___ ___ ___ ___ |__ \ / _ \ / _ \__ \ _ __ ___ __ __ ) | | | | | | | ) | | '_ ` _ \\ \/ / / /| | | | | | |/ / | | | | | |> < / /_| |_| | |_| / /_ |_| |_| |_/_/\_\____|\___/ \___/____| Lovely art by: Flip Mode (jt@flipmode.com) MX2002 - Featuring Ricky Carmichael Playstation 2 FAQ - by Caelum Why no more e-mail address? Go to credits. 7-09-01, ver. 1.01 7-11-01, ver. 1.02 7-15-01, ver. 1.03 7-17-01, ver. 1.04 7-24-01, ver. 1.05 7-27-01, ver. 1.06 *************************** **-=Table of Contents=-** *************************** 1) Introduction 2) Controls 3) Riders 4) Trick List 5) Track List 6) Challenges 7) Career Tips 8) Tips & Tricks 9) Song/Sponsor List 10) Replays 11) FAQ 12) Credits/Contact *********************************************************************** 1) *-=Introduction=-* *********************************************************************** MX2002 feat. Ricky Carmichael is a wonderful addition to a lackluster library of motocross games. This game, in my mind, truly does the sport justice. The graphics are great, draw-in distance is incredible, sound is decent, and control is superb. Any fan of the sport should stop reading this FAQ and run to the nearest store to pick it up. If you are skeptical, at least rent it because you might be pleasantly surprised. There are multiple modes of play. First you have EXHIBITION, in which you pick a real life rider and race against up to 6 other computer players on a chosen track. There is also FREESTYLE, wherein you can bust it big in tracks specifically designed for throwing down tricks. The main part of the game is CAREER, in which you create your own rider (outfit, name, and number) and try to climb up the ranks of the amateur, pro125, and pro250 classes. If you have a friend over, you can try to school him in MULTIPLAYER. You and your buddy can race head to head, or try to out-trick each other in freestyle mode. Another little bonus are the CHALLENGES. Altough somewhat hidden away in the OPTIONS menu, these can be quite tricky and challenging. Challenges range from doing a four-trick combo to pulling off a full blown 720 in mid-air. For completing each Challenge you get a nice (albeit short) video clip of either racing or freestyle riders at their best. *********************************************************************** 2) *-=Controls=-* *********************************************************************** Digital Pad - pitch left/right Left Analog - pitch left/right Right Analog - Fwrd. Gas, Bkwd. Brake X Button - Gas ç Button - Brake O Button - Stunts (in air only) Triangle - Stunts (in air only) L1 - Clutch L2 - Preload/Stunt R1 - Powerslide R2 - Preload/Stunt L1+L2+R1+R2 - forced bail L2 + R2 - Low jump, tap at takeoff CLUTCH - using the clutch can mean the difference between 1st and 2nd place. At the start, hold it down and hold down X. Right before it says GO! release your clutch for a burst of speed. Also, coming out of a slow turn can warrant the use of your clutch to get back to speed. In addition, while in mid-air, hold the clutch down and hold down X. When you land release the clutch and with practice you will resume at the speed you left the jump at. PRELOAD - When you are on the face of a jump hold down either L2 or R2 to preload. The red/yellow/green meter in the bottom-right of your HUD is the preload meter. The more it is filled up the more air you will get. Remember, sometimes it is not smart to preload a jump, as you might overclear it. Before racing any track in career mode always practice on it to make sure you know how to take every jump. POWERSLIDE - I don't use it much, I assume you won't either. Just brake before every sharp/hairpin turn and you should make it okay. If you feel yourself not turning sharp enough go ahead and use the powerslide in junction with brake or gas. *********************************************************************** 3) *-=Riders=-* *********************************************************************** Racing: a) Ricky Carmichael (4) b) John Dowd (16) c) Kevin Windham (14) d) Mike LaRocco (5) e) Larry Ward (10) f) Damon Huffman (20) g) Greg Albertyn (8) h) Ezra Lusk (11) i) Ryan Hughes (120) j) Jeff Emig (3) k) Casey Johnson (27) l) Tallon Vohland (22) m) Brock Sellards (18) n) Nick Wey (23) o) Nathan Ramnsey (28) p) Ernesto Fonseca (25) q) Casey Lyte (57) r) Matt Walker (59) s) David Pingree (46) t) Rodrig Thain (32) u) James Stewart (259) Freestyle: a) Mike Jones (MAD MIKE) b) Mike Cinqmars c) Carey Hart d) Kris Rourke e) Jeremy Stenberg (Twitch) f) Kris Garwusiak g) Jeff Tilton h) Tommy CLowers (Tomcat) i) Trevor Vines *********************************************************************** 4) *-=Trick List=-* *********************************************************************** To do a trick get some air and hold down either L2 or R2 and press the button combinations. Do combos and add in a back/front flip and you can