Final Fantasy III DS Single Character Challenge FAQ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I. Introduction II. Walkthrough III. Credits IV. Legal Info =============== I. INTRODUCTION =============== Welcome to my walkthrough on Final Fantasy III. This walkthrough is meant to help you get through a Single Character Challenge. Obviously, you only get to use one character for the whole game. Whenever your characters are revived (they should only get revived after boss fights) you should immediately kill them off leaving only the character of your choice. The good thing about playing through this game with only one character is because each character is equal, so no character is better than the other. This is all because of being able to choose your jobs. This means you can choose your favorite character and there is no downside to it. This is meant for people who have already completed the game. I strongly recommend you finish it before attempting this. There are two reasons. First of all, this game can be very hard on your first playthrough. I know it was for me. On my next few, it got a lot easier. The second reason is this isn't really a "walkthrough". For example: in a dungeon I might just say something like, "Make your way through, and collect [insert items or whatever here]." Now this game really doesn't have puzzles or anything that you would need help getting through, and even if it did you could check another FAQ, but still... I might also be spoiling the plot at some points so that could be another reason. Ever heard of the duplication trick? Yeah, well expect to use that a lot in this playthrough. Some people would think this is cheap and takes all the challenge out of it. It really doesn't. Sure, it makes it easier on you, but it's still harder than a normal playthrough. You'll be duplicating attack items like Arctic Wind, Bomb Arm, etc. and Elixirs. There are a few more that you will duplicate, like Turtle Shell and Shell Breaker. If you want to try it without duplicating items, go ahead; I just don't recommend it. By the way, to duplicate an item, put it at the top-left corner of the list when you're not in battle. Then engage in a battle and then press Up and A at the same time when the cursor is over the item. You'll go to the equip screen for about 1/4-1/3 of a second if you did it right. You can do this as many times as you want. You can only have 99 of that item in your list though. I highly recommend you follow this guide to the letter. The purpose of this was 1. because I was bored and felt like writing this (haha =P) and 2. to help you. You have to be smart when doing this challenge (but since I'm helping you, you can just do what I say ;P). It's already kind of hard in a regular game, so you need to know what you're doing. One last thing... Even though it's usually very few levels, you have to level up a lot of times in this game normally. You're probably thinking you'll have to gain a LOT more in this game. For the most part, that's correct. But unlike some RPGs, the EXP you get from each battle is determined by the amount of characters alive after battle. Well, you always get the same amount, but it's divided among the characters alive. I'll give you an example. A Red Dragon is the monster that gives the highest EXP in this game. It always gives 60000 EXP. If you have all four characters alive, it'll say you got 15000 (meaning for each character). It's 20000 for three, and 30000 for two. Since you'll only have one character alive for this game, that character will get all of it. If you were going to end this game at the same level as you always do, the number of battles you'd have to fight would be divided by four. You should plan to be a very high level at the end. Don't worry, it'll still be challenging. Now, on with the walkthrough! =============== II. WALKTHROUGH =============== --Altar Cave-- Watch the scene with Luneth falling down the hole to come to the screen where you rename him. Change his name if you want. I'll obviously call each character by their original name. After that, you'll be attacked by three Goblins. Oh... no? Haha. Well...attack them, obviously. It only takes one hit to beat each since you'll do 9 or 10 damage per hit and they only have 7 HP. You should finish with 26/32 HP. Now it's time to make your way through. Like I said in the intro, I won't be walking you through. I'll just tell you what to do and then you can go do it. So start making your way through. Collect the Potion and the Leather Shield from the chests. Equip the Leather Shield and examine the rock. Get the Longsword and replace the Leather Shield (wow, that was on for a long time). Get the two Antarctic Winds and the Potions. Use the wellspring to restore your HP. Make sure you're level 2 before continuing. If you get into more than one encounter on your way to the end, go back to the wellspring and get into an encounter THERE. Then heal and go back. In the next room... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Land Turtle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 4 HP: 111 EXP: 20 Gil: 500 ATK: 8 DEF: 6 My Level: 2 Front Row 29/38 HP Longsword Knife Vest Difficulty: 1 / 10 Well this is nothing new to you. You always fight this boss with one character only. Don't bother using the Antarctic Winds. This boss is easy enough without them. Instead, you'll just use a Potion. Antarctic Winds are more important. Potions can be bought very cheap, and you can't buy Antarctic Winds at all. COULD just duplicate them, which you might do. Use them if you want (they're probably not at the top of your list though). I didn't use them. With the Longsword and Knife I was doing 19-22 damage per hit. It takes about 6 turns. Make sure you use the Potion as soon as your HP is critical (that's when it's yellow). The Land Turtle might do a critical hit. I never lost to it but once when I fought it I was taking about 6 damage per hit and then when it got critical I took 8, leaving me with 1 HP. Luckily, you'll ALWAYS get the first strike, and the turn order isn't random like in a lot of battles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Afterwards, watch the scene and you'll be on the World Map. Save and enter the Altar Cave again. You're in a different area this time. Go south and east of you will be a secret passage where you can get a Leather Cap and Bronze Bracers. Equip them. In the next room, you'll see the hole Luneth fell through (don't go through it). In the chests you'll find the Sleep spell, Bronze Bracers, Bronze Knuckles, and two Longswords. Your weapons should now be Bronze Knuckles and a Longsword. Leave the Altar Cave again, save, and enter Ur. --Ur-- Go into the blue-roofed house to recover your HP/MP and then talk to Elder Topapa. You can give the guy outside a Potion for a Phoenix Down, even though you can't use it this playthrough (I did anyway, for some reason). Go in the well on the east side and get the three Potions. Go above the inn and head up to see the scene with Arc. Examine the flowers by the girl to get a Potion. Take the path above the weapon shop and enter the storehouse. You'll probably encounter a Goblin or two on the way, but who cares? I got a level on the way! Talk to the guy to learn about the secret passages activated by candles. Take the two Antidotes from the pots on the left. Examine the candle and go through the passage and up the stairs. You can get a Dagger, Longsword, Eye Drops, a Phoenix Down, and Cure. Buy Leather Armor from the Armor Shop and equip it. You should probably give Cure to Luneth now. Make sure your HP is full and then head south to Kazus. --Kazus-- Talk to Arc to get him to join your party. Unequip him and then kill him on the World Map. Haha, how mean... Go into the trees on the left side and search around for a Mythril Helm (equip it), a Staff and a Zeus's Wrath. Already? Cool! In the inn, talk to the ghost in the center. It's Cid! He'll tell you why everyone is a ghost. Go behind the counter near the door and then behind the second one you can find a Potion. Go in the house north of the inn and find a second Potion. Now it's time to get in Cid's airship. You'll find it west of Kazus, in the desert. Talk to the girl in the airship, whose name is Refia. You should know that by now. Watch the scene and then fly northwest