------- Kicks is the urban guy of the game. He can shine your shoes which will in turn change the style and/or color depending on your choice. The color of your shoes will then match your shirt. So yeah, you finally have some style now kid. Kicks shows up on fair-weather days so be sure to soak up sun rays when visiting him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.5. Labelle ------------ Labelle is an employee of GracieGrace. It's a department store owned by Gracie with some classy items. Be ready to be poor. I mean it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.6. Lloid ---------- Yay! The auction store! Put any item you want in this shop to have it up for auction to make some bells for all that useless junk you no longer want. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.7. Lyle --------- Lyle is no longer that cheap, horrible insurance door-to-door salesman we knew in the past. He now runs a branch of the Happy Room Academy. Promotion anyone? He gives out bountiful information on the HRA and even lets you sign up for contests. If you work hard enough, you can even get your home into Lyle's model room. Good luck! Don't let Lyle down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.8. Redd --------- The painting hustler of the game. I don't think any game is complete without it. His paintings are among such vast quality! Yeah right. We know better. Asking around town will help you receive an invitation into Redd's shop. His rare paintings can either be legit, or a complete scam. Meaning they're forged. I hope you have an eye for quality! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. Special Visitors ------------------- This section includes any one of those delightful special visitors that will come to your turn randomly, during holidays, event days, etc. This is also what makes Booker so useful, besides the lost-and-found of course. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.1. Blanca ----------- This blank, white cat may randomly appear in your town if your Nintendo WFC is on. I think we all loved to draw on the face of this cat. So do it! And don't make it too ugly. :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.2. Chip --------- Chip appears when a fishing tourney is being held in town. Talk to him to get the details and dominate the competition! Chip will give out a reward to the person who wins the contest. Here are the two gifts he gives out: Silver trophy - Win a fishing tourney by catching a specific fish Gold trophy - Win a fishing tourney by catching any finish ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.3. Franklin ------------- This turkey appears only during the Harvest Festival. You have to speak with Tortimer first as he talks you to death and then he'll give you a knife and fork. You then find Franklin turkeying-it-up around town and trade him the knife and fork for a gift. The gifts have to do with anything in the Harvest series. Here is a complete list of every item in the series: - Harvest Wall - Harvest Rug - Harvest Bed - Harvest Dresser - Harvest Bureau - Harvest Sofa - Harvest Chair - Harvest Table - Harvest Mirror - Harvest TV - Harvest Clock - Harvest Lamp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.4. Frillard ------------- This lizard will sometimes take the place of Dr. Srunk to perform shows. I'm guessing Dr. Shrunk is brushing up on his material? The great thing is about Frillard is that he will teach you emotes that not even Dr. Shrunk knows. Talk about a win-win! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.5. Gracie ----------- Gracie isn't just a walking beauty anymore. She now owns her own shop in the city! Her employee Labelle runs her shop but even Gracie will grace us with her presence every once in a while. (Get the joke? I should write for Animal Crossing). If you do see her be sure to talk to her for her knowledge on fashion, which is so vast! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.6. Gulliver ------------- From 6:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. on weekdays you sometimes may have the EXTREME luck of seeing *gasp* a UFO. (Yeah, you all are right. I got orgasmic while typing that up). Once you do see it, get out the slingshot and shoot it down for a chance to meet Gulliver! He will request you help him find all his parts that YOU ruined. (It's war all over again..). If you succeed in his request you get any of these random special gifts: - Arc de Triomphe - Chocolates - Compass - Mannken Pis - Matryoshka - Merlion - Mermaid statue - Metroid - Moai statue - Mouth of Truth - Pagoda - Plate armor - Tower of Pisa - Tribal Mask ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.7. Jack --------- I think we all remember Jack. Sure, some people just have big heads but an actual pumpkin? Not hard to miss or remember. Giving this troublemaker candy will allow you to receive a