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If you are another guide-writer and use something in my guide, please provide credit where it is due. NECROMORPH AND BOSS GUIDE BY MobiusUnoDos MobiusUnoDos pyroguy6666@hotmail.com The TABLE OF CONTENTS is present for your conveyance. Hit CTRL+F and type in the 3 or 4 letters contained in brackets to instantly jump to your desired section. ----------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------- - Version history - Introduction [INT] - General Necromorph information [GNI] - Slasher [SLR] - Black Slasher [BSLR] - Lurker [LUR] - Black Lurker [BLUR] - Spitter [SPT] - Scorpion [SCP] - Black Scorpion [BSCP] - Pregnant [PRG] - Baby [BBY] - Exploder [EXP] - Infector [INF] - Wheezer [WHZ] - Divider [DVD] - Crawler [CRW] - Guardian [GRD] - Guardian Pod [GPD] - Immature Guardian [IGD] - Stasis Slasher [STS] - Brute [BRT] - Black Brute [BBRT] -Tentacle [TNT] - Bosses [BOS] - Regenerator Encounter 1 [REG1] - Leviathan [LEV] - Slug [SLG] - Regenerator Encounter 2 [REG2] - Hivemind [HVM] ----------------- VERSION HISTORY ----------------- 1a - Submitted to GameFAQs (October 22, 2008) 1b - Fixed a lot of typos. Removed erroneous piece of information (Killing a Guardian does NOT kill the Pods that it spawned) (October 24, 2008) 2a Aspirations - Update Power descriptions with actual damage values. ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- INTRODUCTION [INT] ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- Hello. I am MobiusUnoDos, and thank you for taking the time to read this guide. The purpose of this guide is to acquaint you with the various enemies you'll be facing, and how to best deal with them. All of the strategies contained here-in are of my own preference. What I am posting is merely what I believe to be the easiest way to take down each enemy. My instructions do not need to be strictly followed, since every enemy can be taken down in multiple ways. ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- GENERAL NECROMORPH INFORMATION [GNI] ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- Necromorphs (henceforth referred to as necros) are the ugly things you'll be facing throughout your entire ordeal. They can be big, small, fast, slow, weak, or just plain freaking mean. The number one rule that you must remember at all times is that ANIMATIONS CAN BE INTERRUPTED. If a necro is about to attack you, all you need to do is hit it once with any weapon, and the animation will cease, allowing you extra time to open some distance between you and your attacker. If a Slasher charges you and you can't draw a bead on his legs, just hit him in the chest and he'll stop in his tracks. This strategy holds true for all necros. The second most important rule is to KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Do whatever you can to keep moving, and never get backed into a corner. Should you get trapped in a corner, you will be ripped apart, or at least severely injured. Also, keep a close eye on vents when you know there are necros around. They will use those to follow you through a room and to reach better vantage points. KINESIS is also an ammo-friendly tactic. You can grab sharp body-parts from fallen necros and throw them at your attackers. Exploders carry an explosive sac that can be detached and thrown. There are also plenty of world objects to throw, like suitcases and exploding canisters. Kinesis is always an alternative, and I won't waste time telling you in every section hereafter. Also, the Force Gun is a great weapon. It'll be weak at first, but it works wonders in close range. I won't say it for every necro, but the Force Gun is ALWAYS a good disposal method. Use it liberally. Last, but not least, USE YOUR STASIS. Stasis is a huge life-saver when used correctly. It slows down your enemies and gives you plenty of time to either kill them or run away. Use stasis only on enemies that you have trouble with or that require precise aiming. The meat of this guide will follow this format: ----------------- NAME OF NECROMORPH ----------------- -APPEARANCE -SPEED -ATTACK PATTERNS -POWER -RECOMMENDED DISPOSAL METHOD Speed is hard to quantify, since the necros are always changing their speed to match their pattern and tactics. I'll usually group Speed with Attack Pattern. Power is a variable statistic as well, since your upgraded suits can lower the damage you take. I will generally give you an idea of how much damage they can do. Also, these are not presented in any order whatsoever. No order of encounter, no alphabetical, nothing. Just a list. Let's get started, shall we? ----------------- SLASHER [SLR] ----------------- - Slashers will appear either clothed or unclothed. Those in clothing wear the uniforms of miners, technicians, and other Ishimura crew members. unclothed variants will appear in bareskin with a caucasion color. Their arms have migrated towards their midsection, and their shoulder