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Episode 4: Bad JuJu In the Bayou D1. Ingredients D2. Clues E. Episode 5: Hi-Tech Terror E1. Ingredients E2. Clues ============================I. Legal info================================= This document may not be altered, copied, published, sold nor reproduced for profit in any way shape or form without advance permission from me. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited. If you steal any part of this Guide, FAQ, you will be punished to the full extent of the law. Plagiarism is illegal, and I really detest it. If you do Email us for our permission, We have nearly no problems in allowing you to post it on your site as long as full credit is given to us (YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel), and you are not charging or profiting off of Gamers/Users to access it directly or indirectly in any way shape or form. However, you may print this document out if it is for your own personal use. If you see a site using this without our permission let us know. ========================================================================== II. Introduction This is just to help those that are looking for Ingredients or Clues. Please ONLY email if you are having a hard time with one of the descriptions. --------------------------------------- A. Episode 1: The Haunting of Hambridge --------------------------------------- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ A1. Ingredients $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1. Ham - You can find this in the room where you have to move book carts out of the way. ON top of a tall pile of Crates. 2. Tomato - This can be found on a crate in the room you need to sneak past some Ghosts. 3. Mayo - This is found at the far right door of the Hallway with green carpet where you get the Hideout key. Go back to this same Hallway to get this ingredient. 4. Pickles - You find this where you found the Annex Key. Where your first save point is, Through the door at the top of the stairs on the left and up the ladder to get on top of the bookcases. 5. Lettuce - You can find this next to your first save point after you have captured all the monsters (Ghosts and Shadows in all the rooms). DO NOT go back into the room you started in until you have gotten this ingredient (that note only applies to those that are playing through their first time and following this guide's instructions). If it is not there that means you have missed one of the ghosts or shadows. Unlocks: Trap the Fake Ghost Mini-Game The Objective in this Mini-Game is to move the bookshelves by pushing them to make a path for the fake ghost to get to the Big Red X. ######### A2. Clues ######### 1. A Photo of Alan Dinsdale - You find this at the top of the stairs In the room with your first save point. 2. A Telegram for W.P. - After you got the Photo of Alan Dinsdale this one can be found through the only open door at the top of the stairs on top of some crates. 3. A Crumpled Note - YOu find this on a Crate in the far left part of the room that you moved the book carts out of the way. 4. FootPrints - This is found in one of the rooms with a few ghost can't miss it. It's out in the open not hidden or anything. 5. A Receipt - This is found in the room with the Tome of Doom. ---------------------------------- B. Episode 2: Mayhem at the Movies ---------------------------------- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ B1. Ingredients $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1. Ham - After you have Used the rocket ship and gone through the door. Go down the stairs and Scooby can go into the gap at the bottom of that pile of crates on your left. 2. Lettuce - After you have crawled into the hole in the graveyard with ScoobyG straight up the inclined path at the very top of this slope on your left you need to climb up on the block here to get the lettuce. 3. French Mustard - After you have chased the Red Knight and find scooby in the Roman set. You can find this Ingredients on part of the aqueduct system of this movie set (You will need to move a portion of the aqueduct with the red bar on it to reach it. The portion near the crane that knocks over the pillars.). 4. Eggs - Once you have gotten to the area with the big ship make your way down the stairs go to straight and right. Go up the planks and ladder here . The eggs are right next to the guy filming you. 5. Cheese - When you get to the Egyptian Set. Make your way to the switch that makes a boulder roll. Once you have made the boulder roll make your way back through the rooms until you get to the room that you started from. From there go to where the rolling boulder is and go up the slope it came down to get this ingredient. Unlocks: Monster Frenzy Mini-Game The Objective in this Mini-Game is to Capture the ghost with the Tome of Doom in the time limit given. ######### B2. Clues ######### 1. A Receipt - When you start go up the stairs and to the left to your right is some bushes and a hole Scooby can squeeze into. You will find it through there. 2. A Crumpled Picture - This can be found at the very far end of the graveyard set. Go down some stairs and climb up on a crate back there to get this one. 3. Mummy Bandages - After you have lifted up the Vampier's coffin and went into the electrical room it's in the back of this room on the left. 4. A Picture - Near where Daphne and scooby are caged up. Use some stairs near by to get way above them and find this clue. 5. The Red Knight's Helmet- You get this after you have released scooby from his cage. ----------------------------- C. Episode 3: Weird Wild West ----------------------------- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ C1. Ingredients $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1. Barbecue Sauce - You find this on boxes right where you find shaggy in the dark basement. 2. Bacon - Inside a covered wagon right outside of the Saloon 3. Hot Peppers - You find this through the small gap to the right of the White School House. 