"Banjo Kazooie" FAQ/WALKTHROUGH by KrocTheDoc Work History - August 19, 2007 : I started this FAQ and made the table of contents. August 20, 2007 : Almost completed Game Basics, finished walkthrough up to Bubblegloop Swamp and did the Grunty's Lair segment after. August 21, 2007 : Completed walkthrough up to Rusty Bucket Bay August 22, 2007 : Did Click Clock Wood. August 23, 2007 : It's almost 4 a.m. O_O. I just have to do the legal/contact/ credits and finish the characters. It'll be done tomorrow. August 24, 2007 : Yay, it's done! o-----------------o | Version History | o-----------------o o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | August 24, 2007 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | | | I submitted the file to www.gamefaqs.com after working on it for a few days. | | It's been a pleasure and I hope using it will be as well. | | | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | Version 1.00 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | December 24, 2007 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | | | Fixed a mistake in the cheat section. There was an error in the cheat that | | opens Freezeezy Peak. Merry Christmas everyone! | | | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | Version 1.00 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | January 5, 2007 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | | | OMFG. George Homandor sent in the information about the messed up cheat. I'm | | sorry George for not giving you credit. It completely slipped my mind. I'm | | very sorry for that. Anyway, here's an update to give you credit for your | | faaaaabuulous work. | | | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | Version 1.02 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | August 14, 2008 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | | | Added T in the legend for time square for the Furnace Fun and fixed the | | sandcastle floor map for Treasure Trove Cove. | | | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | Version 1.07 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | October 31, 2008 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | | | Fixed a mistake in the GOLDFEATHERS cheat. Thanks to sam-del_567@hotmail.com | | for correcting this mistake. | | | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | Version 1.1 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | October 31, 2008 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | | | Fixed a mistake in the Ice Key cheat. Thanks to maxpower592@yahoo.com for | | correcting this mistake. | | | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | Version 1.11 | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Table of Contents: o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o |No. | Name | Search | Description | o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o |(01)| Introduction | INTRO | The introduction to this FAQ. | o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o |(02)| Game Basics | BASICS | The basic skills and info you need. | o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | 2a | Story | STORY | The story behind the game. | | 2b | Controls | CONTROL| The controls of the game. | | 2c | Items | ITEM | The items found in the game. | | 2d | Moves | MOVE | The moves used in the game. | | 2e | Enemy List | ENEMY | A list of the enemies found in the game. | | 2f | Character List | CHARA | A list of the characters in the game. | o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o |(03)| Walkthrough | WALKTH | The guide on how to finish the game. | o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | 3a | Spiral Mountain |MOUNTAIN| The start of the game. | | 3b | Gruntida's Lair | LAIR | Finding Mumbo's Mountain. | | 3c | Mumbo's Mountain | MUMBO | Mumbo's Mountain guide. | | 3d | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR2 | Finding Treasure Trove Cove. | | 3e | Treasure Trove Cove | COVE1 | Treasure Trove Cove. | | 3f | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR3 | Finding Clanker's Cavern. | | 3g | Clanker's Cavern | CAVERN | Clanker's Cavern guide. | | 3h | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR4 | Finding Bubblegloop Swamp. | | 3i | Bubblegloop Swamp | SWAMP1 | Bubblegloop Swamp guide. | | 3j | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR5 | Finding Freezeezy Peak. | | 3k | Freezeezy Peak | PEAK1 | Freezeezy Peak guide. | | 3l | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR7 | Finding Gobi's Valley. | | 3m | Gobi's Valley | VALLEY | Gobi's Valley guide. | | 3n | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR8 | Returning to Bubblegloop Swamp. | | 3o | Bubblegloop Swamp | SWAMP2 | Finishing Bubblegloop Swamp. | | 3p | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR9 | Returning to Freezeezy Peak. | | 3q | Freezeezy Peak | PEAK2 | Finishing Freezeezy Peak. | | 3r | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR10 | Finding Mad Monster Mansion. | | 3s | Mad Monster Mansion |MANSION | Mad Monster Mansion Guide. | | 3t | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR11 | Finding RBB and returning to TTC. | | 3u | Treasure Trove Cove | COVE2 | Activating the three Cheato cheats. | | 3v | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR12 | Going to Rusty Bucket Bay. | | 3w | Rusty Bucket Bay | BAY | Rusty Bucket Bay guide. | | 3x | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR13 | Finding Click Clock Wood. | | 3y | Click Clock Wood | WOOD | Click Clock Wood guide. | | 3z | Gruntilda's Lair | LAIR14 | Going to the Furnace Fun. | |3aa | Furnace Fun |FURNACE | Furnace Fun guide. | |3bb | Tower Top | TOWER | Finding Grunty. | |3cc | Final Fight | GRUNTY | Fighting Grunty. | |3dd | Ending | ENDING | The game's ending. | o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o |(04)| Appendicies | APPEND | The FAQ's closing sections. | o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | 4a | Stop N' Swap | SnS | A guide to the mysterious Stop N' Swap. | | 4b | Bottles' Puzzles | PUZZLE | A hidden bonus in the game. | | 4c | Mumbo Token Guide | TOKENS | A list of the Mumbo Tokens. | | 4d | Cheat Codes | CHEATS | A list of the game's cheats. | | 4e | Legal Disclaimer | LEGAL | The legal information about this guide. | | 4f | Contact Information |CONTACT | Info you should read before contacting. | | 4g | Credits | CREDIT | The FAQ's credits. | o~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- | | | o---------------------------------o | | (01) | %%%%%%% Introduction %%%%%%% | INTRO | | o---------------------------------o | | | -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= It's been a long time since I've worked on a FAQ (not that I've posted many, as about 2-3 long FAQs I wrote were deleted due to being forced to reformate to recover from a virus infection before they were completed). Anyways, this is my second Rareware FAQ, and my 1st N64 FAQ. Have fun, and I hope you enjoy the guide. As I'm writing this FAQ, this is my 5th time playing through the game. Yeah, the vibrant worlds of Banjo Kazooie never get old. Banjo Kazooie is an adventure game produced by Rare, a company that dishes out some of the best platformers the world has ever seen. Made in 1999, Banjo Kazooie was a hit N64 game, having you adventure through vast worlds as a yellow-shorts wearing, blue backpack carrying bear named Banjo, who's bird friend Kazooie resides within his backpack. The Game Basics chapter will give you general information about the game, such as items and moves. If you read it before you play, you'll be able to skip a lot of beginning training and character speech that you would need otherwise. The Walkthrough chapter will take you step-by-step through the game, telling you how to get all 100 Jiggies, 900 notes, and 24 Hollow Honeycombs. The Appendicies chapter will restate information from the walkthrough, allowing you to pick out information you need with ease. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- | | | o---------------------------------o | | (02) | %%%%%%%% Game Basics %%%%%%%% | BASIC | | o---------------------------------o | | | -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This section will give you basic information about the different aspects of the game. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 2a | %%%%%%%% Story %%%%%%%% | STORY | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o (Taken from Androgynus' FAQ, which is from the manual) At last, the dirty green and blue smog was beginning to clear. Gruntilda stood at the topmost window of her Lair, grinning wickedly down on her latest word. "Tiny creatures far below," She cackled, "which of you'll be first to go?" The witch rubbed her hands in glee at the prospect of putting her favorite invention to good use. It was her pride and joy: a machine that could suck the physical beauty from its victims for Gruntilda to absorb like a sponge! And it would certainly teach her cutesy sister Brentilda a lesson. How dare that interfering do-gooder inherit the family good looks and leave Gruntilda, well... slightly disadvantaged in that department? Hah! Not any more, gloated the witch, picking her nose smugly. Not any more. Turning back the bubbling cauldron, Gruntilda began to cast the spell which would reassure her that she was, of course, the most wonderfully attractive creature in this bright new world... Meanwhile, Tooty was skipping home through the sunny green fields of Spiral Mountain. As she reached the garden gate, a pair of blurry eyes that could only belong to her good friend Bottles popped up from a nearby molehill. "Morning, Tooty," he blinked, uncorking himself from the hole. "And what are your plans for this fine day?" Tooty jumped up and down excitedly, remembering Banjo's promise. "Oh!" she squealed. "When my lazy bother gets out of bed, we're on an adventure!" "That's nice." Bottles squinted up into the sky. "Hang on, isn't that your brother up there?" Tooty turned, and saw an odd shape swoop down towards them at high speed. "No, that can't be Banjo," She said, frowning "I wonder who it is..." "Sweeter than me? Prettier than me? Impossible!" Gruntilda was so furious at the cauldron words that she could barely control her broomstick, screeching with anger every time her boots clipped the treetops. "As cute as me, you stupid pot? For he own sake, I hope she's not!" The witch sped recklessly on until her target finally came into view: staring up at her from a field far below was the innocent young Honey Bear she'd seen in the depths of that treacherous cauldron. Gruntilda cackles. "I need those looks far more than she, and finally perfect I shall be!" she cried, and sent the broomstick into a steep dive. Kazooie popped out of the backpack as erupted just outside the window. "Banjo!" she squawked in alarm. "Banjo, wake up!" The Honey Bear groaned and pulled a pillow over his head. "Aww, Kazooie, it's too early," came his muffled voice. "This is no time to be lazy, farface!" trilled the Breegull, swinging anxiously to and fro. "We've got trouble!" Banjo yawned, rolled over-and fell out of bed in surprise of Kazooie's struggles suddenly toppled both the backpack and its stand onto the floor with a crash. At the same time a sudden gust of wind blew open the curtains, and beneath the peals of manic laughter fading into the distance, Banjo heard the helpless cries of a voice he recongnised... Tooty! The bear gulped, realising that this is going to be one of those days. "Uh, Kazooie, what are you doing down there? He said in confusion, grabbing the backpack as he bolted for the door. "This is no time to be lazy-we've got trouble!" o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 2b | %%%%%%%% Controls %%%%%%%% | CONTROL | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Control Stick | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o ~~Move~~ The control stick is used to manuever Banjo anywhere within 360 degrees. This allows you to move and head to different areas. Holding the control stick lightly will cause Banjo to tip-toe. Push it further and he will walk. Hold it all the way and Banjo will run. Running is the most efficient way to explore the worlds, so you should always do so. However, when moving across narrow bridges, tip-toeing is safer and more advisable. A sudden change in direction will cause Banjo to slide. Be wary of this while on high, narrow ledges, as it can easily cause you to fall off. Underwater, the control stick allows you to move as well. However, it is much more difficult to swim to precise locations or to objects underwater. Pushing the control stick up causes Banjo to go down while holding it down causes Banjo to go up. On icy terrain, Banjo will slip and slide around. If you use Kazooie's feet via the Talon Trot, you won't slide around like that. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | A Button | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o ~~Jump/Swim~~ Like in pretty much all N64 adventure games, the A button is used to jump. Tap A and Banjo won't jump very high. Press it and he'll jump a little higher. Hold it down for a little longer and Banjo will jump high. If you press A while in the air, Kazooie will flap her wings, giving your jump a little more distance. This is the single best move for crossing gaps, as it gives you a fair bit of distance. The A button will also allow you to use many pads the game has. Stand on a Flying Pad and press A and you will take flight. Press A to fly higher (this uses up one Red Feather. Press and hold A while on a Shock Jump Pad to leap high into the air, allowing you to reach high alcoves and ledges. While underwater, holding the A button will make Banjo kick his legs. This is a slow swimming technique, and is inefficient for getting around underwater. However, it is very useful when trying to grab an underwater item, as using the faster swimming technique will often making you go over or around the item. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | B Button | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o ~~Attack/Swim~~ The B button will allow you to perform many different attacks, as well as swim. Press B while holding still to perform the Claw Swipe. This move, since it requires you to be stationary, will usually end up getting you hurt anyways, and is very weak, so completely avoid it. Press B while holding still to roll attack. This move is pretty much useless unless you're attacking a short enemy, or attacking an enemy on lower terrain than you. While underwater, holding the B button will make Kazooie propel you forward with her wings. This is a fast swimming technique, and is good for getting around the water. However, when trying to grab items underwater, the B button will only infuriate you. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Z Button | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o ~~Crouch~~ Holding the Z button will make Banjo crouch. The only use of this is to perform other moves, which I will discuss later. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | C Buttons | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o ~~Camera~~ The C buttons control the camera system. Like pretty much all camera systems, it can often infuriate you to no end. However, Banjo-Kazooie's camera is generally better than most. Pressing the left C button will rotate the camera left. If you hold it, the camera will keep spinning around. The right C button rotates the camera right. Press the up C button to go into Banjo's view. Press it again to go make to normal view. You can't move while in Banjo's perspective. The down C button controls the distance the camera is from you. The first view (the close up one), is inefficient and won't allow you to see most enemies. The second view is a little farther, and is much better. The third and final view is very far away, allowing you to see all of your surroundings. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | R Button | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The R button has only two purposes. The first purpose is to center the camera behind you. Hold the R button to do so. This makes traversing ledges and cliffs much easier, as the camera won't rotate in wild directions. The second use of the R button is to skip character dialouge. Press L+R+B to do so. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | L Button | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The L button's only use is to skip character speech. To do so, press L+R+B. 7.5/10 o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 2c | %%%%%%%% Items %%%%%%%% | ITEM | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Collectible Items ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Jiggy | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The Jiggy (which is a golden jigsaw puzzle piece) is the most important item in the game. They're like the Golden Bananas of BK. Collecting Jiggies allows you to open the 9 worlds. To open a world, you have to place your Jiggies in the puzzle. This may be done by pressing the A button to add one piece at a time, or by pressing Z to put all the pieces in at once. Note that Bottles much teach you the methods of completing puzzles (which he does when you try to complete the first few puzzles) before you can use them. If you want to take a piece out of a puzzle (which you should never have to do), press B. To start adding pieces to a puzzle, stand on the golden jigsaw puzzle piece on the floor. Each of the 9 worlds holds 10 Jiggies, as well as Grunty's lair, for a total of 100 Jiggies. In the early stages of the game, you'll find Jiggies out in the open for you to take. But later on, you must defeat difficult challenges and puzzles to get Jiggies. Also, each world holds 5 Jinjos (little creatures), and when you rescue all five, you get a Jiggy. When you collect a Jiggy, Banjo will do a little dance and Kazooie will put it in Banjo's backpack. A number will pop up, telling you how many Jiggies you have in that world. You can also go to the start menu and go to view totals to view how many Jiggies you have in each world and how many Jiggies you have overall. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Musical Notes | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Musical Notes are like the regular bananas in DK64. They look like an golden 8th note, and you can find 100 of them in each world, for a total of 900 notes. In the first few worlds, notes can be found almost anywhere, in easy to spot locations. Later on, notes will be in secret and hard to reach locations. When you die, you lose all your notes, as you cannot take notes out of worlds. However, the max number of notes you had when you died or left the world remains as your high note score. You may wonder what notes are for. Well, throughout the lair, there are note doors. Each note door has a number on it, indicating how many notes you need to open it. The combined total of all your high note scores must be at least as high as the number on the note door. The first note door requires only 50 notes, while the very last (though it is not necessary to open this one) requires 887 notes. You will need at least 810 notes to complete the game. When you pick up a note, a number will appear on the screen, indicating how many notes you have in that world. The view totals screen will allow you to view how many notes you have collected in each world. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Hollow Honeycombs | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Hollow Honeycombs are like Candy's melon upgrades in DK64. They're basically like regular Honeycombs, except they're shiny and have no honey in them. You can find 2 in each world, as well as 6 in Spiral Mountain. It is not necessary to collect any of the Hollow Honeycombs, but it will be very hard to finish the game if you don't. Each time you collect six Hollow Honeycombs, you get another honeycomb added to your energy bar. The last six do not boost your energy. Going to the view totals screen will allow you to view how many Hollow Honeycombs you have in each world. You can get a total of eight honeycombs via the Hollow Honeycombs. A special puzzle at the end will double your honeycombs to sixteen. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Honeycombs | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Honeycombs make up your energy bar in this game. You start the game with five, but you can boost your energy bar up to eight later. When you make contact with an enemy, you lose one honeycomb. Some enemies take away two honeycombs. Depending on the enemy and the move you use to kill it, you can sometimes get two or more honeycombs. Luckily, it is extremely simple to take out the enemy, which then drops a honeycomb. Unlike in most games, the enemies do not regenerate. This means that honeycombs become scarcer and scarcer as you kill more enemies. In difficult levels, this can become problematic. Therefore, you should never pick up a honeycomb if you don't need it. Also, beehives can be broken for three honeycombs. However, be wary of the bees surrounding the hives in later levels. Fortunately, there are not many enemies in this game, and the few enemies there are are quite pathetic. The real threat is falling off a cliff, running out of oxygen, or other kinds of environmental damage. When your health is low, your energy meter will stay on the screen at the top left. Honeycombs are like the melon slices in DK64. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Oxygen | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Oxygen isn't a real item, but they're made up of honeycombs, so whatever. Whenever you dive underwater, your oxygen meter will appear on the left side of the screen as blue honeycombs. About once every 10 seconds, one honeycomb will fade, indicating that you are losing oxygen. If you run out of oxygen, you will drown and die instantly. Whenever you are underwater, keep a close watch on your oxygen meter, or you will quickly find yourself in a hopeless situation. You have a total of six oxygen honeycombs, and unfortunately, that number cannot increase. In a couple of types of water (the oily water in Rusty Bucket Bay and the freezing cold water in Click Clock Wood), you lose oxygen on the surface, and lose it twice as fast underwater. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Extra Life | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Extra lives take the form of golden Banjo statues in this game. They are rather rare, and are often in dangerous locations, making it not worth the risk. Whenever you load your save file, you have 3 lives. You should never really get a game over, but if you see an easy to get extra life, its always worth the effort to grab it. If you die with 0 extra lives, you get a game over. Although the meter at the top that appears showing you how many lives you have when you collect one will only read 9, you can actually have more than that. If you collect a life when you already have 9 and then die, the meter will still read 9. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Jinjo | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The Jinjo is a small, cute little creature, a lot like the Blueprints in DK64. There are 5 of them in each world, one blue, one yellow, one orange, one green, and one purple. When you collect all five, you get a Jiggy. Like with the notes, you lose all your Jinjos when you die, but it doesn't matter if you've already collected the Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Blue Eggs | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Once Bottles teaches you the egg spit in Mumbo Mountain, you'll be able to shoot eggs, via holding Z and pressing up C. Holding Z and pressing down C will let you fire an egg backwards. Eggs are very weak against enemies, and therefore should not be used for that. The purpose of eggs is to activate switches and to be shot into holes, etc. Doing so will result in some sort of event, almost always resulting in a Jiggy. Eggs can be found virtually ANYWHERE, and are extremely easy to locate. You can pack a total of 100 eggs, but that total can later be doubled to 200. Eggs are exactly like the fruit weapons in DK64. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Red Feathers | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Red Feathers are required to fly, which cannot be done until Bottles teaches you to use Flying Pads in Treasure Trove Cove. Stand on a Flying Pad and press A to take flight. You will steadily go downwards, but you can fly higher by pressing A. This uses up one red feather. Also, once you have the Beak Bomb move from Freezeezy Peak, you can press B to thrust forward, which also uses up one feather. Be careful! If you Beak Bomb into a wall, you'll lose a honeycomb. At first, you will only be able to carry 50 red feathers, which is a fairly insufficient amount, forcing you to restock frequently. However, later this can be doubled to 100, which is a much better total. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gold Feathers | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Gold Feathers are extremely rare and valuable. After you have the Wonderwing move learned from Bottles in Clanker's Cavern, you can hold Z and press right C to activate the Wonderwing. During this time, you are completely invulnerable. If you walk into enemies (other than Bigbutt), the enemy will die instantly. However, during this time, you will lose Gold Feathers at a rapid rate. Once you run out, you will no longer be able to stay invulnerable. At first the max capacity is only 10. But later, this number can be doubled to 20. Although there are only a couple of situations which require use of the Wonderwing, the move can be very useful in certain situations. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mumbo Token | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Mumbo Tokens are relatively easy to find, and come in numbers of about 8 per world. They look like silver skulls, and are used to pay Mumbo for his magic. The first transformation in Mumbo's Mountain is a termite, costing 5 tokens. The second transformation costs 10 tokens, and is an alligator in Bubblegloop Swamp. The third transformation is a walrus, costing 15 tokens in Freezeezy Peak. The fourth transformation, which is in Mad Monster Mansion, is a pumpkin and costs 20 tokens. The fifth and final transformation in Click Clock Wood costs 25 tokens, and is a bee. There are about 100 Mumbo Tokens in the game, but you only need 75. While you are transformed, you cannot attack (except for the alligator), and you won't be hurt by falling. Transformations can get into small holes that Banjo and Kazooie cannot. If you exit a world while transformed, you will eventually be detransformed once you stray far enough. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Orange | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Oranges are in the possession of Conga, who lives in Mumbo's Mountain. When he sees you, he will begin throwing oranges, which can hit orange switches, giving you a Jiggy. You also must climb the tree to get an orange to feed to Chimpy, who will then raise his tree stump for you. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gold Bars | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The two stacks of gold bars are found in Blubber's ship. You have to go through two entrances in the ship. They belong to him, as he lost them in a storm. Return both stacks to him for a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Presents | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Boggy went out to get his kids Christmas presents, but they never returned. There are three in the level. The red one is inside the Christmas tree, the green one is on an island at the start of a slope heading up to the giant snowman's scarf, and the blue one is on the giant snowman's nose. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Acorn | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Acorns are only found in Click Clock Wood. Nabnut, the squirrel, lost his six acorns, and you need to round them up for a Jiggy. There is one that you must fall to get, one on a circle bridge, one in the water inside the house, one on Nabnut's shelf, one down an incomplete steep path, and another on the wooden walkway. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Caterpillar | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Caterpillars are only found in Click Clock Wood. They are in various locations, and are needed to feed Eyrie the eagle. In summer he only wants five caterpillars, but in fall he demands 10. In winter he grows into a full-sized eagle, and rewards you with a Jiggy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pads, Switches, and Misc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Banjo-Kazooie Pad | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o When you enter a world, you'll be standing on a pad with a picture of Banjo and Kazooie's faces. If you want to leave the world, stand back on the pad. Note that leaving a world will cause you to lose all your notes and Jinjos. