====================================== Lost in the blue 3 Survival Guide By leohero (tigerfang589@hotmail.com) ====================================== This guide is for serious survival, it may help you if you aren’t on serious too. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Island’s New Form 2. Recipes 3. Fishing 4. Hunting 5. Special Thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Island’s New Form ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you first start as the real Sam your at the beach past the Poison Gas Zone ( I will refer to it as Sam’s Beach), The Tree House has been built and all the furniture is maxed out. In your wood, rope, and bamboo spots it’s empty except in the basket spot which has 10 in it (it is like that all over the island). All over the Island at logs and rocks that take 2 people to push it has already been done. You won’t have to fight the Anaconda, the Grizzly, the Alligator, or the Tiger. You can’t crawl through holes or climb larger cliffs. But there is something good you can make all of the tools. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Recipes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Cut ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1a. Egg Salad - Egg, Carrot, Rock Salt, Pepper 2a. Radish Salad - Radish, Rock Salt, Blue Seed 3a. Burdock Root Salad - Burdock, Purple Bean, Chili Pepper 4a. Seaweed Salad - Seaweed, Purple Bean, Blue Seed 5a. Mushroom Salad - Mushroom, Vegetable, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 6a. Mackerel Sashimi - Mackerel, Chives, Purple Bean 7a. Sea Bass Sashimi - Sea Bass, Chives, Blue Seed, Purple Bean 8a. Sashimi Platter - Various Fish, Chives, Purple Bean 9a. Fruit Platter - Papaya, Passion Fruits, Other Fruits, Tree Sap Drop 10a. Big Eared Apple - Apple, Tree Sap Drop ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Grill ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1b. Baked Potato - Potato, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 2b. Grilled Eel - Eel, Purple Bean, Tree Sap Drop 3b. Grilled Sweetfish - Sweetfish, Rock Salt 4b. Grilled Clam - Clam, Purple Bean 5b. Grilled Poultry – Bird Meat, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 6b. Grilled Salmon - Salmon, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 7b. Grilled Sea Bream - Sea Bream, Rock Salt 8b. Grilled Masu Salmon - Masu Salmon, Rock Salt 9b. Butter Grilled Trout - Rainbow Trout, Onion, Rock Salt, Brown Seed 10b. Grilled Sea Bass- Sea Bass, Rock Salt 11b. Masu Salmon Skewer - Masu Salmon, Carrot, Pepper Seed, Rock Salt 12b. Sauteed Wolf - Wolf Meat, Milk, Carrot, Brown Seed 13b. Grilled Apple - Apple, Tree Sap Drop 14b. Apple Pie - Apple, Milk, Tree Sap Drop --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Stir Fry --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1c. Tropical Fried Pork - Boar Meat, Pineapple, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 2c. Flounder Meuniere - Flounder, Brown Seed, Pepper seed 3c. Crab Omelet - Crab, Egg, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 4c. Mushroom Omelet - Mushroom, Egg, Brown Seed, Pepper Seed 5c. Italian Omelet - Potato, Onion, Egg, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 6c. Butter Fried Clam - Shortneck, Rock Salt, Brown Seed 7c. Mushroom Saute - Mushroom, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 8c. Burdock Root - Burdock, Carrot, Purple Bean, Tree Sap Drop 9c. Eggs Sunny-side Up - Egg, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 10c. Rainbow Trout Saute - Rainbow Trout, Carrot, Potato, Brown Seed, Pepper Seed 11c. Sea Bass Meuniere - Sea Bass, Brown Seed, Pepper Seed 12c. Spicy Shrimp - Shrimp, Onion, Chili Pepper, Rock Salt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Boil --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1d. Boiled Pork Salad - Boar Meat, Vegetable, Purple Bean, Blue Seed 2d. Clam Chowder - Any Shellfish, Milk, Onion, Yellow Bud, Rock Salt 3d. Meat & Potato Stew - Boar Meat, Potato, Carrot, Purple Bean, Tree Sap Drop 4d. Pot-au-feu - Boar Meat, Potato, Onion, Carrot, Yellow Bud, Rock Salt 5d. Sardine Soup - Sardine, Chives, Purple Bean, Pepper Seed 6d. Onion Soup - Onion, Carrot, Yellow Bud, Rock Salt 7d. Pigeon Soup - Pigeon Meat, Chives, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 8d. Duck Hot Pot - Duck Meat, Chive, Carrot, Purple Seed, Rock Salt 9d. Boiled Egg - Egg, Rock Salt 10d. Salmon Hot Pot - Salmon, Chives, Carrot, Radish, Purple Seed, Rock Salt 11d. Raccoon Hot Pot - Raccoon Meat, Carrot, Onion, Rock