blades have been force-grown into deadly cutting tools. - Their speed is quite variable. While stalking you, they step slowly and deliberately. Upon attacking, they break into a dash and can close the distance fairly quick. - Their attack pattern is simple and easily dealt with. While heading to your position, they will keep quiet (as quiet as they can be, anyway). When you get within range, they roar and break into a dash- and-jump attack, which covers a lot of ground in a running leap. In close-range, they simply rely on their blades, and swing away at every opportunity they get. If one of them gets close enough, they may initiate a grappling sequence in which they will try to gnaw off your head. Rapidly hit the action button to shake them off. - Their power is formidable at the beginning, when you have no armor except your basic suit. However, later on, their attacks become weaker, thanks to the upgraded armor you'll have access to (should you choose to buy it). - Slashers are the bread-and-butter of the necro attack. The easiest way to deal with one is to lop off his legs using a precision weapon, such as the Plasma Cutter or Pulse Rifle. After his legs are gone, he'll be reduced to a crawl (literally). While he's clawing himself towards you, just take off one of his arms, and that should be the end of him. Stomping is also a good alternative if you wish to conserve ammo, but only do it if you know he's low on health. If he manages to survive the stomp, he'll most likely get a free hit on you. Also, if you're facing multiple Slashers (and this goes for multiple of any enemy type), the Force Gun can work wonders by pushing them all back, and probably dismembering a few in the process. Same goes for the secondary fire of the Contact Beam. ----------------- BLACK SLASHER [BSLR] ----------------- - Black Slashers are an upgraded form of a normal Slasher. Black Slashers are created when an Infector is able to infect a human body directly. They look like a normal Slasher, but are slightly bigger, are much quicker, and are more powerful. - Their speed is greater than that of their non-upgraded brethren. You thought Slashers could close the gap fast? You'll be surprised to see how fast these guys move. - Their attack patterns are the exact same as a normal Slasher, but at a quicker pace. If a Black Slasher gets close to you, he'll usually manage to get in 2 strikes where as a normal one would get in 1 strike. Other than that, his patterns are identical. - Black Slashers are very powerful, and should be dealt with at range. Letting them get close is usually a guaranteed loss of health. - Don't let them get close. If you're having trouble with their speed, stasis him and take off his legs, then arms. They take a lot more hits than a normal Slasher, so be prepared to spend some ammo on them if you've got no Kinesis ammo nearby. ----------------- LURKER [LUR] ----------------- - When the necro infection manages to get a baby, this is the result. They are small, roughly the size of a 6-month old child. They are pale-skinned and quite disturbing, and reveal a trio of quill-tipped tentacles from their back when on the attack. - Lurkers are fairly slow. They run on all fours, but are able to jump from wall to wall, and are also able to walk on walls. When jumping from wall to wall, the leaps are very fast, and you will most likely not be able to hit one mid-leap. - Lurkers are also quite simple in terms of attack patterns. When you are more than 10 feet away (approximately), they will turn towards you and screech, then reveal 3 tentacles from their back. These tentacles shoot quills which are quite accurate. The quills fired are always equal to the number of tentacles remaining, and they always fire them all at once. If you are closer than 10 feet, they'll turn towards you and leap onto your face, trying to separate your head from your neck. In Zero-G environments, they'll frequently jump from wall to wall and attack from all angles. - Lurkers are roughly the same as a Slasher in terms of power. I would classify Lurkers as more dangerous since they have attacks for all ranges. - Fairly easy to deal with. Wait for a Lurker to expose its tentacles, then lop them off one by one. You should be able to get 2 tentacles in one go. The Line Gun is a good choice if you want to get all three tentacles at a time. The Plasma Cutter allows precision targeting on one tentacle. If a Lurker latches onto you, just mash the action button, and you'll punt the ugly thing for an insta-kill. ----------------- BLACK LURKER [BLUR] ----------------- - They are the same as a normal Lurker, just colored in a black, scaly-looking way. - These guys are just a bit quicker than their normal siblings. - Same attack pattern as a normal Lurker. - Stronger than before, and you'll find your health dropping at a brisk rate if you can't take one down fast enough. - Deal with the same way you would a normal Lurker. Wait