From: "Terminator World" To: Subject: 007 James Bond Agent Under Fire Walkthrough Date: Thursday, January 03, 2002 7:14 AM ================================================================================================= James Bond 007 in... Agent Under Fire . Produced by Terminator World =) ================================================================================================= Contents ================================================================================================= 1. Introduction 2. Level Bonuses (Gold + Platinum) 3. Bond Moves + 007 Token Locations 3.1 Trouble In Paradise 3.2 Precious Cargo 3.3 Dangerous Pursuit 3.4 Bad Diplomacy 3.5 Cold Reception 3.6 Night Of The Jackal 3.7 Streets Of Bucharest 3.8 Fire & Water 3.9 Forbidden Depths 3.10 Poseidon 3.11 Mediterranean Crisis 3.12 Evil Summit 4. Multiplayer ================================================================================================= 1. Introduction ================================================================================================= No messing arround im going to get straight to the guts of it, you all know the basics. Yet to score high and get the golds you need to take a few things into account : Time (the faster the better and more points), Health (try not to take too much damage - it might be better to die and use a life if you think it will be tight), Accuracy (especially for later levels, always go for the head shots and try not to use machine guns if you can, unless close), Efficiency (less bullets the better, if you do the whole level bare handed not only will you get full points but they will also be doubled. If you must use a gun go for head shots and rule out machine guns) Kills (the more the better try to take everyone out in a single pass) Bond Moves (Easiest of the bonuses as these are generally given away for mission objectives and/or best routes through the level) If you find things are tight, up the difficulty - medium will add 50% on top of your final score, were as hard will add 100% (or double) to your score. This can give you a bit of breathing room. When you get Gold, and you will, the hardest is over as the 007 Tokens will give you huge bonus scores for collecting them all, this makes getting the same score again for Platinum easy, so drop it to the easy difficulty and take your time. ================================================================================================= 2.Level Bonuses : ================================================================================================= Trouble In Paradise Gold 50'000 Platinum 50'000 + 4x 007 Tokens Golden Gun MP Map - Rocket Manor Precious Cargo Gold 50'000 Platinum 50'000 + 6x 007 Tokens Golden CH-6 MP Game Mode - Golden Gun Dangerous Pursuit Gold 70'000 Platinum 70'000 + 5x 007 Tokens Unlimited Missiles MP Model - Stealth Bond Bad Diplomacy Gold 70'000 Platinum 70'000 + 4x 007 Tokens Golden Accuracy MP Powerup - Gravity Boots Cold Reception Gold 90'000 Platinum 90'000 + 7x 007 Tokens Golden Clip MP Model - Guard Night Of The Jackal Gold 90'000 Platinum 90'000 + 4x 007 Tokens Gold Grenades MP Weapon - Viper Streets Of Bucharest Gold 100'000 Platinum 100'000 + 6x 007 Tokens Lotus Esprit MP Model - Alpine Guard Fire & Water Gold 100'000 Platinum 100'000 + 8x 007 Tokens Rapid Fire Mp Weapon - Calypso Forbidden Depths Gold 110'000 Platinum 110'000 + 4x 007 Tokens Golden Armor MP ??? Poseidon Gold 120'000 Platinum 120'000 + 5x 007 Tokens Golden Bullets MP Model - Cyclops Oil Guard Mediterranean Crisis Gold 130'000 Platinum 130'000 + 9x 007 Tokens Regenerative Armor Mp Model - Poseidon Guard Evil Summit Gold 130'000 Platinum 130'000 + 6x 007 Tokens Unlimited Ammo Mp Model - Carrier Guard ================================================================================================= 3. Bond Moves And 007 Token Locations. (Chronological Order) ================================================================================================= 3.1 Trouble In Paradise Bond Moves : 1. Open 1st decryption door before going to the roof 2. Q-claw to the roof at the start of the level 3. Open decryption near 1st bad guy 4. Open armory door (1st bad guy has keycard - you must punch him) 5. Open padlocked gate with laser 6. Shoot canister on back of forklift truck 7. Shoot rope holding up crate in the air straight after 6 007 Tokens : 1. Along walkway of entrance roof (start of level) 2. Jump onto crates near 2nd bad guy, near padlocked gate 3. Left hand side of cultivation area where lights are out 4. Before Gantry with sniper, left of the stairs at the start of section Level Hints : Crouch behind boxes near body armor when the 4 men come after you and they will run straight past. Near forklift truck. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.2 Precious Cargo Bond Moves : 1. Shoot man out of 1st chopper 2. Shoot wheels from van 3. At the 3 way blockade, shoot barrels to the right to kill the men 4. At the petrol pump blockade shoot the guy from the chopper... 5. ...Then shoot the pump in the background garage 6. Shoot barrels in between the 2 men on the left in the final building 7. Shoot the next 2 rocket launcher men on the gantry infront 8. Shoot barrels near forklift truck on the right in the last room 9. Drop container on generator 10. 