to Castle Sasune. Unequip Refia and then kill her. Only one person left to murder! ;) By the way, I chose Luneth for this challenge just because you start with him. --Castle Sasune-- Talk to the guy blocking the entrance. He'll let you in the castle. Go up until you get to a room with stairs. Take the left passage to get a Phoenix Down. Then go through the right one and down the stairs. You can get 2000 gil here. Yeah! Go up two sets of stairs. Go around and get a Leather Shield and Blizzard. Give Blizzard to the character of your choice. Go through the passage and get the Bronze Knuckles. Go back to the previous room and go up the center stairs. Keep heading straight and you'll meet the king. Watch the scene, and Ingus will join your party. Now that you've got your whole party, go to the World Map and make sure you only have one character alive. I'm not going to bother explaining this stuff now. Just go in the east tower and get all the stuff. Sleep in the bed at the top if your character doesn't have full HP/MP. Make sure you save before going into the west tower, since there are monsters. Get to about level 5 before entering the west tower. The monsters in there are too powerful to fight with one character at your current level. Berserkers give good EXP but be careful if you fight them. They're strong than the monsters in Sasune's west tower. Three attacks from them and I was down to 1 HP. Level 5 is still pretty low for this place with one character, so you should probably duplicate some Potions to help you out. I also duplicated Antidotes since I got poisoned. I got a level from just one battle with two Zombies (they gave me 200 EXP). Collect all the treasure and on the top floor, put your character in the back row and equip them with two Leather Shields and all the best armor they can have. Make sure they have Blizzard. You'll fight a Griffon. I was level 7 for this fight. Just heal whenever you need to. It's not very hard since this thing is level 6 and you're probably a higher level. Cast Blizzard every round that you're not healing since that does more damage. I forgot to rest before coming up here and I only had 1 MP for Blizzard. Just put your character in the front row and change their equipment to Wightslayer and Longsword and attack it. Save your progress and level up to level 10 in the west tower. If you want the next boss to be really easy, copy some Antarctic Winds so you have a few left over afterwards. When you're ready to continue, land in front of the Sealed Cave, save, and enter. --Sealed Cave-- The Wightslayer really helps in here. A lot of monsters in here are weak to light, so that's why. Just start to make your way through and get the Potion, your second Cure, and 500 Gil. You'll meet Princess Sara. Here's where your single character challenge turns into a temporary two character challenge. You can't stop her from casting random spells in battle. This will happen whenever someone joins your party temporarily. Anyway, she'll only cast Aero and Cure. Now continue and get the Antarctic Wind and Eye Drops. Once you see the red rug, stop. Equip the two Leather Shields, put your character in the back row, and then go up to the Djinn and watch the scene. Then you'll engage in battle with him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Djinn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 7 HP: 600 EXP: 200 Gil: 1400 ATK: 20 DEF: 8 WEAKNESS: Ice, Water My Level: 11 Back Row 171/171 HP Leather Shield x2 Mythril Helm Leather Armor Bronze Bracers Difficulty: 3 / 10 I guess I leveled up too much. This was too easy. I should've tried it at level 8 or 9. Anyway, you may or may not get help from Princess Sara. It doesn't really make a difference if you do. Aero only did 50 damage to him when she used it for me and when she cured me at the end she only healed about 35 HP (I don't remember the exact number). Anyway, I didn't use the Antarctic Winds. Blizzard was hitting him for about 230 damage so I only needed three to beat him. If you level up as much as I did, he's a joke. I'm usually not even this level for the boss after him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All your characters will be revived and you'll get jobs! You should probably pick either a Red Mage or a Warrior. I've actually found Warrior very helpful at the end of the gamee, but it shouldn't be your final job. They have HORRIBLE magic defense. I just chose Red Mage. They can equip shields and use weapons when they're not even equipped with them. Go ahead and make your way to Castle Sasune while getting your character out of the job adjustment phase and killing killing off the other three. Use the wellspring in Ur if you need MP. --Castle Sasune-- Watch the scene and you'll get a folding canoe. Leave the castle now, and Princess Sara will say goodbye to you. Now to get your airship. Go near the Sealed Cave and float across the water in your new folding canoe and then fly the airship to Kazus. --Kazus-- Watch the scene and Refia will leave your party. Enter the inn and talk to Cid. He'll temporarily join your party. He leaves right away so we're going to make use of him. ;) Go in the house above the inn and watch the scene. Takka and Refia put a mythril ram on the front of the airship. Now get on the airship and watch the scene. Refia joins your party again! Before breaking the rock, land the airship near Ur. Your party members all have 1 HP. Maybe I should've told you to wait to kill them. Ah, well... You're training your job level, at least. Get your MP (and possibly HP) back from the wellspring and then re-enter Kazus. Make sure you save too. Buy the Fire spell if you don't have it yet, if you have a Red Mage. Time for some new equipment! From the armor shop, buy everything you need. Make sure you get two shields. You're going to be using those even if you have a Warrior, in which case you'll also need to duplicate lots of attack items. Remember to do that! The only thing you shouldn't buy from the armor shop is either Mythril Gloves or Mythril Bracers, since you can only use one at a time and you can't use whichever one you want anyway. Oh, and you shouldn't get the Helm either since you have one. Buy one if you don't. Don't get the Mythril Rod for your Red Mage. It barely raises your Intellect so it's really not that important. Your shields are more important now. You also shouldn't buy Mythril Swords, as we're about to get two. Again, make SURE you save before continuing. You probably won't die but just to be safe... Enter the mines in back of Kazus. --Mythril Mines-- No need for me to explain much here. When you get to the dead end in the first room, press A next to the top pillar to continue. Get the Mythril Swords from the chests and leave. If you have a Red Mage you actually shouldn't be taking damage with the shields and being in the back I don't know why I made such a big deal about saving, ha. Now go ahead and brake the boulders with your airship (they're south of Castle Sasune), watch the scene, and head east to Canaan. --Canaan-- Cid will tell you about King Argus and leave your party ALREADY. =( Well maybe he helped you out in Mythril Mines, so it wasn't completely pointless. There's a house connected to the inn here. Go inside and talk to the girl on the bed, Salina. You have to do this to continue. I once forgot and went to the top of Dragon's Peak... Good thing that's a short dungeon. Get the Mallet and Gold Needle in here too. If you're keeping a Warrior then duplicate them both. Actually, to save MP, just duplicate them anyway. The MAIN reason I tell you to duplicate is sometimes battles take too long without attack items, so yeah... At the beginning that is. At the end of the game physical attacks do more damage. Now go to the north. Go up the stairs and into the water. Keep heading through and you'll find an Elixir. AWESOME! Ha, time to duplicate. =P Go to the northwest house. Use an Elixir on Mrs. Cid. It's totally worth it. I wonder how much HP she has that she needs an Elixir for it to work...haha. Cid tells you to push the lamp on the wall. It'll let you go into the basement. You'll get a LOT of treasure, along with 4000 Gil. Sweet! Well we're done in Canaan, so save and enter the mountain east of it. Make sure you rest up first. --Dragon's Peak-- If for some strange reason you have a