Original War Walkthrough By Steven W. Carter (scarter831@earthlink.net) Last Updated February 6, 2002 ***************************************************************************** * Introduction * ***************************************************************************** Original War is an interesting, challenging game, and in this guide Iíll provide some general tips plus walkthroughs for the 38 missions included in the American and Russian campaigns. These are strategies that worked for me using version 1.2 and the default (commander) difficulty setting. ***************************************************************************** * Gameplay Tips * ***************************************************************************** Armories make excellent defensive structures early in the game. Mechanics get a double level bonus inside vehicles, and soldiers get a double level bonus inside weapon turrets. Characters can reach a maximum level of 10 for each class. The heavier the tread, the better the defense for vehicles. An upgraded depot gets a wider sphere of influence. Soldiers are useful early in the campaigns, but mechanics are best by the end. Oil power plants cause a constant drain on your oil reserves, but a single oil drilling tower can support three oil power plants. Meanwhile, solar and Siberite power plants only require a one-time fee. During in-game cinematics, you can still use the numpad ``+íí and ``-íí keys to speed up or slow down the proceedings, and you can use the enter key to skip lines of dialogue. ***************************************************************************** * Walkthrough Notes * ***************************************************************************** The top of the screen is north, the right side is east, and so forth. I use the word ``Siberiteíí for both campaigns, even though itís really ``Alaskiteíí for the Soviet campaign. I use the word ``depotíí to refer to depots and warehouses. Similarly, I use the word ``factoryíí to refer to factories and workshops. ***************************************************************************** * American Campaign, Main Branch * ***************************************************************************** Mission 1: Surprise Party ------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Survive Medals: 1. John Macmillan saved. 2. Bobby Brandon saved. 3. Cyrus Parker saved. Walkthrough: You start out in the pre-mission area, an American camp in Siberia. Just walk Macmillan east to the EON and agree to go in. (Otherwise itís a short campaign.) When you reach the past, and after talking to Powell, head southwest so you can hide in the trees when the Russian patrol shows up. After the patrol leaves, Bobby Brandon will wander over and introduce himself. Note that heís wounded. Wait for Powell to contact you again and then head northeast to the center of the map. (If you leave earlier, the patrol might still be there.) Along the way you should meet Cyrus Parker and also receive another radio message directing you to the top center of the map. The message is a trap, and the place to go is the northeastern corner. Still, youíll run into two Russian soldiers before you can leave, but your three soldiers should be able to kill them easily. Just make sure you keep Brandon in the back. Then just walk your trio into the red area to finish the mission. Note: If youíre feeling daring, you can stand right at the edge of the red area and wait for more Russians to show up (use the G hotkey to prevent your soldiers from wandering into it). Youíll be outnumbered this time, but you might be able to get some extra experience before withdrawing. You can also get some extra experience by shooting the wildlife on the map. Mission 2: Stealing the Steel ----------------------------- Main Objectives: 1. Capture and defend the (two) Russian supply depots. 2. Find the (five) other survivors. Medals: 1. Lots of spoils. 2. Minimum losses. 3. Prisoner taken. Walkthrough: Youíll meet a soldier and two engineers right away. After talking to them and Powell, head north and meet a scientist. Have him heal your wounds, and then head north some more. Youíll find some dead bodies, and thatís a signal the enemy is nearby. In fact, theyíre just to the east. When you get close enough to notice the enemy bunker, Macmillan will announce you need more firepower. You donít -- you can use hit and run tactics to do the job -- but play along and head south. Youíll come to a river, and on the other side youíll find an allied soldier being attack by two Russians. Kill the Russians and heal the soldier, and heíll join your team. Then head back to the northern side of the river and go east. Youíll find another bunker here, but unlike the one you saw earlier, there wonít be any soldiers patrolling along next to it. So go ahead and take it out, and use your scientist to heal whichever soldier is getting attacked. Then continue east and kill the two enemy soldiers and the mechanic next to the supply depot. You can now capture the depot and also grab the two heavy machine gun vehicles nearby. That should give you enough firepower to have an easier time attacking the first bunker you saw. So go ahead and do that. Put Brandon and one of the engineers in the vehicles, and use them to attack the bunker. Meanwhile, use the other soldiers to kill the enemy soldiers and the enemy scientist, and keep your scientist handy so he can heal your wounded. Once the enemies are dead, immediately capture the depot, and then capture the bunker if you still can. But the mission isnít over. A Russian mechanic will appear, and youíll have to decide what to do with him. Choose the interrogate option, and youíll learn that his future is different from the normal one. Then put him in the depot. Youíll have to ``guardíí him there, but I think keeping a soldier next to the depot is enough. Once youíve captured / repaired the Russian buildings, start transferring crates from the eastern depot to the western one. As soon as your engineers make a delivery, build a bunker west of the depot, and also park your vehicles there. (Note: Beware of the lions. They can kill your engineers if youíre not paying attention, so take a couple soldiers and patrol around for them.) Eventually, a couple of Russian vehicles will arrive and discover that youíve taken over their base, and theyíll leave to gather reinforcements. A bunker or two plus your vehicles plus your soldiers should be enough to defeat the Russians that will eventually arrive, and once theyíre dead the mission will be over. Mission 3: Breaking Through --------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Break through the enemy defenses. Medals: 1. No casualties. 2. Solar vehicle constructed. 3. Solar vehicle taken through front lines. Walkthrough: Pick your five best units, put the worst one in the cargo vehicle, and then head west to the southwestern corner of the map. Youíll encounter three enemy soldiers along the way, but you should be able to kill them easily. When you get to your destination, youíll receive a small base and some more units. Unload the cargo, and then start building and researching. Try to get Macmillan involved so he can improve his non-soldier skills. During this time, two things will happen: Frank Forsyth will arrive, and you can either keep him in your group or not (you donít really need him). Also, two enemy soldiers will discover your base, and youíll have to chase after them to kill them. Iíve never not killed them, so I donít know what happens if they get away, but itís probably an attack of some sort. Eventually Cobra 2 will tell you itís time to attack. Supposedly by coordinating your attack with Cornell youíll see fewer enemies, but Iíve never noticed a difference. But select your best soldiers and have them head north along the western edge of the map. Theyíll encounter several enemy soldiers, but they should be able to fight them one or two at a time and simply overwhelm them. Meanwhile, have your weaker units construct a solar powered vehicle if you donít have one yet. Put one unit in the vehicle and have the rest go to the top part of the map. Then just have the vehicle run past the enemy turrets (and any random enemy soldiers nearby). When everybody reaches the top, the mission will be over. Note: You can also hang around on the map for as long as you want to gain extra experience. Mission 4: Baptism by Fire -------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Defend Gamma base. Medals: 1. Low casualties. 2. Oil technology researched. 3. Brave attack. Walkthrough: Youíve got some time before the first attack arrives, but you need to get working anyway. The Russians will start building a base to the southwest at the start of the mission, so if you can take an attack group in that direction (consisting of your soldiers and the solar vehicle), you can catch a few enemy soldiers and mechanics out in the open. Killing them makes attacking the main base later much easier. Meanwhile, pause the game every so often and get your engineer(s) to start building your base. Put an armory to the south, next to the plateau, because thatís the direction most attacks will come from (the armory is more effective than a bunker). Then add a lab, and, once you get your scientist to explore the area east of your base so he can find the oil resource, add the two oil buildings specified in the objectives. At about this time the first attack should arrive, but it will only consist of three soldiers, and a couple of your soldiers in the armory should defeat it easily. A little later youíll hear from Lucy Donaldson and find out her group is somewhere in the area. A couple minutes later the group will appear in the southwestern corner of the map. If you destroyed the potential enemy base at the start of the mission, then you can just walk Lucy and her group to your base. Otherwise, hide them in the trees (and tell them to stand group so they donít wander out), and then get them when itís convenient. For the rest of the mission, research at your lab and build gattling gun vehicles in your factory. Once you have about three gattling gun vehicles, go on the attack, retreating as necessary. Once youíve destroyed enough of the Russian base, theyíll retreat and the mission will end. (Possibly, the mission will also end if you just wait out the Russian attacks.) Note: Be sure to construct your oil buildings before making your final push on the Russian base. Once the Russians retreat, the mission will end. Mission 5: Soul of the Apeman ----------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Train an apeman engineer. Medals: 1. Lots of workers trained. 2. Radar researched. 3. Radar built. Walkthrough: Head a little east and then north, and you should find an open area of land. Itís not very big, but then you wonít need very many buildings for this mission. Start by placing the depot, and then build a lab and an armory. You should put the armory to the east, next to the small lake. During the mission youíll periodically be attacked by an unknown enemy (not the Germans), and theyíll always come from the east, and theyíll almost always come from the narrow land bridge north of the lake. The armory with a couple soldiers in it can hold them off, because theyíll only attack with soldiers. But make sure you can see to the northern edge of the map (use one of your vehicles if you have to); otherwise the enemy will sneak into the trees north of your base and cause havoc from there. Besides defending against the enemy attacks, about all you have to do in the mission is research a few topics and tame a few apemen. The researching should be easy, but taming can be difficult if you donít know the trick. That is, if you try to tame with a single scientist (when theyíre low level like they are now), the apemen will attack or take forever to tame or both. So instead group together three or four units, change them to scientists, and then have them tame the apemen as a group. The taming will be almost instantaneous, and meeting the objectives should be pretty easy, provided you can find the apemen without running into the enemy. Mission 6: From the Future with Love ------------------------------------ Main Objectives: 1. Accumulate 500 or more crates. 2. Protect incoming American units. Medals: 1. Plenty of crates generated. 2. Few casualties. 