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Beehive | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The beehives are scattered throughout the worlds. If you break it open, you'll get three honeycombs. From Gobi's Valley onward, the beehives will be guarded by bees. If you open the beehive, they will chase you. You can outrun them with the talon trot or use gold feathers to kill them. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Orange Switch | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The orange switches are in Mumbo's Mountain, near Conga. You have to stand on them, wait for Conga to throw his orange, then get out quickly. The orange will trigger the switch. When all three switches are hit, you'll get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Witch Switch | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o In every world, you'll find a witch switch, a switch with a picture of Grunty on it. Use the beak buster to activate it. This will cause some event to happen in Gruntilda's Lair, allowing you to access a Jiggy. Usually, you have complete some task to get the Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Shock Jump Pad | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o There are several shock jump pads in pretty much every level. They are green and have a picture of Kazooie's foot on them. Bottles teaches you how to use them in Treasure Trove Cove. Hold A while on one to perform a super high jump. This allows you to reach ledges otherwise unnaccessible. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Flying Pad | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Flying pads are somewhat common. They are blue and have three red feathers on them. Once you learn how to use them in Treasure Trove Cove, stand on one, then press A to take flight. You'll slowly sink down. Press A to go higher, using up one red feather. Holding up on the control stick makes you go down, while holding it down makes you go up. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Pipe Switch | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o There are only two of these, and they're both found near Clanker's Cavern. Beak bust them to raise pipes, allowing you to progress through the area. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Grate Switch | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o This is found near Clanker's Cavern. Beak bust it to open an underwater grate, allowing you to access the Bubblegloop Swamp puzzle. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Wading Boots | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The wading boots are a pair of green rubber boots. Once Bottles teaches you how to use them in Bubblegloop Swamp, you can put on the boots and walk around in dangerous terrain safely. Be careful, though, because after a hidden time limit, the boots will disappear. When your time is almost up, you'll hear a clock ticking. Whenever you put a pair of the boots on, always get down to business right away. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Shock Jump Pad Switch | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o There is only one of these in the game, and it's near Gobi's Valley. You have to bust open the wall it's hidden in with the rat-a-tat-rap. Beak bust the switch to make a shock jump pad appear, which will then circle the urn in the room. You have to use the pad to leap into the urn, which will get you the Bubblegloop Swamp Witch Switch Jiggy. You also need it to get the Gobi's Valley Witch Switch Jiggy in the coffin. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Running Shoes | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o After Bottles teaches you how to use the white shoes with red lightning bolts, you can put on a pair and run around at super speed. This allows you to get into areas within a very small time limit and to defeat challenges that require super speed. However, you'll have to get right down to it as soon as you put the shoes on, because after a while, the shoes will disappear. You'll hear a clock ticking when your time is almost up. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Hollow Honeycomb Switch | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o There are two of these in the game, one in Gobi's Valley and one in Rusty Bucket Bay. The first one is behind the pyramid with the matching game, and the second one is in a room entered through a hole in the wall where Snacker is. Beak bust one of these switches to make a Hollow Honeycomb appear in an irritating location. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Propeller Switch | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o There are a few of them in Rusty Bucket Bay. One slows down the fans in the mechanical room, while another slows down the propellers in the back of the boat. The third switch stops the propellers in the back of the boat for 65 seconds, allowing you to get the Jiggy behind them. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 2d | %%%%%%%% Moves %%%%%%%% | MOVE | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Basic Moves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The basic moves are the simple moves you learn in Spiral Mountain. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Camera Controls | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Just outside Banjo's house, Bottles will teach you how to control the camera. Up C lets you see in Banjo's perspective, rendering you immobile. Down C controls how far the camera is from Banjo, offering three different views (one close, one medium, one far). Left and right C will move the camera left and right. Holding R will center the camera behind Banjo, making it easier to traverse ledges and cliffs. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Jump | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Near a bunch of tree stumps, Bottles will show you how to jump. Tap A for a short jump, press it for a bigger one, and hold it for a high jump. Press A and A again while in the air to have Kazooie flap her wings. This is a very useful technique that allows you to traverse gaps. Hold Z and press A to do a high jump , giving you large amounts of airtime and propelling you high into the air. This move is great for getting onto high ledges, but should never be used for getting over gaps, as it gives you very little distance. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Swim | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o By the river, Bottles will give you swimming lessons. Jump into the water and press B to go under. Your oxygen meter will appear. Once every 10 or so seconds, you lose an oxygen piece. Surface when you're low or you will drown and die. While underwater, hold A to have Banjo kick his legs. This is only good for getting items trapped underwater. Hold B to use Kazooie's wings to propel you forward, which is a much more efficient way of getting around underwater. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Climb | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Near a tree, Bottles will tell you how to climb. Jump onto a tree or pole and Banjo will grap hold of it. Move the control stick up and down to climb the tree. When you reach the top, Banjo will automatically leap onto the surface. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Beak Barge | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o In an area with a bunch of rocks, Bottles teaches you to use the Beak Barge. Hold Z and press B to have Kazooie thrust forward with her beak, which can destroy barriers and activate switches. It should be used for this and rarely for attacking enemies, as it is not a very accurate attacking move. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Attack | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o On a hill with a dirt farming patch, Bottles will teach you three attacking moves. Press B while holding still to have Banjo move forward while swiping his claws. This is the Claw Swipe, a very weak and risky move that you should never use. Press B while running to perform the Roll. This is also a weak move, but is useful when the enemy is on lower terrin than you or when the enemy is very short. The third attack is the Rat-a-Tat-Rap. Jump and press B while in the air to make Kazooie come out of the backpack and peck her beak. This is a powerful move that should be used as your main attacking move. It's very effective against aerial enemies as well as enemies that come out of the wall. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Advanced Moves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These moves are learned throughout the various worlds. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Egg Spit | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Mumbo's Mountain The Egg spit is learned in the first world on a ledge. Hold Z and press up C to spit an egg forward. Hold Z and press down C to fire an egg backwards. Eggs are quite useless for dealing damage, as they are very weak. However, they are extremely useful for activating switches and various other purposes, triggering events that will usually end in a Jiggy. You can pack 100 eggs at a time, but Cheato will double that number to 200. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Talon Trot | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Mumbo's Mountain The Talon Trot is learned in the first world at the top of the mountain. Hold Z and press right C to have Kazooie stick her legs out of the backpack. You only need to continue holding Z to keep the move in effect. The Talon Trot allows you to move at a much quicker pace, as well as allowing you to get up steep slopes. On icy terrain in worlds such as Click Clock Wood and Freezeezy Peak, the Talon Trot will prevent you from slipping (which can be very dangerous on high ledges). The Talon Trot is a more efficient way of exploring the large worlds. However, it is extremely dangerous when on high ledges and cliffs. It is more advisable to use Banjo, who does not move as quickly, to walk in these places. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Beak Buster | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Mumbo's Mountain The Beak Buster is learned in the first world at the top of the mountain. Press A to jump, then press Z while in the air. Banjo will turn upside down and Kazooie will slam the ground with her beak. This is a powerful, but inaccurate move, making it less useful against enemies. However, the Beak Buster is great for breaking things open and activating buttons. For example, Mumbo's Mountain and Bubblegloop Swamp both have huts that can be broken using the Beak Buster, revealing prizes. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Flying | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Treasure Trove Cove Flying is learned in the second world at the top of a ship. Press A while standing on a Flying Pad to take flight. While you move around, you will slowly sink towards the ground. Holding the control stick down makes you go up, while holding it up makes you go down Press A to go higher. This uses up a red feather. You can only carry 50 feathers at a time (but later, 100), so it is important to conserve your feathers. Flying allows you to reach areas otherwise unaccesible. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Shock Jump | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Treasure Trove Cove The Shock Jump is learned in the second world on a cliff. Press and hold A while standing on a Shock Jump Pad to leap high into the air. You can also use the control stick to move forward in the air. The Shock Jump allows you to reach high up areas, often leading to a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Wonderwing | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Clanker's Cavern The Wonderwing is learned in the third world inside Clanker. Hold Z and press right C to use the Wonderwing. While the move is in effect, you will be totally invincible, letting you steamroll through enemies and go through dangerous terrain unharmed. However, you lose Gold Feathers at a rapid rate. Once your supply is completely drained, the Wonderwing can no longer be used. Gold Feathers are rare and valuable. At first you can only carry 10, but later that total can be doubled to 20. Because Gold Feathers are used up so quickly and are hard to find, it is important to conserve them. Activate the move just before you make contact with the danger, and end it as soon as you reach safety. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Wading Boots | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Bubblegloop Swamp Use of the Wading Boots is learned in the fourth world just near the entrance. Put on a pair of the giant green boots to activate the move. This allows you to cross dangerous terrain such as icy water, swampy water, or thorns unharmed. Be careful, though, because the boots will disappear after a certain amount of time. If that happens while you're still in the dangerous terrain, you will start taking damage. Wading Boots are usually found very close to a dangerous area you need to traverse. Don't waste any time once you put them on. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Beak Bomb | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Freezeezy Peak The Beak Bomb is learned in the fifth world near a stack of presents. While in the air, press B and Kazooie will lunge forward in a powerful strike. This uses a Red Feather. Fortunately, you don't need to use it very often. You should get fairly close to your target before you Beak Bomb, as it can be hard to control and aim. Also, be careful not to Beak Bomb into a wall, or you will lose a honeycomb. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Running Shoes | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o World : Gobi's Valley Use of the Running Shoes is learned in the sixth world on top of a narrow cliff. This is the last move you'll need to learn in Banjo-Kazooie. Put on the pair of white shoes with red lightning bolts and you will be able to move at super speed. Don't waste time once you have the shoes on, as eventually they will disappear. The Running Shoes are usually used to get into a temporarily opened door within a time limit, or to give you the speed you need to complete a race or challenge. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 2e | %%%%%%%% Enemy List %%%%%%%% | ENEMY | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A list of the enemies found in the game, in order of appearance. Enemies will be ranked in difficulty with a star system, with 1 star being the least difficult and 5 stars being the most difficult. There are about 30 enemies, and all of them are fairly stupid, merely charging at you and not being able to retreat or dodge. Their difficulty depends more on their placement and numbers. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Topper | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Spiral Mountain Topper is a carrot that bounces around in a pathetic attempt to hurt you. Really easy, just Rat-a-Tat-Rap him for an easy kill. Only appears in Spiral Mountain, once you've learned the attack moves from Bottles. He is used as Claw Swipe fodder during your training. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Bawl | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Spiral Mountain Bawl is an onion.. I think.. I don't know my vegetables very well. He is extremely easy to defeat, requiring only a simple Rat-a-Tat-Rap. Only appears in Spiral Mountain, once you've learned the attack moves from Bottles. He is used as Roll fodder during your training. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Colliwobble | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Spiral Mountain Colliwobble is a flying piece of collyflower, and another easy kill. Rat-a-Tat- Rap works best, as he flies in the air. Only appears in Spiral Mountain, once you've learned the attack moves from Bottles. He is used as Roll fodder during your training. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Quarrie | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : 0 If you can't beat this, good luck. Quarrie are the rocks around the molehill where you learn the beak barge, which is also the move that destroys them. These guys can't do a THING to you, all they do is stare... o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Grublin | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Mumbo Mountain Grublin is a purple demon thing, and there are several of them in Mumbo's Mountain. A roll or Rat-a-Tat-Rap will easily take it out, offering a honeycomb. There are a few at the entrance, and a couple at the top of the mountain. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Bigbutt | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Gruntilda's Lair Mumbo Mountain Click Clock Wood Bigbutt is a large blue bull, and he cannot be defeat, even with the Wonderwing. Even though he is indestructable, he's fairly easy to avoid and should not cause you any trouble so long as you keep moving. There are only three in the entire game. You can temporarily stun it with a couple attacks. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Conga | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : *** Mumbo Mountain Conga is a giant humanoid gorilla who resides on top of a tree. He throws oranges at you, and you must have to force him to throw the oranges at the orange switches. You might get hurt, as you have to stand still for a second. To defeat him, you must spit eggs at him and avoid his orange throws. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Ticker | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Gruntilda's Lair Mumbo Mountain Ticker is a giant termite. Rat-a-Tat-Rap is a might miss it, as it is short. Therefore, a Roll works best against a Ticker. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntling | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : */** Gruntilda's Lair Gruntlings come in three forms, red, blue, and black. The red ones are the easiest, requiring a roll. The blue ones require a Rat-a-Tat-Rap or two rolls. The black ones require three rolls or two Rat-a-Tat-Raps. Gruntlings are scattered throughout the lair, but should never pose a problem. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Snacker | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : *** Treasure Trove Cove Rusty Bucket Bay Snacker is a shark that patrols the waters of Treasure Trove Cove. You can kill him, but is rather pointless as he comes back. You will have to dive into the water for a few items, and it can be tricky to avoid Snacker, as you are not faster than him. If you keep jumping and going forward though, you shouldn't get hit. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Snippet | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Gruntilda's Lair Treasure Trove Cove Clanker's Cavern A crab that tries to snip his claws at you. Easy to kill. Beak Buster is optimal as it will yield two honeycombs. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Nipper | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : **** Treasure Trove Cove Nipper is a gigantic hermit crab who swipes his claws at you. It is a little tricky to defeat him, as it requires precise timing, but still is not too difficult. During the second he leaves his face exposed, you must Rat-a-Tat-Rap. Once this is done three times, he will retreat into his shell, letting you enter. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Yum-Yum | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Treasure Trove Cove Yum-yums are clams that hop around. Dont try to roll them, only a Rat-a-Tat-Rap works. Rolls and claw swipes will let the Yum-Yum steal your eggs and feathers. It can be tricky to deal with if you misaim. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Lockup | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : *** Treasure Trove Cove Lockups are the man-eating treasure chests around the cove. They can't be defeated, but their teeth guard treasures. Stand a little bit away from them, then backflip into them when they open up for prizes. Wait again to get out. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Shrapnel | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Gruntilda's Lair Treasure Trove Cove A bomb that lurks in the water. If you get close to it, it will chase after you and explode, dealing two honeycombs of damage. Sometimes you have to grab items underneath it, but it is fairly easy to manuever Banjo away from the Shrapnel. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Grille Chompa | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Gruntilda's Lair Clanker's Cavern Rusty Bucket Bay Grille chompas first appear as grilles in the wall. When you go near, you hear a roaring sound, and the green slugs pop out. They take two honeycombs away and only drop one. Rat-a-tat-rap is extremely effective, since they impede your path as you head along a ledge. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mutie-Snippet | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Clanker's Cavern Mutie-snippets are like regular snippets, but disfigured and green. There's a pack of them in a Clanker's Cavern room and no where else, and you have to kill them all for a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Whiplash | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Clanker's Cavern Whiplashes are pinkish tentacles that stick out of Clanker's insides. They are underwater and flail around, but cannont move. If you make contact with them, you lose health. You cannot defeat them, so simply swim around them. It's not hard. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Chump | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Gruntilda's Lair Rusty Bucket Bay There are only a couple of these guys in the whole game. They are big fish with even bigger teeth. You don't even have to go in the water one of them is in, and the other one is extremely simple to avoid. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Flibbit | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Bubblegloop Swamp Flibbits are red frogs that jump around Bubblegloop Swamp. They hop, so rat-a- tat-raps work best on them. Sometimes you miss though, and that will usually cost you a honeycomb. Overall, they're not hard to deal with unless a few of them flank you. Oh yeah, in Bubblegloop Swamp, I spelt the name flibbet, so just ignore that. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Buzzbomb | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Gruntilda's Lair Bubblegloop Swamp Click Clock Wood Buzzbombs are basically yellow dragonflies. Since they're airborn, rat-a-tat- raps are most efficient. If you miss, you might lose a honeycomb, but they're usually not found in groups, so Buzzbombs are no danger unless they're placed in an area where it could knock you off a ledge... o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mr. Vile | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ***** Bubblegloop Swamp The stars are really a representation of the mini-game this red crocodile makes you play for a Jiggy. In the first round you have to eat more red yumblies than him. In the second, you must eat more red yumblies than him and avoid yellow grumblies, which slow you down should you eat them. In the last round, you have to eat whatever color is shown at the top of the screen. He's a monster and can eat the things quickly. A tie gives Mr. Vile a victory. Worst of all, if you lose, he bites you, taking away TWO honeycombs. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Sir Slush | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficiulty : *** Freezeezy Peak Click Clock Wood Sir Slush is an evil snowman that throws snowballs at you. He actually knows how to lead you, but does it poorly, as the shot usually lands to the left or right of you. Anyways, these guys ARE annoying if in groups, and they pretty much always are. To defeat them, you need to beak bomb the red X on their hat. This isn't too hard, but sometimes you misaim and lose health. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Twinkly Muncher | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Freezeezy Peak Once again, the stars represent the difficulty of the mini-game. You have, I think, 100 seconds to allow 10 twinklies to pass the bridge to the tree. However , these guys pop out of the ground and try to eat the poor little twinklies, which are lights by the way. If you rat-a-tat-rap them in order, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, the game is incredibly easy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Chinker | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Freezeezy Peak Click Clock Wood I called it Chinky in the guide, so ignore that... The chinky is a giant ice cube. Attack it and it splits into two smaller ice cubes. A really cool and fun way to beat it is to kill the giant one, then backflip while between the two small ones, then beak bust. They'll overlap underneath you, giving you a perfect shot plus two honeycombs. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Bees | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Gruntilda's Lair Gobi's Valley Mad Monster Mansion Rusty Bucket Bay Click Clock Wood The bees are found guarding beehives from Gobi's Valley onward. You can kill them with gold feathers, but that is usually a waste. If you shoot the beehive with an egg and switch to talon trot, getting the honeycombs should be no problem. Also, in Click Clock Wood, bees are found just swarming around in summer, not just guarding beehives. You can outrun them in talon trot, and they have limited range, so they shouldn't be a big deal either. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Slappa | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Gobi's Valley Slappas are undead hands wrapped in cloth. They pop from the ground out of nowhere, so keep your eyes peeled. If they sneek up on you, they might cause some minimal damage. Two rat-a-tat-raps will kill it, as long as you destroy it before it slaps (that is collapses onto the ground). o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Scabby | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Gruntilda's Lair Gobi's Valley This little sucker is pretty much a desert counterpart to the Buzzbomb. Likewise , the strategy is the same. Just rat-a-tat-rap. It's almost impossible to miss this thing since it's so huge. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mum-Mum | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Gruntilda's Lair Gobi's Valley Mum-Mums are live mummies. They often come in packs, and can only be destroyed with a gold feather. You can stun them for a bit, but thats pretty much pointless since they come back in a few seconds anyways. Just avoid them, they're quite slow. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Nibbly | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Nibblies are very small bats that hang still until you get close. They sometimes surprise you like that, and their small size makes them hard to target, but it's nothing you can't handle... I hope. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Limbo | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Mad Monster Mansion A skeleton that can only be defeated with gold feathers, or else it is merely stunned for a while. Just avoid it, there's no point in wasting gold feathers. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Portrait Chompa | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Mad Monster Mansion An undead version of the grille chompa. For that reason, it can only be defeated by gold feathers. Usually, you can just wait for it to come out, then snag whatever collectibles are in front of it, so save your feathers. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Tee-Hee | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Mad Monster Mansion A green ghost. There's also a purple tee-hee, but that guy comes back to life and there's only one, in a shed. Unlike the other undead enemies, you should use your gold feathers on these, as they are placed in areas where you have to stop to do things, and can't be taking hits from bad guys. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Ripper | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Gruntilda's Lair Mad Monster Mansion Rippers are killer gravestones. They try to surprise you by appearing as normal gravestones until you approach them. They're tough, but nothing two rat-a-tat- raps can't handle. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Whipcrack | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Gruntilda's Lair Mad Monster Mansion Click Clock Wood Whipcracks are like whiplashes, except they look a little different. You can use goldfeathers to kill them if they're on the land, but underwater, you can't do anything about them. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Flotsam | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Rusty Bucket Bay Flotsams are killer life tubes that hang around the ship in Rusty Bucket Bay. Rat-a-tat-raps are most effective, and will easily take down any flotsam blocking your path. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Boom Box | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : *** Rusty Bucket Bay The boom box is a TNT box with a face that hops around when you get close to it. If you don't get away, it will explode and cause damage. Get on a ledge and you should be safe. You can kill it with three eggs, but usually that's a waste of time. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Grimlet | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : ** Rusty Bucket Bay Grimlets are pipes lined with teeth. Their faces don't show up until you approach them. Stay away from them, because their range is pretty far and they attack with lightning speed. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Seaman Grublin | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Rusty Bucket Bay The seaman grublin is a green, ugly creature wearing a sailor uniform. They are plentiful in Rusty Bucket Bay and come in packs. Rat-a-tat-raps will destroy a seaman grublin in one hit. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Boss Boom Box | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Rusty Bucket Bay A giant boom box that you have to fight for a Jiggy. It splits into double the amount of smaller boxes over and over, but it doesn't explode. You can literally do this with your eyes closed if you use gold feathers. Otherwise, it's a messy job that will take forever. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Snarebear | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * The snarebear is a slightly less cuddly version of the carebear. Aw, hell, it's not even remotely cuddly. It is, however, really easy to get past. You can't kill these man-eating plants, but you can get the prizes they have with a gold feather. The only threat is that of you screwing up the wondewing, which WILL NOT HAPPEN WILL IT? o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Big Clucker | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : **/**** Click Clock Wood The big clucker is just like the chompa, except it's a bird that comes out of holes in the giant tree in Click Clock Wood. These guy scan be really tough if placed well. For example, in one area, they are placed on tiny ledges, and take up the whole ledge. If you don't time your rat-a-tat-rap correctly, you will fall to the bottom of the tree. Just rat-a-tat-rap these guys for maximum effectiveness. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Zubba | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : 0 Click Clock Wood The zubbas are the bees that inhabit the hive in Click Clock Wood. In summer, you have to fight a swarm of them for a Jiggy. This is not even remotely challenging if you use the wonderwing. The idiot bees will charge straight into your indestructable force field and die on the spot. Otherwise, this could be a sticky job. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Grublinhood | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Difficulty : * Click Clock Wood The Grublinhood steals from the poor and gives to the rich. He's an ugly version of Robin Hood. A rat-a-tat-rap will end his days. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 2d | %%%%%%% Character List %%%%%% | CHARA | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o This section will list the characters of the game. A character is defined as any named creature who does not attack you and who cannot be hurt or killed by you. There are some exceptions. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Banjo | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o You play as Banjo, the loveable honeybear. He likes to relax, but has no choice but to go out on an adventure to save his sister. Banjo wears yellow shorts and a blue black pack, as well as a necklace. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Kazooie | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Kazooie is the wise guy, smart-mouthed bird companion of Banjo. She is a "red- crested breegull" and resides within Banjo's backpack. Unlike her friend, Kazooie enjoys adventuring. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Tooty | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Banjo's carefree younger sister. She is kidnapped by Gruntilda the witch. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Bottles | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Bottles the mole, friend of Banjo and Kazooie, is the one to alert them to Tooty's kidnapping, and teaches Banjo and Kazooie all their spectacular moves throughout the game. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mumbo Jumbo | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Mumbo Jumbo is a skull-faced shaman who transforms you into various creatures throughout the game. Time for a handy little chart: Small means the animal can fit through small holes. o---------------------o----------------o--------------------------------------o | World | Transformation | Properties | o---------------------o----------------o--------------------------------------o | Mumbo's Mountain | Termite | Climbs steep slopes | o---------------------o----------------o--------------------------------------o | Bubblegloop Swamp | Alligator | Can attack, survives swamp, small | o---------------------o----------------o--------------------------------------o | Freezeezy Peak | Walrus | Survives icy water, befriends walrus | o---------------------o----------------o--------------------------------------o | Mad Monster Mansion | Pumpkin | Survives brambles, small | o---------------------o----------------o--------------------------------------o | Click Clock Wood | Bee | Can fly, survives Snarebares | o---------------------o----------------o--------------------------------------o None of the transformations are hurt by falling. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntilda | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Gruntilda the rhyming witch has kidnapped Tooty in an attempt to transfer her youth and beauty to herself. She forces Banjo and Kazooie to go off in an adventure through her lair to save Tooty. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Klungo | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Klungo is a giant green monster and Gruntilda's dim-witted assistant. He handles simple tasks like operating machinery. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Brentilda | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Brentilda is Grunty's nicer sister. She is found several times throughout the lair. Whenever you find her, she'll tell you three facts about Grunty's personal life, which you'll need to know for Grunty's game, the Furnace Fun, at the end of the game. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Jinjo | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The Jinjos are tiny little creatures. There are five in each world, one blue, one yellow, one orange, one purple, and one green. When you rescue all five, you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Chimpy | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Chimpy is a chimpanzee resembling Diddy Kong who is found in Mumbo's Mountain on a stump. Once you feed him an orange you steal from Conga, he'll give you a Jiggy and raise the stump, allowing you to reach a ledge. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Ju-Ju | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Ju-ju is Mumbo's talking totem pole. Its segments have mouths that you must feed eggs. Also, you can backflip from the last segment (they disappear as you feed them) for a Hollow Honeycomb. The segments get faster as you go on. When they're all fed, you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Captain Blubber | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Captain Blubber the.. hippo, I think, has lost his treasure. One piece is in the ship, below the trapdoor. The other piece is also in the ship, but you have to go through an underwater door. Once you return the treasure, Blubber will give you a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Leaky | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Leaky is a bucket who has holes. You can patch him up by backspitting three eggs. Then he'll empty the water for you, allowing you to access the sandcastle. This is where all the games codes are entered. First you'll need to complete a puzzle, which nets you a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Little Lockup | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Little lockup is a tiny treasure chest that bounces around an island. You first have to fly around Treasure Trove Cove and stomp all the red X's. They will point in which direction to fly, but the last one will turn into a question mark. Just below the question mark is an island where the last X is. Open the little lockup with an egg for a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Clanker | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Clanker is a giant mechanical shark, and also Grunty's garbage grinder. He is found in the third world, Clanker's Cavern. Most of the Jiggies are found inside him or at least require him to be raised, which you have to do before you can go inside him. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gloop | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o In the area under Clanker with the big key you can swim through three times to free the garbage grinder, you'll find Gloop the fish. He spits out bubbles which you can touch to restore two honeycombs of oxygen. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Croctus | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o These guys are the yellow alligators that open and close their mouth. You have to feed all of them eggs, but only one appears at a time. When you feed it, it disappears and another appears somewhere else. The first is near the start, the second is in an alcove along the path to get the first Jiggy switch Jiggy, the third is at the top of the hut pillars, the fourth is behind the giant crocodile , and the fifth is near Tanktup. When they're all fed, you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Tanktup | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Tanktup is a giant turtle who's feet are numb and cold. He lives in Bubblegloop Swamp. If you beak bust his feet, they'll go in his body and he'll be warm again. As thanks, he'll let you go inside of him and give you a Jiggy. What a cool dude. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Tiptup | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Tiptup is inside Tanktup, and he's a turtle as well. He runs the Tiptup Choir, and makes you play his lessons. You have to beak bust the turtles in the choir in the same order each lesson, and the lessons get harder. You lose a honeycomb if you mess up, but you need to do all three lessons for a Jiggy. Behind his desk is a Mumbo Token, and above it is a Hollow Honeycomb. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Tiptup Choir | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The tiptup choir are Tiptup's students, and they make noises in a certain order (they're backs are colored differently). You have to complete three lessons of noises, each lesson being longer than the first. If you mess up, you lose a honeycomb. When you complete the third lesson, you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mr. Vile | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Mr. Vile is a red crocodile who lives inside the giant crocodile in Bubblegloop Swamp. Once you transform into an alligator, you can enter the crocodile and play Mr. Vile's mini-game. In the first round, you have to eat more red yumblies than him. In the second, you have to eat more red yumblies and avoid yellow grumblies. In the final round, you have to eat whatever is displayed at the top of the screen. The mini-game is tough, but it's a little easier if you wait for the running shoes. Once you beat him, you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Boggy | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Boggy is the polar bear you meet near the start of Freezeezy Peak. He lives in the igloo at the very start of the level. He has three Jiggies. When you land on him with the sled, he spits out the first. The last two are won by beating him in racing, the first when you're a walrus and the second when you're Banjo and Kazooie, but you'll need the running shoes for that. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Moggy | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Moggy is one of Boggy's kids. He is upset that his father didn't return with his present. When you find and return all three kids' presents, you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Soggy | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Soggy is one of Boggy's kids. She is upset that her father didn't return with her present. When you find and return all three kids' presents, you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Groggy | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Groggy is one of Boggy's kids. He is upset that his father didn't return with his present. When you find and return all three kids' presents, you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Twinklies | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Twinklies are Christmas tree lights found in Freezeezy Peak. Beak bust the present box their in open to play a mini-game. Rat-a-tat-rap the Twinklie Munchers so 10 Twinklies can cross to the tree in 100 seconds. It's extremely easy if you just keep killing the munchers in order, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. Once 100 twinklies are across, instead of giving you a Jiggy, they give you a switch in the back of the tree. Shoot the eggs with three eggs to make the lights go on TEMPORARILY. Rush to the flying pad and fly through the star at the top of the tree three times. This makes a glass casing a Jiggy INSIDE the top of the tree explode! Damnit. You have to climb the trunk from the inside to get the Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Wozza | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Wozza is a walrus who is afraid of Banjo in Freezeezy Peak. When you transform into a walrus, he will give you a Jiggy. You can go in his cave to get a Hollow Honeycomb in the icy water. You'll also have to go in as Banjo and Kazooie to get the orange Jinjo. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Trunker | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Trunker is a carrot-like tree thing at the start of Gobi's Valley. He is dehydrated. Once you free Gobi, you'll be able to stomp him to make him spit his water on Trunker, who will give you a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Jinxy | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Jinxy is the sphinx near the start of Gobi's Valley. He has a flying pad on his back and a Mumbo Token on his nose, which is stuffed. You can unclog his nose by shooting one egg into each nostril (wtf). This will make him open himself up, where you can get a Jiggy atop some magic carpets, as well as the orange Jinjo. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | The Ancient Ones | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o The ancient ones are a bunch of rings that pop out of the ground in Gobi's Valley. You have to fly through them all (one goes down when you fly through it and another goes up somewhere else) to get a Jiggy, although they try to be smart and tell you that it will defeat the witch. Sure it will. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Rubee | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Rubee is a snake charmer who lives in a pyramid with his snake, Histup, in Gobi's Valley. If you shoot a eggs into the basket circling the snake (which gets faster everytime it gets an egg), Hisstup will lift you to a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Histup | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Histup is Rubee's snake who will lift you to a Jiggy if you shoot a few eggs into the basket circling him. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Grabba | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Grabba's got a Jiggy, ner ner, WTF where did it go? Grabba is like a Slappa, except he's not a real enemy. If you use the running shoes, you can grab his Jiggy before he goes back underground. He lives near the back of Gobi's Valley. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gobi | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Gobi is a camel trapped near the back of Gobi's Valley. If you beak bust the rock trapping him, he'll give you a Jiggy and run off to near Trunker. Beak bust his hump to make him spit his water all over Trunker. Then he runs to near a door with notes in front of it. Beak bust his hump again for a Hollow Honeycomb, then he'll run to Click Clock Wood. Beak bust his hump in summer and fall to make him spit his water over the flower, making it grow and produce a Jiggy. He then goes to the lava world. Don't think you're done pissing him off yet.. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | King Sandybutt | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o You never actually see King Sandybutt. The pyramid you raise by shooting eggs into the sphinx heads moving on the sides of the pillar in the middle belongs to King Sandybutt. When you enter, you have to navigate a maze in 60 seconds, or the walls close and kill you instantly. The witch switch is also in here, but not along the path to the exit. At the end of the maze you'll get a Jiggy in a coffin as well as the purple Jinjo. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Cheato | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Cheato, Grunty's missing spellbook, appears in three locations. The first is through a hole up a slope near the Freezeezy Peak puzzle. Only the alligator can get through the hole, but Banjo and Kazooie have to break the ice blocking it off first. He will give you the cheat BLUEEGGS, which you can enter in Treasure Trove Cove to increase your egg maximum to 200. The next Cheato is in the lava room, past the Mad Monster Mansion cave. You have to go through the thin, winding path to get to a tiny hole that only the pumpkin can go through to find Cheato, who gives you the cheat REDFEATHERS, which increases your red feather maximum to 100. The final Cheato is near Rusty Bucket Bay. First, in the room with the 640 note door, you have to bust open a grate in an alcove where the Rusty Bucket Bay witch switch Jiggy appears. Head through the pipe to find a water level switch. Beak bust it to raise the water level to 3 temporarily, then swim to the Rusty Bucket Bay room. Jump into the alcove that you an access now and follow the stairs to find Cheato, who gives you the cheat GOLDFEATHERS. That will increase your gold feather maximum to 20. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Loggo | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Loggo is the toilet of Mad Monster Mansion's bathroom. When you transform into a pumpkin, he will flush you down, letting you get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Napper | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Napper is a green ghost who lives in the dining room of Mad Monster Mansion. You have to go to the top and fall through the fireplace. If you touch the floor, Napper will wake up and you won't be able to get his Jiggy. Instead, you have to jump across the chairs and get the Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Tumblar | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Tumblar is found in the shed in Mad Monster Mansion. Solve the puzzle by spelling out BANJO KAZOOIE on the floor (you have to avoid the purple ghost going around the room and the witch squares) to get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Motzhand | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Motzhand is a ghostly hand who plays an organ in the church of Mad Monster Mansion. Follow him along the keys in two pieces by beak busting the keys to get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gnawty | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Gnawty is a beaver in Click Clock Wood. There's a boulder blocking his house in spring. In summer, you can beak bust the boulder to destroy it. However, you can't head up the slope until there's water in the lake again in fall. In fall, Gnawty will give you a Jiggy. Also, in winter, you can swim into Gnawty's house (you have to swim through icy water that takes oxygen twice as fast underwater) to get a Hollow Honeycomb. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Nabnut | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Nabnut is a squirrel found in Click Clock Wood near the house and bridge area. In spring, he is eating his acorns, and in summer, he's so fat he can't move. In fall, you'll have to round up six of his acorns (one is above a pit you can fall through, one is below the acorn above the pit, one is above the circle walkway that forms the pit, another is on Nabnut's shelf, one more is in a mini- lake inside the tree, and a final one is on a steep unfinished walkway) to get a Jiggy. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Eyrie | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Eyrie is an eagle found near the top of the tree in Click Clock Wood. In spring, you hatch him from his egg. In summer, you collect and feed him five caterpillars. In fall, you feed him 10 caterpillars. In winter, he's a fully- grown eagle and FINALLY gives you the Jiggy you deserve. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- | | | o---------------------------------o | | (03) | %%%%%%%% Walkthrough %%%%%%%% | BASIC | | o---------------------------------o | | | -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I am under the assumption that you will use this start-to-finish. If not, the totals I give out for Jiggies, notes, Hollow Honeycombs, and Mumbo Tokens will not make sense. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3a | %%%%%% Spiral Mountain %%%%%% | MOUNTAIN | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Moves - 6 Difficulty - 0.5/10 Enemies - Topper, Bawl, Colliwobble, Quarrie After the cutscene of Grunty kidnapping Tootie for her looks is over, your adventure begins. Head forward out of Banjo's house and Bottles the mole and Banjo will introduce themselves. Bottles explains that Tooty was kidnapped by the evil witch (Gruntilda), and offers to help you by teaching you moves. Say yes to his offer, then continue out of the fencing. You should see a mole hill soon. Stand on it and press B. Bottles will teach you the camera controls. Now head over to the left. Go into the clearing with the tree stumps and activate the mole hill. Bottles will teach you three jumps. A for a regular jump, A+A for a wingflap, and Z+A for a flip-flap jump, the flip-flap being the highest. Now highjump (flip-flap jump) onto the stump with the Hollow Honeycomb (1). Head out of the clearing and continue left around the mountain to the next mole hill, where Bottles will teach you how to swim. Jump into the water and press B to go under. Now hold the B button to swim quickly, or A to swim slowly. Find the underwater alcove in the mountain (it's under the bridge) and grab the Hollow Honeycomb (2). Get back on dry land to where the swimming mole hill was and continue. Cross the bridge and learn how to climb trees from the next mole hill. Jump onto a tree and use the control stick to go up and down. When you reach the top, Banjo will automatically jump onto the top. Now go back across the bridge again and climb the tree to the left. Get the Hollow Honeycomb at the top (3). Now you should notice a waterfall pouring into a pond. There are ledges along the wall, going behind the waterfall. Keep jumping across the gaps, wingflapping for the bigger gap and grab the Hollow Honeycomb (4). Jump into the alcove behind the wider waterfall and get the extra life. Head back over to the climbing mole hill and continue around the mountain. Keep going until you reach a dirt clearing with a bunch of rocks. Press B on the mole hill to learn how to use the beak barge. Hold Z and press B to have Kazooie thrust her beak forward. Beak Barge all the rocks to break them, and grab the Hollow Honeycomb from the last one (5). Head out of the clearing and go up the ramp to the farm patch with the fencing. Now activate the mole hill. First you learn the claw swipe. Stand still and press B. Use it to kill the toppers. Then roll the bawls that come out by pressing B while running. The last move is the rat-a-tat-rap. Use it to kill the two collywobbles by pressing A then B while in the air. Get the Hollow Honeycomb (6). Excellent! You now have six honeycombs in your energy bar. Go back down the ramp and head right until you reach the bridge. Go up it and begin heading up the spiral mountain. When you reach the top, Bottles will have fixed the bridge. Now head across it and into Gruntilda's Lair. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3b | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR1 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Another annoying cut-scene showing that Grunty's beauty transfer machine thing is almost ready ensues... You'll notice a steep slope ahead, but we can't go up it right now, so head to the left and jump up the rock-like platforms to get the Jiggy (1). Jump down the platforms and go over to the right. Head into the cave with the red eyes above it and you'll be in a grassy area with a giant boulder. Go up the ramp on the right and stand on the Jiggy podium. You'll automatically enter the view of Banjo. Press A to put your Jiggy in the puzzle, as Bottle says. The door in the rock is unlocked, revealing the entrance to Mumbo's Mountain. Head inside. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3c | %%%%%% Mumbo's Mountain %%%%%% | MUMBO | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A mountain-themed level named after Mumbo, the shaman who transforms you into various creatures. This world is extremely easy, requiring no maneuvering and having easy puzzles. This level will introduce you to basic concepts in the game. Moves - 3 Difficulty - 1/10 Enemies - Grublin, Bigbutt, Conga, Ticker Bottles will tell you there are new moves to be found in this world, three to be precise. Ignore the Grublins at the start and go left. Go along the bridge and grab the notes (7). Don't go across yet. From the bridge, jump onto the platform with the blue Jinjo on it (1). Dive into the water and collect the six notes total in the two alcoves (13). Now head over to the other side of the pond and up the ramp. Avoid the Bigbutt and keep going down a little slope to an area where Conga the gorilla is. He gets mad and starts throwing oranges at you. Notice there are three orange switches around the tree Conga's standing on. For each switch, stand on it, then quickly move once Conga's has thrown an orange. If you time it right, the orange will activate the switch. Once all three switches are activated, get the Jiggy (1) that appears. Now climb up the tree until you grab an orange. Head over to the back behind the tree to meet Chimpy, who closely resembles Diddy Kong. Feed him the orange and he will raise the stump and give you a Jiggy (2). From the stump, highjump onto the platform and activate the mole hill. Bottles will teach you the egg spit. Hold Z and press up C to fire an egg forward, or down C to fire one backwards. He gives you 50 eggs to start with. Go to the left and start jumping up the ledges sticking out. Once you have the Mumbo Token (1), backtrack and go over to the right and head up the ramp to face Conga. Spit an egg at him, then once he starts his orange throw. Hit 'im with another egg and avoid the next two oranges he throws. Now hit him with one last egg to finish him off. Drop down and grab the orange Jiggy (3). Get away quick because Conga magically recovers and starts throwing oranges at you again. Go over to the left. You'll notice a giant hill going upwards. You can't go up by way of the hill yet, but you can take the stairs on the right side. Head up the stairs and grab the notes along the way (22). You'll notice a large brown mound in front of you. That is the termite nest. Leave it alone for now, and instead head up the stairs on the left, getting the notes (26). Talk to Bottles here to learn the Talon Trot. Hold Z and press right C to make Kazooie do the running, allowing you to go up steep hills and move faster. Talon Trot up the stone slab leaning against the platform and go around to get the notes (40) and the Jinjo (2). Drop onto the platform in the middle and get the Jiggy (4). Go around the back of the slabs holding the ledge to get the Mumbo Token (2). Now head down the giant slope that you couldn't go up previously, and grab all the notes on the ledges sticking out along the way (61). Also get the Jinjo on the middle ledge (3). Head back down and keep going past the Conga area, past the beehive, and cross the bridge. In the Grublin area, take note of the small tower sticking out of the ground. Highjump onto it and grab the Jinjo (4). Drop off the tower and grab the Mumbo Token behind it (3). Talon trot up the giant slope and collect all the notes on the ledges (79). Also grab the Jiggy on the middle ledge (5). Keep going up the slope and enter the break in the fencing. You'll notice huts circling the area. Not every file has the same prizes in the same huts, but the prizes themselves don't vary. Go over to the back of the area and take out the Grublin, then talk to Bottles mole hill in the very back, behind the hut. He will teach you the Beak Buster. Jump and press Z while in the air to slam the ground with Kazooie's beak. Beak bust all of the huts around the area, grabbing the notes on each (85). Get the notes in the huts (90), the Jinjo (5), and the Jiggy (6), then get the Jiggy the last Jinjo gives you (7). Stand on the platform in the middle with Juju the totem pole spinning on it. You must spit eggs into each piece's mouth, which requires some good timing. The segments spin faster and faster each time. When one segment is left, DON'T feed it right away. First, jump onto it, then highjump off it to the Hollow Honeycomb (1). When all the totem segments are fed, get the Jiggy (8). In the corner you should notice Mumbo's skull. This is where the shaman performs his transformation spells. Before we go in, grab the Mumbo Token (4) under the ramp leading to the skull. Now highjump into the right eye socket of the skull and get the Jiggy (9). Don't go in the skull. We're still not ready. Go back all the way down the slope to the Conga area and highjump from the stump raised by Chimpy. Go to the left where you got the Mumbo Token and head up the ledges. Keep going this time and beak bust the witch switch you see. This will cause a Jiggy to appear atop the Mumbo's Mountain entrance. Head back to the termite nest and enter it. Kill the Ticker, then talon trot and start going up the ledges. Once you grab the Mumbo Token (5) on the second ledge, exit the termite nest. Head back to the hut area and enter Mumbo's skull. Grab the notes in here (94) and then stand on the skull in the middle. Press B to pay your 5 Mumbo Tokens (0) and be transformed into a termite. Exit the skull and enter the termite nest again. Jump up the ledges, continuing up in the spiral, jumping the gaps. You'll come to a grassy netting. After the Ticker asks where you got the shorts, grab the last four notes (100). Avoid the Ticker, then continue up to another grassy netting. The Ticker demands that you give him the backpack. Avoid him, then keep going up the nest. Exit through the hole at the top. Get the extra life, then go the other way and head to the top. Get the Jiggy (10). Now that you have all 10 Jiggies, drop down from the termite nest and start going down the rocky part of the mountain side that overlooks the water. Go to the middle and find an alcove in the mountain. Get the Hollow Honeycomb (2). Now go all the way down the mountain and go to the start of the level. Exit by standing on the Banjo-Kazooie pad. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3d | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR2 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Whenever you leave a level, an enemy escapes. In this case, it's a Ticker. As the termite, head up the Mumbo's Mountain entrance. You might have to jump a little, as it's steep even for the termite. Grab the Jiggy (2). Head out of this area to the lair entrance. The magic of the transformation will wear off, and you will turn back into Banjo and Kazooie. Go over to the slope I said you couldn't go up in the beginning. Talon trot up the slope to find the 50 note door. Bottles will tell you that in order to open note doors, the total of your high note scores for all the worlds must be at least the number on the door. We have 100 notes, so the door will open, allowing you to progress. Go to the left (it will be your right because when you enter the room, the camera is in front of you) and take out the Gruntling. Head down the entrance behind it and you'll find a cauldron. Activate it by going near it. Once you find two cauldrons of the same color, you can jump in one to warp to the other. Go around the room to get the eggs, plus the Mumbo Token (1) in the very back. Head back up the stairs and go to the other side of the room where you will find the Treasure Trove Cove puzzle. Stand on the Jiggy podium and Bottles the mole will tell you that you can press B to remove pieces in the puzzle (but you can't do this once the puzzle is complete). Press A twice to finish off the puzzle, and a treasure chest in a later room will open up, giving you the entrance to the next world. Go over to the right in the corner where you will find Brentilda , Grunty's nicer sister. Once she's done introducing herself, talk to her three times (by pressing B while in front of you) to get three facts about Grunty's personal life. While these may seem useless now, they will come in handy later. Now go up the bridge by Grunty's face and into the next room. Jump over the stream and take out the Gruntling. Drop down the cliff and enter the cave with the red eyes. Head over to the upper right corner of the room and highjump into the treasure chest. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3e | %%%% Treasure Trove Cove %%%% | COVE1 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A bright, beach-themed level with pirates and treasure chests. You'll find the enemies are based on creatures that would be found on a beach. The maneuvering required here is much harder than in Mumbo's Mountain. Moves - 2 Difficulty - 2/10 Enemies - Snacker, Snippet, Nipper, Lockup, Shrapnel At the start, Bottles will do a sad attempt at some impressionism and try to be a pirate, telling you there are two moves. These moves both involve special pads. Get the four notes on the dock (4), then jump off it into the water. Be sure to be a good distance away from the dock when you land. Snacker the shark will try to eat you. Dive underwater and grab the blue Jinjo under the dock (1), then swim to land before Snacker bites you. Take a left and head through the arch in the rock, and go over to Nipper, the giant hermit crab. He might have helped you , but he decides to attack you because big-mouthed Kazooie pissed him off. Get into talon trot and stand out of Nipper's range. When he stops snipping, jump into him and rat-a-tat-rap. Keep repeating this process. He gets faster as it goes on. Once you've hit him three times, he retreats into his shell. Get the Mumbo Token (2) behind his shell, then go inside the shell. Follow the spiralling path through the shell, grabbing the notes (10). Take out the pair of Snippets, then highjump for the Jiggy (1). Backtrack and exit the shell. Go through the arch in the rock northeast and you should see a pirate ship. There are two trees to climb by the water, so do so and get the eight notes on top of them (18). Climb the crates to the top of the rocky ledges, then talk to Bottles. He will teach you the Shock Jump. Stand on a Shock Jump Pad and hold A to jump high into the air. Go backwards and traverse the rocky ledges. There are several branches, so be sure to take them all. Grab all the notes (30). Now head back to the ship. Jump into the water the ship is in and swim through the open door in the ship. Grab the four notes (34), and the bars of gold (1) in the top left corner. Exit this part of the ship. Talon trot up the left side of it (don't go up the netting) and talk to Captain Blubber, the whale thing on the ship, who has lost his treasure. We've already gotten half of it, so go to the right side of the boat and beak bust the trapdoor type thing on the ship deck. You end up on a crate. Jump into the water, dive in, then grab the Mumbo Token (3) and the notes (38). Now get the bars of gold (2). Jump back on the crate and high jump to the exit. Head back to the left of the boat and give the gold to Captain Blubber. He will reward you with a Jiggy (2). Climb up the pole and grab the Mumbo Token (4) at the top beneath the platform. Now talon trot up the netting on the left, getting the notes (44). Grab the feathers around the pole at the top, then climb up the pole to get the green Jinjo (2). Jump off the platform and head to the other side of the boat. Talon trot up the netting, getting the notes (49). Talk to Bottles here and he will teach you to use Flying Pads. Press A while on one to fly, and press A again to fly higher, using up one red feather. Bottles gives you 25 feathers to start with. Stand on the pad right now, and take flight. Head into the giant arch into the heart of Treasure Trove Cove. Fly into the left alcove high up in the arch where the treasure chest. Position yourself a little bit away from the chest, then high jump into it once it's open. Get the Jiggy (3). Drop down all the way into the water. Get onto the crate in the corner and grab the Mumbo Token (5). Swim back to land, avoiding Snacker. Head back up to the Flying Pad and soar up once more. This time go into the left alcove. Grab the note (50), then enter. Head around the place to the right, killing the Yum-Yum. Now kill the second Yum -Yum. You should see a tree with a Jinjo on it. Jump onto the trunk of the tree, climb it, then grab the yellow Jinjo (3). Find the start of the spiralling path upwards, then take the trek up, jumping gaps. Grab the notes along the way (53). When you reach the top go behind the lighthouse and beak bust the witch switch. A cannon will fire a Jiggy outside the entrance. Go back to the other side of the lighthouse and rat-a-tat-rap the door. Grab the Mumbo Token (6) and enter. Get the notes around the top (58), then use the shock jump pad to reach the very top of the lighthouse. Grab the Jiggy (4). Use the wingflap to safely jump down to the bottom of the lighthouse area, then head down the stairs. If you far enough from the very right edge of the alcove, then make Kazooie flap her wings for as long as possible, you can land JUST at the shore, but without taking any damage. Once you're on land, head back to where Bottles taught you the Shock Jump. Use the shock jump pad in front of you to leap straight up to a Mumbo Token (7). Now head across the wooden plank and shock jump to the next pad. Keep shock jumping from platform to platform and grab the purple Jinjo (4). Continue juping from pad to pad, and jump to the pad northeast on the ledge sticking out of the rock wall. Now leap up the ledges to the alcove, then grab the Jiggy (5). Go back down to the shock jump pad near the ledge, then start leaping the other way (left, not the way you came). On the final pad, leap straight up for three notes (61). Now head back to the rocky ledges where you learn the Shock Jump, head across to a chest in the water and head up the ramp behind the chest. Go past the beehive and shrapnel, then take out the snippet. Get the notes (64). Now head left and shock jump to the next ledge. Avoid the shrapnel and shock jump again to the narrow ledge overlooking the shrapnel's pool. Carefully go across it and get the orange Jinjo at the end (5). Get the Jiggy (6). Head back across the narrow ledge and continue to the next shrapnel. Jump into the water and dive under it. Get the Jiggy (7), then head back to safety. Continue over to the end of the cliff. Slide down the side of the ladder with the notes (68). Jump into the chest when it's open to get two Mumbo Tokens (9). Go to the other ladder and slide down the side with notes again (72). Slide down the note side of one last ladder (76), then head over to the very narrow ledge overlooking the water behind the ladder. Jump from crate to crate, then high jump to the ledge. Keep jumping from ledge to ledge and then grab the Jiggy in the alcove at the end (8). Dive into the water and swim past the rock pillar on the right. Go underwater and grab the Hollow Honeycomb in the corner on the left (1). Swim back to land before Snacker takes a bite out of you, then keep going through the archway to Blubber's ship and to the shock jump pad area. See that large, thick pillar by the water? Go behind it and get the Mumbo Token (10). Continue to find two chests. Jump into the first one for notes (81). The second one contains red feathers. Head behind the first chest, jump into the water, and swim straight forward to a crate. Get on the crate and grab the Hollow Honeycomb (2). Swim back to where you were and continue. Walk up the bridge to the platforms heading up the spiral tower. Jump the gap and get the notes (85). Continue up the platform until you reach the top. Beak bust the red X and it will turn into an arrow pointing towards where you should fly. Use the flying pad and follow the arrow. Fly over the ladder area and past the Jinjo ledge. Go to the cliff with another red X and a flying pad. Beak bust the X and it will become another arrow. Fly in the direction the arrow points to the part of the rocky ledges with the shock jump pad molehill where a flying pad is. Beak bust the X, then keep on flying. Fly to another part of the rocky ledges and beak bust the X. Fly to the thick pillar by the water in the shock jump pad area. Collect the notes (91), then beak bust the X. It will turn into a question mark, and a chest will mock you, claiming you won't be able to find the treasure now. Since you're not five years old, check around the pillar and jump onto the island once you find it. Kill the Snippet, then beak bust the X. A small chest will start bouncing around. Shoot it with an egg to open it. Get the Jiggy (9). Swim back to the mainland and return once more to the shock jump mole hill. Move away from the molehill towards the path and drop down. You'll be on a ledge with Leaky, the bucket. Spit three eggs backwards to patch his holes, then he will empty the water in the pond below, killing the shrapnel. Jump on top of the sandcastle and get the notes (96). Now enter the sandcastle. Get the four notes (100) in the small patches of water at the start, then proceed to the puzzle. You have to spell out BANJO KAZOOIE on the sandcastle floor in 100 seconds. Beak bust the letters in order. The timer starts when you hit B. Here is a map: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ H | J | | G | | A | | L | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ G | | V | | E | | C | | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ F | M | | N | | R | | P | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ E | | D | | O | | S | | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ D | Z | | U | | Y | | I | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ C | | X | | T | | F | | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ B | O | | A | | W | | O | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ A | | H | | B | | K | | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ Hit the tiles in this order: A4, B3, F3, H1, E4, A6, H5, D1, E4, B1, D7, G4. Once you've spelt out BANJO KAZOOIE, the jail in the back will open. Destroy the black snippet, then grab the Jiggy (10). Nice job, you've completed Treasure Trove Cove! Remember where this sandcastle is and how to get in, because it's the place where you enter all of the game's codes. Now exit the sandcastle. Head through the arch and back to the dock. Stand on the Banjo-Kazooie pad to leave. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3f | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR3 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Kill the snippet that escaped, then look at the ship-like wall where the exit is. Jump on top of the cannon that's sticking out, then jump to the top. Take out the gruntling, then high jump again. Grab the Jiggy (3). Drop down and exit. Climb the vine and take out the gruntling. Jump the stream and head into the 50 note door room. When you walk down the ramp, turn back and use the shock jump pad to leap into the alcove. Use the Jiggy podium and place two pieces in. Bottles will give you one last tip for solving puzzles, which you should use right now. Press Z to put all your pieces in at once. Do so and the grate blocking off the entrance to Clanker's Cavern will open. Head back into the waterfall room up the ramp and go into the pipe pouring out water. For some unexplained reason, there's no water in here! Head through the pipe and jump out the crack once you find it. Jump on top of the pipe and head to the front of it where you came from and get the Mumbo Token (11). Now take out the gruntling near the crack in the pipe and activate the red cauldron. Near the cauldron is a small pipe with a grate blocking it. Jump on to it, then high jump for a gold feather. Head out of the pipe to the waterfall room, then jump on top of the pipe and on to the node on top of it. High jump to the purple alcove and head inside. Drop onto a ledge below the one you're on. It's on your left because of the way the camera is positioned. Beak bust the platform switch to make the platforms rise. Leap across them and enter Clanker's Cavern. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3g | %%%%%% Clanker's Cavern %%%%%% | CAVERN | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A dank and damp sewer-like cavern, where you will meet Grunty's trash compactor, Clanker. Most of the Jiggies in this world are inside of him, and you'll be holding you breath a lot in this world. Moves - Wonderwing Difficulty - 5.5/10 Enemies - Snippet, Grille Chompa, Mutie-Snippet, Whiplash At the start, drop down into the water and kill the snippet. Climb the ladder to the top of the tank and high jump on to the pipe on the left. A new enemy is the grille chompa. Notice the grills in the wall. When you go near it, a giant green slug monster comes out and bites you. Rat-a-tat-rapping is the best way to take them out. Head along the left pipe and kill the two grille chompas, getting the notes (4). Jump the gap and get the gold feather, then jump onto the world's entrance and get the Mumbo Token (12). Cross another gap and grab a second gold feather. Jump to the red feather, then make your way along the pipe, getting the notes (8) and killing the chompas. Now you'll be on a tank. Break the beehive if you need the energy, then grab the yellow Jinjo (1). Dive into the water and swim through the underwater pipe. Get the notes along the way (14). You'll find Grunty's garbage grinder, Clanker, who resembles a giant shark. First we're going to get a risky Jiggy, that way we won't lose too many notes. Head along the right side of the room. You should see a hole blocked by a grate. Behind it is a Jiggy. Continue to an open hole. Swim through it and follow the winding passage, then get the Jiggy (1). Quickly swim back to the main area. Now look for a giant opening underneath Clanker. A chain attatched to him goes through this hole. Swim under it, where you will find a fish named Gloop. He spits out bubbles, which you can touch for two extra oxygen honeycombs. Find a key sticking out of the giant tank in the center. Swim through it three times and Clanker will be freed. Now swim around the perimeter of the area to get the notes (22). Also get the green Jinjo (2) on the side of the tank. You don't have to get everything in one trip, but be sure not to leave anything behind. When you swim through the key three times, Clanker will rise above the dirty water, allowing him to breath. He will give you a Jiggy as reward. Face the yellow pipe where you entered this room and look to the right. You should see an orange pipe. Swim through it to get a Mumbo Token (13). Near the orange pipe is a bobbing platform on the surface. Use it to jump to the edge of the ledge with the grille chompa. Take out the chompa and get the gold feathers. Right of the ledge is a pale colored pipe. Swim through it until you get the blue Jinjo (3). Don't keep going, because there's nothing else left. Keep going across the surface until you see a chompa guarding a beehive. Ignore the chompa and head up the pipe near it. Shock jump to an alcove. Keep jumping from alcove to alcove, collecting the notes (24) as well as restocking your inventory. Jump down from the extra life alcove and head to Clanker's back fin. First of all, on your left , swim through the pipe and get the gold feathers. Now straight ahead of Clanker's back fin is a green pipe underwater. Swim through it to reach an area with mutant snippets. These are like regular snippets, only they're disfigured and green. Head to the pool in the middle. Kill the four mutant snippets and they will relinquish their Jiggy. Before you get it, grab the notes around the pool (32). Now, from outside the pool, highjump to the pipe in the back and go along it to the Jiggy (2). Exit the mutant snippet area and you should see a pipe on your left. Swim through it for notes (39). Jump onto Clanker's fin, then from there jump to the ledge with the extra life. Kill the chompa, then use the shock jump pad to leap to the right, landing on the pipe. Jump to the right onto the pole, then climb up, getting the notes (43). Leap into the alcove, then jump to the next alcove and get the Mumbo Token (14). Jump onto Clanker's fin again, then highjump to his back. Collect the notes all along his back (53), then get the Jiggy (3). Clanker will complain that his teeth hurt, but we're not gonna help him yet. First, go to his head and find his "blowhole". It's a bolt flying up and down. Wait for it to come down, then stand on it. When it blasts up, get on the platform. Carefully get the notes along the pipe (57), then highjump for the Jiggy (4). Take the blowhole down, then go to Clanker's back fin. Walk up to the top of it, then wait for it to line up with the red feather platform, at which point you should jump onto it. Shoot three eggs to break the grate blocking the Jiggy, then snatch it (5). Drop down to the pipe ledge below, and go to the left and right sides. Get all the notes (67), and the Mumbo Token (15) guarded by the chompa. Drop down into the water from the right side (assuming you're facing the wall the Jiggy was in) and head over to the shock jump in front of the chompa. Shock jump left and grab hold of the pole. At the top, jump off to the pipe on the edge, then beak bust the grate and get the orange Jinjo (4). Get the notes as you talon trot down the pipe (72), then jump on to the square pipe. Beak bust the grate and get the Hollow Honeycomb (1). Head back to the shock jump pad and look at the pipe to the right of it. Dive under and you will be able to head into the pipe from the bottom. Get the Hollow Honeycomb (2), giving you 7 honeycombs. Now go to the front of Clanker. Staying on the side where the shock jump pad is, jump on the bobbing platform and shoot Clanker's gold tooth with three eggs. This will open it up. Clanker will reward you for your dental expertise, so enter the hole where the tooth was. Grab the Mumbo Token (16) and go back out. DO NOT DROP DOWN. Go to the bobbing platform on the other side of his mouth and once more shoot his gold tooh with three eggs. Enter the tooth hole to claim your other reward. Grab the Jiggy (6). Drop down and kill the snippets, then talon trot to get the notes along the slopped walls (80). Jump into the pool and head through the tunnel, avoiding the whiplashes. You'll end up in a room with a bunch of hoops. Find the green one on the right and jump/swim through it. A timer for 48 seconds will start. You have that time to go through all the hoops. You must always go through the hoop that is green. The second hoop requires you to jump while swimming on the surface, then you must go underwater. Next you must high jump from a crate, then wingflap through two from a crate. The final one is underwater. You should finish with a little over 10 seconds left. A Jiggy appears and the water level rises. Get the Jiggy (7). Get the gold feathers above the crates. Head to the side of the room opposite the Jiggy and use the flying pad. Fly into the alcove above the Jiggy and enter. You'll be in a room with spinning fans. These will kill you, so talk to Bottles on the left to get the Wonderwing move. Hold Z and press right C to become invulnerable for as long as your gold feathers last. You should have ten now, so head through the spinning fans while collecting the notes (86), and at the end, get the Jiggy (8). Restock your gold feather supply, then wonderwing back through the fans. Exit this room. Adjust the camera so it faces the tunnel with the whiplashes. Take note of the two exits on the left and right. Go in the left one, where you will find three notes (89). Now before you go, look at the pit underneath you. Dive down and avoid the whiplash, then grab the purple Jinjo (5) and the Jiggy (9). Don't exit Clanker. Instead, head back to the hoop room and take the other exit. Get the notes (96) and leave. Jump onto Clanker's back from his fin and go to the blowhole. Wait for it to go up, then jump into the hole and into Clanker. Stomp the Witch Switch that you will immediately find (which raises the eyes of Grunty on the picture of her in the 50 note door room), then wonderwing through the fans, getting the notes (100). At the end, grab the Jiggy (10). Awesome, Clanker's cavern is done. Take one of the two exits on the sides of Clanker. Head to Clanker's mouth and swim through the yellow pipe. Surface and go to the land, then climb the ladder up the tank. Go across the pipe on the left and jump into the pipe where the entrance is. Exit with the Banjo-Kazooie pad. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3h | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR4 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Beak bust the pipe switch to the left of the Clanker's Cavern entrance. This raises a pipe near the entrance to this room. Hop across the pipe then high jump onto the pipe you just raised. High jump to the pipe ledge. Kill the chompa and proceed to Brentilda. After chatting with her, continue across the pipe and beak bust the grate switch. This will open up two grates blocking off an underwater tunnel. Leap into the water and swim through the tunnel, then head up either of the ramps and stand on the Jiggy podium. Press Z to put in 7 pieces in the puzzle, opening Bubblegloop Swamp. Head back through the pipe and exit the Clanker's Cavern room. Jump up down to the gruntling and take it out, then hop the stream and enter the 50 note door room. Beak bust the two raised witch eyes to reveal a Jiggy, which you should get (4). Go back into the waterfall room Kill the gruntling and head left up the steep slope, then open the 180 note door. Take out another gruntling and talk to Brentilda, who is behind the Grunty statue. Head left up the slope, then through the pipe. Kill a third gruntling and enter the pipe on the right to talk to Brentilda. Now head back out and along the winding bridge. Enter the swamp. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3i | %%%%%% Bubblegloop Swamp %%%%%% | SWAMP1 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A wet and dirty swamp, with pirahna infested waters. If you go in the water, you will be bitten and won't be able to move quickly. The various challenges in here are themed after reptililes and other swamp creatures. Moves - Wading Boots Difficulty - 4/10 Enemies - Flibbet, Buzzbomb, Mr. Vile, Pirahnas Bottles will tell you there is only one move to be learned, and we're going to learn it in about 5 seconds. Turn 90 degrees left and take out the flibbit, then press B on the molehill a little further. Bottles will teach you the wading boots. Put on a pair of green rubbers boots and you will be able to safely go through dangerous terrain, such as the swampy water found here. Head back to the start and look for a golden crocodile (croctus) in an alcove on the left. Shoot an egg into its mouth to make it disappear. Another one will appear in an alcove along a walkway. Now put on the wading boots on top of the stump. Head into the swamp water and get the Mumbo Token (17), then head back to land and deactivate the boots with the B button. Cross the bridge, getting the notes (5). From the bridge, jump onto the pillar and get the yellow Jinjo (1). Take out the flibbit on the right and get the gold feather in the stump. Head across the swamp via the log and get the notes (8), then cross another log with notes (11). Kill the two flibbits, grab the items in the stumps, then put on the wading boots in a stump. Go to the back of the swamp area and get the notes behind the egg (16), then go to the egg. Shock jump on top of it and beak bust the blue X. High jump to get an extra life, then rat-a-tat-rap the X on the side. Next up is another beak buster, followed by a beak barge on the front. One last beak buster will yield a Jiggy (1). Wait for the leaf floating around to come to you, then jump on it and jump onto the pole. Climb up the pole to get a Mumbo Token (18). Jump off the pole to the land, then cross the log. Beak bust the green Jiggy switch, making a Jiggy appear at the end of the walkway. Quickly talon trot up the steep slope, then you can switch to normal walking to make it easier to cross the narrow and windy ledges. Keep going along the walkway, collecting all the notes (36). If you hold R and keep moving, it's much easier. If you panic and tip-toe in fear of falling , you're more likely to fall. At the end, grab the Jiggy (2). Now backtrack and get the stuff in the alcoves. Get the green Jinjo (2) in the first alcove on the right. Next up is a Mumbo Token (19). Continue and feed the croctus in another alcove. Another one will appear on a very high platform. Keep backtracking to where the Jiggy switch was. Facing the ramp up, jump on the leaf on the right and to the platform with a bunch of stumps. The golden flibbits, who want to protect their Jiggy, will come out to get you. Rat-a-tat-rap or beak bust them (they're strong , it takes two hits for either move). There are about eight of them, and once they're all gone, get their Jiggy (3). From the flibbit platform, look for the log leading to a bunch of pillars with huts on them. Cross the log and get the notes (39), then shock jump to a hut. Beak bust it to open up another shock jump pad. Like in Mumbo's Mountain, you have to beak bust the huts to break them. Keep going upwards and eventually one hut will reveal a witch switch. Get the five notes around it (44), then beak bust the switch. The point of the hat the Grunty statue is wearing will explode. Keep making your way up to the huts. Eventually you'll be facing a croctus. Shock jump so that you collect the Mumbo Token (20), then feed the croctus. A fourth croctus will appear behind the alligator head. Head back to the previous shock jump pad, and turn the other way. Shock jump in the other direction to the last hut. Bust it open for a Jiggy (4). Wingflap down the platforms, then head back to the flibbit arena. Get the notes on the log (47) facing the giant alligator head. Head behind it and feed the croctus. Another one will appear behind a giant turtle. Backtrack to the flibbit area and go over to the turtle, getting the notes on the log (50). Now you'll meet Tanktup the turtle, who's feet are cold. Beak bust his four feet, getting the notes on top of them (54), then he will open his mouth and give you a Jiggy, which you should then take (5). Before you go inside Tanktup, talon trot on top of his shell and grab the wading boots. Get the orange jinjo in the back in the swamp water (3). Now wingflap the platform where the croctus is, take out the buzzbomb, and feed the croctus. It was the last one, so take it's Jiggy (6). Jump back to Tanktup's platform and enter his mouth. You are in the presence of the Tiptup choir. Get a piece of paper and a pen if you are not very confident in your memory, then talk to Tiptup, the conductor, and he will start the lesson. The smaller turtles will make a noise in an order. You have to beak bust them in the same color order as was shown. Write down each lesson and beak bust the turtles. The first lesson has only three noises, the second has 5, while the third has 7. Once you complete lesson 3, Tiptup will give you a Jiggy. Grab it (7). Head around the sides of the room for some notes (60), then get the Mumbo Token (21) behind Tiptup's desk. Now jump onto his desk and high jump from it to get a Hollow Honeycomb (1), then exit. Head back to the flibbits, then over to the giant alligator. Collect the notes on its snout (65), then head around behind its eyes. Put on the wading boots. You have JUST enough time to do this, so quickly RUSH over to the swamp behind the patch of land in the back (the second one, not the first one). Grab the notes (70) in the swamp water and deactivate the boots on land. Kill the flibbit , get the gold feather, then climb the pole on the land to get the blue Jinjo (4). Drop down and jump to the nearest pole. Highjump on top and get the three notes (73). Now get the eggs on top of the next pole, then jump onto the third pole to grab some gold feathers. Wingflap to the patch of land behind the alligator, then head up the ramp next to the alligator. Find the wading boots at the entrance to the "maze" (which is not really a maze because there's only one path. Put on the boots and head through the first part, getting the notes (78). Put on a second pair and grab the notes as you head through the second part (82). Now hit the Jiggy switch outside the maze. You have 10 seconds to get across the very narrow bridge to the Jiggy. If you fall, you land in the swamp water. As with the other Jiggy switch Jiggy, its easier if you hold R and keep a steady pace with Banjo. Tip-Toeing requires more precision, and will screw you if you make one small mistake. At the end, grab the Jiggy (8). Head back into the maze and put on the boots on the stump. Head through the final segment of the maze. Get the notes as you go (85), then go behind Mumbo's skull to get a Mumbo Token (22). Enter his skull now. Don't ask for the spell yet, first go behind his chair and get the Mumbo Token (23). Still don't transform. Jump on the torch that isn't lit, then onto the planks at the top. Wingflap from above Mumbo to a Hollow Honeycomb (2). Transform into an alligator, which is the only transformation capable of attacking (press B for a chomp attack). Exit the skull. There is a secret exit that only the alligator is small enough to fit through. It's in the wall on the right, so find it and go through it. The alligator can go in the swamp water unharmed, and isn't hurt by falling either, so fall right down. Go to the front of the giant alligator's snout and enter in the nostril. Get the three notes (88), then stand between the two nostrils and jump for the Mumbo Token (14). If you look ahead, you'll find a fatass crocodile. Ignore him. He has a Jiggy, but without the running shoes, which you can't use until Gobi's Valley, it's EXTREMELY difficult to get his Jiggy, so we're not gonna get it now. Exit through the other nostril and grab the other notes (91). Head over to the flibbits area, then proceed to the shock jump tower area. Now you can get the goodies in the swamp by and under the pillars. Grab the four notes under one (95), the Jinjo (5), and the Mumbo Tokens (16), then get the Jiggy (9). Head over to the back, take out the Buzzbomb, and grab the last five notes (100). Exit the pillar area and head to the entrance. Jump on the stomp and exit via the Banjo-Kazooie pad without detransforming. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3j | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR5 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Go behind the Bubblegloop Swamp hut and head through the pipe. At the end you'll be in a snowy area. Up a slope on the left is a hole where Cheato is, but it's blocked by ice that has to be broken by Banjo and Kazooie. We're going to save the tedium of going back into the swamp, detransforming, breaking the ice, going back and transforming, and coming back (especially with the maze you have to go through) and just break the ice when we come back to finish the swamp. For now, just stand on the Jiggy podium and press Z to complete the puzzle, opening Freezeezy Peak. Head out of the pipe and kill the gruntling at the other end of the bridge. After you've been detransformed, exit through the middle pipe to the area with the Grunty statue. Head around to the opposite side and start jumping up the ledges. Shock jump up to the gruntling and take it out. At the top, open the 260 note door with your 400 notes and enter the room. A giant urn is in the middle of the room. Rat-a- tat-rap the brick walls on the right and left to open them. Grab the Mumbo Token behind the sphinx coffin (17), then head through the brick wall room that does NOT have wading boots in it. Kill the gruntling and beak bust the shock jump pad switch, making a shock jump pad appear and circle the urn. When the pad comes under you, shock jump into the urn. Somehow, you'll fall through the roof of the previous room and through the hole in the grunty statue. At the bottom, grab the Jiggy (5). Head back into the egyptian-like room. Go up the enormous stairs on the left and proceed to the next room. There are two gruntlings in here, as well as webs that can be broken with three eggs. Destroy the one on the floor and the one on the side of the room blocking a cauldron. Activate the cauldron, which is purple. You now have a link between here and the 50 note door room. Take out the gruntlings and head through the icy corridor. Before you enter the peak, high jump to the shock jump pad and leap up to the alcove above. Head left and shock jump again to a Mumbo Token (18). Wingflap down and enter Freezeezy Peak. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3k | %%%%%%% Freezeezy Peak %%%%%%%% | PEAK1 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A winter wonderland complete with presents, polar bears, walruses, and evil snowmen. As happy and joyful as it looks, don't underestimate the fearsome challenges within.. Nah, jk, this level is pretty n00b compared to what's to come. Moves - 1 Difficulty - 5/10 Enemies - Sir Slush, Chinker, Twinklie Muncher, Ticker The icy terrain here makes Banjo slip. However, if you talon trot, you won't slip. At the start, ignore the igloo and head down the first slope, getting the notes (5). You'll meet Boggy, the polar bear, who ate something shiny. Yeah, you probably don't know what it is. Keep going down the next slope, getting the notes (9). Head forward and ignore the snowman. Look for a Christmas box in front of a tree. Beak bust it and lights called twinklies will ask you to help them get to the tree by protecting them from the twinklie munchers. The munchers pop out of holes along the wooden path. Wait for the 1st one to pop out, then rat-a-tat-rap it. Now the second, then the third, then the first one again. As long as you continue in this order, 10 twinklies should get across with no problem. The cheap bastards don't give us a Jiggy, instead we get a light switch in back of the tree.. Oh well, head to the back and kill the Chinky, then get the notes (14). Don't fall in the water, or you lose honeycombs as it's freezing cold. Shoot the light switch with three eggs and the tree lights will go on. You have 60 seconds to fly through the star at the top three times. Head out of the tree area and go past it. Look for a stack of presents. Near the top is a flying pad, so use it to fly up to the star. Fly through it three times and an ice block with a Jiggy will explode inside the tree. Land down to the wooden path and jump into the tree's soil. Get the Mumbo Token behind the trunk (19), then climb up the trunk. Kill the Tickers, then get the red present (1). Yeah, in this level, we're Santa Claus. Climb up more and get the notes on the ledge (26). The next level has red feathers, followed by eggs. From the eggs ledge, jump to the Jiggy (1). Exit the tree. Go over to the stack of presents with the flying pad and talk to Bottles behind it. He will teach you the beak bomb. While flying, press B to have Kazooie act like a missile and lunge forward. This will activate targets and destroy some barriers. In the corner of the presents and the bridge with the red feathers, get the Mumbo Token (20). Now get the notes on the presents (30), then high jump for the purple Jinjo (1). Use the flying pad. It's time to show the snowballing asses what happens when you mess around with a bear and bird. To kill one, beak bomb the red X on their hat. Kill the one on the present with the notes around it first to reveal a Mumbo Token. Now take out the one across from it for the witch switch. Head to the back of the level where you'll see a village. Beak bomb the snowman on the island for a Mumbo Token, then take out the one in an island in a pool with notes for the Hollow Honeycomb. Just one more left. Head out of the village through the other way and look for a snowman on a cliff face. Take it out for two gold feathers. As your reward for killing all the snowmen, a Jiggy appears atop the huge snowman statue. Before you land, head to the front of the snowman. See its red white and blue buttons that look suspiciously like targets? Beak bomb all three of them for a Jiggy. Land around the presents and grab the four notes on the sides of the present where you killed the Sir Slush (34). Grab the Mumbo Token (21). Stomp the witch switch on the other Sir Slush platform (which opens an alcove high up on the Freezeezy Peak wall to reveal a Jiggy), then head to the giant snowman's island. Get all the notes (44) and the two Mumbo Tokens (23) around the snowman's legs, then get the Jiggy from before (2). Go up to the land with a huge ramp in front of it. Grab the green present on the island to the right (2), then head up the huge slope. Kill the ice cubes and the beehive if you need it, then head down the thin path to the right to get the gold feathers from the snowman. Go back to the beehive and head left. Head all the way up the snowman's winding scarf. Along the way, get all the notes (59). At the top is a beehive. Go behind it (a note is there) and around the scarf to get all the notes (63). Near the beehive is the snowman's broomstick. Jump on it and get the blue Jinjo (2). Go around the scarf until you find a shock jump pad. Jump to the ledge on the left and head across the narrow wood. Drop into the bucket and get the Jiggy (3). Jump over the gap in the logs once you go back and jump with another shock jump pad. Get the blue present (3) on the snowman's nose, then fly to the top of his hat (not the brim). Snatch the notes around the hat (71), then get the Jiggy (4). Wingflap down to the brim, then to the scarf. Head over to the shock jump pad and get on the slide. You'll automatically slide down the scarf and grab a Mumbo Token (24). You happen to land on Boggy, who spits out his... Jiggy.. whoa, no way! Collect it (5). Boggy will take his sled that you found and he'll go practice. We're gonna race him later. Head up the slope to the level entrance and enter the igloo you ignored before. Boggy's kids are unhappy because they don't have their presents. Give the kids their three presents and get the Jiggy (6) they give you. Grab the Mumbo Token (25) behind the table and leave. Go down the slopes and make a right. Grab the Mumbo Token (26) on the sir slush island with red feathers. Head over to the village. Get the notes on the house (74). Now go to the back of the house with the chimney and get the green Jinjo (3). Get on the part of the house you won't slip on and position yourself a little bit away from the chimney (it won't work if you're too close). Highjump to the top and press A on the flying pad, netting you a Mumbo Token (27). Land on the other sir slush island and grab the Hollow Honeycomb (1). Grab the three notes on the other house (77), then jump into the freezing water in front of Mumbo's hut (don't worry about the damage unless you're really low on health). Enter his hut. Jump onto the unlit torch and to the planks. Grab the notes (83) and the yellow Jinjo (4). Stand on the Mumbo pad and be transformed into a walrus (12). Exit the hut. The walrus isn't hurt by freezing water, so go over to the lake where the Hollow Honeycomb was and get the notes (92). Go to the back of the village and up the slope that lead to the last sir slush you killed. Head up the thin slope and go on the scarf. Jump to the ledge nearby with the walrus (Wozza). It'll be a pretty close call, but you can make it. Talk to Wozza and he'll give you a Jiggy because you're a walrus (yeah... not all walruses are good). Take the Jiggy (7). Get the notes around here (96). Enter the cave. Wozza will allow you to look around, so find a icy cold pond on the left and follow the stream to land. Grab the Hollow Honeycomb (2). Leave Wozza's cave. Drop down into the icy cold water below so you're under the scarf. Grab the Mumbo Token (13) here and head over near the sir slush at the village entrance. Find a small slope near the sir slush. Before you talk to Boggie to race him, get the notes behind (100). Now hop on the sled. Accept the challenge. You have to beat Boggie in a race around the peak, but you also must go through all the flags. If you miss one, the game will interpret it as you being behind that flag. Boggie will use his size to push you behind, so counter by jumping over him when you can. You'll have to cross some bridges over the icy water. If you fall in, you're in big trouble. As long as you jump over him and don't waste time, you should win relatively easily. Boggie will give you your medal and says he thinks he needs to race someone his own size. Damn straight. Get the Jiggy (8). Head back to the village and enter Mumbo's hut. Transform back in Banjo and Kazooie, then leave. Use the wading boots (yeah, of course they're on this side) and head across the icy water. Go up to the snowman's scarf and jump down to wozza's cave, which you should enter. Wozza will tell you to take the orange thing and leave him alone. Highjump to the alcove and grab the orange Jinjo (5), then get the Jiggy (9). Once again, we can't get the last Jiggy without the running shoes, as Boggie is too fast for Banjo and Kazooie without the shoes (you have to race him again). Head up the two entrance slopes and leave. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3l | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR6 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o We can't get the Freezeezy Peak witch switch Jiggy, we need the running shoes (grrr). Head back to the room with the two gruntlings. Take them out, then jump into Grunty's mouth (there's a statue of Grunty's head). Open the 350 note door, since you have 500 notes.. (makes fist). Enter the new room. You'll be in a room with narrow ledges above a pit of lava that will instantly kill you. However, we only need to go a little ways to the sixth puzzle. Stand on the Jiggy podium and press Z to open Gobi's Valley. Head back to the other room. Go down the stairs that leads to the room with the big urn. Find the doorway that had the bricks near Gobi's Valley. Put on the wading boots and rush over to the Gobi's Valley room. Cross the quicksand and talk to Brentilda behind the entrance, then enter the world. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3m | %%%%%%% Gobi's Valley %%%%%%% | VALLEY | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A desert, Egyptian themed level. Yeah! This is my kind of world. All of the challenges are puzzles, most of them being inside pyramids. Enemies are wrapped in cloth. The level has quicksand all over the place, which you can't enter or you'll be hurt. Moves - 1 Difficulty - 6/10 Enemies - Slappa, Scabby, Mum-Mum At the very start, turn around to see two rocks. Jump on one to get the yellow Jinjo (1). You'll find Trunker the dehydrated carrot on an island. Ignore him and talon trot up the steep slope, getting the notes (5). In the next area is a sphinx. Approach it and an evil hand will pop out of the ground. Rat-a-tat-rap it twice to get rid of it. Get the notes on both of the sphinx's paws, then go to the back. Wingflap to the wading boots on a tail thing in the very back and enter the sand. Go left and get the notes (19) plus the Mumbo Token (14). Now climb all the way to the top of the sphinx, where you'll find a flying pad. Head up the stairs and go over to his nose. High jump for the Mumbo Token (15). Wingflap to either of the red feather pillars and shoot an egg into the sphinx's nose. Now jump to the other pillar and shoot another egg. Since your eggs cleared Jinxy's nose, he will let you go inside him. Drop down and enter. Get the four notes in each of the four corners (23). Kill the evil hand in the back and get the Mumbo Token (16). Go to the front and get the note on the carpet (24). Shoot an egg into the sphinx's mouth on the wall to make the carpet go up. Turn backwards so you're facing the entrance and get the orange Jinjo (2). Jump back to the carpet and shoot antoher egg. Keep going like this, getting all the notes (26). At the top get the Jiggy (1). Wingflap down the carpets and exit the sphinx. Go to the top of the sphinx and take flight with the pad. Go to the leftish and take note of the sphinx with a ring over his head Fly through the ring and he will tell you to summon all the ancient ones to defeat the witch (obviously you know what you'll really get). Now fly through the one in the sand behind Jinxy, then fly through the one near the pillars that you used to unclear Jinxy's nose. The next one is left of Jinxy in the sand. The final one is waay over to the right past Jinxy. A Jiggy appears on Jinxy's back. Fly on him and get it (2). Take flight again and head over opposite where the last sphinx ring was. Find a Kazooie target and beak bomb the target. You have 21 seconds to get into the now open pyramid. Land on top of the pyramid and slide down, then go in. Before you talk to Rubee, the snake charmer, get all the notes in the four alcoves (34) and the Mumbo Token (17). Kazooie will announce that they are searching for treasure. There's a Jiggy at the top of the room, but you need Rubee's snake to help you. Backwards spit four eggs into the circling basket (it gets faster as you shoot more eggs) then stand on top of the bigger basket. The snake will propel you upwards. Once it stays still, high jump for the Jiggy (3). Drop down and exit the pyramid. Head onto the narrow ledge with the tree left of the pyramid. Talk to Bottles, who will teach you the running shoes. Pick up a pair of white boots with red lightning bolts to run at super speed until the boots wear off. You now have all the moves in the game. Head past the quicksand semi-circle with the notes and put on the wading boots on the island behind the pyramid. Go down and get the notes in the quicksand (45), then head back to the wading past and go past them. Head up the mound you'll be facing. Grab the two notes (47), then put on the running shoes. Head back to where you got the notes. Go to the island and Grabba the hand will appear with a Jiggy. With the shoes, get the Jiggy (4). Grabba's got a Jiggy, ner ner wtf where did it go? Go back to the running shoes and put them on again. Continue around the place and hit the star switch in front of the twisting ramp up the pyramid. Run up the ramp as fast as you can, getting all the notes (51). Drop into the hole opened by the switch. You'll JUST make it. Don't get the Jiggy right away. First go to the back of the water and grab the Mumbo Token (18). Now get the Jiggy (5). The Jiggy causes the door at the bottom to open. The water drains and is dumped into the pit of quicksand, making it safe to go in. Avoid the Mum-Mums and get the notes (55). Exit the room. Get the Mumbo Token (19). Talon trot down the slope and get all the notes around the edge (64). Don't get the notes on the stairs yet. First jump on the pillar in the water that's facing a sphinx. Once you jump on it, the sphinx will move. Shoot three eggs into it and another sphinx will appear on another side. There are three total, and each of them raises a segment of an underground pyramid. Once you've fed all of them, you can go in the pyramid. However, first dive underwater and swim around the edge of the pillar. Get the notes (70), the Mumbo Token (20), and the blue Jinjo (3). Go to the stairs leading to the pyramid and grab the four notes on the edges (74). Talon trot up the pyramid and get the Mumbo Token (21) at the top. Now enter the pyramid. King Sandybutt (no joke) is angered by your trespassing. Keep going and you'll have to go through a maze. If you don't get to the end in 60 seconds, the wall closes in and you die. Get the notes at the start (77), then enter the maze. Go left (it would be right if you were in Banjo's view) as far as you can. From there, follow the path, taking a few turns to the witch switch, which is next to the exit. After you stomp it, a coffin will open to reveal a Jiggy. Head back to the start and make a left again, but don't go all the way. Turn asap and don't go to the path that leads to the Mum-Mum. It should be pretty easy from there. At the end of the maze, collec the notes (81). A coffin will open to reveal a Jiggy. First, jump in all the pots to get the prizes. They are a Mumbo Token (22), and the purple Jinjo (4). Now get the Jiggy in the coffin (6) and exit the tomb. Make a left (with the camera facing your front) and drop down, then head up the stairs. Get the notes on the stairs (85), then get the notes on the ledges sticking out of the pyramid (87). Stand still and take note of the flying carpet. When it comes to you (wait for it to blink and disappear) jump on, then jump again when it arrives at its destination. You'll find Gobi the camel, who is trapped. Beak bust the rock to free him, then grab the Jiggy (7) he gives you. Take the magic carpet back and this time go all the way to the back of the pyramid. Beak bust the Hollow Honeycomb switch to make a Hollow Honeycomb appear in the middle of a hole in a ring cactus thing. Jump into the alcove in the back of the pyramid and get the green Jinjo (5), then get the Jiggy (8). Go to the front of the pyramid and talon trot up to the top, getting the notes (91). Beak bust the switch to open the pyramid for a short amount of time. Slide down and go in (try to jump before the cutscene starts). Kill the Mum-Mum with a gold feather, then take the four notes in the corners (95) plus the Mumbo Token on the back wall (23). This is a matching puzzle. Beak bust the tiles to reveal a picture. Match two pictures and they stay up. Once all the tiles are flipped, you get a Jiggy. Here's a map: +---+---+---+---+ | M | E | J | J | +---+---+---+---+ | F | N | B | H | +---+---+---+---+ | K | F | M | K | +---+---+---+---+ | N | B | H | E | +---+---+---+---+ Legend M - Mumbo F - Red Feather H - Honeycomb E - Egg N - Note K - Kazooie J - Jinjo B - Banjo Follow the map and hit the tiles and you'll have no problem given the 100 second time limit. Grab the Jiggy (9) and get out. Head all the way back to the start of the level where you found Trunker. Gobi will be there, saying the carrot looks thirsty but he needs his water. Beak bust Gobi's hump to make him spit all his water out, giving Trunker the water he needs. A Jiggy appears on top of him. Of course people in this game are impolite and make us do WORK to RETRIEVE our reward. Climb the tree near Trunker and jump on top of him to get the Jiggy (10). Head back to Jinxy and use the flying pad. Go to the cactus. Be careful, you can't make contact with the thorns or you get hurt. Grab the Hollow Honeycomb (1), but don't land yet. Fly over near Jinxy and find an alcove to the right of him. You'll find Gobi there. You could've taken a magic carpet but since you were already in the air I figured flying was better. Grab the five notes (100), then beak bust Gobi's hump for a Hollow Honeycomb (2), giving you your 8th honeycomb! Now that you've cleared out Gobi's Valley, take the flying carpet back, head down the slope, go to the Banjo-Kazooie pad, then leave the world. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3n | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR7 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Use the wading boots to cross the quicksand, avoiding the flying beatle. Of course, since Rare loves to piss us off, two Mum-Mums have escaped. Kill them both with gold feathers, then line up with the Jiggy in the coffin. Wait for the shock jump pad, then leap to the Jiggy (6). Go down through the 260 note door that leads to the full body grunty statue. Head through the pipe that leads to Bubblegloop Swamp. Kill the gruntling, then go through the pipe on the left. Put on the wading boots and head behind the Bubblegloop Swamp entrance. Go through the pipe that leads to the Freezeezy Peak puzzle. Cancel the boots, then talon trot up the slope left of the puzzle after killing the Chinky. Rat-a-tat-rap the ice, then put on the wading boots above the pipe and head back through. Enter Bubblegloop Swamp. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3o | %%%%%% Bubblegloop Swamp %%%%%% | SWAMP2 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Head to the giant crocodile area and up the ramp. Go through the maze using the wading boots and enter Mumbo's Skull. Transform into an alligator and exit the hut. Go through the secret exit and head into the giant crocodile. Make sure you have full energy, as if you lose, you lose two honeycombs to him. Put on the running shoes in the back and talk to Mr. Vile. This mini-game is pretty hard, but with the running shoes you shouldn't have TOO much trouble. In round 1, you have to eat more red yumblies than Mr. Vile. If you tie, you lose. One strategy is to try and eat the yumblies Mr. Vile eats. Another is to just go wherever a lot of yumblies are. Keep putting on the running shoes as they wear off. In round 2, you have to eat red yumblies and avoid yellow yumblies. This shouldn't be too hard either, but keep a sharp eye out for yellows. Adjust the camera so it's as far away from you as possible. Round 3 is the hardest. There is an icon at the top of the screen depicting which type of yumblie you should eat. It changes every 10 seconds or so. Note that before it changes, it does a full 360 degree rotation. If you eat the wrong yumblie, you get slowed down a bit, so be very careful. This also happens if you eat a yumblie as the color changes. Once you win, you get a Jiggy, so take it (10). Now that you've finally completed the swamp, head out of the crocodile and exit the level as an alligator. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3p | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR8 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o As an alligator, head through the pipe leading to the Freezeezy Peak puzzle again. Go up the slope and through the small pipe. At the end, you'll meet Cheato the spellbook. Whenever you find him, he'll give you a cheat that you can enter in the sandcastle of Treasure Trove Cove that will double the maximum amount of some item you carry. In this case, the cheat is BLUEGGS. We're not going to enter the cheat yet, we will wait until we have the other two cheats. For now, head back out and across the bridge, where you will be detransformed. Go through the pipe. Head over through the 260 note door atop the ledges. Go up the giant stairs. Enter Freezeezy Peak (we could get the Witch Switch Jiggy now, but it's easier if we wait until the Mad Monster Mansion witch switch). o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3q | %%%%%%% Freezeezy Peak %%%%%%%% | PEAK2 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Go down the two slopes and up the small slope on your right. Talk to Boggy and accept his challenge. Put on the shoes at the start. As with the last race, just run through the flags and don't miss any. It's easier to jump over Boggy as Kazooie jumps higher and farther than the walrus. Use the same tips as the last race and you should win with no problem. At the end, get the Jiggy (10). You've cleared out all of the peak's goodies, so head back to the start and leave. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3r | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR9 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Head out of the icy area and take a left up the ramp on the wall. Continue past the 450 note door and spit three eggs to remove the web, then activate the blue cauldron. Continue and jump onto Grunty's hat, then talk to Brentilda. Go back and open the 450 note door. Avoid the shrapnel and swim through the pipe with the red eyes. This is the Rusty Bucket Bay entrance, but we arne't going to Rusty Bucket Bay right now. Swim through the next underwater tunnel on the left while avoiding the killer fish. Swim through the long pipe. In the next room you'll find several alcoves. Avoid the killer fish and jump into the one closest to the water. Wingflap from alcove to alcove until you reach the puzzle. Stand on the podium and press Z to open Mad Monster Mansion. Backtrack all the way through the 450 note door. Enter Grunty's mouth where the 350 note door was. This time, head past the Gobi's Valley puzzle through another doorway. Here is Mad Monster Mansion. Before you enter, go left of the mansion and continue down the path until you find a gate. Rat-a-tat-rap it open, then enter the mansion. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3s | %%%% Mad Monster Mansion %%%% | MANSION | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A spooky mansion where all the enemies are undead, meaning only gold feather can kill them (save the killer grave stones). You'll have to fight ghosts, play organs, and go near toxic waters and fountains. Moves - 0 Difficulty - 6.5/10 Enemies - Nibbly, Limbo, Portrait Chompa, Tee-Hee, Ripper, Whipcrack Get the four notes you see at the start (4), then climb one of the poles in the corners. Talon trot around the roof and grab the notes (8). Bust open of the two unboarded windows. If you enter the room with portraits (these are like grille chompas, only you can't kill them without gold feathers), you can only grab the gold feathers. Leave once you do. The other room holds Loggo the toilet plus a skeleton. Grab the Mumbo Token (24) in the sink, then leave. When you find the shock jump pad near the chimney, leap up to the roof and quickly switch to talon trot. Grab the four notes in the corners (12). Bust open the window on the same side the shock jump pad was. Look in the upper right corner and you'll see a shock jump pad guarded by a portrait. Lure it out, then shock jump to the top of the bad and grab the yellow Jinjo (1). In the corner of the room opposite the shock jump pad, grab the four notes on the box (16) and the Mumbo Token (25) under it, then leave. Go to the other side, open the window, then enter. Grab all the notes in this room (25), some of them guarded by chompas (be sure to look everywhere, there are two chompas guarding three notes and three of the corners have one note each). Now leave. Head to the right side of the roof and get the green Jinjo (2). Go to the to other side and shock jump to the top chimney of the house. Jump into the hole and fall in. You land in a fireplace where a Napper the ghost is sleeping on the job (guarding a Jiggy). If you walk on the floor, you'll wake him up. Wonderwing to get the Mumbo Token in the fireplace (26), then jump to the nearest chair. Get all the notes on each chair (33), then jump on the table and get the Jiggy (1). If you want an extra life, use the flying pad. It's above the light. Otherwise, just head to the front of the room and exit by rat-a-tat-rapping the door. You're outside again. Make a right and go around the mountain until you go down a small set of stairs. Rat-a-tat-rap the trapdoor thing open and head in. You're now in the wine cellar. Bust open all the barrels with rat-a-tat-raps on the right side first. Collect the purple Jinjo (3). Open the barrels on the left side and get the Mumbo Token (27) and the Jiggy (2). Go to the back of the room and high jump on the shelf. Get the notes (37), then leave the wine cellar. Head out and look on your left. You should see a gate. Rat-a-tat-rap it to reveal a church. Head into the area and notice there are pots with eyes. Go around the area looking for them, and backspit eggs into them till flowers come out. You'll have to deal with some killer gravestones along the way. Near the third pot is a gravestone. Get the Mumbo Token behind it (28). When you spit eggs into the last pot, you'll get a Jiggy (3). You should see a window with Banjo and Kazooie's faces on it. Jump through. You'll be in a bonus room. Restock your inventory, then leave. On the other side you'll see a gate. Rat-a-tat-rap it open. Go to the front of the church and hop on the gravestone. From there, get on the church and get the note (38), after changing to talon trot while on the gravestone. Jump to the next part and get all the notes on both roof parts. Jump on the ledge sticking out of the clock tower and jump again to the clock tower. Head to the other side and go in the hole, getting the Mumbo Token (29). Go back down (in talon trot) to the clock tower part. Nearby is a hedgemaze, with a little corner with no entrance. When you find that corner, leap into it (use the rat-a-tat-rap to prevent damage). Get the Mumbo Token (30). Climb the ramp so you're on top of the maze. Head to the top right corner, drop down, then get the two notes (53) and the beehive if necessary. From there, go left, staying on the upper part of the maze. There's a long dead end (the end is right in front of the beehive) where you can get a Mumbo Token (31). Go to the very top left corner of the maze and get the orange Jinjo (4). Go to the bottom left corner of the maze, where you'll find a couple notes (55) and some blue eggs. Now go to the middle of the maze for two notes (57), then take the bottom middle exit. Take a right and follow the mansion until you're facing the church again. In front of the church, in a little corner on the right , you can get three notes (60). Backtrack a little and head up the stairs to a shed area with some ghosts. After you go up the stairs, take a left and go down into a little corner. Get the Mumbo Token (32) Avoid the ghosts and head behind the shed. Shock jump from the pad in the corner and change to talon trot on the roof. Get the notes (64) and the Mumbo Token on the right light (33), drop down, rat-a-tat-rap the door, then enter. Grab the four notes in the corners (68), then talk to the ice block in the room. You'll have to play a little minigame in which a purple ghost (it regenerates, so don't try to kill it) will be moving around the move in a square shape. You have to get on the ice block and spell out BANJO KAZOOIE on the floor squares within XX seconds. Here is a map: (note the top of the map is the right of the board if you were in Banjo's eyes at the entrance to the shed). +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | ! | Z | ! | E | ! | O | ! | I | ! | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | ! | | ! | +---+ +---+ | A | | O | +---+ +---+ | ! | | ! | +---+ +---+ | B | |-->| EXIT +---+ +---+ | ! | | ! | +---+ +---+ | K | | J | +---+ +---+ | ! | | ! | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | ! | ! | O | ! | N | ! | A | ! | ! | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ The ! squares are grunty squares, which make you lose a honeycomb. When the ghost comes, get out of the way or you will lose a honeycomb AND be knocked off the ice block. Once you've spelt out BANJO KAZOOIE in 75 seconds, grab the Jiggy (5). Leave the shed. Go to the back of the area and down a set of stairs. Avoid the skeleton and keep going. Ignore the stairs on the left for now and rat-a-tat-rap the gate open on the right. Get the notes on the fountain (72), then shock jump to the blue Jinjo (5). Get the Jiggy (6). Drop down and head to the bottom right corner of the fountain area. Notice a little corner like in the shed area. Follow it and get the Mumbo Token (34). Head back and look at the straight stairs leading to the mansion area. Left of it are some smaller, windier stairs. Take those and you'll find a switch and a pair of running shoes. Beak bust the switch to open the door of the church temporarily. Quickly put on the shoes and jump over the thorns. Make a right out of the fountain area and follow the mansion to the church. Go through the door. First off, kill the tee-hees patrolling both columns of pews. Now, using the high jump, get the four notes, one on each pew (76). Head to the front of the room where Motzhand the ghostly hand is playing the organ. Get the two notes on the pedals (78), then high jump to the chair. Grab the Mumbo Token (35), then shock jump to the keys. Talon trot up to the music book to meet Motzhand. What you have to do is follow him while he plays his organ. Beak bust the key he plays (it lights up), one after another. He uses sharps and flats, especially in the second round (you must play two songs). Be careful when hitting the sharps/ flats, because you might misaim and hit the natural by mistake. If you hit a bum note, you lose a honeycomb. Once you've played his two songs, you get a Jiggy. Talon trot to the music book, high jump to on top of it, then high jump to the organ. Head along all of the gold rods, collecting all the notes (82). Also get the Jiggy (7). From the left side of the organ, jump onto a ledge with a flying pad. Fly all the way to the top of the church and land on one of the beams. In the middle, where the skeleton is, getthe Hollow Honeycomb (1). Head across the thin beam and grab the Mumbo Token (36). Now stomp the witch switch. A Jiggy will appear in Grunty's left eye in the 2 gruntling room. Walk across the thin shutter ahead of the witch switch. As psychotic as this seems, jump off and wingflap to land on the organ. You might lose a honeycomb or two, but that's okay as long as you're in decent health. Head down the organ and exit the church. Head over to the corner where the 2nd pot was. Jump onto the gap in the brambles and drop down to Mumbo's hut, then enter. Get the two notes at the bottom (84), then transform into a pumpkin for 20 tokens (16). Exit the skull. Head through the tiny exit on the right, like in Bubblegloop Swamp. Use the gravestone to get to the clocktower like before. From the clocktower, jump into the part of the hedgemaze with the ramp where you got the token. Go along the top of the hedges and use the stone wall to go over to the mansion. Jump in the window dead ahead. Go under the floorboards where the shine is coming from. Get the Hollow Honeycomb (2). Leave the room. Head to the other side and jump into the bathroom window. Aight, time for some toilet humor. Jump into Loggo the toilet and he'll flush you down. Go to the bottom and avoid the tentacles/chompas. Grab the Jiggy in the up left corner (8). Head back up the pipe. Exit the window. Head around the sides of the roof until you find a corner with a hole. Drop into it. You'll get a Jiggy (9). Get the notes (89) and leave through the bottom hole. Make a left and head down the stairs that lead to the fountain. Make another left to the well area. Get the notes on the alcoves (93), then enter the well. Get all the notes around the well (100) and the Mumbo Token (17). Jump into the hole in the bucket and get the Jiggy (10). Exit the well through the pipe at the bottom. Leave the fountain area, find the Banjo-Kazooie pad, and exit as a pumpkin. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3t | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR10 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Head over to the area where you busted the gate open before you entered the mansion. Go down the path this time, avoid the gruntling, and go through the small hole in the door of the shack. Go to the back of the room and have Mumbo transform you into Banjo. Kill the tee-hee with a golden feather, then bust open the coffin with a beak buster. Beak bust the water level switch you find in it. This raises the water level in the rooms beyond the 450 note door. Transform back into a pumpkin and leave the shack. Head to the back of the area, avoiding the killer gravestones, and go into the lava room with the Gobi's Valley puzzle. Take a left instead of going to the puzzle and carefully walk along the narrow path. Don't fall in the lava. Talk to Brentilda, then go through the small hole and talk to Cheato, who will give you the cheat REDFEATHERS. Exit the Cheato room and head over to the puzzle and through the 350 note door. Enter the Freezeezy Peak area and shock jump up an alcove. Go as far left as you can, then beak bust the flying pad switch and put on the running shoes. You have very little time to reach the pad, so dash as fast as you can back to the two gruntling room and take flight when you get to the pad. Fly back to the Freezeezy Peak room and go all the way to the top alcove. Get the Jiggy (7). Now you'll be on a flying pad. Fly to the 2 gruntling room and beak bomb the witch eye with the Jiggy. Get the Jiggy (8). Land near the 450 note door room and go throguh. Swim to the Rusty Bucket Bay area. Go onto the land and head over to the left. Highjump up the crates and wingflap into the alcove to activate the other blue cauldron. Head past the crates over to the left and you'll find a Rareware crate in the corner. Bust it open for antoher waterlevel switch. Beak bust the switch to raise the water again. Go to the blue corridor right of the boat show at the end of the scene. Turn right at the beehive (going straight leads to a dead end) and rat-a-tat-rap the grate. Head into the room and stand on the podium. Press Z to open Rusty Bucket Bay just in the other room. Now we could go into the world right now, but we still have to get the final cheat. Head back to the RBB room and into the first water room where the shrapnel is. Go to the alcove with the three pipes, one with a grate. Rat-a-tat-rap the grate and follow the pipe. Hit the water switch at the end and quickly swim into the Rusty Bucket Bay room. Before the water goes down again, jump into the alcove on the right. Head up the winding stairs to find Cheato, with one last cheat: GOLDFEATHERS. Go down the stairs and take the blue cauldron. Jump off the ledge and take the purple cauldron. Head up the ramp and into the waterfall room Jump the stream and enter the red eyes cave. Highjump into Treasure Trove Cove. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3u | %%%% Treasure Trove Cove %%%% | COVE2 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Head to where Bottles taught you the shock jump pad (what a long ass time ago that was) and drop down from near there. Patch up leaky with three eggs and enter the sandcastle. Kill the snippet with a few rat-a-tat-raps, then type in BLUEEGGS. Now you have 200 eggs, which is your new maximum. Exit and reenter the castle. Type in, REDFEATHERS. Now you have 100 red feathers, which is your new maximum. Exit and reenter the castle. Type in, GOLDFEATHERS. Now you have 20 gold feathers, which is your new maximum. Exit the castle. Leave the level. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3v | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR11 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Head out of the Treasure Trove Cove room. Climb up the vine and kill the gruntling. Hop the stream and enter the 50 note door room. Go down the stairs and warp with the purple cauldron. Go up the ramp and use the blue cauldron. Swim down into Rusty Bucket Bay. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3w | %%%%%% Rusty Bucket Bay %%%%%% | BAY | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A harbor that contains Grunty's cargo ship, the Rusty Bucket. The water here is polluted with oil, making you lose oxygen on the surface, and also making you lose it twice as fast underwater. You should find this level challening. Moves - 0 Difficulty - 8.5/10 Enemies - Flotsam, Grimlet, Seaman Grublin, Grille Chompa [NOTE: If you don't think you can pull off an extremely dangerous task without getting killed, skip to the end of paragraph 5.] Hm... well, this isn't exactly an easy level =p. Okay, so one or two or three or four of the tasks are really hard, but other than that, it isn't TOO difficult. First of all, you should notice the water is all grimey. That's because it's polluted with oil. You lose oxygen on the surface, and underwanter you'll lose it twice as fast. Head forward up the start and collect the notes up the bridge (5). Make a left and jump into the pipe. Jump over to the other corner of the room and grab the Mumbo Token (18). Jump to the plank on the left and take out the chompa. High jump to the red feather plank and take out the another chompa. Kill the last chompa and get the notes (10). Leave the pipe. Backflip onto the pipe and then jump to the next boat level. Head up the bridge and get the notes (14). Go around the smokestack and take out the Flotsam. Back flip to the next platform and get the two notes on the sides (16). On the front, beak bust the numbers in this order : 312111. Get the Jiggy (1). Go back to the smokestack and climb. Get the notes while you go the other smoke- stack, (20), then climb the ladder in the back. Go around the next somkestack and ignore the bridge to the next one until you find the chompa. Kill it and shock jump to the top of the stack. Get the Mumbo Token (19). Drop down and cross the "bridge", getting the notes (24). Climb the final smokestack and get the Jiggy (2). Head back to the other smokestack and drop down at the back. Land on the crates. Climb up and jump to the rope holding the TNT box. At the top of the crane, you should see the witch switch on the platform. I find the easiest way to get to it is to run off the crane in a roll attack, jump, then flap Kazooie's wings. You'll JUST make it. Stomp the switch, which makes a Jiggy appear in front of the pipe that leads to the water level 3 switch. Drop to the platform below from the switch. Kill the chompa and get the Mumbo Token (20). Drop to the back of the boat. Get the notes around the edge (30), then head over to the pipe with no teeth. Jump into the lifeboat and get the Mumbo Token (21), then head into the pipe. Climb down the ladder and kill the seaman. Get the four notes (34), then beak bust the propeller switch. This slows down some fans in another room. Now we're ready to do the infamous "hardest Jiggy in the game". Climb up the ladder and leave. Head past the crates. Go to the side of the smokestack with a door. Open it, then head inside. Take out the chompas here, then wingflap down. You should see the entrance to the next room. Before you go in, backflip into the compartment above, where you can get a Hollow Honeycomb (1). Now go in. First up is a moving bridge. Wait for it to stop, then go through it the long way, getting the Mumbo Token (22). Highjump up the gears and kill the seaman. Wait for the cog on the left to slow down, then go across it. Get the four notes (38). Another cog is ahead. Wait for it to stop, then go to the end and high jump for the Mumbo Token (23). Don't risk it if you don't think you can do it. Head across to the middle where the seaman was and cross the cog. Get the notes (42), then the Mumbo Token (24) if you think you can get away with it. Now head over through a spinning bridge when it stops. Bust the propeller switch, slowing down the propellers in the back of the boat. Turn around and get into talon trot to make this next part easier. Face the propeller and wait for it to slow down. Jump in between the gap. You'll have to time it right. Now get the four notes (46). Head across the stationary cog and get the Jiggy (3). Nope, that wasn't the hardest Jiggy ever. Lol, dont hurt me! Go back across the fan and beak bust the propeller switch. The propellers will stop for 65 seconds. Here is the really difficult part. Head across the spinning bridge when it stops cross the cog (which doesn't move anymore), wingflap down the gears, and cross one more spinning bridge. Climb the ladder up and leave the smokestack. Go to the back of the boat where the pipe with the propeller switch was. Jump into the oily water and swim behind the propellers. Get the Jiggy (4). Quickly swim into a crate on the right. You should see a grate with a beehive on the land above. Below that is a grate in the wall with a hole in it. Swim through it QUICKLY and get the purple Jinjo (1) at the end. Surface as soon as you can and jump on the crate near the land. Jump on the land and collect the four notes on the grate (50). Talon trot over the building. Head past the start and look on your left to find a toll. Spit two eggs into it and a bridge will appear. Kill the chompa, then go back to the toll. Spit another four eggs into it and the bridge will extend. Head across it and high jump for the Mumbo Token (25). Whoa, super special paragraph break here! You have enough Mumbo Tokens for the game now, but I will continue to tell you to get them and number them as they are fun to collect. However, don't get them if you dont want to. Talon trot up the shack and get the notes along the fence (55). Jump into the water. Whoa, it's Snacker. Sup! Quickly swim to the buoy in the northwest corner and get the yellow Jinjo (2). Now look to the wall on your left. There's a hole in it. Swim into it, avoiding Snacker. Surface and kill the flotsam. Head up and take out the chompa. Go to the other side, kill the flotsam, then bust the Hollow Honeycomb switch. Go to the other side again, take flight, then get the Hollow Honeycomb (2). Land in the water and swim out the hole. Swim through the hole in the fence at the front and enter the metal buildling through the door in the water. Swim through to the other side, avoiding the killer fish, then jump to the chompa and kill it. Jump across the bobbing crates and to the other side. Go to the box right of the one you land on, high jump to the edge of the chompa, take it out, then get the four notes above (59). Go the other way and head up the crates. Walk along the plank with eggs, jump to the other plank and walk across, then high jump to the Jiggy (5). Jump into the water and swim through the door you came in. You should hear an annoying noise. It's a dolphin trapped by an anchor. Find the anchor and follow it into a hole in the boat. Swim up and jump into the cave. Rat-a-tat-rap your way through the million chompas and get any honeycombs you need. Kill the seamen in the next room and get the notes (63), then beak bust the anchor switch. This frees the dolphin, who of course leaves the Jiggy IN THE DAMN WATER. Bastard. Go back through the cave and swim through the hole in the boat again. Quickly get the Jiggy (6), then surface and climb the nearby ladder. Head across the bridge again and talon trot up the building. Jump to the other buildling and continue along the harbor. Now you're in a toxic waste dump. Jump along the barrels and get the Mumbo Token (26), the notes (66), and the green Jinjo (3). Go back up on land and continue. Shoot three eggs at the TNT box to make it explode. Shock jump up the crane and get the notes in the front (69), then high jump up. Beak barge the red up arrow sticking out, which temporarily opens the cage with the Jiggy in it. Climb the ladder up the crane, run to the edge, wingflap down, then grab the Jiggy (7). At the very tip of the boat, get the Mumbo Token (27). Jump into the pipe that doesn't have teeth. Head around the kitchen (don't touch the red hot stoves) and get all the notes (74). Don't forget the one in the northeast corner. Jump into the oven with a gold feather equipped and get the Mumbo Token (28). Leave the kitchen. Go to the side of the boat you're on and look for a window on the side. Open the sharper looking window on the left and head in. Get the notes (77), then rat-a-tat-rap the door below the Jiggy. Kill the chompa , then high jump for the Jiggy (8). Exit through the window. Head around to the other side of the boat and rat-a-tat-rap the sharper looking window again. Enter. This is the control room. Get the four notes under the map (81), then get the Mumbo Token (29) nearby. Leave the room. Go to the middle of the ship with the two pipes. Avoid the one with the teeth and head over near the stairs up the ship. Open the window. Get the four notes (85) and kill the seaman, then leave. Go over to the TNT box where you jumped to the witch switch. Climb up to the crane and this time go all the way over to the crane. Climb down the ladder and beak barge the up arrow. The TNT box will fall, explode, and open another room. Grab the notes below (88). Drop down on the right and feed 8 eggs to the toll to make a strange bridge come out. Carefully go across it and kill the three chompas. Get the orange Jinjo (4). Head back across and go to the otherside of the crane. Put in six eggs to make a ridiculous bridge come out. It's extremely narrow and windy. CAREFULLY tread across it to an area with a bunch of blue boxes. If you fall into the water, there's a ladder leading to the blue box area. Enter the closest one on the right first. Jump on the crate to the left and get the four notes (92). From there, backspit three eggs to kill the boom box. Head to some other crates in the room. Keep backspitting eggs to kill all four boom boxes. As your reward, you get an extra life. Take it and leave. Climb up the boxes right of the box you entered and go through the hole on top of the middle box. Take out the sea dudes in here, then head near the northwest corner to get the blue Jinjo (5). Get the Jiggy (9). Grab the Mumbo Token on a big stack of crates near the middle (30). Climb up the crates and the ladder to leave. Drop down and enter the left crate. Get the four notes on the bottom crates (96), then head up to the planks on the top via the crates. Kill the chompas along the way, collecting the Mumbo Token (31) and the notes (100). Exit the crate. We're actually not gonna activate the last toll. Jump into the water and head around the back of the ship. Use crates to refill your oxygen. Jump onto the grate with the beehive where you got notes 47-50, then talon trot over the building. Head up the plank to the boat and drop into the pit opened when you dropped the TNT box. Here you'll meet Boss Boom Box, one of the most hilarious enemies you'll face. Equip a gold feather and run into him. He'll separate into two smaller boxes. Keep rampaging through the boxes as they split. It's funny the how they sneer at you but you kill them without even attacking. When all the boxes are done, get the Jiggy (10). Climb up the ladder. Head down the plank and exit. Now that wasn't all THAT difficult, was it? o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3x | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR12 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o From the water, swim into the previous room with the shrapnel. Go to the alcove where the witch switch jigsaw piece appeared and get the Jiggy (9). Look over and you should see a bunch of ledges leading to a note door. Jump up them and open the 640 note door. Enter. Equip a gold feather and charge through the whipcracks. At the end, talk to Brentilda near the black gruntling, then go to the right. Avoid the bigbutt and highjump up the giant leaves. Ignore the 765 note door and continue right through the ledges. When you find a doorway with eggs, go through it. Get the Mumbo Token (32), then go back. Continue through the ledges. When you find a jiggy switch, beak bust it. This makes the Jiggy podium appear in front of the Click Clock Wood puzzle. Drop down and you should see a little blue opening in the wall. Head through it and you'll find the red cauldron. Activate it and warp. Kill the gruntling and head through the pipe. Drop down into the water that the fall is pouring into. Swim through the tunnel to the puzzle (rhyme =p). Get the Mumbo Token hidden in the corner in the front (33), then stand on the podium and press Z to put 15 pieces in, opening Click Clock Wood. Head back through the water, up the vine, and through the pipe. Warp back. Head up the steep slope at the back of the area and enter Click Clock Wood. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3y | %%%%% Click Clock Wood %%%%%% | WOOD | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A very unique level. See, you start out in a hub with four entrances. The four entrances all lead to the same scene, a HUGE tree in the middle of a forest. However, each entrance leads to a different season. You start out in spring, and work in order from there. At first, all the seasons are closed. You have to keep pressing switches. The first is in the hub, and all the seasons but winter have a switch. It's the most challenging level, but a fun one too. Moves - 0 Difficulty - 9/10 Enemies - Snarebear, Grublinhood, Big Clucker, Bigbutt, Whipcrack, Sir Slush, Chinker o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Hub | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Head backward and stomp the spring switch. The door to spring opens. Collect the four notes in front of spring (4), then enter. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Spring | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Moves - 0 Difficulty - 4/10 Enemies - Snarebear, Grublinhood, Bigbutt, Big Clucker, Whipcrack Use a gold feather to get a Mumbo Token on the right in the flower (34), then kill the grublinhood. Take a right and dive into the water. Eventually you'll meet Gnawty the beaver, who's house is blocked off by a boulder. We can't help him right now, so continue past him. At the end of the stream you'll find a big- butt and a dirt patch. Get the four notes (8) around the patch, then back spit five eggs into the hole in the middle. A flower will grow. It's useless right now, but later it'll give us a prize. Swim across the stream to the land in the corner. Use a gold feather to get the Mumbo Token (35). Continue past the flower and high jump to the ledge. Get the notes (11), then head up the left ramp. You'll find holes in the tree. These are like chompas, but they're birds. Take them out the same way. Head right and when you go under an arch thing, go around it and get the three notes (14). Continue along the tree and you'll be above the water. Head along the "bridge" and get the notes (17). Keep going along the tree. Get the notes on the second bridge above the water (20), then continue still along the tree. When you find the ramp heading up the tree, go up and kill the bird. Talon trot up the slope and turn left where you'll find narrow branches. Get the Mumbo Token (36) and the extra life. Head back and continue up the tree. Head to the edge of the beehive and get the Mumbo Token (37). Continue up the tree and you'll have to wingflap in and out of alcoves. Shock jump up the ledge and continue going up the alcoves. Next up is a house and bridge, both in construction. Get the Mumbo Token (38) in the house, then go along the bridge, jumping the gaps. When you reach the end of the bridge, take out the grublinhood and beak bust the summer switch. Enter the door on the right. You'll meet Nabnut the squirrel, who's busy pigging out on acorns. Highjump on his wardrobe and get the Mumbo Token (39), then leave. Jump some gaps to go higher, and take a left to reach Eyrie the eagle's nest. Use the shock jump pad to reach the top of the egg, then beak bust the blue X to hatch him. Head back and get the Mumbo Token (39). Here's where going up the tree gets hard. You'll need to use a combination of wingflaps and highjumps to get across the ledges. However, you can't overshot your jumps or you'll fall. You might want to use a beak buster when you see your shadow above the ledge to ensure safe landing. When you reach the top, use a gold feather on the plant to get the green Jinjo (1). Rat-a-tat-rap the door and enter. Avoid the whipcracks and head to the back, then get the Jiggy (1). Leave the room. Head back to the edge of Eyrie's nest. If you want to take a short cut, wingflap from the nest and use a beakbuster before you land. You'll lose a honeycomb or two, but that's okay. Wignflap to the ledge with the wading boots and put them on, then head to the the side of the tree. There's a little alcove with a Mumbo Token (40). Use the boots to enter Mumbo's skull. Transform into a bee (16), then head out of the hut. The bee can fly into the killer plants unharmed, so take the opportunity to grab any collectibles you want. Fly to the wasp nest and look for a hole in the front. Enter. The zubbas are guarding Grunty's Jiggy, but we can't get it right now. Head to the back and go up all the huge honeycombs. Get the purple Jinjo (2), then leave. Fly to the very top of the tree (the place with the green Jinjo was NOT the top). Go around until you find it. Land in the plant, then get the Jiggy (2). Fly to the bottom, look for the exit, then leave spring. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Hub | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Cross the bridge and go to summer. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Summer | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Moves - 0 Difficulty - 6.5/10 Enemies - Bees, Snarebear, Grublinhood, Big Clucker, Whipcrack You'll soon be detransformed. Eyrie will rudely demand five caterpillars. Take an immediate left and head to the corner where you'll find bees. It's near a beehive. You might be able to the see the Jinjo's head popping out of the grass. In talon trot, avoid the bees and get the yellow Jinjo (3). Head back to the start and kill the grublinhood. Get the caterpillar (1), then jump up on the leaves, getting the notes (22). Drop down and head right into the dried up lake. Head over to Gnawty and beak bust the boulder, letting him in. He invites you in for a reward, but we can't get all the way up the slope until later. For now, get the Mumbo Token (17) and the notes (24). Head back to the lake and continue along the path. At the end, kill the bird and bust the fall switch. Go back and head behind the big pillar, getting the caterpillar (2). Go up the tree and kill the bird, then go across the bridge. When you see the big flower, drop down to the ledge below with the plant. Get the caterpillar (3), then go over to the flower. Check it out, it's Gobi. Beak bust his hump to water the flower. As much as it pisses him off, Jiggies are more important than camels. The flower grows more. Continue right and avoid the two bee swarms. By the ledge near Mumbo's hut is a Mumbo Token to get in the rgith corner (18). High jump up the ledge leading to Mumbo and get the caterpillar (4). Go up the ramp and kill the bird, then head right. Kill the second bird, the drop down to where the wading boots were. Shock jump to the hut and grab the caterpillar (5). (we'll continue to collect caterpillars as Eyrie "needs" more next season). Go in the hut. Use the unlit torch to hop to the planks and get the Mumbo Token (19). Leave the hut, as Mumbo is too hot for magic. Wingflap to the shock jump pad and use it to get back on the tree. Head right and go right of the ramp upwards. Get the Mumbo Token (20) with a gold feather. Go up the ramp and kill the bird. Instead of talon trotting up the slope, start jumping up the leaves on the right. You might want to strategically use the beak buster again. You'll have to shock jump. Kill the bird and get the Jiggy (3). Head back down the leaves and go up the ramp this time. Head up a few more leaves and get the Mumbo Token (21). Once you have it, go back down the leaves and talon trot up the slope near the bird. Go to the large branch and get the collectibles on leaves on both sides, which include a Mumbo Token (22) and a caterpillar (6). Head back and continue up the tree, killing the birds. When you get past the birds, get the three notes on the branch (27), then go on top of the hive. Beak bust the trapdoor to enter. This may be even funnier than boss boom box. Jump onto the honeycomb with the Jiggy inside to start the fight. Just equip a gold feather and wait for all the zubbas to charge into you, "guarding" their Jiggy. It's funny how hard they try to kill you and then they just fall without you doing anything. At the end you'll get the Jiggy (4). Leave the nest. Go back and continue up the trees, jumping in and out of the alcoves. When you reach the branch, get the caterpillar (7). Get the notes in front of the house (31), then enter the house. This part can be a little tricky because if you fall , you'll take significant damage. Stand on the edge of the plank sticking out, then wingflap to the extra life. Now wingflap left and get the Jiggy (5). Leave the house. Head across the bridge, jumping the gaps. It's closer to being complete, so it's a little easier now. Talon trot up the slope behind the beehive and get the notes (36). Wingflap down to the platform below with the grublinhood. Kill it, then get the caterpillar (8). Talon trot up the slope and enter Nabnut's house. There's nothing in here, but you need to see this :). Nabut's binging has costed him dearly, and he's become an immobile fatass. Once you've had your laugh, leave. Head along the tree. You have to rat-a-tat-rap to the platforms now, because there are birds there. Great. Get the Mumbo Token (23). When you get to Eyrie's nest, feed him five caterpillars (3). Don't go up the ledges. The only thing in the whipcrack room is an extra life, if you want it. Head down to the tree. When you reach the bottom, leave summer. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Hub | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Cross the bridge and enter fall. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Fall | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Moves - 0 Difficulty - 5.5/10 Enemies - Snarebear, Grublinhood, Bigbutt, Big Clucker, Buzzbomb, Bees Fall has the most notes, so we'll almost be done with CCW once fall is over. The ever demanding pig, Eyrie, wants 10 caterpillars. Get a gold feather on and get the Mumbo Token (24). Kill the grublinhood and talon trot up the leaves just right of the entrance. Get the caterpillar (4). Dive into the water and find Gnawty's house. Swim through to the surface. He'll say he's been waiting months to give you.. a Jiggy (6). Get the notes on the top left shelf (38) and leave. Once you pass a buzzbomb, jump onto the ledge on the left with the killer plant. Use a gold feather to get the three notes (41). Head over to the giant flower and piss off Gobi one last time with one last beak buster. He's had enough, so he'll leave to go to the lava world.. The flower finally blooms, revealing a Jiggy. Of course, we can't get it right now. Get the notes behind the flower patch (46). Talon trot up the leaf pile on the right and get the caterpillar (5), then go up the left one and get the orange Jinjo (4). Continue and avoid the bull. Kill the grublinhood, then go up the right leaf pile to get a caterpillar (6). Take out the bird, then head across and make your way all around the base of the tree. Take out the birds and get the notes along the way, including the ones from the man-eating plants on "bridges" (64), as well as the caterpillar (7). In front of the bird guarding the ramp down to the water is a caterpillar (8). If your note count isn't 64, make sure you didn't miss any around the tree, or the ones in the man-eating plant. You should arrive back near Mumbo's skull. Put on the wading boots near the whipcrack and enter the skull. The shaman's excuse this time is that he has to "sweep many leaves" and therefore cannot take three seconds to transform you. Anyways, grab the caterpillar (9), then use the unlit torch to get to the planks. Get the notes here (68), then leave. Via the wading boots, cross the brambles to the little ramp to return to the tree. Continue past Mumbo's skull and head up the ramp. Kill the bird and get the note (69), then jump on the leaves to the right. Get the Mumbo Token (25). Once you have the token, head back to the bird and talon trot up the slope. Both of the prizes on the branch are on the left side. Get the caterpillar (10) and the Mumbo Token (26). Go back to the tree and go up as you kill the birds. When you reach the zubba's nest, get the caterpillar on top (11), then fall through the opening. Get the notes in the corners (73), plus the caterpillar (12), then leave. Continue along the tree, wingflapping in and out of alcoves. When you reach the branch, grab the Mumbo Token (27) on the leaf, then drop down to the shock jump pad. Get the caterpillar (13), then head across the almost complete bridge. Before you cross the gap, let the buzzbomb charge at you so you can rat-a-tat- rap it. At the top you'll meet Nabnut. He's lost his six acorns, so we have to get them back. Talon trot up the steep slope leading to the circle. Go to the back and high jump for the acorn (1). Now leap to the acorn in the middle of the circle (2). Don't worry, if you stop right when you get the acorn, you'll fall to a plank below and get another acorn (3). Head up the plank and kill the grublinhood. Rotate the camera and you'll see a steep plank straight ahead going down. Talon trot down it and get the acorn (4), then go up. Head back to Nabnut and enter his house through the door. Get the caterpillar (14) on the wooden desk in front of the chair, then high jump to the shelf. Get the notes (76), then wingflap to the nearby shelf. Grab the acorn (5), then leave. Turn around and head up one more winding plank that leads back to the tree. Rat- a-tat-rap the window and enter. Dive underwater and get the acorn in the middle (6), then leave. Give Nabnut all six acorns and he'll give you a Jiggy. Take it (7). Continue past Nabnut. Rat-a-tat-rap the birds as you head up to Eyrie's nest. Beak bust the winter switch, then go to the nest. Collect the caterpillar at the back (15), plus the notes (84). Feed Eyrie 10 caterpillars (5). The big bird goes back to sleep again, so head back. Go up the ledges and get the caterpillar (6), then use a gold feather to get the Mumbo Token from the flower (28). Head down the ledges and go allll the way to the zubba's nest. Stand on the edge and wingflap down to the flower below. Grab the Jiggy (8). Wingflap from the flower and leave fall. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Hub | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Cross the bridge and enter winter. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Winter | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Moves - 0 Difficulty - 8/10 Enemies - Grublinhood, Sir Slush, Chinker, Whipcrack Winter is the most difficult season, but we're not going to die with 84 notes, are we? Just as in Freezeezy Peak, you need to talon trot to prevent yourself from slipping. Make a left at the start and head past the snowman. It's safe to go on the now dead throns near Mumbo's hut. Use the flying pad to fly on top of the skull. Get the blue Jinjo (5) and the Jiggy (9). Jump off the hut and take flight again. Continue left and beak bomb the snowman, then get the Mumbo Token (29). Continue to the giant flower. Take out the chinky , then take the Mumbo Token (30) on the flower. Now you should see a hole in the ice on the right. This part is very dangerous, so if you want, you can save it for later, when you have all 100 notes. Jump into the hole and go underwater, then swim as fast as you can to Gnawty's house. Like in Rusty Bucket Bay, you lose oxygen on the surface and lose it twice as fast underwater. Keep an eye out for the entrance, then surface in his house. Head in and high jump to the top left shelf and get the Hollow Honeycomb (1). Leave the house and swim AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO THAT HOLE. Get out of there ASAP. Go back to Mumbo's skull and take flight again. Fly up a bit and look around for a snowman guarding a witch switch. Beak bomb it. Head up to the end of the bridge where Nabnut's house is. Fly above the door and you should see another window. Beak bomb it and enter. Kill the two grublinhoods, then climb the pile of acorns. Backflip to the ledge and get the Hollow Honeycomb (2). Nice. You have all 24 Hollow Honeycombs now. Normally, you would get another honeycomb of life, but you don't for some reason. Leave this room. Drop down and go to the circle where the snowman is throwing snowballs. If you want, take him out. Get the notes around him (90), then head down the plank with no ending. At the end, stop VERY CAREFULLY. Jump to get the Mumbo Token (31). Head back to near Nabnut's area. Take the flying pad to the house (it's safer this way). This part is extremely difficult. Fly to get the notes and don't land on the roof. If you're about to land, hit A. It's hard, and you might need a few tries before you get it. Be careful! If you slip off the house, it's not easy to prevent yourself from falling all the way down. Once you have the nose (92), head back to Nabnut's area. Continue up the tree and jump along the ledges, CAREFULLY. A the top, go to the nest and talk to Eyrie, who has become an adult eagle. He will fly off. Take the Jiggy (10) he gives you. Ok, deep breath. JUST EIGHT MORE NOTES. Get out of the nest and head up the ledges on the left. Get the notes as you go (96). FOUR LEFT!! Head back to Nabnut's area and take flight once more. Fly to the witch switch. Stomp it, which makes a Jiggy appear atop a tree. Drop down to the pillar with the flying pad nearby. Get the Mumbo Token behind it (32). Fly up to the huge branch. Beak bomb the snowman, then fly up to the zubba's nest, which is destroyed. Get the Mumbo Token (33) in it. Head down to the really large branch and get the four notes along the branch (100). WOOT! You have all 900 notes in the game now, which means you don't have to worry about dying anymore. From the leftmost part of the branch, wingflap down to the snowman and exit winter. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Hub | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Go back to spring. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Spring | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Find Mumbo and transform into a bee, then leave spring. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Hub | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Exit the level. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3z | %%%%%% Gruntilda's Lair %%%%%% | LAIR13 | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Fly up to the top of the tree opposite you and get the Jiggy (10). Awesome! You have all 100 Jiggies. Fly to the area above the two leaves with the door. Open the 765 note door, go through, then stand on the pad with Tootie's face on it. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3aa | %%%%%%%% Furnace Fun %%%%%%%% | FURNACE | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Welcome to Grunty's furnace fun, a little game show where the grand prize is Tootie. Let me explain the rules of the game: You have to progress along a giant game board, and on each square, you must answer a question about the game. At the end, you'll be able to get your prize. Here is the list of square types: Banjo-Kazooie Square - The easiest square. You only need to answer a basic question about an event or puzzle in the game. If you've been paying any attention, you should ace these questions with no problem. Sound Square - This square will test your knowledge of the sounds heard in the game. The sounds vary from character speech, which you should get once they answers pop up, the sound an item makes when you pick it up (which you should know since you've picked up so many items), and the music you hear when you make a move (like the wonderwing). Eye Square - The Eye Square gives you a picture of a world, but usually these are extreme close-ups of odd areas. You should think about the colors and textures of the scene to determine which world it is from. Time Square - The worst square. You have to complete one of the puzzles you did in the game. This varies from spelling Banjo Kazooie backwards on the sandcastle floor to repeating the tip-tup choir. If you get lucky, you'll have to defeat the zubbas again. In these challenges, you have a time limit. If you were already timed in the challenge, the time limit is cut in half. Death Square - The Death Square is a square that can be very easy or very difficult depending on what you get. It will spit out any kind of question (even a time square T_T), and if you answer wrong, you are dropped into the lava and forced to start all over again. Gruntilda Square - The Gruntilda Square will ask you a question about Grunty's personal life and her habits. This is where Brentilda comes in handy. I recommend you write down the answers she gives you, which are in squiggly print. If you do that, grunty squares will be a breeze. Joker Square - Nice. If you answer a Joker Square correctly, and you should since the random type of question they give you is almost always a Banjo-Kazooie question, you get two joker cards. Press B on a square to skip it, using up one card. This is really useful at the end of the board, where there are plentiful amounts of Time/Death/Grunty squares. Here is a map of the board: +---+ | D | +---+---+---+ +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | E | D | + | | D | G | B | + | E | ! | D | D | ! | +---+---+---+ +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | J | | B | | B | | D | +---+ +---+---+---+---+---+ +---+ | G | G | + | S | T | | D | +---+---+---+---+---+ +---+ | E | | E | | D | +---+ +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | B | | + | B | D | E | S | T | B | + | +---+---+---+---+---+ +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | + | S | T | S | D | | D | | S | +---+---+---+---+---+ +---+ +---+ | S | | E | | G | | E | +---+ +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | + | | G | B | + | B | T | S | E | G | B | E | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | G | E | B | S | D | | + | +---+---+---+---+---+ +---+ | + | | + | | D | +---+ +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | J | | G | T | + | B | T | E | B | S | G | B | +---+ +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | B | | + | | B | +---+ +---+ +---+ | E | | B | | J | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ +---+ | ! | D | J | + | S | B | + | G | +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ | E | +---+ | B | +---+ /START\ +-+ +-+ / C \ +-----+ Legend: B - Banjo Kazooie Square G - Grunty Square S - Sound Square E - Eye Square D - Death Square ! - Extra Life + - Honeycomb J - Joker Square T - Time Square Before you even start the game show, go backwards and activate the yellow cauldron. Now start. I recommend you take this route: Beginning from the start.. 3 up 1 right 3 up 5 right 2 down 2 up 2 left SKIP DEATH SQUARE 2 up 2 right 2 up 2 right 2 left 1 up 2 left SKIP TIME SQUARE 3 left SKIP DEATH SQUARE 2 left 2 up SKIP TIME SQUARE 2 up SKIP DEATH SQUARE 1 right SKIP DEATH SQUARE This route will ensure your victory, as long as you answer the joker squares correctly, as you won't have any to spare. Also, this route involves no skipping of Grunty squares, so be sure to either have them written down, or to know the answers very well. Once you win, Grunty will cry out in desperation, "No one can win, I was assured , by the makers of this board." Gruntilda tells no lies, she will let you take your prize. The witch flies the coop before Banjo and Kazooie select Tooty as their prize and go home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the credits, the adventurous duo head back to good ol' Spiral Mountain. Banjo, Kazooie, Bottles and Mumbo celebrate with a barbecue. Suddenly, the party pooper Tooty comes out and tells Banjo and Kazooie they still have to beat up the witch. Wtf? It was HER idea to go home. Has anyone else noticed that? Oh well. After everyone totally spazzes out, you'll be back in the furnance fun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grab as many extra lives as you can along the game board, since you can go anywhere along it. Head up the stairs where grunty went to the top. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3bb | %%%%%%%% Tower Top %%%%%%%% | TOWER | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Grunty wasn't kidding when she said she was going to go up the _winding_ stairs. Highjump to the alcove with an extra life. Now activate the yellow cauldron and open the 810 note door. Stand on the Jiggy podium in the room and press Z to put a whopping 25 pieces in. The picture is of Grunty, and it opens a door. Head up the small set of stairs into the new room. You'll meet Dingpot, Grunty's cauldron. He offers to shoot you up to where Grunty is. Before you do that, you should notice there are four note doors around the room. Three of them contain giant max items. Collect it to maximize that item. Open the 828 note door and get the max blue eggs. Now open the 846 note door for the max red feathers, and finally, unlock the 864 note door for max gold feathers. Now open the 882 note door and head through the room. You'll find the final jigsaw puzzle. Place four pieces in it, leaving you with a measley two Jigges, to get 16 honeycombs. Your eight will turn red. Whenever you lose one, it turns yellow. Once all the honeycombs are yellow, you start losing them. Now jump into Dingpot. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3cc | %%%%%%%% Final Fight %%%%%%%% | FIGHT | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Grunty is no pushover. You'll have to go through five difficult stages to beat her, and they get harder as you go along. Good luck! o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Stage 1 | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o In this stage, Grunty will dive bomb you on her broom. You have to dodge her dive bombs and then rat-a-tat-rap her while her broom malfunctions. The number of dive bombs she does before the broom breaks down increases each time you hit her. After her first two dive bombs, hit her. Grunty isn't too accurate, but she's not completely off either, so stay in talon trot. After you hit her, she'll fire a red spell that you'll have to dodge. Wait for antoher two dive bombs, then smack her and dodge another red spell. Repeat the process after three dive bombs and dodge another spell. One more time after four dive bombs (making her drop a honeycomb), then she'll fire a homing spell. Equip a gold feather just before it hits you. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Stage 2 | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o In this stage, Grunty will hover behind the ledges sticking out of the tower top. Stand behind the ledges so you'll be safe from her spells. When she ceases fire (the damage the attack can do lasts for a second or two, so wait), jump on the ledge and spit three eggs at her. The spells she fires before she stops increases as you continue to hit her. Grunty will move to another ledge. Follow her and repeat the process. Unlike with the last stage, the number of eggs stays the same. She moves a little when she gets hit, so you might not be able to do all three hits in one blow. Keep hitting her with eggs. Stay behind the ledge until it's safe to conserve honeycombs for the harder stages. Once you've hit her the third time, move to another ledge one more time. Spit three last eggs when the time is right and she'll drop another honeycomb. Wonderwing another homing spell. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Stage 3 | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Grunty will start flying around the place. Bottles will give you a flying pad to fight her on even ground. Now you have to beak bomb her. She only attacks after you hit her, so the only challenge is aiming correctly. Lead her and make sure you're even height wise. After you hit her once, she'll fire a spell. Line everything up, then strike her again. She fires two spells this time, but she's not very accurate when you're flying. Keep flying around. If you miss, it might be a while before you get a chance to hit her. She will pause every so often, making it even easier to hit her. After you hit her the third time, she throws three spells at you. It might be easier to hit her if you go for it right after your previous hit (once she's done throwing spells at you). One more hit will finish this phase, giving you a honeycomb... and she'll form a forcefield around herself. Great. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Stage 4 | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Here you have to shoot eggs into four Jinjo statues in the corner, who have come to help you defeat the hag. Grunty will be firing spells at you all the time. If you hear the sound, get out oft he way! The orange statue (they're all gray until fed) takes three eggs. When you've 'fed' it, it will come to life and slam itself into Grunty's forcefield. The green Jinjo takes three eggs. It will again slam itself into Grunty's field. If Grunty fires a spell while you're shooting eggs, run. It's better to delay the Jinjo than to get hit. Honeycombs are precious. Fire three eggs into the purple Jinjo. Again, Grunty's forcefield will be weakened. As logn as you keep moving, you can avoid Grunty's shots even without talon trotting. This allows you to immediately begin firing eggs. The last Jinjo, which is yellow, will do one last slam. Grunty's forcefield breaks and she is knocked a few feet, but she lands on a ledge and reforms the forcefield. Deflect another homing spell with your gold feather. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Stage 5 | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o When Grunty fires spells here, she'll lead you, so change direction constantly. Block a homing spell, then one last statue, the mighty "Jinjonator" rises, with four holes on each side. One side takes one egg, one takes two, one three, and the last one, four. As with before, Grunty fires spells during this whole damn thing. Run away immediately if you hear the sound. If you hear the sound of one of her homing spells, use the gold feather to shield yourself. You're gonna have to be really fast for this. As with before, talon trot will make it harder to get into egg firing position, so it's a little difficult to dodge the spells. You've probably lost several honeycombs by now. Once one of the holes is done, it closes up. Now work on the next. I find the absolute best time to fire is after she does the homing spell. Apparently she has to charge up a bit after that, so you'll have a bit of time to fire a few eggs. The front of the Jinjonator facing Grunty is hard. You might consider firing one egg at a time. Once that's done, you shouldn't worry too much if you have a decent amount of health. When all four holes are closed up, the mighty blue Jinjonator activates. It's beaming red eyes, it's huge size, the Jinjonator is clearly one to be feared if you're a green hag on a cliff firing red and green spells in an attempt to kill a bear and a bird... Yeah, that was obscure. All the Jinjos will combine their powers of standing around yelling "help" instead of escaping themselves into one super special awesome ultra special super extra mega ultra awesome Jinjo. Anyways, the Jinjonator will rise and zoom around, then hit Grunty. Grunty, being obese as she is, does not fall, but flinches. The Jinjonator will continue to hit Grunty several times. The witch will claim she can take these shots all day, so the Jinjonator will slowly charge up power, then hit Grunty with one super special awesome ultra spec.. screw it, Grunty falls off the tower. Her last spell, which she fires as she falls, misses Banjo and Kazooie. The hag falls waaaaaaaay down to the bottom below her lair. Maybe you shouldn't make your lair hundreds of feet in the air... Somehow, a bunch of rocks fall from nowhere. Grunty smashes throguh the ground of Spiral Mountain, forming a perfect witch shape in the ground. I'll give her a 6-9-10. A giant boulder falls onto her, trapping her forever. She is unable to get out. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3cc | %%%%^%%%% Ending %%%%%%%% | ENDING | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Banjo and the gang vacation at Treasure Trove Cove. Bottles makes annoying noises eating his melon, Tooty eats the worst taste known to mankind, and Banjo and Kazooie sway worse than drunkdrivers while holding their drinks. Banjo asks his sister if he can relax, and Tooty says he and Kazooie are heroes. After a couple rude comments from Kazooie, Banjo puts the cast list on, which gives you the names of all the enemies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the cast list, you're treated to a extra super special secret awesome scene. Mumbo will pop out of the tree with pictures. He will tell of a great sequal to Banjo-Kazooie. It's called Banjo-Tooie. Yeah, that'll probably be my next FAQ.. Since you got all 100 Jigsaws (WHICH YOU BETTER HAVE!!!), I mean which you certainly did, congratulations, Mumbo will show you the pictures. Banjo and Kazooie first get the Pink Egg atop Sharkfood Island, then the Ice Key in Wozza's cave, followed by the Blue Egg in a coffin in the room behind where Gobi had the Hollow Honeycomb. Actually, they don't get them, just look at them. This idea about using the items in Banjo-Tooie never worked, but we can still get all the collectibles in Banjo-Kazooie. Head down to Stop N' Swap in the chapter below and follow the guide to get the items. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The last scene shows Klungo trying to move the boulder trapping Grunty. Grunty's very last words in the game are, "All the Jiggies you did snatch, but I'll be back for my rematch!" Congratulations, you've COMPLETED BANJO KAZOOIE! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- | | | o---------------------------------o | | (04) | %%%%%%%% Appendicies %%%%%%% | APPEND | | o---------------------------------o | | | -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 4a | %%%%%%% Stop N' Swap %%%%%%%% | SnS | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Stop N' Swap is a fun little side-quest in a hunt to get the six mystery eggs and the ice key. Originally, you were supposed to take the BK pak out of the N64 without turning it off, then put in the sequal, Banjo-Tooie, and then the eggs and ice key would be in your BT file. However, it didn't work. Anyways, you can still get all the eggs and the key, but first you'll need to open all nine worlds. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntilda's Lair | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Head up the steep slope and through the 50 note door, then go to Treasure Trove Cove. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Treasure Trove Cove | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Patch up leaky and enter the sandcastle, then type in: CHEATOUTOFTHESEAITRISESTOREVEALMORESECRETPRIZES CHEAT OUT OF THE SEA IT RISES TO REVEAL MORE SECRET PRIZES Shark Food Island has now risen. Exit the sandcastle and re-enter, then punch in, CHEATNOWYOUCANSEEANICEICEKEYWHICHYOUCANHAVEFORFREE CHEAT NOW YOU CAN SEE A NICE ICE KEY WHICH YOU CAN HAVE FOR FREE The barrier blocking the ice key in Wozza's cave is gone. Exit and re-enter the castle, then put in, CHEATADESERTDOOROPENSWIDEANCIENTSECRETSWAITINSIDE CHEAT A DESERT DOOR OPENS WIDE ANCIENT SECRETS WAIT INSIDE The door behind where Gobi spit out the Hollow Honeycomb is open. Leave the castle, go back in, then enter: CHEATDONTYOUGOANDTELLHERABOUTTHESECRETINHERCELLAR CHEAT DONT YOU GO AND TELL HER ABOUT THE SECRET IN HER CELLAR The boarded up barrel in Mad Monster Mansion's wine cellar is opened now. The turquoise egg is inside. Now for another code: CHEATAMIDSTTHEHAUNTEDGLOOMASECRETINTHEBATHROOM CHEAT AMIDST THE HAUNTED GLOOM A SECRET IN THE BATHROOM The green egg is now on top of Loggo the toilet. We're not done yet: CHEATTHISSECRETYOULLBEGRABBININTHECAPTAINSCABIN CHEAT THIS SECRET YOULL BE GRABBIN IN THE CAPTAINS CABIN The red egg is on the captain's bed in Rusty Bucket Bay. Just one more code left : CHEATNOWBANJOWILLBEABLETOSEEITONNABNUTSTABLE CHEAT NOW BANJO WILL BE ABLE TO SEE IT ON NABNUTS TABLE The yellow egg is on Nabnut's table. Leave the sandcastle. As overly, unnecessarily long the codes are, it was worth it. Swim to Sharkfood Island, avoiding Snacker, then go in. In the middle is a giant pillar. Shock jump to the alcove, then start wingflapping up all the alcoves. You might fall a time or two. When you reach the top, get the pink egg (1), then leave the island as well as the cove. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntilda's Lair | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Head out of the TTC room and take the purple cauldron, then head to Freezeezy Peak. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Freezeezy Peak | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Find Wozza's cave on the other end of the level and go in. High jump to where the orange Jinjo is and go to the back. Get the Ice Key (1), then leave the cave as well as the peak. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntilda's Lair | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Go to the urn room and use the wading boots to get to Gobi's Valley. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gobi's Valley | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Talon trot up the slope and take the magic carpet from Jinxy's left paw (your right) to where Gobi was the third time you met him. Go through the room and at the end, push the switch to open the coffin. Get the blue egg (2). o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntilda's Lair | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Head back to the 2 gruntling room, go through the 350 note door, and all the way to Mad Monster Mansion. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mad Monster Mansion | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Go right at the start until you find the trapdoor blocking off the wine cellar. Bust it open. Kill the ghost with a gold feather and enter the barrel that's open. Get the turquoise egg (3), then leave the cellar. Climb up to the second level of the mansion and bust open the window just around the corner from the shock jump pad. Get the green egg (4), then leave the bathroom as well as the mansion. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntilda's Lair | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Head back to the gruntling room after you pass the Gobi's Valley puzzle. Go up the ramp and take the blue cauldron. Enter Rusty Bucket Bay. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Rusty Bucket Bay | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Head up the plank at the start to the boat. Backflip off the pipe to the upper level, then cross the next plank. Go to the left side and drop down. Head toward the front of the ship and bust open the first breakable window. Find the captain's bed and get the red egg (5), then leave the bay. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntilda's Lair | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o Take the blue cauldron outta this dump, then take the purple cauldron. Go up the ramp and through the pipe, then take the red cauldron. Enter Click Clock Wood. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Click Clock Wood | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hub ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Go to winter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find Mumbo's skull and use the flying pad to head up all the way to Nabnut's house. Land, rat-a-tat-rap the window, then enter. Grab the yellow egg (6) in the back, then leave. Exit winter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hub ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leave the wood. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nice. Stop N' Swap is now complete. You can view all your super special awesome items in the view totals menu. Now you have _EVERYTHING_. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3b | %%%%% Bottles' Puzzles %%%%% | PUZZLE | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o Go to Banjo's house and stand on the rug in front of the fireplace. Press up C to go into first person and look at the picture of Bottles above the fire. Bottles will tell you about his secret moving picture challenge. It's basically a jigsaw puzzle, except the picture moves around the scene. Move Banjo's hand with the control stick, pick up a piece with A, put it back with B, and put it in the puzzle with A. From the third puzzle on, you'll have to rotate the pieces to make them fit. You shouldn't have too much trouble. When you complete puzzle five, Bottles will be an ass and tell you there are no more, even though there are. Everytime you complete a puzzle, Bottles gives you a code. Here's a list: PUZZLE 1 - Banjo's House (Spiral Mountain) Code - BOTTLESBONUSONE / BOTTLES BONUS ONE This makes Banjo's head big. PUZZLE 2 - Boggy's Igloo (Freezeezy Peak) Code - BOTTLESBONUSTWO / BOTTLES BONUS TWO This makes Banjo's hands and feet big. PUZZLE 3 - Captain's Quarters (Rusty Bucket Bay) Code - BOTTLESBONUSTHREE / BOTTLES BONUS THREE This makes Banjo's head small and his body tall. PUZZLE 4 - Nabnut's House (Click Clock Wood) Code - BOTTLESBONUSFOUR / BOTTLES BONUS FOUR This makes Kazooie's head and wings big. PUZZLE 5 - Bedroom (Mad Monster Mansion) Code - BIGBOTTLESBONUS / BIG BOTTLES BONUS This makes Banjo's head and feet big. PUZZLE 6 - Zubba's Nest (Click Clock Wood) Code - WISHYWASHYBANJO/ WISHY WASHY BANJO This turns Banjo into a washing machine. The washer can do everything the normal Banjo can do, including flying :). It doesn't take damage from the icy water in Freezeezy Peak. All of the codes can be entered on the sandcastle floor in Treasure Trove Cove (gotta love that place). o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3c | %%%%% Mumbo Token Guide %%%%% | TOKENS | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o A list of where the Mumbo Tokens are. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gruntilda's Lair | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. Behind the first purple cauldron. 2. On top of the pipe that leads to the red cauldron. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mumbo's Mountain | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. Behind the pillar where the purple Jinjo is. 2. On a ledge near the witch switch. 3. Behind one of the stone slabs holding up the path near the talon trot. 4. Under the bridge leading to Mumbo's hut. 5. On the second ledge in the termite nest. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Treasure Trove Cove | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. Behind Nipper's shell. 2. Directly above the shock jump pad past the one by to the molehill. 3. At the top of the pole starting from Blubber's ship deck, under the platform. 4. Inside Blubber's ship, the part entered through a trapdoor. 5. Behind the breakable door of the lighthouse. 6. Inside a chest near one of the ladders 7. Inside a chest near one of the ladders 8. Behind the pillar where you stomp a red X to reveal a question mark. 9. In the water, below the giant arch on a crate. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Clanker's Cavern | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. Above the entrance. 2. In Clanker's left tooth once you fix it with eggs. 3. On a ledge, guarded by a chompa. You need to use Clanker's tail to reach it. 4. On Clanker's right side, there's an orange pipe underwater with a token. 5. From the shock jump pad guarded by a chompa (you need to use Clanker's fin), shock jump to the pole on the right. Climb up to an alcove with the token. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Bubblegloop Swamp | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. In the swampy water behind the pillar with the Jinjo. Use the wading boots. 2. On top of the pole near the giant egg. 3. In one of the alcoves along the thin path to the Jiggy switch Jiggy. 4. At the top of the huts, shock jump to the left to the croctus. In the air is the token. 5. Behind Tiptup. 6. Behind Mumbo's hut. 7. Behind Mumbo's chair. 8. Inside the giant crocodile. 9. Below one of the pillars holding up the huts. 10. Below one of the pillars holding up the huts. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Freezeezy Peak | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. Behind the desk in the igloo. 2. Behind the Christmas tree, in the pot. 3. Under one of the snowmen. You have to kill it first. 4. Under one of the snowmen. You have to kill ti first. 5. By the giant snowman's foot. 6. By the giant snowman's foot. 7. Under the start of the scarf in the freezing water. 8. Use the sled (you'll automatically get the Mumbo Token). 9. Directly above the flying pad on the chimney of a house. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Gobi's Valley | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. On Jinxy's nose. 2. In the back of the room inside Jinxy. 3. In the quicksand behind Jinxy. Use the wading boots. 4. Inside the pyramid where you meet Rubee. 5. On top of the water in the pyramid you need the running shoes to get into. Get the token before you drain the water. 6. Inside the matching game pyramid. 7. At the bottom of the lake you fill up. 8. On top of King Sandybutt's tomb. 9. In one of the pots at the end of the maze. 10. At the exit to the maze. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Mad Monster Mansion | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. Inside the sink in the bathroom. 2. In front of the picture of the ghosts in the room with the yellow Jinjo. 3. In the fireplace in Napper's room. Use the wonderwing. 4. Inside a barrel in the wine cellar. 5. Behind a gravestone in the church area. 6. At the entrance to the very top of the clocktower. 7. In the maze. 8. In the maze. 9. Left of the entrance to the shed area, in a hidden corner. 10. On top of the shed. 11. Left of the entrance to the fountain, in a hidden corner. 12. On top of the chair by the organ. 13. On the beams supporting the church's roof. 14. In the well. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Rusty Bucket Bay | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o 1. In the pipe at the very start of the boat. 2. On top of one of the smokestacks. 3. On a spinning bridge in the mechanical room. 4. Above a cog in the mechanical room. 5. Above a cog in the mechanical room. 6. On a barrel in the toxic waste dump. 7. Above the toll 2 bridge. You'll need to spit an extra four eggs to extend the bridge to the token. 8. In the left blue box. 9. In the middle blue box. 10. In the control room. o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Click Clock Wood | o------------------------------------------------------------------------------o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. In the man-eating flower right of the start. 2. On the ledge left of the end of the lake, guarded by a flower. 3. In a small corner in the bramble area by Mumbo's hut. 4. On a huge branch. 5. At the Zubba's nest entrance. 6. At the house being built. 7. On top of Nabnut's wardrobe. 8. In Eyrie's nest (he's still an giant egg in spring). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. At the entrance to Gnawty's house. 2. In the right corner when you are leaving the giant flower patch and going to Mumbo's hut. 3. On the planks on top of the inside of Mumbo's skull. 4. On one of the giant leaves (the leaves form a shortcut to the house). 5. On the giant branch. 6. On the ledges with the birds (with gaps in between). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Right of the entrance in a man-eating plant. 2. On one of the big leaves that form a shortcut to the house. 3. On the giant branch. 4. On a leaf near the house. 5. In the man-eating plant at the top of the tree, by a door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Under the snowman between the giant flower and Mumbo's skull. You have to kill the snowman. 2. In the giant flower. 3. In the remains of the Zubba's nest. 4. On one of the ramps near Nabnut's house. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3d | %%%%%% Cheat Codes %%%%%% | CHEATS | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o All of these cheat codes start with CHEAT. You'll hear a moo sound when you put in the letters of the word CHEAT, but no sound after until you complete the overly, unnecesarrily long code in question. All codes are entered on the Treasure Trove Cove sandcastle floor. USE MORE THAN TWO OF THESE, AND YOU'RE GAME FILE WILL BE ERASED. NO JOKE! I guess it doesn't matter though, since entering one of these codes only takes a few hours. CHEATANENERGYBARTOGETYOUFAR CHEAT AN ENERGY BAR TO GET YOU FAR This will give you eight honeycombs. HOWEVER!!!, if you use this when you already have sixteen, you'll be brought back down to eight. CHEATGIVETHEBEARLOTSOFAIR CHEAT GIVE THE BEAR LOTS OF AIR Infinite air. This is one of the most useful codes, especially for Rusty Bucket Bay and Clanker's Cavern. CHEATBANJOBEGSFORPLENTYOFEGGS CHEAT BANJO BEGS FOR PLENTY OF EGGS Infinite eggs. Wow, didn't see that one coming. It's not as ridiculous as the rest of the cheats, but it's still not good. 100 is a good amount. With Cheato, you can have 200, which is already more than enough. CHEATNOWYOUCANFLYHIGHINTHESKY CHEAT NOW YOU CAN FLY HIGH IN THE SKY Infite red feathers. Pretty good. 50 isn't enough, and 100 is about right. It's okay, but there are better cheats. CHEATGOLDENGLOWTOPROTECTBANJO CHEAT GOLDEN GLOW TO PROTECT BANJO Infinite gold feathers. It makes the game quite a bit easier, but you can still die from falling, and you can't go through most of the puzzles while using the Wonderwing. CHEATDONTBEADUMBOGOSEEMUMBO CHEAT DONT BE A DUMBO GO SEE MUMBO This will give you 99 Mumbo Tokens. You have a guide to tell you where to get the tokens, so this is a waste. CHEATLOTSOFGOSWITHMANYBANJOS CHEAT LOTS OF GOS WITH MANY BANJOS A cheat for infinite lives, but wtf? Who needs infinite lives??? CHEATTHERESNOWHEREDANKERTHANINWITHCLANKER CHEAT THERES NO WHERE DANKER THAN IN WITH CLANKER This opens Clanker's Cavern. Since you have guides to tell you where the Jiggies are, level opening cheats are pointless. CHEATNOWINTHESWAMPYOUCANSTOMP CHEAT NOW IN THE SWAMP YOU CAN STOMP Opens Bubblegloop Swamp. CHEATTHEJIGGYSDONESOOFFYOUGOINTOFREEZEEZYPEAKANDITSSNOW CHEAT THE JIGGYS DONE SO OFF YOU GO INTO FREEZEEZY PEAK AND ITS SNOW Opens Freezeezy Peak. The length of this code is scary. CHEATGOBISJIGGYISNOWDONETREKONINANDGETSOMESUN CHEAT GOBIS JIGGY IS NOW DONE TREK ON IN AND GET SOME SUN Opens Gobi's Valley. CHEATTHEJIGGYSNOWMADEWHOLEINTOTHEMANSIONYOUCANSTROLL CHEAT THE JIGGYS NOW MADE WHOLE INTO THE MANSION YOU CAN STROLL Opens Mad Monster Mansion. Wow, even longer than Freezeezy Peak. We've got a record. CHEATWHYNOTTAKEATRIPINTOGRUNTYSRUSTYSHIP CHEAT WHY NOT TAKE A TRIP INTO GRUNTYS RUSTY SHIP Opens Rusty Bucket Bay. CHEATTHISONESGOODASYOUCANENTERTHEWOOD CHEAT THIS ONES GOOD AS YOU CAN ENTER THE WOOD Opens Click Clock Wood. CHEATTHESEGORIGHTONTONOTEDOORTWO CHEAT THESE GO RIGHT ON TO NOTE DOOR TWO This opens the 180 note door. All the note door cheats are useless, as none of them open the last necessary note door (810). CHEATNOTEDOORTHREEGETINFORFREE CHEAT NOTE DOOR THREE GET IN FOR FREE This opens the 260 note door. CHEATTAKEATOURTHROUGHNOTEDOORFOUR CHEAT TAKE A TOUR THROGUH NOTE DOOR FOUR This opens the 350 note door. CHEATUSETHISCHEATNOTEDOORFIVEISBEAT CHEAT USE THIS CHEAT NOTE DOOR FIVE IS BEAT This opens the 450 note door. CHEATTHISTRICKISUSEDTOOPENNOTEDOORSIX CHEAT THIS TRICK IS USED TO OPEN NOTE DOOR SIX This opens the 640 note door. CHEATSEVENTHNOTEDOORISNOWNOMORE CHEAT SEVENTH NOTE DOOR IS NOW NO MORE This opens the 765 note door. CHEATGRUNTYWILLCRYNOWTHATYOUVESMASHEDHEREYE CHEAT GRUNTY WILL CRY NOW THAT YOUVE SMASHED HER EYE There are a number of cheats that destroy barriers and what not in the lair, and they're all a complete waste, since they're all easy to break anyways. This one smashes the eye in the Grunty statue with the 350 note door. CHEATTHEYCAUSETROUBLENOWTHEYRERUBBLE CHEAT THEY CAUSE TROUBLE NOW THEYRE RUBBLE This destroys breakable walls. CHEATWEBSSTOPYOURPLAYSOTAKETHEMAWAY CHEAT WEBS STOP YOUR PLAY SO TAKE THEM AWAY This removes all the webs. CHEATSHESANUGLYBATSOLETSREMOVEHERGRILLEANDHAT CHEAT SHES AN UGLY BAT SO LETS REMOVE HER GRILLE AND HAT Destroys the bars and the hat of the Grunty statue. CHEATYOULLCEASETOGRIPEWHENUPGOESTHEPIPE CHEAT YOULL CEASE TO GRIPE WHEN UP GOES THE PIPE This cheat raises the pipe that lets you get to the switch that opens the way to the Bubblegloop Swamp puzzle. CHEATBOTHPIPESARETHEREINCLANKERSLAIR CHEAT BOTH PIPES ARE THERE IN CLANKERS LAIR This one raises the pipes that let you get to Clanker's Cavern. CHEATTHISSHOULDGETRIDOFTHECRYPTCOFFINLID CHEAT THIS SHOULD GET RID OF THE CRYPT COFFIN LID Removes the lid of the coffin in the shack near MMM, with the water level switch. CHEATYOUWONTHAVETOWAITNOWTHERESNOCRYPTGATE CHEAT YOU WONT HAVE TO WAIT NOW THERES NO CRYPT GATE Destroyes the gate blocking the path to the shack near MMM. CHEATUPYOUGOWITHOUTAHITCHTOTHEWATERLEVELSWITCH CHEAT UP YOU GO WITHOUT A HITCH TO THE WATER LEVEL SWITCH This raises the water level near Rusty Bucket Bay. And those are all the cheats, folks. Use your common sense when judging which to avoid. Unless you're braindead, cheats like BOTH PIPES ARE THERE IN CLANKERS LAIR will never grace your file. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3e | %%%%% Legal Disclaimer %%%%%% | LEGAL | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o This FAQ may not appear in any way, shape, or form on any site but gamefaqs.com without express, written persmission from me, the author. Understand that this document is protected by copyright, and to publically display it without permission is a violation of copyright. However, IF I DO give you permission to use this document on your site, you are welcome to do so. But please, DO NOT use it UNTIL I give you permission. Copyright 2007 Ethan Alwaise o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3e | %%%% Contact Information %%%% | CONTACT | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o You can contact me only through email. My email address is zoophoria@gmail.com. Be sure to include the phrase "Banjo-Kazooie FAQ" in your email so I know what it's about. These are the things you CAN contact me about: Correcting things I messed up and giving extra tips. Sure, I'll add whatever you contribute and give you full credit for your information. Praise mail. Yeah, if you liked this guide, you're welcome to tell me so. Hate mail. I don't really care what you say about this guide, if it's hate mail, I'll just ignore it. Permission to use the FAQ. Yes, like I said, you're welcome to use the FAQ IF AND ONLY IF I GIVE YOU PERMISSION. Now these are the things I don't want to be e-mailed about: Spam. Please. Nobody needs spam, it just takes up space in your inbox and does nothing. Don't send ANY SPAM AT ALL. That's pretty much it. o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o | o---------------------------------o | | 3f | %%%%%%%% Credits %%%%%%%% | CREDIT | | o---------------------------------o | o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o me frog - His BK FAQ inspired me to write this. Also, his guide helped me with Mumbo Tokens and cheat codes. Rock N Deep - His FAQ helped me with cheat codes and characters. Ernest 64 - His FAQ helped me with Mumbo Tokens. Rareware - For making such an awesome game. Nintendo - For publishing such an awesome game. CJayC - For creating such a site as awesome and helpful to gamers everywhere as gamefaqs. sam-del_567@hotmail.com - He corrected the error in the GOLDFEATHERS cheat. maxpower592@yahoo.com - He corrected the error in the Ice Key cheat.</p>