for the tentacles and then lop them off. The Line Gun is a better choice here than the Plasma Cutter. ----------------- SPITTER [SPT] ----------------- - Spitters look exactly like a Slasher, only just a bit skinnier, and always wearing clothing of a crew member on their legs. - Spitters are only slightly slower than a Slasher, but are still quite fast when agitated. - This is what a Slasher would be if he had a ranged attack. In addition to cutting you up when they get close, they can also vomit a vile substance if you happen to be out of reach. The liquid travels pretty quick, so if you're not moving at the time they spit, you'll probably get hit. - Their slashing attack is just a smidge weaker than a Slasher's, but the goo they spit up is slightly more damaging. - Deal with them as you would a Slasher. Keep them at bay, but keep on the move to dodge any crap they spit up. Amputate the legs when you get a clear shot, then the arms. Stasis should not be necessary for these necros. ----------------- SCORPION [SCP] ----------------- - Scorpions are horribly mutated humans that have had their lower torso and legs mashed together to form a strong tail. Their mouths are split wide open and the edges of the mouth go past where the ears should be on a normal human. They also have gigantic teeth jutting out of the top jaw. Their spines are raised so that the skin on their back is stretched. All Scorpions are bareskinned and of caucasian color. They walk on their hands and use their tail as a scorpion would, dishing out lightning-fast strikes. - These guys are very quick. They'll lift themselves up off the ground and sprint at you on their hands, covering ground roughly twice as fast as a Slasher. Once they get close, they drop low to the ground and pull themselves along using their hands. Also, should they choose to, they can jump through the air, covering ground as quickly as a run but hitting you from an unnatural angle. - Their attacks can vary greatly depending on the environment. In normal gravity, they'll sprint/jump towards you, covering a lot of ground very quickly. Upon getting close, they'll start whacking at you using their tail, and should they choose to, they will initiate a grapple attack. In Zero-G and normal gravity, the jumps they make will damage you should they connect. In Zero-G, they jump straight towards you, but normal gravity jumps go in a parabolic arc, hitting you from roughly a 30 degree angle. - They are slightly stronger than a Slasher, so keep your eye on them at all times. - Since they can close distance so quick, Stasis is not a bad idea on these guys. While they're sprinting, it can be quite hard to target the legs (er, hands?) since they're constantly lifting them to shift their weight. The Line Gun is a good choice at all ranges, but the Plasma Cutter does just as well in close range. ----------------- BLACK SCORPION [BSCP] ----------------- - Just the same as a normal Scorpion, only they are covered in a black, scaly-looking material. - Only marginally faster than a normal Scorpion. - Their attack pattern is the same, but thanks to their slightly faster speed, they have a slightly faster rate of attack. - Slightly stronger than a normal Scorpion, just like other Black variants compared to their normal forms. - Deal with them in the exact same way you would a normal Scorpion. The Line Gun is definitely a good choice thanks to it's power and spread, but the Plasma Cutter is good for finishing off a wounded one. Don't waste ammo for weaker weapons though, these guys can take a bit of damage. ----------------- Pregnant [PRG] ----------------- - These bloated monstrosities are a sort of cream-colored white, with short legs and massive blades coming out of the arms. Their head is terribly small in relation to the rest of their body, and their mid- section appears to be layered in some fashion, with folds of skin covering it. Their arms have been fashioned into scythes. - When they first spot you, they only lumber towards you at a walking pace. However, once a straight line is open, they break into a dash and close the gap, running marginally slower than a normal Slasher. - As stated, they'll charge you if the opportunity presents itself. Upon getting in range, they use their gigantic reach to slice away at you. However, due to their size, their rate of attack is fairly slow. Also, avoid shooting the midsection. Should you do just that, they'll release a swarm of Baby necros that will converge on your position and mass-attack you. - They are quite powerful, outclassing the Slasher that'll you're so used to dealing with. Don't take them lightly. - Deal with them at as long a range as possible. Even getting hit once by a Pregnant is bad news. If they break into a run, Stasis them and target the legs, then the arms. DO NOT HIT THE MID-SECTION, or you'll have to deal with a lot of Babies. Plasma Cutter is the best choice here, thanks to the precision. With