Dragon Quest IV for Nintendo DS "Boss FAQ" By Mykas0 version 1.11 18-12-2007 BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST PART! You can read this faq as long as you don't change ANY part of it (including this small introduction). Also, you can print it but only for use at your home, you may NEVER sell this stuff or else you will make me really mad and maybe I won't work anymore! Finally, if you want to use this faq on your site (or use any part of it for other things, like writing your own faq or something) you have to mail me and ask me for it, I will almost surely grant it to you! Finally, this guide may NEVER be published in CheatCC. 0~. Version History 1~. Introduction and important tips --------------------------------------------------- 2~. Pisaro's Hands + Giant Eyeball 3~. Chameleon Humanoid + 2x Rabidhounds 4~. "Tournament" (Hun, Roric, Vivian, Sampson, Linguar) 5~. Balzack 6~. Keeleon 7~. 2x Licklick 8~. 2x Tricksy Urchin + 2x Vampire Bat 9~. Lighthouse Bengal + 2x Flamer 10~. Keeleon 11~. Balzack+ 12~. Pisaro Knight 13~. Bakor 14~. Rhinos King + 2x Bengal 15~. Estark 16~. 3x Andreal 17~. Evil Priest + 3x Small Goul 18~. Hell Battler 19~. Giga Demon 20~. Necrosaro 21~. Eggler + Chickler 22~. Evil Priest --------------------------------------------------- FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions B_END. Special Thanks END. Contacts 0~. Version History -> version 1.11 <- - Added a new strategy for the "Necrosaro" battle. -> version 1.1 <- - Fixed a few names; -- Added improved strategy to some battles; --- Added some more information to several sections of this guide. -> version 1.0 <- - Did the entire guide. 1~. Introduction and important tips This game is mostly a remake of Dragon Quest IV, a game originally released for NES a couple years ago. Since it was released in the USA too, it is quite possible that you've played this game by now, but in case you're a younger player and never had that opportunity, I strongly suggest you read the following tips before advancing further. - Like in most RPGs, your current level is quite important, allowing you to easily increase your stats and even have an easier time with the battles that you will face later on. In case you really can't seem to defeat a particular boss, ALWAYS consider gaining a couple more levels before trying again. I'll include the level at which I fought each boss, but I suggest that yours is always higher than mine. - Apart from levels, your armor and equipment is also important. Every time you visit a new town, try to get the best weapons and armor that it sells for each of your characters, even if that means selling some of your own items and equipment, or even getting into more battles just to win some extra cash. - Besides purchasing new equipment, towns are also a good place to buy healing items. Obviously, you should stock a few before continuing your adventure, since they may (eventually) save you from some harder spots. - Every time an Inn crosses your path, take your time to decide if you should rest there or not, and be aware that doing so doesn't remove certain effects or revive party members (which can be done at the local church, or via certain spells). Since it fully restores the HP and MP of all your characters, that's generally a good idea. - Exploration, just like in any other RPG, plays an important role in this game. Before facing each boss, be sure to fully explore the dungeon nearby, if there's any, since you may gain important items (or pieces of equipment) by doing so. The "Sage's Stone", mentioned later in this guide, is only one of the many important items that you can acquire by doing so. - Unlike what happens in some other RPGs, monsters here have no elemental weaknesses, which prevents you from causing extra damage when casting certain spells. However, they have specific immunities, which reduces the damage of particular spells to zero. When attacking a certain monster with a spell, be sure to have this in mind. Having all these tips and informations in mind, you can now continue reading, for more information on each of the bosses you can fight in this game. 2~. Pisaro's Hands + Giant Eyeball Even though I fought this enemy at level 9, less skilled players should aim at higher levels when fighting him. Also, be sure to notice that your current companion doesn't gain any levels, and since he plays an important role in this battle, you should be specially careful with attacks that target him. Also, there's a really strong sword in this dungeon, and I strongly suggest you get it before facing this battle, since it will be a major help when fighting this boss. Even though the enemy named "Pisaro's Hands" is stronger and has a lot more HP, I suggest you start by taking care of the Giant Eyeball. Two or three strikes from Ragnar's sword are probably enough, and then you should concentrate your attacks on the big boss himself. There's not much I can advise you here, except for healing your companion as necessary, since he may not be much of a striker but he is an important healer. Ragnar should strike all the time (unless he is healing Healie) and, sooner or later, this second enemy will be down. 3~. Chameleon Humanoid + 2x Rabidhound Having everyone at level 5 (minimum) is a good idea, but purchasing all the best equipment from the first town is an obvious requirement. No matter