3. Remote control researched and tested. Team Selection: Youíll get to use two vehicles right away, so when you select your four units pick one engineer, one scientist, and two mechanics. Walkthrough: The mission area is divided into two parts by a river. You start on the northern half, and the Russians are on the southern half. But instead of building your depot where you start, head southeast a bit, cross the river, and build your depot there. That should leave you in range of an oil deposit near where you started, and it should also allow you to build an armory just to the north of an east-west road located to the south. The Russians are a little ways south of the road, and theyíll almost always attack across the road -- and right into your armory. So put three soldiers in the armory, and park your two machine gun vehicles next to it. That should be plenty of defense while your engineer, scientist and apemen build the rest of your base north of the river. Then itís just a matter of collecting crates. Plenty of crates will appear during the mission, so donít worry about skimping on your base or vehicles. Eventually you can put a second depot in the northwestern part of the map, so you can collect crates faster (but put a bunker near it in case the Russians attack the area). You can also tame extra apemen, and you can create a cargo vehicle for the first time. So you should have no shortage of ways to collect crates. Every so often a new unit will appear on the map. Sometimes itíll be one of yours, and sometimes itíll be a Russian. Generally, it should be pretty easy to kill the lone Russians and get your units to your base. One of the appearing units will be Kurt Schimdt, a member of the mercenary unit you saw in the previous mission. I think itís best to let him go. Another appearance will be Joan Fergusson, but this only seems to happen when Macmillan walks around near your depot. You donít need to attack the Russian base, and since the Russians get heavy guns for this mission (and you only get double guns), itís probably best to leave it alone unless you can capture one of their heavy gun tanks. And even then you might want to ignore the base just to make sure you donít get any of your units killed. Mission 7: Payback Time ----------------------- Main Objective: 1. Destroy the main Russian warehouse. Medals: 1. You destroyed almost everything. (X3) Team Selection: The selection screen is a little misleading. Youíll only get four vehicles, and one of them will be a radar vehicle. Youíll have to do the bulk of your work with soldiers, so select three mechanics, two scientists, and four soldiers, and make sure Macmillan is a soldier. Walkthrough: Make sure your best mechanics are in the best vehicles, and put one of your scientists in the radar vehicle. Scout with the radar and you should notice three turrets to the south and two bunkers to the east. You can take the defensive structures out any way you want, but the best way is to attack the bunkers first (they should be easy with your arsenal), and then hit the turrets from east to west so you can attack them one at a time. Plus, you can destroy a depot and all the nearby power generators before hitting the last turret, meaning you can attack it without it attacking back. Then send Macmillan down to talk to the scout (assuming the scout is there; it might depend on what youíve done with Frank Forsyth). Heíll show the defensive structures of the enemy base. Notice that the main road to the base (on the western side) is well guarded, but an eastern approach is only guarded by bunkers. So take out the bunkers and ditch the radar vehicle. Then move your soldiers and scientists towards the interior of the base while your vehicles go back to the western edge of the map. In the middle of the Russian base, on the northern side, is a piece of high ground. From there your soldiers should be able to take out some power generators and some gun turrets without being attacked in return (if you tell them to attack the turrets, theyíll leave the high ground, but if you put them on the western edge and tell them to stand ground, theyíll attack). Then have your soldiers move south and attack one of the turrets on the plateau to the west of the road into the base. Meanwhile have your vehicles attack the other turrets on the plateau. Approach and retreat as necessary until all the turrets on the western side of the base are destroyed. Then just destroy a bunch of buildings with your soldiers and vehicles -- plus your scientists, too, to get them some extra soldier experience. Make sure you destroy the power generators and depots / warehouses before attacking the remaining turrets on the eastern edge of the base. After 26 minutes youíll get word that the Russians are coming back. So just retreat your units to the north to finish the mission. But youíll still have a couple minutes leeway to do some more attacking if you need to. Mission 8: Natural Born Heroes ------------------------------ Main Objective: 1. Defend Gamma base. Medals: 1. Good job, John. (X3) Walkthrough: Even if you speed through the dialogue, there isnít any way to save the dying soldiers. So forget about them and try to fix the base. Move the apemen away from whatever theyíre currently doing, and have them repair the damaged turret and bunkers to the south. Put your best mechanic in the control tower, and have him / her take control of the two remote control vehicles. Figure out which unit is your best engineer, and have that unit build an armory to the east of your base, unless you already have an armory, and then just build a bunker (some buildings may or may not be back from Mission 4, depending on where you built them). Lastly, get your other units into the lab and have them research the gun extension for your factory. Then concentrate on defense, but not too much on static defense. Add a couple more double gun turrets to the western defenses, but after that start creating double gun tanks. Eventually youíll have to go on the offensive and attack the Russians. If you need more crates, feel free to dismantle any turrets not on the front line, and the lab when youíre done researching. Also, if you keep a mechanic near the front lines, you might be able to steal away a Russian vehicle or two (but donít repair the computer controlled vehicles, obviously). After about half an hour, reinforcements will arrive, and thatís when youíll have to start the counterattack (waiting a few minutes is ok). With half a dozen vehicles plus your soldiers, the attack should run smoothly. Once enough of the Russian base has been destroyed, the Russians will retreat and the mission will be over. Mission 9: Siberite! -------------------- Main Objective: 1. Mine at least 200 Siberite crystals. Medals: 1. Lots of Siberite. 2. Early delivery to Powell. 3. Important information was gathered. Walkthrough: Have two of the engineers grab crates, and then take them and Macmillan south (and slightly east) to the main base. The main base is small, but it has a Siberite deposit, so you have to defend it. Meanwhile, the northern area wonít ever come under attack, and it has lots of room, so put most of your base buildings there. To that end, have the engineer you left behind start collecting crates, and then have him / her build a lab. Eventually youíll want a factory there as well. Once Macmillan gets to the southern base, have the two engineers build two more bunkers (to complement the existing bunkers on the east and west sides of the base) and also have them build an oil drilling tower at the oil deposit. Have one of the scientists go to the northern base and discover the oil deposit there. Then, once the lab is built there, have the scientist research Siberite detection. A few minutes into the mission, General Powell will call, and heíll offer to give you more resources -- in return for 60 Siberite crystals. Youíll only have 15 minutes, so build a Siberite mine in the southern base right away (if you havenít yet). There is another Siberite deposit northwest of the southern base (within range of the depot if you upgrade it), and between the two you can collect 60 crystals easily. Just make sure you get them to the northern base. With five bunkers and high ground, you should be able to hold off all of the Russian attacks. Most attacks will come from the east and west, so if a battle starts going badly, pull soldiers from inactive bunkers and have them help out. And have a scientist and engineer standing around so they can heal and repair, respectively. You might also want a mechanic around. If you can steal a Russian rocket launcher or two, that will make defending the base pretty easy. Also, between battles, you might want the scientist to wander around a little and find some apemen to tame. They can help in ferrying and collecting resources. At some point during the mission, a handful of mercenaries will contact you and try to make a deal. Accept it. Mortar soldiers are useful because of their long range, and the cost to you is low. (Plus, one of the medals is for the transaction.) Once the armory is built, you can put units there that you donít know what else to do with, and they can help with the defense. Eventually, Powell will call again and tell you to retreat. Just send everybody north to the red area, and the mission will finish (assuming you have 20 crystals at the northern base). Mission 10: Genie in a Bottle ----------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Research Siberite topics. Medals: 1. Laser sights. 2. Artificial intelligence. 3. Traitors punished. Walkthrough: Send your cargo vehicles east to the waiting soldiers and scientists. Then start up your base. Put your armory to the west under the Arab armory, include a bunker to the east (yes, youíll be attacked from that direction), and construct the other buildings wherever you want. But note that you donít actually have to build an oil or Siberite mine. You have enough oil for an oil power plant to support research on Siberite power plants, and then enough Siberite to build a Siberite power plant. Meanwhile, put your soldiers in the armory, and get your scientists researching. As the mission progresses, your units will have a few conversations. Not long after they get to the point where they feel like theyíre being used by the Arabs, the Arabs will attack. Luckily, theyíll only attack with mortars, soldiers, and scientists -- and there will only be six of them to boot -- so putting them down shouldnít be a problem. But thereís a good chance a simultaneous attack will come from the east. Thatís where your eastern bunker comes in. It wonít stop the attack, but it should slow it down enough that your other soldiers can get there before the Arabs destroy any buildings or kill any engineers. After the Arabs are dead, concentrate on researching. Youíll get a report on a Russian convoy in the area, and while early attacks from it wonít be too bad, later ones will be nasty. So you need to do all of the researching necessary for the objectives quickly. That is, donít research anything you donít need to, and pick a couple extra units to help out. Also, use your engineer to capture the Arab depot and armory. That way, you can train some soldiers to use mortars, and that will help against the Russian attacks. Note: If you captured the prisoner in Mission 2, Andy Cornell will show up during the mission. But thereís a good chance heíll show up at the same time and in the same place as the Arab attack from the east, and get himself killed. If that happens, all you can do is load (or start over), assuming you want to keep Cornell around. Also note: If you kill any of the Arab units before they officially become enemies, you wonít get credit for the objective. Mission 11: Arabian Question ---------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Capture or destroy the Arab bases. Medals: 1. Quick action. 2. Lightning action. 3. Artifact gained. Team Selection: Youíll start out with a battle, but youíll be able to grab a couple vehicles from the Arabs. So select two mechanics, one engineer, and eight soldiers. Later youíll be able to build vehicles, so make sure a couple of your soldiers are also skilled mechanics. Walkthrough: As soon as you gain control of your units, send everybody east into the Arab base. Eventually the remaining Arabs will realize whatís going on, and theyíll exit out of the lab and depot and head for the unmanned turrets and armory. But if you get into the base quickly enough, youíll be able to catch them in the open and mow them down -- except for one turret. Fortunately, there will be two empty vehicles next to the turret, and your two mechanics can enter the vehicles and use them to destroy it. Then capture the depot and the rest of the base, and get to work. You can do some researching in the lab, and you can build your own factory (Arab vehicles arenít as good). Crates will be slow to come by in the mission, and so you might want to sell off a few things, like the southern turrets and the oil buildings. But donít sell off the Arab factory; youíll need it later. Note: If you have Frank Forsyth with you, heíll ask to reconnoiter the enemy bases. Donít let him. Sometimes he doesnít come back, and the information he provides isnít that useful. Eventually, youíll come under attack from the northwestern Arab base. Theyíll send a few vehicles and some explosive apemen your way, so prepare by putting soldiers in the two western turrets, plus a couple of mortal soldiers in the armory. Those defenses plus the two captured vehicles should be able to hold off the attack. Then concentrate on assembling an attack force. You should dismantle the two captured vehicles and create three heavy tracked double gun tanks. Those tanks plus two soldiers plus three mortar soldiers plus a scientist are enough for attacking the northwestern base. Leave the other three units in the base to defend it against attacks from the northeastern Arab base. The Arabs will always attack from the northeast and across the water, so the two existing turrets on the eastern side of your base, plus an added double gun turret, should be able to keep them at bay. When you attack the northwestern base, keep to the western edge of the map. Youíll discover a narrow ramp leading to the high ground where the base is, and you can then proceed south to north and destroy everything in your path. But move slowly and use the range of the mortar soldiers and tanks to do most of the work, relying on the regular soldiers for when things get messy. When you destroy the enemy depot youíll discover an alien artifact, and youíll be given a new objective: to capture and protect it. So create a cargo vehicle in your base, and then send the vehicle to pick up the artifact. As long as you finish the mission with the artifact in a cargo vehicle, youíll meet the objective. Also, at some point during your attack on the northwestern base, youíll receive a message from an Arab mercenary. Heíll try to make a deal with you, and you should go ahead and accept it. The ``truckíí he wants is actually a medium trike with a cargo bay, but it might take him a while to show up at the rendezvous point once you drop it off. However, once he does take the trike, the outer defenses of the northeastern Arab base will become visible, and you wonít have to worry about spotting for your mortar soldiers and tanks. Finally, when you decide to attack the northeastern base, donít leave your own base undefended. The Arabs will still receive units from somewhere, and theyíll still try to recapture the artifact. A good plan is to put two or three mortar soldiers in the armory, and park the cargo vehicle next to it. Then, once you destroy the northeastern baseís depot, youíll complete the mission. ***************************************************************************** * American Campaign, Solo Branch * ***************************************************************************** Mission 12: Fox Hunting ----------------------- Main Objectives: 1. Destroy the Russian Siberite / weapons lab. 2. Kill the Russian scientists. Medals: 1. Scientists eliminated. 