score high with the best of 'em. Hart Breaker (backflip): hold DOWN on left analog/digital pad Suicide Flip (frontflip): hold UP on left analog/digital pad Indian Air - X Superman Seatgrab - X + X Superman Indian - X + X + X Superfly - X + X + Triangle Mulisha Air - X + ç Rocket Air - X + O Cat Nac - X + O + O Hart Attack - X + Triangle Helicopter - X + Triangle + Triangle Nac Nac - ç Can Can - ç + ç Disco Can - ç + ç + ç Switchblade - ç + X Pendulum - ç + O Catwalk - ç + Triangle Surfer - ç + Triangle + Triangle Heel Clicker - Triangle Bar Hop - Triangle + Triangle McMetz - Triangle + Triangle + Triangle Rodeo Air - Triangle + X Saran Wrap - Triangle + ç Coffin - Triangle + O No Hander - O Kiss of Death - O + O Lazy Boy - O + X Nothing - O + ç Cliff Hanger - O + Triangle Cordova - O + Triangle + Triangle *Did anyone else notice that the Rocket Air is in fact just a regular superman and that there is no rocket air? Weird.* Sorry, no No-Hander Landers (or sterilizers for that matter). I think that's it's ridiculous they show videos of guys doing no-hander landers, but they don't allow you to do them in the game. *********************************************************************** 5) *-=Track List=-* *********************************************************************** Race Tracks: a) Construction Site b) Glen Helen c) Hangtown d) Kenworthy e) Loretta Lynn f) Louisiana Supercross g) Michigan Supercross h) Rock Quarry i) Southwick j) Spring Creek k) THQ U.S. Open l) Truckee m) Unadilla n) Yukon o) Anaheim Supercross Freestyle Tracks: a) San Diego Freestyle b) Shaffer Arena c) Vulture Gulch Canyon d) Warehouse Freestyle e) Bus Jump f) High Jump (Step-up) g) Las Vegas Freestyle *********************************************************************** 6) *-=Challenges=-* *********************************************************************** a) Ricky Racing - Get the hole shot and keep first place for the whole race, playing as Ricky. (exhibition, 3 laps, normal) go to the construction site after you get good and it should be easy b) Crash and Win - crash 3 times w/o bailing and still win race (exhibition, 3 laps, normal) only try this when you're comfortable with the course c) Front and Back - pull a bar hop to seat grab and land it (freestyle, competition, normal, 3 mins) easy, get comfortable with tricks and it should be no problem d) Las Vegas Steady Stunter - achieve 20,000 in L.V. without crashin (competition, 3 mins, normal) very easy, just do double backflips with tricks e) Tutorials - Complete all four tutorials Uh-huh... f) Champion Motocross Racer - win THQ US Open (career) 7 laps is tough, but with practice... Tip: after the finish line, you do a hairpin turn, then there is a series of weird jumps. Take the small small jump, and barely gas it up the big one. Then you will see a triple if front of you. Take it as a double, then roll over the third hump. g) Twenty Tricks - perform 20 tricks (freestyle comp, normal, 3 mins) San Diego is easy, just use a trick list h) Iron Man - Win a race under 20 mins (exhibition, normal, 125 or 250) Okay this description is confusing. What it means is instead of laps you set the duration to 20 mins and race until the 20 mins is up. Choose an easy course and it's very easy. I was a minute ahead of 2nd place when I finished, and I was busting tricks the whole way. i) Step-up Master - earn 10,000 Points in Step-up (normal, comp) I got this without even knowing; that's how easy it is j) High Jump Master - Clear 60 feet in Step-Up (comp, normal) Easy, if you have problems wait till you ride a 250 k) Bus Jump Master - earn 10,000 points in Bus Jump (comp, normal) These "master" things aren't too tough... l) Long Jump Master - Clear 160 Feet in Bus Jump (comp, normal) This one is tough! Good luck trying, if you have trouble, check out the tips and tricks section m) Super Stunter - Perform a stunt worth 2,000 or more (freestyle, 3 mins) If you can't do this I'm ashamed of you n) Wheelie Maniac - Perform a 3 second wheelie Hold the clutch, give gas, release clutch and hold back. Adjust yourself when you need to. This one's a little tricky at first. UPDATE - you don't actually have to hold the clutch. Just stop, hold back and give a little gas. Remember, control of the throttle is just as important and control of your rider. o) Stupendous Stoppie - Perform a 3 second stoppie Get some speed (maybe like 10) and slam the brake while holding foward. Let your rider almost fall back, then hold up. Easy. If you are having trouble check the tips & tricks section. p) Amateur Sweep - win every race in Amateur circuit (career) If you don't finish first, well, restart! q) Steady - win without crashing on three consecutive career races With the annoying A.I. this is one of the hardest, keep clear of the other riders, as they like to jump on your head. r) Quick Starter - get holeshot on 3 consecutive career races Get