4. Ham - After you have used the Mine cart ride and made your way around back to main street. Go back to the mine cart ride where you will find this ingredient. 5. Cheese - In a Vending machine at the end of the Mine Cart ride (You will need the gold nuggest from the ride to get it. If you didn 't get enough you will have to do the mine cart ride again. You need somewhere around 120 to 140 nuggest to get it. I'm not sure on the exact number it cost. Wehn I got it I had 143 nuggets. Unlocks: Mine Cart Mini-Game The Objective in this Mini-Game is to avoid obstacles and reach the end. ######### C2. Clues ######### 1. Zabrinski Note - Go up the stairs and through the door that was blocked by the barrel to find this clue. 2. A Photograph - You can get to this after you make the barrel roll down the stairs in the Saloon. 3. Travel Ticket - This one is a bit tricky to find. In one of the tunnels. It's in the sixth tunnel. You will come to a three way path. You first need to take the center path and lean right to avoid the hole and to change tracks to the right. At the next fork you lean left and hop over the tree branch blocking the way. At this next fork go right and jump over the hole and lean left to grab this clue. 4. A Map - Outside of where the Mine cart ride stopped. 5. A Wig - You get this inside the School house before getting the school key. ----------------------------------- D. Episode 4: Bad JuJu In the Bayou ----------------------------------- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ D1. Ingredients $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1. Fish - You can find this on the roof of the Waterhouse. The waterhouse is the building in back of the house you start in front of on the left side. yep 2. Shrimp - After your first scene you will need to snorkel pass some boats. Along the way you will come to a log maze on your right go through it and find this ingredient. 3. Chicken - When it comes time to free shaggy you will need to distract the guards for Billy Bob. When you start go straight and go left around the tent on the left to find this ingredient. 4. Hot Peppers - At some point during your motorcycle ride you will get a loading screen. At your first checkpoint of this next area there is a ramp make the jump and get this ingredient there in front of that log you need to duck under. 5. Ketchup - After you get the Hot peppers and you make it to the next area. You will come to a fork take the left path it will slope up and go left you will need to jump over some logs in the road. You will see in front of you this ingredient floating in the air you need to jump and get it. This was pretty tough to get you need to go slow and jump to it. Unlocks: Mini Trail Bike Mini-Game The Objective in this Mini-Game is the same as the Mini Cart Mini-Game to avoid Obstacles and reach the end. ######### D2. Clues ######### 1. Tire Tracks - You find this out in front of the Waterhouse. 2. A Letter - YOu find this after you have came down from the high lookout points in the trees and crossed a bridge with zombies under it. 3. A Book - Right before you get to the big Log Maze to your left is an area to jump out of the water with this clue there. 4. A Weird Device - This one is kinda tricky to get. When you are on the motorcycle after you have gone through two areas with it (meaning the screen goes black after you have passed an area). You will come to a fork of wooden bridges over water. Go straight on the first path and jump over the gap. Take the path to the left quickly and follow it to a ramp at this ramp you need to jump in the center of it and high to reach this clue. 5. Greenwood Development Documents - You get this automatically when you get to the Zombie Boss fight. ---------------------------- E. Episode 5: Hi-Tech Terror ---------------------------- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ E1. Ingredients $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1. Barbeque Sauce - In the vending machine of the room you start in. 2. Eggs - After you use the first green transporter. You will come to a room with many steam vents blasting the floor to your left behind some crates is where this Ingredient is. You need to shut off the steam first before getting it. Use the robot to do this (You will be back to this room where the robot shuts off the valves later on for another ingredient). 3. Bacon - You find this during your little Boss Battle with Fred, Daphne and Velma. Upstairs you need to turn off the Forcefield. When i did this it shut off after it shut off the third to last computer console. 4. Slab of Meat - You find this in the room you turned off the steam valves with the robot. This would be when you are chasing after Selena. 5. Onion - YOu get this in the End boss battle with the Fire ghost. Capture two blue ghost and it will appear in the area. Unlocks: Spooky Science The Objective in this Mini-Game is to use the Super-Spooker 3000 to Scare the Scientists in the white protective suits. You only need to shoot them once to win. If there is more then one shoot each one once. They don't go off the screen so there is no point to keep shooting them multiple times. The object is to shoot and hit each one once. ######### E2. Clues ######### 1. A Computer Disk - The first area you need to sneak past the guard to the right. It's next to the costume chest. 2. A Memo - Once you have gone and turned off the Security cameras. Go through the left corridor of that room the one with the costume chest. Use the costume chest and go into the next room. This is the front desk room Go to your left and up the stairs. You will find the clue here near a costume chest. 3. A List - It's on top of the lockers in the room that you need the yellow keycard. 4. A Melted Fire Extinguisher - You find this during your little Boss Battle with Fred, Daphne and Velma. 5. Geographical Map - You find this on your way back to the starting point of this episode. After the Boss Battle with Fred, Daphne and Velma. _________________________________________________________________________ Copyright 2004 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel (YuGiOhFm2002@yahoo.com)(YuGiOhAngel@yahoo.com)</p>