2. Scientific data secured. 3. Teleport inspected. Walkthrough: Call for reinforcements when things go badly at the first ford, and then just explore until the cargo vehicles and engineer arrive. In particular, find the Siberite deposit to the north of where you start out. When the first convoy arrives, start building your base. Put your depot within range of the Siberite deposit, and put your armory to the west. Every so often the Russians will teleport some vehicles to the western side of the island youíre on, and theyíll attack from that direction. But an armory with a couple soldiers inside, plus the wimpy computer controlled vehicles you start with, should be able to stop the attacks. Meanwhile, take your two double gun tanks west to the second ford, and have them cross. Theyíll find some vehicles on higher ground, but after repeated bouts of attacking and retreating and repairing, they should be able to destroy them. Itís not quick, but it works, and itíll give you something to do while you build your base and research. At some point after the second convoy arrives, youíll be approached by some mercenaries (this might depend on what you did with Kurt Schmidt in Mission 6). If you can afford it, pay the mercenaries to fight on your side. The cost is only 120 crates and 120 Siberite, and you can get 80 of the crates right back if you dismantle the vehicles the mercenaries bring with them. Plus, getting Arab units will allow you to train your soldiers to use mortars (but youíll have to research mortars at an Arab lab first). Once you have an attack force of half a dozen snipers and / or mortar soldiers, send them and a couple scientists west across the southern ford. Youíll find a narrow land bridge beyond where the enemy vehicles were before. If you didnít pay the mercenaries to at least stay neutral, theyíll have a couple soldiers at the bridge, and theyíll set off explosive charges when you try to cross. So make sure you take them out with snipers before proceeding. Beyond the bridge youíll find a Russian base, complete with a teleporter. Use the vision of your snipers with the range of your mortar soldiers to take out the base quickly, and then send a unit through the teleporter. Youíll discover the teleporter is how the Russians were sending vehicles to your base, and so you wonít have to worry about attacks any more. Send your attack force east and youíll find the bazooka soldiers that made crossing the northern ford so exciting when you first started the mission. With your snipers and mortar soldiers you should be able to take them out, but watch your units carefully and have them retreat when their health hits yellow. With the bazooka soldiers gone, you can now bring vehicles across the northern ford to help out. So just gradually advance your units east into enemy territory, killing whatever you see in the process. Eventually youíll encounter the lab youíre supposed to destroy, but donít attack it right away. When you damage the building enough, the enemy scientists will all flee to the west, so put your soldiers there before continuing. Then just destroy the lab and scientists to complete the mission. Mission 13: Original Cold War ----------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Build a Siberite rocket. Medals: 1. Gorky stopped. 2. Stevens saved. 3. Explosion observed. Team Selection: Youíll get four double gun tanks plus assorted other vehicles at the start of the mission, so pick your four best mechanics along with the required scientist and engineer. Walkthrough: Make sure your mechanics are in the tanks, and then send everybody south. When you get to the southern edge of the map, move a little east and then get your scientists out of their vehicles. Next to the ridge you should find a Siberite deposit, so put your depot within range of it. Youíll have the entire map to yourself at the start of the mission, so take advantage of the situation and do some exploring, and have your scientists look for some apemen to tame. You should find a couple to the north and a couple to the east. Then bring everybody back to your base and start building and researching in earnest. Several minutes into the mission, youíll get a message from General Powell letting you know that the Arabs have discovered your presence. (So if you havenít gotten your scientists back to your base yet, nowís a good time.) Furthermore, youíll be directed to kill a Russian named Gorky. Gorky will always travel on the north-south road in the middle of the map, so just park your tanks there and wait for him. With four tanks against one, he wonít stand a chance. Shortly after you kill Gorky, the Arabs will make their appearance on the map. Theyíll attack with vehicles -- and scientists. Arab scientists have the ability to contaminate Siberite deposits, so keep a soldier (or an automated turret) next to your deposit to keep it safe. Most battles will take place northeast of your base, at the intersection of the roads. So while youíre researching and collecting crates, build some automated turrets in the area to help out your tanks. Also, the Arab attacks will gradually become more powerful, so donít spend a lot of time researching topics you donít need. Get to the Siberite rocket as quickly as possible. Once you research the rocket, youíll get reinforcements. Then, once you actually build the rocket, youíll be directed to test it. So build an upgraded depot and armory in the specified location, and also have a mechanic or two build a radar vehicle back at your base. (The radar vehicle must be heavy tracked.) Then put the radar vehicle in the right spot, fire off the rocket, and get a reading using one of your scientists to finish the mission. Mission 14: One on One ---------------------- Main Objectives: 1. Keep Joan and Macmillan alive. 2. Destroy the Russian base. Medals: 1. Joan saved. 2. Double laser. 3. Base saved. Walkthrough: Immediately start driving east along the road. Shortly youíll hear a distress signal from Joan at Delta base. It seems sheís all alone and under attack, and youíll have to save her. So travel south as far as you can and then ditch your vehicle and walk the rest of the way. Youíll find that Delta base is in a shambles, but if youíre quick you might be able to save a couple of damaged vehicles and buildings. Youíll also find you have an apeman engineer to help you out. Once you get your buildings and vehicles out of danger, change one of your units to scientist and explore north of the base. You should find a second apeman there. Youíll need your two apemen, so keep them safe. Youíll also find you have several remote controlled vehicles, but no control tower. So have one character and the apemen start repairing buildings and especially turrets, and have the other one build a tower. Put the tower close to the lab and the factory so a single character can quickly move between the three. Now youíll just have to survive for a while. The Russians will periodically send several vehicles at your base, so youíll have to beef up your defenses to the east and north. Youíll also need to do some researching (rockets and ammo upgrades are useful right away). So keep one character in the lab / factory / control tower trio so he / she can research and guide the cargo vehicle when things are quiet, and jump into the control tower to drive your tanks when the Russians come. Have the other character build (a second lab for researching computers is useful) and repair (vehicles and turrets) and even drive (if you have a manual vehicle). Eventually you should research materialization. The reason for this is so you can see where the Russian cargo vehicle will go. Then, once you have a couple heavy gun tanks, wait for crates to show up between your base and the Russian base (to the northeast), and send your tanks to guard it. When the cargo vehicle shows up, try to kill it but donít chase it into the enemy base. The Russians donít seem smart enough to repair or replace the vehicle, so once you destroy it, the Russians will have to reply on engineers for crates, and at that point the mission will be just about over. Since the Russians will be gathering crates much more slowly, youíll have quite a bit more time between attacks (if the Russians even attack again), so while youíre building an attack force (heavy gun tanks and rocket launchers work well), also do some researching so you can make your weapons and vehicles more powerful. Then just whack away at the Russian base, keying on humans if you can find any. Eventually youíll break through the outer defenses, and all youíll have to do is mop up. Note: The mission will end once you destroy the Russian base, so make sure youíve researched double lasers and also built a couple double laser tanks before getting that far. Mission 15: Final Countdown --------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Destroy your enemies. Medals: 1. Peter Roth was captured. 2. The secret project was cancelled. 3. No losses!!! Walkthrough: Your first job will be to defend the southern entrance to Powellís base. Donít try to do too much here. Just keep close to Powellís base (but donít move above the ridge or Powell will get upset) and build some basic buildings: a depot, an armory to the south, a lab, a Siberite mine, and a solar power plant. Three soldiers in the armory can defend against all of the Russian attacks that will come your way, and the other three characters can research and collect crates. Note: If you really want to be efficient, build the depot, armory, and lab so their entrances all point at each other, and keep as many characters in the lab as possible. Then, when an attack comes, move characters to the armory and switch them to soldiers. Another note: Donít specialize your lab for weapons. The lab in Powellís base is already specialized that way, and youíll get to use it eventually. Instead, research Siberite and computers at your lab (if you have time). After about 10-15 minutes, Powell will call for an all-out assault on the Legion base, and heíll get himself (plus a lot of other people) killed. However, heíll also destroy the Legion factory, and so you wonít have to worry about Legion attacking you. But youíll still have to destroy their base before they can develop a Siberite bomb. After Powell dies, youíll gain control of his base. Since you wonít be attacked for a while, send most of your new units to the lab and start researching weapon topics. Have a couple other units switch to engineers, and use them to dismantle and rebuild Powellís depot so its entrance is pointing to the east. Then upgrade the depot to expand its coverage, and also build and upgrade a factory. As soon as itís convenient, start dismantling the base you created to protect the southern entrance to Powellís base (but leave any mines and power plants). Having two depots is sort of annoying, and there isnít any need for it here. Then add some automated turrets south of the ridge line. Youíll be attacked by the pink Russian forces for the rest of the mission, but a couple heavy gun turrets with a radar and rocket launcher should be enough. After 18 minutes on the ``actioníí clock Joan will show up with some computer controlled vehicles. Leave the laser vehicles at the southern entrance, but take Joanís rocket launcher and the computer controlled rocket launcher and make them a part of your attack group. In fact, this is a good time to attack the Legion base if youíve managed to create a couple other vehicles to go with the rocket launchers. If not, get to work because there are timed events you need to worry about. Instead of attacking the Legion base from the south (like Powell did), attack generally west to east so you only face one or two turrets at a time. And only attack turrets and soldiers. Once you kill all the soldiers in the base, Legion will surrender, and the rest of the units and buildings will become yours. But the base isnít very useful, so dismantle everything but the lab and