the Cutter, you minimize your chances of acidentally hitting the belly. ----------------- BABY [BBY] ----------------- - These little buggers are a pale white, and have what looks like 3 or 4 tentacles that they use to crawl along the ground. Otherwise, they are pretty inconspicuous at about half the size of a Lurker. - Pretty slow, about the same speed as a Lurker. - Upon sight of you, they'll start to crawl towards you. Once in range, they'll jump at you from about 3 feet away. Should they hit you, you'll have to shake them off. Also, be wary of green crates, they like to hide inside of them. - These guys ALWAYS travel in swarms. The only time you spot less than a dozen is if you happen to find 3 of the buggers in a green crate. They attack in swarms and their effect is cumulative. If you get caught in a swarm of Babies, you may as well restart from your last save. Having more than a dozen on you at any time can seriously deplete your health, and they do it fast too. - Use area-of-effect weapons, like the Flamethrower, and just spray the ground or into the group. The Ripper can also be used in a pinch. Just use the primary fire and keep the blade inside of the swarm. The Force Gun is also wonderful for swarms and can wipe out entire groups with just one shot. Avoid using any precision weapons like the Cutter or Line Gun. ----------------- EXPLODER [EXP] ----------------- - Exploders are quite ugly in appearance. Their entire body has been twisted together and walks on a hand, foot, and an explosive sac. Their head is split open and flaps open and closed while moving. The most obvious sign that the creature you are facing is an Exploder is the bright yellow sac attached to their left arm. - Quite slow. About the same as a Lurker. - They lumber towards you and only have two attacks: If they still possess their sac of explosive goop, they'll slam it into the ground in front of you, killing themselves and dealing a lot of damage to you, while at the same time knocking you off your feet. If you managed to amputate the sac of goop, they'll still plod towards you, and resort to whacking you with their arm or biting you. - The explosion is very powerful, and should be avoided at ALL costs. - ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS deal with them at long range. NEVER let them get close. In order to preserve ammo, just use the Plasma Cutter to separate them from their explosive sac, and use Kinesis to throw it at them or another necro. Also, should you choose to, simply shooting the sac will cause it to explode where it is, killing the Exploder and seriously injuring anything nearby, including you. ----------------- INFECTOR [INF] ----------------- - These freaks are different from what you are used to facing. They bear no resemblance to anything human, and are more akin to an insect of some sort. Their skin is caucasian in color and is stretched over their backwards legs, giving them a webbed appearance. Their underside is made up of a mish-mash of unknown organs and some sort of proboscis. - They move at a nice clip. They walk with some fairly large, fast strides, and crawl around with unnerving quickness. - Should you encounter them in a group of dead bodies, they will ignore you and go straight for the body, pulling it towards them and spearing the chest with a proboscis and the head with a secondary appendage. ANY body they infect automatically turns into a Black Slasher, so deal with Infectors as quickly as you can. In the absence of bodies, they will turn their attention towards you and get close, jumping onto you and attempting to skewer your head. - They're pretty weak, but if they managed to grab onto you, the damage can add up faster than you think. - ALWAYS deal with these guys first in a room of dead bodies, or you'll have more Black Slashers than you know what to do with. If you manage to catch one in the act of infecting, kill it as quickly as possible to stop the process. The Pulse Rifle is good for killing them quickly, but the precision weapons just fire too slowly to deal with them fast enough. Also, stopping the grapple sequence is an insta- kill, like the Lurker. If you have an abundance of health but not a lot of ammo, just let them grab onto you and mash the action button as fast as you can. ----------------- WHEEZER [WHZ] ----------------- - Disturbing to look at since they closely resemble a human, these swollen beasts are caucasian colored, but their back-sac is covered in dark wrinkles. They sit on their knees, their arms and legs webbed together. Pretty ugly. The swollen back expands and contracts as they breathe. - They don't move at all. - No attack pattern. They simply sit in place and continue to cough and wheeze, filling the air around them with a noxious gas. Stay around a Wheezer for too long and you'll run out of oxygen. - No attack means no power. - Not a threat at all. You'll always find one by itself. Only after killing