how much time it takes, you should get the best weapons and armor available before attempting to face this boss, or else you'll be put into some serious trouble. When you're finally ready to face these foes, head to the battle itself, which won't be very hard if you follow my lead. Start by taking care of the Rabidhounds, focusing all your attacks on a particular one until he is down. Then, repeat for the second one, until none of these monsters are available in the field. As for the Chameleon Humanoid, even though he has a healing spell he seems to rarely use it, and if you're quick enough that won't pose you any trouble at all. Instead, have Alena and Brey strike physically (his spells don't seem very effective here). As for Cristo, well, his healing spell make him perfect for your healing tasks, and you should use such a skill when necessary, since the main boss can actually damage your party, if they are not properly equipped. Continue striking physically, healing as necessary and, in no time at all, you will win this battle. 4~. "Tournament" (Hun, Roric, Vivian, Sampson, Linguar) (I first forgot to write this part down, so it is possible that there are some problems here. Feel free to mail me about it) During this game's second chapter, you'll eventually reach a point where you'll face a tournament. While each battle there available could be considered as a single (and simple) boss battle, I'd rather join them all in a single point. Before facing them, be sure to give a quick look to the counter on the left, buy the only weapon there available (a claw-like one) and equip it to Alena, as she will be the only one fighting next. All her best armor is also a strong help, but you can probably manage to beat these enemies without it. Personally, I had all my party at level 13 and had no problems whatsoever. Before advancing to these battles, and after buying the claw-like weapon, I suggest you equip princess Alena with as many healing items as possible, since you'll surely need them in the next battles. The first few battles (Hun and Roric) are easy to beat, but you should then take your time to heal, either during battles or at their end, when you're prompted to do so. Vivian is easier to defeat if you simply wait until she runs out of MP, a time where she will simply defend from your attacks. As for Sampson, you can simply give him a few physical strikes, heal (if necessary) and he will be defeated without much trouble. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the final opponent. This monster, Linguar, is able to divide onto four different images, only one of which can actually suffer damage. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to figure out which one's which, so you should strike one of the images, hope that it is the right one, and heal when that's needed. Sooner or later, you'll manage to cause enough damage and your opponent will go down, ending this storyline sequence. 5~. Balzack Even at level 12, this foe turned out being a powerful enemy. However, if you follow my advice, it turns out being way easier to defeat him. Before heading to this battle, be sure to equip the best armor and weapons that money can buy, since you'll be needing them. Less skilled players may also want to be at higher levels, since they may get into trouble if they aren't. Also, Nara should have the "Orb of Silence", since that item will be a big help on this battle. Now, if you missed it (is that even possible?), it was found a few dungeons before, in the same one where you rescued Orin. When you enter this battle, start by using the "Orb of Silence", which prevents your enemy from using one of his best his multi-hit spells. Then, on her very first turn, have Mara use the second spell, which makes the enemy slightly weaker to your attacks. Now, be sure to repeat these very same actions from time to time, since their effect eventually vanishes. From there, use Nara for all the healing (the enemy's physical attack is a strong one, so you may want to heal whoever was last targetted by it), use magical attacks from Mara (her forth spell is a good one) and let Orin attack whenever he wants, but be sure to heal him when needed. Keep on repeating the stated strategy and, after a while, your enemy will surely be defeated. The main problem here is that you can't let ANY of your party members be defeated, or else you'll be in trouble. Properly heal and everything will be just fine. 6~. Keeleon Fought shortly after Balzack, this enemy is just too strong for you to defeat. So, there's nothing you can do, simply let him defeat you and the battle will be over quickly. 7~. 2x Licklick Even if you're only fighting with your main character (mine was currently at level 8), this battle ends up being really easy if you've constantly purchased the best weapons and armor available. If that's the case, simply strike the enemy down, heal as necessary (your character probably learned a healing skill at level 3) and you'll never be put into trouble. 8~. 2x Tricksy Urchin + 2x Vampire Bat Just like the battle before, this is an easy battle if you're properly equipped. Simply start by taking care of the two Tricksy Urchin, since they are stronger and can use a powerful magic spell, and then take care of the other two enemies, which will barely damage you. Doing so will grant you an easy victory. 