========================================================= Too Human ========================================================= Index ******************* 1 - Update History 2 - Authors Note 3 - Controls 4 - Classes 5 - Walkthrough 6 - Legal ******************* 1. Update History ******************* v.1.0 - 10/11/2008 ******************* 2. Authors Note ******************* This FAQ was completed using the Champion as my character. So any strategies given should take in mind the champions use of long and short range. Compensate for your character. ******************* 3. Controls ******************* Left Thumbstick - Move Character Right Thumbstick - Attack Direction / Slide to Attack, Aim Guns Click Right - Reload Weapon D-Pad Left - Turn HUD On/Off D-Pad Right - Turn off damage meter D-Pad Up/Down - Change Camera Blue X Button - Battle Cry Yellow Y Button - Deploy Spider Green A Button - Jump, Enter Cyberspace Red B Button - Roll Evasion Left Bumper - Re-Center Camera (tap), Free look (held) Right Bumper - Ruiner Left Trigger - Fire Left Pistol, Secondary Attack, Lift Right Trigger - Fire Right Pistol, Primary Attack, Push Back Button - Equipment Screen Start Button - Pause Menu ******************* 4. Classes & Choices ******************* Classes ============== Berserker - Woot for n00bs! This is the basic character of the game and you will very likely want to take this for your first turn through the game. He can pretty much wade into melee combat, sword a swingin, and actually survive most of the time. There isn't much to be said about his weaker long range combat. However you still have to be a bit more careful about wading straight into the melees because his defense is a bit lower than you might expect. However he does level up fast enough for you to get a lot of skills to enable you to have some form of crowd control. Bioengineer - These guys are actually pretty useless for the most part. They can heal themselves but they have to keep on fighting to charge their healing abilities. They can kinda fight, have so-so defense and are fairly mediocre when it comes to actual combat. Paired up with a defender or berserker they can be pretty badass when used properly though. Champion - This is the basic character of the game. They can fight pretty much equally in both long range or short range without much difficulty. His slide is pretty long range allowing you to quickly slip between melee and gun combat with ease. However he gains levels somewhat slowly and he can get junk piled pretty easily in melee. Judicious use of skills and fighting carefully is a necessity for this character. Commando - The Commando is essentially going to be the long ranged version of the Berserker. He has great skill with his guns, not so great with melee and his defense is kinda iffy. You will want to stay far away from this class on your first few playthroughs and it is much more useful in an online game with a more melee capable character. Defender - And here we have your typical online MMO "tank" type character. He is built to take hits, draw the enemies attention and generally keep the heat off of his squishier allies. Paired up with a Commando or Bioengineer he can keep the attention off of them while they do their thing. However he isn't very good at dealing damage, made useful only by his defense and inability to be knocked down. He relies on equipment and his Spiders for dealing damage. -------------- -------------- What Measure is a Human? --------- Cybernetics: While touted as a big deal this actually makes little difference in the long run. It opens up a new class tree that focuses on ruiners if you go human while cybernetics can use Cannons. Since the cannons are a long range weapon don't bother with this unless you're going to be playing a Commando or something else that's going to favor long range weapons. ******************* 5. Walkthrough ******************* Act 1 ********* Once you finally regain control of you character start heading forward. Make sure to consistantly break open containers along the way as these contain some random items. Eventually you're going to come across an ambush where a fair group of enemies will come after you. The soldiers will support you but they're not really too useful. This is your training area and it gets harder from here so you will want to get used to your controls pretty quickly. Once the enemies are dead head into the next room, down the stairs and fight the enemies here as well. Try not to let the enemies surround you entirely as it can add up rather quickly and kill you. Stay frosty, evade the large groups of enemies and wear them down. If you get a feel for airborne combat now it will make your life easier (if you're using the proper class). Eventually a flashback will play. When this finally ends you will have yet more enemies to deal with. Kill them off and continue through the next door. On this rail you will have some weaker enemies with a much stronger one on the other side. Wipe out the chaff so that you have room to fight the big guy without any interference. Try to hang back and slide in to attack him as a counter, don't go toe-to-toe with him if you can help it. Ranged attacks work fine since he's melee only and not that fast. Go through the next door and down the stairs, fighting off the enemies, until you reach the top of the stairs where a Miniboss awaits. ======================== MINI-BOSS: SKULLHAMMER ======================== Skullhammer isn't too big of a threat. He will swing his hammer and create shockwave blasts on the ground. Jumping is the only way to avoid this so get used to it real fast. Hang back