one will other necros come and attack. Even if you're running out of air, a few stomps will kill one very quickly. Don't waste any ammo and just stomp the bastards. ----------------- DIVIDER [DVD] ----------------- - Tall, loose, and lanky. Dividers are sinuous in appearance and seem to be made up of vines rather than solid flesh. They have long talons at the end of their arms and very long legs. - Slow at first, then they move at a hasty clip when attacking. - When they're in range, they continuously swipe at you with their long claws. Also, they can initiate a grapple sequence where they use a tentacle to choke you and slowly decapitate you. - Pretty strong, and should not be trifled with. Keep them at bay and you'll be fine. - Use a precision weapon like the Cutter to take off the legs, and then quickly switch to an area of effect weapon, because they separate into Crawlers upon hitting the ground. A good strategy is to slice off the legs, stasis him before he hits the ground, then use an area-of- effect weapon in the general direction. ----------------- CRAWLER [CRW] ----------------- - You'll know these are around when you hear a sickening squishing noise paired with little clicks and chirps. Crawlers are actually the body parts of a Divider, and will disperse when the Divider falls onto the ground. They can crawl on walls and ceilings, so be very wary when they are around. They can either be a head or 3-pronged "hand" attached to a mess of tentacles. - Moderately fast. They move quicker than a Baby. - They only have a short-ranged jumping attack, so keep them away. The Crawler that looks like a head can actually initiate a grapple attack, so be careful. - The jumping attack is weak by itself, but when you have 3 or 4 other Crawlers attacking you, the damage can add up very quickly. - These things are very annoying. After killing a Divider, use a Flamethrower to deal with these guys. Of course, the Force Gun also works wonders. If you encounter several at once (which you always do) and are getting hit from all sides, then using the Contact Beam's secondary fire works very well. ----------------- GUARDIAN [GRD] ----------------- - These wall-restricted abominations are the most disturbing of all. Plastered to a wall by organic tissue, they scream and wail while tentacles and Pods shoot out of their belly. Flesh-colored in appearance, their head sits atop the fleshy mass, uttering the ear- piercing screams that always mark the location of a Guardian. - Don't move at all, but they act very quickly when you get too close. In fact, they act so fast that getting close is an instant death for you. - Once you spot one, they start spitting out Guardian Pods (explained later). If you get too close, they use a hidden tentacle to slice your head off in a split second, meaning instant death. - Power is pretty self-explanatory. Instant death? - Deal with them at medium range, and deal with the Guardian Pods that they spit out only if the Pods interfere with your main beef with the Guardian. You don't want to waste ammo on the Pods, since the Guardian can make as many as it wants. If at any time you have a chance to target the Guardian, aim for the tentacles that it uses to grasp onto the wall. Amputate each one and you'll kill it for good. Using Kinesis to throw an explosive canister should kill a Guardian in a single hit. ----------------- GUARDIAN POD [GPD] ----------------- - Fleshy little sacs that sprout a tentacle upon hitting the floor. - No movement whatsoever. Their rate of attack is pretty slow, though. - After sprouting a tentacle, they use it to fire quills, like a Lurker. Also, if you get too close, they may explode, knocking you on your back and doing a bit of damage. - The quills aren't as damaging as the Lurker's, but the explosion is stronger than the quill attack. - Slice off the tentacle with the Plasma Cutter, but keep your distance, they explode after a few moments upon death. ----------------- IMMATURE GUARDIAN [IGD] ----------------- - A human torso plastered to the wall with his entrails ripped out and replaced by tentacles. Their face is still quite human but missing a large patch of skin, revealing the muscle underneath. Their torso is split in half from the middle, and tentacles dangle out from the bottom. - No speed at all, and very slow to react when you get in range. - If you're close enough, they'll shift a little bit, scream, and whack you with their arm. It's pretty slow to act. - Not a lot of power. In fact, they're really not dangerous at all since they're so damn easy to avoid/kill. - These things are very easy to kill. Any weapon will do, but use whatever weapon you have the most ammo for. If you have a lot of health and don't care about taking some very minor damage, you can even melee them to death. **SPECIAL NOTE: I do not know if they are actually the early forms of a Guardian. It just makes sense since they have the same basic structure