9~. Lighthouse Bengal + 2x Flamer You've been keeping your party members updated with the best equipment, right? You'll be needing all the help you can get, even with your weakest party member at level 13. The Lighthouse Bengal is the most powerful of the three foes, but I strongly suggest you take care of the two other enemies as quickly as possible, since they have significantly less HP. So, focus all your attacks on one of the Flamer folks until he goes down, and then switch to the other one. When both those enemies are down, be sure use Mara's second spell on the Lighthouse Bengal and keep on striking with physical attacks, which will eventually lead to the boss' defeat. However, you need to constantly monitorize the HP of your party members, healing if their HP drops below 30 - you can use whoever you want for this task, but I suggest you use the hero's spells for it, since he is not only slightly weaker than the rest of your current party but he also has better healing spells. As you can easily notice, "healing" is the keyword here, and provided you properly take care of all your members, I doubt you have any trouble facing these three enemies. 10~. Keeleon As you've probably noticed by now, from this battle on you can adopt tons of different battle configurations, making it harder for me to actually lead you to a good strategy. Anyway, I strongly suggest that your weakest party member is at least at level 20, or else it is hard to effectively cause enough damage to this powerful enemy. Now, the party configuration is actually up to you, but I strongly suggest that you have a single character constantly healing (I went for Nara, but it is really up to you) while the others strike the opponent. All the best armor you can find is also an important requirement, as it makes it possible for your party to stand the powerful blows of your enemy, which can strike twice per turn. In the middle of battle, and as stated before, one of your characters should ONLY heal his friends. As for the other three, they should either strike with physical attacks or use their best magical spell, depending on what their speciality is. Any weakening spell (like Mara's second one) is a good help, and you should obviously use them if you have the chance for it. Now, I must warn you that luck also plays an important role here, since the enemy may strike your weakest party member twice, instantly killing it, and therefore you may need a few level ups before (finally) managing to defeat this monster. Personally, it took me a while to beat it, but after a few level ups he was easily defeated by a party composed by my hero, Nara, Mara and Taloon. 11~. Balzack+ A couple level ups are surely needed before facing this enemy, which I had to fight at level 24. As for you, you may probably need to be at a higher level in order to ensure a sure victory. Just like the Keeleon that you may have fought a few minutes ago, this monster is a fierce opponent, who packs quite a punch with his physical strikes. Also, like its predecessor, he can strike twice in a row, which may also cause you a lot of trouble. As you may suppose, the strategy to take here is almost the same as you may have taken in the previously mentioned battle. Attack with the best physical strikes and magical spells that you may have, use one of your members ONLY for healing purposes and hope for the best, since luck also plays an important role here. 12~. Pisaro Knight At level 24, this enemy may end up being a fable opponent, if you know what you're doing. Unlike the two previous bosses, he only strikes once per turn, but he can also summon some companions and deprive you of your magic skills. Taking a few healing items along with your current healer is a very good idea, but this time I also suggest that you take at least two physical strikers, since they are probably the best way to cause some damage to this boss. So, you should have a particular member constantly healing the rest of your party and two other striking physically. The last element is totally up to you, a magic caster may sound like a good idea but, in case this enemy simply uses the item that prevents you from casting magic you may get into trouble, and therefore I advise you against using those members here. Now, if he starts summoning some companions, simply ignore them (two or three hits from your swords may be enough to kill them, by the way) and focus on the main boss, or else he may end up summoning yet more enemies to pester you. Since this enemy is neither particularly strong nor very unpredictable, you should be specially careful when it comes to healing your party, since being deprived of a single member may end up seriously harming your overall strategy for this battle. Provided you can follow this part of the strategy, everything will go just fine. 13~. Bakor I strongly suggest you take quite a few level ups before attempting to fight this battle, not because it is an hard one (which it isn't) but mostly because it will help you prepare for what you'll be facing later on. So, I got my weakest character all the way up to level 29, and I strongly suggest you do the same thing, mostly taking advantage of a certain cave, located to the east of here, where powerful monsters are living. When it comes to this battle, if you are properly equipped I doubt you'll have much trouble with this opponent. Mara's second spell is an easy way to lower the opponent's defense, allowing you to cause more damage quickly, and so I suggest that you put her in your party. As for the other three characters, they are mostly up to you (both physical attacks and magic ones are specially effective here), but you should probably take the ones which you are more confortable with. Use them with all their usual tasks and you'll win this battle. If you just can't do it, I suggest you go back to the previously mentioned cave and give all your characters a few level ups, as that will not only help you surpass this foe but also make it easier for your next enemies. 