associated power plant and depot. The lab is specialized for Siberite, and, assuming you dismantled yours earlier, will prove useful later. If you havenít had a chance to put up much in the way of defenses for the eastern entrance to your base, then leave your attack force east of your base. Once Legion surrenders, the red Russians will start attacking, and theyíll always attack from the east. In fact, you might want to create a new base far to the east of your base, next to the river, so youíll have a rally point for your vehicles. Meanwhile, keep researching and also build a computer or radio controlled bulldozer. There is a hidden Russian base to the east, and the only way to get to it is through a bunch of trees. (Youíll also need the bulldozer, eventually, for the Alliance base.) So send your attack force across the river (using the middle ford), and take the bulldozer with it. You should notice that the river has an east-west fork to it, splitting the eastern part of the map in half. The hidden Russian base is just north of the river, so have the bulldozer remove the trees along the northern bank. This will take a while, but just keep at it while you do other things. Also, donít attack the hidden Russian depot once you find it. Youíll eventually receive an objective about the base. After 35 minutes on the action clock, Hugh Stevens will show up with more reinforcements (plus crates, since you can dismantle all the crummy vehicles he arrives with). His arrival means you can finally start researching a Siberite rocket, and you should get to it right away. After 55 minutes the Russians will announce they have a Siberite rocket of their own -- and that they plan to use it on you -- and the only way to trump them is to have your own rocket. Note: When the Russians announce they have a Siberite rocket, youíll be allowed to lie and say you have one as well. That will give you a few extra minutes to get one. But if you allowed Powellís ``friendíí to join your cause, heíll inform the Russians that you donít really have a rocket, and theyíll learn of your deception right away. So itís best to have the rocket ahead of time. After 40 minutes, Peter Roth will announce that thereís an Alliance base on the map. The Alliance will be sort of annoying. Theyíll send out units to teleport your humans (even if theyíre in vehicles) back to their base, and then theyíll convert them to their cause. The Alliance base is surrounded by trees, so youíll need to use your bulldozer to clear a path, and then use computer or radio controlled vehicles to destroy the base. Itís probably best to deal with the Alliance before dealing with the Russians, so they donít sneak up behind your attack force and steal your mechanics. After 50 minutes youíll learn about the secret Russian base. Assuming youíve already cleared a path to it, just send in your (human controlled) attack force to destroy the depot and the behemoths the Russians are building. Plus, you can attack the southern edge of the Russian base and clear out a few turrets while youíre there. This attack should take priority over the Alliance attack, if youíre still working on the Alliance base. Then you just need to destroy the Russian base. You can clear away a lot of the outer turrets with your vehicles, but attacking the inner part of the base is probably best with humans. So train several mortar soldiers, use a sniper as a spotter, and attack the Russian base from the south. Youíll probably notice a Siberite rocket vehicle right off the bat, and, if so, you should definitely give it priority. Sometimes the Russians will use their rocket(s) if they think theyíre losing. Once youíve destroyed enough of the Russian base, some Arabs led by Omar Ali will appear in the northeastern corner of the map. Theyíll try to destroy the Siberite, so use your soldiers, and bring in your vehicles, to deal with them. Once theyíre all dead, the mission will end. ***************************************************************************** * American Campaign, Alliance Branch * ***************************************************************************** Mission 12a: Long Way Out ------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Escape with your friends. Medals: 1. You contacted all your men. 2. You saved all your men. 3. You avoided killing your former friends. Team Selection: Select your five favorite characters, and make them all soldiers. But donít take Joan Fergusson. Sheíll join you regardless. Walkthrough: This is a reasonably easy mission, provided youíre patient. You need to contact the characters you selected, plus two scientists, and then get them all to the rendezvous point. Youíll find lots of enemy soldiers, vehicles, and turrets around, but by making good use of invisibility, crawling, and trees, you can make it through without killing anybody (which is necessary for one of the medals). The best path is to proceed clockwise from your starting position. Try to avoid turrets when possible (unless theyíre laser turrets), and try to keep to the edge of the map. There are enough trees around, and enough space between the turrets, that you should be ok. But if you find yourself in trouble (or face to face with a vehicle) quickly turn invisible, and then only move again once youíve regained your health. The only tricky spot is an area near the middle of the map where youíll have a character right next to an enemy soldier. There are a couple ways to handle this: you can put the enemy soldier to sleep (if you have a sniper), or you can use the special bazooka attack to move the enemy soldier away (Macmillan will turn into a bazooka soldier when you take him to the lab). Or, if the character you need to meet there is a soldier, you can just use the tried and true turn invisible trick to solve the problem. Mission 13a: Peace on Earth --------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Destroy the Arab base. Medals: 1. You saved Masha. 2. Sheik Abdul killed. 3. The Sheikís mastodon was killed. Walkthrough: This mission is nearly identical to Russian mission 13a, and so you can get most of the walkthrough from there. The only differences are that you start out as the Americans, you can allow Belkov to join your group when he arrives, and the reason to destroy the Arab base is to get to Burlak. Otherwise, everything is the same and the same strategies work. Mission 14a: Think Tank ----------------------- This mission is identical to Russian mission 14a. Refer to that section for the walkthrough. Mission 15a: War Is Peace ------------------------- This mission is identical to Russian mission 15a. Refer to that section for the walkthrough. ***************************************************************************** * Russian Campaign, Main Branch * ***************************************************************************** Mission 1: We Are the Champions ------------------------------- Main Objectives: 1. Make contact with your forces. 2. Destroy the American base. Medals: 1. Nobody escaped. 2. Gnyevko and Kirilenkova escaped. 3. No losses. Walkthrough: Head east from the hill, notice the carcass -- and shoot some critters for extra experience, if you want -- and then head north. Youíll meet a friendly soldier named Gnyevko who will join you. But notice that he is wounded. Head back west to the hill and then go north. Youíll meet Lt. Pokryshkin and his group of soldiers, and Gnyevko will leave your control. Just follow Pokryshkin around for a while until he gets killed and you gain control of the soldiers. Try to get some shots off yourself during the combat sequences. Every bit of experience helps. Once Pokryshkin is dead and you gain control of the soldiers, take everybody west to the western edge of the map, and then head north so youíre on higher ground and can attack the American bunker from the west. The trees are placed conveniently here so you can attack from cover and not take as much damage as you normally would. But still, move soldiers back as they take damage so nobody gets killed, and keep Burlak out of the battle since he doesnít have the same range as the soldiers. Once the enemy apemen are dead and the bunker gets close to going red on its damage meter, have your soldiers charge forward so they can kill the American soldier and prevent her from getting away. Then kill the enemy scientist and destroy the depot. But the mission isnít over yet. As you walk your units to the exit point, a scientist named Kirilenkova will arrive. Sheíll be west of the position where Burlak started out. When you find her, let her heal your men (for the experience boost), and then exit the map. Mission 2: Hunting Grounds -------------------------- Main Objectives: 1. Build production facilities at L.P. Beria. 2. Create four vehicles. Medals: 1. No losses. 2. Belkov saved. 3. Proper initiative shown. Walkthrough: There isnít a time limit on the mission, so just meet the objectives at your own pace, and feel free to get Burlak as much experience as possible. The important thing to realize, however, is that your base in this mission will also be your base in the next mission, and that means you can help yourself later by placing your factory in a ``goodíí position, and by capturing enemy buildings when possible. To that end, put your factory northwest of the depot, in among the trees. It doesnít matter if the attachment areas turn red. You wonít be able to build attachments onto your factory during this mission or the next one. I donít think thereís a convenient spot for the lab to go, so just put it anywhere as long as it doesnít block the path to the north. Note: The game might not recognize that youíve built a factory or lab if you put them in the ``wrongíí places (like to the southwest of the depot). If that happens, youíll still be able to finish this mission by simply building a vehicle (which pushes the mission along), but the building probably wonít appear in the next mission. Once youíve jumped through enough hoops and have three vehicles at your disposal, head north. Youíll discover that the Americans have built some bunkers in the area, and Burlak will suggest attacking the western ones from the west. So head back to your base, receive a couple soldiers as reinforcements, and then head north from the depot. Youíll be able to get to higher ground here, and youíll find a nice little spot where you can attack the bunkers without getting attacked in return. Be sure to capture the enemy depot next to the bunkers, and itís worthwhile to capture the bunkers, too, if you can manage it. Then explore the northwestern area of the map until the game tells you that your reconnaissance mission is complete. At that point you can head back to base and end the mission, or you can try to free Belkov from his predicament. If you decide to help Belkov, your three vehicles should be enough to do the job, but if you want to be careful, create a vehicle for one of the soldiers. Once the Americans are dead, send a unit to Belkov, and then send everybody back to the base to complete the mission. Mission 3: Wipe Out ------------------- Main Objectives: 1. Prevent reinforcements from reaching Omikron base. 2. Produce lots of vehicles. Medals: 1. Many enemy reinforcements destroyed. 2. Professor Scholtze saved. 3. Surplus vehicles produced. Team Selection: The most important part of the mission will involve fighting with vehicles, so select your three best mechanics to join your team. Burlak is forced to be a mechanic at the start of the mission, but of the other five units, have four be engineers (youíll be doing lots of building and collecting early in the mission) and the other be a scientist. Walkthrough: You need to do a few things at once, so pause the game before giving orders. Have your scientist move towards the southwestern corner of the map so he / she can find the oil deposit there. Have two engineers dismantle the two bunkers nearby. Turn Burlak into an engineer, and then have him and the other two available engineers grab crates from the depot and head west. West of the depot you should find a north-south ridge, and west of the ridge you should find an east-west strip of dirt. Have Burlak and the two engineers with him build a depot on the eastern side of the ridge, south of the line created by the dirt. Put the depot as close to the ridge as possible, and have it face your first depot. Meanwhile, once the other two engineers finish dismantling the bunkers, have one grab a crate (if he / she doesnít have a crate already) and help out building the new depot. Have the other one dismantle the lab (unless you think the lab is going to be in attachment range of the new depot). While the building is going on, guide your scientist around until you find the oil deposit. It should be just within range of your new depot. Note: If you didnít capture a depot and bunker in the previous mission, you need to change the above so one engineer goes to the spot where the American depot and bunkers were, and builds a depot and bunker in the same spot. A single soldier in a bunker there can eliminate all the reinforcements attempting to reach Omikron from the northeast. Once the new depot is complete, you need to construct five more buildings: an armory (it doesnít matter where it goes), a lab (near the new depot), an oil power plant (near the new depot), an oil drilling tower (where you discovered oil), and a bunker (next to the ridge by the oil drilling tower). Convert all of your units to engineers for the jobs. Once