as a Guardian. Since I have always killed one when I meet it, I have no idea if it changes. If you leave one alone, does it change into a Guardian upon returning to that area? I don't know. ----------------- STASIS SLASHER [STS] ----------------- - Muscular and imposing in stature, these beasts are the recombinated corpses of military men. Their flesh is a pale white with large veins running through their skin. They twitch and jerk excessively, due to the Stasis module that was absorbed with the suit. In fact, the Stasis module that they absorbed gives them the ability to move at near-super speed, far beyond anything that you've seen before. - Obscenely fast. They charge you on sight and are very hard to track. If they get in close, you better do something to get them away, because they're rate of attack is very quick, and you'll be shredded in no time. - They charge forward and duck around, making it VERY hard to draw a bead on their arms and legs. Their constant twitching also makes it hard. - Fairly strong. They do more damage than a Slasher. - These guys are pains in the butt. Stasis is ALWAYS a good idea with them, but if you're out, you'll have to make do with what you've got. The Pulse Rifle is a good idea since the constant barrage of fire will keep them still/slow, but I would stay away from precision/semi- automatic weapons, since they have too slow a rate of fire. However, the Force Gun is a special note here, since it does good damage AND knocks back the bastard. ----------------- BRUTE [BRT] ----------------- - Massive in appearance, they walk on their knuckles, very much like a Gorilla. They have a tough outer-armor that covers their arms and JUST above the head, but exposed flesh all along their back and in between the shoulder blades. They also have a huge hole in their abdomen, which they tear open to spit out explosive gobs at you. - Quite fast. Thanks to their size, they cover a lot of ground with each stride. They're quick when walking on their knuckles, but fast when they charge. - After spotting you, they do one of two things: They either charge straight at you (preceded by a roar) or they simply walk towards you, giving you more time to act. Once in range, however, a Brute will use both arms to deliver blow after blow (which can be avoided by continuously moving backwards). Should the opportunity arise, they will initiate a grapple sequence, which is inescapable and means instant death for you. The charge attack is straight-forward and knocks you on your back if it connects. - Very powerful. They can end the fight quickly if you don't know what you're doing, or if you get cornered. - Stasis makes Brute fights go by like a breeze. If you're out of Stasis, you're in for a much harder (and more ammo-consuming) fight. *****WITH STASIS: When the Brute gets close, whether by charging or walking, Stasis him and run behind him, then unload on his legs with the Line Gun or Plasma Cutter. The Pulse Rifle can also work, but it chews through ammo. After he unfreezes, he'll roar and turn towards you, then he'll curl up into a ball, shielding his front with the armor on his arms. Use this opportunity to run behind him again and unload more ammo into his legs. Repeat the process 2 or more times and he'll lose the leg. After being forced to walk on his arms, he'll add a new attack to his pattern. In addition to punching when he gets close, he'll rip open his stomach and fire explosive gobs at you. Grab them with Kinesis and fire them back at him. Do this 2 or more times and he'll be finished. There's also a weak point at the base of each arm, near the shoulders. It should look like a yellow mass of flesh. If you decide to take an arm off, he'll stop punching and will instead perform a lunge-bite which is surprisingly fast. *****WITHOUT STASIS: Boy, you're in for a fight. Hope to God that he starts the battle by walking, not charging. If he DOES charge, do your best to dodge it by running left or right, and unload on his back when you see it. If he starts off by walking, target the flesh between his shoulder blades and unload on it. After enough damage (from either method) he'll stop and curl into a ball. Go around him and unload into his legs. Once his leg(s) is separated, he'll start spitting that crap at you. Grab it with Kinesis and throw it back. The battle should end quickly from this point. ----------------- BLACK BRUTE [BBRT] ----------------- - Same as a normal Brute, just covered in that black, scaly-looking substance. - Same speed as a normal Brute. - Same attack pattern as a normal Brute. - Slightly more powerful than a normal Brute. - Deal with him the same way as you would a regular Brute, but be extra wary of his punches. They can do a lot of damage. ----------------- TENTACLE [TNT] ----------------- - A massive, thickly muscled tentacle from a gigantic creature. They are three-pronged and will appear with a sudden burst of speed. They have a large