14~. Rhinos King + 2x Bengal With my weakest character at level 31 and all the best equipment that money can buy, this is as easy as just any random battle you find in the area nearby. Start by taking down the Rhinos King, since he has a few abilities that may cause you some trouble, and then focus your attacks on each of the other two enemies. By doing so, you'll not only avoid further problems but also be able to have an easy victory. I doubt this will pose you any trouble at all, since it ends up being as hard as just any other random battle, which you can easily beat by now. 15~. Estark Still at level 31, this is more of a long battle than a tough one, unlike you could be expecting. I suggest you take two healers, along with Mara and some other physical striker, but it is up to you, provided you take AT LEAST the hero with you. This powerful boss can strike twice in a row, hitting one of your party members or granting slighly less damage to the entire party. This second attack isn't very troublesome, provided you keep everyone in the best shape possible. One of your party members should ALWAYS heal, focusing in nothing more than that very same task. Two healers can can be obviously helpful, but you may also deprive your party of one of those and opt by yet another attacker. Mara should use her second magic spell (which will lower the enemy defense) and then constantly use her last spell, which may cause around 200 HP of damage per turn. As for all the other members, they should focus on what they do best, either if that's casting magical spells or fighting physically. Just like in other past battles, healing plays a major role here, and that's what you must pay more attention to. More advanced players can actually rely on a single healer, but two characters with healing skills may be more advisable to most players. Each time a character's HP drops below half, instantly heal him, or else you may end up losing that very same character in the next round. Apart from this, keep on repeating the strategy stated above and I'm sure that, sooner or later, this buff enemy will be down. 16~. 3x Andreal My weakest member was currently at level 37, but this is an easy battle. As you may suppose, this battle is exactly like a random battle against those three dragons, and you should plan your strategy having such a detail in mind. They aren't very strong, but can also summon more dragons, once one of them is defeated. So, the best way to face this battle is by taking advantage of spells that hit several targets. Sounds easy? Well, you should then be told that they have resistance to certain magic spells, mostly fire-based ones (or so it seems). Having these details in mind, follow the exact same strategy as if this was just another random battle and you'll get your easy victory. 17~. Evil Priest + 3x Small Goul Weakest character at level 37, follow my strategy and everything will go fine, as usual. Take one healer, someone who can cast multi-target magic and two other physical strikers to this battle (I took Ragnar and Alena, but that's up to you). Now, when the battle starts, quickly cast some multi-target spell ONLY on the Small Gouls, or else the damage may bounce back. Now, the Evil Priest mostly attacks with multi-hit physical attacks, and he does it twice per turn - even if this sounds problematic, it really isn't, since a properly equipped party (you've been doing that, right?) won't take much damage from him. So, and since it would be hard to constantly heal everyone who is targetted by his attacks, I strongly suggest you take care of him as quickly as possible. Since he has an interesting ability that allows him to reflect your spells, simply show him the power of your good old swords, easily reducing to ashes his main strategy. 18~. Hell Battler Unlike the previous two, this boss is quite powerful, and even at level 37 I went across a lot of trouble to defeat it. So, I strongly suggest you face him only when you have all the best equipment and your weakest character is (at least) at level 40. Even thought he uses a single physical attack once in a while, this monster tends to attack your party with magic spells that ALWAYS hit all your team mates. There's no easy way out of this one, unless you plan on using the "Jewel of Silence" to get rid of some of his most powerful attacks. Try that, if you want, and maybe it will give you an important aid. Mara's second magic spell is, as usual, an important way to backup your physical strikers, who may then cause more damage. Using a spell that halves the enemy attack is also a good choice, if you have any. The presence of at least one healer is required, but the rest of the party is up to you, just give one of your members the item I've stated before and you may have a slightly easier time facing this monster. There's nothing else I can tell you, and if even by using the aid of that item and properly healing your members isn't enough to take this baddie down, I suggest that you go back to the tower you've seen a few minutes ago and fight some more monsters, as they award you a lot of experience, specially the Metal Slime family of monsters. Remember, higher levels are always good when it comes to facing powerful enemies! 