used to the weird clutch and it should be easy s) Goon Rider - Perform 1000+ points of stunts in a race (career) Be a goon! t) Combo King - perform a 4-trick combo Ride the biggest jump you can find, and do the quickest tricks (nac nac, heel clicker, no hander, and indian air) u) Hang Time - Get 4 seconds of hang time in a single jump Preload and let it rip! Best place: Vegas, Shaffer, Bus Jump v) Floater - accumulate a minute of hang time in 3 mins of San Diego Hard, just keep preloading and hope for the best w) 720 - Perform a 720 HARD. I can't do it. My only challenge left. If anyone has done it please e-mail me and I will give you accolades in my FAQ. *UPDATE* Several people have e-mailed/talked to me, and now I have done it! Check the tips and tricks section for help. x) Hart Breaker - Perform a hart breaker with Carey Hart Easy, um just make sure you choose Carey *********************************************************************** 7) *-=Career Tips=-* *********************************************************************** I am not going to walk you trough the WHOLE career, because it is pretty much self-explanatory. But I am here to give you some pointers that helped me through the game. (Feel free to mail me some of your pointers too) Your amateur/pro 125 career will be 8 weeks long (3 are amateur). After you beat that you can race another 8 week career, but this time in 250cc mode. a) Save! - I can't stress this enough. Even though the game has an "auto-save" feature, it does NOT save your progress. If you want to stop playing please save your game first! A good way to check if you saved your PROGRESS is to select "quit" from the career menu. If it asks you "yes/no" then you did NOT save your progress. If it goes straight to the main menu than you are good to go. b) Practice - Practice on each track at least for 2 laps before you race. Some of the jumps don't require pre-loading while some do, and you don't want to figure them out while you're racing. c) Holeshot - NOT important. Dont sweat it unless you are going for the holeshot challenge. Or unless you like seeing your name flash across the screen. d) Unlockables? - so far, I don't think there are any. All you get for finishing 1st in 250cc is a nice little movie, but you get to only watch it once. No new helmets, clothes, etc. e) Study - study the com. if you're trailing one. You'll often see them taking shortcuts that could save you some time too. i.e. On a step-up veer to the left/right in mid-air to cut the corner (and a second off your time) f) Tricks? - I'm not 100% positive, but I am pretty sure doing tricks actually slows you down. So unless you're going for the goon rider challenge, keep the showboating to a minimum. g) Clutch - Don't use the clutch if you're going over 50. It will actually slow you down 1-2 mph. h) Point Value - Here's the breakdown of points: 1st place - 25 points 2nd place - 22 points 3rd place - 20 points 4th place - 18 points 5th place - 16 points 6th place - 15 points 7th place - 14 points *********************************************************************** 8) *-=Tips & Tricks=-* *********************************************************************** a) Bunnyhop! - (best done when not moving) Hold both L1 and X down to rev your engine with the clutch in. Hold L2 or R2 to preload and when your meter is full let go of the clutch. This should send you into the air. (note: you must hold back to do this, when you're in the air you can level yourself out) submitted by: Killerbeez, Jesse Berencsi b) Hidden Area - (Bus Jump Area) Set timer to 10 mins to give yourself time. Get on top of the roof of the school, and ride the ramp to the second level. Continue straight until you hit the wall. Back up a bit, and use the aforementioned Bunnyhop to clear the wall. Go around the track and field and there will be big hills to jump. submitted by: Drunken Roadster c) Girl in Pool - In the Vulture Gulch Track in the very back of it there are two large "ramps." One is one that is a fairly large jump, but the other seems to just launch you up against a rock pole sort of thing. Well gather speed (about 60) and hit that ramp, do a backflip, and you might catch a glimps of the girl chillin' at the top. Here is a great picture taken by The Door: http://www.angelfire.com/nt/RMF/girl.jpg d) Fun Stuff To Do - When you're bored, you can race a buddy, have a bunnyhop competition, and have a wheelie/stoppie competition submitted by: Killerbeez e) 720! - There are a few places you can do this tricky little challenge. First, you can head to the high-jump. Take the turn wide so you go down the steep part and hopefully you'll hit the jump at mid-60's. Or you can try your luck at Vegas, first jump, veer a little to the left so you land on the flat. If both those don't work out, give a shot at Shaffer Arena. The jump on the left seems better than the one on the right (when you