yellow mass of flesh around the middle or towards the grabbing end. - Very quick when they first grab you, but they're slow to drag you back. - When you enter their territory, one will pop out of nowhere (scaring the hell out of you) and grab your leg, forcing you on your back and dragging you to a hole. Should it succeed in dragging you that far, you're dead. - No power since it doesn't cause any damage to you. However, since it is scripted, you WILL die if you fail to kill it before it drags you to the hole. - Once you're on your back, aiming becomes difficult, thanks to the skewed perspective. A precision weapon is a good idea here, like the Cutter or Pulse Rifle. The Tentacle will pause every so often while dragging you, so use those pauses to fire at the yellow mass of flesh located further down the Tentacle. Hit it enough, and the Tentacle will be destroyed, freeing you from its grasp. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- BOSSES [BOS] ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Wanna know how to deal with a boss? Maybe you're having trouble. Regardless, the strategies written hereafter are NOT tangible, and each boss is straight forward, meaning there's only one way to kill it. Pay attention now. These are in order to the best of my knowledge. I may have mixed up the order of the Leviathan and first Regenerator encounter. Anyway... ----------------- REGENERATOR ENCOUNTER 1 [REG1] ----------------- - You'll notice you're in a room filled with cryogenics equipment. Big hint, no? As you should know by now, the Regenerator cannot be killed by normal weapons. If you lop off his arms or legs, even his head, he'll simply start to twitch and convulse and sprout new limbs. So, what do you do? Well, as the fight starts, a few Lurkers will join the fight to bother you. Stasis the Regenerator, lop off his legs, then kill the Lurkers as quickly as possible. Now, wait for the Regenerator to sprout new legs. While you're waiting, you should be in the center chamber (it glows white upon entry). When the Regenerator regrows his legs, he'll follow you into the chamber. Stasis him when he gets inside, and lop off his legs to slow him down even more. AS SOON AS HE IS DOWN, run to either unlocked door (on the far wall of the room) and go through it, leading you into a control station of sorts. In the middle is a console. IF THE REGENERATOR IS IN THE MIDDLE CHAMBER, then go ahead and use the console. The chamber will close and the freezing process will start, ending up with the Regenerator turning into a nice block of ice which will then be carried away by a mechanical arm. Easy, right? *NOTE: Should you fail to freeze him on your first attempt, don't fret. Just repeat the process until you get him. BE CAREFUL if he disappears into the vents. He CAN and WILL follow you into the control room. ----------------- LEVIATHAN [LEV] ----------------- - When you enter the chamber, you're immediately notified that you are entering a Zero-G environment. A boss fight in Zero-G should be great fun. Anyway, it starts out dark. Move forward a few steps and the chamber should light up, revealing it's entirety. The chamber is a massive cylinder with a writhing mass at the far end. Continue forward until this mass of flesh "awakens", then back up just a bit. You should be hanging around near the middle of the chamber, between the door and the Leviathan. When the battle starts, the creature sprouts 3 tentacles, immediately recognizable as the ones that have been dragging you around beforehand. And still present is the obvious mass of yellow flesh that acts as a weak point. However, the Leviathan only exposes one tentacle at a time. As soon as one of them reveals the weak point, start blasting it. It may retract before you can finish the job, in which case a different tentacle may come out. Just keep hitting them with whatever weapon you're comfortable with, of course, stay away from anything short-ranged, like the Force Gun and Flamethrower. For that matter, don't use any weapon that takes time to travel to its target, like the Ripper. The tentacles move around a lot, so you'll want instant gratification. The main attack is a slam/sweep attack using a tentacle. It'll slam the ground somewhere on your left or right, then it'll sweep towards you. The ONLY way to avoid this attack is to jump to another location within the chamber. The attack is pretty slow, so you should be able to avoid it without trouble. After severing one of its tentacles, the Leviathan howls in pain and opens its mouth to spit explosive gobs at you, the same ones that the Brutes spat at you earlier in the game. It spits them in fairly quick succession, so you gotta be comfortable with Kinesis. There are two ways to go about this part, however. If you wish to waste ammo, you can shoot the pod in the Leviathan's mouth, causing it to explode while still inside. If you want to conserve ammo, let him spit the pods at