19~. Giga Demon This monster looks awfully similar to a certain boss from before, and a similar look isn't the only thing they share. Currently at level 38, my party had an easy time kicking this monster's ass, and so shall yours! A single healer is required here, and you should use your favourite party configuration when facing this monster. He can strike twice in a row, hitting two characters (or the same one twice), and when that happens you just have to keep on checking your party's HP - if someone's HP is below 50%, heal them, and keep on striking with the rest of your folks. It may take a while, but this monster will go down without much effort. 20~. Necrosaro Even though this final boss is pretty tough, having my weakest character at level 44 was more than enough to face him. I strongly suggest you have the highest possible level when facing this monster, in order to have an even easier time against him. While the party configuration is, as usual, up to you, I suggest you take the hero with you (his healing skills and offensive power is a huge asset here), along with Mara and two physical strikers. Be sure to look in the castle nearby for the "Sage's Stone", since that will be an important part of this battle (such item, when used in the middle of a battle, heals all your characters for 60 HP). If you already have it, be sure to equip it to Mara. Now, this enemy is composed by seven different forms, with varying strenghts and weaknesses. Basically, your strategy should rely on using Mara's second spell (yes, the defense-halving one) in her first turn, and then have her CONSTANTLY the the "Sage's Stone". Each time the monster changes to a new form (or if the effect of the spell vanishes), repeat this first step and continue using the stated item. As for the rest of the party members, they should simply strike with their physical attacks (I took my hero, Alena and Ragnar, but you may pick other characters). If someone's health gets dangerously low, or in case somebody dies, you should consider using the hero's healing spells, which are rather effective ones. However, try to restrict yourself from using the hero's best healing spell (it costs 20 MP and heals everyone on your party), since you'll be needing it in the later stages of this battle. In his first form, this monster tends to strike twice with powerful physical blows. Stick to the strategy stated above and, after a while, one of his arms will be amputated. In his second form, he will still follow the pattern above but, oddly, he will just strike once per turn, with the very same physical strike from before. Third form, he will not only strike physically but also cast some supporting spells, one of which raises his own defense. So, apart from sticking to the previously mentioned strategy, you should have Mara repeat her second spell each time the enemy raises his defense, in order to bring it back down. Keep on following that cycle (each time you lower its defense, he will soon re-raise it), striking with the rest of the guys and healing as necessary, and soon he will show yet another of his forms. Forth form, he gains a powerful healing technique and attacks your entire party with a damaging fire spell. Heal with the "Sage's Stone", also using your hero for that task if someone's HP gets dangerously low, and try to kill it as quickly as possible, in order to prevent him from actually healing the damage you cause him. Fifth form, he will continue striking with the powerful fire spell, but he will start relying on physical attacks. Follow the usual strategy and, sooner or later, he will change to yet another new form. Sixth form, he gets some larger legs, but appears to follow the same pattern, which makes it possible for you to continue following the same strategy. Finally, when he achieves his seventh (and last) form, he will become a fearful opponent. He starts his turn by casting a spell that reflects all your magic, which is the reason on why I advised you against bringing any magic casters to this confrontation. Also, Mara's second spell will lose its appeal here, since it will be just bounced back, and so you should use her ONLY for healing purposes. Your two physical strikers will cause significantly less damage than before, and so you may have a long time to defeat this enemy. So, as you may easily realise, healing plays an important role here, and while Mara should ALWAYS use the "Sage's Stone", your hero should also be used as a backup healer, casting his best healing spell (it costs 20 MP and fully heals everyone) if everyone's HP gets too low, or in case someone needs to be brought back to life. Provided you properly heal your characters, this seventh stage will eventually go down, allowing you to finally see this game's ending sequence, a rather unrewarding one. I hope you like it, because there are still a few extra quests to do - save