the buildings are complete, take your best two soldiers and put them in the bunkers to the north and west (but be sure to convert them to soldiers first). Then use the engineers to upgrade the factory. The idea behind the two depots to the south is that the western one will be powered, and the two buildings that need to be powered, the lab and the factory, will be within attachment range of it. But the factory will also be within range of the first depot, meaning it can get crates for construction from either depot. The result is that you wonít have to do as much ferrying as you might have to otherwise. Instead you can concentrate on collecting crates, researching, and building vehicles. At about this time Professor Scholtze will appear on the map. You can use your northern soldier to make contact with him. But on the way back to your base, drift south into the road. You might be able to attract the attention of a couple American soldiers and lure them within range of the bunker. Regardless, once Scholtze gets to your base, put him in the lab and let him do all the researching. He likely has a much higher scientist skill than anybody else. Once you have the gattling gun technology researched, start cranking out vehicles. The first three you make should go to help out in the southwestern corner of the map. Once you finish the third, you can pull back the soldier there and have him / her help in the factory. The fourth vehicle can go to the north and replace the bunkered soldier there. Then just produce as many vehicles as possible. Eventually youíll have to attack Omikron base, and allied mechanics will show up to use any extra vehicles. When the attack order comes, youíll have three minutes to get your vehicles in the designated area. So make sure theyíre all repaired and fueled up before you send them there. Then, once the attack starts, let your allies do the bulk of the work and try to support them. If any of your vehicles takes too much damage, have it retreat and repair. Once enough of the American base has been destroyed, the Americans will retreat and a new enemy will attack. That new enemy will take out the Kirov base in a couple of minutes, but youíll still get an objective to help them. So fuel up your vehicles (using the allied cargo vehicles) and head towards the base. One of two things will happen. Either the new enemies will wander away from the base and get themselves killed, or a soldier will come up to you as you approach the base and suggest you all retreat. Either way, the mission will end. Mission 4: Prayer for the Dead ------------------------------ Main Objective: 1. Protect the Russian retreat. Medals: 1. Few casualties. 2. Great losses inflicted on the enemy. 3. The base was dismantled before abandoning it. Team Selection: Youíll have to rely on turrets more than vehicles for this mission, so select your best soldiers, plus Professor Scholtze. Walkthrough: Head south to meet Pvt. Kuzmov, and then start putting together your base. Use your first 100 credits to build an armory, a factory, a lab, and an oil drilling tower. The armory should go to the southwest so it can help defend against attacks from the west and south, but the other building can go wherever they fit in. After a few minutes, Kuzmov will get suspicious and suggest that you commandeer some cargo vehicles so you can get more supplies. His suspicions will prove correct; no more cargo vehicles will head for your depot on their own. So pick a unit and have it stand in the middle of the western road. You can steal up to seven cargo vehicles, but six is probably more than enough. Then get busy researching and building. Put four turrets at the northeastern entrance to your base (one on the higher ground) and make three of them guns and one a gattling gun. Also put a gun turret to the southwest next to the armory. Donít forget you need three oil power plants to provide enough power for the turrets. Also build a gun tank while youíre at it, and put Burlak inside. Donít worry; youíll have plenty of time for all this. Eventually, the mercenaries will attack. The first wave will have soldiers attacking from the west and northeast, but your defenses should take care of them easily. Then some vehicles will show up, but your gun turrets should make short work of them. Finally, the mercenary leader will taunt you, and youíll face one last wave. This wave might cause problems because it will include rocket launchers. But try to get Burlak to any hot spots, and if a turret gets destroyed, move the soldier to the armory. During the final wave youíll find out you canít retreat until you meet up with Cpt. Gaydar. Heíll appear on the northern edge of the map, and youíll have to walk some unit out to him and then bring them both back to your base. By this time the only enemies on the map will be level 0 soldiers, so rescuing Gaydar should be no problem. Once Gaydar arrives at the base, youíll get word that you can finally retreat -- but youíll have to dismantle all your buildings first. So convert some of your soldiers to engineers, and dismantle everything. Then walk everybody to the southwestern corner of the map to finish the mission. (You donít really have to keep to the trees.) Mission 5: Water Is Wide ------------------------ Main Objective: 1. Get to the southwestern corner of the map with every unit in a vehicle. Medals: 1. Little time wasted. 2. Apeman tamed. 3. Sheik Omar killed. Walkthrough: The map is shaped like a backwards E. You start out in the middle prong, which means to get to the southwestern corner you have to travel east first and then circle around to the west. And, naturally, there are a bunch of Arab mercenaries in the way. The Arabs are powerful enough that you wonít be able to break through with your current vehicles. Youíll have to create a base and make some new vehicles. Also of note are the upper and lower prongs of the map. There are narrow land bridges that allow you to walk (but not drive) between the prongs, and on the northern prong youíll find four apemen, and on the southern prong youíll find crates. Unfortunately, the mercenaries have two patrolling vehicles on the southern prong, so you have to be careful when collecting crates so you donít get your engineers killed. In other words, itís useful to tame the apemen so you can get them to take the risks rather than your human units. So, to start out, first build a depot near the land bridge leading to the southern prong of the map. Convert everybody but Burlak to engineer, and have them head south to start collecting crates. If you stay on the northern side of the southern prong, you should be ok. Once you have enough crates, build an armory on the eastern side of your base (to protect against Arab attacks), and put a soldier inside. Burlak, meanwhile, should repair vehicles and keep himself available to help with the defenses when the Arabs attack. Then build the rest of your base where convenient, but put a bunker on the southern edge, near the land bridge. The Arabs have a unit that can travel on water, and itíll always head straight for the land bridge. But a single soldier (even an apeman soldier) in a bunker can always drive it away. Once you have a lab up, put two units inside. Then, once youíve researched the apeman language, send one of the scientists north to tame the apes. You donít need to send along an armed escort. While collecting apemen, you should find Hugh Stevens, an American scientist. You donít have to bring him back to your base right away. Heíll just follow along until you get there, so tame all the apes first before going back. Later youíll have to decide whether to kill Stevens or let him live. Itís best to let him live. For an attack force, you should create three double gun, heavy tracked tanks. The middle prong is too narrow for any more tanks to be effective. When you get to the Arab defensive position, notice the Arab on the mastodon. Heís a sheik, and killing him is worth a medal at the end of the mission. So attack him first, and once heís been dismounted, make sure you kill him. If you donít heíll run away and youíll lose your chance. Otherwise, it should be a pretty standard battle. Attack and retreat as necessary. You might want to convert all of your units to mechanics and scientists so the healing and repairing process goes faster. Except leave one unit as an engineer. Once youíve destroyed enough of the Arab position, youíll be ordered to dismantle your lab (you could also do that before you attack to save time). >From that point on, all you have to do is finish off some enemy stragglers and get your units and their vehicles to the southwestern corner. Then the mission will end. Note: The vehicles you end this mission with are the same ones youíll start the next one with (but theyíll be out of gas). However, youíll get to build Siberite engines next mission, so youíll probably recycle the vehicles regardless. Mission 6: Step by Step ----------------------- Main Objective: 1. Mine at least 100 Siberite crystals. Medals: 1. Brother Vsevolod saved. 2. V.A. Ovsyenko base saved. 3. Materialization prediction researched. Walkthrough: Your vehicles will all almost be out of gas, so youíll have to take the mining base with soldiers. So get everybody out of their vehicles, and have the engineer capture the nearby depot and armory. Then put everybody other than the scientists into the armory and convert them to soldiers. Finally, send the soldiers north with the scientists to attack the base. You might have to retreat once, but otherwise the battle shouldnít be too difficult. Once you kill the Americans, switch a couple soldiers to engineers and begin capturing and repairing buildings. The plateau youíre on isnít big enough for a full base, but you can put a lab there, and eventually you can put a factory next to the southern depot. Shortly after you capture the mining base, youíll get a message from Burlakís brother. Heís at the top of the map, on the other side of the enemy base. Itís not too difficult to get to him -- you can move through the forest and only encounter a couple enemy bunkers -- but the trip requires more units than you can afford to send at the moment, so ignore the brother for now. The other American base on the map wonít waste any time. Shortly into the mission theyíll attack with multiple vehicles, and theyíll head straight for your southern depot. So as quickly as possible start sending oil to the southern depot so you can gas up your best vehicles. Then, when you have time to add a factory, switch the soldiers driving your vehicles to mechanics. To help with all the ferrying youíll have to do, send out one of your scientists to look for apemen. There are a few on the map, and theyíll free up your units to do other things. Once you have a couple gun tanks (or better) to defend the road to your base, take the other six units and convert them into five soldiers and a scientist, and have them head north. Theyíll have to destroy two bunkers on the way to the northern (purple) base, and there might be a gattling gun turret that theyíll have to avoid (sometimes thereís a soldier in it, and sometimes there isnít). But with standard attacking and retreating, you should be able to get to the base and find Burlakís brother. Convert all the soldiers into engineers, and have them cart crates from the purple base to your southern base. Donít convert the scientist to an engineer in case there is trouble with the enemy gattling gun. Once everybody is back at your southern bases, finish up the research you need to do and start producing vehicles. Youíll eventually get orders to attack New Kabul, and youíll have to pick five of your units for the job. Pick your best mechanics, because theyíll get to use the vehicles you produce to make the attack. Once you have a couple heavy gun tanks, you might want to go ahead and attack the American base. Itíll give you something to do while you produce the vehicles you need, and if you take out the whole base you can pick up the crates they have in their depot. Note: The vehicles driven by the two cargo drivers (if any) wonít carry over to the next mission. Another note: If you donít rescue Burlakís brother, the mission will end differently. You wonít receive any cargo vehicles, and you wonít have to produce vehicles for the next mission. The mission will simply end. Mission 7: Fox Hole ------------------- Main Objective: 1. Destroy the Arab base. Medals: 1. Raul Xavier survived. 2. You destroyed the Arab base quickly. 