special gift. But make sure you HAVE candy on hand before talking to him or he might just play a trick on you. That's what happen when you have no treats. He will give you a random item from the Spooky series. Here is a list of all the Spooky items: - Spooky Wall - Spooky Carpet - Spooky Bed - Spooky Dresser - Spooky Wardrobe - Spooky Sofa - Spooky Chair - Spooky Table - Spooky Vanity - Spooky Bookcase - Spooky Clock - Spooky Lamp Here is a list of what you will recieve if you don't give him candy: Pumpkin head - On first no-candy trade Moldy shirt - On second no-candy trade Patched shirt - On second no-candy trade Jack-in-the-box - On third no-candy trade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.8. Jingle ----------- Jingle is another lovable little character. Talking to him will allow you to receive a gift, without the fear of tricks! You are only supposed to go one gift per year, but if you change your clothes and accessories he will think you are someone else and you can get another! (Santa has gotten lazy to let someone that dumb deliver the gifts this year.) He will give any item from the Festive series. Items included in the Festive series are: - Jingle Wall - Jingle Carpet - Jingle Bed - Jingle Dresser - Jingle Wardrobe - Jingle Sofa - Jingle Chair - Jingle Chair - Jingle Table - Jingle Shelves - Jingle Piano - Jingle Clock - Jingle Lamp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.9. Joan --------- Joan shows up every Sunday between 6:00a.m. and noon. She sells turnips that you can then sell to Tom Nook for HUGE amounts of profit. If you get real experienced with turnip selling you can even buy the red turnips and plant them so they grow. It takes them about a week to grow but if you care for them properly they will be way bigger than before and sell for even more amounts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.10. K.K. Slider ----------------- Possibly my favorite person in the entire game. He visits the Roost every Saturday after 8:00p.m. If you talk to him after you listen to his song live you will get a free bootleg copy of the track that you can listen in your home in your radio any time you like. If you talk to him after he's given you a track you can ask for an encore (infinite times) but sadly you do not receive the song if the encore performances. That sucks. Here is a list of all the songs you can obtain: - Agent K.K. - Aloha K.K. - Café K.K. - Comrade K.K. - DJ K.K. - Forest Life - Go K.K. Rider! - I Love You - Imperial K.K. - K.K. Aria - K.K. Ballad - K.K. Blues - K.K. Bossa - K.K. Calypso - K.K. Casbah - K.K. Chorale - K.K. Condor - K.K. Country - K.K. Cruisin' - K.K. D & B - K.K. Dirge - K.K. Dixie - K.K. Étude - K.K. Faire - K.K. Folk - K.K. Fusion - K.K. Gumbo - K.K. House - K.K. Jazz - K.K. Lament - K.K. Love Song - K.K. Lullaby - K.K. Mambo - K.K. Marathon - K.K. March - K.K. Metal - K.K. Parade - K.K. Ragtime - K.K. Rally - K.K. Reggae - K.K. Rock - K.K. Rockabilly - K.K. Safari - K.K. Salsa - K.K. Samba - K.K. Ska - K.K. Sonata - K.K. Song - K.K. Soul - K.K. Steppe - K.K. Swing - K.K. Tango - K.K. Technopop - K.K. Waltz - K.K. Western - King K.K. - Lucky K.K. - Marine Song 2001 - Mountain Song - Mr. K.K. - My Place - Neapolitan - Only Me - Pondering - Rockin' K.K. - Señor K.K. - Soulful K.K. - Spring Blossoms - Stale Cupcakes - Steep Hill - Surfin' K.K. - The K. Funk - To the Edge - Two Days Ago - Wandering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.11. Katie and Kaitlin ----------------------- These are two cats that have become separated. Katie is the mother and Kaitlin is he daughter. They appear randomly but only after you visit another person's time or someone visits your town. If you help reunite them, here are the gifts you are able to obtain: - Apple TV - Lily-pad table - Lovely phone - Music box - Papa bear - Portrait ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.12. Nat --------- Nat hosts the Bug-Off events that occur certain times of the year. Speaking to him gives you information on the contest. He awards the victor a trophy and the event is done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.13. Pascal ------------ This random guy wonders randomly in your town during the times of 6:00a.m. and 6:00p.m. on weekdays. If you give him a scallop he'll give you a special piece of furniture. However, do NOT speak to Pascal before having a scallop in your hands. He will just be a loser and go into the river in disappointment. He gives you an item from the Pirate series. Here is a list: - Sea View - Ship Deck - Helm - Barrel - Keg - Ship Cannon - Anchor - Ship Compass ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.14. Pavé ---------- Pave' appears during the Festivale. This event occurs once a year and is the perfect time to rid yourself of that Halloween candy you no longer want. She gives unique furniture to the candy you give her. However, by mixing up the candy before giving it to her, you can receive different furniture. She gives out any item from the Festivale series. Here is a list: - Pavé Wall - Pavé Floor - Pavé Bed - Pavé Chest - Pavé Closet - Pavé Sofa - Pavé Chair - Pavé Table - Pavé End Table - Pavé Bookshelf - Pavé Bureau - Pavé Lamp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.15. Pete ---------- Pete is your friendly, neighborhood mail carrier. You can run into him between the times of 9:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. doing his job. This is just another friendly face to talk to, and he needs some appreciation! Nothing special. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.16. Phineas ------------- Phineas is located in the plaza. If you go to the city on sunny days you might just seem him. He is just this super happy guy that will give you either a balloon, pinwheel, or bubble wand just for talking to him. You can only receive one however, but I would assume that would be enough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.17. Mr. Resetti and Don Resetti --------------------------------- Do I have to say anything about these characters? Well, Mr. Resttie anyway. Maybe I should just babble on. Constantly. Not meaning anything. Talking. Annoying. Irritation. Reset, reset reset!. Yeah, he's still that annoying. Resetting your game without saving will cause Mr. Resetti to form ulcers in his stomach. Do it enough times and Mr. Resetti just gets angrier and angrier. You may even get a view of Don Resetti, who is the chill one of the two, but he still hates it all the same. If you visit the city after 8:00p.m. you might be able to visit the Resetti brothers at the Resetti Surveillance Center and score a silver shovel. Who knows? Who knew they would still LIKE you after all that resetting? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.18. Saharah ------------- This camel sells tons of walls and floors. She shows up anytime between 6:00a.m and midnight on weekdays. You trade your floors and walls for hers, which sometimes grant you exclusive items! Here is a list: - Ancient tile - Ancient wall - Backgammon wall - Basement floor - Bath tile - Bathhouse wall - Blue tarp - Boxing ring mat - Chessboard rug - Classroom floor - Classroom wall - Closed road - Concrete floor - Daisy meadow - Desert vista - Garden wall - Industrial wall - Lunar horizon - Lunar surface - Meadow vista - Mortar wall - Mossy carpet - Music-room floor - Music-room wall - Office flooring - Office wall - Ringside seating - Saharah's desert - Sand garden - Sandlot - Shoji screen - Sidewalk - Tatami - Tree-lined wall - Tropical floor - Tropical vista - Western desert - Western vista ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.19. Serena ------------ If you go to the town hall and donate enough Bells to have a fountain built in your town, throw an Axe in the fountain to summon Serena. She is the mythical goddess. Oh yeah. She then asks questions that you must answer correctly in order to receive either a silver axe or gold axe, both that neither break. 4.20. Snowman ------------- During the months of winter when it snows you will sometimes see little patches of snow on the ground that you are able to roll. You get one snowball and roll it until it's the biggest size possible. You then have to roll a second ball in the right size or it won't work. It can not be too big or too small. You then roll the second snowball into the bigger one, which will automatically hop on top of the bottom level. If your snowman is happy, you will be awarded a random item from the Snowman set via mail. This is just like the mayor, in terms of you will only see this special stationary. Here is a list of the items you can receive: - Snowman Wall - Snowman Carpet - Snowman Bed - Snowman Chair - Snowman Clock - Snowman Dresser - Snowman Fridge - Snowman Lamp - Snowman Sofa - Snowman Table - Snowman TV - Snowman Wardrobe - Snowman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.21. Wendell ------------- This traveling merchant loves food. He appears on weekdays between 6:00a.m. and midnight. If you give Wendell some fruit or fish you get a chance at earning one of his gifts. mixing up your gifts will yield different awards. I will type up the complete list of rewards at a later time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.22. Wisp ---------- Wisp is back! And I think we all love him. He turns up in your time at the VERY late time of midnight and on during the night. If you find him, talk to him and he'll want you to help him find his empty lamp. Once you find the lamp, go in your attic and rub it first. You will then have a wish granted out of a possible three. He can either remove all the weeds from your town (my personal favorite), smash all the roaches in your house, or give you a rare items that's not easily found in stores. Nothing like a heaping handful of gratitude! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.23. Zipper T. Bunny --------------------- This bunny appears once a year during Bunny Day. He has hidden eggs around the time and your job is to find them all. Duh. You dig them up with your shovel and then look inside of them. If bunny foil is inside you can trade it with Zipper for any item of the Egg series. Here is a list of the items: - Egg Wall - Egg Floor - Egg Bed - Egg Bench - Egg Chair - Egg Clock - Egg Dresser - Egg Lamp - Egg Stereo - Egg Table - Egg Toy Set - Egg Wardrobe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5. Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------------- Any questions that are mailed or IM'ed to me will get special mentions here. No matter what they are. If it betters the guide, and makes me popular, it shall be included. I'll even mention your name for asking the what-I-know-will-be intellectual/philosophical question in the world we know as Animal Crossing. From blueydmom04: ----------------- Q: I have come across some neighbors who ask me to do a favor for them. It's to tell another player of the game in my town they want to talk about something. Do you know how to do this? A: Talk to the neighbor who asked for this request with the person they want to talk to. Whatever they tell you to tell that person is the item you will receive once the person they want to speak to talks to them. (Wow that is a lot of pronouns..) From Marjet: ------------ Q: Well, on the Nintendo DS you can earn pictures of the animals in your town if they like you, etc. Anyways, my questions is: Can you receive those pictures/photo's in this game too? ^^; A:I am not 100% sure but I have heard, and believe, that the animals will not give pictures of themselves this time around. Once I know for a fact I will let you know, but at this time I do not believe so. Befriending them to that extent will however cause them to stay in your town longer. From TreyFox: ------------- Q: With the new feature of talking to random neighbors in the city, is it possible that some of them [or of their species] will move into town if you talk to them enough? A: Talking to neighbors by either word-of-mouth or sending letters will in fact increase the chances of those villagers moving into your city, however, the species is not affected and it does not apply. From wheresSueE: ---------------- Q: What is the fastest way to make unwanted villagers move out? A: I don't know of, nor do I think there are any, definite methods to make villagers move out. All I can recommend are the following: - Talk to villagers you want to stay in your town every day while ignoring the one(s) you don't. - Complain every day about the neighbor(s) you want gone using every option available. - Hit the neighbor(s) you want gone every day three times with the net to cause irritation. - Push neighbors you want gone until they are irritated; pitfalls are recommended. I do not even know if these methods work but if there ARE methods to begin with those would be the most plausible. From Stephen: ------------- Q: Do you know if other players from a different game can move into your town? Probably not, but I want to confirm it. Thanks. (Via Wi - Fi) A: You mean can people from a completely different Animal Crossing game come move in YOUR town? I really don't think that is possible. I know the DS Suitcase allows people to visit but I don't think they are allowed to move in. I'm going to say no. From Ryan: ---------- Q: When I went to Redd's store he said I needed an invitation. How do I get one? A: You get the invitation randomly by talking to villagers in your town. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6. Contact Info --------------- Here is how you guys can bother me with any facts, opinions, questions, answers, contributions, etc. you think would help better this guide. Plus, because I'm that cool, feel free to drop me a thanks. :) MSN - Poetic_Xalyx@hotmail.com AIM - DarkXalyx Skype - BXalyx Email - TheBlackSpeedRacer@yahoo.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7. Copyright Info ----------------- Ahh, our good old friend copyright. This word helps me not only sue you guys for being extremely lame but also makes me look that much more lethal. I gots copyrights! This entire guide is © (copyright) Speed or popdacracka (Bradley Spears), 2009. GameFAQs, GamesRadar, Cheatplanet, Neoseeker, and Super Cheats are the only sites that have the distinct honor of hosting this guide. If any future updates say that I have allowed *insert site here* to host this guide then permission is then granted. But only if I post it! If anyone sees it anywhere else that has not been mentioned let me know immediately. K? Okay. Animal Crossing: City Folk, along with its characters, situations, associated logos, and all other intellectual properties, is © (copyright) Nintendo, 2009.</p>