at first and use your guns to blow off some of his armor until the front panel is destroyed. Now close into melee, try to stay to the sides and keep hacking at his legs. Eventually this will break off the armor on his legs. With all this finally done get behind of him and jump. You will see a prompt, press that to end up on his back. Now move in opposition to him (if he leans left you press right) and keep pushing on the right analog to instantly kill him. While you can hack at him this is much more efficient. ======================== Freya will now yoink you to Cyberspace in a flashback. In Cyberspace you can either follow Freya or hunt through the woods to find obelisks that will drop plenty of loot. After you follow Freya you will have more cutscenes and then you can move again. Go up to the well and activate it to reach a new part of Cyberspace. Move to the Obelisk in front of you, activate it to get the Push ability and then continue onward. Push open the big door you come across with your newfound power, open the obelisk behind it for some more loto then head back the way you came, back to the real world. Turns out the door you opened in Cyberspace opened a door here. Go out onto the bridge and start taking out the enemies here. When the boss type enemy comes after you try to hang back and shoot him for a bit before you slide in and beat on him. He's not all that terifically difficult. Back indoors you will encounter more enemies, take them out and continue onward until you reach another big room. When you reach the enemies you will also find another Cyberspace well. This is optional as it only opens doors that lead to some loot. There is also an obelisk here with loot and some enemies who will ambush you when you go there. Take them out and the door will open so go on through it. You will see another Skullhammer type enemy, take it out before going after the other enemies or they will gang up on you rather horribly. Wipe out the enemies and go through the door here. Wipe out the enemies and use the Cyberspace well here. Push the boulder into the wall to open it up and leave. Go down the tunnel you opened up until you reach a bridge. Rush across it, dodging the rockets as they come at you and take out the enemy up here. Then leap down and slaughter all of the rest of the enemies to open up the door. Go through to reach another bridge, go forward and take out the enemies. When you reach the other end of the bridge you will see some fiery creatures that drop down. Back away from these guys and shoot them since they blow up when they are hurt. Go forward, ride the lift and when you near the door more enemies will spawn in behind you so take them out. Go into the room, rush to the other side of the room to take out the rocket firing enemies and they need to be taken out first. Use the Cyberspace well here to once again open a path. Go down the hill to reach a big boulder, shove it into the wooden gate to open a new area. Leave Cyberspace and continue forward. Take out the enemies and reach a pair of switches flanking a track. Press one to summon your ride and get on when it comes. As you go enemies will fire rockets at you but you can't really kill them unless you're a Commando so just evade the attacks until you reach the circular arena and the boss. =================== BOSS: GRNDL-1 =================== This fight is actually really easy. GRNDL only has two basic attacks for most of the fight and he picks up one more later on but it's mostly useless. It runs around on all fours trying to grab you, just try to avoid it and get on its side so you can hit it a few times. If you've got a ruiner you can actually stagger the thing for a bit and get in some more hits. Every so often it will retreat away from you and fire off flying drones at you. Shoot them to take them out and roll away to shake them off, they die pretty easily. Once they're dead just go back to going after the GRNDL. When it has taken enough damage it will stand on two legs and walk towards you. Back away and keep on shooting at its chest to knock it back to its four leg attack form. Now you can continue fighting it the way you did originally until it begins losing pieces and finally dies altogether. ********* Act 2 ********* This starts off with you in Aesir and eventually leads into the decision as to whether you're going to be human or cybernetic. The differences are that humans have better and more ruiners while cybernetics have more health and can use the cannons. There's more to it but that's the long and short of it. After that check computers for hints and hunt down item obelisks. From here you will be going into lots of talking and cutscenes that culminates with you heading to the Ice Forest. When the weak enemies rush at you take them down and go after the rocket firing enemies. A Wolf Eater comes after you now so take it out like you did the first Skullhammer and then wipe out the little ones and continue onward. After the cutscene you will have more enemies to defeat as you head along the path before you. When you see iced enemies fire your guns at them to avoid being frozen and they will go down rather easily. After you've defeated them a purple launchpad will turn on, step on it to be fired into a new area of the Ice Forest. The exploding enemies from before will return here, keep shooting at them from a distance to handle that problem. However new enemies will appear, flying rocket launching enemies. Geeze... Try to roll to keep avoiding their attacks while you take out the enemies in your face. Eventually you will take out the last of them and can continue onward. Take