Salt, Purple Seed 12d. Pork Miso Soup - Boar Meat, Carrot, Radish, Chive, Purple Seed, Rock Salt 13d. Deer Hot Pot - Deer Meat, Carrot, Burdock, Chives, Purple Bean, Rock Salt 14d. Boiled Bamboo Shoot - Bamboo Shoot, Carrot, Burdock, Radish, Purple Seed, Tree Sap Drop 15d. Wolf Hot Pot - Wolf Meat, Carrot, Radish, Chives, Purple Bean, Blue Seed 16d. Cream Stew - Any Meat, Milk, Carrot, Potato, Yellow Bud, Pepper Seed 17d. Minestrone - Tomato, Onion, Potato, Meats, Brown Seed, Pepper Seed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Deep Fry ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1e. Fried Sillaginoid - Sillaginoid, Rock Salt 2e. Onion Rings - Onion, Rock Salt 3e. French Fries - Potato, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 4e. Fried Oyster - Oyster, Rock Salt 5e. Fried Mackerel - Mackerel, Rock Salt 6e. Deep Fried Poultry - Poultry, Purple Bean, Rock Salt 7e. Mixed Tempura - Potato, Burdock, Carrot, Rock Salt 8e. Lotus Root Chips - Lotus Root, Rock Salt 9e. Fried Shrimp - Shrimp, Rock Salt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Steam ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 63. Potato Salad - Potato, Carrot, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 64. Steamed Crab - Crab, Purple Bean 65. Steamed Taro - Taro, Rock Salt 66. Egg Hotchpotch - Bird meat, Mushroom, Egg, Purple Bean, Rock Salt 67. Custard Pudding - Egg, Tree sap drop, Brown Seed 68. Steamed Sea Urchin - Sea Urchin, Purple Bean 69. Steamed Shrimp - Shrimp, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Fishing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3a. Spear Fishing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spears will break from time to time! ===== Rivers ===== Water Fall River Sweetfish White Carp Quarry River Masu Salmon ====== Beaches ====== Beach near Boat I have not ever been here and actually fished if you know what’s here send me an email Sam’s Beach Sillaginoid Mackerel Eric and Claire’s Beach Sardine Quarry Beach Sardine Filefish Mackerel --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3b. Pole Fishing --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fishing rods are made from sharpened bone or stone, a tree vine, and either a bamboo or a stick. You can find bait everywhere on the ground, in the same way you find spices. I have no real advice or where certain fish are. I think it’s boring and a big waste of time spearing will get you food faster and keep you alive. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Hunting --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hunting spots: ___________________________________________________________________ First Cave Area: Animals: Owl, Lynx (both at night only) ___________________________________________________________________ Field (second area, where Claire was afraid to jump across) Animals - Chicken, Pigeon, Rabbit, Goat, Wolf (at night), Raccoon (at night) ___________________________________________________________________ Swamp Animals - Duck (upper left island with chives on it), Rabbit (lower right island that exits to lower part of jungle river area) ___________________________________________________________________ Northwest Corner of Jungle River area Animals - Deer ___________________________________________________________________ Southeast Corner of Jungle Area Animals - Boar ___________________________________________________________________ Bamboo Grove Animals - Wolf (at night, to the right of the tree with twigs), Raccoon (at night, in the actual grove), Pigeon (southwest of bamboo area), Rabbit (area right below two northern exits) ___________________________________________________________________ Upper Part of Lake Animals - Duck, Pigeon ___________________________________________________________________ Lower Part of Lake Animals - Lynx ____________________________________________________________________ Flower Field Animals - Pigeon ____________________________________________________________________ Poison Gas Zone Animals - Hawk ____________________________________________________________________ Underground Lake Animals - Monitor lizard (directly below elevator, inside the cave) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5. Special Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well no one yet but when you tell me something I don’t know yet I’ll upgrade the guide and add you here!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this Guide Helps you survive 365 days on Serious Survial. Contact me at tigerfang589@hotmail.com</p>