your game after the end of the credits sequence and continue playing for a few more adventures and, as covered by this guide, a few more bosses. Strategy by Jake G.: " I just beat Death Pizzaro with an average level of 32 -- a good ten levels below yours. The way I did is was to take Hero, Alena, Cristo and Brey in to start with, but use Baron's Horn to call on your horse cart so you have the rest of your party available. Hero and Alena attack, Cristo buffs defense and heals (attacks if everyone is in good shape), Brey halves defense then buffs offense. Halving defense must be reapplied each time Pizzaro loses a limb. Once offensive buffs are applied, switch Brey for Maya and spam her third-stage single-target fire spell until defense needs to be halved again. Once his stomach face comes out, you have to call out Meena for one round only and have her toss out Insulatle (I don't know the japanese name of that spell offhand) which will greatly reduce the damage that his breath attacks do. Keep buffing as needed, shuffling Brey/Meena/Maya in and out to do so. When his final form appears, the bounce spell can be easily dispelled by simply using the Zenithian Sword - I'm surprised you didn't mention that. After that, it's back to the shuffling game, and Insulatle is as important as ever because his cold attack is even stronger than the fire attack he was using before. Just keeping up the offense with Alena and the Hero, plus the extra damage from tossing out Maya's high damage magic was more than enough to bring him down, but it took awhile, and I was getting worried I wouldn't make it, but that's how boss fights should be. " 21~. Eggler + Chickler This is possibly one of your thoughest battles so far, and even with my weakest character at level 50 I had an hard time facing these two. Before even stating any kind of strategy for this battle, I have to say that your enemies (or, more precisely, Chickler) are incredibly tough, and you may want to gain a few more levels before facing them, probably getting your weakest character all the way to level 60. Eggler works mostly as a supporter, even though he can sometimes cast spells that damage your entire party. Also, if you kill Chickler, he will later try to revive him, which may cause you a few problems. As for Chickler himself, he mostly uses powerful physical strikes, which may heavily damage your characters. Even though Eggler can cause you a few problems, I suggest that you take out Chickler before dealing with his friend, since that small man is hardly damaging by himself. Sure, he may eventually try to revive Chickler, but provided you are properly healing your party and can keep up with their moves, I doubt you'd get in much trouble. As for a strategy, there are plenty of different ones that you can follow, depending on your favourite party members. Using the hero's healing spells is actually a great help, and you can use the one which costs 20 MP to quickly heal everyone. Give him the "Sage's Stone" and use him mostly for curing your other folks, unless they all have their HP bar filled - if that's the case, take your time to unleash a quick sword jab. A supporter character is also a good idea, either if it is Mara with her defense-reducing one (which allows you to give more physical damage) or Cristo with his attack-halving one, which would allow you to lower the damage caused by Chickler's powerful attacks. The last two spots should be reserved to attackers, either physical or magical, and they should be doing what they do best. Once again, it's really up to you, but be sure to follow my first two suggestions, or else you may have an harder time fighting these enemies. Pisaro, if you've already unlocked him, is a particularly powerful ally, and you'd better put him in your party when attempting to face these two monsters. As you may understand when fighting this enemy, the keyword here is defense - if your characters aren't strong enough to stand Chickler's powerful blows, there's not much you can do, except for going out of this dungeon and gaining experience that, later on, makes it possible for you to finally defeat them. Bear this in mind, since it will surely spare you a lot of trouble. 22~. Evil Priest If you've faced Eggler and Chickler before, this is actually an easy battle. Even with my weakest character at level 52, this monster end up being a fable foe, with predictable attacks and causing a lot less damage than I was expecting. If you want to fight him, put Pisaro in your party (yes, that's a requirement) and head to the Death Palace, the place where you first saw the meeting between Pisaro and all the monsters. There, head to the throne room and you'll easily spot this boss. Since you must have Pisaro in your party, there's only space for three other members. You should obviously take the hero, since his healing spells are amazing, apart from two of your favourite characters. I took Mara and Ragnar with me, mostly for using a strategy that involves lowering the enemy's defense (with Mara's second spell) and then hack him with physical strikes. You can either follow my strategy or pick your own members, that's up to you and to what strategies you like the most. If you want to follow mine, be sure to equip the "Sage's Stone" to Mara, as that detail plays an important role here. Also, be sure to save the hero's MP to the final section