out the enemies as you go, taking time when fighting the harder enemies that are coming after you now. Gather equipment from the obelisk here and keep going forward to find some more enemies. Remember to mix up your guns and melee when necessary and use a Ruiner if things get that bad. Ride the launchpad here to the next area. This next area has more enemies, including ice enemies that need to be shot, but you're going to keep moving forward. This continues for quite some time until you pass the red mirror things and use that launchpad. A series of rocket launching enemies are here so be careful and move slowly. Dying here seems to be a guarantee not a possibility but don't let it hold you back, rush to the rocket enemies and wipe them out. Thin them out, take out the stronger enemies and then finish them off. It's not terifically difficult so long as you are careful and roll alot. As you reach the next area you will start having paralyzing arrows shot at you. Leap up to where the spiderlike enemy is located and start attacking it. The easiest way to take these guys out is to jump or roll away from the shockwaves that it fires off and slaughter it while it's left defenseless. When the follow-up reinforcements come your way you should have no problem taking them. Continue along the path, taking out the enemies as you go. Things don't really get too unexpected until you reach a ramp. You will reach another dark elf here, take him out much the same as before. The rest of his cronies are taken out best with longer range attacks or Ruiners. In my experience your squad will keep the dark elf busy if you choose to go after the minions before the big guys. Once they're dead expect some rockets to start flying at your face. Be careful as you go after them or you will find yourself dying under another rocket onslaught yet again. The last wave are exploding and ice creatures, stick to your guns to make this simple. Ride the next launchpad to the Cyberspace well and use it. Use your push ability to shove the big tree here down and then leave. Ride the launchpad here and you will have a bunch of enemy waves to cut through. This is actually puretty simple until you reach the arrow enemies but without a dark elf they're not that hard. Soon you will reach a large circular arena. Dun dun dun! Could they tell us there's a boss type fight coming any easier? =================== MINI-BOSS: SPINE BREAKER & TCDftD =================== When you enter this arena you will want to start firing on the weaker enemies first, weakening them before hammering them in melee. If you feel like using it a Ruiner will make your life a fair bit easier. Then you should after The Cruel Death from the Dark to avoid his hopping around getting the better of you while fighting the Spine Breaker. Take it out like you did before and then turn your attention to the Spine Breaker, yet another Skullhammer variant. =================== Launch to the next platform to encounter yet more enemies. By now you shouldn't be having much of any difficulty with these guys by and large. The hammer weilder is dangerous as is the guy who tosses explosives but if you thin out the weenies and then focus on the big guys you will find it to be rather easy. Do NOT jump on the back of the hammer troll if the other one is nearby since you will get knocked off. Try to get rid of the grenade thrower first. Go to the next launchpad and ride it to a new platform, slaughter the enemies and use the yet next launchpad to reach what amounts to this levels finale. Be ready for a long running brawl with the harder enemies in the game. You will encounter dark elf assaults and grenade throwers. Take them out and continue forward. Dodge the arrows fired at you as you go and make your way to the long range enemies, taking them out however you need. Try to save Ruiners for now though, only use them if you have to. There is a hammer enemy here as well as a cell, destroy the hammer enemy as usual before the cell. Getting rid of the cell causes an elevator to lower in the previous area. Double back, taking out the enemies that come out and then ride the platform. This area flat out sucks. The enemies do not stop coming until you destroy four of the cells here like the one you destroyed before to call the elevator. Try to clear a path to the cells and take htem out however you need, preferably by shooting at them. Once you have destroyed the four of them the enemies are stopped and you have a moment to breathe. Go up the center platform here and head towards the red gate to the next area. As you go wipe out the green enemies and use the obelisk here. As you go ahead some more grunts are going to be coming after you, shoot down the ice enemies and explosive ones and continue forward. Wipe out the enemies that are guarding the launchpad and then use it. Before you use the obelisk here take out the enemies that spawn in, preferably going after the rocket firing ones first. Then check the obelisk and then continue forward. Fight off the enemies as you go and you will reach a bridge that goes through a tunnel of ice. A long stream of enemies is your reward and it doesn't really stop until you reach the boss and that's going to be a bit. Wade into the melee and push forward. Any Ruiners you can make use of right now will help clear out the little weenies but they can add up on you. Luckily the fact that death doesn't really hurt you helps out a great amount here. Keep on cutting and push forward. When the barrier is finally removed run to the next large area. A platform will rise and reveal an energy cell and enemies will spawn in. Wipe out the