PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- KULP's Guide to Worms for the Saturn Version 1.0 - June 1997 By KULP Hi! I have created a FAQ on Worms because I really like the game and I need something easy for my first attempt. Not much to it but I hope you like it anyways. Worms is pretty much a senseless games. 4 worms per team, up to 4 teams fighting at one stage. The object of the game is to basically blow the crap out of the other teams with homing missles, grenades, uzis, and the mother of them all, sheep. Good luck. Table of Contents 1. Get to know the controls 2. Weapons and when to use them 3. Helpful hints 4. Cool Stages 5. Codes 6. Credits ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Controls If you ask me, the controls are quite simple to use. To use your weapon, press button C. To pick a different, press button B. If you are not happy with the first set of weapons, that's tough! Joking. Press button B again to access the second set of weapons. To go back to the first set of weapons, press button B again. Press button A to jump. The start button pauses the game. Press button B to access quit options. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Weaponry Bazooka and homing missles are sort of alike. One of the few differences is, well, obviously, the homing missles seek and destroy a specific target. Both are effected by wind. To control how hard you fire, press, and hold button C, until you think you have enough power. I don't reccomend you use the bazooka unless you have a nearby target. Grenades, cluster bombs, and secret banana bombs are all used the same way. When equipped, you can change the time until it detonates from 1 to 5 seconds by using the left shift button. Right shift button will change bounce to minimum or maximum. The grenade is very ordinary while the cluster and banana bombs aren't. When hit the ground (or wherever) they will explode into 5 different pieces. Each banana bomb is worth 50 more points of damage than each piece of cluster bomb. Unless you have tremendous aim, I recommend you don't use these items. The shotgun is the only weapon you can use twice. Many times, they are good for breaking through a small wall with one shot, and using the second for an enemy that was on the other side. The uzi and minigun are almost exactly alike. Each has a normal rapid fire shot, minigun is possibly more powerful. The dragon punch and fireball are right out of Street Fighter. Don't tell me you've never played Street Fighter. Mines are good for protecting yourself in a cavern from enemies. But beware, if you get to close you could end up frying. The dynamite is possibly the best weapon in the game. If you are good with the ninja rope (description up ahead), get over high places and lay your dynamite right on your enemy's head. And then there is sheep. Let it go, watch it run around for about 30 seconds, and BOOM! It explodes. Airstrike and teleport are exactly alike except airstrike is an attack and teleport, well, it umm... teleports. Just take the cursor arrow and press button C and you either just dropped 8 bombs on your opponent or you teleported to safety. The blowtorch digs in 4 directions. Diagonal up left, diagonal up right, diagonal down left, and diagonal down right. The drill will only dig straight down. The ninja rope is very hard to master. Heck, it's even harder to explain. You people are just gonna' have to find this one out for yourselves. As for the mystery of the bungee, have it equipped and walk off the edge. Instead of falling and losing a turn, possibly falling into water and dying, you will swing around until you let go. Press button C to let go. Of course then there is kamakazie. Basically, fly in a straight line for half a second, then, blow up. Gerders can have many uses. You can use them for bridges and protection. Press left shift to change which direction the gerder faces. Prod is a simple push that takes off no life Skip go skips your turn and surrender makes your team surrender. How hard is that? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hints and Tips 1. If you are losing, and only have one or two worms, make them dig for protection and airstrike the other team for the rest of the battle. 2. If a worm is on a ledge, use the homing missle to try to knock him off the ledge. 3. Dynamite is very useful and very affective. One good explosion can take up to 75 hit points. 4. Grenades, cluster bombs, and banana bombs are very hard to use. Use at your own risk. 5. Although you do die, the kamakazie can be very effective. 6. Never hesitate to attack the enemies. 7. Skip Go is the most useless item. Never skip your turn. 8. Prod can be useful for pushing a worm down a snowbank. But usually it is safer to use a fireball. It takes off 30 points of damage, and knocks the opponent further away. 9. When using airstrike, try to hide under something so the enemy can't hit you as easilyor at all. 10. When a crate explodes near a worm, and the explosion hits the worm, it will take off more life. When using a weapon, if there is a crate near the enemy, aim your weapon in between them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Some Cool Places to Visit (from I would like to thank the people at Team 17 for producing this list of cool stages. Unfortuanately, they are mostly for the PC version of Worms. I tried some of them, but not all of them. This will be more updated in the next version of the FAQ. 70345- Fancy a lollypop, little Worm? You can run, but you can't hide in lollypop land... 223981979- Simply having a wormey christmas. Time Forget the worms and blow those snowmen away... 7373888390- All bad worms go to hell. Where the fires of hell rage and the demons laugh as your worms plunge into the fires of eternal damnation... 