3. Heiki captured. Walkthrough: This mission depends a lot on how you finished the last mission. If you didnít rescue Burlakís brother Sevi youíll have to start from scratch, but youíll get two cargo vehicles to help out. If you did rescue Sevi, then youíll get him plus his men plus the vehicles you created at the end of the previous mission (but no cargo vehicles). Iím going to assume you rescued Sevi. At the start of the mission Sevi will describe stasis technology and then promptly step on a land mine. You wonít have any scientists at this point, but youíll have lots of mechanics and soldiers, plus an engineer. If the lab at your base (to the northwest) is still standing, just have a couple units go there and convert to scientist, and then have them heal Sevi. Otherwise youíll have to build a lab first. Once Sevi is healed, pick your best mechanics, put them in your vehicles, and then send them northeast to the enemy base. If you have four or five heavy gun tanks, then destroying the base should pose no problem at all. The only problem will be the land mines in the area. So when you drive the tanks, watch them carefully, and when a tank sets off a land mine, immediately pause the game and tell the tanks to stop moving. And before letting your mechanics out to repair, have the tanks move backwards a little so the mechanics donít set off more mines. That will usually prevent any tanks from getting destroyed. So slowly but surely advance towards the Arab base, repairing as you go. (But, even being careful, itís easy to get tanks or mechanics blown up, so donít go out of your way to play this mission without loading.) Meanwhile, use the rest of your units to build your base and do some researching. Itís a good idea to put your armory east of the base in the middle of the north-south road, but otherwise you can put buildings anywhere. Since you have lots of units, you might want to switch most of them to engineers and have them scout around for crates. (If you brought a Siberite cargo vehicle along, even better.) Your base doesnít have to do much in this mission other than possibly create a tank later. When Raul Xavier appears next to your base, explain the situation to him, and heíll join your forces. Then just use him like any other unit. But notice that he levels very quickly, so heís a valuable addition. If you rotate him through different jobs, you might be able to get him a level or two in each class. When Marshall Yashin arrives, either give him one of your vehicles, or make a new one for him (depending on what your situation is). There doesnít seem to be a time limit on his request, so if youíre busy doing other things (or waiting on some crates) donít worry about him. Also, it doesnít seem to matter what you tell him when he asks if youíre having any problems. Once youíve destroyed enough of the Arab base, youíll get new orders: to kill or capture Heike Steyer (you want to capture her). Sheíll arrive at the southern end of the north-south road, and sheíll move north. So fill up your armory with soldiers, and then when Heiki and her guard arrive, let them have it. It should be an easy battle, but note that you have to target Heiki manually or else your units wonít attack her. Once Heikiís health is in the red and the rest of her guard is dead, bring out a scientist to heal her. Then the mission will end. Mission 8: Build-up ------------------- Main Objective: 1. Build a huge base that includes just about everything. Medals: 1. Arab barracks built. 2. Beautiful base. 3. Your people like you. Walkthrough: This is a fairly long and tedious mission. There are a few enemy snipers around, and you might have to withstand an attack at the end, but otherwise all you do here is build and research and bulldoze, over and over again. Plus, you wonít use this base in future missions, so it doesnít matter how it turns out. Fun fun fun. But, to start out, put units into the three bulldozers, and start knocking down every tree you can find. When a sniper starts attacking a bulldozer, first pull back the bulldozer (to draw the sniper closer to the edge of the ridge) and then bring in some soldiers to kill him. Otherwise, just have your scientists follow along behind the bulldozers until they find an oil deposit. The oil deposit should mark the western edge of your base. So put your depot east of it, south of a rocky outcropping. Then start building and researching. There isnít a time limit, so feel free to rotate your units through different jobs so they gain lots of experience. And when your units ask for favors, let them have what they want. As for defenses, you might be attacked from three different directions -- but only by enemy soldiers and snipers, and only when youíre almost done with the mission. So put armories in the three potential hotspots -- the northeast (where your units started), the southwest, and the south -- and make sure you put soldiers in the armories once you get close to finishing the base. Shortly into the mission youíll be contacted by Kurt Schmidt. Heíll offer to build an Arab armory in your base in exchange for Heiki Steyer. Accept the deal (but consult your superior officers first). Schmidt and an engineer will then enter your base and fall under your control, and youíll have to direct the engineer where to build the armory. So you can use the Arab armory in one of the hotspots listed in the previous paragraph. Later, somebody named Dietrich Gensher will offer you resources in exchange for Schmidt and the engineer, but turn that deal down. You donít need the resources anyway. Finally, once the armory is built and upgraded, finish the deal by agreeing to let Steyer go. Eventually, either once youíve completed the objectives or when youíre close to completing them, Steyer will get into contact with you and tell you the Americans are poised to attack your base. Refuse her help (I never have enough crates at this point anyway), and prepare yourself for the American attack. Fill up your armories and put your mechanics in their vehicles. If youíve put your armories in the right places, the attack should end pretty quickly with a solid American defeat, and then the mission will end. Mission 9: Epsilon Chapter -------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Destroy Epsilon base. Medals: 1. Masha made it through. 2. Laboratories captured. 3. Special ammunition invented. Team Selection: There arenít any apemen in this mission, so you need your six units to be able to do everything -- and quickly. So pick 2-3 mechanics to make up your strike force, and pick 2-3 units to do everything else. Make one unit a scientist, leave Burlak as a mechanic (like you have a choice), and make everybody else engineers. Area Selection: The western choice seems best. It puts you on high ground and is the easiest area to defend. Walkthrough: Iím going to assume you chose the western base site. If thatís the case, get everybody to drive southeast off the high ground to make room for your base. Then get everybody out and build your depot on the high ground. In the process, your scientist should detect oil and Siberite deposits. While the depot is under construction, have Burlak explore the area. You should notice that you have a nice ridgeline on your side, and that there are only two entrances to your base: through a path to the north, and through a valley to the east. Once the depot is complete, build an armory next to the path, and have Burlak drive Masha to the valley. (You chose something good for his tank, right?) Thatís all the defense you need for the enemyís early attacks. Your other units can get the rest of your base going and start researching. Siberite is a good opening research topic so you can make a Siberite power plant. Regardless of what you do to the blue Epsilon base, youíll also receive attacks from cyan American forces. Those attacks start out with just a single soldier, and then theyíll have two soldiers, and eventually theyíll get quite nasty. So you need to move quickly so you can meet your objectives before the cyan forces become too strong. But the cyan attacks also mean your base might come under heavy attack, so you have to build some defenses for it as well as tanks for your attack on Epsilon base. So put three turrets along the ridgeline next to your base, and then maybe add more if you need to. With your other resources, crank out tanks so you have two heavy gun tanks and two rocket launchers. Once those are built, have your four best mechanics control them, and have your other two units research, collect crate, and build more turrets if necessary. When you go on the attack, youíll find a yellow Arab base, but it will withdraw as soon as you get there. The American base will be well defended, but it will have lots of manual turrets, and half of them will be empty. Still, proceed cautiously, and when you come across an American lab, mark it so your units donít attack it. Youíll get word as you approach the base that your superiors want you to capture the labs, and so you need to keep them around until you can capture or destroy the depot. Be careful when attacking the labs. They all have scientists in them, and itís possible youíll destroy the labs when you attack the scientists. So keep a careful eye on the labs, and if it starts to get too damaged, have your mechanics leave their vehicles and fight with their pistols. Itís ugly but it works. Before capturing the labs, make sure youíve researched tau-radiation technology and space anomalies technology. Once you capture the last lab, the mission will end, and if you havenít researched the topics yet, youíll miss out on a medal. Mission 10: Pursuit of Progress ------------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Rescue Professor Gossudarov. Medals: 1. Quick action. 2. Vehicles preserved. 3. Few casualties. Team Selection: You get six vehicles for the mission, so select your five best mechanics plus a scientist in case anybody gets injured. Walkthrough: This is a quick and easy mission. First make sure your mechanics are in the vehicles, and then send everybody south into the trees. Youíll encounter some explosive apemen, so shoot them on sight. (You might have to target the first couple manually.) Then head east, destroying anything in your path. Stop and repair when and if you need to. Eventually youíll come to a river. Your tracked vehicles will be able to cross, but your wheeled vehicles wonít. So leave your wheeled vehicles west of the river (only two of the vehicles should be wheeled) and cross with the rest. Youíll find the enemy base, but Arab vehicles and turrets canít go toe-to-toe with your force, and you should decimate them quickly. Once youíve killed enough Arabs, Professor Gossudarov will show up and demand you find the artifact. All he knows is it was loaded onto a truck. Thatís a hint that itís near the factory, so blow the factory and its attachments away (if you havenít already) and head northwest. When you reach the cargo vehicle with the artifact, the mission will end. Mission 11: New End ------------------- Main Objective: 1. Destroy Beta base. Medals: 1. Few casualties. 2. Quick work. 3. Tactical thinking. Walkthrough: You donít have a lot of time for the first objective, so you need to get moving quickly. Send all your units southwest to a clump of trees, and then get everybody out of their vehicles. Explore a little and youíll find there are three clumps of trees (forming a triangle) with a dirt area in the middle. Later youíll find a Siberite deposit in the dirt area, so build your depot next to the trees. Unload all of your cargo vehicles at the depot, and then build an oil power plant and a factory, and upgrade the factory. You now have a ``support base.íí That first objective is the only timed part of the mission, so once youíre ordered to build two bulldozers, youíll have all the time you want. So take your time and build your base, and also start researching. You wonít come under attack, so you donít have to worry about defenses. You start out with 90 units of oil, and thatís enough to build two combustion bulldozers (60 units total), plus supply a little bit of power. So use the power to research Siberite power plants, and then build a Siberite power plant before doing anything else that requires power. Once you build the bulldozers, your allies will take control of them and clear a path to the center of Beta base. Theyíll also get themselves massacred, and youíll be in control. (Use the numpad ``+íí key to speed up the events.) So just keep researching, and create yourself a formidable attack force -- like three heavy gun tanks plus four rocket launchers. You should have enough capable mechanics to control that many vehicles. Your first attack on the base will probably go badly, but try to take out some turrets and mechanics so your next trip will be easier. And donít try to retreat your tanks; let the spontaneous teleportation technology get your tanks out of harmís way. Once you break through the outer defenses, it should be smooth sailing. Go after power plants and depots to knock out the remaining turrets, and then just slaughter everything in sight. But remember to teleport at least one unit before finishing off the base. Thatís how you get the last medal for the mission. ***************************************************************************** * Russian Campaign, Solo Branch * ***************************************************************************** Mission 12: October Revolution ------------------------------ Main Objective: 1. Kill Platonov. Medals: 1. All bases captured. 2. Scientists stopped. 3. (Some bases could have been taken without fighting.) Walkthrough: You donít have even close to enough firepower to go after Platonov right away, so donít even try. Instead, head to the southwestern (yellow) base. The commander there will quiz you on your ideology. The answers are (just in case you need them): a. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics b. 1848 c. Ilyich d. Karl Marx e. L.D. Trotsky f. 7th November When you give the correct answers, the commander will turn over the base to you. Take the opportunity to do some research and to build some heavy gun tanks and rocket launchers for your mechanics. Then head over to the southeastern (white) base. The commander there will ask you to retrieve the artifact. So head up to the northwestern (purple) base and wait outside (but not too close to the base). Eventually Gossudarov and three other scientists will make a run for it, and youíll need to kill all four. Once theyíre dead, create a cargo vehicle and pick up the artifact. Then the next time you go the southeastern base, the commander will give you his support. Next go to the eastern (green) base. The commander there will ask you to prove your battle expertise by attacking his base. The way to convince him is to kill two of his units. The easiest way to do that is to attack his armory and then kill two of the soldiers that pop out once itís damaged enough. The commander will then give you his support. Lastly, go to the northern (orange) base. Now that you have convinced three other commanders to join your cause, the commander there will join as well. With the units you get there and in the other bases, create several heavy gun tanks and rocket launchers, and then head for Platonovís base. (The objectives are misleading. You still have to kill him even though youíve taken over four bases.) Platonov will have lots of soldiers, turrets, and tanks in his base, so youíll have to attack and retreat a couple times. Be sure to research spontaneous teleportation before attacking, and then attack the southern part of the base first (so your vehicles get teleported to safety). Platonov will be in the depot. Once you kill him the mission will end. Note: I have no idea how to get the last medal for the mission. The green and purple bases seem to require fighting. Mission 13: Triangulation ------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Use the artifact in the north and in the east to make readings on the Motherlode. Medals: 1. Macmillan killed. 2. Accurate measurements. 3. Time lapse developed. Team Selection: Youíll begin the mission with Masha and two cargo vehicles, so while itís still best to choose your top mechanics, you should start them out as soldiers (plus an engineer) before setting out. Burlak should stay a mechanic. Walkthrough: Take your units north and discover a small American base. Youíll first discover an automatic laser turret, and you can use your soldiers to destroy it without taking much in the way of damage. Then go behind the base (to the west) and attack the depot until its health drops into the red. That will disable the other turrets in the base, and you can send in your soldiers to kill the lone enemy engineer, and use your engineer to capture the depot and the rest of the base. You can now use this base as your main base. All the Siberite deposits on the map are guarded by American bases, and so youíll need some heavy gun tanks and rocket launchers before doing much else. (Remember, you need Siberite to build space-time labs.) So put a factory on the high ground behind the base, and put a lab wherever convenient. Then build a bulldozer so you can get rid of the trees around your base and make movement easier. Every so often the Americans will attack, but if you kept the two turrets in the base, and if you keep your soldiers and Burlak around, you should be able to defeat them relatively easily. So keep everybody at home, and do some researching and bulldozing while you wait for attacks to arrive. Once you have enough free space, put an armory north of the base to help out with the defense (and to give your units a safe place to hide when they get hurt). After a while youíll hear that John Macmillan is in the area, and that youíre supposed to kill him. In the center of the map there is a place where a road passes in between two rocky outcroppings. Macmillan will always pass to the south of the outcroppings, and you can catch him there. Heíll be driving a heavy gun tank, and heíll have some computer controlled tanks with him. So bring all your soldiers and Burlak to meet him, and if you can convert a couple of your soldiers into bazooka soldiers beforehand, even better. After you kill Macmillan and his party, try to salvage his tank (but realize spontaneous teleportation wonít work with it). Once you have about four attack vehicles, head out the southern edge of the map, roughly in the middle. There youíll find another American base, but this one will have Siberite. You donít have to worry about capturing the turrets, so just blow them away. Then bring in an engineer to capture the buildings, and your cargo vehicles to cart off the Siberite. The base should have 200 or more Siberite crystals, and thatís all youíll need for the mission. So you donít have to worry about defending the base. (The Americans donít seem to attack it anyway.) Now you just need to build a couple of space-time labs and make recordings using the artifact. Each such ``lab baseíí should have a depot, a space-time lab, and a Siberite power plant. Once the buildings are in place, bring the artifact to the base and drop it off right next to the lab. (Dropping off cargo is part of the pick up cargo menu for cargo vehicles.) The Americans will know when you drop off the artifact, and theyíll send a cargo vehicle to pick it up, so be prepared for it. If the American cargo vehicle gets the artifact and makes it back to the American base in the northeastern corner of the map, youíll lose. Once you make two readings, all you have to do is get all your units (including apemen) and the artifact to the southwestern corner of the map. But before you go, make sure you research homogenous non-local tau-field technology and build a time lapse turret (it requires a Siberite extension). Note: This mission didnít work for me using the 1.2 patch, but it worked using the original version. Mission 14: Primary Colors -------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Destroy New Samarkand. Medals: 1. Alaskite mine protected. 2. Behemoth built. 3. Few casualties. Team Selection: Youíll get Masha, a gattling gun vehicle, and three computer controlled cargo vehicles to start out. The gattling gun vehicle isnít worth taking a mechanic for, so pick three soldiers, a scientist, an engineer, and Burlak as a mechanic. But, as always, despite what classes your units start as, their best skill should be mechanic. Walkthrough: There are two oil deposits and a Siberite deposit near your starting location, so go ahead and build your depot where you start out (but a little to the east). Then build a lab and research Siberite detection so you can find the Siberite deposit. Unfortunately, youíll find that the deposit is under some bushes, so youíll have to construct a bulldozer before you can get to it. Build a factory wherever you have enough free land, and put an armory on the eastern side if your base. Upgrade the armory, put a couple soldiers inside, and park Burlak next to it. Every Arab attack will come from the east. Meanwhile, send your scientist out exploring. There are at least a half dozen apemen on the map, and, as long as your scientist avoids the northeastern and southwestern corners, he / she should be able to find a few of them. Once you have four or five, send the scientist back to your lab and research apeman engineers and apeman soldiers so your apemen can help you out as much as possible. Shortly into the mission youíll find out that youíre on your own (surprise). But then Heiki Steyer of Legion will contact you and attempt to make a deal: her units for your resources. Turn her down because if you do, six soldiers will decide to defect from Legion and youíll get them for free. Plus, crates are going to be slow to come by in this mission. Most will go to the Arab base. Speaking of the Arabs, theyíll be odd in their attacks. Most of the time theyíll send a single suicide vehicle and blow it up on your armory. As long as you keep two or three apemen engineers next to the armory, the attack should be harmless. But then the Arabs will sometimes send a few vehicles and mix in some soldiers. Hopefully when that sort of attack comes youíll already have received your Legion reinforcements. Otherwise youíll have a tough fight. Note: Sometimes during an attack the Arabs will send a scientist to your Siberite mine. If you donít kill the scientist, your mine will end up contaminated, and youíll lose it. (Plus youíll lose a medal.) So once you put up your Siberite mine, place a gattling gun turret next to it to protect it. Mostly this will be a slow mission. Just sit back and fight off the Arab attacks, and gradually research and build up an attack force. If you get bored, scout around with your cargo vehicles and find some crates, or knock down some trees with your bulldozer. And donít forget to build a behemoth for your attack force. Once you do enough research, the behemoth is a command option for mechanics (they donít make them in factories). The Arabs (to the northeast) probably wonít put up much of a fight. Theyíll have taken losses from attacking your base, and their defenses just canít stand up to heavy guns and rockets. Once youíve destroyed enough of the base, theyíll surrender. Of course, the mission wonít be over yet (unless possibly if you refused help from Legion). Your Legion allies will leave, and youíll soon discover they took some of your notes with them. So quickly repair your attack force and send it at the Legion base (to the south). The Legion base will be about as difficult as the Arab base, except Legion will have a full compliment of soldiers. Once you kill all the humans in the base and destroy the depot, the mission will end. Mission 15: Final Battle ------------------------ Main Objectives: 1. Destroy your enemies. 2. Protect the Motherlode. Medals: 1. Burlak is a true hero. 2. No losses!!! 3. Demonstration of power. Walkthrough: This is a tough mission for a few reasons: youíll face three enemies (Legion, the Alliance, and the Americans), youíll have to defend half the map (to protect all those Siberite deposits), and youíll be timed (youíll have to defeat the Americans before they develop a Siberite bomb). Luckily, youíll start with lots of units and some attack vehicles, plus some full cargo vehicles, so youíll be able to get started right away. So immediately take all of your units east. Your scientists will discover all sorts of Siberite deposits, and you should spread your scientists out across your side of the map (the western side) so they can find all of the deposits and simultaneously determine the lay of the land. Youíll find that the Motherlode is mostly on high ground, putting it in a good defensive position. You should also find a small ridged area in roughly the middle of the Motherlode. East of there is a good place to build your depot. After you build your depot and unload your cargo vehicles, sort out your units. Put your best mechanics in your offensive vehicles and put your worst unit in one of the cargo vehicles (leave the other two cargo vehicles empty; you can dismantle them later). Then take your vehicles and your soldiers and a scientist south. The Legion base is along the southern edge of the map, in the middle. It is the least defended of the three enemy bases, and you can take it with your starting vehicles and soldiers. Do the usual thing when you attack: first advance and then retreat to draw out the enemy vehicles and soldiers, and then take out the buildings, retreating and repairing as necessary. Once youíve destroyed enough of the base (or perhaps just the soldiers in the barracks), Legion will surrender. Any surviving soldiers will join your cause, but all of the engineers, mechanics and scientists will leave. However, Legion will leave all of its buildings, and you can dismantle them for profit, plus grab some loot from its depots. (Itís probably not worthwhile to take over the base.) Note: There are about a half dozen apemen along the southern edge of the map. Once youíve defeated Legion, use your scientists to tame them. Meanwhile, try to keep an eye on your base, and do the usual building and researching. Once you put up some Siberite power plants and mines, youíll discover that the Alliance has the ability to destroy them. Theyíll continue to destroy a building every few minutes for the rest of the mission. Once you get a couple Legion soldiers, turn one into an engineer, and build an Arab armory on the west side of your base, next to the gap you used to enter the Motherlode area. Every 20 minutes or so, the Alliance will get close to a dozen vehicles and use them to attack your base. Most of them will arrive from the east (where the Alliance base is), but three will always use a teleporter and arrive from the west. But a few mortar soldiers in an armory should be able to take care of them, while your attack force and turrets deal with the rest. If you didnít get any soldier units after defeating Legion, then just build a regular armory in the same spot, but be ready to help out the soldiers inside when the Alliance attacks. Even though the Alliance is clearly the more annoying of the two remaining enemies, target the American base (to the north) next. Theyíre the ones developing a bomb, so you need to defeat them before they can finish researching it. But donít make any serious attacks until you have spontaneous teleportation and some weapon upgrades researched, and until youíve been able to replace some of your starting vehicles with heavy gun tanks and rocket tanks. Then attack and retreat, giving priority to any human units you come across, until the Americans surrender. Note: Also research Siberite detection before attacking the Americans. Then keep a close eye on the mini-map, and pull back your forces as soon as you see dots appear in the northwestern corner. That means the Alliance just received some vehicles and is about to attack. Once the Americans go down, itís just you against the Alliance. You wonít have to worry about a time limit any longer, so finish replacing your starting vehicles (other than Masha), and continue to research. In particular, be sure to research the Siberite rocket and build a Siberite rocket vehicle before finishing off the Alliance base. The third medal (I think) is based on using the rocket. Otherwise, the Alliance base isnít much different from the American base, and you should attack it the same way. Once the Alliance surrenders, the mission will end. Note: Apparently, building a Siberite rocket will cause some of your enemies to surrender. The Alliance will think youíre bluffing, but the rocket will probably cause Legion to surrender, and maybe the Americans. So if youíre having trouble defeating your enemies militarily, itís something to think about. But realize if you donít defeat Legion and the Americans early, youíll have to watch your Siberite deposits closely to make sure they donít build any mines. ***************************************************************************** * Russian Campaign, Alliance Branch * ***************************************************************************** Mission 12a: Cat and Mouse -------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Help Gossudarov and his team to escape. Medals: 1. All scientists saved. 