enemies and then destroy the cell. This lowers a large pillar on the other end of the arena. You will now need to move around the room and take out more cells, fighting off enemies all the while. Proceed carefully, take out any enemies in your path and detour only to take out the long ranged enemies. Now head towards the bridge over here and take out the enemies as you go until you reach a launchpad. Ranged attacks come as soon as you land so dodge the attacks, take out the enemies and find the cell a short distance away. Then use the next launchpad with the obelisk next to it. Wipe out the grunts as you keep going forward and you will reach another launchpad. When you land you will be faced with explosive grunts, shoot them dead and then continue onward. Around the corner you will find a cell, destroy it and you'll be done with hunting these things. Make your way to the next launchpad, ride it and head forward along the curved bridge. This place has a bunch of spider type enemies so take them out and continue forward to reach the pillar you lowered. Take out the enemies here and move to the center where the Cyberspace well is. Use the push ability to open the gate and pass through. Touch the obelisk here to gain the Lifting ability. Lift the next platform up to the log nearby. This will lower the barriers blocking off the tower in the Ice Forest. We're almost done here but you're going to have hell finishing it off. Rush towards the tower and start fighting off the enemies as you go. Head to the right and ride the launchpad to reach another platform. Take out the spider here and his minions before using the item obelisk and continuing forward. The enemies between you and the launchpad should be little more than a time waster by this point. Get to the launchpad and ride it to a cutscene. When it's over you will have yet more enemies to fight. Take out the enemies and launch yourself to the next platform. Wipe out the enemies here and head over the long bridge, chasing Hod. As you chase him make sure that you avoid any of the random attacks that he throws at you. You can't attack him back so just be careful and keep going. At the end of the path Hod will flee and you'll have to take out the enemies before you can follow. ======================== BOSS: HOD ======================== This isn't actually a terrifically hard fight all things considered. To start with Hod will be blocked off by a red barrier, destroy the cells to lower it. When you head forward Hod begins jumping around the five floating platforms while firing shots at you. Avoid Hods attacks and start attacking the platforms themselves (not him) until you've taken out all five of them. Hod will fall down to the next level and so can you after taking out a small group of enemies. Follow him, lower the barriers and defeat the enemies. As you go do remember that dying isn't a huge penalty so it doens't matter if this wears you down. Each time you follow him there's an extra barrier and you have to do this four times total so it gets a bit repetitive. Once you've finally cornered Hod and gotten him to the ground he will fall on his face. Charge Hod and wipe out his cronies, use a Ruiner if you like, and then you can finally focus on Hod. Get right in his face and start wailing on him. He doesn't usually attack you back although every so often he will swing at you but it's more likely he will use a Ruiner. When you see it coming make sure to roll out of the way and get right back in his face. He can be wiped out in rather short order so long as you're careful about it. ********* Act 3 ********* This starts off in Aesir again. Talk to Freya if you like before making your way over to where Thor and others are talking to Mimir, the head of knowledge. Now make your way to the docking bay and head for the World Serpent area. Thor is going to be backup for you during this mission, he is incredibly helpful and even if he dies he ressurects after that wave of enemies. Very nice. Enter the world serpent and head forward for a Cyberspace well. Push the rock wall and then go through the brightly lit passage to go back. Follow behind Thor to a door and go on inside with him to a long walkway. As you go along it will eventually collapse dropping Thor to who knows where. Keep on going forward and eventually you will reach an open room. Once you're inside enemies will come out and attack you, wipe them out and then you can head through the next door. This will lead you to some more twisting corridors leading to a room with a spinning floor. Go through here to reach yet another hallway that opens up into a larger room. There are a bunch of enemies here, nothing too bad, so take them out and head through the exit door straight across from the entrance. When you go into the next room head towards the broken bridge. As you near it you will see that there's a hard to see walkway bridging the gap. Head across it and go to the cyberspace well. Once you're in cyberspace... ugh, goddamit. Head forward with Thor and begin heading through the dungeon. You've already been through this place and the path is mostly the same as it was before. The only complication is one of the spider enemies, Spectre of Worlds Forogtten, in the area before the room with three doors. Keep going until you reach the area with the invisible bridge and cyberspace well, that's not there now so keep on going forward to reach an elevator shaft, take it up a level. There is a cyberspace well here and a pair of mechanical trolls that aren't active yet. You can't hurt them and they can't hurt you so go ahead and use the well. You can now Walk on