4802043- Bridge over the river Worm. A long bridge between two pillars. Plenty of potential for those nice shots that send worms plunging into the water... 08457698724- Baa baa there is a lamb!!. 94586897246- Insainly fun for the sick. ELAPSE A forest level with plenty of trees. Good potential for cluster bomb shots. BOOTYCALL- An alien board with a long bridge and a tall mountain on the left VOODOO- Forest scene with multi-level huts and plenty of caverns. 488025- Hell with lots of places to hide and a long bone bridge. BIZMARKIE- Junkyard board with tall mountains and cliffs. LIBERTY- A Wormy Satue of Liberty! 4902043- Desert level with super long bridge. Watch out for airstrikes! BRANDON- A pretty hot beach. FORRESTGUM- An artic level with a small bridge. Go on, try it! 6600062684- A really long alien bridge. JOJO- A small junkyard landscape. OBTUSE- A hourglass-type desert landscape. SNEAK- A high forest bridge. Send those worms plunging off the bridge with a good bazooka shot. 5225729- A hollow junk-yard landscape. 939744022- A camp!! Blow it up with bazooka shots! VERNON- A garbage level with a wierd soft sliding slope. 274394- A strange forest landscape. 551959487- A cool junk level. IMPOSSIBLE- A snowy landscape. Try and beat a good computer team on this one! ROCKET- A very long bridge. Try it! 9514567869- A tall and thin alien island landscape. 79674500- A small candy island with a few obstacles. 2759416- A hell island with a big hole in it 656227- A desert with tiny strips of land jutting out. 549159- An arctic level with 2 cool islands. 753424- A good, low arctic bridge level. 24843916- The hills are alive! Backdrop with mountains full of snow. RUGDEFARET- A level with underground caverns. 24933916- Completely flat scrapyard without any obstacles. 7716- A long beach bridge. JOANIE- A wierd alien landscape. 278019307- Good candy level with a long bridge in the center. OCCULT- Interesting desert level. JOANN- Jungle level with island center and cliff on the right. PIP- Candy level with island with a very tiny ledge on the left. MR PIPS- A cool hell level, but who's Mr. Pips??? JUNK- A fun junk level. Give it a go! TED- Cool forest level. TEDDY- Candy level on an island. TEDDY BEAR- Cool desert level 3036849- John Rambo would love these Vietnam style camps. 26465- The worms have landed - a single rocket in the middle of a crater. l34T- A great water level for three or more people!!! FLOPPEN- A very small island of junk. SMILEY- A long bone bridge. FESTLIG- Another giant bridge. TISSOGDRIT- Flat alien world with plenty of obstacles. SNOTT- A cool forest level with big holes and trees. 046871- Huge ocean bridge. Always good for blasting your enemy senselessly. 861750312- Huge forrest island. Fire Punch those worms into the water! BUM CHEESE- A hell level with four devils??? Who's pervy enough to try this code? BAD PEOPLE- A large bridge. Get your Kamikaze's out for this one :) FISH CAKES- An alien level with two glass bulbs and loads of obstacles WILTON- A completely flat snow level with snowmen and snow balls. 24833916- A completely flat HADES level with no obstacles DOS SUCKS- A forest level that defies the laws of common sense. LOSE- A great level if you just want a quick game. TUNNELS- Windy forest area, which is sure to exasperate opponents. 24833916- A completely flat desert. You can run but you can't hide! 416241- A Jungle level. Blow away those huts and that bridge! 5154527- Lollipop bridge. Nice long bridge connected to the main lolly in candyland. 3329407250- Snorkel Island. Tiny rock in the ocean, no room for maneouvre! 7007230- Snow Joke. Lovely smooth hill ensures that mass Worm-Kills are commonplace! 29726- Low Bridge. 97155- Threes a crowd... Anyone seen more than 3 devils ? 149147- Kill that Smiley! 326576- A crowded alien landscape guarantees some fun... 99426730- The cliffs of Hell are covered with dying Worms... Here are a bunch more stages from without descriptions. Remember, some of these will only work on the PC version of Worms. 7267896 33926 223981979 92911 678687686866 37637177 903172603 7373888390 70345 4802043 43629833 80765 9978608 6640931743 7064124331 5785 8766664 08865 9999999999 3781 996533 444780621 4802043 0889442 114445021 PHEW 7373888390 6549800987 08865 7373888390 223981979 231343759 WORMS RULE BRITISH STONEBRIDGE PLEBSTER CHEZZY TROTTER HAPPYTED TOTAL CHUNDER SATAN SPEAKERS ROBIN CLITO WUYGERLI5 OH NO FOOLS CANNON HADES SILLY CANDY MICKEYDOG VINCENTLEE MICHELLE EMMACROFT RANDOM JAMES BOND HOPELESS BURRITO CLINTON LUCAS TREES WLOGO ARTFRONT BOTTLES SNOWMEN WAR2 DEATH PC STUFF 1324443 08457698724 WROCK TEEPOT TOM SUCKS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheats Actually, there aren't cheats, there is just a cheat. Just go to the weapon options, move your cursor away from the word, exit, and press buttons C, Z, Z, C, Z, Z, C, Z, Z, and you will have banana bombs, the minigun, and sheep instead of cluster bombs, the uzi, and mines. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Creditz I would like to start off by thanking Team 17 for not only making the game, but for all of the custom stages they put on there pages. Of course, they only gave 4 themselves. Other kids sent them the others. I would like to thank all the people who sent their stages in, and I encourage other readers to do the same. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In the next version (if there is a next version) will have more hints, more cool stages, and will be much more funny (like the game). If you have any questions, all you have to do is E-mail KULP, and I will get your message. Until then, keep your worms moist.</p>