of this battle, he will need it. In his first form, this monster appears to strike mostly with physical attacks, but he may also cast spells that hit everyone. Use Mara's second spell to lower his defense, and then strike physically until he changes to his second form. Now with bigger arms and legs, the monster's second form can also use his big feet to crush your characters, inflicting them a lot of damage. As before, use Mara's second spell, strike physically and, if someone is hit by the gigantic feet, be sure to quickly heal them with some sort of healing spell casted by the hero. When he reaches his third form (... I bet you've seen this transformation somewhere else, right?), continue striking physically, healing with the "Sage's Stone" and spells from your hero. Eventually, the enemy will turn black - that's his final transformation. When this final form is reached, your strategy needs to change a bit. Now, your hero should cast healing spells every turn, unless everyone has their HP bar completely filled - use the 20 MP healing spell if everyone is damaged, or cast a minor one if only a single character has some damage, what matters is that everyone is at 100% of their HP at the end of each turn, which prevents some of this boss' strongest attacks from instantly killing all your members. However, such a strategy has a major flaw - it may quickly deplete the hero's MP, and therefore you may want to kill him as quickly as possible. Apart from healing as stated above, Mara should use her second spell each time its effect vanishes, and then attack with her best spells. The final two members should do what they do best, either striking with physical attacks or their best magical spells, depending on what kind of character their are. Provided your level is high enough and your hero has enough MP to maintain this strategy, the enemy will soon fall. When that happens, just relax and enjoy the ride, since yet another ending sequence will be coming next. FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions Some of the questions you, readers, may have... in case you mail me an interesting question and I think that other readers should also hear the answer, your question will be added here and your name will be credited. Q: [Insert something here], where should I go next? A: Did you noticed that this was a Boss FAQ, not a FAQ/Walkthrough? Be sure to read one of those instead, since I have no idea on what to tell you about that kind of question. Q: Hey, my strategy is better than yours! What should I do? A: First of all, if your strategy is indeed better than mine, just use yours instead of mine. Also, you can mail me that strategy and in case I find it interesting, I will also add it to this Guide and credit you. Q: Why do you display the bosses in that order? I fought them in a different one! A: The order given here is exactly the one I've faced in my game. Yours may be different, but that's unlikely. Q: Why haven't you included the HP that each boss has? A: Mostly because the game has no sure way to know that. Q: Why don't you name spells, instead giving obscure references to them? A: Since I'm not a Dragon Quest fan, I'm not really sure on what the English translation of each spell is. Now, if I simply mention the position of particular spells, there's absolutely no problem, people will get it, and this guide will stay updated even when a (possible) English version comes out. Q: How do I get the "Sage's Stone"? A: This important item is found in the dark castle, just before you fight Necrosaro. The purpose of this guide is not leading you to all kinds of items, but if you want some more information, I can tell you that this item is placed in a chest located in a balcony. Be sure to look for it, as this is an important item that may spare you a lot of trouble. Q: How do I unlock Pisaro? A: First of all, you must complete the game once, saving your progress after defeating Necrosaro. Reload the game, head to Imuru and sleep in the inn, which will show you a storyline sequence. Next, go to the World Tree and retrieve the newly created "World Tree Flower", which is placed in the same location as your previously acquired sword. Take it to Rosary Hill and use it in front of the middle grave, an action which will bring Rosary back to life. She will join your party, and with her as a companion you should head back to the place where you fought Necrosaro. After a long cutscene, he will join your party. That's all... B_END. Special Thanks I want to thank the following people: - Everyone who made this game; - People who add data to Wikipedia.org , for the English names given to some characters; - Everyone who contributed strategies, they are credited alongside with their own contributions; - Everyone who likes my works, it's for those people that I like to work in this type of project. End. Contacts If you want, you may see my web page, just check it at the HTML address www.geocities.com/Mykas0/ . My e-mail is Mykas0 [at] gmail.com , you can send me some questions you may have or contributions to this guide, but please try not to ask any questions that aren't about this guide or Boss battles, as I am not the best person to reply to those. Also, se the following subject or I will NEVER reply. Subject: "DQ4 BOSS FAQ" for posing questions or giving contributions Thanks and until the next version!!!!!!</p>