Water! Go, go messiah powers activate! Head across the water to the other shore and continue following the path. You will reach a large gate, push it open and continue along the path. At the top of the cliff push the stone dam twice before lifting it to turn on the consoles in the World Serpent that were deactivated. Head all the way back and leave Cyberspace. Now that you're back in the normal world you will need to handle the waking hammer trolls. Thor will help but this is still a really hairy area to fight enemies like this. Try to single one out and weaken it enough that you can get on its back before hopping out and finishing it off. Wipe them out one at a time and you will eventually get rid of all of them. Now take the door across from you and take the elevator down. Enter the room, open the door by destroying the console nearby and go outside to meet another hammer troll. Enemies will begin running at you from the ramps here so take them out before climbing the ramp and taking out the enemies at the end of the path. Head left and go on into the next, really large, room. Two hammer trolls are going to come out flanked by a bunch of gobling enemies. Thin out the goblins a bit and make your way towards the troll closest to you. Destroy him as quickly as possible, making sure to get on his back, before you turn your attention to the other troll. Head on through the exit door from this room to reach another really big room with two more trolls and a whole bucketload of goblins. Fight them the same way you handled the last bunch and continue forward. A spider enemy is in your path so take him out and go through the door to find yet another group of goblins and a hammer troll. Ugh... wipe them out to bring out yet more hammer trolls and goblins with a spider following up on their heels. Being agressive may actually work in your favor here since the quicker you kill enemies the less likely it is that they can actually gang up on you. Head through the door at the end of this brawl to reach a bridge that leads to small rooms. Don't rely on Thor here since the rooms will flood with enemies and start to pound on you and him. The dark elf is a problem and the goblins really muck things up so if you need to use a Ruiner, now's a good time to use it. Try to stay on your toes, stay away from the dark elf since he's not as important as the army in your way. Once the goblins have been thinned out then you can head over to the elf and kill him off. Head on into the next room and take note of the crane in the middle. Grab the loot from the obelisks and then go from the crane up the conveyor belt. When the goblins come out for you try to take them out until they thin out and you can reach the other end of the conveyor belt. Here you will find a grenade thrower troll here. Hop off the conveyor belt and go after it. If you need to then you can get rid of the long ranged goblins first but it shouldn't be the most necessary. Once you've cleared out the room head into the next where goblins will come from the right. Deal with them and then go up the left side to fight more goblins. Soon you will reach a hammer troll, take it out. Now you will reach a big door that leads to a chamber with a large globe in the middle of it. Follow the path towards the globe and go up the ramp there. There are some doors and a cyberspace well near the globe. Go into cyberspace, open the obelisks for loot and then push a rock into a larger one to stop the globe from spinning. This will of course summon up a group of enemies to attack you. Take out the hammer troll and then you can worry about the rest of them. Head for the door at the other side of the room and go through it. In the long hallway you will have a group of enemies attack you, kill them off and continue forward to reach the boss. =================== BOSS: THE EVERLASTING HATE =================== It's sad to say but the hate is actually the easiest of the easy bosses to have been fought so far. This guy is fought almost exactly like the hammer troll type enemies but he has some extra armor. You will want to focus on each of the individual armor pieces and break them off the weaken the boss. You should use guns for the most part since they're probably the most reliable way of handling that but if you want aerial melee can be helpful. Once the armor is all gone run up to the Everlasting Hate, stick to his sides or behind him and whale on him until he goes down. Easy! =================== Wipe out the last of the enemies and then head back the way you came. Ride up the center lift platform to the upper levle and then ride the elevator out of the World Serpent. ********* Act 4 ********* Head to the Feasting Hall for a cutscene before you head to the docking bay. It is time to head to Helheim and deal with Loki. The minute your feet touch the ground you will have to deal with the Undead horde. Fight your way down to the big gate down the hill and shoot the lock to blow it open so you can continue fighting the good fight. Enemies are going to be rushing up at you as you're heading down the hill. The only thing of note is that some undead will begin spawning in with containers on their back. These are basically suicide bombers and blow up when killed so keep your distance and blow them away with your guns. Keep on making your way down the hill as you hack and slash the enemies. The Aesir will blow open the main door to Helheim so you can charge on in. This place is a bit annoying with all of its side path dead-ends that lead only to some loot and bounty. If you want to get that stuff then simply detour from the FAQ and go looting. Anyways