start). *DO the 250 trick below. After that it is extremely easy to do 720s in shaffer. I can almost do 900s with a 250cc. submitted by: The Door, Drunken Roadster, and Hirkoles f) 250 all the time! - Are you annoyed that some freestyle tracks won't let you ride your 250 on them? Well here's the solution. Finish 1st in the THQ US Open in career mode. Watch the nice ending movie, then you will be able to use 250's at your will. submitted by: Ghettoflip84 g) Long Jump Master - Having trouble with this challenge? So did I. Do the aforementioned 250 trick, and head to the bus jump comp. Instead of starting at the turn, turn around from the start and head up the green hills. All the way to the top. Now head turn towards the jump. You should accumulate enough speed to go farther than 160'. I did 163'. h) Unlock More Tracks - Most people who own the game know this, but for those who rent, play through career mode to unlock race/freestyle tracks. For freestyle, wait till the track opens up in the week, and place 3rd or better. Remember to save! i) Secret Area - Warehouse Level. From start, veer to the left to miss the jump. You'll end up in a big room with the big rusted ramp and in the corner of the room there is a raised platform. Hit the rusted ramp at about 60 and take off sideways. You'll make it onto the platform which will take you to a secret area. submitted by: The Door j) Donuts - Hold both ç and X, and hold left or right. You'll spin around in perfect circles. Hold the clutch and release it for a smoke effect. submitted by: Da King of Rock k) Best Bike? - According to Bigshawty, certain bikes are better than others in gameplay. Suzuki seems to be the best of them all, as it is a road hugger. l) Another Bunnyhop - You can do a bunyhop from your nose. Just go along then start to do a stoppie, then preload your suspension and with the right timing, your back will come up, followed by your front. submitted by: ChaosKid21 UPDATE - ChaosKid21 informed me that an easier way to do this is just go and press square, up, and R2 at the same time. m) Super Bus Jump - in the bus jump modes there is a way to clear the buses when they are at 180 feet. Just go up to the top of the school roof and launch off of one of the ramps and you should jump about 180 feet. The game will think you jumped the buses. submitted by: We821 n) Vulture's Eye View - As soon as it says Go! head out of the truck and through the jump that takes you through the giant circle loop. If you land straight look to your right and you will see some black colored rocks. Ride to the opposite side opposing the giant loop. You'll pass a road trench. When you get to that, turn around and face the black rocks and giant loop. You will notice there is a "V" of slightly light colored sand on the hill. Climb up this, and when you get comfortable veer to the right and you will see a ledge over the black rocks. Try to slide your bike and land on it. After you get on it go to the halfway point of the ledge and point your pbike to the seemingly verticle mountain. Give gas and you should begin climbing up. Once you make it all the way to the top you'll be in a trench you can drive around. submitted by: Bradley Helton- A.K.A: §M˝ÃŸtÓÁ§G¯gÈt„§ o) Easy Stoppie -Got to the Bus Jump level, and go to the roof of the school. Get ready to jump the wall to go to the other side of the school (DrunkenRoadster), and BunnyHop to the wall, but catch one wheel on the top of the wall, and let the back wheel dangle off the side. They call this a stoppie, though it isnt like a real stoppie submitted by: X Logan p) Stuck? - If you're ever stuck in a corner or whatever, there are two things you can do. Force a bail (all shoulder buttons) or reverse it out of there in style. Just hold back with the right analog joystick. (or hold down ç) q) Another Secret Area - Warehouse level. Go to the secret area, ride the wall and hit the step-up. But here's the catch, DON'T use the boost. You will land against the side of the jump that runs in front of the step-up. Turn your bike towards the ramp and you will fall through. Have fun submitted by: Drunken "Hidden Area Master" Roadster :) r) Front Flip - Do "another bunnyhop" (l) and hold foward. You should be able to complete a front flip submitted by: Bradley Helton- A.K.A: §M˝ÃŸtÓÁ§G¯gÈt„§, Phazt Phyngaz s) Outta Vegas! - From the start, make a almost 180 degree turn and head to the right down the hill. You'll see a dip in the ground (it's lightly colored). To the left of the dip there are two yellow AXO signs, and to the right are THOR signs. Put your bike parallel to the thor signs, and start to back up. Turn into the wall sharply. If you turn sharply enough, your bike should almost be sideways and you should be able to slide under the wall. submitted by: Drunken Roadster! t) Shift Weight - Lean back or foward using the analog stick. Lean back for better traction when going up