you and then you can grab them with Kinesis. ALWAYS KEEP ON THE MOVE. It's surprisingly accurate. As soon as you catch a pod, throw it back into the mouth, and you'll either cause it to crash into the next pod, after which you should grab the one after, OR you'll hit the Leviathan directly. Hitting it in the mouth makes it stop, if only for a brief moment. After hitting him in the mouth, he'll either continue spitting or the tentacles will come out again. Continue the strategy mentioned before and you'll beat him in no time. ----------------- SLUG [SLG] ----------------- - This time, you won't be fighting this boss toe-to-appendage. You're manning an ADS Cannon, and the only thing you can see is a gigantic mass of writhing, putrid flesh. Upon spotting the Slug, you'll notice he doesn't really care about you. Shoot him once anywhere and he'll change his mind. After waking up with a roar, the Slug will sprout five tentacles, identical in structure to those of the Leviathan in that they have a mass of yellow flesh that is a weak point. The only thing complicating this fight is that while you're busy trying to target the tentacles with the ADS Cannon, he'll be ripping up pieces of the ship and tossing them your way. The only way to keep him from letting loose with a piece of ship is to hit the tentacle currently holding something several times. After that, it'll twitch and lose its grip on the object. There are 2 things the tentacles throw: pieces of the ship and explosive canisters. The explosive canisters are a much bigger threat than the ship pieces, because they do a lot more damage to the hull. If a tentacle throws an object, shoot it before it impacts the hull. If it throws multiple objects at once, focus on the explosive canisters first. Also, throughout the fight, be careful with the ADS Cannon. If you use both barrels simultaneously, they overheat MUCH faster and you'll be helpless for a few moments. If you only use one barrel the entire time, you won't overheat. Anyway, just keep hitting the tentacles (prioritize the ones that are holding things) and after you sever all five, the boss with die and float off into space. ----------------- REGENERATOR ENCOUNTER 2 [REG2] ----------------- - Yep, he's back, and I can't imagine he's too happy. After he reveals himself, get the hell out of that room and get outside, where there's more space to move. A few Slashers and Stasis Slashers will join the fight. Use Stasis on the Regenerator and take his legs off, then take out the lesser necromorphs. After they're dead and it's just you and the Regenerator, you can take things at a slower pace. Towards the back of the room is a walkway that goes behind the shuttle's engines. You know what to do now, right? Lead him towards the engines, then, when he's directly behind them, Stasis him and take his legs off for one last time. While he's slowed down, quickly run into the room in which you were ambushed, and hit the console. The shuttle's engines will fire and you'll get a nice view of the Regenerator being incinerated. That's the last you'll see of him. ----------------- HIVEMIND [HVM] ----------------- - This fight starts off with a beautiful scene of the setting sun of Aegis VII and the gruesome death of someone. Anyway, the Hivemind rockets up from the abyss and stares you down, ready to rip you limb from limb. As soon as the fight starts, the Hivemind should stoop down and let out a super-loud roar. Don't worry, the roar does no damage, it's just to scare you. However, you'll notice there are seven (is it seven? It might be 8. Somewhere around there, doesn't really matter) yellow masses arranged around the thing's mouth. Every time he leans in to roar, train your fire on one until it explodes. It shouldn't take much for each mass, maybe a half-dozen Plasma Cutter rounds. After you destroy one, he'll try to smash you with his tentacles. It's not an instant death (it should've been in my opinion) but they will ruin your day. Avoid the tentacles by constantly running back and forth. After a few slams, he'll lean in again. Repeat the process. When he has 2 yellow things left, he'll grab you by your leg and lift you high into the air, dangling you in front of his gaping maw. Of course, you still need to destroy the last two yellow things. I can't really help you with aiming, so you're on your own for this one. A word of warning though: take too long and you'll die. Fairly brutally, I might add. If you succeed in destroying the last 2 things, he'll drop you to the floor (no damage suffered). After this, he'll open up his rib cage- like thing on his body, inside of which are MORE yellow things. Destroy one, and he'll revert to slamming you with his tentacles. Dodge them by running back and forth and he'll open his chest again. Repeat the process until he's dead. Be careful of his falling body though. It can crush you. And congrats on finishing the game. THANKS FOR READING MY GUIDE</p>