11. 12. 13. 007 Tokens : 1. Shoot roadblock of 2 cars before you turn left 2. After 3 way blockade, shoot down chopper (fast) 3. Shoot down lone gunman on the right after driving through the park, before a right turn 4. Shoot man above entrance to final building 5. Shoot large pillar type structure in middle of stop with men on catwalks with rocket launcher 6. Shoot last 3 fans to the right in final building after 2 rocket launcher guys on gantry Level Hints : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.3 Dangerous Pursuit Bond Moves : 1. Shoot a rocket at barrels just left of first cars 2. Shoot lone barrel down on the far right of the warehouse dock to kill the men 3. Destroy the petrol pump along the left roads to kill the man 4. Use Q-smoke on a bad guy car 5. Q-pulse the van 1st attempt, without van getting damage 007 Tokens : 1. Turn arround straight away and token is at end of alley 2. Shoot lone crate after first blockade - token inside 3. Keep to your left and keep going until you reach large blue building with overhang, token is inside 4. Carry on left still and just after the blue building you will see pump station you blew up earlier on the right hand side, token is behind it 5. Keep left still and eventually you will see a token on the left, after a phone box Level Hints : Keep an eye out for shortcuts, they show up on your map as wavy light blue lines. If you are going for tokens make sure you pick up at least one q-pulse, there is one at the blue building. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.4 Bad Diplomacy Bond Moves : 1. Open wall hatch to 1st trip wire after kitchen, on the left side (use glasses) and cut wires with laser 2. 2nd trip wire opposite open window, wall hatch is on the right (use glasses) 3. Open secret door (use glasses) in left wall near locked door 4. Use Q-claw to get to 2nd floor (not ladder) 5. Open 1st door to the right on the 2nd floor where Malprave is and the keycard 6. Kill Griffin clone using your bare hands 7. 3rd trip wire (moving) you know the drill - right hand side hatch 007 Tokens : 1. In the file room at the and of ground floor, near darts 2. On top of balcony 1st floor - turn left out of lift near flags 3. After 2nd trip wire open secret door in left wall (use glasses) near locked door 4. Behind glass showcases full of urns, after Griffin Level hints : You can use 1 dart to take out any guard but remember you can get double points if you use your bare hands, if you need the points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.5 Cold Reception Bond Moves : 1. Get keycard from the door behind in the main room 2. Laser padlocked grate through the right hand door of the main room 3. Use keycard on data port switch to disable alarms 4. Photograph rig model in mainframe room 5. Q-claw up into 2nd high duct 6. Kill a bad guy by shooting a steam valve 7. Get security door program 8. Use Security door program 007 Tokens : 1. Through left hand door of main room 2. In circular room enter 2nd set of ducts through grate 3. Start of mainframe room just right of stairs 4. Q-claw up into 2nd high duct... 5. ...and carry on all the way and shoot the barrel out the other side, drop down 6. After blast doors, jump from the second small level of the stairs to the water container nearby (this is a bit tricky, use the post of the railings) 7. Behind a water container near ladders on the ground floor Level Hints : Open the doors at the beginning, one at a time ignoring the middle one, using the buttons on the desks. The quieter you do this part of the level (no alarms) using fists or silencer the easier, Especially when working your way round the rooms. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.6 Night Of The Jackal Bond Moves : 1. Jump into balcony of 2nd sniper near safehouse 2. Enter Bonds safehouse 3. Q-claw to embassy 4. Save hostages 5. Open secret dor (Union Jack) 6. Save Damescu 7. Knock Jackal into vat 8. Sniper chopper pilot 007 Tokens : 1. In shop window, use car to jump in, on the right past the embassy from the start 2. 2nd Sniper balcony jump from Q-claw location 3. In room to right of 2nd lone hostage 4. Embassy roof near chopper, behind crates straight ahead Level Hints : Shoot the scenery behind the Jackal to get her to move faster, After doing enough damage push the button to the right of the room to push her into the vat. Asuming she is above it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.7 Streets Of Bucharest Bond Moves : 1. Shoot both choppers down at train station 2. Jump broken bridge 3. Use oil slick on 1 bad car 4. After getting chip hit sign and travel on 2 wheels in between cars 5. Complete jump stunt 6. (Tank) In open yard shoot barrels to the left 7. (Tank) Shoot down 1st chopper 8. (Tank) Shoot down 2nd chopper over bridge 9. (Tank - night vision) near end there is a stationary car and 2 men, shoot barrels to the left, they are hard to see though 007 Tokens : 1. Where the road splits in two, inbetween roads near bridge 2. At the train station - go all the way right along the tracks 3. Take the shortcut to the left after jumping the broken bridge 4. After getting chip go fast to get the token in midair 5. (Tank) Shoot both red vans after 2nd chopper 6. (Tank) Next shoot both red choppers Level Hints : Stick to shells for vehicles and minigun for men, to keep your ACC and EFF up. To take out the final train on the bridge above the tanks, change your weapon to shells and shoot the red canister car of the train. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.8 Fire & Water Bond Moves : 1. Get crane program with remote 2. Use crane program on crane 1, 1st meeting of Bloch 3. Unlock door from crane room 4. After 1st padlocked gate (2nd meeting of Bloch) open the grate to your left 5. There is also one on the right 6. Going through the left duct operate crane 2... 7. ...and crane 3 8. Sniper pilot from 1st chopper 9. Once in the pump room use Q-claw to get to the right hand gantry 10. Use Q-claw to get across to 2nd snipers platform near hook line 11. Sniper pilot from 2nd chopper 12. Climb last part of level using Q-claw instead of Q-jet 13. 007 Tokens : 1. Shoot 1st barrel in front of you when you leave the padlocked crane room 2. Follow the left grate duct, its on a crate in the next room 3. After getting across crane crates the token is at the base of crane 2 4. From there go to the far left corner of the rig, underneath the door Bloch escapes from 5. Inside pump room, ground level far right side - behind ladder on crates 6. As you exit the top of the pump room the token is behind barrels on your right 7. Also on ahead and to the left, underneath far snipers platform - crouch to get it 8. At the top of the lift near helicopter ambush, shoot barrels to the right, token is behind crates Level Hints : When getting across crane crates - lower crane 2 and run onto it, then raise it and lower crane 3 and run onto that, then raise 3 and jump over barrier. To skip a chunk of the level to get your time down go straight through the right grate and up and around the gantry just run and press the button at the end. You dont need to shoot bloch ever, just try and get close to him and he will run away. When you have activated the pumps in the orange room inside the rig, jet up to middle of one then as one end is lower jump onto it, turn arround and at the top shoot the barrels / forklift truck / spare men. Then jump over the railings. Keep an eye out for crane program uses (green glow) to make snipers fall from their perches. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.9 Forbidden Depths Bond Moves : 1. At 1st stop, shoot the two men to your left in the control part, a panel opens shoot the red light / switch 2. At 2nd stop shoot barrels on right side to kill men 3. Destroy all 3 fans 4. Shoot both steam switches 007 Tokens : 1. Before 2nd entry into glass tunnel (water outside) shoot 2 men on level above - in a red room 2. After 2nd stop there are another 2 men above to shoot in a red room 3. Shoot all mines Bloch puts down 4. ??? Any ideas, i have been advised that if you kill all gun turrets you get this yet i have wiped out everything on the level and still no token, am i missing something or is this a lie of sorts? Level hints : If you were like me and never bothered to read the instruction book ! just to let you know you can control the missiles at the boss after firing them. I finished it just by aiming at letting rip, it was tougher! Make sure you destroy the fans / switches early to get your bonus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.10 Poseidon Bond Moves : 1. Padlocked grate at start 2. Get Chemical Regulator Program 3. Get System Pressure Program 4. Get Temperature Control Program 5. Activate autogun button to kill bad guys 6. Use Chemical Regulator Program 7. Use System Pressure Program 8. Use Temperature Control Program 9. Activate Sub bridge in pen 007 Tokens : 1. Open fan grate at start of level (not air duct) 2. When you enter program room, look to your right 3. In the reactor room with autoguns, it is just round the back of the stairs 4. At the beggining of the sub pen, open door to the right were armor is 5. On the left side of sub pen when you reach far end - go round left corner behind barrels / or under stairs through grate Level hints : Rush into the autogun room and round into the control room to activate the autoguns before they do, to get the bonus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.11 Mediterranean Crisis Bond Moves : 1. Unlock grate in 2nd cell 2. Use Q-claw to get above flight deck (back route) 3. Get harrier program 4. Stay along back route and open padlocked gate 5. Use Q-claw again along back route to get further along 6. Use harrier program 7. Use Q-claw to get into control room 8. Sniper chopper pilot 9. Get rocket program 10. Instead of shooting bad guys to save Zoe, drop down the hole near the crates, cut padlocked grate and press button (then shoot barrels) 11. Activate rocket program 12. Sniper end chopper pilot (dont have much time) 13. 