2. Resources saved. 3. Former friends saved. Team Selection: Pick three soldiers, a mechanic, and a scientist. Youíre not allowed to change the class of the units here, but youíll be able to change them during the mission. Vehicle Selection: Youíll have to kill several soldiers and bazooka soldiers on the way from Platonovís base to your base, so your best choice is a vehicle that can kill infantry from a range -- but which will still be useful for the rest of the mission. So Iíd suggest taking a heavy tracked rocket launcher. Walkthrough: You start out in the southwestern corner and need to get to the northeastern corner. The route is circuitous, and youíll either have to outrun or kill some regular and bazooka soldiers along the way. If you use a rocket launcher as your vehicle you can kill them; otherwise youíll have to play things by ear. So set out north from Platonovís base, and then go east when you get to the northern edge of the map. Youíll need to take a trail back south so you can cross a river and get to your base, and youíll have two choices. The best choice seems to be the eastern trail. When you get to your base, youíll have a five-minute grace period before Platonovís base starts attacking you (thatís what the timer is showing). So remove the western bunker and replace it with an armory, and add an upgraded factory with rocket, track, and Siberite extensions. With Burlak in his vehicle and three soldiers in the armory, you can probably hold off Platonovís attacks indefinitely, so feel free to research for as long as you want. When youíre ready to clear a path for Gossudarov, build a (second) heavy tracked rocket launcher, and then dismantle your base. (With 950+ crates, 750+ oil, and 100+ Siberite, I still get the second medal for the mission.) Then head slowly from your base to Platonovís base, taking the same route as before. This time youíll not only have to face regular and bazooka soldiers, youíll also have to deal with a wide range of vehicles, including a time lapse vehicle. So move slowly and try to take enemies one or two at a time. And donít be shy about saving. Once you get to the northern edge of the north-south trail leading to Platonovís base, go a little ways south and then stop. You can now click on Gossudarov to let him know itís time to go. Heíll get into a cargo vehicle (with the artifact), and some scientists will join him. Theyíll exit the base and head north, but they wonít switch to your control until theyíre a little ways out of the base (meaning they wonít be attacked until then either). At this point you just need to run them to the red spot that will appear on the northern edge of the map. They can withstand some fire from bazooka soldiers and whatnot, but if things look bad, bring in your units to help them out. Mission 13a: Peace on Earth ---------------------------- Main Objective: 1. Capture the Arabian artifact. Medals: 1. Sheik Abdul killed. 2. Sheikís mastodon killed. 3. Lasers developed. Walkthrough: Youíll start out in a roughly circular area. There will be a tree in the middle, and you should build your depot north of it. Once you upgrade the depot, youíll be able to access an oil deposit to the southwest and a Siberite deposit to the east. So get your scientist walking around so he / she can discover the deposits, and also look for apemen in the area. There should be five or six you can tame. Then start building the rest of your base. Shortly into the mission youíll meet up with Gossudarov and five other scientists, plus Macmillan and two other soldiers, plus Gnyevko (if he doesnít show up on your map, look for him to the southeast). That means youíll have Russian and American units, giving you a choice of what kind of buildings to put up. For this mission choose mostly Russian, but do a little American researching (like lasers, for the medal) and build an American armory (so you can get snipers). Youíll get up to four waves of attacks during the mission. The first three will be from Platonov and arrive from the south and west. The fourth will come from the Arab base and most likely descend from the north. The first three will be easy to defend with just soldiers / snipers, but for the Arab attack itís a good idea to have some vehicles ready, or perhaps a weapon turret. Note: Try to capture some of the vehicles from the raids. The crates from dismantling them will come in useful. A ways into the mission, Gossudarov will ask you to liberate the artifact from the Arabian base. Just for fun communicate with the base and try to make a deal. If nothing else, it should give you more incentive to destroy it. Youíll have 30 minutes to defeat the Arabs, so you should start thinking about attacking with 10-15 minutes left. Four or five rocket launchers (with spontaneous teleportation technology) should do the trick. When the enemy mortar soldiers target one of your vehicles, have the vehicle dance around and try to avoid the shells. Otherwise, just attack and retreat like normal. But note: Avoid attacking the armory as much as possible. The mission will end when you destroy it, but the sheik is located farther to the north. So after you destroy the turrets at the baseís entrance, run a couple units past the armory to kill the sheik. Then concentrate on the armory to finish the mission. Mission 14a: Think Tank ----------------------- Main Objective: 1. Retrieve the artifact. Medals: 1. Alaskite explosion observed. 2. Explored the contaminated area. 3. The American base was taken quickly. Vehicle Selection: Put Macmillan in a cargo vehicle, and put Burlak in a heavy wheeled Siberite rocket launcher. Walkthrough: Send Burlak and Macmillan west towards the revealed spot on the map. Theyíll probably encounter three soldiers along the way. If so, just let Burlak kill them. As Burlak and Macmillan near the artifact, theyíll run into an abandoned American base -- but then theyíll discover the base is really a test site for an American Siberite bomb. Send them west to safety, but then after the bomb goes off, send Macmillan back to the area and into the green, contaminated part (he should talk twice, not just once). Then send the duo to the northwestern corner of the map. Theyíll find a depot and an oil rig. Have Macmillan capture them, and youíll find you have 30 crates to spend. Conveniently, thatís just enough for an armory, so build one as far south of the depot as possible. Then put Macmillan in the armory and switch him to soldier while Burlak drives south. Burlak will discover the main American base. The base will have lots of manual turrets, and the trick is to get the Americans to jump out of their turrets and chase after Burlak. So keep Burlak driving south, even after turrets start shooting at him. When you notice the lab, have Burlak drive directly south of it, pause for a second, and then drive back north. Burlak should see a few soldiers walking towards him. So keep him moving north, drawing the soldiers towards Macmillan and the armory. This maneuver might take a couple tries, but when it works all the American soldiers will end up dead, and Macmillan will be able to change back to an engineer, jump into the cargo vehicle, drive to the American depot (south of the lab), and finally capture it. Once the depot is yours, youíll have a choice on how to get the data you need: by force or not. If you helped Hugh Stevens before (in Mission 5), heíll just hand you the data. Otherwise the scientists will flee and youíll have to capture the lab. Either way, once you have the data, put Macmillan in the cargo vehicle and have him pick up the artifact. The mission will then end. Mission 15a: War Is Peace ------------------------- Main Objectives: 1. Prevent your enemies from creating a Siberite bomb. 2. Research alien technology. Medals: 1. You won this campaign. 2. All artifact technologies researched. 3. John Macmillan survived. Team Selection: Select your eight best mechanics. Walkthrough: You should start with nine offensive vehicles plus three cargo vehicles plus a crane plus a bulldozer. Put your mechanics in the offensive vehicles and your scientists and engineer in the others (if theyíre not already there). The plateau youíre on doesnít have any deposits, so itís not a good place to build a base. But since you have such a large attack force already, you can grab somebody elseís base right away. So direct your offensive vehicles south. The vehicles with wheels will have to exit the plateau to the west and get attacked a little from the (blue) American base, but the others will be able to go right down the ramp. Repair your vehicles to full health and then send them west to attack the American base. Be conservative in your attacks since you canít replace your vehicles. Close in for an attack, take out a turret (completely) or a mechanic, and then retreat. Also try to draw out the tanks in the base, but avoid attacking the American cargo vehicle (mark it so your units donít attack it). Once youíve destroyed a few enemy vehicles and turrets, charge into the base and attack the depot. As soon as it is destroyed, the Americans will surrender and leave you their base. Immediately build a new depot where the American one was, and then upgrade it to a warehouse. That should put the base back on-line, allowing you to start researching and start replacing some of your vehicles (I always get rid of the combustion ones). So put some scientists into the eastern lab, click on the Siberite button and notice the option for researching alien technology. When you research that topic youíll find that you should research one artifact at an American lab and another at a Russian lab. You already have the American lab, so move the American cargo vehicle to the lab and have it unload the artifact. A new research topic will appear, and once you research it youíll get a scouting ability. Then build a Russian lab. You have more than enough Siberite, so you can get rid of the Siberite mine south of the American labs and put the Russian lab there. Then drive the computer controlled cargo vehicle to the lab and have it unload its artifact. When you research the topic that appears, youíll gain the ability to destroy Siberite powered vehicles and buildings. Meanwhile, while youíre doing your researching, leave your attack force east of your base, and let it handle any Russian attacks that arrive. Your high level mechanics shouldnít have any trouble with computer controlled enemy vehicles. Also, notice that all the turrets guarding the eastern entrance to your base are manual turrets. Convert them to automatic turrets, and let the crane do the building. Once youíve done those things, wait for a Russian attack and then head to the southeastern corner. Youíll find the Legion base there, but it shouldnít pose much of a problem. Youíll also discover a strange alien building there, and once you dispose of the Arabs you can send the third artifact to the building, plus some scientists, and research the last piece of alien technology. Then youíll gain the ability to transport a large group of units anywhere on the map. So now youíre all set to attack the Russians. You can use the American and Russian labs to scout out the Russian base and destroy the time lapse turrets, and then you can use the alien building to send your attack force right to the Russian depot. Once the depot is gone, all the Russian turrets and vehicles will shut down, and all youíll have to do is mop up to cause the Russians to surrender and the mission to end. ***************************************************************************** * Permissions and Updates * ***************************************************************************** This guide may be posted on any web site as long as the text is not changed and as long as I am informed of the posting. I will always submit new versions to Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com) and GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) first, so if you are looking for the most up-to-date version of this guide, that is the place to look. ***** Copyright © 2002 by Steven W. Carter</p>