head straight through the doors in front of you. Be ready for the evil Undead Fallen Gods. I hate, hate, hate these freaking things. Their shockwaves are pretty devastating and the damage can seriously pile up on you here. Get rid of them as fast as you possibly can before heading into the next room. In the next room the path splits so head down the right path. This is going to be a long, arduous path to the next door through an army of the undead. Fight carefully and use a Ruiner if you have to clear things out a bit and make your way to the door. Head on through and pass through the next door. Continuing forward you will meet a new enemy "He That Sifts Through Diseased Flesh" or some other pretentious name. This guy is pretty devastating so get in his face and use your strongest attacks to wipe him out. Continue forward and take out the next floating thing before you turn left and head for the exit. Cut a swath through the mob in your path, it's not too hard, and make your way to the exit. Follow the path of the sludge here, fighting off the Fallen Gods as you go, and head for the nearby obelisk. Enemies will attack you here but wipe them out and then head down the path across from you. Take out any Fallen Gods and undead in your way before you reach the next door, pass on through it. This leads to yet another running brawl so be ready for it. Head straight ahead and take out the floating enemies before you deal with the ground ones. The floaters can raise minions from the dead so they're a priority. Turn left and keep on moving towards the glowing spark of the item obelisk in the distance. Wipe out the enemies, loot the obelisk and head for the exit to your left. Head on through the door here and you will be on another path. Bash on through the enemies in your way and you will soon reach a large room with lots of columns. Move slowly, take out enemies as best you can and use your evasions carefully. You don't have the most room to move around in here so be as careful as you can here or you're going to die a bunch of times. The next area is quiet but of course that means a boss is coming, or a mini-boss in this case. =================== MINI-BOSS: GARM =================== You can hit this big boy pretty much wherever you want. He's going to be moving around a lot, jumping all over, and firing missiles at you across the ground. Stay frost, keep on moving, and dodge roll around to avoid attacks. Pick one of the pieces of armor on the thing and focus on it, start blasting at it. Once you've hurt a piece of armor down low enough the GARM will curl up and stop moving around at all. Quickly rush in and start beating on it as hard as you possibly can. Simply keep repeating this to take the GARM out. =================== Head on back the way that you came, go through the exit door and you will be in a bunch of closed in hallways. Start rushing forward and watch out for enemies to come jumping out at you, the Fallen Gods are going to be the worst of these here. You're going to need to stay mobile and if you die then don't be all that surprised about it, you're going through literal hell here people. When you reach a bridge you will have a final wave of enemies to deal with. Go forward from here and you will reach an elevator that will take you to the top. Go up the steps and into a large room to fight some more enemies. Now turn left and watch the cutscene before heading through the big silver door. There's yet another of the floating things so take them out as quickly as possible while you're trying to deal with the weanies. Use the Cyberspace well in the middle of the room once they're all dead. The Obelisk here will grant you the Fire ability which is used to burn off the glowing purple vines covering the trees. This unlocks the exit here and the fire can be used in previous Cyberspace areas to unlock extra loot. Head on through the exit door =================== BOSS: HEL =================== This fight is not hard, it's not difficult - it's long drawn out and annoying. As you move on through the small rooms you will have to fight off waves of the Undead. This will net you health orbs and clear the way for you. The point here is to focus on Hel herself and get in close. Try to use a Ruiner to stagger her and then unload on her face for a bit. When you see her start to attempt to use an energy beam you want to move and move quickly. Once she's taken enough damage she will retreat to the next room. Take out the enemies here and hpefully restore your health on orbs before following her into the second room. Wipe out the enemies here and pursue her outside and she will teleport up to an upper large upper platform. Go up to face the final part of this fight. Unfortunately this is pretty much the exact same as the previous part of the fight was. The only difference here is that she darts around the arena and moves incredibly fast. Try to ignore the undead and chase her around. Once you get near her try to use a Ruiner to stop her and then open up on her to cut down her health. Keep this up and you will eventually take out this obnoxious ass boss once and for all. =================== You have to escape from Helheim now so run back through the small rooms you fought Hel in and make your way back outside. Try to ignore the enemies since there's no benefit to fighting them any longer. Just keep on moving and stay away from the enemies to reach the final cutscenes of the game. Woohoo! We beat Too Human! ******************* 6. Legal ******************* This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. 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