007 Tokens : 1. In front of you as you start 2. In the brig - 1st cell 3. In the duct from brig all the way down to briefing room 4. In the grate to the right, near 1st bio-suit bad guy - the way to back route 5. Near last Q-claw location, back route 6. Up 1st set of stairs, near 2nd harrier across from sniper 7. At bottom of stairway, where grenades are thrown down 8. Below hole, behind crates near Zoe 9. Behind barrels near Zoe Level Hints : Take the back route to skip most of the initial level and to make it easier. Make full use of air ducts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.12 Evil Summit Bond Moves : 1. Open padlocked chest in control room to right (level start) 2. Get Hatch Program from left tower 3. Use hook line to get from left tower to right 4. Use hook line to get from right tower to control room 5. Use Hatch Program on hatch in middle gantry 6. Laser cut the ceiling support in the middle of the gantry surrounded room 7. Rescue French Prime Minister (Silo 1) 8. Rescue German Chancellor (Silo 2) 9. Rescue UK Prime Minister (Silo 3) 10. Rescue US President (Silo 4) 007 Tokens : 1. Behind left tower at the top 2. Behind right tower at the top 3. Top of gantry room middle (near ceiling support) 4. Bottom of Silo 1 5. Right hand path when you enter Silo 2 6. At bottom of Silo 4 Level Hints : You can complete this whole level just using the sniper rifle, this makes it alot easier and you can get scores of just under 300'000. Also to kill Bloch only takes 3-4 good head shots. Just wait for him to reload or aim where he is going to land shoot then get ready to move! ================================================================================================= 4. Multiplayer ================================================================================================= There are secrets on multiplayer levels like switches amd barrels to open walls keep your eyes out. Here is the location of all the Golden guns / bullets for the MP levels and any little secrets I have found. Dungeon : GG - Center of middle floor GB - Head towards cells, right hand corridor Level - To open the middle cell, when facing it before the pillars turn left and push the brick in the wall (use x). Along the right hand side of the level there are barrels in a hole in the wall, shoot them to get in. Town : GG - Near crates / ladder with access to rooves GB - Opposite side of gap in floor for lower level, from the GG Level - Access to roof, stay on ground level near the lower level slope, you will see some crates and a ladder - climb these and run all the way round to get to the balcony. Wine Cellar : GG - Corridor adjacent to trapped one, furthest away from compressor GB - Near compressor edge Level - There is a wheel switch you can turn, on the edge of the level at the highest point, this compresses the wine hole to the left killing anyone going inside for items. There is a 2nd wheel past the compressor, up the small stairs and to the left. You can activate the compressor and jump ontop to get access to a secret hole high in the wall. Opposite the secret hole is a corridor with a weapon in, beware this is a trap, look at the ceiling! If you pick up this weapon make sure you run! Red Sector : GG - Near start of floor pipes, near dual valves on left GB - Follow pipes after right turn look right Level - Lifts are available to take you to top level, they are small alcoves with 8x2 square tiles in. Keep your eyes out for high ledges all over level for Q-claw / jet users. Castle : GG - In courtyard GB - Down steps near frontdoor of courtyard Level - Powerup location on ledge in courtyard to right, many ledges surround level. Cooling Station:GG - In central room surrounded by doors, bottom level GB - x2 Bottom floor, far left and right rooms of Golden Gun Level - Elevators can be found at end of gantry's, half circle floor tile Abbey : GG - In underground area, in junction corridor GB - In large room without hole in the floor Level - Jump through windows for shortcuts. Arsenal : GG - In straight blue underground pipe tunnel GB - After Golden Gun, go straight up ladder, near 2nd ladder to gantry Level - Powerup hidden under the stairs Harbour : GG - In corner of sloped dock / water section, near building side GB - On a slope in dock / water section Level - Powerup in room with slopes, behind crates Water is shallow and can be walked through. In building with ladder to roof there is a gap behind the crates to drop to the dock / water section. Use ladders to climb to rooves of buildings. Blue Sector : GG - In lowest area, bottom of middle room, in between room with slope and corridor with slope GB - Just near by in room with slope Level - Powerup on high ledge in middle room. Look out for secret vantage point higher in corner of middle room. Manor : GG - One end of low central corridor GB - At the other end Q-Claw : This fantastic bit of kit gets better in MP not only can you hook onto ANYTHING but you can also stay there holding on and shoot, its a bit fiddly on the pad but attaching yourself to the ceiling and shooting someone whose looking for you is great! Try Gravity off and fight like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! _________________________________________________________________ Join the worldís largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail.</p>