Thief and you encounter a Rust Bird, you can steal a Phoenix Down. You'll actually use those in this place. This is a one time thing though. Get to the top and then revive everyone. Make sure you get Aero, the Gold Needle, and the Phoenix Down on the way. Everything here was doing 0 damage to me on the way up. It was taking me two Blizzards to kill everything. And yes, I was doing a multi-target Blizzard. You'll use up a lot of MP. This is why you need those Elixirs. Blizzard should kill Fireflies in one hit. They're like the only monsters that will damage you. Once you get to the top, use a Phoenix Down on your three dead party members. They're going to be automatically revived soon anyway so it doesn't matter. The reason for this is because sometimes Bahamut gets an attack in before you can run away, and it'll kill anyone. Don't worry about full HP. Just revive them and then watch the scene and talk to Desch. When you fight Bahamut, run away! Then Desch will give you the spell Mini and join your party. You can use the Healing Copse here if you take damage when fighting some monsters, but you're at full HP right now. Kill off your party members and use Mini or a Mallet on yourself (make sure to duplicate it before doing this!) and then enter Tozus. --Tozus-- Buy whatever you need from the magic shop first. All I got was Thunder. Rest in the inn if you need to and then enter the house farthest north. Press L to zoom in and get all the treasure. You'll get a Fire Staff, Fira, and Cura. YES! These are all great at this point. You'll also get Mythril Bracers, but you should already have those or Mythril Gloves. Use an Antidote on Doctor Shelco, the guy on the bed. He'll open a secret passage for you. Thanks! Take the secret passage. Use the Fire Staff on the monsters on your way through this very short dungeon. Don't equip it. Just scroll through the item list and use it. Oh yeah, and get the Phoenix Downs you if you need them. Once you're through the dungeon, enter Vikings' Cove, but stay mini. --Vikings' Cove-- You'll eventually come to some vikings at a table. South of there is a secret passage. You can get a Spark Dagger from the chest. In the door near the table you can buy some items and spells. You don't need either, but you probably need to rest, so do that. It's only 40 Gil. Go up the stairs in the previous room now. Head west and south through a secret passage. Down the stairs you'll find a Viking Axe and 3000 Gil. Go back up and head east now. Under the moogle (who you can use if you want to do the sidequests) is another secret passage. Here, you can get Thundara, Fira, and Blizzara. Yeah! Go right and down the stairs. Talk to the viking. He says you can have their Enterprise (the ship) if you defeat the Nepto Dragon. You should already know you can't defeat that thing. Head north to Nepto Temple and go through the Nepto Dragon's mouth. Remember to save first. --Nepto Temple-- You'll be taking a lot of damage here. See? Elixirs are really important to have. Oh, and you should equip the Fire Staff since your defense is the same even with the shields and you'll get 2+ on your Intellect and Mind stats. You will come to two holes in the ground. Go in the left one first. In here, you'll find a Shell Helm and Shell Armor. Yeah, new equipment! It really doesn't change anything though since you're mini. It just says your defense is "1" when you're mini. OK, now go through the right hole. Get the Serpent Sword and then go through the next hole. Keep going and heal when you get to the boss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Giant Rat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 11 HP: 900 EXP: 1200 Gil: 1500 ATK: 24 DEF: 29 My Level: 15 Red Mage Back Row 279/279 HP Fire Staff Mythril Shield Shell Helm Shell Armor Mythril Bracers Difficulty: 6 / 10 Whoa! I came EXTREMELY close to losing here. Yeah, your stats really go down when you're Mini. He got my HP to critical in two rounds. I also got his to critical in two rounds though, heh. I used two Blizzaras and then tried to use Thunder since I ran out of MP for level 3 spells, and then Desch decided to cast Thundara. Yeah, seems pretty useful but he's not very useful after this. =( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head on out of Nepto Temple now, and kill your other characters off on the way. Get yourself out of Mini now. Finally! Now you can start taking a litte less damage. Put the Nepto Eye in the empty socket. Go talk to the head viking and you'll get the Enterprise! Head southwest from Nepto Temple and you'll be by a town called Tokkul. Enter it. --Tokkul-- Zoom in and look for a Lamia Scale, Great Bow, and Bacchus's Cider. On the east side of town you can find an Ice Staff. Ice seems to do more damage than fire, so use this instead. You should still have the two Mythril Shields equipped though. In the house in the north section of town you can go into the basement and find Sonic Knuckles, a Kenpo Gi (good for grinding with a Monk), and a Serpent Sword. Well, nothing left to do here. Head west to the Village of the Ancients. You'll get into some encounters on the way. I was taking 0 damage in the back row, and obviously 1 in the front row (during back attacks). You should too if you've been following this guide. --Village of the Ancients-- If you go east and get a chocobo from Chocobo's Woods you can ride it all the way around the continent and you can get Gnomish Bread from the kid with the orange hair. I didn't. There's really no reason to, but if you want to do it go ahead. East of the inn is a well. There's a Serpent Sword there. Check the magic shop. All I bought was Teleport. Gotta love that spell. I had to replace a spell since you can only have three of each level spell. My new level three spells were Teleport, Cura, and Blizzara. Check the weapon shop. It's on the west side. All I had to buy was a Light Staff. You should definitely buy that. It casts Thunder, which is a higher level than Fire and Blizzard, so it does more damage. Plus, there's a monster you may encounter (called Lizardman) that's weak to it. It takes two Blizzards to kill one while everything else only takes one. Not that it matters... Anyway, when you're done, check the armor shop. I bought Flame Mail and sold my Shell Armor. Well, we're done here. Go east into Chocobo's Woods and ride one back to your ship. Sail north and enter the castle. --Castle Argus-- This place creeps me out for some reason. Heh, but it's empty. Well I'll leave it up to you to get all the treasure in this place. I'll just tell you about a few secret passages. Press A by the rightmost candle after going up a few sets of stairs. You'll find two wellsprings if you just follow the obvious path to the top. Don't use the leftmost one. I THINK that revives your characters. If not, it removes status ailments. OK, when you get to the very top of the castle there will be two towers. You need a Thief to open the doors, or Magic Keys. You can buy those soon. Just use a Thief for now and you can get out of the adjustment phase later. This is the only time where you need a Thief instead of Magic Keys. You can get a total of 4700 Gil here. Make sure you get that. When you're done, go northwest and take the lower path into Gulgan Gulch. --Gulgan Gulch-- Not much to do here. There's a moogle if you want to use it. Go south and down- stairs and take to the baldie in the middle, heh. He'll give you the Toad spell. I replaced Aero with it, because Thunder is better. South of him is a secret passage where you can get a Fire Staff, Ice Staff, and Mage Robe. That's it! Now after you're out of the adjustment phase go northeast to the Tower of Owen. Use the wellspring in Castle Argus if your HP and MP aren't full. Mine weren't since I gained levels. --Tower of Owen-- This place has one of the best dungeon themes in the game! Well, in my opinion, that is. In this place, I'm not even going to bother telling you to get the treasure. It's all in plain sight, and I'm sure you're smart enough to get it. Make sure to duplicate Echo Herbs when you get them though, because if you get silenced and you have none, you're in trouble. Go west, then south, then east. When you get to the area where you need to have your party as Toads to continue, well...turn them into Toads, and when you go through, change