steep hills. u) Clutch Indicator - You know that little yellow circle in the bottom right corner? Yes it has a purpose. You will notice when you first hold down the clutch it is a faint yellow, then after some time it becomes a bright yellow. That means holding down the clutch any longer will only slow you down. Do you have a tip/trick? Mail me! *********************************************************************** 9) *-=Song/Sponsor List=-* *********************************************************************** Songs: a) "My Only Enemy" - American Hi-Fi b) "Burn it Black" - Injected c) "Bounce" - Relative Ash d) "Makes No Difference" - Sum 41 e) "Fat Lip" - Sum 41 f) "Click Click Boom" - Saliva g) "Superstar" - Saliva Sponsors: Acerbis Alpinestars Answer Axo DC Shoe Co Kawasaki (Chevy) Excel FOX Island kTm Maxxis Moto XXX Smith lBZ Oakley RK Scott SoBe SMP Shift Suzuki Shoei *********************************************************************** 10) *-=Replays=-* *********************************************************************** One of the coolest little features of MX2002 are the awesome replays. But I didn't like the way they show you what each button does, so I made this little section so you get all the info at once. X button - End replay Triangle - Freeze/Unfreeze Action ç Button - Instant Replay (last trick you did) O Button - Fast Foward Up/Down - Raise/Lower Camera Left/Right - Rotate Camera R1/R2 - Zoom in/out L1/L2 - Look up/down *********************************************************************** 11) *-=FAQ=-* *********************************************************************** a) What is the difference between 125cc and 250cc? They are different engine sizes. CC = Cubic centimeters. 250cc Bikes are big and burly; quite fast. b) Can people really do these crazy tricks? Well aside from perfectly landing a Hart Breaker, (and I'm not even going to talk about the insanely ludicrous "Suicide Flip" and 360+ spins) yes I have personally seen all these tricks performed. It's really amazing to see a Cat Nac done in real life. c) How do I unlock new tracks?!?! I get asked this a lot. Check tips and tricks. d) How come I can only use a 250/125 in certain tracks? Again, check the tips and tricks. e) Should I get this game? Fool! Of course you should! ...seriously though, if you're not a motocross fan (or if you've never really heard about it) I say give it a rent. You might be surprised. Check out reviews (my review is posted at gamefaqs). f) Those dang whoops, how do I ride them? Whenever I get there the CPU always passes me. Here's what I do: Preload as much as I can on the first whoop to jump a lot of the whoop section. After that it's all about popping the clutch for speed. g) Do YOU ride dirt bikes? Okay okay, no one ever asked me, but YES and proud of it! I pilot a Honda cr125, with some sick motoxxx graphics. h) Are there any CODES for this game? It's not even funny how many times I get asked this. As far as I know, none. But that's not saying there are none, because that's always a possibility until THQ themselves say otherwise. i) Can I select which song I want to hear? Yes and No. You can't specifically choose the song you want to hear at any given time, but you can choose which songs you DONT want in the rotation. Just go to the options menu from the main menu. *********************************************************************** 12) *-=Credits/Contact=-* *********************************************************************** Thanks to: FlipMode, Killerbeez, The Door, DrunkenRoadster, Hirkoles, Ghettoflip84, Josh Glessner, Da King of Rock, FBIGuy2000, Knisha68, XLogan and everyone else at GameFAQS. More thanks to: Bradley Helton, Kurt Angle, and anyone else who sent me nice e-mails. THQ for publishing such an awesome game. Renderware Graphics Sony for making the awesome PS2. *My sincerest apologies go out to PACIFIC COAST POWER AND LIGHT* They are the awesome developers of the game I forgot to include them in my FAQ. Sorry guys! Contact: Due to the *INSANE* amount of ridicule and complaints I get I no longer offer my main e-mail or AIM sn. I had one person continually tell me "i suck" while I was trying to help him with the game. Not cool. *Note: Feel FREE to ask me questions. I dont mind that at ALL. Just I get tons of mails saying: "Your guide sucks, it has no codes. You SUCK." So to contact me make a topic for me at the gamefaqs message boards or e-mail me at FMXrider11@hotmail.com. I do check that one, just not as frequently as my main one. Thanks FYI, I am Caelum at GameFAQS.com Peace .##...##..##..##...####....####....####....####.. .###.###...####.......##..##..##..##..##......##. .##.#.##....##.....####...######..######...####.. .##...##...####...##......##..##..##..##..##..... .##...##..##..##..######...####....####...######. ................................................. featuring Ricky Carmichael</p>