them back. Too bad these monsters like to use magic a lot. From physical attacks, I was still taking 0 damage. See how useful Red Mages really are? Light Staff is your best friend here! It should one-shot anything. Except the boss, of course. Just make your way to the top. Remember, when the voice tells you that you will never find your way out, push A by the "door". Once you're at the top, go ahead and fight the boss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Medusa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 17 HP: 3000 EXP: 1680 Gil: 2600 ATK: 35 DEF: 22 My Level: 23 Red Mage Back Row 567/567 HP Mythril Shield x2 Shell Helm Flame Mail Mythril Bracers Difficulty: 3 / 10 Well this is easier than the Giant Rat. Her physical attacks definitely aren't a threat. She'll use Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara, which aren't too bad either. Use an Elixir once your MP for level three spells is gone. Desch might help you but he's not that great anymore. If she silences you, use Echo Herbs. You should do around 500 damage per hit, so six attacks should do it. If you're using a Warrior, then you'll have to use attack items, since you probably can't even do 100 damage with an attack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Afterwards, watch the scene and Desch will leave your party. You'll be on your ship in the sea. The maelstrom by the Tower of Owen is now gone, so you can leave. Let's go to Gysahl before continuing. Just go north past the Tower of Owen and then east and south. It'll be on the edge of the continent. Kill off your party members again on the way. When I was on the piece of land Gysahl is on, I took 6 damage from a Red Cap. Oh no! Haha. --Gysahl-- Nice theme, huh? ;) In the house next to the chocobo stable you can find two Gysahl Greens. In the southeast corner of town, you can find two Magic Keys and Gysahl Greens. In the house north of the chocobo stable, you can buy Magic Keys. Don't remember how many you need exactly...and it doesn't matter. Just buy, like, 8. There's a secret passage on the right side. Open the chest for a Shuriken. YEAH, SHURIKEN! Maybe you'll end up selling it. Who knows? It sells for a LOT though. Now enter the inn. Rest if you need to. There's a secret passage to the right where you can find records of your journey and the Bestiary. Cool. Well I'll show you my records just because...well, I want to! Chests Opened: 27% (it's usually 28, so I missed some =[) Enemies Defeated: 220 (and I usually have a lot more, so I'm not grinding, I'm just coming out overleveled because only one character is alive) Battles Fled: 2 (I only remember running from Bahamut but OK, haha) Max Damage: 794 (I did more right after I left <_<; it was only 832 though) Max Hits: 6 (what? I'm using a Red Mage!) That's it for now. Go back to the Tower of Owen and then go northwest a little bit. Go in the southern cave. --Dwarven Hollows-- Go south a room and then enter the rightmost door at the top. Buy whatever you need. Even though Flame Mail has better defense, I bought Ice Armor for the Molten Cave. The Ice Helm has better defense than the Shell Helm, so I bought that too. I also got two Ice Shields to double the defense I'm already getting from my shields. In the center door you can buy weapons but I didn't need anything. In the leftmost door you can buy items and rest. There's a guy in there who can tell you about your jobs. Mine told me about Freelancers and Red Mages. =P Talk to the dwarf in front of the shrine in the center and he'll ask you to defeat Gutsco. That's why we're here! Take the leftmost staircase down. Turn everyone into Toads again, go in, then change back. --Subterranean Lake-- You don't need any help here. The path you should take is painfully obvious. I was taking 0 damage from physical attacks again. =) Just use the Light Staff a lot. Use the Ice Staff on Bombs. Hopefully you don't get petrified. That's what sucks about this dungeon. Collect everything from the chests and heal before you fight Gutsco. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Gutsco ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 17 HP: 3500 EXP: 2304 Gil: 3500 ATK: 35 DEF: 24 My Level: 25 Red Mage Back Row 658/658 HP Ice Shield x2 Ice Helm Flame Mail Mythril Bracers Difficulty: 4 / 10 Ha! Yeah, Gutsco, that 4 damage per hit really hurts. This guy is a joke if you have my setup. Just hope that you don't turn mini when he casts it. Your HP is high so you shouldn't worry about dying but you should change back as fast as you can. I was hitting for about 550 with Thundara. Just use that and heal when you need to. Pretty simple. I almost died when he used Mini on me but I didn't. Good thing too... I hate not having save points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teleport out. That would be horrible if you got petrified on your way back. In Dwarven Hollows, talk to the guy in front of the shrine, put the Horn of Ice back and watch the scene. Then get your ship and sail to the cave north of this one. Kill your characters off and then enter. --Molten Cave-- Again, I don't need to explain to you how to get through. Just make sure you get all the stuff here. Use the Ice Staff instead of the Light Staff. Most physical attacks were doing 0 damage, but those Adamantoises are pretty strong, so they were doing around 10. Still not a big deal. They also cast Fira though, which is annoying. Try not to get petrified! I did... -_- I just decided to go through without getting all the stuff after that. Anyway, here's how I defeated the boss: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Salamander ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 19 HP: 5700 EXP: 2744 Gil: 3700 ATK: 41 DEF: 25 WEAKNESS: Ice, Water My Level: 26 Red Mage Back Row 705/705 HP Ice Shield x2 Ice Helm Flame Mail Mythril Bracers Difficulty: 5 / 10 OK, for some reason I didn't equip the Ice Armor and I didn't replace Thundara with Blizzara, so I had to use Antarctic Winds... Oh well. I still won. His Fire Breath is usually a really big deal but your high HP makes up for it. This was actually easier than it is on a regular game. Use Blizzara on him (or Antarctic Winds) and heal with an Elixir whenever you need to. Not too hard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After this, you'll get new jobs! I kept Luneth as a Red Mage. That seems to be working well for me, seeing as how I'm taking 0 damage. Use the warp in the back of the room to teleport out. Go back to the Dwarven Hollows. --Dwarven Hollows-- Talk to the dwarf in front of the shrine again and he'll give you a Magic Key. All that for a Magic Key? Haha. Well there's more than just that. Move a little southeast and talk to the dwarf. He'll...walk backwards? OK? And he'll let you take some treasure. Awesome! Lots of treasure! Maybe it'll help you... Remember where Tokkul is? It's south of Castle Argus. When you're ready to continue, go there. You can't leave once you get in. Watch the scene and you'll be in Hein's Castle. --Hein's Castle-- Make sure you talk to King Argus, and talk to the guy who's actually a... monster! Haha. It's a Demon, who's pretty strong, but he won't do very much damage to you anyway. Two uses of the Light Staff and he's gone. Don't use the pot to restore your HP. Your party will be revived. Your MP should be full. The Demon should've hurt you but you have healing items, so it's no big deal. Cast Mini or use Mallets and then when you go through the hole do it again. Don't you love this theme? =P I do. You know what to do here... Just get to Hein. The monsters will take a while to defeat. I just duplicated attack items and used those to speed it up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Hein ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 22 HP: 4500 EXP: 3464 Gil: 4300 ATK: 47 DEF: 26 WEAKNESS: Varies My Level: 28 Red Mage Back Row 801/801 HP Ice Shield x2 Ice Helm Flame Mail Mythril Bracers Difficulty: 3 / 10 He's pretty easy. You'll just have to guess his weakness if you don't have Libra. That's what I did. There's a 1/3 chance you'll get it right the first time. I didn't have to heal at all. I had around 300 HP when I won, and I had 801 total. We need a harder boss! Of course, when there is one, I'll be sorry I said that, heh. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the scene and go to Castle Argus. Kill off your party members in any encounters on the way there. --Castle Argus-- Talk to King Argus and get the Wheel of Time. If you go to the west tower on the top floor you can get two Elixirs from the lady in there. Now go to Canaan and talk to Cid. Watch the scene, make SURE you have an Antidote (you should have more though), and fly off the edge of the continent. Go southwest and you'll pass the Crystal Tower! --Wrecked Ship-- Talk to the old man in the ship and then give Aria an Antidote. She'll join your party. Yay! Just take her to the Temple of Water and when you're done, save and enter the Cave of Tides. --Cave of Tides-- I would just skip getting Blizzaga. Some of these monsters can petrify you. They would be the Cockatrices. I thought Cockatrices were birds... In this game they're...lizard...things. Ah, whatever... If you encounter them, RUN! The Light Staff works well on a lot of monsters. You can also use attack items if you want. Here's how I defeated the boss: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Kraken ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 24 HP: 8000 EXP: 5280 Gil: 5500 ATK: 57 DEF: 27 WEAKNESS: Lightning My Level: 30 Red Mage Back Row 906/906 HP Ice Shield x2 Ice Helm Flame Mail Mythril Bracers Difficulty: 8 / 10 Thundara x 10000! Finally a boss harder than the Giant Rat. He almost killed me! Usually his attacks were doing over 100 to me. Use Elixirs if you need them. You will. Thundara did a lot of damage (over 1000 each time). Zeus's Wraths obviously work well too. If you get blinded, don't bother curing it. We're using magic and items. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the fight, watch the scenes. Poor Aria... She'll bless you with the power of water. That means new jobs! You'll wake up in Amur. --Amur-- Well if you remember (and you should), the next boss can't be defeated with magic. Bye-bye, Red Mage! ;( We COULD use one of the new jobs... However, I wouldn't recommend that. I chose a Knight. Your job levels need to be trained a little bit now. I normally don't bother training my job levels but it makes a big difference in this playthrough. So go ahead and do that. Oh yeah, and kill off your other characters while you're at it. You don't need to train them that much. I'd say around job level 14 (when it starts taking more actions to level them up) is good. The Blood Sword is, like, BEAST right now. You don't need to heal when you have it equipped. If you want to know my equipment, it's: Blood Sword Royal Sword Ice Helm Knight Armor Gauntlets Remember to put your character in the front row as well. I was still taking little damage. I was also in the job adjustment phase as I was writing this, so yeah... Knights rule! Just DON'T go west of the mountains west of Amur. You can encounter monsters from the Dalg continent if you do. I've encountered both Harpies, Frostflies, and Simurghs. Harpies are the worst, since they attack twice per round and come in groups of two. Harpies will kill you in one round. The others will kill you in about two turns. Talk to the girl at the entrance of Amur and you'll see the Four Old Men. Then talk to Gill. Do whatever you need in the village and then go into the sewers. --Sewers-- Just go through and collect everything... Save the Four Old Men and get the Levigrass Shoes from Delilah. Every time you get attacked you can just attack back and restore your HP. Nothing in here is that strong. Don't forget to equip the Power Bracers! That made me start taking 1 damage from some of the monsters in here. HA! After you're out of the sewers, head to Goldor Manor. --Goldor Manor-- Go get all the Golden Swords. That'll get you some crazy Gil. Come back to the entrance afterwards and save. Hopefully you have some Magic Keys. If not, you'll need a Thief. Now all there is to do is head to the boss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Goldor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 26 HP: 9000 EXP: 6560 Gil: 9900 ATK: 53 DEF: 28 My Level: 34 Knight Front Row 1183/1183 HP Blood Sword Royal Sword Ice Helm Knight Armor Power Bracers Difficulty: 7 / 10 You're just attacking and using Elixirs in this battle. The only really annoying things he can do are blind you and confuse you. This is why you should keep your HP above half at all times. If he confuses you, you might end up killing yourself, since you're stronger than him. I used two Elixirs. The Blood Sword saved me a few, but it's not enough to keep your HP up. His attacks were doing almost 150 per hit. Like with all the hard bosses so far, I ALMOST lost but I didn't. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the fight, watch the scene, grab the key, and you can leave. I didn't feel like walking back through this place just because the battles take a long time and I didn't feel like fighting the same monsters over and over again, so I changed back to a Red Mage, used an Elixir, and teleported out. Then I switched back to a Knight. I didn't get put in the adjustment phase at all, so it didn't matter. Just remember to reequip your character if you do this! Oh yeah, and kill your party members off... Just reminding you so you don't cheat! =P Now go get your ship and fly northwest. You can visit Duster if you want but there's really no point since they only have stuff for Bards and Geomancers. We probably won't even use the hidden items. We will visit another optional town though. You know where Saronia is, right? If not, figure it out. Go north- west of there and enter Replito. --Replito-- On the east side you can find a Gulgan in the trees. Near him is a Phoenix Down. Left of the moogle (in the tree) you can find a Turtle Shell. Duplicate it when you leave. =D By the way, be careful when you get into battles here. Catoblepases can petrify you. Soon we'll get a shield that can protect that, and you can just adjust your equipment in battle when you encounter a monster that can petrify you. On the west side, above the two houses, you can find another Turtle Shell. Hidden in the trees above that you can find an Elixir. Northeast of this is a blue house. You can enter from the back. East, through a hidden passage, is an Elixir. South of where you entered is a somewhat hidden passage you can talk to a man who will tell you about a hidden cave under the island shaped like a triangle. THIS is where we're getting that awesome shield. OK, well, we're done here. Now head to Castle Saronia. --Saronia Kingdom-- Watch the scene and go south to be on th World Map. In Northeastern Saronia, in a tree south of a locked weapon shop, you can find an Elixir. Northwestern Saronia has nothing. Don't bother going there now. Go to Southwestern Saronia. You can find 11 Gysahl Greens in a secret passage in that huge house if you want them. Go to the house farthest north on the east side. You'll watch a scene with Prince Alus being accused of impersonating the prince. You'll have to defeat three Gold Knights. They're easy like they were in Goldor Manor. Prince Alus will join your party. Talk to the guys in town with orange clothes to get a Wind Spear and Dragon Mail. I would honestly just skip Southeastern Saronia for now. You don't really need anything in there and you're almost sure to be petrified by a Catoblepas. You'll probably want a Dragoon for the next boss. Change your character to one and get them out of the adjustment phase. Buy them another Wind Spear and equip it. Put them in the back row. Go ahead and enter Saronia Castle and watch the scene. Boss time! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Garuda ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 28 HP: 10000 EXP: 8800 Gil: 10200 ATK: 57 DEF: 29 My Level: 36 Dragoon Back Row 1312/1312 HP Wind Spear x2 Ice Helm Dragon Mail Power Bracers Difficulty: 8 / 10 Just keep jumping on him. My first jump was a critical hit and did 3606 damage. The rest did over 2000. I killed him with four jumps. Hopefully you'll get lucky and he won't spam Lightning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the scene and switch to a Red Mage. Remember? You need to be Mini for the next dungeon! It's short, but you need magic. Equip your Red Mage with the best armor they can have. Go through a secret passage to the right and get all the treasure. Down the stairs is another hidden passage on the right side. Fly southeast to the Dalg continent. Save before you do. You might get into a battle there and you'll probably get murdered. Wait until you get into the Cave of the Circle to kill your party members. Enter Doga's Manor. --Doga's Manor-- Go south and watch a scene. You'll meet Doga and he'll join your party. Turn Mini and enter the Cave of the Circle. --Cave of the Circle-- Don't be afraid to use your high level spells in here. It's very short so it doesn't matter if you do. Just keep heading east until you're through. Doga will help you with some battles. These monsters are really annoying with just one character. Heal a lot. At the end, Doga will make the Nautilus able to go underwater. Cool! He'll tell you about Noah's Lute as well. Get out of Mini and switch your job back to Knight. Or, if you want, you could keep using a Dragoon. If you're using a Knight, make sure you're in the front row. If it's a Dragoon, you should always use Jump in the back. That cave under an island shaped like a triangle is now accessible. You can get that shield that blocks status ailments there. That dungeon is tough though... You want to hear a funny story? Once I saw how hard this was getting, I decided to master the Knight job (which means getting the job level to 99) so I could get the mastery weapon for it. I also decided to get the Ultima Weapon, which is even better! After I was done getting my job level to 99 and sending all my mail, I remembered... YOU CAN'T GET EITHER UNTIL YOU'VE OPENED THE EUREKA GATEWAY! Ah, STUPID me! At least I maxed out my job level though... You might as well too. Better to get it done early... Well let's go to the Sunken Cave now. In case you don't know, it's in the bottom-right corner of the map, under- water. --Sunken Cave-- Well I tried this before getting to job level 99 and I got killed a LOT. Even though I couldn't get the Ultima Weapon or the Save the Queen blade, I was still one-shotting the monsters in here. The Blood Sword helped out a lot too. Be careful with some monsters. Those Sea Witches like to cast Blizzara, which will do quite a bit of damage. Also, do NOT open any of the chests at the end. Well, maybe the bottom-right one... If you want, you can teleport out as a Red Mage and save your progress, then come back and try to fight the monsters guarding them. By the way, when I say "chests at the end", I mean the four that make a square that you get to through a secret passage on the left side. Wow, doesn't that Diamond equipment just RULE? As soon as I got the Helm and Mail I took 1 damage from a monster and I was like HA!! Anyway, you should've gained a bunch of levels going through there, since it's already a good place to get EXP on a normal game. I went in at level 37 and came out at level 45. That's almost enough to beat the game with four characters! I just barely won but I defeated the four monsters at the end by using Turtle Shells. If you're going to as well, MAKE SURE you unequip the Blood Sword for the monster in the top-right chest, since that one is an undead monster. If you want the shield that blocks status ailments, the Aegis Shield, then you HAVE to defeat that one. I one-shotted the Eater in the bottom-right chest. =P Well that's good, because those things divide if you don't kill them in one hit, unless you use a Dark Knight with a dark blade, which you won't. Now let's continue with the story to a dungeon even more dangerous than the Sunken Cave... --Temple of Time-- Well you know what to do... Just get all the treasure and Noah's Lute. Be VERY careful too. Heal after every battle. King Seahorses will use Blizzaga on you. It hit me for over 1000 damage and I only had 2063 HP, and it got the next strike before me. Luckily, that was a physical attack that did only 98 damage. Chimera Mages are bad too, since they like to use Lightning. If you're lucky, you won't get many encounters with three of them. Oh yeah, and they can petrify you... which I didn't know until this playthrough. least it was in the first room. Use the Aegis Shield! I did over 8000 damage to one with two swords anyway, and I was doing less than half that to everything else... Lightning, thankfully, isn't as bad as it was with Garuda. It does less than 300 damage usually. You should still be able to one-shot the Chimera Mages with just an Ancient Sword and Aegis Shield. Behemoths and Dragons are the strongest monsters in this dungeon. Good thing there can only be one by itself in each battle. I would recommend replacing the Ancient Sword once you get the Defender instead of the Blood Sword. The Blood Sword makes it less cheap since if you don't use it you'll just be duplicating tons of Hi-Potions and Elixirs. Once you're done, teleport out. Was it just me or did that take FOREVER? We need a boss... Garuda was a while ago and the next mandatory one isn't for a little while. Let's go for a summon boss! First, go to Unei's Shrine and wake her up. Then go to Saronia Catacombs. It's under the water below Saronia. --Saronia Catacombs-- You get some help in here! As if you needed it... Just go through and collect everything, and then... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Odin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 40 HP: 31000 EXP: 20000 Gil: 16800 ATK: 81 DEF: 35 My Level: 50 Knight Front Row 2554/2554 HP Defender Blood Sword Diamond Helm Diamond Mail Protect Ring Difficulty: 3 / 10 Start by using the Defender on yourself (as an item, of course) and then just keep attacking. Having Protect on yourself really decreases the damage you take. Without it I took about 250 per hit, and with it I took about 35. The only dangerous move he has is Zantetsuken which isn't really a problem because of your level. He only used it once on me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teleport out and go to the Ancient Ruins. --Ancient Ruins-- Kill off your party members and just make your way through, collecting every- thing. Unei will tell you about the Invincible. Once you can control it, fly to Falgabard, which is southwest of Saronia. Make sure you save before entering too. --Falgabard-- You can go in that cave and get the treasure if you want. I didn't, since none of it would help me and the encounter rate seems super high. Go behind the waterfall and talk to the guy. Boss fight! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Shinobi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 46 HP: 11000 EXP: 8800 Gil: 3700 ATK: 102 DEF: 30 My Level: 52 Knight Front Row 2768/2768 HP Defender Blood Sword Diamond Helm Diamond Mail Protect Ring Difficulty: 6 / 10 Does this guy look familiar to you? Well he should, even if you've never fought him here before. Shinobies are monsters in the second-to-final dungeon, and they come in groups of two! Cast Protect on yourself (use the Defender). This guy is pretty strong, but he only gets to attack once each round, unlike most bosses. Keep attacking, and use an Elixir if you need to. I didn't, but you might. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll get a Kiku-Ichimonji for winning. I know, useless for a Knight, but I like to fight all the bosses! Now head to the Cave of Shadows. --Cave of Shadows-- You don't get enough EXP from the monsters here, considering how strong and annoying they are. You won't one-shot everything, so some monsters will divide. Well, you know what to do! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Hecatoncheir ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 43 HP: 28000 EXP: 14400 Gil: 8000 ATK: 89 DEF: 32 My Level: 54 Knight Front Row 2982/2982 HP Defender Blood Sword Diamond Helm Diamond Mail Protect Ring Difficulty: 2 / 10 Use the Defender on yourself. You know how this guy is easy on a normal game? Yeah, it's basically the same here. He hit me before I used the Defender and the highest damage he did was 100. Well, I had two shields equipped when I started since I was going to start with the Defender, but still... He's easier than the monsters here. His strongest move is Quake, which is still weak. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Um, yeah, I am NOT walking back through this place. Too long and annoying. Just change to a Red Mage and teleport out. I wonder what it would be like if Hecatoncheir was stronger... Hmm, well let's find out by paying his cousin a visit! Go to the Ancients' Maze. Get into a random battle and kill your characters off, save, and enter. --Ancients' Maze-- Well just walk north for a few seconds and then you'll fight the boss. Technically you're not SUPPOSED to do this yet, but I always do just so I can switch jobs early. We're not switching jobs, but whatever. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Titan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 49 HP: 29000 EXP: 27600 Gil: 13500 ATK: 96 DEF: 44 My Level: 54 Knight Front Row 2981/2982 HP Defender Blood Sword Diamond Helm Diamond Mail Protect Ring Difficulty: 5 / 10 Use the Defender on yourself. Then attack him! I did over 1000 damage to him with just two shields because I forgot to unequip them before attacking him. He's not very hard. He's definitely stronger than Hecatoncheir, but otherwise he's the same. You might need to use an Elixir or two. I did. You won't be able to recover all the damage you take with just the Blood Sword. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New jobs! We're going to stick with Knight, but if you want to level up, make sure you use a Black Belt. Kill off your characters as soon as you get into an encounter. I fought a Greater Demon on my way out of the maze. I can already tell the end of the game will be tough... We need those weapons! We're going to wait until we get those weapons before fighting Leviathan. We have to come back after Eureka to get those weapons anyway so we might as well wait. We're going to fight Bahamut though, since we're not using a Knight for that battle. Head to Bahamut's Lair and switch to a Dragoon. --Bahamut's Lair-- In case you don't know where this is, it's southwest of Gysahl. You're probably going to level up in here. In the second room, the monsters give the second best EXP in the game. The place that gives the actual best EXP is the secret dungeon, but those dragons take forever to kill. Equip the Aegis Shield when fighting Greater Boros. They can petrify you. Just collect everything and go to the boss. Make sure you're in the back row when you get there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Bahamut ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 45 HP: 34000 EXP: 20000 Gil: 16500 ATK: 90 DEF: 37 WEAKNESS: Wind My Level: 57 Dragoon Back Row 3287/3287 HP Trident Blood Lance Diamond Helm Diamond Mail Protect Ring Difficulty: 3 / 10 Use a Turtle Shell and just use Jump. As you can see, he's a dragon, which means he can fly, which also means he's weak to that move. I killed him with three jumps. He used Megaflare once and it almost halved my HP. As long as he doesn't get to use it more than once on you then this battle is easy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save before reentering Bahamut's Lair. You never know...something could go wrong. Unfortunately, you can't teleport because you had to exit to the World Map so you'll just end up there if you teleport out. On your way back to the ship, kill off your characters again. Change your Dragoon back to a Knight too. Now grab the Nautilus, save, and enter Doga's Manor. Watch the scene and step into the circle. --Doga's Grotto-- Need I remind you? Just use the Aegis Shield when fighting Humbabas. I thought, "Well, just because they LOOK like Catoblepas, doesn't mean they can petrify you too, and I might kill it with one attack anyway!" Yeah, and then I got killed... Before fighting the bosses, make duplicates of Chocobo's Wraths. You'll be using those for the second boss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Doga ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 45 HP: 22800 EXP: 13600 Gil: 12000 ATK: 89 DEF: 40 My Level: 60 Knight Front Row 3636/3636 HP Defender Blood Sword Diamond Helm Diamond Mail Protect Ring Difficulty: 7 / 10 Start by using the Defender. He's a little hard since he uses magic a lot and it'll do over 500 damage to you. Use an Elixir if you ever need to. That's pretty much it. Try to add up the numbers when you attack him. It will help if you move to the back row and equip shields on the last turn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Unei ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 44 HP: 21800 EXP: 16000 Gil: 12600 ATK: 86 DEF: 42 My Level: 60 Knight Front Row 2872/3636 HP Aegis Shield Diamond Shield Diamond Helm Diamond Mail Protect Ring Difficulty: 2 / 10 UGH, I HATE HER! Stupid Tornado! That killed me on my first try. On your first turn, equip an Aegis Shield and Diamond Shield, and then move to the back row. You should have done that already, but if you didn't, make sure you do it now. On the next turn, use the Defender. You should be taking 0 damage, which will make Tornado pointless. You should still use an Elixir for that though. She might use Holy on you! Spam your Chocobo's Wraths on her. They should hit for over 3000. As long as you do EXACTLY what I said, this turns out to be very easy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll get the Eureka Key and Syrcus Key. Well, let's head for Eureka! Teleport out and go back to the Ancients' Maze (you need the Invincible). --Ancients' Maze-- Go through and get all the awesome new equipment for your Knight. Save when you get in front of the Crystal Tower. Watch out for Thanatos on the way. They can petrify you. --Crystal Tower-- All we're doing here is opening the Eureka Gateway and then heading back through the Ancients' Maze. However, if you don't have Wi-Fi, you should just try going through Eureka so you can get the Ragnarok and Excalibur because those are the best possible swords for a Knight without it. Once the gateway is opened, get your ultimate weapons and then head to Lake Dohr (which is west of Canaan). --Lake Dohr-- Well everything here should be easy to beat. Just equip the Aegis Shield when fighting Ouroboros and the boss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Leviathan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 43 HP: 32000 EXP: 20000 Gil: 17100 ATK: 85 DEF: 36 WEAKNESS: Thunder My Level: 64 Knight Front Row 4119/4119 HP Ultima Weapon Aegis Shield Crystal Helm Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 1 / 10 What I did was I used the Save the Queen blade as an item on HIM, since he likes to cast Haste. Forget the Defender. He can only do 1 damage. Oh well. He can petrify you, but with the Aegis Shield it's no problem. Tsunami really isn't dangerous at your level either. Well, at least I don't THINK so. He didn't use it on me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You got Leviath! Well it's useless this time around but whatever. Go through the Ancients' Maze one last time, save, and enter The Forbidden Land, Eureka! --The Forbidden Land, Eureka-- How epic is this theme? It's one of my favorites! Well we're about to face six bosses with no save points, so be careful. You know what to do, but one of the bosses is sort of hidden. It's behind a somewhat secret path on the east side of the second room. Open the chest to fight it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Ninja ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 47 HP: 24000 EXP: 28400 Gil: 14400 ATK: 96 DEF: 46 My Level: 65 Knight Front Row 4255/4255 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Crystal Helm Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 1 / 10 Ooh, scary! Attack...attack...attack...WIN! He only does 1 damage without the Defender, so yeah. And by the way, this IS a boss even though he has the battle theme. The bestiary says so! =P ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equip that Ribbon NOW! Forget the Aegis Shield. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Amon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 48 HP: 33500 EXP: 26800 Gil: 20350 ATK: 96 DEF: 46 My Level: 66 Knight Front Row 4324/4397 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 4 / 10 Hey! It's Hein! Well his physical attacks are absolutely pathetic, but his magic will do over 1000 damage to you. His defense is pretty high, but you should do a lot of damage if you have the Ultima Weapon and Save the Queen like me. You could use the Save the Queen on yourself to reflect his magic. Just do whatever you want. It's pretty easy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Kunoichi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 48 HP: 29000 EXP: 29200 Gil: 14500 ATK: 96 DEF: 46 My Level: 67 Knight Front Row 4315/4521 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 3 / 10 I used to think this was the hardest boss in Eureka until I found out that if you have someone with the Crystal equipment you will take very little damage. The reason I thought that was because of her very annoying three-moves-per- round. I started off by using Save the Queen to cast reflect on her in case she used Haste and then I just attacked. This fight is easy. Just remember to heal when she casts Aeroga. I won with three attacks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: General ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 48 HP: 35000 EXP: 30000 Gil: 15600 ATK: 105 DEF: 46 My Level: 68 Knight Front Row 4658/4658 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 3 / 10 Use the Defender on yourself. There! You'll be taking 1 damage...unless he uses Drain, but that's not much of a problem. I'm not sure if the Ribbon blocks Death or not (and I wonder if it blocks Tornado, because one of the next bosses has that move and it would be helpful... I should know this things by now, huh? =P) but hopefully it will miss if he uses it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ONLY FIGHT THE NEXT BOSS IF YOU CAN CAST REFLECT A LOT OF TIMES OR IF YOU HAVE ABOUT 6000 HP! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Scylla ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 49 HP: 35000 EXP: 30800 Gil: 16200 ATK: 104 DEF: 46 My Level: 68 Knight Front Row 4658/4658 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 9 / 10 Use the Defender on yourself, and then use Save the Queen on yourself to reflect her magic. Do that every time you get hit with magic. You can only take one magic attack. If she uses another, you're most likely dead. You'll basically do this every turn. You should be able to get the first strike. The only really strong magic she has is Flare and Holy. She can also use Curaja. This will take a while... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step in the circle and buy another Crystal Shield. You'll want two for the next boss. Equip them, put yourself in the back row, and then fight him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Guardian ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 49 HP: 33700 EXP: 30800 Gil: 16200 ATK: 107 DEF: 46 My Level: 68 Knight Back Row 4658/4658 HP Crystal Shield x2 Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 5 / 10 This boss uses Tornado, so that's why you need to be in the back row. I was taking 0 damage WITHOUT protecting myself. Haha, and I'm not even trying to be overleveled. That's just what happens with one character. This guy can cast Reflect on himself so if you use a battle item on him when he does you're in trouble. I was doing a little over 1000 damage in the back row with two Crystal Shields equipped, and you should be too. This one will also take a while. It's worth it if you can't get the Ultima Weapon or Save the Queen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go ahead and teleport out. Save and reenter the Crystal Tower. --Crystal Tower-- Well this dungeon is basically like the other ones... Go through and fight the boss. Watch out for those Kum Kums! Their spells normally aren't a problem, but since you've got one character, they do over 2000 damage. These monsters are tougher but not too bad. It's the bosses in this challenge that are hard! =P Speaking of bosses... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Xande ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 50 HP: 49999 EXP: 34000 Gil: 25000 ATK: 110 DEF: 48 My Level: 70 Knight Front Row 4923/4923 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 7 / 10 Use the Defender on yourself first. You can Reflect him if you want but you really don't need to. It's better to use it on yourself. He's got very power- ful magic. Luckily his HP isn't very high. It only takes a few rounds. Just hope he doesn't use Meteor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the scene, lose to the Cloud of Darkness, and enter the World of Darkness. --World of Darkness-- Another epic dungeon theme! ;) I should hope you know what to do. Free the four Dark Warriors and head for the final boss! You'll need lots of Chocobo's Wraths for Echidna and Two-Headed Dragon. Be in the back row with two Crystal Shields for them as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Ahriman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 55 HP: 99999 EXP: 66666 Gil: 66666 ATK: 107 DEF: 46 WEAKNESS: Wind My Level: 70 Knight Front Row 4923/4923 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 7 / 10 He can petrify you, but you've got a Ribbon equipped, so it's not a problem. Use the Defender on yourself. The only annoying thing he can do is cast Curaja, but you should be doing more damage than he heals. Watch out for his magic too. Always heal when your HP is less than half. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Echidna ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 55 HP: 99999 EXP: 66666 Gil: 66666 ATK: 117 DEF: 46 My Level: 71 Knight Back Row 5073/5073 HP Crystal Shield x2 Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 4 / 10 Use the Defender on yourself at the start. Spam Chocobo's Wraths. All these end-game bosses have extremely high HP, so this will take a while. I'm thinking that the Ribbon DOES block Tornado and Death. However, I'm not sure, and I didn't want to take my chances. Echidna pretty much spams that move. This is easier than Ahriman because her magic is weaker and her physical attacks do 0 damage. You might need to heal, but that shouldn't be a problem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Cerberus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 55 HP: 99999 EXP: 66666 Gil: 66666 ATK: 123 DEF: 46 My Level: 72 Knight Front Row 5234/5234 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 8 / 10 Use the Defender and attack! Basically, it'll go: Attack > Attack > Elixir (repeat). This thing will use either Firaga, Thundaga, or Blizzaga once each round. You NEED to heal. This is impossible if you don't (unless you use a strategy like you did with Echidna, which you probably want to do as few times as possible). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS: Two-Headed Dragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 55 HP: 99999 EXP: 66666 Gil: 66666 ATK: 151 DEF: 46 My Level: 73 Knight Back Row 5388/5388 HP Crystal Shield x2 Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 4 / 10 Defender...yeah, yeah. Same strategy as Echidna, really. This thing's attacks are incredibly strong, and it gets the first strike a lot. Heal when you have about 1500 HP. Use the Defender again if you need to. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL BOSS: Cloud of Darkness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: 60 HP: 120000 EXP: 99999 Gil: 70000 ATK: 120 DEF: 55 My Level: 73 Knight Back Row 5388/5388 HP Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Ribbon Crystal Mail Crystal Gloves Difficulty: 7 / 10 Start by using the Defender. Haha, 1 damage. Lightning did around 20. Although it's really not a problem, you can start by killing of the right tentacle by just attacking it (when I say right I mean left in your point of view) if you want. Then, use Chocobo's Wraths on the other one. You can start going after the main part of the cloud once you do that. Just attack her. Particle Beam will do a lot of damage, so heal when you have about 2000 HP. Honestly, this isn't much harder than any other of the other bosses you fought at the end. I, for one, was surprised that it was so easy. Oh well. If you have Wi-Fi, there's still one boss left for you to defeat! ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============ III. CREDITS ============ - Me, for writing this FAQ ;) - Square Enix, for making this game - GameFAQs, for accepting my FAQ - You, for reading this =) ============== IV. LEGAL INFO ============== If you want to put this FAQ up somewhere else, you must e-mail me first and get my permission. My e-mail is Also, don't edit anything if I give you permission to use it. Copyright (c) 2008 Paul Kolios (pkdatboi) Thanks for reading!</p>